Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 3, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 3, 1842 Page 3
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s PnoGitnse or civilization in Russia ! Emancipation of tiic Seiu-s. The Em pcror Nicholas has coinniericcd tho process of emancipating tho serfs of Russia. These serfs, as most of, our readers tire doubtless aware, constitute tho great mass of tho labor ing population of that country. Thoy bo long to tho land, ns part of tho cstato of ove ry groat landed proprietor, nnd descend with it, from tho proprietor To his licir, just liko his ucres and the buildings upon ihcni. The Boston Atlas, noticing this subject, says ; "Ono of the boldest acts an act of tho "rent est magnitude in Ibis era is that contemplated by the emperor, of enfranchising- the vast portion of Russians born in a state of servitude. Tho nobles of the land, who are, however, whenever their rights nre invaded, llie cmpcrnrs of the land, have irivrii tho to understand that they will not mi' hi t it; and lie well knows thatpo - ii, i' e (1 i.vr, or tho cord, hive removed man,, nib-, .mr in " lio havecippn. od thoir soveiv jn u- r .in I p ;i-uro. 'I'lie em peror Ins in i i a s rt of, by publish ing an ukase f tv z this condition of tlio serfs j ye' in a in .in i, it is paid, calcula ted to etay tlir ap icl.eiis on, of the opposition. Their apprehension, it we know any thing- of tho Russian nobility, will not be easily sati. Med. An attempt has been made, which they term revolutionary, and say endangers their lives and property. Their acqiiioseoiihe in any mea sure loading to such an cud as 'he curtailment of their power, is but the calm tint prerciles a Btorm. wc should not bo at all surprised loheir shortly, that tho emperor is among the missing. If he stirs further in tho business-, wo would not f;ive a copy of the All a fur the valno of Ins life, f the einpgror can intra Itirc a systun of educa tion among the ten's, and lecl.iim them from tlteir semi-barb irons stitc, they will enfranchise themselves. This will be a work of time. Given under our hands, 'llespsct thi. mind ye.' " A RcMWlscENcc. In tho year 1800, (Juno 7th,i the House of Representatives by a deci ded anJ almost rigidly Democratic vote, adopt od the following resolution : "Resolved, Tint the Secretary of tho Treas ury be directed to prepare ami report to this House, at their noM s-.-ssiom, a plan for the ap plication of such means as are within the power of Congress lor the purpose of protecting nnd fostering Ihe manufactures if the United Slnlcs, together with a staicmentnl the manu facturing establishments which have been coin, monceil, the progress which have been nude in them, and the success with which Ihey have bean alien. lei", an J such other intorm ition as, in the opinion of the Secretary, tiny bo material 111 exhibiting a general : 'ew of tho m inufactuies of the United States." On the adoption of this resolution, which con template' a 'plan' for 'protecting and fostering the manufactures of the United Nlatit',' the 1'oiir Southern Atlantic States voted as follows : Virginia Yeas 1" ays 9 North Carolina 8 " :j South Carolina 0 " 1 Georgia " 1 " 3 Here we find the almost entire vote of South Carolina given in favor of a 'plan,' the obj.iot of wbfo.h was to foster and protect Oj- manufactures of flic United Sta'es. Xo.v the s'ltrie State re pudiates the protective policy rieclaics it tm cnnstitiitienal, and advocates the wildest of all wild schemes, 'Free Trade.' Wayne Co. Ind, Itec. Fnr.iu lAiroitTATiox or I'.urr.ns. The English, it is said, aio taking incisures to send and immense numb"r ! "'" and vagahom.s from their poor lions s to i.i,- U. States. Most of them will tie shi ;.oi for Now York ; and unless the public authorities inteifere in sea eon, it is tolie feared that a grcit many of these broken down, destitute, sickly, and tir-lilf2i- be ings, will be thrown upon New England for euuiistance. What nitmnal iniquity anil out rageos cruelty it is, lor lireat IJntinn to lo ir theme tL uoA.rtnniil" rrt'ftturcs her own citizens item their nati.e soil, trans-porc inem like felons nvertbe ocean, and then leave them to the cold r InrMios of strangers, or to d.e in a foreign land ! Boston '1'raieUcr. ASSAS1NATON OP GOV. 110003. Uy the Western Mail, we have tiro appalling intel ligence of tho murder of cx-Govornor Milium W. Hoggs of Missouri, nt his lesidenco nt Independence, on tho ffth instant, tin was sitting ntonc In his room, engaged in writing, when ho was shot through tho window by eomo villain, who lodged thrco buckshot in his head, one of them in bis brain. Tho St. Louis New F.ra of tho 11th sayst Gov. Hoggs was shot by some villain im Friday, Glh, in tho evening, while silling m n room in bis own bouse in Indcpen lenco. His son, n buy, hearing a report, ran into tho room nnd found the Governor sil ling in Hi' emir Willi ln jiw en down, nnd Ins KTfflTT GOODS. LovelY &. seymour. Alt 1! now opening n heavy sloeii of scasoua' le Goods recently pnrcha-ed in New .York which are olcrud io lliu pupllc nl price, which cannot fail to en-uru their -ale. Among ihemnie, II luck, lllue Ulack. Ilh e, liivisiblo Green and steel mixed tltoad Cloths, n very mpcr'or quality ol Cu-Mincro-, Sdk Vclvel, Vo-lliig', Linen Drilling", Gainhroon., niula variety of Good- or iiinnier wear allow prices linmbaipnc", n soul n'-soritnonl of mILk for die-cs and limned, tnttti, I ballv-. Black nnd eoltued Mu-lin ile Luines, a large lot of Merino ShnwN and II ll.f. dre-v Hill f-. und s airf-, silk and linen cam1 rie lid!-, a ureal vaneiy ol Glovrs and head lemma liack. On discoveries llio mj iry done i, tj1)M, . UTe ,,..orinient of Kutrli h, French, and jus lather, he gave the nlnrin. "not tracks were round , AnerKan calicoc, nnd ino'itning cnlicoc. nt mpte m Iho garden hcovv iho window, and a pistol tiic' ed lCl!enledly law pi ins; Leu hoi n, Hinwaud Palm lml up support! to have been ovcrloiidel nnd thrown I ()lllu.t . a ienl vario y ol Uil.l oil', t-, Und iti- I I .III I IIU ll'lllll III IIIU (.lllllllll I'l .HIW IIIIU II. I IIHU bucksli"!, of n heavy loid, look ellcct. on-Roinc thro' his mould, one into the brim, and nnoiher piolnhly in or near the brain nil po iij; of nt the hnek part of the ti"ck nnd lien I. The Guv. rnor was sti I alive on Iho iniirniiiL' or tho Tib, but no hopes of his ucovery were pn'erlnined by his friends, nnd but slishl ' opes finui his physicians, A ninn vvns su'-pec if d, ninl iho Sheriff innsi pinbablv das possession of bun by this time. The pistol was one of a pair stolen some days previous from n biker in In tependenee, nnd the legal authoiilies bine the description of the other. Ia. Para ol . mhi -Im '(-. Mit-llii-, Ciiml rie-,1 leaclieo nnd im' lea do I Guitoiu 3UU0 rulls pa.ier hansins-, lorliTimr, InoUnrr g'a -e, nii's, ina'.l, earpemi s, nil ol vvliieli are lor fate low. J mo i, m 12. Toom Texs. I!v the nrrivnl of the stennislup N. Yor' , we have received lale Texas pnpeis. Tlicy arc barren of nil v Inte licenre nf inlen ft. The Housto nnn of the 12ih, pudlislies nn interesting stntciiirnt of Mr Lubbock's (one ol tho Santa I'o expedition) sutTVines nnd nilvenlutes. Tho Hon. C. Van Ness was recently killed atGa! veston, by the accidental clisrhareeof a gun. Wc find nothing nit.rc of intere-l in iho papers. A". Orleans lice. Tin Pliiut. &.c. 1 f lJOXKS Tin l'lale, l'lX.npprov'd brands, I UV. 10 do do IX. snuare. fiO Iliiiulhs Iron Wire, n sorted Ios. ISO do nughsh Sheet Iron, do G I 'neks Russia do do 1 L.lstt Shed Also A general nssiprtiiii at of Tinners' articles, suib as Shi'et Ceppi r, Shett Lied, Cooper Holt, iia. UV , IIJ.V l.W..'