Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 17 Haziran 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 17 Haziran 1842 Page 1
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J. I jrorapi if NOT TIIC GLORY c s s a n K O M E. IUihfcUnanuiii!itnmuiM.nimMi "ITtlir I" m VOL. XVI. MItLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 1812. nuT t h a welfare op No. 2- EXOIINGE HOTEL, "Water street, nl llit head if the Steamboat Wharf 15m lliigton, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HART. niHIS ctablitiiticii lt.-o located for itic X accommodation of busiic.s ami travelling community, l now open to the public. Pot Coaches upon tlio various routes rail at the Exchange Hold for passengers, and those arriting or etcpurting bv Strain Hout, ill which case their baggage's remove.! Tilhout charge, will lind this huuc peculiarly to their 'Convenience. t The keeper lenders his service-, Willi the assurance', tliat in (ill repccl, the hulls .-hall deserve the favor able ronsiileration of all who may patroni-e it. llurlinton, April I, 1842. . .',3tf. AMERICAN HOTEL AND (JUXUIIAI, ST.UiE HOUSI, BURLING TON. VT. T HIJ subscribers have leased for a term of this well kn-uvii splendid establishment, U very pleasantly located in one of the most dihghtful villages in North America. The several line if stages arrive at and depart from this house daily. This Hotel isfurnMicd in the best order, and well supplied with, the choicest that the tuaikets allbrd. They will bo happy to see their friends and all wiio may faor them with their pi.uor.npo. 5trL'arrii-cs always in attcmlaucoal tlio Renin JJoats. s. w. T.wr.on. ,. , W.UIHKNT.SHATTUCK. Uurhngton, April 29th, IS IS. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney nml Counscllorst l,aw, two noons east of1 thi: tost orFics,vr stairs. Refer to Messrs. J. it J. II. PECK it Co. Nov. 19. A. ROBERTSON, navvUlrv i.i-' ' "nnicy at 1,,-uv. ImIi in the a? LIT! I . Hontteal, 1 .''.i. Solicitor dcn'l Day) vns's .stiieet. Ibirltngton, to OIIAIIU..S ADAMS, Esquire..! " The Xciv Vork"c:nsli Hardware Store. fpillJ Stilwrilrr having ilc'eriuincd to r nrrv on 1 H,. HARDWARE HIKINGS ,n all itsbraucln." in Burlington, t.ha- opened an I now oilcis for sale nn entirely new and well selected as-crinient of goods in tin above line. obiecl this winter Icing more to learn the de-maiid-it the market, iu older to le able to supply the same, in the Spring, and as he intends doing ii Mru-tly ca-h l.u.iiie, he solicits a share of pnHic patronage, cuiili lent that his prices w, c found to suit all who may l,ivor him with a call. Iliirlltiglun.Vt'.D-ji'. 21, 1811. W.M..I. IH'NT. Sirring'-HuiM-ng. College .irect, near the Square. NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. E.WOODS WOULD re.pecH'i'ivinlurm the Ladies am Gen tlemen of I! irlington and tieindv I'net he has fis'iuly ii,.rpcd uno-tnl lishinont where hu will man ufacture, (vtho'enle and icul) all kinds of work m (be Slice line, lie lia-juM receive 1 from New York ihepre-ent siyleot l.a ti.jre'ber with a clu.n e -e-lectKpn of Siock. lie will keep coii,iaiillv on Iiand and mannfi' liMv in order all kind- of worC " col up" in ll'is courary; aiuons wlneli may le iuuml (.'i ni's tlf, troal, Sell and li'tner Hoot' f.;id,iM;ailcrs. iiu-k it-. Writ lag "sli-jc.-, .! ie. &r. Al-o, eoai-.e and kip JlMijluiii fur men auJ buys; and clidf'rcn'a JShoe of all ktnrt. ,Pleac sive hnn a call, two doors Wen of the tVarl ,trwt 11 M-e, at ibe f ign uf the "Jltr Hoot," ll irliiitou, .May, 1S12. " 50 1'. neyTfaskSs and" new good,? Tin1 iili.-criber has J'l-t reiiirneil trom .New 'ork with n well ..elected. a-ort-iiKjnt of wool djed CLOTHS an I cssi.Mii:iti:s;, iS'uniHicr GuoJt, e ting- and Trim mings of tho very I est quality. The at ovearticles were purchased with tar-iand not i n- ikhu iiiticle to Leluim I iu the lu:. FASHION AX STYI.1J For the aged, Middle aged, ami the Yumi. The -ubscriber particularly n ipu -i- the utieii'iiti ol young ti nieinen to the style of lic and IVoel. Coats made ' bis esta' li.-hinent thi-S pnng. (Sei tlenien more advanced in life can be accoininoililed with parmentfc r lapte.1 lt their age, general appear ance, &e. ire. Moie than usual pain- taken a-to ne, ease and comfort. Jltiving obtained tho late-l improven tuts in tin- art of Culling and Making gen tlemen's garinciilsofiilIkind.-,-.;by imitating tbe'no-t miccc-i-IiiI of City Tailor- in continual improvenieiit froin tinieio tune, the snb-enler trii-l-that his e-tab-lithuveul will I found one of the very Le-,t in Ibe 'ouiitrv. JAMES MITCIII'LL, Draper and'l'nilor. N. II. No risk tothe eu-tonier ntlbo al-ove e-iab-lishinrut. Geallemeii not lo take a gauuent nide-s lilted. Ilurlingion, 13 May, 1812. -I9il. DJLVTSTJiy. JbliH IS A J. it. NICHOLS have asso . ciated themselves in bu mess fur the accouiuio elation uf those who haw not the ormortunity of calling at their residence. Mr. N. will spend most of tus time in visiting tlie villages in tins ami tno mijoui ing counties, and will perform all operations on the toelli necessary for their preservation. Mr. N. will also prcp-iro the mouth for the reception of artificial teeth j take models, and transmit them to .Mr. Lewis, the celebrated mechanical demist, who will always beat home, and who-: unnvallel sua ess, and un wearied exertions to please, w ill ensure the public bet ter work than enn bo procured elsewhere. Our mode of setting is far superior to any other iu point o( looks, convenience, and durability. Any one wanting teeth cmicome one diy with a mouth full of decayed teeth, and return the next wi h n now set. Pners suited to (outlines mid r .uslnnces. All operations war ranted. J. LEWIS, J. 11. NICHOLS. Durlingici - v.y, "S12. A1TD SHOI H K N T f. E M EN'S Summer Hoot-, some low priced. Also, most i ....f.. r ii i -.IWUUr. Wi I.UUIB mm y.Shocs suttablo for the " feasuntor men, women, ami boys or girls. Work as usual done to order. MAMI'.S II. 1'I.ATT, Corner of Church and Cherry Streets, ISurliugton. iUy 12, 1812. SELLING OFF CHEAP. a "HI"; subscriber, desirous of closing his business, . nowod'ers to the public, at cost, the whole of ins slock in trade, consisting of a largo nml general as sortment of plain tin and japanned ware, bracken cs, stovo pipes, stoves and Irinfluings, and every other article usually called for in his lino of business. Alto, tin plate of various sizes, Ilu-sia, English, and Canada thect iron, sheet copper, zjnc, lead pipe, wire, .Vc., Ac. All persons wishing to purchase nny of tho above articles, are invited to call and cxaunno for themselves, and they will, bo convinced of, the abovo Stai iimf?i.i. due in thn late firm of Stnrr & Dow, must be closed immediate, d,llcrJilji1,.'5imfln,t,iCr note ilinpton, May f. 1512. 