Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 1, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 1, 1842 Page 3
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RHODE ISLAND. We regret to perceive that tlio restless spirit of rebellion appear m "gain m m0uon in Rhode Island. Tho Providonco Journal givod thofollouiiijiru'ormatioti: ii our paper of to-rlay contains abundant evi. dence t Ij.i t another attempt is conleniplated against llw iegal governmciit of the State. No one will question the duty of tho government to take instant and strong measures for tho sup. prossion of this wicked plot against the peace and liberty of tho State; and whatever means may bo deemed necessary, tho citizens will bo found prompt and determined to assist in exe cuting thcin. At the same time, wo trust tho General Assembly will not allow these proceed, ings to have any influence in preventing that body from taking such measures in regard to a constitution, as in its wisdom shall seem best. Attempt ti rescue, Wetherby, arrested on charge of being concerned in the expedition to Warren, was carried to thai town yesterday, in custody of Sheriff Johnson, of Hnstol county. Soon after ho left tho city, there wore Indira, tions that an attempt would be made to rescue him, and a party of live or six men was immcdi. ately sent on the road. They found the coach in which Wetherby was placed, stopped a little way beyond the bridge, on the Massachusettn side. William Hidden and a man n.nied French were there. The coach was stopped by driving & wagon across the road in front of it. A vio lent attempt had been made to rescue Wetherby and in the conflict, his pantaloons were torn quite off; and he was provided with a new pair at Warren, rue attempt to rescue hi.n was not renewed after the arrival of the party sent to the assistance of the officers; and the pris oner was safely lodjrod in Urisiol jail, to which he was committed for custody, until after Ins examination, in default of bail in the sum of $1000. His examination will take place this morning at 11 o'clock. The steamboat Providence arrived hero yes tcrday morning from New Vurk via Newport, where she lauded a company of United States Flying Aitillery, consisting of eighty men, with forty horses anil six lield.pieccs." From the Providence Chroniilc of Juno 2 1. TI1K STORM-STAND KIHM. The storm draws near, and in a brief spate wc may hi surrounded by all the horrors of a civil war. Ap pearance at the Nurtli, and North-west, urc every moment beginning lo wear a more threatening as pect. The nes from Chepachet is fully enough de cided, while that from Woonsocket is out-and-out, open war. According to correspondence in the Journal, the Dorrilcs, (we will net call them sullragc men. not wishing to insult mat liodv of unr fe ow citizens, and feeling assured that the main body of i them do not sanction brute lawlessness) were riding ' through the village in every direction. I All who bad betn know n to favor the authorities or this state, were stopped and compelled to givonn ' tccount of themselves. Yesterday, cininoii weie carried about the streets in open daylight, by men J ha were strangers in the place-probably some of Mr. Dorr s New 1 ork followers. There is no duubt but Mr. Dorr mean, to make his head quarters nt Chepachet. lie was accompanied by quite a lody of men, none of whom were known. Thcv aro probably New York recruits in fact, there can be no doubt but nn attempt is to be made to overpower tho citizens of this state, and sai k our city, perhaps, by a tioideof reckless and unprincipled adventuiers, lick ed upin New York. It is no longer, wo maintain, an honest issue between the citizens of this state, but a gross unpardonable attempt to subjugate the people and under the cry of "democracy," io place them under the heel of one who hates them with a bitter ness and a strength w men can have no bounds, and who nas ms own private ends to gratify Thele was exeat excitement ra usual in mir mrM, ual last niclit ,nXl coSuw'oTere'S EpE i '.From present appearances a row ifiav of the ow ji'. unrr. from present appearances a row tuav occur at any tunc in cur nn 1st. The next tune two armed fotccs mea each other, face to face, the event W'.lUiotbobloocless. We peiccivc that Guv. King is in town. He came up from Newport this morning. The Assembly i3 still in session at that p'aco. There has been some talk about that body's adjourning to this city, but we have, heard nothing definite on this point. There is to be a meeting of all the military com panitsin this city, this afternoon, in uccoidanco with tho order of the adjutant general. Octooes OS TIIC iJoBDEn. Last night, as two of our cjtizonii weie protecting from Woonsckel io (Ins village, they we, tuoupcil two or itiree limes on the root), nnd unee, tiv a bony of armed men, who desir-t-i them to .state their desimotion, business, and name. This they refu-cd to do, when an attempt was male in di'ible their liore by bemjnif him with a mu-ktt. The traveller whipped up, and finally fcuececdedin reaching this er.y without farther molestation. There was a training yesterday aftrrnoou nt Di tnond Hill P ain, fifty-two musketa. Also at Wonn i.ockct Kalis, tishty three muskets and two uow field pieces. At Chepachet there was a training, titty t:iuakc!3. There was a meeting at Sturtcv ant's lav- rn, near I.ime Hock Hank, ill .Smithfield. At all of chese places, the regular limning Jay lias heretofore rjecu suiuruay. From the N. Y. Observer of June 23. lnlclhgema received from Providence, confirm tho fears of renewed distui bailee and ouirugo in Jlhode I I.efuvre ele lieeour, in this cmms, h.i bee n most no Island. Kiom the enenretic and decided nrnceedimrs ble. It is whinnered that Ins .h-ei. ion in ri-srnim. of the lawful authorities, it is evident that the adhere- antsof Dorr are preparing for new acts of agitation an I violence. Wu learn that on Thursday Gov. Kmy left Provi dence in Ihe Massachuse'ts at 1 o'clock for Newport, lie has ordered all tho nulilia of the slate to proceed to Providence. The sleaiuer Providence had been chartered, and would take the troops from Newport, llristol, Warren and other towns on the river, su that 3,000 men were trpected to be under arms at Prov idence yeslerilaj'. They will march without delay to Chepachet, six teen iniki distant, thehead ipiarttrs of Dorr and his adherents. It was generally believed that Providence would bo placed under mai tiul law last nigt. These facts we learn from officers of the sicauiboat Massa chusetts. The steamboat Providence inrivid about six o'clock lasti'vening at Providence, from Newport, having on board three or four hundred soldiers. We have received the following slip from tho office of the Providence Journal, dated I'rtday, p. m. June 21. e ore informed ihat three artillery companies from Newport, and