Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 17, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 17, 1842 Page 3
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WHIGS vs. LOCOfuCO EXTRAVAGANCE During the Administration of Van Huron, wlillo the loco's wore running up a National Debt instead of husbanding tlieir moans, tlicy Buffered their District Attorney in New Yoil; city to receive greater pay tlian tlio I'rosidont of the U. States 1 Tliat Was locofoco c.vtrava gancc. Now the Whigs arc in power, and in tlicir first appropriation bill for civil and diplomatic officers, they have limited the pay and perqui sites of this officer to a fair compensation ; and thoy have also limited the perquisites of all U. S. attorneys, clcrlis and marshals, ''it's, wo suppose, is what the Patriot calls Whig extrav agance. Such facts need no comments. DEATH OF GOV. BARBOUR. Last evening's mail brought us thr- sad ti dings of the death of tho lion. James Barbour, ono of the noblest of the sons of V.rginia j who had filled with honor tho highest trusts which his state could rfpoo in him, successively du ring many years Speaker of the house of Del egates, Governor of tho state, and hor Senator in Congress ; and in the General Government had sustained with ability tho ullii'ors of Secre tary of War and Minister to Great Britain ; but the virtues of whoso private life and character outshone all tho splendor with which popular favor or political distinction could adorn Ins name. He died at liis residence in Orange county, Virginia, on the Sth inst. at noon. I lad ho lived till tho 10th he would have boon G7 years of age. He possessed his mental faculties to the last, and was.pcrfcctly conscious of his approach in dissolution. lie died very calmly, surround ed by all the members of his family. For tho Burlington Prep Press. TO JACK FROST. Ah whence, Jack Prost, this morning, And why litis visit now ( The earth with ivhitc n loruing. And tho fencu's brow ' Whit errand from O d Boreas 1 What aniry (ii has he 1 That he in June comes o'er us With a scourge like theol In what have wo offended 1 What dune in way of scorn Tint thus h his intended To destroy our corn Or host thou m thy roaming, Got lost and nnss'd thy wnyl Just from some iceberg floating In the northern son. If so, we can direct thee Hack in the road to home, See yonder is Quebec, the Last place thou shnuld'st come. From then 1 Greenland stirring, Tnlf wa Home thou'H be; And gam t.ic r i by clearing Eighty first it.-arce. Fnvvelcoinc guest nl present We would dispense with thee, And wish for pleasant Warm and thnlt that lie. Our crops to grow and ripen Need the sun's heat ami rain, And cannot bear Ihv i-ripmg 'T would make hihor ain. Go hiJ Boreas he -ober ; Send but a brccz", Tdl sometime next October, Then send thee if he please. Keep close, mid if we're living At December's coining in, We'll treat ihee to Thanksgiving, If I'aiiu't chose again. Huntington, June 7, 1 S 12. J. J. TEMPERANCE NOTICE. The members of the Young Men's Total ab rlineiics Society of the Town of Burlington, aie requested to meet at the Court House on Sat urday, tomorrow evening Juno 18 Ii at half past seven o'clock, to adopt incisure, for coin, plying with ihe circular of the State Central Committee relative to a Temperance Colcbra. tion on the fourth of July Lei nvi-rv man bo on the ground. E. A. STANSBURY, President. f.i: wrv.. '.. the Bltlling'O'i ,. y mi S in.l.iy I'vo'dn ,e", a' " o'clock, P. -M. Thcie will Tu'al Absi.r.- net at the C ii r' I to i HIGH ci'HUUL The TrustP0 ol the Tijrlington High Pcbo'd aie roqucsled to incft nt Mr. IIinvaid'n llulcl, this EvoniiiL', ll'Vid.iV Junn lTih.l at half tui.t 7 o'clock, for the tran-artion of important busi ness. J. K. COXVEUSE, IS'v. Pro. Tern. FOURTH Ol' JULY K CIIAJIPLAIN. Tho inhabitants of Cb.nnplain aro nrepaiing a fes tival for the -f ill, and will devote the day to the inter ests of cd ira ion. Mr. l.ABaen, President of Mid dlcbury Collci:'', will deliver nu nddrets on that subject- to be followed by a dinner in their fnieAeademy liuihling, and such ninusi'iiifnts, coiisislint with the occasMn, as will be calculated to intrust those who mayd them the faor to be present. An illumina tion, balloon ascension, music, fireworks, The receipts to be appropriated for a library and philoo pbicsl apparatus for then Academy j 1st now going into operation. ItCTIiiliiimatioii Waiitcil. T JXT the S'd si-ri' er three weil s -iuee ailaugh- J I ler. nauie.lF.u r.s, a-'ed 12ear . She In - brown ... Il 1 I. ..! .... i . .1 u iC ... nlm Lair, 1 Ineoy Lonnel, lip hi i-sli'-odre snd ' row ii I irca-iau airon n il.. .un' "ii ii " , i all conMilcral ty worn liao nei -li' e. nor .-iik-:.-inc-. Any pi-ron po'-e inn infornwi uirr'anw the -aid girl wi I e-onfer a un-ai frvtir ' v eouiiiinini'ii .ing ihr same 10 Gl OUGL Colehe.tcr, Ji nc 17, 1342. FORTUNATE. JUST as the sun wo ye -tenia y re 'linins hvhin llbe We-lern, now--now canne I mri'iuiaiu- t f Noiv York, thero wa.-pee'ol inlu our not le Bay f Bur- j Iington, by an almost Fair ly ina3nifr-ent ve-'i-l, a J'reitiht i f guo U, ware-', and ineri-lian hze fur 'h6mon- i cy Bazaar anion? which were Bonnes, Arti'icial- and Reals, w-ithtrnnmiugs ol nt'irly al! di'-e-riplinn-, for millenery drcs, both useful and ile 'oraMng : al-n every tluuz cl-c for making man-he. nnd l orre-pon- ! ilencie-tevertending to stiow-that ii's iev-r too la't' to linjiC until the lut inoinnit pa.n-, for had Ihry noi come, tho a ortnienl wo dd have I ei-n I ro' en Iroin the great take erl at the new hlidum se-ale; money priec-. lIou-cr,a tl wa-long li-foretbfl .en, m HSRlLrv,ro-e upon u.overlhe ma c-tie Onrn Mn "n lains, the article, w'to mo-l I i-autif illy arranu'i d f r the m-pce-tii n of ihe fair vi-iUT.. wrb 'lu-ir hietid from I o Ii country an J village, at HOWARD'S. IC'J lie, -12. T(rth, Tilth Have your Ttrlti! Grct Iniprovoisieiil in Icntistt j 1 DR. SAXTON having engaged Dr. PF.UiSON, Surgeon nnd Mechanical Dentist fiom ihe uy ' of New York, as a partner, would most respectfully annoume lo the ciiizinaof Burlington and Hie neigh boring towns that lliey havei oicnnl an ofiu o ul Mr Griswold's, on the West ti !e of Church sireel, one doorNorihof the Btuhngton Bank, where thev tire prepared to attend to ult cases included m either branch of the profession. i From rim in a full set of Incorruptible Mineral' Teeth (of Dr Pearson's own manufacture) inserted I upon Ins highly improved suction plate, whieh is! retained firmly m tho mouth upon strictly tcii iiiifio principles, thus dispensing wilh the use of clasps springs or huiture, so obectioiiihle. Teeth inserted upon the nbovep'nr. nrc beyond detection, and ten- j dercd, if not so useful ns ihe natural onr, iiioreser-1 viceablo than those