18 if PI .IOIIAVK AND HUDSON HAIl.-ltOAl). Xfj Vfri? 1 ,, ., .,. , , . I IV I in !iiininnin. .if n...n.. J.. : f taking the seven o'clock line of .Steam Hoats from Albany, (which went into opetntion on the '20ih iu stantA a train of Kailroad Cars will start from Sche nectady, daily, at Bi o'clock 1'. M. during the con tinuance of lha alovo nrianscmcnt on tho Itiver. Ily this arrnngciuciit. passengers may leave Saratoga Springs at 3 i to 1 o'clock 1'. II. and reach Albany in time for the boat, which will save travellers from the north, the expense of remaining over nnjht at Albany or Troy, ily the existing arrangement, chi misof Saratoga are obliged to leave 7 o'clock . ... .... .c-i.ii?ii5 nua: oi III the morning, to take the steam boat at A banv at 1 7 I'. M.I (37 miles viaKail-lLuidM!) JOHN COSTIGAN Superintendent. April 'si, laiO. 1 842. IVorJStcrii 'i'miifciioiiiitioii I.iuc. ISAAC V. BAKER eontmi.e the I'OKW'AIIDJMJ ur SIMi Lake Cliamplaln, Northern Canal, and Ilinlson It her. IVciiniig it inipoitiiui to luiain the Old Customer- of the Line, and add new o , he wd' u-e hi be-t endeavors to .-uli-fy all, and plcdsc- buii-f I to in ere.i e hi-exertion, ni iiioinoie the intcie-ls ol Ins employer- by doing all l.ii-:iiu- entiustcd to In,, eaie Willi di-pulch nml -afety. 'or VefgA apply to I'.ll. .Ivm:-, I oeiiiies Sint I'ui't: ill, 33 Ci cniics Slii, .New Vol I;. ('. II. IIakni.v, 101, 1'ier, Albany. I'. Com Ti ck, 1 .1. II. llooM.ii, s Troy, li. A. C.milkio.v, 1. V. II.vklii, O iii.'k'sL.indnu' and SVbiieb.ill. i'ltl.KTT ItlSAIll.l.r, riillilllgiUII. A. I). Lauii, I'lallslmrh. All i:x Ci.m-tock, I'ori Kent. .1. (.'. I' & Sov, St. John-. tCyj'I'rov otli.e I.", liiver-slicel, up stnJr.. Wlnteliall, April I8U. Moojtii'.s i:ssi;.c'i. ok i.ii'i:.a VaTaT -Mi; heme, which, if nuhlly applied, will I c the mcaiiscf faviug Ihou-aiids fruiii an iintiuiely sr.He. It ha-been -old and ii-ed for tinny ycr-, w'nhi.'rcai -ucce-s, aiil found very etbeucious in the follownisr di-ea-c-, viz. Consii.iipfioii, Wlioupiua Cuimh-, eom nioii Co.ufh., Co'd-, dulicnll llrcalhiii'.', IiiIIiicuim, ijuiiisy, A-lhnia, l'lil Iti-if. Spitting of Hloi -1, Klain leii ')', lu hL'c.iiuii, Lim-eiics. (,f the liowcl-, l'il-ol every kin 1, Cramp-, llickel-, Colic, C.itanb, Dv-cu-tarv, r aiming, llyiochoiidriac Aiiecnou-, lie ida'cb. s, iickne.ssat Stomach, Me.-!u., a pieveuiive ofCou-tagun-di-ea-e-, (!ili,t an I Hbeuinati-m. ICJ"! be above Meliei ne is iirepareil bv Henry Sey ininir, of Hadley, Ma-. from the Original l!e.-i.c, by tbedirei-tii u i,t -aid Mooie, ami sold I v bun and the urineipal Pruggi.tsiu the I'niicdSiaie.s. S jld w hole-ale and rclail by Iecl; vt .Spear. Cip.ktai.n" cum: roii sitc iii:ai).ciih ' v Inch Ins been us,id in families, every meinbir of which has had sick headache hum infancy, ns a con&litutiolill family complaint, nod hns cured cillc mnlly in every instanco yet known, amounting to ma ny hundreds. H is not unpleasant to the taste, and doi s iiotprevenithedTily avocations of'one uing it it must bepcrcvcad in, and the cine is giadual, but cat.nm and pciiiuincnt. Instances nre eoustailtly I ln'iii.',,iij nig .'.'!:"! V J1".- !!'-!n-.siiii (.'Oinplamt - eoiu- pli tclylelitvci nun mini, miimnnii ot yent tandlng liy the u-e of Dr. Spoliu's celebrated remedy. One decided iircfercurc lis its pleasantness, having none of the nauseating elVcct of eommon dings. It is so perfectlysatisfaetory, that the propridor has given directions for hisngeulsio refund tho price to any one who is not pleased with, and even cured by it. He hopes aUo that tiiis may secure its gri at ben efits to the distressed suflerirs who are laboring under Headache, li. Sl'OllN, M. I)., inventor and Pro prietor. ScldbyCO.IM''OCv'.f. CO., 71 Maiden Lino. Now York. PECK & S I' E A If, WhoVsilc Agents, a few doors cast of the I'oslOilicc, Ilurling ton, Vt. i,9' DOCT. MAItSIIAIil.'S Ainln.yic, Caiarrb ami Headacbo SMTK. This t-nu .penor lo any thing et known, for leuioi ing ih n troublc-ei'iic di-". e.i-e, Ine Caiarrh, and a'so a cold ni ibe Lead, an I the hcadaehe. Ii opcu- an 1 purge- out all ob-tiuctions, -liciigihcu- Ibei.tii-l-indive-aheallhy ucl'ou ti' the pans a .iv!o.l. It i- pi ifccllv Irce from any ihingdc'e terio in it- eoniposiuon lias a i le'a-aiu tl.ivor, and i - inline hatee ;cci, alierl eing u-eJ, is abgrceabfe. l'l ice 15 . cent- per bottle. I lo -i. Mar-ballV Veaeub'e Indian lllack PLA.STEI! 'lltisP!a-ter is inirivalltsl for curing serofdoiu swef lingi-, iirvy Mire-, Lime Hack, and I rc-h Wounds; pdiusiii the Mile-, Hip-and Liutl and seldom fads to give relict m local Kheiuuali-m-. II applied lo the side, it will cue many oft he common Liver Complaints; and is coual. it not -une'rior, to any thing iu u-e for corn- on Hie loc! ; Hie virtues ol tin- l'ia-lcr have I ceo wilnc-scil l,y tlio.isauil- ot iiiitivuliiol- in the l uitcit Stale-, who'havute led its cilicaey. Sold Lythe pro irielor; Cba., Jliddlcbiiry, Vt., and PtlK es rnAn, ll in.orbngt Vt. sjii:i:i to ha ceo. ?i'f)f) Pounds low priced 'I o1 aceo, siita' l -J' for wa-hing hccp, lar .ale by J.Mav, 13U. S. WALKLII. FI AjN o ia IIT 30 w. " .nr.. i. jiuxsox, - . MOST reniect- fully give, no. y4"c" that he has v Xv ;,.i;,;li;,l,;.';',i;.,i:1 nun it- ti in tr u lAllO I ortrs, which nre olereil for sale on tlio ino-l ica-onab c lemis. A tbe'eiusiriiiueutsnic madeoii a vcryilcicb improved plan, they are vvnriauled lo be superior to all other in-iruiiicni- of the Piano kind, in partaking in a lush de'greo Hut tone ol the Kline. In point olio ah mid durability of workman-hip ihey aronlso warranted to le i-quiil to any tn-trii-inenls manufactured in tho I'mlnl Stulo. All person- who want a good Piano are particularly in vited toeall and examine for theiiifclve-. Ilurlinglon, Pel.. 21, 1812. niiWAiin or lmcjwnox. Tt has fri q icnlly conio lo the knowle Ige of tlio sub scriber, thai empty SnuirJars, with his Label on Iheui, have been bought up for the purpo-c ofsilhug in the in mi inferior qi. ably Sni.lFj and also; that Ins Snull'-Jabi'ls iiavv, in somu instani-cB, been counter. fciled, or the general design cf the samo so initiated astoiasily deceivo tjio unwary. He deems it, there fore, hi- iili to inform purchasers of thu manner iu whioli they are often imposed upon j 'and lie would heriby request llieiu to tear oll'or deface tho Lubels on the outside of the Jars, after having disposed of the contents, m us to prevent further usi of the same. A suitable reward will bo paid for such evidence as will lead to the detection and conviction of tho tin poiors. Ttie subscrUUr contir.uts to