Warren, are ordered to Providence this attcrnoon, and that a steamboat has been sent fir them. The Marine Artilery and Sea Ki nciblcs arc ordered out for twenty four hours service. From Newport We have not yet received our re port of jesterday's proceedings, but wo learn that the committee to whom were referred the petitions for a constitution, extending the right of Mifirageaud equal ising the representation to the General Assembly, have reported a bill calling a convention for that pur pose. It provides for extending tho right of voting for do legates to the convention to all American horn citi zens, re-ident thtcc years in the stale and one year in the town in which they oiler to vote. , It was supposed that the bill would pass, and that Iho General Assembly would rise to-day, The Journal of Commerce of Saturday saj s : It isunderstood that Major Davezac, who was an aid to Gen. Jackson at New Orleans, and is now a Representative from due city in the.Stati.'l.egisl.ilure, passed through Providence on Wednesday, to join tho insurgents at Chepachet j and as it is said, to take command of them. If Major Davezac is the Representative of Mr Van- derpool and others of that parly who have been, by ' uy inn cuuuieiiiiiiLu uii'i iu 111 y iiivi; l'ivi-ii 1'orr, authorsol all tl.e real irouoio in Kiioue lsbmil, there - .. . . . .- ... . . . . -. . . are no terms of condemnation too strong for their toiclccdnefes. From the Albany Advertiser nf June 27. By this morning's boat we have news from Ptovi dence to 5 P. M. on Saturday, An extra Sun receiv ed by Harnden Co. states "that up to that hour "no collission had taken place.but'evrry thing seemed to pretend a dreadful and bloody nfTray." Gov. Dorr arrived nt hit head quarters at Chepach et at 2 o'clock on Saturday morning. He h.ns 700 men under arms and 400 without aims, according to tho reports in the Providence papers. They were Said to be entrenching themselves on Acott's Hill, and had ten pieces of cannon with plenty of amniunitijn. Several families were leaving Providence in the ut most consternation. The number of troops which the charter parly bad collected in that city was about 2500 all armed to ihe teeth. It is rumored that Dutee J. Pearce and other suf frage men wereaboui to comu out with o circular de nouncing this movement on the part of Gov. Dorr, and avowing llicir determination to abide by the ac tion of tho General Assembly in reference to a new constitution. A steamboat chartered bv tho Genera Govern- rnent was to leovc New York at h P. M. yesterday with despatches for Gov. King, at Providince. The Duel. A slip from tlmolTicoof thePhiladel. phia North American, states Ihat ihe long expected meeting between James Watson Wcl b, of the N. Y. Courier, and Thomas K. Marshall of Kentucky, member of Congress, took place early on Saturday mnrnlncr. near tho De aware StateV line, on the rnuto nf ihn H.iliiniore rai'ioad. The parties fouclit with pistols nt ten paces, and at the secoiul lire air. vvpiiii i received his antagonist's ball in tho fleshy part of ihel leg, a few inches below the knec. They then ttpi. I rated. The wound bled profusely, but it is not con- sidercd dangerous. The parlif conducted them wives on tho ground "th paat coolnt-a jVarc concilmticn, took place From tho New O. Picayune. LATE FROM MEXICO. By tho British mall steamer Tcviot, from Vera Cruz, wo have rocoivdd files of of tho Vera Cruz Censor up to tho flth instant, and tho Diario del Gobierno of Mexico to tho 1st. Our correspondent informs us that a Span, ish frigate and brig of war aro now lying at Sacrifices, and that tho Spanish Government will not rccognizo tho Texan blockade on nny account. An English man of war .vas lying at Sacriflcios. Bocanogra, tho Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs, addressed a letter to tho Hon. Daniel Webster, Secretary of Stato of tho United States, under dale of May flltt, in which he remonstrates, in the name of his government, against tho favor shown to citizens ol this country who volunteered to assist the Texans, and complains bittcrlv of tho inaction of tho American government in this matter. Such conduct, ho asserts, is contrary to the most sa. cred rights guaranteed by tho law of nations. lie concludes by hoping that amicable rela tions may continue to be preserved between the two nations whom nature has destined to rule thi vast and fertile continent. Gen. Navarolcdied at tho fortress of San Ju an dc Ullonnn the lid of June, and was interred with military honors. He was the commander of that post. LATER PROM TEXAS. The steamship Neptune, Capt. Rollins, arriv ed yesterday Irom Galveston, bringing dates from that city to tho 11th inst. Among tho passengers brought by the Nep tune wo notice the names of E-Prcsidotit Lamar, Dr. Tho?. U. Lamar, Hon. Anson Jones, Secretary of State of Texas, .Mr. Burnley, ifcc. The cotton crop nil over the new republic is said to bo very nourishing. There aro still nearly 400 men at Corpus Christ! under Gen. Davie, and they are repre sented as spending their time in inglorious in activity. They hao some twenty Mexican prisoners with them, men of soms standing from tho other side the Rio Grande. President Houston had sent on an order lo release them, which it is stated was not obeyed. The prison, ers aro well treated, how over," faring even better than the Texans. By many in Texas it is thought tho invasion of Mexico will bo postponed indefinitely ; oth ers again surmise that it is Houston's intention to give t ho volunteers a chance in July of lookinc. at the fertile nlams and valleys on tho oinur snio me mo orande. Whatever Ins in. tentions aro wo believe that ho keeps them pretty well to himclf rr.,, .pv :",.,,'. , , . . ., V' F0X!" P"1'" " ashington recently captured and sent into Galveston the schooner Mary and Elizabeth. She was loaded with a large quantity of powder, and other con- traband articlen of war, together with coin. A ,!;..,,, i, ., . i '"' J'- 7'" vvll(;,,'r.("0, Mexican """ "ics o.vei, which nas not yet neon "uiutu. in; jj. anu r,. was uounu io era Cruz fiom New Orleans. A party of fifteen men recently left Austin for the Upper Colorado and region of tho San Saba in search of silver mines, known to be abundant in that section. rilO.1I BUENOS AYRES VXD MONTEVIDEO The schooner Delta, Captain Marchint, has arrived at DehlWUre. Mnssrirlill4f It, frnm ltn,.ti.w Aurno '''iV"1 " t tn' " " .ia'1 wl"c1' ho wns al!"wd by Admiral Urown lo caien, but not to sill nt -Montevideo. Urowu was holding Montevideo in a stateof blockade. The Montevideo papers gives the following ac counts of the assassinations wluih aie still going on at Buenos Ayrcs; Montevideo, April 23. On Saturday, ninety citi 7ens or llucnos Ayre-, who hail Hid limn ilmi city arrived here, and filly more by land who liaddHi'iu I). nked at t'olonin. There had previously ui rival more linn 200. They all tell of llin humble s. cm s of which IIihmios .