Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 20, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 20, 1842 Page 4
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'He touched his harp,and nations heard, entranced." NAPOLF.OX A .NO TUB BRITISH SAILOR. rnOM camtsell's nbw or rorjJis. Itoye, contemplating npart, From all Ins Ii miicul il glory, Tho traits thai soften (oour heart, Napoleon's ijlory. 'Twas when his banners in rionlogno Armed in our island cwry freeman, Flii nav chanced lo capturcoua Poor lliitibli seaman. They sniroroil him I know not how, Uiiprisoned nn the a lore to rnam ; And ovr was hunt his longing brow On England's home. Ills rye, melhinks, pursued the flight Of finds In llrnain half w ay over, With envy they rou'rf reach The nhito Dear cliffs of Dover. A "tormv midnight watch, ho thonsht, Tin n tins sojourn wmill have heend eater, If but the storm his vessel brought 1 o l-.n;;laim nearer. At list, whon rare had bniiihcd skep, Ho sivv one innrninj dreiniing doting. An empty h Rlieid fiom -ho deep Coino shoreward iliatin:;. Ilohid it in a rave, and wrought This lueloni; day laborious Iiirkms Unl.l hohumeheil a Imey boat I!y mighty woiking. Heaven holp us! 'was a ihinc beyond Dt'i'iipti in writchedl -ueh a wherry Terhaps mVr venuned in a pond Or crossed a I'e rry. For plmmhini the fait s"a field It would have made the ho'dt shudder i Until red, U'icomp.ifed, and utikielcd No sail no rudder. From n.-igh' orinr woods he iutritaecd His sorrow skiU'with watllfd willows, And tliiisciigulplird, he would have passed The foaming bi lows. Put rienehmen caught him on the beach, His little Ai-us -orclyji-ering Till tiding" nl him chanced to reach Napoleon's Ikarmg. Willi folded arms Napoleon stood, Screno alike in peace and danger, Anil in hn wmili-d a niudo Ad Iressed tho stranger. "Rash mm, that would'st von channel pass, On iwigs an I slaves s" ii'ulclv fii-liinncd i Tin heart wilh -nun sweet BritMi lass Must ba impassioned." "I haw no sweetheart," sii I the lid, ' lint absent lonir one anoilar, Greit wis ihe Imiai id that I had To see my mother." "And so thou shalt," Napoleon said, "Vou'vc holh my fimr lairly won A ni hie mjther must have bred So brave a ton." lit give the tar a piece of gold, And with a flag of Irueo command"! He should be shipped to Kngland ol And safely landed. Our sailor oft could scantily Rliifi Tolind a dinner pl.iiu anil heirtv, Dot never changed the coin nnd jilt Of llon.ip.iric. TUT, WOMAN IIATHR. Solomon Swallow was a bachelor, and somewhat rusty loo ; lint novotiheless he li ,k1 inatlo up his iiiinil to one tiling' tbat lit was tin) only inun living who bad ilcquirei tiny knowledge ol tliu sublime tut ol" takinc, cam of 11 w ilV. 'All the married mm were dulls, was amnion s constant usservation. There, I'nr inslniiie, is my neighbor Tom Tangible; bis wills makes a soil of three leg ged .stunt nfliim : she shoves biin into one corner anil then ititu anotlirr and sits 011 him and walks on liim, in short Meals bint like nobody in tho house, while lie poor man takes it iis easy as tlioii'.'b it 11010 tliu most natur; thing in tho vuii hi. .Now em I only Tom I iini'ilile. lit hrt write a series of mutn motiinl rules, and if Mrs. T. did'nt abide by them, I'd submit her to tho wholesome deci pline of bread and water and padlock : ant! mayhap brighten her ideas, touching her con jugal duties, by the application of a cowhide and there auain lire Eveiard Easy, and Dick .Snooks and a host mora of them in the same condition hut I'm iho boy that will set them all litihl if they will only fol low my example, after 1 jhave condescended to endow some fortunate female with the le gal claim to thu title of Mis, Swallow.' IJrave Solomon Swallow. 'Well, Solomon,' said a neighbor to him ono morning, 'as you are always boasting of your skill in managing a wife, how comes it that you ate not inariied ' 'Why he ause 1 have not quile perfected my system! You poked your head into the nooso withoiitniaking preparation, and henco Mrs. livorlack makes what she likes of you ! Hut go to work logically. I begun by stu dying tho erudite works of Zingalirnzoo, on tho philosophy of 111. iking a woman hold her tongue. I then read several treatizes, on tho cfleel of In cail and waterdisciplinu of making gond wives.' Shakspearo's 'Taming of the Shrew,' furnished me with a few practical lessons. And I am nowguncraliziuij all their system into one; which shall entry the sway in all tho future generations, and convert the plague of matrimony into si hlcsing. In the course of a year or so, (added Soloinnn) my rules for thu regulation of tinmen, (I intend to publish it,) will be completed, and then I will take unto 1110 a wife.' And Solomon was as good as his word, for at the ago of Ihiity-nve, leelinghimsell nre pared to cive battle to any woman in or out ol the land ol the, lie got man led. . . . I .. ..... .. 1 C, I ji mis imporiaut period, aniuiuon was it rr ... 1 1 . . .... .... puny, coiuioriauie looking mtio lullow as you would meet in a day's walk ; for ulheii, tliu ci own ol Ins lieail never slooil five feel from the heels ol his boot?, lie had u corpo ration that would have done honor to an al derman, or even a lord alderman, or even loid mayor; and his gait (especially when walking with a lythiug in tho likunrn of a wonmn) was as pompous as a Sultan's while at such times, Ins countenance always assum ed an expression of female I'.imiliaritv. 1 ho lady whom Solomon had chosen for his wor'scr half, was apparently a modest, lamo-liKe creature, so that the chances wore very fur that she would not only bo a Iracta bio wile, nut that Mis. Swallow would need no help Ironi his system to make her so. Now Solomon had thu forbearance not to interfere with IIiq laity's sayings anil doings on her weilumg ilay nnr is it recorded that ho as sumed any special authority on tho first night cither; nut about six o clock the noxl mor ning, he soflly insinuated to his sleeping part ner, tint it was time to get up. 'And when breakfast is ready call uie, but bo nurd uu dmi'i bum tho loiist.' Breakfast and toast,' said Mrs. Swallow, 'why what do you mount' 'Why, my doar I mean, madam that I have begun my system.' 