Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 6, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 6, 1842 Page 3
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nnil tho mails tiro about equal to those for pas angers. Alb, Advertiser. (U Anderson Mitchem. (Whig) lms bcun elected to Congress to fill the vacnney occasioned by tho death of tho lamented Lewis Williams. Mrs. GIBBS' FAREWELL CONCERT. This accomplished vocalist, will givo one moro of her delightful concerts v at tho Court Houso on Monday evening next. Tho first part will ho selections from tho Sacrml Oratorios, of Handel and Haydn, tho second will consist of Italian Cavatinas, I and the third will comprise sonio of tho most popular Ballads of tho day. This will givo now attractions to the Concert for those who have not hitherto been present to enjoy a musical entertainment of exceeding merit. Her Concert last Tuesday was fully and fashionably attended. As wo do not wisli Mrs. G. to leave us with any sin on her shoulders, wo trust sho will again repeat tho bnautiful Songs, " My Father Land," and The Old Arm Chair," as wo know of many Ladies who heard them before, and havo become so infatuated to catch tho tunes, that they will certainly take laudanum if it is not again repeated. DEATH" OF HON. ELIJAH PAINE. Died, at his residenro in Wilhnmstnwn, On Thursday last, the 23lh ult. HON. ELIJAH PAINE, aged 65. It was but a foy weeks ago, on his resignation of the office of District Judge, tint ivo h id occasion to remark upon the length of time ho had been in the public service-, and the high esteem in which ho was held by all, as a learned uptight, and fearless judge and we might have added, as a citizen and a man. His decease renders the present an appropriate time for a more extended notice of Inn character and services, and we hope to receive it from hands mure able to do him the honor justly due. Judge I'aine came to this state in June, 1781, with the first settlers of YVilliainsiown. Sept. 4, 17S7, that town was organized, and lie was elected representative to the legislature, this being his first entrance, we behove, upon public service. In 1791 he was placed upon the bench nf tho Supreme Court, and continued until his fir.-t election to the U. S. Se ale in 1701, where he served until his appointment as Judge of tho District Court in 1S01. That office he hold un til the 1-t of April, 1812 being forty -one years. Hii rapid advancement in early life to tho n.ost important offices within the gift of the state, is of i'salf proof of the very high estimation in which he wis held, and wo will add, that in his long jn. dirial career we know of no act to diminish ouo jot or tittle of the confidence reposed in liini. Watchman. Bnts al At tho residence of Mrs. Knjs, in Irnsbiirgb, on tho morning of tho 30lh nit., Mrs. Ama Curtis, wife of Major William Cobniso, laic of Buckingham, Lower Canada, aged 74 years. Publishers in Mass, aro re quested lo notice. In this town, April 29lli, of consumption, Mrs. Renter. K. Kav, aged 23 years, wife of Dexter M. Kay, and dnughlcr of tho late Alphcus White of Pe tersham, Mass. Printers in Mass. &c In this town, 21th ult. Mrs.l', wife of Hcman Sunbiiry, and daughter of Den. Atvin Umphrcy, of Canton, Conn, tigcd 34 years. Printers in Conn. Pcnn. and Illinois, nic requested. In this town, on tlio2nd inst. Miss Jane A Patch en. accd about 20 years. In Ibis town, on the 23rd ult., nt the residence of the Hon. T. Fulled, Mrs. CtAntssA, widow or tho late Hon. Hosatio Gates, of Montreal, aged about 51 years. Her remains wcto taken to Montreal for inlcrmcnt. In tins town, en tho23 th ult., John Johnson, Esq., ngrd 72 years. In this town, on the 28lhutt., Mrs. Ruz. MillikIn, aged CG years. In this village, on the 2nd ins'. Mrs. Widow Den- VltLE. In Milton, April Ulh, Hon. Benjamin Adams, aged 7C years. In Pittsburgh, on tho 27th ult., Ann Rliza, wife of Harris Hoyt, aged 30 years. At Uiilland, on the 31st ult., Jesse Gove, Clerk of the District Court At Julinsnn, April 30th, Simeon Hadlev Ptevf.ns, Preceptor of Johnson Academy, a gra luale of the University of Vermont, of the year 1333, aged 29 years. At East Berkshire, on the lfith inst., David Coburn, aged A3 years, and lliebo Cobiun, bis wife, aged 1G yearf, the former of consumption, t ho lattcrof inlhmation nflhe lungs. There was a space of only alout four hours between their death. Mrs. C iburn, having breathed her last bo long before her dying bus- band. lioth hid their scncs and wore aware of cacti others and their own approaching dissolution. On being informed .it-hurt time lielore nor own Mr. C. u as ilvinfi Mrs. C. repl.ed that she was hut a step behind Inn'. l lie funeral occasion was one ol uncommon interest and solemnity. A great coiig rogation ssembled in the Lniscnpal house of worship, not one of vhom probably (and very aged peo pie wore therc)have ever before seen the Father and Mother, ol a young and interesting family together carried out, together committed to the loii.'C appointed for all the living. The writer had been intimately acquainted with tho deceased for nearly forty years, and never knew two persons who as christians, as parents, ami as member of society, more per loctly adorned their railing. Tlmr orphan chil dren! as well us the rhiireh and society, havo sustained a loss that many, very many sad hearts are painfully apprehensive, will not soon he mideiip. "L'lt mo die the ilcalh of the right eous and let my hi.-t und be like his." A T AUCTION. Great Bargains. The subscriber z'V. will commence selling nt miction, nt the store formnrlv occ iliied bv Wil'iain Wells it Co.. lower end of Pearl street,' on Wednesday, tho 1st day of June next, nt 9 o'clock, A. M., the entire stock. of goods j.itely owned by S.'D. Johnson. It consists of dry poods, dry anl wat groceries, crockery, glass, and hardware. Terms of payment made known nt the sale. The goods must and will bo sold to close the concern, on J no mistake. SOLOMON WALKER, Burlington, April 30, 1912. Assignee. SELLING OFF CHEAP. THR subscriber, desirous of closing his business, now offers to the public, al cost, Iho whole of his slock in tr.itle, consisting of a large nnd genetnl as sortment of nlain tin nndiapanned ware, hrn-skcltles. stove pipes, stoves nnd. trimmings, and every oilier nriicio nsinity caueu ior in insiinoui misincs. Also, tin plile of various sizes, uu-sia,'ish.ntul Canada sheet iron, sheit copper, zinc, lend pipe, wire, Ac., Ac. All .persons wishing to purchase any of the nbovo articles, nrc invited lo call and examine for themselves, and they will be convinced of the above statement. All accounts duo to the late firm of Starr k Dow, must bo clts.'d immediately, cilhcr by pivnicnt or no e. J. J. STAR It. Burlington, May 0, 1942. 