-lyic It Ilia lli.iilrr. !!iiii,Ii...Ih have perished by the ihi?i:ers of the assiMm Wo know the mimes of some, but do not announce llirni lrt we -hould plunge respectable families into aillic lion. Several ladies have been as-asinaicd. The most distinguished aro the wife of the vvorlhv Colnnrl Dan iel, and tlii" widow and daughter of the ever lamen ted lieu. .Maiiano At ha. Were it nut for the nrder i-suid by the tyrant Itoas, foibiddin.' the friends nf the patriotic victims to weir mourning, the whole lily would he drcsstd in black. Thele h no exag geration m saympthis, we speak in the prtsenceof thousand of witnesses. The bodies of iho vielims, aftir being decapitated, aie taken to ihe leinetiriis, aeeompanad by the mu sic of fiddles, and the shouts of as.-fisins. Anions ihe slain aro two emigrants from llieOricn tal Kepuhhc. Thocondiict of tho rrench Clnce il'AtTnrs. M. frnm llie knife of Ituas, and in nuttmL' a stoi, to the cainairc. isoccasioiieil bv a lecret nrnilo in ik run vi'iilion of Admiral Ma'.au, m which lioas engaged not loiepeit his assassin-Uuiiis. .Io-t scandalously has he violated the engagement. The Maz-horca Society, thirsting for blood, sent ono of its members lo overhaul the Kn'lish Minister, Mr. -Mandevillc. Theassas in nci oithngly came up lo him, and asked roughlv, " What country are you of?" "Of wlnt con i queues is Ihat I" replied Mr. Mandevillc. ".Muie than you are avvaru nt," rejoin ed the assa? sin ; mailing a sign of catling his throat, "lam tho Minister." "Ah I you are the Kngh'-h Minister, arc you J" (intciruplecl the assass in vvilh a significant smile) "then you can pass on." -Mr. M.mdevillo immediately iiroccle'i' to the bouse of Gov. Itosas; and intimated that he was particu larly desirous to see him. The reply was, tint he receivrd no one, "Tell him that he must see mo now or never." Itosas then cave ruder to admit hini i and Mandevilli', full of indignation, related the incident which had just occurtd to him, and conclu ded by saying, that "ho could not have been igno riintof what vvos to happen, for nothiiis was done at "'leiins Ayrcs w'uhsut his orders) and ho should hold him responsible in case of its repetition." In constrnieneciif ibis uitcnicw, Itosas sent a circular to the Chief nf I'-ihco and to the commandants of sections. Idling tbi-iu that as popular indignation had been sufficiently satiated, he would hold them res. ponsiblofor nnv fuither assa"inalioiis commuted in the sireeis. '1 he nsassms my that operations ar sui'cnded in order to bring out those who arc con cealed. Afioiianistan. In a naralive of tho Affganistan war, compiled fur the Natchez 1'rrc Trader, wetako the following interesting particulars i " The III st campaign, in 1 830, cost tunc millions, sterling. It is estimated that six millions will not cover the cost tmcu that dale. An army of 30,000 men is ihought to be necessary to subdue and then defend ihccuuiitrvaminst msuriection. "The cunm followers of the Army of Indus amounted to 0,000. beinipist live times moro thnii llin fnzlltinLf men. The lfilh f.nliccrq. utiicli innilcr. einuu, Had DUUU followers, The. u holo of iIipmc rc. noire in such n country as AuVhaiiUtan to tin fed from the commissariat and lo liavo their provisions c!i r nt ii i null', ii ill. inn nrniV- carried along with ihe army A great number of camels are also employed, ono of which will carry provisions enough for a soldier for thirty days. "Tbfso uselul, an I in the East, in dispensab'e animals, aro rapidly diminishing. It is computed that 30,000 perished in tho tcrviceof the Hriiish Army betwixt Ocioher, 1833 and December, 1S39. Of 12,000 'pinvided last year for the army of (ien. Hrooks, not 1000 are now alive. From 1S39 down to Nov, Ml, 110,000 nro aid io hav died, which had been obtained at a cost of half u million ster ling." A Hebo or the "times that TRli.n cs." Ourg'o rious revolution was indicd the lime that tried men's souls. Lieut. Joseph Whenton was llipsonofn man of fortune. He embraced the cause nf his country, nnd bis father dyimr soon after, tho following clauso was found in his wills "To invson Joseph I bequeath a shilling. He has taken up the cause of ihe rebel-, and to the rebels let bun look for support." Lieut. W. seived with disunrtion throughout tho wari he captured the fibst Hiiii.h that ever struck its flag to us. Tho sole representative of this disinherited patriot is Leonard J. Anderson, ailerk in tho Post-office Department, w ho isevcry way wor thy nf his gallant ancestor. Huston Timet, Frozen to Detii in Ji'ni:. Wp al'udrd the other day to n statement which we could hardly credit, made io ns of the death, by frost, of ii number of sheep in Gcnesro and Livingston counties. The number stated as having thus perished was between ( nnd KC0. We did not give Ihu number, hi cause wo could not fully crpihl the report. Wo have since hern assured from various sources, of its tiiilhi and tho Jliifl-iln Commercial, in alluding to it, mention the fact that ono firmer in the vicinity of Ihat city lost 20 out of a flock of 200 within a few days fri m cold. 1 Wo doubt whether llin past lurnishes a parallel to this. Five hundred sheep frozen to death in Juno 1 1 Wc might defy Greenland or Siberia to heat ttm I Hut .Inter -a is apical country! -IMitter Pern Ax EscArr. rnoM CAriiviir. A morning paper announces tho arrival in this city of James Gamirsell, ono of tho "sympathizers" who wore taken in Canada, and condemned to death but hid their eontenco commuted to transporta tion. The account says : Gammoll and cloven others were sont out from England, in the ship Canton, to llobart's Town, on the 22nd of .September, 181)9, and reached thoro January 10th, 1810. They were all sent one hundred miles into tho interior lo work on the great road leading across the Is land from Hobart Town to Launcoston. Hero they worked in irons fur iten years. After that Lord John Russell sent out orders to mitigate their condition. They then received each a "ticket of leave," and were allowed to work at their rcspoctivo trades, on their own account but still to bo kept confined to tho interior and never bo allowed to go to any seaport oA tho Island. G.iimncll, however, was allowed a pass by tho magistrate of the district to goto Hobart town to get a model for a stump machine j and, by tho assistance of some American sailors then at Hobart Tow n, made Ins escape on board an American whale ship, and reached this city in lino health and spirits last Wednesday, being tho first of tho American prisoners who has made his escape from Van Dieman's Land. Ilo wh-hos us to stato that the following American prisoners have died there since he went out : Peter Williams, of United States ; Alcxan dor M'Lcod, Gerard Van Camp, of Canada ; John James