Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 20, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 20, 1842 Page 1
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NOT THE GLOXZY OF C3SAR BUT TUB WELFARE OF ROME. VOL. XV. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, MAY 20, 1842. No. 5o LILY SYRUP. An unparrallcd remedy for Diseases of the Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Asthma, Spilling of Blood, Hooping Cough, $r. fy. TO TUB l'UIJUC. In presenting tn die pinJie n now remedy for dilu tes of Iho lanss.ii may In proper to -ay that, nidging from the many ivttifiea'e and reccomnieiidation (if other specifies contained in the news-papi-rs of the day oo new remedy was called fur or required. Itnl tfilie popular reir.elies bsd mairrially lo-scned the liilli o( mortality, or any one oi ine many preparations po ti-d those virtue recommended, mi Mint after a l trill, lite patient roul 1 depend upon its heslitia power-, ami rationally hope for a spec ly recovery of Iu-jIiIi, im'sbiiinbli; attempt to arre-t the progre-s ofPultno nary Consumption would not have appealed. But that the victim of thi ili'Vioyoi- are daily in creating, nee 1 no prnofan 1 tlie larire -eate of tlio DrugsMsshow that Ihe remedies ot the day have leen fairly trie I, ami failed m iheiroli.eet, if ob ject watlie ru-ioralion to lv il'lt of por-on- k 1 k'liti; trotndi-ea-es of thelun-s. Wlu'o one remely drie. up a. cough that sho 1 lie properly .iidel to throw o I the viscid phlegm colleeie.l upon die lung- an I ' the harbinger ef di-ei-i-, anollier, hv a bail selection ot an expectorant, i in lee.l enabled to di-pos-c the nre-ent tenant, hut leave a wor-o one to occupy the aSiatlcre I premi-e-; and liy it, the work of death is the eoner acci.mpii-iic i. TImI-ILV 8YRLP is now l-elieved to le the le-l remedy for lung camp ami-, that ha ever apeared. To cure PuliiKniary Contimplion al'er Hie ui-en-i has done its List vv ork, or become -cited upon the vi tal function-, and tubercles are funned and! en, and atmospheric air i inhale I into the la-oVen part-, i.not t. mon? the nre'nn-ions of the thoj-an.l and one non-iiar no-triimsta the contrary, notwi'.h-t.iii linir). Tlii mehcinciin.- re-tored many who were sun to lie 1 eyin i tirs, 1 v men -landing high in tin rocliral unite.-nm : l ilt ihc.r re -1 oration to health on tvnrnvc I thai r. real a nd ril(,d UleiiinaV 1 e IUI-t.t!.en, in the. stage or prugre-s of thodi-ci-e. Hence, let no person de pair of relief, until he lu inane a Idir of the Lily Syrup. Th'g medicine operates 1 y promoting a free ami eiv emeciora'ion. theiel v free ins the limits and throat from viscid phlegm, a lid -trenirtlieniii? the parts and freeing them from intt.imaiory action wiinu constitute the di-ea-o of Pulmonary Con-iimpiioit. The Syrup if entirely free from -ill siamo, and p'irelv vegetable; ami may lie with --r-fect safety liy the mo-t delicate' eon-tiliitioii". It is highly reroinnicnde I lo thn-e who li ne weal; tunc-. Teachers 01 performer of vocal mil. ic will find it of le me to them, liy i s givurg g it ttrength and sweetness to the tone-of tin we, t net c"n llni; the per-on to perform wnh ea-c. 1'u lie epeaker-mid debater. will Had it ot invjh.nblo ser vice to them. This medicine has lecn thoroughly and successfully tstel hv able phy-ician-, and liy their advice Is now prepare, I and o .ere.l to the pul lie, to -pea'- fur i'-elf in th'O't-f of atllieted humanuy. And may he who tale-el the nis''ality en" clay to opt n iheeyc-of the bliuil, nuke it a Ues-ingln the hum in family, and thu great o!uet of the proprietor will I e aceuin (lisdieL , . All inehd'ne sho dJ le given nreording to (lie situ ation of the patient; and, if much rel iced, a -mal'er quantity than where there i eoii-i.'ciaUo -trcn;di. The dire -lion a on 'lie Lottie may 1 eta! en a-a general rule: Imt for a loni -laivhmr coush, it may I c nece-;8ry to ta' e a mncli larfer do-e forMnne one or two d.iys, and even of euer until an expe -toraiion i lirtyliiceil that wi'l U' fr e and ea-y. When there i tnueh titihtne-s ol the i" , I will -omeiime- imuea-u th co iirh for a day cr " i which ca e, the pvient should t.i e the Syr . e'y, eien until it sho'i'd jirod irw a lich' na i 'omach Ilem-eluot fear any liarn) frun i. . - r i ton. 1 wo"U -ay lo all who piircha e - o lorn e, that iliey can have hot Utile ho c enelitieil I y it, un.'e-s i i tai.en steaddv w' coininenceil with. Sume it once t .-. llieil twice, then not any for two or three days. 1 cannot -avthat -neli wo ?1 1 le liUcly to re.vic in-Kh Lenenl from it ; hut if ta'.en regularly, it i- eminently catctlHie-1 tonprool the ill a-e, and to ree'ore lo sound hcaltti. Ii i-itieearne I desire of lh proprietor to hale every one it-e- r.t least one liottle of it steadily accordiui tt the direction-, to communicate the result to the per-on of whom he purchased the medicine. The proprietor is privilege I to refer to tine follnwine per oni. 'vho ii n the Lily fyrnp, and wdio will Iw happy to kivc nifcrmaifon of it--upcrtor healing power-, to any wi-himr to more h1 out it. Mr. (Viiienilon. one of the firm of K. F. Kmith & Co., who'c aleand retail merchant, Ichaive-ttrce', n.,,U I'.ir!? al the I '11 Rev. K. Tucker, I'a-torof second Riplist Church, Ro-lie ter. ... Optam R. Freeman, for a hadeo ieh. Mr Smi.Urd. iff ihedrmot S To. rook edler-, corner of l!u lalo and Stale -IrcHs, l!oche-'er. Mr. J.'M. French, North-street, lioche-lcr, lor the whoopinj-coMgh. Mr. Soiilhworth, Stonc-Mrcct, Iioch-stcr, for last eoiiRh. , Mr. llolert M'Kihhen, Monrfe--trre', Itoche-ter, in a severe and alarmin? caeol the w hnoipin-coucli E. Barnar I, K-Tiire, otliis? in eoiirt-iiou-e, in : -ji.e fif whoouinrr-coueh in his fitmlv. Captain W. 1). Fi.-h, for a tasool I'luln-ie inhi- fumili. flev. Mr. Clark, Pastor of the Bapti-t Church, Le Roy rtev. Mr. P. Church, Pastor of the fir-t Haptt-t Church. Koche.-ter. Uaptatn A. urmon, tor nactnorruape 01 tne iungs. A. Ii. Smith, ca-htcr of Mechanics an I Farmers' Dank, Kochc-ler. U w. fsihlcv, of the firm of Sillry-k Scrantom, Jry cood merchants and auctioneer.-, Uj lalo-street, Ito 'hes er. Kev. A. King-ley, Pastor of the Baptist Church at Wanche-ter. Rev. Jaeoh Knapp, Evanselt't. Mr. T. Ilunn, Carriase Ma' er, f?l. Ta il-street, iliram Tucker, a torneyat law, Itodie-tcr. Mr. Thomas Ashman, 'paver, Roche-ler, who has TWeivl astooi-hing rtlief. Plca-e inquire of hl IMrfKM-'i: OF LI I'D. A 11 UOIil.'rf iI Medicine, which, if riKlitlv' aiuiltcd, Villi al le will I u the mcansol -avinr; thou-aiid- from an tintniKly uraie. It lia teen sold and n-ed for thirty year, w'ith frreal siiecess, nnd fo md verv eiheactous in the following IVOTICIi.