49 If The Creole Nnoitor.s sr.T at Lmi.rtx. Tho New York Express contains the fol lowing letter from New Providence, furnish ing tho intelligence that the negroes of the Creole had been formally set nt liberty. Nassau, N. P., April 1C, 1842. A special session of the Admiralty Court convened this day to hear the charge of piracy against tho seventeen negroes im prisoned from tint "Creole.'' The Attorney Genoral made his motion for dehiv of trial, on the ground that it was impossible lo ob tain the necessary evidence hero, and offered for the perusal of the Court a number uf affidavits of the captain, male, crew, nntl passengers of the Creole, showing that suffi eit-nt cvidenco could ho procured from tho United States, if time was allowed. Afioi an examination of the li'stimoii.y tifl'fiftl, ihi Court luplii'd, that were the captain, crew, and passengers, ns set forth in the affidavits, here present lo testily in this case, they should consider them as nut "Milled to belief or credit, and should charge the jury to that effect ; and that no cvidenco could ho pro cured to convict the prisoners at the liar, for they were perfectly justified in thn course pursued on hoard the Creole, nnd were now about to beset fire. Th" Chief Justice then addreiscd ilia negroes something in this style: " It has pleased God lo set on frre from the bonds of shivery ; may you hereafter livn the lives of good nnd faithful subjects of her Majcsn's government." They were then set nt liberty by proclamation. lAtiian l'icrlici's I'.stnlr. STMT. OK VERMONT, Ala Probnlo Court hub District nf Chi'tcnilcn, ss. den ot Burlington, with in and for the District nforcsiid on the Gth day of May. A. D. 1SI2, nn instrument purporting to be the l ist Will an I Testament of Seymour ISccehrr tato ol nine-bach in said District deccas'd. wan presented lo tin Court hero for Probate, by Rimer Rceclicr, a devisee theicin named. Thcrefoie it is ordered by sail Court, that pu'lic notice be given In nil persons interested therein to appear before said Ci urt, nl n session thereof to be h'dilennt the Register's ofllec in said lliirhnglon, on llie 2Gih day of May, A. D. 1912, and contest the proline of sit I Will, nnd it is further nrderol thai ibis order be published tbrct weeks successively in llie Burlington Free Pre s, a newspaper printed nl Burlington, in Ibis Slate, the hsl of which hall he previous lo the day ns lulled, ns aforesaid for hearing-Given under my hand nl the Re-'ister's office, this illi day of May A. D. IRI2. Wm. WESTON, Register. Klisha Hoot's I. state. WT. the subscribers, bring nppomlid by llie Hon. V Probate Court for the District of Grnnd I-.le, commissioners to receive, examine nnd ndj ist nil c'nims and demands of all peisons against the estate i'f Eli.sha Root, lateof South Hero, in said district, represented insolvent, and nlso nil claims nnd do minds exhibited in ofT-el Ihcteln. and six months fiom the 11 lb day of April, A. D. 1912, being allowed I j said Court for thai purpose, we i'o therefore hereby give no ice, that wc will attend lo the I uiness of i ur appointment nt Hector Adams' olliee, in said South Hero, on the Gill diy of July next, from nine o'clock A. M. till 5. .'clock, P.M. Givin under our hands nt South Hero ibis 30th dayof April, A. D. 1S12. ABXRll B. I.ANDON, ) Commis- WILLIAM E. PHELPS, S sinners. There will be a meeting of llurhtig'on Total Abstinence Society this, at the Court lnusn,.nt ha f pal six o'clock. w TO PRINTERS. ANTED, n l'UKSSMA.S nnd COMPOSITOR, by (J. Goodrich. Mnv : BURLINGTON BOOK STORE. JJ. A. JlllAMAX, Colltgc Strrcl, vat corner of Strongs Luildhiji. Takes this method of advising thepulil n of his le moval, and that he ha now for sale, he believes, llie largest an I be', assortment of Books to ha found in this State. His arrangements for supph' s from New Vork, nnd ttostonnre such ns w ill enable linn to answet monthly all ordeis pioiuplly. May 1, 1812. Nil I V AND CHEAP GOODS. rPIIK subscriber lias just rctcved lioin iN'evv Vork X n large nnd extensive nssoitment of fancy mid stnnlt, drv f.itoJs. ninoiur wtneh iikiv be found cloths. cn.-simeres, satlioels, gentlemen's suiiiimr goods ol every dcseripuon, a great nrie y of luieiip, Km nch primed cambrics, lawns, and r.uilish prints, millinery goods nf all Minis, slum Is, iMiikerthiels, muslms, loveH, lioiery, uittljrcll'i-, piirnsolH, c-itriit-lini:'. I tt,;. t iper Hanging, n great variery or nouneia, i.eiiorn mis. &e. Ac., which nro nllLred nl lowti prices thrill such eoi-ds have been sold nt m ilns matket. n 1 W f. 'I'T IV 11, ... vy.v 1 Mnyfi, mil, Itoston Garden Seeds. BOXHS Garden Sceds'froui Ynnkee Farmer Office. IJostoo. for salebv f. liOODRIOll. iUy A. Also, White Jlulb TV Seed. Ruta Nasi Seed. (.Scotch purple top) Sage Peed, at oucfourth theusual ice. res ctioen s Aiuuncan liardtlicr. rsROCRRlRS of all kinds, (f.iqnnrs r-.rppt.-d) r.. r,l..,n., I,.. II f'tTT IV iti j ,iy a.. ... ikHl.., .nay o, lavi. . jyroVA Scotia Plaslir, frvth pround, just received J- nnu lor saiu uy Ive BANICRUPTCV.-Unitcd States Dis'riet Court. I'ermont District. Noneo to nhcnv cause nnjinti raiil'.on if 1IRNKV L1 ET, uf Uenninelnn, in said Dislrirt, to he declared Bankriint ni the Court House. in Wiadsor, Vermont, on tiie24th o(Miy,lS12 10, A.M. ISnnnels and Leghorn Hats. AblllO.NAIILi-: llonnels and Leghorn llat tust 1 received nnd lor sale by P. LOOLITTLK. .viay j, lili. 4Swl NOTICE. TI1R subscrli'T hcini appointed Aent of tbi" Ver mont Mutual Fire Ins rnnce Coiiimiiv. hercbv gives notice lha' he wi I attend to nppll -nlinns (or t- - tn: . t, . inuinoi r, iute oiuiu e-i ,y irner, seeonu Biory, btronps Buildings, Court lloise Snunie. LVMAN LUMill.NGS, Burbneton.Mav , WI. .)5W3 DISSOLUTION. Thoco-partneithin here'n'iirf cxistiiiL' under the firm of BOOTH &: PISH h this day r. ircd. All persons having tuisettle I nsndsin nito or book, are requested to call and tpato selllemoiil immrdintrly, or they will be left -with an attorney lor colltctn n. DAVID FISH, HIRAM IIOOIII, Jericho. Anril 7. 1512. The subscriber wi tild sy to his former patrons.thnt thsl.eilhcr ai d Shoe Itusiness will he earned on by nimnl I'lU Ultl niniu a ni, it;-iici.iuiijr S'lnlK a cniin usnreoffirmcrpilronnge DAVID FISH JACOBUS PACKARF. F.XIMtl.fJS, Velucen Albany ami Montreal, TIsTII. runner no ice. icavinz A hanv- cn U Wednesday, and Montrcnlnn Saturdnyofcach week, in (onnexion with &Co. nt Albany lojew l orx, rminneipina, noston. Liverpool, i.on Hun. Ireland. Scotland and llivre. fur tho trans. rorinl'oti of Sprcie, Bnrk Notes, Valuable Panels, Pacl;es of Goods, Boo'ts, nnd all other Parcels th"t may oiler. Mon real Riehnnee Coffee House. AH nnv No. 12, Richanee Buildings, ii'ew Vork No. 3, Wall Street. Boston No. 8, Conn Street. iJntlington J. & J. II. Peel-, &, Co. RKFEItRNCIW. I.. Y. f- J. B. Rccp, J Alfanny, N r. welu, i K. & D. B. Pits, f T - keuo f- Co., ( l"y- A, WATBOfs, I A. II. W. flvprs & Co.Cnstleton, Vt. J. cV J. II. Peck & Co , Burlington, Vt. J. C. Peibcb if- Son, St. Johns, L. C. April 23. 49tf. T. CASH STCHE. BOYNTON Sf lWliniTT, fSncccssi ra'o A.S, & fj.D.UYtlrr.l T7 OllbD respectfully inform the inhabitants of Vr Jlines'uri:n ami me nujoinins towns that they mve enmmcneco uuincrn in me omro lormertync. tnpicd by A. S, & G, I), Wellcr, and nrr now receiv. inir ernrrnlimortinent f Fancv Drv Gwids. Hunt. lareind Groceries, which I he v offer to llio public a lowascan be pnrchased in the county for rash, They itsncetfiillv solicit a share of nubho nnlronsee. eonudent ihat thtir prit-r-o will be fo ind to suit all Mhn mnv Tni .....k a sll NOBI.F. I.'. BOVNTON, . . . WILLIAM BURRITT. Hinesburgh, May 4, 1842. 