M'Millcr, do; Mr. Priest, Jeffer son county, N. Y. j Mr. Curtis. Gibaud Coilecie. lis Pnnj,ENT Condition, This splcmtiil monument of mistaken liberality at tracts more strangers than any other object in the region round about Philadelphia. Its condition does not change much, ond M-ry slow progress is now making m tho main building. The columns arc all up and completed on one side, while thoso on the other are yd unfinished. Those on its rcarnro par tially up. The building fortunately is covered, nnd the wotk upon the minis? of the interior nt last has begun. This va-t edifice is occupied by six spacious apartments. Fmm cellar to all tc every thin" is arched, of stone and brick, without any jhiugof a combustible nature. Hence, if centuries arc occupi ed m complctm; the work, there is no fear of nudden or pctmature decay. Great quantities of marble aro now upon the ground ready for use, but ilie appropri ation admits of but few hands and only slow prog ress. It is uncertain when the college will be finish ed, and what is more, it is matter of doubt whether the prcent generation will ever see it done. Mr. Girard spent years in acquiring the Ibriune which he bestowed upon his adopted city. That fortune, from various a Ivcntitious and unfortunate circumstances, is nearly scattetcd to the winds. The litilc which re iinms of it is now mostly piled up in useless stone nnd marble, designed fui good, but as yet without any results except such as grow out of fichnns of common mortification and chagiin. Philadelphia Journal. QJ' Tristram Burgess, of Itliotlo Island, in a speech which lie made in the IIouso of nillncfi,ll'.ll,n0 ... "V... I f I ....,.u.1i.. j iii iungjiuss, u nuiiiuer oi yours ago, urns roierrcii to tho enterprise and industry of the people of New England : " PI ice New England on a region nf rock, with o it earth or water, our labor shall drill the solid stone and, like the stall of the Prophet, let om the gusliui" s'ream. Our pcrscvercnce shall heat the flint into sninll dust, and cover the who'e surface with sod. The dews, and Hie lain, and the suuhine of Hc.iv en, the only creatures of God left by you, in amity vvilh us, shall give to our new earth moislureund fer tility j and lime, and labor, and God's blessing, shall cover tho whole reeion with verdure, vvilh plants nnd mi-, nun luinuujus mm careens, uastures ami Willi meadows." J cu D'EsrniT. Tho editor of the London Ago says, that having occation to explore files of the morning papers for an advertise ment, several singular notices struck his eye. The following from tho Rritish Traveller, uro specimens : "Common Sense" if possible ill our ru'ruui"'."'y'' """" bu "''"cd for moro tempo- " Scandal" lias already appeared in a former num ber. "Truth" is inadmissiblo. "Honesty" would be unintelligible to many of our leaders. We know nothing of " Good Manners," therefore the writer must be mistaken in his conjecture.. " Scurrility" may depend upon being inserted du ring the course of tho vvi'i k. "Decency" must bo altered to make it fit for our columns. "A Patriot" iat present out of date. "An Honest Lawyer," with oilur originals, in a day or two. "Matter of Fact" does not come within the circle of newspaper intelligence. New HAMrsiiir.E Ncnri cation. The New Hampshire Legislature adjourned lo the first Wed nesday of November neu. The Senate refused unanimously to concur with the House in its resolu tions refusing lo district the State, and substituted an expression of dii-approbation more general in its terms, which the House, would not admit in place of its own serii'S of resolutions. The Senale then pas ted its ownri3Jlve separately. The who'o would appear to be a device to prevent any expression of opinion of the Legislature1, by an appaiant disagree incut between the two branches. Host. J)ui. Adi: UIUG11TON MARKLT. Monpav, June 20. 1812. Hep irted for the New Fngland Farmer. At Maikct 320 llctf I'attlc, 2juiis Woi king oxen, 30 Cows uud Calves, COO sheep und Lambs, and 2UU Swine. Paiccs. llctf Cattle. The prices obtained last wcik for u like quality were not reilicd, and we re duce our quotations. A few extra 63 50 a 5 "j. First quality, &3 23. Second quality, S3 00. Third quality, 1 50 a 500. Woi king Oxen. Sales C3, 7", S3, ant,'S93. Covvs and Calves. Sales 20, 23,23, 23, 30, and Sheep and Lambs. Sales of Sheep and Lambs from 1 23 to $ 50. Swine. A lot of pigs nt 5 cts., and a lot of old hogs at lets. At retail, from -1 1-2 to C. GERMAN MINF.UAL WATF.RS. It is worthy of rcmaik that we have in our Village tho most celebrated ol German Spa Wultrs, the Springs of Pyrmont nad Drieburg being noted in Luropu for their salutary properties and attracting from nil parts of the Continent, nut only the infirm enjoy the benefits of its use. Indeed many persons ! li-avo this count, y expressly to visit the' German Springs, and it is but recently that among the number of our eiluenswho have gone is Professor Losorci.. in iie.uiii, out 111c iasiiion.iuic mm Ilie wcalltiv. to low. of Cambridge. Mass.. who. kuowinr. from c serimca lliohygefan virtues of the Pyrmonter waters, uiiMros-cii uie an, nine io recruii ins iieann uy tan. ing them. Messrs. Ostheim it Mlcuoub, the import, era of these Waters, have them for sale at their store TKMPHRANOF. CDLIJHRATION. The friends of Temperance will celebrate the 4lh of July next at Hurhii'Mon in tin, f,illUm,. ,,.,. . They will assemble in thu Park on Court House Square at half past !l o'clock, A. M. The procession will form at 10, nnd calling at the (.rtiil" I ilmun fur dm I ...II-. .....1 -.1.1 . .-.I . , , .. ,, ., ,u, ,, ,-uuUi , ocnooi cilll- iiren, wilt march under military escort to the Unita rian Cbuich. The exercises will consist of .Music, Prayer, the Geo. S. Hencdictaiid II. J.Tcnney, I.n. At tho conclusion of the exercises, the audience and friends of lemperance generally, uro inviied to par take of a collation lo be prepared in tho grove near thcChuieh. Uy order of Committee of Arrangements, Gi:0. A. ALL UN, Chairman. FOURTH OF JULY! CELEIWA 770.V .V JCMCHO, The citizens will meet at the Brick meetmchouss at D o clock, A. M. and organize. The procession will bo farmed under the direr tiou of Co'. F. Fletciieb, Matthal of the day, prerise ly at 10 o'clock, cudeii or raocESSio.'.. 1. Hand Music. 2. Light Infantry Company in full uniform. 3. President and Orators of ihn day. 4. Clergy of the eldlerint lowns. B. Vico Presidents. 0. Conimiileo ol'Airaiigrincnls. 7. Speretarits of the day. 8. .b eiiHl Ladies and Gentlemen lo reprcicnt the 2G United Slalei. 0. Inviied guests. 10. Citizens in general. 'I he piocession will move from the Driek Church to Ihn lull near T. Grlnaha'a larni hous.