Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 27 Mayıs 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 27 Mayıs 1842 Page 4
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f cj- '..J .;., In touched hishirp,aad nations heard, entranced.' AlTiiO.VCIIlKO BV jcttrii CUTLCK. liright stttmncr with licr frngrantbieaili A.'nin is draw inn near, AA'lien Nnturia (ico shall wear a ftiiihl And skiis In: suTt nnd char, And Mlrnuulip bubbling on their joy, As down lliv Inlli they tun, I.iko rills of puree! !ilvir 010 All molten by the n.u! And on the l-iki" deeply blue, The water Ikivvroishe, Willi I ps f rid, nnduic-iof lov-, I'n?t alinjl nn ilicsky ! AA'hJo a I the deep pi ecu woods around With meln 'y ii riff, And not a so I or nartl trc nut looms with fnynie life. Bads on the win.', nnd bees on flower', And in?,ets id.uieaiabys And, Icaiiliful : rainbow hue," The p-im ed liittti'i ll I .See lu.w the morniiiu L'lori-; loolc. To Itea vi n, wilh evt. . f blue. And ask, in client elonueiiu', b'or clreipmf nlvcr dew. Fair lihes lift their no'.vy enpi To catch tin penllei ruin, That Willi in iou.iiishIicinIIi reviv s ''he voiduru ol tho p am. Ob ! beautiful tl.c ) oung rose Lu 'i Kxpaud tlieir tender travel, Tint uratt-f 1 to tlieir inni tbcattl Til" honied dew rceeivr.I It i-i indeed a ' time of llowi t;' An nzi re heaven at ovc our headr, And C"-int bcnei h our feel, In .-olt anil 'ewy i d. 0 Summer I tbero are b ippy onci To g'tidly wibwiic', nut can thv -mile n i-tore nsmn I.ot health ami joy in mo I 1'cf'ire me cloud., of inidiuubt glnj'n Tl.f ir dii'kv wnu'- ctphuil, And crtnl Blorn d' .eoii lift's lsrra'0 'I'ii In' dim spirit land. Fader of all una'! only friend! Oil -pant ilivh"'p'ii ; p nver, Army w!i h.hl Death iblc cloud, In hfe'iniiTt Irvim hour. Clie-r in with u-ioni of that china Wlrre .ic!;nep-i rnnot eomi Land of i.nninri'il, faib Ie?. tl iiim, The parteil ;nrit' borne. Till: OLD AI.'.A! CHAIU. DY ELIZA COOK, I love it ! Ibveil! and wlin i'i ill d irr I i chide me Inr Icviier ll-.itl iild aim i h nr l I nvitiei'.iiri d il Ion. ae n h Iv pii'i- !' bedcwidll lib teaifiinl r n nln tiiii with 'ijhs 1'nlounJ by a tluau.ind band to my iVi-uri ." t a tie will break, nor a Im - wi'.l stmt. Would you leal n Ih.'fp.ll ! A mother ntlhtlf, And a sacred thing is that olit arm chair. In chi'dhood'i- bnur I lingered near The hallowed f'at w tli Tin niny ear; And fit tnl words 'hat niothtr would jive, To lit no to die and leach me to live: Sbeto'.d me that thamn would nncr betide, AVitli ti mil lor my encd and C!i d fur my guide; She taimltt me to In-p mv carhrt prnjir As I knelt beside old at in clnir. I fat and watt '-.ed by her for many a day, AVhcn (ier tcs frte v tltm and her locks were gray, And 1 a. moil wouhip nl lur when she nited ' And turned f:om her fi.ble io hies Ik.1 child! Yuan sli 1 rolled on and the last onn pr d . .My idol was vhiiteri d my earih-nm 11 dj nd I I- arut bow in ''h llij heart can Ki ar AVhen 1 saw her diem lutilj armcl air! Tis pa"il ! 'lis past ! yell 2a?onu ii now W.ih q nverir.2 baa Ji anil hiolibma brow; ' I'w-ii. ibeio slit? mu-ed mo, t if there alio diel, .iyil,i-,"ii.v a s-,v'i .c'iri l'o'i. " - -May it fi Me, and di cm ir:e wtak, Wh'tli' tl, e srnlelfnp i,nre stmt down my chce.1: J It'll 1 lavo II, I I lie it, and ca'inot teir Ii' soul from a moiln i'c old arm eh nr. JEl'Tll V'S VOU'. .1 SC't II' J'TTtAL TALC. It was a night ofboauty. Deep and holy was thrt silc-nco that leigncd around the camp cf Israel. Xonglit was theie ol' suiind yitu tliu faint ruslling uf thu forest leaves as they were fanned by the bree,e. lw 'lie low nolo of thu swallow-bad ce."1''1, Slumbei ingin thousands sti'elc!i.' o'er the plain, un mindful uf the (J.iw.ers of the niortow. Uui sei ! a noble form approaches. A tno nioiit.jnid hiskneu is hem in prayer, in hum ble supplication to tho (iod of Israel. It is rt brave and mighty chiol't.tiu, with sincerity in his petition, indicated and ftaught with ho ly zeal. Liko sweet incense il rises to tho mercy seat, and as witbanoye of faith be clpigs lu Iho promise of Jehovah, a heaven ly calm diffuses itself through Ids soul. A moment, end his voico is suspended. Too deep and mighty aro his thought! for utter ance. Again is the midnight silenro broken. In tho deep and earnest hienthings of hisspiiit, bo poms otii befoin the tlirono of gracou sol emn vow. Oh (j'od, if thou w lit neivo thy servant's arm, and grant to him that stiengtb which thou iiiono ciiiist uive, hi tho stiugule of llio morrow ; when proud Amnion's tuns shall bo urrayed against him, then when be returns in li iumph to his native land, to hu sweet enjoyments of his fucside, and to sit uudur his own vino find fig tree in peace then, O Ood, tho first of mine tli;tt shall greet my eye, shall he an offering to thee! Morning rame. Fair and beautiful as that day. Not a cloud was to bes seen save hero and theie a thin fleecy vapor scattered o'er llio broad expanso of heinen. It was nn hour ofatixioussuspetisetuthe host of Is. rael. Cteat and nimbly had been the pre parations of Amnion for theeonilict ; hut Ju niha'sprayer wusheard. His Ood had mov ed his soul with holy courage, and he inspir ed bis army with sweet premises. Let your watchword he, 'The Loid hu is our shield and our helper. 1 shades of the evening were fast steal ing over lb world. The plain of Amnion was strewed with llio mingled bodies of the dead and dy'ng. Kver and anon tho deep planus of the wounded were echoed through lliu surrounding forest. lint where thu busts of Israel The con flict is over, nnd Jehovah has given llietu the victory. With gratitude and tl I.sgivhi" to that great being who has thus sustained them in imminent pcul, they rear tin altar on tho battle-field, and the mingled orisons of prayer mid praiso uscend to lliu Ood of Sah baolh. Tho Aurora lias gilded tho cast with n ro seate hue, tbu Israelites aro seen moving in triumphant procession towards iheir home. TIlO bravo and victorious chieftain nree-ede iii princely splendor the joyous and exulting band. Tho w remit of laurel decorates his l..n.i, ..oil in Iii? li.iml l... . o . , nv,ir pnim X norm;. I bq stirring sound ol martial music Uoason'lho breeze, nntl enlivens with it-s melody iho returning Israelites, riiir nm beautiful was" that oriental landscape through which, ibuy wefo advancing, und fairer and still moro bffitiiifiil (lid it htcomo as neaier thuy drew totheirchildhood's home around Mi 'ipz$ which, in memory's luiglionlng picture, the1 wronlhof iilTectioii lint) oftun fondly twined. 