Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 15, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 15, 1842 Page 3
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Tim TARIFF HOME VALUATION. Awrilcr in tho N. V. American contends that the July of 20 per cent, under "tlio com promise nctf" would yioid a revenue sufficient for all tho wants of the Government, and would, moreover, furnish Abundant protection to nil our homo interest, prowled tho foreign articles on which the duty is levied, wero honestly ami fairly appraised. The great diiliculty has been to obtain true and iust valuation, on which to calculate and collect the duty. So great a pro portion of tho import trade of this country is in British hands, or on llritish account, and the prices at which their goods are entered, arc so fraudulently low, that an honest importer ban- not live and pay duty on the real cost, or just price, of his merchandize- Hut, if there were suitable regulations for a lalualinit, on this side vf the u-alcr, at tho port of entry, it is the opinion of the writer in the American, that tho duty of 20 per cent, down to which the compromise act has brought it, would bo found sufficient. Wo duoto ti,o substance of tho article, because, if its promises arc correct, there is a great deal of force in it, and especially in what is said in the last paragraph, on rash duties. After saying that regulations for a homo valuation cnncatily be framed, lie proceeds : The difficulty has been all along to reach a true laluc. " Vorkshiic," and others of that kiclnuy, havo been an over-match for Jonathan simply, because Jonathan has not stood on equal grounds. Twenty per cent, nr one fifth of a true value, is no small item i and I don't think our people require more in the shape of protection provi ded it can be truly imposed. It is in my judge ment, equal loSO per cent, on a spurious invoice-Let us have a fair trial of it and see how it works before wo say that 20 per cent, is not enough ; but let the trial be a fair one. Let us have homi initiation. I think wo have sagacity enough to fit a price here quite as safely as folk" can abroad 1st. Wo can chs.-ily goods and Jteep on tho safo cide i "inf. We can cnumcra'e them ; and .'Id. If goods come to us nut enu merated we -can value them fur their singulari ty, taking care that said value exceeds tho value of enumerated goods -of that character; and if this plan does not givo ample revenue wc can dip into the free list and bring sumo of thosu ar ticles subject to duty Let the twenty per cent, stand; it is an cany sum to calcwlalc duty by, anil it also pre.srriur tlio distributing Imr." The value of tho articlos imported we say is worth ho much ; we ask no invoices or oaths ; neither of them nre worth a ligatlbo Custom House. Let our appra f-e's all have the same guides and their values will bo the same, duty one-fifth. As fur each duties, is a fallary. The li.neniment never lent any tiling by a roasona bio credit because (Jo; eminent bounds always tike pipcedance of all other claims: and cah duties without a warehousing sy.-tem, give tho foreigner the importing trade. 'time out of ton of them can draw on Liuropc, and pav the cash duty; and one out of ten of our lulks; hence the advantago to tho foreigner as an im porter, to say nothing of the altlilional advan. taije ho possesses over our folks by being fiuo of miiiti i duty, or jury duty, and, I may say. ol taxes too. I am not unfriendly to foreigners ; but I desire that they shall not have greater ad. T.inliges than our own people. JWr Wcustck. The following is n ropy of tho answer addressed hy tho Hon. Daniel Wobstcr, Soctotary of St.ito, to the invita tion of tin; Committee of Arrangements for tho Tyler Dinner in Philadelphia, on the 4ilt July : Washington, July 2, 1512. (kntlk-ikn 1 It Would give me creat pletu-ure, if public duties permitted, u join in the celebration of tilt1 Illllironchlllir nnilil-i'iM.-ri' Itnt I inn nn i!i!. t.. leave ihu Seat ot Government. I tender to you my V.ost woald Uiti lin-m that all lio mn resemble on Monday to commemorate our Ntuiiituil l-'.nnch. in iinv nnrt of the cnuutrv. would feel, in full measure, the iiillucnce of that spirit, which brought nbout tho ereat event tliev celebrate a spirit of i.n ion, of harmony, and of p ire and elevated pntlloism. May this spirit, ttliieh animated our fathers, dwell with us, and desccn I to our children ! In the contention of panic, let us remember that wo are all Americans ; an 1 in the conflict of oppo-. tig opinion.-., let us bear in inind tint popular Govern menu cm only be maintained by yielding to the will of the minority, constitutionally expressed. In ro;ard to highly impoitani national measure", h I ns collect that tftev aro In operate over alino.t hall n eoii'.uu'iit, and to Mil i t tlio bus-imss and intcrois of men cngagni in almost all Ilia virieties 01 n iiiian piirs iusi no. I that for tho establishment of eiiih incisures, mu Icratinn, prudence, comprchcnsiwne-s, ami tern nnp-irtinnty an i justice, are essential qinu l..'s in those on whom lliev depend, Happy the in bra wlu shall bring these cpiilit'esinto the public sirvccs of a country, the hku of which, lori'Mtnl nud fertility, iilulniiv ol climate, and in.'.ins of m .ercnursc and tiiiprovciio-nl, and especially for civil mid rehgijus hberiv. competent institutions, and ex tent of general knowledge, among the people, Is without precedent or piraliei in inc liibtory ol man Ktnu. I sm. gentlemen, with true reenrd, vnurs, DANIEL WEBSTER. A NEW CoNSTttl'CTION OF THE CoMPOO.-ltSE Acl A sin(!iilir order, ns wo understand, lrm hem le ceived at our ( iistom House, from vVashmeion. t h ! . , -II I...