Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 24 Haziran 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 24 Haziran 1842 Page 1
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It. A NOT THE G L O H Y OP CiQSAH COT TUB WELFAnn Or HOME, ' amrTMiiti.i.iit hi 11 urt.'cLtM m.i'-uwwr, i 1 iTroaMMrrCTTMaiinin;,rmim wr- "ZZZ. r 111 mi miiimii imimiiiiimimiiiihimmi iiiiwiiiibiiiimiihi imiw t VOL. XVI. Jill II L I NOT 0 N VERMONT, FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 1842. No. 3. EXCHANGE HOTEL. Water street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf Ilurlington, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HAllT. THIS etablihmcnt, o lavor.ihly located for llie ai-commeidiition of tho litnc unci travelling community, 1 neiw open to tin; puhlie-. Po-t Conches upon the various route call at the Exchange Hotel lor passenger, and ilmse arriving or departing by Steam lloat, in which evu their baggage 1 icmnvcd "without charge, will find this hou-e peculiarly to their gtir.vcn'ence. The keeper tender hi ervioo., with the assurance', mat in an rcpcct, the liou shall ile-ervu the lavor wife considuralion of all who may pjtrunite it. ilurlintoti, April 1, IS 12. 43!f. AMERICAN HOTEL AND GUN Hit AIi STARK IIOILSE, BURLINGTOiN, VT. THF, subscribers have lcns"d fur a term of years this well known splendid establishment, winch is very plcasmtly located in one or the most delightful villascs in Norm .America. 1 lie several line e( stages arrive at and depart from this house daily. This Hotel ifuriifhed in the best order, and well supplied with the choicest that the markets afford. They will be happy to see their friends and all who may favor mem wun iiicir pr,ironapc. fS'Camagcs always in attendance at the Steam Doats. S. W. TAYLOR. WARREN F. SH.VTTUCK. Ilurlington, April 29ih, 1812. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney anil Coiinsclloral law, TWO DOOBS EAST OF TIIL TOST OtTICE, I P STAlnS. Refer to Messrs. J. iV J. II. PECK & Co. Nov. 19. A. ROBERTSON, llnrrlstrr antlAttoriiey nt Law, (talc in the t;lliceothc Am. Solicitor (Jen'l Day) LITTLE ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, 1 Nov. IS II. Reference in llnrtmgtnn, to fUIARl.ES ADAMS, Esquire. 21 PECK & SPEAR, wholesale dealers in English, French, India anil American DRUGS. Auo, DRUGGISTS GLASS WARE. Hurlingtoii, VI. NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. B.WOODS WOl'Ll) ro-pecfullvintorm the Ladies anl Gen tlemen of Itirimglon and ieinily he ha reivutly nis'iied an o-tal haliim-nt where he will man ufacture, (wholesale and retail) all kind- of work in the Shoe line. He ha jim iccened fn in New S'ork the pie out stylo ol La-Is, I ope: her with a dunce se lection of SioVk. Ilewdl keep cini-lantiy on hand an I m.inuf v-lurc to order all kind of won. " gut up" in lhi country; among which may le found Grin' Calf, tial, Seal and liaut-r lluol l.aJiesUiailcr-, lli-k n-, Walking -lio--, Mi;;-, e-c. &m. Also, c and kip Hoots, I oth fur men an I hoys ; and clnNren', Shoes of all kinds. 4l'lca-e L'lvc hun a call, two di or West of tin' Pearl Slrex-t He i c, at the sirnof the "Uig limit." II irliuirton, JLtv, 1310. " 50 f. WflV FASM0M3 AMD NEW GOODS' TliCMib-criberha- 'l-l retilrueJ Irooi .New Vork with well -ele Med a--orl-ment of wool dvnl CLOTHS and C .SSIJIUI.CS ! Also, Summer (loads, Ve-tins- and Trim ming of the viry lest quality. The al ovenrticlc were pureh.i-ed Willi car 'and noli n poor lltll-tOlOljt'lUliU I III he lot. FASHION AND STYI.H I'or the aned. Middle am J, and the Yann;; The Miliscrjber particularly rcciu-'sthe aitentiou in young gentlcnieii to tne lvle oi urcs- mm rn-i (ioals liLj.i.- in fan ..l:i.h.liliieiit this S tiring. Gen tloineu inoieadvaiKcJ iii life can lie lo'coniinodalcd eiih L'nrnieniK rdaouO to iheir ase. ncncral iioucai- anee, be. d:e. Mire thin usu il p im taken a-to t-vf, eiise and eoniforl. Having oMuuic. 1 the l.ile-t improveineiits in the arlof t lining au l .vtaliiug gen tlcinen'- garments of ell I iad-.iV I y iiiiilatiiiKthoiuo-l ui'-im-sful of City Tailor- incoiilmiial nniuoveineut from timeto'tiuie, the c ik-eril er tru-t- th it In- i-tab-lifhineiit will le found one of the very l.c-t in Ihe country. JAMES M1TCIIFLL, Ur.iper andTador. N. II. TVo ri-k to the. ca-loiner atlht! above c-tab-li-huieiit. Giiiih'iiien not a-kedto Ui.c . girinent unle-s luted. Burlington, 13 May, IS 12. -IS ' DENTISTRY. JIdiWIS V .1. It. XI( HOI.S have asso- ciated themselves in bit-mess fur the accommo dation of those who havn not the opportunity of calling at their residence. Mr. N. will spend most of Ins time in visiting the villages in tins anil tne adjoin ing counties, and will perform all operations on the tech necessary for their preservation. Mr. N. will also prepire the month fur the reception of artificial teeth : tak.c models, and transmit them to 31 r. Lewis, the celcbro'ed mei lianical dentist, who will always beat home, and wlio-e uniivullci success, and un wearied exertions to nlcase. will eusure the public bet tcr work than can bo procured elsewhere. Our mode of setting is far superior to any other in point ol looks, convenience, nnd durability. Any one wanting teeth ran come one day with a mouth full of decayed teeth, and return tho next xvi h a new set. Prices suited to th times and circumstances. All operations war ranted. J. LEWIS, J. 11. NICHOLS. Tlurlingion, Vt., May, 1812. BOOTS A1TD SHOSS. GENTLEM EN'S Summer Hoot , some low priced. Also, most ,Uiid3 of Hoots and jjK&gi Shoes suitable for tho u0 "'nasonfor iiien.vvoincn, and boys or girls. Work as usual done to order. .1 AMi;S II. 1M.ATT, Corner of Church and Cherry Streets, lluthngton. May 12, 1842. SOMETHING S.TE7f. Chain! Chairs'! Chairs!!! I'l.o o.l,.erdH-rs baVlUL' tMahllidied ih -elves III Ibe Chair .Making and Chair Painting hii-iucs, have llaikttr.i. hirlilirll(CC lined by Johun. noK ! lllanchard, two doors South of tho (Jouiuv Hi use. Church hlicct. Duriiuuiou, wiiero iney nucim m inauufaeiuie m 0,.t f(,r .ale a com. pletn usMiiiimm 0f chairs i t every de-cription, ut meh prices u ctinnot i, i ' v ', , lllll 10 Ki MllM.ielll,n, .jellec Setlee Cradles and Solas ol nil l.iml made to order on short notice, ai.o. ol Oh.nrs and all kinds of Furniture repaired nnd panitul or var ..! i ...i ...i ,Ia iii look us wel as new. N. II. 'lhc highest pruus will If paid for good , in...... ..I.i.t nm furl Mni.lp. It..-., a. lias XVOOI1 I lain., I" - r. i nr.,.. I and ino-l kinds of countrv- I're!uce ia exchungo for Chaiis, uud even ei.hor mm mm turrual bank bills win uoi no tciu-u... fi,.-f a call. Lad.en and (icntlcnten. Give ii a tan, i.t;K1;ItiM; & TUAYr.H. n,l ..eon. Ma- 91, '81J. 31U. ,.i n l n MOHAWK AM) HUDSON KAII.-ltOAl). NOTICE. For the accommodation of na-senr-crs desirous of taking Hie seven o clock line ol steam lloats front Albany, (which went into operation on the 20lh in stant,) n train of Railroad Cars will start from Sche nectady, daily, at 55 o'clock 1'. 