inn i tell upon the ordinal y prin-1 ciples. Artificial Teeth of bad texture, useless f.uj. ingor adhering to the gums, ri paired, re-fillcd, tte. am. rendered handsome, arid useful. i Decayed Tcclh filled with pure gold, or a prepara tion which is introduced in the form of a paste, but soon hardens and resists tho action of all acids or her corrosivo mailer, whiln il gives the tooth its natural appearance and preserves it from farther de- Acluneteeth cured in a few minutes, nnd filled with the above preparation nnd rcstorid to usefulness. Accumulations of Inrlnr removed from tho teeth without injuring ho enamel, which is frequently tho result of an unskilful operation. All operations warranted to givo "itisfsction. Teeth extracted with one third the usual pan. Individuals desirous of having dental operations performed aro inviied to call and see specimens, and satisfy themselves of the above improvements. Children's teeth regulated when malformation is taking place in oonscquencoof neglect during second dentition. . Ad viro given on diseases of Ihe Gums, Sockets, and Antcutn, free of rhnrgo. Dr. Pearson has in his possession letters nnd cer tificates from professional men of tho first retpecta-bili-yin ihe city of New YotU, and Charleston, S.C. where he enjoyed a long nnd extensive practice. His object in com ng north is in consequence of bilious ofTtctinns. , afOffice hours from 9 A. M. to B P. SI. ibirlington, June 16, 1612. Man? fffiocil In this town on tho Dili inst., by the Ilcv. Geo. O. Ingersoll, Mr. K. D. Sj ocim to Mits Sarah A. IsitAM, oil of this nlacc. In this town, on Wednesday tho 25lh ult., by tho Rev. J. K. Converse, nt his lesidencc, nr. J. Illoltcly to Jibs Harriet Hoardman, both of Colchester. Also, by the same, at his residence, on SabbnihJ .1.-p.t. T t..:.i ii... ..f lllj...fl evening, liieuiu nisi., lur. uaviu uuuicr ui uiiigiiiu to Miss Eli.a Richardson of St. Albans. Bno dl m In Grand Isle, March 23th, Mrs EsTiitn Knows, aged 12 ( and in lliulingtoii, March 21st, Miss Mabv ett Hatch, aged 10. The first of tho above named persons was the daughter and the other tho granddaughter of the late Uev. Aa I. yon. Mrs Hum n very much resembled her distinguished father, in her inljllonlu il t ints, her views of truth and icligious duty. Shu entertained tho profoimdcst icsncet, and the fondest attachment for her father,' nnd, like him, misted, ami misled on'y the righteous-lies-f Christ for hrr salvation. Still she was not insensible of her obligations to render to God holy nnd loviim ohcdiciice, and to her fiicnds and neigh hois kind and bcnevcilent ntlintion. Sho was pecu liarly mnifllilci her houeni -ho trr'cominir mine nf all whncnterc I it. ami initio left it without fri ling bet ter and happirr, for having cnjuvrd her society. It can be said without hypirbolc that she had no ene my, and nil who hnnt her lonrl her.- Of course all minim for her, Tho I ongrrmtional rlinreh of which she was an exemplary and consistent member, cry decplv.ce her loss. She was devoted to their inter est anil was one of llioiie professing christians who are always ai their pn'l, and show that nothing to them i so important ns tlio ndvnnccmi'tit of Christ's kingdom. She is frequently mentioned as one whose place can scarcely be supplied. She died peacefully. a.niic fallina asleep in .Irsits. Miss Hutch was the lavoiito of her grandf'thcr, nnd was indeed a lovely uirl. She was in the bloom nf youth, n flower just unfolding lis lovihist leaves. Her parents can dunk nf her nsn daughter whofrom enrlicl elnlilhood exhibited a perfectly o' odient spir it, and a continual ih irc to pleae hi m. Her broth ers nnd sisters remember Ilia' she always did all she coil il to pionintc their happiness, nnd hcrfiicndsntid associates saw in her onhj nnd airais n sweet, tm rulllnl nnd nITi ct'onate sj nit. In departing she ears In bind her a rrmeinhiniiee, not unlike the ftnrnncc of the dying rose. She too. wo believe, sleeps in Je sus an 1 his exc'iin j.'d a voitlli tin inrrel by sorrow or care, for a jouth of sinless and therefore blissful iuimorlniily. In Wilhsion, on tho 31 inst. Mary A. BrownMI, dansli'rr of Cbaimccy lirowncll, Esq. in the lSth venr i f her age. In tliU town on the 3kt of May, Mi s Polly Iline, ngrd 1 1 years. In Colchester, on the ll'.h of June, Miss Jiilutt Iline need 20 veais. Xciv Suti'i-.ith School ltinl.o. I OI! sale nt the I'ooksiore of the subscriber a con ctnl n'sortnirnt of the Mnacli setts and New York p-ibli anon for S ibhath Schools. June 17. 1). A. lift M AX. quvsTiox nomcs. AN assortment of I'irQiirsI on Hooks of ihe Mas sadinvelts Sahtiaih School J-'ocietv. for sa'e at the llookstoroof the ttbs-iih?r. 1). A. I1HAMAN. riTAUI.r. of the 'horntcsof ,'uti 'spaahle '11 goods, J wans nnd tiierehandize, unpolled into the U. Smtrs of AuiLtica from I 'nnada, lor side at the Itnok Moicof June 17. )). A. IlllAMAN. UN'S. A new supply of I'owliug pieces. Also, O" Powder, Shot, P.C.ips, I cml, i-c. lor sah by ll.Ui.Ut it AllTIH'P., June 131'!. Cornrr Chuich nnd Cnllegc sts. AmorIr.ui i udillcti cc. APUF.L supply of Woodward's domestic Saddle trees, for salu wholesale and retail hv HAGAlt Ai ARTIIUlt. Burlington, Juno 1812. SYI'UI. Sliwnrt'f he t strain refined sugar bouse i-wtip, a supeiior nrlii-le lor faiinlv use, lursaoby June 13. I.OVPI.Y it sr.YMOUIl. ( lAI.lf'Ons are selitna n Hurlbul's Cheap Cash V. ' Store at less prices than wne ev. r know n in this part of the countiy, I'.eaui ful l'.ughrli, i'rench rnil American j rints. Call-ut the m-w store, (mnn-h-st. Junefl. Wll, lITill.HUr. I It) MAAZ1 SI tihukaud t, hie l!ae , forih'at 1J the I iwvst prices, by June 3. WM. IIUIII.IIUT. nil wool .Mo ' 'line de Laui'-s, pup. r satin X mi ,pe I do , riit'il lo of cveiy von tv, fjr sale in iiniin viit y low- j'iKcsal tin- new siiiie, by .llllie ti. W.M. IHTKI.IIIJT. p,U!S().S nnd iniltllP.I.I.AS.-nn.imincnsc i. lot now op. n at tlurlb-ia for examination. CYain I'railtcs. C' HANTS rclelnntcd Grnin Ctndlrs. just received 1 mid lor tale by HAGAR it ARTHUR, At the old stand, siun of the Pudloik, cor. Uiurih and ColU-gestrc.'ts. June, 1512. A "VS. Rowland's .Mill Sawsi R. HoeandCo's O circular do. i P.nglish cioss eul do i llatul, panel and h.,ck do. j Compass, Wood an I Felloe do. JuM n cimd rind for sale by HAGAR & AHTIIUP,, Cor. Hi. and College slice;?. Juno 17 li, I B 12. Tritn-r. n ,i r, it supply oi 1 iiouiiison s celebrated ini- xa. pioicil Trussisj also Dr. Hull's ciltbiatcd Trusses and supportirs for ile lu ll C. 111 if- ARIITIIUR, Cor. Ch and College streets. I'm hrmtun, June 17th. .