-. I. .11 1. I . . t reeling inai an miuci, ce ntyeseo, noi at tne rale oj 20 per cent, on the home valuation, that is "upoinlio value at the port wheie ihe same shall be entered" but 20 per eent. on tha s ppostd value, before thed die aio levied. If this new order is car lied into effect, t lie compromise Act, instead of af fording a protection of 20 per cent, (which in as low ns tho most violent I'.ocofoco codld desire, and far too little for revenue,) will only pive 10 2-3 per cent. These instructions would seem to be founded on Ignorance of the subject to which they relate. They cannot hoj 'stifled by any construction of the Act. Not only have liny not been anticip-itrd! by any of our Representative's but we doubt whether they have ever lit en thought of by any on?, bul'the Comp troller himself. lloston .Mint. of the republic, during the last six years, have been scarcely diffident to defray Iho expenses of Congress nloncj and tho net revenue that has been collected this year amounts to but littlo moio than two-thirds of the expenses ol the last Congress. A Mexican was lately captured and hung in the vicinity ofTcxiann, who was attempting to run away with a negro girl belonging to a citizen of that place, with whom ho had been living as hi- wifa. Another Mexican was discovered linking upon n plantation near San Felipe. Tho owner of the plantation ar rested him, anil after making Inquiry found that he had been enticing several of liis slaves to run'avvoy with him to Mexico. The rogue confessed his crime, and the planter ordered one of hisi slaves to est off both his cars, which was done. The infliction of these punishments shows that the court of Judge t.vnch is m scssionhi,thnt quarter. iY. V. Picayune, June 21. DEATH Ol' GOV. VE.VZKY. Wc noticed a few days since, that the Hon. Thos. W. Vcazoy, formerly Governor of .Maryland, Was ly ing ill at his farm in Cecil county. Wo learn, to-day wiilidcep regret, that ho died on Friday Inst, lie was m hi sixty-ninth war, and sufiireif greatly by tho protiacled illness w Inch ended in his death, lie tctaincd to tl.e last, a perfect consciousness, and re signed his spirit Into the hands of Him who gave it, with an abiding confidence in His great mercies, and at pcaco with all tho world. Ho had tho consolation of having gathered around him in bis last moments, many of his very numerous family and connections, and in his life so in his death, did bo givo them an ex ample of thoso kindly virtues which adorned his pub lic and private J endeared him toall who knew him. Gov. Vnrov enjoyed, in a high degree, the resprct and confidence of the people of Maryland, and has filled many high and important public stations. He was lino of the electors for President,"chosrn in 1312, favorable to the election of Mr Madison was repeat edly a member of the House of Delegate's in 19Tj waselectcdn member of the r.xccntivi" Council and in ISTO succeeded ibei Hon. James Thomas, of St. Mary's county, in tin- Gubernatorial chair, which station he filled at tho important crisis of 1 83?, in the contest with the nineteen recusant electors. In all lhcc public stations ho acquitted himself wiih honor, and when he retired from public life, at the close of his gubernatorial term in 1633, ho carried with him the warmest regards of a most numerous body of friends, who will still retain for his memory the siucerest affection. Gov. Venzev vvos a true, pa triot, a warm fiiend, and in his death Maryland has lost one of her inos-t useful and faithful sous. Paltimore Patriot. M a ir a u a fl In Wdliston, on tho 7lh insl., bv tho Hcv. Mr. Smith, Mr. Stephen Tliachcr to Miss Helen G.Isliam, nil of Williston. . In Wcs ford, on tho I0,h int., by Sa'mon Cushinan, Esq., Mr. Harmon II. Huntley of Milton, to Miss Sarah Dutton of Wcstford. In this village on Wednesday morning, Mrs Icein Loncy, aged 32. In Himtiiiton, on the 8th inst., Sentca Carpenter, son of Mr. Thomas Carpenter, aged 20 years. His death was tho coneo,ueiiec)of a melancholy accident which befel him while burning in tho woods on the 4lh, in company with bis lather, when the rifle of the latter being accilently caught as ho was passing n few feet behind tho young man, went oil, the ball passing thiniigh his thigh, and fiactiuing the bone of the same. Medical aid was called immediately, but while the appearance of the limb was leading Ids fiicnds to hupo a favorable issue, mortification en tied which terminated his life on tho fourth day, leaving an amiablii wife, anil a largo c.rcle of weeping friends to mourn his tinliiiiely exit. WANTED. A good female Cook. I'nnuiroof h i it am r. oiuswoi.n. Ilurlington, July 14, 1942. VTK M the Ilonoral le the -ol seril ers lilvtug I eeu nppoin'ed bv ie I'rol ale (Jf.tirt lor the 111- triet of Chilleiiileu, eonimi-ntmcrs to ret me, exam ine ami a ipi-t moil nuii ainl iloniaii'l- ol all person", npa.n-t tin' date of Henry Town end, lam ol Troy, Slalo of Now York dei ea-rd, rcpin entod iu-ulvent, and obi) till i lanes and tlrinaniK exlnl ili'd in o I'-cl llieielo: and n. intiilh. from tho day of Ihetl.tte lierct f, I emg allowed by .-aid Court for tha. ptirpo-e, we do therefore; Iicicly true notit e', that wc will at tend to lliclm-irie. of our ii;;uiiiimeut. at tl.u Hotel of John Howard in fluilington, m aid di-trlt l, on the first Monday ef Scplenib-r next, lit 10 oVItnk, A.M. Dated tin'.-20 hdav of Jone, A D. 1812. l.l'lllKlt I.OOMH, iCommis. l'lIILODOOLI'lTLi:, ) ioiier. The Taihtf AvnTiin South. In the House of Kep rescntitives of Congress, on the 2d int Mr llotls, of Virginia, on leave given, prescn'id a peiition fiom the city of Richmond for the passage of a tarilfof dis criminating duties. The Report of tho Intelliienrer states that Mr 1!. said that, a few days ago, he had the honor to pro- "cut to the House, a memorial lrom the town ot t'e tershurg, very nninciously signed, asking for the passage of a tariff" law lint would nfTuid incidental pioteetion to our domestic manufactures, and pray ing lor the distrihuiion of Ihe proceeds of Iho public lands. Ho had now the hi dily gratifying duty to perform of nicseiitinu a memorial lor ihe same ob jects fiom the city of Riehnion I, signed bv upw ards ol two tniAisami cinens ot nil classes, denomina tions, occupations, and politics; and he wn- pinud of the honor of presenting to this House, and through it lo the country, this meontcslible eudenceof iho rapid and salutary clrtnge tint the public mind in the ftnuin wa miiiergeiiiig on tins important sueject. On motion of Mr H. th: uiemori il was referred to tbu Comiiniteu of the Whole on the state of the Un ion having charge of thai a .hj.'ct. LISTERS' NOTICE. I.L persons aggrieved by the assessments made Ol by the Listers or assess rs of Burlington the present year, aro hereby notified that said Listers w ill attend at the Court honso in I'lirhnstoii on Mon day the 25th day of July inst., at 10 o'clock A. M. for the purpose of receiving and hearing such applications as .