31. iliiinii; the con tinuance of the nlovu arrangement on the. River. Ry this arrangement. patcugcrs may leave Saratoga Spring nt 3 fio 1 o clock 1'. Jl. nuil leach Albany in time for tho boat, which will save travellers from tho north, the expense of remaining over night nt Albany or TroV. Ily the existing aiinngeiiicnt, cpi 7.emsof Saratoga arc-obliged to leave hoincnt 7 o'chu l in the morning, to take the steam boat at Albany at 7 1. 31. 1 (37 miles via Rail-R. ml II!) juji.n. i.o.NTHiAN, Superintendent. April 22, 1342. 842. IVoitSiprn 1 raiispoi lalion I,inp. ISAAC V. BAKER "y ILL continue the I'OKWAlMH.Nti lU'SlXEPS alio Clianiplaln, Nurtlicrn Canal, anil Hudson lllver. I'eeminc it imiioriant to leinin ihcdlfl Cnvtoinei-s of the Line, ami add new one-, l.o will me hi- be-t mleavor- to .-ali-fv all, and pledge Iii'iiit'I to in- ciea-e hi-e.erlion-In iiiuiuoie the m:eic-t- ol his employer- by doing all bu-'iie.-.- en!ru-:ed to In1-. euro Willi ib-iialch ami mfelv. 'or Vi igi apply to t'. I!. .I.vniii, Ci.i'inic- Slip, I'oiT. Catliv, 33 Ci cniie- Slip, New York. C 11. llAIINI-.l. 101. 1','er. Allntie. 1 . V OVI 1 I I li, (it, I ki:n, VTiov. .mo.v, ) J. II. Hooki: L. A. Oviiu: I. . IIakuii, dom-lock'- Lan bur- and W'liiiclnll. 1 I r & H!tAIM.I:l, llullllllJIUl. A. I. Laud, I'lait-bi.rL-b. At.t.r.N ( uM Ti iK, I'oi- Knit. .1. C. I' & Sov, St. John-. (Cy i'rov olli c I.m Uiver-slieel, up -tairj. Whileliall, April 1 H 1. IIUOKI.'S ESSI'M'I. OK LII'L'. A t ab able .li Mi-heiiic, whirdi, if nalillv applied, will le the iiitMu-ot -aving tfiouuiid- from an nuliimly rravc. It ha-Icon -old and ii-cd for ilnriv viir. w'nli " ure--, and found verv e'licni'ioii- in ihe f',,llm-im. li-ea e-, viz. Con-u.npiiou, W'lioopiu:! (Tmtgli-, coni- illlill toi.'h., l.o it., dilnViill Illi'.lt iiiil'. Illllucnza. ') un-y, A-thma, l'hihi-ic, Spitting of lllooil, I'latn- icivy, in iige. lion, Loo-cue.- ol the liowel-, I- it- I everv kin I, Cramp-, Rickct-, Colic, Cataiih, Dy-en-tnrv, K.iiiMiii, llypochoii lriae A ivtion-, llcadiiche-, -lekiie at Mouiaeh, .vica-lc, a picvciitivc ol Cou- lagio i-ili-ra.e, i.oitt and Kheiiniali-m. iLj 1 beal'ovc lc licine i-ou'.iaro I Iv llenrc !-ec- mourjofllii.!!, y, Ma . rr,,in the Oriii.iiil R.. -ii'ie, fv tlic.lirecllon ot -anl Jlooro, and -i.l I I y h.m and the iiruuijui iTiim-i-in uic LlllUMr-la'c-. Sold wdiolc-ale mid retail I y l'ei-1, ec .S'jiear. E2 zl il & 3 ES S3 . pum'.u.v emu: for slue hf.adache, which has been uvd in fimillfs ,..,.,l,..r of vvhu-li hns bud sick headache fiom inlaney, ns a const tntionil lamily eoinplnint, noil h is cured i IV, c- tuniv mevi ry llisimcavot Known. aiitouutiiiLr li in i- nyliiindreds. It is not uuplenant to the Inste, nnd doe not prevent thud lily avocations of one u-ing it it must be pet severed in, nnd the euro 1 gradiril, but eirtain and permanent. Instances are constantly uuiltiplvmgvvlierctlu-ilislre-i-uig complaint Is emu oletely relieved and cured, although of vears tnudin; by the use of Dr. Snolin s eelibintid remedy. One decided priferencnisit.s plcastiitne-s, having none of ibe nauseatin:' i fil et of common drugs. It is soperfeetlysatisf ii lory, that the proprietor Ins given directions tor bisagentsto refund the price to my one who is not pleased with, nnd even cured by it. He hopes also llint this may secure it great ben efits tntbe distressed sulli-rcrs who tne laboriugiiuder llealachc. E. SPOIIX, 31. D inventor and Pro nrietor. Sold by COMSmri; .f- CO.. 71 Maiden Lane. Xew York. PECK fit SPEAR, Wholes tie vgents, a few cast of the Pott Ulltee, Hurling ton, Vt. n'J rOCT. 31AI5SHAUS An mifc, Citanli an I J Wcadaclic h.M r r. Hi. - Mm 1 1- - ipcrmr to unv thing yet'ii, lor rem iv:n.' th i trout e-onie ili-ca-e, the Cainrrh, uud :il-o it enld hi ibe li'ad, and lb headache, li omcii and n-ige oui all ob-tMictiou- -ticii-r heu-lhcglau l-,a:idane-a healthy nct'on tolLi1 part- a e'disl. It i- pi rli-cpy lice Ironi any tlungilc'e Icrin - in it- coiuiio-iiion lia-a Ic.i-aut flavor, uii Us inline hatec !tv, afterlcnig u.-cd, is nl grceal lc Price 7 t-ciil- ner ho! lie. Doci. Mar-ball's Ve.'.-ui'i'i' Indian lilack PLASI'Flt '1 hi-Pl'i-tcr i unrivalled for firing -crofuloii- swel Inn-. S'-urv v Sine-. Lanie llack. and ! ie-h o'uul nam- in tin' illc-. lints and Luul s; an I m-Moui lad- t, give relief in local Kbc iti-ni-. If applied to the -iilc,il will cine many ot iliecommon l.ivcrv omplaint and is equal, if not -upcrior, to any thing in ii-e for coin - on the leet ; the v irtuc- ol tin I la -tcr have I eon wilnce I by tho wind- of individual-in the I'ul'cd Slate-, w ho'liavn le-le I Us i-tlhwy. Sold I ylhe pro prietor i Cha-. Ilowen, Middlebuiy, t., and Pi.e i; iX. it', H in, irliugt Vt. he i va ft n 6V n 1: cfa'tionT It has frcq enlly come to the knowledge of the sub scriber, thai empty SiiuH' Jars, with his Label on jhem, havo been bought up for the purpose of selling in thoninn inferior qnulity SiiulI j and abo, thai his SnuU'.hhels have, in srtnie instances, bieit eounlrr feited, or the general disign r.f tho sanio so iuiilatrd as to easily deceive tlie unwary. Iledecnisit, there fore, hi duty to inform purihnserb of tho manner in which they are often imposed upon t nnd he would hereby request lliein to tear oll'or deface the Libels on the oulsideof the Jars, after having disposed of the contents, mi as to prevent further list of the same. A sunaiiie reward win no pain tor such evideneo as will lead to the dotcction and conviction of the im postors. 1 tie jiititscrtacr continues la .watwjacrurr, anil of fers for salt tlie fiilloxcinq articlis: I'ltu; lll'owii Stitiir. icnuino .Maccoboy, ) ro-o American Rappee, nutation do. t flavored. Holland do. Sicily, do, Tuberose. .Maltese, do. St.Omer. Curucoa, do. hiratburg. vnarscsi rovvn suuii. Dcmigros. Natchitochet. lire Virginia. r rench Kniipee, Iloiirhon. Amctienu Gentleman St. Domingo. Pure Spanish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. Slixture. Yellow Snufl, Scotch and ? ,,, Irish Hlacl guard or ? r.,,,.. HighToastS Irish High Toast, 5 hvet'lrriilril.lrna i-ui utievviiiK lonarco. Spanish, Kitcforlj Canaster, Common and Steins. ft. liberal discount inado to wholesale dealers. PETER LORILLARD, Jr., 12 Chatnam-Sl., New vortc. nB7f GOODS LOVELY & SEYMOUR Alt E now opening a heavy .stock of casotia1 le Good- rcecnilv nureba-ed in New York winch nie olle-ieU to tin; puplie at price vvliie h catiuot lad to e nsure their sale. Among them arc. II lack, Rice Hlaek, Hlui lnviMblo Gncn nnd steel mixed llioad ('loth-, a very .iqu-i.or quality ol C.istimere-. Silk Velvet, Ve-ting.. Line-n Drillmgi.. Gami.ruoii. otulu variety of (Joeuls lor Miinme-r wear allow price; lioiuuaqiuc-, ,1 gooo iissorunent 01 ilkslor drc-ti-s and loulicl-, miIiii, I lmllv, Hlaek nud colored .viiisliu 1:0 1,111110s, it targe 101 oi .uyrino Shawl and lbll.1.. ihes llill-f. uii'l hi-ail-, situ mid linen caiiibne lldkl-, a great variety ol Gloves und Hoses a largo nsoitiucut ol l.ugli-n, 1 illicit, and Auicrican calicoes, and liiourning calienes ut iinpiet ledenledly low prites ; Leghoin, sltnw and P.ibnleal bonnets; a gre-at variety ol Itibbont, Luce-, I'ml ltd las, Para-ol., .nil shades, Mii-lin, C.iinbries,ble-aeheil and unbleacjied Cottons ; 3000 lulls paper haugiugs, bordering, .looking i;lase-, rnge, malls, carpctm-,., all of whieh are lev talfc lowt June I, IS . IWOTKIH.