Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 27, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 27, 1842 Page 1
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rlM NOT TUB GLORY OP OiBSAR DUT.TMB W B X. P A R n op ROME VOL. XV. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, MAY 27, 1842. LILY SVRITP. oln unparrttlltd remedy for Diseases of the Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, Hooping Cough, c$c. ff. TO TUB 1'UUt.IC. la nre-cnting to iho pm lie a new remedy for die.v fes of the raiv I t primer lt say tuthrin-r from tho many ccitihVnic ami rcceoitimeiukitinns of oilier sprain- containd in Hie newspapers ol the day no new remedy wascnllel for or U it if ihe pop romc do ti 3 . 1 materially le.-oned ihe lull of niorta ii v. "r any one of ihe many picnnratinn pc se-t-ed those virtue reri minciided, n ill n t nfur a la trial, (lie patient co ild depend upon it helling power', aii'l rationally hupe fur a speedy recovery ol health, tins liuiuj.le iillempi to arre-t life progress of Pulmo nary Coiiuinpuon wo-ilt' not liave appealed. Hut that the victim of thi destroyer are daily in crcam:r, nee 1 no proof an I the large scale of the Drugsit8hotv that llie lemeih'c nt the day .liavo Iieeu fairlv tried, ami failed in lheiroheel, if that ob ject va tie restoration to heahh of pcrou su lering fromd.c.i'-e of the Inns-. While one remedy dries up ado ufh that should K' properly nfde.1 to thrown. I thcvicid phleam roMeeicl upon tbclung nnd throat the harbinger of tit-else, another, hy a bad selection t an expectorant, is in Jeed enabled to'dipo c t the prescni tenant, Irttlcave.a wor-t'oneto occupy the shiliered premi-e;and by it, lliu work of death nlhe smer act'cmiili-he.l. Thel.lljY SVlit I' isnow l-clicve.lto lo the lot remedy lor Inn' eonip aim-, thai ha etor apKarcd. To cure P ilmonary Coii-iimpllon af'er the th-ea e his dole Ms lal work, orhecome -rated upon 1 lie vi lal finctoui, an i tubercles are formed an I 1 roken, and atlno-pherfe air U inhaled into the oroken pari-, irldi among the pretc.n-iuu of the tho i-,i inland one pori'arnp Ir i tn to llie contrary, uotwi'h-tun.hng). Till me hi'tnt'ilia rc-lored many who were sup posed to j leyond euie, I y men standing hitrh in the nie.liral orofe-'iou ; I ut ilie'.r re loration to health on ly proved that great and aood men may 1 e nnlakcn, In the singe or pro-ire-- of ihed'-ea-e. Hence, let no iVbii de pairof relief, he has made a fair rial uC the Lily Syr ip. This medicine operate l.y promoling a flee and va-y cioe.-iorauon, 'diereH lrcein; the lung- ami throaifro-it vi-cid pidesm, mid-trenctheuing llie parts an! freem? litem from mil un.i'nry action which constitute- ihe di-ea-e of P'llcion.try Cou-umptiou. Tl-e-ri rnp i- eniirclvfrT from a iv mineral 'ihst.uirc, and p-irrly Pcetahlu-, and may he with per fect safety by the ini'-l ilelicate coit-titutii'ii-. It h 'hly lo tho-e who hac weal; lunff-. Teachers n n;rformi'rs of vocal jnuic will tind il of nival'iaMc u-e lo ilicm, by i'- jrivincf vrcal lenlTfll r.rd w:emc tothe lone-of iim-ic, an i cn aUins lit nroii lo perform Willi crc.ilf.i-e. 1 'u 1 1 ? ica er mj del ater.s will hud il ol nn.iLal le r vice lo ihcm. Th - me h me has lien thoninj-'hly and siiciv-fully tv.iul l.y a If phy ician-, and hylheir ad ire i hob' prepare i an lo 'crad lo the p'iMic, to for ilclf ,n heea t os)f allhe'.ed hninanny. And may he win 1 Ii" e I .he itK'nnvnialitv of clay to open 'hecye- of tie. blind, nu' c il a Me--inr tolln: hum in f n.nly, and tha ireat cbjfl of lhe piopnetor will lu aceoin .fi1 cj. All m.-hrine io ild 1 e civen according to the -itu-tion of llie patient ; and, il mm h iediici-1, a -mailer 1 lantcy ihan where iheio i- nm-ideralile lrenr h. The direci ions on 'he bo'.ile may 1 unihrii as a centra r.ilo : l'ii: il'r.iU-u for a lonir -Inn liueoiijjli, it tnuy e ijece-.-nr' ly In' ft nn cli Jnr?crdo efor-omeone or Cwo div-, nnd evMi U'cier until nu exju'-toraiion i prodii&s. iliat w.ll l o five anil ri y. When there i iriiicli ifeh'ne ol Iho che-l, il will si.iiietimet iucrea-c the co i'h for a day or two; in wlnclicn'c, ihe p.itient should 14 ti ihe ?-yrtip inure fiw'y, cvn iimil it idiouM ptuil ,ce d Iih na :sca of the icinnch. lie need uol .cir ny hHriu f; iin -in a eiisalioti. I wovl 1 -uy to n' 'ho ii'ircha-ti 'h s niclicuie for u-r, lint tjiey'ean liavi I m li te Jmjs' ol Ifinir 1 cneiltit-l l-y il, unlo. - p rs la en .'i'J le v. hen il i coiuiuenec Willi. Some VavoiU ci Ilc-ii-c ihv. 'hen tvuv. "hen not uv for ill ot'ltws J'iSSHfcUK OK L1KR-A Valuable iMediciue, which, if riuhlly applied, will lo llie means or savim: iliou-amN from an tmtiiiitly Ilhas been -old and it-ed for ihiny years, licet;., am! found vcrv lic.iciou in the followini di-ea-e-, vn. Consii.npiion, Whoopini; Counh-, com iiion loui!li, UoM-, difficult Ilreathiiiir, Inlluenza, tj:iiny, Alhnia, Huhi-io, Spillinnof Hlood, Klalu leney, Indine-tioi), Loo-eue-s of the IIumlI-, Kit of every liinl, Cramp-, liietclf, Colic, Cainrih, Dy-en-lary, I'.iiniinir, Hypochondriac A 'e.'iiou., Headache.-, Sichue-snt Stomach, Mea-lc, n preventive ol'Cou laffio isili-ra-t", (Soul and Uheiunali-m. iCf"'! heabove.Me licine t prepared l v Henrv Soy, .Ma--, from the Ornrinal lioeipe, ly Ihedireeiion nf-aid Mooie, and sol I by linn and the onncipal Driijisri-lsin the UnilcdNiale-. Sold whole.-ale and retail l.y Peel; it Spear. CKRTAIN CUIIH KOIt SKK HKADAC1IK, which Ins been used in families, every member of winch has bad siclt headache, from infancy, ns n contiiutbiinl family complaint, nnd Ins cured dice- tllallv ill OVCT V instance vet known, nmnnnlinrr In inn. ny hundreds. Il is not iinplinsnnt to the tnsle, and 1 ''"'lli Kerri-1 ursh, II Idcb not prevent tlicd iilv avocations of one usititr li lt nm.t he persevi red in, and the euro is gradual, but certain and permanent. Immures arc constantly iinilliplyinuwherothi distrefsinj; complaint is com pletely relieved nnd cured, nlthouqli of years -landing by I he use of Dr. Spohn'a cehhrnted remedy. One decided prcfcrcnceisits plens'intuess, liavinj; none of the iiaueatinu i lUct of common drills. Itissiiperfcctlysiti.sfactorv, that Ihe proprietor 1ms Kivcn directions for hi ncciitsm rrfiuid the price to any one who is not pleaded wilh, nnd even cured by il. Ho hopes also that this inay f ecure its preal ben efit! in ihe dilre-ed siilieren who aielahoriiiKiindcr Headache. K. SPOIIX, M. I)., inventor and Pro prietor. .SoldbyCO.USrrofVt'.r. Co., 71 Maiden Innc. cw Vork. I'KCK & SIT. AH, Wholc-ile AcciiN, a few dours cast of the Post Office. Ilurlui'' lon, t. ij 5 I Ilids St Croiv s.iar, lOI-l-HTT .i imADM'.V have just received L mid oiler for sale nt the lowest prices for cash or approved credit, alamo nnd well sr.lecied assortment of (iioeeries, eonsistinir in p irl of the fi lloviini' i) mid .