'And won't you get up, too V 'Yes, when the breakfast is ready, and my stockings aired 1' Mrs. Swallow was uhout to reply, but she checked herself as she was ashamed to say much to him on so short an acquaintance ; but though in tho present instance she did precisely as she was bid, sho resolved in her heart that it was the last tinio she WoulcJ get up at six o'clock in thu morning and prepare breakfast. At eight o'clock, ovrry thing being ready, Mrs. S. called to Mr. S. 'Breakfast is ready, Mr. Swallow.' 'Is tho toast made ' Yes.' 'And not burned t 'No.' Aro my stockings aired ?' 'Yes.' 'You'll do,' quoth Mr. Swallow, and to breakfast ho went, having first received the services of the blushing Mrs. Swallow to help him into his inexpressibles. I no breakfast, however did not turn out to be what it was cracked up to be. The toast was done a little too much, and thnltea was'nt done quite enough : the slop bowl was at the wrong end of tho tray, and there were several crumbs on tho carpet. ' 1 hose things call for improvement,' ob served Mr. Swallow. 'The servant has'nt been here this mor ning,' answered his wife. 'Servant !' retorted Mr. S. 'I discharged him yesterday, you don't suppose I can af ford lo keep a servant and a w ill) too V The lady was again posed, anil said noth ing, but tho dav had worn to a close before sho could bring herself to believe that Mr. Swallow had actually made us of thu words 'servant and wile in the same sentence. The next morniiiL'at six o'clock, Mr. Swat low again informed his wife that it was time lo get up, coupling his remaiks with the sug gestion that in future she must save him tin: trouute ol reminding her ol so necessary n duty. Mr. Swallow, however, benefitted nothing by this soft insinuation, for at that moment she either was qr pretended lo bo fast locked in tho arms ol morphea. 'Don't you hear, Mrs. Swallows! But alas a slighty conscious snore was tho only audible response vouchsafed by Mrs. Swallow. Nuwthis was a ticklish point for Solomon, but he was prepared fur it. 'What says my system on this V said ho lo himself, musing ly. 'It says a lazy wife who lies abed in the morning, may be very profitably reminded of her duly, by the judicious application of a needle.' And this magnificent idea hail scar cely crossed the ihrushhold of his brain nan. when ho inserted the point of a needle into his drowsy helpnintoV-;nrt persona. As may be expected, the intended ellecl instant ly followed the cause, for the astonished Mis. Swallow sprung from the bed as ihungli sb had been thrown from it by an earthquake 1 but alas, her ability all hut annihilated poor ooimuon in rolling over 1:1111, hut she dashed his patent lever from a nail which suspended 11 to tliu wall, and lirnke the dial. 'What a dieam,' ei.icktilated Airs. Swal low, pressing her hand on her wounded por tion. 'V hat a dreadful reality,' shouted Mr. S. contemplating tho fragile mass of his broken timepiece. 'Now Mis. Swallow,' said Solomon, 'see ingtball can't be always awako to call yon up in the morning, or eat burnt toast, 01 drink raw tea, tfcc, it is time that I should begin to instruct ou in your duties.' 'And what are they i 'Be silent, madam, if you please. Not to talk but to listen, is one of the most impor tant of them.' 'Proceed, sir.' And Mr. Swallow, looking daggers at Irs beloved for the second interruption, proceed ed as follows : 'From six to eight you nre to get up, dress so as lo create no (listuibanrr lighl file air shirts and stockings sweep room pre pare breakfast and announce peifectiou themof. Eight lo leu, wash dishes, make ed, rub furnituie and clean windows. Pen to twelve, go to niaikel prepiue dinner. Twelve till two, devote lo dish w ashing, swee ping up and rubbing I'm nilure. Two till six, piuninr, mending shuts and darning stock ings. .Icvon, tea. r rom that till nine a sec ond course of mending and darning then lo bed. And ibis daily course, madam, with a strict observance of the rules of civilitv, fru gality, decorum and obedience, may enable you to do honor lo the choice uf Mr. Solo mon Swallow.' Mrs. Swallow listened quietly to the end and then mildly inquired. And do you really expect this of me, Mr. Swallow! ' To be sure I do,' responded her spouse, ' Then you will bu sadly disappointed, for I'll do no such thing.' ' No f ' No V ' I've a wav to make you.' 'How' ' Spoon diet locks chains and cow hides.' 'Mr. Swallow V ' What I' ' Your a brule.' And Mrs. Swallow threw herself back and looked desperate. Now this was a climax. Mr. Swallow was called a brute at his own fire side and by his own wife, this was worse than all. He, Solomon Swallow, the celebrated foun der of Matiiiiionial Observation, called a hi ute by no less a person than Mrs. Swal low. At first ho was so astonished at so open manifestations of rebellion to his royal will that ho could only look aghast, hut when he came lo himself ho saw at once that something must be done or thu field was lost forever. ' You call mo a brute Mrs. Swallow V ' I did, Mr. Swallow.' ' A bruto V ' A brute !' 'I'll go mad und break things, Mrs. Swal low.' ' As you like Mr. Swallow.' Anil Mr. Swallow did go mad, hill he liuil a inutliod in eis madness, he seized the cheapest article of delf that was 011 thu ta ble, an old plate with a crack in it, and dashed it into a thousand pieces upon thu hearth, as if lie in a terrible passion. 