.J ...... May 27, 1912. ' Opposite I'carl-st. Jlousc. SIkioI incs. Al nLI23 1-1 llrownSI.eeiings. M! ' Z La-e UleaLlieii t o. Oen Naw Yabo. WViirnr that ordirs davobeen iceeived lit tdis ynid silnilnr to those receive I ai New York and Philadelphia, nnd that ninn) hands will be disedniKo I in eonsequcnee. 'i'he vvoik on the Ciiiiiherlnnd hns been suspeiv'rd, nnd 53 carpenters, engnged on her, have bicn dis clnreed. Jloro hands will no doubt he. dichnreid to-dav, and n still Inrger number at the end of I he half month, on Tuesday net This stale of tbines is much to be resretted. Jinny persons will be thus sudden y thrown mitnf employ ment, nnd tho work which oiisht to be done, w.ll be neglected. Hunker Hill Autora. I'som I'i.oninA. A letter from Ncnnnnsville, l'ast I'lorida, dated May 16, informs us that at .Simla I'Y, which is nhout twelve or ihiiteeu nulis vvet of Nen nansville, rhe Indians bad in lie inornins oflhn lflih most cruelly murdered Mrs Casey nnd her two chil dren, nnd nlso woun Vd Mr t nsey so severely as to leave billo hopes of his recovery. Put the scene of deatd did not end here) for nn the following inorniim whilst the neighbors, who had callierot for llie pur pose, were cniiae'eil in payine llie bisi tri utc of re spect, by seeing Ml "iisev "IhI children deeei jly in 'erred, Ihcy were fired on while at lli"crv e. It is Mip posed by nhoat twenty Indians one man wns mor tally wounded, and several others were wounded three horses wire killed at the time. Hail Jlcp. TKMI'HRANCR NO TICK. There will ben meeting of the reinpemnep Society on Sundnv in xt, at 5 o'clock, P. M. Itcmnrks tnn'v lieexne led ram s-veral of the ultrgyiutn attending llie Jleltiodist conleienee. COXSOCIATIOX The (liittrnden County Conso'hition will bold their nct annual nmitiiiL', Providi nee pernu ling, in this vmaire, on I uesdav Hie I lib uny ol June m M, nt 12 o'clock at noon Uverv t "ojiirii-irrdtoinil chuith in theeountv should be ieiireinted by ihur Pastor nnd Delicate or by two lay delienli s if tin y have no actinvr pas or. .Mid chmcli will Pccarcdon lor us stalistical report for the pnsi year. J. K. CO.Wr.Rsn, Iteeister. llnrlineton, May 23, 1612. H a ir t S S. AtAllenton, Alabama, on the niornins of the2Gtb u!t., at ibe residence of Dr. C. II. Swifr, .Mayor, Francis W. Page Lsq. of St. Louis, Mo., to Miss Ja:;e M. STODnAnn, formerly of ibis place. B 1 o "In th!s town, on tho 2Dili ult. Miss Sahah Stuono, a;ed 21 years. In this town, on the. 31st u'.to. Mr. Pnns Leix ORin, primer, used -0 years. Jons Newtow. " I ce in tdis world," said John Newton, " two heaps of human happiness and misery ; now if I ran tako but the sma'lost bit from the hiap, and add to the other, I carry a point. If, as I go home, a child has driit.ped a half- penny, and if by giving it another I can wipe away its tears, I fool that I have done something. I should he glad indeed to do great er tilings; but I will not neglect this." Amos Kendall romplains tint he does no' re ceive enough from the E.vpositor to pay Jus printers, and declares that unless better 'sup ported, he shall be compelled to abandon the business. 7, ,7R. II. HOUGHTON, r.i.ill O! tl'C ecle' rate! ii L VoiMli-t, IlLNur l(v sell, rc-pcc tut y 1 uoinio 10 the on. zen-. ol'l).irli..gion tdai he will g a Concert of Vr,ical iin.'i lnslriimntiltil tSTiiic O 1 M. inlay evci'lU. J tne C. ul ilr C- url ll Lj.Mr. II, h.i- .e cc c.l -oiueofJIr. It -c!lV I e-l and 1110.1 wmnlar Si.nir- lor ibe oeca 'on : inel'idiirj I he Gambler or On nkard'.-Wile wliu b 1- ("Un 'cJ on fael j th Maniac, Old Aim thair, i.e, &e. Edward A. Sinilh, !q ,of ' IsUrr1, 'iss mirrri nn his rami the largest U ' -c.,n m in- L nittcl Stales. The ani al is nl 1 s' v '1 le mttcly a lew colore t s.iols on his ly I Ir 6 i n '.I oich. s hili, 13 fest four inches in leu 11 0 I m 11 in I.' smallest pirt, and wviplis over 400I . , .ind whit ijuurc surprising, he is not sue y 1 r m ..,; Much or Intellect is l'.xiii-Aso. At llie Wor sniiershire ess una in one 'uj mj j iry returned llie followini; verdict: "Guilty, wild some little doubt a 10 whether bo in the man I'1 The judge could'nt siino mis, oui sum inem paeaing. May 27, 1912. I'or sale y VILAS, I.OOM1S & CO. OHO J1 Dll'LLI-r) ICyed Needles, DKJvJ 10 Gross Hooks and I'.vrs. 200 do. Knitting Pins, 100 Packs American do. S00 do London do. 100 Lbs. ni.xed do. Ibr salobv May 27, 1912. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. English nudajliiioricitii Print If) GASnS just received nnd for sale nt low ccs, by I May 27. VILAS, LOOMIS fa C pri- faCo. A CASUS TICKINGS 4ll 1 do HMliu ion I'nncics, t do lllue Drilling, 1 Ila'c Crown do ft 1 do Canvass, lfl Pieces Ucd Paddinr, Tor sale by May 27, 1312. VILAS, LOOMIS 4-Co, V OlllllS. 300 D05T.X TWIST COMDS, 4IUI do (an Ho 2"-n0 do Snio do 400 do Ivory do 100 do Pa cot nr.ass i'o BO do German silver Pocket do f,0 Gross Wood do do Tor sale I y May 27, 1912. VILAS LOOMIS if- Co. Tlnciid, itc. 3(1(1 LHS. white and col'd Cotton Thread, JJ iifnFes do do Spool do 1)0 1. n.s. mncK 1, men, no !0 Gross Hound Laeels, For sale by May 27, 1942. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Silks. B CAr. Pongee Silk, 20 Pieces black, blue black nnd Tunned do 20 Ihs. India sewine do 20 0f0 Skeins Ainirican do. For a'e by May 27, 1S12. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. I'Viitliers. 800 P""0 Peaihcrs, warranted of superior ,l!.llll llll.l Ollllll I III CI HUH. ICOO Lbs. Iltns' Feathers, f"i sale by May 27, 1832. VILAS, LOOMIS ,t Co. PECK &, SPEAR, wholesnlo dealers In English, French, India and American DRUGS. ALso.