-, where the exercises of the day will tako place. Al the close of tho proceedings at thai place, tho procession will again form lis before, and march to the Ilritk Church Green, whero a dinner will be provided, ti . JOHN H. '10WLR, President, .. .... . -ttartit. -iJR I w I The New Cheap Cash Slorr, IJY IVJI. HtJKMlUT. The C ash System works well. HAVING it two weel. and received n very liberal patronage, we are cneouragud toeontinue the inini', and to oiler a very gene-ral nssorluicut of seasonable Funny and Staple Dry Hood, and Family (irin-crie, at the toicest cash price for ready enh. "Goods w ell bought, arc said to be half sold." Need nny nnu bo told that Goods we;ll laid in at New York in May, 1812, inii-the cheap? Customers who are oilored old goods nt cost, will do well to call at the ICNew Cur.Ar Cash Stobe, before making their purchase", and examine an entire rrh stock just opened. Monday Morning, June 27, 1312. NOTICE. Till: undersigned, having entered into copartner, ship under tho linn o( SM.tLI.KY &, TKNNKV, will give prompt attention to all biisinc w hich mav be entrusted lo them, cither in Law or Chancery. l-olleetmg Uitiuu-s will receive particular alteni'ion. D. A. SMALI.BY, ,. , , J. TL'.S.KY. "urlington, J,,ly , mi. .:( New Furniture Ware-House. On Church-st. (In rear of the Court House,) UUIIUSGTOS, VV. BIIAIlNnS A KliELEn have on hand and are constantly nildmglo their -licl; of their own manufacture, Sofa-, Sceretarie, llnreau-, mahogany aiid edicrry dining, centre and card Tables, liedslead., C II AI 11 S ! Curl maple, e-ane seat, Grecian, common cane, rai. cd seat rochinu and common diiiine CHAINS j allot which arc made in the lnM tnannerand by experien ced workmen, anil will l.u sold at prices eorre-pond-eliiee"'' "'B Cot cas'1 1"ml'1'1' or oo'uitry pro- Rice's Patent Kannlni; Mills, Manufactured by Ilarnes & Keeler, ennslantlv on hau. I, which they will exchange for grain orea'.h if required. aiso blocks ol all kimls and prices cheap as the iiiLnpisi. July 2, 18)2. NEV GERMAN STORK" f pilh uiider-igned respectfully inform the inhabi- X tanls nt lliirlinirion nnd vie'initv, thai ihe-y have on hand a slock of SIJPKKIOIl GltOCKIilKS, which' they vvill -ell at cln-aper prii-cs than e-ver oilcred I e- lore in this marlci, consisting of Sugars, Teas, Cob u mis, consisting nt Sugary leas, Col Miocnlalc, Cocoa, Itaisin., Currants, Almond, , Nut-, Spices, Iiice, Pearl Harlcy, OlivoOd, k!''.';!.Sl"-'r,n an'1 ''allow Candle-, Sperm and IWbaleOd, Soap, Cigar", Tnliieeo, &: etc. tl .. If ..1ln ...I c.l...-ln... .... i ,. i ii ' v",w"'""1' sneiia, itaisin., v.urranis, Almunil. 1 llllll' Jioiasi relineil Wh A Iso the Pure Holland (Sehuilain) Gin, nnd French t-Offline', for llie lirinc nnil Pr,.n..l, VV...... German Illicniih Wine., vintages of IS22 and 183l' for medicine. ' J!"'Y have al-n imporlcl ibc most eelebrale.1 of wi.u.wA.s ,-i-, A I KllS.lreim IheMprings of Dne bur? and Pyrmont. Fur their salutary propcrlie they refer to Dr. OSIIIKI.M eV .MICIIOLI.s... Slori! on College strcei, 1'ormi.ily occupied hy Mr,., l.owt.-UNl-r. O. it M. al-o leg leave io mention thin thcv have a rich assortment or IVlKXCll DIIY GOODS, which they rc.pcellullv invile ihe public to inspect. IlurliiiL'tim, July 2, IS 12. Farming Utensils. Qfk D07.F..V P.,imt Scvthe Snath-, CJ 50 do. Ilaml Itakc, 20 do. Hay Fork-, WnrneT's tele! rated gris and cradle Scvtbes, Itixlbrd'.s do do J Do. Hoes and e-nst scc ilo i'hovcls, SjiaJes, iVe. etc. I.v Junu 30. T. F.'it W. L. STItO.NG. FOR SALE. 'IO SHAKKS of Slock in the Burlington Hank. JJ For terms apply to II. AI.LK.V Uurlington UOih June IS 12. SUMMER GOODS. TOLACK GrodePoi and Astrachan Cloths, -- l.i: isht and Dark Gambrooni. Kcntucby Jeans and Marino Ca'simercs, hid a nnu Plain v Into Linen Drillings, Col'd Cotton Drilling", Vely Cheap by, June 31st 1SI2. H. W. C.VTL1N. Blanc JMaiifjo Moulds, FARItAlt, WAIT it HOOT Im.r ;.--.l... nt- -r uAf.., Aurii Manas, e-iffor Stands, JCctj Cups, Cu&tard tto. (ru Cim dlc Sinks, Glasi Crcavitrs, ipc. four five it six bot tle Revoltinc Coators, all very chrnp of course. June 30, 1842. Import a n I Disco vera ! A CKIfTAlN ITItE FOR COKXS.-Dr. Hailcyrf xVWa-hinglim city has al length di-covcied a cure ior lyoru-. mis meiiieiiio is an uul.iilingciiii' m the short space of lifietn minutes, wiihoul pain or dam HgQ to Ihe pulient. l-i'.uiv. et si i .A K, Uurlington, arc my only nuihor ed Afc'cnts kr ihe ctuniiu.. i,f Cbiilcndcu mid Or- ized lean TIIOS. Jl'KK WIHTA.MOItK. July2, 1812. lllf Agent for .N. U. Si.Ue.. NOTICE. Carding anil Clnlli Dressing at Jluddj Hrool.-. THIS L'stabli-hincnt ha- (.,. tit r-l up in good order, 11111" no pains will I u jiari-d to do all werk to the laii-facliou of ihe puLlic. , P. STACY, it Co. Biiilingtou, June 29, 1612. 1 WOOL. TIIH highest .Market Price will bo paid for cood clean fleece wool on ace'ls or in exchange for Geo Is by Juno30'-I2. II. W. CATLIN. Table Butter. AHRANGKM F.NTS have been made with Farmer, for a si pply of the choice.t le I uticr the season. . June 21.. S. II. SCOTT. LAST NOTICE. A'.' per-onsiiMtuii-.i 101.. M. Wright it Co., to II. W. l.atlin it Co., orlo Ilickol. .p Cailin will jpis-a-i. iuL. iiM...u irt-i iioiicuiiMi meir accoiuu. must l e iinuie'ilialeiv i-cnltil. They will have every nuiiii..,, .m luvni ,1, . ailing i iny .ie r 01 June 2 1. II. W. CATI. I N . Paper Ilaiigiii'rs. 4 Nnv lot cheap, by C 1 J 21. K. II. SCOT P. shew Ssitlillcry, Conrh Ar Slicirilui-tl ware in all its varieties. also. Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, it i.. ...... i, ........ 1 "iij mi i.mus, mner s i uols, ipc. The sill scribcrs arC nOW receiving u,,it,ili..a nf (Ii.. ,.f.,8,',".' I" r .f'T r of V Lollege streets, sign of tho Padlock ii.irli111T,OI1 -.., Vn isli -'"'May, 18i.'. above goods, at tho old stand, comer of Church and ARTHUR. G K K S R V E A T f I K 1 1 S ! IU U t '.".S-''iV" ljee-e Feathers, pi-t received VV- am '"rsalHurcaj'.ilOMcrlhaurve'r I cihrc 5U, '" C, L. NLLSO.N. 40:f. -VJO M ISTAK i;. Smoke d lleef i also, I'otk by the 1 barrel, just ree civtd for sale by " '"'s1 . li. l. IS. fJlHi: Spcei-he. eifihe lltui. Tiimus F. .M.Mi.mi i , .4 .'!" .ALCOHOL and I.YiLMPFItA.NOF.. n , v xi:.iiiiim;im: ,i...;...i . ihu llroadway ernji Ic, New VurU, on the eve of -""J "" nivitu the allcution of ihe irieiiu-en lemperaneu . Hie above work, from H niiriiiMo vvonti, n. well us truui the high reputation v, mi. u-.ui-ii-i!i-u umior. June 21, IS 12. D. s, HP.A.MAN Hair Nfiti 1 1 ii it 1 .Q ,20, 22, 'l Rn'' 20 '"' he., iii-t ri'ceive l and lOjformlcby June 21. W. J. 1 1 TNT, Slrong' Huilding. 1IA TS ! HA TS ! ! A NOHTKIl lot of Superior Moleskin Hats, of tho Xi.laiest Style, just received by S. M. POPK. Juno 23, 1342. KUI1SCIUPTIONS FOR THK NKW WORLD RECEIVED AT THE BURLINGTON BOOKSTORE. PKRSOXS wishing to avail ihrimel vet of Iho many iuteic-iiiii;iml,liiation..iicil finhe.Vcw H'orW, can Im Mipplit.l with the .amp, Ire of piLiae, by giving their nainei lo the s ihscriler. Work., sueli n Zunemi, und Jacqufric, and lbo.