Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 15, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 15, 1842 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORY OF CA2SAR BUT THE WELFARE OF SOME. VOL. XVI. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JULY 15,1842. No. C. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf Iturllugton, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HAKT. TI1IIIS establishment, so favorably located for the JL accommcidation of t lie buness ntul travelling community, is now oj Vrn to the public. Po-i Coache upon the various route i-all at the Kxchance Ilutel (or passenger.-, anil those arriving or departing by Steam Boat, in which ea-e. their baggage i re veil Vvilhout charge, will find this hou-e peculiarly to their .-.onvciiieiice. The keeper tender.. hi service, with I lie anr?ncr, Vrltat in all tespeel-, thelitm- -hall do-erve the favor 'fcblc consideration of all who may iaironi.-e it. fiurlinlon, April 1, 1812. .3tf. GEORGE II. L'ECK, Attorney and Coiinsellorat Law; YwO DOORS EAST OF THE WST Orricr., VP STAIRS. Refer lo Messrs. J. & J. II.l'KCK & Co. Nov. 19. A. ROBERTSON, llarrlstcr anil Attorney at Law, (talc ilt the qfficcof the !. Solicitor Gcn'l Pay) LITTLT. ST. JAMKS'S STKEKT. Montreal, I Nov. 1S41. Kcfercnce in liurlington, to OHAKI.ES ADAMS, Esquire. 21 PECK & SPEAR, wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American DRUGS. Auo,-DKUGGISrS GLASS WAKK. ISurlliigton, Vt. Ii EXT IS TRY T 1 tWIS A 3. It. MCIIOI.s navcusso ' ciatcd themselves in hit-mess fur the nccommo- I a tin ii of tho?5 who Itavx not the nntiui tunitv of citllmg at their rcsi lence, Mr. X. will spend most of Ins timein visiting tne villages in tins aim the mijoin ing counties, anil will purfurm all operations on the teeth necessary for their preservation. Mr. N. will also prepare tlie month for the rc option of artificial teeth j take mo. Iris, anil transmit them to Mr. Lewis, the celebrated mechanical demist, who will always tie at home, and who-e uiiiivillc I success, nnd uii wearied exertions lo please, mil emmc bet ter work than can bo procured elsewhere. Our mode of setting is far superior to any other in point of looks convenience, and durability. Anyone wanting teeth can come one day with a mouth full of decayed teeth, and return the newt ui li n new set. Prices suited to 4hu times and circumstances. All operations war ranted. J. LEWIS, J. I!. NICHOLS. Ilurling'on, Vt.,Mny,lR12. BOOTS GE .NT I. EM K.VS Summer U ot, some lovvpriced. Also, mot , I mils ol Hoots and J Shoes suitable for 'he ' season f r men, women, ami boys or girls. A urk as usual done to order. .IAM5IS II. VIiATT, Comer of Church and Cherry Streets, Burlington. .May 12, IS12. SPRING RIVALS JVt lleaii turutcrs. No. . Wntcr-trcel. XO MIST UCE! ! DAVIS i-now truly at home, und wniild return In- gr.itef I achinw.e gn.cnts tulliu pulili gen erally b'r the verylilcral p-rrouage he ha- lei-e vol, mid hopes hy a sind aitention In liu-iiif s and a !o termma un lo plea-e, lie may inrrit a -i iii m-i-nuee of ihe-nnie, Ho would state that he ha- m-t rc ivo I from New Vol l, Bo-lon, All any and Troy, from the lair t iiiipur'aiion-, n l.irje and general u srirtmcitt of l're h liond-, wlm-h, in addituin tu lus former Miie' ,m i' ea cnniplcieas-ortincnt, comprising almost every iirti' ! of l.imilv supply. Scu. &c. One Cent Reward will le given in any per-on ho will tind at any other Mure a ctv and .vclltelccteJ n-sortiiRUl as eanlw ;o..ndM DAVIS'S. I'irnff call and examine for your-elve-", and yru will not so away di appointed. Jlav20. NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. S . 1ST O O 33 3 WOULD ro-pectf dlyinform the Ladies and Gen tlemen of Burlington mid vi'mnly that he has recently apcneil fr.e.-tal lishiiK-ut where lie will man ufaeiure, (w!ioU?.-ule and retail) all l.nid- of worl. m the Shoe line. He ha- ju-l received from New Vork the pre ent tyle ol Lat, tozellier with a i hu.i e se leetion of Stuck-. He will keep constantly or. haml nul inauiif.titiii'e loonier all kind- of work " cot up" in thieo miry; anions winch may l fuuiid d'eni' Calf, Goat, Seal and Gaiter Hoot Ladle,' Gaiter-, il i..k.n, U'nlkiii'.'Shoe., Mip-, o.e. &e. AIo,eoar-e and kip, hnili for men and hoys J and children's Shoes of all kinds. ,l'!ea.c live him a call, two dc or-West of the Pearl Street Ilou-e, at the sii'iiof the "JJig Hoot." liiirlinitoii.Mjy, 1512. 50 f. Tteli, TrrthStwr. your Tn:lli! Great Iiiiiu-uvciiiciil in Dcnlislr) ! DM. SAXTO.V bavins cnRancd Dr. I'EAliSOX, Surceon and Mechauicul Dentist Iroin theeity of New York, a3 a partner, would most respectfully announce to the citizens of llurliugtou and the nciyh (boring towns that they hate opened an tnhVc at .Mr 'Griswold'e, on the West si lo of Church street, one door North of the liurlumton Dank, where they are Ercparcd to attend to all cases included in cither ranch of the profession. From ono to a full set of Incorruptible Mineral Teeth (of Dr l'earson's own manufacture) inserted upon Ins hi"bly improved suction plate, which is retained firmly m the mouth upon strictly scientific principles, thus di-pensinj; with tho u-o of clasps, springs or ligature, to obectionnlile. Teeth inserted upon the above p'an nro beyond detection, and ren dered, if not so utefid as the natural ones, more ser viceable than those inserted upon the ordinary prin ciples. Decayed Teeth filled with pure pold, or a prepara tion which is introduced in the form of a paste, but soon hardens and resists the action of nil acids or other corrosive matter, wluloit jntrs the tooth its natural appearance and preserves it from farther de cay. Achinc teeth cured in a few minutes, and filled with 'the above preparation and restored In usi fulness. Accumulations of tartar removed from the teeth without injuring the enamel, which is frequently the result of an unskilful operation. All operations warranted to ijivo satisfaction. "Teeth extracted with ono third the usual pain. Inditiduals desirous of havim; dental operations performed are invi'cd to call and see specimens, nnd satisfy themselves of thoabovo improvements. Children's teeth regulated when malformation is taking place in consequence of neglect during second dentition. Advice given on diseases of the Gums, Sockets, nnd Antrum, Iree of charge. Dr. Pearson has in his possession letttrs and cer tificates from piofessional men of thn first respecta bility in the city of New York, and Charleston, S.C. where he enjoyed a long nnd extensive practice. His onicct in com ng north is in consequenco of bilious affections. J-Office hours from 9 A. .M. to 5 1', 31. Iliirlingtoti, June 1G, 1B12. 2 sunsciurnoNs ron the new would neri.ivicu at the li URLING TON ItOOlCSTOlE. PKHSO.VS wishinc to avail lliim-clvcs of the mnnv inteovtins publications i--ucd in the .Yeic H'orW, can be supplied with the, same, flee of po-tago, by riving their name.