49 H TEVf G-CODS. P. DOOUTTLK AS just rrcetveri from JNcw York n larce simply nf New Goods, comprisina a central Ol Imporic'i nn'i u.'iur.i.. Dru Goods, Dry Groceries, Ae. His o'd stock nf Goods havini be en nearly sold out nnl,les him to oiler almost an entire new MrM. which haw been boueht nt the present low rates. n,l will be fold ni lower prices, (for many srtielis) than. tie r nf lore ottereo in inn iom Ma s, 1RJ2, 45 COM MI SS I ON KR S' NOT1 C l ""V7"R ''10 subscribers, having hfen appointed, by V the 11 mil ruble the Probate Com I for tin: Dis trict of Chit'endeii, commissi iners to rcci ive, examine anl niliust the claims nntl demntuls of nil persons. nsainst thecstnteof Philip Wa her, Inle nf Will stnn, in said District, ueeciseu. reprcsenteil insolvent, and also n'l c aims and ilenniidsevlnhited inofiset there to; mil six mon lis from tho day of the date hereof, heme allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do Iherefi re h-reby L'ivi- notice, that wc will nttct'd lo the li smess ol our appointment, nt llie rt welling n tlic willow- of tl e deceased, in Willis'nn, in said District, on the 13th day of August next, at lOoMock, A. M., nf said day. Duted this 15th dav of April, A. D. 1S12. II. I.. MCIIMI.M, ) JON tS n. CIHTrr.NDRN, 5 Conimis'rs KHASMUS rilAPIN, TN nANKRtyPTCY.-Unlted Ststes DLtrict Court, JL Vermont l'llrlet. Nolleu In hnw rauso nzainst Petition of SRVMOUIt lltl.MPHREV, ol Underbill, tn fnlil l)triel, lo Icitoelnrcd Bnnkrupt at llie t'ourl House hi Winder, Vermont, on the 21iliof May, 18)2, 10 A.M. TN BANKRUPTCY. Ihilied Stntes DUtnVi Conn, x Vermont Ul-lriel. Nutiec to ihow rano as;nlnsl I'clititinn of ORSON II. SAXTON, .f Burllnmon. in said District, lo liedeelircd Banl.ri'pt. m the Court I lu i-c in Windsor, Vermont, on iiieiiiui ol .May, 1812, 10, A.M. TN BANKRUPTCY. United SiatCs Dinnct Conn, xVermonl DiHrict. Notice to show came strain! IVtillrin of IIKNRY I.. PRASLRi; of R.-ex, in aid District, to 1c declared Bnnl,rnpt, nt the Court Home in Windsor, Vermont, on Ihc !21th of May, ISIZ, 10, a. ni. IN BANKRUPTCY. t'nl cd Stntes District Court, Vermont DNlri-t. Notiee In rlmw t-nnje ntiaiust Petition nf WILLIAM STEWART, ol South Hero, in .aid District, to I e declared Bankrupt, nl the Court House in Windsor, Vermont, on tho 24th of May, 1812, 10, A.M. N BANKItUPTCV.-UniicI Slates Pistriel Court, I Vermont District. Notice lo shnvv cause ntrainst Petition of ADAM II. MORSE, of Richmond, In, aid Dis'net, tobedeelareJ Biin'.ripi, at the o-irt Hou-o in W'ind.ur, Vtrmonl, on llio 24:h ol May, 1812, 10 A. M, TN BANKRUPTCY. Unlled Stn'es District Co-r!, X Vetnionl District. Nniice'o show can e a'-'a n-t Petition or EDWARD SMl'l II, ol Ilurliiutton, In said District, tnbedeclnred lldnkrupt, nt the Court Hoiw in Windsor, Vermont, on llie21ih ol May, 1842, 10, A M. TN BANKItlTTCV.-UulcilStVc. District Conn, X Verimni District. Niliro to inw ea-ie niain-t Petiiion of JOHN SMl'l II, of Cob in atd Dislrict, to bedeeloieJ Bankrupt, at Ihet'o-irl Ho ie in VVmd-or, Vcrinonl, on llicltli ol May, 1S42, 10, A M. TN BANKRL'PICY.-Uiiite-l Stales District Conrl, SL Vermont Di liicl. Notiee to show inn-u neain't Petition of DANIELS. LA ITIKOP, ofSiuwe, Into Innl.ti-pcrnnd Jlerehantat Willton, in hnid Di-trici, to I ciieelare I linul.riipi, nl tliooiirl lloii-elo Wind snr, Vermont, on the 24 h of May, IM2, 10, A. M. TN BANKIttiPTCV.-Uni'.-d S a'es Di-ir.ct Co.irt, X Vermont Di-lnct. Nolii-eto siOW- ,.u a nain-t IV-tition of GARRY MUNGKli, of Colclio.tcr in said Hist lei, to I eccciarcd Bnul.runl. at the Court House in Wind-or, Vermont, on lbc2)lh of May, IS 12, 10, .i. in. Daniuturisii.-liiiici Males i;Hnct Court, Vrrmont Ihstriet. oin-e n show Petition of CHF.STI R l'ARKI.'lt, oT Underbill, m ami District, tn le deilaicd Bankrupt, nt the Cn-irt House in Wmd.sor, Vermont, on the 21:hofM.iy. ISI2, 10, A.M. ' T.N' UANKRUPTCV. United Stales Di-triVl Court, A Vermont District. Notice lo -how cau-e neunst sTiiuiMi ui l ui.a-u.s. sjiiui ii , oi u irlinsiiai, in aid Dftnet, to I e de.-lared Bankrunl. ai thn Cnr House in Wiud-oi , Vermont, on the 21th of May, ICU, JO, .V. ,11. TN BAN Kfit-'PTCY. I'nited Ptnie. District Co in, 1 Vermon' I i-lnei. Notiieio slum- caue nirain.i Petit ion of B. I.OWRY, of B'lrhnon, in aid District, to le declared Bankrupt, nl the Co-ir' House m Windsor, Vermont, on day uf Miy, 1342, 10, A.M. -ii IN BANKRUPTCY. United States District Court, JL eriuont D striel. Notice lo show cause aainst Petiiion of BENJAMIN PARKER of Essex, in said District, lo bo declared Bankrupt, nt the Court IIoue in Windsor, Vermont, on tha 21th of May, 1S12, 10, T N BANKRUPTCY. Urvtcd Slates District Court, X Vermont District. Notice lo show cause against Petition of IRA ALLEN, nf HinesbiirL'li, in said Di triet, to be declared Bankrupt, nl the Court House in Windsor, Veimont, on the 24th of May, 1812, 10, AI,nNY AND IIOSTON HAIL ItOAD. Fare reduced per Western Hall Itoad. Through to Boston 85,00 Instead of 45,60 as here, lofore time of Martini; altered to 61 A.M. on and after Monday April 4. Mornlnir train through to Boston, leaves the Depot at Oreennsli at Ci o'clock prrelsely every morning, (?undav encepled.) Passengers must leave Albany bylhnSouth ferry, not later than C. Noon train, to Sprinirfleld only, leaves the Depot Hi 1 1 cforc I : latest iioi'ir ol departure from Albany, half tm-t 12. FOIl IIAtlTFORI) AND NF.W IIAVr.S. Pa senders leavintr All any in the mornlna; by the 6i train from Clreenbusli, may tnlfe the Steamboat or S ape at 1 1'. In. Irian Sprinrilielitt reach llartloni In lime for the Cars, and orrivo'in New Haven at 7 P. M. tnmc day or, Leave Grecnbiib in the Cars at bcloro 1, P. M., lake the Since nt 8 P. M. from SornmhVM. lndce in iiariioru, ami i v cars next inornmi; arrive in isew Haven nl 9 o'clock-. Fnre lo Springfield 93,00. Pnssenners are nnrtiuularlv reo'-ca'ctl to procure their Tickets I etore tnkiiicn-nlf in the Cars. 1 idols can be oblnined in All any nl O, R. Payne's office, 21 Broadway, or at Ticket Ofllte in Depot at urceuLU ii. WM. HiTOW.NSEND, Mnver Trinsporlnlion. PHIVATB BI-.tiKCT HOARDING SCIIOOI.. THE new and spacious Buildings now erecting In Fast Charlotte will leopencl (if the Lord Will) under the superintendence! or Mr. J.Tr.! BnoEKR, a "lte.l in the Lndics'ileparunont In Francband Mu.lC by Ml.. M. A. Ten Bnnr.KK, IB 1. May, 1813, Fall term opens 29ili Augm!. Winter do 29.h Novcmf cr. Twelve young Ladies nnd Gentlemen may I o ac commodated in the fiimily of Mr. T. Terms 825 per quarter, in advance. Mu,ic810. French and Alze l.r,?5. Washing cxlra. Day Scholars, from $2,50 lo4,r.0. MusT. edu'-atcil under tho care of eminent Teachers, and havinij tauaht in London, Enz., and in ibisSintc since her arrival, Is nmply qualified to superintend the French nnd Miuio I'cpartmcnt. Government strictly parental. , To thn-c unacquainted with the service, experience ami oliilttyol iur. 1. rciercnco mny mnnu iu E.T.Fnt-lesly.Biirlinilun, E. Mott, St. Jlm, J, It. Hollenbeek-, " J. C. Parke, W hitehnll. J, Shsnnan, Vcrzcnncs A. S. Perry, Troy. Charlotte, 13 n Anril, 1H1.1 IB jRx trti Ltrmids of Fninily Flour. 'I HI. snliscril er H now receiving on Cnnstcnnicnt, nnd will Ihi well sup plied ihrn ieh llie season wi'h some of the ehoiee-l Brands of Western Flour, ever ollered In Ibis marl el. llaviiiB Flour innnolacturu.1 1 y more than twenty ill 'emit Mill of the h fc'lit-t repumlion, lie plcdec that Flour mid I y him shall pive the mo-l perfeel snlisfaeiion, unit will e warranted in nil en-ej. i. II. l-arev liranits consinnny on nano. Dealer ill Flo ir, Merchants and Families arc re rpectfully invited to order and try lite nrlicle. F our shinned to order ill srood naekace-i without I'elnv. on receipt of Draft, tcriilienies i,t deoosi e or Cu h. J. N. IIINSDII.L. 117 Biver-st. Troy. April 25, 1842. 47m4 WANTED, IMMEDIATELY, an active lad In m 15 lo 17 years old, as nil appren'ice lo theSaldlo and Harness making business. None lieod apply without n gool reeoiiimcnu ior iionesty, iiuustryaiu jVjrjtj IllneOmrgh. 