-ICPAledicinu is tet known by the 1 1 eitte. It I. Newtoii'- Panacea, or I'urilier ol the lllood. Ihe iinpnrallele.1 and nil iiierea-iiig repiitnlion wdiich this medicine ha-acijair-ed throughout thoN'evv Eugland.Statc-, and the ninny cure it ha- performed, and the great demand made for it by lac advice ofphy-ieian. well nerpmiutoi Willi its preparation, ha iudiced the proprietor to extend its ;l on 1 .1 1 ton to almo-t every town in the en-tern Slate- and the principnl towns in ihe I'uited State.. Tln I'anacei- warrnnied purely vcgetnl liymd is not -urpa--cd!v any oilier medicine ever ollercd to the lallhcled n il cxtcn'ivc -ale nnd Rieat popularily plainly prove. It has within the In-t eighteen month ii i ml its t hou-nnd- of the mo-t ob-tmate ili-ea-c--, a can I e proved by ccrtilieate-? alio ! iironounccd by eminent nnd ic-pcctublc phy-ieians the I e-t iiiedicme in iie. I'-eful mfi rmatinn may 1 c lound in circular containing ceititicatc- of cure and duei'iion for ta king the medicine. The following nppoiuled a?eut. llurlmston. IT. CKimd SI' EAR, 1!. Moody St All nn-, ('urn- and liu-sel Milton, C. Drake Milton I'all-, llurnet and S.nvver Walci ville, l'i-k and lirown, Ilinc borali, Hull and Cook Fairfax, Parker and Jlailii-lil ergeuiie--, Adam- and Murray Cam! ridge, M. Wire I'lidcrliill, M. ( Harney iNorlh Kern-! tircdi, 11. C. Wicker (tcorgia, A. Illi-s Willi-ton, .. Cluttcnilcn Riidiinend, (Irceu it llhode- lolm-oii, (!. L. Warner and C Monition, I'thnn Kniiili Arininglon and Woodvvnr I Fair lield, ll.irnct an I lam-worth. WINDOW SASII ,lut received lo, 211 and 2 17 by U ca-enients ol ash, n firl rale arlicle at 3 J and 3$ ceiil- per liirht ; nl-o all hid uud-ie-, furni-heil 'o or ler. Ticoudcroira black It'll, n lir-t rate urlrde, for a'e very low, together with a ureal vanciv of other nrti- 'c a- theap as can be foini I at nnv other i'-tabli-h- tnent. (ir.n. Pi.Ti'-nsoN. MYSTHItlOUS! A gintleman biloneingto one of tho most ancient and wealthy families of this city.who must he will known to numerous friend' having since the year I81S, up to recently, been bent neatly double, nnd lor teviinl years confined to Ins bed, has been restored to goul health lias regained liisiintuinl enel posiliou and lias tputted liis car lingo, and now walks with ease ! 1 We believe this is tliegcnilenian -own description as near ns possible, and there is no exaggeration m it. We will giv e inqui rers his address, and doubt not humane teelings will excuse the liberty! so that any one iloubtiiit?, may A-noif these 1. ids innttgn lie requests ins name, may not appear m print. Among other instances, .Mr. .In. G. Reynolds, lit Clirislie-stteet, has hem lestored, and will give personal assurances of the ftcts of Ins ease, lloth were rheumatism, and contracted cords and sinews. Ilowhas this I ecu done! Aiisirer. lit lie Imlinii Vrirelttblc I'.lixrr tt- ttrnaUij, and lifters' Xcre and Hone lAnim nl externally. Jan. 'JO, 1811. SolilanlijbuCOMSTfJCK if. C O., 71 Maitltn hanr, Xnc Sort. n'J PUCK A: .STEAll. Wholesale Agent., u few- doors east of the Post Ollice, liurlmgion, Vt. LJUItLING :on ciiAin rACTony f 1 L. NELSON, continues the tw - . business of iiinniifaeluting tcec'! Chairs ut the old s'nnd, of thofol- owing di sci unions : Curl 3!nn!i (ilieiini, Cne Seal, (Common Cane and clng Sent, Large unci Sun Ra s d Si at RockuiL', do do Com mon do, l opinion Dining, eXe. ie. All of vvluili me wanantid a first rale article nnd vv ill be sold at pi ices til eilire.-notld w-ilb the limes. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER REDS, READY 3IADK. Constantly on hand, a siipply of wai ranted Live Creese Feilhcr. which will he s dd low for cash. VANTEI). by the subscriber. Curl and Hird Eve Jlatde, ill livercd at his bluip in Church fil leet. onnosit,. the old Hank. C. L. NELSON CO I' A 111 'uYJi 11 SJ 1 IV. nl'.MlY II. llllSTtYlt'K T. & W. L. -irong having eonnceled I hi ir Tin !iop, will do business in that hue under the nnniooni. 11, 1)01 wie, ec Ci. :r the shop o-cupi I by said H.islwick, where may be found a full nnd cnnipli te a" ortnient of TIN WARE, iiiai.ufactutid expicssly ,,r the retail trade', log.-tlier with (Copper and Sheet lion wink, Stove Pipe, S ovo Timiiuings, ic. All kin 's of Job wotk furni-hed nt short in tiee. Eave troth and co 1 1I11 -tor pire furnished and put up. Copper pumps and hadpipo furnished and set if teipiired. Those who patronize tins branch 1 f business shall, al this simp, ' oqui-kly an 1 well serve I, fur a re-n vri' le en-upeii satiou. 11 II. nOSTWlCICX: Co. Ilurlington, Apr. 10, 1A12. GASH STCE.3. JiOYNTON .S HUHJllTT, (Success! rs'n A.S. ec G.D.Wellcr.) WOl 1,11 rc.-peelfully inform the itih-ibilants of limes' itrgh and tin. adjoining towns that they have commenced nueincss m mo ninra lormeriyeic eupicd by A. S, iV G. I). Wi lier, and are now receiv ing a general assortment 1 f Fancy Dry Gi ods, Hard ware and Gioccrics, whiih they oiler to the public a low as can oc tuireuasi'ii in ine eouniy tor i-asli.-'l hey respectfully solicit a share of public p-itroungo ennlident that their pnees will be fo mil to suit all who may favor ihcm with a call. NOHLE L. IIOYNTON, W1LI.1A3I I1URR1TT. Hinc-hurcb, 3Iny 1, 1R1 . m NO'! ICR. rl'MIE Subsci ibe r would inform tho public, that he J- has on hand a general nt-nttiuttit of Harnesses, Saddles, Trunks, Vulisscs, Carpet HaesAVhim and I, ashes. and numeious other articles in his line of bu-ine, which will be sold as cheap ascan be bought in this vicinity, Flannel, Full Cloth, Lumber, Wood, nnd inot kinds of fanners' produce received in payment, rouup iwo uuum i.u.-i 01 ine 1 est ejiuec. Is also kept by the suhsetiber a few rods East of Ibe Court House, where the public will at all times find a man in readiness to intend calls, and ns good Horstsnnd Carriages a can be found in tho place, nnd al as lair prices. , S, S. SKINNER. Ilurlington, .Muy 5, 1812. ,--'i--7;iO.G-V ID ESPECTIT'LLY inform their ftiends ami tho .Li public, that they have now opened a Livery Sinblo andliavoon linnil ready for iisosomo cxcellentllorses and Carriages, Sit ih ,,lIurnesFe,ie. vv Inch they will let on reasonable terms. Stable nt Hciiiaunn llishop's Hotel, South West Corner Court House Square, iiuruogion. BOARDING HOUSE. 