-nrtUGOLST'S GLASS WARF.. , Hurllngtnn, Vt. Chain I Chairs II Chairs II I I be 1) ertber InviiM' e.lal ll byl llietn elves in iho Chair Making ind Cluiir Pnin'iiur bii'ine-., have a' en the liop foriner yoce ipie 1 1 y .uion n'ott p nianthnrd, Iwodniir.s So th 1 f the t oiinl J Hi use, I hiireh .'tree', Iliiiiincliai, 'wbiro they In'eud to iiinnufnctiuo and 0 'er f r alen com. ple o ns-orlini nl of Chairs of everv de-ciiption, nt -iich prices as cannot lad to irivc Mill laeiion. SeiHo, Scitee Crn lles anil Solas i. nil Line! male to order on hnrt notice. Al-o, ol I (hairs and nil kinds uf Firm ure repaired and paiuled iir var- ni bed and ma 'e 10 lork vvrll n new. N. II. Hie hiahct pmeswill to tnici ler croo lias. Wood P'nuk, pluln and cull Maple, Pcvh, Hindi, an 1 Pine L mil it, mi I mo-t kind, of co inlrv Proli ne in exchanire for Chnirs, nnd evtii ea-b or eiirie.ll I mil. 1 ills will not len-h el. Given, a call, l.ndie nnd Genilcmi 11. PICKI'-KLNU U 'I'll A YI- II. Iliiilinstnn. May 25, 1 12- GItf. IJJM0N8. rn POXr.S of I nm n- iii prime order, fur fJJ New York price- an I In laiit, I y O'.l Pod., May 27, ale a I roi.Li.vr .. lirtADi.nv. A CODFISH. rnrsII ui'plv and a piime irllcle for alo 1 v Ol I Do-I;, May 27. FOI.I.I'.IT .f-UliAliLLY. hlllUCH COAL. Till! Snb-rritiT- have received 11 tupply of I.e. hiah Coal, which lli'-v " er at re I Mel price-. Old I'oe! , May 27. FO'.I.KIT ,V IIUAbl.F.V. .,7AG7i:. tZC TIIOCHAND good piiniuSliina'c. for-nle ve OUry lowly S. WALKLIl. May 21. QJ-NEW CASH STORE I-CO Tlin Sutisciihers respcrifully inform the Intiibl Innlsof llurlineton nnd vicinity tbnt thoy have commenced business in the SI010 recently occupied by Mr Drimnn, llookstl er, on Collrgc street. The chief t ranch of llicir business will eon-i t in Frrnrh Dry Gtwds. Tlririft confident tbnt through so many tnran9 and fnr i itici which they have for fiitnihinr thir Store uiih tb" most fnnliioiinlile nrtieles. nnd that dieir pri ces will ,ui' nil who may favor idem with 0 call, ihcy resn'ctfully so iei a sbnre of public palronnce. Thev rlui have for snle n in assortment of su perior GROCKKinS, which they 1 tier for lh In est prices. OSTIIMM & MICHOLLS. nurlmilnn, amy ID, IbU. A ron sAr.n on to let. Hni;SI' Also a mall Iljildinj Lot. .May 20. C. IIF.NNS. A T AUCTION. Great rinrfnins. The subsciiber IX Will (OllllliellCQ sellinu nt nnctinn. nl thu fllorc formerly oco pied by Wil jam Wells ife Co., lower end of Parl slrcci, on Wednesday, the 1st tiny of June ncx', at 3 o'clo k, A. SI., Ihetniirc stock of iroods Ijtily owntsl by S, D. Ji hn-on. It consisis of dry toods, dry ail vfjl aM3jries, croc'tery, ijliss, nnl hardware. Terms or payment madu knovvp nt tiie sale. The poods must nnd will bo S)ld to close the onccrn, DnJ no inistokr. HWI.U.VIO-N WAI.1V.I.II, Tluilington, April 20, 1S42. Assignee. ?VTIia nbova sale i3 adiournrd to Thoinns' Ado tion Room, Saturday, nt 1U o'clock, A. M. Junes, 114. paper. May 13. PAPER. or blue (a iii Cap and Lettir f GOODRICH has Jim nveiveJ n-nm the manu y f,i' Hirer-, 2 Cn BOOKS ANI) PAPER. rpiIOSI'l vvi Innir In buy lioo' s and Paper foreah, L prmlui'O, oron credit will lind n gouNtuek and at dieirown pre es by oal mg at the old land, UP STAIRS. May 18. Olid es on bnrb G. GOOI RICH "I L Oil I S V pair or 13 null Vji Manila, a liule u-isl nun in gooil oruer lor 'ale very low, 1 y May 19. Dissolution. JOTICF. is hereby Riven tint the copartnership Is bereioioic cxttuii' hetvwen Gcorce Avers and Willi 1111 Verman. under the firm of Gf.op.oe Avehc ,V. Co, is ibis day by mutual consent dissolved. Al persons indebted to -aid lirm ale requested to c all upon GcoiL'e.Ayers, vvitli whom nie hit all tho books nnn cemnnu 01 sim linn, lor settlement. Alt per sons li-ixing claims uenini BnU firm are requested to llioiu lullie sua ueoryo Averi inr pavinent. . . : : . ...... WM. Vr.RMAN. Milton, M iy 17. 191 The business will hereafter bo onrri-d 011 nsunial nt the Store formerly occupied bv iSenrae Aveis and Co. in vliltun, by GHORGi: AYLRS. GiAalllltOONS-I.inen Drill, Mnb-fU n, nnd 11 r creat vnric y of other summer goods, very chnp. June 3, 1812. S li. SCOTT. TItF.SII TI3AS Ground Spice, Coine, Prune, 1 Rais n. Figs, ( urrnnts, if-c. ipc. nl June 3, 1812. S. I). S' OTTS. As late as at S o'clock this evi ning the run nt iimVAitu's cnnliniied will tinahaod vieor. How lone it w ill In! tintt nt n I nnnn n.s atnlit v to tiike no the lull rnun presentation, nr in sausiy uini nnin win 1101 oc nny paitialitv to piiFcntnts; tnanv, lnbosure fioni the rush are di laved, but fi tu.intelv ihrre is so inucb f ciiriospy nh nit llie (i:a"i li-7"ar lint one Hues not tire in 101 hau hour s 01 tn 00 1, Knowmirtnal 1 qual nn I q lick ju tice willb- 111-. 1 on to every onn unv we tne wiinte or nnv pans 01 uoi;ar 10 ni.puc of, nnd it is evenrutnoid thai frum his nvidiivto tiiiy ep evin thr small lots ot money rs wen ns ine tarp, oius llmt time maybe n still fintber ri'e upon llienriceof money of the kin Is of eoin nnd of safe'y fund mid oilier lw d bank bill" ; but be lint ns it may lioortB wire never so low nnn uaMi so mull ssn is now at the old Money Market Store kept by theeo plo'snsmt. June 3 1912. S. HRL HOWARD. YANK KM IN YKNTION. Patented in the U. States and England 11 nodicard's Shielded Victoria Shatcl and Diaper Pin. "The Vic.i nn Pa nn SbiebVI Pin y.m aOn vol I y ber.Mnj'-iy in the ROYAL NbRSLHV, IV..111 the periecl nvi rily e'eni 1 ly 11 Ul llie Kovnl lnl.ui aiauM tho-e inpir e- im-i !e it to the m.u i f 'he or Ii- uarv pin, wiietncr 11 ai m 'li hliaw - ol he .n 'r e or ihe Ilinoer of ihu Ri.ynl liifiui." 'I In- Puii-j i the article warned. S'! 1 nt 'he V arv'v Smri. June 3. PA.NGP.ORN & IlitlN-MAlD. LAW PAll'IWHItHlUl'. . rii'IIII nn !er is-'ne-t, bavme: I'onnul a coparin rMiq J in llie 1. 1 a .:'i( e ol taw, wit- 'tv e pi nin.n ai' en' 11 hi ' 1 al1 In ines- en'iu lel'o be u 01 he line of tbear profe-ioa. WH.I.IWl l'. HKICOS, j iMii(i a. aiA.NaJuJtv. Ilirlinton, M.J me 1-'., !St2. Oc.sTii or Psorestou T.atov. Amos Elton, the enerbleand learmd Princ'iria o tho Renssi laer III' titute in Trny, N. Y., died hist w.k nt the age of ixty six years, aner nn illness ol s lewitays, 1 mini: nis residenco in Troy, lie has educated dun Ireds of young men from every section of the United Ma es j many of whom are now in the. front rank of tdetr respective professions. He wasuneof the fathers of American Geolopy, and not a few of ibe Geologists of the present day in this country, derived the rudi- mtnis 01 uie science woun under 111s inslrnclioil. J rmj II his, THE BOUNDARY QU1.STION. The Legislature of Mnino is proceedinj; rapidly ici juuii tuusiy in iucaj.ur, a ior ine nmicauie nujusi ment of the boundary disputes or rather 111 ineasuie that will enable ihe jenera1 Government to eff et nn rraneement with Lord Ashburtnn. i'he ioint select cornmiltee of both houses reported 011 Friday Inst a eeries ot tesolutions, nuiln ri7in2 ihe choice of four persons, m convention of the two houses, who shall be commissioners on the pnrt of .Maine, to repair to the seat of Government of the United Slntes, nnd confer with the authorities of thai G lvernment touch ins a conventional linp.orlinebv a 'riempni. I.e u..,n tho stnte of Maine nnd ihe Uriti.sli provinces, nnd, to give mc ni.nii tii .u.iiue in nny sin u line; w nn ,-uch terms, cnndi ions, ronMderat ons nnd rquivnlenta at they shall deem consistent with tho honor and inter I of Ihe siste; wnji the understanding that nnsuch line be screed upon without the assent of ,uch com missioners. Th resolution for the appointment of commission. 