18 h April, 1812. S. C. W1THERB Y T70Ul.D remind tbo-e who-e nccounts have 1 c- VV come due and are unsettled thai tlier mut le clo-eJ previous to. he first day of June, l y note or otherwise, ur iliey will be lefi wilh an Atluruey for eolleclion witho it ri.-erve. Jericho, April 18 h. IB42. l. ASIIIt)NAltI,i: M'UING GOODS. rp II E subscribers have just rc'urncd from New L Yoik with the report of Sprina Fashions, and al4o a full supply of fashionable Goods for Geuile men'sdriss, eonsistini; of 111111', Black, Oreeii, and Brown cloths. Blue, Black, and a variety of Fancy Cassimeres, Anzolas.Ac., for pints. A bcniitdul nssortmcnt of Silk, Satin, Marsei'les Velvel, and Valeuch Vi-stin( Butlonn, itc. Trim minus of nil kinds, nnd of the best nnd most fa9Sion. nlilo style in market. Alo,a few of the most splendid Silk Cravats, Neckerchiefs, llosi.rii", Collars, Ac. ever ofTered. Also, an assortment of Suspenders of the best quality. As die above nrtie'eshave been bought ttry low, they will lie sold viry low imbed forcish. Gartnepn of every style cut or made to order on short notice, and wnunntcd (o tit. V. BESN3 it SON. Bui liiiplon, April 27, 1SI2. 3w REMOVAL. Si B. SCOTT has removed to the Slore recently occupied I vJ. P. Wha'inir Aco. being a few doors so ith of Ins former nlace old customers will have no difficulty in finding this Store-thoo in the habit of calling here are inv iled to continue, with the assurance Ihat every effort will be undo lo tieni them finrlv a few moments spent in cximuiiug goods and prices will cost nothing save the lime; LIVE GEESE FEATHERS. A First rate articlo just received nt s. n. shott's BROAD CLO I DS. WHOEVER wishes a viood article of this kind can bo accomodated nt S, B. SCOTT'S. Prices corrcspondim: with these nnt.tiriHlimcs. BEN I.VMIN M).MS' E-TATE. STATE OF VERMONT, At nPio'nteCouri held District of Chittenden, ss. v at Builinctnn. within and for the District afonsiid, on the 2Hid dny of i I rs inu :...- ; . .vpiu, . if. inj, .in 10-11110,1-01, I'u-jioriin? io ne llie last Will nnd Testament of Bcnj-inun Adams, late of Milton,in sa'd District, dseea ed. vvastiresented lo Ihe Cnmt here for Probate, by Hector Adams, one of Then fore, it 1? ordered by Slid Cnnrt, that public nolico be civenjn n'l persons concerned therein to appear before snid Court, nt n si psjnn iheuof tobe h LI nt the Register s Uthce, in stud lluilinton, on ill. Slili ,lv or VI", A. 11 IS12. nnd roolesl llie prnhate of said Willi nnd it m further order rl Hint tins nroer no puniisiM-ii mice weeks snceissivclv in llie Burlington rrte Press, n newspaper printed nt Burlinetnn. in ihii State, the nsi nf which -drill he previous to IPs i. ay assigned, as afoicsaid, for hear- in!?. Given under mv hind nt the Register's Otnce. this 23rd day of April, A. D. 1S12. M, WESTCIN, lle.'istcr. I'lnstor. May 5, 1512. DOULl'ITLI ' 13ivC LOVELY A- SEYMOUR ARE now opening a few ci.esof floods which were lewved last evrn n from N--vv: Vork, lo wnicn tnev invito the aiuntiun o! the puul.c. Annl ylih 131" 1HIOAD CLO THS, Ca-simcres, Silk Velvet, Vesj ij iiiys, mm viauiuroons, ol superior nua it v. mst iteiiveo iiiiu now opeiunij ny iipiu vin. i.uvi-.i.v vfc :siiV.MsJUIt. PAPER llAN'tilNGS, just imported from France, fo no oeauiui.ipatii:ins, ur siieoy Aiiil 29. LOVELY ip SI YMOUR, A'l'TRNTION! 'Iin notes nnd accounts of the subscribers have J ben if ft at the slore formerly occupied by them, vviiii oein ii. 01011, wiio win niienu 10 llie sell ing ol the accounts unil the 12th day of t hi - month. All notes nnd accounts not paid bv ill at lime will be left with nu officer for eolleclion, as we must close our usincss as toon n- pouMtile. JAMES P. WIULING fc CO. Mny 2. 1812. NEW GOODS, MAY, 182. TVTESSRS. PANC.BORH .f. BRINSMA1D nre 1X iteeiiinc nddinnns lo ihnr Hock of Wnieh..- Jewelry, S oiks, Brushes. Combs, nnd fancv Hoods I'emtlTiil rinl.l nn.l f ,....J l'n.-l i- .1. own imporiniion, iiroacnes, lungs, Mnves, Razors, s;ei!isori, ciibjjs, vxe. mocks. ve. Some splendid and rich snin nnd si'k DrcssStoeks ocnrn, olillencrs, Lonnrs, iio&oms, a.c. in usiies. A new assortment of Tooth. Nnil nnd all kinds nf liiusnes. Lamn Wicks. Chimncv nnd other Lnrnn c.n. n isi . ,! . ' t ll3C-, I I III S, ACCOrUlOUS ,vVL. Alfreil Dav's Iislatr. STATE OF VI RMO.NT, ) The Hon. thn Probate Uistrict 01 sjnitlemten. ss. I Court for t in Disir ei r,i Vyniuennrn : loan persons concerned in Ihs estate of Alfred Day, late of Burlington, in said District, deceased. r.r,,i;r. Whcrens, Wm. II. Munson, Administrator of the estate of sai I deceased, proposes lorender an nf-miinl oMiis ndiiiiiiislintiori.nnd present his nccount nnainst SAio estnteior rxaminaimn nnuallnwancenl nses ion of the Court of Probate, to beholden nt i hp It, 'iiiec in iiur'iiiL-iiiii in mi'u uiEiiici, on nic second iiEiiiiL-wjnv ui jiuieiiexi. Therefore, You nic here' v notified lo nrmcnr l.trnro paid court nt the time and place nforcsnid, nnd show cnuse, u nnj- you nave, wny the nccount oforc6aid (hoidd not I r allowed. (ilven under inv band nt Rurlinnton. this rnnnl. dayof May, A.D. 1812. Wm. WT.STON, RcRister. CIIARI.OTTK S. l'LATT'S KS'I'ATI. STATE OF VERMONT. Tonll nusons inlenslfd District oft hiltenden, s. iu Ihe estate of! ha rial 1 e ri.itt, late ot .villi- n, in annl District, decease, testate, uieelni';. Lemuel II. Plan, and George K, I' alt, I Mciitois ot ilio last vv illntid restainent ol t he s-iid t'lnrlotle S. P alt, de eas-.-d, bavins Ided in s-iid Cinirl their pennon in w-rinn.', seilni!; forth thai the nil Charlotte . died tmed of (iflvneres of laud filmic in Hid Milton, beuiL'.n p'irt of the Hull farm so railed, nul he nL' the Mine Innd et nut to the siid Clmlolte S. by n commit'ec appointed by paid Pro- tiate i .oiirt to m;iKe piriinon ot the esinte of l.emurl li. Piatt, late of said Milion. di ceased, ainnnir the hens of the said Lemuel it., dc:caced, as the said C inr one's portii n rt llie real estate o . the said Lemuel B., deceased ; that the debts allow rd I y the Commissioners upon llie estate of llie nid Charlotln S. neninst her estate nic.V."i3 P: thai tho nmoimt rf the personal estate Is 8101 09. as appears by the inventory thereof, filed iu said Probate Cn rl.'ihat he said I Inilotte !. din, in and liv lifrln t W t 1 nnd Testament, rnvo nnd bequeath to certain legatees ill I wi.l menu me I, la sin lmme an expensive in iurn- mz rm'is, and, to certain oilier le- alees, keepsakes, to lie tirnrureii tiv ner sain i-.xeciitors: Hint it i ne cessary to sill n part of the said fitlv acrrs nf land for tho nurnoseol t nvmt' tliedtb's airninst sin cslale, thn e.xpi nses of ndminislrnlion, nnd for the procuring of the snecific lenncies nfousaid t'lhat the land-nfon. said is so situated, and is in such form, thai a part of It rannoi neoni vviiuoui injury io uinse mierri-ieo in tho remainner, nnd Hint n sale ol the w hole liltv acre- would be beneficial to nil persons interested in said and. nnd in the estate of the said Char one S.. de ceased, nnd praying said Court to license the soil Executors lo sell nit ol said luty acrrs of laud, nziea nlilv In the statute in such rase ma 'e and provided. Whrrcuiion. thel'ntirt nfoicfrid doth nppoint the 23nl day nt .Hay, lor lienrins ami deciding on said neiitinn, nt tho office of tho Register of said Court in Biirlinetnn, in siid District, nnd doth order tint ii i persons interested lenolitwl Hiereofhv nuh hentinn nf ibis order, containing the substnnce ol said netiiion, three vveiks ruerrsitelv in the B irlinaton Fice Press, a news paprr printed i It u r li'if inn, in tho o ny of Chittenden, the last of whieh p bltcalions to he previous to suit ZJril Uiy of 31 n, IS42. Given under mv hand at said Bi.rhne.ton, this 2nd day ol May, 1S12. WILLIAM WESTON, Rccistcr. TN BANKRUPTCY United States Dislrict Court 1 Vermont District. Notice to show cause aoninsi Petition of ENOS BLINN. of Burlington, in said District, to be declared Bankrupt, nt the Court House .Windsor, Vermont, on the 24th of May, IB12, 10, N BANKRUPTCY. United States District Court. Vermont D.siri t. Nolico to show cause nsainsi e itton of EDMUND WELLINGTON, of .Milton. in snid Di tricl. lo I e declared Bankrupt, nt the Court House tn Windsor, Vermont, on the 21th of Mav, 1312, 10, A.M. N BANKRUPTCY. United Stales Dislrict Court, Vermont I istrict. Notice to show cnuse neaiiisl Petition of JOSIAH L. BROWN, nf Underbill, in said District, to be declared Bankrupt, nl the Court iii-iise in Windsor, vcrinonl. on the 21th of .Mav. 11-12, 10, A. M. TN BANKIiUPTCY.