Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 8, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 8, 1842 Page 3
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On its being announced that Dr. Marsh was doad, tlio citizens of Burlington en mo together and tlio following is tlio account of their doings. At a meeting of a respectable number of tlio citizens of Burlington, Convened nt How ard's Hotel on the evening of the 4lh July, for tlio purpose of testifying their respect for the mcmorv of their friend and fellow, the lato PROFESSOR MARSH, and to take such measures as may bo proper ifi the funeral of tho deceased, Timothy Follett was appointed Chairman, and J. N. 1' nor Secretary. N. B. Haswcll presented tho following preamble and resolutions which were adopt ed: Tlio death of PRorr.ssOH James Marsh, of the Unr vcrsitv of Vermont, has enst a eloom over our town, and iho departure to the world of spirits of bo uisungiusucu a sciiuiapniianiuropisinuucuris tian, may justly bo deemed a loss to the world. As cmicns wo would express our regtet, nnil sym patic withlhoseVho nroinoro immediately called iu inuuiii on nils occasion : flesolred, That as cititens of Butlinclon we will attend tho funeral and co-operate Willi the President and officers of the College, in pa) in;; nil suitable re spect 'to the remains as well as memory of Professor JWarfch. llctotrcd, That the bells of the different churches in town be tolled, and such further arrangements uiadc as may bo designated by a commit 1 1 e to be ap pointed for that purpose wlicrcujion the following gentlemen were appointed: N. fl. Haswcll, Horace I.oomis, Samuel Ilickok, K. T. Englesby, Luther I.oomis, John Peck, .Limes Dean, John Howard, Win. P. firings, Moses Catlin, Geo. B. Shew, II. Leavenworth, J. IV. Pomcroy, M. i.. liennctt, J. I. Cutler, Unrlos Baxter, Uco. .1. iincu, W. Lyman, II. Lowry, II. Mayo, P. Doolitlle, S. E. Howard and II. Thomas. Pursuant to the arrangements adopted by tho committee, the procession moved from the houso of D. Read, Esq. and on reaching tho College common was joined by the stu dents and citizens on foot and proceeded to tho new brick church, where a funeral ad dress was pronounced by the President of the University. From the church tlio procession moved in thrj following order to the grave: Citizen"! on foot. Students of Cullojc. Ji7 bearers. II. P. Ilickok, C. Russell, it. G. Cole, N. Lovely. Pall hearers. A. W. I lytic, V. I. Seymour, D. A. Unman, S. Unrlow. Relatives and Friends. Faculty of College. Corporation. Clergymen. Committee of Citizens. Citizens in carnages. The hells of the several churches in tlte tillage wore lolled during the exorcises. -Mi; Kmtoh: Anion; all the d '..'orations if our day of Independence, I know of none which passed oft' with more spirit anil cclal than that at Hincs hurj;h. Tho people entered into it with a will, iud it went off with a shout. No cannon bursl, uo mail blackened by the murderous- salt petre, no drunkards slawering, nor oaths echoing, as in furmer times from one end of the street to the other: there was universally a hearty on joyment. The only matter of regret was the fiict, that littor was obtin'iicd at one place by a few persons who persevere in their attachment to the fire-water. The citiziMM of!rh and tho adjacent towns, number from 1U to l."00, according to Iny estimate, were at 10 o'clock arranged in procession, by Judge Wilson, who acted as Oratid .Marsha1, and his assistants, in the fo). lowing order: " The Cold Water Army." The Orator and Otliccra of Ihe Society. The Clorgy. The Choir. The 1idios. The Citizens generally. The Ladies of the choir, 20 in number, at tracted much attention by their beautiful uni form of white and bine, with wreaths of ever green, to Bay nothing of theirotlierattractioiis. The performance of the largo choir, under the .'icrcmplished vocalist who led them, deserves much commendation. If the friends of Temperance everywhere dc pert themselves with as much consistency and energy as at llinet-hurgli, confirming their ad vocacy of the glorious cause with as much lib erLlity, strengthening it by tuch arguments as were heard fioin Prof. Stoddard, and loading their tables with the same generous bounty which characterizes the ladies of that village, they need, have no fear but that both t oris of a-guincnts, mental and physical, will prove irresiMablv convincinir. One mi"ht have tlio't from the clapping of h ind and the enthusiastic hurras which accompanied the toasts, that the simple beverage had been spiced with a drop or two if "the cratur;" but it only proves w hat strength of muscles and of lungs proceeds from the crystal spring. The exercises consisted of music, prayer, by the Uov. Mr. Hoyt, the reading of the Declara tion of Independence, by Air. Durkce.the well known Principal of tho Academy, and the Ad dress by Prof. Stoddard, of Middlelitiry. There were other gentlemen who also had a part in the exercises, and added interest to thcin. The audience separalcd without tumult from any class of people, and will reckon the 1th sb a saints day in the annual calendar. Yours, K. THE "COMPROMISE ACT." The following rational view of tho com promise act of 1833, is fioin the Washington Independent. Indeed tlio southern nutinji 'of this act, namely, that it is a perpetual com pact, is utlcily absurd and repugnant to the Constitution. Congress has no power to make an act of such a character, in relation to such a subject, for it cannot bind ;i suc ceeding Congress, except by contracts wiih third persons. Nothing, we think, can be clearer ihan thai tho "keeping the conditions of that Act up lo thu expira tion of the lerm of ninu years, was all that good laith demanded on cither side. It was meant as an adjust ment for that period only. A inoro permanent set tlement of a thing so llucluating as trade was tulally out of the question. Secondly, it is a simple act of legislation, and, like any other law of Congress, may be repealed or mod ified, according to the general circumstances of iho country. To give it tho character and obligatory force of a rompui, is to make it tantamount lo con Btilutionat provision, and lo conduct us to this gross est of absurdities, that Congress may by a finiploact 'of legislation, interpolate the Consiiiution. Thirdly, Ihe Act itself provides for its modification, on tho happening of n certain contingency, and thai eontingency, to wit, a