Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 20, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 20, 1842 Page 3
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Tlie BOUNDARY QUESTION. Mr. Webster's official letter to the Cover nors of Massachusetts and Maine, in relation to the settlement of the boundary question, lias ap. peared in tlio Washington papers. The fol lowing extracts embrace the most important portipns of it " I have now to inform your Excellency that Lord teliburton, a Minister Plenipotentiary and Special, has arrived attho scat of Government of the United States, charged with full powers from his sovereign to negotiate and settlo the eliflbrcnt matters in discussion between the two Govern-. mcnte. I have further to state to you that ho has officially announced to this Department that in regard to the boundary question, ho has au thority to treat for a conventional line, or lino by agreement, on such terms and conditions and Willi sucn muuiai consiucraiiuus aim uquu,uuiun as may be thought just and cqtiitiblc ; and that lie is ready to cnier upon a i. conventional lino so toon . shall say that it is autho part, to commence such m "The President prop crnmenl's of Maine an ' -severally appoint a coniin - -ors. emnmvcrcd to confer of this Government upon a conventional line, or line by agreement, with its term!1, conditions, considerations, and equivalents, with an under standing that no such lino will bo agreed upon, without the assent of such commissioners. This mode of proceeding, or homo other which shall express assont beforehand, seems indespunsa ble, if any negotiation for a conventional lino is to be had, since if happily a treaty should be the result of the negotiation, it can only bo submit, to the senate of the United States for ratification." latinn lor sum Government i ready, on its i " . i , it the Gov. m sotts should i orcommiss on the authoiitius RHODE ISL.IXD A1TAIUS. Letters from Washington say that the Presi dent ha? instituted a Commission to settle the Rhode Island question, and that two members of his Cabinet probably Mr. Webster or Mr. Spencer, and Mr. Upshur are to go to Rhode Island. There are to be three Commissioners of the SulFrage party, and three of the Charter Government. If life State Commissioners do not gree, the two members of the Cabinet, representing on their part the Federal Govern nient, are to be the Umpires. This proposition has been acceded to by the Rhode Island mem bers and by the Sullhigo commissioners, it is said. All the Revolutionary Party now ask lor it is added, is the Constitutional Party call a Convention to frame a Constitution, allowing persons to vote for members of the Convention without a property qualification. Governor Dorr and Dutcc.1. Pearcc return ed last mghtfrom Washington, and now stop at Howard's Hotel. They confirm those state ments, we understand. If all these statements turn out true, the Rov olutisn is over, and reform will be obtained "ac cording to law." X. Y. Express. eternal day." "Did yon see God 1" "Yes." "What kind of a looking Itcing is Hoi" "1 cannot describe Him, Ho was to glorious." "Was He sitting or standing 1" "Standing."--Hero the clergyman raisod his oyos to the coiling, and waving his hand, in a deep tremu lous voico said, "Seel: fo know no more ! Heav en will not bo trifled with I" The lady, how ever, after a momentary pause, resumed her in quiries. "Who did you see there besides God!" ".Myriads of angels and spirits of saints, all young and beautiful." "Did they ask you any ques tions 1" "Yes : they asked ino if 1 was fond of music, and I told them I was ; well, said they, you shall have plenty of it-hcie, but you must first go back and como to us through the grave. They then took mo fo the grave, but I did not feel frightened ; and they told mo I must now go back, and I began tn crv bitterly." "Did you sec any person f hero w horn you know fo bo wicked wh le on the earth 1" j Hero she fa', torcd a little. "1 do not iccollcrt, but I think not." What did they say fo you when they sent you back 1" "They fold mo that they would call again for mo at twelve o'clock and then they would toll mo when I was to como homo ; 1 hopo they will let mu live to toll all that I have seen." Tho dialoguo was brought to a cl )sc I y I lie interference of the clergyman, who appeareil deeply interested. At twelve o'clock, she again foil into a trance, from which she had not awoke at last accounts. She ex perienced religion a few weeks since, was hap. lized and admitted ns a member of the church. She is said to bo very pious. . I'usl. Alexander Powell, who was appointed to a consulate) in South America, but who suddenly declined acting in the olIicc,nn account of certain grave charges made in tlio public papers, and by public rumor, against his character, occupies i early five columns in the Madisonian, in refu ting such of the charges as ho can find assum ing a tangible shape. He denies that any man ever charged mm with Eottmglire to tlio Treas ury building before his nomination ; bo declares that lie novor was a gambler; ami chiefly, ho declares that ho never had any connexion with Col. Edwards, now in prison, charged with ox tonsive forgeries and other frauds; and lie ad duces numerous certificates of well known in dividuals setting forth their belief in the correct ness of his conduct. lioston I'usl. FRANKLIN HOTEL. All. lllrtllOl respectfully informs the public tint I io litis ( tlio nhovo establishment, situated on Ibo south-west corner of Court House Square, lturhngten, Vt., which is now in excellent repair nnd well furnished for llio accominodntion of the public. This Ilnii-o posscscs from its cnimnimling situa lion nnd liioxiuiily In tho scat of business, ndvniitngcs for llio traveller and man of leisure, mid is well cal culated for tlio accommodation of permanent boaul crs, a id fer strangers passing through or visiting tho place. Tin1 Taiues nro supplied with n 1 tlio hmtrics nnd varieties oftlio season, nnd llio IIab inconstantly filled with Ihc best of Wisr.s and'on, Mr H. Ihtlcrs himself that by a strict attention to tno wants nnd necessities of tlio public, ho rlinll be able lo merit nnd iiecivon liberal share nf patronage. N. II. An excellent LIVLRY STAIIl.H is also kept at Ibis House, where horses and carriages will always be in renihness for nil who wish, liurlington, May, 18-12. K0.3w com ii is "i on r.ivs x on ci Wr. ibo Sol sent or-, having been nppoinlrd by llie lolhe Proline Court for Ibo- Di-lnc-t of Chittenden, i niiiniissionors to icvfive, e'Miminn and iinju-l i!it chums and demand, of nil per nils against I be, eMail1 nf Alphcis Person. Into of Jcriehn in said Distrirl, deceased, rc'irr-cnicd insolvent, nu I nl8 nil clninis nml demand, cxlubiti'd in o Im'I then' In ; nnd six me-n'In li.nn ilicday uf the el.uu hereof, nllnwud by said Court for llmt pnrpei.e, we do therefore horel v give nolicf, thnt we will iillend lo the' biiinc. e,f our appointment, at llie dwelling of Abigail Persons, in Jrrielm in -nid Dis.ncl, on llie lir-l Mi n lays of Scplt inlier nnd Noi'eml cr next, ut 10 oMoel,, A. .M. on each of said days. Dated this lOih dny of Muv, A. I). 