-Unitcd Stiles District Court, X Vermont District. Notice to'shovv cause ngawst Petition of LUCIUS WOODARD, of Essex, in said Dstiict, to ledc lan-d Bankrupt, nt tho Court Hons, in Windsor, Vcrinonl, on the 21lh of May, 1812, 10, iV. .' I N BANKRUPTCY.-.I'nitid Pntes Dislrict Court, L erntont District. XniieM m L!,r.v.. ,.nn.n Pelilion of THOMAS MAItTIN v.vrvcrtlt. .,i j,i. elm, in iticc.Mittiy or Chittenden, iu nid District, to Ipcileenreil rankrupl, nt the I nurt House in Wind sor, Vermont, on the 24 h ol Mny, 1812, 10, A. M. TN BANKRUP It Y.-Unit.d Slates District Court j. v ermoni irtpiricr. iMiliceto suow cause nrni-ist Petition of JOHN HERRING, of Coh-het-ier in ,1... county of Clnfendcn, ill s-iid District, to be declared Bankr the Court House in Windsor, Vermont, on tht.-2.lh of May, 1812, 10, A. M. TN BANKRUPTCY.-United States District fcourt, I Vi-rtiu lit District. Notice lo show cause nnninit Petition of AUGUSTUS POLLARD, nf llnrlinam,, ill said Dislrict, to be declared Bankrupt, nl the Co irl 1842 10 M 'crmuiii, on llie itu ot .viay 1 N BANKRUPTCY.-United Stales District Court. X Vermont District. Notice to show cause nainst P.iitiniiof DAVIS S. RUSSELL,if Burhngmn, in ei. in ne neenrtn naniirupt, at the Court Windsor, Vermont, on the 21lh of .May, SPRING FASHION FOR awa CHARLES A. SEYMOUR HA-i nist reccivid from New York llie spring patterns for Hats and invites the public to call nnd cxniuino his nssortmcnt. which js comprises lints of various qualities , on i.i i s duiiiu ,itv or. ' til :-l .. -r. t. s-pjii-i mi.y inviies sucn gen lltnien ashavehetclofoie rriven i Preference to hnln nT Smilliern manufacture to look nt his if fine hats which in pom; ofralornn I finish are equal, anl in point of diirabilily, fur superior, lo any ha.s manufactured in the city of New York. 1'iar'l M. April lath. D. K. PANG BORN HAS removed his Cabinet Shop to the old stand of Nelson and Gates, on Church Street, opposite the Bank of Burlington, where he wi 1 a tend to the calls of his customers. Grateful for past favors he solicits n continuance nt tltc same, nas -ling the pub- lie Hint his prices nte tucli as are sin cd lo the times. Hiving lecn nppointiib-Sexion for tho Burying Ground in Ihs village, the public nre apprised ihat iiiinlicntions for lots there should be tn-ide onlv lo hint. Coffins furnished with despatch and funerals attended to at the shortest notice. He is nlso neent for th'- sale of Mr. Nelson s bins. The old customers of the shop nnd the nuh e I'cncrallv nre informed thai n full assortment of hairs will be kept nt the old p ace and sold on L-ooJ terms tn nil that wish to tiny. Ilurluifiton, Ai'iil -'), 1 b 1 NEW ESTABLISHMENT, TMIE subsciibers havini onenc-d n Paint Slim in l ina 0 aiding one ooor .-5011111 01 llisliop s Hotel, r-oiild respectfully inform their friends and the pub lic tint they nre prepared to execute nil kinds of House, Carnage ami Sign Painting, Gilding, Glazing, and Paper Hanging, lhe neatest nossiU'e manner, nnd honi bv strict personal attention to busme.s to receive a share ol the public patron.:;;. it. u. si'.-vui.m.xu, S. II. RUSSELL. Burlingtrn, April 29, lSd2. -ITtf. AMERICAN HOTEL AND RUN' Hit A I. STACK HOUSE, BURLINGTON. VT. rHE subscribers have h-as-.-d for n term of year, this well known snlendid establishment, whieh is very ptias-iatiy mealed in oneof the must deltv'litful viiin.-ei 111 .omi .Miicnen. 1110 Severn inn- 1,1, lures .arrive nl nnd depart from this houso daily. Tills iioieii.iurm iicu mine nest order, nnil well supoho) .1111 ne 1 iu 1 mi in iiisrupi. si.nrii -riin.i ....n a happy 111 sen their friends and nil u-hn . V.. II. 111 ..111. 111,1. ). I II .JII.II-I-, gri-arriaEOS always in attendance at tho Steam lioats. S. W. TAYLOR A. Co. Burhnglon, April 20th, 1812. said District, House ill 1312. 10, A. M BANKRUPTCY.-.Unitcd States District Court crmont Di diet Notice to show retiiun 01 jikahv ZOTT.MAIS, of sSouih Hero, in ll.P r-niint v nf flrnn.l m H.l. . nt lln-Coiirt HiMi!-e in WinJtor, Vcrrnoni, on the 2 Jih fi in iv, jnii, in, i, .w. N BANKRUPTCY.-Unrcd Ptntf s District Court veiiiioni ii-uici. ,once to snow cause against l-eiitn iioi u. vis, of Jericho, in snid Dis. iri -I, to be decline I llnnkru it, nt ihi Court II use ir Windsor, Verpiout, on llio 24th ' f Mav, IS12,10,A.M TN BANKRUPTCY.-Uniird Stan s Distncl Contl, ermoiil Distric. No ice lo how cause agninsi I'c-ilion of SIMON DAVIS, of Jericho, in -aid D. tricl, to be declared Bnnkrupt, nt the Court House in Windsor, ermont.on Hie 21th of May, 1st?, 10, .M NOTICE. THE Copartnership heretofore existing under tho name and firm of Hull & Cook, wasdissolved on tne -zm nay oi -Man n, ib42. hy mutual consent. Hincsburgh, April 22d, IS 12. MARCUS HULL. HORACE COOK. To Itu Utters and others. "OOARDS, Chipbnaids and Plnnk plained nt short Dnnlici", nlso n Circular Saw foi slitting, Mile Burhnglon Iron Foundry. Turning dose, or lathe lo let tor turning lied rosis or columns. Cnih Ac re- in pay. JARV1S GAY. Burlington, April 12, 1B12. rTiHE public nrc respectfully nformrd thnt Gtrls . noil lover c-een 01 n snpertor-quHiHy mav fiat lie found at EOLLETT & BR DLEY'S. Old Doi It, April 20, 1B42! REMOVAL. rP II E subscriber havinr' recenllv transferred hi 1 residence from St. Albans to B rlington, presents himself to the patronage i f the pill lie ns a physician nnl surgeon. Those who may wmt his services w.ii mm nun, ior tne present, at Howard s Hotel, wnere nets noout io open nn olhce nnd He in readi ncss tor tne practice oi physic and surgery. CHAS. HALL. Burlington, April 23lh, 1SI2. 3w jV O '!' I C IO THE Subscriber would inform the 'public that he hns on band a eeneral assortment of Harnesses, Saddles, Trttnlcs, Valhses, Carpet Bags.Wdps and Lashes, nnil I numerous other nriicles in hi, line of business, which will he sold as ns rnn be bought in Ibis Ticinny. Manml, l ull Cloth, Lumber, Wood, and most kinds of farmers produce received in payment JShop two doors Lost of the Post Office. A TaIVUT-Y STiBI,n Is nlso kept by the mbscrihrr a fovv rods East of lhe Court House, when' llio public will nt nil limes find n man in readiness lo attend rails, nnd ns good Horses and Carriages ns can bo found in the place, and at as isir prices. f t' rr rs s-t-.. i-'io.c'fi0 Burlini'ton, Mey S, 1H17 DISSOLVTION. rpHEcopirtncrshipheretoforeevisting hetween Ihe 1 subscribers undi r the firm of linger rt Coin. lock is this dav dissolved hr mutual consent. All denmints due the late firm must bo paid by the first day of April ncxi. j-.iiuerni me s -oscrio rs are auinonseu lofccl tie the business of the late firm. 0 LUTHER M.IIAGAR, GEORGE D. COM3TOCK. Shelburn, March 17, 1312. orcein: 13 I). COMHTOI K RF.SPnt'lTULLY nntiouncestoiliB inhabitants of Shelburn and vicinity, ihat be ha- purchased of Mr, L. M. Hnirar, (his hue copartner) his interest in ihe goods 1 elimjini lo ihcla-e firm of Ilagar & Coin ,tock. He would nbo inform the public that he will cnnlinne the liu-iness on In. rmn aceoUnl at lhe old Hand, w here lie offers a general a-sornm-nt of Ocodi cheap for l a-h r r on six month credit. Shell-urn Villier, March 25, 1S42. NOTICE. A LL nersonsare t.erehv caotionerl npainsl rskln hirln, urtl. tmm U- 1.11. 