-t Uioix Kuril, 5 l'ipes Holland Gin, 2"i(r ca-ks .Malaga Wine, SO lioves Pipif, 20 H-I2S Pepper, 20 do Piineulo, 2iKen- pure (linger, 25 do Uai-ine. 10 do Purlo llico. 10 ij New Orleaiin 50 Hags Itio Cotl'ee, 30 do Jnva do 50 Uuxes soap, 25 do superior do 25 do Hxtra do 20 Kens salt Pclic, TyJOT. MAI(S!EA1.1S roiiMlic, Catarrh and I J Headache nM'KK. Tin Snuil i superior to anv thins; vci Unown, renioviuir that troul-.'e-oine di-'-c.i'c, the Camirh, and ,ilo a cold m the 1 cid, an I the headache. Il opens and purge- out all ohtiiiction-, li-eapihcn-ilieeland-,,indi!ni aheilthy nel'on to t lie part a'iecicl. Ill puftvllv trtx1 from any tlunsdele tcriou m its competition h.i a , lea-ani 11 ivnr, and ns imnic huiee lee', alter 1 euift, is abp;ree,il fe. Price It ecu. per bottle. Dti -i.'.- Vcei.ili'elnd.'an Hlacl; I'l.ASTKI!, 'I hi- P!a-cr s unrivalled for cnriuir c'rof,ilou wcl ling, Si urvy Sore. Liime Rac!,, and Ke-ll Wn inj. ; pain - in ll.e'-i le-, 11 ip- and l.iniHJ nnd - t-ldnm fail to jrive lelief in local lihe'im.'iti-m-. Il" Hpplict! to the Uc, it will cine many oflhccoinuion later Compl.iinl-; and is cqnnl, if not -uperior, to any thitisr in u-t lor corn-on Ibcfecj Ihe tiili.eofllii' havelcen wilne-til by lho'innil of imliv.diinl- in the Cniieil Sinlc, who'lnvcte tel itert;cncy. Soldlylhe pro prieior; CIih-. Ho.tcu, Middle! iry, Vi.aml Pr.tKC "'kkak, U ui.'irlin jl Vt, NaiM ai'd Iron. itiTMMPffrTcii iciein iror likclv ,o .. ,. ..miiiciillv ' ul.iied lo uproot lh atV J lo mtnre lo villi' ' health. It i ihecarne I i lr'fl of itie iroirieicr to hate etcrv one that ine al ieasl pael otl.e.of it ieai,ly acecrdinc to llie d.rec ti.A to co'iiiiciincn'c ll.e to llie person ol wham lie purth.i-e.1 li e medicine. The propr cor i privileucl to refer lo the followins per on l' bate i-edihc l.ily Snip, and who w II ho lnppy to Cive inforiuaMtui of il- superior l.ralmg power , to any wi.-h tg u, km w iikic a' out H. Mr..('n leaden, one of Ihe firm of K. K. Smilh & whole aleHii l retail iner ham, ilxehHiice-sliee', Jloelir :cr, for butslms al Ihe I .tii-. ftrv. V. 1'ielier, Pa-tor of second Huptit Church, Ilo -he ler. ('.i itaiu H.. Freeman, for abalcouh. .Mr. Slo l 'ird, of the lirmot S anwoo 1 ti Co. VooU- tcllcr . corner of U I'lalo ami s'a'e -ireeis, Kin'lieslcr. Mr. J. M. French, Norili-strevl, iioi.he.-ler, tir the whoopmp-eo'ih. Mr. Soulliworlh, Slone-slrce', Hoclw-tcr, for iad CO'lsll. Mr. Ito'srt M' Itili! eh, Monrce tree', Roche-irr, m a eveieand alarmiur ca-e of Ihe whoopiug-iv 'gh K. llama rd, K-q ore, odiee in court-hoi Jkui a ra'e of whoopiii-ro-ii:h lu hi. family. Iv- Captain W. i). Fi-h, for a case of PhlliiMo m his ftlilllt'. Hev. Mr. Clar!:, Pa-tor of the Ihpli-t Church, Le Rov K v. Mr. V. Churcli, Paior of the firt I!opli-i Church, Koehoi'r. Captain A. Uiition, foi Haemorrhage of the lung. . K. l!. Pinit'r;, eathicr of Mechanic end rarrncr' Bank, UocTie-ier. L. W. Sih'cy, of the firm of Sil ley it Si ranlom, dry sooil incrriiailt and auc'ioriecr-, Hu 'ulo-street, o "he cr. liev. A. King-Icy, Palor of the Bijittst Church at Wanche-ler. Rev. Jacob Knapii, Kvaii5tdii. Mr. T. Ilunn, Carridco Malffr, St. Piiil-6lroet, Hiraln Tucker, a'torueval law. Koche-ler. Mr. Tlioina- Ashman, pater, Koche-tcr, who ha rweivel a-loui-hing relief. Plea-e iniuiro of hi caMt. Kev. ThomasCarllon, M. K. Ch. Jtocdiencr. A. nfat'l, (blcclin; al lung-) i.ockpon. II. timer, Wr. Ilenne;ia, Munroe Co. Profe -or Mcliinni-, Ilamillon T heol. Sem'y. Rev. licvi Tucker, Cleveland, Ohio. C. W. Cook, " " The Proprielor has hocn oTercil C5rtiHca'c iy lojoy of Ihe above penilrmen.; but ho, " tho-e wishing information, would cull o "ottient per tonally. MMb- PECK StSl'KXR Airenl fur this section. " J. TRY ON, DltAlMMt AXJ) TAII.On, WOt'LU once more remind hi- c i-tomers that he mntinef. locarry on the above biisine- in all tit various branches a his OW Stand on Si. Paul tree!, nearlhe llpi-copal Church, and in sighl of the Catholic Ch ireh. Thankful for ial favor-, tlleu tomcr ar solicijdl to continue Iheir palrooape, and many new one- nre much desired. The newest Kash kin prouipily rfteived. Coning done on t tort nonce cheap for cash. I have on hand some old accounts, which I should He toextlmnneftr cah. " Nov. 12, 1811. 1 "CfVi KROS XAII..S. assorted sizes, LUWif 100 do Kinisliiiw Nails, do do .f. iit-n mil yiii'rnr I . - . ... . . "w. . h i d!Lisst s"i:Ke..f"tii -iy in mj I nirl Ji ti.apJnrt. t..,iJ K- j ,mi-fl'rTjri6 of round and squire Iron, fn ror.iit; but if taken to 3 inch. b. ion d I-6tlis 10 Tons ol liotse shoo Iron, of the-var'us fizes 4 do of Hand Iron, fi do of Scroll do 10 do n-surted, flat and squarn An. Bloom do For sale at matiutiictiirer's prices, by KOI-LKTI' IHiADI.B'i Agenf. rVO I K'i:. iC?"Medicinois test known by tin i.1 ciiies II pel ruriii.,5pi .. Newton' Pauaieu or Pnriher of the Blood. The Inparalleled and .-III incre.tini;repulatioii which thH medicine In ncrjalr e.l thro ii;lioui Ihe New Knslan Hinte, and the man' cures ii has performed, and the irreal demand mad, forll by Ine advice ofpliysician,vell iicipiaintot, will its preparation, Ins jud ice I the Proprietor lo exleiu its eir.iul.iliou to almo-t every l(tvn in llie e.iterc Slate- and the principal town - it ihe I'ul'.eJ State. Tin Paunceis wirrantcl purely viiietat le,and I ni -tirpnedly any Oilier nicdiciue''ver o.lered lo 1 lit nlllK'ti-l a. 'its e.lcii-itt ale nui populari j plainly prove. It h.iswilhiii Iho but I'ihlvcn month' cured lis Ihoii-nn I- oflhe mo-l oli-tua'e di-ca-e-, a can le proved I y tcrlil'icale-, aim s. pronounce 1 It em i lien: and re pc 'lal le the 1 e. mi htim iiiiic. t' ef il liifi.riu.iliou m.iy I e kuiid in eircu'.iir tfoiilainiiur ecrlilicali's of cures and d'leciiou for In king the medicine. The fullowinir aMiouited nqeut lliirlingtoii, P r.CKaud SIT.Aa, 11. Moody St All an-, C"rli and Ru-sel Mil'in, C. Diulc Milion Fall-, Unmet and Sawvi r Watert illc, !' and llrowii, lliue.biiruh, Hull an I 'ook Faiilax Parker and .M tllield Vcrjicnne-, Adui- and Murrn i ami ri'lffe, 31. Wire rmlerhill, X. C. llarnev C. icker duiririn, A. Illi J i ( Willi-lou.N. Chitlen len Uichincnd. (Veen &l!ho le Jolm-oii, 1. I,. Warner and (' tlniiklou, C'lim S 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ll.i'.t r-lleld. ArnuinlDii and I Fair field, Huriici nnd Farnworth. e.o.p.l.fllO Wl.MIHMV SASH Just rtceived 13, 20 nuil 217 hv 'J M'einenl ol I ash,alirst ra'darli 'le al 3J f' and 31 cent. pc Inrhl i al i all km I-111111-171 , 1 inil-hc.l lo order. Ticon Iyolm Mad lei I, a lir-l late article, fir ale very low, Kedici Willi n I'.'