-JL3".Medieiiio Is te ll c ire. It perfoi ui-ea-e viz. Uon-u.up'ion, iinopnm t oitali-, com mon Oouirlf, Co'd-, dillionlt I!reathinr, Influenza, (Juinsy, A-ihma, I'lillii-tc, Spilline, of lllooil, Flalit lency, luJiRe-tioit, Loo-cue- of the liovvcl-, Fit-of every liinl, Cramp-, liic!;ei, Colic, Calarrli, Dy-en-l.irv, Fainlinir, Hypochondriac Ai.'ocltnn-, lleada'chcs, rficknc-sHt Stomach, Mea-le-, n pteventivo ofCon-taSlliu-di-e.l-e-. (lout and Hhcumati-in. tC31''Thenl oveMelicinelsprenared I v Henry Sey mour, ol'Hadlcy, Ma--. from the UriKhial liectpe, Iv Ihediiuclii n of-aidMooio, and sold l.y hull and the unneipai urtig;Msin tne uinteilMates. .Sold uhole-alc and retail hy .pear. CF.RTAIN CUKT. VOn SICK linADACHF., Inch hai hecn us"d in fiunilic. elei v iiiciiilar of which has had nick licndarhe fmtn infnncy, ni a family complaint, nnd Ina cured cfUc- (mlly in every iti&tnitccyct Kiiuun, nmoiintiutj to main-hundreds. It i ttol iiiinlcnsaiu to the taste, nnd docs not prevent the daily avocations of one ii-inc it it must lie persevcrcit in, nun tne cute is gratluat, lint certain and permanent. Instances nre constantly multiplying wherctht distressing complaint 13 com pletely n lieicd and cured, nl though of ycats tandinir liv the use of Dr. .Snohn'.s celebrated retnedv. One dccid"d preferencpis its pleasantness, haNing nolle of tun nnie.itins meet ni coininon uriiss. ltis u peifoctlj'salisfactory, that the proprietor ltns civen directions tor hisascntsto refund tlio price to any one who is not pleased with, ami even cuicd by it. Iln hopes hIfo tint this may secure its puat ben efits to the distressed siitlercrs who arelaborititiundcr Hca-laclie. K. SPOIIX, 31. D., inventor and l'to prictor. Sold by COIWrOCA'.f. CO, 71 Maiden T.-inc. New Vork. PF.CK A: S I' V, A It, Who'csalc Accnls,' a few dotts tast of the Post Office, litirling lon, Vt. ii9 l known hv the tin. f it I. Nuwion's Panacea or Purifier oftho lllood. The tiuparalklcd and sill lucre ii u ir rep in nt Ion wlncli ltns mciicine iia-acqair- iromtlioil the.xow i.iii;i.lii'i3ia!e, aiu ineinany - it has ncrforine 1. and the sic it ileman 1 made for it by lite advice of physicians well acrpiaintoi. Willi s picptirntiou, lias in.i icui me pnipiieu r io cmoii s cir.iulation to almo-i every lown in tbu ca-tern ale- aniLtlie nruieipai towns ni me liiiici ."-uiie-, fin- Panaceis warr.inlel purely veclnl Ie,and i nut rnas-ed rv any other medicine ever oilereii to the alllie'el a its extcn-tie -ale an I srreat popularfy nl.i in tv orove. I has wi Inn tlie ta-l eiz ileen inonlli- curedlts thou-ands oftho mo-l ob-tiim'e di-ea-e-, a can le prove 1 hv eertlfi"3te ami is ironoimced by emtueiitnn I re-pqcial le physicians the I e-t niehcinc u-e. L tlul lulor'iiation may I c lounii in eireii.ur enntaimnrf ccrlili-a'c- of cures anil iluections tur ta king the medicine. I he following nppomleil nronl-. Ilurlinitoii, I' KUlvanii ai'i: .in, moouj Allan", Curtis and Kn-scl Milton, C. Drake dlon Fall-. Hurnct and Sawvcr Wa'erville, Fi-k md lirown, Iline-biirirh, Hull mil Cook Fairl.iN, arkcr anil .ilultielii eraeiine-, nnu .wuriny (Jambridsre, M. Wire Undcihill, Al. C. Ilarnev irth Fcrrisbtirirli, II. C. Wicker lieorma, A. lili- Villi-ton,N. Cliitleiideu Hichiiicndjliicen ifcliho le- .loliii-on, li. In Warner uml u .woni.ton, i uiau ant h ll.iker-lield, Ariuiiiffton and Woodwar I I'nir- llcld, B irnct nnd Fariisworllt. ISDOIV fASII- .lusl received 15. ill and 2 17 by 0 ca-emenl ol snsh.ii first rate article at 31 and 'A cent- tier liuht ! nl-o nil kinds itnd-ue-, f irni-hed to order. 1 iccnileroj.i lilticii Itnl. a lir-t rale article, for sale very low, toie'hct Willi a areat variety of other am- ut any other e-ia! Ii-h Ij'l.O. PcTftlSON. CS a tiicnt in the placo 5 Minis St CmW s iLar, IOI.I.CTT ItltADI.Ur liaiejust received X and ofllr for sale nt the lowest tniccs for cash or approved ctcdit, a lare and ivell selected assortment ot t.toeeries, consisting in tnrtot tne l lloutnw: S l llnl St Cro .v. iJuin, 5 Pines llidlani' G,n, 2"i qr casks Malaga Wine, in nose ripe?, 20 llis Pepper, 20 do Pimento, 2) Kca pure (linger, 25 dj Ilaisms. 10 do Porto Kico 10 do New Oilcans nO llatis Uio Collce, 30 do Java do 50 Uoes soap, 2) do stipctior do 2i do I'.stta do 20 ICegs salt Pctrc, TVCT. 3IAP.S!JA1.IS Aromitic, Catarrh and IJ Ilea lache SMTF. Tin-Snii.l i-s ipenor to any t hull ei known, lor rcmovuiir tint troui le.oine oi ei-e, the C.i'arth, and al-o a cold in the ' cad, nn I the lieiikiche. It opens an. I purge- out all o'l-iiuction--t i en si hen- !-,aud cue- a healthy act 'on to th iarl.- a ecte I. It i- pi i fectly ttee from nity thinde'e 'eriou- m it-cotnpo-ition has a (ca-aui flavor, an i's imme hatee 'ec', after I eing used, is fe. I'riceis 7 ecu's per oottie. Do u. Mar-b.i'l's Vccal'Vlndian Black- PLASTLI!, 'I hi- Pla-tcr I- iinrivalled for c-iring -cn.f ilous wrl ling-, S -urvy Sure-, Lame I!ac!;, ud Kie h Wo-iud- pain- in he -t le-, 11 in- an I' ant -eliloiu tail - Ii jive relief in oc-il Uhe itnati-to-. It auidie 1 to t h -t !e,il will e-ire many of the noil Liver Coiuplauii- and t- e itial, if not -uperior, to any tliina in n-e tot corns on the feel, the virtue- oftlit- I'm terhmel-i witne--ed I v thoi-and- of tndivuk-al- in the llni S-aie-. who'havele tel it- e:!U.vv. Sc-lJ 1 vthe nro prielori Clia-. Iloweu, MidJIobury, Vt., and 6., II tn.orliut v t. 1500 XaiN and I i nn. ICFiS NAILS, nssnrttd sics, 100 d. I'liiisliinir .Xnls. do tin 100 ICfjs .--nike. from 30.1 to C01 and fi inch, 10 Tons of round and square Iron, fiotn 3 1-Cth in inch. 10 Tons of liorsi shoo Iron, of iho.various Bizes 4 no nt liana Iron, fi do of Scroll do 10 do a sorted, fiat nnd square Am. Blnom do For stile at nnntilictiin r s pticts. by I-OI.LF.TIW 111! UM.F.V, Agents. .in:, i. s". rir. li l"y sue- ts LCii i-rt?rA5J ylice thai he 'r'-WM-lm hand an V iCi&r v nianufact ;n MUNSOX, MOl repect is-.-f.. . . ;sr.', rw.'iyi. u v ri he ha ud nn var.eiy of Piano Fortes, wlrch are oil-red lor sale on the mo ica-onali e let itis, A-the e m-truments nto tuai'eon a uryniucl. improvel plan, they are wanantod t I c--iiiierior to all other in tr uiienls of the Piano I in in n.inakini: In a lush ilesrren the tone of the FI itc In point ofto ich and dura' ill v cf workman-hip tlioy aroalfO waiiaivin io te equal io any iii-iiu-men's manul'a turel in the Uni'od Sales. Al per-on- v ho want a prod Piano are parlictlarly in vtn-il toca't .inn examine icr iiiem-cives B.irlington, Feb. 21, Ib'li. 07" O XJ M 8 IH ST JS3 S toTG , -0 W IIATCII'woiild inform the 111- habitants of llurlinu'oii and vt c nity, tint be lias opened n shop in Climch streLt, nt tlie sign of the Hide, II while bcinlinds to carry on the Oun- s 11 ii 1 1 1 Husincss. in all its iaiious branch iiMtig been employ lor tne last ars in the shop of J. M. Caswell, in Lniisiiiulnitsli, (iinuotiiitriiiy tne nesi shoo in the fJiulcd Statcs.l lie feels war ranted ill oil' ling his wotk to the. public, nurlington, June 1, 1611. ffi es. Ha r in Lansi MYSTUniOUSS -A pcnllemnn brlotv.-tngtn ruie nf tlie most ancient and wealthv families of this city, who must be will known to niinicious friends having since the year 131, up to rcccnlly, been bent neatly noiitiie, ana tor Few rat years coiiniicii io ins lied, has been icstnrcd to go' d 'health has legained Ins natural enet position and lias quitted bis car- i in ti ami nn w- wales Willi case 1 I e R 1IC 0 I 1 s is thcirciiHeimif s own ilcsctipiioti as near ns possituc, ami there is no c.viggciniinn m it. i e win gn o inqui rers Ins address, and doubt not humane feelings will ec se thchbirly; so that any one dnitbUna, may .