1TI..U.. T ..... ... , ,..,i, ,ne puunu iiiimiiv. an sucn practice is not only ngninst good neighborhood, hut contrary to law i and ihe law will be enforced againai l,-sin-sri!, it, mis licinir, Burlinjton, 27lh April. 1S12. BURREL L NE, 5 B. TOW-sLEY, Se'ecttnen s.iIUIvL NICHOLS WINDOW SASH. Domestic .Uauufarlurct-. VAUGHN'S Jet Black Ink for ,n'o Ivthe nib criber, ' bin ink i man ifacturril m ihi. village '' W. Va ighan, nnd i.warran'eJhoi inferior to May nanl & Noycs' or any other ink now in use. Plea.e I nir in mind that this ink . of Domestic Manufacture, nnd i worthy of any grntlrmanV at iention nnd patrorsy, jrw.allv if hn wants a gool article rorts'er.i HUNTINGTON'S Mnr:li?S Ilooi-Bmdcrr The ibscrilKNrs have pu cha cd the Maeliintrv fi ilia manufacture of Wiudovv- "ash formerly ovv-ne.1 am used l-v Sidnev Smilh. W'mooslii Cily,and are now manniatiiiring every ue eripuirfi, and keent'oiistaut Or m c v 1 ' 1 u,f"u BH afttorimeni ov (j sjnni, ni inciniiovi'iug prices. 12 Lighted Ca.enientt 3J al. per Lichl. 8 do 31 do 9 do 3 do 6 do 3j do 4 do For fnle at iheir Shop at the Falls, and by Ccor; Pelcon. All order, in Ihe above line Cmlpi it Clia.e, will e thankliilly received and promptly attended to. MO'F.S CATI.IN.2l. .. t-UWI.-V W. CHASI., uiiriineton, April a, 181?. Carpeting, mi Clolbs and IIiiks. A N extensive assortment on ham) and lor aa'e -fx April 29. IXJVELY & SEYMOUR. 9nnK,Dr.3Sete"I,"rlher for .sle by 4 J roi.i.p.TiV bhadllv Tlinildeiis Hall's I'.state. STATE OK VERMONT, At n Probate Court held District of Chi lendcn, ss. ? at lliiilingtott vvilhin nnd for the District nforcsiid on ihe 20th day of April A. D. 1312, nn instrument, pu'porting to bo Hie last Will and Testament of Thuddc-iis H.ill, late ol Rich mond in snid District, deceased wns presented to the Coui there for Probae, by Joeph A. Hall one of the Evcciiiors Iherein named. TIIEREI-OKI. it is ordered by snid uouri, thai public notice begiveit to nil persons in crested there in to nppi nr before mid Court, at a sessi in thereof to bo hoi leu nt the Eagle Hall in W'tllistou in slid dis- ttict on the third Mondiynf May A. u. l;W,and con test Ihe Probate of said Will and it is further or- red ihni this order he mildished three weens suc cessively in the liiirhugton 1-rec i'rcs9, n newspaper printed nt BurhniMnn, in this State, the last ol which Hall he previous to inouay assigned, as niorcsaw ior hearing. . . Givs-.i under mv hind nt the Regis'cr sUllice, this 20th. day of April A. D. 1512. vvr..-siu. tirsr. Henry Towitscnil's i:statr. ai Air. ur h.iuiu.m At n pro' n'e court 1 is net nl i hilteni'en's. s he 1 at Burliusrinn wi.h in and forsui Idis riet f Clillli-nden on the 27th dav of April A. I'. IS 13, pro enllhi Hon. Charle. It is-ell .in nro, a copy nl IlieU-t will an I les anient of Henry Tnwn cnd, laic nf Troy in the County nl liasicl.iei anuftnlool .evv Inrli, iVcea-e.l, d ly nllnvveil nn.' prove I in the-5 irrorale's eo irl within nnd -or .ai Cnmryol 1,'en-elaer nnd State of New York, bav msi eeii pre en cmiiiie court lierelhatsaideo lynn tiroiii. mav In.' li e mi l rc' in i he nro; sie ecuri for lb'' disiriet if Cliillemlen afore nil, agrrrnhly lo tne OMiii ii in soeii c.i-c inaue nnd provnlil: I here- ne, llio pn iia'i i-iiurl lor llie district of Chilteii ten re an', ilmli here1 y on erlhat all pcr-on- in'cresle e noiitic I to appear I eh re -nt I'm .a e eimn. nt Cs.ii n llicreol to le held nt 'be Rc:m..i r's office in II -rtinsjjf n, aloic ni, I, on the IC'hday ot May A. D, IB 12. ttndco,rt"t the ll hue nn:l re:-nn'i'n sirl -. of sa.d wil ,if bey tee i-aiiT, ly nu of ib order three w eek .-ii-i-es ive v in 'ho U.irhnirion Fre i-ri, a ne.vs pa per irmiei in II ir Im 'inn m i h.L'o in ly of Chiticn leu, all ol" which pil'licnioiisto lepre v ii is lusHi-iiui! uiiy in .uav' .1. ii. itirZ, i.iven nn erini nano at au liurlingtoii ihi, 27, lay of April A. D. IS 12. Win. W'i-STON, Resi.'er. POLLY -MOILTON'S I'.S TATE. STATE OF VERMONT, The llunnrable the Pro- 1 i.lrict nf Chittenden, ss. ) hate CoJit Ur thu Dis trict of Chiitenden : To al persons Ccncerned in the ctate of Polly Morion lateol W'illiaton in aaid District, de' cased, Urccririe:. Whereas. John VanSicklen. Execn'or of lhe list will mi'l testament of said deceased, proposes to ren der an nccount of his administration, nnd present his account agamsi s.nd t state lor examination nnd nt lownnce . it n session of the Com t i f Ptobate, to be hidden nl the Reni-tei'- office in Burlington in sai I district on Iheseeond Wednesday of May next. lhe rehire. ou nre herein- notihru to nopcir lielore Slid court at Ihe time nnd place afurcsa d, nml shew cause, if any you have, why tha account aforeiaid should not lio'nllow.-d. Given under mv hand at Burlington this 20lb day of April A. D. 1912. W .vl. u, czistcr. Potltlon to sell Land. STATE OFVERMONT I At a Probalo Court bole?. District of Grand Is'o ss. ) cn at tny dwelling houss in North llcro.iu snid distnct,ou the 13th dayof April A.D. 1812. David Webster, orconstnhie, in i no auto oi rvcvr York. Knlhcr nnd Guardian ol Edwin A. Webster, Wnllis WVhler and David Webster Junr. minors, fit. cd in Said Court his patition in writing setting forth, thnt his siid wards are aetieo in inri own n?ni fee of nbolit twenty two ncrcs of Innd situate in North Hero, in the county of Grand Isle, nnd Stole of Ver mont, and is that part of the farm of land of whioh John Moore died seized nnd nn which he died, nn l which was afterwards set oil lo the situ waroi n representatives orPcrinehn Webster as heiress to the estate of the said Jjhn Mooredoceased, and that the said wards as representatives as nloresnui are enti tled lo ono fourth part of ihe roversiomry interest of the Widow' Dower in tha estate of the said John Moore deceased, nnd further setting forth that it would conduce to Iho Interest onus and wards to se'i the whole of lhe aforesaid Inn's nnd intertst in said dower nndhavs the proceeds tlnreof vested in tcnl et- inieui me lawn oi v,uusnioie,in uiiinincvin-iwis And prn ying sn d Court to grant him l.cence nnd em power him Ihe siid e nrdiaii lo sell and convey the Innds aforesaid, nnd the said walds' interest in tha dower nfores.nd for lhe purpose nfnresiidingroeabljr to Iho elnlue in such caso made and provided. Therefore tho Court aforesaid doth appoint iho 21st diy of Mny A. D. 1-142 for hearing nnd deriding on n'td petition at tnv dwelling house in North Hero.and doth order that nil person- interested be notified tbcro of by p of ibis order containing the sub stance of tai l pe llion Ihlce weeks successively in th Burlington Free Pies', a newspaper nrintwl nt Bur the counlv of Chiitenden, nil of which pub--Ixntions to be previous to ihe nid 21st day of May A. D. 1112, nnd the snid Guardian is ordered to givo Ids said Wnrd personal notice of hh petition ana this order. Given under tny hnnd nnd the sell of said ourl ot North Horo, the 13lh day of April, A. 13. IS 12. , JOEL ALLEN, Judge. NOTICE. nyc I.avs or refutations of the town of nur lliietou. iidiiitcd at Alarch .tleetli r, I 812. 