'Twits u gorgeous siinsot. Jcptlin, lost in silent ndniiraiion at lliu lieanly of llio scene, had thrown limtselflnick in his chariot untl is iiidiilirhig in a delightful reverie. His homo coitiei likun hitght illusion to his Ixif.y itungiiiatioii, With nil its tender and soothing eiule.iriitenlH. Hut n shade paesover the chiiiftaiii's hrow his lips tiro compressed, ami his countenance assumes ii livui nue. Fearful and gloomy are his foiet)oding, mid he fears what lie dare not titter, as the fatal vow is recalled to memory. IS i it liirik ! What soft and silvery music bursts upon his ear! Utir ipturtil tit ho iiii'ludious strain, bo'lifts' bis' eyes, and lol n fair and beauteous band stand belero bis bu- wildeiedgii7.e, anil,faires( in thnt lovely croup, licailti'lnl, liis Movi'il, liis oiily'il;iii!;li - is his tei! l'ritlo anil plcnsiiro glow in the lather'. ' I 'II !.. cmintnniince mid I in (brunch every vein, as ho surveys the very idol of his heart. Shu was indeed worthy of a father's love. In all the luunnncy of youth, t-hu had come forth with light ;tud"jooil step, to greet tho rcliiin of her beloved nnd only stuviing pa i ut, "with timbiels and ilh (lauciii." She bounds w ith chililltku pl.iyfolntiss luuards the chaiiot of the tbii ftiiin,.ind in a moinentsbe is entwined in his einbrace. With an au mil look of love she gazi s upon the untie- nieil linciiueuts ol liurlalltii s countenance, ninl withjoyoiisMiiilos welcomes him home. Hut imam lliat nolilo iirow is cloiiited ; iiL'iiin doe?, deep and heiiii-rendnig sonow lend chieftain's soul. One wild and pieicing s!iiirj rLses in tho air, and the heart stricken father hows his head, and lil e in inlanl, subs in nil the fiantic acony of Ciiif. llui whv, my fiither." ctied the itf- hicbted iuitiilen,"wbv thnt deep and until- ti.'rablo anguish ? Confnlu to nio iho seciet of your mm rows, that 1 loo may wiep and sMiiiialbi.o in all jour siifleiincs. Let me 1 e onr coinlbiler, and sooth your troubb d ,l"n!: . . . Alas ! my elattgliter.' exclaimed llio rinei- tam, in ii voici! ol unspeakalilo ugony, would to (J fid I had never seen this hour w hit h has bliohli'd thufaiiesl tinner thnt ever bloom and nipped in the Ltid all the gained hopes ol"r. us. Lie proud Amnion s sons lay stioued in mangled Heaps ner .nimon s plain, 1 solemnly knelt and heouglit lite ( (Jivor thai ho would guide my hand, and uive to his chnvn peoplo iclniy ; then the first ol mine I should inert in lettirning in triumph should be s,irr,licid lo him.' During the iccital, deep angiiMi w -is de picted on In rbrow, .indemni'Oi.s too init ne lor utterance swelled bosom. 'Twiis but for a monient. A i haege p( d o'ei llio puil of tl.e maiden. 'Sbiu.k not, m lather, liom the s.ieiilico, but uo eicn as thou hast s.iid.' 1'iaifc.l and contending (motion filled the rhicfuin'a 'Km el with me m dniichtcr and let mo imiibiie tho Groat Om nipotent lo gui lo and counsel us in tbi hour ol hilleiness.I I hen tu the peesne stillness of tfihi;bt arose an oainesl, thrill- iniT petition to the tlirono of Jehovah, that lie would 00 to III. it siriCNCii one a jinim: .wu ciintisellni ill her hour of lii.d, mid that In would iiprvuthe pirotu's lu.ait to etiduie the nliiiiiiM) bKiw. '(.'nam me but one boon, my father, said the (le:viitc.l ina'deti. ilislaie nininiliim, and Ibeie, in Us deep se clusion, Cidm my troubled spirit, and so pie piiio for my uust'iind near di putuie lo go into the pneucu of Jihuvali.' The father bnweel bis head in Ink' n of .ic-iHiie-cence, nud tl e maah u e!epnrtj d. ) n ? Ii tin we ek rolled mi in rpiii k sae res'inn. At leie'lb, slowly emigiatiug fioui a di ep tecess of tie iiiiinnlain, a ! i . I t and fairy nnnlen form nppeau d. It is the lined and deleted daughter of-Jeptl.a. Her dark and Itistioiis ('( has lost its 1 rilliancy and her steps its ( laslicilv, but in her coiinli nance Ibere heams a placid su.ile and Iho look of rosU'ii.ilion. Onward she move?, and soon ariivesnt tho jiortats of llio buine of her childhood, ami etiiwimd in ll.e piitein,d imlr:i(c.' 'Must thou die, my beautiful one, my only remaining stay ! Art thou to be torn long er lioui my end line !' , un, my" Miner, exclaimed lue magnan imous maiden, 'talk not thus wiklh, but do unto thv ehiugliter ev( u ns thou haM avowi d.' And tho chieltain nened his soul with holy I'ot til licit, ami picpaied lo obey tho nian dalu of his Ood. . t Years and ages have tolled away, but the sad event is not forgotten; and'yeaily a band of Jew Mi maidens ir.iwen this lonely mountain. by linger they with fond di--lay mound tl u rpies gtove ! Ii is the inoniunenl of iilliirlion tho lunib thu altar of Jeptha s (I.-iii.Iili l'lom the Saiiii.'t. THE LITTLE KINO. It is said that the little fiscal destined to tide tho Hiilish boasters of liberty, was. like Dickon, tlieir fui titer ninstc i-, horn with teeth. The other day, w hen his diminutive highness was doing .Mis. I5kiui iho honoi of ii'cei -iug from her his customary nouiishiuent, or, to speak moie cotiectly, tistho event w ill, of taking a noon-day nipper, Mis. 15. uttered n sharp civ of pain. "What's tho uinlter with the baby?" screamed liille Queen Vic, who was Mipet iuteiiding thu operation with truly maieiiiiil solicitude. "Old hid! your majesty, 1 gol a bit." "Haul 'em in then, ami take 'eui oil!"' says little Vic, who is a bit ol a wag. "Uh my eye," stud Mrs. Uiuuuh "the little rascal In at beauty ! as .Shikstiur savs. . i 'The iiFin b'uej fdircndly it is n MrriNa and a heagcr heir !" "Ho yu sure you nuiilu it correct 1" inniiir- ed Vic. "Yes.your majesty ; Shikspuris niyvuitk ness." "I'oor dear Miltlo precious; I bopo be 'ain't 'ml is liltlo tooties," cried the fond moilicr, regaidtng the loyal infant tenderly, hut tieeping ala lesjiectahlo distance. "'Urt 'is teeth ! she 'iiinl got nn birzom to feel fot any other body's !" was Mrs. "'rough', i7i'7c her audible ej iculatiun was, "Evenly liille hinfant! sweet piinco nl Wakf the exact hiinagu i! 