Manifacure, and qf Jtrt for salt the following 'urticlcs: V1"0 Hrowii Siitiir. Genuine. .Maccoboy, ) r0.0 American Iiapprc, Imitatioii do. J flavored, Holland do. tonfYi d0' Tuberose. Mallibi', io. St. Omer. Curucoa, do. Strnsburg. Csiarscti rown Smur. Demigros. Nutchitoi lies, I'uro Virginia. I'reneh Hiippi-e, llourbon.' Ainerii-an Oenllcimn St. Domingo. Pure Spanish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L.MiMurc. Yellow Siuill, Scotch and ? .,.;. IiWt Illuckguard ot ) High Toast J I,ne- Irish High Toa.t, C01""- Bweei rai-ciucii i-iiu v-iie e.iiewing loliaci'o. Spanish, Kitefurl, Canaster, Common ond Stems, er,Con,,no,rands;,ms: Cjt noerat iiifcount maue PEI EK LOIULLAUP, Jr. Veil. I TO'OTICH. JC3"Medieiuu is licl known by the i ernes it periorui'-.j 1. Nowion's Panacea. . r r ii I or i-uriiicr oi ine inoou. i ne tinparaiicteu ami sun incrcisimr reputation wlncli this ineilieino liasaeipur ed Ihro.nihoiit tiieJs'ew I'nsl.iu IStntes, uud the m iiiy eiues it has performed, ami the srroal demand m id'e font by tan advieo of physicians well ni ipiaintcit. with its (irepaialion, has jnd.iccd the proprietor to extend its cir.iiilaiiou to alino-l every town in the eastern .Slate, and the nrim inal towns in the t'nited States. ' - 'his warranled purely veictal le,nnd is not surpassed ! y any other medicine ever otlered to the allhcied as 'its extensive nle and great popularity i . ... ..i ...... 1 1 piainiv prove, it lias willim the la-t eiirlilccn nionlli cored Hs thou-an Is nfthe must oh-linatu di can le proved by certificate, alio is pronounced by eminent and le-pivtahlo physicians the I ot medium1 in use. l..cful information may Le found in circu.ur coutainiu'; certificates of cities and diieolions fur m king the iiiedieuie. The following appointed ngentr. Iliirliugton. 1' r.CICaiid SI' E Alt, It. Moody St Albans, (Initis and Kiisscl Millon, (!. Drnk; Millou Tall-, Ibirnct and S.iwver Vaterville, 1'isk nud llrown, llnie-burgh, Hull and (iok Fairfax, I'arkcr aivl .ir.lhulil craeune., Ailauis anil .Murray Cainbridire. M. Wuc rmliTliill. M. C. Ilarnev Ni,ri, l erri.l ur.-h, II. C. Wicker (icorgia, A. Illi- Willi-tun. N. C'iutlenden Ilichiin'iul. (irecn &. Rhodes ifohn-ou, 0. L. Warner and C Alouktoit, I'lhaii Smilh llaker-licbl, Anmnulon uud Woodwar I Pair- lield, 11 iruet and ram-worth e.u.p.I.f.lU Just received 15, 21) ami 2 17 by "J easements ol -ash, a first rate uttiele at 3J and 3J ecu!- per light ; nb-o all km Is andsiae-, furin-hul to or-ler. Tioowkroga black letd, alir-1 rate article, for -ale very low, loci lucrvviili .1 vanelv i f Mi r arti cle- as (heap as can be found at anv other establish ment. (ii.o. I'l.imi-o.v. "iil VS TKlllOI'S! A nuitlcmnii litlongiinr to JiX oncof the most ancient and wealthy families of nits cuy,wno miisi no wni known toimiucrousiricims having since the year 1918, up to recently, been bent nearly double, and for sevctal jears confined to hu hid, has been restored to good health has regained his natural erect po-itiou and lia- (putted his car riage, and now walks with ease 1 1 We believe this is thecciilleman's owi description as near as possible, and there is no exaggeration m it. We will givcinqui rcis his address, tiud doubt not humane feelings will excuse thehbtrlyj so that any one ilaiiljinir, may know these facts though he requests his name may not appear in print. Among other instances, Mr. Jit. Reynolds, 1 11 f'hii.lie-ilieet, has been lc-torcd, and willgivepirsonalassiiraneLS of the ficts of In case. Moth were rheuuritisui, and contracted colds and sinews. Ilowhas this I ecu done? Aiisuir. Hi the Indian Vrisi table rjixrr in ternally, and JIarri,' A'tic and Hone Lbvinent extn-iitllif. Jan. 12!), HI I. SoldmihihilCOMSTUCK 1- CO., 71 .1jtVai Lnnf, Xeic Yuri:. n9 PECK & SPEAH, Wholesale Agents, a few doors east of the Post Office, Iliirliugton, Vt. BURLINGTON CIIAITZ FACTORY ff ' sM.i.ou.x, eouiiiHics tlie . tiusiness ol luanulactuiiug Chairs at the old stand, of the fol lowing descriptions: Ouil Mnple i-.ueiiiti, inuc .5eai, ivojuinnn L ane and I'lag Seat, Large and Small liaised Seat Iloekint', do d.i Coiu nion do, Common Dining, eVe. Ac. All of which aie warranted a first rale nrtiele and will be sold at prices FEATIIEUS, io corrcsjimiii won Hie llinc. AND KEATIIKR HEDS, HEADV .vi.MJt;. Constantly on hand, a simply of warranted Live Oreese bValhers, which will lie sold low for cah. ,.w.l'v.'l'.l:,,. ';' subscriber, C'mlnudltirds Eye Maple, id livticd at Jus stiop ju Cbureli Mn cr. tijyosfd the old C. I.. NELH). QPIItrPP. 10 Uli.ts.N. E. Ituni, 3 St. Croix MM O 3 llrandy, 3 (iui, for .-ale by mm II May, H12. S, WALKl'ItH vorAtrxEiisiu'. TTTiSui I:. :;0ST".VIC K : T. I'. & W. L. i Xr-irong haviiiL' conncited their Tin Hiops, will do biisinissin that line mule r the miitenfll. II. 1'nst-wicl.-V.Co. at the .shop occupied by said llostwick, where tiny be fuiuid a full and complete as of TIN WAKE, iiiaiiiifneture'd cxiirisMy for trade, together with Copper ami Sheet Ironwork, Stove Pipe, S oyuTnnimiii"S, i-c. All kill 's of Job woik furni-hcd at short notice. Eavo troth and con ductor pipe fiirin-hi'd and put up. Copper "Uiinps and lead pipe furnished and si t if icquirnl, Those who patronize this brunch of bus.iuss shall, nt this -hop, 1 enuickly and well sjivcd, for a reasoin'le compel satio.i. II- II. 110STWICK& Co. Iliirlington, Apr. 10, 1812. GASH STSSIS. r.OYXTON if BUJUUTT, (Succssors lo A.S. &. O.D.WellcrA XJ O 1' L I) respectfully inform the inh-ibitanlsnf nines uriin ami too wijoiiung low ns that tlicy have cominin idbiisiness lit tho Store formerly oc cupied by A. S. eV O. I). Wi Her, nml am now reeeiv ing a generalassnrttnint f Taney Diy (li oils, Hard ware nud Oroeeiii s, which ll.cyofi'cr to the public a lowascan be pinelnsed iu llie county for ash. 'I licv respeelfully solicit a share of public patronage, confident that ihur prices will bo fo ind to sun u'l who may favor them willineall. NOHLE L. EOVNTON, WILLIAM llUKlUTT. llmcsbiirgh, May J, 1812. 41 GOOD P. DOOUTTIA) HAS iust ticeived from New Voik a larse supply of NcwOouds, eompruiiig a genernl ns. ortiueut of iui)ortcd and domestic Dry (! otitis, Dry Groceries, fyc. His o'd stock of Ooods having been nrarlysobl out, enables hun to offer nliiust an entire new sto'ek. which h.ivcbecn bought at the present low rates, and will he sold ni lower puces, (for many articles) than ever before olli rcd ill this town. May 5, 1812. NOTIC tW. rpiIU Subscriber would inform the public that ho X has on baud a geticralusMirtinent ot Harnesses, Satltlles, Trunks, Valisscs, Carpet Bags, I Viijis and I.aslies, and numerous other articles in Ins lino of business. which will be sold as rh( ap as can be bought in this vicinity, i inniitt, l ull i iotn, Lumber, Wood, mid most kinds of farmers' produce received in payment. STj-Shup two doors I ast of the Post OiU :o. il EiSVERT STABLES Is also Kent by the subscriber a few rods East of the Court IlotixC, vvhcio thu public will at all limes find n man iu readiness lo attend ral's, and us good Horse a I Carnages as can bo ti,l found iu the place, and nt us A lair prices. K s: i.