-ilttrlirll's C.'cogs-jplilral Works. TV T ITCHELL'S Piui.nry Giugiaphy x I. Si hool ilo. and . iltla. Gcogmphical Reader, Outline M i s, Key to study of .Maps. C. GOODRICH. O d Stand up Stair-. For silo by June 13. iAIIt TS Life of Patrick llinry, cheap edition, V Juno J j. Vor s do by O. GOODRICH. Coojicr's Naval lll!u:-y. BRIDGED bv thn nnihor and complete in one Volume, juat receued by C. GOODRICH. June 15. Go ili-'jlndlug nnd ll'.-mlt Itonl.s, T i:!C.Kli; Jo. rnal-, Heceird-, itc eVr. lor i-a!e or XJ inn 'e loorJ.'r. Old UooUs nbo inJ al hori man June ly C. liOOl RICH. FARIlAll, WAIT ROOT, Have received a lull supply ol' nnnnKFHY. ri ass r. run ma warp , ......u., Which, a I li, lo lieir tin iiier Ho I,-, make g llieir avoit ini-iit ouui C'llupVlr, am It t- o end al rcrylotc prices iiunviLi-orre pianlnig with ! till I II' II, L 1.1 II' i In ihi-ir Hue will di. urn . 1 a. nines in want ot Good- woll to i-ah n ud t-xaiimic at lea.-l ut the comer of t h irch an I College HilcI. li irlington, Jane It h, iili. Gold Band China. nt'PriMl Gold Hand, Hand and Sprlz'd China J Tea ticts and iilaic- tu inaleh, very i buap ul the l hina Store of PARKAlt, WAlTiV ROOT. June 17. h. ,-IAlilAVI I.LS She,., Half, Kid Shp i n.i ii en's- sine.., sVe. ju-t ic citki ly 1,,,,1-lC. WM. JIUHI.BFT, i aiii.T I lanniiif's. Ifintt Vwe ''a nr llan.'ing-. pattern entirely l)Jr new, ol all q laliuu-, i iMopruiu iv jUai.lO ' W.M, HL'ltl.lflT Sole Lciitlitir. T?i C. LOOMIS has just received Solo Leather for III, llcemscash, by tho llunurcu pouuus. Aibo, Paienl nu i string leather. June 10. ("ash I'aitl for Hark. TP C. LOOMIS will pay cash lor 40 or 50 cord" Li . pood Hemlock Batk, if delivered tu one un-nth troin date. June 1G. I'n nor aitrin's. Jinn PIP'CI'.S, for silo at Manufacturer's prices JVJJ nddin ! freight, by C. GOODRICH. June 10. Diiiiior Stits. T I'ADTinJL Blue, Pink and Bourbon Spng'd Din XJ in'i-i't, e-oinplelf with Tea. and Coffee, to match for alo uui-oinnitinly low at Ihe uewCris-I.ery Smre. June 17. I'AHIIAIt, WAIT& "Q'; Cilass Wtin. A FttLL ns'orttnen; of f7(ats IFarr, ccnsi-ting of XV Lamp-, Tumbler-, l'n-.erv in-iie-, riicuerf, u'.-Ij ,,'inis. fn-tnril-. telliiv. eelerv stand-, got let. iVe, for saleChoap at tho China and f51n vvarelioue of June 17. i Aiuv.vii, nan iivw,. TO RENT. fTMIi". Storcfotmcrly occup'ed by HickcM' Cotl'n X Appply to June 8, 42. 11. W. CATMN UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. IN UANKUUPTCY. Notice to show rmiSe against Pctlnn of SYLVESTER 1 VTOUDBN, orK'sor, in said Dis trict, tofio declared llMyflTmnl tlieOniceofSam. uel Prentiss, District JKre. in Montpelior in said District, on Friday, 1812, 10, A. M. ROYAL SHERMAN, ofJJssex, In said District, to be declared Bankrpfti. nihoOtlice of Samuel Pren tiss, District Judge, TfcBonlichcr in said District, on Friday, July 3, lflO, A. M. DAVID TYLER, fnimicr, nf Essex, in said District, to be declared BnnVup nt the Office nf Samuel Pieiitis , District Ju ljrtii Montpelior in snid Dis trict, on Friday, JulyyVS 12, 10, A. M. HENRY LEF.T, of llbtiincion, in said District, to be declared BaukrujVyt tho Oilico of Samuel Prentiss, District Ju gijf l Moiitpcher in said Dis trict, on Friday, July- fni!2, 10, A. M. LEONARD M. DIXA, oyjndcrhill, in said Dis trict, to bo declared BJldsn, at the Office of .Sam uel Picntiss, District JMtTc. in Mnntpdier in said It:-...... I... Od. .I....MTI..1.. loin ' . In 1 ST ji'lu it i, on ii i e 001 uawji .'inv, lot, ill io l IIF.NJAMIN PAUKIUl, of Ksscx, in said District for his Discharge nti'erJfficnte as H.inkrupt, at the Office i f Samuel Vjffitiss, District Judge, in Montpclicr in said DistOT. Wednesday, August 31, 1312, 10, A. M. I t IHA AM.HX, of Iliqcsbtirnh, in said District, for his 1 isi hargenndl crtinVitas Itankrupl, nt the Office of Samuel Picntis, trict Judge, in Montpclicr in sanl District, WedRday, August 31, 181-2, 10, UP.ltV 1.. PnASI.Hr,ofF.'p.T,in said District, for I is Discharge and Ceiificito as llnnkropt, nt the Office of S.nmiel I'ictirbislrict Judge, in Mont pi her in said Distuct, JRlncsday, August 31, 1642, 10. A.M. AUGUSTUS POI,t,.), of Jlurlinston, in sailDis tt let, for bis Dii-hargeViiiJ!irtificatens l'nnkrupt, nt the Office of Sntniitrsficntiss, District Jiidce in Montpehcr in said Dh ,edncs lay, August 31, lSli, tu, A. .n JOHN SMITH, of C rin said District, for Ins Discharge, and Cer 1 as Hankrnnt. at tho Office of Samuel Prentis? iisirict Judce, in Mont- pcher m said Uistnot, May, August 31, lSia, IU, A. .H. LP.MUF.L CURTlS.TVlliirlmgton, in said District, for h s Dis-hargo nnnsjlrjificale as Hnnkriipt, at the Office of Samuel Pilfcis, District Judge, in Montpehcr in atd Distri, Wednesday, August 31, 1512,10, A.M. f DANlI'l. H. I.ATIIROPsVif Stow, in said District, lor his Disthargo and trtiate as Bankrupt, nt the Office of S itnin 1 PrcVps, District Judce, in Montpehcr in said Din nctVedncsdav, August 31, 1812, 10, A M. f WILLIAM HARNF.Sf Colchester, in said District, fir his Discharge niiVCytificatP as Hankrupt, nt tba Offi oof .-ain el "atliss, District Judge, in Montpelior, in said Dililt7Vcdncsday, August 31, 1312,10, A.M. f PRP.SSO.V CR(MaT,Vl!iirL'ng'on. in said District, for his Discharge niufViyfificate ns llanktu, t, at the Office of Samuel I' jCtiss, 1 jstriet Judge, in Montpe'icr in said DislrrrWednesday, August 31. H12, 10, A. M. r ORSO.V 11. S IXTO.V, nf Ilnrlincton, in said Dis tri -t.for his Discharge nVl fJFrtifiente as l'nnkrupt, nt the Office of Samuel, District Judge, in Montpi'lier in said Distrii JfcVediietday, August 31, 1312 10, A. M. A" SIAIOX DAVIS, of JeVho, in said District, for his Dchaigp nnd Certifi(el!anl.iuptnt theOfhce ot saiuuei rrems, invm judje, in .Monipelier in said District, We lncsil, August 31,1112,10 A.M. I'D WARD SMITH, olJliirbpglon, in said District, fur bis Disrlnruu andLjrilicate ns Hankrupt, nl the Office of Samuel i'Jmtiss, District Judge, m Mon po icr in said DistVv Wednesday, August 31, 13 12,10. A.M. 11IR M DAVIS, of .TcAW in said District, Tor his Disi-harto and t 'criilicaa Hankrupt, nt theOffii'e of .Samuel Pu-nlt's, I)i-jfct JudL'e, in Montpehcr in said Dulr-cl, Wed net iT August 10,1S12,31,A.M. ARM R P.. LOWltV of H'-linnlon, in said Dis trict, for hn Disrh-irgVniiUfe tilieate as Hatikiupt, nt the Offico of Saniiicr'MX'nliss. District Judge, in Montprh'r in said Disl5t, Wednesday, August 31, 1912, 10, A. M. P.DMUKD WP.r.LINVTOX, or Milton, in said Dis trict, for his DischarpiyfVcrlificatBns Hankrupt, al the Office ol ,S'am elMficntiss, Disfict Judge, in Montpe icr in aul Diyficl, Wednesday, August 31, 131.', 10, .1. .11 DAVIS S. RUSSr.rV,,of JtnrliniMn, m sad Dis trict, for his DisrhargVarCertificateas Hankrupt, nt the Office of Samu,ii'ntiss1 District Judge, in ainntpincr in saiu uiynct, Wednesday, August 31 IS 12, 10, AM. JOHN HP. I ll"'t. ofC i!-s er. In aM Dis- ttict, fir h.sD.srhargi-aiW Orftilieate, ns Hankrupt, nt the OiTnv of S nuol iVnliss, District Judge, in iiliMitp-li. i m said Uistrii; WcitncHlny, August 31 I81-.M0, . SI. ADAM l! MORS!'