- to tho mib-eril er. Works, such a' Zalioni, and Jacquerie, and tho-o of similar char acter, can I c purehiiK-J at the very low price of Irom 183 to 25 els. The new novel, Morlcy Kni.-tcin, by James, is now ready for tale. ,,., Juno 17,18(2. D. A. IHtAMA.N. -rtivHASOIiS end U3tltllE.LAS,-an itnmcni-e FlAow opcil Hurluufs f I Hill III Itgl T'" Ti i ii ii niT. I i ii"-"" -TTTfl 310HAAVIC AND IIUOSDN ll.VIl.-ltOAl). lxoricn. i l'or the nccomnioilatiim of pa-scngcrs desirous of , taking the seven o'clock line of Steam Boats from Albany, (which went into operation on the '.'Olh in stant,) n train of liailroad Cars will start from Sche-1 neclnily, daily, at 5J o'clock 1'. -M. during the con tinuancoof tho alovc arrangcinent on the Kivcr. lly this arraueincut, pa-scngers may leave Saratoga Spnna-nt 3 j"to 1 o clock 1'. 11, and reach Albany in time for tho bent, which will save travellers from i the north, the expense of remaining over night at Albany or Troy, lly the existing arrangement, ci'i-zi-nsof Saratoga nreobliged to leave boment 7 o'clock I ill the morning, to take the steam boat at Albany at I 7 P. 31.1 (:ii milts viallad-R.iad! 11) JOHN C0ST1GAX, Superintendent. April 1S42. 842. r.'orllicru 1'r:tiisport:iti(ii I.iisc. ISAAC V. BAKEIt 7"II,L continue the I-'OIlWAHDINtl IirslNESS Lake C'ltamplalii, Xorlliern Canal, and Hudson I! Iter. lYeming it important to iciain the Old Cu-ti ncrs of ihe Line, and a Id new one-, bo will u-e hi- be-t endeavor- to -nli-fy a'l, and pie lure- liinw'l lo in-crt'ii-e hi-cserliiiii-to promoii' the niicre-m ol Ins emp.'ojer- I'y dnuiir all lni-:ue;s euirusied lo care wild di-patch and -afety. 'er I'rcixht apply to t'. II. Jam:-, 7 "t'ociilic-Slip, I'olT. Catliv, 33 Ci cuiic- Slip, .New York. hl- v . it. iAiiN'i:r, tut, riei, All any, I . I I'.M-TLIK, I . I I'.M-TLIK, 1 I. II. llouKi n, iTroy. L. A. ('aum-.ii n, ) .1. I I. . Iltki'.n, Com-'nek'- Lan Imir nn.l Whitehall, l'i t.t.t.TT ti Hii.viii.i.j, II irlmctcii. A. II. I..MM), I' rh. At.t.r.x I cm thik, 1'i.n Kent. J. c. I'lKiirr. & Son, S. .luliii-. 'rj-l'ii'V idli c l.i.", lliei-.-.ieel, up stairs. WhMeli.ill, Apnl - SOUU'-.'S LS-'LM'L' OK LI I'll. A Valiai.le '" Mi' hune, wliieli, if rmlilly applied, willlelhe iiiciu-iif ssiviinr iboii-nnd- In. in an untimely urav . Il hi-leeu -nM and ii-i'd fur ilury year.-, wi'b irrci" -iii-ce , and found wry c lii-.i'-iou- in the follnwiii'.' h-ei viz. ('oii-ii.ii,i'iou, Wh mpiiis Cimch-, eom mon Ciinzlt-, Ci.'d-, ibili.-uli Un ilhine-, Inlliieuza,, A-lluna, l'hlhi-ie, Spilimmif IIIikkI, I'l.iiu lency, In liL'e-l.o'i, Luo-eue of the Ilowil-, 1'it-iil even' km I, Cramp., Iticket-, Colic, Catarrh, Hy cn tarv, r.iiulmj, llypoehiiii Inae Adeelion-, lle.i.l.iclie-, -ielne ut Stomach, Me-i-lc-, a pievcntive ol Con-linjuiu-di-ca-c-, Giiiitund llhiMinati-m. I r"'l he.i'.oveMe hi'inei- nre:i.iie I 1 v llenrv See- moiir, iil'lludlcy, Mn . 1'iniii the Oritriiuil Ueeipe, (y iiieuirei-iioii ui -r.iu .noiiie, ami soiu ov nun anil Hie nnui'ipal Drugiri-t-in the L'niledSiale-.' Sold whole-ale and retail by Peck ec .Vpear. tr.iiTAiN cl'ki: ron .sick iieadache, j which has been used in families, every member of which has had sick headache fioni infancy, us a constitutional family coinpl.iint, and has cured ill'ec tinlly m every m-lauce yet known, amounting to ma ny hundreds. It is not unplcannt to the taste, and does not prevent thed illy avocations of one u-ing it It must ho persevered in, and the cure is gradual, bill certain and permanent. Instances are constauilv mtiltiplyingwlii'ietlii distressing complaint is com pletely iclicvcd and cured, althuugbof jcars landing lie the use of Dr. Snohu's lekbrattd icniedv. t)ne ikeulcd prefercneeisits pleasantuei, having none of tlie n luseaiing euici in ( oniuioik uriigs. Itis so perfi etlysnli-faitorv, lint the proprietor h'as given directions lor Insngeoisto rifuiid the price to any ono who is not jib a-rd with, and tyen enrol by it. Ho hopes nUo that tins may secure its great bui efits to tho distressed sullerers who nicl.iliDriugunder IKadachc. E, Sl'OllX, 31. 1)., inventor and Pro prietor. Sold by COMfiTortC.y CO., 71 3Iaiden Lane. New York. PECK & S P E A H, Wholesale Agents, a few doors east of the Post Office, Hurling ton, Vt. n9 DOCT. MAUSIIAlilS Arolintie, C.itanh nnd lleailaehe S.N CI' K. Tin- Snii'l i -uperior lo any thine ei i.r.own, lor removing that troul honie di-'-ca-e. the Catarrh, and .il-o a cold m the Lead, and the headache. It open- and puree- out all ob-tiuction-, -ticutrlhoii- the t.'ljiid-,niid aive- a healthy action to the narl- a ecled. It i- iii rfcetlv tree from unv tbinirdele- terion- in it- conipo-inon lia- a : lea-ant llavor, and itsnnmeiliaie elect, after Icing it-ed, is abgreeabfe. Price It 7 cents per bottle. Doi t. Mar-ball's Veaeial.'elndmn Illaek i'LASTEl!. 'I hi- Pla-ter I- unrivalled for curing -crulnlini- -wel lin?-, Si urvy Sore-, Lame Hack, and Kre-h Wound pains in the side-, Hip- and I.unhs; ant .-elilom fall- ti c-ive relief in local llhc'iin.iti-m-. If niudieil to the side,it will cure many of iheeoinmoii Liver Cniuplaint-j nnd i-equal, if not -uperior, to any thing in n-e for corn- on 1 lie feet . the v irlue- of tin- Pla-ler have 1 een vilne-,edby iho i-aud- of individuals m the I'liiled l.ile, who iiavete-ie.i n- eineacy. i-om uytne pro. pneior; Cha-. Ilowen, Middlebury, Vt., and 1'lck iV SrKAK, 1! in.orlmgt Vt. JUmRE'OFnE CEP tJonT' It has frequently come lo the know ledge of the sub scriber, that empty SiiuffJars, with his Label on them, have been bought up for the purposo of selling in them an inftrior qralily Suiill'; ami also, that lus Simd-labcls have, in some instances, been counter felted, qr the eeneral design cftlio samo so inii'ntcd as to easily deceive tlie unwary. Hcdetmsit, there fore, lit-fuy lo inform pari hascrB of the manner in which thev are often iimioscd imon: and he would hereby request them to tear oll'or deface the Labels on the outside of thoJars, after having disposed of the contents, so as to prevent lurlncr use et tne same. A suitable reward will bo paid for such evidence as will lead to tho detection and conviction of the im postors. 77i sitbscridcr continues lo M ' inufacturt, and of fers for sale the fulluicing arlklts; Cine 1 1 lo vv n Snnir. Gcnuinn Maccoboy, J ro-e American Rappee, Imiiaiion do. ) fiavored, Holland do. Sicily, do, Tuberose. .Maltese, do. Si.Omcr. Cuntcoa, do. Slrasburg. Ciarscn town Snulf. Demigros. Pure Virginia Itourboii. St. Domingo. Natcliitochts. I'rfnc'.i Itnppee. Aincrienn Gentleman Pure Spanish. L. Mixture. Copenhagen, superior llavor. Yellow S ii nil. Scotch nnd) lush lllaclguard or ? p HighToastl Finc- Irish High Toast, J coarse. Sweet Seeuteil I'"nc Cut VheW ilie Tobacco. .Spanish, Kiteforl, Canaster. Common and Strms. ?"r. liberal discount made to wholesale dealers. PETER LOltlLLARK, Jr., -12 Cliatnain-St., New York. lTS7rG00DS. LOVELY & SEYMOUR All E now opentns a heavy stock of sea-ona' le Goods rcienlly pnridia,r in New Yorl: which tne o'icrol to tho puplie at prices which eaniiol faiT lo ensure their sale. Among theniare, III. irk. Illi, u lllae-k, llh.e, Invi.