-imll be made to them lola'ive to such assess ments. J. P.ARSTOW, j W. LVMAN. Listers. J. 11. HOLI.IiNUCK, S July 13, 1312. I'kavtii-ci. CoNt.isTr.Ncv. K 1. liarber, who last year avow d nnti-taiiir doctrines in perfect unison with the interests of ihe -laveocracv of the boulb. is now Iho candidate of the thtr I party for Lieut. Gov - 1 rnor. Contrast with this another laet at the third I party convention, a resolution was ofitrrd compli menting Win, Sladn and John Mnttock-rfor ihtir bold ' and eleridr-.i etand in Comrress in bhalfof lilinrie. ! They nr- abolitionist who are known to the coun try by their work lliev aio th linn mid uiieoin- promising friends of American Industry, in opposition to the free trade doctrines of the South': out thrn, ihe sime C iivenliiiu of Vcrmonter, whirl, nnminated H. 1). lluher for a hiili ,,in . evpn .n nnwl. as a romplimint to 'm. Sl.ide and John Mnltorks! I neie ,-ti he nut one reason for such strange irienn s.mrneys llaiber is a loeofuco. and tlio other entleincu aru Whigs. Mmipelier H'UeKmnn. H'Crt.Os-nN AT IlAliyAnn ir-Ifvpoq,... l..,, o o'eloo yi-sterdav morniii,.', nil esnlounn of a bomb. shell link place in Prof, Pierce's recitation loom, in the University Hall. C.imbri lue, shattering the room in every pu t. The partitions of three other rooms contiguous were all thrown down, and other injury done to the building. The windows were all hro' en, and the floor broken thioiigh down to llin Commons Hall. Tli" cause of tho outran is not known, nor havo the perpetrators nr this villamousdecd been dis covered. UoUaa Atlatt. July "J. .nKNJAMIV II. SK11VS JiSTATK. STA'I K Ol-' Vr.RMOXT. The lion, thel'robato District of Chttltmlui, ss. ) com t for the District of Chitlen !, n. Tuall pcr-mis inlereli-l in tho e-tatutf lien j. II. Skill; la o ol fjli.iilulle in (.aid di-triel. WhcrtM-, Sally II. Skidi adm'x ol saido t.tie, lu h (i'vd m -aid eoiirt her peiuion, in writinir, sftini.' forth that ihu personal c-tVc of the .-aid i'eera-V.1, as inventoried and nppr.u-ed, anitvint- lo -702,32 i that the debt- allowt'J 1 v lliceomnii-ioner against -aide-late amount UiSMjI, 3, an I that the ,-n id llenj.II. -cizixl ol about one htndiul and three aero-ot laml, lenig the farm on which lie lived al the time of his de.iili, Mlua'e in -aid Clutilottc, which 1 l.tiel i in-iinl ereil with a mortgage lo James 'l ag gard lo ec ire the payment td live Inndred dollar- I and lll'Prf..t. :t n.l n I., i n in... irncoin Amu. I.'.....l i . ... core the payment if between live ami -ix hundred tlol'ar and inierc-l J th ti ll.o tlibi. .pei iped in ,a'l tnorieace-weixj not pio enlec! to, tmr nl owtnl by, the eoitinii-siouers t n .-aid o-tate; that s-anl bud it iiUo vol net to the widow'- righ' ol'dovver llierom, hii 1 that it is ncee-sarv tu the wdioh; til' tid Ian I an I ihe rever ion of the widow'-do'.vcr therein, for the pur po e of paying- the del t- n.'.rn-t taide-ta'e and the expen-e-ofa tuiiiii-trjlioii, an I praying -aid court to lirt nu.herto o'l and convey the wl'ole of Mid land n nd thcicvcr.M'cn of dower thcieui, mljcct lo the nlbie-aid imeooihran c', agreeally to tlio statute m tueh ease made and provide.'. Wheieiipoii, tl i: court aforesaid dub appoint the second W tdiieMbty e I'Ai pu-l, 1S10, fi r bearing and ilee eliof oiif.iidpc I on, and t'oj. order that all per n Us inie e-ledl e noiiiiel theloof I y pnblie.ilion cl 'hi- or 'er eoniuiiiiug the u'-'anee' of said peniion three wee1 s -iicee-ive!v in 'hi' li irlmgton Tree I'ic-.-a new-pa, er printed in H ir ingtt n in iho 1'iuii'y td Chioen leu, prcv.ous to taiJ .econ.l H'e.!nu-d.iy o Aog-i-', 161 J. ' Uiyen nider my hinJ al sti.1 0,tr!.ng'on tin 5 b d.iv ol July IS J. WM. W1S.TON 'I'ussols and !!- anil l.'el 'la-ol-and t". nl Icr Win- aulUluiU. Al-o Roller KikK and illie , j nt rc'cvcl and lor a e ' y Vi;.I. llt'NT, 8.rng s U'ld ling, ('ollego Si T 1ST OI" IiI3TTIJK.S rcmoiriing in the Post 1j Office nt Ilurlington, Vl., July 1, 1812. Adams John 2 Lathi op Gideon Atwnter Ainuroxa S Atwaler 1'. Ancio b'rancis Avey Cbatles Abell Caroline A. Hates John llacon S. Darstow Irn O. 'I liarber A, D. llean Hutry lltown Levi llradlcy Amntielus Until John M. lirown Rev. Wm. Ilrow n Jacob II. lllanchorel Joseph Harrows li. 1.. Ilruwn Of tar Drown C. 1'. Bishop Scth Hurbna'.on l'ost Oificc llenjamiu Abraiu llarnes Klua Ilvrne, David llrownell Ru-selJ llroyer Ilricic tneketl unarms Hroo Maty llutler Jlary llaron Amauls Cutler J. 1. Jhavole l'clcr Chaiiipayno Francis Cornwall John Al. Chambcilin Sarah Cbamberlin Carlisle 2 Culver Timothy Connors John Colberlh R. 'olbna t'lemcndiim Connor Michael Clapp II. S. Uovey J. e;. Dulitilu John Dolan Ann Doxey J. C. Jr. Dayton i-.uenezer Durkeu Joseph Dcnie Reuienctle Drew Harriet mery James vans Ldwd V., Kvarts .Miles A. 'ahev idow Alary Farrand IJenj. Foot I n n lira Fylcr O. R. u i r no Aloriell Gosselin Octave Gringo Thomas Gregory Theodorus Green Henry W. Grolto Joseph Gilbert Elizabeth Gillctt .Moses joudrah C 6 llawley A II llittneocK it r Harris John Derrick WT Hanks Ruel Hnthaway Arthur L llanavan Alary Ann llulchinson I) F Hclgate Alvilit Ilulf Samuel Ilollisttr Lemuel T., Georw. Hyde Julia Howard Holland Hays James llowhnd .Mr Hutchinson Win Hatch Harry 2 Jciincr Jiimes 2 Jones Mrs Mary Johnson Alva tones Russell 2 Johnson W 11 latk-on Julia Jones Lnocli Joshn William Johnson James Keimv Violetta 2 Lane Johua p nr.vs, III i v.r ilovv Sin It it'k 1 J Iv a A ANswr.n. " MTrthri. tlors theo lovo mol" asked a Qimki'i vouth of one at whoso shiine his heart hnlnst feelings had Ik en offered up. wuy, s-ctii, answereii sho " we too commaiide J to love one another, me we nut 1" "Ay. Alarl n: but does llu-e regard mr. uilb ihnl feeling the world calls lore .'" "1 hardly Know what lo tell thee, Seth. I have greatly ftare-d that my heart has been an eriingoiie. I have tried to bestow my love on all, but I have thought, perhaps, 'lint llieo was getting rather more than thy hare." TO IllJiVV. riuo l(eonvi'nieut Uriel, dwelluu- ho-i-w. ro stf.j.1 in given nmnu tiaiely. I. u. i nre of VILAS, l.OO.MIS .f- Co. Jidv-8, IS 13. The I.ANot'AOEor a PvTn-OT Wearo glad to find that the views nf ex l'rtsideni Adams rireof the most elier ring clnrnetcr with regaitl tothe resources of tho country. In the rnurso of some lemnrks maden day or two siiiec, he admitted that wo were under fitrin rial ditlictiliiis, but said tint it "was in thepovvfrof the people nf this nation, if they had unanimity and harmony hi re on this spot, to brush away like cob vvihs allonrfiuinci ihli heulnes and provide fc r ever) dollar that eoidd bedrmandttl from our Tienitrv. We had the power to d- this. What were the bur dens ol tho people of the United Slates nt this time in comparison with one single year of warl One sinclo year of war would add five tunes toall tho burdens with which wearo now suffering." lt!i of .Inly, IS 1-2. 