., of Richmond, in said District, for his Disr harge and t rtificate ns Hankrupt, nt mo ijiu'-o oi mniu'M i-rtssl uisirun Jtuwc, it: Moutiii'tuT in s.iid DiatriiJi Wednesday, August 31 ltl2, 10, A. M. 7 CHI'.STF.R PARKP.R.Vl'ndrihill, in said District, tortus Disi'hargH and XeMflieate as Hankrupt, nt tho Office of Sainui I Ppiis, District Judge, in Montprhor in faid DistvCV Wednesday. August 31, 1 12, 10, A.M. r IIP.X'RY ZOTTJlNf , of South Hero, in said Dis trict, lor his Dirh:"e nd t'rr ifirale as Hatikiupt, nt the Offico of S imif Prenti-s, DiMricr Judge, in M intp-her in said D I ict, Wednesday, August 31, 1S12, 10, A Al GARRY MPNGril, of, olclif strr. in siid District, tor his Jisr'hirL'O nnd (Ciii-ale as Bankrupt, at the Olrcf of Samuel Montpi bet in said Da 1342,10, A.. TI. litiss, Distuct JudL'c, ill Wedntbday, Auust31, WILLIAM Tr.WAlflC' of South said Dis- llict, for Ins Disi'hnritfcujr.Vrlificato ns Bankrupt, nl the Office if S.imiu Jfrentst-, Distuct Judro. in Montpehcr in said DijjCv, Wednesday, August 31, 1312, 10, A. M, " THOMKS M. VA"tCOUn,erf Jericho, in said Dis trict, for bis Dischani jJTil Ccrtifieaie ns Bankrupt, nt the Office of SnmuVPientiss, District Judge, in Montprlier in said URct, Wednesday, August 31, 1612, 10, A. M. JOSIAH L. BP.OWX, of Underbill, in said District, for Ins Dischatgo HTUyerlificnte ns Bankrupt, nt the uuice nl sainiieiw'reniiss, District Jndi'c, in Montplier in sniJ net, Wednesday, August 31, 181.', Ill, A. .11. P.N'OS BLINN. of urlingtnn, in said District, for Ins Discharge and rlilicate as liatikrtipt, nt Ihe Olficei of Samuel Pj ss, wisirici .iiiiige, in .vinni I'tdnesday, August 31, IS 12, prin rin said Disl( II), A. AI. Sr.YMOPR IH'MPH YvTCndrrhill, in slid Dis- trict, lor Ins Discharge Certificalens Bnnkrunl. at the OHice ol him lenii s, District Judge, m Monlpeher in said 1312,10, A.M. triiy, Vitdiusday, August 31 LUCIl'S WOODARD.l rssex, in ssid District, for Ins Disclinrae and t;en fiite as. Bankrupt, at the Otfice of -amuc! Prenf District Judne. in Mont- pehi r in said District, Inesdny, AiiEust31,1312, III, A.. 11. CEMENT C1STEKNS. rpiIL sill senters bavins the right to iit, in and for a ttie connlv oi tmiieni-eu, rar rr . llvitraulio l;e men', for Ci-iern-, Ro-ervi ir, A -q efict-, Cellar Kili'hen and Ma' le 1 lour-, li r the iiurpri'i' of ma'. ins: lliem drvand proofairnin-l ral-1 aLo llearib'. Sink eve, wo ilo iniorin ine inlia- rani- ol eant i-oiiutv, that they will 1 r.rea ly the comuis sea-on lo attend to all call- in the above line of liisiiie-s ami will warrant I heir wcrk lo le dura! le. JOSI PIl LANI'ON. ORLANDO OWLN. Burlington, March 0. 1312. N. It. -All 'order- ad hisscl to the iii'i'cnl ers nt Htne-lii-sh or Biirllncloii will leecive iinine.hatc al li'uuoii, n40 NOTICP.. ritlin Subscriber respetlfiil'.y gives notice, that he I Is prepared to nltend In tlie business or Anna .5ir. rryine; nnd nuippinn. Hnvingncecss lo the plans anu papers ul tu into 1-allier, lieli qics liy llio lacil uy for information thus auoidcd him, not by strict attention, lo perforin with accurucy all business tn misted lo li m. He iinyo found at theiate residence of his Father, Head of.Mnin Street. JOHN U. JOHNSON Burlington, Juno 13)2. NEW BOOK STORE. " liivt! and lot Live." T'lIL su! s-ril er has re.-eivoj from New York 1 new miudy i f S-lmol Boolis, Bibles. Prayer Hook-, Te-.tntnrnl-, Ac, &u; togeilier wuh a soml snitufi-nl t f Siatiouery, and llook-lilndin Sloe!., lo win dl ho invite, the anenuoiiof ihe pnl lie. I icliiis i-iy trratef d (orthe li' eral patronage heretofore ro- eive I, he will renew bi exertion, to p!eae all lhal may lavor lino w-iin.ueir iiatronace-.. S. HUNTINGTON. Strongs' Building, corner Chun h and College Us. cppo-iifllagarit Arthur , Mgn lieu i.eoger. June 10. " Quills. AN L W amply, ol Ihe luzhe-t num' tn, mn re rcivislnt S. Ill'NTINClO.VS. June 10, A PPlir.NTlCK WANTED I7OR PAPLR MAKING. A strong healthy boy, X about 1G to 18 years of age, intending to work icr ms uv u'R, may onu s pool opportuuny riy apply mgto Jum-6. t'. fiDODUlCH Nf.y. Jtriij OHBA? BOOK ST0R.U. rjlIIF. facilities of tho subscriber in procuring book9, M. and every article in his lino are such ns to tender prices, corresponding to tbetimes,d- induce the public to continue their patronage to his A'ttt Store. Any publications not on band, will bo provided ns soon as orders can be forwarded to tho Cities. Worksreceived tho present week, ns follows. Pictorial llihlo, F.says by Hannah Moore, Hours f r Heaven, 'I rmpcranc llyms, Wealth and Worth, llnrnaby It' dgc, Thiers' History of French Revolution, Hloomfield's Creek Testament, Barnes' Notes on Isaiah, 3 Vo's, Wistars Anatomy, Wholplcy's Compcnd, Tho Fame nnd Glory of England, Zanoni, Tho Lnst Trils-s, by Grant, A Wreath fiir the tomb, Lifoof Patrick Henry, Sketch Book, 2 Vols. It is well, Way Marks, D. A. B1UMAN. IMBRSON'S Outlines of Geography and History. J Hlal.o's Young Orator or Now York Reader. I ho nttention of c boo tcaclicrs is ti.articu arlv ro. quested to tho above books. Copies furnished for examination. June 3. C. GOODRICH, TO THE PUBLIC. r""HIF. Subscriber has rco'd a grurrnl nssorttnentof l Goods at his i Id Store and nt Ins new Store at Wmooslti Village which will bo sold at prices cor responding with tho limes cheap n the cheapest. N. H. Superior Burlington Mill Co. CloMis for sale. SIDNEY BARLOW. Burlington Juno lOlh 1S12. nl Cw ('loth Caps. JUST rco'd direetfrom the manufacturers a full ns sorttnentof all linds Cloth Caps and For Sale nt great bargains by, June 9, 42' H, W. CATI.1N. Shoes. TUST ree'd a now lot Fnrwclls Shoes 1-2 Gaiters &. J slips, Juno 9 12' II. W. CATI.IN. Lumber OH nnn FT. Common Pino Boards CU.vJvJ1 ' lO.fOO ft. clear do. do. 100.000 ft. snruco do. for sale bv 11. W. CATMN. iVBW CAS 5 1 STOKE, 13 v war. nuiiuiUT. '"I'MIR subs"riber has inKen the newly fitted Store, 1 Wist side Church-siuit, between the 1 Haznar' and 'Variety Sure,' where he is nowopemng and offering for sale nil eMen.sivc nnd general nssortmtlit of Gouds adapted to the want- of I bo community amongst which nrc a gnnt inricty of I rencli bi Us, lMniid M suns mm i.awns, Long Shawls and Siarfs, lldkfs, Shawls, Cravats, Fig'd and bar'd nnd plain .-wiss Muslins, Nansook, book and other Muslins, Ladies and nent'einen's Limn Iblkfs, Insertions, IMgincs, Headin? and Thread Lares, Work Collars, Beth nlc, Hi ad Hues and Purses, Tarlton and p'aiti Muslins and Laces. Itiblm s, n hcnulifnl nifottmsnt nnd new stile. Ladies' Florence, Hrnid, .Modem, Siraw and Misses Bonne p. Artificial Flowers, Gimp Edging and trininiinjs for Tuscan llonnets. I'.u-asols. a beautiful nssortn-cnt of new styles, llo-iei y of every vnriety, lirondefotlis, Cnsiniers, Vesting", Sc. Gnu's tunimer Goods, Stocks, Collars, &C, Gent, and hoys'iorn and other Hats. Uty firtirurles a good nssorlmmt. N. B. This inliie'totk of noods has been pur chase I within a few- days, with urrat rare and at a tuna when the prices were more depiessed than at any pavious peiiod but will bo sold for ready cash at a small advance from cost. Binlitmtoti, June 10 1812. 