-iwi'ii - .tw- Iliir'ington, .liay 5, 'v'i'. It. I O Ii II i: It T II Co. 1 ESPECTIT'LLV lulorin. their fiictids and the nulilic, ilial thev have now onencdu I.ui rv Stable and hav oon hand ready for use some excellent Horses and CiimngcH,.SlcighE,IIiiril?Ucs,ic. which they will let on reasonable terms. Stable at Keniaiiuu UUtioii's I Inn I, .South Vu-bt Cornir Court House Square, Iliirlington, BOARDING HOUSE. TIUS Ilouso is now- OPEN for tho reception of' l4 - all mid 'enmie is Imulc und he'l ehlr n van'i, Ti'umi, very inodtralc May 10, lCI? 1W r - tar su MOl'KAT'S VEOin'AIILE LIPI-; .MKD1CINKS. Tlie-u medicines are indebted for their ii.un.. in their manifest and sensible actum in purifying the spring- and channels of life, nud enduing them with renewed lotto and vuror. In liunv huiidrtsl eertilied easeswhich have been m.ulo pol lie, and in almost every species ofdi'sea-e to xvhieli the huiuaii frame l bible, the happy o loots of Moffat's I.trr. Pit.i.s anb PiuknI.X Ulrrr.ns have been gre.ilfiillyand publicly ae .iiuwledged I y the persons benefitted, nml who were previously unacquainted withtheheaiififullyphi losophical priueip'es upon which they uiueouqioiind ed, and upon which thev consequently act. The'J! MEDICINES reel iiend themselves In di-e.i-es of every form and description. Their first operation is to 'oo-en fioin the coats of the stomach mil bowels, the various impurities mid crudities con stantly si itlimr around tbeinjnnd to remove the har dened faces w hieli collect in the convolutions of the mallc-t intestine-. Other medicines only partially, and leave such collected inas-es behin'd as to produce habitual co-tivenc-s, with all its train oi evils, orsuddeu ih.irrbiea, with it- iiiiuiiueiit d.iirers.n This fact is well known to all regular aiiatoiui.-ts, whocxittnuio the human bowels nfterdeath ; and henco the pre) udice oft hose well infornieil ineii atrainst (pmc-K incheine or medicines prepared uud heralded to Ihcp'ibln'hy lguoraul pcr.-oiis. The second ell'ei t ol the Life . Medicines is to elcan-e the kidneys and the bladder, and bylhis mean-, theliicrniidtliolunif5,tho healthful action of w Inch entiielydepeiiiL upon the rr irubirity of the urinary organ-. The blood, which takes Its red color frointho agency ol tho liverand the lungs Lcloie it ia-ses into the heart, being thus purified by them, and noun-hed by foml coining from a clean stoinieh, cour-cs freely through the veins, renews every part of the -v-teiu, and triiiniphaully mounts the banner ol heal ill lu the blonuuug cheek". Motlat's Vegetable Life Medicines have Ken thor oughly lo-tcd, and pronounced a -uvcicisn remedy for Dyspcp.fa, I'latiilcucy, Palpitation of thellcart, Loss ol'Appotite, Hearl-biiru and Head-ache, Ile-tlewiic , Ill-teniier, Anxiciy, Liugiior and Melancholy, Co tivcne-s, Diarrlnea, Cbolira, I-'evers of all' kinds, lthe.iiuati-iii. Coin, Drop-ics ol all kind-, (iiavcl, Worms, Asthma and Consumption, Scurvy' l.'Icers Inveterate Sore--, Scorbutic Eruption-1 and Com. ploxions, l.'rnptiye I'omplainls, allow, Cloudy, and oiherdi-agrceablo Complexions, Salt Khetini, Erysip elas, Common Colds and Inllucnz.i,:inil vurioii- other complaints which nlllicl thcliuiniiu frame. In l' and Aour., particularly, the Life .Medicine- have Icon ino-t eminently Mieccs-lul ; mi much so that iu the I'everand Aguedistricts, Physicians almost universally pre-cnl c them. All tli it Mr. Mo'l'at require- of hi- patients Is lobe particular in taking the Life Medicines strictly accor ding to the directions. It is not a new-paper notice, or by anything thet he himself may-ay in their favor, that be hopeslo gum credit. Ilis'iiloneby the results ol a fair tr'.il. MO'TAT'S MEDICAL MANI'AL; do.-igitod as a dome-tie giiii'.elohe.illh. Thislitile iauqdi!ci, ed'iisl by W.H. Modal, 27.1 Ilroadway, New York, ha- Icen piiHi-hed fortbe ptiroseofeplainiug moief'ully Mr. alo kit'-theory of dtsca-cs, and will le loiuid highly interesting to persons -t eking health. It treats upon prevalent di-ea-e-, nud the causes thereof. Price, 2.i cenl- for -nle by Mr Mollal'- A gent-general I v. These valuable Mehcincs are for sale by (ii-X)HEE L. WAllNLI! it Co. Jolin-on, Vt., Agent-, by whom all orders fioni any part of the Slate or Canada, will 1 e promptlj aiis'ttcreJ. 28-t I Dee. 17, 1611. IU GAR Sf A II TirUll, Oencral Agents for Mo'lai- i clcbratcd iiieilicnie-, to whom all applications for agencies must le ad-drc-scd. Ibirlmeto'i, Jan. 23, IS 12. ATATUUK'S OIIAND I1EST0IIATIVE. Tin xx valuable Vegetable Medicine -tand- unrivallisl lor ineioiiowing coinpiaiuts, viz: Dyspepsia, or ludi-ue.iioji,disea-eil Lucr, biliiiii-ih-iirdcr-, Dropsy, Asth ma, Cosmciie.s, Worm.- nud lo of Appetite, and by cleansing the stomach and bowels, run, pains ni the side-, siunineli nud bicat.1, ei 10- -.,- '-I'" O'iik ...m...ii..k, iintir-cue . sin,rie-.s o tientn. Nervous plauil-, etc., which iirolie'qncnily the e'lee-t ol di- I.-. I . .' , . ... ' i.. ii ens. , oi i i-MTiiiiii .vguc, ii i-a miisi viiiuaue rc Ve'lllalive us wclJ lis u Muereigll teniedy. Its virtue utirpass uny tiling lieielolore l-nown ill lemoving St. .iiiip wuii'., i,vo i.uines nue i I'cn Known lei cine' litis uilhctiiigdiscase, after having I a filed every exer tion lorfour year.-. It h.i a ino.-t powerful iiilluence in leioovingliClVousci'.lniilaiiils. It ie idca-atit totake and -o iM-y in it- operation, that it may I c administered to Ibe inl.iiit with -alely. The above Mwlicnic i- very Inuhly riN'Onuiicni'esl by many soicntitie gcutlciucu, ami u large inuni er oi lame-, who nave oroveel t ic virtues of use end that of their families. A bill olYcrtiiientesaivoinpai.icsc.ich bottle, wuiioiieciions. n may le vynoie.-ute or ii-lail ol S, Uriiain, ffarre, and .1. C. I arnain, Last William