'is 'ighness, pi inco Ilulwut. The prince uf Whales showed a deter, iniiiittiou to Itlul'btr, mid spouted." Uutit. a r.Mii.r. A hollow treo was lately felled in Ducks count v, l'a. which tuea sureil seven feet in diameter, and contained us inhabitants, a swnriii ol bees three grey unuiiriils, two lingo hooting owls, a nest ol liy log sipiirrels, and u largo number of mice. The keenest abuse of our enemies, will nut hurt us so much in lliu estimation uf the discerning, as tho injudicious praiso ofpur friends. Front lllackwooel'f) Jtngawnc. THE Tintimil-E HATTI.E OF KIA'AU, I'cbntai y, I 6100. Niiveii !n ttte'liistnry of war tlitl iwn nr ntics puss it nlglit iitttliT mtito tittlul nntl ini prrssivo circiiiiist,im:t's (linn lliu rival liosls wilt) now liiy, williuiit lout or rovrrinir, on tlm snowy ,oxuino of lliu ftflJ of C)lin. Tliu cliwti vitinity tif lite two nrniiff, tho nittltiltldo iist'iul)lfil in so imiTtiw'n space, inU'iit on tuiiliial ilritnic'.tion, lliiMi lol inlrrcsls (o llio livci ti ml furlimri of all wlileli wcri' nt slal.c ; this wintry wiltleri'i'n of tin scpir', rliceiril only by ,tlio wiilfli fire, wliicli llnrw lull a piirt'iil i;low on llif tlio snou-cl, nl licluhts nf ouiid ; lliu slii t'rilij groups, who in I'iilicr tinny lay iironnjl 4 lilizitio fnes, cliillctl liv tlm u'trdli's of iij- l,,";,rl,,1.,t! il" st,,n rt'-sololioii ofl!j """ici in iiu nnii, mm um c-mui.-....-o- IllllnY ,il' ll.n ,llu.r till, lllwilKi llf I'.lirelin now liroitL'lil to llic issiio of otio tlreail ci'ti lial; thy glory of llu.iia anil Fiance ilepei tlcnt on lliu t iTnils of the niiylilii'st tirnu mini thai eillier hail enl fin ill ; nil ctinliibl ted to impress a fitclinp of solctiinilj , uhi'li rcai'l.oil llio must inconsiilci.'lo linttsi, oj- pir.ssrd the mind with a ft litiV of aoxio t. i thoiiolit and kept unclosed manv a woai t:.t ;.. t :.t,.,.r.,.r.., it., im.iih iii iiuiii c.ini'?, inn iiii-iuiiiiiH; ..V extraoitiinao liittguo ol tl.o piectun.g tun,. TJie battle begin nt ilaylicht on the 8li oi l eniuury, in tliu midst ol a snow storn. At an early hour of tin; day, Auneran's nl-' ouins ui iu,uuu men was euveiiipeo i v ne , Itiissian masses, and with tho exceptiopinr o(!() men, was enlirelv desttoed. iS'inti- 1 loon himself was in imminent ha.ard of ic ing taken prisoner, lie had slept at K.iliui on the night befote, and was now in 'be church yiud, when the crush of the i neny's balls on the steeple showed how neatly dui oer was approacbi ic. Presently onn tifthe Ilussian diiisions, fnllowing inpidly nfici tlio filllilive, elileiiiig lixlati by iho westenift., and cliarced with loud hurrahs, lo tin? ibtit of the muiint where the emperor was plaji d witli it lialtery ol llic imperial cu.iid nud a leisunal esentt o! a liundio I men. Ha l not a tecinieiil ol hoise been at hand to the allaek, Niipoleon must have been m.ido pii'Oiicr, for thoui'h tho b'sl tCNerve, ciintUt ini; of six battalions of tho old muml. wei-e it ii short di-l.iine, lie inioht havo been en- vehipcd lielnre thev could e to his roem The file of r.inope then hung upon a thread, j nut tu that teiiilh" moment, tin. empernr's ptoM'nrn of mind did not fotsako him ; he instantly oidcii d ibis little body guard, h ird ly more than a company, to p,rm ,i line, in older to flu ck tlio .'iiemv'.s adi ance. anil de- ... . ,i . .i ... t .i ii i . i ii in. .ii in me inn cn,ii(i in a I ta i K i; e tiiniiiiu on iimi u im;, w nne a on lin e nt i .. , i... ii.. i. ., i i .. M., i , ,. , , - , .' -s Iii.imi cl,diied it on this otlu r. . , ,n 'i ii erv ni.i'Tei i v upie.'sj.i un i iniui- I he Itiivi nn, dtxinleied by sncce ss, and p,on d in 'itnis' Ji.siico ! inoiiinl nl'tl.e inestimable pri.u v.hieh was! ' NecVttv has no law,' too, VOU will dis iliH"t wnhni tlieir ciasp, were mre-t d by cover, is a mere h-cal fiction, fur your no he firm cuuntei ame ol the little band of . cesit will find nioio 'Maw' than von desire. Iiei 0. s who binned Napoleon's last resoiuce; Then lore, in tho namu of h inilcufls and and beloru they could rel'oilll their I links for fi iters, telleel. and snsiiend vmir iitiertilim i legrdar rnnllici, the enemy was upon them en (liner ll iiik, and almost the w hole Jt vis ioil was cut to pieces. This dreadful sbiuli ler continued tluotigh the day, the i'lisslinu and llio Fundi alternately lepulsitig cadi oii( r, b"ili sides fighting with the most dos i"iat'i intieniiiil v. and every elm re o leavine? Let me re tiro to yolll,l. .,.l "1 .....l. r:i; .,.. Towards iieiiiii.; l! ( l'ri'sii!iis m.'lt r Lestoce,, iid inc. d , tho diii-iau of Fniint. Tlu I n n h w i re driven before them. Marshal U.ivenst in viiu iittiinpted lo w ithstniul tl o d i' e tin reiit : 'Here,' he e.iiid, 'is tl ". ' i t',-.. 1 IV ' ,11.1,1 fn;,! n nloli, i! -' cowaid.s will peiibh i 1 1 TfT? fls ef Siberia.' .liil thei Flinch weto di'uenoii with the lo ( of '10(H) me n, and the whole Kusm hi line was ptessino on lo victeu v , w ben the l.ipiil ntght ol thu north lell and lliu batllo was id an end. Tbi was tho first heavy blow which Na poleon had nu'ciw'd in European war. He h id once hefoie been on the point of ruin, bat il was Syria anil a llntisb olTiecrthnl had tho honor of making the compioior of Italy lecnil. It is now unquestionable lint at Ey l.i.i he was defeated. At 10 o'clock at night he g.ivj otders fur his iirtillery and h iggage to (h file to tie ttar, and the ad , iieed post to retreat. He was on (he point of In ing digi,ired in the eyes id' Europe, when he was s.-imm! lhat ( by the in decbiiiti cf tlu I'essian A council of war was held by the !!usi iu leadei.s mi h'Hse.back, to decide fm their fuluio course. Count Ostct mail Tolsloy, the second in com mand, v. iih Oeiierals Cooling and Lestocq, urged slreuigly that tetienl was tot lo he tlionght of that Napoleon w as Uetiton in a pitchiil liafle that which ever itiniy gain ed giouiid would he leputed the icor, and the Iiiih policy was lo throw tlieir whole foie'e upon him without delay. lint Ilen liiugton, iin'uckily s.'tli-Iieil wilh his liinnij h, passed llio vi.or of youth, unacipiaiiiti el w ith iheenoiino s losses of the Fieoch ai my, mid exhausted by being tbiily-si.v hours on back, diiected iho uiaichon Koningsluirg. Sue It was theteiiible hallleol Ey Ian, (oueltt in tho depth of winter, amid ice' ami snow, under cm. uiusta nci's nl une.amph d heiioi : llio must blooely nnd obstinately contested that had yet occuricd dining iho war mid in whieh, if Napoleon did not sustain a posi tive defeat, ho underwent a disaster which had well nigh piovcd his ruin. Thu loss oi both sides was immense, and never, in mod ern times, hail a fi. Id of battlo been sltcwed with such ii niiiiruudu of slain. On iho sido of thu Uusiaus Iwonty-five thousand had fallen, of whom about sown thousand weiu already no more; on that of the French upwards ofthiily thousand were killed or wounded, and nearly ten thousand had lett their culms, under pieteucc ol al li nding to the wounded, mid did not make their iippeaiance for several days. The other ttophiesof victory were nearly equally balaiie-ed