Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 29, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 29, 1842 Page 3
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MRS. GIBBS. It will bo almost needless to Pay that tho Court IIouso may bo expected to bo crowded by all tho lovers of good music, when it is an nounccd the nbovo estimablo and talented Lady has recovered from a severe illness, and will givo n Concert on Tuesday Rvcning next. Wo understand that ono of -Rlunson's best Piano Fortes is to bo used on tho occasion, so be pro pare for a rich treat. TEMP K RANCH. An adjourned morning of tlio Young Men's Total Abs'inatice Society will boholdannt tho Court House tliis evening, nt half past six. S. 1'ATHr, Jr. Secretary. also that they bo published in tho two newspapers of this village. CHALON l DAVKV, Prist. James II. Alie.v, Secretary. V. V.M., April 25lh, 1812. Intllls 'town, oh tho 22nd Inst. Joi IN PoHEBOV, youngest son of Doctor Wirt. Alivntdr, aged 1 year and 9 months. "As tho sweet llolvcr that sccrjls tho morn, "Hilt 'withers in tho llsingdayi '!.THia ov,y wn, ,lli9 infnnt'sdnwn, " Thus swiftly Med its lifo away." In tins town. on the 19th m8t. William E. sonof mr. jercmian iryon, aged D years. Ill Salisbury Vermont. on tho 2nd Inst. Mrs. Sophia M. Ciiandonet, wife of Horace II. Clark, aged I'J years. Innincshurirh.of consumnllnn nnthn H Inst. Mrs. Sallv T. Bostick, wife of Kra-tus Bostick Ksq., nged G7. JIM all On Saturday morning, tho 23id Inst., nt the rcsid tnee of hi brother-in-law, Mr. S. K. Howard, in this village, Mr. Clconon H. Vail, ngcd27 years. In tho death of the young, God teaches us, perhaps, moro than in any of his dispensation", tho Utter un certainty of our fairest earthly expectations and, in so teaching, impresses upon tra the great religious duty of living for immortality. And yet wo find it difficult to "associate the idea of youih and the grave together! for wo naturally connect tho carly-lifc-lhno with all that is fresh, active, and joyous. That the aged should die, neither surprise nor disappoints us j they seem to havo completed their term of service and enjoyment. But that death should bo permitted to put its grasp upon the young, in tho midst of their bloom and promise, is ono of the difficult circum stances in tho divine providence. Hut how often, of lite, havo tho inhabitants of this village been reminded of this condition of our being. Death has been busy among us, and tho victims how frequently have they been those who wo thought must have been snared. "As (or man, his days are as grass j as a flower of the field, so ho flouiishcth i fur tho wind naeseth over it, and it is gone." How many of our Tounc men and young women have passed awny, oao after another, like tloweri blighted by tho cold btcath of tho Destroyer, as if the older of nature w as rcvorsed, and tho spring-time of life was Death's own timo and nroncr season. It wa Ihe beautiful utter nca of a heathen belief, " Whom the gods love, die young." Hut in a Christian interpretation and hope how far deeper and holier the meaning! Tho death here recorded is an atllicting bereave ment, not only to relatives, but others: for rarely could the grave close over the remains of n young aian of purer heart, or more blameless life. o aro apt, indeed, lo "idolize the dead," and 'to speak in the langungo of eulogy, rather than truth, liut wo may safely say of our departed fiicnd, that he was ono whom all coulil c9tecm tor the young imincl in him no imitating pretension, pud the elder were sure of bis respectful deference. His moral charaeler w as not only free from the inequalities with which the young are sometimes chargeable, but It had a positive excellence. What ho was, was on the right side, Gentle in disposition, usassuming in manner, ho was, too, uprightin principle and uniformly correct in ci n durt i and besi 'cs being diligent in husincs, lie was a duiiful son, an affectionate I rolher, and a kind friend. Ho had lately made a public profession of religious faith, but Ins feelings mid practice hid long been under happy influences': for, as a constant wor shipper in tho house of God. and a teacher in tho Sabbath-school, he had not only "heard of Heaven, but, we arc persualed, had " learned tho way." Tor ourselves, we cuuld have wished that he might hac been spared ; but we remember whose will it i that ho should be taken. His short life has given i.s happy 'remembrances i and of his early, and even sudden death, weean only say,- " A Christian cannot die before his lime, The Lord's appointment is the servant's hour." TN nANKItl'PTCVlrl'nitod State DMrict Court, a.i crmont I'Mrict. rvvticrlti how cnnse nrrain.l edition of SUVilOtinWiKMIMlHIIV. r,l tTil,-r1,ill. til said DMriel. til 1.1 ilniUfiisl limit; runt III Him IVinrl 1T...... w. .. , .... t. A .. - .. . "iiiusor, Yyiiuuu, on mo muni may U 1, IU .1. .11. TN BANKRUPTCY.-Viiitol Sinus DMriel Court, -. i-unum ii.irici. io I'etilition of 01! SON II. in said DMrict, to hedeclj iioinc in Winder. v.i IS 12, 10, A.M. 'to show t'nu-c ttsa nt AXTON, of Burlington, lliiiil.rnpt, nt lhounnrt tne'jitiibl iliiv, AIitlASfY AND llOSTOpI It AIL, ItOAl). Fare reduced per Western Hall Iloart. Through to lloton n,00 inMcnd nfB5,G0 a here tofore; thnebf "lurtlng nltered'to j A.M. on and after Monday Apiil !. Mornini, train tliiouuh lo Boston, leave the Depot at (rocn'tili at CI uViock iircelsciv "icry morning, (Jiindnvs excepted.) I'niengcr must leavo All.nny by tin' South K'rry", hot later thau'G. Noon train, to Spriiip'field only, leniv the Depot lit J before 1 1 latest hour ol ilcpnrlure from Albany, hall' pat 12. ran n.inrronn and nhwva vi:n. I'.womjor envinir A am n the morions hv the Cj train fiom (iiiciibuh, may tal,o Ihu Steamboat or sagrnt I r. .11. Irom ssprimriiciu, reacn iinruorn in time for the Car, and arrive in New Haven at 7 I'. .M. fnlne il.iv i or, liiMVi1 OiTciihitsh in this Car at 1 below l.l M,, lake the Stage nt 8 1'. M. from Springfield, lodee in llnriloru, nml l.y Uars next tiiorniug arrive m isew Haven nt !) o'clock. Fare to Spriimlield S.1,00. I'aocnncrs nio nartii'iilurh' recii eslod to rrocurc their Tiekci I cloretokinirfcatin the ("nr. I'ieket nan be obtaiueil in All auval G. It. Pavne" olliee, 21 liioadway, or nt,'Ollieu in Depot nt (iccnlit-h. ' W.I. Ii.TOWNhKND, Mailer Transportation. TN HANICKtJI'TCV.V JL eriiionl l)i.trict. Uiu'luil Sunlfv. District Conn. llf-l' klwntf iitln.n nrrniti.i lViitiou of IU:.MtV LliK,SLKK, uf PVex, in said District, to le di-clariXUankriiPt. nt the Court Hoii-e in Windsor, VerutoiiV on the i!llh of May. 1812, tO, A.M. J' Siaici District Court, how eaue n,rnin,t AltT. ol South Hero. 1 llnnkriinl. at ihu Cnnrl U on the 2llh of May, i l)AiMlUI"li;V.-3inile X crinnnt DiMriel. Nui lVtilion of WILLIAM S' in aid District, tolei'ecli House in v iniUcA, veri 1812, 10, A.M. TN HANKltt'l'lC 1 Vermeil l Di-trici. l. Uniled Slates l i-liiet Court, wVeliWrTlo liovv nirnln., Petition of ADAM H. M.QRSR, of lliehmond. in ail winriei, in ne uivinreil jnnkriiiit, nt llie Vo irt Hoi in "uulsor, VtrmontblUho 2t,h ol May. 1812. 1U A. .u. i TN UANKiturrcrt J. erinont Diinet. ruiti h-la'e. District Court, Liillyrto show eallse .T'nin.l I'ciilien ef KDWAHD SJrTH,(f IJurliiiirton, in said Dilriet, tobededarod IJTiikriipt, at Ihu Court Hou-e in ivinn'or, tcrinoni, onine aitli ol Jlav. 1813. 10. in. TN HANKItl.'1'TCV! X Ve t'ni'rilStiles Disiriet Conn. erinont DNtriet. Vi.tio m htm-i iinsonL'ni'ii.i i'etiiion cf JOHN SMfl, of Colehe-ler, in said i'1-iriri, io ueoeeiarcii lymmpl.nt the lour! llone in inu.or, icrnioni, ( irt'llli ol Jlay, IbpJ, 10, t. .11. V It I VAT 13 SKI,12CT BOAIIDIIVG SCHOOL. rpHK new and spacious Iliiildingnowrrectinir In L Knsl Uharlottu will I e opened (if the Lord will) under llie Miporintendeneeof Mr. J.Tr.N llaor.KE, a sNtiil mthu Ladies' ileparlincnt In French and Music by Miss M. A. Ten UnoEKB, lGth May, 181-2, Fall term orient!)