'How do you liko that, Mrs. Swallow !' ' Vastly, Mr. Swallow try it again .' And again did he try it, for ho had be come desperate, and demolished the cream J"?' . , iow' said tho limy 'lis my turn, and jumping up sent the slop bowl to keep com pany with its two iinlorlunato ' tea table companion?.' This of course to much for Soluion, it snapped asunder the only remaining cord of thu little rensou he had left, and ho ship ped his helpmate, wo muit us the woid in tho most positivo term on tho right checck hut the echo of the blow melted into silence ero tho indignant damo had seized tho tea pot and shivered 11 to atoms against Iho de voted head of the Doved Solomon. Nor was this all. as ho was reeling hecis overhead from the effects of that nwful col lision, sho plied with thu remainder of (he tea straps, until thcro was scarcely u bone in is body which bad not echoed tho shocks of cups and saucers, and rounds of butter toast. Unablo (o carry thn war on anv longer for that day, Solomon gathered himself up as well as ho could, and vowing all sorts of vengeance, stuck lus pipe in Ins mouth, Ins hands in lus pockets, and then setting a chair in thu middle of the room, planked himself on it, and commenced whistling a jig lo the tune the old cow died on, looking the while as if ho could bito a piece out of the griddle without selling his teeth on edge. His gond lady, too, being determined lo follow iho example of her lord and master in other matters besides dull breaking, plac ed nnother chair back to back wilh Solo mon's, and after providing herself with a novel, sat herself down and began reading, is if there were no such thing as beds to maku, or stockings to mend in all Christen dom. Hero this affectionate couple sat for six mortal hours, each bent on sitting the other down, and ruminating tho while upon the pleasures of -their relative positions, lint 11 must he confessed that Mrs. Swallow had tho best of tho bargain, for independent of Solomon s mangled bead, pui boiled neck and shoulders, he was mad that the watch dial and crockery must bo replaced ; so that the reducing ol Iho lust chapter of this vo luminous ystem to prnclico must bo atten ded to wilh an outlay of at least twenty dol lars. 1 his being tlio case, I may as well be hung for! sheep as a lamb thought he, and wilh that he rose from tho chair stole sofl ly out of the room, and turned tho key upon the gentle Mrs. Swallow. Tho turning of the key made her aware of his intention, when she rushed to the door, but was too late. ' Open the door, ibis instant, Mr Swallow.' ' Not until 1 have kept you for seven days upon bread and water,' returned the victo rious Solomon, and ho went on his way re joicing. But, alas ! how evanescent is human great ness in about half an hour ho returned to sec how matters went on, hut had scarcely put hisoye on the key hole than he began to roar like a hull, for Mrs. Swallow had lorn every one of his fine linen .shirts that on his-back 1 ccjited inio pieces, lo make a rope to let herself down from the window; nor was tins all, for upon further examina tion, he discovered that she had also tin own a vaiiety of chair c-s(i is bed linen, &c, into the duly jard to make her descent safe and romfoi table. Oh ! chop fallen Solomon Swallow. The Archives of the Swallows aro silent as to tho remaining occurrences of the event- tul day, but on the very next morning about 7 o'clock, Mr. Swallow popped his head from under the blankets and said Mrs. Swal low in the most soothing and imploring tone possible : ' Mrs. Swallow, dear, isn't it time to cet up r ' Yes,' returned the lady, ' and you may call me when you hare lit up the fire and put on the tea-kettle.' Poor Solomon ! There was no alterna tive; so he even sal about his work with an alacrity which showed that ho bad the terror of broken heads and demolished linen run- niiiL' in his memory. In short, Solomon was a conquered man. That day he had to pre pare breakfast, sweep the loom, t&c. The next his assi-tance was required in rubbing of furnituie and making of beds ; and befoie the week was out, he was initiated into the mystery of washing coaise towels! Degenerate Solomon swallow: iny 111 afier limes when the little Swallows began to gather about him, il was whispered that his heller half (she was now his belter half) tisei to employ him as yet more deeply in conju gal offices. But for llus we have no proof other than the fact that he was '.he only nurse that Mis. Swallow would ti list will; the children About five veais afier the celebration of his nuptials, a fiicud called to see liini ' You must go wilh mo to tho theatre, Swallow, said the fiiend. ' Ho shant,' said Mr. Swallow. ' tint lie must, replied the li lend, ' nuu so must von,' ' I may, but ho can't,' leturned the dame, for lie must stay and mind (he children. And Mis. Swallow did go to the play, and Solomon slopped at home, and when I visit ed that evening, found him nursing his three children. Oh ! hen-peckt d Solomon Swallow ! Tho moial of this authentic lab) is, that bachelor's wives and old maid's chihhen an always excellent in theory, but as bad as can he in practice, and that a managed wife is worse than 110 wife at all. Had Solomon only treated his better half decently in the beginning .things might have gone on smooth ly lo the end, but as it was, bu compelled her lo bo a Tartar in her own defence, and hud to take the consequence. THE DUTCH FARMER. AND II1S THOUSAND DOI.L.tlt lill.I,. A Humorous Story. Away bark in thu Slalo of New York, lives a Dutch farmer, well to do in the world, who always keeps around him a thousand dollar bill. With this in his pocket and a shabby coat on his hack, he prides himself on playing tricks with stiangers particulary such country merchants as havo recently commenced business in the neigh borhood, and arc not acquainted with his pecuniary circumstances. As an instance of this kind, he went to : new merchant, with his clothes nil in tags his toes sticking out through his shoes, his hat without a crown, and his beard al'oit ntght old, and ordered a few dollai's worth of goods. Tho meichant stared at him ; but as Iherowas no great haz iid in laying out ailicles for him, none 6f which were to be cut, he executed thu command. When tho goods were ready, the merchant stared slill more to hear his scurvy looking custo mer ask him to chaigo thein. " Charge llieni," exclaimed thu man of merchandize, "ha! lu! ha! wo'ru not in tho habit of dunging our goods lo ever) bodv. Wu keep 11 sharp lookout for break eis." " Won't you charg 'em den ?" " Not to you, I thank you. You must havo a belter coat upon your back, to ex pect to get credit from us," " Den if you won't charge 'em," contin ued tliu Dutchman, with great moderation, "I limit dry and pay you for '0111 down, if so he, suppo?in' 1 can muster munoy enough. " I hen taking a thousand dollar bill fiom hi pocket, he extended it to the merchant, 1 with a