-il Ic Grien and slccl mixed Ilto.ul Cloths, a very superior qu liny of H lk Vedve', Vestinzs Linen Drillings, G.imhroon-, nnd a variety of Goods lor summer wear allow price-: lloinbuqinc-, a good nssoriment jf silks for drc-,cs and bonnets, intin, i lnly, Illaek and colored Mu-liu do Lames, a larolot of Merino Shawls and lldkl'-, dre-s lldkf., and scarf-, silk nnd linen cambric IMkls. great vitncty ol Gloves nnd Hose j a largo n-sortim-nt of Engli-h, Trench, and American calicoes, and mourning ealieoes nt unpre cedented!)' low pi ices j Leghoin, slravvand Pnlinleal boiinelsj a varie.y ol Ilibloii., Lace., I'mltcl-la-, I'arascls, -un shade's, Mu-liu-, Camhric,l.le.iclni and imblcachel Cutlonsj 3000 rolls paper hangitigs, borJermg, looking Gla"C.-, rugs, ti'.'t'f i"rpt-tnlgs, till of which nre lor tale !w. June I, ku I TU OTIC IS. JCPJledieine is let known by the J-1 cures it perform.. 1 1. Newton's Panacea, I or Purilier of the lllood. Tho unparalleled and still increa-merepiiiatton winch this medicine ha-ncqair- ed throughout the New England Slate, and the many ' cures it has performed, unit the great demand made for it by t.ioadvieo of physicians well nequaiiiloc with its preparation, has induced the proprietor to extend it circulation lo almo-t every town in the eastern Siatei and the principal towns in the United States. Tin- Panaceis warranted purely vegetal le,und i not i siirnas-ed tv any other medicine ever ollered to the ntlhcted a. its exteu-ive sale and great popularity plainly prove. It has within the In-t eighteen moiitli enred its thou-nnd-ofthe mo-t ob-tinate di-ea-e-, n ean be proved hy eertilieate-j alio is pronounced by eminent and re-peclahle physicians the be-t ine'dicinc in n-o. ILi'fnl information may I o lonnd in circulars enntaining certificates of cures and directions for ta king Ibu medicine. The following appointed ngents. Burlington, P E C K nnd SPEAR, It. Moody St Albnii-, Curtis and lfu-sel Milton, C. Dial.c Mdlon Kail-, Hurnct and Snwver Waterville", Kl-k and llrovvu, lime-burgh, Hull and Cook Kairlax, Parker and Mntlield Vergenne-. Aikim- and Murray Cambridge', M. Wire- I'nderlnll, M. C. Ilarnev iNorlh I'errishurgli, II. C. Wicker Georgia, A. lllis Wdli-ion, .N. Cliiltcnden Itiehnii-nd, Green ifc lthode- John-on, G. L. vv arner nnd t-"1 lmiutou, Smith Daker-lield, Ariimigtoii and Woodward Kair- neki, ii'irnet ami ram-worth. e.o.p.iy.i.iu WINDOW SASII Jut received 15, 2(1 and 2 17 by 9 ca-enienis ol ash. a first rate article at 31 and 31 cents per light; al-o ill kimls aii'lsizc, lurni-ucii 'o order. Ticonderoza black 'c.ul, a lir-t rate artic-le-, for ale very low, together with u eriMl variety of other aril- as ehcapas can be found at unv other e-tabli-h- '"eilt. (Jin. PliTEItsO-,-. "ArYisTUltlOUS! A gentleman belonging to xX oiii'of tho inostancient and wealthy finiihes of iiiisuiiy,nu must oe wen Known to numerous menus having since the year I9IS, up to recently, "been bent nearly double, mid for several years cunfined to bis bed, has been restored to goal health lias regained his Hutu nil erect position and hnsputtrd lus car riage, and now walks with ease ! ! We believe this is lliegcnilenian's own desciiptiou as near ns possible, and thereis no exaggeration 'n it. We will give inqui rers his address, and doubt not humane feelings will e'xc ite the liberty j so that any one doubting, may kuotc these facts (hough he requests his name may not appear in print. Among other instances, Mr.Jns. G. Reynolds, 1 1 1 Clnistiu-slreet, has been restored. and will give personal assurances of the facts of his case, liotn were rlieuiintisiu anil contracted eoiels and smews. How has this I een tloncl A7i.h,!T. Hit the Indian Veritable Klixcr in lernnthi, and Hi wes' Merie and Hone Liniment exttmnlbi. Jan. 21), IS II. SoldonUibii COMSTOCK ,f. CO.. 71 Maiden .line, Acic York. nU PECK et .SPEAR, Wholesale Agents, a few doors east of the Post Office, liurlmg'on, Vt. DUKLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY f L. M.LSO.N, continues the . business ot manuf.tctut: Chairs at the old stand, of the lol lowmg descriptions: Curl 31aplc Grecian, Cane Seat, Common Cane and I'lag Scat, Large and Small Raised r-cat leocMng, do do Coin ,1,. I 'in,,,, mil in. x.n All of w liieh nre warranted a first rate article and will he sold at priecs lo cortispnmi Willi tlie tunes. KEATI1ERS, AXD I'EATIIKIl I1EDS, READY 3IADE. Constantly on hand, u sutiidy of warranted Live ,JV.T?'i.,.'!"""''rs' "bu ll will tin sold low for cash. H.IMI'.I), by the stlhscrtlicr, 'ml unit Minis I'.yi Maple, delivered at bis shop in Church street, opposite uieoiil nailK. U. t.. .M-;t.Ml. CO I'A li TXEIISHIP. ITLMIY II. HOSTWICIv T. V.Si W. I. 1-XStiong having coniiceted their Tin Mmps, will do oii-iue-s in tuai line tiniier uie name ot it. u. Host wic it Co. a' tho shop ncctinied bv said llostwick wine may be found a lull and complete as orlmenl of TIN W RE, tnanufactuted cxnre-sly for theiclail trade, tognber with Copper and Sheet Ironwork, Stove Pipe, S ovc Trimming?, c. All kin Is of Job woik furiii-hed at short n tiee. I'.ave troth mid con. du -tor pipe furnished and put up. Copper rumps and lead pipe furnished and set if leqiiired. Those who patronize this branch i f business shall, at this shop, eq'iicwy aiiu vveu sjivi u, lor a reasona' le coiupen sniion. II II. HOSTWICKet Co. liurlington, Apr. 10, 1H12. JiOYXTOX ' IIUIUIITT, (Successors lo A.S. - G.D.Wellcr.l J O l' L D rcspiclfully inform the inhabitants of llinesi urgli anil tlie adjoining tow ns that they have comiiieniiil business in the Store forme'rlv oc. cupied by A. S. it G. 1). Wilier, and are now receiv ing a general assortment I i nncy Dry l!i ods, Hard ware and Groceries, which thcvufTer to ibenidilie n low as can be purchased ill the county for cash. 'I hey respectfully solicit a share of public patronage, confident that their prices will bo fo urn to suit all who may favor tliciu with a call. XOIILE L. I'.OVXTOX, W1LL1A.M UURRl'IT. Hineslutrgli, Jlay 1, 1R12. 13 IV O '! I C K . ''pilE Subscriber would inform the pnblic tl.atlic O- has on hand a general assortment of Jfarncsscs, Saddles, Trunks, lralisscs, Carpet Hags, Whins and Lashes, and numeioiis other articles n his lino of business. which will bo sold iischcap nscan be bought in this vicinity, l lamitl, l-iill Cloth, Lumber, Wood, and iiio-i Kiiiusoi tanners prouueo receiveil in payment. JjShop two doors Last of the Post Office. A SiIVSRIT STASLS Is also keiit bv Ihe subscriber a levy roils J.astot tlie Uourl House, w hero the miblic will at nil limes find a man in icadiness lo attmd calls, mid as good Horses nnd Carriages as can be found in the place, and at as lair prices. S. S. SKINNER, liurlington, .May 5, 1842. KTUx-IVZ STABS it. c o i, it i: it t ii to. 1T)ESPECTKl'LI.Y inform llie.r fnends nnd ll -L i. public, that they have now opened a Livery Stable and nave on hand ready for use sumo excellenlllorscs and Ciitriagcs,Sleiglis,Harnesses,ec. w hit li they will let on reasonable terms. Mablent lleiianiin llishop s Hotel, South West Corner Cotrt House Square, liurlington. sr. r. GRiswbv,B73 BOARDING HOUSE. 