1 t'ST ie tive-d nn I ft r nle, a fie-h siip;.v if ! Plain Jiidlig. led I'.n.i 1 1-, Ri-tl S o' h fiingh tiii t'ml rel'as, GeiiiV hi an 1 1 ro'vn Login rn llal. Mine nir-and I'll'-- or- can I c- turn I hod Willi many nni' b' 'II he r lino ; -m li a rau y ri"ver. and, !l!; vy . in I Wire, lurllou l.aei's, M i-lin-, Sill: I'laiu aul' o't re-1 Lawn- tor dre..ea, V hale' t tie , S in r-, ee.l!e", Al.-n, Shell t 'oinl.-.'liead I ir e, I'lriiuti S.lterTal-b.'aiid'ri.i Spoon8, r.tney Hen and I'ec'.ei Knive. Anenl't'in is invited O'iiii -i'riineul tf HroaJCloth- and I 'a sonctes IroniiiuclKn sales (irocenrs. Teas, S ,irar, Mula-e , an I Family Hro Tries gene ra Iv. ol ie nlitic- and pr.u' whieli eanort tail to plorl.V. Win. lll.liLr.l.T. Lafontnine Chas Loomia Judsou JlclCvey .Mnrv 2 ALUs Kliinbctu II. 2 Mills I'.. & T. Alartm Itoval Jlcresitlo Joseph McNeil David Murphy Ann Milchell Jnrncs iMason J. L. McCrillis Lucy .Morso Fdward Jlovhevv Wm, MeWilhamsJohn Nay Cyrus M. Xuso Chntles iVichnls Samuel OKeeffu William 2 I'nrsons S. M. . l'crkins John II. Preacher in charge of JVew Lebanon Circuit Porter T.N. Palmer Harlow M. Prior Caroline PotterMr. Pear on Kd. ,V, l'alra Joseph 2 Payne Geon c Parker Opbaha K. Prime t.ainpson Potter Harford Palmer Joshua Price .Melissa 1, Peck Marvin P.itudge W. tluitiu JarneM Ktlcy I'altiik 2 Rogers Maria Russell Charles Riley I'.lirahcth Russell 11. S. Rii-han's A. N. Roberts L, titia St. George Hcarh I'dward Robison Fred. K. R. Rice Stephen Russell Monro Rose Francis RaymondThos J Sav Mrs. care ol S, H. Peaslco Spear Amanda Smith Colonel St. George Scott Irn S. Stacy Gideon . Seolt Sally Sheldon Sarah M. Sprague S. S. Stetson John Speil G N. Smith Abigail Smith Lyman 12. Stacy J. Geo. Stacy Geo Sagi'r Alonro Smith 12. 4 Stearns Daniel Simons Josppbino Stacy Mar a I). Thayer Marv 'I hompson J. II. Thompson Rev. John Tnggard J. G. Tower Snninel S, Ht. Taylors. M.2 Tngeit Samuil Van Alstin 2 Viger Sophn Utihani J. C. 1 Wrisht Win. Al. Wright Geo. F. Wheeler Francis R, Webster Robert Wiiglit George 2 Wiiaht Dr. J. Woodmand Kbcncitr Wakefield I. J. Webster Iliinm Warner Thomas Warner '"apt. 2 Wiii-ht James Winslovv Dsna New Furniture Ware-House. On Chui cli-st. (In rear of tho Court House,) llUIII.lSGTON, VT. BIl.VUNES fi K I2I2IjI2R have nn hand and nre contnnlly milling to their stock of their own insnnfacttiie, Sofas, Secretaries, UureaiH, mahogany and cherry dituug, icntrennd cnrdTablos, liedstead-, & '. tin. c trA in si Curl maple, cane teat, Grecian, common eane, ihi' cd n'at rocking and eommon dining CHAIRS j all ol whicli are made in the lot manner and by experien ced workmen, and will I e sold at prices correspond ing with the times, for caib, lumber, or eoiinliy pro duce. Itlcc's Patent Faulting Mills, MamifictureJ by llarnes V Keeler, constantly on hand, winch they will e.vhuuge for gntiii urea'di it req oiled. Also Clocks of all l.lnjs and pracs cheap a the eheape.-l. July 2, 1842. EOIl SALE. Ot SHARKS of Slock in the Hiirlinrtnn Hank. tjyf For terms apply to H. ALLEN". Rurlinglon 30th Juno 1312. FarnwcH's Shoes. BLACK and colored half Gaiters, Misses do do. Kid Slips, French Huston Shots, Morocco do Children's do. Men s Pumps, dc. just received and for sale cheap, 1 v May2fl, 1912. S. M. POPE. NEW GERMAN STOIIU. HARDWARE. THE mlmenber having recently replenished his stock ot Hardware, oilers tr enlc the Ibllovving Oood, at the lowest prices. Cutlery. Tablo and Dc-ert Knlve- nnd Fork, lVn HndPook ot Knives, Razors, Scissors, Sluep Shears, llutcher Knives, Shoo do., Steels, fte. etc. Can,c,,'crs' ami .Tolncrs' Tools. Cast and Spring Steel Pnnnel, Hand and Ripping S.iwss Circu ar elo. Iroin 8 to 'i. 1 inches ; Cross.cul and Mill do Slater's lirnees and Hittsj Firnivr art J mortice Chi-cK j Gouges, Piano Irons, Auger-, Sim lnnii' Ilnnd Axe, Adre-, Hammers, Cie.j llanis' and Daldvvin's Plane-i Taper, Pil--avy. Mill-, aw, llatar.t, Equal lug, Warding and Cibuiel 1' des Shoe, Wfioj tin i llor-e Rasps j it general ti-ortmt nt ol Sudillery Hardware. l'armlng IJIctislts. Cradles, Scythe., .M.tiiiiru nnd Iluy Fork j llre.-j Ami's' Shovels j Sade., Dm lung Sliovels, &.C cV-ej. Furiilsliliigaiid IJulltlfrs' IIaitlwarc. Tray-', Dritannta Tea andt'oleo Pot-) Lamps j Spittoons; Hand and Tea Hell j Castors j llrititnnui, German nlver and plate I Tea and Talle Sj'.nonsi Metal and inauieled S.t.n e Pan ) Frying Pan-, Hake Pan, Puts and Koit'e., l)rasKenle, Fuelroiis, &c. Locks; Butt Il'mrcs ! Janies' Serevy. ; Norfolk and Ktioh Latches; (Hate's F eup he, n do.; Window Fastening, i f-a-b Putin's Km' sJtrcvv's! Ited Serew -; Mabogiuiv and GIj-s I niuituie Utiu' sj'iluc.Ae. &v. June S I. WM. J. HI .NT, Strong-' H.1,1 htii:. fZf 11111)3. Gardner Brewer's N. F.iiglnnd Rum, s 30 1'ipcst and Half Pipes American Urandyr, 40tlo do liallimore Oiu, 10 do do 'Ptllevoisin' Brand y, R do do 1 Swan' Gin, 10 Hhds. St,CioixRnm, ."lOllbls. Sherry and Madeira Wines, 35 do .Malaga tin 5 do Port do 31 Dec. I1?!! by J. it J. H. PECK ,fc Co. Quill.'.. AN F. W sipply, ol the highest number, mt ro ceivelat S. HUNTINGTON'.-. Jtmc 10. C1AL1COES urc si lung nt llurlbut's Cheap Cash I Store al less prices than were cur kliow u in this part of the country. Hinut In! English, I'rcnih and Ainetieati prints. Call ot the new Mole, Chiiri'h-st. JuncS. WM. 1ITRLBUT. j rpHE tinder-igneil respectfully inform the tnhabi I J. tants ol Hurl 11)71011 and vieinity, that they have . nn iiano a sieice ol sui'MtlUK UKUtJKKIi;.'