!!! Aumi-t, Wlnli'r do 23ih November. TwVlioS-oiini! Lniho nml Genltcnicn mny 1 o nc- eoininodnteil in the family of Mr. T. Tomn $2.1 per quarter, in advance. lUti-io 510. i rcnen nnu rtiec Iira,l55. Washing extra. Day Scholar', from .52,50 to 1,50. Mis.T. edu. ateil under thecare ofcnunont Teacher', and having tauaht in London, Knif., alnl in lhi Slnlu n'neeher arrival, i nmply qualified tOMiperinleud the Frcnebniid Musie deparlnient. Government strictly parental. Tn tlinn nnanniininlo'l with the ,erviee. exiierience and ability of Mr.T. referenee may lehnd to I'.T.l'n-'Icil vJlurlillirlon, I I'. Moll, St. Joliif, J. II. Hollenlioek, " J. C. 1'arl.r, Whitehall. J. nlivriuin, vergenncs I A. a. t erry, iroy. Charlotte, 18lh April, 18 l2t . IMi ii nrimds f rmnlly Flour. TIIM ul'crd er i" now receiving on Cun'ianiiieni, and will bo well miu plied thro'i?h tho .eason with some if tho ehoice-t Brand ofVe4ern Flour, ever olll'rcd in thi mnrl,el. ll.ivinc Flour manulaeliired bv more than tu-entv iltlercnt Mill of the highe-t reputnlion, be pltdirc that Flout told by him shall give tho most perfect talislaelion, and will ' o warrunieu in an ea-c. N. II. Fnrev llrar.ii ecnstanlly on hnnd. Dealers in Flour, Merchant and Fnmilie are re' rneeifnllv invtudto order and try the nrliele. F our shinned to order in good package without tii 0 WANTED, TMMLDIATFLY, an aeliM lad from 15 lo 17 years Xold, a an apprentice to the Saddle and llanie-s mailing iniiue-f. .Mine nee i aipiy wiinnui a goo I recommend fur honesty, ln.lutry and morality. T. W. UIllU. lline.buriih, ISlh April, 1812. s. a wiTirniinv TTOULD remind llio-e wlio-e nirount have I YV come due and are tm-ctlled lb 11 lliev itiut I o eln-tsl ircyious lo tho lirstdayof June, by note or otherwise, or they will be lefi with an Attorney for coiieciHin without reervt. Jerieho, April ISlh. 1812. lelay, on receipt of Draft", eerlilieatO" id deiio-i'e j J. N. II1NSD1LL. 1 17 Iliver-st. Troy. April 23, 1813. -17ml REMOVAL. Q II. SCOTT has removed to tho Store recently O ocetinind I vJ. P. Whnlillf? &co. beillf n few doors south of his former place old customers will have no difficulty in finding this Store those in the habit of calling hero aro invited to continue, with the niiranco that every effort will bo made to treat them fairly a few momenta spent in examining goods and prices win cost iioining'savc mo nine. I.IVK GF.F.SF. KEATHKrtS. VASHIOVAHLK Sl'ltlN'CS GOODS. Ii 11 ij su iseriucrs navoii i rcuirncu iroin icw ,.. -, . .:: . ;,.,i , York with the report of Spring Fashions, and A I',rstta"3 article just received a ,, ot tastiionatito uoous lor uenilc- : I " 1. 1 HL I I tV . 1 III! J .L crmoiit Di-tiiei.i Slates Di.lrkt -Conrl. Nolii In slitiur rilli.i' mr.i in., I'etiiion of UANII'lVs. W I'lIHOI'. nf Sivv,t In,.. Innkecpcrand Mi'rehaVjRil Wiliiston, in said Di"lnVi, to I et'eclared llankrii'Anl llie Com I Hou-e in Wind sor, eiiticmt, on ihrlVof ,M.iy, ISJ2, It), A. M. i-d Slates Di-lrfct Court, -Jto show eau e :i:uini Ij'KK, of Colohe-ler in sid ukrupl, at Ihe Court House I Ijj mill ol .Hay, 1S12, 10, men's dress, consisting of Ulue. Ulack. Green, and Drown cloths. lllue, Black, and a variety of Fancy Cassimercs, Aivrfilnn. A-e.. fornantti. A hcrutifui assortment of Silk, Satin, Marseilles Velvet, and Valencia Vcslingsj liullons, ivc. Trim- ininss of all kinds, nnd of the bet nod most fhs uon. able style in market. Also, a few of the mot splendid .Silk Cruvals. N'cckcrcbicfs. Bosoms, Collars. &?.. cvcroirered. Also, an assortment of Suspenders of the best quality. As ihe above articles have hern bought very low, they will bo sold ury low indeed for cash. (iatmcnts ol every style cut or made to order on short notice, anil warranted to in. U. l!K...- it SUN. Burlington, April 27, 1312. 3w nitoAD cloths "VtniOnVF.R wishes a rood nrliele of this kind T can be accomodated at b. II. SCOTT S. Prices corresponding wilh these anti-tnriirtimcs. TN BANKIII Prc" J. erniiint DiMnel ij- HABIIV M l)i"triel, lo 1 ei.ei-l.iK'd iniMuu.-or, vcriuuijjfori A. SI. TN BANKIIUl'IC l. eriiionl l)itnct. lVtition of CHLSTl sai.l i)i"trici, to I e Hoii"o in Wnv.l-or, IS 12, 10jA. M. IN HANKKFI'TC J. Verinout Di-inei IVuiion of I'UK.SftON snul l).rn t. in I c , House in Windfoi IS 12, 10, A. M. Diiile. ot ne ft .'(-irur.i i s .-Uniff. le'larS , exuoux !lnlei Di'triet Courl, show enit-e niuiii"! II!, of I'liilerhdl. in ml.rii;il, at the Court on Hie 'lili ot May, ia;o Di-lriet Courl, "how eaii-o ai'auist T, of 1! .r!iucH;li, in lankr.ipl, at the Court on llie ol Alav, TN BANKItflMCVJI i Veriuonl Di-lriei. ! I'uileil-Siali- DiMriet Court, kilkrjnj slum erln-n nfriiin., Petition of AII.M ll II. lVllV, of Burlington, in aid DMriel, lo le cVclarcX.Banl,riit, at the Court Hoii"e in Windsor, VeinuWTlMn llie31tlrd.i of May, IOM in ( ,i M ' I01, II, .1. .11, m TN IIANK!U'l'rCY.-ulitcJSta1i. District Court J. erinont Distiict. Nuc to show cause against Petition of I5HNJAMIN IVRKKIt of F.ssex. in said District, tn be declared Balkupt, nt tho Court Houo in Windsor, Veriuunl, ojtliT21tli of Jlay, 1S12, 10, A. .11. TN" IIANKIU'PTCT Umttil Stales District Court erinont District. TLmieono sbnw cauo nirninst l I.I1UOI1 ui iii.i .i.i.i'..iu iiineHuiirgii. hi hiiiiI Di-lricl, lo be declared lillwitpt, at IbcCourt House in Umdsor, irmcinT ttie21tli ol Jlay, IS12, 10, TN llANKlUU'TGTf X Ve Uniled suites District Court erinont District. TailiceJiT snow cause aeuinM I'etiiion of F.NOS BLInSTi Burluiaion. in said Dilricl, to be declared lymjjit, at the Court House i the 2fili of .Hay, 18 12, 10, On Sunday morning, 21th iust., at the residence of .Jsmcs I. Cutler. Kn.. in Ibis villace. PATHICK 1IF.NRY, only son of the Hon. Wiluam Heniiv, of lit llows i' alts, a meinour o me senior Liasa ot me University of Vermont, in tho 20ili year of his age. Thus has Cod seen fit to take from onion" us ono full of the brightest promise, whoso loss is widely fill, and more deeph than words can express. By this de'cnt, a fond falhw. his only siiriing parent, is deprived of a beloved son, the sole preseivcr of his name; on only sister is mdo to weep for a brotlur whoso plaro in her heart nought can ever fill; a largo ci.-clo of relatives and friends nre brought to mourn over one who was ahko their ptide and joy. His class-mutes, wilh whom for nearly lour years ho hid t n ....liml tflnjrwf liv tin, lips nf tiriillir rliiwid Tit! his liss, as of one iii whom their hearts wcro bound iuJWindsor, Virmont, up, nnd thomemory of ivhoso virtues can never cense ' '' -" ito fill them Willi tnodecpest gricinir In early dentil. t-X BANKIlUPTt HH"tronginieiicc! wa uniicii 10a mild nnd iinoii ( j Vermont Diiri' tsoiice ".rusivo disposition, anil a neiri wuose every inipuiso pe jnon ,,f I'DMUND was generous aim nm io. viuiuuu in nn ins ucuons i j Ea, j)j rjr U "by the laws pf honor and consrnce, his character House in Windsor, was unrkcil by all the virtues ihm could enilear bun i igji ij A.M. to ihoM around him. Those who looked upon his I "' nobla form and manly healing, saw thero but a f lint ' TN' BANICHL'P'l r hadowinc forth of the nobleness, the perfect man- XVi liness of his Mid. In his intercourse with hi fellows, always frank, generous, and kind in his demeanor inwards his instructors, courteous nod rrsnectful. lie so imperceptibly rained upon the affections of ail, j IS 12, 10, A. M. , mm wc llliiy u inn. ..mi mini, "None knew him, but lo hue him ; None named him, but to praise." 'Thus elevated in character and position in the full Hush and beauty ef early nnnhopd almost at the cloc of his collegiate .course just entering upon tho active duties of lite, with h pes and prospects bucIi as ifall to the lot of few he bns been, under iho i wlinns of an nll-wiso and nil-merciful Piovidcnce, suddenly c ii uuwn iiy ui-i-ucc ninni ii.utiiii me nowtr Ot rinuiit I islrict. lVlilion of JOS-IAH said District, lo be dccl I Imiso in 1 itidsur TN BANICIit'PTri' X crmont District Petition of I.rCR'S' Dstrict, to I e dci lared in Windsor, Vermont, A. .11. TN BANICUCP IC X Vermont District l, ..r it i, llii-,. 