-iioir thce facts ilioueh he requests his name tu.iv not nppiar tn print. Anioiigotiicr instances, fi. lieciiolds. Ill Christie.strcct. has been restored, mil will give personal assurances of thu ficls ol Ins case, lloth were t liciiuritistn. nnu contraciLU torels and sinews. 1 low has this I cell done Answer. Iln the Imhiin cueliible F.lixcr m Icrmtlly, and Jlnrcs' i'ervc and Hone Liniment exlnnitUt!. .Inn. 29, IS 11. only lnj I. O.MSTOUK CO., 71 .Maiden Jjitre, Xtw V'oi-.. n'.l PF.CK & &Ti:AH, Wholesale Agents, n lew lours cast of the Post Office, lliirlitigion, Vt. JllOFFAT'ri VLOLTADLK I.IFK ML DICINLS. 1IJL Tlte-u iiiclicines are luilel'leu for llieir name lo Ihiiir manife-t and sensible nit ton i'l purifying the -prmgsaiid i banncls of life, and enduing them with rcncwel tone and vigor. In many Ii ui lrcl r-t-rl ititj.l ' been made pul li", and In nlmo-t every species ofdisea-e to w hicli the human frame i liable.lhe happyelects of Moffat's Life Pili.s and Ptt'CS'ii Hiiti:ks have Icon greaifullyund pnllidy ae.nowledged by the per-ons leneliitul, and who were previously unacquainted with theheautifiilly phi losophical prmeip'es upon wliichthey are compound ed, and upon which ihcyeon-eqnonlly act. The I.II- l'. Jli;iJKl.M.o reeoinmenil tnemelvc In h-ea-es of every, form and de-cription. Their first operation is to 'oo-cn Irotn tlie coats of the stomach .lli'l t'Owei-, ine vario'is iiiiji u nil.- .tun ei u uues eon--lantlv settling around thein(and lorumovethe bar- dene I faces v Inch collect in the convolutions ol the mallc-t iiiU'.-tine-.. Other medicines only partially eleamolhe-c. nnd leave such collecte I mas'-es I ehin'd as to prod tee habitual eo-liveness, with all it- train nf evil-, or slid len diarihuia, with its imminent dager-.n This fact is well known to all regular niialoniit-, who examine the human bowel afier death : and hence the preindiceof those Well informed men imain-t quack ine.Iieinc or me Hemes prepareu iuki hcraiecil to lliep il lie by tin' lanl pcr.-oti-. The second cllect ol tbel.ifc Me'licines is to the kidneys and ihe blaiklcr, and by this mean-, the liver and Iho Inn?-, the hcablifiilacuon of tvlncb eulii el y depend- upon the re gularity of the urinary organ'-. The blood, which lake- lis re 1 color fiom ihe aizcncy of tlio liver and the lungs 1 clote it pa c into the heart, 1 eini th is purified l.y lliem, an I nouri-hed by food coming from a clean -loiuach, co'tr-es freely through the vein-, renew everv"iarl of the sv.-tem, nnd triumphaiilly mounts the fanner ol heilili in the blooming cheek. Mo's Veaeta' le Life Medicine- liave I ecu thor-o-ighly te-tcl, and pronounced a .tin reign reiredv for Dv-pcp i.t, Flatulency, Palpitation of ihe Heart, Lo of Appetite, Heart-burn and Ilea l-in he, He-lle-sne-s, lll-temner. .Vnweiv. Languor nn 1 Mel.intholv. Co nvenes-, DiarrhaM, Cholera, Fever- of all kird-, I!he miiti-in, Co n, Diop-ies of all kind-, C.iavel, Vuriii-. Asilnna and Consiiniutioii. Scurvv1 I'lccr- Invc'cratu Sore-. Scorbulic Lruplions and Bad Com- ii'exion-, Krip'ive eomn'.iiii'-, -allow, (Cloudy, and o-hen i-.iirrcenb e Comnli'Mon-, ball Klienin, l.ry.'tn e!a, Cnmnion Cold- and 1 nil'ienz.i, ami various i,thcr eomidamts which afllict iheb'iuian frame. In Fr.vr.r. nn. t Ar.ur., particularly, mo i.ue iweuciiie- nave i ecu mo-l eininenlly -iicce fid ; so much so that in the fever .nn I Agueilisli-iet.-, i nysiciaiisiiiuio-i universally pie-crjle tbem. All that Mr. MnTat requires of his patients is to 1 e p.titicular in taking the Life Medicine, strictly nccor- lunr lo the iiiieciton-. li i- nm a new-paper nonce, or 1 v auvtluni Ihel be him-elfinay-ay m their favor, thai he hopes to gain credit. It is alone by tlie ic-iilt.-of 'i fair trial. MOFFAT'S MI'DK'AL MANI'AL; ile-tsned ns a doine-tieff'iide' b. Tlnslinle piimph'et, ed'ted by W .B. Mo iat,27.j Broadway, Aew 1 orl., ha- I ern pul li-bc.l for the n irpo-e ofeiplntitin: moief liy Mr. Slo'liu's theory of di-ea-es, and will le lound highly tntcic-liii'r topersou--icking health. It treat- upon nrevalentdi-ca-c-. nndthecaii-es thereof. Priic, 2j rent for -ale I yIr Mollat'-Al-ciii-eencrallv. These valuable Melreme- are fur sulci y Ol OUIvF. L. WAl'iNI'll A Co. Ji hn-i u, Vt., 1,'euer'al Aeent-, bv whom all order- fi-oin any p.iit if the St.i'e ot Canada, will 1 e piomptli an vvered. 23 I f Dee. 17, 1S1I. HA Ci A 11 $ ARTHUR, General Agents for Mo at'- i del tilled medicine-, lo whom all applications for agencies vnutu ad-dre--ud, linrlinston, Jan. 23, 1812. WILLIAM VIMOHTS ixni.tx iirnf: tivi: I'll.I.s, Jlntirtlii Yeiretnlitc. MANUFAC'H'Ul.D under the inimeba'e snperin-ti-n leitce of WilliainlVrlffht.vice-tire-ii'eut ol tlie Xartli Amrritan College of Health, foMhc tieatmenl an li-ure ol tli-ea.e- 111 me uiitn oi nuiio-i- nnu .scr-v-ous Fever-, Mea-le-, Small Pox, Pain- in the'.. I ack-nnd -ide. Con-iimntion. Dron-v. .Sei-nf- ula, Cancer, SpitMug "f Blood, .S'-ck-IIcad-a'-he, Klie 'ina'i-m, Diarrlur', I'y eutarv, Colic-, Dyspep sia, P.ilnitain u of Ihe Heart, Fleers and itros. of every kind, if-e. eVe ror -a e i v PF.CK' & SPKMl, Burlington. W. II. IIOI.LV, Wtlli-toii. W. .1. DFOr.'LA.V, limed ,rgh. J. ILIlALIiniT, We lfurd. Fe. Hev. Thomas Carlton, M. F. Ch. Rochester. A. H'nU fl'leislmg at lung- I oeknorl. H. Miner, We-t llenrie'ta, Munroe Co. Profe--.-or Melitniu-, Hamilton 'I beol. Sfin'y. Rev. lx.-vi Tucker, Cleveland, Ohio. C. W. Cook, " " ICT'The Proprietor has I ecu oTered c:rtinca'es hy many of the above gcnllcnien ; lull he prelorslhal isose wi-htng information, woald call on them per tonally. I'ECK &.SPKAK, Agents for this section. J. TKYON, DltAPUU .VXD TAILOR, WOULD once more rt-inind his cii-loiuers that he continues to carry on the above bitsine-s m all ts vanous branches at hi- Old Stand on St. Paul street, near the Kpiscopal Churih, and in sight of the CatholieChurch. Thankful for pa-t favor-, l leu--tomcrs are solicited to conlini.e iheir patronage, and many new one- are niueh desired. The newt-t Fa-h-ton- promptly rracivi-il. Cutting dor "n r tiort notice cheap for cas. I have on bind some old accounts which I thould tk to exchantre for (a.A. Nov. 12, 1811. UK WARD OF DECEPTION. Itiiasfieq cntly come to the know le'pc of the sub scr.bcr, linn empty Sntifi'Jnrs, with lus Labe1 o: them, have been bauLdit mi for the i.tnposc of s. Ilin in them nn infciioi q nlily Siinfl'i and also, that Ins Snutl-ribels nave, in somo instances, men lounter fciled, or the ecnernl di.s'gti cf the s-itno so tun-alci! as to easily necitve lite unwary. lie nceins n, ineiC' fore, hi dutu to inform pur' hascie of the manner which they nru often impised upon j and lie vvoul l herebv riniKst them to tear of! or deface tlio 1,-diel on ihe outside of the. Inrs, after having disposed of the contents, o ns to prevent lurtlirr list of the same. A suitable rowar I will bopail for such evidence ns will Ir id to the detection and conviction of the ini postots. The. su'cridtr eontinutt tn Mmufiiclttre, and qf J"i.rsjur tatt the fdloiein ttrlicles: Fine ISr.nvn Sunn. Genuine Maecoboy, ? io o