'pill- House is now OPEN for thu reception of i- boarders. All who wish 10 bo ird, are invited to call and examine his house and the peculiar advan tage which its construction and location oiler, for comtoii ami convenience. Terms, very moderatu. May 10, 1812. mEW cash" store uJ" mill! Subscribers respectfully inform the inhnbi J. units of Ilurlington and vicjnity that they havo com nu ll v Mr need business in the Sloro recently iiecupiul lliainan, llooksellcr, on College, sjre-cl. Thu ihicf I ranch of their business will consi tin cti 01 ineir IIUSIUCSS Will I-OIIM 1 in French Goods, !!;,. ,.i-,,lrni tbnl ibroueli so inntiv means nnd faeilitie's vvlneh llicy have for fiiinu-hnl" their Store with lli-j niosl fashionable articles, and that their pri ces will suit all who may favor Iheni with a call, they ..,.1,. l..i,... n tl . r n f tut) .1 ii- nnlrmineo. ...I i Diiiiiw wt .''""" i ' j".r,". . ... perior GROCERIES, which they iflcr for the. lowest. pnees, ()STIli;iM A 3UC110LLS. Punn 'm M vl'M-r, rni'v fiiM navo lur saie a izc icrti iitBuruiicm ui ru It It. ( O 1, It It T 11 .i; Co. MOI'FAT'S VKOLTAIILK LIFE .MEDICINLS. The-u luedii-ilie are indel toil for their name to their niiiiiiS'-t and sensible action in purifying tho pnng and channels of life1, and enduing them with renewed tone and vigor. In many leuidro I cerlilieil c.t-eswhich havu been made put lie, ami in almo-t every specie ofdi-ea-i! to which thu human frame I-liable-, the; happy c lee-It of Mot l'VT's I. tin Pn.i, ano Pipf.nix IllTTf.n have been gre-alfullyand publicly aeiiowledi:ed by thu per-on I enelitled, and who were previously unacquainted with thebeaiitifully phi losnphieal princip'e upon which they nrueompouiid ed.and upon which ihcycou-e-queiitly act. The LIFE MEDICINES recommend tliem.elves in th-ea-e of eve-ry form nnd ile-eription. Their first operation i to 'oo-en from the coals of the -tumach and bowel-, the various impurities anil crudities cou--taully settling around them; nnd to remove the har dened fae-c which eollee-t in the convolution of the -inalle-t nilc-line. 0:her medieiues only partially eli-aii-ethe-e, and leave such colle'ele-d inas-e behind n to produce habitual co-tivein-.-s, with all it train ol evil-. orMid len eharrluL-n, with it- iinimnent dager-.n 'I hi fact i well known to all regular aiiatoini-t, w ho examine the human bowelaflcrilealli ; nud lie'ne-c lhc pretuclic-eof tlmo well inforine,! men agaiu-triuack luedieinc or medicine pie-pared anil herabled to thepublic by ignoinnl peron-. The -e'cotid elli'et ot the Life Medie-inc is to clean-e the kidney and the bladder, and by tin mean-, the liver and the lung-, the licalihfiilaelioii of which cnlirelyelepeiidsiiinn the re gularity of the urinary orcan-. The blood, whieh inkers reileolor from the asencyol the livernnd tin' luna-t beloie itpa-eintothi' heart, leingth 1 purilie'd l.y them, and iiniiri-he'ij by IochI e-oming from a cle'an t'ouiach, coiir-i'- ficedv thro'igh the vein, re-news every pari of the sy-lem, and triumphnmly mouiils the banner ol health ut Ihe blooming cheek, Moilat'.s Vegetable Life Medicine- have I een thor oughly le-ted, uud prono'ince-d n -ove-re-icn remedy for Dy-pep-in, Flatulency, Palpitation of the He art, Le cd'Aipetite, Heart-hum and He-ad-aebi', Re-tlu-.-nc--, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor and Melancholy, Co-tivenes-, Diarrhiea, Cholera, Fi ver of all kind-, l!henmali-m. (ioiii, Drop-ies ot all kind-, (travel, Worm-, Aslhuiii and Con-nmptioii, Scurvv' Fleer-1 Inveterate Sore, Scorbutic Eruption-and Had Com plexions, Eruptive i-oinplaint-, sallow, Cloudy, and oiherih-ngri-e-able Coiunle inn-. Salt lihcuin. Ery-io- ela-, (aimiuiiii Ccdd- nud Intbicii7.a,and various other e-onii, aint w Inch 11 I let t In-li' 1111:1 11 1, tine. In re-vrii uii'l Atiur., particularly, the Life .Medicine have 1 ecu I ino-t einiiiciilly succc--fiil j to much so that in the Feverand Aguedi-triet-, PhyHeinns ulino-tiinivei sally pie-eril c I lie-in. All that Mr. Mol'at require-of hi patient i to be particular in taking the Life Me licine- -ti ictly accor ding to the direction, lti not a new-pane-r notu-c, or by nuythiuir Ibel he hiui-elfinay-ny lntiicir favor, that he hopi'ito gam Itisalonebythe result of a fair trial. MOFFAT'S MF.DICAL MANFAL; iV-nrnisI a n doine-iio gnidotohculth. Tlii-litllu piiinphle-!, ubli'd by W. II. .Mo lht,'27.) HroaiKvay, New York, ha- I een pul li-hed for the p-irpo-e ofexiilainmg moicl'rlly Mr. Mo kit's theory of iliM'a-es, and will lc lound highly mtcrc-tmg lopersuu -eeking heallh. It treat upon prevalent ih-ca-e-, aiiilthci'au-cs thereof. Price, 2a cent- for -ale by vlr .Mollat'- Agent - generally. These valuable Me licine- are ler sale by GF.OUEE L. WARNER e.- Co. John-011, Vt., General Agent-, by whom nil order- from nnv part e.f the State or Canada, will I e piotnptlv an-wcre-l. 23 t f Dec. 17, 1811. HAG All ty ARTHUR, General Agents fe r JIo"at'. ci-lc1 iiiIi-tI mtilieini to whom all upplii'atioiis for ageheics :ittti( 1 e ad e're cd. It irIiiiz'u-1, .Iaa.2, 1812. VT ATUltirS GRAND RESTORATI VE. Tin l va'.-ulle Veue-able Medicine stand- unrivalled lor tbelollow nig complaint, -iz : Dy.-pep-ia, or Indigo-; ion, ib-ca-cd Liver, bil ion-disorder-, Drop-y, A-th-.... i , ,.. ..'....11.. i,t,i, v 1,-, 1 , , ,ii -.-, , ill III- tl i Ml s iii lllt.-lllf. nun uv lc:iu-ing the -toinach and bnwt-l-, i-i,ie- pam- in the 1 ic, -loinucii and 1 rea-t, colels nu-l cougii- e,t lime 1j,.,lni.. II, -,r. s. -t,l,rl,.. I't .lll'l Mt TOU i'tuptauit-,itc,, w hich me lieqncntly the e ict-t ed el- e-arc. l or 1 everaii.l Agi.f, 11 i-a 1110-1 vaiuai tc pre v-enlaiive a well a u Mivercign leineuy. it- virtue -ui)a- uny thing bereiofiire t.nown 111 removing St. v itu.-1 nam c, two 1 ittiie- nave 1 e-en l,nowu to cuie tin-allhctiugili-e'aH', al'cr having lalflctl every c.xcr tiou lor four vear.-. It ha- a inot iiowcrful iiilluence 111 reiuuving ncrvoiiciauiilaint-, It 1- plea.-aut to take .111 1 tiie'i v in it- operation, that it may I c administered 10 1 lit- iiilanl wiih -afeiy. I be above Jled.cine i- very highly 'ed by many n-ie-ntilie gentlemen, in. i a large 11:1111 er .01 lau.e-, who nave prove'd the villi c-of IheJle-dii-incbypcr-onal tiM'tudlhat nfthcii lamibi s. A I ill ofi crtilicate acconipar.iceach bottle, vv-iiiioiiee-ion-. 