.l I C.I Ml IV til III II IT H I'tl- clcs as cheap ns can he found at any o'therc-ial Ii h- lllt-'ilt. I ir.O. KSON. 1T HATCH would inform tho in- . huDiiunts of Huilinixou and vi- c inly, that be has opened n shop in Chinch htrcit, nt the siim of t'io Kule, where he intends lo carry on tl.e Gun smith lliisuiesp, in all its various branch es. llaMtiir lucii cmploted for tho hit six yiar in the shop of 'J. 31. Casttell, iu I.aiisiiicbnrcli, (unilotibtidly iho bct Biiop in ine uiiiicu oiatcsj no icti ttar ranled ill offering his work lo the public. Uurlington, June 1, 1S41. MK. 1. JIUSKOtf ftS.tLPjj,,, ,,,,, llL. ,,. A H Jv-- r -Mrie.v of Piano Forte-', wh'ch are olired frr sr'e on ihe ino-l n' eieini-. Alhe'ein Iri.nvnls nro niiu'con ii vtrv iii'it'h unproved plan, lliey ire tfarranlt-l to I e-upcrinr to all oilier ill' o I In Piano kind, in pnriauiur in a n:cn rcerce 'no lino oi in i-cnf: 111 iiomi ollo.ich mid dura dl'V ofwirkman Irp .hey areal-o w.iiianicd lo le crjUal 10 any in iee rnc., s inanul'i. lurel in ihe I'nml S h'c. Al! oerons who ttanl u cood P'ano an parlicularly ui tiled in ca I and fxaniinc fi r lheiael.'e. - llirlm,'lon, f'r!,. 21, S)4. HjTVSri'MMOIJS! A centlcman bi lontiiiL' lo 1X oneof the most ancient and wealthy fuml'ca of i ins cuy,tt no must tie wui Known to numerous lr,cnu liivmir since the year 1518, up lo recently, In en bent neai ly double, and for setiral jcars conlinid In his bed, lias been restored to itoud health has regained his natural erect position and has ipmted Ins car riage and now walks tt nli case!! We btlictelhis is tlicL'enllcnian' on u description as near ns pos,ihli, and Ihcreit no exaggeration in it. We will ji ; mqni -rcrs bis address, and doubt not humane, tulincs t.ill thclibirlyi so (hat any one doubting, may Knoic llitsof.icls ihouuli he requests his name may liol appear in print. Aiiioimolluritist'inccs, Air. Jas. G. Reynolds, 1 11 Christio-Mreu, lias been resioied, and will juo personal assurances of llie ficls of Ins case. Iloth were rheiiiii'ilisin, nnd conlraclcd cords and sinews. Howhasthis lein done f Answer. Hi the InJiau V iilillc FMxvr it mhilh, anJ lirwn' jVerrc unci Hone Linimeiil extmut'hi. Jan. '-!). Hll. SolitonlijhCOMSTOCK if' CO., 71 Maiden Unit, Xew V'or.-. nil PKCK & .VPIIAR, Wholesale Au'cnts, a few doors east of the Post Office, lliiihnz'cn, Vt. Willi unvKin 1 1 TTS i Ni) : a .v pi i n o VI' I VE PII.I.S, A.r A.M I Al 1 L ul I' "irjfi Mc iiiiiiic iia'e superiu .Vi.itn 'ence of" VVi,iirtiuVr.t.'i',,v ' c-iire i 'cut of ilic ,Vur(i Aineritdii College uf Health, for llie iie.tlincut iiiJeiiic o Oiscii-c- lit llie form of tlillio i hikI ,er- toi- fevers, .Mca-lc, hniall l'nx r.un in Ihe toiiHck, lack and i le, Con itiupiion, Urop-v, .Scrof ula, Cancer, Spitniu if Hloml, ,S'c.' he, 1 he in i it I i-n I, Di.irrhtri, I'y-intarv, Colics, Jlyvpep ,n, P.ilpiialitu of Ihe Heart, Ucers and tore of etery kind, f-e. ee r or -aie i v Pr.cK & Sl'i:n, I! .rlinsion. V. II. UOI.I.V, Wdli-itn. W.J. III'OHH.S lime 'iru'h. J. II. IIAl.W HI', V, ft JOKK.V'Pd VMlKPAllliU IJK1! .MIIDU'IN. 1.TX The-u medicines are indebted for Iheir name It heir m.inife-t nu! en-i!le action in i irifyma tin prmgs nu I channels of life, and enduing them with enewed lone and viior. In umiiy bundled i.crlifiei a-es which bate been made put lie, and in alnio-l etery specie, ofdi-ea-u to which the human frame I liable, the happy e led of Mm r.t r's Lire Piu.s anii Piiienix HitTi.its bate Icon grcalfullyiind publuly if nowltilgcd l.y the per-on 1 cnelilled, iln.l tthit t ere iireviou-ly unacquaiiiteil Willi Ihebe.inlif illy phi ioophiea! priueiji'cs upon whidithcy nreconiiound e I, nnd upon which ihevenu-e'j ivnlly act. The l.IKH .MKDK'INKS recoimneiid ihcrnxdves in li-ea!es of etcrv form and I'c-eriplioii. Their liri iperalion i-lo Vio-cn froin lliu coa's of the -toiuach and bowel-, llie vario is inipiirilies nnil crtidi'ies cou--lanlly citlinv aioimd them; nnd lo remove Ihe bar lend faces which eollect in ibc cniifuliiiinns of tin-lualle-l inti'-tiue-. O.hcr Inedicines only partially clc.iii'Olhe-c, and leave uth ci Heeled luas es I ehln'd a In prod ice co-livcnes, with all it (rain of evil, orsiidjcn diarrhtei, Willi Us imminent dairer-.u Thl fiel is well known to till regular uiiatoiiu.t-, who caiu me Ihe human 1 ottcl-af.ertleath ; nnd hentv the ncudiceof Ihose wed mforiiicil iiicn ittrniii t riiael. ineilieiiie.- or incheinei pie.iirnl and hcr.ihlcd lo tlm ii'il In l y igiioianl per-oiiv The -ecoiul elect ol ihe Life Me hemes is lo clean flue 1 iiluey .nul the bind It r, and I y I hi- mean-, Ihe liter and tlii-liinsi, the he.ilihfiihteiiou oftrhichentiiclydeicndiipou the re gularity of lliu organ-. The blood, ttluch lake- ns red color from lliu asency ol the liver nnd the luutrl elore il p.t e- into tl.e heart, 1 eiug tlm purified by llicm, and no.iri be I I y ll od coming from a clean -loni'ich, cour-c ficely thi'oush the vein-, renew etery part of ihe tviem, and triumphantly mount the banner ol health m the blooming cheek. .Mo !.u' le Life Medicine h iio I icn thor oughly te-lcd, nnd pronounced a -ofereinn icinei'vfor Uy peioia,'.leucy, Palpitation of the Heart, Lo ol'Appeute, Ilc.irl-l'Ui n and llctd-u he, l!c-de nt-, Ill-temper, Aiixiely, Lnn'cor and Mel.intdioly, Cos tiveiie, Di.tnliic'i, Cbolei.i, Fever.s of all' kind-, Khe iiiuli-m, (io n, l)rop-ic .il all kind-, Oraicl, Worm-, Athm.i ami fuiwnupliou, Seurvv' I'hfi' Iuvcierale Sore-, S.-orbutie Lruptiuu and llatl Coin plcxion, Kriptive eompl.iint-, -allow, (oudy, ami tidier h-atrrcctl le Com, lex ion-, Salt llbe uu, .'ry-lp ci.i-, Common Col.L and Intl icuzi,aud varioii iuhcr complainl xv Inch allhct theh im.iii liaiiic. In Fi.ti.u an I Aof r, p'lrluail.irly, iho Life Medicine hate I ecu mo-I t iniuenily ucce.fid ; -o much o thil in ihe Fever ind Ag 't' district, Phy-ieians alino-iuuiters.illy piccrile them. All 111 U .Mr. reiiuiresof his patients i to le paitienl.irint.t'.uiclhe Life Mcheine- -incily airor dmij lu the diieeiiou-. Iii-noia new-paper nulicc, or by anything ihct he him-clf may-ay inilicir favor, that lichopuslo gam Iti nlunebyihe reull of :i fmr trial. MOlTAT'.-i MLH1CAL MANt'ALj de-igntsl a-a dome .tic smdeiobcildi. Thili"le p.imphli", eibjcil by W.I!. Mo lat,2"j llroaditay, Nctv Vor! , has lcrn pul li-bedforlhe p irpo-e ofcvidamuiL' nioiel'dly Mr. Mo '.u'-theory ol'dic.ic, ami will le tumid highly intcre-tiuirlOMCison. cekiuir he.ilih. It treats upon prevalentdi-e.i-e-, nndthecau-c theicof. Price, 23 cenl- for -ale 1 y tlr Modal'- A ircni-ucnci ally. These inlnible Mebeine- aie lor sale l.y (II.OHKL L. WAliNFI! & Co. J' hn-on, Vl., Ceuerul Auenl-, I V whom nil orders fioiii any pari of the Stale or Can id.i, will be piompllt an-.ttercd. 2d t f Dee. 17, 1811. HA CAR tJ- A II THUll, General Agenl fur Mo aV t del rated medicine-, lo whom all applications for nj;ehcies Musi 1 0 ltd-drc.