town, Vt. sole iirniirietor-. Preoare'd fioin the origin al reeipo; for sale by 1'. II. Pientits, Monlpelii'r, und I'KIK l-Sl'FAII, Iliirliugton, and in the principal towns in the state pill directions -ie,iieuiu I lie Hand writing oliheiiroprirlor SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. Fl' S T reccivesl, a supply ot Mar-h's cclel ratotl Trus es. ol eve'ry I'cscnptton, for mle by the dozu or male, Nov. 1. PECK .f- SI'KAIt. CI" IVu-se- aiviiratelv appli e-dfiee ol e h.irte. K. L. T.UlllAlt gives notice that ho con mines to carry on tho busi noss as usual of urinufietiiring Stone waro of a superior quality ill all Us vanities nud will nt all tunes bo 111 read- Alness lo suonli lucrclrintson the most reusonin lo lernis. nil order- promptly attended to ut his Tactory , Pcnrl Street, lltilliPSton. Jan.31. 1SI2. GLASS U'AIUJ, OT all descriptions constantly on hand ; a full as sortment ot Tumblers, plain, pressed, ground, slur bottom and en! gla- Wines j Jellies, Lemonade and Egg gla-sesj Lamps of all descriptions Lamn glasses, Dceanteis, Water Hollies, Specie Jars, vin ous sizes j Preserve Dislies, cut ghi-sCu tard Howls, Pitchers, Sails, Castor Hollies, Revolving Cas.ors and cut alass Lamps, for sale (cheap of course) at the new Crockery andlila.-s Ware House of ,. TARRAH, 1VAIT & ROOT, llurliu-'lon, Jan, 31, 1812. J.VCOHN'S I'ACKACi: HNIMtlvSS, Jhtirctn Albany and Montreal, UNTIL further notice', leaving Albany on Wednesday, and .Montreal gu Sntutdayof each week, incounexioii with llarndcn it Co. nt Albany to Nciv York, Philadelphia, llosion, Liverpool, Lon don, Irehnd, .Scotland and Havre, for the trans portation ol Specie, Rank Notes, Valuable Papers, Packages of Uoods, Hooks, and all other Patcels tlint may nil. r. Monirenl -Exchange Colli e House. AH anv No. 12, Exeluiugo Iluildiugs. new York -No. ,1, Wall Sircet. lloston No. 8, Court Street. Riirhuglon J. A- J. II. Peck, it Co. . RKTERENCKS. I.I I AS H.VKeil, L. V. J. II. Rri:n, P. WF.I.I..S, T. vt D. II. Pix,i, Km Lcii if. Co., . W.vriuH'n, Albany, N. V. Troy, N. V. A. II. . Ilvncs A Co.Cnsilclon, Vt. .1. i J. 11. Pkck it Oii Iliirliugton, Vt J. O. Puiiicji.f. Son, St, Johns, L. C. April 21. 4 Slf. Ni:V A.Yl C II 11 A I' GOODS. rl,"lj btdiscnber has just rueveil from New Voik L n largo and extensive assortment of fancy and staple dry goods, among which may lie found cloths, cassuucrs, saltincls, genttiinen's suniiiur goods of every description, a great variety of linens, Trench pruimi caiuoncs, lawns, una imgiisii prints, millinery iClV.'f "!', KK"' t'tS1 1" T va je.y of lionncts, I.egho,, I .T.fc f DR. TABOR'S II A I, S A M O F MVIilllVOlIT, Observe when vou by that vou get flic genuine, prepared nt 375 flowery, New Vork. See that 373 HovvoryNew ork is on the wrapper of each Holtle. All others nre I rauds nud sold only by speculators, without ri-gardlojiisticc.tolhe public, or the proprie tors ol tliuircnuinu article. IrOU Consumption, and Liver ccmplaints, Dysiicp siii.dizinessoflhc head, loss ofnppetilc, Dysen. larv, and general ri'gulatcrol the wholesvsiem. None genuine but that prepared ut 375 Hovvcry, New 1 ork, where the article was hrl made, the char acter eif the nicilieniefoimed and established by the present .sole proprietors, and whonre theonly persons knowing ihei'oiiipositiou of the genuine. It lias been ii-cd siieeessfnlly for eight years in tho cure of these diseases. tCpHeunnil er the original and (ieniii,ie is inado only at No. 375 Uowcry, New York. All others arc counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! Asa general remedy for these disease-,' I am fully -atisfud, from long experience, thcro i- no medicine equal lo Dr. l.iylor's Hal-am of Liverworl. Heiiig jiiue'v vegetable1, it can bo u-eil with the utmost Mifcly byallne.'OiH in every condition. It clcau.c- the lungs by expectoration, lebevo- diilicult bre'iilhiiig, and seems lo heal thechct. There can 1 e noqtii-tioii but this medicine is a certain euiu for chrome coughs und colds. 1 have u-ed'u four years iu inv practice, and alvvay.WHbstieees.. A.'T. HOOERS, -M. I). Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor's IJa'sam of Liverwort to lie a certain icinedy fur this complaint, a I have u-ed it luy-elf and found it- v Vr nil innneilialc. 1 was lunch trembli-d until I ninilc u-eofibis nuslieinc. JL L. 1II.NMIAW.2I1 Mangiii st. Hoar-eness Ciueil Knr theeuie of lioar.-enus- 1 can strongly I'l-cconnuend Dr. Taylor's Hal-am of Liv erwort. I have not onlylound great lenclit mv.-clf, but ninny uf my congiegattiai by my leciMiiiuuenda liou have re I euclit from its virtue. It is ateuice mild ,CiIicucious and baruile--. REV.AZ. LEWIS. Scyerel.ough, and Colds I have bad a ino,t te vcre coM and e-oiigh, for a long time which I could not gel rid of. After using many u-ele-s thing- I tri ed Taylor's llal.-aiu of Liverworl, and it em eel urn iu a icw nay. .i,-i. ;. m;hi(1.mj(.:Iv. Rai-ing of Illoixl bout two weeks ago I bad a fall, winch c.iusol me lo spit large qualities of blood which nothing could erne imiil 1 tnesl Dr. Taylor' .-Hal-nm of Liverwort. Tin- medicine gave me inunu ih.ile relief and lit u very short tune e.ieciol an entire euie. Let all persons try it. III'OII MC ()ARVi:V,21 Cannon st. Dr. Taylor'- of Liverwort This superior remedy fordi-cws of ibe lungs nivd liver has obtain ed a rcputn'ion never U lbicc ti.illed. Remarkable Cure of Cwtsitnqition. . . was so near her death Willi this disease, that my friends sent fur n iir.cst to confess nm ere I died. I lo in his mercy, told me not to give up until I tried Dr. Tuyloi'.- llalsiuo of Liverwort. I -cut immediately fortius mcdie-inc, uud although, the conle-l for a few day- I etvieen this mc licnie, nml my di-case was se vere , the iui'ibe-ince', und in a fortnight I was ic-torcd to health. I had u cough, raising of mat ter, loss of my voice', pains, w c.ikne-., ete-. I can re for to Doctor Wdsi n, in the Carbon Ilou-i', for the truth ofinyslnleincut. .MARY DILL, Iti.h sliectcOr. IJewureofli.iud.. 1,13d avenue. Summer Complaint. Tho ol Liverwort, in -everal caes of this di'ca-e', w here all oihcr iciiie be- upplie'd by have proved inclil'ctual, ha- proJuced a pefilvl cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. II. lil.iddiu ol Delhi, N. V., of a naiurally con. siiinptivo constitution, has Icon -aVi'd fioin an 1111. timely end by the u-e of Dr. Tnvlor's Ilalsam of Liv erwort. A scveie cold I ro ighl on an attack of Pleu-re-y, and thus ended iu ceiieraLlel.ilny mul eon-iiiiip- ... H-iuiii ......wi., i,ei.nj itei-h, irt!es nights. qiuc pulse, an I eoni.oucl lo of tl,6h, aueeied a -;.ccly dc.itii hut n.'-oon as I coinmencel the u-eol tin- balsam I grew Letter, and 15 now fully rostoied iu nemo. Stortnrss of Jircali. for ibis ib-ci.c, I uc HIav- loiuid Dr. Tnylor'. tl.ilsain ofLiverwon an cxecll'cnt rcinevly. It i at 0,1. v r; s.oi; .inn so eutviive, licit 1 il I vvn y u -e it my practiee-, aim rceeoiinncnei it to inv friend.. I hum u-isl it in some hundreds ofci.e- vviihin the pa four year-, and I have never bad il fail. In in,,,,. ca-e's ol'a-lluii.i, I fully lelicveitto have Leen the mean.- oi.