1 ars, with full powers to settle the boundary nupttinn. o fr ss the state of Maina is concerned, nceonbni! u , m lotuiiiiiiiiuniioo oi ,fovernor r.urueio, pnsseri Ihe House of Rcprefenintives on Tuesday, by a vote of 177 yess to 11 nays; nnd we learn that ihel.ecis Islure of Mine ban rnnde choice of Edvvnrd Kml, Willism P. Preble, JohnO'is nnd LdwiirilKiivsnncb, i commis-ionerson the part or Mninc. Com, Adr. DcATM OF THE SBLE Ilp.NRT SoCTIl BD. The flhen hsve nearly all left us. One oaly hero nnd there remains in tell the story of our birth nnd we re caller) to-day to record the dcnnniiroof oneof ihe few who have been preserved 10 illustrate the virtues of Ihe heroic age of our country to 1 1 10 present ren crstion. The venerable Henry Southniillhefalber or the present distinguished HrcVentnf the II. S, Sensts died st bm residence in IhskenridL'e. Som- rselcn., in this slate, on Sunday morning, ibe 2 1 m-l., nt the advanced sec of 9) years. Hu had en joyed good health and the full possession of his men tal faculties up 10 within a few dnys of bis den'h, ul .L ..... 1 r. 1.. - J , . . wiiiui touiioi unci uniriouror me nays 1 ineo, Induced by fatigue from walking. 1 j, er, AiiOTBraKsFrniTio-J toh Sahta Fe The Wrt. rn Missounanof tha23J nil. saysi A lmBra,i,n,ny of Americans and Spaniards is er n-Vr .1,.. town, and will leave lor Santa Fe i n' , imu. 4 no Americans are unoer 111. -e ,in of Messrs AWarex, (U. S. Consul,) Wethered, k"W andHofljpani Ihe Spaniards under that or Seisnor. Armijo, Orttaro and Pcrca. They take with them in lUver 150,000 w.orih of Knghsh and Caster e "w i' 'urj pave y vnigon", and at out 800 mul Pritttcil I ;i wns. 0; Fir.CF.S at S. R. SCOTTS.-Several str'ps J as low as one shi ling per yard. June J. - TLXS' Li:GIIOR, HATS, just received at 1VX Juno 3, IS 12. PAPER HANGINGsTaT" June 3. S. II. SCOTT'S. "sTlt. SCOTT15. lNiv Ciiltcocs. "l?Rr.NCII, English nnd Arncri-an, for 25 cents. x ou pieces lower llian evu, at Jane 3. S. fl. SCOTTS. Commlssinners' oiIcc. WE thu Mil sen r- Invinglieu iippourrd I y llie lb nerV u Prolu e Co ri fur tho I l-inet nl iimi'l I le. (.1 to ro eive. eximim, "iiju-i lnci lano ami cciiiuii 1 ui p, r-i n.- 11 'um-i mil' trie 1111 1 o iun in . inte 11 v.r.uia llo 111 ant 1 i-irict iict-iiuei, re ire-entel uisohen . nnl al.i Ml claim- andi.L-niau I exhi'olin o .-el thereto : and ix iiioith Iroinilie lay ul llie a u heiei.l I tin' n lowed by ,oid Coiri Inr ib.T pi rpo c, wo do iher irine lieie1 y giv notiio that wnwill anen I tutlw . 1 11m nl ci"r appointment nt il.c uvvt-iiiuz Iiomm' uf llulb llodil in., in Gran I I le, on llu 1, t Saiur.lav nfO,- toler next, A. D. 1512, fruin ten o'.-b.c.. 111 the fore noon till mx oV'louk in. the afiernoon cf the ame lay. Da'.cJ at Gran' Uleiln- S h'lav of Mav, A D.1S12. SAMI'LI. ADAMS, " ) Go ii.- . JOHN GIIAMIILRLAIX, Honor-. Kroncli notinl:riiu', jl.w jv, 1 iue-oiacK and coioieti nil s, cheap, very ' Millie j. at S. It. SCOTTS. OARGENT O tho quanlily orothi rwise, nt SPRAGUF. it Co.'s TOI1AITO, by O. 11. Dl.U 113. A 'I I'llUSLXr "IOODS of all dts riplfn- ale selling very low al - liurlniKton, pnriiculaiiy at s. n. siOTTS. PAR SOLS June 3. a rjeat variety at s. n. sroTTS. l'Vcsli l-'loiir, riHE hi' order are daily receiving and o'er fur - -nil" i retn i tour tritv e 1 won care and perior arucle. Oil I ifK-K , J ine 3. roi.Ll.ITi; 1 RADLLV. N. Rum. Kit UkU N. E. Rim 50 ner rent a1 oye proof, for le al flutlon pnics auo neiniit, 1 v FOLLLTTfc IIRADLLY, OH Duck, June 3. V nOZ. Wooden Rake, 01 aivailj reilnced pr vv and u very Miocnor article. rr sale by Old I)w,.,Jnnc3. I'OLLLTTit IIRADLEY. June 2, To Ronl. ONE half of a two i.tnry hon e sitnaif d on .Mam treci, one found of a nnleta 01 inp&i"arr. ro -e -n n civtii iniuio uinitlj nn l for nny leucih ol tune. 1'or tiarlli-iiliirh tnomre .'t IS. S. I1UNTINGTOX. Clu'im Groceries. TT'.Sa' V""v Up"n'n'""! 'm.Tonk.ayand . m . . u lliltil,, lldl, Litnp, and PowiViclilii. P, It. Mtlase-, Uamn ryrop, It'c an I Java ( 'o ee, itc. New Orltani cheap at Itu chenpttt, for siiluty .I'm.' 3. S, M. POPE. LIGHT I LIGHT! I ALL who wish to light shop.-, mi ,e, or pi ' lie - L buildin?, cheap aod well are uiVitol to tall and see Gold's Chemical Od and Lamns. The OJ i, 7K.:, per gallon and will give rnoro lighl than 82 worth of uniimuii, uamps and uu and wick and Glass iai me variety store. June?. . J'.INOJJOR.N AHHINSMAID. Muy 2;"), ls-ia. Messrs. PANGIlOltN s I!HINS3IAin l"V7' O U 1. 1) mloriii their Tinnier- and the pu' lie V that they have ju-t iccivcl fioni 1 inilan I a variety it I'n cut U'ver a cne nnu .'invcineui inadei'xpie-ly ur ibeni, -lane wi ll their nnnio an niieui'h ihe mal.ri'. name upon them. Pfr-on- wohmi! to s't a n o od VV.itih, pi 1 1 or silver, mayie iciid upon uo uiinm; one vviim Iiwiii -nit ihi-111. Veiir'i!e "lie ai'taino'i f.l juuae-to nnr supem r'l-fortnicni cr fine liiushiil nmuaio riiuuiiij; a'clie-. Hi 1,1 in.Uilver Sneetae'e.. sold nnd silver Poned , fh 1111-, Key-, b'roaehu , Ring-, Pins, Luc-Lots, Sua,i, &,r. Ga-lor--, Co'Vc Eiltcicr , Cm ic and Tea Pol-, l!c I Pun , Mola-,e l iip'liiudler.-, nuall Lamp-, So'qi L idles, .'n-!.u l!a I i"s, c. .Ullllarv Goods. Sword-, Eoauk-IH- , Sa-la-, Pia'.f, Plumes, 11 it-ton-. Belt, Pi-t'ol.