-c I. Itnrlincfun, Jan. 2s?, 1812. sr."rr m a tr mini. . n A I. S A M OP LIVE II W O Ilk, Ob-erte tt hen you liny that t on get the irei L! r In iimvAiu: or njiciwrjox. Tl has fieu .cnllv comu lo ihekriottlc'ccof the suh X senber. that SnuH Jitrs. ttih hi" Label on them, have lieen bought up fur Ihe jurposo of filing in them an inferior q nluy Sm H j ind also, that his Siiulldabels have, 111 some ui(inc(e, bteil toiintrr friled, or the central d-s:gn cf hn -nnic so imi nlcd aa to easily deceive tho unttniy. He deems il, tlare fore, hi- duly lo inform pur liws of the manner in which ihev are nfleu iirimstd nnon : nnd he wool. hereby request thrin to tear 7 or deface ihe l.ibtls on Ihe outsidouf the Jars, aftit havinc. disposed of the contents, so na to prevent fuitrirtist of the same. A s.iiitiblo rott ar 1 will be piiM for hiipIi cvulenco as will lead to the detection end conviction of the im postors. Thcsubrr!'Icr ronllnuct to Minvfotturt, "nd if- jasjcrsnlt Vie. inwK'iig article; Vine Itiaivn Mnif'. Genuine Maceoboy, ) ro o American Rappee, Imitation do. ) flavoied, Kwd do. Si-ily, do. .Aiberose. Malteaf, do. St. Omer. Curacoa, do. Slrasburg. OaJtrsoii rown limiH'. Dcmmros. Nntchitot hei. Pure Virginia. French Rnnnee. Poltroon. A uierican Gentleman St. Domingo. Pure Spanish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. Mixture, Yellow Bmill. Scotch and) ri Irish lllnc'cuard or ? Iln-hToust V Irish Hiah Toast, 5 ' " sweet itcentcd Fur CiilC'hewlngTnnacco. Spanih, Kittfort, Canaster, Common and Stems. TrA hhrrnl discount iniidelOHliolesole dealers. Pr.'IXR LOIULLARO, Jr., 12 Chatnam-St., New Vork. Sliectlne. rVf, EM.IS 4-4 Brown Sher nngs. I 13 Cuses lllcacbvd do. For sa! I y Nov. 30, 1611. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO, BURLINGTON CK5.IK FACTOnr t L. .M.t.SU.N, toil units the ' . busmc-3 of maiuf.irluiing Chairs at the old i aid, tf the fol low ng descriptions:, Cihl .Maplo Grecian, CanuSial, Uimuoti Cane anil Flai; Seat, Lai pi anJ Small liaised Scat Rockinc,lo tli Coin ninn do, ('onitnun Hiuijir, Ac. Ac. All of which arc warriutcd a first rale article and will bo Mi at prices. to correspond tvun ine line. FF.ATIIF.RS, AND FKATHKW. HKDS', RIUDV 51 A 1)1!. Consiatilly on hand, a supply of warraned Lite Gretse Fi iiincrs. tt luch will be sold low for 'ash. W'ANTKO, liy the -subscriber, Curl and Ilids Eye Maple, dchvertd at his shop in Church slrici, ppuje ineoiuimiiK. . u. l.. .m.l-U.x I n OWLAND'S German Siec' saw mill saws, man. IVufaetured lo order and filled fur the sattnmuf liemtncK, spruce, pine, anil etery description of h il timber. C, 6J and 7 fe, t. Also : Kii"lisi Cat-sleel cru.-s cut s.n.s. line & (.o.'s do tirculai do from 10 to 25 incncs.anu manunctureilfor Hie Ira lein 1 hi. v cm lv, lor talu at tho Wharf, by Nov. 29 FOLLlVITit RRADLKV jT ATiriU'f GUAM) KI'.-TOKATlVi:. '1 In i. va'cnlle ei.'eia!Ie Mcheine il.ind unrivalled for ibefoilott inu conipbiint, viz: Hy-pcp-ia, or Intli-:c-tion,diM'.i-eil Liter, luliou-diM r lei ', I'rop.y, Alb ma, Coslitcnt , Worms am! lo.- of Appcire. ami by Icm-mir the -Icuuar h and 1 owe!-, cure- pun- in the -i 'c, -loiiiat h and I ic.t-l, eoltl. and coughs tif lony -luil'lillff, lojpv-. ihcT'lte-jj'J .1 rc' li, ert'"ll oiiipl.iiut etc., whicH aiuliei-nen!ly luc e eel ol di ra-c. For Kctor .nid Agi.e, it ia ino-t valuable pie vciilan've ii well as ,t -ottrcign icmeily. Its tirluc- irpa- uuy thin.' hcrciulbic i.noiiu m icmovmg Si. Vitu' Dante, two I utile have Icon known id cure thialllielinsth.e,i-e, nl rliavinsr lallled every txcr n.iii lorfour tear-. Il hu a mo-l nottetful mllccmc in reinovinir nervoii ct m pinini-, ii i.- pie.i-aui ioiai.e and -ocay m lis twi u'lon, ' it may I eaiiuuuisicrcd to the infant with all"y. The al ote Mc heine i very luclily recoinmeiii'eil 'I y many -cieniilie ceullcincii, 1 a lame n.imi er oi i.uce., tt no nave protcti ti c virlce- ol llie .Mcilicme I vpcr-i ual jis"Ciul that ol Mien f.imibcs. A 1 ill oft er liica'e-acconipai iceach I utile. .villi o.rtv mil. It may le bail wlio!e-iile or rc'inl ol -. llruain, iI.iiic, and'.l. C. I', l .i-l William own, Vt. sole piotmeb r,. Pietiarctl from llieoriaiu ll recipe ; for -ale 1 y 1'. II. Prenli--, Mouloclier, and l'l.CK il'Sl'Ltll.' Uurlington, and in the principal towns in the siuicpill iireciious -iutMin tne iiauii tt ruing oitiiepioiiiolor Ql'Hins.-lOHIit's.N.i:. )i..ra,3 St. Cromtlo. GEORGE II. l'ECK, Attoinvyaml founsellorat Law, two doobs E.tbT op Tim poi,T orrici:, cr STAIRS. Reftr'lo SIts.irs. J. ii J. H.PECK tt Co. i Nov. 19. A. KOHEUTSON, llarrlslcr mil! AHon cv al I.axv, (Catt in t!u rtfflceofthe HmiUJlnr Oen'i Day) L1TII.K ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, I Nov. l&ll. Roferenca in Uurlinf!ton,toH(;. , . , -GIIAP.LKS ADAMS, nsf'uirc.2- ' NEWSTOBE. The New VorU"Cas!i IUjdt?are Store. ir-rsiii-", .itiI er liavins I'eiermlned tocarrvon ii. the HARDWARE lHtelNr."S in all iistriinclies in 11 ir ingtoil, t. "a open, u . ..,v ...irr lor ran nn en'ireiyne.vand wciUelceleJ asiorlineulofgood, !V!'""i...' ;.i,,ir, leiWmorf to learn the tie- fWrIfjf tlie market, in order to le able to supply amif u l he spr ing, "uu us ,.v --. I.r. '.' t t. ,.,-,...t. he solicits a share of pul ie Lniacctonlideubilhal b" P'' will lo lound to MMn&rwir WM J. JIUNT. primi, o , ne.rlhe Honara, roti; oiiuiuiii,vviiv.... ., ...... COI'AUTXFJISIIIP: nENUY II. UOsTWK K A. T. P. tt, V. L. Stroii-: having conuetlcd thnr Tm Rl,r, u.,ll,l.i busincfis ui that line undtr Ihe ntmc of 11. II. Host- WIC- tv wo. ai ine snop occupied by sa'nl IJosttvtck, tthero innv he fiuiul a full ami r,m,i,l,i n...,,a, of TIN' WARE, iiianufactmcd cxprrssly for the retail trnile.logftner with topper and Sheet Ironwork, Moyci-ipc, oovo uminungs, p. All kin's of Job wotk furnished at shnrt ni lite, r.ave troth and co - rtooln and Paper. 1 GOODRICH, one door Eatt of Karrar Si Wail' x Crrckcrv Store, 1'P STAIR, ha a very ccneral i.llrclion of Hooks, includm-ia larce stOci-' of SchoiJ Hook, and, All wi hing lo purcha e will, ilo tvcil lo call. Piodurci and dome-tic inmi ibu iur' o etery tle-cripnon reteitivl in pat incut. School com mittee- f irni lung for school-, -hall have boo!.- gra tuilou-'y lor nil cliildriu ju their diilncis tvh-e px ranis are unable lo luy. De-. IS, I ! road Clollis. TIIE under-ined oflcr -he elnlbs msnufaclnrrtl hi' A. tlie"nurlin''lnn Mill Co." nl tthole.alta: I .titcn iukcs. i iienssurtmeut comprises Ihe vnrion colors and mnhtie. and for tcxtuie, beauty of finish, nnd fi? -.1ce VSJannfacture, are net surpassed by any - -"b'iu ' imns. FUM.KTT HRADI.F.V Nor. S9. Uurhneton Mill Co. NOTICE 'lOMlTtCllANTS. That buy Crochery Glass Ware. 1 7Alt tiill 1 lillli r civu n, L merchants in the adioining Ciuntle thai they have their snrina stock cf Crockery in store and , notWea lv lo sunnlv their Orders for as-Orlcd Craiei to anv amount racked in llie mo.-t workmanlike man ner atNetv Vor!; and llo-iou prices, which will lx inauifiji'ly a great .aving lo all ihat buy of us. All or ders nrrnnpllye-iecutcil at their .lorn, Coraur Church and College urcats, Builington. EtNGLK. D0UK.E. UMBILICAL. ni, i; "") , ""' ou 1,-ei me irei ai e, menaicil nt 375 Ilowerv. New Vnrk. S i....4 IJowi ryNew Vork is on the wrapper of tneh lli'lic All oilier are 1'raiiils and sold only by -iiveiilan!