American Rsppre, Imitation do. ) flavored, Holland do. Si'-ily, do. Tuberose. Maltese, do. St.Onicr. Curucoa, do. Strasburg. Coarsejj rowtt Siniir. Demigros. Natchitoches. Puro Virginia. I'renrh Rappee. Bourbon. American Grnlleman St. Domingo. Pure Spanish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. Mixture Yellow Smiil, Scotch nnd) r, Irish Iliac1 ertiard or ) -II nth Toast 1 me" Iiisb Hieb Toast, tveet MTitteil Fnc C ill flicwins Tobarro. Spanish, Kiteforl, Cannstcr. Common nnd Steins. sTVA liberal discount made to wholesale dealers. PF.TLR LOR1LLARD, Jr., 42 Cliatnam-St., New oru. Sheetings GEORGE IL PECK, Attorney and C'oiu.sellorat I.atv, two poone east or the roT orricr, er STAins, Refer to Messrs. J. 6; J. II. PECK & Co. Nov. 19. A. KOI5EUTSON, Uarrlslcr anil AHorney at raw, ILatt in the office of the A-n. Sil'eitor CUn'l Day) LiriLII ST.JAMHS'S STUI3KT. Montreal, I Nov. 1611. It-iforoni-o in Burlington, to CHARLHS ADAMS, Ksq'tir.21 JVEWSTOflE. The Now YnrVCash Harelwarc Store. TUB Subsoriler havine de ernnncd to enrry on thcIlAItDWAUL BUSI.NLSS in all it, I ranches in Burlington, Vt. has opened nn.l now n.Vrs for sale an entirely now and well selected as.criiiieut of good in the above line. His object this winter Icing more lo learn the de mand... ol the market, in order lo lo able to supply the same in the Hpiinsr. and ns he intends 'U-uie-ss, he solicits u sbaie of put In patronage, conlident that his prices will Lo lound to o-.. wnu iiiay Mvur nun wun a can. B'lrlingion, Vt. Dec. 31, 1MI, M. J. HUNT iitftnssiJujiamCollegitreetj n.oarth Huare. LYMAN & COJili T T A V J! receive I, in a I hitou to then for stock of J J Dry Clouds, an eite'iisive. assortment of Fall and Winter Ocml- ; iiinnng which will le fo in I a Ti-at variety ol nrtn le- I r l.a fe-s- opinio ; Al '.i -ca Lt-lre, a verv pri'tlv tirltelcj Alpacea sill; Warp, fj.tm1 li-teeii, Plain Black- Ab u.e-, Fig'd do., Satin, llrvcbell i. Per-in n Cloth, Fiench, Gcimap, an-l Ln'-'li-b Merino-, Moieelinc i'e lame and nrinti'il Sawuue-, a cie-al varety and low priced; Coat's 1 1 air and Imitation Cami let. au.Kfi. A -mall a-sertmcnt of rn h lig'd nnd stri'pd Silks, Heavy Ulaci; Laulon, i.roce .-..vis. auj oilier silk SHAWLS. L-tnin's 1 e-t K-ar'e-, lac' , w h,te, nnd eilore-d: lew e'xtta -tze Wor-lc I shawl-, (ilove- and llo-ieiv. a laise a--ortmi'nt ; an iniii-uallv larce assortment il American tirint ; 1 ii-uch nii'l i-neb h di. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton she etin'-an I sbirlini-: Tteki and Wa 1 ding i Reached Cotton andAkTrimacthcetiug, en- low. TA If. OIT S Tl!l MM IS OS. Wor-fel Binding, -ilk do. Large rei'in I and s-juarc Mohair Conls for oven-oats: silk Cord fur lire-- e-oat.; Wot-tivl and silk .S'lrge: ligure.1 -ill: mil Velvet It itton-, new figure j sewing -il .Twl.-tiinl rhriad; Pa M i ii rr, Cinva--, se'ecia-, til'd Jimii- Brown am Black Linen : Wor-leu plaid for Facing; Buttons lei over coats, eW A varietj of rich do Lame, Chally, silk, and new si vie i ancv ii1 1-. nn" en-, ' llROAD CLOTHS. Hcavvdoulle ini'led Broad Cloth-: IV nver and Pilot Cloth-; Itteli Diamond Be-.ivi'i Chub-; nl-oa general as-ortmcnt of ll.ulingfon Mill Cloth-. (I'cnilciiien and are mi lied to call and exam mo our lerycxtoii-ivenssGitincnl, which we ok'er at iclne-c'l priee-ror v-a-li. H, i O-t. 1811. Coirw. yf BLFS 1-1 Brown Sheeting. ( " '3 Ca-ei Bleached do. For sale I y VILAS, LOO.MIS CO. Nov. 30, 1SI1. Hooks and l'apcr. CCOOrniCH, one door Ki-t of Farrar it Wait's . Crockery Store, LP STAIRS, has a very '.'enernl cnlle -lion if Books, including a largo slock of School Boo' s and Paner. All wishing lo pureiia-e will do well lo call. Produce and dome-lie maii' la' line's o every de-c riptn n reie-ivcl in pavment. .Schf.eile-oni tnitice I irui.tiing ti r setioo., snail navo t onus gra tuifo'i ly for all clnl-lren in their dislricts i ho pa rent-ate unable to I uv. Dec, 15, ISroail Ciollls. rpilH undcr-icned oIK-r 'he cloths ninnufjcfr-rd by J. the "llurlinsiton Mill Co." nt uholcst!: ... fts'-r-n prices. 1 he assnrtmcnt comprises the varion colois and qualities, and for textine, beauty of finish, and excellence ot manufacture, nre not surpassed uy nnj American or llnglisln laths. roLi,i:TT if- iin.Di.nv, Nov. Burliugton Mill To. N ATUIIE'S OliANI) RISTORAT1VK. Tin- va'rul le Veire'iille Medicine stand- unrivalled for ihe lullow iue complauit-, vt. : Dy-pep-ia, or ludi-ce-iiou, di-ci-ed Liver, bilifm nb -or leV-, Drop-y, A -I li ma, eo-tiveut: -, vv ornis ami lo-- of Appetue'. unit t v 'han-HllI the -lolll.leh .lll-l l.ow cure- pains m Iln- Mile, sii'iiiii.-ii "".I I eiiiits nn.l cou;ii i.t inna landme, Hoarscne-s, -hortne-s of 1 rc.rh, Nerv-oti. 'oniplaiut-,e'.e., which aie lii-'piently the e e-ctof'ilt--a-e-. Fe r Fevei and Apm , it i- a n.o-t va'ual.l pie- rcntlltive ns well as a soveri ign Icmcly, iinii-nriin-s iniv tliinir hcielofore known in lemoviu'r St. Vilus' Daiue, two 1 otile- have I ci n known to cere ihi-aillietinirdi-iMsi-, al'er having ladled every eer lion lorlbiir ji-ar-. Il ha-a most povveilul iiifhie-uee in reiiioving ticrvoii- ee iiipl.iiut-. It i- ple-a-ant Intake and -oca-y in it- operation, that it may I c administered to the infant with s jfeiy. The above 'Medicine is vciv (us lily reconimendcd ly many scientific ercntleuien, and ii laie-iiuuil er eif'ladte-, vi ho have pioved tin virn e- of the .Medicine I ypcr-onal i s'-rndihal ofiheii families. A 1 ill ol'i eriiiiea'e-accoinpar ic-each bottle, witbdueation-. It may I e had whole ide or re"ad ol Urrain, llarre. and .1. (.', Fai nam. 1 a-t U'llliam- iowii, Vt.sole propneti r.-. Prep.ire-d fiom ibeorietin al rueie ; fur sale I y I'.. II. Pieuti , Mon'iieber, and l'r.t K iI'Mu-Aii. B irlinzlon, and in ihi-,principal town- m Ike sinte;all urc-tiiiiis -igiieu in tlie tiaiul w rittiic ul iliepiopneior SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. 0 Q Till. TAYflOR'S H A Ii S A M O I-' h I V K 11 W O U T, Oli-erve when vou boy that von get the genuine, nrnpared at 375 Bowery, New York. See that 375 Bow-cry Now York is on the wrapper of each Bottle. All others are Fraud-and sold only by speculators, without rciat-d to u-lice, to the puh'lic,or the proprie tors ot tlio genuine article. FOR Consumption, and Liver complaints, Dyipcp sia, dizziness of thu head, loss of appetite,, and geneial n-gulatcrol the whole sv-teui. Ivoiie seuuine I ut that prepared at 375 Bowery, New York, where the article wasfirM made, thecha'r aeer of the ine heme formed and e-tablisheJ by the pre-ent -o'e proprietor, and whuare the only per-ons knowing the composition of the genuine. It has I een n-f'd sueee-sfiillv for eialit years in the cure of these d.sci-es. lC3l,l(eiiieinler the original nnd Genui.iu is math: only at No: 375 Bowery, New York. All others are counleifeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! As a ueuerul for-lho-e disease.. I am fdlv sati-fiid, from long cxperienec, tliei-u is no medicine equal lo Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. Being rue y ve'aeiatiie, it e-au 0011-01! will tne nlino-t safety y all pe.-ons m every eondilton. It elean-e. the lungs by expectoration, iclievcs dillicult brealbinsr, ami -eenis lo heal theche-t. There ean lenoque-tion u-ii mis mtjiiii-nic is ,1 ecnaiu cuie jur e nronic co-igns