-. ipc. I'latod Goode. Rich Cake Ila, 'an ile-liek-, SnnTcrs and Trny-, a 11 r-, Tea S011 11-, Cicain Sjioiai-, S yar Ton'ir-, Nut Criu" 01s, Cln'dii u's G'ip-,c. Aiiioul' these may I e fo in I onn' wrv re-h good-. Silver Ware. Tea andTa' le Simon-, -'iL-nrTnnE-, cream ponn-, De-sen S , M turd and Salt Spoon-, t-ilvcr (:n-.TIunible-.Siiun'llio-. ine'are'to-,T 1 czcr-. He. Snuons and 'I him' les maile in tliu ihoii of tlerlins Mlvcr, mar mir fn'C. llavdvraie ami Cutlery. Pen and Pod et Ktuvo-, Razor , 11 -or",lvveccr I!inl.le. I'm Cine! er- uu I Piel i r Ponder 1'ia-l.i .''hot Das-, v'''el Speem les, Chain-, Key-, lira-,. Can'lo'ISu 1 Hr, Jap anne.l Trays and -u er nnd vnriuu- other Uood. "iVrfumoi'.V, Hair Oils, Ac. I'.iriina'" ecu ne Geim.111 Cologne, No, I and 2, l.aven 'er, Wu"-'r, Ro-r, Ilmiev, and oibej- ex trae's, Jivno'- Hair Tonic, Halm 1 rCnlum' iH,U 1 uii , Hear, Warn'-, Mncca -or und o'her hair O.U, Puma tum, Lip. alve, C, ur' Pla-ier, ,(.i, Lamp Wlclsand (i!assr. Gii,l'-Chcou al Oil und Lamps, nea er, clicai er and li-iertbiu nny o her Und Im elm 1-, idoie-an 1 b irche-. I'cr-oiiN vvi-h:uilo I'iilit Hieir s ore-1 ea 1- lifullv and cvonoiii cady nroinvi id loexaiuimo oua ol iho Lamp-now in ii-ent our More e,ery evening. Variety. Mu-ie Bo,e, MeliHlian-, !' u'e. and A'', souii! leaunliil inn.-, Ha iol-, U'uter level-, nioiijeter-, conver-ation ano vi-ilinc Car's, , lav ins In., Parlor Hall-. (Iiaee-Hihmi-. ltali'elore. I an , P1.1-, Shawl , I'tn-ier, Hair nnd nl' I 'ml- Pin-nn .ce I e-, 'nr I ' 'u-es, .Snaii'- iv i rv ' oin' -, durn and hell Coin!. , 11 r i he , Cum!, i li aner , Scalum v ax, mI1. Guards, Wlu'cb'w, Pan ira i , liirnr Ca o-, Fi-h liiie an I hoot,.-, ('alio-, Ca, Sarinir , l'wine. Dress stork, ityrim :u"i.,r Ac. Satin, Sib. nn I bom uz ne Sloe-, - iinimr .-t;e' -, S-irf.. it' I ea mi ll -iuIo- an ri 'h ti.ant.rii , linen Collar.-, pouile I, -quire an.' round, llyrju Lol lar.-, rant straps, uu.-pciuu r.-, o-c. Toys.

Gun-, Sword-, Marble, Doll-, Ro-so-, Cale'id . rami, Irnnnct-, lla-, et-, Dav'- I'm la e-, lai o Hill-, Halloou-, vvoi 1 y I) II r.-e-, tow-, 'loj s and many oilier Chili'rcns' I c.j -. Various Tilings. Diamond Cement. S.-rc v S.yil'-. S'icvv Cuh on while Wax, silver pini. htuive-, li d 'vn ve-, Pre uu Salt-, Atkni-onV I it'iula'urv. and n vcrv snal Mii.eiv r.f other (roods. Wo wo-1 I'd i pt-ftf nil- infwrmiUi' Ir en un 1 en lei; cr , an I all ersnn- visilim; i r that vc aio ciin-'ant v aiding tn our a--on- meui, and I it never was heller Hun ni piesint and we sb.all le hippy to , oil to any who mav ,'Ici e ' oal and nl priie-'that can h.irU'v fad to miii. 'I'Iksc who aie not mn aiuti'l with ns. Willi our "i.od- an price-, aro invited in call and lor ihemselve nnd not ta e " hear-say swu'tJ." Our ol ,ect i to secure neiuiaiieiit ciis'uoiL-i -, in ui It we excel lo uive a f II eo'iivnlenl fur all ea-h b'lt wrb u and io -i d mi di stud- a-, our eu-tunier- will le pUa-ed vib. when ihcy "el d"ine and cxamiue idem und .al.e die. " ecoud .ol ir i In nsihi." Wntchc, Cloel i an I Jcwr 1 v, e'eaned and repair e 1 I y eNpiTieu -cd wi.r. men. i'n h paid fir Mlvcr. SPRING ARRIVALS At Head Otmrtci's, No I (I. Vatci jtrcct. AO MISTAKE!! DW1S i now ir ly ai In tne, nnd would reterii In irrn cf j a I now e.'mi ent-tolhe gen erally for the very I.I oral p ilrouaie he ha re, e vtvl, and hope-1 y a sinct attention lo bu-ine-s and a do termum ion lo plea e, that lie may merit n continu ance of the-nme. lie would s'a'le that he ha- u-t re -cave I from New Vol I., llo-tou, All nny an I Troy, fioni the la!e-l iiniiorliitlon', a larire ati j ucneral :i-- iruiienl of Pre h (iooils, vvhnh, in a Iditmn to bis forintr stoc ,ni.r eaeotnp'e ea onineticoinjirisiuir alino-l every artrleid f inii'y s 'pp'y. tte. &c. One Cent Reward will lectern toauyper on whow II tind nt any other tore u creat a v.afelv mid vell selected assortment as can be lo n In' DA IS'S. P,'ea-e call nnd ex inline r.r your-e'.ve ', anl you will not away di uiitiuired. -May 20. COMMISSIONER'S NOTICE. WE ibe Sul scrd er-. bavinir been appointed ly the limit rai loiheProl aieCourt Tor the Di-lriei or Chittenden, tomini-sioner to re.-eive, examine and ndjii-t the claim- anil demands ot n'l per on-cgitn-t the e late r Alphe is Per-on-, lata orJericho io said Dt-triet, ilecta-ed, repro emu I in-ohent, nu I nl-0 all claim and demand, exlnln'ed in o -el there to) and six months from theilay or the hereof; I eimr nllnwcd I y ,nid 'onrl for that pnrpo e, we do therefore heiv vzirr no'it'f. that V e will attend to the bu-ine-ol o r nppriintment, at the dwel insr of aiil'hii l'er-on, in .Urn ho in -mil i.'i-inc, on ine fir-l M ndavs id' Sepn in' er an 1 Novemler nex', at 10 o i bw! , A. M each of mid da vs. L'a.c.1 thi, lO.h dav f .May, A. D. IS 12. . 'E.G. Ill id, )r0mmis H.VV1L) VI if, Jr. Stioner,. SO I i 10 LKAIIKK FOIt (1X11 SHILLING A POUND. JUST RE' LIVED, nt E C. LOOMIS' Leather, ) Morocco and Fmdina Store, the lnrui s', be t nnd cbenptst nssortincnt ol' ull kinds of Morocc s, ICids, Linings nnd Tiiiiinnnns, sKins, Findings and Lasts, ol nil desciiplions, fir sboa tuTivers, Idat das been ollWcd m Ibis niaikel for sale. Hrwoud reuaeslnll piisons wishing to purchase any nrtieles in his line ol bume s. to calland examine lis Silks ani Ahtlint htfiae puirliasinc, n- ho i deteruiintd not to be un- deisol i liy any one. Also. Don s nn I Shoes of all kinds. Ilurhimloii, Pearl slitrt, May ID, 1912. ECtf Novu Scolia lMuslor. HPIIE Subscribers arc this day rcceivinc a frcsii 1 supply ot Nova Scotii I'laste', nnd will com. inence I'linding nt llicir Mill nt the hal s on Monday next. FOLI.EIT A. IIRADLEY. llurlineton, May 20, H12. ,s.i rs. ENGLISH Cast Ptcel, cross int. line ii Go's do ri cular, from 8 to 10 inclios Ruvvland's Mill. Just iceeived nnd for nlo. W il. J. HUN r. Slrnnss Riiildinc, College st., mar the Sq 'are. Rurlunjlon, .May ly, ihk. , Stmtniiiw lools, (P ALL DESCRIPTIONS, just received and for V.' sala by IlurluiL'ton, May 19, 1812. WM. J. HI NT Strongs ISmMing. (JilSl SltM'l, TI!Kl'P& SONS celebrated Cast Sleek j-it receiv , ed nod lor s de bv lluiluiL'ton, May IP, 1812. W.M. J. HUNT, Strongs I'm ding ' . O U R . RESH Ground Hour rccuud tins day nn I for salo May 20. D. DAVIS. EIABiDWAElS. TMIE SiWri'tr " ir fur ,n'ij a asnr" I men! of llird Ware, cnusii'intf m psrt of ibe following nrtie'e- ! Knivu-aii'l 1 or!;-. Pen and Pocket Mine-. Hutch- eraii'l lte:i UCt ive-, Roljer.1 line Shears anl S-M-- -or , Hand Saw , -oine ot ex'ra q lalnv ; lia-.inrd, .Mill and Hau I S iw Kile-. Sheen Shear-. A srer-ol vario iv Kind, and price-, Sp ,r A lycr llitl-, Iti't Stock's P. til- and S Tew-, -biL''e nnl don' le P.uin Iron-, Cln-el-, Sieel and Try S prire-. Ni rfi.ll: la'ihe Mala'le I foil Door Handle-, L-e Helicon Lnlebe wuh Rr.a- nu 1 1( so Who J ICiio!-, Hrifuiiuin Lntuii Paillocl.-, llaiuiticr-, &e, c-e. Al o, Spa.'e-, Shovel-Hio-i anil Vlnn ire Fur!.-. The a' ove poo Is were pnreluise.1 for ea-b at the ;ne-eiii low prieu-, mid will Le mm at a -man n van v from eo t. s. M. riirr. llirlniir'onMav 17, 1912. liOSNETS. Ilrai I lloune -, IVIiu Leaf do. Al-o, 'e nn iln il le I mil. V. How lla's. Palm Leafilo. I ca-e M. le-1 in Hat-, of ll.e la u t -Ivle anl -.uptr.or quulny, fur salo I v Ma. 20. S. M. POPE. 171.01! cnct; L Lechoni Hat. PLAIN an I Future I Mo'i-lin do Laine-, HP.