1 L-lll Hill III lllll.ll medicine, lie has eono while th lnv. nn.i l.n.,..o 1 cho, in tlie countv of youth wcro yet warm nnd thick riroiind iiim nnd ' bcJderJariHl '1'unkriipt, nelore tlio cares ami coniiicis ot caitli liad timo to sori i erinoin, on in canKer nnu corroao ms Heart. Vin tlicit shall murmur or repine? Let u rather bnw in siibmis. ion, and say, "It is the LOUD, let Irnidowhat eemcth him good. 11 I unci oliceJfT cdeCd Ba pijy i f.-I.'nitiJff IV.n.ii X IVrT .rwi ii cmovii, J). K. PANGBOllX TTAS removed his t-abinet Shop to the old stand XX ol.Mlsonaiiu uaie, on uiiurcii ntrcet, opposite the Hank of Burlington, where ho will a'lend to the calls of his customers. Grateful for past favors he solicile a continuance ol tlie same, nssnting the pul lie that his prices ore sucli as aro sut'ed to the. times, Having I ecu appointed Sexton for the Burying Ground in this ullage, the public are apprised 'that applications for lots (here should be mado only to i '.' c. I l..l ...-.i. .1 ..1. I e..' i mm. v niiiu" iuriii"iieu wuu ucspuicu unu iiiuerais nttended to at the shortest notice. .He is also necnt for Ihn sale of Mr. Nelson's Chairs. T he old customers ol the shop anil the pul lie generally arc informed that a full assortment of chairs will bokipt at Iho old piocu and sold on good lerilis 10 ail inai wisii m uuy. liiirlington, April 2i, lHii. NEW ESTABLISHMENT. TMIII subscribeis havinir nnened a Paint Shi n in X tlio building one door South of Bishop's hotel, hidden at ! the'ltcMster' Tliadileus Hall's Mstate. STATK OF VICiniONT. At a Probate Court held District of Chittenden, ss. J at Buihngton within and lor the District alorcsaid on tlio Viutli nay ol April A I). 1812, an instrument, purporting to bo the last Will nnd Testament of Thaddius Hall, late of Rich luond in said District, deceased was presented to tho t;oiirl licre lor t'robate, tiy A. Hall oneol the Kveeuior. therein named. THI.Ur.FOHI' it is oh erfd bv said Court, that nubhe nolico beciveii to all ncrsons interested there in to appear ocinrc saui eJouii, :u :iseasinu incrroi lo ho u nt the l-.aglc Hall 111 willision in said ill Inct on Iho third Monday nf May A. D. 1312, and con test Ihe Probate of said Will, and it is further or dcrtd that this order bo published three weeks sue co-sively in the Burlington V reo rrcss, a newspaper printed at Biiilingtou, in this State, the last uf which shall bo previous to the day assigned, as aforesaid for icannu. Given under nn hand at tho Rects'cr s Office, this XUlli. day Dl April .1. 1). 1812. !i!i. n i-.m I d.n lugitltr. l'OI.I.Y MORTON'S IISTATIJ. STATF. OF VnitMONT, The llonornble iho Pro i.isinci oi tviiiucnucn, ss. ) uaic uo'iit ur tr.o uis trict of Chittenden : To nf ner.-ons Concerned in the ct.ite of Pollv .viorion iiiieoi iiiiioii m saiu uisirici, oceeaseo, (reeling. Whcrca. John YnnSieltlcn. Ktccutor ofihn list will and testament of said deceased. nroiiocs lo ren der nn account of his administration, and present his account ngainst said estate for examination and al lowance at a session of the Court ff Probate, to bo otlicoin liiirlington in sail I'etiiion to soil Land. STATU OF VF.RMONT At n I'robito Court hold-! District of Guind Isle ss. ! on at mv du-cllino houso ill North llcro,ln said district.ontlio 13th day of April David Webster, of Constable, in the Stato of New York, Father and Guardian ot Udwtn A. Webster, Wnllis Webster olid David Websler.Iiinr. minors, fit. cd in Said Court his petition in writing sotting forth, uiui ins nam warns uro seized m llipir"vu riglll 111 fee of about twenty two t.crcs of Ihnd situatoui Norlh Hero, in the county of Grand Isle, and Stato of Ver mont, and is thai pnrt of the farm of land of which John Mooro died seized and on which ho died, hnd which was afterwards set off to tho 9a.l wards as representatives ofl'crmcha Webster as heiress to tho cstnto of Iho said John Moorodeceaed, and 'that tho sum wnrus as representatives: ai alorcsaid arc mu lled to ono fourth part of tho reversionary interest of I,.. v:,i. ..' ii,. .1... ...... r .i ' ..t t..i... .i. ..i.iui. a iuiiii hi iiii; l-sijutl ol II1U null! Ullll Monro deceased, and further setting forth that it would conduce to (lie interest of his said Wards to sell tho whole of tho lforesniil Ian S nnd interest in said dower nndliave the proceeds thereof vested in real es tatuiu Iho town of Constable,in theSlVe of NowYork. And praying si d Courtto grant him l.ccnce and cm- inner mm nie saui runiuiaii to si II nnu convey nio , . r... :.i ...i .i.. i , , , . .,. i.iinn inuitiuii, unu in u -?aiii wains initrcsi in mo lower afores lid for tlio numnRo nfnresaid. nerceablv to the' statue in such case mado and provided. i ncreioro ino uoun nioreaiiiiiotn appoint mo .'lit av of May A. D. 1812 for hearin" and ilccidim' on nid nclilion at mv dwellou bniitp m Nnrlli I Inro and doth order thai all person" interested be notified thero it oy piinlicalioii ot mis order containing the suli lance of sai I pe'itioti three weeks successively in tho I'urlinutoll Free Ptej3. n iiewsnan'.r minted at Bur- the county of Chittenden, nil of which pub lications to bo previous tn the said 21st day of May A. I'. Iii-, nnu tno said (iiiardian is orutrcd to give bis said Wards personal nolico of bis petition and this order. Given under mv hand nnd iho seal of said Court at North Hero, tho 13th day of April, A. I). 1812. Ai.i.r.ii.MMige. Hyc haws or rcgiihillons ol'tlic town of Itur- liuglou, adopted at .ilai cli Mcetiu;, 1 1 1 !2. 1. Anv nerson owninsz or bavin! in Lis enro or keen- In-' nnv swine which ho shall sutler lo run at laree. upon tho highway within tlio hunts of tho town ot . .I..11 e. I . I r er... . r.. Durilligiun, snail loritu u iciiiiliy ui liny cuuiiiii cjcIi swine found running nt largo as afoie- said. to be recoveicd beforonnv court nroncr to try tho same, wilh costsof suit, one moiety thereof to the tiscofthc town, nnd the other mouiy to thu use of the person who snail sue lor,nnd iccover me same. 2. All geese which shall be fjund running at lurco ...,.. i-.ll ,. r.i-:. ... I Ill III sniu lOW'll, snail ui:iuiii.u iu unv jt'isun , uu . ta tcun the same. 3. If any swine shall bo round running at largo as nfnrrsaid. nliv nerson Inav tako 1111 and dctsin lliu sainc, nnd shall within twenty four hours vivo notice thereof to tlio owner or Keeper of said swine, if known ; and if not known, by setting up a written notice, describing ns near as may be, the natural nod artificial marks ol'said sviiio. ill two of the moat mi1 - lie place- in sail! town s nue 01 which suan ue m me vicinity where said swine were taken up And the person taking up said swine may kep tho sumo in lii custody until tho owner or keeper shall pay to the nerson linuncr said swine m custody, tno an repaid penalty for tho uses aforesaid, together witlrsix cents per head, as lees, and a reasonable uni lor furnishing sai l swine with food, wlnlo in iutody. And unle-s the o.'.ner or kecp'r o( said swine, "o taken upas nfcircoiid. shall within ten days after the notice afore said, claim baid swine and pay to the pcsoti who shall lake up said swine the penalty rfores-ud and said fees, torether w ith the exDCIifs ol'kceniii!' said swine, the person so taking up slid swine shall be hereby millicmed and empowered to s.ll iho same by public ruction, and the avails of s-u.l s.i!e, allcr deducing said fees nnd the expense of keeping said swine, shnll be equally divided between tlio town nnd the person so tiLKin'rup saui swine. By order of the Selectmen. CHAS.RLTSSnt,I,,T. C I 1th. AlMtll, 1812. Arrived homelastcvcningly Steamer White . Jfall, D. Lyon dipt. Proprietor of tho Peoplo'.s Cheap Ci"h Store who willil.po"Oofgo(las opportunity all'ord-, ul prices inexact nccordaneo with Ihu time, a let what will come, some articles ol merchandize nio nl.wiy re quired, and nsuo new goods nic bought fur tho purpo-e oflemg kept to loot, ut, any old one. loo gtoJ inlu sold, every nnJnll fair oxerl'ioits will be u-id to rfii-et salt'i inid give entire siti'faclion to pureba'ors tn lite ian ytcin,i,y upniymg ntsaiil ttuw AUirtj. , i.