and cold-. I have u-ed it four year- In my practice, and always vvi'hs 'cces.. A. F. ROCiF.KS, M. D. 1 icklmg tn the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor's lia'snm e.f Liverwort to be ae-eitatn reme'dy'for tlii-comp'laint, as I have u-ed it invsi'II nnd louuil Us e ,ees nn iiumi-ilmle. I was much troubled until I made ueofthi- medicine. M. L. III NSI1AW. 211 Mangin t. Hoar-cnes. Ciued Fortbecure of hoar.eness 1 e-an strongly nveoinmend Dr. Taylor's Bnl-atn cf Liv erwort. I have not oiilyli.und e'te-at lenclit my elf, but many of my ciiniri-egaiii n 1 y my ro-commenda-lion have renew I great I enelll ironi its virtue. It i- atiiiuo intlel ,e:lieaeioits and liarmle-s, llLV.AZ. LLWIS, Severe '.ough. and Colds I have had a mo-t se- Vine cold and eoiinh, for a long lime which 1 could not tret ridof. Al'eru-ing many iie'e-s things 1 tri eil Taylor's Bal-aui of Liverwort, and it cured me 111 a tew iltys. jas. li. lvi;ttlll.Mn;K. Rat-nig of lllooil About two weeks airo I bad a fall, wuch can-el me to spit large qualities of I I00.I win. Ii nothing co ml cure 1 1 11 1 1 1 I trii-il nr. laylor .-Bal-am of Liverwort. Tin- medicine trave tne imme diate relief and in .1 verv short time e lecte.1 an entire cure. Let all ner-on-trv it. IIL'OII IC OARVr.y,21 Cannon st. Dr. Taylor'- Bd.-am of Liverwort 'I his supenoi- remely lonli-ea - or Hie lung- ami liver has obtain ed a re inta-ion never I efoiceju.illed. Remarkable Cure of Consumption. . . . vva-so neir her ele.ith with tin- di-ea-e, that my friends -cut for a pr.e-t toi-onfe-s ine eie I die 1. He in hi- mi r.-y, told me not to give up until I tried Dr. Taylor'- lla'l-am of Liverwort. 1 stnt immediately forlhi- medicine, and although the coule-l for a fev'v itav's I etw t'.-ii tin - me ticine, aini my ill e-a-e was se vere , the medcinc eonqneie I, and in a fcriniebt 1 wa- te-ioielti health. 1 ha I a e-o igh, rai-in? ler, lo ol inv- voice. taiu-, wea'. ne.-, etc. 1 1 an ic ier to Doe'.fir W1I-1 u, in the Carlton Ilou-e, for the truth of my -la'emeiit. MARY DILL, 115 h -tre-etcor. Lew-ate ol lia -d-. i.t 3 I nvencc. Summer Complaint. The Bal-am ol Liverwort, 111 scvcial e-a-es eif tht-dt-ca-e. when all other reme he- annlied lv )hv-i- ciau- have proved iuetlcctual, has produced a petfcci cure Surprising Cure of Consumption Mr. II. el Delhi, N. Y., of a naturabv con. -uinpttve eon-titution, ha- I cen -aved from an un timi-ly end by the iee of Dr. Taylor'- B-il-am of Liv. ei-wi 'rt. A -evere cohl I rouirht ott an attack of Plt-u rev. andthu- elnlel ill iren.'r.ll Oel'illl V nnd eou-ullln lion. A e-i.nsianl cniL'h, heclie tlu-h, rr-l'e-s niht-, q ni''. puKe- an 1 emit. unci In-- of llesb. aueeteel a s, cely doaih ; but as -non a. I eommeiKe Nt he ice of tin- 1 al-.un 1 grew I e'.tcr, and is now lullv re-tored O IIC.lllll. Shorlness of llrcalh. I-..r tin. di-ea-e. have al W.-1V-. (ll'lllrl Dr. T.ivlnr'. Ilal-atn of Liverwort an execlleut reine ly. It'i- ji i.iko -o -nleaii'l -o e'lv-iKr, that I alwav-u-e it 111 my pinctice, and ieveoniii,end il to mv friend-. I nave 11-01 it 111 some hundred- 1 r 1-a-e-A.vilbin the pa lour v car-, nnu 1 nave- never nail it tail, in manv e-a-cs ol a-thuia, 1 lullv lelieveillo have I ecu the lilcails 01 saving pleciou- live-. Let all n-e it. lil.WKlii: .1 . ' . .11. ) None ce'iinino but that prepare I at 375. owery. New York as will I e -ecu I y the la' cl- and wr.ui. tier- ol each buttle. Be sure you Ii ok w hen you buy lie mi line can alw nv- le obtained oftho O d Aeeul-, Me sr-. -N. Line'v ,V Co.. now Lovely .V Sm mo ir Dr. .viooely an 1 l'e, it Suear. Chemi-1 111 1 Drigiri t-. B iilmiou S. II. Birne.. Charloiie 11 nil 1111 lino 1-, jr. uicnmoiu' Hen. .Vvirs x. l e). Milton A. ii. W. Brown, Ciand I-le W. II. Iv'eeler, oulli llciii iinrace W.vl-uorih. North Here .et . Dim-, AH iirgh F. it L. O.cnj, Wet Albnrgh 1). &. . earpi-nicr, vv aieri-ury. r it 1 1 FA7ENT PLATFOnM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS articloU too well known to need commen dation ami tbn evnr.ris 111 s.r rvrri ...ftr3 l,na demonstrated to tlie commercial community, that for nccurucy. convenie-nce and durability, they are unrivalled Coal v-nrd scales tn vvpiidi from '.I to G tons. Dormant Warehouse do. to vvenr 1 from 1-2 I). to 5000 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1 1 oz. to 200 His. Portable Counter do a new article to weifh irum 1-4 oz. to 1U IDS. J. & . H. Peck & Co. Agents, Burlington, April 9 IS II. I IJAM'.I. !.'.- a'tUMALH DI T1 1-.K.-5. may 0 - n-ed In incor wa'er. The-ocelcl ra'edlutlers arecompo-i-d purely of Veso able- of the most inno cent vet sneeibc viriue-. Tliev are recommended par lieularly for rc-torim.' weak e-ou-tttiifions, and slrentrlheuing the stomach, and increasing the appeltte al-o a preventative airam-t tnei noicra mor bu-. fever and aiue. reinovinir nausea, vomiiniff heart biirnmc, vv-oakne-s in the' brea-l, pain in the stomach and other symptoms of flatulence and md'se lion. One box will tincture one gallon. Price 25 ets a bov. ltcssr.LL's Itch Ointment. This choice and safe ointment i-said to I e superior to any now 111 tee, for that di-nsreeable and loath. ome d sea e, lite I'l I'll Tlii-Ointment I--o ecartam in Its operation that no per-on tlo'tl led with tlie al five ut-oiiter o isrht 10 1 without it. It is a remedy lor cutaneous eruption scorbutic n'ks-tion of Ihe head, or any othcrl real.iu out vvht'-h nn-c-i from sharp lniiuors in the blood. Price 25 el-, a I ox. Itti eilS Vegetable Dili iocs Pi.i.s, or family phjuc, lor seneral use, in ea-e. of .I.iiiudii e, niorl id seu-il tlity ol'llie -totnach nn I bowel-, lo of appetite, bend I re'alh, co.-nvVne-, Pile-, and all di-ease- ari mg from biliary iler.inacinent', al-o l"ir coriecimg the slate of the 1 loo I, and clean-mi the sy-iein ol foul and yi-cid humour. Tlie-e pill ate a mild ca tharn'e, proJuciug neither pain- nor ci-ipinir, and are therefore a yalual le auet highly approvcil iiieuieine. and are pronoumcd nsueh 1 y the mot ditinguibeil nhv-ician-. F.ich box c-oiifaiuing 38 Pill. Price 4 es. a I o Hu--cll's celebrated Salt Riiccm Ointment. 1 hi- iiii.i.n..,innnl II- the I ! nllil .tlti'vl 1,-llieily I'lrrll." leie-d to the 11 lilie fur that ol di-onlcr SALT lilll-.l'.M. Wiu'ie other mean have lailel, il has sue- eded, and the fad that it has 1 een -xieu-tve'y 11-ed y eminent I'ra'-tiiioner. .-peaus volume 111 u prai-e-. is equally e.ncaeio 1- in an ui-e-a-e- 01 ihc-mh, nli! lie- nl. nn-' worm-, and tie m-M invcten'e Itch, ee Nuincro-i- i-ertilica e- nn'ht le ol'tainel, ut the tironritor choo-c- that a fair trial -ho ild I e the mill- eel teni-e oflt- s.merioi'C licacv. Price 50' cut ox. I-or -ale t v I'icK i- .--pear aim not en .mni'iv, iiliuit'in: IV. L. Mile-, and 11 ill f Ce ol., II uie- iiirgh; S. II. Dime , Charlotte; L.Jane-, (Icn-ia; L. Tyler, Lex ; h.ilbr it Hi nlm?ton, lliclinioml Al-o, Iv the druffststs and n.erehaut generally hrouuhoiil the lnte. o2 Utr eie. TD S T rr.