'TMIIS House is now OPEN for tho reception of . noaruers, All vvno wtsii to unarti, are uiviieii to call and examine his liouso nnd the advan tages vvhi' h its coiisiriic'ion anJ location oiler, for commit nnd convenience. TtnMs, very moderate. 3Iay 10, IS 12. laNEWjJiVsu rojiiHcnr rpilE Subsciibcrs rfspcctfully inform the inhabi--1- tantioi liurlington mid vicinity that they have crjinmcneed busmos in tho Storo recently occupied by 31r llr.iiuan, llookstllcr, on Collcgo street. Tho chief I ranch of their bu-iiiess willcun-i tin French J)ri (foods. ll'ing confident that through so many menus nnd facilities which they have for furnishing their Store with Iho most farhionablo articles, and that their pri ces will suit nil who may favor them wilh a call, tlie-y' respectfully sulicit n share of public patronage, 1 Thev also have for sale a general assortment of su perior GROCERIES, which thyofir for the lovvcsl prices. OSTIUM M & .M!":.GLL.S. ' lluthn t ui, Mny PI. II' MOKl'AT'S VEGin'AllLE LIKE AlEDICINLS. Theo medicines are indebted for their name in their manifest and seii-ible action in purifying the spnugsand channels of life, nnd enduing them with renewed tone and vigor. In many hundred ccrliucil ca-eswhich have been made nul lie and in nlmn-i every species ofdi-ca-e to which the biiiuan frame i- H.iiili', tlie happy e lectH ot .iioffat'j i.ifr l'n.i.s Attn PlI'KNIx have been grealfullyand publicly aciiiiowlcdged by Ihe persons benefitted, nnd who were previously unacquainted with tho beautifully phi losophical prineip'es upon which they arc compound ed, and upon which iheycou-equeiitly act. 1 lie 1,1 f f. .Ml'.IUUl.r.r- reeoinniciiil thcmeelycsfn .ea-es of every form and ile-cruition. Their first operation into 'oo-en from the coats of the stomach and bowel-, tho various impurities nnd crudities con stantly settling around them; nnd to remove tlie har- leiien laces w ini-u eoiiee-i in mi: cuiivuiiuions ot llic -m.tlle-l inlctiues. Oilier medicine only partially L'lean-clhe-p. nnd leave such collected mas-es l,ehlml us to produce habitual eo-tivene'ss, with nil its train ol evil-, or sudden diarrlufa. with its imminent d.iL-,.p-.n This fact is well known to all regular anatomist... .1. . 1 , r... . , . - . . wini exiliilllie llic lllliiian noweis aiieroeain ; nnu lle'nee the prejudice of those well infnrined iiie-n again. I quack meilicine or meiliemes prepareel and heralded to theniiblie by ignoranl persons. The second elleel ol thu Life Mc'licines is to ele.une the kidneys and the manner, nini uytiiis mean-, ineiivcrniiiiiiieimigshe heallhfiilaeiioii of which entirely elepends upon the re gularity of Ihe urinary organ-. The" blood, which takes its n'd color from the agency til tlie liwr and the lungs belore it p.ts-es into the heart, being thus ptirilie'd by them, and nouri-hcd by food coining from a clean sloinaeli, eour-cs fieely through the vein-, renews every part ofthe sy-tcm, and triumphantly mounts the banner ol health in the blooming cheek. Modat's Vegetable Life Medicine have been thor oughly le-ted, and pronounced a sovereign re'incdyfor Dyspepsia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Loss oi .ppetiie, iieari-ntirn ami iieau-aciie, ttetie ne Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor arid .Melancholy, Co nvenes., Diarrlura, Cholera, Fevers of all kind., nueum.iiisiu, vjoiii, urop-ies ot an Kind-, tiravel Worm., Aslluna and Con-umption, Scurvy' L'le-er-Inva-'lcratc Sore's, Scorbutic Eruptions and Dad Com ravel er- om- pli'.xion-, Eruptive complaint-, sallow, Cloudy, and oiherdi-agre'cable Complexions, S.tli Iihciiin. Erviii- ela-, ('omuioti ('olds anil In(bieiiza,nnd various oiher coni.lainls which ntlhct thehumau Iramc. In Kr.VKn and Anun, parlieiilarly, the Life Mi'diemcs have been inost e inincnily sneec ful ; so much so that in the Fever and Agne'district-, Physicians almost universally pre-cril e ibcni. All tnat Mr. MnTal rcnuiresof his patients t to le particular in taking the Life Medicitie strictly accor ding to the tttiectious. It is not a ncw.-pape'V notie'e, or by anything the! he hini-elfmay-ay m their favor, llul he bopusto gain credit. Itts'aloneby the results of a fair trial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANI'AL; designed a a dome-lie guide to hoalih. Tluslitile pnmphlei, e'd'tcd, Mol'.it,275 llroadway, .New York, has I crn pul li-hedfof Ihe purpo-e ofexiilaining niorefnlly Mr. Mo lai'.- theory of di-e-a-e, and will lc loom! highly interc-tiug tonersoii-seeking health. It treat- upon prevalent di-ea-e-, nnd the cau-e- thereof. Price, 25 cent- for -ale 1 v'Mr Moffat'- Aireni-eoncrallv. These valuable Mebcinc- are (or said yGF.OHEE L. WARNER et Co. Jnbn-en, Vl., General Agent-, by whom all order- from any part of ihe Slate or Canada, will be piomptl) anvvered.. 23 t Dee. 17, lllll. HA OA R ey A R TITUR, General Agent- for Mo Tat'- cctel rated medicine'., lo whom all applications for aijcheics must I e ad dre.. c.l. Huiliiigtui, Jan. 23, IS 12. TVTATimU'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. Tin i viliml le VcgeMable Medicine stand- unrivalled for tbelollowing compkimts, viz : Py-pep-in, or Indi-gc-tion,diM'.t.eil Liver, biliou-di-or lcr, Dropy, Aslh ina, Co-nvene . Worm.- and In-- eil" Atmelite. and l,v clcan-ing the stomach and bowcN, cures pam- u, tho -iile. -ti.lii.ii-li unit ).rc.i-t. .',.1,1- umiI !,. l...,u -ihimIhi, Iluar-ciie-s, stioriiie-s of breath, Nervous complaint., etc., which arelie juently the elect of ib e-a-e'. For Keveraud Ague, it i-a tiiii-t valuable pre venlnlive as well ns a sovereitfo l emedj . It virlues surpass anything heretofore known in removing Si. Vitus' Dance', two Untie- have I ecu known to cure liiiaiiiiciingiii-e,t-c, afer raving l.allleil every exer tion lor four year-. It ha- a luo-t poweiful iiilliicuce in iciiioviiig nervous ct.mi da in Is. It is ulca.-ant toinl... an 1 Miea-y In lis tiperal ion, ihat it may I c administered to the inl.e'ut wilh safely. The abovu .Medicine is very iiigiuy rei'oiiiiiieiiue'ii ov ninny scie-ininc genllemcn, and a large ii'iinl er ofladie-, vvlio-have pioved the virtue- of the Medicine by pe-r-onal use end that ofibeir families. A I ill ofi erliiicale- accomiai.ies each bottle, with direction-. It may 1 e had wholesale or le'lail ol s. Iinlain, uane, aiulJ. U. t'.irnain, Last Williams. lown, v t. sole propneii r. Trepared liom the ring it recipe) ; lor sale l.y 1-.. 11. Premiss, Montpelier. and I tlK (s.lTAR, Iliirliiiglcn, nnd in the principal towns in the state pill iiiieciioiis -ignciiiu inc ii.iii.i writing otitic proprietor E. L. I'ARRAR gives notice that ho continues to carry on the busi tiess as usual of manufacturing Stone ware of a superior quality