deficiency of revenue, has un deniably come to pass. And, fourthly, tho vast mount of interests involv ed, imperiously demands that the 100 subject should be treated as one of prncticnl cptrency. There nro invested in manufacturing 207 millions of capital, und engaged in tho diflerent nianufacturien nearly a mill ion of operatives. Not to regard theso extensile in terests, would bo lo perpetuate a legislative cruelty hitherto unknown. These considerations, it serins to us, at onr .,). the Compromise Act of tho sacrcdncss imputed to a UJT UUI IHl'llUB 111 IIIU HUJIII. LYMAN & COLE TJI7'1LL paycash for a few Thousand Pcu ids good clean I ecce wool, il ueuvcrcl at nl Iheir Horc icon. nf in.i, i jniy, ifu. 1 he White Steed or the PnAintcc. Mr. Kendall, of tho Now Orleans Picayuno in Ins journal of what befel in his lato expo dition to Santa Fc, after noticing tho droves of small white horses that run wild on tho prairios, adds : " Jinny stories arc told of a largo white horse that nas uccn seen oiicn in tlio vicinity oi tlio uross l im bers nnd near the Red River. Ho has never been known to gallop, but paces even fasjer than any iiuiou inai nas uccn sent out alter nun can run j ami so ginio and untiring is tho " lliire Sicca or tin Prairies.'1 for ho is wpll linnwn to trnnners nnd Im, dcrs by that name, that ho has tired down no less man uirco race-nags sent out expressly to eaten linn With a Mexican rider. Tim latter bail nothillrr lint n lasso or lariat with him, n long rope mado cither of m-ii Bu-iiiiu ui iiuiup, ami wuicn uic .Mexicans inrow with grent dexterity t but although ho took a fresh horso nficr tiring one down, ho was never near enough the noblo nnimnl to throw a slip-noosc over his head, or even to drive him into n ennter. He has been known to paco a inilo in less than two minutes and can keep up this rate hour after hour, or until he nas iiren down whatever may uo in cliasc. Large sunn have been offered to any one who would cnlch mm, nnu mo attempt lias ircqucniiy uccn mauoi uui ho still roams his native prnines in freedom, solitary and alone. One of the hunters even went so far as to tell mo that he was too proud to bo seen in com pany with the other mustangs, being a beautiful ani mal of far better action than those of his race; but this part or the story I could not make It convenient touciiovoai tnc time. ENCOURAGING. Wo hear news from almost every section of the ftinie I tint tie wnnrsnro last amusing trom their IctharcV. nnd tircnarini? to i'o into the rominp noliti- cal campaign with somuthingof the same enthusiasm which animated them in 1RW. Last vear iher stent on their arms, audit come w. II nizh being a fatal sleep : this vear thev will bo un anil dointr the out posts arc already lighted, tho fen thousand whig re serve corps tr in oe in me Jieiu early, and locoloisni VV ill anaill 1)0 nut til n Unrforl rniif. Thn wilier nrnoa lliroughout the State are ready for the contest, thoy only wailTur thea-scnibhng ortho whigs of tho State, in Convention, on the Gthof July, to determine upon luuiuiiiiiuiiius iur uicir support, wncn diseariiing all minor preferences nnd predilections, they will rlicr- tullyahide Iho nominations as there made. "Princh pics not men" is our motto. Give us sound wliigs, gninenian.goou men and true. lor our support, and men luiu uui iur uieissue. ii ootutocK Aicrcury. J he editor nf the Washington Index doesn't like to travel by steam. Hear tho eloquent and pathetic rebel : " There isjiolhing gained by going to Europe in sucli a devil of a hurry, excepting the possibility of iromgio i no aloresnid old gentleman on a cloud ollire. Herinfter we mean to ridom stago coaches nnd sail in 9'onps, if we can fin Ithein, and then tlio forccastlu v nrn, and ihe stage-driver's experience, will return hko dreams of boyhood to cheer our sad and passion- UI fUSl. MAJOR TOCHMAN'S LECTURES. c have attended two of the lectures of this accomplished and gallant Polp, and wo speak but the common feeling of all who have been so fortunate as lo hear him, when wo say that his lectures wcie most intensely iuloiosting and instructive-. The tics which ijind every American hcait to tho land of Kosciusko, will receive now strength from tho thrilling eloquence of its noble and talented representative ho comes to tedl us of the glory and tho misfortunes of his native land. Let overv man tnko ad vantage of the opportunity afforded to-night, to hoar his last lecture. Tn.MPBR A N C F. NOTIC K. A meeting of the Burlington Total Abstinence So ciety and of the Voung Jlen's Total Ab-lincnce So ciety will bo lioldculhia evening nt tboCeuit House, at lnlf-pat seven o'clock. A punctual attendance :s requested as business of much intere-t will be I rought forward. Maff ir fits d Al Sf. Paul's Ohtirrlt, nt iU'ts illnir lnl t v fl, mo lly Iho llcv. W. Henry J toil, of .Sr. Albans, JVahiak- nxAsionv iixkeii toAlAitA UrniM, both of this plncc. in tins town, on the 1th intt. Iiy the llcv. Mr. Meeker, Mr. Oirin W. Leonard of Cbnmplain N. V. lo Miss Aiirdla I'. Castle of this place. In Ihlstown. on Wrdncsdnvevcniiig, the Gib inst., by thcKev. .1. K. Converse, .Mr. Charles i". Staniforei lo .Misslloiriet M. Cotrill, both of thisplaeo. fia d In Williston, on the 5th inst. Mis Ct.OTii.nA C. HnnwN, youngest daughter of John Urowu Iq. ncd 13 years. In Charlotte, on the 29th ult. .Airs. Sauv Mans fielp, wife of Mr Ahnon Mansfield, nged 43 rars. Inllnderhill, on the aOih. ult., Mr. r.dmund Par ker, in the With year of his age, after a ilistrcssin" ill nes5 of four days, which he bore with Christian res ignation and n chriMain's hope. In IlincsLurgh, July -1th, Mr Gilbert liarto.agcd G9 years Tnsscls and Conl. GIUl'.LN, lllue and Reel Tn-el and Crrd lor Win , ,',0,vvf?llal!u, 1,11,1 Bli"d. Al-n Roller i-.nd, and Hack l'iilhe.,jut received and lori-ale'l.y J'"ya. WM.J.HUNT, Strong a lluildiiig, College St. TO KENT. Gnel, convenient Uriel; dwelling Iiou-e. Po-eM(.ii 'iven ilillliodialely. Kiiqitiro ol VILAS, I.OOMIS .f. Co. JiilyS, 1812. 4th of July, 1812. JL'ST received nnd for iale', a fiei-h .-upply of Plain nndhgiiii'd Piira-oN, Reel Scotch (iingliam Uinbie-Ila, GeiilV liglil'nnd brown Ii'gliorn Hats, iMillcner-and Dre- Maker ceil lefurnUhed Willi manv article, in their line ; micIi a, Fancy Flower-anil Artificial-, Silk wouinl Wire, Tarllon Laee, Mu-liiu, Silk Plain andeolored Lawn lor dro-fg, Wlialcl iiiio-, Sei-sor-, Needle-, Al-o, Shell Comb-, Head I German SilverTablenndTea Spoon-, Fancy Pen nnd Pocket Knitr. Attention is uivileH to an a-.