tho Hussians had lo boast of life unusual spectacle of twelvo eagles taken liom their aut iconist.s while ihey had made spoil of sixteen of the nusiaii' guns, and fourteen standards. Hardly any prisoners were made mi either side during "the action ; bill six thousand of tho wnu tided, most ol them in a hopeless slate, weru' hit on the held o battle, mid fell into tho hands of the I- lench. Never was a spei lade so thcadful as (he held ol battle piesented on the follow ing morning. About fifty thousand men lay in tho spare ol two leagues welteiji g i'n blood. Tho wounds weto for llio most pan of lliu seveiest kind, front tho extrtierdimiry quantity of (.innoii hallj that had hi en d'u charge.l during, llio action, nud tho cho pioxiuulv of iho contending masses to the deadly batteries, which spread gniliu half musket shot through their ranks. Though stretched on tho cold snow und exposed to thu severity of (in Arikl winter, ihey weio burning wilh thirst, and piteous ciies were hvniel on nil bides for water, or assistance tu exit act tho wounded men from beneath tho heaps of slain, or load of hoises by which they wrro crushed, Six thousand of Ihesu iruhlu-nniinids encumbered the field, or maddened with pum, shrieked ulcrud amidst tho stilled croans of tho tvouudrd. Hnbdned by losi of blood, liinied by cold, exhnitsted liy burger, llio foetnen lay side by sido amidst tho general wreck. Tho Cossack was to be-seen by tho side of the Italian; .tho cay vino diesjer, from the dul ling banks of the Cayenne, lay athwart tho stern peasant from tho pining of Ukraine. Tho extremity of sull'eiillg had extinguished alike the fierq st mid most generous' pas sions. After bis usual custom, Napoleon in llic itfleiniiou ratio through this dreadful fn Id, accompanied by his' generals mid stall', while the still burning piles of Sei pnllen ami Hitiis':,iiton sent volumes of black smoko over the scene of death hut they exhibited none ol tlieir women etitlaisiiisin no cues of Vivo I'Kmpeior were hcaid. Tin: l'fiiLosoi'iiv or. mo why "They say lint "luimthtlgc is Potr" I used to tiani! mj lint l Know that liny mi ant ".money! ami whi'n Hocrnl ib elan d. "that all he knew was. thnt be knew nullum," I e tin rely uui mled to dtelnre Ibal in' nan not ii etiaciim in tliu Atn nun worm. uv tov. The was of attaining money aro so va tions, so irndden, mid so Macadamised, thai the l'diiI in, iv bo leached hv the "nieanest (lf mmikinl. iimi . imM'l0 t.i,Cr an ai- ; nun fnol, or', a cry honest ruuii, who to- mains poor ir() 1(mrv(T) m.,y w;iys ; Mhe altempl neiy be niatlo to obtain "tc out thws tirciljul," which wo will endeavor lo i,it m ,. m benefit of otir readers, who mav cbanre lo bo in want : wilhutit iilede iug ourselves as to the lesull ; and for this infoi mation wo aro indebted to IJeully. von siav titui rrr; but without you are an ntlept, this is very dill'ieuli; and then, iigain, there is that pry" inc, impertinent Society, called the .Mendi city, with its Aigus eyes, mid spies that will, pet chance, politico upon you, and car ry ou oil", even as tliu relentless eagle docs the new-born babe, it will mver do to 111'!!. VOU .MAY P.OUP.OW IT. very iiiilocenl ; but they nre This i doublv itiiiiKent who ma luhances, a1 d, besides, the 'lendets' aro a very small body, so small, indeed, llia't "one dial will pmc tho fact,' as tho patent medicine cndcis phrase it. Among relatives, especially, (lillli llltv 111 olitai. log or extracting the dful ;' thev are cener- it liy tetiacinus ol lieinu 'cnzencit. I Here fore, 'try it on' with stiangeis ; for, it fre (pi(.ntly docs happen, tliu less you aie known the butler. vou JIVV STI'.AI. ir. who steals my purse rtpnls trash' iii . : . i " .... i... m i? i ry ii ri iiv ill .-" peine', uui ii' n.u c ,i . i:,r .. . . '. . ' i ....'i : in ihW lim. lUat inu bo suspended in .-multi- I ..If... or line. you nv run.v it ; that is, if you can obtain employ ment fur ynur taleilts. i'hoi , those talents ho of the Doric, older, and ,,ti me a pig-headed, pre serving plodder, with no more brains than is necessary lur lilting up tho small vaccuum left by i ilnrei in your thick skull, you me very likely lo horu voor w.iv into sotnelbieg; Im', if tl.i i me of the Coraii'tiun or Com- P'""e mlt'fi ""d von are by birth mid edti- I C 111 .u . pi ll.i d titli .ill, ull of wit. learning nnd Intel teciice, seiu will haw fight for it, beii g loo delicate to do 'all work,' and too nice in your distinctions to do 'anything.' This is nn infringement on your dignity ; mid lint you hnvo too much spint to condescend lo ; mid the pi obability is, thai you will see old Dorid (a cheese ino t ger, or a tallow -chandler,) shovelling op the 'filthy luvre,' mid becoming a mayor and a knight, era batoiiet, in fine, a mini with money may I ( C( n o anylhiK hut in t.'ic situvtU ,1 which it has actually placed him ;li nnw bile you look on, v. ith your taper fmgcis in the penn less pockets of your seedy suit, and appear ery Ll.e mi ass in a pound : albeit, a pound ii the last thing you will find, if you go astiay, for, though you do It.i.k like, an ns, the world will be too olile, in this instance, to take you for one, tint! so consideiiilely let you wonder lice without ll.o pound! A HE UTIFUL TI10U0IIT. How few "lien seem to havo formed n coin option of the oiiioul iii; nity of their na ture, or the exalted des'gn ol tlieir creation. I.'eg.irding themselves only as tho creatures oflime, endow ( d im icly withanimul passions and intellectual l.icultles, their pi ejects, and alius, and expectations, aro ciiruinscribed by the tiatrow outline of hiiinan life. Thev forget that intability and decay nre written, as with it Miti-lii am, upon nil earthly objects this world, with all its pageantry ot pomp and power, is (Tumbling into dust that thu picsent life isscatcely deserving of a single thought excepting as it hums the intioduction to nnuihof, and that ho aloui ai ls either it prudent or a rational p.ut, wh'J frames his plans with a direct reference to that I'u l u re and endless state? of being. IS n has so hli 'tied the understanding, ninl per verted thu w ill, nud debased thu nifeftiois, that men uuver fill to invest some toiupirnl good with fancied iiei lection, mid idly imag ine lhat the attainment of it would satisfy the dusjies and fill the capncili-'s of the immortal spirit. Vain thought ! Huvv little they know themselves! Tlm soul is not ol tho oaith, mid they will stnve in vmu lo chain it lo tbo dost. Though its native strength hits been impaired, and its piuity