in all its varieties and will st all tunes be in read iness to sunn e inert hauls on the most reo.-o lable terms, all cutlers promptly attended to at Ins Factory , Pearl Street, liurlington. Jan.31. 1812. JACOItVS I'ACKAtiU UXIMtl.SS, llcticcen Albany and Montreal, UNTIL further notice, leaving Albany on Wednesday, ami 3Iontrenlon Siiturdayof each vvetk, ill conncMon with llannlen etCo. nt Albany to New York, Philadelphia, ISosion, Liverpool, Lon don, Ireland, Scotland and llivre, for the trans portation of Specie, Hank Xotes, Valuable Papers, Packages of Goods, Hooks, and all other Parcels that may offer. Mon'real Evchange Coffee House. AHanv-Xo. 12, Exchange liuildings. 3,'ew York Xo. 3, Wall Mrtet. lloston No. R, Court Street, liurlington J. it J. H. Pict-, ct Co. RI-.FERENCES. Euvs Hakkr, ? hi . L. Y.-l-J. 11. Rem, Albany, X. . P. Wklls, U. it D. H. Plim, Kellig if. Co., A. Wathocs. Troy, X. Y. A. II. W. HvDr.N itCo.Castleton. Vt. J. it J. II. Peck it Co,, liurlington, Vl. J. C. PEincK.f- Son, St. Johns, L. C. Aru-d23. -I9if. IMtlVA'I E h, IiliCT EIOAUDIA'G SCFIOOIv. rnllE new and spacious Buildings now erecting i I I nst Charlotte w ill I e opened (if the Lord will) under the siiperintcndeiico ol Mr. J.'IY.x Ilnornn.ns. si till in Ihe l.:ide' department in French and .Music by .Mi-. 31. A. Tcm Hhockf, ,. lfi'h May, 1812, Kill term opens 2Uih Augii-i, inter do 2Sih November. I well vniinir I .f.l. nn.l r. .1.... i coniiuo.laied in the family of Mr. T. Terms 835 per B .. i.- .11,11 , hi, limine ii nmy i if ur- I ' lu .nu-iooiu. rreiicuniii I At.... bra. Wa-lnng exlra. Day Scholars, from 55250 to 1.50. MsT. edu 'atcd iinJcrthecareofcmineniTedcbers, ami having taught 111 Lou Ion, Eng., and in thi-Siute since her arrival, is nilrply qualifiesl to -uperintcnd llic 1 tCllc land Music dennrlMw.n, n,,,i,nl, Ei..',.,t.. , UVI.III..IVII, BIIISU, paiciital. lo llip-eunaequainttiilvvithtlie service, experience and a bilityol 31 r. T, reference may I chad to L. I .LllLde-be. lliirlitiiri.,.! 1 I' ll,.! -:. lr.i. J. i. Iioiieiilccl;. " ....Ml, .7,, ..I, HI,., J.C. Parke, Whitehall. J. Sherlll.l 11. VfMimn.g A, t-. rorry, Iroy, nariotte, I81I1 April, 113121 NEW BOOK STORE. " Iivo ami lot Liv." rillll'. Htlsi'riler has ici'eive.1 from New York a ,, ,'ie,V'llPI'ly "f S-'hool Books, Bibles, Prayer Books, lotaluciits. etc. etc. together wul, n n,.l ... soituicnl of Siationery, and ilook-binding Slock, to which bomviie. h intention of Ihe public, reeling very grateful for the Id oral naironni-e 1,,. r,,.... ... teiv d, he will teuow his exertions to please ail that . ''vi linn wiiii ineir putriuiuiic,, -S. IIU.NTlNGTON. Strongs' Building, corner Church nnd College st... opi-.oMie Hagar it A rlhur's, Sigri Red Ledger. Juno 10. TT MlSTAKE.-.Smokeal lleef : also, Potk by the s parr'' lust jccci(d for sale hy Jmie'lY l-T D, t'AVlS. DR. TAYIOR'S II A Ii S A M OP LIVER W OUT, Ob-erve when vou buy that vou get the centime, prcparcil at 375 liovvery, New York. See that 375 Bowery New York is on the wrapper of each lloiile. All others are Frauds and sold only bv siicculalor.', without regard to ju-n'ce, to the public, or the proprie tors of the geiiuiiicarliclc. IJOR Consumplion, and Liver complaint., Dv-spep-. sia, dizxiness of tlie head, loss ol'nppeiite, Dysen lary, and general rcgulaterol the whole system. None genuine but that prepared at 375 llowcry, New York, where the arliele was first made, the char acter ofthe medicine formed and e-lablishud by the present sole proprietors, and who are the only persons knowing the composition ofthe genuine. Ithasliecn 11-ed successfully for eight years 111 the cure of these tlisca-es. iCf Hcineinl er the original and Genuine is made only at No. 375 llowcry, New York. All others are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! As a general remedy for llic-c diseases. I m Cille satisfied, from long experience, there i- no medicine equal to Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. Being pare y vegetable, it can be used with the iilinost salely by all pc.soiis in every condition, ll clcait-es the lungs by expectoration, relieves difficult breathing, and seem, tu heal tliechet. There can be ntique-lion but this medicine is a certain cure for chronic 10 ighs and colds. I luve u-ed'it (our yenrs in my practice, and always with success. A. F. ROGERS, M. I). Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor's Bal-nm of Liverwort to bo a certain remedy for Ihis complaint, as I have u-cd it iny-clf and found its elects an ininieibate. I was much troubled until I made o-eofihis meilicine. M. L. 1IENS1I AW. 21 1 Mangin si. Hoarseness Ciueil For the core of hoar-cne-s I can strongly recconimend Dr. Taylor's Bal.-am of Liv erwort. I have not onlylound great I enelit myself, but many of my congrcgatn 11 by my ru'coniint:iida lion have reeieved great"! cnchl ironi its virtue'. It is at once mild ,edicacioiisand harmless. REV.AZ. LEWIS. Severe Coughs and Colds I liitve had a mo-t se vere cold and cough, (or a long nine which I could not get rid of. Afler ii-lng many u-ele-s things I tri ed Taylor's Bal-nm of Liverwort, and it cured me 111 a tew days. JAS. I). KERltlNOCK". Rai-ing of Blood About two weeks ago I had n (all, which cau-ed me to spit large qualities of blood which nothing could cure until I tried Dr. Taylor's Bal-am of Liverwort. Tin- medicine gave me imme diate relief and in it very short tune e leeled 1111 entire cure. Let all per-ons try il. IICOII MC GAR VF.Y, 21 Cannon -t. Dr. Taylor's Babum of Livervvorl This superior renicJy foreh-ca-es of ihe lung- and liver has obtain ed a repnia'ion never bcforeepinlled. Remarkable Cure of Consumption. . . . was so near her death with tin- di-ea-e, that my friends -cut for a iir.e-l locoiife-s tne Kn. I died, lie in hi- iner.-y, told tne not lo give up iinlil I trieil Dr. Taylor'- Bal-am of Livervvorl. I sent iumiediatelv for tin- meilicine', and although the contest for a few days I elvvcen this meilicine'. and inv di-ea-e was -e- vere , the medicine conquered, and in a fortnight I was re-toredlobeallh. I had n coign, rai-ing of mat ter, lo ot my voii-c. pain-, wejkne-., etc. 1 can re fer to Doctor W dsi 11, 111 the Carlton Hou.e, for the truth (duty statement. MARY DILL, 1G h slrcelcor. Beware of fraud-. ,, 3 nyenuc. Summer Complaint. 