3IAHSH.US PUBLIC NOTICK is hereby gien, that the ful X lowing goods, wares and merchandize, condemn ed m tho Hon. District Court of the Unite IMates for tho Vermont Distuct, Mav Term, 1312, will he sold nt Public Auction nt II. Thomas' Auction room in Burlinglon, in said dis'rict, on the 21st day of June instant, to the highest bidder, sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M to wit : 1 black leather trunk, I carpet bac, 43 pieces bandanna handkerehii fs, 4 pieces silk handkerchiefs, C woollen shuts, 1 pair woollen drawers, 12 elially handkerchiefs, 1 chtilly shawl, I black silk handkerchief, 1 green velvet tap, 1 patent lever silver watch. 12 Iroadcloth froek coats, I dress coal, 1 plaicdepatiletts, a quantity of ol 1 silver scraps, t cotton shirts, 4 woollen undershot", 1 pair rotton drawers, 4 old handkerchiefs, 1 padlock nnd key, 5 pairs socks, 1 hro'idelolh cap, a lot of small tin nnd wooden boxes .and other small artieh s, 1 neck stock, 2 horses, 1 double harness, 1 t,wo horse sleigh. 2 huf f ilo skin", 2 blirikeis, 1 neck ohe. Also, 17 pairs ol coarse check and kcrsevmere pants, 2 pairs wool- em pants. 10 pairs of b ack bro.idch th pants, 2 pairs tiucKsin pants, ( pairs stcr-i-iiny." ,.' ion -V Iron elolll visls, .t pounds I.IIL'll.-ll Imrn tlnc-id, 1 linen table sun-id; lOrohroy batiilker chie'fs, .3 wotstcd handkerchief-, 1 sac'.. Also, 1 doz. of coirse kersey inms, 1 dn7i n bin k kersi-v pants, 7 Gaira fineUc-rsi'j mere iints black, 2G )ards line h'acl roadcloth, 11 yards lilac', ditto, G pairs chirked pants, 3 pairs stec.nied pants, 2 pairs plain pints, 11 tirondciotii rounu-n-iinuis. .liso, zhi jareis cot co prints, 11 yards black hroadclo h, 10 yarda broad cloth, It! yards bhek cas-imere, 03 yards iiwi,Llc green hioadclolh, 97 gallons In t'td paint oil. Given under my hand at Bradford, this 6:h daycf June, 1S12. WILLIAM BARRON, Marshal. A'l PltUSKST GtOODS of nil ties .-ripli' n- are selling very ln-y at T Burlington, particularly at S. B. Si OTTS. As Iatcos at 8 o'clnek this evi ning the run at iiow.uurs . continued will unabated vigor. How long it will last must depin 1 upon his ability to take up the b.lls upon prrsrrunuon, or io sausiy mat mere win noi ni nny partiality to pri suitors.! niaiiv, to be sure, from thcrush nre'delaved.but fuiinnnlely there is so much if curiosity nhonl the Grand Banar that ono does not tiro in nn half hour's detention, knowing that i mnl and nuick in lice will be meted nu' to every one I having tho whole or any parts of Dollars to elisposo 'of, and It is even rumored ibatfiom his avidity to buy up even the small lots ol money ns w en as too large ones thai there may be n still further riao upon the price of moneyof the kin Is nf coin and of safety fund and oth'.r good hank billsj but bo tint as it may oods were never so low nnd Cash so high as it is nnw-nl the old Money Market Sloro kept by tho peo ple's agent. june.i is u. nui. nwiv.vivi. Printed Lawns. PILCrS nt S.ll. SCOTTS.-Several stles, CtJ as low- as one ahiTmg per yard. June 3. IXTP.NS' LLC HORN HATS, just received nt iVl June 3, 1312. S. B. SCOTT'S. PAPF.R HANGINGS, nl S. B. SCOTTS. ju no .i. tS i'v Calicops. 7Rr,NCII, Lnglish and Amethan, fro i per cent lower ihan evil, at to 50 June 3. S. B. SCOTTS. Eronch l?onilazinr, OLACIC. I lue-black and colored Sil' s, cheap, very J Juno 6. at S. 11. suurrs. QARGP.NT, SPRAGUF & Co.'s TOBACCO, by O the quantity or otherwise, al S. B. SCOTTS. PARASOLS a great variety at June 3. f S. B. SCOTTS. l'rpsli I'Motir. rilIH mt-cri'i r- are daily receiving and o'er for iiu- 1 rcsii 1 .our ,ciecvi won rare nnu n s perior arnele. FOLLLIT i: I RADLLY. Ul 1 noeK, June 3. N. Rum. 00 Hluls N. T.. Rum 50 per rem at ove proof, for tale at UokIoii price aim Ireiglu, M' l OLLl.l I K ullAUia.i 01.1 Deck, June 3. DOZ. Wooden R.ik.e al irrea'l) reduced prices CV. nnd a very superior nriiile, for sale 1 y Old Duel,, June 3. FOLLl.TTit BRADLEY. To Rout. O.N'r.hnlf of a two strrv bou-e simated on .Maui Hiccl, one fo'irth of a mdeea.i of the Square. Piw-e sion civen iiiiuie duitilj and for any length of lime. 1'orimriieiilara'iniiune ot 1512. 3. HUNTINGTON" NO MISTAKE! 17I.OUU FLOUR Just received and for sala by JL tlio subscriber, a few barrels of suner-mner elra fancy Western Flour, (Paulo brand,) none teller if any as gocd, Recollect Eicle brand warranted per fect. June II. 1). DAVIS. Mams! I lams! JUS r RECEIVED and for salo by the subscriber, a Tcvv barrels picked Hams, very low also smo ked. June It. D. DAVIS. NO MISTAKE. Smoked Beef 1 also, Poik by ibe barrel, just if'-eivrd for Pile by Jn II, 181?: f), PAVJS mi June 2. ITVf GOODS. LOVELY &. SKYiMOUll AH K now opening a heavy slock of seasonable Goods recently purchased hi New York which are uttered to the puplie at prices which cannot fail to enuro their sale. Among tbemarc, Black, Hhie Black, Blue, Invisible Green and steel mixed Broad Cloths, a Very superior quality of Ca-Mincrc-, Sdk Velvet, Voting", Linen Drilling", Gambrooii-, ondn variety of GoihN for summer wear allow prir-es; l!nnibaqini.', a gontl assortment of m1I; for die 't-9 nnd bonnrli, sntin, Chally, Ulack niidcoloipdAIii.ini do Laincs, a latgelottif Merino Shawl" nnd Ildl.f. drcs IMl.fs. mid 'scarf', silk and linen rami rie lldkl-. a great variety ol Gloves and llosej a lnnru asortnicnl of L'ttglf-h, French, and American cnle-ocs, and mourning calicoes at iinpre celenledly lowprietsj Leghotn, straw and Palm leaf bonnets) a great y.irie y ol Ribbon., Lnrc, Bull lei la , Para .ol-, mn shade., .Mii-lin-,,blcacbeu and milli-aeliel Cottons 3000 rolls paper hangings, lorJerim, louUng gla-cs, rugs, nutt, earpetiu gs, all of winch are for m'e low. June 1,1812. Tin Plato, &.c. 1 n O BOXES Tin riate, 1-3 X. approv'd brands, 1UU 10 do do IX. square, CO Bundles Iron Wire, n-sortcd Nos. 30 do English Sheet Iron, do G Pncks Russia do do 1 Cask Shret Zink. Also A assortment of Tinners' orticlcs. such as Sheet Copper, Sheet Lend, Copper Bolt, etc. uy Ml. A?, i.uu.nia oc. t;o., May 27, 1812. Opposite Pcarl-st. House. Slioctincs. A( BL1S 4-1 Brown Sheetings. ilo. For sale I y VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. May 27, 1312. M 1)IUI'I'r-l) Ky Needles, 150 Gross Hooks nnd Eves. 2uu no. Kiiiinng Tins, 100 Packs American do. 300 do London do. 100 Lbs. m.xcd do. for salebv Mny 27, 1912. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. English nnd Anipricnn Prints. 2 CASES just received nnd for "ale nt low- pri ccs, by May 27. VILAS, LOOMIS St Co. A CASKS TICKINGS, 4lt 1 do Wtlhmilon Fancies, 1 do Blue Drilling, 1 Il.i'c Brown do 1 do Canvass, 10 Pieces Red Pnddini?, For vale bv May !7, 1312. VILAS, LOOMIS if- Co. Comhs. 300 DOZEN TWISt'cOMBS, 100 do Cap do 2300 do Sido do 400 do liory do 100 do Pa cut Hrass do 50 do German siher Pocket do SO Gross Wood do do For sale I y May 27, IS12. VILAS, LOOMIS if- Co. Thrond, Slc. QOPI I',1S- w,," anJ ''ol ti Collnn Thread, JJJ 3 Cases do do Spool do f.O I. lis. Black Linen, do 60 Gross Round Licet?, For sale hv Mny27, 1312. VILAS, LOOMIS it. Co. Silks. CAE Pongee Silk, 20 Pieces black, blue black nnd figured do 20 lbs. India sowing do 20.0CO Skeins American do. For sa'e hv Mav 27, 1312. VILAS, LOOMIS A: Co. FcallitT.-?. Q()() LBS. Goe-e Feathers, warranted of superior quality and country col'cctiin. 1000 Lbs. Hens' Feathers, fm sale by May 27, IS42. VILAS, LOOM IS it Co. Dissolution. VfOTICB is hen by given that tho copartnership Is hcrolntoio existing between Georto Ayers and William Vcruinn, under the fiim of Gnoaon Avnns it Co., is this day by mutual consent dissolved. All pereons indebted to -aid linn ore reque-li d to cill upon George Ayers, with w hom are lelt ill the hooks nnd demand- of said firm, for settlement. All per- sons having claims ncninst said firm are requested to present lliem tutlie sua ocorgo .ivcrs lor p-iviiient. GI'-ORGi: AYF.RS, Milton, May 17, 1S12. WM. VP.R.MAN. "I'tie liusmrss will herentler be carried on as usual at tho Storo funnel ly occupied by George Avos and Co. m Milton, by Gr.ORGI. AYP.RS GlAallJltOONS-Lincn Drill, Moleskin, and a I" creit vane'y ofother sum nor goo Is, very cheap. 7IU:-iII TIIAS-Ground Spire, Coiree, Prune, X Itais ns, PigSj Currants, ipc. ipc. at June 3, 1812. S. B. SCOTTS. Y A NKBH IXVnVTIoy. Patented in the U. States and England ; Woodward's Shielded Victoria Shawl and Diaper Pin. , "'I ho Vicii rm P.i'enl Sh e'Mcl Pj'n was ad'V'.el ' V nor.watt-iy m inr inn .i, .i,i,-i.iii , iroin tne perfect mvi rity ex-i-ndel ly il to the Royal Infan nsnin-t tbo i nipiric iiieiileiit to'ibe use ol' ihe orh nary pin, whetl rr li ed in lb Shaw's of iln' Nor e or I lie Diapcr.ol the Royal Infant." I hi. Pin 1-ju-l llii ariu-ie'.cu. .-j-mii at itii v arieiy niore. June 3. I'ANGBORN & UlilNMAID. LAW PMflWICIlSlllP. niHE undtr'Hrno l. havitir-lurincd a eonnr'nir-hn A in Ihe t raeiK-o ol law, will civeiir'umit aticn'iou nil Im-incsi tnlru-to.1 to incui in inenner.i tneir rofctioa. WILLIAM P. BRIGuS, UinVAICI) A. SI ANSUURV Birlinston, V. J -nc 1-'., IS 12. STRAYIB) frt.m lb tuh-ri' er a! out a wed since, a I row-n mait- a' out 12 jear. ol I, blind m th; lelt evnam ha- .1 sh1 rt swi'i-h tad AI-o. a sorrel mare about 10 veari old, wuh spavins cn her les. and on tirea-i. Any iniormaiion ruaung 10 inen-ove ill le suitably paid lor. JOHN BHUN1-LU lliirlington, Junu2, IS I. WaierSireet Pasturing 'OR Hrr es onJ Coy.- to rent. Apnly 10 Jl May 31. li.Lr.AvlNwonTii 17RF.SII Teas Siitrar and Dry Grocerio , Just ro . ceiv-ed and for tale low by June 3J. LOVBLY &Sr.YMOUR. NOT1CR. THE Copartnership beri'tolore exi'ling 1 etwrcn tin. .iili-i-nt rr. undi r the linn t f B irnell Al H ir- i. tin. day d -si ve.1 by niJlual eon-cut, and nil par-tins indolted to -aid firm, or having demand n?aint the sainuare hive'iy noiihed and reni.e-tel e-.tle ihe same wuh Lyman B irge-swho the on, j- one auUiorited to iciiieine fame. WILLIAM A. Ill UNbl 1, lil.HA.N Milton. May -20. 1S12. The Subscriber oflers for sale a ceneral assortment of Dry anil IMmestic liooiis, nroau cioins, Lnssi. meres Sniiinells Silks, Ribbons, llunnctls, Dry Gro. cones,.lIirdware nnd l rockery nn tne most reason able terms lor casn or most Kinns 1 1 i ro nice. Milton May 2G, 1312 LYMAN HUllOKSS, t HOCK F.RY. A LARGE and splendid assortment or Crocket y of new and beautiful pnlterns lor sale low- by June2nd IS 13 LOV1.LY iv SF.Y.MOUR. (."heap Groceries. HYSON, Young Ilvon, Hyson skin, Toa'-iy and P. uchonirTi'i-. Porui Rico Sasar. boat. Lump, and I'owiterej no. r. 1(. .noiu-ie-, i-innem syrup, mo aiid.Iava Co Ice, V". ite, .Yeu Orleans Sudoral cheap as the ehenrst, for sale by June 3. S. M. POPB. LIGHT! LIGHT! ! ALL who wish lo light (hop-, stores or put lie binlhn--., cheap and well are uivnisl to call and ice Gold's I heme'. it Oil and Lnuip.. The Oil i. 73 -t. per call' m ml 1 wdl givn more light ibin S2 worth of Limp Oil, Lamp, and Oil mid vtiel.s and Glas-e for saleat the Vaneiy Sloro. June 3. I'A.NGHORN & BRINSMA1D. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE an 1 well selrclrd assortment, consist- XV. ing of Gilt, Mjhosan'i and Gilt, .Mjharani, and Pancv friunid I ookinn Glasses, for ss'o at greatly rediicul prices al ihe Hardware Store, Corner of uimreii ami uonege .-., uy iv .u 1 iiuii. CA IIIIDS, Gardner Brewer's N. England Rum, sw ai) I'ipcs and (lall 1'ipes American uranay., 40 do do Baltimore Gin, 10 do do 'Pellcvoisin' Brandy, 6 do . do ' Swan' Gin, 10 Hhds. Si. Croix Rum, 30 Hbls. Sherry and Madeira Winss, 33 do Malaga do fi do Poit do 31 Dee 1311 by J. V J II. PECK (V Co. PECK & SPEAR, wholesale dealers In English, French, India and American DRUGS. Atso.-DnUGOIST'S GLASS WARE. Burlington, Vt. SOMETHIlTGr UTEW. Chairs! Chairs! I Chairs! II Tho snb'cribcrs having e!nblMn-d thcm-clves m the Chair Making and Chair Pninting huine, Imvo n'.en the shop fonuer'y occ qiied by Johon not' if' Mlandiartl, two doors South of tbo County Hi use, Church slrce', Iliirlinatrin, 'where lln-y lu'cml to nianufactnre nnd oiler fi r ale n com. ple'e as-oitinent t.f Chairs of every elu-e-ription, al Mich prices a" rannnt, fill to givo satt-fjcticn. Seme.-, Settee Ciadles ami Solas ol all Und- madolo order on short notice. Al-o. old Chairs and all kinds of Fiirni'uro repaired nnd painted or var- licit and niailo to lor li a well a- new. J. H. The hizhest liriecs wilt 1 1: paid for good Wood Plank, plain and curl Maple, I'eu-h, Birch, and Pine li'imlur, and mo"! kind-of countrj Pioduee in exchange for Chairs, and cton cash or I nuk bills will not 1 e refu-ed. Give us a call, l-udic- and t.en'lrmen, PICKldtlNU h THAYrrt. Builincton, May 25, IS 12. ollf. LUMOXN. KCi ROXF.S of Lenidis in prime order, for sale al UU New York prie-an l fre-icbt, l y Old Dock, Mny 27. 10 1. LI. I I if. HKADI.EV . CODVUSIl. A FRI'PII supply and a plimo nrllclc for sale by X Old Dock, .May '27. r OLLK'ITif. IIBADLLY, LElllGII COAL. IIIB S ib-eriHr. have a supply of Le liiirh Coal, which they tu or nt leduied price.. Old I'oi-I.-, May 27. FOI.I.17IT BRADI.BV. SHINGLE. CZ() THOUSAND good prime Shingle, mrsale vc- t v ry low i y S. WALKf.R. Mny 2 1. May '2'yth, 1842. Messrs. IWNGIIOllN & IHIINHMAII) WO L' 1. 