tarnished, nnd its glory changed, it will always on aptisouer here. Send it lorlh, il yon will, to range through iho whole uiatenal universe; ami lil.o thu dove dismissed front the ail., it will tellirn without finding a sinele pkico of test -fi 'f It bus no resling-placu but the bosom of God. iMoiMI, Otlt.lU VTION 01' IJNi;ltUI'TS. We hi .ud it tati d, not lotif; much, ilia' batikiupt weiu into tho t,hop ol' a creditor, to whom lie iiniilii 1., I, ui., i'i.Ii miller ' lent ol.teialini. tor..isti.l,t,, u and, with u .swiij.i;eiiug air. said ho paid idl his debts hcdid'iit 'owti ti mil ho had "'"i hetiefit'ol tho b.inl.iiipi law, JI" tins leiuarh vcas inndo seriously it indici'eaa looso mos idity, in refeietiie to tbo y'liijiition to pay debu lontr.Kteel in good t'nh, which, it is to bo feiareel, is hut too coniirjti. A b inhaupt, or insolv t law, discharijesi, until troni us de lis liaattl, hu not mnrrlhi. It roh ves him from ihr yi'N,iti..ns ol ,lu r'lfr. a1 suits in Cotirl, hi,t it does not relit'vo lituioflbo duty of pay iiij' liil r 'i-liis if even a jtnhli. Tho design i( a bankrupt law- iifoei", beiiijin. 1 1 is desion ed to ruliovtv tliu p vlio tiro irretrievably in volved in debt j ( lose hands nro tied so that thoy cannot hrlp laciieelves, who, thu 1110. inont thoy iiccunilalo U liltlo propeityio un. able ihciu to Intuit bnsiiicss, tiro liublu 10 liavo it snatched fruftliom by soma credit-1 or. To relievo stiaiporsoiis tiaiiKrtipi mws. aro intended, but liy nre not designed to remove, to wtpuoilitho pisl cl.iun wlitcii ev ery creditor has toils honest (lues. No man can tpiii't his conseiliico ivith tho neltel mat bankrupt laws iejvooll obligation to pay his debts, if prospVity enables him lo doit. ankcdot! of napoleon. Shortly nfter ' battle of .Tumi, Napoleon had well nigh ij'iii a virtiiii to one of thpse ticcidcnts whieliioiV 1c considered as rem forcemenls to llJIegillm He Ii i.ards onroun- lered in the e'i ious 'tiadoof war.' At Weimar tho F.l,iernr disposed his forces in order of battlelid bivouacked in the centre of his guard, lie had ordered a passauo In be hollowed 'the rock, and tow. mis two o'clock in th iioniing. set uui on foot lo as cetlain how ' work was tiroceodiii''. Hav ing remaineiiu hour on the spot, he resolv ed lo makof liiptd inspectio i of tho neatest otilposls Ik fro leturning lo bis bivotiacl; This snlil.iil exrui'siiin n'early cost the Km peror his le. Tho night was so dark that liis seiitrie.wrin tumble to see the slightest (ihiect at tKi (llstlineo of ten paces. One of Ihein, hea ng footsteps, challenged, and im nicdi.iteh jiresented his piece. Tho F.mpu- ror, who was prevented from hearmg the iui rive In one of his fits of absence, made no aiisTcr. and speedily aroused fioin bis revei i( by i ball past liis ear. In stantli nwire of his daneer, ho turew hint s- lf liat ot the ground. No sootier had he adopted ths ptecaiitiou than a shower o bullets pj-scd o.'cr bint; the first sentry's fuo b.tviii' been repeated tluotigh the whole line'. 'I'lit I'lnpernr iie ami unlked slraighl to the netrest outpust, wheiu he was iiiime diatidv re'ogni.ed. In a few minutes the seiittv wo had first challenged an'd fired was relieved liom Impost, itlid brought before iN.ipnleoi. 1 be soldier was a young v.iien adier in one ol the regiments ol tlio Inn 1 You umg r.isr.d !' said iho Emperor, fa niihailv pinching his cheek, 'ir seems you took ne for u I'ttissian! the dog dues not waste Ids powder: nothing less than an Lin peror selves him for a mark.' The poor soldier, in iho utmost consternation at tin idea he might have killed tto F.ntperor whom he idolized not less tl mi thu test o the arm v, could only stammer out n few sen lenpes: ' Pardon, Sire, but I bad orders to fire: if vou will not answer I am not to hi, nue; another time you must put in the oiduis that oii flout choose to answoi Tho Funnel or laughed, and to reconcile tin poor fi How lo himself sajd, as ho witlabew ' my brave l ui, it vas not your l.iull ; lor tandeni shot in tbu dark, youis was not units ii will soon he daylight; take u better aim nnd I'll piovide for yuti.' TIuTiilKDS THE milDS. A friend savs to us "1 ob'crvo in your paper of the !7th nil., a timely call on th farmer to protect thu birds. 1 wish somt measure could ho suggested to do this moie thoroughly. We have societies for tho sii pressiun of hoise-stoaling, and wu frequently make a common causo ngainsl tho robbets of our melon grounds mid oiclrirds. VI not do llio same against lue moro ilaiigerous loifers who destroy the natural protectors ol both fields and ordiaidc 1 At present, m in's hotistj or pet son, in the country, ts s.i fiom the intrusion of these dungurutis uui "Impressed wilh the necessity , of calling: attention to tl is subject, I hastily collected some ficts to show the valuu of binb to the farmer, airl h id them printed an. I dish ihutcd among my neighbors, as I hope, to some purpose. I send you n copy, from which you nny peihapi think il worth while to in ike cxti'itds . "If public attention is only once awakened to llio extent of the evil complained of, I h ive no lears but it will hu in somo way remedied." Cjj y uf the print d patuph'et above alluded to : "I'UUTllC I' Till' IURUrf. "The hPinoii is tow como when tlio binlibp . ai the r l.ibirs in our fields and orch n ,!.-. .I tu y emnn us are well t..u!ieJ of the us"lu!-ne-H Hi thesu lu: Is lei ow-hco-orf, vvluV; seati" are not awjinol their value nd permit them to bo tl...turbed or elot-troved. For tho benefit, of such, tin; follow mg fictu are ct.iloe!, and evcrv nue is urged, as ho values his fruit trees and Iroks tor a plentiful Imrveft, lo extend to tin birds the protection winch tliey so richly merit. l.ct thoHO w lio uiiv still elouii'.cumpiio sue or .hard.) in Mudfuni, (,'aiiibri.lge, fee, in June With those in We'l l Cambr.eb-e ai d L?xing:oii, vvliere .-Inolnig and bird's nesting aro tut per in ttcd. Our uiott in'elhgeut ur. li ird .-'s- arei-Mt- t:ed that the abdenee, ill these lest naniei ti was, nl the ciiul.or-worni, thai pe-t which ha- 'o.U ski much labor and oxpontc, and Ins ruined nianv Ireer. is owinir mainly to tlio eieiet nmidicr of birds breed, muhstuibcd, in our fields and orchards'. Let the nuscliovioin loafers, of whatever age. ..ii; fol.uitliin, or color, wno inun auour our liolds w.tlia mucliet in llieir iiatuif, eo eiear u .th according to law, or driven out liKo vurinin and wo shall hear no moro complaint, thnt orch. aids aro Intel waste by insects and trcea destroy- ed by mice. J i , .'tit? e .'ii i e. 1'he'rommou Cuckoo is almost tlio onlv bird rt hich feeds on the rnterpillor : he destiny,. them in great miiuucr., c.111113 incui vorac.otiah when they are full grown. The numbers ell tliem dt'.