1812. IIII.I., Cotnmis- DAVIII I'HIf, Jr. 5 sioners. A Hale of Money may he mode, ou &)(cnltit on. A rata opportunity is now nflorded for llio dispos ing nf nny Cash inicndi'il fur 1 lie Spring (ratio for tho nrtielc lias nut hiutofoic ever commanded so Inch price us it has bint, since HOWARD has ngnin como upon the inaileel nnd commenced buy in- it in sinnll ur large quantities ns offered nt somewhat ofn riilio per curirnt Dollar ns follows, to wit I from fi In 20 yds- of Calico, muslins, moiis-de. lain, or other hko articles fur dresses. Iflio same of Cotion'fioods , with trimmings to imtch nnd -1 to 10 yds. summer wearing Cloths for Men nml iloyq. Alsoi grail many (Joods of rasluonable Taney Millcni cv ntul Htoplo kinds paid out for Cnsb by 1111111111x11 in nt HOWAIUAS. 31 ay 20, MS. "xtifv AM) cmhaV" HARDWARE, CUTLERY, AC. 'J1I1C sill scribcr having jusl returned from Now Yuri., where ho Ins selected anew nnd com plete assortment of II HtDWAKK, SM)iI,;uv IIAIIDWAKI-:, ttJ'l I.IMIV, etc. now oilers the same nt thu lowest cnh puees. From too facilities wbirh he has of obtaining his goods, he is enabled lo ofli r Hardware ut "onidcr nbly less prices than it has hitherto boeti sold in Ver mont, Those in want if articles in tho nbovc line will find it their interest lo give him n call. W3I. J. HUNT, Slrongs Iliiilding, College St., near lliu Square, nntlington, May 1SJ2. H THOMAS is in want of a few good Horses, . May 12, 1312 NOTICE. . The qtinr'crly confluence of the Onion Ilivcr asso ciation will be hidden m llie I'nplist Chapel in tins il'age on Thursilny, llie 2nd day of June at half pas ten o clock, A. 31. Seriice-s to commence with preach ing. .May 17, 1812. There will bo a meeting uf Burlington Total Albtiicnco .Society this moiling, ut thu Court IlotiM', at half past six nVlrclf. In ibis town, on the Slh mst. by Hev. J K. Con verse, 3Ir. HrMir S. V,iNwniciiT, of lioston. to FLORIDA WAR FINALLY ENDED. ! 3,ARV daughter of Hon. 31i!o Wasiiinotun, May 11 i ho I'icmOuiii ol the L- l!pnnctt. in mis town, on tho Illli inst. hv IIAUDWAKE. Till-; S.ilivrril it oters for snlo a peneral assort ment of Hard Ware, convratini in nart e,f the followimr aruele. : Kuivesainl l-'oile-, Pen and Pocket Knivc, Hutch e'raiid HreadKi.ive, MiKljer' fine .Shears nnd Seis-Mir-, Hand Saw, Mime of exlra quality j iia.tanl, Mill and Hand Saw 1'ile-, Slie'cp .Sbe'ar-, Aujrer. ol various binds and price-, Spur Aucrr Mill-, Ilill Stocks, Itotts nnd Screw-, "Insle and double Plain Iron-, Chisels, Sleel and Try Sou.ire. Norfolk l.ntihe-, .Malnblu Iron Donr Mnmlle-, l.seiilehcnn l.nlcbi's, Willi Ilrassnnd K. seWood Knob-, llrillunuia Lamps, Padlocks, Hammers, etc. &.e. AKei, Spades, Sbovel-, Hoe. and .Mniiure Folks. The nLove Rim Is wx-ie purcb.iscd for rnli at llie pre-ent low prices, and will let sold n n Mimll nd vnnee fromeo-l. S. 31. POPK. Ilurluiuloii Muv 17, 1SM2. 31. G. II A THIS UN, DltAlMlH AM) TAII.OIt. TTAS jusl returned from New oik wiih the -IX SPHINli f'ASIIIONS; nlsn, a suprrinr as sorlment of Tltl.MMINGS. T.STIN(lS. ite. Miop iii i.iiurcli slree-t, nearly opposite thu Hank of liuruiigion. .nay i.i, invi, United States this morning sent an intoreitiug communication to the .Senate in releronco lo the Florida war. The President .states tha t there are but 10 Indians no v in VU r.da, and that but 80 of them are capable of bearing arms. The President further stated that ho had de clared the war in Florida to bo ended. All mil itary operations were hereafter to be hunted to the protection of the citizens of the territory. In conclusion of the me.-ago tlio Pros dent rec ommended the armed occupation of Florida by giving grants of lanel. The message 'seemed to be well received by tho Senate, and gave rise to a brief debato be tween Messrs Preston and Suvicr. Mr. Preston paid a high compliment to the commanding of ficer in Florida. Ho ho'iccd the war bad now ended, and though 'V officer in command de served some special mark of favor from the Senate. Mr .Sevier thought that if it came to that, that the ton Indians who had been iu-tni-mental in making the pacific negotiations which had ended tlie war more than the army had. Tho I'rcsiicnts Mesaugo wsa ordered to be printed. on tlio 111 h inst. hv He v. S. I). Drown, 3Ir. .Ioiin Kimball, lo .Miss Iteiii A. Sie- AI1T, uotii oi mis low n. In Willi-on, on the 5lh uist. bv Wm. French Kq. Mr. AiiTusiAs W. Smith, to 31iss CLAnnis.v K.m- MONH, both of Ksl'V. In Willsboro, N. .nu tlao 13th inst. by Hev. Ira Aianly, .Mr. illiasi llAnncs, lo 3Iiss Acousta 1'.. Henley, both of ilns place. JIONNETS. 17I.OI?i:.Ci: Druid lionneis Pu, Leafdo. ANo, L Leahorn Hals, siulc ami iloul.lo 1 rim, Willow Hals, PjIoi I.e.if do. 1 ea-e Moleskin, of the l.ilest tyle uud superior iinalily, for sale bv Ma 20. S. 31'. POPK. PI .A I.N an I I'le-urel Mou-lin i!e l.aine-, llll. ly, Ilik lluiiii a me, PruilB.l Lawn., l-'ieni b, Kim- lih and American Piiul-, for sale at the low-ust prices on the e.-t Mile ol Ihu So.i.ue, I v May 17. S. M. POPK. VyoOI. Iiyedlllack t;iolhs and C-simeres, 1- vi-il le',ieeu, lllue, uud Mixed do. (.'.iJimcie, S.inn, nnd Marsadles Ve-imis. AI.-0. Illnek Una 'e Clo'b, Daml roon, Linen 1'riliiii?, main ami stripeJ (Jutn n (Jooil- for -muinoi' wear, for sale low bv .May 17. S. M. POI'-K. WJODA CKACM.HS A fresh siipplv.m-1 n" ' oy .uav i. rs. . run.. IlKMOVAL. rrilir. Piibserihur Ins remored bis I'nnbstnrn nnd I llindcry lo the corner of Church and Collie t Is. in the' rooui3 forincrly occupied by .Messrs. Curtis anil lln-sell, ns n Watch Miop nml Mine "More. Friends nnd customers nnd the public are respect fully hiMlcd lo call. S. IIUNTINOION, May 'J, 1H12. Mgn lied Ledger. BOARDING IIOUiSE. rl 'ills House is now tl'l-.. lor tlio reception of J- ooa i ers. a i w in w s l io no iril. are uivit,,, to cnll and examine bis hniisc and the pe ulnr ndvnu taces whi'-h us cuusiruetioii and location oll'or, for couuoiiami e-ouvcmciici;. 1 cnMs, cry moderate. 3fay 10, 1912 WAXTEl). i laou, tuiuor, i anu moiiKimis oi rrnduce in v-cchangc lor goods. J 1. v. UATMX. BOOTS AMD 'ortlte i si Tratisitortalion Line. on.NTi.n.M n.vs Simimer Hoots, eome lowpnceil. Also, most , 1 tnein ot Hoots nnd rSStr-M Shoes suitable for die &-5 -enson men, women nnd boys or cuts. Wink ns usual done to order. .1 A3M II. 1' I j ATT. Corner of Church and Cherry Streets, liurluigton. Alav li, Ifl.. SHa el In ibis town, on tho l?th inst. .Miss Sc-san A. Stiiono, njjed 27 years. Her funernl will be nlien ded from the itsidenco of W. I,. Strong nt 1 o'clock this day. In Hinesbiirijli, on ilm 11th inst. Kzeha II. Son of 0. 