-orlinenl of Broad Cloth and Cusimeres, Irom auction fales. lirvccrics. Teas, Suear, Miila-hc-,anil KamilvGrocencs cene ra ly, of qualities and price, w hich cannot fail to ple.i-c. Win. HUKI.ISUT Morison's Pills QTAND unrivalled aa clean-er and purifier of ihe J hovvi'i-, tioeni, ami the whole sv-lem In Hiar rln ei or looseness of the bowels and other Miuinier I'luiiliiaiiits, Ihe-e e'ari Le redicd luion Willi nerfevl con lidcii'cj a- it common iiiethi'iue lo le kepi iculy ler use on all oivasjons where n e alharlic i- nru.liil, thl meihciiie i- uiieviualli'd. Sell only nt thu Viinelv Store by PAMiHOitN .- Bl(INS.MAII), Agents iur .viorisons ol I.onaon, DISSOLUTION. HMII! copartnership heretoloie oxi-iing I el wren R X W. Taylor and Waircn F, Shaliucl;, as lessee. i if ihe AmiTiean Hotel, under the lirm of S. W. l AVLOIt iV LO. is tin- il.iv hv muiiia consent dis solve'.!. All ileinaiu's npaln-t or due to the said firm, It tc I y n. i ayior. -S. W. TAYLOR, WAHIILN F. SHATTFCh". Burlington, May 30, 1812. 3w-5 Jul; 7lh. ATLSSRAPA-NGBORNocBItlNSMAlD bavcju-t HA rrcfliitl onie.viiero-eope lor Ihe examination of insects, llovveT", &e.; al.ii, Microscopes or linen and wool pxover-i it few more leant fill lone I Pari- jii oriuons Willi si niitiine-s, wi rlli Irom 12 to ei.'j; rime-, riiigeoieis unn euner instru mem . j a lew light tol'd llenlV Scarfs, leaiilifnl nal lern.i mininer Storks, Len-kils, Brilauniu Spiltoon., S.11.1V i.i .mi .in iiiS i-eneiis, uesh brushes, cigar ii'cs. V...UII..V ,...Vtj UlUiC. coji.misioni:r,s notici:. i i. inrniii scrn er-. iiavimr been n,,,.;,..i i .. I he Hi.noral lelheProtiateCnuri for Ihe Di-trie-t .i vmiiivmkii'ii, ii uis-iuin-p- en ri'eeive. i-xauiiui' unn unjust inti i-juiiiis niiii ueiuupo e all pertou-ngnin-i the estate nf'Jolin Ji'liu-.on,Ulocf lliirliiigion in said district, t'eeeasol. rcprc-entesl insoliCni. um' also all claims nnd demands exhibm-d in nll'.n ih.-r... 10 and nx mouth from the il.iy of the dale hcre'o I cing allowed by said Courl for ibui purpose, wo do llierefore hereby give nolice, ibal vie will attend o ""-'I'U-mess ol our nppoiiunient, nt the dwelling H Warren Root, innkeeper, In llurlmgioii in said Dis. iriel, on Ihe third Monday, of August and Novernbe-r nen. hi in r.'..l,.,.i a m i.'.r...., , next at ip o'clock, A. M. on each of said days. Dated this 2lt day of Mnv, A. D. 1812. I.nnil'll i nnvuc Coinmik' JIAHIty HKAllLf-V kioner Ill I 191 Ul llUl'l'I'IHN rrmnnH . ,1... nH.( ju uiiicoaiuuriingloii, VI., July 1. 1842 Adams John 2 I.nlhron Gidrnn Atwntcr Ambrose 3 AtwatcrP. Ancio Francis Avcv Charles Abcll Carolino A, Hates John llacnn K. S. Ilarslow Ira O. 2 llarber A. II, llcan Harry Drown Levi , ilraillcy Amnivlus Kutll John M. Blown Rev. Win. Drown Jacob II. Illaucliard Joseph Harrows 1). L. I trow n Oscar Lafontaino Chas I.oomis Judson McKvey Mary 2 Mills Klizabclh I), 2 Mills K.&T. Martin ltotal Mcrcsitto .loepli McNeil David Murphy Ann Mitchell James Mason 3, L, McCrillis Lucy Murso F.dwnrd Mavhcw Win. McWilliams John Nay Cyrus M. Nichols Samuel . 1 llCt. tllMi Ha llrown C. P. Ilishop Seth Iliirhng'.on Post Offlco llenjamin Abrnm llnrncs Kliwi llvrnc. David OKeellb William 2 Parsons S. M. Perkins John II. Preacher in charge of Now Lebanon Circuit Porter T. N. Palmer Harlow M. Prior Caroline Potter Mr. Peanon Ed. N. Patra Joseph 2 Payne Genriro Parker Ophalia IJ. . Prime I.ampsott Potter Harford PalnieT Joshun Price Melissa I. Peck Mnrvin W. (luinn James Riley Patrick 2 Rogers Maria Russell Charles Riley Rlirnbcth Russell H. S. Richards A. N. llrowncll Russell llrnycr Driere lltackett Charles llroo Mary llutler Blary llaron Amablo Culler J. I. Chayoto Peter Champayue Francis Cornwnll John M. Chnmberhn Sarah Chatnberliu Carlisle 2 Culver Timothy Connors John Colberth R. Collins Clemcndina Connor Michael Clapp II. S. Doxey J. C. Duliltle John Dolnn Ann Doxey J. C. Jr. , Roberts Letilia Si. George iicacn I'.iiwarii Robison Krcd. K. R. Rice Stephen Russell Mooro Rose Frnneis RaymondTlios. J. Say Mrs. cart of S, II. Pealen Snenr Amanda nay ton huenczcr Durkce Joseph Dcnie Renicnetla Drew Harriet Kmery James I'vans Kdwd U. Hvarts .Miles A. I' ahey idow Mary Fnrrand licnj. Foot Latnira Fyler O. R. Fairnc jmith Colonel St. Ocorgo Ncott Ira S. " Stncy Gideon Scott Sally Sheldon Sarah M. Sprague S. S. Stetson John Spear G. N. Smilh Abigail Smith Lyman K. Stacy J. Geo. Stacy Geo Sagcr Alonzo Smith K.4 Stearns Daniel Simons Josephino Stacy Maria D. Thayer Mary 'I hompson J. II. Thompson Rev. John Taggnrd J. (J. Tower Samuel S. i St.TaylorS. M.2 Tniicrt Samuel Van Alftin 2 Vimr Sophia IJpliam J. C. Vright Win. M. Wriubt Geo. F. Wheeler Francis n. Webster Robert Wriclil Georgo 2 Wright Dr. J. Woodmand Kbenczer Wnkcficld I. J. Webster Hiram Warner Thomas Warner I'apl. 2 Wright Jnmes Winslow Dnna Waierburv Mrs. Lnurence HKNRV U. STACV P. M. Oosschn Octave GrnntroTliunias Gregory Theudorus Green Henry W. Grotlo Joseph Gilbert Klizabclh Gdlett Muses Goodrich C. C Hawlev A II Hitchcock R P Harris John Herrick WT Hanks Ruel Hathaway Arthur I. Hanavan Mary Ann Hutchinson 1) F Helgate Alvua Hull Samuel IIolhtcr Lemuel 1 Gcorce. Hvdc Julia Howard Halland Hays James How land .Mr Hutchinson Win Hnteh Harrv 2 Jenner James 2 Jones Mrs Mary Johnson Aha Jones Russell 2 ohnson W II Jackson Julia Joins ICnoch Joslm William Johnson James Kenny lolelta 2 Lanc'Joabua May 25, 1S42. Messrs. PAXGIIOUN & IIHIXSMAII) WOULD inform llicir cu-lomer andllie public that Ihey have ju-t ici'eivcd from FiiL-land a variciy c,f Piiteiit l-ver Waichc nnd MnwiiienlK, uiaucepre--iyior them, mhiip Willi their name and omewith Ilic' nanie upon tlit-in. Person- wisdiiua tn ii-iniioon Watch, gr.ld or -ilvei. mavdeiit'iid iinon oblainniL' one w hu h will nt Ihi'i'i. We invite- I lie ulli'iitioii of jmlc to our smicricr J'lllltllt e.l" fine limslied uevuriuu riililu'n O'i'Id and -ilvcr .Snoe-inrio-', trold nndMlvcr rrnede. Cham , Key.-,, Riii'., Pins, Lockets, Snaps, CMor-, Col'eT r ill-rcrF. Col'i'o and lea Pot-. I!"1 Pan-, Mi'la-fO- Cup-, Tumbler.-, unall I. imp-, Soup L-idle-, ?a!.e lla-l.-s, fie. .Military Omnlst Sword-. I'liniileitcs M.i-l.t-, Plato., Plume., Rut- Ion-, Belt., l'l-tid-, tf.e. I'latoil Clou ". Rich Cal.c Il.t-kels C.iii llc-liel.-. Su iTers nnd fray, Cat-tor-, Tea Spoon-, Cie'am Spoon-, Sugnr I'cai.'., Nut Children Cun-.