-i 'CS, Silk of Mil lm. l.'t 'Cs. Sliiuvls. nn 1 a vnriclv light arliclu', jitl opened for sprini trade this day, lurnniisiiully lowpruUi, at HOWARD'S l.-.ll, Ahril NOTICE. ALL persons indebted tous aro tcaucsted to inako i i ii in ril ,a to payment, whclher the niuount be cents or dollars. l'ANGBORN if URINSMAID. Wa aro rcciiinrr ndditiuns to our stock of most articles wanted inViur line, which we shall bo happy to sell at low prieos. Watches, Silk purses, Knive-, itazor, scissors, ecc. occ. 1 . t. n. April 12. Amos llnow.s V IN CHANCKIIY. CiitTTCNon:; Coriv. would respectfully inform their friends and the pub- district on thesccond Wednesday of May next. no urn nicy nro piepartu in execute ail Kituis ol Therefore, You aro hcitby notified to appear befoie House, Carriage and bign J'aintmg, said court at the timo and place aforesaid, and shew U tiding, U lazing, and cruise, u anv yoti.iiave, why the account aforesaid We HnnVT shou.1,1 m,t 1,0 allowed. . . 1 apa Hanging, Given under my hmd nt nurlington this 20th day ii.ii i wiwi ..-.-i-n. v niiiim-i, unu ,iuit; uy I-IIICI I Ol .ipril .1. U, 131 personal nttentinnio busme-s to receive a share ol Ihe public patronage. R. O. SPAUI.DING, S. II. RUSSKLL. Hurlingtrn, April 29, 18d2. -17lf. W.M". WF.STON, neguler. TN BANKRL'PsWY'. J. crmont Distijrl .sfUniKi . .vi icufro ' ViVJPAU I BaXiunt, , A"" V.l'mi1 VS M wlTla upiMVol 1 States Distiict Court siiow eaii-o nL'ainst INGTON, of Mi ton nkritpl,nt the Court tno .'ith 01 .May, lutes District Court. o show eniise'auaiiisl OWN, of Uiuieilnll, in inuriint, nt ilu- ( ur t on the 21th of AIny, LfUitesTjistiic. Court, show cause cainst Mil), of Kst, in' said at the Court House llh of May, 1812, 10, Tim following Hymn, composed for the occasion, was sung by the class nt his fu neral: 1 I.oved companion ! wont to greet us, Open, generous, true, sincere, V'hv in wlence dost thou meet us 1 Why aredcath'B sad vestments here 1 2 hike, were all the -hopes that nlk-d-us; Self-same is the path we've trod ; Kindred thoughts andfnims inspired us Love lo man and lovo to God. 3 But in vain we mourn around thee j Powerless is our plaint to save; Tor the cords of death have bound thre He must lay thee in iho grave, 1 Hut there's yet a tie that binds us, N'o'rr to sever, no'rr to change; Though thy lifeless form reminds u, F.nrth halli perished love remains. 5 Irt Mis ore thou still art near, us, Iilpst companion, brother, friend ; This tho thought thnt siill shall cheer u, Till our life like thine shall end. At a meeting of the 7Vii iS'ima Xu Society called for tho purpose of Expressing their sen timents of esteem for tho character, and their deep sorrow for tho loss of I'atwck IJr.NRv, a member and late President of that society, tho following resolutions were introduced and adopted. Jlesolctd, That by the death of PAnmci: Hesny, a member and lately the President of this Society, we as a society and individuals have sustained a loss. Too well do wo know that Jiis place ninongst us shall bo forever vacant that wo shall never hear his voiceor look upon his facn ngnin. For Ins wa n. cnaracier that could lo loved, inarKcu as it was by frankness, generosity nnd truth. They wcro its dis tinctive traits. Ton strong intellect he added a wstiii heart. Unobtrusive, nnd unwilling to pain thu feel ings of nnothci, he never hesitated to cxpres. his feelings freely. Incnpableof deceit, he condemned it wherever he saw it. Gentle in his dealings, he was still firm. With such a character, ho was abovca mean action. Ho ever ctod honorably, for ho acted naturally. Wo can say noihingof him more true than that he never had an enemy. And now thnt he is gone, we cannot but weep that death hns taken from us a companion universally beloved, and from tho world a mind so full of promise, " For the grave of earth's best nobleness, Is watered by the tear." Kteondly, That we tender our warmest sympathies to the father and oilier relatives of the deceased, whoso hopes with ours are thus prematurely blasted, and assure them that we desire to mmglo our tears for a iniirh-lovcd member, wilh those they must shed upon the crave of ono bound to them by lies of blood and affection, and whoso memory we shall never fad to cherish. Thirdly, That tho two precc .ng resolutions, signed by the President nnd Secretary, be commun icated to ihe fatborond relatives of the deceased, and Slates District Courl, snow enu-o against ANCOR, of Jeri . iu inid District, lo ' ourt llouso m w iiljl May, 1SI2, 10, A. M. rnilul Slates District Court. Noli'jlo show rallst1 anaiust Petition of .IOI1N JV'IIRIAG. of Colchester, in lb.. county of ChiHendcrii sTul liilrie, to be declared l'anknpt, at the Courtffouso in Windsor,-Vtrinont, on tlio2lll)ot .May, wIU, .. AI. TN BANICRl'PTGA..,Unitt',ilatcs District Courl. X Vermont DistrlctVNqlico lo sjinvv cause ugiinit relitl.inol .l (JL iS 1 Vyl GLI.AllI), p(- Burlington, in said District, to beiUTlare-1 Bankrupt, nt thcCiiTrt House iu Windsor.Jf?nioM, on tlio 21th of May, 1E42, 10, A.M. '. ' " TN IIANKIUJl'TQV. x ve United Slates District f'nnrr. erinont District. fit ire it klintv "fi licit nrrtunel I'etiiion of DAVIS S. l?VSr.LI., of Burlington, in said District, to bo declnVfl Bankrupt, nt the Court Lno in Windsor, VffiSut, on tho 21th. of MaJJ TNV BANKIHJPTCY.-.Uniled Stntcs District Ctiurt, l'eti'ion in tho county of Gran. AMERICAN HOTEL AXI) CI'N'I'ltAl, STACJE lIDU.Si: BUIILINGTON, VT. TllH siibscrilicrs havo leased for a term f.f year this well known splendid establishment, which is very pleasantly located in o'neof the most delightful villages in North America. The severalluic- of -luires arrive nt nnd depart from this houso daily. 1'Tn nnielUfurni-hcd in llie best order, nnd well supplied 10 o'eloel;,' A. M., on each cf.-aid d.iv. " with the hoicest that the markets nllord. They will Da'ed, this I lih duv of March A. D. is 13, 1.,. L.nn.r l,..Mll,. 1.1... I .11 ..I.. V I I , I 1 1 I lJ I "V" V I V I.' I I " . "" n'! 1'. i"-. .ncii intiias tinu till nu ill ij iavor them with llieir p'ltionage. ujCarriagts always in attendance at tho Steam i.oais. S. W. TAVLOll&Co Burlington, April 29th, IS 12. COMMLS-IONF.R'S NOT1CH. WE the Sul scril er-, liavniL' been nproinied ly the Iloiiiiul.lctlieWnl aleCo.irt fijr the of Cliillenili'ti, coniiTli-.ioiier lo rfi-rivt-, e.nmitlt and ndii"t tlio el.iinw nn.l ilt' 'i, k i..-i tit-j of A mo. Clerk lite .it Hiiiebdr,!i iu Mild Di'.lrict, tleeea-cil, rCpre.enltil in.olvcut, and alxinll claims and demand" oxhililtil in o.l'-elt there to; and six month from ihetl.iyof thu date hereof, being allowed by enid Court for lhal purpo-e, wo do Iberefoiu hereby give notice, lhat we will nllcn I to the lusuiu-s ol r.iirappoiiiliiicnt, at tlio dttclliinr of Hidow Anor Clirk, lalo of Hue luirsb, in said Di triei, on mo nrl .uomlay ol June and Amrn-t next IIIIID'SLY NIAVKLI,, I'l l' K. IILWITI', II I'll K I.IIAV KNWORT1 1. DISSOLUTION. lornmi'- uer.". riTIir. firm of Strongsttco., by its own limim -- lion dissolved on the 1st. inst. The nnuo of tho lirm will ho used hereafter only for closing Us busi .Henry Tonnsenil'. Kslnd-; .Jiiiiii.ur v i.ii.iiu.M ; At a prolate court District ol Cliiilendfii"... held at Biirliiiglnn with in and lor -uiddisTi. t of Cljiilendeii on tlio 27th day