1). Wellcr.a'jed 18 months. Io West Poultncy, on the lPtb April, (fnonan I'.noAu, eldest son i f Win. It. Pease, of Charlotte, audi fi years. LATEST FROM TEXAS. The steamship New York arrived at Now Orleans on the 3th instant, with Galveston dales to the 3d. The Picayune of the Gth contains the following items of intelligence : , The Congress of Yucatan was convened on the 17tb ultimo, and granted extraordinary pow ers to tho President, on the 19th, in case of in vasion. Tho people of Yucatan are determined to con tiniie the war against Mexico at every hazard. Mr. Lubbock, one of tho Santa Fo prisoners who escaped from Mexico, armed in the .Sun Antonio. S,,inta Anna lias embodied 33,000 treiopp. des tined for Texas and Yucatan and purchased two merchant vessels at era bru, lor trauspoits The conlrtct of the Mexican government for building two iron war steamers in Engl mil, which failed fur want of! p d--, has been renew ed, and they aro to bo n , ."'cd immediately. Tlie church has g .m, S ,i.. i Anna all prop, ortv hold by them i i ' ' " 'mounting, ns is estimated, to 9 If' " !,( i . I.u applied to the prosecution oi has alo made mat, loons froni'the pnt- General IIouton . aro at Hons, ton. 'J'ho archives ol mi' government are in Austin, and there, the citizens ol that place bay, they shall stay. liy many it is thouget that the war move raents of (iun. Houston are too tardy ; yet, from all appearances, lie is firmly bent on carrying into execution Ins designs ol invading Mexico. (ETNEW CASH STORE !C0 'Pltr. Subscnbers resncrtfiillv iufurin the inhabi- i tants of liuiliUKlon nnd vicinity that ibey have cnniiuenccd liuwnc-HM in thu ritoie tereully occupied by 3Ir lirinvin, liooksclifr, on I 'ollr"o street. Tho ch ef I ranch of ihe-ir business will consi t in French Dry Goods. Ili'in'j confident that through so many means and families which lliey have for furnisliins the-ir Store with lb" most fashionable nruelos, anil that their nri- cts will soil all who may favor tbem wiih n cnll, they lespectlully saiicil a snare ni purine pnirolinse. Thcv nl-o have for sale n ecncral nssnrtmem of su perior GROCEUII'.S, which ihey i IVer for the lowest prices. Ills l'lllil.ll ci MlCliUL.L.s. Ilurlinrton, 3fny 10, 1312. ISAAC V..HAKEII ITII.I- Ihu 1'OItWAIiHINti lll'SI.N'KSS i i on Lake Cliamplaln, Norllirrn Canal, and Hudson mvcr. Picinins it nnnorlniit lo leinm ibo Old Cn.innn-r. or Ibo Une, and add iie-w one-, be. will u-e bis be.i eiiilenvors lo Mitisfyn'l, nnd oleil'-es Innisr I m in. lea-e In. cxerlious to nromeiie be inlerests ol lus uiiilocrs hy ilouier nl luisimiss eiilru:eJ to In care Willi depalcb and .s.ifeiv. tor retail! apply to i . li. Jic,V7 e ocnlies Slip, I'm p. Catliv, 3.1 Ci.eniies Slip, Nbw Yoilr. C. II. IIaiis-f.i, IUI, Pier, Ail any. P. Con ti t n, j J. II. llouki:n, Troy. 1.. A. eAiii.r,TON, ) I. . It.ii.r.n, t'oui.inck's Landmr and Whitehall. 1 1 1 i.i.Tr U Hit.ini.rv, Iluilmiilon. A. I). Linn, I'lim 1 irr-'li. At i.t.n ( om T" i K, Port Kent. .1. C. Pn i.rc fc Son. St. Johns. tcy I'roy ollii e I5j'cl, up stairs. lllleliall, April 18 u'. FOll SALE OR TO LET. A HOI'SI. Also a small May 20. c. i!KN ns. PAPER. r OOOIUtlCH ha. jii-i risenevl frcm lln'inanii- J faciurer., 2 Ca-csef blue faei Cup uul Lcltcr paper. 3Iay 18. no o'ks and paper. rrUlOSK wi-hin in boy llool snnd Papi'r, I pr iduce, or on "icbi will nn I a e-ood .slock and ai 'lieu-own pr.'-es, bv cil nig at ihu old Hand, L'P ST!i;s. MavlS'. Texas.. II,, f ' ''Oil f.h.-A pai . f-O.flflfl dnnb. I ." " il "1IC i.s.-o n low, I v an- r,f 13 t ii' -Ii (ilol e. on Iiil'Ii and m iroesl order lor sale ierv .n.iy , i . eiiiui'ieii n. SPRING ARRIVALS At Head tnartei. No. II), Watcr-Slrcct. NO .MISTAKE !! DAVIS i now truly at home, and would return hi. grateful : Kiiuu'lis'guiriiir tolhe publi (rcu-er-illy feir llio verr liberal palron.iL'n be has reru'ved. anci nope, iiy a s'ricl attenlioii In lii-nn--s anil a ile- termmsiiou In plea-e, trial lie may meril a continu ance of llie ai e. He would siaie llmt be has j,i.t rciviveil Iroin se ,v )nil;, lliistou, Ali.iiuy and Troy, from the lale-t iiniiorlulions. n lareo nnd as. Mirliuenl of l're-h Good-, which, in addition to his lorme r ioei.lin.iueii eompie'eassorluienl,e'ompnsiii2; uiuiu-i every anicieoi i.iinit v supply, ivc. eve'. One Cent Reward will be pivcn loauy person who will find nt nny other siwil: ii- i:ii-.u litr.ClV UllO IVl'll .ClCCIOU aSMHtllieill us can oe ioiin i at iiams'H. Pleae call and examine for yonrteive, and you win uoitrouwuy ui-a opoiuie i. Mny 20. SOLE LKAIIKIt FOIt OXi: (SIIIM.INC A l'OIJM). 1 1'ST Itl'.t'IIIVKD, at P.. C. I.OOMIS' Leather, I .Morocco and l indins Store, the lareesi, ba t am. chespetl assortment of alt kinds of Murocci s, Kids, l.ininns nnd Trimininus, Skins, rindini's nnd I.usls. of nil di scriplions, for shoe makers, that hns been oll'crcd in this market for sale. II would reiiuestn peisons wishinp lo purchase nny articles in his line of busine-s, to call and examine lus .S'loUnud Mailinf before purchasing, n lie is determined not to be un dersold liy any one. Also, Honis and Shoes of all kinds. liiirlinntoi', Pearl street, .May 19, 14-12. ICtf SI'OIITINC, lNTULI.IC.r.NCn. Th Yankee Hobsk TsiuMriiAST! Tho srest rues on the Lout; Island Cotirso between liostun and i-Wit'oti, on Tuesday last, for a purse n(furty thou tand dollars lcsulted in the lie feat of Huston. Hus ton it a Virginia hoiso nnd I'asliion is a New Jersey ,,T iln.inn is eenerallv suntmscd lo be a Northern horse on account of his names but ho was named Jtoslon without refcitnco lo our city, led from the fact that he was won at a nine of cards called " lios ton," fashionable ut thu wist, when a cull. Fvery -tTort was made to secure his n icci-ss on Tuesday. Hi. nwners eien brnuuht on Viruima hav nnd wate r. nd Miu a thousand miles for lus old rider, Gilpaliick. Indeed, both nuinials wcie in piiine order nnd did their work inaRiuficuntly. J'atlimn carriedd 111 lbs. and was rode oy Land, sou of llie trainer, liostun carried 12G pounds, and was rode by his old rider, ns we have before said, (Jilpatri' k. firet hit. Time, 7 in, 324 seconds, fashion came in half licr lenerlli ahead. Tins beats tho Lclipso lime 5 seconds. Average limo llns heat, 1 in. 53 s. i'....J Jhnt Time. 7 in. 15 si-tfonds. fashion ram in two nnd n half IciiKlhs abend, winninn the race. It was estimated that there were from sixty lo seventy thousand people on the sround, and ibatnot less than $300,000 changed bands. Plcck! Mr Long has desired llio editor of (bo N. V Spirit of the Tunes to Bay thnt ho will run lloslon ;.i t-'nshion for $20,000. $1000 forfeit, four mile . t .....n tn l,.t ni,r,.,.,l muin ln tlii. nnrtii-A I between t!in25lb of Septcmbe'r and lhe25tli of Octo- nie nce grinding at their .Mill nt tlio Frills on .Monday W net. lie also niitt.ories llie s.atemenl that ho next. '''''' 1 T "ILtDLUY. LYJIAN & COLE TTA I. re'ceived their ii-nut rxten-iie ntmriment XX nnd varieiy ol .spring nn J Sumnier GOODS, which ihey oi'ernl erreuily re'diteed hrices: e-onistunr in I'-'irl ei i'riiitol l.:iu n, i-aiul rjc.