-eived, a supply ot Marsh's celel rated Tnis e-, of every ile-cription, for ,n'e l.y ihe dozen orsinelc, Nov. 1. PF.CK .tSPIUH. IO2- I'nis-es uccirati-lv appli e'dl'tee ol i baige-. DUULINGTON CHAIR FACTORY Ct I.. NLLSO.N, continues the ' . business of maniifactunnn Chairs nt the old s'and, of the fol lowing descriptions: Cuil Maple (ireciaii, Cane Seal, Common Cane and Flag Sent, Large and Small Raised Scat Rockinr-, tlo do Coni nion do. Common Dining, ivic. &c. All of which are vvairantcd a first rate nrticlo nnd vv ill bo sold at prices io corn sponu wun the tunes. FEATHERS, A NO FF.ATIIlUt RF.DS, RIUDV MADIC. Constantly on hand, a supply of wafrnnttd Live Grepse FtaltierB, wbicli will lie sold low for cash. WANTF.I), by the subscriber, Curl and Birds l-!ye Mnple, de-livcrcd at his sboti in Church street, opposite thiiold Bank. C. L. NFLON Saws. T) OWLANIVS (Ifrinan Steal saw mill saws, man iiuficlurid to order nnd fitted for the sawing of hemlock, spruce, pine, nnd every description of hatd timber, fi, (li and 7 fe 'I. A1J English Casi-stcel cross cut sivvs, lino iv. t .o.'a do circiilai do from 10 tn 20 inches, and manufactured fonhe Irndein this vicinity, I- or sale ai me vv nan, nv Nov. 29 FOLLinTii. BRADLEY QPIItl'I'S, 10 Hlids.N, i:. Hum, 3 St. Croixdo. ' 3 Bran ly, 3 Gin, for sale by ! May, 18U. s, walk. NOI'ICF, '1 O M 1RCI1ANTS, That liny Ciorl.ery class Ware. FAR II A II WAIT V UIMIT give nonce to nierchaills in Ihe adioinmg C ctntie. that they bavetlieir spring stock of Crockery in store and are now rcaly lo supply il.eir orders for ns-uncd Crute lo any iiiuo.ini packi-liu 'he uio-t wnrkmanlike man ner iilNo v York and Bo-ton prifff, wbuh will lo manifestly a saving thai! I hat buy of us. All or ders promptly exci-uteil nt llieir store, Cornor Chiireh nut uoiicge stree-l-, iiurnngion. FARRAR, WAIT .y ROOT, Inipoiiers and Wholesale anil Retail Dcalcrsln GROGKERV, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Keep constant ly on hitiu a large as.-ori- mcnt of Din ner Sets com plele', Willi soup and sauce Tu reens, Butler Bunts, Sa ad row red Dishes Platlirs. I'lelul I'lslie ami Cusiaid Cups ol Blue, Pink, W Into, .Mihn and Bourbon sprig'd ware, with Tcu acts to niatcli each ; a great var.eiy of Toilet tela and nil qualt ies ol coniinun ware usually vviinted lor lannlv use. all of winch will be sold cheap at wholesale or retail at tnetr More, corner ot utiuicli anJ w.oiie-ge slreets. Bjiluigtoti, J mi. 31, Ibii. 13. L. PARK HI gives notice that he continues to carry on the bust ness as usual of nianufact ring btope waie ol a superior quality in all iis varieties and will at nil times be. in tend- .Ljjfa. .j n i r-r'T mess to supply uieiclinitsou the most reosonal lo teiins, all ntders ptumpt.y atttiided to alius l aetory, Peail bircet, Biiiliiiglon. Jan. 31, lbl-' C- 'J titll " (7 LASS WARE, Or all descriptions constantly on hand ; a full as sortment "of Tumblers, obiiii. pressed. Ground, star bottom nnd cut ch s Wines; Jellies, Lcinouide and Lgg -dassesi La'mps of all ijescripliQiiii Lamp g nssa-, UcK-aiiteis, water Holllis, t-pcrie jais, vill ous sires: Preserve Dishes, rut class Cii tard Bowls, Pitchers Salts, Castor Boltlrs, Revolving Casmrs und cut glass Lamps, for fide (cheap of d urse) at the new Crockay and Ulass ware iiouse oi PAHRAR, WAIT t ROOT, Burllncton, Jan. 31, BYl. CO PAR T.XERSI1IP. TTI'.VIIY II. llOSTU'ltK fi T. P. & W, L. LXStrnng bavinp conncitcd their Tin Shops, vvilldo business in that line under tlio nnine of II. H, Host vvio'. it C . al the shop occupied by said Bostwicli, where may be found n full and complete ns-nrtinent of TIN WARF., inniiiifuctiiied extnessly fur there tail iraue, together Willi copper nun stint iron vvmli, Slovn Pipe, S ovo Trunumif'S, eVe. All Kin 's of Job woik furnished at short notice. Pave troth and co . eluctnr pipe furnished und put up, Copper pumps and lead ptpo furnished and set if leuuire-i I. Those who -rvnii'H . t.r .1? Me II I. V .1 f ' I- illi 1fi'ntrr! (Iv. ' nntroni2l- ibis lirimch i,F lini.inei.M slinll nt elus .linn IJ .... ft ........ ....,..', ...... .S II . , I ....... U ..HV DI.U',I ens, a convenient and economical article for cook- J I e quickly and well served, for a reasonable cilmpan ! my, in warm weather, for sale bv 'eation. 1MI. BOfjTWICI. vV-Co. Apr. U. II. II, UOSTWICK A Co- Jiurltpjton, Arr 10, 1BI?. o O I NEW GOODS THE Sul -cri' tr- have tii-t re eivll.irjfa.l luton to iho'r s'ea k i f Sa Idlery, Coach aiidiShe-'f Hardware in all Its vane ies. 1 LSI) Drugs, Meshcmes, Paints,,Hi-.ili. e of nil kind-, Joiners' Tool-, eVe. etc. HAllARet AUTHini, Atthe oldStiuid, Sign ollhe Padlock, cornrr of Church and OollcfBtrtets To Itlael.suiltlis lllosbiirgli Coal. nillE subscribers have just received forty tons of 1 Uhluri'h Coul, vi h cli for Smith's use is uusiir- passed hyniiy ol Ihonnncrnl coals, and wliereknown has taken '.he place ol eh ircoal. Igniting easily nnd ourning ireuy, ii is nigtiiv icconnuendcil lor crate: nnu ilomcstic use. I OLLI. l'T K IIUADLKV. Halninn. Qfl BBLS. nnd .0 I .... f do. Nnrih Shore Hudson fjyj ll-iy fialnion, for silu hv Dec. 1, 131 1. POLLF.TT & BRADLEV . -Sherl Iron. 1 f BACKS R'i-ia Iron, a i rted Nos. J J 50 B tu lle Eng. and A neii -an lron,ass'd Nos, o ioe .dliai a l' a e lor .-a'e t v Nov.30. 1611. VILAS, LOOMIS &. Co. 1'Tuuuelsa 1CASE V.'bitc and lobne-J Flaunt-., 20 piece-s liuuie'dSali-biiry tlo. 11)0 " scarlet dome-no do. Ju t leiei il and for stile I V Nov.t. ISI1 VILAS, LOOMIS A; Co. V'hile I.rad. T TONS " Welherell" Dry While I.rad. J 5 do No 1 nnd Extra do elo in packages from 100 to :iuu pnuiius. 2Tcnsl'.tri O round in Oil, in Keirs of 2 and 51 piunds, for sale nt .Manufacturers' priffs nnd Ireiglit, by ,ov, VJ. ! OLl.c rr a)- llltADLKV (CA ttl.. Bathei's Cm, JJ 50 do American BrnnHv, For salts by POL LETT & BRADLEV, Old Dock, Burlington. Silks. ICAF. Pongee Silks, S'i Piecesjdack, blue black and figured do 20 lbs. It'alian sewing, 25 " India do 10 " Black nnd colored Twist, Nov. 30, 1611. For sa'e by VILAS, LOOMIS .t Co Ostrrv, M DRILLED Eyed Needles, OeJU 200 Gross Hooks and Eyes. 100 do. Knitting Pins, G Cases London and American He. 50 lbs. do. Just irccived.and lor sale by Nov. 30, 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS V CO. OILS. eRff CAES. Pure Winter and Fall Sperm Oil U V I- w;orn rf Wlnhj blca. hrd and unhleaclittl, s0 Bbls, American Linseed, bv 30th Dec, 1S11. J. & J. H. PECIC'A- Co. GLASS. 1 Z.(f BOXES Burlington, Vermont, and ItUV r.wrt C)linderf.lsss, 3UU do Keilluru, barnnne, anil I Union crown eto liy J. - j. u. ri.OK iv. uo, 30 Dec. 1811. Agents lafhlgh ' oal. '11 JTUrt TONS Lehigh rnkid, CoarsoCoal, houw 'v-'vs?nnd kept from the weather, for salrbv Nov. .'1. POLL LIT BHAniaEV. 1 t flBLS. rowdered. I J 10 d.) Clashed, Sugars. 