&c. Amour llie.-o may tc ll. md -nine wry rich good-. -liver tvnrc. Tea andTa! IfSpfion-, -.iigarTong--, croam -poon-, l)e-Mrt Sno n- Mu-tard and Sail .Snoon-. Silver Cup-, Thimble-, Suufl'lloie-, Viiiegarelle,Tivee7e'r-, ".Ve:, Spoon- and Thimbles made in thu shop ol fcterling ilvcr, iiiarLmg fiev. I lain ware aim liitlery. Pen and Pocket Knivo-. Itnitor-. e l or-. Iwccmt. Iliickk'., Nul Crackers and Pi 'kn Powder FlaJks, Shot Bag, i-tel Speila-les, Chain-, Keys, Hra-s Can lie-lick-, S iiillerMind Trays, s'eel Siiiuler, Jnp anuevlTravs andSuiiller- and various oilier Goodi. l'crlimicry, Hair Oils, etc. FarrinaV Pennine tjcrman Coloune. No. 1 nnd 2. Lavender. Bav Waler. Ro-e, Honcv. and oiher ex tracts, JayneV Hair 'I'ouie, Balm of Coltimt iajtliirlalo, Be-ar, Wtird's, Mnci'a or nnd other hair Oils, Poma tum, Lip salve-, Courl Pl.i-ter, if-o. v- icks ami (.lasses. Gold's Chfiui.'al Oil and L.tmns. nealcr. chcaner and I cller than any oilier kind Ini .-hop-, store-and cb'iri'hc-. Perseuis wishing In light their store-tl ean- tifuliy and ecouoiiiically aiu invited lue.xatuime some of the Lamp-, uuw in u'-i'at our stoic every evening. Variety. Music Boxes. McltHliau-. F.uics and Ae'corihans. some I caunhil one-, Ba- V iol-, Water levels, Ther mometer-, conversation mi l visiting Cards, lavins In., Parlor BalN. Grace-I loons. Dattlcdoic. Ian-. Pin-, Shawl-, Diaper, Hair nnd all kind- Pin-and Ircss StorU, Byron Collar), Satin, -ilk ami bomhuziuu Slo'k. summer Stocks, Scarl-, itc. of licaiilifnl siyle- and rich iialtrrn-, linen oouar-, puiiniM, square auu rotmu, iiyrou 01 inrs, rant straps, hu-penders, tvc. Toys. Gunn, Swords, Marble--, Dolls, flo-fc, Cale'ilti. ramas, Tr impels, Baskets, Day'.- I'm Ca-e-, Parlor Halls, Halloous, vvoully Do-js, Horses, Cows, Tops and many olbcr Cluldrcns' Toys. Various Tilings. Diamond Cemeni, Screw Swift-, Si'revv Cushions, while Wax, silver pint. Kuive-, li-b Knives, Pre-ton Salts, Alkiiisou's De-pilalorr, and 11 very great variety of oilier goods. We would respectfully inform our friends and cu-loii er-, and all persons visiting our town, that we are coii-tnntly adding lo onr nerl inent, und that II never was be-tter than nt present nnd we shall I c h ippy to sell lo any who may pleac to, and at pruvs that can hardly fail o suit. Those woo iirc iim iiLipiaimeii wun us, Willi our goexis aim prices, nro invited to call and see for them-i-lves and not lake "hear-say stories" Our is to secure permanent cii-loincrs ; to do it we expect to give a full e-uiiivulcut lor all cash lilt wilh us nnd 10 sell such got iN as our cu-tuiner- will lu pleased wilh, when 1 hey gel hiimo and examine them and take the scconn sen cr inougiit. Walehe, Clocks nnd Jewelry, cleaned nnil repair ed by i-xpcneiiicd workmen. Cah paid for Silver. FARM FOR SALE. FOR S.W.I'. that well known Fat-m nit. tiated in Mdlou, about 0110 mile liom iho upper Falls, forinerlyowncdnnd occupied bv I ho Rev. S. R. Crane. ennlniniiiL' bo. Iwccii 275 mid 300 acres of laud, cotnpri-ed in pari nf mowing, tillage nnd pasturing, and good wood lots and sugar orchard. Said farm is well watered, has I wo good dwelling houses, one nf which is of In irk. the olbcr of wood, both 111 good repair 1 three good good barns, 0110 of which is (JO by 11 feel, iho others 30 by 40 fret ; a horse barn nnd othe r out buildings with good yards an J waler brought into them and lo Ihe houso in log-, and nlso threogoud wells of water on the farm; being a desirable sanation for n man who wants lo raise neal olock or sheep or both, or is an excellent farm for iho dairy business. Thosa wishing Ui purchase such a farm would do well by applying soon lo John nnil James Morton nn tho pteiniscs, nr to Gen, Win, Nash of New Haven. niilion, .viarcu 11, lot.-. 12 If GLASS. Boxe- Obis- of diflerent size-- andnnnli lies, for ealo by S. WALKF.R. 500 NO MISTAKR! IfiDUl!- FLOUR- Just received and for salo by L iho subscribiT, n few barrels of super-super extra fancy Western Flour, (i'ngto brand,) nono Idler if any as good Krrollcct Ragle brand warranted per fid. June 11. D PA VI .Nre'dle-, Lard Fa-ex, Snap's ivory Comb-, horn and shell Comb-, Bni-hes, Coin', rltaner-, Sea line Wax, -nII; Ciiard-, Whalebone, P.tnt Strap-, Cigar Cases, Fish hue- and hooks, Cane-, Cap Spring-, Twine. New Furniture Ware-House. On Church-st.--(In rear bf the Courl House,) nuiiLisaroH, vr T)HAItJf I5S & KI:ur-I3H have on band and j- arc counnniiy nuoinir in tne'ir stock of their own manufacture. Sofn. Seerctarie's. llurm,,. niLnm. nnd cherry dining, centre and card Table, BeJsirad.-, air a in si Curl manic, cane -e'al. II reciati. commnn r.flni sm'.. ed seat rocking and common dininn (JIlAlltSj nil ol il iu niiiuu 111 uiu nu-i inn iiiiit nnu ny etxpericn" ... I, h, nlll win iiu i-iim ui (luces eorre-poiiii me with Ihe times, for ca-b, luiuler. or country pre dure. Hire's Patent Fanning Mills. Manufieture-il by Barnes ei Keelcr, conslantlv nn Hand, which ihey will exe liaiige lor grain or en-h if rcipureii. Also Clocks of nil kinds and prices cheap a the chenpe-l. July 2, 1812. FOR SALE. Of) SIIARF.S of Slock in the llurlineton Bank. JJ For terms apply lo II. ALLUN. Burlington 30lh June 1812. F.ircwcll's Shoes. BLACK and colored half Onilers, Misses do do. Kid Slips, French Buskin Shoes, Morocco do Children's ilo. Men s Pumiis, ef-c. just received and for salo chenp, by May 2C, 1942. S. M. I'OPK. NEW GERMAN STORE. TMIH under-igneil rep'clfully inform the inhabi J- lanl ol llurlineton and vicinity, thai Ibev have tin nancin stool; ol sui'r.ituJK UKUCh.RIKS, whieli ibe'y vvill ell at clie'a per prices than ever nlli-rcd le foro in this market, eonsi-ting of Sugars, Tea-, Col fee, Chocolate, Cocin, Rai-in-, Currants, Almond-, Prunes, Nuls, Spires, Rice, Pearl Barley, Olive Oil, .Molaws, Snerin nnd I'allow Candle-, Sperm nnil refilled Whale Oil, Simp, Cigars, To I ne-eo, &e. &c. Alsothe Pure Holland (Schicdnni) Gin, and French Cognac, for medicine; Span Mi and French Wine-, German Rheiii-b Wines, vintages of 1822 and 1831 lor medicine. ' Sk:y "' a,"n imported the most cclcl rated of GLRMAN SPA WA'I'I'.US, from the Spring- of Dri, burg ami Pyrmont. For llieir salutary properlic- m- l-ltl U ll, IlLIM Undl. OS'llir.l.M iSe MtCHOIAS. ' Store on Colleso street, formerly occupied bv .Mr Braman, Booksollcr, O. it M. nl-o licg leave te mention that they have a rich a-sorimenl of 1'ltKSCIl DltY GOODS, ........ i..