f April-A. D. lSI2,pio-eiiitlioHon.Clmrle llu.-ell JlldgtMK-opy of ihel.l.t will and testanienl of Henrv 'I'own end,J.iii of Troy m tho Ctliniy of li.i elaer and have them adjusted, nnd all whoso units or ac GconoE 1'. M.vnsii, vs. Iitr, Tv"iti,v. Whcicas Georae 1'. Marsh of Burlington, iu said County, has tiled in the office of tho cleik of tho court nf Chancery for said county, his Bill in Ch ui ccrv.'airainsi .lames Kdlin of I he city, coun'v, and stale of New York, then in stalinr, lint on the sixth day of August, A. 1). 1910, tlio "aid James Killin was indtuted to tno said ucirrgc r. Ainreu in me sumo; xlTiO.M). ns snccilitd in four promissory noti ?, biar ing dale Glh August, A. 1). 1?-10, one fur Sl."0,n0 t avable in one year from tint, and three, for -5100.0.) Ii o.ffilili. in i,-n. three, an t four years from thei dale, respectively, with interest, niiJ to secure the payment ui llie saui turn oi ihuifji oiti ji.i ahh i, on the ma Glh day of August, A. D. 1SI0, made, executed, anil delivered lo tno said Aiarsn, III mori-r-ii.e deed ifnuarcel of land ill Burlmnton nfniusaid i Norihwaidly ii Norlh strctl. 1'astwardh' tiy a line parallel Willi llie new read to llio Falls, and tell rods disiniu and I'nstw iiriHy therefrom, rrouth- w.irdly by landm the possession of Hathaway, nnd wcsnvnruiy Dy said new road. Also, one oilier pnr eel, bounded iwthwaruiy liy Aorth s reel, l.i ward'y by Maiden Lane, Southwardly bv lands of Spear, and YA cstwardly by a lino paralbl with Maid en Lane, and ten rods distant Westwanllv therefrom And further stating that the said notes had not been paid, nnd praying said Court to decree to said Mars the foreclosure ( f the said premises. And llie said Janic Kilhn residing outof this Stale, so tint a Sul pen! cannot be served tiiion hmi. it is. therefor, op dcred that the said James Killin be nnd appear before me said i.ouri ol i. iianecrv, to tie no den at iturlin ton within nnd for the ebnntv of Chittenden, lis Court of Chancery, on the fourth Tuesday nf May ncti, un.l inn' e answer t said I!. II ; and it i's, also, ordend lhat the sub iinee of said lli'l, and this or der, ho published three wetks surecivt ly, in "The liiirlington i rco rrcss, n new paper printed in said ness. The notes nnd accounts are in tlio hinds iof tho j Rurlington, the list of which publications to be mtirin rr tifi r I in.r I Ifn II Slim... .ill... I.i.l.. . . . . 1 ... .w.i. i.-r, ...u... uiiH.i, uiui., oiu.u iuii.1 oc cupied by tho firm, willi whom or ci'her of the Lite linn, business relating thereto may bo closud. All having un-ctlled accounts nro requested to call 1 nd Slate M" New York. ilet I. , I i K- nllou-iil nml proved in till' 1rr02.Hu . eo ul wilhin an. I or .ail County ol llen-cl.ier mid .Statu of New Voilt, bav- im;i mi pri-fu'c.iioiiM;vonri lien that said eopy nn l prooi" 111,11 liu die and reeor lo m l ie incbaio ei ur forlbcdi" run i f Cliittcnden ufoio,aid, nirrceably to nio omiuif in .licit case inane ami provuled: I here ion1, nn proliale court for tlio di-inut of Clnttendc lore-n ul, doth heieby order lhat nil itr.on iulcresled It iioiitiod to appear lefme taid l'roba'o courl, at a M'.icm ihereol to I o held at iho lic-Mcr". ofi'ice in liuriingioiijulojf.-iii.l, tu the lGlhday ol Alay A. 1). isr.'. aiidconit-t tlietilin: ami leeordiug of s4id copy of said will, if ihcy m' i-auo, by pulilication of ln Jirdcrthrcuweek Mieces-uc'y in the Burlington Free riL.", ii newspaper iriniivi tit 11 irlmgion, in the Conn tyw v 11 1 1 leuueii, ai i oi wnieii puLlicuion. to lupre- vniii. ii. .hi i ,ij ii ii.iyin .nay .. ii. H iiiveii iiieierini Ii him at mi I llur iugtmi thi27th day of April A. D. IRJ2. ' 'WLSTON, fi,gi.t,r. c tints have 1 iconic due to the late lirm aro notified lhat its bii-ines wiuond trill be, spccdili clesed. April 13th 1SI2 T. F.STIIONG. W. I.. STRONG. GF.O. B. MIAW. IjOST S3().0. LOST a Wallet cnntniniug between thirty and forty dollars. Whoever will restore it and conitnts to tho nndersignod shall bo satisfactorily re warded, l.y 1). R. WOOD, No. 12, N. C. April 21st, 1R12. ki:ai,kvi ati': i'oii lOOaere. of land on the cn-l mle of ihe ftBKSt roni1 hadniglo ihniiioiuii ol tl i: river. ol3 Al-oiheplaeeoccupieilbyC Merrill on iJlftESi-CoilepoMreft.corilaining dwcllins Iioum least twenty days before the sitting nf sai.l Court afiresaid, w hich shall be deemed Aufllcient notica the sii I Jamc3 Killin to appear and make aiuwer said Bi'l. Burlington, April 13th, A. I). 1? 12 Wm. NORI.n, Chr': 1-otltlon STATK OF VKIIMO.NT" UN CI1ANCF.RY I ChitttntUn CunnUi Patrick Uahland. & ! Aunust Term. A. D. 1911. Hiuam B.nt.ABo 1 Whereas nt tho March Term of said Court A. 1). 1511. Amos Brown nf Mil ton in 'aid County, brought hn Bill m Cli incerv ill said Uourt, ugilnst rntiivk nirlaml, formeily of Aid ton aforesaid. now aim. urlcd to nans unknown w.ih out this Slat..-, and Hiram Balhr.l of Georgia in tlio County of Franklin, tlnriti stating, th it on lliol'Jt h day of January 1313, the tad Garland, being Justly Itbtcd tolhosiid Am s in tho slim of ilOO. spee ded in two promissory notes of that date, for fifty dol'ars each, thootto payable on tho first day of Jan- unry A. D. 1910, and Ihu other on Iho first day of January id II, oulli with annual intcrc', and t xcuro llie p ivinciil ol said notes, the s.ud uarntui on llie tianiu 12 January l1J9mida executed and iklivertd Ihe s ml .linos, a moilgage iked of a Piece or p irte! of lar.d iu said Countv of Chilton tn. In ing Iflt No. ,intne nn division, Dtippuseii to uouinin '.'igniy ncrcs, with tlie condition that it Iho said I'airicK should nav said notes nccording to their tenor, that tno sud nn rtgnre deed should uo void, oincrwisuoi lone And fin ther staling, lhat on Iho 2.1d d.iyof Januniy A. 1). Ii39 the slid Garland made, oxecutid nnd do tvered to s.ud Hiram 1! lllnrd a morteago deed of the said lands, with a condition, tint if tho said (.inland nnd one u wen (.ainud s'.ionld well and tru ly pay the thriD itiital incuts first mentioned in a cer tain comiaci unjer sen oaten January m 13J'J, made by tho taid Hiram i'nl'a'd on the one part, nnd Ihesatd ratu K nnd i wcn uariand on tiieomer pari, amounting to y vi,,C0 and tin ce years of tho first in- tcrestthnl should nccnio thiieon, then the snul deed vhoidd bo void, otherwise i f force. And further stn tiui; that the to liny do lar no cs, or any part I icrcot. leid not bum pa d to the O.-alor, or any pi r- sonon ins riToiml, an. I prajing n decree of foreclose- tireoi lite iid land nnd premincs : wnicn satu f t.'ointi'unU being dulv enter 'd in sain t.ourt nt tho March Term thereof A. D. Id 11, tho Orator appt-arvd iy Ins Sjheiior, Wliittein-ire, and theDi iutidnnt trick Giirlniit being i utol the Slate and it nol lo ng made to appear lhat lie h id bad poisonnl notico of 'he nondencv nf this lid', the same was cont.u ed lo ihe August' Trrniof s: I Court 1311. At which I Term the Orator again aiincnrrd bv Ins said Solicitor, nnd it not being niad- Pi appear that the said Patrick Hirinii'i ins yet nnl personal nonce oi tno ser vice and I'cr.dcirey of this Bill, the same was ngain by order i f sai.l (.'" utt, con inuerl to die neM Term of snul Court to be holdtn on the 4ih Tuesday of May nest. And the said Lieut tin lur ordeied tint no tice be eiven tho aid Vtilru 1; Garland of the enden, ly publishing tho substance thereof, t 'gei'ier .v itu tlrsoidtr, tnree wei li sit es sivcly, in the Hurhnqton J 'rcc I'rcss, a irti -paper irtnlid in said 1. lining: in, llie Ins-tot wlueii lo ne, ai east twenty days before the siting of said CoSit.asn- foresaid, winch shall be dunicd si 111 cut nol ee lo die sail 1'alriek t appear an 1 make answer lo slid Bill. Attest, V, si. .uiit.i;, i-ierK. r "11 land. i lliatriet of fbill, ndrl, s. t brU a ptOUaie POC1 wilhin and for tlm district of Clnttendtri t-".V'""'t ". '. dayof April,, H5I2, Aldrv IIAdges guardian 6?Z'X Hodges, Kmily L, Hodge's and licdrge I .Hodges of Wdlist m m mid district, rnuior', and cirildreji i ucorgo iiouResiniooi snm vvuus'on dtcessea,,iiii.' in said court her petition in writing, setting forth llmj btr said wrads aro sezed in their own right in fto -tenants in common of oncequalundividciThalf of th following described parcel, or farm of land situate' part in Wiljiston and patt in Richmond in said Coun ty, ocing mo nrm now occupied uy the said Mar j Hodges ond the heiisef Hit said Gfcorco Hodges, de ceased, bounded on iho north and cast by lend of Or sou Goodrich, on the west by land of Josso Thomp- r-'.i mm ui, uii.