?, winch they will -ell at e hearer prices than ever olere I le- fore in ibis market, const, ting of Sugars, Teas, Col fee. Choeotale. Cocoa. Rai-ln. Currunts. Almtnd. Prunes, Nuts, Spit es, Rice, Pearl Barley, Olive Oil, Sperm and Tallow Candles. Snerni and refined While O I, Sonn, Cigar', Tot aeco, Sue. &f, Also Ihe 'ttre Holland (Schiedam) Gin, and French Coenae, for inelifino; Spani-h and Frenth Wine-, German Rheiii-h Wines, vintagej of 1822 and 1S34. for inedicitie. ITiey have al-n inipnrtnl the most ee'r.ile.l rf UI'.RMAN SPA WA'I ERS, from tho Spring, of Drie bi'i'g and Pyrmont. For their Milutary properties Ihcy icfir to'Dr. HElSEnr.rto. OS'lllLIM tV MiniOLIA Store on Collige street, furinerly oot iipieil by Mr Hrainan, Hook,eilcr. O. &. M, aKo 1 eg leave lo mention that they have it rich assortment of FRUSCll PHY OOOPS, which thev re-peetfiillv invite the public to inspect. Hiirlinat't n, July 2, 1S12. BOMAAZI.NEs, blaek and blue black, forsaloat 1 the lowest prices, by June 9.) W.M. HURI.HUT. PLAIN till wool Moiisiline tie Lames, super satin striped do., printed do. of uvciy variety, fur sale tit astomsbngiy low prices at tho new stote, bv June 9. W.M llCULllUT. ,1 PI'RENTIOi: WANTED lOR PAPER MAKING. A strong healthy boy, J. hbout 16 to 18 yinrsof age, intending to work for his living, mav find a good opportunity by apply. ing to June 8. a GOODRICH Xcw Sabbath School Hoiks. IT'OR sale at the Bookstore of tho subscriber a gen rrnl assortment of the Massachusetts and New Voik publralousfor S.ibbalh Schools. June 17. D. A. BRA MAN. TlVUSTKJS BOOKS. VN assortment of theClucstioii Books of the Mas saohusctts Sabbath School Society, for siln al the Bookstore of the subscriber. D. A. HRAMAN. rp AHLF. of the the rnles of duties payable on good, J. wares nud merchandize, imported into tho U States of America from Camida, for sale at tho Book storoof Juno 17. D. A. HRAMAN. Waierburv Mrs. Laurence I IlEN'RV B. STACV P. M. Farmiiifi Utensils. Ofl COZEN Patent S"vtl,c Snith. 4AJ 50 do. Ilnnd Rak'e-, 20 elo. Hay I.rl.'. ' VI arncr'.. cclc' rate I gra-s and cradle S.-ythc-, i Rixlbrtl's ,lo do do I Do. Hoes and east irel do I .Shovel-, Spades, &c. iVe. I v June .10. T. F.'& W. L. S I RONG. BROADCLOTHS, Cas-imcrcs, Sattinelts.Ae. &c. cheap, by .May 27. S. It. SCOTT. SUMMER GOODS. BLACK GrntlePoi and Astrachan Cloths. Light and Dark Gamhroons, Kcntmhy Jeans itnd Marino Cassiniercs, RibM and Plain White I .incn Di illmgs, Col'd Cotton Drillings, Very Cheap by. June 31st 1E42. II. W. CATLIN. 15 1 a mo :U;in!! :lotiltls. AllllAlt, WAIT &. ROOT have ;iJl .Monqe Moulds. China tf German I uic?. Match Stands. j Cigar Stands, lies Cups, Custard do. 7a-s Can t die Sticks, Glass Creamers, 4e. four five it six bot- tie Revolting Castors, all very cheap of course. .nine ott, iei- Ci.iln Cini'.lt s. G ' RANT'S celebiated Grain Citidhsjust received T and for sale bv HAGAR iV, ARTHUR, Al the old stand, siuu of the Padlock. Lor. Chunh and Collegestrccts. June, 1812. CAWS.-Rowland's Mill Sawst R. HoeaTidCoV O circular do.: EiiL-lish e.toss cut do Ilnnd. ti'inet and back do.) Compass, Wood and Felloe do. just rrceiveo nun lor sale uy ,v .u t iiun, Cor. Ch. and College stiff's. June I7lh, 1S12. 'I'l IISSCs. AN E W supply of Thompson's celebrated im proved Trusses I also Dr. Hill 's eilulunted Tiussisand supporters for sale by II to Alt if- ARHTHUR, Cor. Ch and College siaets. Uurhngton, June 17th. t(!i-ll- tlcosr.itilikol Worlis. " MITCHELL'S Piimarv Uiogtaphy, " Sthool' ilo. and Atlas,. " Geogi:ipln.;al Readir, " Outline Ma, s, " Klv to study of .Matis. For sale by C. GOODRICH. June IS. O'd Stand up Stairs. WriRT'S Life of Patrick Henry, cheap edition, June IS. For sale by (.'. GOODRICH. Cooper's .'Nnv.'tl History. BRIDGED bv the author and complete in one Volume, iu-t received bv C GOODRICH. June I.,. A CAHI2S TICKINGS, 'I' 1 tlo Wellington Futicics, 1 do Hltie Drilling, 1 Ba'e Brovvn do 1 do Canvas", 10 Pieces Red, For sale by May 27, 1612. VILAS, LOOM1S .f- Co Coinl)?. 300 DOZEN TWIST COMBS, 10U do Cnp do r,00 do Side do 400 tlo Ivory do 100 do Pa'elit Brass vlo 50 do German silver Pocket do SO Gross Wood do do For sale I y May 27, 1812. VILAS, I.OOMIS (Co. Thread, etc. qW LBS. white and col'd Cotton Thrcsd, JJJ 3 Cases do do Spool do f0 Lbs. Black Linen, do oO Gross Round Laeets, 1 or sale by .May 27, 1912. VILAS, LOOMISit Co Silks. II "ASF. Pongee Silk, 20 Pieces ldack, blue black and figured do 20 lbs. India &i.wtiig do 20.0CO Skein American do. For sa'c by May 27, 1312. VILAS, I.OOMIS & Co. l!o ik-biiuliliL-:ioil Hooks. r EIHiEltS. Iteti.r.l.. etc. .Vf. fr ,.r Vj nne'e toorl.'r. Old IKioks itbo md ,n hurt nctiee. June lo. I v P. GOODRICH. Feathers. SOO s.B.Gce-. rcathers, warranted of supcrwi quality and country collection. 1C00 Lbs Hens' Feathers, f" sale by May 27, 1542. VILAS, LOOMlScc Co Gt'.V.1imtK)XS Linen Drill, Moleskin, and a I gicat var.e r of other summer goods, very cheap June 3, 191 S. H. SCOTT. tltns-ll TI'.Ar! Ground Spice, Coffee, Piunc, Rais.n, Figs, I tin ants, i(-c. de. at June.), 1812. S. B. SCOTTS. Groccnc-, Just re.- I7RESI1 Tins Stigflr and Drv L ciivid and for sale low June 3d. by I.OVELV it SEYMOUR. May 2"), IS-12. .Messrs. IMSOItOIt?; i KKiNri.MAlI) WO IJ I. D inform liter cu-'omer- and the pul lie that they have ju-t n-crfve I from England a variety '-! 1 aunt lA'vcr vvatelie- anu .'lovetiieni Thanksgiving. Gov. King, pursuant lo n resolution til tlio Gt'iii'ttil Asscntbly of Rhode lshitid, lias issued his proclamation 10 tlio it;tiplu ol lliu ninlti to nssumlJli', on tlio 21st inst., in tlioir rcspcttivo places of worship, and, in the l,ingiiag of tho rcso 'ltition, "There confess before the living Got their sinsns a people : nnti wuu wuun nnu enuiritu htaris, aiu cctcly tiller opto the Father ufall ;.!ercies their deep and unaffei-to'l Ihanksciving for Ihe s i-nal inter, ini- tion eu" His kind and Itillicrly love, so recently and strikingly in iiiifestcd in rescuing iliem frem the hor rors of civil war, anarchy, and death i and to best red him to ininress this whole net nle with an active nnd obiding revert nco for Ins holy laws, and that they be enabled, through tho mercy of Jesus Christ, lo live in the daily recognition of the great and solemn truth, nnu uiev me nit Hastening to a unai anu eternal re tribution." HcNr.v ('lav. Mr. Clay made a masterly speech at tho great meeting- in Lexington, Ky. It is said to havo boon tho greatest production of that great man. He reviewed the history of tho government from the administration of .Mr. Adams down to I ho present time, pointing out clearly thcjlroiibics and embarrassments under which tlio country lias been laboring-, and their causes and remedy, lie reviewed tlio course of John .' yler with much severity. Tlio follow. ing is his concluding appeal to tho Whigs : Whigs! nrousa from the ignoble supinness which encompasses you awake fiom the lethargy in which ynii i no iioiinii cat, Horn you tint unworthy npalhy which seems tu make you indifferent In the fate of your country arouse, awake, shake efl'thedevv-drt ps that glitter