-iiimiiv ninu; uiu Muuiie to in-peci. Burlington, July 2, 1812. Farming Utensils. Qf DOZKN Paieni Scylle Snaths-, KJ SO .lo. Hand Rake-, 20 do. Hay Forks. Warner's celebrate I gra-s and cradle Seville, Itixford's do ilc do Do. Hoes and ca-t tcel do Shovels, Spnde-, .Vc. &c. by June .10. T. W. L. STRONG. BROADCLOTHS, Casinicrcs, Satlinctl.&r.Ac. chcan. bv Mav 27. K. It Kr'rn'T SUMMEli GOODS. BLACK GrodoPoi and Astrachan Cloths. Light and Dark Gambrcons, Kcntuchy Jeans and Marino CVsimrres, Rib'd nnd Plain White Linen Drillings, CoPd Cotton Diillings, Verv Cheap bv, June 31st 1SJ2. 'H. W. CATLIN. Blanc Alane iMonlds. FARRAR, WAIT & ROOT have Wane .Umzc MjulilifChina if- Herman Vaut, Match Stanils, Citrar Stands. Keg Ctnis. Custard do. r.'n.s Can. die Sticks, Glass Creamers, ipc. four five & six bot- ue nevoning uaslors,all very eticap or course. UIIC ou, lo 1. Important Discover 11 ! A CFRTAIN CFRK FOR t'ORXS.-Dr. Hailey of V a-Illlli:lf)ll cilv ha-III l..n,rtli il,'.i-r,virril n cur. fur Corn-. T tn ineiheiiiu i- an iitifiidiinri-iiie ill ihe short space of iilietu minutes, without pain e r dam aire to the patient. PF.CK ifeSPFAIt. Bnrlinste n. an- me mile niilhnr ized Agent- for the cnuniie-nf Chille'iiilrn nnd Or lean. TilOS. Jl'ltK W1IITA.MORK. July2, 1312. .till Agent for N. K. Sinte.. NOTICE. Cnnlliig and Cloth Dressing at Muddy Ilrnok. THIS ha-. I.- " - -i: '' -.i.r, .un iiniuiiiis win te snared lo do nil ur.rk- to the tntl-r.icliou ef the jiul lie. ,. , . If. l SI ACV. etCo. Bijrbngton, June 21), IS 12. .( WOOL. Tlin highest Market Pure vvill be paid for good clean Fleece wool on acc'ts or in exrhmmi fur Goods by JuuoM ' 12. H. W. CATLIN. Table Diittcr. AltltANGKMi'.NTS have lien made Willi Formers for a siipily of the choiee-t T.ililc I utter the sca-nn. June 21. S. II.M OIT. iil.S'7' NOTICE. ALL person- indebted m F. M. Wright it Co., In II. W. Culm eV Co., or to ilickok ) Cailin will plea-e receive tbi- au la-t nolice ibat Ihe'ir aceoiuit-um-tlc imniediateiv sctile-l. They will have every attention paid them by 1 ailing at ihe -le.rcof June21 11. W. CATLIN. Paper Haii'Miieis a i-r, un cueiip, oy June 21. S. B. SCOT r. Suddlei y, Conch &Slicirirnrdvnre in all its vnricties. also, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, brushes uf all kinds, Mntr's Tools, if-c. Tho sul scribers arc now receiving supplies of ihe abovo goods, at Iho old stand, corner of Church nnd College streets, sign of the Padlock. ,. , HAGAR & ARTHUR. Hurlmeton, 27th May, 1842. n( if I - l'lvct (-! Fenlher-, pi-l rcceivi-d UV'V and iur saleor cml luwcrllianevcr lifoic sold in (own. c. L. MXSOX. -May 13. .i9lr. Mav lib and 7lh. vc mm,, il,.. nti..n!inn nf il... friend- ol Temperance) to ihe nbove work, from its intrinsic wonl!, n- well as from the high reputation of the di-linirni-hed orator. June 21, 1812. D. A. BltA.MA.N. lliiir Seating. I VJ 23, i, ami au nirlie-, ju-t -t reeoivcJ and W.J. IM'NT, jiur s.uc uy -luncifl. Strfui, ' Building. JIATSUIATS ! ! A NO! ITER lot of Superior -Moleskin Hals, or Iho latest Style, just received by S. M. POPU. June 23, 1812. SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR TDK NKW WORLD KCCEIVEll AT THE PURLING TON BOOKS TORE. PERSONS wishing to avail thrimolve- nf the manv liilfr'-tins IHililii-alimi-ii-siHtl inlhe.Vtif World, can le supplied wilh the same, free of postage, by Riving Ibeir name.- 10 the sul.scnl er. Works, such a- .inoni, and Jacquerie, and those of similar i-har- acler, can I c ptirch.isetl at Ihe very low price of Irom iHj urn i ts. he new novel Meirley Lrnstein, bv Jjnics, i now reaily lor ,nlc. June 17, 18J2. I). A. BRA .MAN. tZ( THOUSAND good nmuc Shingle, (or sale vc---. rylovvby S. WALK Lit. May 2 1. SLIPS. -New Vork slvle of French Kid Slips jusl received by May 27. .SCOTT. DRUGS & MEDICINES. TH K subscribers nro con.inuaUy supplied w erery article 111 ihe abov branch, both of 1 Officinal nud Patent kinds. Medicinal waters fr Saratoga 1 do. from Caledonia, Canada) Medical Wines nnd Spirits) Lreclies) Surgical Instruments I Mineral Teeili, e.c. &c. l'rcscripiions pjt up at the Biinrirsi nonce. ,S7io;i open at nil hours. PUCK & SPEAR, poihccaiies. llurlineton, Vt ROXF.S Hiinch Raisins, &0J .10 Kegs Mnlaga do 15 Bags Madeira Nuts, 12 ilo Filberts, 15 do Brazil do 10 do Almonds, by 30 Dec, 1611. J. if- J. ll. PFCK Co. Ft) II SALE OR TO LE'lT 4 II0rSi:-Als a ma" II i.ldinr I rllilL Speeches nf ihe Hon. Thomas F. Mar-iiai i., ,. .A.l'(,'01.,()'' nd INTKiU'KRANCK, nnd FASUIO.SAHLi: WINF-DULNKINO, delivered al Iho Brnadwar Tal crnarli. Wu. Wl ,,n il,.-..... ..f .May 1 V- PI NNS. HARDWARE. - ' a . 1 V 11 , milh etibscribcr having rcccnlly repleni.-hol his X stock ol Hardware, oilers fer side ihu following uoods, at Iho lovvi'st prices. Cutlery. Tvlile nnd De-crl Knives nnd Forks, IVn nnd Pock et Knives, Razors, Seior, Sheep Shears, Butcher Knives, Shtie do., Steel-, etc. etc. Carpenters' and .lolncrs Tools. Ca-t and SnrillL. Slcnl P.iiiih.I. Iln...l 1 1, :. S"1'V Cl,rt'u n.r "u'froin8 10 2 i inches j Cros-cut iiii.i-.iiii in,) muicr-i iiraccs nnil llittsj Firmer and inortlco Chi.el- Gouges, Piano Iron., Auger-, Sun- Innil.'Ihlnd Av,w. A.ln. lfn ... t ll , t i 1 I ... 1 1,1 un ii-1 i r., iKUIgs-nnu Baldvviu sl'laiiest Taper, Pit--aw. Mill-snvv. lla-lard, l'.(llia II1IT. V nnhnn nn.l f-..l f.t.. . cji I ,, I, .vuiui;i iitaj OIIIIC, ,UOII n ndl lnrseRasps) a general assortment of Saddlery Uardwarc. J farming Uicnslls. Crndles. Scvllm-. Mntii,P.i ...1 ll.. !,v.t.. ir . Amc-' Shot els ; Spades, Dili hui" Slinvi ls. A-i: A c. ' l'uriilslilng ami Itiillitcrs Hardware. Trues. Hrilniimn Tun ... W'.,i'... ll... . I u . ' ,r t i ... . iilisj liilllips: , iiiiim ami iea iiell-j Ua-lor-i Britannia, Oerman silver nnd pl.ticd Tea and Till le Spoons . ...... ..-.un--, urn rvciiies,i iruirons, itc. LfM'Ls! lull IT nitri.d i h,n,.l c. . V..i. l. I , , , ,;, . I -J-,.:-.;.) isuriuiK anil Miob Latches j Blake's K-eiitclu-on do. ! Window fn-leniiigsj Sn-h Pnllies) Rail Screws; Bed Screws; Mnhoganyund Glass Furniture Kntili;(;iur,ite. &e! "iiic n. wji. J. HLN I , Strong-' Budding. Teeth, Teeth Save your Teeth! Grcut Improvement in Dentistry! DR. SAXTON having engaged Dr. PEARSON, , .t bur,1eo,n and Mechanical Dentist from lliocitv of Now nrlt. rnt n nnrtnnr I .