-, .Mii-lnis nnd luoiirniner I.nwiis. K ch .aim Mrunil Hllzorinr, &i: lor Indie-,' summer ilre's-os. New pattern -Muslin deL.n'nc.,Mitin-irip'dLolian &e. Plain, blnck nn I blue black Iioml azine, J-'ierurisI blui black and enloied do. Ileuvv blai k Canton, 'rn de Swiss ande'ol'il Silks Mlawls. Lupin's I est scarlet, blnek mid eoloi-evl Merino. Scarfs iinil l'"aiie'y llaiiilkeiclih l's. Aliislm ile Lame, I liil el wool, and lancv salin Ilermani; l.aclicne Cravais, raw silk IPdl.'i M i-l in V' Lame Shawls, law silk do., printed iv i r-o ii no. i.n fancy sine .mils and it'nve., colrresl Iillet dn, I lack sewni!.' silk do. 3Is e. colored sill; lilovi's, .lien's la e 'Ilnea-1, eoloie I suk, wlote sin., nun iiiimi. .ueirs niaeie nalian Cravats, black silk linll Il-ise, nnd India rubl er S i-i.en ders, Ladies' ivlule and blael silk llo-e uud tilovc, while .Merino Ho i; I lack and ei-loiel Mil. uud Mil I'lov-. Fur tJcntlrineii's Summer Wear. fclnped nn I plain while linen Drill, colored do. iiaml roems, Hamilton 31ixuires and Deimn 3Iixel ialmille, I rminere, Jacket Linen, etc. Domestic Goods. Indian Head, S.ark .Mill-, MnUlc-ex nnd oilier Lotion Mii-elnii;-. A quantity 1 leached fbcctmu'iiiid shiiinip, nry low prni'd. l'nn n ble.-ielii'd cotlon, ( 8 and yard wide. Harriet oo, s-1 nnd ti-I do. makiir.- a mere rxiniMW nssoitineiil tlian w e n.iieevirkeid, 3Iernmae eolton sheeting, supemnc unbleached eouou snirunir, n'l.iuu auu cord iinll lu-nvy tick injr uud waddui?. llire-e t.nso if I'inl rellas nnd Parasol, Cop, lloiinetiiudiiee'l. Klbbous, TalFcta do. Oalloons, Prints. r-o r.. st ... . "o i ,n er, .ocrriiiiac, inner, unstoi nnd many other slyles of Atnm icnii prints, ierv low priced. ..tie new uuu i i rut u fl mi s, I , lllliaills, CsC. II load Ctntlw. A penernl nssorimenl of llurliiiglon Mill Co. flroad Clnlhseniisinutlj' on bund. Alsootber sliles of bioal eloths and Cassimerr.-, L'nglish, l-'icnch do. I-'elled Ciriii-linir. Silk, Twi-l, llimons, Surfre, Canvass, Pa.Uinj, .I"' J.I, ss.-, IX,', Hurlim-MoniO May, IS 12. DEXTISTRY. T I.r.U'IS .V .1. H. Nit MOI.S have nsso- s' cialed thcin&elics m bii-incss f. r the accommo dation of lliose w ho havu nol llie opportunity of calling nt their re'ilcnce. Mr. N. will spi-nd most of lus time in iisiimg llie iiunircs in tins nun llie mijoin. ing counties', nnd will pi'rfor,m nil opcialions on llio tcein necessary mr tncir prescrvntinn. .nr. .. will also prepue tlie mouth for llie reception of artificial teeth j take models, and linnsinit then to 31 r. Lewis, the celebrated me hanical dentist, who will nlways bout home, and whn-e iininnllcl success, and uu wearied exirliuns In nlease. will eustire tlie nubiic bet ter work than can be piucurcd elsewhere. Our mode nf setungis far superior lo auv other in point ol looks, com cim ncc, and ilurnbilry. Anyone wanting teelh can come one diy wiuia moiitli lullot a."aye-d te'eth and return the licit wi h a new sol. Prices suilcd tu the tunes nnd ciicumstaiiccs. All "t" ""ism nr- ranted. J. LLWIS, J. II. NICHOLS Putlinalnn, Vi.. 3ray,tBI2. A CAR I). ITAKT. tliis mi'ihol' f nn erely ibanl.-inrr tin; pub lie fur the very liberal i..iironai'u I have in-eived Iroiu while m b-isine-s lor ll.e la-t nine lears, and be po Ly scHmr.' cheap and paying close alieiiliou Inthcir ivniit-, tn le. ene a eunimiiance of the same. I am now rcccivim.- n very lar.-e -loi'l, ot -ea-onnble (ioo.U, boiinlit at the piescut very low prii e-, niiil earne'sily iniMe all wishing to purchase to cxaimiic my sto'k 1 elbie li'iyin e -cwhere, as I think they will tave' money by sodoine'. sUI.U.UU. MAl.tll.l!. Ilnrlingtcn, 0:h 3Iay, 1812. NEW FASHIONSAND NEW GOODS Tliosiibscriticrhas tnt relurned from New Vork with a well selected assort ment of wool dyed CLOTHS an I cvssi.Muitns; A l.1o, Sumtncr Goods, Ve dings mi l Trim mings of Ibo lery I est ipinliiy. Thu above articles were purchased Willi rare and not ene poor irticletubolouU'l in .helot. l ArsIIIO.N AM) STYI.U For the iwcd, MitLlk iigal, and the Young. The .'ub-cn'ber nartieu arlv ienu.t the nitcntion ol young genllemen to Ihu style of Dress nod I rncl. Coats made at lus esta'.lishmenl ibis Spring, lieu- llemeii more ndvunie'il m life can bo iiceoiiiinoua'c.i wiih gnrnioiil.s adaplcl lo their n?e, general appi'iu- ini r, &i'. flic. 31 "ie th in usual p nu taKen a. io size, ease nnd comfort. Hnving obtained tlie lale-l imprineininls iiiihe artol Uutlinrf mid .nauiug pen-lle-nieii's garments of nil kmd-,cvbv limlnling llieino.1 Mieee-sliil of City Tailors in continual improvement' finm lilnnlft Inn,. 1 1 1 r. afils..pil.,.r frilststhat Ills Oslftb- lisbmenl will Lo found one of the very best in llie eounlrv. . JAM1JS MITCIII 1,1., Draper amlTnilor. N.ll. Nn risk-loiha enstnnier nt llie above e-lnb it.litneiit. lientlcmen not nikud to lai.e a gdron.ui nnie-s unci. It.irliugton, 13 3Iay, IS 12. -1'J''' AliliAM A N U ItOS ION llAlli lt()AI. I'arc rciliiccil to IJsoton SIS. Tuno of slartinif nltnnd in l i,.,r..rn r. a m. and after Monday, 2ml mat., (tin, day) urrivei ill lioston snmo daynt 7 P. 31. .iiornmg train tiirougti to llnslon, leave ibe Depot Ureenliusli at 1 beforoO o'clock meeiselv nvetv mnriilng,(sjiinelnvs exeepti'd.) Pas engers mii.t lealu Albany by llio S'outh lorry, nol later than I past 3 o'clock. Nnnn train to Sprincficld is cusenntinued. A nirht train thrauph to liostun will leave (luendnsli at 1 1 eforo 7 I'. 31. pas'rs iniisl leavu Albany, ns nlmve, not liter Ibaii 1)1 o'elnek'. t'n e.L u..-: t.a.i .i .. ,Kl..-n... " i i"', .Jn iiikhs:m, v,,i, i i.,; , ti , u. Tlictrain from lio.lon arrives in (ireenbii'li al 51 M. siviii!? siiltieient tmie for im-scnners- to tjko uie enrs lor tlie west, or tlio 7 n'eloel. I oat lor.. FOl ItAIlVrutlt) AXD XUU'IfA 1'AW. Pa senfers leaving All nue in tlie inornln? bv ibe I u fore 6 o'eloik tram fiom (ireenbusb, arrive in Springfield nt 113 n. rn. may leave iinmedialely for llnrtfold thenco bv enrs nrrivo in New-IInven bv 7 p. m. r Or lane Oreenbush in the 1 befi,ro 7 p. ni. wain, arrive in apnuuncid ne is n. in. incnco ai a r, ... I... e'. ... I, . . lf-., ' ., .1 . n.ui.iiy. le.nii io;ii in iiarooiu, urrivin mere ill 11 thence hv Steam lloat nt 2 n. m. nrrke In kw Vork next morning by 5 o'clock, ur they may inrunru ior.ew uaven uy Jloou uta p. m. and arrivo there nt71 p. tn. Sto nn IJoTt Iriivcs New Hnvon for Xcw Vork tit .n. in. and nrmca nt tlio Inlier city at 2 p, m, rnru iu orniiiriiiMti -?j,uu. Pa-(.iHU'r8 nte tinrtu'tilarlv rontH-slp-l in nrrscnrn 'I'iclsct-s can be oUainciI in All nny al U. I(, PayncV nflkv, 2J Uruailway, or at, 'I luLvt Olilcu in Dqiul al ICVIUU'tlli W.M. II.TOWNSLND, Masrer