11 may 1 e tiad whole-ivle or retail ol . Uri'nin, Haire, aud'J, C. Fnrnam, Eat Willi. uns own, t. -ole propneti-r-. Piepari-d Ironi the oria al recipe ; for sale I y E. II. PientiV-, .Monlicier, and l'r.cii i)-Si-L-An, ll"r!iuglon, and in the principal town in the state pill lireciiou- -igue'diii the Intuit writing otthcpiopricior SIJN'GLE. DOUBLE. UMUUCAL. T 1'S T ri-cived, a supply ol Marsh's celel nted I I rus-c-, id every licripiiou, for tale by the dozen or single, Nov. 1. PECK if- .SPEAR. it J"lru c- nivuraicly applii'itficc oil harfc. E. L. l-'ARRAR gives nonce that ho continues to carry on the hui tie.s as usual nt minuficturing nti ine ware ol sii'Ktior qunlitv in all its varieties md will u all -ttattf .nrs til finnnli. inerchatitson the most ri o-ona le terms, all orders ptoinptiy attended to at his Factory, Pintl Street, i.u.iniKiiii,. jan.ji. Bt.', JACOn-'S I' KXI'KESS, llelxcten Atbanv and Montreal. U.MII. lutiher notice-, leaving Albany (n Wednesday, nnd 3Iontrenl on Salurdavof each wei r, in connexion wun iiarnden A: l.o. nt Albany i'i "! i or.i, i iiiiaueipma, lioslou, i.ivctpooi, i,on don,, Scotland nnd Havre. for tho trans portntion of Specie-, Hank Notes, Vahtiible Papers, Packages of Goods, Hooks, and all other Put celt. mat may oinr. Montreal Exchange Codec House. AH any No. 12, Exchange, Huildings. Sfevv York No. J, Wall t-trcct. Hot-ton No. 8, laiurt Street. Hurluiston J. & J. II. Peck, & Co. REFERENCES. Elias Hakes, hi,..,,, L. Y. .f. J. 11 Rpep. Albaly' N. Y. P. Welis, P. Welis, E. & D. li. Ptvi, f KnLLra " Co., tf A. Watkoi-s, j Troy, N, Y A 11. W. IIvden iv.Co.Ciistlfton, Vt. J. iv J. II. Peck & Co,, Ibirlington, Vt. J, C. Piunccf- Son, St. Johns, L. C. April 23. -l?tf. lMtlVA't'i: SI' I.HfT liO'A YA niSG SCHOOL rpHE new nud spacious II iildiug now erecting in 1 l ast Cliailottii will I c opened (if the Lord will) nil lor lhc -upcrinteudeiieool .Mr. J.Tr.N, a si-tivt untie l.ailic-' dcpurnne-iit in I rilicliund alusie oy .lllss .u. i. i en hiiiikkf, 10 h. May, 1812, Full let in open 2'Jih Augn-t, Winter do 28th Novcnil cr. Twelve young Ladies and Genlleinen may le ae cotiimodated m the I'annly of .Mr. T. Terms Si'i pei iiuarti-r. in advance. 3Iu-ie-S10. French and Alge I in, S3. WathuiL; extra. Day Scholars, from 82,50 tO I, .'ill. Mis-T. edtii-ated on ler thecare ofi'iiliuent Teachers, and haviug taught in Louden, Eng., and in this Slate Min e her urrivat, nmply qualilicd lo.iiperinli'iiil the I. . ..!, -, ,,,l XI nun .I,.,.,- ri infill ( ,1,1 1'miHi'ii! ftlrii-lli ,s... ,M,M .....c.s. - p.lU'lll.ll. To iho'eniiacqiiamteil with tin' n-rvtcc-, experience nnd abiliiyid Mr. T. relerence may I e nan to l-im-'iio ii.' i... i r i,r., i, ii I,... . i,i--i'j . '""imiviii i r: i J. H. Uolleiil.vk, " J.C. Parke, hitihal. J. Sh. r a m, Vcr.-ninr, S Perry Iny ili-u - u, Pi h ', Isf U I .. .'1 nil. ,71. llll-. It A It S A ,11 OK LI V K It Vt' O It T, Observe when you buy that vou get the genuine, prepared at 375 llovvery, New Vork. See thnt 375 Bowery Now York Is on Ihe wrapper of each Hottle. All other-are Fraud and sold only by speculator.-, without reg-nrdtojii.tico.lotht! public, or tho proprie tor of the genuine article. FOR Consumption, and Liver e-rmplaint, Dyspep sia, ihzzine-s of tho head, lo-s iif appetite, Dyten tarv, and general tegulatcrol the vv holuy-lem. Nonugen iine I ut that luepareil nt 375 lloweTy, New York, where thu article wa lir.-l made', the. char acter of thu medicine formed nnd e-lnblished by the present sole proprietors, and vvhonrn the only persons knowing the e-otnpoilion of the genuine. It has 1 e-en n-e-d niece fully for eight years 111 the cure of these discae. iCp'Reincuil cr'lhe original nnd Genuine 1 made only at No. 375 llovvery, New York. All other are counterfeit, Consumption and Liver Complaint ! Asa general remedy fur the-e ihsea-es, I am fully -al ifii,'d, from long experience, there i no ined,eiuo evpinl to Dr. Taylor' Dalsam of Liverwort, living pure'y vegetable, 11 can be used with the utmost mleiy by all pe'.son in every condition, ll cleanse the lung by expectoration, relieve diilieult breathing, andte-euilo heal iheehe-t. 'Iherci an be noque-tion but this ineihcine i a certain cure for chrome cough anil cold-. I have used 'it lour year in my practice", ami always wiihsiK-ecs-. A. F. ROGER'S, M. 1). Tickling in the Throat. 1 know Dr. Tuylor' BaNnm of l.ivcrwoit to be 11 certain remedy for tin complaint, u I have ii-cd il mye-lt and found it c.'cct an tmineel.ate. I wu much tro-iblcd until I made n-eofllu medicine. M. L. HFNSHAW. 211 M.ingin si. Iloar.-enc Ciued For lhc cure of hoar-ene. 1 i-an strongly rcevommciid Dr. Taylor's llalsiim of Liv erwort. I liavenot onlylound pie-nl benefit myelf, but ninny of my e-ongiiyntii n bv my lOs-coniineiidn-tiou have iccicViilgrcal lenelit ironi its virtue, ll i atonce mi'd , edicaeiuu- and harnili- . REV. A'. LEWIS. Pevei-e Cough and Cold I have bad a 1110-t -c-vere 1 old and cough, (or a long tune which 1 could not got rnlof. After 11-ing niiiiy u-e'e- tilings 1 tu'-i-dTayloi's HalMini of Liverwort, and it cured me in ii icw nays. jam. n. Mvitici.MjiJIv. R.u-ing of lllood About two weel.s ago I bail a (all, which caused 1110 to -pit large quatnii- of blood which nothing i-ould core milil I tried Dr. Tailor's Ilal-am of Liverwort. Tin-'-ine gave ine imme diate relief and in 11 very short time e leeted an entile cure'. Let all per-on try il. HIGH 3IC GAI!VEV,2I Cannon st. Dr. Taylor's H.ibnin of Liveivvort Tin- suncrioi- remedy forilcea-e of the lung uud liver ha obtain ed a it-iiuta-ioti never licfoiecquallcd. Jlcmarkablc Cure of Consumption. w.u-one'.ir her death with thi di-ea-c. that my friends sent for u pr e-l loi-einfc- tne ere I elied. He in hi- mercy , I'dd ine not to give up until I tried Dr. Taylor's llalsam of Liveivvort. I tent imiuc.hatclv for thi mebcinc, and alihottgh the i-oute-t for 11 fevv- lav 1 ctwccii tin ine lieinc.and my di-ea-e wa se vere , the nie-ihcineeonqiieiol, and 111 a fortnight I wu re-tuivil tole-allb. I had a coigh, raising of mat ter, In oi 111 y voice, pain-, iveakue-., etc. I e-an n'- ler to Doctor vv 11-111, 111 ttm 1 arllon llou-c, tor the truth of my statement. MARV DILL, ICh -trceli-or. uevvare 01 trauu-. 01 a j nveui.e. Summer Complaint. The Bal-am ol Liverwort, in several case of thi-:h-ease-, wheie sill other remelies annlieil fv tihv-i- cian have proved ineireetual, ha preiduccl a pcilecl cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. It. Gluddio ol Delhi, N. Y., of 11 uaturallv eon -iimptive con-litution, ha- 1 eiui -aved fiom an un. timely end liy the u-e ol llr. luylor- Ilal-am ol lav. crwort. A -evere cohl I ro-ight on an attack of Pleu- rc-y, nnd thu eudel in general dclulity and coiisinup' tion. A i-i,ntaiit coigh. beciic!e nights ,...u ,...l-., ,,n.t cu, i.,,n,-l In--, of llt-sh, aiigi-rcl 11 -1 e-ely tlei'h ; but a- soon a I i-onitneneed the n-eot tin- bal-am 1 grew I etter, and i- now fully re,tored to tie.illli. Shortness of lircalh. For ibi- di-ea-c, 1 Imve alway lound Dr. Tav-lorV. Hal- '".iinmi ,111 e-Mcucui renie-ay. 11 is a mi -me. oui -o e.ifin,., iii.n ii way, ii.e. It in in) piueiiie, aim rcoeuinuii-nd il tu my friend, have u-e-d it in some liundre-ds e feme, vvitbin the pa fo ir year-, an I I have ue-ver had it fad. In ni ,,, e-a-i-s ol a-tluna, I lolly lelieveitto havu I e-en ibe means ol .