-i niuoi iisiici;iiiniy nnnoUllCG to tbn cilipna nr IturllMin., nn.l !. :i boring towns Hint they-have opened anofTicoat Mr Grisvvold (, on tho West side of Church street, one door JSorih of the Burlington Bank, where they are '"i""" ""-iiu 10 an cases included m either brnnch of the nrofession. From onn In n Tnll col nf ln.i.rrimill. -sr: , rr .1 r n i 1 . nwi iij'iiuiu .uiiicrai leclli (ol IJr Pearson's own manufacture) inserted unnn ina hmUn iiun.nii..l i...'..,. . re.a ned fimleb, .' Si "V"'"' . ! H -w. ":'s I i ' J .......... iiiuu aiimiy SUICIIIIIIC principles, thus dispensing with the use of clasps, spi uign or ligature, so ouiectionatile. Teeth inserted upon the above plan nro beyond detection, and rcn eltrcd, If not so useful as the nntural ones, morn scr- VlCPallle ihnn llmsn itionrln.l t.nnn ciplcs. ' ' Decayed Teeth filled with puro gold, or a prepara tion Which IS I., H.n I-.-... nr . i , , " ... lutll, ut ,lalL. uul soon hardens nm rrciala nr nli i.. - ..w. .... 111.1111 ui un iiuuis nr other corrosive matter, while it gives iho tooth its natural appearance nnd preserves tl from farther do cay. Aching teeth cured in n few minutes, and filled with the above preparation and restored lo usefulness. Aeennin ntintiQ nr inrin. rnmn..l r.n... .1... . ..i Vi , ' -" itmutm iiniil II1U ICCIII without injuring tho enamel, which is frequently tho result of an unskilful operation. mi i.,'i.-iuiiuii9 wurriiincu to give satistaction. Teeth extracted with one third tho usual pain. IndlVldll.n s dnsirniia nf lir.inr. .t..inl .: ... . . i(,.iii iitiiuii uii. 1 .iitiiii perfornicd uro mviied to call and see specimens, and dii.-iT 111111131:1, is ui iiienoovc improvements. Oil! drpn's Ipnlt, rpmiUt.l ..I Ir. .; .. ...... . w,.. ....... ..tivn lliuillll IllilUUII IS taking place 111 consenuenceof neglect during second Advice given on diseases or the Gums, Sockets, and Antrum, free nf charge. Dr. Pf-nrSnil ll.l 111 Ilia nnnnBGinn Inll.. . " - I 11 1 11 1 . nnu HI nhcates from professional men of the first respecta bility in the city of New York, and Charleston, S.C. Whi'l n llP rilliicnd n nri..i.iiu n.-.:... III. .n.i.,,,,. (IJ-, OhlCCt in COinmrr norlh t III riiiiui.iini.nin nr l..l.'....u all'eclions. KfOirice hours from 0 A. M. to 5 P. M. Burlington, June Ifi, 18-12. 2 CALICOFS nro selling nt Hurlbiit's Cheap Cash Store at less prices than were evfr known in this part of the country. Benutifiil F.nglisli, French and Aincncnn prints. Call al the new store. Clnircli-sl. JuneB. W.M. HTRLBUT. B O.MAAINFS, black and blue black, for salo at 111c lowest prices, by Juno a. J W.V1. HURLBU T. 13LAIN all wool Mouseline do I.aiucs, super satin . striped do., printed do. of every variety, for sale at astonishngly low prices al iho new stoic, bv Juno 9. W.M. HL'RLBUT. PARASOLS and UMIIRFLLAS, an immense lot now open at Hurlbiit's for examination. .RANT'S cclebiated Grain Cradle", just received uiiuior Nliuoy lIAti.VIt e. .tRI IIDll, Atthpnh ernn.l ,!nn rtf .1... l,ll,.l. 11 1. ,' " a.., u, in c 1 .luiUln, VUl. -'Illlllll and College streets. June, 1S12. e'AWH. Rowland's Mill Saws j R. Iloonnd Go's circular do. r.nellsli cross cue do.: Hand, rianu! .. , 00,1, vviioil nun felloe do. J I1SI Tf PI'l V I'll nt.ll r.r.n .. 1... .1 . ... ... or. Ui. and College streets. Juno 17lh, 1S12. A J'' Yrn"rl'lyof Tl,mnb'!!0n'', celebrated iin- ...... , , n0 ,,r itu s ce ebratcd I iu-scs and supporters for salebv n m ,n II AGAR .f- ARIITHUR, Cor. Cii nnd College streets. Burlington. June I7ib. Mifplli.11.. t uip-..t..l.t....l r.i'....i . . ..... n .-..(i1.lll, , ,,1,1 l niSPiii'F r 11. ' I I '-l'l11-L'u 0 crunary l.eography s..i.o ' Ti.. ,. irrnnli i ...... .,i,u, (.cogiiipbicnl Reader, Outline .Mai s, Key to study of Mnpa. C liOODRICH. Old Stand up Stairs. I'or sale by June 15. YI7"IKT' Life of Patrick Heiirv. ciieap edition, " " June lo. For snip l.i t ! rirvriivu 11 ,1, J " .'UKllllll, Cooper's Naval History, t. BRIDGLD by the author and complete in one olume, just received by C. GOODRICH. June la. ItlMll.-lilndlnir nnil itl.inl. H....1 I i:iGi:it.-J, Journal-, Record-, eVc. -Vc. Iur sale or J made loonier. Old llnnl.. r..l,.l . 1 .1.,. Junv 15- by C. GOOIJKlCil. ' FARRAR, WAIT $ ROOT, rtl vimI n rill ....!.. CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Which, n.ldeil toihcirliuiiicr -lock, make's Ihcir a-sorl-ment quite conijiVte-, and it i- o 'en d at rcrylowprica ludetHcorres- lllilldllli? vrrilh Ihe pie.-sine ol ilic lime.-. Faimlic-in want ol Goods 111 Iheir Hue will do well to call and examine at least, al ihe corner of Clench and College strict, inirnngton, June 171I1, ICI2. Gold Band China. SITFitB Gold Hand, Hand and Sprie'd China 7 eel Stlt and plate id inalrh, very cheap at ihe - fitiiti oiure eii Jlllic 17th. FARRAR, WAIT ROOT. 1 AlihWI'.LL'S Shi-, Half liaiicrs, Kid Slip-, i. i-niHirvn rsiiocs, e-c. ju-t ree-cirtM dv June Ifi. W.M. lll.'IILIiLT. Taper Hangings. 1 1fl' Pie-'e. Papi'r Hangings, paiicrns entirely J-V'-'V' new, ol all nualitie-, in-i opcneil bv JhnclG. , W.M. HFULIflT Solo Leather. EC. I.OOMIS has just received Sole Lealhcr for 11 cents cash, by ihe hundred pounds. Also, Patent uml string leather. Juno 1G. Cash Paid for Hark. C. I.OOMIS vvill pay cash lor -10 or 50 cords j good Hemlock Bark, if delivered in one month from elate. June 1G. Taper Hangings. fZ.Cr P1F.CKS, for sale at Manufacturer's prices JUU ndeling freight, by C. (U)ODKICU. Juno 10. Dinner .Sets. BFAFTIKl'L lllue, Pink nnd HonrboiiSprigM Din-iierj-els, complete with TVn and Colfees to match for salo linceiinliuinly lovvni the new Crockery Store. June 17. FA Kit Alt, W.U'l ROOT. (llass Ware. A Fl'LL as sortnien; uf l7(is Wart, crnfi-lnig of il Lamp-, luini.iers, rre-servc I'lshe's, Pitelicrs, Bowl-, wines, cii.-lnrd-, jellic-, e-elery sland-, gtl lets, ic. for salcehi'iip at the China and Glass wu re house of June 17. FARRAR, WAIT ROOT. TO RENT. TMIE Store formerly occupied by Ilickok ty Cailin -LAppplyto June 8, 42. IL W. CATLIN. GROCERIES. 1 r Hhds.Moln-c, lOdo Sugar, 10 lloxe-loiafdo J J 10 Bags CeirW', 5 elo. IVppcr, 5 do. Spice, 10 Kegs. Ginger, 20 Bei.c Soap, for sale bv 9 May, 1812. S, WALK I R. QHF.F.riNG.-lO Hales shrelinc, for sale bv 'JMay. S. WALKLIl. PORK. BIU.S. Pork fir nicy 9 Maj 20 WALKIiH. SO ,,nPs- Gardner Drewcr's N. Kngland Rum, an i-ipes nnu nan ripos American urandyr, 40 do do llaltimnre Gin, 1 o elo 'IVllevoWn' Brandy, ,n?i , ,l0 'Swan' Gin, lOIIhds. St. Croix Rum, 30 Bids. Sherry and Madeira Wines, 35 do Malaga do T dn I'nrl .1 31 Doc. 1811 bv J. & J. II. I'P.rik- A r.n. Qui I Is. AN K W sujiply, ol Ihe highest iiiimtrs, in-i re vciredat S. lltl.STINf-.'l!