Tran-jiorlalion. Circcnbii-h Depot, Mny2, 1S12. rLOVI'R SI'.I.D of a superior cpinhty just received v and lor sale uy .May 13. II W. CATI.IN, Slrongs lluil ling. Miles, Cliallys and .Muslin dc 1 .nines. O K'H plain lllk. nnd lllue Illk C,ro de Itlnneaml J L flrooe Swiss, and lich plain S.inn, slripel, llg'd i Cro do Afriqiie ILIlSirleh sum, striped uul f'14'il. Liglil and D irk do ; rich plain satin 10. May, KS4i. WHAT, ACJAIXlYES, AGAIN. HOWAltlVsi Second reiurn frnin New oik Ibe ciand Commercial Kinporiuni of the Wo-t em Continent. Well, what of f Why, then) 1 lust Ibis mo- h of it i the lir-t lime be went was not so much for h iving Ooid' as it was for ultemlina lo llie ibittcsol hi-a'ppoiuimenl ns adcleirnle fiom 1 er- mmit to llie Convention be d in that CUV lor l ie lilt r peso of the tirotes tiou of American ludii-lrv !'' collect ma the -lali'lical infurnialion posi'-sod liy the three hunitred as. em' led mem! er. from ibe States of the I'luon. :iu 1 i"n si, coii'lcii'tug Ibe re-sull 111 di ierent tenons on ibe scleral lind ireneriil tniere.ts i f the 1'ouiitrv. a- to true In our uatic 11. il Conari'ss nt Wash ingtoii, lliro igh ibe eommitlces now there for thai tiuroo-e. nn uiiiouul ot truth in evidence on thc'sul. led tiirectly Iroin ibe people, which it is hepesl can not 1.111 in re-nll in their pn-sing wun nil eousioera lion, ilchl ,-r.ilrlv in due lime. 11 fair, ludieiou', di" eriimnaiiug pro eeine, AnicrieauTanil, that will b eond.ieive to tlie lest interest of every class, ol lis 11.11 jrnl mnladoii'nl eili7eu-. Well, 11 s(U make such enquiry nnd inve-ti?atie n with legaril to Ibo Ir.ide of the coining sea-on with hi. eorres;ioiidiii!r bitvinir nrjent as would m-nrn tit the rheiwetl cash jiriccs tne grcal varieiy of Goods needed lor lu csinl li-hmeni, and lo rcivive tin; few' ourcbased for tbellieii immediate li-e. Well then, iiL'.iin, for note ut n -iiiial.Ie lime, be tt-(t in the a-iVndid Sleamer lliirlinerion. Ii. W. Hicrnian, canlain in heroittward bounJ atre for ibe south, nuJar- rivisj id New Vork by the S earner De' Wilt Clinton, dipt. Hoe, whiih large, nolle nml eoiim o 'ieus lloat w.i lu-uy namin 111 Honor nl llie .r ji'cior u ine leasilulili ami llie at ill v of Ibe Stnte locoii'lruct the Clin.iT U r.sTr.ns tn-l Nurllietn Canals wjiich were e 1 111 .lene'eil and ne-coniili-lasl nni'e-r hi- udmiiii-lrii- lion us llientioiernor ot llie gieal an-i paniotic state nl .sew inrk. l ei lelale ihe I cnelicial ei u-eipiences eol'-lncsivere iciuired m.d baielecll l.rm'eil. Suf- lice iherefori: to -av that il i-ommeneed a new and glorious era ill the hi'tory of America, 111 all her ag ricultural, uiuuiil.ti'tunug and commercial tran-ao-lions, which will nri-L'ie-snelv iue'eae elur ng all unit'! nnd nisi nl Mini era. A. li. 1S22. Howard coin incncesl wiih Ihe iiiullo of up nn I doing, 'riick nnd eluan for eah mi 1 no iiimrisonincnt fui debt. Th-i. hi now reierts 1 ai'k with an allowable pleasure am satisfaction to ibo-e dai's.and w-liencierilic Jieainc (real Wcsiein arnie or itepnr s fiom American nIioio. 11 11 n Is hi the ii.-nne of earlv eieiits in trade, and then she brings splend.d Oood. for llie ladle-, and quickly Imci; more orocrs ,t inerL-ba inl-jr,. are in narl'tor Ine sum ill nl Hnw ard's Slnre. and bv I lowurd to the netnlle, who-e iiceiit he is. Hint w-ho bai-in-r reluriiesl hi-1 eicuinir 111 llie Whileh.ill, i.nder charge of llie 2 1 Captain, ihe rtaire, nolle Sleamer. Now llienfore, the said I Inward olli-rs 1 ne ol ibe I est se ected andchcai est lots ol Oouds he has ever li.i I. Will again, good ostnnier- to specify and name Ibe article' would ie o in.llin columns of the maminoutll liapcrs. lirolln Jonathan, New World, and Ko-lon "Notion, headed by the I-'iee Press and en line with eVc. fee. Vc', and by I liu lime ynu had ri'ailtbe Im, the coe ds would I C:.! .-t .lie ivorl-'. or w 1,1 11 is lilac 1 he same lliiu, now ays, iu: out of fashion i and Ho'inrd, ibcre- loie, desires Mm von come imunHha'elv bcloresitch res'ilt 'nn hut do 'not conic all nl oiice, fonhcie are liio-ismiiis 10 oe siipjilieil. 'I lie elt izens, lie invite. 11 como al luoruiuir, ntiernoon.eieui ug or when it sun their eon venienee, to I ring the money nnd buy Cheap loriiicmseivos. or lor llieirchildien's summer clour inir: nudto ihn-e lioin the surroundini' inwiis. Coon irv.n n I travellers, Howard invile's ihnr coining when 111 the lilla je fnr iluir suppbe-, phnsuio or euriosity 10 visii llie Moie 1 c, it liy ... i-,.iiee. ihiinaiii'. P. S. Like 11 Jlnseum. or Library, where vou may feast vour eibs with licwitiL' or reading, and there still is 113 much for tlio proprietor to scea bcfori', llie visiters look their 00k and readi lust so. camnaia liiely, al Hownrri's Store, you mai buy ns much a you nue, mm tiiare win no as much 01 a lining up of llie lacaney with new Goods bv tbca:entas nny I. l 1 . . , . ' (l-tU tllltlL- in- os lie 1 io oe s-ecn ui ill" 11 .1111' o ftinnd Chnllve : dn. do. 31usin i'i I, nines. .May li. just receive 11. w. u.l 1 1.1A. SHEER TO n AC CO, Pounds low iiri'-od Tol ace (ur wa hmg -bt-ep, far J Ma, 1812. snital I he WAl.Kf.H. Sliauls ami Hdhfs. BROCHA, 3Inrino, liuivy Iillet. rich i'k long ami square Shaw Is; Chun, fillet and rich fig'd 'Tin Scarfs) do. iIo.'Itii, pongee, lligg and Spil Inhchl Hdkfsi Ida. k llnlian tancy silk lli'Ks; nnu ravais. .Uay vs. jusiopen, 11, n.e.uL.i.1. TURI.TON Ilonn. t Sill s, 3Iuslins and Lawns, ns I sorted colors t l-'lowcrs, Itibbons. Iloniiet Iteisls nnn Whalebones, very chenp by H. W. CATI.IN. MOHAWK AM) HUDSON It AIT.-HOAD. NOTICE. Vox the nccoinino lation of nassenirers ib sirnus of Inning ine seien o ctocie line 01 .ileain lioals 110111 Albany, (which went into operation on the 20ih in stant,) n train of Kqilro'id Cms wid start from Sche neeiaily, daily, at 51 o'clock P. 31. during the con linuanco of the aloie airangement on the Kiict-. I!y Ibis arrangement, passengers mav leave Snratotra Springs at 3 J to 1 o'clock P. M. and reneh Albany in tune lor the noat, wtiie'ii wil sale nave, crs Iroiu the norm, the expense of leninmng oier night nl Albany or I rny. Uy the exisiin nnangemcnt,ci 7.cnsof Saratog-i are obliged to leave borne at 7 o'clock in the morning, to lake ihe stonu boat at Albany at 1 1'. .M.l Ui limes via Knil-li nun!) JOHN COSTICAN, Superintendent. April ii, IS12. 500 GLASS. Boxes Class of di.lerent size" nnd qonli lie., for s.ile bv S. WALIChlt. WINES. Jj fjr. Ca-ks of u rv eboii-o Wines of dri'reut s- V kml-, lor sale by May3. S. WALKKli. llil'IT. JO Hoxc. Kaisius. 10 Keg. do. L 10 Ooxe. Lcmyn-, 5 do. Oianrre-, f -r sa'e I v 9 May, IS 12. " S. WALK fit. r-ale I y S. SVAl.Kntt. FI.