on your garments, and on e moro march 'o iiirtio nnu to victory. Von have been disappoint ed, deceived, betrayed shamcf II y deceived and be- li '"""'" vou inereioro also prove f ilso and ruthless to your country, or oboy the impulses of n lust nnd patriotic indignation 1 As f. r Captain Ty ler, he isa mernsnap-a Hash in the pan; phk your Wli'g Hints and try your rifles again. TB.MI'KIIANCK NOTIcrl There will be an adjourned meeting of the Pur. lin;ton Total Abstinence finiety Ibis evemug. A piintiunl attendance is rctpicsicd, ns the officers of the sjcitty arc lobe appointed. A discussion may also be expected on tho follow ing qtiest.on t Is it expedi ent orpiopcrfor temperance men to act in concert for tho purpose of refusing business patronage to thoso who tiaffic in liquor? M orison's Pills OTAND unrivalled .t .i clean er and puriher of ihe ij I ow Is, I lood, .in l ihe vvho'c sy-tem In Diar rh' e.i or luoseiifs- t.f the I owel- an I other -uintner eiunp'.tint-, ilic-r can I e teliol iiptm wuli peiluet ct li tii'enic; as : etimuioti inc heiue lo I e I ept lealyfrr Hie on all oco-tons w here a e.tlbaine i- ne e t,..l, ihi iiieibeiiiu i uui'iiual'e I. S-1 1 only ul tl.o V.triclv I y I'ANiiliOliiN ,f. IlKI.NSM.Ml), AenU fur Mori-ou- td'I.on.lcii. DISSOLUTION. rPHE eoiirirttiei loo heielt 1 ie ei-tuig 1 otvvecn S. X W.Tnyltr nnd Warren P. Sh.iituel , a- le-ne-of the Aiiieriean llo'i'l, under die tiri't of S. W, TaS'I.OR it CO. i- iln- day I y mutual consent di et Ivel. All demands again. t erdnc to the saiJ firm will lurcttletl ly S. W Tailor. S. W. TAYLOR. WaURLN F. hllATTFCK. nuiluigion, May 30, 1812. 3vv-5 Jul 'I 7li. T,l ESSRS. PA.NGHORN A HRINSMAID havem- i I rei eived koihc Miero-eone- for lilt- eanuti I'lon tifui'ict., tlower, iii'.j al e, Mioro-cope or linen and wool prover-; a few more 1 eaot fill toned Pan-Accordion- w-iih ,einiioiie , vvi rib In in ?12 to 625; .vinsto iioxe-, ci'iie., riagetiieis an i oiner instru ments ; a feiy light eol'd ticni's. S -art's, ' e-i.ilif il pat tern- ; Minnnor ttr l(s, I . cm-t et-, Mriiannin hpiunon ,al lo and thawing Pencil-, flc'b brusl.e-,cigrar ease iVe. ai ilie V.irit-y S ore. A7P. tl.e .-sol s.cril er-. luvinu been noltouited Vl the llont ral leihe P,ol attit'tniri fi ,r the Di-lr.tii ol Uliii'i'nilen, eouiini--ioneis to liven,., cMiimne un-l ti'ijiist itio etaiiii- ami oeuiamis ol all per on-ugnin-t Ihee-ta'o tif'Joliu Jcliu-oii,Uit..r Burlington. Ill -aul til ti(, if'-ed-eii, re;re t-uiisi lu-olu-ut, Itm LATIiST FROM TEXAS. Tho steam packet New York arrived nl this port on the 23d from Galvest6n. Sho brought us tiles of Tsxas papers to the 21 t inst. Thcro is littla-vva may say nothing new relative to the contemplated invasion by Texas, so much i;,lk. ed of, and so eagerly dcsiiitl by the great lody of the people. Whatever may be the intentions t f General Houston, it is evident that ho does not meantodis. close them till Congress meets, which will be in a few "The Aineri'an schooner captured ofl" the Haliro by theTexin s'onp Washington, his been released by the of Admirably, ns'also her cargo, with timet- ceplion of some powder which did not nppear on the manifest, and is still under consideration. A man named Cook was shot in Galveston, nn tho morning ot the Hinmai.,tiyj.u. unggs, oi mat city Cook previously stabbed Briggs. n,,nl wnn a brother and accomplice of the nolo. rious Johnson Cook( who was engngid with Curler in so msny muraers in I'lonia aim .uissusippi.pna was taken in Galveston some three years since by rSherifi" Wilson, carried back to Mississippi, and there hung. He tho one killed on the 17tli had been at Galveston but a short lime. He is said lo have been with the Florida Indians in company with his broth er. Ho was driven from the Red Lands hy the regu- rll .ml .riarwnTil, ntlentnled in nlinn, . man and was himself shot and left for dead in Harri rTheJfinancial condition of Texss li at a low ebb in deed, The returns of the Treasury department rc- NOTICE. The Irishmen of Ihe tow n of Hurliiurton nnd vl. cimty are respectfully requested to alttnda meeting lobe hidden at the Brick School I louse in Chnmplain Street, on Saturday t veiling next, nt 7 o'clock, for tho purpose of lot mins theui-i Ivesiiitn jii association fot charitable purposes. Itisho.n d that all, without di. tiuctioii o religion or politics, will attend lo aid in the above design. WiuTKiun, Tuesday morning, lVtl. July, 1B12 To the Patrons of the People's Store : I heir A cent from tin- place ihu-far on his journey, nUo nil tluitii.- and tlemau I- cxhi' nnl In n'bel there lo: utid sin month- liouilbe day of Iho da'e hcieo I eiug allowed by -aid Co in for thai purpose, w e do lliorclore hereiy jive noil' e, mat vu will atlend to Iho lui-ine ol tmr a;iisiiniuient, at Hit. dwclluif of Warren Root, innl, in II irlunrtoii in said Hi IrKt, on Ihe thud .Monday-, of Aug i-l nn l Novcmtcr iici, ai in crt its-u, A. iu. t n cat h ol sai l day, Daliil thisSUt day i'f Mav, A. 1). IS!2. I.ITIII R l.OO.MIS Commit HARRY IIRADI.Ev ) sioucrf. flLL pay t-st li for a few Thon.and Poun 1 gno.1 clean I me wool, n tttivcrtM .ti at tneir . i. Burlirurto.i, 1 July, 1812. madeexpie ly tor tbcru, some vvilh their niune and -onie with the maker's name upon tbein. i erst ns woninc to get a ti o o o . an o, ui 1 1 ,t ilver, injyi'e.iend upon ob'aming nno w-IikIiwi'I -ml ilium. VVeinvilii ibe nl'iii".'" J" " ""r ,,, r.isscriintut ot line liiusl.ed accurate running ulebes. . , . GildanlfilverSneclaelc-., prau on i.iiver i eneu-, Oh.iiii-, Key,, Dro.iclio-i Itings, I'm-, Lockets, tiuapt, itf. . Ci-ters. Coin; I-dleier-. (Jul cc anu lea 1 ot-, licit Pan-, Mi..i-.c- ('up-, Tuiiillcrs, small Limp-, Soup Ladle-, 3nku Ba-keiB, iv:e. .tlilitaiy floods. Sword-, Epaulette., Saslie-, Plato-, PIuiiiuk, But tons, Hilts Pi-lol.-, if-c. I'latctl Hoods. Rich Cake Ba-kes, C.tndlc-tiek.-, Snul'ers and Tr.ty-, t.'a-tors, Tea Spoon-, Cream Spoon-, S'igar Tom.-, Nut Ciacl eis, Cbilt'iin's Cup-, il-c. Among these may Le found Mime verj rich good-. Silver Ware Tea an 1 Tal IsSptioiis, -injur Tongs, i-icam spoon , Do tort !sp lis, Mn-tard and Salt .S'poon, Silver Ciin-, T b.iub'e.-.Snurniiixe., Viuegarcite,Tive-ezcrs, .Vo. Spoon- and 'I lunil les made tu tho shop ol .-tcrling .