sly leer on his face; hiiJ said, 41 will you change tint 1" "That whnf! n thousand dollar bill? Is it possible that that n man of your ap pearance " " What, misthur, bu's you scar't Ita 1 Did you never see a lousand dollar bill nforct" "A man of your appearance! continued d merchant, in nslonislimcmt, " with u tho thousand dollar bill! 1 could have sworn " Nono o' your swearing hero, if you ploasu misthur, hut givo 1110 mine change, ilat 1 may he oil' to mini! farm ngain." " Off to your farm ! A thousand dol lor bill? vVho aro you, if I may bo so DOlUf " Who bo's I ? Wy, don't you know your own neighbors, man? My namo is Fritz Van Volger, a poor farmer, mil no morn as ono tousand acres of hint, and dis small bill in nimu Docket, dat was so if you'll chango it, and let me bo gone, I'll tank you." " Change il? Lord, sir! where shall I get money of a morning, to change a thou sand dollar bill?" "Trust you! Mr. Van Volger, that I will to tho amount of a thousand dollars, if you wish. Yuu didn't suppose I was afraid to trust you, did you t" said tho merchant, growing very complaisant. "Haw! haul" roared tho Dutchman, as he could laugh "you begins to haul in your Horns a little, does you Sli ange wat wan ders a small lousand dollar bill will work in a man's gout opinion! So, you'll drust ine, now, will you?" 'Certainly, certainly, sir.' No I II be vip'l if you shall if so be, siippusin I can hud siller enough in mine bockel to bay von. As bo said this be muled out an old stocking full of dollars, paid for the goods, and giving another hear ty haw! haw! haw! at thu astonishment and sudden change of opinion of the merchant, hn departed. THE SEASON' The flowers appear on the earth the time of the singing of the birds has come. 1 nr. I'ucACiir.n. Earlier than in most seasons, the earth has put on her robes of green, bespangled wilh flowers ol every hue. 1 welve months ago, we weio drenched with rains, chilled by the Noith-East gales scaicely 11 wild flow or had opened its petals and the earliest fruit trees were no blossoms. Now, the pear, the churrv, and even ihe apple, in sheltered spots, are in full blossom. Wild llowers are spread in profusion on the earth's surface; the grass is preen, and is well set. It is true thai we cannot tell much yet as to harvests, but at present all things in nature promise well. "The flnweis appear on earth." Mys tei ions change ! A few weeks since, and all around on plain, in valley and on hill, all was sere and inanimate. Frosts held the powers of vegetable growth in perfect abey ance. Those frosts have now relaxed their grasp. Flowers and plants in countless numbers have come up from thu bosom of thu earth, and aro now gratifying man by their delicacy and beauty of form and col oring, are pleasing us by their fragrance, and are giving promise of grains and fruits. Mys terious change! No visibly hand has wrought it. Day by day, night by night it has gone on, but no visible baud has wrought il. But it has a cause : Thu Maker and the Execu tor of Nature's laws, has spread this robe of beauty and promise ovur iho luislmniliiKin's fields and pastures. And Hi:, tho CJod of tho seasons, invites the farmer now to be sowing with a diligent hind. Hi: encourages us lo sow in hope. This we may do, when wo comply whh the conditions on which the luxuriant harvest is usually granted. We must till well manure will .sctf irell and then may we hope lo receive abundantly from Him on whom the eyes of wait, that he may give them meat in duo season. "The tinio of tho singing of birds has come" and lit thtm sing. Why stop their notes with the iiiurdeious gun? With their rich and varied1 plumage, they give a charm to earth's scenes, while busily collecting the insects and woims that would feed upon our ciops. They aie given to man by the be neficent Giver of all good, to assist in pro tecting the fi nils of his labor from the depre dations of enemies too minute for his vision too iiumeruus foi him lo subdue. Let them live let them sing. We preach often 011 ibis subject : wo do it earnestly. And wo urge it upon farmers and farmer's boys, nut as a matter of taste and feeling meiely, hut as a matter of interest and profit. Yes lit the birds lice N. E. Farmer. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS. Hart Muzzy, Esq., of this village, took a small portion of the seed corn with which he planted a field, and soaked it in a solution of sal nitre, commonly called sallpetie, and planted five lows wilh thu seed thus prepar ed. Now for tho result. Tho five rows planted with tho corn prepared w ith saltpetre, yielded 111010 than tweniy-fivo rows planted without any piepaiaiion. The five rows weie untouched by the worms, while the re inainderof tho field suffered severely by their depredations. Wo should judge that not one kernel saturated with saltpetre was li.uched, wlulu almost every hill in the adjoining row suffered severely. No ono who will exaiu inu the field, can doubt the efficacy of the pieparation. He will be astonished at the sinking dilleience between the five lows and the remainder of thu field. Here is a simple fact, which if seasonably know n would have saved thousands of dol lars lo the farmers of this county alone, in thu article of corn. It is a fact which should be universally known, and, in all probability,