10 Uo.vc9 double I.oaf, 12 do Philadelphia Lump, 12 do NVvv York do of superior quality, for sale bv At Ihe Wharf, FOLl.LTT vt BRA DLEV 'PUB Burlington Brewery i now X in full opeiution, und lleero ihe very besi nttaliiy is krpt con stantly on hand for sale in whole ot half barrels 0 PETERSON CONWAY MKDIChNliS. THE Sub-enter W. L. KIDDI.Ii. gives notice thai ho ha sucte--! ihe lale T. KnJdcr In iho preparation of the well knuwn (,'onvvat iVediciNEs, and will heicaficr give partrailar atteniiiiii to tha pretiaration of the foilnwitig article-, the long es tablished cokbllty of vvhii h, preclude, the tieuiasiiy of a iC'P'iblicatton of the numerous c-ertlfn.atei in the bands of the proprietor. Moct. .Icbli's Hlicumatlc Ialtiluient. lor, Brit-e-. Siiram. Numbnes--. Chilblain-, S'iincs. in the join's, &C, vvili nll'oril the most imexpee'cd ii'nd immediate relief in the most obstinate ease, cf llhc iinatisin, in a few houfi ; this article is openly recommended by Pliyician. Tbn Liniment is done up in enlarged bottles. Price 37t cents. Dumfries' Itch Ointment-. The extensive -ale nnd established reiiutnlion cJ Dt-.Mriitc' Itch OiNT.Mr.vr, encourages the pro prietor to recommend it io tl,tj -pul lie with renewed i-onhdtnce, as the mo-t innocent and powerful rem ::Jy lor this annoying diea e; it contains no mer-t-u'ry. or any other daiiffero ts ineredient. and can I e applied at all times with tiorleet talety. Priu 25 cents a Box Remedy for the I'llr;. The foncurring ti-tniiony of relieye-1 patient, Irotn all ri'iaricr-, teslifyiuer to theenie e eeled ly the me heme after oil other had fa )!, together with the increasing demand for the anb le from all part of Ihe country, prove it to I e one of the mo-t valuable) spejilie I now n forthi troul le-ome conaplaiiit, fCPA Clergyman wrile. Bo-ton, Fclruarv 13, 18-11. I have made trial of Dumfries' Pile I'lf.-ciuary and found it produeed a -nluinry luflucnee almost imtne dutely, and conlii'cntly lelieve it an e eclual remedy l"r thai micomfortal e and del ilitming complaint, lliitiiouit, Ins tnd icu I me H recoHimen I it to per-ons thus allhcli'd, and o 1 shall e-onnniie to do. Your re pei-tlully, J. S. The reme ly eon-i-ls of nil Ointment and Electuary. Price for 1 oth 75 icn's, or 37 J cenl when but ono li wanted, acce'liipanie.l vcitli p am and amp.'a diroi lious with a ile eription ( f the complaint-. Dumfries' Ujc Water. For sore or inttamid cyrs, nothing known give s'i'-h immediate and comfortable lelicf, and in some exceedingly bad cases the iiv-sl unexpecte-d and dt -n-.i! le rei.el ha-been fo ind in the u-u ot th w l'-V water, after other remedies had failed. Person who nave ti-ed it, prono'iuee it witiiutit ne-itaiiim ttieie-t pirpa rat ion for sore, tceaU, or ipjlamed eyes, thef have ever met with. Pnee 25 cent- a bottle. CL'RI2 FOR CORNS. Albion Corn Plaster. The mo-t -ale and spec ly cure lor Corns yet dls- overel ; tlie re let is imiuedia'o. H di--olvts ana remove- theenrn foul the fool with case and ei;ieeli- iuii and mlhout the least nam. Price io cents a Hi x. r nil and amtile direction-, accomtiany each of tha al ove artiele-. N. II. None of the above article, will le genuine ulc-s -lane'.! W. L. Kid ter on the o I'-n'e wrapper. For sa'e a- hi Co oiling Room, iO Sta'o Sited, up S.air-, ci rner of Mer han'- Row, Bo-'on. Al-o Ly Mr.s,i.s. PICK et SPl.Alt, B ir'uigton, Vt. A ii' eral i'i e.i ut a inw-e-d to dealer-. D' ISI'.ASI.S OP Till: l, the inii-t i'iiul ii i eiiii-ilv e I r knuw u lu A uifi ica etable Putmonurti Ualsam i. the uiuiai vaiiMhle cni-d nine oi use I. i ciu'yll,, .,-lliu.a oi ) Intilslc coil-iinipiiiMl. w liniipni rniijjli .mil piiiinoniiv all clleii Irisn khiil. Ils .a'e is (Uctililv nicicirine rfinl in liiieuiis kip cnti.i.iinte .eceiving he iiiu-l l.ivoisbte ticiiiinl iif on t fTerls. 'I lie fiiltuwllig new Cei I llie.iles ii nlfi'it d In, iiutibc es.iiiiiisiiiiii. A Is rKut.siiso Cass- Exiraci ofa letter finin Mr C S C!.iv . Kiii.-iiiii, II'm.., cu., IN Y. tu ihe iir-.iui-.lnir, i 1 iiiiiii ill ihe fl'h ui.l. mi. atari ticil lein ii kalile cine ivar I'lli-l'ieil liv Ihe V e, l id nunatv Bal-.nn in ihe i unci .mil -pi int ul Ibli.'i, 'I h pisini, Mr. ttiiudi , bad been sii k a lnn! nine will he ciiiisiuiiiiiiiin. III. ihv"-ict'n- tiveu linn to lie was i cihu-f-il aau luiv rfs in he unable In bi-tp him-ell and u.iia iHi-in? a l.n!e niMiililv of blmid wbs-ii he nillinoill-a d Usui', ihe It, i. .nil, whilll has effecleil la cuinph-le cine, nnd lie I null ar liiteHiid he.tilv svpi lie i, a.. Mr, luuifv h.i. , emma il f, uin i Ins nm u ml he bis iircin'sed me a iiiiiip iletaib d ici-iniiM of h rf-p. which I ill I'm w .ird leu. C. S CLY. KnntS'l'll, l, Y Jump 2.J 1S"8. Exli-lcl nf ., tellei finin Di'ob MPf. 'II 'ij.-lilite I'lihuiiii.H v B-il-ain ha- bpa-n sutil in iht "iinu loi iwiive.lts, aiul the me licine ha sained an iiiiciunillii'i teti lullv, lui H .caiccli lu cap lii-l.lne iltpil nt h av tlii. Ihe ile-oeii e-ffcci I am bj mi iiipmm. iifiviit iifihe mini iHi-tiiiins, iiinrtiil ivhnh hip ini iu-iIiiiii. iipnn a ci piIu lutis iildic, bin ill. n ivhnh I iiiuw bv ii-i lu bp pfl'i-c'ii ik. I ramiiii help bin mv in. ai-piiib itinii llipfp'o. A i nuliiei fi'il ii'Pt'.ti rtiiuii h is heeii ntfeipil Iii-ip b aliavlbnig Anent, uf ( ?uuisiik k. .. t . anilthpiPi. .uioilir, .irnrle vended heie Ihai i- iremgl) siispecied lu be -pin lens Jacob Mv frs, M. D. M ifil in It ' ui , Juniata Co I'phii, 3. 1S.17 Finin Dr. S.ui'iipI Mm i ell, tu I he I'iiiiii ipini s nf ihe Vpup lahlp PiihneiMrv Bilrliit. I am satisfied ihal Ihe Ve Pl.tblp Piiliil'HM.i v ih ivalmbe inrdi-ciiie i b is been uspil in iln- place w ilh ciiinpleie suf re-s in 11 llllst III lie Ciltllpbl'lll til lIlP I a 1 1 a. a .llll'll'tisl Willi II rveie l-iiiih, Ina-nf vitiee. amlilip l.ilsiii" uf lunch hluiid, i'f v i.uisli le-i-tcd iii.ih. appinveil pies, i ipliuns. Afipr n-inii ihe one weik.tbp p itieiii '. voice iciiii lied .mil he u us. i Ide in sj.p ik .mdi ii y, I'll Ir. ease ni-i-iined silllip tilllP sllire, and (lie nan is iluiv Pil-ia-teil not only in artnp hut lalniilou. Iillslliesii. Berppcilnltv . kc. S Moniirl.l.. Ii i. iiiiw iiiiiip iliaii si vcirs siucp I biou-jlu ipiv hue In ail .a lien ion nl Iln- liinj;., ml mi i-miip'.iiui as dcclai cd tn bp iili-iu .ili'e b a ciunicil of ihlpp phi ricians. i iia,i4 Iheu tP-liiipfl 10 .irjun I hi'allli a- 1 tiait piliOcdf"r man) vp.iis, hi u-iiij ihe Vpgpialilp Pn' inniiHv Bsls.iin, Since uu refiner) I have ipcoin meiult'il llip BiIshiii in atjiPal in.ini nf 'ung iiiutibaliilH, and n far .a. I can ta-ain. lis use li i- in vaii.ilil) bppn fiilliiie pit bv nnu b hpiietii, and in manv tiisunri s it ha. ellVi-ieel chips lorh u pip hid v unev. ppcild. Sambm. Evkkht. li'is- on, nairii le.w Fnr .alp, uboler-ale and retail, bv PECK & SPER,Bnrliiit!inii, Vt. ., irt-1"'- FOR a ALU. HT talis and commodious two stt ry Hiicl; Dvvelug House Si Iiot situated on the west side of College greed atthe head of CollcT0.street. in this vil- agi. 1 ho llousi-. is3. by 1j, with a basement story, with Ki chen an I Provision cellars, and a vving32 by 05. e McnJiinr nottb on O , I lege Green, with wood and tore ho'i-e below, and cli.unl er- and -lcepin rooms i' ove. A t.trire anJ couimodio l- Barn, carriage house i-e liou-e, and i.'bcr ii'il-boti-e-, inula snaeiou yard wct of tbedwe!lmiri.i t-e, and a irood duralle well or wa er of the 1 est iptality in the village, an 1 a brn' e-pterii. une anu a quarter acre-ot land, ol tlie Iir.