-II. 50 Quintals C.xl Pi-h, b 3 Mav. 1SI2. NOTICE. milK subscriber being aimointed Aerent of ihe Ver Jl mont Mutual Fire Ins irance Coinnanv, heii-by gives nonce thai he will' attend to applications for insiiianci'jivc. Oliice Soulli iMst Cormr, se unit Slory, Stronps liuiluiiigs, 1 ourt House equine. liurlington, .May t, 112. I. Y.MAN tU.MMlNCS. AT AUCTION. Orent llnrgnins. The subscriber will commence selling nt nuclion, nt the store formerly ocd ipied bv William Wells it Co., low trend of Penrl street, on Wednesday, llio 1st day of June next, at 9 ei'elmk, A. 3L, tho entire stock of goods mieiy owiiin nv n. i. jonn-on, tt consists 01 ury goods, dry and wet groceries, crockery, glass, and inruwaro. 'i inns 01 paymeni niailo known at tlio sale. The goods must and will be sold to close the concern, and no mistake. HUl.U.UU.N WAI,KI-:il, Burlington, April 30, 1942. As-ignee. SELLING OFF CIIKAI'. THL subscriber, desirous of closing his business, now oilers to the public, at cosf, (Tie whole of lus stock in trade, consisting of n Inrgo and general as sortment of plmn tin nndjipannrtl wnre, brn-s kcllles, stovo pipes, stons and trimmings, and every other nrliele iisuilly called fur in his Imp uf business. Also, tin plate of vuriuii9si7e, Itu sia, LnKlish, nnd Canada sheet iron, shci t copper, sonc, lend Dine. wire. Ac. itc. All persons wishing to purchase nny of ilia above articles, nro invited to call and examine for Ihenisi-lies, and they will bo convinced of the oboio statement. All accounts duo lo tlio Into firm of Starr h Dow, inii't bo closed iinmedialely, either by tnnncnt or note. J. J. STAItli. liurlington, 3Iay G, 1S12. 49 If QQ CASUS Lnghs-h and American Prints, isvu 2 uocnlnreU uatnories, rnr sale bv Nov. 30, 1811. VILAS, L00311S StCo. NEW AND CHEAP GOODS. rj'MIL subscriber has just receicd from New Vork X n lartre and extensive nssnrttnent of fancv nnd staple dry good', among v luoh may be found cloths, assiincrss, sattinets, gciilietiien s summer goods of ei cry description, a great lane y of linens, Trench printed caiubiies, lnwns, nml r.nglisb prints, iiiillinery goods of all kinds, shawls, hnnkerclni fs, niuslms, gloves, hosiery uuibrella0, parasols, caipi ling, rugs, paper Imunng-, n great variety of bonnets, Leghorn hats. &c. iVe., which are oUt-red nt lower prices than such goods have been sold at in this mnrket. 11, !. U.l 1 L.1.X, May C, 1912. NEW GOODS, MA Y, 1842. MLSSIIS. l'ANOHOKH 1II!INS3IAID nra leccivmg additions to their slock of Watches, Jewelry, r-neks, Urushe-s, Combs, nnd fancy (ioods. Ileniitiful Cold and Silver Lever Watches, of their own importation, llroaches, Kings, Knives, Razors, ceissois, straps, ivc. Mocks, Ac. Some splendid and rich satin nnd si k Dress Stocks, Scatfs, Stillene-rs, Collars, llo.-oms, &c. Ilriislii's. A new assortment of Tooth, Nail and all kinds of illii'hes. Lamp Wicks, Chimney and other Lamp Glassoss. Silk Purse., TP les, Accordions, it. SV OTIC K . Till Subscribe would inform the pnbl.c that ha has on band n gcnnrnl assortment of Harnesses, Saddles, Trunin, Valhses, Carpel Pugs, J Vhips and Lashes, anil numerous other articles 111 his lino of business, which will lie 'old as cht np as can be bought til this iicinity. Tlannil, l'ull Cloth, Lumber, Wood, and mo't kinds of I'mncrs' produce received in payment. Jj-Shop two doors Last of the Post Office. fS5 .IT STEELS l-SwS I) ISSOLL'TION. 'I ho co-partnership hcre'o'bre has this day expired. All persons haiinar unsettled demands in note or 11001;, are requested in call nnd make sollleincnt iniiiinliate-ly, or they will be left with an attorney lor colUcti' 11. DAVID 1TSH, 11IUA.M DOOIH. Jericho, April 7, 1S-12. The subscriber would say loins former patrons, that ihc Leather and Shoe llusfness will be carried on liy Inmat the old stand, and respectfully solicits n c iniin uanco of former patronage. DAVID TLSII. Is nlso kept by the subscriber n few rods List of the Court Iloufe, where the public will at all tunes find a man in readiness to attend cnl's, and ns good Horsi sand Carnages as can bd found 111 the place, and at al fair prices. S. S. SKINNT.R. liurlington, 3Iay 5, 18-12. HOARDING HOUSE. The S ibcri! er .nil conliimos his board- Jirjiffc iug ho'i-e ntlhe footof('oilei.-etrci'tl lUl'iL near the Square, and will u-e lu Lest jWjrKy: 1'xerlioiis in give- satila 'lion 10 ihoe! jsjisMl who m.'y fa .-or linn with Ibeir patron aire. He ha. nUo several eon veil lent and cenleeil Itooiiis to let. JOSHUA DOA-NK. Ayrii20, 18-13. IVfv (Je;els :i:iI "Voiv ris. .11. l'Ol'l, iesn, ctfullv inlorms Ins menus nnn O. ihe public tint he is "now receiving his Spring supply of NLAV COODS, which lime been purchas ed ut the pri'Si'iit low prices, nnd will be sold nl a small 'iilvnucc from cot. liurlington, 3Iay 12, 1312. 20 TOllACCO. Iloxes Tobaoor. Kegs do. ID Cut do. for snlo I v U3Iny, IS 12. S. WALIiLIt. 20 PORK. IILII.P. Pork, forsulc by 9 May, IS 12. S. WALK T.R. TEAS. OH CIILSTS II. S. Tea, rCJ 10 half do. V. II. do. 5 Che-Is O. I . do. for sale hy S Mny, IfcU. P.WALIirii. 100 May 9. 11RI . FLOUR. Siipcrline I'loiir, 50 half do. for rnlo by S. WALK HI. 0 LI.I. Ihe lot of land mid one House 011 Pearl known as Ihu Mnii-on lot, Nova Scotia IMaslcr, ri"Mir, Subscribers nro this d-iy receiving n L supply of Noiu Srotia Plaster, nnd will fresh rnni- ...ji 1 . ninnn he wins with llo-lon Ihu rinulnr Jockev Cb.b Purse, four mile heals, 1111 Friday, un tho Union Conns, SlOOOtbrit lioston wins llio J.t. Puise at Canvk-n, and S1000 ibat lloslon wins the J.C. Purse tTlemon, the week following Huston I'ost. AYOUNO LADV IN A TKANCH. A young lady in this city durmg rcsular peri, ods every day, for soma time past, lias boon in anil when restored tooarlhlvconscious- ncss, has related many marvellous stories of what she had heard and seen in thu world of Fpirils. Un haturuay.a yonnir iy, who 1:1 rather skeptical about special supernatural agen cy in the affairs of men, at tlio urtrcut rciniest of a pious friend, went to seo .Miss I) , wlmn she awoke from the trance, for tho purposo of having her doubts removed. Miss 1). lay ori a v-.i o,,nrentlv lifeless: and several physicians nnd'a clergyman of the Methodist percussion ..., in attondiinre. About tho usual timo sho awoke, and appc red perfectly collected. Tho skeptical yuu.i' lady -as introduced, to her, anil askuil hor the followin-,' ijucetions : Whero have you heon V " )'o IIaveii." "What kind of i looking jdace is it!" "One liurlington, 3Iay 20, lr-12. fpo Ll.T X STict, niiove. At LYMAN J? COLE'S, I.adie,' llronze Kid Tit", " Kid 'lies nml Slips, " Ulai l. and eoleriileloih Oaiicrs, Children's eoloied O'aitcrs, " llronze, " illnck Kid Itontee's, fi en 1 ' K id a ud 31 orocco Pi 1 111 p.. May 13. Arrn.vnux! rMHT. uot.-s and acconnls of the subscribers havi J liccn I, ft nt llie stole form.'i-Iv necunicd hv them wiih Sclh II. Scott, who will attend lo iheselllmg of the nccntint- un'il Ihe 12ili day of ltd- month. All notes nnd accounts not paid by ilril tunc will bo left wiih nu officer for cullection, ns we must close our I usincss as soon a- possible. JA.MT.S P. WIHLINCi it CU. .May 2,1(512. A Ol'ACV AND COMMISSION IH'SIM.SS J UN THI, C1TV Ot" Ni:V VOltK. Tlie un Cilinr.l'INO. 10 Hales shcctini', for sale by O J .Mav. S. U ALKHR. GROCERIES. 