-c of mmlar char ac cr, i nn hopnrchnmd at the very low pru-oof roni 18J to 25 el.. The new novel, Morley I.'rii.leui, by James, is now ready for le. June i, IBJ2, D. A. HHAMAN. Cnn I'IF.CIIS French hnd Ainrricau PAPLH tJUWHA.NGINGS. new r.atle. very cl.can Juno 23- by II. W. CATLIN. SHINGLE. THOUSAND good pruncB'nlnjlr, for mile ve JJ rylow by S. WALKL'R. May 2 1. Sl.ll'is.-Nevv York Hyle of French Kid Slips, . rf-ivdhv IMar:') P H, SC OTT HARDWARE. TllK siibscrik-r havmir rcecnlly replenishcJ his stock nl Ilardwurc, mlers fer sale the following Goods, at the lowest price.. ,, , Cutlery; Table nnil De-ert Kmvos and Forks, IVn nnd Pock el Knives, Itaiors, Scismr-, Shwn Shears, Uuteher hnivei, Shoe do., Secl, ete'. etc. Carpenters' and Joiners' Tools. Can and Spring Steel Pnnnel, Hand and limping Sawj t Circular ilo. from 8 to 21 inches j Cross-cut and Mill do Slater' Urate, and Hitts) Firmer nnd iiiorllcu Chi.els j Gouges, Plane Irons, Augers, Sun innns' Hand Axe, Ado, Haiiimer, eVc.) Uangs' and Ilaldvym's Plane. Taper, Pit-nw. Mil.taw. IJa.lard, i'.nual unr. vV ardmir mill nlniif.! Qi...n w...! arid Hor.-e Hasp,) a general assorllilenl ol Saddlery rarmlng TJlcnslts. Cradles, Scythe, Slannru nnd Hay Forks J Hoes : Ame.' Shovel, j Spades, Din hing .Shovels, ttc. etc. 1' urnlslilns and llulldcrs' Hardware. Tiays, Britannia Tea and Coilee Pot?; Lamps! Spittoons ( Hand and Tea Hell.; Cator ; Uritannia, tiermaii Mlvcr and plaled Tea ami Table Spoons) Meial and enameled Saute Pan Frying Pan", Uakc Pan., Pot. and ICeillc-, lira.. Kettle., File Irons, etc. LocU; IlultHinsrc.t James' Screws; Norfolk and Knob Latches; Ill.tkc's Kscnlebeon do. ; Window f n-tening!.; Pnllies; Hail Screvv.s; Hed Screw,' Mahoganyund Glass Furnituie KnohjOluc,etc. etc. June 21. W'll. J, HLNT, otrongs' Ouilding. Teeth, Teeth Save your Teeth! Grctit Improvement in Dentistry! Dli. SAXTON having engaged Dr. PEAltSON, Surijconand Mechanical Dentist from the city of New ork, ns a partner, would most respectfully aiinounec to the citizens of Uurlington ond thoncigli. boring towns that they have opened an office at Mr Grisvvold s, on the West sida of Church street, one door North of the Uurlington Dank, where they arc nrqiarcd to attend to all cases included in cither branch of tho profession. From one to a full set of Incorruptibla Mineral lectli (or Dr Pearson's own manufacture) inserted upon his highly improved suction plate, which is rclnmcd firmly in the mouth upon strictly scientific principles, thus dispensing with the use of clasps springs or ligature, so obicctionable. Teeth inserted upon the above plan aro beyond detection, and ren dered, if not so useful as the natural ones, uioreser cipfes those inserted upon ihe ordinary prin- , Decayed Teeth filled with nuro gold, or a prepara tion which is introduced in the form of n paste-; but soon hardens and resists the action of all acids or other corrosive matter, while it gives Ihe tooth its natural appearance and preserves it from farther de cay. Aching teeth cured in a few minutes, and filled with the above preparation and restored to usefulness. Accumulations of tartar removed from the, teeth without injuring tho enamel, which is frequently the result of an unskilful operation. All operations warranted to give satisfaction. Teeth extracted with one third the usual pain. Individuals desirous of having dental operations performed arc inWied to call and see specimens, and satisfy themselves of the above improvements. Cluldren's terlli regiilaied when malformation is taking place in consequence of neglect duriii" second dentition. Advice given on diseases of the Gums, Sockets, and Antrum, Ireo of charge, ,P'. Pearson has in his possession lettrrs and cer uficatts from professional men of the first respecta In Iny in the city of New York, and Charleston, S.C. where he enjoyed a long nnd extensive practice. His object in coming north is in consequence of bilious allections. rS-Ollicc hours from !) A. M. to 3 P. M. Uurlington, June 1(1, 1SI2. 2 CALICOF.S aro seliing at Hurlbul's Cheap Cash Store at less prices than were ever known in llii-. part of the country. Ileautiful Knghsh, French and American prints. " Call at the new store. Church-. t, JuneS. " WM. HTltLHUT. BOMAA.1NKS, black and blue black, for sale at the lowest prices, by June 8. WM. HUKLHIj'T. 15LAIN nil wool Mousiline de Laincs, super satin . striped do., pruned do. of every variety, for sale al astonuhngly low priccsat Ihe new siore, bv JuneS. WM. HtJKI.liUT. PAIUSOLS and UMIllliy ,t.AS,-an immeriso lot now ope 11 at Hurlbul's fur examination. Grain Cradles. GRANT'S cclebiatid Grain Cradles, jut received yj and for sale by HAGAR ft. ARTIIL'lt, At the old stand, sign of Ihe Padlock, cor. I hunh audCuMtueiilreets. Juno. 1SU. CJAVS. RnwInii.lV ViiTkhZ ii-ii .. , r. .' O circular do. ; IZn croVciTt Vo lSTld and bark du. ; Couipiias, Wood and I-VIIop do. Cor U, if "11 IOr sa,C b "AGAR AllTHUIt, or. Lli. and toller trvvq. June Hlli, Trusses. A K W,f.upply of 'rloui.son'! celebrated 'i.,.e t t , , uti a vciL'uraiuii iiuwouiu Bupijuntrs lor saic hy ,s , HAGAR if. ARHTIIUR, Cor. Cb and College sireets. lliirhngtou, Juno 17th. Slltchcll's Geogi aphical M'orks jXTITCHELL'S Primary Geography, 1M " School' Tlo. auJ Atlas, Geogiiiphieal Reader, " Outline .Ma,.a, ," , Key to study of .Maps. l or:ileby j. GOODRICH. Ju"e O'd Stand up Stairs. "lATllt'l'S Ufeof Patrick Henry, cheap edmon, T ' J""C Li; 1'or sale by C. GOODRICH. Cooper's .Naval llistnryt t IIRIDGED bythcaiithur and complete, in one olume, just received by C. GOODRICH. June lj. .. , HooUlilnilliisanil Itlaniririioir. r i.IK.Llt-, Journal., Itevoreb, etc. ,Vc. for -ale . IJ male tocrd.-r. Old Hook ithouud .it -hon noii.t Juilt' ly C. GUODKKTI. ' FARRAR, WAIT ROOT, Have rccciveil a full PDflPICDV niACOP. PUIMA mine UIIUUrVLII I , ULMOlJ Qb bnilVM WMHt iiivu, u'iueu ' toihuirlbiiuer I -iwn, iiukin their u;orl nifiit qniie complete, and II is u lered at tcryloicprkia lude'etl corrc peiiiding vvilh the pie-.sriilo Ol thclilui' , I'ailllllUs in 11 .1 til III 111 j -I- in their line will do wc to rait and cx.imiiw ... It lln ff.iiu.K . l'l,.ir.. r...,l I '.it I.... Inuiiiigtou, Jun-' 17iiit 11- Gold Bund China; Sl'PKIill Gold Hand, Hand and Sprig'd China u hls and jilaic. to match, very chfan ihu h'na Stort ot F.UtltAIl, WAl'IW HOuT. June 1 Tt Ii. 7 ARI.WF.I.L'S SIiik-s, Half Cailcis, KTdShj.7, J- thildien' Sbeo, &v. juft rcmml I.v 10. W.M. lll'HLIIIT. I'a per Hiii)iriii"s. 1 OftY) 1";i'e ''ai'ci' Hangings, palierns entirely -"-s. new, ol ullipialnic-, iii-i opencl by June it,. W.M. lIl'KLlfirr Solo liOatlicr. EC LOOMIS has just received Sole Leather for 14 cents cash, bv tho hundred pounds. Also, Patent anJ hiring leather. June 10. Cash Paid lor Bark. 1 C. LOOMIS will pay cash lor 40 or 50 cords j.j good Hemlock Hark, if delivered mono month irom u'lic. June io, Paper Hiuiciiijis. KOn PIECES, for sale at .Manufacturer's prices WUU adding height, by C. GOODRICH. Juno 10. Dinnnr Sots. "15 EAirriFUL lllue, Pink and Hourbon SprigM Din 1J iieH-els.i'OmpleiowilhTca andCoffeB. eu maicli for .ale uneominonly low at Ihe new CrncLery Slorc. June It. r.uitiAK, V.H iV. ROOl. Glass Wan?. A FULL as.orimen; of Glass Ware, eonsi-tin-of Lamp-, Tumbler-, i'merve Di.he-, I'uchcr-, Howl-, wines. Co. lard., lellie-. eelcrv .i,iJ. ..i i.. eVc for alechcnp at theCluna and GUts vvarehou-e of Juno 17. FAllRAIt. WAIT & HOOT. TO RENT. '"PIIE Store formerly occupied bv Hickok 4- Cailin lAppplyto June 8, 42. H. W. CATLIN. GROCERIES. ' 1 O !nll.'i',,M!'