ono of the greatest discoveries of modern limes in tho much neglected science of agri culture. At all events, thuexpeiimenl should hooxlensiu ly tested, as thu results are deem ed certain, while the expenso is conipar.t nothing. Mr M. also stated as to tho result of anoth er expeiiment tiiod upon 0110 of his apple trees last spring. It is .1 line, thrifty, hunltiiy tiee, about twenty-five 01 lliiity years obi, hut has never in uny one year produced over about two bushels of apples. Willie in blos som last spiing, ho ascended the tree .Tail sprinkled plaster lieely on ihe blossoms, iyul thu result is, that it will Ibis year yield twen ty bushels of apples. Now if the plaster will prevent thu blast, it is a discovery of grunt importance. Mr M. was led lo make tho experiment by reading un accuunt of tiCes adjoining a meadow where plaster had been sown at a time when ihuio a light breeze in the direction of the orchard, the tiees con tiguous to the meadow bearing w ell while llie others produced no.fiuit. WatertownStaml. "How beautiful, huw sublime tho pre cept, ' furgivo us our trespasses as wo forgive those who trespass against us.' But who would willingly bo thus adjudged ? Who is there that does not bono for mora mercy at the hand of his Maker, than he has shown to his fellow man " I'rom the American Katmcr. SOWING CORN BROADCAST. In tho Farmer of April 20th, I ohscrvo over tho signature of " Lcdyard," some in quiries in relation to sowing corn broadcast, anu tliu best method ol securing tno crop. Having tried the experiment last year, I offer a few suggestions as tho result of my experience. I sowed a few acres with a view of plowing it in as a green crop for the benefit of the soil, but was tempted by its luxuriant appearance and a scarcity of other provender, to mako use of it for that purpose. The quantity of seed sown was about two bushels per acre. Perhaps in a very rich. sun, the usn ol a smaller quantity ol seed might bo attended with the objections named in the remarks which follow iho inquiries of your correspondent, viz: " the tendency of weeds to check lis growth." After tho ground is well harrowed and sown, I would recommend your correspon dent to make use of tho cultivator to cover tho seed which by the way I have found an excellent improvement for covering seed wheat. Tho ground should then be rolled smooth, which is all that is required to be done until the tinio of harvesting airives. My crop was cut just at the lime the grain be gan lo liaiden, and the lower leaves of the stalk were becoming sluivelled. The fod der was suffered lo lay on Ihe ground for a day or two, until the stalks had become suf ficiently wilted, to bu matin use of as bands lor Iving the fodder in small sheave's; alter being bound, the sheaves are set up in small shocks of about one dozen of sheaves each, and capped by placing onu sheaf on the lop as a crown, lo .shelter the shock from rain. In this statu it remained until perfectly cured, when it was carted off and stacked up in a convenient place for feeding. E. P. P. S. Willi respect lo the proper time of sowing, I would suggest that iho usual lime of planting corn is the most fit season wherii the crop is to be used as dry fodder. Baltimore Co., April 21, 1842. When the object is either for soiling or fodder, wo think thai jour bushel? ol seed to the acre, upon good, well manured ground, would not bo loo much. Ed. Am. Ear. From tho Farmer's Journal. WHOLE POTATOES vs. ENDS. Mn. Coli: Dear Sir, Last season made several expel imeiits on the potato, in order toascerlain as far as practicable, wlieth or iho theory is really and philosophically based, which inculcates tho superior valnu nnd productiveness of whole tubers when planted for seed, over mere sectional cut tings or " seed ends. The soil selected for theso experiments was a bed of rich loam, resting upon a sub stratum of sand so Pght and porous in its tex ture as easily to admit the infiltration of wa ter from above as well as iho ascent of moi.v turu from below. Upon this soil, which was I accurately furrowed, 1 first planted eisht I hills of Hohans, putting one tuber only, of tho size of a hen s egsr, in each lull. I he ne.xl row was planlod with slips, upon each of which there were eight eyes; third, with slips having but two eves, and the fourth with pieces containing bill one eyo each. The covering was performed throughout alike, and thu after culture was, so far as 1 ran recollect, in every respect the same. At first, tho whole potatoes were much more promising than thu rest, but ns the season Hilviinced, ihe hills in which I bad deposited the slips nnd cuttings, gradually come on, and at the harvest were equally as bilge and vigorous, to all appearance, as those which had -spiiini; 1'ioui the potato which had been planted whole. The produce of each of 1 1 to rows was nearly the same in weight, although theio was a vi ry obvious dilferetice ns re gal dud size ; those produced from the whole potatoes being much larger and fairer, and thoo from iho cuttings, with a singlu eye, being the least, but most numerous of all. My other experiments were attended by similar lesulls, or indeed so ncaily similar as not to requiic u recapitulation in detail. Youis, in haste, II. D. WHITE. Windham, Mr., March 11, 1S42. From the New Ihigland Farmer. PUMPKINS AND WINTCR SQASIIHS. These may bu raised at so small an ex pense as to mako them cheap food for caltle and swine in the months of November and December. It is best to plant in hills S feet apart each way 7 lo S hundred hills per acre. A single cord of good manure, or but littlo 111010 than a cord, will afford a largo shovel full per hill on the acre. A cultiva tor or a harrow run through the rows two or three limes, and the use of the boo onco or twice immediately aiuuuil the hill, is all the labor that is required. Wo do not mean 10 ay that more manuio will not cause a lartrer J. . . . . .... 9 . yield, hut only that where land is plenty and manure scarce, that the quantity above named w ill answer' n rood purpose. Wo think it better to put the pumpkins and squashes by themselves, than to scalier them through 1 1 m I'firii In. 1 . It 1 he coin iil- v 111x111 1 in I ,.:, , ,..s,i., ,irv lf,. s,uu""i ...ivou .. -j - j " have manure, von may plart a low ol beans or a row 01 corn uetween eacn iwo rows 01 vines, and all will do well. In that case, the rows of corn being 8 feet asunder, tlio corn does not shade the vines 10 their preat harm, and tho roots of tho vines heio 4 feet from tlio roots of tho corn, thu corn is not robbed of its sustenance. Vines generally do best on new light lauds. Spots that havo recent ly been cleared of bushes, where theio nro many decayed leaves, are favorable to their prow'ib. Any strong manure answers well for then), bul "those composted w illi virgin soil from tliu woods, or willi decayed leaves and wood, tire tho best. Largo and soft shelled pumpkins, and largo squashes nro tho most profitable lo raise for stock. If you havo seed in abundance, it is besl to put a do.eti or more in each bill ; ibis gives a chance to havo three vines left and that is enough per bill after the rav ages of tlies nnd worms ine over. Should you pick up ibu bones around the premises and put one in each hill, the roots: of tho vines will embiaro il, form 11 sort of .net work over it, nml probably you w ill get a belter crop for ibeir doing so: let tlio Tone, however, not bo placed in immediate minuet with the seeds you plant, but three or four incites below them, or at ono side of them. If in immediate contact with litem, llicbone isliahlo to art loo powerfully. In planting vines of nil kinds, it is well to dig out a largo hole say lako out a bushel of ein tli or more, and then wink your manure and tlio earth thus dug out, well together in filling up tlio hole. Plant from IMay 20tli lo Juno 5lli. .. . . . 