-aviug prcciou- Inc.. all u-e it. GEORGE RALPH, 31. D. None genuine but that piepaio! al 375. Wowery vew i oik at win ic tien oy tne tai el and wrap per of e.u-li buttle. He .-me you Ii ok w ben you buy. i in- .i-ii 'inn- i .in ,nw .i j - 1 1- ,ti in i nit! o 1 1 ne Old Agent. Me.-r. N. Love'v sX: Co.. now Lev,.!,. it Seymour Dr. .Moody nnd Pel k it Sicar, Chenn-t's :iu i iirusrsi-i, n iinugioii li. it irne , uiiarlotti William Rholi-, Jr. Richmoni! lico. Avers ix: Co Milton A. ex. W. Drown, Grand Me W.' II. Kit-ler, South Hero Horace Wad-wonh. Norib Hero 5.,x- .1 Da vi.-, Alliurgh F. iV L-OIcua, Wc.-t Alb irgh D. & v . vv.trpeutcr, vv ati-roiiiy SPRING FASHION FOR CHARLES A. SEYMOUR HAl lust tcceived from !Vew York the spring patterns for H.ns and invites the public to call and examine his assortment, which comprises hat of various oualiti.s ' ini'i prices, some very low. ' ii. . . :..n.. . , tlenien ashavehcretofoie given a preferencn to lints nf s:ni,,i,-r.. il- LMifiiiiii v luinit siit'i, irnn manufacture to look nl his stock of line hni.. t,:-l. in point of color ami finish nre cnunl, nn I in point of iniiHouiiy, i;n suK-riur, io any na-s mamilactuied in loc eny in .si-tv l oris Pearl st. April loth. LY3IAN it COLE . . , 1 r- , . , , 11 a. I. icicivc! tne.r iwiai- ex'eiisive n.nrltneiii a . nini variety 01 .snrni?iiii snrii!itii, n nn is wn-cuiiicyii -crnt great v icil.nci once.: eiiu.i.iin.- i-h-ch they o 'er nt greatly icil.u evl price; it i part of Printiil Lawns. Cauiliie. Sln Miisliu ami inotirning i awns. Rn h satin slripeil nilzonnr, &-. fur la he-,' s immer ure's-cs. New patii-rn 3InI n ileLaine, satin -trqi'd Eoliaus, Plain, I 'ack and blue blai-k Homba.ine, Figure 1 1 lue black anil colore I do. Heavy Canton, Gro ih- Swiss aitdeol'd Silk. Shawls. ' Lupin's I est scarlet, black and colored .Merino. Scarfs anil I'.iury llaiidkciclili fs. Muslin ile Lame, Thilet wool, and fincy sum llcrmani; Laehcne Cravuls, inw Mlk llMk'f. Mu.lin do Lame Shawls, raw silk do., piimed wor-tclelo. La Fancy silk Mm and Glove, colored Fillet do. Mack sewing ,ik do. Mi-c i-oloii'd silk Glove, MeuV Li-le Thread, eolornl silk, white nlk, nnd Kid do. Men's black liahaii Cuvats, (illicit silk half Hose, and India rubl cr Su-pen-der, Ladle' whin- and black silk Ilo-t- and Glove-, white .Merino ilo-e, black aul cdorcd till, and Kid Glove-. l-'or Centlrmcii's Summer tVcar. StripeJ an I plain white linen Drill, colored do. Gambrooii-, Hamilion 3Iixiurc and Dcmin 31lexl sVatinclte, l.'ruuiielie, Jacket Linen, oVe. Domestic Coods. Indian Head, Stark .Mill-, .Middlesex and other Cotton Sheetings. A great quantity bleached shevlmg and shirting, veiy low prieeil. Union bleached cotton, 7-8 and yard wide. Harden do. 5-land C-l do. making a moie extensive nortmeut than wc hayeevi rkept, Jlerrimae cotton sheeting, supeihne unbleached cotton shirting, Su.lolk uiideord drill heav y lick ing uud wadding, Thne Ca-c. ef I'ml rclla nnd Puratolp, Cap, Hound and neck Ribbons, Tulleta do. Galloon., Taste.-, itc. l'rluls. Fall River, Me -rrinidc, Dover, Hristol and mauv other styles of Amciican prints, vcty lowprucd. English and French prims, Ginghams, ,, Uroail Clotlit. A general iissoiimeut of Hurlingtoii Mill Co, Cloth-eou-lantly 011 hand. Al-oother slv le- 1 1 broad cloths and Cusnmcri-,, English, French and German do, IVIlcJ Carpeting, Silk, Twisi, Huttons, Surge, Cinvas, Padding, Selet-ia, e-'c. iVc, Ilurlington, 20 May, IS 12. M. G. IIATIIHUJV, DltAPUit AXDTAll.Olt, 1TAH just returneil from New York wnh the i x- nriii.xi. i a aiiiuixisj . also, n superior as snrtniL-nt of TRIMMINGS v'esti vi: a Shop tn I'luircli sttcii, itt-urly opposite tl'ie Ibinlt of Burtiiigbm, .xjay jj( igj;, 11 S4 . iHBJI li. PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS nrticleis loo well known to need common ttntinn Snrl Ihn nrniM-ilw... PM-i.n .......a demonstrated to Ihe commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience nnd durability, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to G ions. Dormant Vtfirclioiise do, to weigh from 1-211). to 1000 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1 2 oz. to 200 lbs. Por table Counter do n newaitirle to weudi from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. . J. & .1. IL Pecx & Co. Agents. Ilurlington, April 8 1811. V SS Ll I.S STOMACH lll'ITKRS. inuy I. n-ed in Wine or water. The-ecelobratedbitlcr are composed purely of Vege able. of the most iniio cent yet specific virtue-. The-y ure re-commended par ticularly fur re-toring we-ak con-tituiions, clean-ing ind strengthening the stomach, an 1 tnoren-iug tin appetite al-o a pieveiiiaiiveagaiut thuehcdeia uior- b-i-, lover nnd ague, removing nau-ea, vimitiiig, heart burning, weakne- m Ihe I rea-t, pam in the toiuacii and en ner symptoms ol iiaiiiie-ue-cuud indiges- tiou. One box will tinclureunegalloii. Pnce2jcl. a box. Russell's Itch Ointment. T hi- choice and safe ninttneiit i said to I e superior to any now in inc. for it ill-agreeable and loalh-onie ib-e-a-e. the ITCH. l'ln Ointment t so ce-arlain in Us ojieiatiein that no pe-r-ou doubled with the n! ove di-order oughl to 1 e without it. It I a remedy lor t- ttani-o-i eruption- i-orbulie alleetiou- of the bead, orniiv otherl nut which an es from sharp h unor. in the blood. Price 25 et. a I ox. Rus-ei.l's v KncTABi.r. 1'ti i.lous Pills, or familv ttlivsic, lor general uc, in e-a-ei 1 1 .laundii c, morluo -entii nnv ol the stomacli and t,owcs, los ol appetite, tieiid i reani, eo-iivene , rue-, and nil e'l-e-a-cs nn- Irotn biliary deraugentent-, al-o fur coriectiu Ihe slate i f the I lood, uud cli-au-ing the sy.-icni ol foul uud viscid humour-. The-.c mil nie a mild i-a thartn-, pru.lui ing neither pain- nor griping, and are tln-ieioie a vaiualile and highly npprove-d nieiiu-ine. and nie oronouni-eil asiich bvllieino-t ihstiuguishe!l ttby-ician. Each box containing 33 Pill.-. Pnie 37 J e l-, a 1 ox Rus-e I s e e-lcbrate-d Salt Ointment. I In- i- ittiiM-e-t tonal lc ihe 1 t--l nnd .life.! relue lc evi'r ye o'lcred to the p ililiu for that oli-linaic di-order S.VL'l 1(111 LJ1. vv tierc other means have lailt-ii. it cc eeslel. and the fact that it ha bien xtentively u-e bv eminent Pi-aciiiioncr siu-aks yoluiucs m It- prni.-i it 1 ciimuiy Ciin-aeioii- in an ni-ca-e oi tnesMii -cald head, i nig worm-, and tl.emu-t inveterate Iteli iVi-. iX.e-. Nninerou ecrlilica'e might le obtaiiie'd. ' ut the proiirilor choo-c that a fair trial should 1 ethe tuilc evidence of it- stitn-rior t-Jii-aev. Price 50 e-ent.- box. ror .-ale by Peek if- Spear nnd Red erl Moody. It irlingtoui Dr. i-. f.. .Mm-, ami it-ill K i.ooi,-, iiiue burgh; S. II, Harne-, Charlotte; L. Jane-, Georgia L. Tv or. E--CX ; Fuller iV Huntington, Rii-hmom Also, I y the druggist and lucrehauts genernlly hroiighoiit the slate. og.inr -TllSEASKS.or Till-! LUNGS... Decideillv ll the inn.) n'ini-ili evil kiiuuiiiu Auiriic, Vegetable I'ulmonury Hulstim is ihe inosi vnhi.tlde leilli, now Ptu.Hfiil t-utigh. , culiN , .