-.' .without regardlojii-lice.loibe publie,or tlieproirl-' ior-s of the genuine article. FOR Consumption, and Liver ccmptafnts, I)vptn sia, illzinc- oflhe head, loss of appetile, f)yti,. larv, and general icgul.Her of the whole -v-tem. Nonesreii'iine I ul that iiroparud n'l 375 Mower', New Vork, where the nnii le tt-tt fir.l made, ihe char, auerofthe iin.heinu foiiiie I nnd e-lnl bshcl l,v il.. lc-eiit sole proprietor-, ami whuniu theoiily pe'r-on i.ittviitu hiu i-oiiikiihuii tu ine geiiitme. njiaieen u-ed sucte-fi'lly for eight year m the cure of lliese disease. iCf-lteincnil er tie orivinal nnd Genul.iu i- made only nt No. 373 IJotvery, New Vork. All olLci are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! Asa remedy for the-e disease, I urn f dly -Ui-fieJ, from long experience, there i no mel.'cine c; ill in Or. Taylor' ll,,l.,un of Liverwort. Peing mre'v teel.iblc, it can bj u-etl with the iilmo-t -uleiy I J all pe.-oas i i et'eiy iii'tiitu. Il c!..-i i-m the but;- I y cxiecUT.iit..ii, iclicte- tl.itleull Lrca-huiL, aul-eenislo beil theehe-t. 'I here ran be iioque-lion b.mhl inedicine i nceilain ture for tlirouie coush a nl cold. I hate oeJ it lour year in mv praclue, aul always wiib suites-. A. F. ItOGtdt'S, M. O. Tickling in the Throat. 1 know Dr. Taylor's H.i'-um of Lncrwoit to be a Wi'iuiu reiueily for this complaint, u I hate uod il mylfniid fuund its feci an tniliixbale. I Wit until troubled until I made meofihi mcheine. M. I- HI NSHAW. 211 Mangin st. Itoar-cnes- Ciucl For the cure of hoar-ene.s 1 can si run alt- reccommeuil Dr. Taylor's llal-am erv.tirl. I hate not onlyloiiiid ureal I cue lit my elf, but many of my rtinirrea-alii n I y my re 'coniincnda tior. bate recieve I ureal I cnetil irom its tirtue. It is atdiee iniltl , e.licticious uiid'harm'c . RKV.AX. Li:WI3. S;vere ('ought nnd Colds I have had a mo-t -e-ver'col.l and ct u.-li, lor a luns Hint! which I eouhl untvci riilof. ii-iui imiuy loeie- lliiiur I Iri tvl Tnyloi's lu of Livirwoft, and it r-irc I me in a ten- tktv. JA. 1!. KEIIUINOCK. Rlt-iutr of HIoo.1 About two week atro I had a fill,iiich cau.e I ine lo pil laru'e tpialities of blood tvhi'h uotliui to'dd cure until I tried Dr. Taylor' -II il uiu of Liverwort. Tin- medicine gate me iiuinc ibatt' relief and in a very, short tiiuiiO IceleJ an entile cuiel Lei all per ( u- irv it. HIGH .MC GARVi:V,21 Cannon st. Ori Taylor' Hibam of Litii a on 'I his superior remeily fortlMM.e. ofiht: lung and littr ha obtain ed a If iii'.ii n it licter lefoiec-nae,l. Remarkable Cure of Consumption. . . . wa--oiieir her death with llu tli-e.i-e, thai my fricnls -en for u pr.e-l loeonfe ino eie I died. He Hi hit nit r 'V, mid me not lo saieini until 1 lrtt-1 Or. Tiiyllr' I'al-ain of Liverwort. I .enl iminctha'clt for tli- medicine, an' although llie eon'e-l for a few uaysi eut ecu mi-me iicme, uti l my th ca e wu. se vere, Ihe incibcineconipicii'l, nu l in a fortnight I wa fe-loix-ltohc.ihh. 1 n ,-1..' of mat ter, 1 1- ol my voice, pain-, we.ikue-., ttc. 1 can re fer lo Doctor Wil-i u, in ihe Caihoii Hon-e, for llie truth of my stnicnirui. AlAUV DILL, 10 h -tiovt cur. I'cvareollra . of 3 1 iivcuuc. Summer Complaint. The Rat-am oll.ncrwori, m . ci-es of ihi i-ea-c, tt here all oilier reiiicihcs applied by pliyi i.iu h ive proved meircciual, has pruihued a peiftvt cuie Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. If. Gin I hu of Delhi, N. V., ol a uaoirabv con. suuii, live constitution, has I ecu sate.1 lio-ii an uu. Iiinrlv enilbyibe u-eofDr. Tnylc r' llal-am of Liv erwort. A -etcre cold 1 rnuzht on n attack of Pieu- re-v, aiidlhu ended in general ilehililv and ron-uinn- lion, A con-taut coi-h, hecliu flu.h, ret!es nmhls, it-, ,,ii. nu i i-iiiu.iiucj ic-s oi ni'ivreil r eo-v t-c.t.ri : run .is soon a I commence, ths u.cnf Ihi I ill-am I grew I elter, and i now fully leslortil lo liexllli. Shortness of Iircath. For ihi tli e.l-e. I have a!iiv found Dr. Tuvlnr. Hal-inn of l.iverwoit an ixi-elfeul rcmedv. Ii' t nee so sale an I so e 'e. ntc, thai I iilttav u-e it in my piai lu e, and icccoinmeud it to my frirml-, 1 h.tte uol ll in some hun.'rc.l ( feme- it iihin the pa four tear-, and 1 have never had it fad. In unnv is oiasitiiiia, I innv Irlievcittn bate I ecu the uuan cl javtiig prcciou- lite-. I ct all u-e u. GLOUGI. RALPH, M. D. None centime but thai orcoaiel in .IJs. dmerc. New Vorl; a will l.e cen by the lal els and wrap ptV of each bollle. lie uie vim Ii ok tt hen you hue. I he ircti une can .tlttnys I eol tauitsl oflhe ' O d Airenl. Me r-.'N. Lotclt tVCo.. now Lovelv -V Set mo. r Or. Mootlv and Pis k ft Snear. Cheiui-i'- nn 1 Druggi-is, 1! nlin.-lon ?. II. I! lrnc-, Charlotte IV. III.... 111,. t.. I. !.. 1 1 .v .. . ..l." . .11. 1VII III11UIIC CO. .lit I W III. Milton A. V W. Hintt-n. Gr mil l ie W." II. Krc'cr. -siiiiin ncro Horace t.tiiworlli,.ortli Here ..!. Dav.., A!' uri-b !'. A. L.Oitu i, We.-t Alburgh 1). A. W. Pari cuter, Wnierl urv. t1 ft n PA7lJT PLATFORM SCALES. WAnRAWTEO. T'HLS article is too well known to reed common daiion and tho c.xpcrifiicc of seven years hat -Jtiuonstrateif to ibn rnniniLrcuil cummunitv. Hint or accuracy, contcmcnce ami tlurnbihly, they lire -"iiY.iiieu ooai tarit scales to itemii iront J 10 t Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb u iitJUU lbs., Portub u do. to tvcik'li from 1 2 o. to f'Olbs. PortahteCoimCcrdo a new article to wdj-li trim 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. J. & J. II. Peck tt Co.-.lj-enfs. litliiigton, April 8 1811. JV S T received, n upp'y of Marsh's tele! rated Truse.-, of etery description, for , ale by the dozen or - nuil' Nov. 1. PECK if. SPEAR, -e aivurrtlelv nppli nlfree of i h..rft 3 Rranly, 3 Inn, far falelv 0 Mat', 1842. S. WALK I R. FA Hit AH, WAIT A HOOT, Importers and U'Iui!esa!eaiiil Hctall Dcaleisln CROGKERV, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Keen constant ly on haml a largo assort nunt ol Din ner Sets com pltle, ttith soup and sauce Tu reens, Putter Hunts, Salad, com Dishts Pluticrs.Pielt. i' una Custard t.upi ul liluc, Pink, V bile, .Milan and Rtiutbon sprig'd ware, with Tea Sets to match mcli j a gieut variety of Todil -vla and nil quah ice ilu. lor pipe furnifched and put up. Copper pumps n d ' oi common ttaro usually wniiltd fur lumily uae, all lead pipo furnished and set if rrrpiirtd, Tlinsa v ho I of whuli will bo sohl cheap al wholesale or retail nl patronize this blanch i f business shnll, nt this blv. i tluir SloreLCorner of Chuicli and College streets. o quickly and well seived, f.r rea.inal In ronii.i n salion. II II. BOSTWlCK&Cn. Hnrlinplon, Apr. 10, 1&12. CASH JiOYNTON Jf IWHlllTT, (Surcefscra'o A.S, &. G.O.W.llfr t Wf ." ' b fcspcclfully n foini ihe mhabitantsof ii mnes urgn ami ino aaioinin 'ottnst ml I hev have commencd business in the Store nc. cunit-d bv A. S. it G. I). Weller. and are tttiu. r,., tng a gtncriii assirimiui 1 1 raucy liry G. ml, Hard tviiiu uiiu iii"iiot-s, iiuiiit tiieyoutr 10 lllo pillule a low ns call be purchstei ri l ie coir it- r.,r. r..l. Thov icspnclfully nolictl n s, nre of pu'ih'' patrona-e, conrijciii uiai iii-u pn is ttm oe u ndtoiuitall who way lavor Hum wu'i n cill. itiiui!!; i.. iiuv.vroN, WILLIAM BURHITT. Hinesbiirxh, Jlay 1, 1B12. 