- ( bal Iv . II k II an' aziiic. Prnro I Law n-, Fie'ieh, 1 lis li-h "and Ai.icricau Piin'i, for srt'e ul the lowest pru-i s on the We. i side o. tho Sq ,.ue, Ly -uny 17. . .vi. run. VSyOOI. Dyellllauk Clolb-and ('.ivsiineres, lii ' v i-il I'u Gieeu, B'tie, an I -Mixed do. Ca bineie, s i in. nn I Mar nillu-- v e inii-. Al-o. li.'nek Gnu e ( loth. Gam' roon-, Linrn Irilluie, o'ain and s'ripeJ Cotton Coo.l-, lur .iiimt'er wear, fo- a e low I y -May 17. S. 1. POl'l AI.I1ANY AND IlO.s'lO.N HAH. HOAD Fare reduced to Hoton SC. Time of stalling slicrtd lo 1 before OA. M.ati nnd afler Monday, 2nd iust., (this day) ornva Ui Uosion same day nt 7 P. M. Morning iraln ihroimh o Dosion, testes the Leper at Green'.iisii ot i before G ioloel; proei ely eveiy iiioriiiiig,(Sui',avs cxceii'e-'.) i'a engers tnu-t leavu All any by luo Soath Ferry, not loier than post 6 o'clock. .... . . Noon train tnSprinclield is di-ron'lni'oi. A nleht train thro-inih to Boston will leTO nt 1 lelore 7 P. M pa er rers muv leave Alhany, a nlove, not la'tr than iit ociooi. a - enver-lor aprinijiiei'i ran iai,e inia uaiu. 1 betrnin rrom Ho toll arrive. In O'rsenbtnli at 6 P. M. giving stifbticnt tune lor pn---enger In lale the ears for the vct, or the 7 o'clccl. I oal lorn, i Fori twirronn akd nhwua vun. Pa seneer. lenvinL' All any in the morning I J ILK Ufire C oVIi'ik Irani fioni Gnenlnib, nrriva in Springfield at 115 a. m. may leave immediately f'.r Ilnrlfoid Ihetire bv cars nrrive in ISew-Hsvcn by 7i p. m. Or leave G-reenbtish in the i bolore i p. tr. tram, nrrive In Sprinjitle'd at 1 n. In. iheure ot U Sleam Boat lo Hartford, arriving there fif' 1 1 Uienie oy oitnin ni v; p. m. nrrive in ixtx Vnll.- nevl mnrllltllbv o'clncK. or theV 1T13V leSVe Hartford forNi w Haven by Rail Rood ntB p. in. and artive thire nt7l p. ni. Steam lloal leaves New Haven for New Yolk al 9 a. m. and arrives st the Inner city at 2 p. rn. Fare to S r nirlield K3,0U. Pa emu rs are psrtio darly req es ed lo proeero the r Tie! ei-I eb ie Inkiiis: -en-ln Ihe I arj. 'I i ' e'- can be ol tamed in v nny nl u. h. rajw I'llice, 2J UruaOvvay, cr at 1 ic-l et Oihio lu J epo; at Greenl V.M. Il.'l VJVV .-!l Mm or 'I ran-porutioiii Grecnbii-b Depot, May 2, 1812. VloiiAlYKAXD' OnliN nAIL-ltOAl) NOTICE. For ihe accommi.hiiion of pa-sengers disirous of taking die seven o'clock line uf Steam Roats from lbany, (which went inlo o, eration on the 20ih in slant.) n limn of 1,'a.boid Cars wi I start from Sche me ndy, da ly, at 5 o'clock P. M. during the con tinuance nf .de n ovu nirnngeii ctit on Ihe River. Uy this ariancenient. pnssin?crs may leave Saratogi SirtM-nt 3 i'to 4 o'cloeil P. d. and reach Albany m tune for the b' at, which will rave travellers from the north, ihe ixpunc of remaining over nicht nt AlLnnv ot Trov. Ily llie existin arranijement, cPi 7cnsoi Sariilog'aarciihhgid m have home ol 7 o clock in the', to Hike the steam boat al Albany at 7 P. M.l (37"mil viaUail-R nd ! !!) JOHN COSTIGAN, Supcrinteiidiint. April '.'2, 1912. 500 GLASS. P.oxeGIs.-ofdi.erent s'ZJ- and q'lali ,,e .lor sile 1 v S. WV.LKKR. 0.r. Ca-k-km I-, lor of erv i h"ico Winrs of dil-renl - ile'y May 0. S. W'ALICLU. bULJ. -tl.VVM-li. .1 ITU tl hUlJlIV,!"' rt'UM-Ti lv Mav 17. S.M.POPF. "ITltLTI'. 50 Ui xr Rai in-, 10 Ee-'s do. 1 10 liote Lemon , ado. Orange, f rsa'ejy !l Mav, 13 1-2. S. WAl.kLR. S4l. r.'or.Iic:':i Transportation Line. ?,'tl'!i5i.'V'Ui.-i Vi' ISAAC V. BAKEIt ILL commie the FoRWaHlING BUSINESS on l.lI'S.-Ncw Yoik stjle of Fiench Ki I Sli, s, i-7 jus neeived Dy l-Iy 27.J a. li. autrl t. I'isliioimlilo llitls. f) CASES J. & 11. Knower's warranted Hat-, cheap C for cash, at May 27. S. II. SCOTT'S. 1 ROADCI,OriIS, Cassimcics, Sntlinctl.Ac. Ac. u clicap, by "IIE Sol, aeriher would uirorin the p bl.c that he X lias on o.aiid a -enoriilassniiment of Harnesses, Saddles, Trunks, Valisscs, Carpet Rags AVtius and Lashes, and nuuic mis ether nrticliH vi bis line nf I usiness, Im 1, m ill Im old ..N I I. nn nd t-nn l.u .Olliillt til till vicinity, I hinml, Full Cloth, Lumber. Wood, nnd niosi km. us ni larmirs produce received in payment jj-ouoi iw-ouoorsi nsi oi llie l'ost utlico. Is a!o kept livt'o euiKirrilior n le'.v rofM I. M n(i!ie (JmtM Ilnui-c, w (n-rc tin miltlic will :tt n!l t -nt! n man m n-"itJiiics to ntiui c:ii . nnil ns cn d Hot . p ntul ( 'nrrncc h nii:Tn lie Tumid in ihe pince, aril nt as fairprit-cs. Ilnr'inRton, May 5, 1642. it. 11 1, 11 r. it 'i' 11 Co. SPI'TFl'LLY intorm llair fueuds nnd tho public, lint tbe have now oncned a Livery S able and have on hand ready fir uso eome excellent llortos and Carriages, Sleighs, Hnrpesse-.i.'vr. vv Inch they will let on rcason ujlc Icrius. Matile at Le ijauim uistiop s Hotel, bnutli Wist Corner Court House Square, Itnrllnntnn. Iiako Cliamplaln, Norihern Canal, anil Hudson lilver. reemuig It iinpri-tHiit 10 re am the Old C i-tou er or 'be Lli e, an 1 a l l new one., he wd o-e hi- be t eni'eavor- to ii'i fy a'l, and f.le Iges hini-e I to in eiea e hi-exerlii ns lo prcmo'e the in'e'e-ts of Irs euiptovcrs I y ilotng u!i I. i-.nei eatiusted to Li. earevvchdi pa'i h an I al'eiy. 'or Freight aprl'jto ('. IS. Jvsr.s,97 l in title- Slip, I'orr. Catli-4, 33 Ci in., e. Slip, Now YorV. C. II. Uarnkt, 101, Pier, Al! any. P. Cl 5! Tl TB, 1 J. II. lloMU'.n, Troy. L. A. Caiiil'in, ) I. V. Uabcu, Com-'oek's Lanka? and Wh'icball. l'lLLUTT ti 1-IlADLr.T, Iliirlin ton. A. I. I add, I'!i"-I r.'b. A li r' 1 om T' ck Port Ei n'. J. U. i Sun, S . Johns. '.Cf Trny olli e 155 1th er-slre-'l, up stairs. Whitehall, prt, 1912. 1 l.t phi LYMAN & COLE AVE ri e vul tin r i- a e in nr aor'nient an I va le v .!' S,n- n ; an I S J n ner G O O I) j , uli eh hey o erntgien'lv rel lelpree-i con-i-linir in nr' of Printel I.a'ant, nmi ric.-, Mu:Imi.-' and nu urn ng 1 nw lis. R , h aim s.ri.ieJ Ullzoruie, &r, f T labe.-' s .mmer oro- XHIl.-;0 Qn.i 1 'J Mav, 1 S 1-2. ntul!. Cud 1 i.-h. lor-a'e 1 v S. WALKER. .May S. II. SCOTT. SritAYED from llie ml-n er al oui a week m'iu'O, a I rown mare, a' out 12 j car- ill, 1 lind in i l.ei It eye and ba a sin rt swrch tail. Al-o. a turitl mare al nut 10 year- old, wi h spavin- n her lcu and a sorol reai. Any infurnmlion n lat ng to ibe a' oye will I e suitably pal l Tor. JOHN H1IUM LL, n irlinglon, Jiuie3, IS 1. Water Street. Piisliiriii'' T70R Ilor e.anl Cows to uw. Annlv m 1. May 31. H.LEAVI NSWORTII. THRESH Teas Sua ir nnd Diy Gioccne , Jusi re . riivrd and lar taiu low by June 3d. LOVELY it SEYMOUR. NOTICE. fjlllE Copnr'iierslup heieilnre exisiinR I eiwcm j. ine suh-crr er mi'i r me nnn it u men ecu ir- pe-s is lUi-daydi solve I hy in it ial lon-rnt, and ull persons im'e nsl to aid lirm, or having demands aguiiisi the same are herel y nulilicd and req e-til to te lle iho him wuh Lvniau U rgcsswlio i-, ihe only one authorised to teluedie -utne. WILLIAM A. RIIRNEIT, LVMAN UERUESS. Alilton. May 20. 