- auuiii ny mini oi iiainnway anZTmau, supposed to oontrfin about two hundred nnd foity seven ncrcs ol land t Hint part pf which farm situated on no norm siucoi nic lurnpiko road leading rrottUur linglon throuiili Wiliiston to Montpcher, being ab'oti. in,'., i Euojeci 10 a meesiaie lucre in to nio said .Varv Hodges, the same haling been heretofore set out to her as dow er In tho ren! estate of her late hus band. . And further selling forth that n ialeof her saift words interest in stud farm, for theputposoof puttimr the proceeds ol such sale nt interesi. wnul.t lm rnndnl civoio the interest of her said w ards, nnd praying said c ttrt to author 7.r nnd license her tho said Mary Hodge, ns gnaidian n"tiforcsaid, to sill nil the inter est aiulKstatoof her said vvardmn said lands. , vviiereupj'i, thy court nrnroja'd doth appoint tho 2ndd ay of Mny A. I). 1.12, for hraringaiid deciding on petition nt tho olliee of iho Ilegiater of sail court in said Bui luigton, nnd doth order that all persons interests I be notified the t u f by pul lieation of thisor dcr containing tho ubdnncc of said pc'ition threo weeks sucecsivtly in the liiirlington I'rco Press, a newspaper prin'e ltin sail Burlington, the last o'f winch nubUcations to bepicvioilstolhesjid2ndday ofMay G.vcn tinder mv hand at sai.l liiirlington tho 13lh day of April A. D. 1312. Wm. WF.STON, Register. SrfoNos & Co. ) CiifiTr.vDr.;,-Covsiv Covbt, v Auiui( 7VrBi A. 1). 1311. Ifin.i:i G, Lato.s. ) W in teas George 11. Shswj Timiuliy I'. Strmu nnd William L. Strong, all of Burlmglon in said Coi nly of - 'bitten 'en. Partners and .Merchants nt Uflcle St said Burlington, by tho namo nndstyleof "Sntoxoa tV. 'Co." commenced their suit in said Court at tho August'IVrm thereof A. I). 1911, ngainst Hiram G. Katun of Bolton in Ihe Province of Canadt, thcrtui declaring against said llaton. in a pica of the cae, for -S'100,00 for goods, wares and merchandise, before that timo sold ami delivered by l'laintifi's, tn iho Dulmdant, end also for S3C0, money inn ana receiveu iu nnu ior mo I'lainun s use, Dy tho Defendant, and winch Defendant, had not paid, though requested, w Inch suit having been duly enter ed in slid Court, iho Plant Hi appeared by thur Attor neys, Shaw and Weston, an I the said fc.iton not ap pearing, and it not being made to appear to said Court; that 'he said I'aton has hnd personal notice of the ser i ice nd pendency of said uit, llie s lid Court ordered that the tti'l suit 'I c continued to tho nct Term of said Court, to be Imldcn on the 4tli Tuesday ff 3Iay nc.t, and I ho said Court further ordered that notico of tho service and pendency of said suit le given to the said 1'nton, hyp blilmig llie substance ol the Plain- tifi's n liltclnrnl nnd this nirkr m The Burlington Free Pre", a nrwsjiaycr printed in said Burlington, lliree wctks sip ccssivelv. the last of which nublica. lions m beat 'cast tunny days before tbc sitting of said Corrt. which hnllbccons'dercd sufficient nelica to tho sa.d Katun to appear and make answer to said suit. April 7, IS 12. Wm. NOI1LF., Clerk. WlLLlAil V. IICTtlllNS 1 v. i cliittesden covntt AAuixavdeh (' Simpson " Court, and J..V J. II. l'cutcCo. I August Term, IS41, a. bis Trustees. j , Whereas, William V. Hu'cluns of Ijath.inthoStata of New I lain.iahire, orrnnenctd his suit ngainst Al exander C. Muni son of b'cheniclady, in thcStatoof N.w Yoik, nt the August Term, A. D. 1811, of said Court, nn.l nguutt John Peck, John H. Peck, and ihiih I'. I'o It, a trustees ol tho Eaid Simpson, t tic rem declining against the said Simpson in an ae i'mh on Note, dattd Juno '.1th, lc-I0, for the sum of SC pa , nb'e on demand w uii jn'crcst, nnd remaining whoby uiij 'aid, y.hii'h said s it' having been duly en tered in Cuurl, the l'laint;fi"nppcnrs, by Shaw SS ,es on, ms -iiioriiu s, and uie said Simpson not ap- Noaii D.vv ) IN CHANCKRY. vs C'lifimioi County. Hr.M.ix C.vpv 5 Wheieis Noah DavolUn- dirlull m tho County u Chit endeii, ha filed in llio J Ullice ot Ihe l ie said County, Cady of PI therein slating 1510, the 3a'd ady was tudi IiIliI.Ii, tho said Day iu Court, to be I olden on the-iih Tuesday ot Miv lliesirn of 100,111', as cptcil'u 1 iu two promissory next.nnd the sold Court fmihtr oidtrcd that noticelij notcsiiated Ftby. 13 t. D. 13 ill, for SiOO, fieh, the jUen to ihe said Alexander C. iinpson, of tho service5 one p lyauii i i iiui'j iiiuiiiii uii. i u. u unit i t i.iitxn i mumis ir in nio ti.aie, wuu mirresi, in uic nan he l Merk nf the Court of Channel ry lor p, aring, mid ii not being made lo appear to said Court itv, his Bill in Chanciry nj.iinst Hcman . thnt tlio sa d Simpson has had personal notice of tho Pbitlsbiiroh iiil iho Spue of New York, .ervicennd pendency of said suit, thoeauso was by ling, lliaton the'31 day of Fi binary . D. i ord'rot snid (.'ourt eoiit.nued to the next Term of Burlington, mid to secure the payment of a!d sum of muncy, tin sad Only on the 3.1 day of Feby. A. I). HiO, ma 'e execuud and delivered lo the said Day, hi M. rieagc deed of Lot Ne. 53 iu Ihe lir.-t division of laud msaid Undi'ihiU ; and furthi r s'a'ing tint the sail nulls Ini nnl betu paid, nnd ptaving said Co rt to decree 'o he said Day tho f.jru'losi'rcof s I premises. And the B 'Cady rtsid lignut ol tbc:ttelsolyat a sub piiMi i cannot bo srvi d upm iiim, lis therefore ori'ertd tint the said Ilennn Cody be and nppcar before tiio said Court of Chancery 'to be liolden at liiirlington within nnd for tho County of Cliittcnden as a Court of Chancery on he fourth Tuesday o May nrxtand make answer to said Bill, nndit n.ils oidertd rhat tlio substance of t!iesa;d I'dl.aiiJ t'usor r bo publish ed three wee' s ucces ivtly, in the Burlington 1'iej Pre., a newspap r puntcil in ssid Bur!.n-'lon, the last of which pubCcatiuns lobont least twcnly tbys before the siring of snul Court, which shall bedctnt cd suiiicicnt nonce to the r-aiil Cody to appear and make nn wcr to ai I Bill. Dated at Burlington aforesaid this 13lh day of April A. 1). 1512. W.NOIH.E, Cicik. ... j i.ii l. mi- u ill ..ii...iiiiitl . i .-IlilliMJIliUl lllUt.Vll.- tn i and pendency of said ruit, by ptddifh'.ng the sub ofj stance of the Plaintifl'ss.iid wtitand declaration, and this order, tlnce wnks successively, in "Tlie l!ur; linston Fice Press," a newspaper primed in Butling Ion, m said County, the list of which publications m h'jat least twenty days before tho sitting of said Court, which shall be deemed sufiiciant notice to the said Alexander C. Simpson, to appear and mako an swer to said knit. April 7, 1312. Wa NOlU.K, Clerk. William II. Flacc, C STATK OF VF.RMONT, vs Cliillmdrn Cviiuty S3. Ilom:iiT -S. I'l.vci;. ( . In Chancery. Whereas, William H. Flagg of Burbiigti n in tho County of Chittenden, on the Sth day of April A. 1). 1812, filed in the ofiict of tho Clerk of tho court cf chancery within nnd for said County of Clidtcndcn, hi bill of complaints agiiii-l Robert N. Fine It, of Willisboro' in llie Slate of New York, setting for1 Ii iu substance, lhat tho said Robcit N. on the Until day of May A. I), 1P3J, executed to tho s.ii I Wdlnm II. four promissory noies, each fur Iho sum of one hundred nnd seventy-livo dollar-, payable in one, two, three nnd four year-from date, respirtmc'y tn the said William II. or order, wilh interest, all dated tbcsJiiio nnd Joiner ,.hop.Al"0 u biuHins lei nenr llio Com 1 1 '"'III day of Mny A. D. I'H; that, to seciiie the- Ilo i-rS iunii. II I.F 1 ITNWDIITII payment theienl Iho said Robert N. on Iho snio . ,. .... ...... rt, .... , I, ,203 1... 