4g lltillinston, Jan. 31, 1812. E.L. FARR.iR gives luliee that ho continues to carry on tho bust lie-a as usual ol iiviiiul'.ict inug Stone ware of a suncrior nuahtv in all us varieties -.Mill- . J 1 .. Ill ... LOT 'M 'IIIU Will Ul (1 tv vfv J ti nes be lu reiul- .Sij ?Ki'gij'Li..'' r-rr7-liiess lo supply inerclnnisori the mobt re.iJi'al la teiins, a I onlcr . . u n nibdio utlr.9 Fuclory, Pearl Street, Vlurlu'-i.'.: J"'31' IS1" IP m wk If ;W 1 V." P. DOOUTTI.E lO HASust received from New Vork ajsr-e supply of NetvGoadil, coniprtsing a geutrit'.riinent of linpor'.eil nu.l ilumosiic 4 llni ttootls, jJni iiroctrics,r ;c. His o'tl slock of G inds having ''ecu nearly sold oul. rnaines nun m oner almost an rniueucw siock ttluch have been bou"ht at Ihe nrescm Iw rales, nut will be sold nt lower piiecj,(for many uncles) than ever neiore ouereu in mis luwn. May fi, 1BI2. iS ar.ASS WAHB. - n j .nc ,.,nt.inl!v on hanJ i a full n i I1' . .V i re iihiin. nrt!.-cH. irroiind, s,. I. and cut da - Wuifst Jtlli-s, and Egg glasseM L olu . eseiipliu na, .nmr. ;- cutfilasS"Cu rd lio.tls, V. i - 1 nt.aa Hr-lMll in" t HSLOrS new CtocKery ana j tt ,-n I louse Of 1 Mi I tit, WAlT.V.UUi'1, Uurlington, Jan. 31, POBTAIIliB FIIHffACES, wilh elevated Ov ens, a convenient and economical urticls for cook' inf, in warm weuther, for aula by Apr. 12. II.H.BOSTWICK&Co. BURLINGTON BOOR STORE, CoWrffe Sfrce(, irl eointr uf Srunxt building' Take, this nieiliod ofailvis'n i,K ruijVc cf hi re moval, nnd thai ho hxs now fur . i .i: ..... ,t. jargest and be.t assortment of llntJk, to be found in this btate. His arraucruifni. e. ..i... r,,n Nctv York, and Uoston are such at will enable him to nuswci iiiuiiiiuv nu uiuers nrornDilv. i May 1, 1642. H-mipuy. m fas I S-ju-s.M.i.i.v-. o'u:tACU urn l.u.s. may u-ed in Wineor waler. 'I he-cielel unci lull aretoinpo-cil ihiicIv of veiru nhle ofthe mo inuo cent 'el Miccihc tirnie-. I hev are recoinmuni'.iHl uar. ticuhi-ly for retoring weak tiou-tituiion-, clean-in-' anu urcntriiiening ine smmatii, ainiineiea.iiiL' llu appclii alo upreteutiitiieaaaiiistlheiholera nior uu-, aiul ugue, reinovini- nausea, iouiiiuil- heirt birnmirjMeakiie-s in the I rea-t, pain in llie sioiuaei anu tuaer syiiipiom oi iiiiimeneeauti ui.ii-xt'-1 ion. Cue box will tinciureouegalluu. l'nt n i j el- a I o. Rusieil's licit Ois'TMr.NT. This choice amlafe oiiitineut i s.ul tol e superior lo any now m ice, foi di-uiucealie an I lo.t'li-ome tl -c.t-e, ihe I'lCll. Tin Omtneiit I ( reaniiiu in It operal ion thai no per-on tlotl.Ieilivitli the a tive iliortler oushl to I without it. It is a reiue if for cutaneous eruption -ct rl utic a'ectiin- of the bead, or anv other I real in o-il ttluch urns from Jiarp huiuors in the blood. Price '25 ct-. a I ox. litis-f.i i.'s locTtELr. lltLLtocM Pit or family pliysie, for iicueral ue, in ca-e iil'J.iiiudite, luorl lii -en-il iluy t f tlie -toiiuu h anil ott vl, lo-s of appelile, lie! id, cutitcne-, Put-, an 1 ul 1 tloea-e- an--ins from lull try t'eraiisenienls, aNo fur ct.rrectn. ti the -la'.v of the I loo I, mid eljuiuir Ihe yiciu ol fo-il and vi-cnl tumour-. The e piL .ire a mild ta lhariic, prodneinu neiibcr pam nor irnpiu-r, antl are '.hercfniea nil iiil.le ami hulilv appiuvcl uinhcine, and aie pronoi iu e.1 auch I y ideiuo-l tlinui."i -lied iiiv-ician.-. l.ieli Lox eonlainmg I ill. 1 rice 371 cl-.a I o. Uiicir eclcl raled --alt 1!ii::um Oistmest. Tin is iiiiq ;e-liouul It- the I e-l ami -afe-l rcmi-lv eter t el o lerttl lo llu; p iblie for lhat ol -tinale ili-ordcr .ALI li!ll-l"M. Wbcieo her means havelaile I, it h.issi.o- i celt; 1, anil the i.c'l 'b it il h.i-lten -X'cn ivel) u-eil ' y euiiuent ri.iclitit'iier st.e.t!s v-liiuie in il pnn-e. It I ct ..illy e.ric.ieiou- in ah tli-e.t-xM of the -kin, -ca'.'IkeaJ, rill" worm ,aul ll.einn! uitctert'e lleli, Ac. 6xc. Noun-roil tertilica'e mit'tit le obtained, ' ul the propiilor choo-e thai a fair -hi .Id I elite only evi.Ieiiie ofit-"ni'y. Price al). ciiSh lox. For sale ly Peck tp Speir.ind Itolerl Mt.tily, Huiliugloii'. Dr. C. E. Mile.-, an I Hull U ( ook.H.ite liiirsrh; S. H. llarnc., Charlollej L. Jam-, (ienrcia) L. Tyler, l.'c.x Fuller iV 1 lniitin trion, liichinunil Also, by Ihe Jruggtst and ii.i-iihaui.s gvnt'ially lii-out-hoiit the .lute. oi.Uir COiWVAY MEDlCliNLT rilHE Sub-eriker W. L. KIDDl li, give n 1 thai he ha siicccul Ihe bite T. Kidder In' of llu well known Con hat Mldicin, an I will licrenlier irite parlicular allennou to ll prenaratibti oflhe folltittmg arlicle', the Ion? ox- tal.lieht'd celihnly of which, preclude- llie necessity of a ic-pul lieatiou oi the niiiiivrtnix certificate io the hamls of the propric:or. Unci. .Icbb's Klieuuiatlc Ttulmout. ror lliu-jiraH-in. Hrd i''. Snrain-, Nuiiibneo.. Chilblain, Sii.luijs In the ,uini9, cV,, will aU'urd the tno-t unexpcc'til and immttliale rcliefiu the mo-l ousiinaie ease, u Khe imatl-rn, m a lew hour. ) lliu aril; lu Is openly recommended ly Phy-ieian. Hiu t-inmienuiuoueup mvnUrgcJ boltles. 1'rict; 37i tents. Dumfries' Itch Ointment.. The extcn he -aln ,! .,t.i, i,...i . .,',,., r.i Dt-'MiKii;-' Itch Ointhlnt, encouruees the' pro prieior lo recommen.l it to tl,c pul lie with renewtjl confidence, as the iiio.f innocent and powerful rem' ely for tins auiii.yine di-ea-e: il contains no mer cury, Or any O'her dam-ris,,, in-n ,l:,.nl m.l nan I e iipplml hi all llllie. tvtll. I,,.,!..,'! .nft.ti l'riiH 23 cenl, alios ' Kcnicily for the Plica. 1 fie eoneiirrii.u- t.,.,.in.,., ..t ...I....-U.1 ..nti.,. Irom nil quarters le-tifvinir lo the emus eM u-J ).r Iheinedicme ufier nil otht-r. bail luil.,,1 iaom.i,, ,;.(. I ho mciea-mi deiiiand fur the article from ul! purls of lliei'ouniiy, pruve it to 1 e one oflhe most vuluubl MpuuiucsMiuwu lor this trouble.oinecoin)ilaiiit. iC"A Clcii-ynian writes jlu-uu, Fel ruary 13, lilt. I lulve made trod of humo-,,. ' p.l.. i'i..,.'.... found ii produtrd a -idulary iufli eute almost imirn- t.iiviy, uuu eouiiiieiiti itlelilk I . l,HV( nun. u. ,..ul ....... ..i lor Iliat uueoniforiabfe nu! dthilitnlnu complaint. Ilumanuy ha iiid-itedmclo lecomnierid ittoptrsom Ihu-alll.eietl, und -o I shall tontmue lodo. Yours ri-pettiully, J. 3. I he remedy enii-it, of Onuineiil and Electuary. I nte lor luih 73 t enls, or 37J cuul when but oua j. wanietl, accoinpaniivl icith p'm and aiup!ti dirw lions wilh a tle-criptiou of ihe complaint, ItiuutVlca, i;yc Vattr. Kr sore or inrT.uif d eyes, nothing Lnott-n fire .ith immediate and comJurtMt lelief, and iu touiti crcttJiicy Lad cases the mi si iiue.ptctis aud de Mi Jl le re. el ha been Co ind in the n-e ol ihi Hy water, u;Hti- tthcr remedies hudailed. Pr.