1) inform their e-ii-toiner. and the put he that llu-y have ju-t roicivod fiom England n variety of Pa cut Lever Wa'etie- nnd .Movi-ineni. made epre-ly for them, si mo with their name and ome Willi Ilia mii-cr f name upon incin. Per-on-. ,-i'Iiing H cetanooD waten, gel I or liver, inayi'cpend upon (.burning "nu which will nil them. Wo invro ihe attention ol" judge to our tl'Crn ra-'ortinent of fine iimihi-'d aeeuraie running a--hi-. Gold an I .ilver Spe.-taeY", gold and silver IVneil., Chain-, Key-, Broaehe-, Kin j-, Pins, Loehets, tn.ii-, etc. . ,. Ca-tor-, Corce r dierer-, Uo' tc ami lea i'ct, lien Pan, jloia-'C. Cup-, '1 mnl ler.-, small Lnup-, Isoup ad'es, ?ai: Ha-I.e's, to. .ililllary i.oous. Sword-. Kiianleile-, Sa-I.e-, Pla'.-j-, Plumes, But- ten-, Belts, Pi-tol-.if-e. I'latcii i.ini'1'. Rih Cake Ba-Ke!-, Cnnille-ticl,-" Sn'i fer and ray, a-lor-, lea apri n-, v-iinin apoun-, o ' iv.'-, Nut Crael.ers, Ghildreirs i-ip-, eve. auiuiis ,-e may Le fu-n l-ouieverv ru b good-. Silver Ware. I'ei an lTa' If Spoon-,'l ong-, cream .porn., ;.sert Spoi n, M"-t.nd aitd Salt .Spoon-, Silver i,i-, Tliiinb'i s, Snuff H".xe-, Vinegureite.,Tivceer-, . Spoons audi bun1 les ma ! in tho shop ol terhug silver, mart ins fitr. Ilaiilwaro.iml l uiieiy. Pen and Poo'.et Kn ve-, R11701-, ci -rr-.twee er-, iiel'le-, N it Crnc' trs and Pn-kcr. Povvdcr 1-in-k-, s-hoi Bis., .tei'l Snceiai-Us. (-haul-, hey., Ilia-. Can llu ticks, S in.fcr.uud I ray-, s e.-l b-i 1 k-rj, Jap anned Travs anilMt 1 i-r- anu varum. oi.ier uwus rci-ltimcry, Hair tins, cvr. r.irrina'. i-eiriini' German Culugiic, No, 1 nnd 2, .avi-u er, nav vva-'.-r, iio-e, inniv, mi" ouir -- trii-..,Jiyue - l oun-, li inn 1 1 i.oium' 111,11 1 mo, ear, Ward'-, .llacea-.e r unJ oilier i,.ur uu-, roma- tum, nho, uiun i ia icr, q-i-. Lamp V icki ami iiiasscs. Gold'-Chi'ini al Oil nnd, iiea cr, ehea-er and I i"ier than any 11 her I ind loi shoji-, itore. und eh ribc'i. Per-ons wi h 'ilo liabt theirs ore-1 i-aii- iifully an 1 eeunnin mount id to i-xainiuie -oine of the Lamp- now- m if-eat our storo overy cveniuj. Variety. Muie B.uei. Jlelnban-, 1" ules and Accord'' ins, some beaunbil 0111.-, 111--. Viol-, Water level., 1 her-inometer-, coiiviTsatton and visiliu Cards, plavms; to., Parlor llall", Grace. Ilnon., llatt'e Ion-, r an-, Minwl-. Duuer. Hnir and all kmd- Pins and Nei-dle-, I'arJ I'a-es, Snap', ivory fornix, horn and bell Comb-, Hra-lit-. Coni'iehauer-. S-alm-r Wax, Sill; Guard-, Whalebone, Pain Strap-, Cigar Cvo , u-h line- and hook, Cane-, Cap Spnnj-, Twine. Dress Slocks, Uy ron Collars stc. Saltn, silt, nnd boml az.iie Sloi'!.-, siimun.r Stoel's, ar!-, ite. of I i-autif il -lyle-nu I rich pattern-, linen dollar-, poure I, squire and rounJ, Byron Collar.-, 'ant Straps, Su. ponders, A-c. Toys. Gin, Sword-, Marble-, Dolls, Beo, Calc'do- ram 1-, I r iniiiet-, Has u'-. Day'. I'm La-e-, rarlor Hall-, Balloon-, wo -lly D m-. Hoijcs. Cow-.., an I many oilier Cli'ldren-' Moy-. Various Things. Dianion I Cement, a.-revv Sa-.I , S -row Cushions, ivhuo Wax, jdv-er pint, ICu-ve., li-h S'uivi-, Pre-imi -'all-, Al in-on's I rpilatory, and a ve-ry auat vaneiy of o-lier troo Is. Ve weni'd it'-pecifu'dy inform 1 inn-ends and cu lor er-, and all er-oii.' vi.-ituii: o r, thai we are e-on-taut y r. Ihpg lo o ir ii'-ori- inent, and thn' 11 never was be-ter th in ai proem and wo shall le hippy 10 .-ell toii'iywho may p.f-i e .o ett nnr at prn t-i niai lan liar uy 1.111 to 1.11. 1 111 so who aie not 111 q lainti'd with i.p, vv ilh o ,r gi od- an 1 price., arc invited to em nn.l see lor ihom-e've- rim not tnu "hear-say stories." our ul .eel I- io sivuie ii ruiancnt cii.tninw-: io do it we expect lo give a fill equivalent fur all ct-h led vv h u. and 10 tell goid- a. our cii'toniir. will le pk-a-ed wih, when tl.ey srel home and examine lliem and la'se Ihe I'coiiu soi e- ini.iigni." Wati-he. Cloessnnl Ji'-.velry, eleanc! and rc.isir- e I I y e.xpeni-ii'-e.l wor'.ini-u. Cah paid for silver. LSI New York style of Prenrh Ki I Slips, io j isi received by l.viay a. v.. suu rr. l'iisliionalilo Llals. 2 CASES J. d B. Lnnwer s warranted Hats, cheap for cash, nt Mny 27. S. 11. SCOTTS. 11ROADCLOTI1S, Cassimercs, Sattinelts.Ae. Ac. i cheap, by May 27. S. II. SCOTT. shoes. BLACK and colored Half t. alter', Flench Kid am) -prinir heel sups, W. II ins Sine-, Mi nV P nips, Mi-e- Slips nnd did Iren's bin i , ofG.N. I'arc well, manu'ai lure, iu-1 riseiveil am! for sa'eis cheap a- Ihe chea.'e-t. May 27. II. W. CAT1.I.V l'lorcnco lJonne-ts. CSB Poreiice Ural.l lb nin'K, new shape", cf all qualities .end pr-wc, ojienei nu- oay t'V May 28. II. W. CATLIN, Ktt'diotn Hals. CMNGLE nnd double brimmed colored and while U Leihorn Hats; cold and while Palm Lal lints, a large nssortiutnt, very cheap, uv .May 2C. II. W. CATLIN. PARASOLS. ICH figured Brocaded, China and p'ain silk Tar i ' a ids nil prices and colors, bv May 20. II W CVI'LIN. Fare well's Mious. BL VCK and colored hair Callers, M.lses do do Kid Slips, Fiench Biibkin Shoes, Morocco do Children's do. Men's Pumps, , e, just received nnd for sala cheap, 1 v May Ifi, 1812. S. M. POPE. rPHE sub-criber has just relurne from New Yotk jl with a general assortment ot Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery and Hardware. Also, I'lotir, Pork, Salmon, .Mackerel, Codfish, dc which ho will sell a cheap ns the cheipest. HORACE LANE. Biylington, .May 2.", 1S12. Gl:1w DUUG.S &. MEDiClNES. T II B subscribers are continually tuunhrd with I every artiele in the al ovo branch, both of the Ullipinai ami fauni Kimts. .iicflicinal waters from Saratngii do. rrnm Caledonia, Canada: Medical Wines nnd Spirits i Leechesi Surgical Instruments Mineral Teeth, ifcc. c. Prescriptions put up at the aiiortesi no ice. Shop open at all heurs. TECK & SPEAR, Apmbecaries. liurliiigtm, VI PLASTER. a TONS rresb Ground Plaslfr, by 30 Dec.'-H. J. it J, II PecBuCo. O ti BOXES Hunch ttaisms, iwU 10 Kegs Malaga do ' 15 Hags .Madeira Nuts, 12 do rdberts, 15 do Brazil do 10 do Almonds, by 30 Dec, 1S41 J f J. H. PECK if- Co. flyNBW CASH STORK THE Subsciibers respectfully inform tho inhabi tants of Burlington nnd vicinity that thoy havo commenced business in tho Sloro rrrcntly occuuiod hy MrHraman, Bookseller, on College street, fbu chief Lranch of their business will comi tin French Dry Goods. Being confident that through so many means and faci'itics which thoy have for futnishini; their Stotu with lb" most fashionable articles, and that llieir nr ccs will suit all who may favor them with n call, they respectfully solicit a share of public patronage. They also have for sale a general assortment of su perior GROCERIES, which they t.flcr for the lowest prices. OSTI1EI.M & MICHOLLS. Burlington, Mny 10, 1312. FOR SALE OR TO LET. HOI SI.' Also a snia.l HmlJinir Lot. May 20. ' C. BHS NS. A PAPER. C GOODRICH has pi-t received from ihomnmi- far turn--, 2 fa-o-'of blue hid Cap utid Lcttet paper. Mav 13. ROOKS AND PAPER. THOSL vvl-hni 'o l,ny Boo' s and Paper for rash, pro luce, or on credit V',l ilii.l a good -toek and h' tln-'irown prices, bv cal ing al the old stand, UP STAIRS. May l'S. G""L Oil LS.