!,,fr'0,cl(ld'nS,,',?nr' 10 BoMlfdo X J 10 Hag,. Ci flVe, 5 do. Pepper, 3 do. Spice, .'" r.k ""'scr, tu uoxe B,,ap irr.ale hv 9 May, 1842. s. WALK fit QIIEEVING.10 Hale, heeling', for .ale I v 9 My S. WALKER. PORK. 20 KfUoSv, Porl;i f'" Hlc K' WA'-KF.R. 50 UUDS' slnrdncr Brewer's N. F.ngland Kum, SOPipcs and Half Pipes American Hrandyf, do- ,jo Baltimore din, l2 do Tellevoisin' Urandy, i5??. t d? 'Swa''' Gin, 10 Hilda. St. Croix Hum, 30 Dbls. Sherry nnd Madeira Wines, 3j do Malaga do 6 ill I'otl do 31 Dec. 1811 by J. et J. H. PRCK .t Co. Quills. A N K W supply, ol the hlghe.l nnml er, just re CX. ceivedal S. HUNTIMTrflX'si June 10. A PI' H ENTICE VA iV TED FOR PAPF.U MAKIPiG. A strong healthy boy, about 10 to 19 years of ago, intending to work for his living, may find a good opportunity by apply '"g to June 8. C. GOODRICH. New Sabbath School Honks. IOR sale nt the Bookstore of the subscriber a gen . crol assortment of the Massachusetts nnd New ork publications for Sabbath Schools. June 17. D. A. BIUMAN. QUESTION HOOKS. AN assortment of tholiuesimn Rooks of tho Mas sachusetts Sabbath School Soctctv, for sa'c at Iho Hookstoroof the subscriber. D. A. DRAM AN. TADLKof the tho rates of duties payable on goods, wares and merchandize, impurled into ihe U. States of America from Canada, for aalo at the Hook store of June 17. D.A. I3RAMAN. CAf?ES TIClflNOsT 1 do Wellington Fancies, 1 do liluc Drilling, I Hale lirown do 1 do Canvass, 10 Pieces Red Padding, For tale bv May 27, 1312. VILAS, LOO'MIS if- Co. Combs. 300 DOZEN TWIST COMRS, inu do Cap do 2300 do Side do 100 do Ivory do 100 do Pa'ent Urassdo 50 do German silver Pocket do SO Gross Wood do do For sale I y May 27, 1342. VILAS, I.OOMIS .f- Co. Tliread, &.c. QHn '',,s. aml col'd Cotton Thread, 0JJ P, Cases do do Spool do fiO Lbs. Rlack Linen, do 50 Gross Round Labels, For sale by May 27, 1812. VILAS, LOOMIS ft Co. Silks. 1CASF. Pongee Silk, 21) Pieces black, blue I 20 lbs. India scvvinir r-, 20,0f0 Skeins merican do. For sain by May 27, 1812. VILAS, LOOMIS A: Co. Feathers. fiQQ LRS.Oee-e Feathers, warranted of superiur quality and country collection. 1000 Lbs. Hens' Feathers, fm sale by May 27, ISI2. Vtl.AS, LOOMIS & Co. lAMIHtO()XS-I.intn Drill, Moleskin, nnd VT great vane y of other summer 'iod, very cheap. June .). idi. S H. SCOTT. I7ltIH Tli AS Ground Spice, Coffee, Prune, 1 Raisin, Figs, Currant June 3, 1812. pc. ipc. at S. II. SI'OTTS. 17 'RCSH Ti as Sugar and Dry Grocene-, Just rc- J. ceived and for sa'e low bv June 3d. LOYF.I.Y & Sr.YMOUR. 7ltOCKIiHY. A I.ARGF. and splendid assortment of Crocket y of j-1 newaud beautiful patterns for sale low by Jimczmi icmz i.uvj.m cv si-.v.iiuiJU. Clump Groceries. j HYSON, Youmr llvuii, lly-on skin, Tonk.iy and : Pi uchoiiu'Te.i-, Porio RToSinrar, Leal, Lump, 1 and Powilere-I do. P. It, Me.l i-t., Umi.n rup, Rio I .int..'.l, 1 1 11 r,--, txi-, tv-. -Viie Orleans Sufaras chiap the rheapeil, for sale by June 3. S. M. POI'i.-. IMF.HSON'S Outl.nesof Geography and History. J l!ljl.e' Y011113 Orator or New York Header. 1 lie attention oi .ciiool teachers is particularly re .,'isii,i 11, ,,0 UUOVC UOOIIS .'"".'A'j?!1'!0' C. (.OUD1IICII. eamiualiou. Junu M. TO THE PUBLIC.,ui)Senlierinsrccdagrneralassoilmentof tjilOrlli at liw 1 Id SlnrrtottI n I..- ..a... . VV.. . :V- il - nun .null' Ol .uiuu-ni nuigc wmen win do soul at prices cor- responding with the limes cheap n- the cheapest. N. II. hujurioi Hurhiigton .Mill Co. Clo'hs for sale. ,. , SIDNEY HARLOW. Uurlmgloit June lOlb IB 12. gw Cloth Caps. TUSTrec'd direct frnm the manufacturers a full a3- sortinent of all kinds Cloth Caps ond For Sale at great bargains by, June 'J, 12' II. W. CATLIN. Shoes. JUSTrec'd a I'arwtlls Shoe-s l-2Caitrts & slipr, Junenr' H. W. CATLIN. Lumber OH Hon n'- Common Pmc KJ,JJ- 10,000 ft. clear do. IfiA rVrfi r. . Hoard", do. 100,000 fl. spruce do. II. W. CATLIN. fur sale by ATEW cVaSII STOIC IS, BY WM. llUKLHUT. '"PHE snbsiriber has taken the newly filled Store, JL West idc Church-street, between the '' and ' Variety Store1.' whero he is now nncnm" nnd I ollering lor sale nn extensive and general assortment of Goods adapted to llicwant-of the community j amongst vvhich area great variety o-f iiks, ruutcu .iinms ami l.nvvns, . !; , , mi!-, iiuuis, on;i is, ieaviii., I ig d and bar d and plain Swiss -Muslins, I.insook. book and ui her Mushns. Ladies and gent'einen's Linen IMkfs, Inserlions, Edgings, Heading nnd Thread Laces, Work Collars, Rcluulcs, Head Hagsand Pulses, Tarlion und plain Muslins and I. aces, ltlhbilis. a beautiful a-so'itKinit and new stvlc, Ladies' Florence, Druid, Modtna, S.raw and Misses Ilonne s, I Arlilicml Flo'werf, Gimp F.dgmgaiid triinmmcafor Tuscan Honncts. l'ar.isnls, a beautiful assortment ol new styles. Hosiery of every variety, Ilroadcfoth, Cuinicts, cslings, Ac. Gent's summer Goods, Stocks, Collars, Ac. Gent, and boys Li'g'ioru and oilier lints. Dry Groceries, a good assortment. N. H. This entne .lock of goods has bren pur chase I within u lew days, with great care and at a tune vv lien the prices wero more Ueprrsseil ttian at rvi,,n. ,., i, !!, I HI l, ,.l,l r.,r n ,1 .. .1. at a small advance from rost. Hurlingtun, June 10. 1512. .17 Pit E SENT GOODS of all description- arc selling very low at Uurlington, parliculaily at S. II. SI'OTTS. Prill I oil Lawns. nr.CKS at S.H. SCOTTS.-Sevrral styles, vtJ as luw as one shading per yard. June 3. TENS' LEGHORN HATS, just reeeivi'd at AJ June S, S. H. SCOTTS. PAPER 11A.NGINGS, at I June .1. s. n. SCOTTS. Now Calicoes. 