-t. q ualitv j a laree garden and fruit tree west of the In ii e and j ard. 'I he II nldiiii aiecon-tructc-l in modern style, ol the I e-t ma'cria1 nnd workinniilup, wereeicc'lol hv ihe -ub-cril cr for In-own u-e, and the lo -anon afford- a ve'rv ceten-ive and plea-ant pro-puct of the vill.iu'e an 1 la e on the We-t and t not siirpas-ed by any oilier in thi- part of the country. A so for sale a lot i-oniaiiiiniranacrc ofland direct ly oppo-i'c tlie ahove lot with a siuallconvententwood dwellunr liou-e tba-reon. P. r.ha-er- are mvi'el to call and exminefor lliem-si-Ive Terms niadeknowii by die su' s'-ril er on tha pr.-mi e-. 6'A.MF'EL RLE 1 1. B rlmgtcn J me, 1C, 15-10. "' n2 s-hcetlngs. BALES of heavy slue tngsof different qualities, Jvyhave nisi been received and ate o Aired for sale at Manufacturers' pricisto Merchants and others, who are invited to call and examine the stock before purchasing elsewhere, under Ihe belief that the exam ination will prove advannpeous t" them. liy I UlaL.l.1 A sV Dll.VUl.l.l , Nov, 29. at the Wharf A HEAVY nssoi'ment of Slek-li nnd Cutter shoes. WroiiehtNnds. Crow Bars, etc, tut received and offend low by Nov. 23. FOLLETTiV BRADLEY. TO YOUNG HOUSE-KEEPERS. FARRAR, WAIT it HOOT, KEEP constantly on hand 3 full assortment of elegant Tea Sets, of Oold I and China, Hold band Tea Plate's, flolel sprtg'd do. (.old edge nnd line do. Extra wide yoltl band elo, Oold rdge,lineit sprig'd do Ould edge and line do. Gold limit Preserve and White and sprig'd do. Cup plnle-s. White China Breakfast nnd Tea Pl ites, Pitchers, Bowls, Butter Stands -vml Nnrse Lamps, with unill Ten Pots attached, China Inkstands, a very prttty niliele for ptesents for al cheap nt the Crockery Store, corner of Church and College streota.. Builington, Jan. 31, 16-12. NEW BOOKS. V . A . II R A JI A N HA S received die pie ent week, lie following work, in adi'i'icn lo hi ex'enstve assortment, whi h he o'r" fir snlevrrj low f f cash. Robm.r.n'- Pale-tine, Mrs. A'hms Ul,er, RonaliV. Jacqee-e, Whe'n,'y'- CciTiend, laforf Rii-liard Cirur i'e Lirn, Ianngirllnvr' Bi'la I , Barna''V R idge- , Ben Jrhn'on, London exl. Ca'Iin's IndtOLS, 1 "nehani's Viewcf Coneregaticnalism, L'el ig's Agricultural Chem-'ry, Mrs. Smi'h'- Memoir-, Pre ik-nt' Me.-sages, F.lerle'. Pracfce, Ooleridt-eV Work--, Charles O'Maley, Truml i ll's He-minis cnce.-, Plutarch'. Live-, Raird'. Tinvels, U'trnl Life of Englnnd, Life of Will ertoree, Cess' France, Camp! ell'. Poftical Workt, BrnniV PiMn, Hitchcoek's Geoli'gy, Lite of Newton, Life of Bishop CraV, Sodtlwys Pcetieal Work., Up' har 'is Sr-an, h Fallal" Apr 7 Alfrril Daj'-i Rsfatr. ST TE OF VI RMONT, The Hon, the Probato District ol Chittenih n, s. I Court fur the 1 istrict of Chittenden : To nil persuvi concerned in lliecstate of Alfied Day, lalo of liuthnglon, tu said Dj-nict, deciased, Urcetinz. Wheteas, Win. B. Mun'on, Administrator ol the cstitu of sal ' deci ascd, propos, s lo under nn account of Ins adii'iiustnl on, and jiicscni lus account against slid i state fur ea initiation and a How a nee at a sos ion of the Court of Piobite', to chaldm nt die Register's "(Ticc in Bur imuioii in sod dis net, on the second We Ine sday of June ru.vt. Therefore, Yottnir here' y notified to appear before said court at the tune and place afotesatd, and show caiise, if any vou have, why the account aforesaid should not ' e allov fd. Oiveu under mv band nt Burlington, this fourth day of May, A.D'. 1EI2. W.m. WESTON, Register. COMMISSION EI! &' NOTICF. TTE the suhscribeis, havine been appointed, by i the Horn rnble the Probate Court for the Dis trict of Chit lendi-n, contniissi nieis to receive, examine an I ndiiist the claims nnd dimnnds of all persons, ngaiiisi the estate of Phil-p Wa'ker, late of Wilbston, in said Disinct, decca-i--V-,ii'ii'cseiilrd insolvent, and also a I e nuns and deuuigls exhibited inoflset there to ; an I six moil hs (", h- day of the dute hereof, being nllowrd by said Court for that ptnpose, we do I'leicf'Tcli rebygive notice, that wo V ill attend lei the b siness of our npnomtment, at the dwelling of ''le wulivv of t'e ilicea.rd, in Willis'on. ill said D.-tit'-i, on the 15th dayif August nc.M, at lOoMock, . M., of said day. Dated t'-is 15th dav of April, A. D. 1312. H.I. NICHOLS, ; JONAS fi. CHI ITENDEN, Commts'ra. ER.SMUS CHAPIN, ) CHARIiOT'lT. S. 1'I.ATT'S FaSTATH. Si VTE OF VERMONT, JTiinl persons interested D s ucl of t Intien len, ss 1 in the estate of I harlotta S. Putt, lato of 31.ll n, tn sa-d District, deceased, testate, sterling, Lemuel B. Pint, nnd George K. 'hit, I Xfcutois of die last ill and Testameilt of tha t aid Charlotte S. P ntt, ib eased, having lilesl in said Court their petition in uri'msr, felling foith that thi said Charlotte . died tei7ed of fifty acres of laud situate in said Milton, being a pnit of the Hull farm, so called, and be ng ihe time land set out to the said Charlotlu S. by a eommit'ee appointed by said Pro bate Court lo make partition of the estate of Lemuel II. Piatt, lale of s-ud Mtllnn, elrce-aseil, among ths heirs nf the said Lemuel B., de eased, an ihe said Charlotte's. purti n of the red estate of the said Lemuel B , deceased! that the debts allowed I y the Commissioners upon the estate of ihe said Charlotte S. acninst her estale nic S", j thnt the amount of the personal estate is 8101 09, as appears by the inventory ihereol, filed in said Probate Coin, that the said Chnrlotte is, did, in nnd bv her ja t Wul and Teslatneut, gtvoand hequcaih to'eertain legatees iri said will mentioned, fashionable an expensive mourn ing ring, and, lo ccilain other legatees, keepsakes, in be proi-uii-d hv her s-nd Executors i that it i ne cessary to sell a part of the said fifty ncres of Istid for the purposeof naving theriebts agtiinst said estate, the expenses of adn-tnistration, and for the procuring; of the speeifie W'ici. . niorrsaid t that the land afore said is sn situated, and is in such fotni, that a part of it cannot he old without piiury tn those interested m the renviindr. nnd that a sale eif the whoie fity acres would be beiicGnal to nil persons interested in said land, nnd in tho estate of t'u sad Charlotte S de-co-.sed, and praying said Cmirl to licene the said Executors to sell al1 of said fifty acres or land, agree ahlv to the statute in such esse ma V and proi-idcd. Where upon, the ( ourt nf..te-e,d doth appoint the 23rd day of 3h), 15.2, for henrint nnd deciding on said pe-ition, at the nfil.-n of thu Register of said Court in Burhneton, in si il District, and doth order that all persons interested 'motif1 theirofhy pub lication of llusordi r, containing the substance nt fnid petition, three weeks nicccsvively in the H rlington Frew Press a newspaper printed i Burlington, m the o try of Clilltenifcn. the last of which p hhcationsto be previous to said 23rd day of 3Iav, IS12. Given under mv hand at said liuil.ngton, this Ind day of May, 1612. WILLIAM WESTON, Register. CARPET1NGS. OUPFRFINE, fine and common Wool Carpets, J Flg'd and plain Venetian stair do. llemr Cirpeunp, 4 i tnd (5 1 Canton 3Ulrin? as chop as the cheapest, br l W C-J'J.l,