-A pair of 13 inch Glutei on hurl; fstanels, a Utile ii'i-d and in good order for Mle ver low, by Mny 18. C. GOODRICH. SPRING ARRIVALS At Head luni-tci-o, Nn. IO, AVatcr-jlrcct. NO MISTAIUi!! DAVIS i-now truly nt homo, nnd would return his gra'cfid acl'iiowlei'gtiient. totl.e p'ibli gen erally forthe veryliberal pitronaru he lias rercive.1, and "liope--by a strii-l niteniion to b'i-ine.3nnd ado tt'tminanon to plea-e, tint he may tueril a i-ontmu-nice of tho-ame. Ilo would s'n'lc thai be has ju t rn-wito I from New Yen I.-, Bo-ton, AP any an I Troy, I'lUin the laic t uuportnti n lar-i; and'cencral a' . irtment of Pre h Good-, w hu h, in addition 10 h t former .toe .,111 ii.eai'omp'u'ens-ortuient.cGiiiprUln a!mo.-t uvery article ofhnulv 'pply. ite. Sm. One Cent Rewetrd will I cciven toany pi-r-on w how-ill lind at any other -tore a. great a var eiy nnd welltclecled assortment as ran be lo in I at DAVIS'S. Plea-e call and examine fir your-olvc-, and yoe will not :tu away di-appuin!ed. .May 20. Nova Scotia Plaster. ryilE Subscribers are this day receiving fresh a 6ti upplv of N'nvi Scotn Plaste-, nnd will com tnence grinding at their Mill nt Ibo Palls on Monday next. FOLLEIT & BRADLEY. Burlington, Slay 20, 1312. SAWS. I ENGLISH Cnst Steel, cross cut. li Hoe & Co 's do circular, from 3 to 10 inches Rowland's Mill. Just recr ived and for -ale. WM. J. HUNT. Rlronas Builrlinsr, College si., n-ar the S'l -arel Burlington, May 19, 1812. Simmons' Tools, rF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, just received nnd fo V.' felle by WM. J. Ill NT. Burlington, May 19, 112. Slrongs Building. (Jitst Steel, 1 ISUP.t SONS o kbrated Cnst Steel, just rccciv .1 cd mid for silo bv Vv'.M. J. HUNT, Burlington, May 19, IS-12. Slrongs Building PL O U R . RF.SII Ground dour received this diyan 1 for sala by May 20. D. DAVIS. Clover and Herds (Jrass Seed April S. by J. & J. II. PECK& Co. BOARDING HOUSE. 4??oVl '1 he S h crd er -till i-i 111111111"- hi. board ms In 1 1: nt the foot of College street, ,stJ'l' niiip iti Sln.inp,. n 111 1 Wll u-e hi- I e-t ii uVVS eytrtiiin to crr.e .ati-l.i'-tioii to iho-u ' ; "Ki JtS!rf.vl whoinuy fi.-or him with their patron ise lie his al.-o several conveuu-nt an 1 srvnteet Room- t'."-'. JOSHUA UOANE. Ayrd2Ch lsM2. TO PRIN'TERS. YTTANTLD, a PRESSMAN and COMPOSITOR, V by C Goodncli. Jlay 5. FARM FOR SALE. J&r FOR SALE, that well known Farm sit Is" i'l'&i ual1'1' in JI l,on' "bout ono mile limn the Jsri tijipcr Falls, formerly owned nnd occupied liiS-3?- bv the Rev. S. R. Crane, coiitnining be tween 27"nnd 300 nores of land, compri ed m part of mowing, ullage and pasturintr, and goi d wood lots and silaar orcdiard. Said farm is well watered, Inn two good dvvellm-' houses, ono of which is of brick, ihe other of wood, both in (mod rcpairi three gool good barns, ono ofvvhu h is GO by 4 i feci, the others 30 hy -10 feet ; a horse 'barn nnifolhtr out buildingi with nood yards nn I water brought into them and to theh'iufcin Ion-, and also three pood wells of water on tlu farm; brim; a desirnble situation for a man who wnnts to raise neit stock or sheep or both, or is an exei'lh nt farm for the dairy business. Thosn wishim; to purch iso such a farm would do well by applyi'i'i soon to Jo'.iu nnd .lame" Mi rton on lbs piein si s. or to Gen. Wm. Nash of New Haven. Milton, March 21, 1SI2. 42 tf Itos on Garden See's. Q POXES Gird, n S"cds tiotn Yankeo Farmer Oilier, Bosun, for sale by C. GOODRICH. .May 4. Also, W'-iito M"ulb ry Seed, Ruta Bin Sel. (Scotch purple loc) nge Seed, nt one fircrth the usual price. Pes errien's American Gark-ntr. TAKEN7 UP n' -i-r.'i-r cn ila'31-t of May Iat, two mare-, one a' o..t nn year, old and lla: Lo-lu'n-r ha- a sir pr in the fai c. T Y the l .. nei rther five i if o-vuiti- ret .e-ir 1 to prove r"'ierty. tiav ehtrin and lake ile.n aw ay JOSKPII COLVEK. il hi-ter, June 1, ISIS. nl DISSOLUTION. Tlio pi bhe arelu-rJ y noti liod that the ti r i il tf B men and Siwyer, lately 'ing l ii-iiu-. a- meridian's al Milton Fall-, Vt. wa oiyi'l t v tn-ituni eon-enl on ipcfc'h oayol Janu f, A. D, IS 12 : an 1 the debt, due -ai l linn are as r.icdlo JedSawver. WM. . BFRNiriT, JED SAWYER. Milton, Junes, 1312. nl COMMIS-IONF.R'S NOTICE. JV. the Sid seril er-. havinff been aipoime,l by ih llnuira' le il.e Pro! uU'Co iri for tin, Di-tnct Cluuenden, comnItll.ner. 10 receive', examine id ndjit-l Ihe i-l.t'tn- nnd demand, cf nil per ons ?am-t the e-tnie ofJaeol llin-ibll, lale ol St, George aid di-'ii'-l, i e. ea ed, rcpre euteil lu-olvent, and -e alt claims and dcmaii I- exbd neil in od'.cl thert--1; an.l Millionth, from the day ol" ihe da-c hereof mr allow-cd bv 111 H onrt fur lhal purpo-c, we do tiieirlbri' here' give notu e, ihat v.e w ill attend to 1- 1 11-ine-. of o ir ,i; "intn i'iit, nt lbs ilvvelling ( '.es S. II 111s thi'l, in Si. Geur-ji' 111 M'tJ di-tnct. on the e. oiii Ti e-diy. e f .1 dy and November next, a: 10 iVi'i'k, A. M., on (lib id -aid days. Dated tins Hiln.ayol Mav, A. I. Rl-.l HI N LOi ICWOOD, i CommL- ut InAAC HKillLr, ( sioner. m:v AM) CIIU.ll HAND. VA HE. OUTLEKY, &0. riHIE sui scriber having just returned from Now 1 1 r 1 . wii.'ie lie tins seiecteu a new aim com plete nssoilmiiit 111 II AKIMY AK1-,, MAUI LLRY HARD WARE, t CILERY, c. now offers the same at the low cm cash pi res. Fnmi tne facilities which he has of obtaining h.e goods, bo is enabled to olfcr Uardware nt consider nbly lcs prices than it has hitherto bocn sold in Ver mont, Those in want rr nrtrlfs in the above lino wit find It thoir interest to give him a call. v .t. j. m-.vr, Strongs Building, College St., near the Square. Ruth'igtun, May IP42. 33. G. EiATEaSJUX, l)KAlt::t AM) T.lII.Ott, HAS just n turn -it from Ne'.v Yotk with the SPRING FASHIONS: n'so, .1 superior an. tollmen! of TRIMMINGS, VLSTINGS, fee. 'Imp in (.hutch street, nearly opposiic ihe llmk of -May lit, 18-12. r PO LI T. The lot of Un I an 1 one Home on Pearl X Sirret, known a- ihe .Mun-on lei. Inquire 114 above. LYMAN $ COLE'S, Lat e-' rimuie KidTie-, " Kid Tie. and Slips, " Hlack and I'oli.rivUloih Oaitcrs, Chll'"rcn's i-oloitsl Gaiters, " Bronte, " Bai l. Kid Booteix, Gi nt'i. Kid and Mi rotvo Pumps. -May IS. GLASS. ftTv Bojic. Ghss of dnlerenl s'res s,nil nual. ue-, for sale I y S. WALKER. WJNES. Ti "1 Qr. Cs. k rf vtrvboi.-o WjneB el JiTsrent 43 kind., 0 1 vale ' j- j Isf 8 J S, Wtf KUi,'

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