-ous wko hate u-ed it, prono nice it wiilu ul he-itaiion the I list uepiraiiun fir sore, ireak, '.r wjlained eyes, thnr iiate e.ur met w ,h. Pnic2j icnl- a bottle. CL'Itn FOIl CORNS. Albion Corn Plaster. The mo t afc and -pee ly cure fur Curus yet dja ovwe!; llie re ef i iiumediale. it dieolves and le.nuve. the corn from Ihe foot null east and expedi ti on and ,KiiUuut the least jiain. Pnco 23 ceuu a III x. i'ull ami ample direction accompany each of lis a! ove nriifl,-, N'. It. Nine of the above articles will te genuine, uile mc nt I W. L. Kid-ler on Ihe oulsiJe wrappr. 1 or -a!r 4, In ( Huntiiig Room, 8C Ma'e Slreet, up St.i.r-, corner of Mt r. hunt- Row, Ro.iuii. Al-o ly , .M,;?V'- P'jCK ii SPLAR, Uurhugtou, Vt. . A lileial t! .count adom-d to dealers. To Mlac'tsmltlis Itloshiircli Coal. rilllb! siihsciihtrs hate just received forty Ions of 1. llil uriM Coal, whcih for .Smith's un lsiiusur- pa'stil byany ol Ihemmeral coils, nntl whereknottn has taken 'he place ol charcoal. Igniting easily und burning fret ly, it is hiphlv lpeomiiiendcd fur Jralcs nntl domestic use. I'OLI.ETT St ISRADLEV. Salmon. QH Mn-ei- nJ 10 Il;'!f 'lo- Nrlli Shore Hudson UJ Hay .nlinon, for sale hv Occ. 1, 1811. POL LETT & IIRADLEV Slitrt Iron. 1 C PACKS R i-ia Iron. 11-si ned Nos. J J 50 II in lie Eng.aivl Ameri -an Irou, ass'd Nos, 1 j imxe t.auai u 1' .re or s.i.e i-t Nov.30. IS 1 1. .VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Plaimcls. 1CASE White an I colored Flannel-, ") pieces ligureilSali-hiiry do. 100 " senile! domestic do. J11-1 us ei id nnd for nilc I y Nov.3C 1311. VILAS, LOOMIS A: Co. White Lend. 5 TONS Welhercll" Dry While Lead, 5 do No 1 and Extra do do in packugca from 100 to 500 pounds. 2 Tens L.xlra Gioundin Oil, in Kegs of 23 and BO pmiilds, for sale at Manufacturers' prices and freight, by Nov. 2'). POLLETT . IIRADLEV. DISEASES OP THE MINGS.Dreulptllt I lie iiiti,,! iniiiiUr re nc-il' eti r kniitt 11 111 Amei ie Vtzttable Pulmonary IialsnmU tin- uiioti tHluat le Mii-il mitt ri tte f.'i cut'li-.Ciilds, a-llu, .a t,r roUMiniptioii. h lit, f tu.ill and piihiiiin.iit atT.clltiii. ufeteit kind. Im ttale i lupatblt mete oiii). anil (he tuoprieiiirii are coumaullt ii-eeitntg the mo.l fatniable itroiiui uf iiit etfeeii.. llie fiil!i,i mg netv certifit'riK lie iiuVifil f.ti ptibbe exaudiMlitm. A.S InTRKF.stiso G F.xtrnrl of. l-,fr Trnm tlr 1: fl.'l.i), King-iiiii, Ul'ivr ru., N. V. to ilir IHtx-piieii. " 1 tuns til ihe Dili insl. tta. ilult ice d t 1 em 11 kabie rtite u as etlt-ciett lit the t risiHl,Tr rut uwiiart llal-am 111 (lie m miei and -primi tif IS33. 'the peisou, tlr, tluuitt, b.r) been sitK a Iouk nine ttuli he ciui?uuuititiii. III-tiht.iel..ft- bail cttrn bun up lie tt as icdut etl so low as 10 be huh bis 01 hsti bini.elf, mil was i.ii-iiiz -a l.lliin liiianlllt of IiIihji. tt lien he iiimiU'liet tl Using lllf ItaUam, ttllitll ha. elfi-eled h eotiuilele erne, and hp is n-itt as bale mid heailt hi tei bp was. Mr. .Mount has teniuti t huin ihi. mwit. lull lie In. I'lful'-cd me u iiiuie delaiutl aei-'.iml nltnr e.a-e, w hitdt I tt ill I'm tt aril tun, CS CLW. Kimiiuiui. N. 1. June i.i. lbo3. E.ti ifl of 1 lellei fioiii Oi Jartiti Mtpr. The Vrp.,ble lUt'Htn ha. bpsn ftiltl in tins eiiiinit for Itttitear?, and the inpdiciiip has e.l'netl iliirtiininnn I'clt'bi Hi , fur 11 -caicelt in imp iiuuaiu r I tilptl ul bat mi llie tie. 1 1 en tdt'ci I am lit nn iue.ot f ivnr of llu in inv mi.iriiiiH, imi'l ot -tthii h .hp 1111 liii-ilituu 11 lull .1 eiptluluiii luililte, nul 111,11 ttuicn 1 knntv by 111 be elleein il, Ir 01 m-ip inn cm-1111 1 1 in ol 1 ll ion iheip'o. A rounipi leii pi e..u i ion l - IippiiiiIIpipiI heie bt alratelbuj stjenl. of Ctuniiii.rk, , V. anil tbeip in number arm le tended heie thai 1 .trnitgl) suspecied 10 be-pm mil- Jacob M y f p 3. M. I). MifiliiiL'iou. Juniata co IV Mat 3, 1S37 I'nun l)t. S 1 nine I Mm relh 10 llie Pi uiu islni s of llie Vp table I'libnnnart I aul s.ii isfind ihal Hie Ve. jelablp Piilinuii i-rt llaliim if a 1 abt ib'e mpilfclne Ii b 1. hepti nn-. I in ilus plare ttiili riunplpie snti'Ps in an ob-nnalc complainl ol lite ImiJ', allPn lpd nob -ptpie eutiili. Iims of ttiicp. ami iIip rai-1112 of much blutiil, itbirbhad pietioiislv ie-l.ipd man) nppititeil piPiri quiiiiH. Alter itioiig ihe Hal. .1111 one ttetk, ihp palieui'H toiep reunneil and hp tt usable lu 'peak .tedi ti.y, I'lii. tae orriirred same limp since, mul ll.e lllail is llfitv Png.sei nul only ill aelltp but labm um. biHiiii'?). Hrs oil In I It , fee. S. MuHiFi.l.. Ii is now iimie ih.,11 six team since I tta. biiuiithi tpiy bin lit an .ilTeenon uf the lungs, hihI lilt eunipt.11111 wait tlei lu tie liiciilable bt a council nl iluee (illt. sieiaus, 1 it as 1 hen re-iurptl 10 as if! u I health a- 1 li.ul en'utcdfnr mail) par, lit tis ig the Vecpialilp Pit', mon'irv Ril-am. rtmee mt leeuter) I bate tecum lilPililetl l lie Ititsaui 111 ll itrpal mailt c.oes of 'line eiiinphiiiiis, ami .11 far ntt 1 can Isniu. its n.e It is in. i.iiiabl) been fulliineil liv mm Ii IipiipIH, ami 111 main inslaiict .il has elfectea cuics it hi' h tti-te itlmlli utiex peeipd, CiAMUF.L Evl ltl. rr. llmuou, n.irrli 2, IP.H. For sale, tvliuleitalp and retail, bt PECK tt .SPER,llnrlinion, Vl. FOIl SALE. THAT Inrce and commodious two sto ry Brick Ditclug House A I,ot situated on the west side ofCollege grern at ihe bend of CiiUt-trr.. ,-, !l.;- .:l. lht'HocsEis32by43, with a basement storv, with Kuchen and Provision cellars, and a wing 32 b'v ba. extendinir north on Cullr-efireen, tt ih wt otl and -lore Ins e brlotv, and ehaml er. and slrepm" rooms al ote. A lrjeandcoiiimo.lio 1 Ham.carr'aje housU ice iitiu-e, aim otner oul-bou-es, and a .spacious yard not ol" iheiliveMui-rhoii-e. and eoo.1 tli,rl l !l if uaicr of ihe I est quality in the village, and a Lnck iistii 1 l ilfl"arl"rlcrt "1 lami, . rjjlie -"r.t ihe hcu-c pctl yard. ' ' I lie 11 nliiiiii. areconlrucieil in moilern style, iA ihe lei material nml workmanship, wererrected by tur -.11..1T11 er it r 111 own u-e, anu me location ar (or I a tery exleil-itr an.! p!eaant prospect of the iiii.i.'e am uie on ine t e-l iti'i i not surpassej Ly any other in ihi partol'thecocntry. A'-o for -ale a lot eonlaiuini tin aero of land diraot lv oppoite the above lot with a maU convenient wood dtvelluig ho,t-e thereon. P.uvhn-cr are invitetl tocall anil exmine lor mm njve Terms made known by ( lie su' s.-nler on tha r. . ,', Ill'SIl premre. a.ul i.u iicui-. is iriinginn June, ib, ib4U. na Uxtru lirniidsi of I uiiilly Flour. 'IHE ub-crilcr i notvreceiting on yrv-Ci n-icninen', nnd will Isj well sup yia'.r4j p'iel ihroush the -eason with soma ItiisSiiW f I1"" choice.