1 . . .- T. I". & W. ISTltON:. T r.lVISG nurchased of die firm nl' Str Iwo Lit heir stock 111 trade, will I'luilinuo ln? biiinc-3 andoileriojiurclia'-ers koikIh 111 llietr line, pp v cone -pondint,' w ith the uint-n Am 1 IXlSf Extrri m-aints of I'umil' Flour. I HI'. Milcnl cr N now receiving cm .?k r!i,,ir.ntii.nt. nml will 1m ti't-ll Mill. faJiEPuillu P'led thromiii tho seaon villi fonie fiw "r 1,1C choice-l Ilrands ofWeMern 2&2 I'lonr. ever oilercd in this nmrlcl. Itnvins Klour lnauiilaeliired bv more, than twenty dilcreut Mills nf the hiphe-t reputation, lie plcdircs lhat Hour mid by him shall give tho inol perfect satisfaction, nml will bo warranted hi sill en'ej. N. II. l'nrey llrnnii. constantly on hand. Dealers in I'lonr, Merchant and I'aimlies aru te rpeetfnlly invited lu order mid try (lie article. K our shipped to order in qood packages without delay, on receipt of Draft?, certificate ol depo-ite or Ca d. J. N. IIINSntlih. 117 Itivcr-st. Troy. April 23, 1842. -I7m4 lMSIIIONAIilitt Sl'IIIXC GOODS. rn II H fiihferibers havejut returned from Now A York with tho report of Spring fashions, mid also a full pupply of fashionable Ooods for Oenile men's dress, consisting of lllue, Mack, Green, nnd Brown cloth". Ulue, lilac!., and a variety of Kancy Cassiincres, An'.'ohiSp&c. for pints. A beautiful assortment of Silk, Satin, Marseilles Velvet, and Valencia Vestunrsj Hutton, Ac. Trim mines of all kinds, and of Iho bent nnd most fas'11011. aides! vie in maikcl. Also, a few of the mot splendid Si;il( f'r,ii,Mu U.tei.tiia PnlUrn A. ever ofilred. Also, an assortment U Suspenders of mo nesi quality. As die above article1! have been bought rtrv low. niry win ue muki very low iiiuetu i"r e 1-11. tJaimcnis of every style cut or mado to order on short notice, and warranted to fit. DUNNS it SOX. Hnrlinntnn, April 27, 1942. 3w K. PANG BORN T.TAS removed Ins Cabinet Shoo lo tho old stanti J.JL ofNelsonnnd Gates, on Church Street, opposite the Hank of Ihirhnirton, where hu wi 1 n tend to the calls of Ins customers. Grateful lor past favors he solicits a continuance 01 1110 same, nss img the puo tic that his prices are such ns nro sui cd to the tuui 1. Ilninc leen aimninted Sexton for tho Huri'ini? Ground in tins Mllnce, die politic nro apprised thai apphcali'ins for lots'thtro should bo made omIv lo liim. Coffin- furni'lied wilh despatch and funerals nlti'tuled 10 at the shorust notice. Un is nlso n' eiit for lie- sue of Mr. Nelson s t hairs. 'Ihe old customers of Ihe shop and the pub ho iri nerally nre informed thai a full assortment of hurs wi'l he kept nt the old place and sold on food reriiis to nil mat win 10 nuv. Ihirlmston, A ril 33, ISli." NEW ESTABLISHMENT. 1 'ill. suincniM'rs Having npeneit n rami Hhrp m ju ine ii iiuiing one uonr nouui 01 lliliop 3 llotrl would respectfully inform their frauds and the pub. he lint they nre prepared lo exieiite all kinds of House, Carriage and Sign Painting, (Hiding, (Hazing, and Paper Hanging, 111 the netet p"s-ib 0 mniiiier, and hopebv s'net personal attention to to reteiMi a share ol 1110 public patronage. U. G.SPAUI.DINO, S. II. RUSSEU,. Hurlingtrn, April 2D, ISd2. -17lf. IMIIVATIi S lii;CT ROAKDING SC5IOOI, riTIII, new and spai'ioii II u'ding- now creel aiz in 1 I as: C li'irleile w ill I e opened (if the Lord w 1111 ler the upi-nnteiidi'iii! nl Mr. J.Trjf HnccKi:, M-itsl initio e'iViaruncnt m French and Music 1 y .!ii- M. .. 1 1.' I'nocKR, If. h May, 1942, Fall term open- 2.1 h A-iiru't, Winter do 2S'h Novenil er. Twi'he young La-be and Gentlemen may 1 e ae ecunnio ialcl in the t.unily nl Mr. T. term- 52o per quarter, 111' e. .M i-ic 10. 1 reneli an, I .l " Ii:i,!!j. Wa-huig ex.ra. Day S 'holar-, from S2,j0 to-1 ;0. Mis.T. inlu -ale I un ler iheea re of eminent Teacher, ana b.ivini' tain: it 111 t.oii'lon. I ir.".. and 111 tin-is a'' - un c her nrr-al, 1- limply r iiihi.e I lOMiprrm'end ihf FiMichntid Mujic deparlnieut. Goernna'iil strictly parenlal. 'I'n iho-e unacquainted wilh the ervi"0-, experience ana ill il"yol .Mr. I. 1 eteienee mav Ic-liaUto l."l- 1 -..i.. 1.. 11 ..1 .. I I' ,.... f. t. t... I .1.1 IIH-x , I'.IIIIU.IUII, .1. II. Ui.llenU-cl;, " II. Moil. St. J. hu- J.C.Par!.e, Whitehall. J. hlHT', rruenne A. S. Perry. Troy. Chnrliiiti' 13lh Ann1, 13121 LOVELY SEYMOUR HAVi: this day n ceiwd fiom Ncw-Yntk, a choice lot of new seasonable DIIV GOODS, which t-hall be sold at prices Millicienlly low to correspond wilh die present pecuu ary embarrassment of the "iocs. April Sih. It HA ! Us'l'ATH FOII SAM:. lotlni-rr. nt land on lln- ia-l m.Ii- of the It : ro.mua unclo Hit- iiiuutli nl it e r.ver. r&'4 'ii-iimc piacpncc ipiul l.y l Jlerrut on -i'. v.J Codeee -Ireel. con 'amine dwelling 1 m and Joiners hup. Also a luiHm: lot near the Co irt uo '-OS a if. II. Ll-i.U UMVOH'l II Ann! 11.1812. To lliilliiers and iitheis. "HOARDS, Cl-ipboaids and Plank plained at short XJnoticcj also a Circular Saw fi 1 shltini', at the nurhngtun Iron Foundry. Tiirnini: done, or lithe to lei lor turning lieu t'oats or column. 