-anug pimou- live . l.ol nil n-u it. t;t:am;i.: it ai.imi m n None genuine butibat piepaied at 375. iowe'ry. .sow- i on. a-win ic seen ny tlio lal el- ami wrapper- of each boiile. He sure you look when vou buy. TliHgui'iiue can alway-Ieobluined of tho ' O.d Agents, Me-srs.'N. Lovely it Co., now Lovely it Sev iiiour Dr. Momlv nnd Pei k it Sni'.ir. L'benn.i. and Druggists, Hui bngion S. II. Harne-, Charlolle William lihodes, Jr. Richmond Oeo. Aye-rs it Co Millou A. it W. Hrow n, (iraml I-lc W. II. Kcclcr, South Hero lloroi e Wadsworth, North HiTei J. Davis Alburgb T. it L. Olen.i, We-l Albiirgh D. it vv r. e- -i ' K . USI JU Ilisi , lllu lllll 1 , OILS. OKjnbfrt OALS.Pure Winter ami Tall Sperm Oil, iiJW.W0 ,,,, u.,n,e iji.ii anJ unbeachc.di 30 libls, American Linseed, by 30th Dec. 1311. J. et J. II. PECK it Co. (! LASS. I K.CC II ONES Iliirliugton, Vermont, and LOVJK.I Essex Cylinder (Hiss, 300 do Jlodford, S.iranac, and Clinton Crown do. by J. et J. II. PECK it Co. 30 Dec. 1511. Agents. I.e lilgh Coal. Tj ffhT TONS Lehigh raked. Coarse Coal, house Jfc w vnnj vfi,t fiuui the weather, for sale by Nov. 2'J. 1'OLLKTT .f- URADLF.Y. Sugars. 1 f P.I1LS. Powdered. IU 10 elo Crushed, 10 lloxes doublis Loaf, 12 do Philadelphia Lump, 12 do Now York do of superior quality, for sale by At the Wharf. TOLLLTT it IlllADLEY. MMIE Iliirliugton Hreivery i- now L in fall operation, and Ilecr o tic very best quality is kent eon -tiinlly on hind for snlo in whole ir half barrels. O. PETERSON. SPRING FASHION FOR ClIARLKS A. SEYMOUR HAS hist recited from New- York the spring patterns for Hats ?3 aim invites ine puuiic to can nml fy'ffij (Xauiina Ins ussortinent, which l -?&'f?Vi comprises hats of various qualities -iaWVrW . 'u"!'"""!, linn.- ru iMiKii as nave ueieiotoie given preference to hats of Southern manufacture to look at Ins Meek of line hats which in point of color uud finish nre e qual, an I iu point of iiiirnnuity, inrsiipciior, lo any uais manufactured in the city of New York. Pearl st. April lath. I'lllVATK S I.UC'T BOADIiVG SCHOOL. rilHE new and spacious lliiildiiigs novy riis-tinp iu 1 East Charlotte will I e oncnul lif the Lord Willi under the superintendence of Mr. J.Ti.n Hi;nrKr,ns. si.iod inihe. La lies' ilepaniiieiit iu Trcnehand Miisii by Mi-sM. A, Tr.s, ii-is,...ojn in ii -tiay, lar;, Tall Irrni open- 2'.Hi Auju-I, Winter do 2S h Noyeuil er. Twclie young Ladies and liemleinen may le ae coiiiiuo.latevl in the family of Mr. T. TVruis 525 per. purler, in iulvnm c. .'.1 i-ic utu. i ren.-ii aim .tut- bra, fa. tt a lung extra. Day bi'liolarc, Irom S2,50 to 1.50. .Ml T. ilu ali.l un lertlieeaicoleiiuneiit l eaeliers, and bavin? laujlit in London, Eng., and in lhlS'aie nice her arrival, i-ninpiyqiiaiuieii lo-iipennieno ine Tiencliaud Music iii'parlnicnt. (jot eminent sineily pmemal. To ihose iniaeninuilisl with the service-, experience an I ability of Mr.T. rele'reiicc may lehad io E.T.l'nglesby, Ilurlinglon, I E. Moil, Si. John., J, H, HolleiiUs"!., J.O. Parke, Whitehall. J. Sbennan, terurnnea I A, J. 1 erry, iroy. Charlotte, lSth April, 18121 Shalt Is and lldkfs. T1ROCHA, Marino, heavy fillet, rich silk long and I) square Shawls t China, fillet nud rich fig'd satin Scarfsj do. do. 'linen, pongao, fligg and Spittafield llilkfsitilai k Italian fanry'silk Hiikfs. anil Cravnts. May 13. Just open, JI.W.CATLIN. PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS nrticleis too well known to need comtnon i nllnti nm flm nv.,...i.. e i . . . , ..I'iienuu oi aeveii years nas uenionstraled to the cominerciiil community, that lor accuracy. ivi.n.iwo nml .i,,.ni.,u... .i. unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to G tons. Dormant Wnr,.ltniiBf ,l,i in ,....:..i. r... i n n. nn?,00 ','!3'' lo. lo weigh from 12 uZ to -UO lbs. l'ortableCounterdo-a new article-to weigh iioiu i- oz. to iu ins. J. A- .1. ir. n ...... c n . i...... Ilurluigton, April 8 1811. USS Iil I,s STOMACH IIITri-.KS. may b u-eil in Vine or water. Thcsnt elel i.iiedliiiier. iirccoiu posed piirelyol Ve'ae a j es e. I Le most nun cent yet -peeilic virtue-. They ur rmniiiueiided par ticularly for icstoring Weak eoii-titiilions cleansing aim snengtiii'iiiug tlio slomaeh, and incren-mg the appetile also a pievenlativeiigaiiist ibocholcia inor on-, icier ami ague, removing nausea, vomiting, iic.ui oiinnog, weauue in mc I rea-t, pmu in tlie stomach und other symptom-offlalulcnce uud inibges- Hon. One box will tincture one gallon. Piieu2jets. u box. Ilus-F.l.l.'s Itch Oixtmcnt. This choice and safe ointment I- said to I e superior to any now lu u-c, for that eli-agreeali e an oatb-oine di.ea.e. the l'l CI I This Ointment I-so ee.irlaiii in Us operation that no cis,,ii uoiioie-ei won me anove oi oruer ouglit lo lie witliout il. It is a remedy for cutiineoiis eruptions, seorooiie niieeiioiis oi ine lean, oriinv o her ucii ; ne tint which nn.-es from sharp humors m the blood. Price 25 e-t-. a box. Kus-KLig t LOKTABi.t: Dil i. iocs Pin s, or family physie', for general itsi', ni ea-e ot'Jaundicc, morbid eiisibility of the stomach and bowel-, lo-s uf appetite', fiend bre'.ilh, co-tivencss, IMe-, and nil diya-e- aris ing irom hiii.iry ilorangcmeut., al-o fur e-orre'ctiug the state of thu blood, and cleansing the -ysieni ol foul and viscid hu urs. The-e ull- are a mild e a- thanic, prodiii'nig neither pains nor griping, and are llicrefoic a valuable; and highly approved uieelieuie, and are pronouuci'd assiie'b by the most distingui-heJ pliy.-ici.ins. Each box containing 33 Pills. Price 37 i ci-.ii I ox llus-ell's cclel ratis! ,vi.T lliU'.u.M Ointment. " hi ts Ulluiic-linilil ifv I io I e-l nm -:ite-l rrMiusle' oeore-ct otleTeil lo the public for that obstinate disorder' SAL I UIIETM. Where oilier mean- have f.ule'd. it b n suc ceeded, and the fact that it ha- been sxie'ii-ively u-ed liy cinincnt I raciuiouers speaks voluuies iu it- pr.n-e Ills i-diinlly etlicacioiis m all diseases of ihesktn scald bead, ring worms, and the most inveterate Itch, ete. Osc. Numerous e'crlifie'iue- iiught le obtame'd, I ut the propritor choo?e- that a fair trial -honld I e the only evidenee olit- superioreihcucy. Priet'COccntsa box. I'or sale by Peck if- Spear and Ho! erl Moody, iiiiiiingiou; nr. i . i.. .Mile-, .in I li. 01 u i out;, Ham burgh j S. II, Hariic, Charlolle; L. Janes, ticorgia; L. 'I'yler, I'ssex ; Toller it Huntington, Ru hniond Also, ly the druggist- and iiiciLhaiils generally hroughoiit the stale. og.ynl TpVlSKASCS OT THE I.UNC...DrciiledlJ J the most popular I cim ill eci Uihiimi ill aiiici ic Vegetable J'ulmonary Jlutsam is ihe iniui itiiid nun oi ii. e fur ciHihs,i:"liLl .i.lhiiia or phlhiiic ennpiinipliuri. w lioupnig eungh ami imiIiiioii u .ilf-ctiiui ofetert kind, lis sale is sieadili lucieasiii '. and lbs propneiur. aie euitsMittli ,LCelvini I lie ni'i.l favmabl. areoinii of iise-fferoi. The liiUnuuig neiv certllic.ilrs aie ollt'teil lur iiill paiiiiii.iliiui. An I.