(i-.-ia June 10. A PPMhSTlGE WANTED POR PAPER MAKING. A strong healthy boy, X about 10 to 18 years of age, intending to work for his living, may find a good opportunity by npply. inglo JuneS. C. GOODRICH. New Sabbath School Honks. IJ'OR sale nt the Bookstore of the subscriber a gen ernl assortment of iho Massachusetts and New Vork publications for Sabbath Schools. June 17. D. A. BIUMAN. qUESTION HOOKS. AN assortment nf Iho (Question Books of tho Mas sachusetts Sabbath School Society, for sale nt tho Bookstore of tho subscriber. D. A. BRAMAN. TABLE of tho iho rates of duties payable on goods, wares nnd merchandize, imported into the U. Stntcs of Aniencn from Canada, for snle nt the Book store of June 17. D. A. BRAMAN. 4 CASES TICKINGS, I 1 do Wellington Fancies, 1 do Blue Drilling, ' 1 Bale Brown do 1 do Canvass, 10 Pieces Red Padding, For snle bv May 27, 1812. VILAS, I.OOMIS .f- Co. Combs. 30G DOZEN TWIST COMBS, 40U do Cap do 2500 do Side do 100 do Ivory elo 100 do Pnlcnt Brass do 50 do German silver Pocket do 0 Gross Wood do do For sale by May 27, 1642. VILAS, LOOMIS if. Co. Thread, tfce. Onn MIS. white and col'd Cotton Thread, OUU 3 Cases do do Spool do 50 Lbs. Black Linen, do 50 Gross Round I.acets, For silo by May 27, 1S12. VILAS, I.OOMIS & Co. Silks. 1CASK Pongee Silk, 20 Pieces black, blue black and figured elo 20 lbs. India scwiner do 20,000 J-keins American do. For sale by May 27, 1812. VILAS, LOOM IS & Co. I'Vnthors. 800 I'l'-Gce-e Feilhers, warranted of superior eunliiy nnd country collection. 1000 Lbs. Hens' Feathers, f"i sale bv May 27, 1SI2. VILAS, I.OOMIS &. Co. GAMI5ROO-Linen Drill, Mole-kin, nnd a great vane y of other summer goo Is, very cheap. June. 1, UK. rt. is. aiAii 1. f7ltl'.Sll THA-Ground Spice, Codec, Prune, i. Uninucs, Figs, Cuirieut.-, ipc. ipc. at June:!, 1812. S. B. SCOTTS. 17P-I'SH Teas Sugar nnd Dry Groceries, Just re . ceived and for sale low bv June 3d. LOVELY et SEYMOUR. f 'f!41ll.' A LARGE and splendid assortment of Crocket y of new and beautiful patterns lor low bv June 2nd 1812 LOVl'LY SEYMOUR. ("Iipim Ci rnenrleii. HYSON, Young Ilv-on, lly-on skin, Tonkav and Pi.uvhoiigTc.i-, form Rico Sugar, Leiat, Lump. nnd Powd.,ri.i C11 liv, &e fcc. ' .vfir Oncani .-ijfnra cAiui as the cJieapest, for ale by June 3. S. M. POPE. EMERSON'S Outlines of Geography nnd History. Blike's Young Orator or New York Reader. 1 he nttcution of school teachers is particularly re quested to the nbove books. Copies furnished for evnminntion. June 3. C.fiOODRICII. TO THE PUJSLIC. P1MIE Subscribe r Ins ree'd a m-iicrnt assortment Of ... Cnodsat In'si Id Store and nt li s new Store nt tinoo-ki Village winch will bo sold nt prices cor responding wilh tho limes chenp a- tho cheapest. N. B. Superior llurhnglun Mill Co. Cloths fur sale. SIDNEY BARLOW. Burlington Juno IO1I1 1B12. nl fjw Cloth Cnps. TUSTrcc'd elirrctfiom lb? manufacturers a full as sortment of all kinds Clolh Gnus nnd l.'nrSSnto ..I great bargains by, June 'J, -12' II. W. CATLIN. eSlioes. JUSTrey'd a newlnt Fnrwe lis Shoes l-20aitcrs & slips, June 9 12' II. W. CATLIN. I'limher. r?n 'T- Common Pine Boards V U UUW 10,000 ft. clear do. do. 100,000 ft. spruce do. for salo by II. W. CATLIN. JVEW CASII STOUI2, BY WAI. 1IURI.I3UT. riHE subscriber ha taken ihe newly fined Store, .1. West sido Church-street, between the 'Bazaar' and ' V'nriely Store',' where he is now opening and offering for salo an extensive and general assortment of Goods iiihpted to the want, nf tho community amongst which nreu gloat variety of French Si'ks, Printed M islins nud Lawn, Long Shawls and Sarf, Hdkfs, Slnvvls, Cravat", Fig'd and bar'd and plain Swiss Muslins, Nansook, book and olbcr Muslins, Ladies and gentlemen's Linen Hdkfs, . Insertions, Edgings, Beading and Tlircul Lace', Work Collars, Reticules, Head Bags nnd Pulses, Tarllon and plain Muslins and Laces. Illhbi', a brnuliful n-sniiment and new slvle, Ladies' Florence, Braid, Modena, Straw and .Misses Bonne's, Artificial Flowers, Gimp Edging nnd trimmings for Tuscan liouucts. l'arasols, n beautiful assortment of new styles. Hosiio' of evcr)-vnrie,ly, Broadcloths, Cassitners, eatings, Ac. Gent's suniiuer Goods, Slocks, Collars, Ac Gent, and boys Le'g'.cin and oilier lints. Dry C.roeerles, a good assortment. N. B. This entile stock of goods has been pur chase! wilhin a few davs, with great rare and al a lime when tho prices were more depressed than at any previous period but vvill bo suld for ready cash at a small ndvnncefrom cost. Burlington, June 10 1S12. .17 I'KKSJl.XT GOODS of nil description- nro si lling very low nt Burlington, parliculaily at S. B. St'O'lTS. Printed l.awns. OK PIECES nt S.B. SCOTTS.-Scvernt tvlcs wt as as low as one slii'ling per yard. June MENS' LEGHORN HATS, just received at June 3, 1S12. S. 11. SCOTT'S. PAPER HANGINGS, nt S. 11. SCOTTS. 1 June 3. New Calicoes. IJ'RF.NCH, English nnd Aiueri. nn, f ro?5 to 50 per cent lower ihan ever, nt Julie 3. K. P. SCOTTS. French lioniha.iiip, BLACK,.! lue-black and coloiesl S '' s, chrnp. very Juno 3. at S. B. SCOTTS. SARGENT, SPRAGUE il. Co.'s TOBACCO, by Iho quantity or otherwise, nt S. II. SCOTTS. Iho quantity 1 HASOI.S a great variety nt June 3. S. II. SCOTTS. GllIXS. A new supply of Fowling pieces. Also, r Powder, Shot, P.Cops, load, ec. Iur salo by II AGAR eV. ARTHUR, June 1812. Corner Church and Colle-gc sls. American Saddletrees. A FULL supply of Woodward's domestic Saddle trees, foi sale wholesale and retail bv 1I.U1AR fc ARTHUR. Burlington, June 1842. SYKIJI'. Stcvvnrl's be l steam refme'd sugar houso Syiup, a superior article lor family use, fur sa'e by (Juno 15,1 LOVELY et SEYMOUR. . Burlington, June 1812. Fashioniihle Hats. ry CASES J.& 11. Knower's warrunted Hal-, rhcap U tor cash, nt May 27. S. B. SCOTT'S. LEMOS. Xf BOXES of l-ernoiis in prime or Vr, for sale al ) I rr V 'rk r ad frc.ghl, by op Do k, ru 7 FOLixn .f- BfanLrv FORTUNATE. . JUST a the sun was je-terday rerhnlna behind the We-tern, now snow capped mountain . of New York, there was speeded into enr Bay of Bur. ling-ton, by an nlmo-i Fainly magnilicuit vessel, freigbl of goods, wares, nnd merchandize lurlhcmon ey Bazaar j amnrig whirh were Bouuuis, Artilicinls nnd Reals, wilh trimriiintrs ol nearly all de-cnption, fur niillcnery dres, boib iireful nnd decorating ! nj-i everv llunir el-e for maUn? inaii-hn- nnd cnrn.