1 a'h 1V0 re, cciv.'d in 1 ay. J.R IS GAY. llurhnRlon, April 22, 1342. rpiin public are repcclfully informed lhat Grn X and I lover Sicd of n superior quality mav still be louiiuni roi.i.i.i i oc i;k.iji.i;v S Old Dock, April 29, 1312! REMOVAL rp II F. subscriber havinj receiilly transferred his j- resilience nom si. .iij,in 10 11 rhnalon, nri'cnn himself to die pitronae 1 f the pu' lie lis n pliisieiau nn 1 Miry-on. 1 nuso who liny want Ills service w II find him. for the prcs"iit, at Howard's Hon I, where he is about to open an office am! be in readi niss for tho practice of ph,e and stirucrv. CI1AS.IIAI.!.. I5urlinstn, April 23th, I' 12. 3w SPRING FASHION FOFlfMaT CHARLES A. SEYMOUR II -; juM leceiud from New ; Yoik tueprmi' patterns fur Hats -?"r"V7 mill inlilp tliu nnlit.r. ', .--ill ,in,1 examine hn assortment, which r5!fe:7 comprises 11 (f?j-V a", 'I'mr,s' ! 3;tjf7s. coinpriM s hata ol inou miahtic t-tiuic crv Irtv v limit' snrh nn. (Union aslKuchcrciufoit irivcn a nriWrnee to hnts nf Snnili.rn nianufaclnw to look ni his sti rk t( fine li nts vi litMi ' hi pomi of color an I finish arc equal, and in point of .l,,,,(;i.. r,F.i,.rt... ..r. ' 1 hirabdilv. f,irsuiien,ir. in ntiv tti?intir,i-iMr,l iho city of New York. Pearl st. April loth. REMOVAL. C II. SCOTT h P h is removed lo lha Store recently v.l P. Whaiim; Aco. beins; a few Ins former place old customers wid nccimit'd I 1 "" no "I 01 ins lormer Plaee-oli customers wi, nne no difficulty in finding this Store-ihut-o in ihe uaon 01 calling licieare un iteil to continue, with the auranre thaieitry ctlbri will be made to tieai ihem Mint .1 icw moments spent tn examining 0jjs and prices will cost nothing sue the lime. C; CASF.Snnd Hales TickiHgs, 1 1 lialo Canvass, 2 do Drilling, 20 Pieces 40 inch Burlaps, 13 i'o It.'d Padding, Forvalebv Nov. SO, ISM. VILAS, 'I.OOMIS if- Co. i.ivi:gi:iwk fi: mucus. First rate article just rcccned at S, 15. SCOTT'S A IIUOAD CLOTHS. ViniOrcVi:il wbes a food nrui'le of thi kind " can be nceoinodaled nl S. II. SCOTT'S. Prices corresponding wilh these anti-tarilVlimes. FRESl TEAS, T OAF am! Ilnivvii Sugars, Cofli-e, Spices, Salcra- lus, c. vie. Clua p, Cheap .at -S. II. SCOTTS. SI I.ICS, SILKS, SI LES, A LI. hinds, at iho lowest prices, at u. 1. S. II. SCOTTS. ri.o n it i:.r i: n o.v.v;: 7 s. good assortment, nnd Uibbons to much at S. II. SCOTTS. riUNCIS HKNJAMLV, Jr.., Wholcsalo Dealer in Storage, Fni'varllin;nn'l I'oiiiuilsslon Wo. 273 HIVSR STH23ST, T5vO"i9 IT. Y. JT.1 few doors abate Washington Square. llt.SS Si:i:i). Tho Subscribers hale selected I from best samnles of northern urowlh. ibeir ) siieeieu lisu.ll "'"i "i lieu. .... w.t.b, fc.-.,i. they can lecoininend as very superior. Many far- ..1 .,,,,j.,,rH,.XmM.n,l e,,.i i,,r, iner who nave unioiiiinaieiy uscu i no bouinern or weern ecd, a largo quantity of which has leen iKTcloforc mid in Ihe neighborhood of Lake Cham, iiliiiu, bavob in taught by experience the dill! rente between e!6 of a southirn ur northern gioivth, For sale at tlio Ddet.. March 111. ISli FOI.I.CTT fi HKADLY. II IIP.NMAMIV ADAMS' MSTATP. STATF. OK VKUmNT.J.U a Pro! ate Court held District nf Hhlll,, 1. ,l,i, .. t nl llinlinrrlnn ...I,!, In "n1. ,for Iho District aforesaid, on the 23rd day of April, A. I). 1812, an instrument, purporting to bo 1 no 1 last win and Testament of llcnjamin Adams, late or Alilton, in laid District, dscca-ed, was presented to Iho Gouit here for l'robate, by Hector Adams, ono of tho F.xrcutors therein nnrned. Therefore, it is ordered by said Court, that public tiotico bu Grtcn ti) all person concerned therein lo appear br fore said Court, at a session thereof to ba held at the Register's Office, in said Ilurlinglon, on the 2oth day of May. A. I). .1812, and contest th probate of said Wills nnd it is further ordered that iiua oruer uo piionsncd inrco wecKs successively in uiu luiiiiiigiuii r ri'c i-res, a newspaper printed ftt Murlmcton, in lliis Slate, the last of which .bnll !,. previous to Iho day assigned, as aforesaid, for hear- Given under mv hand nt tlm ttomtier'a nnt i... 23rd day of April, A. D. 1S42. ' WM. WF.STON, Kcg'utcr. Hllslia llnnt' I'.MtaTi WF. the subscribers, being appointed by tho Hon. Probate Court for tho Dislricl of Grand Isle. cointniioners to rcceue, examine and adjust all c'aims and demands of nllpersons against the estate i f Klisha Root, lalcof South Hero, in said dislricl, m.i...-uiii 11 ui -1 , . -il i, nun ju-ju hu claims nna ae nnnds exhibited moflset thereto, and six month from die 1 lib day of April, A. D. 1912, bcine allowed hy said Court for lhat purpose, wo do therefore hereby give no ice, lhat wo will attend to the I uincsof our uMiinimeniai Hector A lums' office, in said South Icm 011 the filh ihy of July next, from nine o'clock 1. .u. till ' ..'clock, P. M. Given under our hands at South Hero this 30th ay of April, A. D. I R 12. AIINF.R li. I.ANDON, ) Commis WIU.IAM r..PIIIXI'S, sio.ion. lAiiiun Ilecclicr's I'stalc. -TATi: OF VHIIMONT. ) Am Hn,,,. t,i. District of Chi tendm. ss. di 'n nl Illtrhnrrlnn u,i,l. in an I for the District aforesaid on the 6th day of Mn.v- A. I. HI2, an instrument purpor'inc lo be the I ' " ui an I Taslnment of Seymour lieecber late of iiiiii-iiiicii 111 Bind uitrici ilcccas'.d. was presented in lie; Court hero for Probate, by Khuer Beeeher, a devisee therein nnmid. Ilierefote it m i rdfred bv sail Himri iUi,,li; notice bo invert to alt persons interested therein to appear Im fore aid 1'iurt, at a session thereuf to ha h'llilenat ihe ItfL'ister's oflicein said DurhiiBton, on the 2r.i i dav f Mav. A. I). 10H n,t 1." prnbnie nfsi'il Will, and it is further orderel lhat 1 m i puiuisricri tnre wicks successively in 1I10 Hiirhnatoii Free Pre s, a newspaper printed al llurhtii'ton, m this Stale, the I nut nf wlnrb .hull hn previuus to tho day as-igned, n aforesaid for hoar nnr. GUcn under my hand at the Ke?ister's office, this 3th day of May A. D. 142. y m. WICSTON, Register. T N l!.NKItL'PTCV.--Uniled States Dis rict Court, Vermont Di-trict. Notice to show cause aeainst P01111011 if IIF.NItV 1,1 F.T, of llenninnton, in sakS D'slncl. to ho decl.irrd ItaiiLrnm m ihrviirt iinaA in Windsor, Vermont, on thc24th ofM.iy,lS42 I0,A.M. I . UA.Mvltl I'lCV.-rniicd State- Di-lriet Court, -L Vermont Pi-in'-i. Noli' t-in -bow rame arain-t Petition ,f SF.VMOI It III'MPnitKV, ol Underbill, In -ant Di-tri'M, to 1 e declared tiniikrupi at Ihe Court Hn i" in Wind.