-l Rrands nfWe-tcra Aiiif?7'";';- Flour, ever n.lerr.l in this morlet. llavinv Flour ninnulnciuretl by more than twenty dnertnl Mills of the h'irhet repuialion, he pltdite. that Four Mildly him shall cue the ino-t perfect ,-an-f.tciion, and will lo wnrran'ed In all ca-ts. N. H. Fnrcv Urinn constantly on hand. Dealer- in Fiocr, Merchant ami Families aro re -lfiilly invitedlo order and try ihe article. F our -lupp'sl 10 or ler in irnod packart's xvilhout dclav, on lucetpt of Dmfis, cer-llicaio- of ilenosi'e or Ca,h. J. N. HINSDILL. -117 River-t. Troy. April 23, IMS. 47m- m HIILS. Ilirbci'b Gin. OVJ CO do American Ilrnndv, For talo by FOLL1VIT it HRADLEY, Old Dock, Uurlington. 2 Slllis. CA--E Pongfo Silks, 3'i Pieces black, blue black nnd figured do JO lbs. Italian sewing, 1 2) " India do 10 " 1'lack and colored Twisi, Nov.30, l&ll. Tor sale by VILAS, LOOMIS Co On M DRILLED Eyed Needles, OtJyJ 200 Gross Hooks and Eyes. 100 do. Knitting Pins, 0 Cases Loudon and American do, SO lbs. do. Just n reived and for sale hy Nov. 30, 1SI1. VILAS, LOOMIS tc CO. OILS. 7Pl-rS 0 U'S P'iro.Wiileranil Fn'l Sperm Oil, kjxJ'-J -f;q('0 d'. Whale Idea hnl and uiib!aehcd, n y vO Ilbls. 30ih Dec. 1911. Ainrricnii Linseed. J.-t J. II. PECK it Co. (VM.S'.V. I 100 K O X E S lliirhngion, Vermont, and lOUV. Essex Cyhndir Glass ' 300 do Rcdford, ."aranac, and't linton Crown do, hy J. i J. H.PECK & Co. 30 Pec. 1841. Agents. I.elilglii cat. "3 Pifa TONS la-high rskrd, Coarse Coal, - nml hept from tlie weaiher, for sal bv Nov. 2lJ. house I'OLLLTPtl' IIRADLEV NEW GOODS 'HIE Sab order, have -a.ldilion to Ihe.r !(!. t f Saddlery, Coach ami Shell Jlamware a all its variput-, . Also J'ug, Mflicine-s, Palms, -nnihV.,Dyestuirs,l!ruth. i? "f all kinds, Joiner' fl, e. fie. . HAO.sR it ATITHPR. Al I he ol i St a ml, S 1 rn of 1 ha PV."ck7corner of Church ai College Streets. 0 Sugars. RIILS. Powdered. 10 do Cru-hed, 10 lloxcs double Loaf, 12 do l'luladi Iphin Lumji, 12 do Nctv York do of fcuncr'nir nualiiv. far' sale bv FOLI.LTTit RRADI.r.V. At ihe Whitf. Sliccllncs. frr BALES of heavy slice ings of different qualities, )' 'hato iust been reetived and ain olllrcd for sale at Manufacturers' pricisto Merchants and others, tt ho are invited to call and examine Ihe atncK bcloio nurehasiiitrels.'tthcrc. under llie tit lief thai tho exam ination will prove ndvaul iscoiis h- thcin. . Hy i'OLLETT it I1UADLEV, ' . .1. .. ,i-i r rOV,v. aiiiiouaii A HEAVY nssormicnt of Sleiih and Cutter shoes, Wrnimht Nnils. Crow liars. Ac. iust reef n cil and olTcrcd low by Nov. 23. FOI. LETT it IIRADLEV. TO YOUNG HO U SB-KB B PER S. PA It It AH; WAIT Ai HOOT, KEEP constantly on hand a full assortment of elegant Ten Sets, of Gold I and China. Gold band Teo Pistes, Gold sprig'd do. Gold edgenml line do. Extra ttidepoltl bind do. Giililpdge.lmeit sprig 'd do Gold edge ami line do. Gold bund Preserve and Wh.te and ppng'd do. Cup plates. Whi't) China llrenkfasl nnd Tea Plnie, Pilchcr, How!., Uuller Siands nnd N'nrso Lamps, ttilh small Tea Pots ati-iched, Chins lnkftands, 11 tcrv prpllv nrtn In for presents for sale cheap ni the Crockery Slure, corner of Church nnd College slreels. Uurlington, Jan. 31, 18-12. Oct, 13 IBil. rpiIK Rurlinglon Ilrcttcry is now X in full opeiuliou, and Itucr u ihe very besi quality is kept con etautly on hand for sale in whole lor half barrels. G. PETERSON. NEW BOOKS. p. a. iTiTa m a n HA S trreitv-l ihe pie-ent week, the follotving winks, in n k!i'i,'n to hi ex;rn ive assortment, win h he r li r "lo tery low forc(.ih. Ro! iii-r.u'- Pah-iine, Mrs. Athm' Leber, Rtviiil.'r, Jacipie-ie, Vhelilcy' Cunipcnd, L'fe t f Richard Cceur de Lion, lamgfeMoti-Mlillal-, Ilarna'.y R tge. Hen John-on, Loudon e.l. ( n I ll's Indian, l'lim herd's Victvt f Cnntrrevniioiialiain, Lie! itr's Apricnltnral C'henriry, Mrs. Smiiir Memoir-, Pie it'ents' Mesiag8, El erle' Praei ce, Cult-ridge' Work-, Clmrlea O'.Maley, Trunibiiira Ilcnniii cnt-?., Pl.ilarchV Live--. Haird' Tratol-, 1! iral Life f Eneland, Life of Wilt rrforce, Cas', C.unpl ell's Poelu-Hl Works, Ilryanl'-i Poeui, Hiichcock (leiili'gy, Life of Newton, Life of Hithep Chase, Poulhey a Poelical Works, Look hart' Spanish Pulld, April 7- I). K. PANG HORN HAS removed hi' Cnbinct Shop to the old tan4 of Nelson and Galt, on Churcli Street, onposile the l'.nnU of Ilnrlincton, where ho wi,l a'tend to tho c ills nf his customers. Grateful for post faiors ho solicits a eontinunnccof the same, nss imp the pub lic thai his prices are such ns are sui ed to llie times, lining 'fen appointed Sexton fur tho Hurjing Griuiiid in tlrs village, tho public nre apprised lhat npplieolii ns fir lots ihero sh.tuld be made only 10 1 1111. Coffin furnished with despatch aud funerals attend 'd to at ihe aliorttel notice. Ilo Is also 11 eut for th- sale of Sir. Nelson's t 'linrs. The old cutt mets of llie shop and Ihe pub Ir in nerally nre Informed lhat a full assorunentof chr,irs ttiil be ktpi at the old place and sold on good ler ns 10 al( lhat ttish to buy. Hi-. Tinglon, April 23, 1512. NEW ESTABLISHMENT. 'PlIE subscribers having opened a Paint Shop in 1 the li aiding one door South of liis'.iop's Hotel, wiuM respectfully inform their friends and ihe pub lic tint ihev arc prepared lo execute all kinds of JLntse, Carriage and Sign Painting, Gilding, Glazings and Paper Hanging, iiuhe nextest pnssib'e manner, and hopebv s'ricl pcisnmil attention to'S lo receitea share of the public patronage. R. G. SPAULD1NO, S. II. RUSSELL, nurlineim, April 23, 15.12. 47lf. PKIVATU S KOARtmiVG I.P.CT .school. rpHK neiv and spnciou D'lilding now ereotini; in I I asi Charlolie will I F opened (if ihe Lord will) under iho superintendent e of Mr. J. Tr.v Hhcriir, inl in ihe La l p-'ilyparimcnt 111 French and Music ly JIi 31. A. Tr.v Hr.oEkr, IR h May, IS 13, Fall term open 29' h Ao-ru-t, Winter do 2-3,h Notcmlcft Twelve young I a he. And Gentlemen may 1 e ae" conimo l.uel -ti ihe f.ini ly t f Mr. T. Term J55 per" mianpr, in advance, 3Iuit' 310. Krciielrnn l Alce I rn, i5. Wa-hu.g e.xira. Hay S'holars,. from S2. 50 to4?0. MiT, edu atel un 'erthecareofeminetit Teachers, an I having nm.-lit lu Lon-lon, !'n r., and in ihi- Slate -lir e her nrnvl, i nmply laluiel tosiiprrm'end iho French and Music dopanmcnt. GoveniiHenl stricily paren'.tli ' Tu iho-oiinacyiain'ed xvi'R ihe fefvi-e, experienca nul al In y of Mr.T. reference may lehad to El'J'nsle.l v, lliirlincion, I E. Mo'l. St.Jnlms, J, lb Ilollenlect., " J.C.Parke, Whitehall. J, Sin ruian, Verirenncs I A. S, Pern', Troy, Chnrlc l.', IShAinMSIJI 1S42 LOVELY cy SEYMOUR HAVE this day reeeiicirfrom Ncw-Voik, a chnica lot of new s-uouable DRV GOODS, it hich shall bn fold at prlets stiflieicnlly low to curre.pond, with Ihe present ntcuniary anibarrnssmfni of thrf nines. April 8th. KUAI.ENTATi: iroll SALH. ' lOJacrc of laml on Ihe ni-l sit.'e M (he roadl.a ling to the mouth of the river. ...i....t. i.. 1 1... tr...... ilA9lCodts:elri-:l.ciniaiuintr dwelling hou.-a ami Jomrrs shop. Alo a i-uiMin lot near th Court .House Square. II LEA I'r.N WORTH. April 11. 181-

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