1 he Bal-nm ol Liverwort, in several ea-es of thi- di-ca-c, where all oilier remedies applied by phy-i-cian- have proved inetleetual, has produced 'a perfect cute Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. R. Uladdm ol Delhi, X. Y., of a naturally eon. siiinpiive con-litution, lias ecu saved troin an tin. timely end by the ii-cofDr. Taylor's Balsam of Liv erwort. A severe cold brouiht'c.n an attack of Plcu-re-y, andthu- endeil in gcner.ildehilitv mid cou-uiiin. tinii. A constant ciuiKh, lifi-iie liu-h, re-t!e night-, q nek pul-e. and cont.nucl lo-s of (h, angered a spceJy death ; bin a- soon a- I commented the iceol llu- bal-am I grew leiler, and i now fully restored Shortness of llrcath. For thi- di-ea-e, I have nhvay- (omul Dr. Taylor'. . mi un exee'iieiit remedy. It is a' oiicosOsaleandsoethi.liye,lhat I nlway- u-e it in my ii.n u.c, iiii'i reccuniincnii it lo my friend-. J have n-eJ it 111 some huudieJs w itliin the pa four year-, and I have never had it fail. In many ca-es ofa-thma, I fully I el 'eve it to have I ecu thi. means of saving precious Inc. U't all n-e 11. geokgk Ralph, m. d. None genuine but that prepared at 375. Anverv. New York a-will te seen by the lal el- and wrapper- of each bottle. Be -ore you look w ben you buy. ..... . . ,, ,1,1 .,, j - 1 in. 1,1 11 1,1, 01 1 ne O'd Agent-, .Me-r-. N. Lovely A Co., now Lowly it Seymour Dr. Moody and Pci k & Snenr. Ch,.,,,,.,'. an I Druggi-t-, B nlington S. II. Harm.'-, Charlotte William ilhodi-, Jr. Richiuond Geo. Ayeis it Co Milton A. it W. Brown, Grand Me W. II. Kceler! st.iiill. Iti.p.i Ifo V'..k. ...... I. V....I.II a.t' - ' - .I'lll III III, ..HI III III, U -.IV , D.i vt, Alburgb 1'. it L. Oleua, West Alburgh D. it W. Carpenter, Water!. ury. SPRING FASHION fOR l4kB CHARLES A. SEYMOUR HAS just leceivod from X'cw York tho spring paiitrns for Hats and invites the public to call and y-SfeiSf examine his assortment, which TflKl s-m, ni-i..-, tuns uivauuus qualities jKfH) and prices, some very low. ntH3&W . 1,0 especially invites such gen. u.iueii usuaveiiereioioie given a nreferencii in lints nf St.,,,!!,.,.,, manufacture to look nt Ins stock of li nn lints in point of color nnd finish are eqinl, and in point of durability, Mr superior, to any hats manufactured in the city of New York. Pearl st. April 15th. LYMAN & COLE I 1 .or, receiveil ineir usual rxten-ive as.ortmsm X JL and variety of Snnmrnnd Sonnncr (1 tin lis which lliey o it nl greaily raluml prices: eonsing in part of Printed Lawn-, Cambric.-, Mu-lins and mourning 1 awns. men -ami siripeo niuonne, sso. tor ladle's' summer llic-c-. New pailcrit .Muslin de Lainc.-, satin -trip'd Ecliaits etc. Plain, black and blue black Bombazine, Kiguied blue black mid colons! do. Heavy black C.lnton,Gro de Swi.- androl'd Silks, f-'li.l IV Is. Lupin's best scarlet, bhick nndcolonil Merino. Scarfs and Funcv llaiidKcrctili ts. Muslin de Uune, Thd et wool, and fancy satin Htrmaiii; Lachcne Cravats, tnu. u. H'dk'fs. .Mii-lm de Lame Shawls, raw silk elo., printel vnr-iii 110. La Fancy silk Mill- and Glove.-, colored Fillet do. Hack sewing silk do. Ml es colonil silk filove's, Men's Li-le Thread, colored silk, white silk, and Kid do. .Men'.- black Italian, blai'k silk half Hose, ami India rubl er Su-pen-dcr, Ladie-' while and black silk Hose and Gloves, w hile .Merino llo.-e, black aiu eulorej tilk and Kid Glove'-. l'or Gentlemen's Summer Wear. Striped nnd plain white linen Drill, colored tlo. Gnmbroon-, Hamilton 3Iixtures and Dentins, Mixed Satinetle, Ernuneite, Jacket Linen, itc. Domestic Goods, Indian Head, Siark .Mill-, Middlesex and other Cotton Sliccluig-. A great quamily bleached sheeting and shining, very low priced. L'nion bleached cotton, 7-8 and yard wide. Hartlett do. 5-1 and 6-4 do. making a more extensive assortment than we haveevtrkept. Jlerrimac coiton sheeting, stipe'thne unbleached cotton shirting, Suffolk and cord drill heavy lick ing and wadding. Three Cases rf Dmbri'llas and Parasol., Cap, Bonnet and neck Ribbons, TuH'cia do. Galloons, Taste's, &v, l'rlnls. Fall River, Mcrrimac, Dover, Uristot and many other styles of American prints, veiy low priced. English and French prints, Ginghams, .Vc. Itroad Clotlts. A general .i-orment of liurlington Still Co. Broad Clolhseon-tantly on hand. Al-oollier stvles of; broaJ tloihs and Casnme'rc.-, English, French and German do, IVIted Carpcitng. Silk, Twist, Billions, Purge, Canvas', Padding, Sele. ia, tVc. etc, Burlington, 20 May, 1SI2. Bl. G. KATIIBUJV, l)KAli:it ANsOTAIliOn, HAS iiifil returned from New York with ihe SI'HINO FASHIONS i nU, a superior as- fcnrl..1Anl nfT n MINI S. VHSl LMl iVC. lmn in I'luirL-li itictt. it. arlv opr"1! llic Uank of 8C rM(,((i0rt May 13, I81'. I f&rl 11 lffl PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. rr,HIS arliclcis too well known to need comnien - nation and the cxpcritnco of seven veats has etcinonstralcd to the commercial community, that lor accuracy, convenience nnd durability, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to 0 tons. Dormant Wari linncn .In m . .....i. r-... t o 11. onnn 0 l,1!3- Prlal'10 'lo. to weigh from 1 2 oz. to s-UUIus. PortableCounlerdo-n new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to -10 lbs. ,. J- J- IL Peck ct Co. Agents. Hurlmgton, April 8 1B11. nUSI:l I.'S STOMACH BI'ITLRS. may b XI u-cd 111 Wineor waler. The-oeeleliiateil bilter areeompo-iil purely of Voire able- of ihe inn-t inno I'CIII Vet shccihe virtue-. Tlievmu nrnmn, I,.J i,.,r tieulaily lor re-toring weak ciiiitiiulion. idcan-ine anil slieiiglliening the sioiiiaeh, and increasing the iippeiue also a prevcnia'iveagain-t tliecholera mor on-, fever and ague, removin!- nausea, viuiiiini" heart liurnmg, weal,ne-s in ihe Lreu-I, pain 111 the luiiiacii iiiiuoiuer sym , trims 1 tiiaiidcnccuiiit indicc Hon. One box will linctuieonegallou. Price 25 cts I' liOX. Id'ssl.t.l.'s Itch OintMCNT Tins choice nnd-nf.. ointment is said to I c siipenur to any now 111 n-e, for that ili-agrceable 1111 1 loaih-ome d sea-e, ihe ITCH. I hi-Oiutmcnt i--o ce.irlmu 111 us no per-011 tiuiiblcd wilh the a' ove cii-order ought to le without it. It is a remely lor cutaneous emotions. orbutic .i.loetions ofthe head, oruin 01 her! rcakin" out which .tri-cs from shani humors in the blood. Price 25 et.-. a I ox. litis. el L's r. lllt.i.inus I'n.i.s. or family physic, for general u-e, 111 ca e, of Jaundice, men hid -cn-11 ilityol tlie -tnmacli and bowel-, lo of appetite, fiend breath, costive ne , Pile-, and all ili.-ea-es an nig I rem biliary derangement-, al-o tur correcting tlie stuie of the blood, .mil cleansing the system ol loiil and viscid humour-. 'I lie-e pills arc a 'mild ca thartic, producing neither p un- nor griping, and are therefore a vabial le and hiirhly approved medicine, and nre pronounced as such I vthenio-t ili-tnigui-hccl ohv-sieiaus. Each box coulaiiimg 3d Pills. Price 371 els. a I nx Ru ell's eclel ra'ed Salt OtNTMr.VT. Tlu is mmiic-tiouahlv the Iv-t and -nfe-t remedy evcrVel ollered lo the p iblie for that ob-tma'e di-oriler SAL'I utli' vv bere olberincans iiavelailc I, it hasMic cctiled, and the fact il has I een -xlcu-ivel v used by eminent Practitioners .-peaks volume- 111 it- prai-e. Ills equally edicacious in all di-ea-es of the -kin, scald head, ringworm-, an d ll.e mu-l inveterate lieh, Ate. ic. Niiiiicrou- ccrlilieire. iuis,ht le ed la.ned, but ihe propritor ehoo-e- that a fan- trial should I oihe only evidence ofits .