-ifllliiia oi -llt II I M- I'Dii-iiuipiion, wlutoplitg ruugh and piilineii n v all l-llue officii kind. ll. i.i'e l sle.nbll mid lilt propt if mi s ,i,e eoii.ianllv tteeiviag i lie niosi t.uoiithli aieuuiil id itseffi-ris. 'I lie f,,lluw ing ntiv ci'l tilicitf oe otfcrrd for ptibhc exnuii itlon . An Isteiiksiiso Cise. Exuaci nf. i truer fiiuii vlr C S Cla, I'ui.inn, U'siei co.. N. Y. io ihe !i,ipru-iiii.. 'ours of ihe Dili iii.i. wa. dull lei-M A reni.irk.ihle cine w us i fft-cieil hi the et,n,t,p l'(,t niunari Habain in ihe iviuiei ami .pi ing of IS"5. 'I lit l.ersiin, Mr. Jlomb, had been .n-k a 10114 lime wnli he fonsilitiplion. Hi. phv.1el.111. h.u snen Iii .tv lu He was icdlired so low as 10 be unable to hftp hiiu.ell ind was raising a huge ipiantilv of bluud when he eoiniiienreil lining ihn H.iN.illl, whiih lias eflecied eiunplele i-iiie, .ami he is tetw as hale anil heailv "vei hp wan. Sir. Mui-li ha leimiii il fiom llns low 11 bin he II is preni'i.ed ine a inoie ilelailt-il ni-i-ciiiil of his ease, who h I w illfui ivaril veil. C. S CLAY. I'ingt.i.,1), N, V. June 23. 1S38. Exll.iet 1. fa lellei finin Dr. Jacob Jlvers Th, Vegft.tble y Hat.aiil has bppn sold in llu Cilli!l for I iv 11 vears, and ihe me licine lias cained an uncommon eelebiil), for il .can-el) in one nisianet 1'nleil ul h.ivoit ihe ilt-fiiieil efiVei 'I nui b 1111 uie.i,ii: 111 favor of lhc many nOrHum, ino.l ol uliii h hip 1111 im.ilioua upon a credulous pnblie, bin thai whiih I know by iisi- 10 be efft-e.iiial, I raiiiiui help 1 111 ttii- in, acjiiob ilimi iheieio. A eeinillei feil p epal 1 inn hi. been nflered line h 11 Ir.ilt-Miiig Agent, rif Ciilnsti.i k, ,. V. andlheiei. anuiher arnclc vendt-d ht-ie 1l1.11 i -Iriiugl) .iii'pecied tu betpi'iinu J Ai oit M r 1 ns, VI. I) Miflliliglon, Jiuiiala pit P,.:ui, Ma 3, 1 S.17 -'nun Di. Saliiiifl Moirell, Io the I'liqu leiois t.f ihe Wts latde I'ubiinii.irv I am s.ui.lit-d ihat lln-'e. ,-et.iblp Piihnitii.i,ri Hatjiin iavatuib'e uieib-cine ll ha been lied 111 llu place will) eiilupleic .urre-s 01 anob.liniie eoinplaiiil ol the limits, aneiuled wnli a .elpi p eolith, his of voii-p. and lhc i.iiinn of inm-h blond, whidthad pi ev it-.i.ied 111. tny .ippioied pie.i tipliiuiit. Aber using ihe Hal .1111 one wetk.ilu-tialit-ic's vnii-p 1 e 11 1 iii-il and he was abb tu spe ik audi h.y. I'hi. ru.e oeriiried miiiii- lime since, am! ll,e 111 111 is iiiiw enga.pd nui iiulv iuai-iivp bin labniiou. biMincHi. ISerpreifiill) , fee. S. Mount 1.1.. i is now inure 1I1.111 six since I was l-iuualii verv biw ) an .iffeelion of llu- lungs, and 1111 eiiiltpt.iinl Was iteelate'l In tie llieiualile In a ctuim-ll ol Iture phi sieuin. I wa ilien ip-iintil in asgi.o I heahh a. I had en;oji-il fir mail) veai. I, v 11. in the Vet'lable Pid. tii.iii ttx it il 'Since un icfiierv I h ive teeiiin .t-inee nil int-udeil the 11, 1. .111 1 steal ui.iuv e.i.isnl 'nut; ant 111 a steal 111,1 11 . casts id 'nut: I 0 far its I can h-aiu, il. lisp lit. in ' riuiuil.tlMIs, and variable bt'i-ii lulliiwt'd lie llint It btutlii, and In mauv inslaiicts 11 has effect 1 d fine? w hit h whip ,1 Intbi iuip. ppeied. Samuel Evtr.ui.Tr, lit. on, March 2. 1837. For sills, wholeealp ami retail, by PECK & SPER,HnrlinClon, Vt. To lttiildcrs and ntliers. BOARDS, Clapboatds ami Plank plained nt short notice 1 also a Circular Saw for slitting, nt Ibe Hurlingtoii Iron Foundry. Turning done, or lathe to I. t for inridng Red Post3 or coluiiuis. Cash Ac re ceived in pay. JARV1SGAV. Ilurlington, April 22, 1311. " "CEIi KiT CISTiSU IV s. 1"VHE sul peril cr liavingtheriht to u-e, in and for the county of C'liillendeii, Parker's Hvdraiiln Ce- lueni, for Cislciu, Re-ciyoiis, A-q -c duel, Cellar Kitchen and Sial le Floor-, fer the pnrpo-i-"f making them dryuiul proufngain-t rat- ; al o Hear li-, Suik iVe. wo-'ildinlorm the inhabiiaiit of said county, ihai they will le icady the coming sea-on Io aMpud tn all call in the above Imp ol" biiiue.-s au l will warrant their work Io le dural le. JOSLPII LaNPON. ORLANDO OWFN. Ilurlington, March 0, 1512. N.H. AH "order aildres-el Io the subscribers at Hinisbiisgh or Ilurlington will receive immediate at ti'iiiiou, n 10 f"HE facilities of tho subserilier inprncuring books, J and every article in his lino nre. such as to rendei prices, corresponding to thrliines.if- induce the public to continue llieir patnnngc to Ins .Vus Stare. Any pubhealionsiiolon hand, will bepiovidul as soon as orders can be foi warded 10 Ihe Cutis. Wotksrect ivcd the present week, as follows. Pictorial Iliblc, Essays by Hannah .Moore, Hours for Heaven, 'lemperanci Hyins, Wealth and Worth, Harntiby llmlge, Tlueis' History of 1'ieiicli Revolution, Hloomlicld's Cieck Testament, llarnes' Nolesou Isanh, 3 Vu's, Wislnrs Anatomy, Whelpley'sCoinpend, The Fame and (iloiy of England, .anoni, Tier Last Tribes, by Grant, A Wreath for the tomb, I.ifeof Patrick llenrv, Skelch Hook, 2 Vols. It is well, Way MaikB. ' ' ' D. A. HRAMAN. HOARDING HOUSE. The Subscriber still continues his board- Iioii.e at the foot of Colle-ge.tree-l, ....... ,1.. , ,,,. iin.l 1-1ll 11, e hit I e.l exertions to give satisfaction to those whoin.y (aor him with their paiton-' It. I,.,- .1 n spienl convenient snd g.ntefll Itl.liit, plc, nriitUi itii.i-- AliCA.N 1 AM) IIOSTON HA 1 1. IttlAl). Fare rcilnrt-il to Mtoton SS. Time of statlintt altered to I brfnr,. f. .1 At n nnd after Monday, 2nd mst., (this day) arrive in imsMjii c-jiiiiu uay 111 1 1 111 .iiornmg train through to lioston, leave the Depot ;tt Grcenl-iish at 1 befoicfi o'clock" iireci-rlv (hhiv iuorning,(-iiindavs cxccjited.) Pus-enger must leavo Albany by thu South ferry, not later than J pasl 3 Noon train to Springfield is discontinued. A niisht train thruuuti In Itntnn wilt lesvd at 1 Leforu 7 P. M i-as-rrirer must leave Albany, 11 above, not later than CJ o'clock. I a-enger fin-Spriiigheld can take llu-train. The tram from Ho-lou nrnve. in fln.t nliii.h nl P. 31. giving -iitlicii-nt luue for pa-senger.- to take the cur for the we-t, or the 7 o'clock 1 oat lorN. Y. rait iiAirrrotii) axp xiih'iiavlw. I'.i-scnners leaving All any in the luornuiLr bv tho i le-fore fi o'e-loi-k Irani fioui Grienbiih, arrive in .-tpringuciu iuiin. 111. may leave immediately lor Ilnrtfotd thence by cars nrnie in Ncvv-Have.11 hy "ii p. m. Or leave Grecnbush in the j helbre 7 p. in. train, arrive in Snriniifield at 11 a. m thenre nt a a. 111. by Steniii l!o-it to llartlotd, arriving there at 1 1 inenec oy ,-uam nont at z a. 111. arrive in INcvv Vork next morningby 5 o'clock, or thev may leavo Hartford forNew Haven bv Kail Rood at 3 n. 111. ami arrive there nt7i p. in. Steam lloat leaves New Haven for New Yoik at O.a. 111. anil arrives nt the latter city ul 2 p. ni, rare to 0-niigiieid j.i,iiij. Pa-'i-nncrs are pnrlie'ularlv redr.eslc to rroourd their Tickets 1 elore taking. -eat-III the Cnrs. 