7RENCII, Eiifli.h and Amerpan, f ro?,' to 50 . per cent lower ibau ever, at June 3. S. P. SCOTTS. French Honihazine, LACK, I lut-black and colored SiUs, cheap, very O Juno 3. at S. 11. SCOTTS. SARGENT, SPRAGUE & Co.'s TOHACCO, by the quantity or otherwise, at S. II. SCOTTS. PARASOLS June 3. -a great variety at S. H. SCOTTS. GUNS. -A new supply of Fowling pieces. Also, Powder, Shot, P. Caps, Iad, Ac. for salo by HAGAR & ARTHUR, June 1542. Corner Church and College-st. American Saddletrees. A FULL supply of Woodward's domestic Saddle trees, for sale wholesale nnd retail hv ,. HAGAR it ARTHUR. Durlington, June 1812. SYRtJP. Stewart's lie-l 6tcani refined sugar house SvruD. a sunarior arliels for family iim. for sals by June 15. LOVELY & SEYMOUR. Burlington, June 1812. FnshionnblG Hats. iy CASES J, it B. Knower's warranted IIst, cheap O for cash, at May 27. S. 11. SCOTT'S. LEMONS. iXfi POXES of Lemons in prime order, for ttiU si JJ New crk pritsv and freight, by Om Dc I-, JUy 27 f OLLI'IT d. ERACLEY J NEW BOOK STORE, " Live and lei Live." rXWIE .ul seril er has received from Now York i 1. incJX '"I'l'V "f School Hook-, Bibles, Pravei Hook., re.taineni., &e. &c. together vvilh a good as sortment or Stationery, nnd Uook-bindlng Stock, In which he Invites ihe attention of the public. Fcelimi very grateful foriln. Iirr,il nairA,..,. i,.r teived, l,u will renew hi. exertions 10 flease all thai Mini I.. .ft. t.! .... 1. t. .. . . j ,ui nun .vim mt'ir paironagc.. Strong.' Hnildmg, corntr Church and CoIIckb t... opi.o.neHagar ft. Arthur'-, Sign R'jd Led'er. June 10. NOTICE. rrilF. Siibacrilvrs will pav cah lora few thouianJ j7n,l"Tn4 . I ,",1,Fla!,',: H'ouli deliveied at their -.."v., iiiauui 1 cu ri -s tre'el. nitADI.EV ti I1YDK. Uurlington, June 23, 1812. Ilroadcloths Cheaper than ever; rpilK subscriber has just received an assortment .of Cloth, recently purchased in New York nt Auction, winch heoU'em for sale at such prices as cannot but suit purchasers. Thoso in want wdl do well to call on Juno 2 ). II. W. CATLIN. NEW GOODS. BLl'i: lllk. nonihuzmc-., Crapes, Oiled Silks, heav V Satin Vesting-, I,,Men Hn, K Glove-, Suissi. Iii'crtmgs Honnet l(ibl.nn, Artificials, l,lk. Italian Cravats, lable and It a Diaper.. Cotton Fringe'., just recciviii, i,y June 23, 1812. H. w. CATLIN. Blanchard's Scythes. OK .upply of the above e clel rated ! A LA 110 I Sell he. iTi. v warranted, for snle- at reduce! price.. nn ., , , "LU1T if. UltADLKY, Agerts. Oil Dock, June 21, IS 12. Cedar Posts. 1 nftfl s-f.DAr1 POSTS, a fir-t ra'c article, for L)JJ .aie low by FOLLL'IT f. 1IIULLEY Old Hock, 21 June, 1812. Carpet Yarn, S. I!. SCOTT. Coooa, nt S. B, SCOTT'S. PAPER. C GOODHICH has jii't rccciveil from themanu U facturer-, 2 C.isoiof blue laid Cap and Luiti pajier. May 18. BOOKS AND PAPER. THOSE vvi-hing to buy Hooks and Paper for cash, produce, or.on credit will find a good stock and at their own prices by calling at Ihe old stand, VV STAIRS. May IS. "I L O ii F. S .A pair of 13 inch Glol e. on high v. -lanes, a imicu-eM nun 111 goeai nreier lor sale veiy low, by May IS. C. GOODRICH. Nova Scotia Piaster. THF. Subscribers aro this day receiving n fresh supply of Nova Scotia Plaster, and will com me nee grinding at their -Mill at the Falls on Monday next. I'OLLE'lT ft, URADLDY. Uurlington, .May 20, IS 12. SAWS. ENGLISH Cast Steel, cross cut. HCo & Co.'s iln circular, from fit . .!.... Rowland's Mill. Just received an ' f'sr WM J. lit NT. Strong" l'uilding, College St., near the So mre. Uurlington, May 19, 1612. Simmons' Tools, rV ALL DESCRIPTIONS, iust received and for v' sale oy n il. J. sale bv . HUNT. Uurlington, May 10, 1S42. Strongs Iiuilding, Cast Si eel, TESSUPft, SONS celebrated Cnt Steel, iust receiri cdand for sale by WM. J. HU.NT, Uurlington, May ID, 1S12. Strongs Hmlding. vlTo U R i TT'RF.SII Ground flour received t'-u day m 1 for saia I I be Mm- 'Ti II IllV'u D. DAVIS. Boston Garden SckU. Garden Seeds from Yanhei' Farmed ! O HONES Omeo, Uostoii. for salebv C. GOOnrtlClT. May 4. Also. While Midhnrv Sct.,1 ni n. ..! hootch purple top) SagoSecd.atoiiefourthTheusuttl , price. I cs-enden s American Gardener. . TAKEN UP T) the Mib-cril er on the31-t of Mev last, twi II ......1 ......... . . '. . 1 OI1C about len nl.l an, I il, ' otnerlivi' the latter has a while stripe in the facui The owner is rcoue-Icdtonrove nroiicni'. i.:n- ,.,.r, and take them away. JOSLPH COLVEIL Colchester, June 4, 1SI2. r.l NEW AND CHEAP HARDWARE, CUTLERY, &C. riiHK sulscribcr having just returned from New i ork, where he has selected a new and com phie assortment of HARDWARE, SADDLERY HARDWARE, CUTLERY, eVc. novvotlir, tlicsani. at Ihe lowest eah pi ices. Friini tne facilities which he has of obtainin" hit goods, ho is enabled to oiler Hardware at conTdcr ably lets prices than it has hitherto been sold in Ver mont. Those in want nf articles in tho above line wil find it their interest to give him a call. W.M. J. HUNT, Strongs Huilding, College St., near the Square. Burlington, May 1512. At LYMAN $ COLE'S, Ladies' flrone Kid Tie-, " Kid lies and Slips, " Hlael. and colored cliuh Guiiers, Children's ci loieil Gaiters, " Hrouzi', " H'ack Kid Hoot.-e., GcutV Kid and Jlorui'co Puinns. May IS. 1 WINDOW SASH. The subscribers havepUr' cha-cd the Mai him ry fir llie iiMnulacture of Window S.t-h ronncrly ownl and us; el by Sidney Smith, M Wmoo-ki Ciljytud are now maniifaciurini every ele enplion, and l.ccp e on-laul' II' On ll.lll.l n .i-nrll, I 7 by 6 Sat.h,at (he tollowmg prices. 12 Lighlcil C.e.cments 3 ci-. per l.icht. 6 do 31 ' do 0 do 3J ,to 6 do 31 do 4 de' 5 For ule at their 5hop at the Fall, and l,v Peterson. All ordersin the above line ud,ln-il to , I'.ttha iV Cha-e, will lo tlianUtdly reet'ived auJ , prouintly aiteu 'ed to. I 1 1 ' MO-SES CATLIN, 2d. I.DW1N W. CHASE. Ilurlinston, April 9, IS 12 Tin Plate, &c 1 OH nXI5S T" IMalc, l-SX.approv'dbrands J J-I 10 do do IX. square, 50 Bundles Iron Wire, a-sortcd Nus. 30 do English Sheet Iron, do 6 Packs Russia do do 1 Cask She-et Kink. Al.o A general assortment of Tinners' arluhs, such as Shed Copper, Sheet Lead, Copper Holt, ilc. Hy VILAS, LOOMIS A Co., May 27, 1SI2. Opposite Ptarl-st, Home. Sheetings. HALES 1-4 Hrowu Shceiingi, 2 Cut'v Meai'lie-I Jo, 4,0 For snle I y May 27, 1812. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. M OIUI.LHD Eyed NVks OUU 150 Gross Hooksaud Eves. 200 do. Kiuttinc Puis. 100 Packs American do. 300 do London do. 100 Lbs. m.xtd do. for sa' 27, 1842. VILAS, I.r May iMI A CO. English and American Prints. 1Q CASES ins' rreived nnd for sile at low pri- ces, by (Mi) 27. VILAS, LOOMIS &Co. L IGli T ILIGH 'FT I ALL who wish lo light .hop--, norr-or ruMic l iidi'imrs, chiap and well aroinviicd to call and ,-ee GoM's I heimcal Oil and Lamps. The Oil i. 75 1 per gallon and will give ninre I12I11 than !f2 wonh of Lamp Oil. Lamps and Oil auJ Wicks and Glajs for taleat the variety Siore. June 3. PANGDORN A IIRIN.SMAID. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE and well selected assortment, conrst t mgof Gilt, .Mahogany and Gilt, Mahogany, and Fancv framed Looking Glumes. forS'.'eat urcatlv reduced prices at the llardw Church and College Sis., by HAGAR Sr ARTHUR. Farewell's Shoes. BLACK and colored half Gaiten, Miss ilo do, Kid Slips, French liuskm Shoes Jloroe'co da Children's do. Men's Pumps, ,pc. . "Wfl anJ for Mis cheap, 1 v Y "lo,7J s jfrorn,

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