-uperior efficacy. Price 50tcul-a box. For sale by Pick if- Spear and llol en Moody, B.illiiiL-toii; Dr. C. ll Mile-, and Hull & Cook, lluie. burgh i S. II. Barnc-, Charlotte; L. Jane-, Georgia; I.. Tyler, I.'s-ex ; I'uller -t Iluuiiiigiou, Riehmond Al-o, ly the druggist' and men hunt- geneially hroiighoiit the -talc. oi.'Jir DISF.ASKS OF Till! MJNCS. Drrtili-dlj I lit MMII'-it PW-I klMIW U III A HlPI Vegetable Pulmonary Dalsam in i lit imtji .i!u.itile rriHi) now i'lii'ef 'i rui'glM.coliN, .ifilni.ri or IuIumc, (iiiititiiii iit, w iuriitii" ruuli rtml uitiiif itiri 1 nil ciion ufcvfrv lx nut. hi Ve it WAiU incif .ii-iiif;. nnd iIip iiiupnc!ui .uc rutHMiilli .i crnitta ilm mi9i fau)iljlr -tiToniM t iii cnVn?. Ihe CjIIuu nig new Cfriific.i.ei--tie ulTfril Tor pulil c px tiiHti.ii.on. r. inr-ursinu tsjsr. rx i he I f 1 1 j leii or 1 mm Mr i; si Cl.t, K'm-hiii, IJfui-! ru.. t, V, iu the pr.ipiifiiitu, nurd nt ilic !Mi inn. u,m ilnljipCi mi, iik.ilile ruif u.i nir-cipti l, the Vpj;iHTle I'nl 1un.11 It. il-. on in il.e u nut t) o'pi iiiL 'llic .eiMMi, Mr. iMuotU, h,i. het'ii un k h Ion- lintt with 'lie ('uiK4tiMiilioii. llu iihi-ir'MiM i;ipn him 1.11 I le huh icilm'Pil ? Imv -m 10 lc iniriljtp to hflp him-eir, tml Weid i.iMiiii; .t Luge (ii,iiilit if IiIoim! when lip foiniiiPiH-fd iIip lUI-.nii, uliidt li.ic pfTpctt-. rumplpip pimp, .mil he M iKiw , liilf Hiitl lip.iriy pt-r lip km. .Mr. ,Motlv Ii ipi:iumI fioni i li i mn tml he h i! rcinir-pj me .1 nunc dciaih'tl .ircnuui of hit-n-tcp, winch I viiH"i.iH..r.l 0,6 cL.W. Kinsaiun, N, V. Jimp 23. 123, Kxli'irt nf .t Ipiit-i ft 1. hi Di. J.iroli .Mprfl. TIip VYtfpi.thle Puliuiiii.iii IUt.;im l,p n Vultl in ilii. cnniiu for hu e.11s, ;iinl the iuc-Iicmip Ii.ik u-iinej hu Hiii-umtiKjii crieurii). lor it r.iirtH in one inel.iiit'p liiiptl n h.ivini: ihe (.iPiiiiPd f ut'el I inn hj no ihp.iup iii ftur itfihc ui.ii)) iin-inini't, mofi nl uhic h .up r nt liOBitiang upon .1 rrntnluiig i-uhlir, hoi ih-ti uhich I know hy hfp in Ijp pfiVrui il, t rrtilnoi IipIji lni aitf nit .qipioh iitim iIipipu. A coiiniprh ii pippiii.tiion Ijppii oITpipiI Iipip U li.itHmi; AijpiiI, nf ('nnnsiut k, i. V. HinliheiPM .iiKtilicr Hiticle emJed liete m lrngl) eii(?pecieJ to beriui hum Jacob M i ns. M. 1). Mlftliiijjion, ro IVnn. M.13 li, JS.17 I'n.m Dr. .Smmirl Moitpll. in the INnni ipioif nf the Vpp irililp I'nhnoiMrv It.iU.nii. I ,1111 i-.Hiitfiei lI1.1l llu W KPMhtr lltiliu)ii ir H.iljitn 1 .i .iln.ihle inpilrcine Ii Im Iipph iiri-il in tin- nl.iee uiili roinnlpip ucrefti in iihfim.iie cumpUnii nf the hmg, .meiitfeil v. ith .1 -pvpic eoiili, lujii of nii'P. Hint iIip r.iicm nl'tiindi hlood, Mhidilhid piPvimU iciiiPsl 111.111) ftpproipil Iiipsi riinioiM. Aim iwinj ihu li.iUrim cm uprk. ihp p.ilieni'i oicp rcnunt il .nul lit u,i.ihp 10 i-pc-tk audi h.y. Hps r.i(.p (ipcniipil i-nmp h'iup iinrPt viimI iI.p IIMtl Ii HOW PnrtUP( "Ol miiy in ttl'lltP hill l.dini ioii himiiPas. Hi'if(MlnlU , he, S, MumtKM Ii if now lump K pnrd piucp I u.n hiiuuhi vpij low li) nit .iTp4-iioii of iIip hniijti, rind im poiuphiiiii vv.i! tlerliirp.l in bp incni .iliip i n runni'it nfilupp 1 liv imCmns. I w.u 1 hen pinnd Id I IiPntih a- Imi) piijovedfnr nuiiv jpiii, In u'lnj iIip VpupliIjIp Puk inornr liili-Hin. iSitice in leruterv 1 ( ifcuiti nipiiilpd Mm in .1 a'P! m.ui c,irs nf 'iiiiq (-umpl.iiniii, and n ii I imii knin. Hit ne h ii m t.llMlilv Uepn lullnwpil h unit Ii hPiielll. .iH'l in iimii) inMnr 11 lirm plleritti ciiiri wlnrh wpip wholi innjx t'Pied. tjASIULL IlVKH KTT, It ,.- on, M.irrh 2, 1S37. I 'or mlp, huh'!, .de .Hid tct.i'il. hi ITICK fc SPKXH.Itmliiiginii, Vl. To lluildri ! ntul oUn'r.. BOAUDS, Cl.iplmnrds :uid l'Jank pl.iincil at short notice; nlso a Circular Sau fur slitting, at the liurlington Iron Foundry. Turning dour, or Initio to lei for turning Mod rosts or column. O.imi ivc cctwd in i-a- JAU IS AV. liurlington, April 25, 1S12. CK3UKifr CISTKIIjXS. 'THK .-id scril er.- having the right 10 u-r, in and for .1 t he county t t -.nuleiiiieii, rari,iT'.. iiviir.iuiic ue mcnt. tor Cisterns, Ile ervoiis, A 'O .ed icl-, Cel'ar Kitchen and Sial lo I'luor-, for the piirpo-eof making them dryniid nrootagain-t rats ; al.o I lean h-, bun. -Vc. would inform the tnh.ihilniit-ol'snul eiiunlv, ibat they will I e ready the coining sea-on lo niieud to all ca 11- 111 the above line ol liu.ine.-- aud will warrant their work to lc elural le. .lOSKl'll I.A.M'tl.N. siRLA.VL'O OWT.X. Burlington, March 9, 1512. N. 11. All 'order- nddn-s-c I 10 the subscribers nt Iline.biisghor Biirlingto.i will revciVe tliiiiicJi.tle at- temioii. n 1U OHBA? 3001-2 STOH rilHK facililiesof thesubsenbet in procuring books, Jl nnd cverv article in lua lino nre such ns to render prices, corresponding to the limr-vf- induce tho public to continue their patronage lo lus .NVte Store. Any publications not on hand, will be provided as soon as orders can be forwarded to the Cities. Works received the present wee'., fnllowi. Pictorial Bible, I'ssays by Hannah .Mootc, limits fir Heaven, 'Icmperanc Hyms, Wealth nnd Worth, llatnaby II dgc, Thiers' History of Trench Revolution, Hloonifii Id's Creek Testament, Barnes' Noleson Isninh, 3 Vo's, Wistars Anatomy, Whelpley'sCompend, The Fame and Gloiyof, ..moni, The l.nt Tubes, by Kraut, A Wreath for the tomb, Lifeof Patrick Henry, Sketch Book, I Vols. It is will, Way Jlarks, D, A. 1'iHAMAN. JSOARDJXG HOUSE. The S..b.-cril er still continues bis board ing hou-e at (he foot of College street, near t ie square, aiu win use ins ici ...'.:'.. .' .' II- 1 .. ....Mn.i ... mA nunll . lao'i 1-IH.....I. ,,. ,,r ins s. c-,i. r -'v.' .:. '. r: : i" Kuonis to lit. Jti -in l'ii. si St Ai.IIA.-M AMI MOM O.N KAIL MOA1J. I'arc rcdiiccil to Usotoii &S. Titno of starting nlternl in 1 I., r. - p. nnd after .Monday, 2nd inst., (this duy) a'mv ui BiHon same dayat 7 1. JL ."iirning tram inroiisli to llo-ton, leaves fl.e Depot at (irecn!.ush ut j before G o'clock precisely oviif mornimr,(s! iudays txcciilcd.) I'at encers tnu-t leav e Albany by tho South 1 erry, not lutur" than i ram i ti clock. .Nooi train to Springfield is discontinued. 1 mirht train tiroM.-A in f0t.. ...ill !.,.. Oreendu-li at 1 leforu 1 I" M nn-.r ,,., leave Albany, a. above, not later than i o'clock. n-i .Jiniiiiie.u c-iiu lnc-jinistrain. the train from Bo .ton arrives in Ureeiibuslt at j I . .!. giving sullicicnt tune for pa ri.csfs tV. t8l. the cars for the west, or the 1 o'clock boat lor N. V ron n.uiTPuiin axu xuw haven. I'n tenger.s leaving All anv in the morning by tbc l lelore (J o'clock tram froi'u Grcenbiish, arnvo mi .Spriiufield at lH a. m. may leave imuiwliatcly for Ilartfuid thence by cars nrrive in IHew-Haven br 7j p. m. )r leave Grcenbiish in the J beforo 7 p. m tram, arrive in Si.rinslield at 1 a. in, thtnee ot U a. tu. by l-teoni Boat to Hartl'oid, arming th.r at 11 ihoncc by Steam Boat at 2 p. rn. nrrive in New i ork next inorningby B o'clock, or they nmy lenvo Hartfoid forevv Haven by Had Hood al5 p. m. onJ arrive there at 7 J p. in. Steam lioat leaves New Haven for New Votk at P.n. in. and arrives at the latter city at i p. in. I- uro to Sfriuglielil 8.1.00. I'.i-.cnnera nie particularly reqiAH.ed to prc.eit.ra their I icket- I ctorc Hiking -eatsiu the Cars. 