-triirtivo insocts that a few Curkoos, n,ili thoir young, H dcstrovii incredible." Chin, llf raid. " When tho Martins and Swallows weto pro. tee c.i," tays a Herefordshire farmer, "ihu hops Iim uied in great beauty, and the crop vvus .1 1, nt. whilst lliero Was a Lolnr.. wall my neighbors, who allowed theto Inuls to bn .tint and their "c!s desttoyed." h. The bUa-Lbiru dtslrc.ys grail numbers 1 grub ?-. Jf. "J'1f 1 ''o11' 1 ( bH'rvod eight r lou ll aeliliirds bti-ily engaged in thu gra?.a plat fmm ,,, my lieniM", and tho grass where ihey were, .rtMi.eeldy-ii, was liinted, liom their m.t. , 1.1111 us'i'pi-i liioiis -rod lue gnu vvsn ugje. ,.1 ar iho reniedy. Huhuec.'.imr thu oljeit ol ilm ijrdd'M-u'clii 1 turned up a piece of te,f u'tth no sp..d'i luid found it li'erallv wrtii:n u- i, . rubs eif vdrieuiK hi&'s. 1 neeJ not say that thev k re allowed lopuuue their game undisturbed". (un Hut the gra.ji'atiooiueaiiied Hi. l li, miiiioUier irmtauco 01 llio utility ot ireser rma b.idnon larunand m orclnrdi ati.1 j-ardeto." -mi. "I'lio owl rondorr3 0i.-entialEerv iro totAefir.- .nor, by dootryiiii; ma e, rat, ui.d ..'in -iUau ii.e..i Iioj and barns ; it also ratcMU batt and loetlou. " J'o tliona who Hcemcd inclid In eMirpte tho lllaclihird, Wi'-o-ij i.-lly ainrk-i nun uai. anco a'a.u-it ihu ihiu-iirit the-oion,it, tlm sr vii 0 ll.oy pi.rlt.riu 111 tne cpij tu.i), by Uf .mtiicm-o number ol nine" niul't'iotr larva-. vvha h ihey de sTey, an tl.e prm''!""1 h'O.I, and uliirharo nl Iiiiii'k nu 'tO'"'', , ' "'' Indeed Kin.fui uou, iimi niior a -, at denliuilion 1111 ao"-'7 ll,e'I11ll"J '"- tomuimi blacl.buJH ftjruo M' rowiudol throo .leiicoailozon.thoN.bcrn atev, in 1 17,0.. lerioncca a couiploy J1- W" and grain crops, which wcru''v deputed by iiiaccie," 'I'ji to tho tung niarvn.i uavo uiiuornily. I oiuhfBCCtlon, loud thuipooaw consiot oithc J hrvaccaicrpillimot'A andbocllfr,, hov devour ptich numbers, that but for this tiro. I vidLtitial economy, tho whulo crop of grain, in nnny placcj, would probably bo destroyed by ' 1 ... .' 4. l ,lli t no innn il uciail io ucrnunaic. v "Ml i. . " i,i... j-j- titt.s season, io repay uie fjaruuncr ior iuu umo of his crop, their natural due, thoy fail not to as. Hist in ridding bw trees of moro deadly enemies wlncli jnlost tliem, nnu llio email ciuerpumri', bootlofi, and v inous insects now constitute their only fond ; and for hours at a timo they liny bo lending on the alUlcepoihtig canker-worm?, wlin h infest our apple trooa and elms." A'eef lull's OrniiKulrjij. Tlio D iholiti'culn in pnrhaps l ox, to the Cedar bird or L'liiad.i Itdbin.ilits gre-fest dsstroyor of lliu ciuiker-ivorni. llmlditig I cr nest and rear ii -r tier vnitiur under tlio .mule ttccs, as tins bird olion iIo-.-f, pfiu'icepureu nn iiiiMieiiru nunilicrof worms lor their ran to. lancu just at tlio iimo tnai ihey aro tno-it ties ructivc. "I havu observed me ol llic-u Ionic, 'sa anoighuor, "go roiinit iu lnnhs al an aiinlo ticc in t. spiral eliroctioti, n l dootrey in Ihhe way every worm on tho treo, nn incredibly 6111111 tunc, "no nnu, nitucei "elm calctifato tho valun of birds on a farm, havo no dnuht but thev Havu mo eeuial to the labor of ono in.ui for tliu season, besides preserv ing my trees frenn dost met on." it may ho palely said, that ui a country so uehly letlleel nn line, Ihoru nro no b.rd.-, not ove Oj img tho hawks and ow-Ik, but nro vastly nunc ttco'iil than uiuirioti.s to man INono eit neui sliould, under any pretotire, be doslreiyed. Il is not uoticr.illv laiwn, tint a low only ol tbo hawks ainl ovvIh dostrov noultrv. The roiigh-kggcel liilenn may bo obeerved t'ho whole winter loiighontcd on hoiiic small tree watching for uue, ol which hcdostrnyH ereat number'. Thue whonhoot loin, or stuli-r lmo to bit shot, (lenene to havo their trees ",;ird!ed " by lliese veriinn. The; inarch hawk, tbu er.inrnen Ilarri- and indeed all of tins lamily of h.tds that c" mo so tenrle-sly to our (iolds and meadow k, jrc (ourilly haimiesH and useful "t hlity ij pnsi-rinig limit on ! arms ana Uirhnnh. an e.Mctisivo oMieiiinent np;,ears lei mvi! boon tnado in some of the auric ultural din. tnttH en that continent, thu result ot which has ten tho opinion tint farmerr. do wrong in dc. ttoy mg r(( l.s, jay , (.(arrow f, nnd indeed bird u general, mi tl.eir farm1, purlieu nriv vvborf ueru arc orrtnirtlF. 'l lnv(l.s ilo miarluel oi i asioiMiiy aiiiiug r po com, there can be no (inn:.! ; tun i tie harm they do in autumn in am iv eoiupet.sattn t.y ti e g'-cul tliey do in spring, y the denlriictivt! h-nec they inake amongst the nrett tribes. The nnantfy eit irmbs eles'n.yfd by riijWf, and of catiriuHcrs and their gruba by ne vatioas sunn turd', tnust l.e annn.illy un iut.Tj.-o. vjinnr iitM's. ot bireif, wliitti eed on no wing, mi nwailow,-, -whip, and martins, de stroy millions of winged in?erts, w Inch woiilel niierwifo intent tho air,' and become m-'U1'iport ilny troub cseirnc. Kten the titsoene and bull ni.eli, n-'iai.'y .iup;ord to be go nnschievoiM in ...tijei k, liave a( tun 'ly been proved on')' to ele.s ny those boils winch rontxui a dejiructive in tel. Ortulhologisii? have of late determined ..".so ucisj to ne true, un eome voiv lar"e I irt.M m i-iinonsh.ri., Iho proprietor:) tlttermiu d, n lew sumini.rti ago, to try the result of ot 'em ' a " rewar.l fur the heads- of crows .nt tlie iiB-ie iiroved destructive lo lbs farms el neatly the vvti.eol th ereps fai'eil for three Micet'einnir years, ami tliey have sincr? necn lor ( ed to itii e.rt b.rtn to re-t.oc.k their taruis. "UI tale ytais tii extentive dirtiuction the toil.igo and yourg trtut trees in 1 rehnrds bv i ( ee.iesj 1.1 caieri, Ii.-h o.fcited trie atren nm ol the i-a-ura.:-r, ae.rl it hati been found t. -. ive arisen Iront tiiu h ibit of those -mall b.tdd 'about ortlnrrb, vvlnci if lett tuimo .es'tel, wouid have destroyed or kept downthct verar-iiiiM insettp. " The sp'end.d orchcrds of Mr. curlie, (pri pr i.ior 01 trie ceiei'Mtctl linUininal Mttgazwr. a vi.,i,oawooii. nearuoggfijtiall, in l.sae.c, -.vcr; ,ist summer almos? desola'eel by vermin of tins -url. I here was, indeed, m .lime, ncareoly one eai icu on live or six hundred apple treci-, 1 rcat was tie.. d. F-riK t:on : it was really run 1 liitnciii.ible ol in I to see such line fruit tree -o destroyed, .Mr. Curtis observed that hu wss o tonvinced ol the titth'lv 'of nrc-cnui" t! n.rd; from past epenet:rt'aiu! irKjLjiry, th it h .11 11. s .iTiants no imie ei a scare them aw jV jitj. Mnj. ,nt. Ilis'. ".S t '.' ,11 , If any per--on Flail, between il, ,'u-i .Jay ol .SI ireh ,11 d the fiiM day of Sepifiij- 1 1, ..ii.i-, 1,1.1 or ue loy any o: ti,e u.iel.