1. Any. person owning or bav ing in bis care or keep. Ing any swine which ho shall sutler lo mil al large, upon llie highway within the limits of tho town of Burlington, shall forfeit a penalty of lify cent for ojcIi swine found running, at larga ns afore said, lo be recovered before any court proper to try the same, with coils of s-j't, one moiety thereof to tho use of the town, nnd the utile- moiety to the use of tha person who shall sue for, and recover tho same. 2. All geese which shall he found running nt larg in i'd town, shall be forfeit lo any perssin who will take up the same. 3 Ii any swine shall ha found running al large nf aforesaid, imy person may take up and dvtnin tha -line, nnd shall within twenty four hours eive notico thereof to the owner or keeper nf said swine, if knovv-ni nnd if nl known, by setting tip n w ritlcn notice, describ n? ns near as may be, Hie natural and srlifieial marks of said swine, in two of lhe most pu' lic place- in said town ! one of which sli ill be in the vicinity where said swine were taken up. And the person taking up said swine mny kctn the same in Im custody nnli the owner or keeper shall pay io the uersnn hanne snid swine m custody, the nfi reaaid l-ennlty fir ific mes nfnressid, together with sit cents per hrnd, n-i foes, and n reason ble sum lor furnish tig 1, 1 swine with food, while in custody. And unless Ihe owner or keeper ol siid swine, so taken tip . is nfur. roid. shnll wiilim len davs after the notice nfore- snid, claim said swine nnd pay to the person who shall take up siid swine the penally aforesaid nnd s iid fees, together w ith lhe expenses of keeping siid swine, li, person so liking up siid swine shall be herehv nnliiniize 1 and empowered to sell lhe same liv- public diction, nnd the nvuils of said sale, al er ib'd.ic ing said fees nnd the etpcne of keeping said swine, shall be cqinl y divided between tho town and the person 'o tskingup said swine. 1. nnlirnt i!ie Selectmen. 1 CHAS.RUSSF.LL.T. C. IN CHANCERY. ClIlTIEMJEX COCKTT. COMMISSIONER'S NOTICE. WE iheSul scnlers, havuii been nppoin'rd ly the llonrral loth; Pro1 ale Court lor the Disir c of Chiitenden, commissioner- to, examine and ndjust the claims and demand, of nil per on .igainsi the es a'e of Amos Claris' la'u of HtneIiursli in ,nnl District, ileiea cd, rcpr" entel insolvent, rn I ai-onil claims nn I demand, exnii re I in o I ciiinire- to; and s x m ,is from the day ol the da'e hereof, t cing allowol I y snid Co irl for ih.u p irpo e, wc do therefore heiehv irive noli e. thai wc will mien I lo be I Usincss of our aiiiioin'meni, al lhe duoPing of! Widow Aiht Chiil.-, la'e nl H no burgh, in sii I Dis trict, on the lir. Monday- (, I' June an. I .ugn.-l hcm, at 10 o'.-lo 'k-, A. M., on en b i f u d tliy-. Uate.i, till! I4lh tt.iy 1 1 .vtarcti A. n. . HIIUWEY M WELL, I PIT E. Ill WITT. L?1T' iiuitK li:avi:. worth. S " DISSOLUTION. THE firm of .'strongsvteo. was, bv its own limiti lion dis.solved on tho 1st. insl. Thonnnn of this firm will tie used hereafter only for closing its imsi-1 ness. The notes and accounts aie in the hinds of iho ' Shaw, at tho store Intel v o:-'. cup led by lhe firm,; with whom 01 ei'bcr of the late' linn. I 11 SI o ess renin" llierelri in-, V lie Cl'isi fl . All hming un ei led accounts nre requested to call and hnve them. I'lj-Jsied, nnd nil whose nn'ts or ae- ci nuts hive I icome due to the lite linn urn notned that its ho -mess must nnd vlll be. rprvihly eb sed. April 13th 1312 T. K. - I'RONG. W. L. STRONG. nr.O. It. - HAW. P. M.vssit, 3 vs. James ICillin. 3 ..... Whicas George P. Marsh of Burlington, in sail Countv, has fi cd in lhe office of the clerk of ths court of Clunnry for rnid county, his Bill in Chin cirv, agnnis .IniiiLS Kilhn of the city, coun y, and ot e ,.r Sen- York, therein statin!'. Ihat on the sixth day of Augut, A. D. 1510, the snid Junta Kilhn was unbilled to the siid George P. Marsh in tho sum of SlotlXO, as specified m four promissory nous, bear ing due (Jih August, A. D. lS40,-one for 8150,00 I ayiblo in one year from tint-, and three, for 3100,03 each, payable in two, three, nn I four years from their dale, reape ', with infrest, and to s-enre the pivnicnt f the "siid sum of money, the ml Kilhn, on' the s-,mi fith day of August, A. D. 1310, made, 0x1 cnted, and dthvered '0 Ihe Slid Mntsh, Ins inert, gige deed 1 f n fnrcil orinnd in Bur ineton aforesaid, uundtd Northwardly by North streit, Isstwnrdlr by a hii" pimllel wilh the new rnid lo the Falls, ana len rod.-disnnt nnd Eastvvnrd'y ihertfiom, .-outh-vvnrdly hy Innd in the possession of Hathaway, and W'estwnrdly In-said new rond. Also, one other par cc bounded Northward v by North 3 ret. Eist. wnrd y by Maiden Line, 'Souihvvnrdly by binds of Spc-ir, nud Wtstvvnrdly by a line parallel wilh Maid en Line, mid to 1 rods distant Wtstivnidly iheiefroini And fin ther sluing Hi 1 the snid notes nnd not ueen paid, nnd praying siid Court 10 decree to said Marsh I'm foreclosure 1 f lhe slid preimt-es. And the said June- Kilhn residing out of this Stale, so tint n Sub petti cannot be servid upon linn, it is. therefore, or dered lb it the said J lines Kilhn be and appear before Iho sai I Courl of Chancery, 10 be ho'dtn nl Burling. Ion within nnd for the county of Chiltcndt n, ns a Coun of Chinecry, on iho fourth Tutu'lay of May net', nnd ma e niiswer In md Bill 1 and it is, also, ordend thit the subs nnce of sud Hill, and this or der, be published three weeks successively, in "The Ui rlingtou Fiee Press," n new paper primed in siid Ilurlingion, the last of which piiliheilioiis lo bo at 1hii twenty d ly-before lhe sitting of said Court a nf irei!d. w hich 'hill ha deemed sufficient noii;n to ihe sii 1 James kilhn 10 appear nnd make answor U jid Di I. Burlington, April 13th, A. D. 1P12 Wm. NOBLE. Cer WlllIAM II K!;litT TI. Ft) It fsALI.. lOOa'-ret of land on lhe ta.t ii'e r.f the mouth ol tl e r ver. nee ipiel by C, Mcrritt on .itiiins itwcllinc; lion e and Joiners -hop. ALo a bu Mine lot rear ihe Co irt IT.. . .. s- . . If r L'll'rVW'OD-lll iiuri I 11 it . 11, 1 1..1 ii will 11, Annl 11, 18(2. sejv lOOa-re' of land 01 l. Ills road ha bngtii the iu tta' 1 Al'i'thepla -ence ZZ-TlsK. Co.le?e strt-et, con n FARM FOR SALE. FOR SALE, that Well knnu-n Pirm sit M l. -1 'I e .. asm uS ' ' '.. '. 1 " "' '" l,lu "n0 niiiH 110m tne tiL&'i "el'' """1 loroiiTiy owned nnd occupied lZAjXt. llV the Rev. S. R. Crime ranminim, l.n. tween 27.) nnd 300 ncrcs of land, compri ed in part of mowing, ullage mid pasturing, nnd poid wood lots nnd sugar orchard. Said farm is well ..Mtercd. has two good dwelling houses, one of f'nch is of brick, the other of wood, both in good repair three pood So. .!,"? one 1 wllich is 60 l,y ' fee'i 'he others JO hy 40 feel i a horse barn nnd other out buildings 1 , -""". no 1 wnicr nrougni mm Ihem nnd to the house in In?., nnd nlso thre. nnnH u-.ll -,r on tin farm t being n desirable puliation for a man wno wants to raie ncal Btcek or shep or both, or is nn exctlh nt farm for the dairy business. Thoso wiahins Ih purchaso such a farm would do well bv applying .oon to John nnd James .Morton on the premises, nr 10 Gen. W'm. Nash of Nw Haven. union, .narcii ji, ion. 42 tf FR.NCIS I1ENJAMLV, Jr., Wholesale Dealer in Girsasrfsa, F3osT, &o. St-iraue, I'orvvarlli-gaiid Commission No. 273 niVBR STXICBT trr.l fiw ilnrs aboxcWashiiigton Square. T. F. t W. L.srnnvr LTAVING puriliasel nf the firm of Strongs Aco -,.,i, .,uu ,i, .,ur, win t-on'in'ie itm LiMne-a niilo.erli'p-irclia-cr. pntKls m their line, at price corre-pon with lhe 1 inc. .ipni u. isu FRESH TEAS. I OAF nni. Brown Sngirs, ColTre, Spices, Salera. J tui, ttc. ttc. Chinp.