'I i -l et can be obtained in All anvat G. It. Pavnu'a ollice, 2J Diujdwny, or at, Ttckcl'Ollice in Dep'ot al Greenbu h, WM. II.TOWNSEND, Muster Tran-iiortatiou, Greeiibiish Depot, 3Iay2, t S 12. CO i WAY M IE I ) I C 1 1 lis. rnilK Kub-eriler W. L. KIDDI R, givti notieo L. that he ha -iieeeed the late T. Kidder in tho prcpartiiion of the well known Conwat JUdicink-. nui win ueicaiii r give iiorticmar attention to thu preparation of the following arlicle-, the long es ia' lishe-.l e-lt hi ily of w Inch, precludes the necesnity ofn te-piiblii-atio'n ot the numei-tjus e.rtideates id the liand.- of the proprietor. Doct. Jelib's Itliciimatlc, Liniment. I or Rheiiu all-in. Hrui-e-. Snrain. Numbness Chill lam , Sn.lnis. in iht- 101111, ce-., will allbrd ibe 1110-t'-c e'd nnd immediate reliefin the most ob-tin ate ca si' . if Rheumatism, in n few hours-, thu article i openly itvoinincnde'd bv Physicians. The uuiitiieiu i.s uunu up 111 enlarged 'hjiiii-3. rriwe Jlf i-ui-. Dumfries' Kelt Ointment. The eten-iye .-ale and e-tablt-bed icoutatmn nt Delimit:.' Itch Ointment, encourages the pro pnelor to ii-i-oinnicn 1 it to the pul lie with renewed 011 Ii le-uce, a- t tic mo-t innocent anil powerful rem dc for tin- aniii ying; it contain 110 lutjr- cury, or any oilier ilangcrou ingri-dicul, and can be applied nt all tunes with perfect safety, Pruxl 25 cent.- a llox-. llcmcdy fur the Piles. The co-iciirrii'g Ic-timony of relieved nalienl.t Ironi nil quarters, testifying to the cure elected by the medicine after all oih'cr- had laded, together wild tl 0 increasing demand forthuartiile I10111 all part of tne eonuiry, prove it to 1 e one 01 tne mo-t valuabts peeiliet kjiovvn forihi- tu uble.-omc complaint. iCTA Clerjjvnian writc- Ho-ton, Fcl runry 13, 1811. I have made trial of Duinlrie-' Pile L'lee-luary and fouiiil 11 prisliiced a salutary influence almost imme diately, and confidently I dieve it an e leetual remedy l" r ihn ini'-oinfortul-iV and ilebdituting complaint. Humuuiiv ha- iiiibici'dnieto recomiuend it to person tha- allhcliil, and -o 1 rhall eomin-ie todo. , Yo-ir- te pectlully, J. 3. The remely cun-i-t. of an Ointment and Electuary! Price for bo h 75 t-efi'S, or 371 cent- when hut one u wanted, ncc-nmpaii.ed with p'am and nttiplu dir lions Willi n if ihe complaint. Diiiul'iii-t' Eye Wiiteri F'. r tore or injiamed eyes, nothing known givu sin ll immediate nuA comfortable ictiif, and in sorad exceedingly bud cases ll'ie most iiuexpteiiHl nnd d--irable ribcf ha-I leu found in the u-e ot this fytj water, after o'.tcr teundies had failed. Pr.-on- who have u-i.l it, pionouuce it wchoitt be-italton Ihe l,t p.cpara'ioii for sore, iceak, or injlamed eyes, llicy have ever nut with. I'm c 25 cent- a bottle. cum-: foi; cokns. Albion Corn l'lastcr. Ihe 11101 -afeand -eedy e-urc for Corn yet dis ovcrel; the relief 1. iininc'dia-e-. it di oly'e ami remove, the -urn fiom Ihe foot with e,; and expedi tion ami uilliout the lcu,t pain. Price 25 cent a lb . Full anil ample direction accompany ene-h of tha a1 ove arnel!-. N. 11. Nine- 1 f the above-a.,ii-les will logentune, unle.- .igtieil V, l K uldcr mi the ouiidc xvraoper. foi -u'e-n' In-Co ailing lbn.iii, cb'S.aie S,iect, up Sa-r-, i-orni i-of Men h.-in'- R llo-ton. Also by .Mr.s-ti. PICK & SP1, llrrlington, Vt. , A III cial 111-1 it'iiii a I, uol todcaler. roil sali:. n"II T large and commodious two sto- - . . . -. j . iv ism i. 17VVI 11 g iiontf. .1: i.m 'I'ualed on the west side of College green h',,f' at the henl of College-street, in this vtl n :'i 1- 1 l ,K ',3 ''5' "15, ahasemcnt stery, with ki chen an I Provision cellars, and a ing Si by 65, extending mirth 1,11 C, lli'gc Green, with wood ,1n'd loie hoii-e. Iii-lnw, ami e h. mil er- and ltepin' roonn a' ove. A lai'gi-nude'iuumodious Hani, carriage house icehouse, nnd iitbereiiit-hou-e-s, and a spat-ioit- yard wot of ihcilui-ilinglhiii-c, ami a good duinble we'l iy wn-erof thelc-t ipialuy 111 the village, and a bric'i -iciii. 1 'in-nn 1 a unaricr ncie-o and. 01 t in ir.t 'I "" 1 'urge garden and ciioice Iruit trees west of 1 ,'1,'.'., "I"1' i,,K' a,t'- . ' " '"dnig- ait'con-tr-'ctixl in modem style, od I ' "' 1 '''' m.i'eri and workman. hip, wt re e-rtt-teil by ibscrdcrfur hi-own u-e, and the location af- (, t I a x-iuy t-xicn-nc and .! prospevt of the vi lige an J lake 011 the Wc-l and i nut surpasl by ' :y o'lu-r 111 tin part of the oouniiy. A -0 tin sal,, n lot isiu-ainingaiijicrt-ofland diro.t ii;iikii-the al ove lot with a small coin enitnl wood - el. ing house thereon, P r'ha er-are invite I incall an 1 exmuie for lhfinj he Terms made known by the ul scrd er on tho u-e.. ,-s'A.Ml EL REED. H irliug 011 .1 me, 10, 1810. n3 tii-iittilN of i'ainily Flonr. 'IHE sub-rril cr i-now re-e-t-iving on (frP't oil (,cn',-,,n,cni, nnd will Io well up. tl'-",Mt'-s.ji l',it"1 '''"' ''lo ','a " w"'i 0'l", VgKsa tif the 1 hoi ,-e-t Prand of Wenern mtS.ZSSSai' Ftour, 1 vcr o iere.1 in tin marl et. Iliivng Flour mniitlni-i'ired ty more than twenty dl'Vtcnt Mills of the h ghc t icpuiaiioii, he pledge, that Flour sold I y lulu -hall give the mo-t pcrfeel alisftn tion, nnd , I 'e vvairantei' in all cate-v N, H. Farcy Hraim constantly 011 hand. Dealer. Ill Flour, .Merchants and Ftiiuilie? nie tt. ipei-tfully mvitiMlii or'er and try ihe ailicle, F our shipped to order in good package without delay, 011 icceipl if Draft, cerliucati-, ol denostte or Ca-fi. J. N. HINSDILL. -1 17 River-st. Troy. April 25, 1812. 17ni4 "new establishml 'IHE subscribers having opened n Paint Shrp in 1. the building one door South of lie-hop's llotel, would tcsiiccllully inform their friends and the pub lic tint they are prepared to execute all kinds of House, Carriage and Sign Painting, Gilding, Glazing, and I'apcr Hanging, in the nenlest pusih!e manner, and hope by strict personal attention to busine s to receive a share of tho public patronage. It. C.SP.U'LDINO, S. II, RUSSELL. Iluilingtrai, April 29, 1112. 47lf. SELLING OFF CIIKAF. 'TMIE subscriber, desirous of closing his business, L now oilers In the public, ut cost, the whole of his stock in trade, consisting of n largo and genctal as sorttiienl of plain tin and japanned ware, bra-s kettles, stovo pipe, stoves nnd trimmings, and everv other Article usually called fur ill his line of business. Also, tin pule of various sizes, Ru-sta, I.iigiish, and Canada sheet iron, sheet copper, siiuc, lead pipe, wire, Ac, Ac. All Persons wishing to purchase any of tho nbovn articles, nie invited to call and e.xnminr for theuiBi'lves, nnd ihey w ill bo convinced of the ubovu 1 statement. All accounts due lo tho lite firm of Starr & Dow, must be closed imnudiuNly, cither bv pavmrni or nils, .1, f MAMW eilhnj'lii My f

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