-., rail ,-,i.ri.-i-, or ijiia; s;ir hi 111, nci wucn the iirt-t lay nl .1 i,.y, I. t'i or destroy any o( the hiidd ca ed v.-i u.leeieki-', f,n'x , laiks or robin." ; or hhall, ' utween tne lirt.1 ciav et jHtniarv and the lir.i .1 iy ol MinemV-r, take, kill, or ilt."trcy any 0! ne 0,11 , 1.1.11 t e,r tieuth i.eim ; or aimli Ai!h,n the,it. li 'ich aluie-a-d, veil, or ooy, or have 11. h, posf.p-ieiii, any ot the said j .il-, k. d or taken e -I'o.eviai, he i-hall lor imI for every sui ii, e) or w.otlcocit, tie sum (il.Uvo doiiar-, and 1 r every such su. e ark or robin, m e i!o.!ar, ar.d tur'uipry eh rou c i r l.c ith hen, the mini ol ten t'o iarc, to . e rtrovered by lutiijil.unt be.010 any justice ol the pe.u e. "N,cllna 2. If any perFon Bhill Flinot at or ki 1 any ol tlio b rds ini'irioned m iho prcceiiiiij" -Pc ii nt, or any o'h-r h n.'v ii;-i 1 land 1 n .1 t.w .id i.r eicie; :cJ liyh.m.clf, and v. ihoul license trotn he owner or 1 rcupant iheuef, at any titt.e, be- I ween the firet day of Alaich and thu' fourth djy ot July, he fhall te'irlcit and pay 10 the o.-cttpatit or ow ner of eucli latale, the tutu ofTlsuoi lars, in i-iltii: ion to lli' actuildiinae- siitaui ed, to be rccovennl by fitch owner or occupat.t II nn action uf tr 'M." H3i.1l.L-HM EXCFIAK1 HO Water ttntt, a I'u- h -lithe St am ibjal Wuarf. Utii lliie'e.. Vermeiul. IJY .MOSfJ L. II.UiT. rpHIS -.a' h limeii'o t.ivor.i'ly lucalel fi r tin I a, 1 inni!,, 'a 1,11 lie- In ne . an I ir.ivtutn. 1. 011. em t., 1 now on oihe j, ,i 1, . ),, 1 Qoa . ipoii 1 lit- v.iiiui. roii im 1 ji tlm I xiliani'i lb 'e,' 1 r pa euier , on I 1 k- uiiii.n: or epar'tii I y 1 1111 I i ,e, in ii Ii iti 1 l.e r bau-irasu 1- roniovt-1 we', ir I'haric, , 1111.I di, hiu-Uj.ui-nharly luileir ei 11, 1'llicil' i. ' The l.te ntr lou'rh Id orviei-. u-eli it n..n,mi,. dial 111 a'l le-pesi-, die lit.u 'hall dc ervo lliu lavoi-' d e iMiiihlerx' n i f all who may p.uroui 0 11. llu1I11m.11, Apil I, 16-12. 3.f. AMERICAN HOTEL AM) Cil'.MCiJ I. !JTA(i!J tJOUsii:, liUtlLINGTON. VT. r"fIlH fidi-eiilurs Imr hiii ,1 f ,r Prm 0r ..,. lb -willkiu'.uispl mild (.i,il.lii.hnitnt, wh',.-his i'i V nhlio mile loeiilul 111 uiu, ,11 th 1,1 .1 , 1 villi i.siiiN nth in,.ri,-i. Tin w. v.-ml I m. 1 1 - at 1111 i d-iiirt iV.ia this hon,,, ,!.,,!.. r". 1 loioli fuim bed in the hist m ,!.--. mil u.,ila. i,..i wnli Ibeihoi.-eit dial the inaikeis allord. Th. y will .-. in ., tu -u uiL.r iiii-ntiii aiu all wluniiylir liiein win tbi-u H1IIOII ion. itj-arrug!!i ulwayj ni attendance at tbo Steam I1U.I13. S. W. TIV1.0I1, ,. WMIItll.N KSIIATIUCK. I'ltrhngti.p, April 21)di, l..'. Nli V AND CHEAP GOODS. PUK -nfuenfiT hu iiu.1 Moved lixiin r.ew Vi rk -t a Im ir,- ami evtimiito B-inriineni of lanev an.l "I'll le in-) t-ovihi, hiii,,ii ab.'li iniiy t-t'loiimlilQlln, .it-S'-iiari-n, aniiuin, 1, .ill. nn n'n Kurumer jon"ot iv. 11 .i ...tii nun. a ffirnl kiw v or linen, eii nen U I iitt.l niitihriiii. laivliy. anil Kituhah urfnlfi-. mithiier v eoi-ia ui an kiiims nimvri hiivi.hii., j Ikvo bn..' V.',,i. )ls, 1 aipeunu.', 1 01 , , i.,i liiiiiriiiii , 11 ereiii vnm-ey 01 boini. t, l.fihorn i. .,. A-1 . uliieli am ufilrtd at lower iii.jls tlnm nu.-'ii :e(i Have t-fi.11 oia ni 111 una 1111111., 1 ... i . w.v 1 1,I., Slay G, IStt. NEW GOODS, MAY, 18-12. J,T-SHUC5. I'ANUIUH!:, if. lUUNSMAID nro 1 . ."""'''"'If a'1' aio:.H to ih,r ,lo(.; ot Wmchif, JeweJrv, Mieltii, Itrii--' , r, C.inihi., and fancy Cooda 1-111m.1l (.eld nnd silver Iver Vaichf, of t,r iw'i n,iiori,ii,.i 1, l!iiKiitie, Uiugf, Knives, ltazors. C.M,Jt, ttropB, I'.C. SlockiJ, itr. Roine - fplendid and neli naiin and ei'k Urcss StQcks, Seaift), blitltii,r, (jouiirs. Ho.mtnf, ii.c. KVIIINUf'll. lltuihef ae'otln,cn,of Tdolh Nail and all kindaof I.iinp tVicl., Cliimney and other Lamp Classen, "-Ilk IW, I'I it.8,Aciordions,iV. ' Vj , ","',;''. '"' '-'i anu.inieticau I rinl, Novti,reJCambnvlLr &Co, in. Hi mi 1H .fr,, vn'injt WITA'1 AGAIN? ill 8, AGAIN. TtlHVAIIIIW J 1 ...11, ... f.. V...I, I ,l ' .'.' v". .:'"" diC irnii I t -ominiT nil l.mooriuin of tliu Wo.t- crn Cnniineiii. Well, what of that ? Why, there W jnslllii uiu h if j j ,, r-t liino he, weal was not so inn 11 inr ii ,,,(;, . u 1or nlten'lniit to the ilot'O. ol In n . i,,r i- 1 nndeleci-()fioin Ver mont lu the ( .vim 1. in thnt cny,for lie pur- po" ol the , I-.- 0 1 iv ,, oncan lndii-tr' I y collect li 1 lie -la'i-U' ol iol rii. ion pos-e-fd by flifijirtio leiielre I a ("" I-I n 1 ' er liom tliu Sta'C-of thu I'n 011, nn I ih-il .0 ." 1 l"n Imt the res lit in di'lerent re)i,rt-e,n the i-ve-uil bud nencieil inteii-sls i,f tlu i-o inl.y, n to ime 10 our nam rial Con a re- at Wu4i-nil-oa, ihro iirh the coiniii ltees now tbcro for that I u'l'iio-e, un iiinoiint e,l Irmb in evii'eni e t.n lie ub e t due -liy fu ln the eoi!c, winch it Is In peM ean net (nil lo re-ol in Ibeir pn-liiir with all eonlh'rra lien, iti'ld era'cly in il 1: tunc, a fair, juib 1. i, iln- riininniiii iro ee ive, Aineriean i nri.i, mat '.via da nnd le-ive; to thu Ic t in(ere-t of every clas t! in i'ii ii 1111 1 nrioi'o 1 i"U?:pii-. Well, 11 so to nm' 0 -iieli eaiii,ry and investigation ith le anl to tliu Ira 'u il lliu toiiuna i iikiii Willi IlK riesaoii'lnej: n vinj atrent u w-o-ild injure at wihnilul rni priva tnu (fieat vaiifty ef &,!) nre 'e I ti r In. e-in lebuient, "aiel to rei-eiu tie few ninii'ly puri'base I tur tholhen iniinebntc o-e. Well tlieil, MTllin, lol noir 111 o " 1 1 11- le nine, nu leu in lliu un !i 1 j euiiei 11 .Million, 11. . r-i.eromn, e.i.iMio, In ro nward lioinid 1.11s nee lor the eneli, nm' ar- ive I 1 1 New- Ydrl I V llo S.eaimr I' lit liltOii, a,ii. 1'ie, wlin b larsc, nolle ninl ei.inno ious lb it vva- nislly naineii in uoiior (11 1 in- trji-ior 1 lew ,i-ild'H nud die nl in'V ol tie Stu-e to n 11 tr n-l the t'.KVT VI .'r STf.e.M E 11 1 A'i ill. em t'anaN s.v fi 1 hvvero iiinieneed nnd ne'i-oioiilelieil itiu'er hi n liiiim.tra- n 11 11 s llii-n (iovi-riii r of die yrca1 aivl iiiln iaic I IscH'l or;., I n le ale Un-1 inele-nt e 11 eei enees I tin', were tv ureel ai.d b.uelien rtti'iil. ftuf- 11 -e ilieieteao to -nv thai 11 1 omnn-ii. esi a m-ivanu lone. I- eui ill the llfl'Ty of Auie-riea, 111 all l.uras;-:i- ltuial, iiia.iiilai-'iir.ii-' nn I fi inmer'-ial trim ae- 1011 vvhirii will t'fe pie Ively ine.ea'e ooriiail uiiie; inl 1 t 111 II, .11 ci.t, A.l'. lb..!, llounnl coai- iih-ii' e-d wi'b the in no ol 11 1 an I il' in-, '1 lele ,'iiid Iiei 1 f r en-li em I no iinirisnnineiii for del t. I bin bo now-ie ens I ne . v i'n 1 n iihle li'ea ore and a'i-t.ii'l.'nii to dm e e.i ,11 ' ' lienewT lie S'f amer K'Ut tc.