1S42. The Subsonbcr oflcis for sale a irencrnl nssorlmsni of Diy and Domestic Goods, Urood Cloths, Cnssi. inertsnilioctls Silks, Ribbons, llunnctts. Dry Gro. ccrics,,llardware and Crockery on ibe most reason- anie urmsior rnsti or mosi hinds i f Produce. Ml.ton May 20, 1812 LYMAN I1URGESS. 1NOK I'll A A' '. ) SOUTH. SOUTHERN N. ORLEANS SUGAR is tun down lo 6J cents per lb. w td he wrapper nnd tune, put smarily on nt eveiy j;n iifl'. The rollon inten-t is made lo feel the preffuie on tlm wool of Vermont nnd the nianiif ictiired nrticbsnf the Northern aid Middle Stalls are run sn swilt ibat those who want must stnnd leady lo take, lor the iiino will soon close in ujon the riar of sabs, when all must come from far away off beyond ihe wide, wide si n,nn'd he houpht of ibose who eat tie bread of their own cnimirv, while Ihey wdl do tho Manufaciuimg fir the American Farmer, Planter and Hon. Gentlemen Pohiieims of this land of li' erty, without some ndtustment of the TaiifTis quickly made. Tdose willing n inouifiuo of ho times (not to last long) can be supplied nl the cneapesi rnies at 2G.Uny,M2. IIOWAniS, shoes. BLACK and colored Half tlni'er', Fiench Kid nnd spring litel slips, vV.,: inr Sin e-, Men'- P inn-, Mi- e -H'psanlClidi'n'n' Sh. t', ef G.N. Farewell'- maii'i a1 lure, l ir, ve.I aii'lforsa'ens luap a- 'heche.a iei. .Mnv27. IL W. I ATL'.V Florence Itonncts. I CASE r.rireine llraul II 'line'-, new slinpef, of I nl! qualitie. and, opcnel 'In- nay l y Muyi'fj. II.W.CATLIN. L(!"liorn Hat?. SINGLE nnd double brimmed colortd nnd while LeL'horn Hals ; col'd nnd white Pa'm L afllsts, a large nssortment, very cheap, ur May 25. II.W.CATLIN PARASOLS. ' V fljured Uroended, China and plain silk Par J a ol all prices and eolois, by May 20. H. W. CAT!. IN. ltiu i: ijitY. A LARGE and splendid nssoriiuent of Crorkeiy of new nnd beautiful patterns lor salo low by Juno 2nd lat'J I.OVI LY itSF.YMOUR. SS1SW GOODS. Sntltllcry, C'oacU A Shelf liar il '.varc In all its varieties. nlso, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, liruihtt of all Aim, Joiner's TeoU, if-e. Tho sd'sciibers are now receiving s pplijsof the above Ri ods, ut the old stand, c- rncr of L4iurch and Collige strccu, thn ot ihe Padlock. HAOAR fc ARTHUR. Ilurlington, 27th M3y, 1 Si'-i. raqietluEs, OH Cloths and lines. AN extenuvs assortment on hand and for sa'eby April 29. LOVLLY & SEYMOI'K Pannvoll's Slioes. BLACK nnd colored hclf Gnitsrs, MlS'es i r do K d Slips, Fiench Riiskm Shoes. M irocco do Children's do. Mc i Pumps, ij-c. l ist received mid for ! cheap, 1 v JIy25, 1812. S. 5L POPE. Clover and I lerd ( 'r.-is.-. Seed April 8. I y J. & J. II. PKCK t Co. HOARDING HOUSE. l 'IheS b'Cn' er 1 1 1 1 cuitim e- hi-1 rard- -jiflKy ina hoie at'he fool ol'Collegcirec,1 IJSJJjL neir the S are, and will u-e hi- I r-i lIJ!J derm u to give sali la -non to tho-o Jiafi'fTilli who may fa or him wi h thoir patron age. He ha- ai-o eunvenu-iu nun k"'i i Rimin- to let. JUSHl'A DOANi.. Ayr,I20, 1512 TO PRINTERS. WANTED, a PRESSMA.N nnd COMPOSITOR, by G. Goodncb. May 6. FARM FOR SALE. s FOR SA1.1'-, that well i.nown i arm f i C ...,i...l in Al itnn nt, out one mile fmm the Opt upper Falls, formerly owned nnd occupied Ll53!. he il b ltcv. S. R. Crane, cmtauvng be tween 275and SCO nrea of land, entnpri ed in pari of inovvuir, lillngn and pasturing, md go-u woon lots and sugar orchard- Said farm is well watered, has Iwo pooj dwelhn ' houses, one ot which is or brtcK, tho other of wood, both in repairs three food good barns, one of which is CO by 41 feet, the others 30 liy 4D feet j a lioise linrn and other oui niinnings with good ynrds an I wnier hrouht into thrpi nnd to l, l....r.- :n l- -.n.l ..!.. ilirra ..nod wells nf water on iln farmi bemg a desirable situation for a man who wants toiniencat stock or slid p or both, or is nn excrlli nt faun for Ihe dairy business. Those wisiimg lo piirchasa siieli a firm wouiu no wen n applying soon to John nnd James Murtoa on the picllllscH, or 1(1 uen. ..oi.iitianu. .,n. .... ic-ii. Milton, Mnrrh 21, 1S42. , 12-tf Ilosfou Garilrn Seeds. O IIOXES Garden Seeds from Yankee Tanner j Office, Boston, for salo by C. GOODRICH. IVTav i. Also. White' Mulhirv Seed. Iluta TJara Seed. ('c-atch purple lo ) cn;;ecfed, at ono fourth the usual price, r es enoen s America. l unr ener. TH3 BLACK PIOTK235 A Full lilantlrtl Frntrt Horse, "T71LL bo kept for Mares' through the erasrn. He Y will stand at Hubble's, Cbarlotie 4 eirnfis, on I.ondaysi at I, ,t O. Martin's, Ferrisburjih, T ies days; nt Keller's, M ukton, Wednesdays! .limit's, Hineiburgh, Thursdays j S. Miner's, east pan m Shelburn, Fridays: at E. Ilewi'tt's, Unptlst corners Charlotte, Saturdays. As for beaut), color, life and kind di-poition,no Horse exrftdshbn. If thp rearers -f horses aro disposed to improve their stock, I eholl be ihnnkful to receive their pn Ironnp Terms low for cash. Two, thrca nnd four dollars A VF'T" Ch"' Its H " rrsiIE sub cribcr has just returi.od from New Yotl; X with a general nis irlinent oi Dry Goods. Groceries, Crockery and Hardware. Also, Plour, I'ork, Salmon,, ic. which he will sill a.- cheap ns Ibe cheapest. HORACE LANE, riiirlinstun, May "5, 151?, 51-.4W Nev pauurn Minim duLa'ne-,!'p'J Eobanr, , Pla.n, I 'ck nnll 1 el lack Pom' nunc, Fizurel I lue blaci. and i o'oie I do. Heavy 1 lad; Cauon.Oro de Swits anl Col' J Silf, Lupin'-I est -carltl. h a !. and er lore 1 Verir.o. Srarfs und lancy llivtnlkercliltfs. M islin i'e Ln'ne, 'I hi et w,a., and fancy sa'in Herniani; Lac hene Crava , raw silu iPdl; f. M i Im .'0 Lame ."ihawl., raw tills do., pria.eJ wi r led do. La Fancy silk Mills anl Give, colored Tillet do. t lick -evin:r si!!, do. Mi-, - col. rvd sib. Glove-, Men'- l.i le Th ml, eoiorel 1 l;,vvh !e j n.,snl K'nl do. Men'- hi n k I hi. an Crava--, I lael. silk half H -e, an I India r d'1 er S ispen der, La.! e-' while and I lac, sdk Hose not lilove , vvhi'e Mermo Ho e, I lack anJ eoltreJ ii . nn I Ki I G f . For Gentlemen's Summer Vcar. Sircei mi . plain vvl i e lmru Drib, e. li.rol do. Ganilr i.n-, Ilii'imti n M x tire- and I emtn , MixeJ Sit neltc, f rmuiri .