-TF.K1.S11NG Otsi. E vi art t,f i b-iiri fim Mr O S Claj, Kiiijj.mii, Utsir en., ,V. V, lu il prupnelois. 1 ouis of ihe fbli m-i. ihili lec'd t reinaihiilile cute was effected be llie iiiilile Pel inon.irj l!.il-.on ni iho mmsr nml .pi nut ol 1S35. Ibe person, Mr. aloudi, bad been .u k a long nine wnl ibe eoiisuuipi inn. Hi- phiit'i,in. h,i, i;iieii Inni in fie was l educed so luiv as lo be unable lu help him-elo and was a l.uge ipiaulin nl blood Hhrnhc eiiiiinieni'i u using ine iiaisani, wliitli hi. ellscied eomplcie cure, and be t w as hale and ln-.un i ever lie uiu. Air. Momli has leiuotrd fioin iliistunn fiul he bis premised mc n innie del.ubd nrcoiuil of his cusp, ulueli I n ill fm ward nm. C, S. CLAY. Kinj;8ion, N. V. June 25. 1SU3. T.xlr.ii'l ul'a Ipiier fiuui Di. Jacob Mveis The Vrysiable Piiluionaiv Hal. am lias been sold in ibis cnitnl) for two tears, and llie liicljciiic has earned an nurointnoii eelpbriiv, for ii .e.ueeli in onein.iaiiie failed of hating llie dpsiieo f ffyel ' I niu by no inp.013 in f.ivur of llie man) nn.inuiis, 11101 of wliu h .tie i in position upon 11 rrpdulous rubbe, bm ihai wlnrh I know by 11. e In bp pffecuial, 1 ciiinul help but giir mi iirtirob ilioil iIipip'o. A eounlerfril pi pp. 11 nl 1011 lias bpcnnlTrrPil lieie by h travelling A;ein, of ('ums'iuk, N. Y. Hiidtheieis aniuhrr arnele tended lieie ihai i. strong 1 suspected lo be.ptu urns .1 A no 11 M v r rs, M. I). IMifHington, Juniata eo IViiu. Mav Ii, 187 Pioin Dr. Samuel .Moiiell, tu the Pmpi leinis of ibe 'p2p latde I'obnnnaiv Hal.-un. I am salistied iballlieVe VPIablfl Pulinniiasrt Hatjilil is a Taluab'p irieilc'liie Il has been used in ill.-, place will) cullilpie sncf P.. In an otisl in He complain) nl llie hint's, aiie.i'iei! ui.b.i sctpie couijli, Ins- i,f inice. , and ihe i.iisin of iimi-l. blood, whiibbail preiMiisli le.isled man) HiproPc piesi tipliuns. Abei using ihe Halsam one wpik. ihf palicili's loil'P lelolni d and Iip leasable lo spe ik and) h.y. This ratio orcuiied some lime since, und ihf ins 11 is no iv pogagpil nol unit inactive bin lahniiuu. bii.iiiPss. Itefiecifnllv , kc. S. MuitiiFt.t.. Il is now iiiorp 1I1.111 six tears since I was hicaiulu ler) but b) nil .iFTscliun ul I fit- lungs, and nil ciiiiiplaint was iteclaipit 10 bp inciuahlc bi a eoiini'tl nl'ilui e pin. sieiaus. I le as llien re-liu td lo as "on I lip.iliii a I Ii nl pilto)edfnr mail) tears, li using die 'i jpiablp P11I Ittbain, Since int ipcdiit) I ll-ite 11 emu iiipiiiIpiI t lie llalpaui in il gipat Itlani nl 'iui eiiiiipbtints, ami so far a. 1 can bain, its use fits in turiahl) been fnllfiieeil bv imirb bcui'lii, and in man) iusiaiiccs 11 has elfceu 11 em es 11 Inch i imp a hull 1 unex pected., fl'.s on, March 2, 1S37. Tor sale, wholesale and iPtnil, b) PECK U SPEAU.Ilurlingion, Vi. to young nousE-Ki:i:n:Rs. I'AltKAII. WAIT A HOOT, T"EEP constantly 011 hand a full assortment of t- tli'! cant Tea Sets, of (old 1 and ( tuna. Hold snrie'd do. Cold bind Tin Plates, 1 mill i-ilge nml line do. T.vira wtdegold ban 1 do. (liikri'dge.hnret sprig'd do Cold edge a nil lino do. Cold bind Prcscrte uud tt lute nnd sp.ig d do. Cup pint s. WJiiio China Hienkfasl nnd Tea Plales, Piiehers, Ibutls, Hutter Stsndsnnd Nurse J .amps, with small Tin Puts atticht'd, Chili 1 Inkstands, a very pritt) nrtiele for presents for sale ilii.'ipiit thn CroJ.try Store, eornerof Church nnd College streets. Iluilington, Jan. 31, 1S12. NEW UOOKS. I) . A . 1! It A .11 A S HAS tixeiyisl the pie cut week, I bo following weirks, in addition to hi- e-xvusiie assortuieui, w lit.'li lie oiler-for salotery low lorce.isli, Kobiiisrai'- Palestine, Mi's, Adams' I oocr-, Ronalde, Jaisj ie, Wbelpley's Coinpe'iid, Life of Hichard.Cirnr 'e I.1011, Longfellow's H illad-, Hamal y 1! ulge. Hen John.oit, laxielou isl. Catlm's Indian., Punchard's 'ii'wol Ctiiigregationalisiu, Lie-big's Agricultural Clieni'-try, .fir-. Smilh'- .Memoir-, Pic-i, 'cuts' Mc. s.tge, El erle'. Praelice, Oolei idge's Work., Charles O'Mstley, Truiubiill's Reininis cneos, Plniareh's Live, Ilaird's Travel., Rural Lifel England, Life of Will erforee, C.ts' Frami', Camp' e-ll's Poetical Work-, Hryant's Pcs.'iii-, llitchcocli Oisilogy, Lite of Newton, Life of lli.hop Chase, Southey s Pi e'tieiil Works, Loc1 hail's Spanish Ballads, April 7. CARI'IJTLVGS. OUPUIBTNE, fine and cointnon Wool Carpets, O Fig'd and plain Venetiin stair do. He'inp Carpeting, 1-4 and 6-1 Canton Mailing as cheap as the cheapest, by II. W. C Vl'I.lX. To Iliiildrrs and nlbci s. BOARDS, Clapboards and Plank 'plained nt short notiret also a Circular Saw i'01 stilling, at the Ilutiington Iron Toundry. Turning done, or la tlie lo let for turning Ued Posts or columns. .Cash etc re eivl in pay. JAKVIS C.AY. Ilurlinglon, April 52, 1S47. 'rHr2TrT33ei3rsji Ai.ii.v.M a:,i hum'i-on ham. itinii. I'aru reduced to llsotun Tnno of slailin? altered in 1 !r,.r.. r. ivt and after Monday, Km) rut., tih.s day)-u'rnvo m .'isiiiii ajniu yny in i r. .TI. Morning tram through io Uo.ion. lemni il... ...,.. at (Jrecir.iish at 1 before (i o'clock mcei-elv ovtiv inoruiiig,(iiinday. oxecincil.) Pas-cngers most leave Albany by the South 1' erry, not lalur than J oast 5 o'clock. Noon train to Spnnulicid is ill-continued. A ,li(rht trnln 7i..i...7i .. ?,.. ... - H..ll I.. .... lireeiidii-h nt J I tlore P. M. paer.gers luu t eatu Albany, ns above, not later (ban 6; o'cloek.--1 jcngers fur .Spriughold can lake this train. 'I he tram fioin llo-ton airitosiu (jrcnbush at 5i M. giving sutlieieut tune for na-semrers to tj'.i. the ears for the west, or the 7 o'clock 1 oat lorN. Y run iiMrrroni) asu xewiia vln. Pii-seng'T-leaving All any in the niormni 1 v tl.n 1 Kfore (i uVlm k nam Cioi'u Li-eenlah, urrivo in SprtngCeld at 11 a. m. mav lenvn r,i. Hartfotd thence bv cars arrive in NcY.-Havon by ?I ...1 ,1 t...L..l II. , f. ,ii. .i iui.u eiutiiuusn in me t osiore p. n train, arrivo m Springfield nt If a. iu thence al ti a. tit. by steam Hoat to Himtoid, arriving therein i j iiieuce oy oieam lioatat x p. m. arrivo in rsow York next morning by 5 o'clock, or tbov uiny leutu Hartford forN'ew llaicubv Rail Komi Hl.i n. in nml arrito there at7i p. in. Steam Hoat Rates New Haven for Now Yolk, ul O.a. m. and arrives al the latter city at 2 p. ni. i in..- le, oiTliluliein .;.,uo. aie narlienlariv rcnues'i',1 in i-roeurii their Tickets ! el. re lakmg -cits in the Cars. 'I icki Is c in be obtained in P anv at U. II. Payne's odlcc, 2i Uroadttav, or at. 