-Chenp ,al H. SCOTTS. STLKS, SILKS. SILKS. ALL. Kinds, al the lowest prices, at S. B. SCOTTS. FLORRENCE BONNETS. 4 E-jod assortment, and Ribbons to mnteh at S. B. SCOTTS. WANTED, ONE or two hor.e. in exchange fnr Cabinet Tur niMre. Abo n new nnr borie Lumher Wagon foi ,l or exchange as above. P.'ea.r i-all I nitre he 15th tifMny. N, A. RIIOADES. Burlinglon I alls, April 21, IS 12. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water street, nt the hcaj of ihi Steamboat Wharf ISui'lliigtnu, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HART. THIS etal li-hinc !, o lavorally livatcl for the necoinmodaticn of the busne's and Ir-velhii-r eomui'.nitv, ! now oj en to the public. I'o I Coaclie upon the various roire- call at the 1 xrlnnre llmel Ir r pa'seiigers, and ibt se arrivinr cr oeiiarJing I y Strain Bolt, in which case their biggareis romovi'l wilhout charge, w.ll find lbi liou e pecul.arly to iheir convenient e. The keeper lender- hi- service', wiih 'he assnranrs, thai in all re.-pc lhe hou- ,lnll de-erve the fivor ab't con.i'Vraiion of all w ho may pairont e 11. Burlmton, A,.ril 1, 1812. -13 f. M. 6, RATIIBUN, BIIAPE i AND TAILOR, YTTOULI) rtrpet-tftlly niti r n hi- friends r,1 the V p'll lic that he has removisl from l earl Street to the front pari of I uridine; in Lh irch S'. rseiiii-i I y Dr. Sat'i n, nearly oi-no-ite the Usnk if Iliirlinirit n. where all cr,'.ets will le execi.led in the irw,t ap- jifiivci tiyie. To Sell or i:c1i.iuec A SMALL but eonvrr.ient Dwi Inner Hone, cn- pre y new, ntualed near theS-ieare. April 1, 1S12. Apply lo P. P. M.XRfCIIAM. Al.o, one wroighl iron ax'e'ree dool le L-im' er Wagon, a id one .teil tprin-; linjle plta-ure do. for sale as nhi'V't. Clover and Herds (Iras1; Seed April S. by J. A, J, . i'KCK &. Co. "ITHOAD CLOTHS, at -jreat I srsains for Acnn 1 11 lot und at II. W, CATLIN'S. sof STVTK (IF Vna.MO.NT, vs L-nitUnam Onuiuy . RosraT .N. Fisck. f. JnChan tnj. Whereas, Willinm II. Flngg of Burl nut n in the Counlv of Chitti-nden, on th. Slh dn of April A. D. Ir5 12, ijlcl m ths nlticn of lh Cleik of the courl cf chancery w.lhm and lor said Ci un v cf Ch itenden, his hill of complaints again t Robert N. Flick, of Willis' oro' in tho Stile ol New Yoik, st.tiingfor h in substance, thnt the said Robert N. on the tenth dny of .Vny A. D. 133?, executed In the jut William II, four promissory note, en-h for tho sum of one hundrtd and .event v-fivu dollar-, payable in one, two, threennd fiur yenr from d.iie, re?pertiue'y ro the said W'tlham II. nr ordir, vvith imprest, all dated the urns tenth d.iv of Mny A. I). HJi thai, to secure tne pavment Ihereol iho iid Robert N. on the same l"ith day of May, A. D. li'I-t, by hi deed of thai d it", conveyed in the sud Wlidlmn II. half an acta nf Inn I iyingon Chimpliin Street, in the village of Bur ingt in, being pitl of quirier acre lots No. Tl, 72 nnd 73 heme iho homestead -or house lot on which Zenss I'ngg, Inte ol said Ituilington, deceased, last re ulnd wi h a condition thereto annexe, if the siid Rn'.trt N. hi heirs, cxccnlnrsnr ndministralor should 1 ny 'ne saiH sums nf money rprt'ificil in snid fooi not s'aecorditig to the term thereof then tho said d-id to be v.iiri, otherwise of force. And further sot ting forth the s-i d notes had not been piid, nor any put thereof, nnd prnvinesid Cour' to riccn- that llir said Robert N. pav to 'he sail William It. the sud sums o.f mmey and the interest tlierton, and costs, bv n short. day to be nppoin'ed by sml court, iITld in (Haul 1 of S-u-h pivnien , that lhe Mid Robert N and nil persms cbiiiiung under him, may ' e for-eles- d of all eq1 itg of redemption or e mm in and w ss.d mortgigc'l premises. And wlierei", It nppears tn said ffinrt that lbs said Robert N. res,des 0111 nflhe State of Vermont sad thn 1 t nbp-rm nunot be served on him ; Therefore, the Co rt aforesaid doth here' y nr.'er Ihni iho is iil Robert N. be nntifitd snd rtfi'.iired to ap"ear before sud Cour' on lhe first d.-y of the urm thereof next to be h'dden i Bur iict h whin -nd for nM Co nlv nfChiUend-n on ihe f until Thursdiy nf Miv A. D,'1S!2, an.l make nnfwer t.) smd 1 1 nf comp'nint, by pehh'e'it'on of hi order, eonliining the suhsiance rf snid bill, ihrre weik nicressivoly in lhe Bur in-ton Free Pre.s n news aper punted in said DurhncMn lhe list of which pn licniinni 10 be at ltat tvve' ty divs pruvmi f tn ihe csmnien enunc of the said term of said Cocrl next to be held ni said Bnrlinginn on the fourth Tuesday of .May IS42, aa nliiresiid. Given under mv hsnd a! s-iJ Bmlinston Ibis Slh day of April A. 1). 15t2. Wm NOPI.r. Clerk. 4-4 and 5 4S 'pericr iinblen'-hed t'opons, vry low for ca.h, y II. W. CAT LIN. 6 CASES and Bides Ticku-S, 1 Bale Canvass, 2 do Drilling, 20 Pieces -10 inch Burlaps, IS do Red Padding, For tile bv Nov. 30. 1811. VILAS.T.OOMIS if. Co. QQ CASES F.nglish and American Prints, .v zoo colored canisincs, Nov. 30, 1811. Forala hv VILAS, LOOMIS&Co. HOARDING HOUSE. TbeS ib-crilt-rmll fonliniifshi. board ing bti'i.e at the fool of College .(reel, the Square, and will n-e his le.t t'terunn 10 pive sathlaciion In ibo.e VThomiV fl.Tir bllll Veiltl Iheir r.itrr.n. age. He has she itf'.rsl iVTitenlert uml (r-nisl lloonr. r let. JOSHI-A I'OANI- t-r.120, 'U n Ann wahe. Tlir.d DO RE H O L li it O O K . (Lata Holbrook & Tnppan) (iO Milk St., Itoston, riMIE Suhsenber offers a lnrge and choice s!eclion L nl Hardware lo lhe rountrv trade upon the inest liberal terms. March 1, 1812. 2m ditching; c'c. THE Hibsculer ro-pecif illy n-'e-. 10 the p-il!leh;. service., in the line of ditching, ravine, I nil hh; Ktnne drain'. and the hlsc. cl.oiio. ('frisks to dig and none wells of any ile-cripm n, and at I eiter ra'Cis ihan are us inlly o'lerrsl. Many veur-' experience hi thftal ove busiurs., in Ihisnndthe old country, iu.p:r him with 10 much roiuidcnee in himu-lf, thai ho as-its r pay w! bed 0,11 give emt .ill, A. Hurt " 1 8 J-2 LOVELY .y SEYMOUR HAVE ihi day reccivid from New-Vork, a choiae) lot or now eionille DRV GOOD.S, which skill be told nl pitcis sufiiiienily low to coi respond with the prestnt pecuniary einbsirrnsstnt-iiis of the Mine. April Slh. ititu THE Sn' scrilrfr his likert thelargtanij commnihous brick dvvcl'ingon churehSt. lirst door north of the Bank of Butting-on nnd will nr.en it on or before thn first of May next as a Hoarding House. Families or Single boirdeis miy be acrommodiud,by the week, month, qusitrr, or yen, with or tviihcut tooms.on ressonible terms. Application for feud or board nrd rooms tnsv hs made tn the subscriber at bis residence corner of CqI' lego and Champlain streets. IIIIHM K. GRISWOLD. Burlington April 7 1? 12. NEW GOODS. SriUNR ROOD., fu.h fiom New VorV, re-M ih. morning, ran-i-'iup of Spring tvnli -0t, a ' rty of paitrrnst bght Isney print., I-timli' 'JjV mourning and nnd hall mourning tinni', rj'"Vrliihfc do., f.irui'u.e and f;y,';';:i'k'',;',;i:,,,A'';S". l-nT heavy .aim Jean. Vi'Tj VViorW rli". ro" cori, ! !rAM.i'"i"'':.?rir 1 ' ii, t-'ATLi 1 ur 11 rn, Mar'b Jl, 1111. JOHN Pv""'5

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