-,.nri elcncies, eer tending lo show that it's never too lute, to hope until Ihe last, moment passes, for had they nut cenne-, the a-orlincril would have been broken Irom the great Inke oil at ihe new sliding scale money prices. Howuver, as it was long leforetbe sun, in its glory, rn-e upon us over Ihe tnaje-tiu Ore-en Moiin lams, thu articles were lno-l l,raulifiilly nrranged lit Ihe in-pectioii of the fair vi-itcrs Willi their friend, from I otb country and village-, at 110 WARD'S. io j,.nc, 'n'PWT! THE Sul scribers will pav ca-h lorn few ihoumud lirinn.L nf rrn.ul V .1.1 ., . . , .. ... v. .uul. , ,wu uuui, eiciivrreii ui muir Store, head of Pearl licet. ,, , . , Hi'ADLEV fc HYDE. Burnnstor., June 23, 1812. Ili'oadclotbs Cheaper than ever. THE subscriber hns just received nn assortment of Cloth, recently nurchase-d in New VnrL- nt Auction, which he oilers for sale at such nrlera n. cannot but suit purchasers. Those in want will do well to call on June 23.1 H. W. CATLIN NEW GOODS. BLUE D!k Bombazines, Crape-, Oiled Silks, heavj Satin Vesting-, Linen and Kid Gove(, Sms.. Iii.pslin.rd. Hi.nrivl 1'il.l.r.i.w S :i.,..n I- III. (.!..... ... ......n , ...... ...v.j...,, niiuiiiiii-, iiik. ii.iiiuu Cravats, Table and Russia Diapers, Cotton Fringo, Cotton Hei'c, ipc. &e. jut received, l y l.ii.A Ol 1l. II ? mirliv - . ii, l,. l UUI, Blanchard's Scythes. i.iiiui' .......I.. rii. .i ..i.i. i a i . (1 i. tn in, nuii.r.iici imoi OIIIIUS, j7. warranted, for .-ale at rislueeil prices. V1ii .. tt jiiih; t, IOIS. Ceditr Posts. 1 nfifl L'f:DAU I'OSTS, n fir-t rale article, for i jyjJ sale low by FOLLLTT if. BRALLEY Old Dock, Hi June, 1312. Carpet Yarn, S. B.SCOTT. Gocoa, nt S. It. SCOTT'8. PAPER. C1 GOODHICH ha- just rccciveil from ihe manii' It f.ieturcrs, 2 Ca-c-of blue laid Cap and Lettu.' paper. .May IB. BOOKS AND PAPER. rpiIOSK wi-bins to buy Books and Paper for cash, J. nrodiicc. or on e-rcibt will tiud a erood stock and nt their own prices, bv calling at tho old stand, UP STAIRS. May IS. G1 L O Ii ES A pair of 1.1 inch dol es on biyr I'-lanJs, a little n-rd and in good order for -ale ver? low, by May 18. C. GOODRICH. XVova fecotia rlastcr. THE Subscribers are this day receiving a frctb supply of Novn Scotia Plaster, and will com mence grinding at their .Mill at the I alls on Mondaj next. FOL I.E'IT fc BRADLEY. Hiirhnglon, May 20, 1812. SAWS, T7NGLISH Cast Slcel, cross cut, 'l ll. ItCn'a .Ir. nlrl-Mlnr fr, Rowland's Mill. Just icecircd and for -nle. W.M. J. HUNT. Strongs Building, College St., near Ihe Square. Burlington, Mny 19, 1812. Siinmons' Tools, OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, just received nnd for sale by W.M. J. HI'NT, Burlington, May 19, 1312. Strongs Building. Cast Steel, fiWUPfc SONS celebrated Cnst Steel, inst rcceiv I cd nnd for salo by W.M. J. HUNT, Burlington, Mny 19, 1342. Slrong3 Building. FL OUR. THRESH Ground flour received this day nnd for saW .1. u by .May 20. D. DAVIS. Hnston Garden Seeds. O BOXES Garden Seeds from Ynnkeu Fnrmsi Oliice-, Boston, for sale by C. GOODRICH. -May i. Alan AVI.iln T..ll.,r., CJ T7... II Cf I - i - ".um ii j, ivui.i ii.ia oi-.n, (Scotch purple top) Sago Seed, at one fourth price. 1 cs eiiden s American Gardener. TAKEN UP jDY the subscrileron thc3Ist if May last, two J krrrl liir... nnn nt.n.n ..... . ..t .l.t i...l .1. ...... I " ........i 1 1. II ,vni- i.iiid,,., ether fivcj the latter ha-a white in ihe fjcu. 1 iic iiwiicr 1- re-ipicsicuio prove proiertv , par cuargea and lake ibem away. JOSEPH COLVLR. v.inrnc.-ier, june i, leia. nl XE1V A.NIJ CIIHAI IAUDWARE, CUTLERY, &C. rillli: sulscribcr having just relumed from Now A 1 ork, where he has selected n new nnd onn,. plctc nssortnicnt of HARDWARE, SADDLERY II ARD WARF, CUTLERY. &c. now offers tho ,, nt the luwcl cash pie cs. From too facilities which he has of obtaining hir goods, ho is enabled to oiler Hardwnro at consider ably less prices than it has hiiherlo been told in Ver mont. Those 111 want of articles in the nhnva linn ivltl find it their interest to give him a call. vv .vi. j. HUNT, Strongs Building, College St., near tho Square. uui iiuii'ii, .Tiny iae. At I. YMAN A- COLE'S. l.adie.' Bronrc KidTies, " "Kid Tie. and Slips, " Black and i'olore-1 cloih Cailors, Children's colored Gaiter-, ' Bronze, " Black Kid Hnotis-, Gem's Kid and Morocco Pumps. May IS. WINDOW SASH. The s:ib-crilii'rs bavepur-cha-esl tin.. Machintry fer ihe manufacture of Window nn-h tbruicrly ounul and used .y Sidney Smilh, at Wmoo-ki Cuy,anJ aro now m.inufainiring every des cription, and keep con-taut-ll .in 1. ....1 .. .. .. . - - ' ' - ii iianii ail assv'i iiiiuui ' I 7 I y 9 Sash, at tbelollowiug price-s. i,iguiei in-cmeuis J ct-. per Light. 6 elo 3i do tl do 3i do fi do 3k do 1 do 5 r sale at their Shon nt the Fall", nnd l.v tlcnri-c lYirsnu. All order.-in Ihe above Itin. nddr.i-l 10 Co m fc Cha-r, will te tbanklullr reccive-d aud p't inplly aiieude Jed to. MOSES CATLIN, Si. EDWIN W. C1IAS1 Bnrliniiion, April 9, IS 12. Tin Plate, etc. 1 HO "OXES Tin Plate, 1-3X. npprpv'd brands, i VjV.' 10 do do IX. square, 60 Bundles Iron Wire, n-toried Nos. 30 do English Sheet Iron, do G Packs Russia do do 1 Cast; ,shet Ziuk. Also A ceneral assortment of Tinners' articles. such as Sheet Copper, Sheet Lead, Copper Holt, ile. iiy vilas, LUiuus iv t:o., May 27, 1812. Opposite Ptarl-st. House. Sheetings. rv rtVl.l-3 l.J ltrmvn Slic-lint.. it I'-iicj Illiarhi-,! d,1 ' For sale I y VILAS, LOOMIS fc CO. May 27, 1B12. Onn M DRILLED Eyed Needles, OUVJ 150 Gross Hooks and Eyes. 200 do. Knitting Pins, 100 Packs American do. 300 do London do. 100 Lbs. mixeil elo. for sale bv May 27. 1812. VILAS, I.OOMIS fc CO. English and American Prints. 1 Ct CASES inst received and for sale at low rri I ces, by May 27. VILAS, I.OOMIS &Co. LIGHT! LIGHT! ! ALL who wish to light shop-, store or puMis buildings, clu-np and veII nre invited lo t-a I' anl see Gobi's Chemical Oil and Lamps. The Oil is 75ri u'r gallon ami win give moie iint innn J vvnrtn liKinnOil. Lninn-and Oil and Wicks and (ilnsres for snlcai the Variety Smre. JllllC . I'A.Millt'liA A I'lll.i.-l.ll.Mll. NOTICE. rilHE unJersionril, Invintr entereil into copsrlnr 1 ship under Iho linn ed SM.VLLI'Y fcTI NM x will give proniil ntte-ntnui lo all businc.s wb I ci e cnlriisied to ihcui, cither in law or Ch.i -erv . Cullecimg bu.iiie.b w I re e vc ra 'ar a le D. A. SM LI I H J TfNNI-Y Put arttn, 1 v I 1 H. A '

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