-, Jae. ot Linen, &..: Domestic Goods. Indian Held, Sart Mil-, .di Idle-ex aalo'licr Cpon Shee'nig . A (treat q lantry ilea-hnl tlitctui'.' and shiriinr, vtry low raed. Unun 1 bached eo n n, 7 8 an i inr.l wide. Hsr.'o t do. 5-inn! 6-1 Oi, maktiu a n.orc extensi t a -ortuient ihan we havcovt r e.n. Mirrimie co'ton sbecting, inh'eaeheJ coiioti thirtiag, Sa ,u.. auJ ctrJ drill heavy nuk ing an I wa tiling. Three Cu-a- et L'm!rella nnd Parasol, Csp, Rouue, and r.e-k Rild c.t.s, T slfca do, Gulhimt, Taie-, Sn;. . Vlllils. Fal' R ver, Merriinnc, 1'oier, Urinol nnl many Old, r s yln i r Anient nn pint-, vtry levy pr.i'OJ. English anu I'ren' b priu s, (iiughaius, v'ec. JSioad Clolhs. A general a orm t'iii ot' H r ing on Mill Co. T'OS'! Clo.h cun lant.y on haul. Al-ooider sivle- ut lro.vl uoih- and Ca.-imci-, Liijdsh, Fien-b sn I Giruian do. rlte I Carpeting. Sill., Tvvi-i, Uu lor.s, urje, Csnvss., Til-'ing, Se'e is, ic. i: . D ir'ingion, 20 May, 1S1I. New Oootls mill New IM'iccs. S.M. POPE respectfully informs hu friends and . the public lint he is now receiving his Spring supply of NEW GOODS, which have been purchas ed nt 'thi-present low prices, and will be sold at small advance from cost, llurhiii-ton, -May 12, 1312. A Sib' J.oiicij mat he made on Sptcultil on. A rare opportunity is now afforded for the dispos ingol nuv Cash in'cmkd for llie Spring trad for ide article has not heretofore ever comniand.d li rgh pl'.te as It has bun since HOWARD has ngain come upon llie market nnd commenced bikini-it in small or largo qunnlilics as oflired at Homuw hat of a ralio per currrnt Dollar ns follow f, to wit ! from 5 in 20 vds of Calico, muslins, mous-de-la n, or i titer like nrlieles for dresses. "Tde f nme of Cotton Goods ; with iriuimincs to match and 1 to 10 yds. si nnnei vviaiing Clnll.j lui Men nnd ovs. Also a great many Goods of Fas'noiiable Fancy Millenrev and -ti.'ile kinds paid out for Cssl, ,y handing it in at IIOWARL'S. .May -20, V.'. NI1W AND CIIH.VI' IIARDWAUli. rUTLEltY, r,HE su'sj'iber hiviig just nttirnid rrom Now 1 Yit' . w'1. le he has s,.ccicd n new and cum pleie nsfwlnimt of II VltDVVARE, SVDILERY HARDWARI'., L'l LERY..U. nowofilis ihe same I ai t!ie luwcst easti p i -iS. Fioni tne ficdi'ies vv'ecli lie lias of obtaining bi3 , goods, do is enabled to oil r II irdwnro at consider i nbly lets piices tlian ii has hitherto been sold in Ver J niont. I Those in want rf nrti'loin tho above lino wi'l I T.nd it their interest lo "ive bun a cap. WM. J. HUNT, Strongs 1'iuld'ng, Colleje St., near tha Squar9. nutli-ct. n, Mav 181!. H"TIOMS is in want of a few good Horses. . May 12, l-,i'2 aiTo. si at si mis, DttAlT..! AND TAIl.tllt, HAS i'il reinrned from New York vvirh tins SPRING FASHIONS; nlsn n sip-rmr as sartmcni of TRIMMINGS. VESTIN'iS, Ac -bop ri l liurclt street, nearly opposite the Hank of Rurh .gton. May 13, 1312. HEMOVAL. "P'TE Hnbs-ri'ier It is itchk-I his UnoUstnre and (tindery to ihe corner of Church and College us. in the rooms r.riiierlvoe.-up'ed li'v Me-sis. Cur is and R i s II. ns a W-.trli hop nnd .-'hoe Siore. Fiends nnd ru'tonierc and the rut lie are rrspsct r Uviiritcdioc.all. S. HUNTI.NGION. .May 3, 1312. Sign Red Ledger. 'pO'LLT. 'I he lot ef an I an I one Haute on Pear! JL SireC, known a' tho Mon o.i let. Fnqiuea al ove. At LYMAN c- COLE'S, Lad'.' fin nie KiJTie-, " Kid'l ie-and Slif t , " PUe, na l colirirleloih Caltsrs, Childrn' colore 1 Gaiters-, " Urour-. H.a-' ICnl Rnn'et', 0111- K ii an J Morocco Puii.p. May 13. BQARDINd HOUSE. n"'!!!- House is now OPEN for lbs reception of t boarders. All whj vvish la board, nre invited la r-'l an I examine bis House and the pe uhar ndvan. t " whi h it. runs'nie nn and location otTjr, for e,. .if'iitnnd convenience. T.nMS,verv moderate. May 10. 1312. WANTED. Ci.SII, Rutter, Flax and most kinds or PrMc.eo in exchange for goodj II. W. CATLI.V. ( LOVER SFD of n superior quality jest received L and fir sale by II W CATLIN, May 13. Strongs lind ing SHEEP TOBACCO. nfTjT) l'"'"1 1- low-nruel 'I oi aeco, sii'a' le forwahnis liit'ii,far n'o l-y flla.,ISt2. S WaLKCR. DllUGS & MED1CLNES. rpilE tubsertbf-s nro eontinanlly supplied with I erery ariielo in 'be a' eve branch, both of the Officinal and P.vent kinds. Medicinal nters from Saratoga; do. from Culetlonia, Canada., Medical Wirtesand Spirits; Leccres; Surpncal Ins'r iments I Mineral Teeth, Sn: .c. Ficscr ptions put up at the 6li atet r ice r.'V. ... s"- ""- s. AI.PHE'JS HALL'S ESTATE. STATE OF Villi ONT. Tlw Hon. the Probate District of Chittenden, ss. S court for ihs Districl of l billenden: lo nil persons e ncerntd in the cstaleuf Alpheus Hall lato of MJton in said District, deees id. flrcliny. Whsreas, tho administrators of the esnteof6Jid dceei nd. proposer lo render nn account of heir nd mmistrniion, nnd present thrir nccontit ngmnstsiid e inte fir exanaiini.on n"d nllovvnnre at ntes-ioaof the court of Probate, to be boldenat the Regisiei's office in liurbngion in said dilution the Hcond Wednesday of Juneni xt. Therefore, voa are hereby'l to a pear I efore said court nt the time and place afurenid, nnd new cause, if nny )Ou have, why ilia accouru aforesaid should nol l e allowed. Given under rav haal at Iluriington th.s 23th ilay vt Mav.-A. D. 1312. , , , , . i' , Wm. W. STON, Reg utrr. WINDOW SASfl. The s ib-cribers bavepur. tba nl the Ma hmtry for ihe uisiiufjctiuei f W i.dovy fts h formerly u. ne.1 and ii-iil ' y Si 'ney Sr nh, at Wino is,i Ciiy,'aud are now man ifactnr n eve.y i!e. crip ion, and t.cej. i' lyrm hand an &.ori.An, ot 7iysS3sh,t the lollowinj prices. 13 Ligb'uJ Castyx-nls 31 ei:. per LirLt. 8 do 3i do 0 05 3 ta 6 do S dn -1 t'o S For ale al ih-ir Shop at n,e r.i'ls, and 1 v fie-ern Pf't-rron. All order, m Ihe a' line addre sed io LH 'in .-v: ma r, win ;c Hun ,ii.i,v n-.t;vcd aeJ , proij'plly ar.endeJto, ll'rl'ngtrn, Apr 1 9, 1M2 MO'KS ('ATI IN.-JL DWIN W. CHASE, . .' yCOMJlUMCA'l ION. T.rRf'F.tlTOR Phase jus' say lo vi'ir rea.ler LVJL t'val HiOS V.ll.l nnie rvn -tini-o mr nnv rie, henvy fctnc a'r-.u I .d O s.y , -"I ' w. ' f 14.' s n S "OTT" ' -r of Oi ' fi ; . 15 ii ines "I 'v i' ihsrr.. .- lowuit p.(- EVAN". CIIANCl'S ESTATE. STATE OF VERMONT. ) The Hon. thfPrb.aie. Disluct of Chtltenden, ss. 5 couitfor ihe Dtr.ct of Cliitendent to ell per o s roncetmd in iheistote f Evans Chance late of llurbngton in said District, cs eensid, Greeting. Whereas Harmon Reach, ndnun ttrator cJeiaais nsnof the estate 1 1 sa'd deivnsed, proposes to rmdor nn .iccoiir.t or his ttdnumffntion, end prisnr h's nc rount Hgninst said i stalr for r.MiimHtioii and nllow.' nnee al n sissinn or the conn i f Pict nti', to tu liol den at the Re?iler'R office in lliirbnpton in said dis. incl on tbe nr. ami Wedntsiisy nf June r.ixt. Thoi.fore. vjii sir lu'iihv no Cull.,',, . , b'r.-g Sa ,-o " 'd i',e i t s i-id , - c iir: ' , f. i ,.-y v.. t, ni; Pia a cow!., i... ,tj-J - . ' lOt t t lu-nv ' Gi. f "-oWliJ s-'i'.Vii IjallVvl'.) o.' Mt 'A D 131- Wip ''SOT'iRciirf,,.

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