-or, Vermin!, on the 24lhof May. ISI2, 10 A.M. " fN IIANKItl'PTCV. Fnitcd S'atcs DMrin Court, Xermonl Di-lru-i. Niwetn -how au-e araiiut lViitifon of OliSO.N H. S.VXTON, of Burlinmon, II sai l Di-iru-l, to be i'e bird IJanU' pt, at the Cotiri lim e in WiniUtr, Vinncnt, on the 21th of Mav. 1S42, 10, A.M. ' TN IIANh'nUPTCV.- United Slates ninnet Conn 1 ermoiii Di-trii t. iSOtltetO slinu- i-atif nain.. IVti'inn i f IIIMtV I.. PKASLF.K, of F.-ex, in nil Dis'rH, to I c dcWarcd I!anl.rnpt, at ihe Court Il.iu-e in Win hor, ermi nt, on die 24th of May. IS42, 10, A. M. Hi u-e in Wiud-cr, Vermont, on the 21th of May. in t 11 TN nA.NKm'PlCV.-I'niied States Di-trict Court. L Vermuil Di-lrid. X. in e to show- cau-e a-aint Petition of ADAM II. MOUSE, of Ri.-h mi.nrl. fn .ii,I l)i.'ri''l, to be ilei-larel !lan!.nipt, at ihe ""o in Hon-, in "iiiu.-or, Mrmont, on the 21ih ol May, 1812, 10 '. nANKrvUPTCY. United Stn'e- Di-trict Court, i 1 eriiioni lii trui. N incto slow cau-e 3iraint Petim n of KLYVAItO sJJll'l II, ol U.irlincton, in -nil Di-inct, tobeile-lnied llunt.rupt, at the Conn Hou-o in Wimlcr' Vermont, on U- Slth ol May, 13 li, 10, T.N ItANKHUITCYUnited Stiles District Conn, L ermint Di-trict. .Nitiec to rhou-cause asain-t Petition if JOHN SMI'IH. of CoMu-ter, in raid Di-irici, to bodeelari-J UanKrup', at tht-Co in IIou- ii Wnul-or, Vcrinoni, on iheStih of May, 1642, 10, TN H.NKIil'n;('V.-Unitel S'ates District Court. L ertni nt I'i iri' i. ISotiie in .how ea.i-e ngaint Innl.ieperand Meri hant at ilii-ton, in said Di-ineu lo l e He, iielll.inl,ni)r, nt the Court Hnu-ein Wind- mt. -erinoiii uii, on the 21 h of May. 142. 10. A. M. TN I.A.MvIH PICV.-Unii.d S a'e, Di-inct Coun, L erm int Di-irii . No'u cto Munv rau-e aiaia Pe'ifion ef .AKIH MUNtil.Ii, ef Colehe- ter m said I n-l n't, to 1 c ii e.-kired Uankrupi, at the Court House inUnid-or, crm. n!,i.n the 2th of Jlay, 1342,10, !e!'i'l',n" ,UVt"L"'r' U-rl,lu", "U the '21th of May, TNI!ANKJ! Stale- District Court, J iTrm.ii! I Mrict. Nritic,. 10 .lu.w cau-e against Peiiiiou 01 Plil s-flN CKOKLT, of U ,rhn,un, m Hons.' in Wiiid.oi. Vermont, i.n ih.. o.,i, ,,r ,.. ..i'..'l-irii-.. 10 lo tln-l.iiL-J I !.i,iLr..t. a, ,h, Court Ihl 10, A.M. j N l!..k'lU"PTCY. I'mleil Siate- Di-trict Conn, L eruiun I 1 iru-i. Nn'i. e m show- cau-e asainst Pel. i.. (f AUM II II. LOWUV, of Harhnirion, in ai I .i-iiict, i u- ik-, 'areil lUnlrupt, at the Court lSl'' "lu" "il11"1 Vcrmi""' n ,1,t"-f'llll:,y bf May, IN I HA.VKKI 'PTC Y.-Un. ted States District Court, 1 t rmotit District. Notice 10 show cause a"inst Petition ol lli:.JAMI. l'.UlKKU of Kssei, in said District, 10 he declared Hankrnni. i thi.( in Windsor, Virmoiil, on the 24th of May, 16-12. 10, A. .11. UN HANKRUI'TCY. United States District Court, i Vermont Disinci. Notice to show cause against lVl.lion of lltA ALLLN, of Ilmcsburgh, in said Di met, 10 be declared Haukruiit. al iheCouri House 111 Windsor, Vermont, on the 21th of May, 1342, Iti .1. .u. I N I!ANKI!UPTCY.-Unitedf tatcs District Court J. cr 111011 1 Di-inei. Notice to show cause anslntil Petition of F.NOS 1IL1NN'. ol Hurlinsion. in surf Dislncl, to bedecl.ind liinktupi, at the Court Housn uilWindsor, Vermont, on the 24th of May, 1512, Ifi I N !!.NKPvUPT('V. United States District Court, L Vermoni Diiri 1. Notice to show cause mains! I'e 111011 of KD.MUND WF.LLIN'GTON, of Milton, 111 said Di lri-t. 10 I e declared the Court House 111 Windsor, Virmont, on the 21th of Mav. 1342, 10, A.: 51. T.V HAN'KItUPTCY.-United States District Court, LVirmont I i-lncl. Notice in show cnue arainsl Pi lition of JOSIAII L. MHOWN. uf m said District, to be declared ll.inkrunt, at the Ciurt H'jusemWmdsor, Vermoni, on the 24th of May, T.V IIANKIIUPTCY.-United Stales District Court, L Vermont District, Notice to show cousi aeamsl retilmnot LI CIL'S WOODAUD, ofF'sex, in said I'Stnctito ledc lared llaukriini. at iheCouit Houss in Wm jsor, Vermont, 011 the 24ili of May, 1642, 10, .v. !. nANKItUP rCY.-Unitid Stales District Court, prillitllt lllilri(-( Wilier In s,linu.' Pntl.n nainal Petition of THOMAS MARTIN VA.NCOK, ofjeri cho, in ihe county of Chittenden, in nid Dislricl, to be;declnuil r'ankuipt, nt the Court House in Wind sor, Vermoni, on tlie 21 Ii el May, 1612, 11', A. M. I X IIANKItUI'Tt Y.--l'ntted States District Court, L Veriiionl District Nonce In show cause ai'.nnil Pttiti.innf JOHN Hl'.llIHXG. of llie ro' iitj of Ch t endm, 111 said Di-inei, 10 be declared 11 inlr "PI, nl lliel'ouri IL u-ein tiinilsor, Vermont, on the24lhof May. 1612, 10, A. M. TN" riANTCm'PTCV.--lTnitrd Slmes District Court, 1 V'-iiii, nt District Xnrice lo show cause nfainit Petition nf AUGUSTUS I'OI.I.AItD, of Hurlmeton, sud Disir cl. 111 b.- drciarei iiaiiKruni, nt tne t nl Hnue in Windsor, Vermoni, on the 21th of .May, 1S12, tu, A. .11. TX IIA.KI!UrTCV.--Unittd Slates District Conrt, 1 Vermont District. Xotice in show cause ajrainil litionof DAVIS b. HL'SsSKM,. of Uur hnirlon. in slid Diatlicl, tu bo deelnred Haiikrupt, at the Court House in Windsor, vrmont, on Ihe 21lh of May, 1S42, 10, A. M. X IIAN'KHUPTCY.-.United Slates District Court, Vermont Di trict Xotice in show cause aciinsi IVti'inn of HF.NIIV V.m T.MAX, of South Hro. in Iho eoiinly of Grand Isle, to be declared bankrupt, nt ihe Court House in WuiJsor, Vermont, on the 24tli of .May, 1812, 10, A.M. .-,,..,,-.. ,. ic... r:...:.. ... ( I ' l ' r.'.. . ".ri" ':.'u!"- 1 1 ermoiii insinci. ntiura iu im iiiusu apimtt lViiiinn of 1IIIIAM DAVIS, of Jericho. 111 said Di. trior, to be declaiol llankriinl, nt thn Court House in Windsor, Vermont, on the 21th of Jlay, 1842.10.A.M. TX HAXKItUPTCY.-Unitrd States District Couil, Vermont Dislricl. .Voiico to show cause againrt I'euuon of SIMON PAVIS, of Jericho, in said Die trict, to be declared (tankrnpt, at tho Courl House in Windsor Vermont 011 the 41th of May, 1S12, 10.A M. fN HANhlUrTCY.-Fni'cd Slates Di-trict Court, I. W-rnicuit Hi-tii-i. Niunr in -him- cause arain.-t I'ftiiii.n of ILI.IA.M Sl'I.WAHT ii n -a.d Di-lriet. tu 1 e VWnrod t il,.. v,,,.' 1 N IiANknUP-ICV.-UnitcJSta'e. DiMr.ct Court, J-eriuoni Di.,ri,.. .m, . w)l0w asainvt IVt.t.i.n i.l CIIi:STI I! I'AKKLI!, of Underhill, m sud Di-inei. to 1 1- i! I i!nL...... .. .i... -'..'