1 (, 0dn S, 10 lli xn. 4 J ill nigs 1 t uie, a on. rejiper, .1 do, s-nice j.vcons's lvvcKArsn hximii s?, Ihticcai Albany uud At ntrtal. UNTIL further notice, leaiing Albsny on Wednesday, and Montrealmi Snliirdayofeach wee k , in 1 on ue mn with Hnrndcn A. Co. nf Albany to New Vork, I'lulnlelphia, lioston, Liverpool, Lon don, Ireland, Scotland nn 1 Havre, for the trans pormtion of Specie, Hank Notts, Valuable Papers, Packages of (ion Is, Hooks, and all other Parcels llmt may oil! r, Jlon real l'iclnngo Cofiie Ilnusn. AMnnv Nu. 12, l'.chani.-e Iluildingi. JIcvv Vork No. .1, Wall Mrcut. lloslon No. S, Courl Sin el. liurlington J. si- .1. II. Pre' , it Co. RLTLltr.Nf T.S. r.uAs P.AKnn, I,. V. - J. II. ltcEP, P. r.ei.s, V.. & D..H. Plcm, Kni.L'0 .f' Co., A. Watlovs. A II. W. flvnr.N c. Co.Castl-tnn, Vt. J. A J. II. Peck Al Co, II ihnglnn, Vt. J. C. I'Eincr. .f Son, St. Johns, I,. C. April 23. -fSif. Carpetings, Oil Chillis anil Rugs. V N extensive assortment on liand and tor st'ebf April 23. LOVLLY & Sr.V3tOUlt. Albany, N. V. Troy, N. V. GASH P.OYNTON A- liURRITT, (Sueccss'Ts i) t S. A C D.WellcM WO t L D respectful1)- nd'oim the inbabilaiiisof Hines' urali and tin adjoining inwn that they have eoinmcii''cd business m ihe Store lornieily oc cupied by A. S. Os O I). Wtlhr, nnd are now receiv ing a general assortininl fTancv Drj d od", Hard ware and firoci rics, w lui'h tlie-yotli-r tn the public a law as can be purchs'ed in the countv for ea'li. 1 hev respectfully solicit a sham of public patronage, confident that their pri'i'swill be fo ml 10 suit all who may favor them wiih a cill. now.i; l. povvroN, WII.LIA31 P.UHIUTT. Hinesburgb, 3I.iy l, 1S12. IS 111 Ke- 0 May, ll-J. Cin-.'er, 20 lloxe's Soap, frrnle by rt, iv ai.iv. 11. .s,nr.s. 17NOL1SH Cast Sleel, crosscut. 1.J Hon fc Co.'s do ciieular, from S lo 10 inches. Rowland s 3Iill. Just iicuveil and for-nle. W3I. J. HUNT. Slrongs Iliiilding, Collcgo si., near the Sej rnrc. ,t,,t,y,u,i, i-j, mi;. NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. E.WOODJJ 70I.'LD riisiieciuUviiilorui ibe Liui.cs and (i llcineii (if lliiriinirloii nml vii iniiy lliat bo has 1 1.. . 1 , . . . . .. ibirsoMied has established biitisi-lr nl Jo. II. Water Cnqiiiro as streei, 111 llie 1 ill of.Niw Vork, for the purchase and sale ol every dcscri.diun ol tncrclianui.e, on enin inissmn. His extensive ncqonuilaiuv, experience, nnd fucihtios, vv ill enable bun tu bo of great service to those who may intrust him Willi Ibe rxecuiion of Ibeir orders, nnd often to Rive much nunc than the sum of his commission (t-.say noiiims oflraielhng i'pcn-n ) tu lus cotiespoudeiit in ibo purchase of lus goods. Parlies, nol known I" the undersigned, siiidingordi-r6nceiiuipanuil vvi'h remittance, or s ich reference) n- wi I piocurc credit,' hall bo insantly and fatlhfully sei vul. jio isjigeni lor llie saloof cut nnd wrougiii nan, pTmis. linseiil and limp oilsof every kind, sperm and iTiouiil camiies saianilus, soap, spiriis 01 uirpeniinc recently oncm-d unelal lishuient w bt-iu be will man ufaetuie, (wholesale' and mail) all kinds ofworkui the Shoe line. Ho has jii-i received Irun .NewS'iTi. llie pre-enl style ol Ln-ts, tngcthe'r with a i le n e .e. Ii'i'tion 01 Mock. Ilewill l.iep eon'tantlv on hand Simlllolls, Tool.e, OT ALL DLSCHIPTIONS, jusl received nnd for nl"' manufacture 10 order all kind, nf work " gol ;)" sale by W3I.J, MI NT, 111 tin-country ; among which may I e foinnl tieni's liurlington, Mfty 19, 1SI2. Slrongs Iliiilding. ' '"""l tioat. Seal mid linuer Hoots Ladie-,' fi.ijicrs, - liu-k 11-, U'nlkinir Shoes, slip., Ce. iV-e. Also, coar e UilSt otccl, TLiSUP,t SONS celebrated Cnst Steel, just recciv r cd nnd for sale by WJ1, J, liU.vr, liurlington, May 11), IS 12. Strongs lluilding. EL OUR. XrtKSII Oround Hour received this day and for salo by 3ny 0. I). DAVIS. HAHGAINS ! IIAIIGAINS !! IT you wont to buy llools and Shoes thnt will wear -.eii tu vrrv inw ttr,rL n 1 at Water sireel, DAVIS'S. No 10. May 20. nnd kip llools, I oh for ineii and boj g ; and chiMicn's rjlmcseil all I. uul.. ,Plea e irive hnn a call, two di ors Wen of ihe Pearl Sirecl lloiee, nt llie siguof ia"llig lluot." nuriiiigion, .nay, 12. 6U I, NEW GOODS. rpilL" mbseribei hns jn. receivisl from New Voik M. a cincrnl ussoiiiiient of (ioisls lor ihe Snrine- trade. He would luvue nil lliei.e who wi.h 10 buy cheap for e'a'li lo examine- goods ind prices al his eslabllshmi'iit. Mo-t kinds of produeo iircirrl in exchange fir pncls. til'.OHOL D. (Xl.MSTC't K. Shilbiun,20 May, 1812, iit'ohol, glass, .Ve. iVe , which he will sell for cash or snort cp uu, nt man itacture r s prices. He is nlso prepared t - receive nil kiudJ of co inlry pio.lueeor nriiiiifactuirs, 1,1 sell on commission, mid lili'ducs bimsilfin use lus utmost inilcnvurs, at nil times, lopiniuo'e the micresl of h s consignor. The iidersigniil respectfully solicits 11 dial of hi- servi vs, nnd will 111 1 ns!; n i nnlinii ini'n nl favors if not found tndeseivo Ihem. His correspondenls will be con smtitly nil vi ed 1 f the unto of ho niiikcl, winch will rnible them to shape 1 lie ir business 10 ihe best nd vflitage. W31. JOHNSON. II, Wuler Street, New Vork. Rifei9 in I'rnedicl it Thompson, nnd Oakley CV Ijiouus, New Vork; and N. Lovely, T.sq., Iljrling mn. ' April 2.1, IS-I'J. K KH K I? K ATI I K 11 S ! I. I!S. Live O'ci'se Tealhers, pM receive I UVv nml for naleybr cai lower than ever belorc sold in town. C. L. Nl.LSON. 31 ay 1 :i. 1 1H f. .1 ilali I'.'iriisivorlli's Instate. STATU Ob', ) Atn Probate Court held District of Clii.tendi-n, ss. J at lluihiigioii wuhm nnd for Ihc l)..strictnforcsud or die IO1I1 day of M iy, A. D. IS 12. nn mstrunieiit, imrporung tn bo (he lasl Will nnd Tcsiaincut of Josiah l'.irusvvorili, lileof Wcsiford, in saul District deceased, was pieseii'ed 10 theCmrt here for Proline by Reuben Tarnsworth, the T.irculor llierem li.iiued. Tlll.ltr.l'OltT. ills ordered hy said Court, that public nolico liegiieii to nil persons concerned thcie 111 to nppcar bifore siid Conn, nl a session ihrnof to no 1101 leu ai me uegistcr s omce 111 saui iniriingtoii 011 ihe seeon I Wednesday of Juno A. D. IS 12, and con U'St llie Piob.ile of said Will, nnd II is further or dered tint this order be published three wicks suc-ee-sively 111 llie liurlington l-'resj Press, a newspaper printed at lluilini'lon, in llus Stnte, the last of which shall be previous to llieday assigned, ns aforesaid for heannir. fiiveii under my hand al tho Regis'cr's Office, tins tuui uay oi .uay, .1. 11. iwu. WM. WTSTON Iltguttr. T. T. & SV. I.. .i'l'ltt)(i. HAVINO of llie linn of Strongs Aeo ibeir stock m trade, will eeiiitinue llie bii'iness nu In er topiircha-cr goisls 111 their line, at prices corre-pnii'iiiiir wun ine iiinos. Auril 13. 