1... April II, 1612. TA JIM FOU SALE. I OR S.U.I., that well known Farm sit tiattd in Milton, nboiit ono mile from tho upper rails, formerly owned nnd occupied by tin. Rev. S. R. Itrnnn Mm tain I. tween 275 nn,') 300 acres of land, comnri cd m part of -. "ti ""t and sugar ore Utwo good dwelling houses, ono of which is of brick, ""'""unilv, i, now otn toilie publi ""Y ' woou, iiimi in good rcpnirj ihrco good good bar ns, ono of winch is GO by 41 feet, the others EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water ttrccl, at the head nf the Steamboat Wharf Itiirllugton, Vermont. BY iMOSIiS L. IIAUT. ago and pnsiurin?, nnd good wood lots rpHIS eial lihinenl, so lavornlly IrH ated for the rclnrd. Said farm is vvrll watered, has accoiiimodaiion of lb,. Im-nc. and Irayellmg Vermont Di trietN'olic io show causo ftcamsi 30 by 10 feet i n horso barn nndnil.r ! i ,iin..l. of HKNItV Y.OVI'MAN', of South' lUnw witlrgood yurds and water brought into them and m sic, io no declared llnnkrup ndsor, V-rmont, on tho 2 Ith nt the Court House of Miy, 1B12, 10,TT.M. 1 N IMNKllUP'rl' J-Vermont District Petition of HIRAM tri' t, lo be declare I I la. Windsor, Vermont, TN BAN'KRU;PTC - .v eiinont instrici, Pet lion of SIMON trict, to bo declared I Windsor, eriiionl, United States District Court. ice'tn show cnusengainst IS, of Jerictio. in said Dis rupt, at tho Court House in. 21lh of Aln-y, 13J2,10,A..M.. "Unibjlrfitates Dttstrict Court. to .how cnuso ii'ainst , of Jericho, in ,nid Dis. tpt, at tho Court Houso in Tthc'Alh of May, B12. 10.A.M. NOTICE. rpHF. Copnrtnerllip bcreloforo existing under the L name and firm of Hull & Cook, wnsdisoIved on tho 23d day of .March, 1 8 12, by mutual consent. Hincsburgh, April 22d, 181?. MARCUS HI'LL. HORACK COUK. To Iliiildcrs mid others. ' BOARDS, Cl.ipbonrds nnd Plnnk plained at short notict'., also a Circular Saw for slitting, at tlio Burlington Iron Foundry. Turning done, or lathe to let for turning lied Posts or columns. Cash etc re ceived in pay. JARV1S RAY. Mlurhngtnn, April22, 16-12. rIMlF. public are respectfully informed lhat Grafs -L nnd Clover Seed of a superior quality may still be '"''."A , . FOLI.KTTtt BRADLKY'S. Old Dotk, April 29, 1B12! HE MO VAL. TII K subscriber having recently transferred his residence from St. Albans to Burlington, pref cuts hunrelf to tho patronage of ihe public ns a physician nnd surgeon. Th oso who may wnnt his services will find Iiim, for the present, at Hovvnrd's IloteJ where hois about to open on olfice arid be in readi ness for tho practice of physic and surgery. CHAS.HALL. Burlington, April 25th, 1812. 3w NOTICE. A LL persons aro hereby cautioned against taking turf or earth from tho public Highway, as such practice is not only against good neighborhood, but contrary to law; and the law will ba enforced against trespassers in this behalf, Uurhngton, 27th April. 1812. Bl'RRKL LANK, ) I). TOWSLKV, ( StJcelmin. SAMUEL NICHOLS ) thonoiwu in lor., nn.l n Ui il.rt.n .... it.. r on Hit farm i benign dcsirablo siiualioii for n man who wants to raise nijat stock or shrep or both, or is n i excellent jarni lor Iho dairy business. Thoo vvishitig io purchast' such a farm would do well by applying soon in John and James Morton on iho premises, tf to Gen. Wm. Nash of Now Haven. niiuii, .lyircil .1, Ibl J, 40 if ffpsoffSos, gal's, Hoa, &. FKANCIS HKNJA.MIN, Jr., ,tt.i , . . i uuiesuic Healer 111 storage, I' nrirarilliig.-iinl iWnii,.i. No. 273 RIVER STREET mt? t.t 'mm. t'n.l ( ?nne!n upon iht; varioii roiile call at ibe Kxeliango Hutol lor pa-st neer-, nnd Ilirse arriving ir lirparlnig bv Sle.un Boat, in which ran llieir baggage 1. rcmoyc'l without eharsf, will find thi hou.fptruliarly toiheir eon yen icuif. Tho keeptr lender. his terviee., vvuh ihe nurance, thai in all rtpeei, the hnu shall dc-ervi the favor able eoni-uleralion of nil who may patrouoe it. Burliuion, April 1, IS 12. .13 f. Kvery dollar lu tviiuicd lor 11 shm:1iiI pin-pose. TH K s il.scrilir if.-peell'ully loqeets nil persons ndfl.ted 111 him 10 call and p.iy llieir Noli, and Account, without iMay. JAJIKS .M1TCI1F.I.L. Burlington, April 1, I?)2. ITT1 feio donrS ahuxe Washington Square. t. r. SV7iT.STit)x7 r-r ivivr. i i . . ,'.i.. H .TnV , "i " , , '" "," lir'!' cf S",0n" &CO 1 itl e,r .lock m trade, w,l t-onti,,,,,, l,t butme-s a.ilolcriopurcliajcr ptuxls , Uieir line, nt price wilh the times. ' 1 April 13. 1HI FIlESir TEA S, T OAF and Urown Sugars, Coin-e, Spices, Rale ra U tus, &c. &c. Chcap.-Chean .nt M. G. RATHBUN, Dlt.VlMI l AVII'l'lll illl WOULD rcpeetfiilly mf, rni hi friend and the public tint he li.i-. reinovi! from Pearl Sireei to itiL-ironi pari 01 1 lidding m Churth Si. oecupml by Dr. Suxieit, nearly oi.poMto ihe Bank of Biirlingtr.u, where nil older will le executed m llio most np provfd hlylr. AtiiV'. 1 t !" Sfllr llirliange. .HA1.I, Put comer icnt Dwilling Iloute, en litfly new, situated near tbe-snunn. April J 1 1SI2. Apply tn P. P. MAIIKIIAM. Abo, one wrought iron axletreu doul lo l. unl ,-r agon, nud 0110 sicel spring (ingle plca-ure do. (or sale a above. .no. S. B. SCOTTS. SrLKS, SJLJtS, SJLJCS. ALL kinds, nt iho lowest prices, nt S. It. SCOTTS. Clover and I lords Crass Socd Aprils. ,y j, & j, ii, i'KC'K & (. FitOiutJiNcnjioNiXrrs. 1 good assortment, and Ribbons to niaich nt S. II. SCOTTS. WANTED, yNKcr two hones in exclininro for Cibinn Fur. Vni"ur. Abo n new one hore Lumiier Wagon fin (..tie or exchange as above. Please call ., ore 10111 01 .liny. . ,i, KIlDADIiS, Burlington i nly, April 21, IS12. JiOAIlDING liOUSE. ' riu Siib.crilcr Mill conliniifN his board, ing hoii.f at llio fool ofCollegoMrtfl, near Ihe Sipiuie, nud will ii-t his ben rxenioiu to give satHaeiion to Uio,c who IDiv la or loin until llipir onlriin. ape. He ha a! o ti-vtral rpnvenirnt and pnnteel norms iiiii. JUSIU'A JHJArVf' Ayril20, 1913. BHO.VI) CLOTHS, ot, can 1 0 found nt H. W. CATLIN'S. AmA and 5-1 Superior 11nblr.1cl1cdC0t111ns.verv - low for cash, by II. W. CATLIN, n CASF. and Bales Tickings, " O 1 Hale Canvass, ' 2 do Drilling, 20 Pieces 40 inch Barlaps, 18 do Red Padding, Forsalobv Nov. 30, 1811, VILAS.1.00.MIS if- Co. 9ft f-!')SKj Imghsh nnd American Prints, 2 no colored Cambrics, For snls by Nov. SO, 1811. VILAS, LOOM1S ft Co. IIAIII avaui:. THCO DORK HOI.BIIOOK. . (I.11 Holbrook iV Tnppan) 10 Milk ht., Huston, rrHnSnbfribtr oilers a large and cho c selection X of Hardware', the country trade upon the libnal terms, March 1 2m tenth day of .Mny. A. D. 1S3-, by his died of thnt date, 1 omeyed In the said Whilliam II. half nn acre of Ian I lying on Champhiu Street, in tho lilligeof Burlington, bem pan of quarter acre lots No. 71, 72 nud TU, beinr the homestead or house lot ',11 whi'-h '.ena F'ngg, Into of taid Burluiglon, decracd, lat re-ided wrh a condition thcrelo annexed, lhat if the snid Robert N. hi. heirs, executors or administrator should pay llio said emus of mom y speeded in said foiirnoti'saccoiding to the term th'trcof then the said deed to bo void, otherwise of force. And further f ct ting forth that tho said 1101c had not been pud, nor nny part thereof, nnd pru) ing said Court In decree that thosaid llobtrt N. pay lo the sail William II. the said sums nf money nnu llio interest tlurfon, and co-is, by a short day In bo nppoin'cd by said court, nnd in default of such paymen', lhat the said Robert N. nnd all Persons claiming under him, innv 1 0 fnr cloed of all equilg of redemption or c'aiin in nnd to said mnrtgi2ed premises. And wheren', it appears to said court that tho snid Robcrl N. resides out of the State of Vermont and lhat a subpauia cannot ho served on him ; Therefore, iho Court aforesaid oih licrely or'Vr lhat the said Robert N. bo notified and required lo appear Ixforo said Court on the first day of Iho term thereof next to bo liolden nt Burlington within nnd for .aid County of Chittenden on the fourth Thursday of May A. I). 