'ln-ket'OiIiee in Depot '. OieenLu -h. WM. It.TOW.NSEN'D, Master Transportation. Kreetil 'i-b Dojiot, Ma;-2, IS 12. CONWAY jMEDlCliNliS. rpiIE Sub-enler W. L. KIDULl!, gnus notin X that be has succeed the late T. Kinder in thil preparation of the well known Cnviut -MtutuNK-i und will hereafter give parpeular atttiilion to tl.ii preparation of the fiillowiug articles, the long . labhsbed celtbi ity ot which, proi lu-lcs the neca-oy of a rc-publ ieation of the nuinerviis ecrlilienies tu the hands of the proprietor. Doct. .lebb'si niicuuiallc Llulraoiit. or RllC tltiallslu. Hr u-e-. Snranls. Nninl nm. Chilblain-, Sii'liies- 111 the 10 n-s, cs-c., will atb r 1 ibe most uucxpee-'tsl and luuneehaie rclicfiii the moil oi.siinatt eases ol Kl.e'iiiciii-i.i, in a lew hours ; th. articlu is openly rceo'iiniunde-il by Physicians. 'II..' I.miiiieut is done up uieular god liu.Iles. Pnca 37i edits. UumlVles' Itch Olutmcut. The extensive a!r and cstabli-hcd reputation O. Df.MiRles' Itch Oistmest, euioirage- the pro prietor to recommend it to il.e pol lie with rer,wc e'oiiiidenee, ns th" mo-t innocent an I powerful rem edy for this anticying disen-e; it contain- no uir cury, or any other dangerous in rtdicnl, and car bo applied n't nil tunes Willi ,.urRvl .alely. Viim 25 cents a Dox Flem'.-dy lor the IPilcs. Tlie I'r.neoiring te-tniioiiy of relieved patients, Irom nil quarter-, te-tifying'to the cues ekeeted l.v the medicine ufier ell oilier, had ladd, tcgeiber wob the increasing demand for the urticli trom ail parts of the country, prove it to I o one of the mo-t vaiuabiw specitti's known feirth'- troublesomo eompla.ut. iCJ"A Clerginan wrile- lioston, Tel ruarv 13, 1341. I have m ule trial cf Dumfries' Pile Electuary aSe( found it prodiii'isj a subnnry infli.euee almost inime-' 'liatoly, and conlidenily 1 clieve it nil c eetual remedy f. r lliat uneonit'ortiil. e an I debilrnting ccLplamt ll'iinanitt has unite ed me to it commend it lo per.,01.' thus atilu'lc I, and -o I shall eoiiinrio to do. O' rs ic pet:, J, 8. The reinly c n-i-is of an Oiii'ii'i'ut and E.'eetuary Price tor 75 eent", or J7i cent- w hen but onu is, aceempamed vcoh p'.im and ninpiei sl.rwc tiona with a de-i nptu 11 ef iho complaint. Dumfries' Cje IVatcr. Tor sore or injl.tined tyti, lo-'hing known giver such hnmrdiatc and conifurta'ile relief, and in some exceedingly bud cases the most unexpected and de--iraf !e le-ltel h l-!,i en fo'intl in the u-e ot this Kye. water, after other nmetlits hadfailid. Pwr.son-wbi-hnve o-ed 11, jirouii'iii'o 11 without be nation tho Ic-t iirep'iralion d r tare, tecak, 1 r injlimed eyet, tbty hate ever met tvith. Pi n e 25 Cents a bottle. cum: roii coiins. Albion Corn Plaster. The most safe and s iv ly aire for Corn, yet dis covered j the rel ef i- 11.11111' dia'e-. it di'-olves aud rrtnove- tltn corn from the loot with ease nnd er,edt iiun and Kilhout the least pain, Pr.ce 25 eucti t lli"e. Toll and ample direcfions accompany caeh cf tit. al ovo art e!e. N. H. Te nc of thfl above ar'i.'les will 1 scuutne. 'nil'" signe I W. L. Kid ler 011 the o a-nlo wrapper. Tor nile .ii Ins Coiinting Hoom, tfl S'a'c Slrret, iv Siiur-, corner of Merrhnn!. Row, Ho -on. Al oly iMfsiii. PICK e SP1.AK, H rliuKUii, Vt. 4." A IP oral di-i'i. nil allowed to dealer-. FOP. SALE. JZr-iK nH VT large and cimmndious two sto f5 i- rv Iti-l-lc ttelii House e'; IM si! '1 SB fi'ni'td on ihe west side of Colli ':o greeu IA.lJ.s-nt the Iv'id ofCdlegc-sircet, in this v a6. The H. t se is 32 bv 45, with a bsstuncnt stnry with Kitchen 1111 1 Pi Jtis;gn cellars, and a wing 32 by Go. extending north 1 11 d I'e.-eOreen, vt uh tvooj aad -lore liou-e below, and chain! ers and -lcepini- rooms aiove. A large ail leomino !io is Ham. carnae hi c icehou-e', and oilier oti'-hou-e-, and a s,aciou. yari w-est id' thedivellinghou-e, nnd a gi .d dura1 lo wo 1 of wa errif the I est q miry 111 ibe v illage, an i a I rick I'l-'ern. die an.l a (piHrier acre-ol Inn I, 1 f Iho tirst I aliiv ; n large garden andi fruit tre-e. west a' the Ik u-e nod yard. The 11 iildnigs arcevn-'r "''-'d 111 nrxlern .'vie, ct be I e-t inaieria s and i, werpere-'tal Ly ibe siil.M'rd e-r for his own u-e, and' tl.e lo.'at 1 n at-lord- a very cxten-iit an I lea-ant prospe t of the ullage and lake 011 the We-t and i not surpassed ly any oiber 111 this part of the cot, ntry. A'-o tin sale .1 lot e an a 're of land direct ly opo.i.iiiithe a' ove lot with a small com en. cut wood hoii-e thereon. Pi.r 'ha-ers are i ivi i-1 toeall and exinmefor tbm. .1 lee Terms made known 1 ) the su'-Titer en the ,'i.tnie-. 'AMl'EL REED. H.rlmgton Ju,!-, 16, If JO. n3 ? Iliniulf. oVV.milly Tlonr. 1 lie. sol -ir.l i-r i now recny ug on Ci 11 tgnuieni, and ty 11 lo we I .snp p ic I iiun th 'l.c - as n iriliser I llie 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 p -1 Prands i I i . , - t 1. 1.' 1 I ,,. th . Tlour iniiiin'aettiie' I I v more than tee e 1 di 'i li nt M ills i I the b -lie t leyu a ,1 .1, be p.e, , ihai Tin t -1 'd I y ban -hall gjte the mo-t pcfec. -a' "fa em u, and 1 I ' e w .11 i.iii'ed in .VI ea c-. N. II. I'.ii rv lb 111. 1- ci iisoinilyi 11 I. arid. Deulcrs 111 Tu. r, Merchant-and Tamiue a.x." re r,ie'eil,illy invited to order and try the arm le, T our - btprr I lo oi k r 111 good packages tvi'b delay, on ie,.-. i.'l 1 1 Craft-, exrlincnte- ol di n're t-r (;., h. J. N. II1NSDILL. 117 Rivcr-st. Tr. April 25, ISIS. 17ri4 NEW ESTABLISHMENT, THE mihsciiheis bating opened n Paint Shrp in L the b ilelinir on door Souih ot Hisfiop's Hotel, would lespeeindly infoim their fr,siiiis and the pub lic ilril thev are prepared lo execute all k.nds of House, Carriage and Sign Painting, Gilding, Glazing, and Paper Hanging, in the neatest possib'e manner, and hopebv s'rif' pcisonnl ailentioii lei bus.Kvi-n 10 leee.te a share ot the Pbuc pa.rouu,... . aslMr,,mxo S. 11. RUSSULE Ilmlingltn, April 2'J, Wi- -ITtf- J). kyPAXGIiORX HAS reniovod his Cabinet Shop to the old sjaml of Nelson and Oiiei'S, on L'hurdi Slusl, oppo.ita the llauk'etf, wIiiik he will u'lend to ihe eulls of his eii.'iiiini is. Oiale'ful for pat fators he nolle its h I'rtiilinu.incc of the same, assume the pub. be llml his prices 111 c such as ate nu ed to' th -tunes. Ilntmg I ecu npinmlcd evlon for the llurvuig Oromid in ihisMll igc, die public 010 apprised that ippheali' iis for Ion ibeie should bo made only to him. Coffins furnished with do-palrh and funerals mended 10 at the short, sttioiice. He is also agent for the sale or Mr. Nelson's ban The old eu-P mcs of ths shop nnd the pub lie -eherally are lufot m. d lliat n full nss.ntmfnt of lnirs H b. Uipiul ib. old place and srldonjooil 1 riiistonlllbatti'-'' P 1 Hutlmglon, April '. J.jj Having