--icrii Jirrivt. ir ''liars; from American lore , it it mill I- ly tlm iinine of earlv ". cut- m tiaiV, nii-1 Iben -be I rui!r mh Ii .nlend d (i(.esl for liu e, iiii.l eniru. o neUlv 1 aek nitre oriler- fur iiu-i-clmi 1 .", ili.u nre in iiait'furthe supply uf How ard'. Siori', and ly Howard to tbu pewi'le, wloe iLiunl le e, nirt who bavins: rtitirnetl last cteninx' in he S Ii luhall, '.niter el,ui 'e tf die 2 1 ('nut am. the Flat?", of thre Iio' le e-m er. Jfi w- tlifrf' re, the 1 lliMira 1 (le-r 1 in; 1 I liu-1 et je tvtel atul t.e,.ip--loi- ol (I 10 ! he tin- e-.i-i- tn 1. Wt-! nen n, 1. unl .' 1 . 1 ,it . tn-aei-itV ninl e in u die ai-in-Io we to re iredie iiihiinn-of tin- inaiunioMli pupir-, lireniet 1 ,fl an, IS'i .v W't t'. , .111 : lie, 1011 .M In ti. iicai't.l 1 y 1I10 1'itf Pioe loidei nu with t-e. U -. tVe. and y -In III e 11 1 1,11,1 111 ilc 11 I, the ei 1 tl M to 1 il if -he v o,ld, 1 r vein h i in eh lliu .-time thillfr, i i'.v av , v .: 111 nl Hu n 1 nn 1 lie-, anl. tLtru- fine, I'v-ire- thai vwieotr.e iint.,elia'elv before siieb a re It-. ''in I it i'o not coinu n't at e.u,e, for tin re are ho ..tin K 10 bu sll bed. 'll;eti. K-lo, tie IllViic-to t meal inoi-nui-r, 11 tern n,e'en, i.-j or vsltn it -1 iii Ih-ii- eonvenioine, to I rML'ilu- uu nev and I nvObeati f., 1 tin-in. i-ve , i. r di ll e.ri b lihen'. S I'.unre th ing; and 10 iii,', e nolo - In -1 nonre' 11 2 tl n 11 , t dim- -I'v.-nil r.ive ier, 1 lownr I mvtie ttaireoinini; vrhuu nine vdl.,.'u Rr .tun- u.hiIii- ,t''.n it or 11 tioMiy 10 VI. Illhii Si. ,r leu hy I'. VUI. IKlWAlif). 1. S. I.iko h Muivmii, or I..brary, vvhtie you may feast your uvea vudi viewin; or reiiitnie, and thiro siili 1 as tniieli lor me proprn tor 10 "tea luiore, llio vi.ileri looli their look nntl re ml : -i.t fm cfiimaia- livelv, at Hov. rd s t. re, jou 11. ej !,ey ui much n you like, .ui 1 tin ii vuI.cih mu. J 01 a fi 111' up of thu v.liauey w nli m doo !- bv tl" nv, 1 1 may Or- lUsireo 10 tie Si:n nt , HuWAllU 5 .Iidali t.'uii.wi)rtli's I'staie. ST'TROF CKMOM' At n I'ml.-Ui fn rt 1,-ld 111 in,. tot hi tfi, '. 11, in. at liuihuijMii v. tlnii antl for t'i,' I)'-niet nlon-. .id on b-- JQlh ei.iy , t y A. I). I-il-J, an instnnii" it, inrporthitr 'o b tie Will iin.1 Teiiniiiuni of .Ind.ah 1'tirn-iwoi th, lata of U'i itforel. in said District elecvnn d, w.n n ed to I 'ire,' mrt lure fir Probituby lleubcu i'ttriinvvortb, the Km:eiit,ir thn .11 named. rilKREKOHK ilis on!, red by said Court, tint publr- notice hoKivon to all yersoas amrernea thert 111 to n penr hefoie said C'ouri, nt a s,csm.iii i,.st of lo bo b il ,-n nt th . Uh.-i r's oflice 111 enul l t "tort on the fMuii'lWc.iitticlqyof June A. I). IStiiml con lesr lh I'rolnie of said Will and it is nirth, r or dered that Ihiaordei lu pebh-hnd threo weeks suc ev i.vely 111 th H.irh it,in I-'ree i'r.Jw, a n. vv-ipsper printed at i'nrlim'ton, -,n th." S-mte, thu but ef wh'-'h hnll b.) previoaa to the day ns-iijneil; as alur.'faid for In niris;. (iiven under niy Inn I at dm Ite-ns'er'j Offici', da 10;h day of JUiy, A. 1). I.-..J. "Vtl. UT.STOV r.t"uur. CARPETING. rpnr.riNn, rm- i,.,i ,- v,,t cs-pcts, V i'a ninl 1 I'vi V, ', 1 in -in r .lo eai . 110M, i . .i.m u-1 t'.ooj,,,;: nine as , v 1 ir To Bit ! iJn ; a do n e lluil niioa Iro 1 F n let for 1 ijrrii!.t Bid I'i cc-vetl ai uv. IlurleiL-ioi", ri 1 ' rs ar.t n'hci-. ed- ml 1'iank 'e, - at irt 'iiu'ir "Sa.v 1, 1 , ,1 t 3 ' 1 in.i iu ilul. , ,,r ,tllt! -1 -1 o-.--la..mi. fn-fiAe ro JAItl IS U VV. T nn ri'". '" ihfoiiiied di . O f. ui 'i qa ihiv 1, mv t,u . r&. mi m,L,v .-5, and 1 lo. Hiinel it Old n. 11 ova i rV II I'. pnbrril , un r, eently trin ferred h u f reuidenrefrom SI. All'iun to It rtint;, p- .t himself to the pitionape i f die pu' lie .it, a piijs.nan hi mirpeon. Thus, who may w-imt In.-, p ruees wilh id Inni, tor Ihe prcsiiil, nt Howard's Hon I, vvherj he n ahoulto ofui an o!uee and he in rtadi- ncss for the practice of phye tmd 'iircei v ,. , ,.,.,, C'HAS.'IIAI.I.. Ihir'yinn, ttpul l ig. 3w aiiAiiUis a. si: vjoui: ll just tei-, ivtel fipni A"ew ork th.- ptin ' r-nterii!, fj- II ,-rs and iimu, the i,ut, c tu ca ,j examine his assortment, v. hieh t fV ceiupfif,e-lnti ofviriouk uuhtin ik s Li. mi euetsi. Hiniu vtrv ui..-. Y " W He i S' reinl y iuvu, ! such sen "tit .- -It nnni.rneiiire 0 look at 1,,., etck of fint hats-wbich iiip iiniofeilornnl hnish are, an I i point of iiral.ilitv,.farsp..rnr, to any hats manufactured 111 tmr lircl, rpiinn n ...Ik ..f . the ouy of .ev Vor'e. ecarii. Apt ll I jlli. REMOVAL. Q II. .SCOTT has ii.moved lo tho Store rorontlr -' oeemnei 1 v.l f vi. m,. t..i i . r' eloors h ih of hi. lornier plaev-old customers will nn iiirwin yin liil.!,!,, this Hioie ihoi in iho nalnt ol talhna hereir in, te I to r-nininm. .ith n-j-iirnnee ihatcvuv elbui v. , ' he nude to Irenllhtm imrlv a (j-vv moim-ni, , (xiniinius loods anil pntes will coet nothi.i . fiivt. thv nine. ' OASES and Hal, Tickir.-j-i, W 1 Hale Ctnvaf i. 2 ilo Diillma, M 1'it-cet. 40 meli lir!.iP. ItC 'O It,, I l'adll.nrr ...'.nli.l.r. .Nov. at), 1811. ' VlI.AS. I.OOJriS if-Co. , i.ivi: nnnsr. i-'kathi:u ! ' ut rale just nciived at s. it. srorrs liHoui ci.o nis. HOr.Vi:U wi-hi-s a . uui article of lhi kind can be .T-eiiniiuliiittl n s It. senrrs Vi 1'iiccs eorrijpond.nij wnh iIim- uin-turdl'time.', FRESH TEAS. T OAl'ane: lliown Suuirs, Colli-i', Spiecs, SaUra. XU tu?, &C, Ac. Chi.ip,-Cliiap-,nt .S. II. SCOTT". Sn.lCS, SILKS, SILKS. VIA. kinds, at dm lonost pi iocs. n . 0. SCOTTS. r.oi:iii:. cr. uoxkhts. y SOodasKorliuciit, and U.bUou-i Min.neh at I!, SiOTTS. FRANCIS IIE.VJAMIK, Jk., Wlioleral Wuh-r in ist-H-aire, I'm warli, .1i,. Comuits.I0 1M0.273 nivnn sTim-aT t-r-.l r..,n .;,.., ii'. 1." . . . .. ....... 1. , . ua-ir-,i iijiton Sijuarc. 'BH ScVA E"f nu'sr't'"- ns.i,U iip,ily ot it-, t7U4aii. Clocfrct ChZl liny ran leeouii,.. , s vu Suntr,or r lYJTn" hen-tof, re -.fil in UmWl ZU Z, 1 V i'flJ"!, j. am, have b en lanjhi by Mpuieneo i,a dinl- cno , March Hu. I'OI.I.r.TT IIUA nr.v 70 I'rV'1,?,-4 l,lru.wn Sl'Cciu.8Sl ' 3 Cnbei, Hlencheit d0 ' ov. 30, 16-11. V"cr rate by VILA.?, I.OOMIS 4 Oo

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