'lli l.el- canbeoblaini'liii All anyal O. R. Payno'. ollice, 2J Bioudway, or at'I icket Oiliee in Depot at OrcenLu-b. WM. H.TOWNSK.M), , , ,. TranstiortatlCk tireeiibuih repot, llay '2, IS 12. COiNWAY ilEDlCI?,'E.. rplli: .Sib-crilcr V. L. KIDDI.R, gives otie-i J. that he hits succeed Ihe late T. Kulder m L pieiiaralicn of ihe well known Ccmvat .Mldiune-, anJ will hcrenlicr give particular nttciilion to tLa preparation e.t the lollovvine arliele--, tLc long e tablil.eil eclebiity of which, preclude, tlie ntee-iiv ol n re-piiblicatiuii ol the numcrwia eertiticaies i. the hands ol tho proprietor. Doct. .Icbb's, Illiettinatlc T Inlmcut. ror l(lie:i.'i:iin-in. S'limn. v.m.i ... Chilblain-, Sliliuss in the joints, etc., will atl'crJ the mo-t uiicNpcc'cd and ifttrediaic reliefin the most ob.-tinatc ates or iiliciiniati-ni, in a few hour, t tin. article is openly reeoimuciideJ by Physicians. , Liniment is done up m enlarged tiottlea l'nc 37 cents. ' Dmnfrlcs' Itch (Hutment. The exteii-ive -ale and established reputation ol Du.Mtnic-' iren OtsyicsT, encouraies the pro pru'inr to recoinineiiJ it to tl.e public with reneweJ conlidence, as the mo-t innocent and powerful rem ejy fur this nniiiiyini; di-easej it coiuains no tner eiiry, or nny oilier danircroin ingredient, and can le apj lieil ut all Hmei with perfect sdlotv. Pnw 25 cents a Box Itemed- for the I'llei. The concmniig te-inuony of relieved patient, trom all rjuartcr-, ic-tifying'to the cure's elected by the medicine afler all others had ladJ, together with Iho met easing demand for the article Ironfall parts of the eoi.iiiiy, prove it lo 1 e one of the mo-t valuall. epoetins. Jknovvn for this troiibesuiiib icinplauit. SUJA Clergyman write. Boston, February 13, 1811. I have mado trial ol Dumfries' Bile Kleemary and lonnd it produced a salutary influeiice almcst imnie 1 1 ilclv, nndconliJcnlly Iclieve it an e'leetual renieJT lor thai iituomfui table anJ debilitating complaint. Humanity hu. induceel inelo recoinm-nd ll to person, thus alllicied, aniUo 1 ,ha continue lode. Yours re-pceiliillv, J. s. I he remedy emi-i-ts ofan Uininieni nd rievtuurv Price for belli 75 c ent?, or 37; cents when but ono i. wanted, accompanied with plain and amp.'t, Uirec lions Willi a ilc.iriplioti ofthe complaint. Diinil'rlcs' Water. Kor sore oc injlamul eyes, nothing known give, such immediate and comfortable lelicf, aud in some -rccedingly bad cases the must unexpected and ik 'I'jl'lo ii'licfhas Lceu found in the use ot thi. Kyt aler, after other remedies had Jailed. Person-vvho . ve u-cd it, jiroiiounce it without lie-nation the le.-t , .eparaliou lo- sore, weak, lc inf.amtd eyes, ther have ever nici with. Price -25 cents, a bottle. CURE FOR. CORNS. Albion Corn piaster. Il.cmo-t safe and speedy cur fur Corn yet di overeJ ; the relief i. immediate, it dissolve and removes the com from the foot with east and tzpedi Hon. and .uithout the kat tiaitt. Price '.'5 cetitj s lio. I 'nil and ample directions accompany each of the a' ovc ttrlirli-. N. 11. Ni ne i f Ihe above arliele- villi I e genuine, unle-s signed U . L. Kidder on the o it.-ide v rapper I' or -ale al hi- Counting Koom, SC State Sireet, up Stair-, corner of .Merchants Run-, Rn-ton. Al-o ly .Mrs-ns. PI-.CK e SPL'AR, Hurlingtwi, Vl. A literal ili-eivini allowed to dealers. FOR SALE. THAT large nod commodious two sto ry Itrick Ducllinglluiise l,ot situated on tlie west side of College grten at the head of Cnlleee. slrel in thi vil. age. 1 he Hot ,t isS'J bv lj. with a basement storv. with Kl'chcn nn 1 Provision cr-llar,:. find n iimn'1'2 li Gj.i .Men hug iiorili on Cullt-iretlrccu, wilh wo.nlsn't store ho i-e below, and cbaiulcr- ami -leepin roouii a' ove. A large and c'oiumodio'i- llarii.cirrisite lion-c ice hnti-c, and oilier ciiit-hoti.-e-, and a rpai ion- yard vic-l of ihcdvve.'luighiiii-c, and a good dura! le well or a'cr of the I est quality, in the village, and a 1 nek e,-tern. One an I a cpiartef acre-ot land, ofthe tirt i lalin ; a large garden and choice fruit trees wet of the In u-e aril yard. The B iihlings are constructed in modern style. r( he lie.t ntateria's and workman-hip, we'recree'lcil bv ihr siib.crd cr for hi-own u..e, an I the location sf-t-i. I-a very cxten-ive and plea-nut prospect ofthe v 1 1 l.i ur an I la'.e on the We-i and is not surpassed 1 y any o her in tin- part c f the country. Vso for -ate a lot containing an acre cf Isnd direl ly op '-ne-the above Intvv ilha siiialleeinvenienivvood d cllnis- hnii-e thereon. I' nht-er-aic uivi'el uicall an! etmiite for lliom si lye Terms made known l y ihe -urs'-ri' er en the pnuii.c. SAMl'KLHI.KI). II rlmgion June, 10, IS 10. r.5 i:.';tia IJt'iiitds of Tamil)' I'lour. '1 1 1 K sul -cril cr i- now revciv tpg on Ci'ii-uiinieiit, and will lo well srp- 1,'ie I t hruii-'li 1 he fnnn ith triirif. cimi-iJt . i . ,ii .-ii'. " ffi lioicc-i nraiiu- in e'cra iSS&mSt I'lour. ever o lered in this mar' ci. Having Tli iir man i .tcturcil by more than twenty dt Icrent .Mills of the h ghe t repuialien, be pledge, ihat j'lo'ir nnd I y bmi shall give the mo-t perfeej .a'l-l'.icuon, unilvvi I 'ewarrdiiieil in all ca-e . N. II. 1'arcy Hr.iiin- ci nsiantly cm hand. Dealer- in Plei ir. Merchant- and I'niudics arc re- rpei-tfully invilcslto or 'or and try ihe article. r our-liippeu lei orucr in koou piu-i.oye- wiui ut Iclav, on receipt cf Draft-, ccrlincnic- of elcnosite er J. N. II1.NSDILL. -1 17 Hiver-l. Troy. April a, lel4. d7m4 NEW ESTABLM1ENL THI. subsctibcrs liaving opened n Paint Sh- p in the building one door South of Bishop's Hotel, would le-spectfully inform their friends and tbc pub lie tint I lie v nre prepaid to execute all kinds of JIousc, Carnage and tyign fainting, . Gilding, (Hazing, and J'aiicr Hanging. in the neatest possible manner, and hope by s'riet pcrsonnl attention to bus ne-s to receive a share ot the nub he pittrotisge. 11 n n - tmiiiiiivfi s.' hVkussV.lL. 1 nutlington, April i9, 15d2. -Utf SELLING OFF CUEAI'. rill subscriber, desirous of closing his busines, n.nv nlfere to the public, ar cost, the whole of his flock in trade, consisting of a larfe and general as sortment of plain tin nnd japanned ware, brass kettles, stove pipes, stoves and trimmings, and every other irliclo usually called form Ins line of business. Aiso, un plaleol varioussi7Cs, uu nn, i.ngiisii.miu s ii.u he ct iron, sheet copper, zinc, lead pipe, wire, etc., Ml nrrinn, wishiiii? to piirchnse any of Ihe i ....II... ... In.iiMi in rnll nnd fianilll for iheinselcra. and thev will be convinced of the above staieuieiu. . , , in ...,misdne in the la e firm r-r sitarr is n IW,I . . ' 4 , , n , , ..Tiwi, . - itayti i -r. ft J'u Mb.