-liver, marking free. Hardware and Cutlery. Pen nnd Pool et Kniv;-, Itazor-, -cior-, twee'erf, Buckle-, N it Ctael.ers and P,el,iis Powder Fla-k-, r-hoi B.t-.. s'tvl Snoe'n let. Chain--. Keys, lira-- Cu.i lie ticks. S infers n nd'i r i--, s eel Su i.lerj, Jap- .inne lTiavs and U'it'cr- and v.irioti- other Goods. l'l-rftimcry, Ualr tills, cir. rarrina's yeii'itiie ( Cologne, No, 1 nudS, ayen 'cr, H.n Water, Ro-e, Honey, and other 'X-'s, .1 tyno - Hair louie, Halm 1 1 Uoliiin' i:t,II ilta.o, Bear. Wartl'., and fiber hair 0.1s, Potua- t un, l.lp.-nlve, Conn Pia-ler, d-c. i. a mp v ici.s. ami i.i.'ifscs. i Gold'-Chcnii al Oil and Laituis. neater, cheaper ' Hid I eitcr than nny o'her kind loi hliop-, stores and leirehe-. Persons wishing to light their slOrc-'d can- i nfully and cecnnnucally arc inviii-J tticxauuni; -nine of ihoL.iuipi now in ti-cal our Moioincry Lvcning. . Variety. Mu-ie nose-. Mclod.ans. F utes and Accord, jus. sonic le.iutilul onu-, Has- Viols, Water level, , Ther mometer-, conversation and visiting Uants, "layins hi., or ll.i'l-. (luces lltions. Hall'edore, ! an-, Pins, S-luvvl , Diaper, Hair an I all kind- Pin-an 1 Nee lie-, Card t'.fes, Mnt'i'- ivorv Comb-, horn and hell Cinnbs, En-he-, Comb el. ,iiier-, sealing W ax, iilu tiiiards, Wh.tlihone. Pan Mran-. C' Carl's, Fi-h lino and hook's. Cane-, Cap S,irni4-, rwiue. Dress SlocKs, Hyron Collars itc. Faun, silk utid boinl a7iue Stock-, suininer Stotks, S.' trfs, iv ol I ci ilif il iylc- an I rich pattern-, linen Collar-, pi.Miie I, sr-uare ind ro i.kI, Hyron Col lur", . rant snaps, su-pctM! rs, ccc. Toys. Gins, SwonN, Marble-, l)oll, no"0-, Calckto ram t-, Tr nnpets, Baa'ei., DajV I'm Ca-es, Parlor Balls, Hallonn-, wo. ly Dig., Ilnno, Cows, Tops and nuiiy other ClnUlrciis' 'liijs. Various Thln;. Diamond Cement, S.rew S.vift', S 'row Cushions, whl"' Wax, -ilver pint, tfnivr-, li-h Knive-, Preston Salt-, Aikiiiron'i. I'epilan ry, ami a verygrtat variety nT oihir goodfi. Wo vvo ild re-pcefu'lly inform our friend- and i-u-lcn cr-, anil all prrron- visiting our town, thai wc are constant y adding to our a-ort-incut, and that it never was better than at present and viti shall I o lupjiy to tell in nny who may pleit-o lo cal and at ran hardly fad to nut. Thoso who mo not aiq'iainted with us,' with our good-and prices, aro inviievl to e-all and see for themselves and not la'.o "Aear-ny stories." Our object Is to secure permanent customer-; c tlo it we expect to give a full equivalent for all ea-h left with u.- nnd to n'll nt h gold- a- our eu-toiners will le p'e.ised vvi h, when they ge( home and examine them and take tba .eeoud -ol t r thought," Watchc, Clocks and Jewelry, cleaned and repair o.l by experienced workmen. Ca-h paid for Silver. Important Discovery! A CERTAIN CERE FOR CORNS. Dr. Bailey i f u. x. i asiiiugit ii city na- al lenglli uocovcren a core for Corns, Tins nn-dieinc is an iiliiilingcuir in the I space cl till cc ii minute.', without pain t r dam age to th,. patient. PF.O.C it SPEAR, Burltntcn, aro my only ait'hor tzeiAgcius icr ine. counties ta uiiitiiiu'cn anu ur leans. TJ10S. JERK WIIITA.MORF., Jul j- 2, IS 12. 4:tl Agent for .N. E. Slates. FAR EAR, WAIT iy ROOT, linvti htviv rri n inu I,I,,.V 1,1 I ritni'K fit Y J CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE, AVM Wh ch, aJJcd Juno'-'nd 1512 LOVELY &. SEYMOUR. lfl I I'irllilll r. 1 - " sto j.-, in, i,.s' ,licap Groceries mJSSLi NOTICE. Cardliic; ami Cloth Drr-tslnc nt 5f udtty Isi-ool.. rpillb has I een fitted up in gnrtl j- orucr, inu no pain- wm i c sjiarci tu no all weu to uie ,niui,iciicu ei iiicpuuic. , It. P. STACY, it'o. niirliugton, Juno 29, 1642. 1 rlill. highest Alar hot Price will n imul f..r -...l X clean 1 leoce wool on acc'ts or in exchange for Goods hy JunoSOMJ. H. W.CATLIN. Tablo Uullor. A RR.VNGE.M ENTS have 1 ion nude with Fartneis rv. for n supply of tho ehoiec-t Tal lo Imiorthc ,c.i-oii. June 21. S. H. SCOTT, it is o .e.ed .11 rerylow prices inilie l,'.orrii in. ii. ling wnh iliiiimu - l-.nuilie-in vvnt '! toii ui licir line will th. writ to i -lit and ex.iniiui a' le.i-t, at Hie corner ot li ircn an i lui-cgu strici., June 17, h, le IJ. GoUrBantl Cliiiin. I TYSON, Young Hv-oti, Dyson skin, Tonkay anh iiient qinic ' L.L PoUchi'iigTca-, Porto Rico Sugar, Loat, Lump, compete, anu nnu t'ovvtcrcJ Co. I', I'. Mold-tc-. Lctiioti syrup, Rio and Java Co '.iv, itr. &: .Ycir Orleans S'jarai chiap as te cheapest, for .silehv June 3. S. M. POPE. If MF.RSO.VS Oiillmes of Geography and History J Blake's Young Crator or New ork Reader. The attention of .-chool teachers is uarticularlv re- I que-ltd to tho above hooks. Copies furnished for (..-.animation. June 3. C. GOODRICH. r l-nr i'll ... v., .--. l-l.! I Lf 1 11 Li I'UliljlL.. O 7'o Srt nnd plate, to ni.Ui-1-, very rhca- nt tie 1 rIIE Subscriber has ree'd a general assortment of ina Stare uf 1 A 1! IIAR. V A 1 1 A: lit.Wl . O- Jlllie 17 11. Half Gil -.or-, Kid Sl'p A. . tu t lei c.ved I v WM, lll.'lil.HtT. IfAltl.W KI.I.'S Sh X t.lllldieii.- Shoe-, Jon' lh. I'n per Iliinuiims. 1 Pice Paper Han juigs. panel n-entirely A Vs-r r ni Jhne 111. , ot all o j.tlltlo-. lu-t opene I by W.M. HL'RLIItT Solo Leather. LAST NOTICE. i LL person-indebted to I.'. M. Wright it Co., to J 11. W. Catlin it Co., rr to Hickok .f. Cailiu will p'cie receive tin's a-a lal Iheir accounts inu-tle immcdtalciy tciilel. 'I'hey will h.tvu every attention paio iiicin i.y t ailing iti I no -h reoi June 21. II. W. C ATI. IN Paper Jlaiigings. 4 NEW lot cheap, by June at. s i). scorr. I."1 C. l.OO.MIS has just received Sole Liulhcr for Ueeiits cash, by the handiid pounds. Also, l'att nl an 1 suing leather. June to. Cnstli Paid I'or'Uatlv. l.i C. l.OO.MIS will pay cah lor -10 or 50 cords III good Hemlock Haik, if dclivcied in tne.!ith lrom dam. June hi I'niior I Iaiminus. , V i PIECES, for '.ale .it .Maniii iclurrr's pr.ces OUU adding trei:ht, by C GOODRICH. I H- Goods . it his i Id Store and nt h.s new Store Nl U mooski dlage which will bo sold at prices cor responding with the times cheap as the cheapest. N. li. Superior Burlington Mill Co. Clo'hs for sale. SIDNEY HARLOW. Burlington June 10th 1511. nl 6vv Cloth Cans. JUS r ree'd tlu'ectfiom the nnnufacturers a full as sortment of alt kinds Cloth Cups and For Sale at gl cut b.i rga i ns by, June 0, -12' II. W. CATLl.V. Slices. EST ree d n new lot Farvvills Shoes 1-2 Gaiters & uiioO 12' 11. W. CATLIN. I J slips, I. limber. OH l Cf 1"r' Common Pine Boards, 1 -iU.UUu 10,000 ft. clear do. do. , fur title )9 j X15W CASH STOltE, BV WM. 1IUIILRUT. do. W. CATLl.V. June 1G. Satldlci-j, Coach ASIicIf Ilaiilwarc in all its vat lelies. also. Drugs, Mcdiciius, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, for -ale uncommon y he Dinner Sets. Ill ATT I C . H ue. I'm! tnnl Il.i.