1M2 lltO.M) CLOTHS, C.issuneres, Silk S't-lvet, Vest. O ings, and Oainhrooiis, of superior quality, just rccrived and now openin" liy April 211. I.OVT.LVA SnVMOlllt "IDAPIUl HANOINfiS, just impnrled from Prance, -L some neauiiiui patterns, tor envoy April .J. IJurr 31 111 Stnii -h and ItoHIng Cloths, A PAllt of Trench llurr .Mill Stones and a com "wilel nssorlinenl nf Uniting Cloths, fiom a rele- brated .Miinufactnry 111 Holland, for sale at reiluced prices, hy 1- OLLL T1V IillADLCV, Agents. Oov Mtrrii Sl.lns for II00K Itiiiging, ir, OEsO Slii'ep Skill', .is-orti' I qualities on k-iw wwh:)m nn-l for sale to inaiiil,ii'iiirer and nihers 111 in vprnif, by 1LAS, LOO JUS, A Co, Nov. 30,1811. LOVT.LVip STVSIOl'U. PLASTUlt. a trt TONS Fresh (itoiuid Plaster, by rfiWvy aODcc, 11 J rV I II Ptesif-Co TO 1 1. 1 CCO. AC IIOXT.S 'HonuV Cnvrimish Tobacco, liV2ido 'LiulerV do do 20 do 'Irvine's' do do 30 Kegs ' LnderV Plug do 20 do '.McDonsld's' do do 31 Dec, 1811. by J. it J. II. PIXK it Co. OASVS..Slill, Cross-cut, and Circular Soil's, for k rale be Jm. T. 11 111,111 iriTiii'ii Sign of the Padlock, Corner of Church nnd College .MICVID, lll.ACKK.MlTII'ri XJarlitle, also Anvils, Vises, Tiles, fkc. for sa'o bv tl.A l..ll..l I III.,!, . 1 ' CorC Ii and C j. sis," m.l.l.OSVS. a first rale HAGAlteV AHTIH'K P. D OO LITTLE X r.A.S iist reeeivi d Irom S,w) ,,rk n hr ' supply 1 1 nl New llo id', c -'Uprising a gen, 1 1' ns-ortiuent of iniportid nml d 11111 sue iJrii (limits, uni iirorertef, .ye. His o'd si ickof (foods bavnw been mai Iv sold out. cmblis hni tu otl'er nlui-'I an eulire new stock, which have lie n bought nt tlie pre t ut low talcs, and wiil be sold ni loner prices, (for many articles) than ever lielore nllenil in Una town. .May 5, 1113. Sw BURLINGTON BOOK STORE. I). A. IUI AM AN, College Street, tre.l roi- er nf Slronei buildinqt. Takes llus method ofarlvi'ing iliepubl c nf his re inovrd. nnd thai he has nuw fm sale', he belli vi s, ihe largt st an 1 best nssirtinenl of llo iks to be found 111 this Stale, llu iirianaemenls for ,itu)lns from New Vork, and Huston lire such ns will enable bun linnswei monthly all oideis prumpily. .way 1, is i'i. ltostim Ciniiii ii Sei ds. O 1IOXT.S fiardm Seeds from Vankee Tanner Office, lloslon, for bale by C. OOOD1HC1L -May 1. Also. White Slulh irv Seed, ftula Hat-a Sefd (Scotch purple top) Sage Seed, al one fourth the usual price. Tes-endcn s American lianiiucr. (Liq iors eceptisl) II. W. t'ATLI.N. Ii. C O !, It i: I! T II Co. "O r.SPLCTTt Ll.V inform their friends and tho Ll pubhednt they haienowopencila Liviry Siablo and h ne on baud re idy for U'e some excellcntHorsM nnd t.'arriagcs.Slcighs, Harnesses, Ac. which they will l-t 011 reasonable terms. Siabb at l'ei'iamin liishop's Hotel, -.until West Corner Court IIousu Squaro, liurlington. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water street, nl t'ie hsad nf the Steamboat Wharf lturlliigtnu. Vermont. II V .MOSICS L. HART. rpIIIS esta' li limenl, o lavora' ly located for the .L ae'cuiumoilaiiou of tl.e lui-ne-s Hpil travelling eoniiniiiiitv, 1- now o en 10 the pul lie. Po-t Coaches upon tlie var o. s ruii'e- call al the I xchanju llotot le r passenuer-, and ihose arnvinr or iiepaiting I y lloat, 111 wh' -h ea-e ibeir big'Tairois removed without ehar.-e, w 11 nn 1 1 his lu.u-ct,ci uliArly lulberr eemicn'eiiie. The'pei 'eti'Vi - bis -ervn e-, w 'h he a'suranc.: 'Iihi 111 all re- ie-'-, ihe b-uis -hall de-ervu ihe uvur al le consi.'ei i 1011 1 f nil who may iia.ronise 11. Hurliuloii, April I, IS 12 . -13 f. (-lover mill 1 lords Clrnss Scud Apr ! by J. iV J. II. PIX'li & Co. AMERICAN HOTEL AM) OIl.Mllt.tli ta(;i: hocsi;, . IJL'HLINCTO.N, VT. rjHH subscribers have lens-d for a term of ycirs ' this wi II kno 1 11 sp1. ndid i-stibl'shnif ni, winch is 1 1 iv pi els i ii 'I v lo an d m one of lb, in-st dih.'hiful ills csiuNoilh uiericn. The" seveinl tine .f-t'iges al 11 ii I depot from this hoii-o ihnly. Thu IT .oil fill in bed in the best order,, and well supj gsi wi ll the choicest that the onikus ali'ord. They will fie nappv in a. et! it luitids and nil who may favor 1 1 - n vi ith ti 1 11 p .nomige. r -l'an'iaj,es always m attendance at tho Steam l. ats. S. W. TAVI.OIt. W MiltT.N T. SII TTUCK. lhirhngtor, April 20lh, liI2. . TO PRINTERS. ArANTi:D,iiPI!l'.S:s31AN and CO.MPOSITOIt, by C. lioo liuh. .May 5. rtnocr.nir.s or oil kmds, I very eheap by 31iy ti, 1812. Plaster. 7VTOVA Scotia Plaster, fnsh gio.ind, Hist received Is nnd for silchy P 31ay 5, 1612. DOOLllTLI 15h0 lIonnetH anil l.i'glinru Hats, I r FARM FOR SALE. - Ayr VOll S-.W.L, that will known Tarm sit "iVrtit inled m 31 lion, nbuut one mile irom ilia J'S upper Tills, forincil) ovvntd nnd I'ceupicil .15(it. bv llie l!ev. S. 1!. Crane, runtnin ng be Iweiu ;T." nnd J00 ncies of land, eoinpri ed mpsrl of mowing, tillage nnd pasturine, and go. d wood lots nnd snsinr nrchnid. Saul farm is m il waterei. has iwo good tlwflhn.' house, one of which is of brick, the oilier of wood, both in good repair three good good bains, one of which is CO by II feet, ihe others 30 by 10 feel j n horse barn and oilier outbuildings with good vards and water brought into them nnd tn the house in log-, an.l also lliree good wells nf water ou tin faruij b.'ing a desirable situation for a man who wants toiaiseneat slock or sbeep nr boiii, or is nn ec llmt farm for llie dairy business. Tlios w ishina lo purchase such a farm would do will by applying soon In John nnd Janns 3I"rion on th pifinisos, or to flen. Win. Nash of New Haven. Slilton, Slarch 21. 1. J'.' if WINDOW SASH. i:SniO.AI'l,r. Honnets an I Leghorn Hats just X received and lor sale uy 3Iiy 5, 1S12. IOOLITTLT., 43vvfi LO VEL Y eV SE YMOUR Il 11 now .opening a few cases of (Joods which were received mst evening from New Voik, lo which ilnv invite llioattcniion of the publ c. Apnl29ih, 1812. STORE TO RENT. A convenient Stoio to tent on Church S 'Inquire of .MOODY II VSKT.I.L, or S.ll. SCOTT. March 4. 3Iciliios,.v.r. QH PIT.CT.S Colored l iulisli and Ticnch Merino OU 20 do black do do 23 do figured Hombaziue, 20 do black do ? Alpicca chilli, Nov, oO, 1511 Kor by VIL S I.OO.MIS .V Ce Tin s ,lenlk'r have pur elm e.1 the 3lai hint ry fur the main. Kiel in colVin. low sr h forntcily owneii and Liil I y Sidney Sm.'h, nl Winoo-ki City.and are now inanufacturin every dc erip'ion, and keep consinnl. Iv on hmd au assortment of 7 ly gSnsh, al the ollnving prices. 12 Lighted C.i-riue'uts 3J cts. per Light. 6 do 31 dn II do 3j di) f, do 3 do 1 do 5 Trr snle at their Simp at the Tnlls. and l.v fteorge Peiirson. All orders in ihe nl ovc line n Idri-sisi irt Cu.lin 'V, will le thanklully reieileil and MOsTS CATLI.N', 2d. i mvi. vv, uilASlii promptly atieiulclto. Iliirimsten, April 0, fl? O ""Slprs.Sile I eaiher for sale hv eZ) THI .IT& FKDI.IY

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