1812, nn.l mako answer to said lid of complaint, by publication of ibis order, contninins tho subslanco of said lull, lliree vvciks euccisivtly in tho liiirlington Free Pi ess, a neivspapr pinned in said Burlington tho last nf which pip heatiuns to be nt leasttwenly days previous to iho conimcii''niirul of llio said term of said Courl next to he held nt said Burlington on iho fourth Tuesday of May I SI'.', as nlbrri!d. Given Under mV hand at sail Iluilin-ton this Sih day of April A. D. 1812. Wm NOBLF.. Clrik. COl'AllTNiniSlllJ'. Hr.XISV II. UOCTWIlii tVT. F. A w. I.. Strung having connnltil iheir Tin Shops, wdldo business in that lino under ihe name of II. II. Host. wick&Co. at tho shop occupied by said Bostwick, where may ho found a full nnd complete as ortment of TIN WARK, niniiuf.ictiiitil expressly fur llie retail trade, togrtht-r with Copper nnd Shrtt lion wotk, Stove Pipe, S'ovp Tlinimiup s, et. All kin's of Job work furiu-hed nt shnrt nolici'. Kavo troth and eon. doctor pipe furnished and put up. Coptir r runups and lead pipo PirniShed nnd set if required. Thnsowho rnlroinze ihi btniicli if business shall, ol lb s shop, 1 0 quickly and well teivid, forn rrssoiiil le ronipeu sation. If H. BOSTWiCK tt Co. Burlington, Apr 10. 1P-1 pOltTAHI,n irUUXACr., wuhelevalrdOv. .1 ens, n convenient and e onomical article for rook. iii, in warm weather, for salo bv Apr. 12. II. II. liOSTWICK A Co. NOTICK 'IOMI RCHANTS. 'I lint buv Crockery & Glass Ware. rUIlHAIt IVAI1 It DOT rivo nolici to L merchants in the nlioiniug C.iiuii.e- ihnl they b.ivt their spring .loci; 1 fCri kery 111 "tor., nnl 111c now ready 10 supply ihctr or' r for ns 1 r ed I rav in any amount pacUd in the ni'M wnri.piaii, l.e u in ner a I New V rU and B("ioii priics, whuh y il le inanifis'ly a grea tav njflr. nil lut lull of us All ' ders pronipi'vtxi N 1 ni iS-ir .trre, Cf rn ' I irh and CtUfje sunt ,11 o n;i n nnnnin rinutnil r n'nH3 raoruur. run CFJAJILESA. SEYMOUR HAS just tec iitd from New', York Ihe ..rmg p.vtcriw fell its 1 . ... ize-s nni 1 11 1 1 1 1 . 1:11; 11.. in i-n nn.l f examine Ina assnituicnt. which . '-5lisv!i coinptiscs hnls ofvar.iiu: qualities (gR"-" a -3, an 1 pi" CS rc.iiievtry low. gS'-. ' .SfcS' He ispieiiilT inii'.s .icli Ktn N?-".- 'yy ll.nien as hue liereinfoio given a ''aii'- preftrenco to hats of Southern nianufaciiire to look at his of fine huts which t in point of oloranj finish an equal, an I in point of durability, far superior, to any hr.s manulaeliired in ilia city of New York. Pearl t. April 1 3:!. nissoiAmox. aMV. copartncrslvpherrioforeeviMins btivvecn the siibcn!)fr under ih" (inn of linger it I'nm-toik i tin day dissolved by mutual consent. All demand due llio late Iiim must be paid by Ihe first die of April next. Kilher of the s .bscrlbers are ar.thoristd tos. I tie llie business of the lale firm. 1.1 TIjr.RM.IIAGAII, . GFORGF. I). COM.-5TOCK. Sliclbnrn, March 17, 151.'. tlPDIiflJ', !). COMSTtX K Ty r.'l'KlTIT'l.l.y anno..n emti o'iaiitsor LV Shell urn nnd v.initi, lhat In ha. purrha eld Mr. 1.. M. Ila.'ar, (In. Ian eoparli.i r) Ins in ire tin lh good-1 ehuicins lo ll.e lo'e iirni i f II igar f; Coin 'tock. He would also ml', rm the p it lit- that l.e will continue llie l.ii.iue.s on In own acicuiit at iheold ."tan I, w-bere he oil -r n eeiic a' a- R'irnr.eiii of Ct ol cheap for ea-h or on mi inniith. ejeJit, Shelliurii Villaee, March 25, 131'-'. xnw GOODS. Q i'HING (it)t)I)S, fich from New York, ruo'd 'Jihis niorniuc, eini.i-'iii!.' of Springcalieoc. a"va reiy of patti rn ; beht laney pinil-, Kndish do., niiiiiring and and half mourning prime, rich London do., I .rtiiiuto and fancy cluuiz print", Alpacca tloths; heavy atm Je.iu, l'ou'.c Iblkf.., prime I lawns, b'ueo c.ini' rie bd'..f-., black and folored cloves, coat cord, mi .. nnd lieli Ic unut and cap rildons of new and .p.'eudid p,itie,-iii, nnu open .ind lor "a'o ly Thur lay, 7 hApr.l. II. W. CATLIN. . I'arcucll's Shoes. ANT.W supply, of all kind", jum rceivoJ nnd ftir -ali a- cheap a. the clieaiiu-t, by Apnl I, 18J2. 11. W. CATLIN. TIIK Sul scriberhas taken thelargoand commodious brick dwelling on churchSt: ll'J'lr;? "sl ''odi north of the Bank of Burlington .SgKi"31sa a ud mil open it on or beforotho first of May m t as a Huarding Haute. Families or Single b is may be the week, month, qu.ulcr, or jcar, with or without roonis.ori reasonable teritis. Application for ! nard or board and rooms may ho made tn the jibtcribcr alius residence cornorof CoV lcgoaiidC'haiiipla.ii street. IJIRAMF. GRISWOLD. Burlington pril 7. 1512. ' IS 4-1 LOVELY ty SEYMOUR HAVK thi day received fiAm New-York, a choiot lot of new seasonable DRY GOODS, whioh shall bo sold nt pricts Mifliciently low to correspond witli the prist nt pecuniary embarrassments of tbo time. . April Sih. 01 1CK 1 beiel 1 given lint 1 have given my .011 1 Benjamin D. hi'ii'i e from ibi. date, and w nl not de.'uin I any ot'lu. tarn ng", nor .ay nnv debt of bis cnnirneiin W.-tfoi- nf.orth "d.m. Al.DlllDGfi WOUI.KY; n H3w vork l)omrllc .ll.itiiil'.irlufi s. VAI'OHN'S Jet Biiiek Ink for tale I y the Bib icilitT. 'I hi. in', is i'lau ilaeitire.1 in ihisvilhie I y W, V.nmhan, nnd isivnir.iii'cil not inferior to May uanl A No)c' or any other ml. lli.W 111 ll"C I'lea-u I ear in limid lint tin mk i ot I'oinc-tic Manuhieiurt, nd 1. wrr hy of any reiiilcman'. nt ieution nn I palroiiage, cpei inlly if he want, a cotkl artiile. For-aleat S. Hl'NTINT.TON'S March 21. Bool -Bin 'cry. Sexton for (lit Village. HAVING rcctived the above app irlment, the I'libbe nre resneclfullv opium d llll. I w dint all limes be In readiness to attend to tho duties 1 f tlio , office. Tho Old Ileirso has been repaired lor pres ent use, nil I there is some hope of gelling a mw one. Coffins ot nny kind (uriiiflicd at the shoitcst notice, and all chafes moderate. n K-. VAXOnOItrs-. Shop on Culm's Linn, 17th Muieh, IPs'.'. BURLINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY j TIIK S iimner Ttrm of th In-li u'ion eominen -ol 1 on Wchie .'uy'b,a'"l will roiinuue ' tm nv two vvie.- 'I In S. hoi I 1-.'e i.-liil lly lo-ia'i-1 in 11 re no l pait 1 f ill luiunl. 1 village A I- vaiiingrs me .1 orded lor .n-lnieiton m the ond and ortiaineii n' I r.iin 1u' 1 f c 1 .. aiioiii Frrf, Wlvmlil 1 ruan I h s itju- "er, i om 1.1 riua ny, aif ensured to lake t li.ire ul the ui.imc t p irt nicnl, in liieen r col the pit' tin Term. M011. fr Bi i-cni TTr, an ii. oin,ili'ie 1 Ir-'nch Tea. her, i.aSn i-nnast! tor lhat ,,mriin,ut, l ir u'.ir oiia n-rnr liu rt panic .lur informaiion may to ohm nnd by nhpli' anon to ihe Prin q ill, Mi.s Lir, or nt the BooUli ro c f Mf. D. A. Dn.i'us. IliuliugKn, March 20lh, 1I2. commission nn' s Nori ci:. "T7K the subsenbtrs, having hern appointed; by V the Honerable tho Prohale Court lor the I)u trictnf Grand Isle, ronimissiontjs lo rceicve, on I ndjust lite cinims, apd demand, of all peroim, ncunst Iho Ktuto,of Bct?y Cnelnan, late of North him deceased, icpresentfd insult rni, and also all claims, and deinnnds i vhibiled in ollkt ihereto, nnd nx 'nnnihs from (lis lGth day of M irch A. D, IS42, !uin-'nll. iv, I bv snid Courl fm that iniposc, we d.. there', re her. bv Live nntiri t'nt w ill meet nt tho dw. I'.u gh.iiisi-ol J.ibdiali P. I.add m the low 11 ..f1 N. lli He. o tin 10th dayof .uenibtr ut !) o'ct .U A M. A. U I - I'M Ml A h'l'.lU'iL I ''or. U A If 1 !' N.-ON - r s - in 11 r1 t b :t n: . v. 17, ISII. iVi'ir isoojcs. I) . a . iTiTa m a n S re fiveil tho pre cut wee!;, the following 'rks, 111 n.!.!i'u'ii 10 h.s cxtcu.iye asortiucnll win Ii be o' r I' r .aleterj low loriT.i.h. R. liii.on'- PaN-iine. Mr. Adam.' Itiir, Itonaldi. Ja ip t- f, Wheloltj'!. Ccmicnif, I. fe of tin I .ird, irur do Lion, LouL-ielltiw" BaMad", l,arualv R lieu Jobii'i u, l.omlon e.l. I'ailin' Indians, Pnui hanl's Vicwt f Coiurri'tfatiiinalisin, Liebic'. Acni'i-li'iral Chcm'.lry, -Mr-. -nii!h' Memoir", l'te"ident.' Mosgei LI nit. Pi.u t ,, Colfridjre'.. Works, ( harlcs.O'Maley, Triiml idl's Iiciiiinis.'i'ncos; I'luiarth'. Live., liaird'. Travel., Burnl Life 01 I'nirland, Lifo of Wilt erforct-; Ca..' France, Cmnpl th's Pi flieal Works', Brjanl'. I'tvni., Hiiehco 'k . Geology','eofNfwten, I. feof Bidiep Chase, Soulhey' D'cueal Work", Uickbaii's S.uiii h Ballads. Apri' 7. WOOD. finn COI1DS Bench and .Maple Wood for said UU by March 1 1. S. WAI.KKIl. WJNDOW SASJl. 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