-rl 1 nS.irtM Ion 1 J neil-ef, coinp'e.e .villi 'l'ia- an.! I'l.'.Tec-1 i inattli Urushes of all kinds, Jointr's Tools, c. June 17. .v a the in w- Cr1 S ore. F MtltAli, WAIT.t IIOOI'. The su' senbers arc now receiving s-'prtii3 of the nliovc gooos, at ttie o:n slant, cerner ol i liurcti and Col .-ee streets, sign or tbu Padlock. HAGAR & ARTHUR. uurimgton, '7tn .itoy, la-u-. G 10 K S K F K AT 8 f K U S 1 ff )( LBS. Livel.ce-e l eathers, ju-t receive I UUU na 1 fur aWfor cuj'iIo cr than ever I rfore sti'tt 111 tiivvn. u. I.. AthSUA, May 13. dPf. rilllE Spec-lies ot ihu llon.'liio.Mia F. M.vr-iiail, X on ALCOHOL and LYI EMPEBANCE, nnJ FASHIONABLE WINE-DRINK INU. delivered at the Breiajway 'I'al eriiacle', New Yolk, on ibe eve of May 4 ti and 7lli. vve invite lliu otleiitton e l the frien I- ol Teinperanct' to the above work, from its iniriiis"' worth, n well os from the high reputation 01 ine ui-iinu'in-neu orator. June 24, 18-13. D. A. HRAMAN. (ilitss Ware. FI'l.L n-e rtnien: ii Ulan IKirc er.usi ting of .atnp-, I tint ler-, I're erve', riti liir., A Howl-. vll,i". l-ll-tlti-d-. tehie-, 1 elet V -1 Hid-, got Ir Me. lor -ale che ip .(t the ( lima an I O'a s w.tic lioo.-e of June 17. rtllll.Mi.UAlT & HOOT. TO RENT. rPHE Store forunrly occupied bv I'li'li . Appply tu June o, I.'. II k fr Ciihn W CATLIN. GROCERIES. I 1 r lIhl.Ml.i-es, 10, b S gar, 10 I! v-bafJo J U 10 Ha.-s ft T,v, 0 I". Popper, 5.1". Spice, It) Keg- Giu.'cr, 20 Hi xe- h.p, h r -ale by 0 May, IS12. " S. WAlK' IL SIIEFI INC. 10', 1'. r -lul v J Mav. S, WAi.icn;. I lair Seating. 1 Q 10, 22, 31, an I 20 inehc, jnt receivel and J. v7,ur tale by Juncm. vv.J.lll .M . Strong-' II Hiding June 23, 1312, HATS! HATS!! by S. M.POPE. A NOIITER lot of Superior Moleskin Hats.oftbo J. latest .styte, just received SlUNOLR. of KA THOUSAND good prime Shingle, for -nle f i 1 rv low 1 y May 21. S. WALKER. The Niw Cic'p Cash tStorc, HY WM. llUltl.HUT. The Cash System .corks tc(. HWING ir eil it two vvts'l anl re'eived a very literal patronage, wo are euco .raced 111 continue tho r-aine, and to o 'er 11 very general us-orlineut of ,eaona'.le Fancy ond Sianl'j Dry UoisU nn 1 Family 1.,,. .. 1 V ,l r r ' , " " ,ca-(iiia' e t ancv onu nianis I'ry upon- nn 1 ram los leave to lender hi- lh.inki. for the great patronage 1 A ', ,;,, rnsk ;. for ,edi- ra.h thioigh ibalh'is far rta-on ol mcivmc ihefr suppbe, P..'": S'i'M .?. t .f . 1 7.V I f-1 ,Tl r f?A ami I tlicvesthe trade has j een mutual, he having d. ..;,'.. 1 il.a ..u..i r. l. . l. . ..r.....,. ? . . .. 1 .0 II9H.I 1 ir mi, vu 1 lien, ui inno i,iii-tn, their portion of t'O'irrei-al their option toelovvith a the; dioo.e, and the tame high and invaluable priv ilege pre-uined to I e cone (tied to him who has thus -ervi'd tliem. or, the true money nrintmle t and dunn? his ahrcnen from l,i- t u.toiiif rf, -bo'ild he diroovcr any new iiimrocvd ineibodof Hcconimodaling ihtm by supplying their tcvcral desiie. for aetpiiring tho neecsMries nnd comfort lor ihcni, It will le improved toiheJii'-t of his ubilinei-arid cheerfully Imparled and promulgated indue lime by their up'uud dring airen!. S PAUL HOWARD Mr Howard left orderji with lit-. clerk sio tc'l Cheat. veil th ine'ancholy fact that thijnnuul revenues , Cheap. ' heap, and a'- Chtap w tho'jt rc rvc. ' will I i.u.-ht. are -uid to le half fo'd." Nee 1 any one be told that Goeid. well laid in 01 New York in .May, 1812, inu-t I 0 cheap I Customers who arc o cred old poods at cost, will tlo wl lo call at the ICT'i w ( mat C.vsii SjoRr, before making their p tre'itiCt, ir. K.-tauiaivan eattrv Frc-h i-toe-k in-t oicnc'l. Monday Morning, June t7, 1342. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE 0 n I well tclcctrel assortment, colli. M' ingof (lilt, Mahavnnv and Gilt, AltAogany, and fanny 1 rn inc il Look log (ilasees, lor tva at (treat ty FARM FOR SALE. 'rnti mam.' .1 .11 i.nA...n l'..m vT,"t.e. .n, itidi -,, ,111s... . aim rii- iV'.ci-, ,.n,, , I., l...... a ,,1 Crnn. il. . , ksf .'lluil, uuuui iiiiv 111111 limn lliu lit it upper Falls, forinitly owned anil occupied by tho Rev. S. R. Crane, containing be tween 275 nod 300 acres of land, couipri cd 111 part of mowing, lillagn and pasturing, and good wood lots nnd orchard. Suul farm is well watered, haB two good dwelling houses, one of which is of brick, the other of wood, bulb tu good repair j three good rood bates, ono of which is G0hy4lfict, the others 30 by 40 feet a horso barn onef other out building with good yards and water brought inio them and to the house in log-, and nlso three pood wells of water on the farm 1 benign desirable situation for a man who wants to raise real stock or sheep or both, or is no excellent farm for the dairy business. Thoso wishing tu purchase such u frn would do well by applying soon to John and Janus Morton on tho picmises, or to Gen, Win. Iash of Naw Haven. Milton, March 21, 1812. 12 tf GLASS. Knil foxes diss-of different s-ics end quail tJlVJ tic-, for sale by b. WALKER. NO MIST AlfF ' l.oril- FLOUR-Juai received nnd hr n'.e by 1 ri New York stylo of French Kid Slips, jusi received by l.Uay 7.) .ami 1, WZ.f BOXES Hunch Raisins, JU 10 Kegs Malaga do IB Hugs Madura Nuts, 12 do Filberts, 15 do Brazil do 10 tin Almonds, bv 30 Dec, 1811. J. .f- J. H. PF.CK .f- Co. FOR SALE OR TO LET. HOUSE a -mall Uuilding Lol. Mav 20. C HENNS. 12 English and American Prints. CASES just received nnd tor mic at tow pri ces, by May 27. VILAS, l.OO.MIS kuq. LIGHT! LIGHT!! 4 t. I. u-linu.ich to liirht -hoos. stores or nf li XX buildings, rheap Slid wc! sreinvilrd to rail and ue Gold's Chemical Oil nnl Lamps. 'I he Oil I. 73 '0-. ner callun an 1 will give morei light than 82 worlh of Lamp Oil. Umps and Oil nnd Wicks ami Glosses for a i-atthcVaricly.Store. ,,..,.,,, June 3- PANGHORN it HRINSMAID. WINDOW SASH. .y"n-r-.... . --s I he tbterilnTs hviejvur 'ha ed the M'l.'bmtry for ihe 111.1uol.ift ul c of Window formerly ow-nct and used I y S. luey Situih, at V tun, .,, 1 (.'11 v,i lfl are now man .1 1 . roi- every tie enp'i.iti, and I 0-1,1 eonslaut ! v mi hand an .ii'(liiionl 7 l e D S ub. at thblolUm iiv nn. vs. 12 Lig! Cl. cuit'Ols 3 ct-, per l. ght. 6 do 3 do 9 do 3 i'n ti do 3 do 1 do 5 Tor tftlc at their Shop jt tho Tallr, and 1 v Cccr;e Pcienon. All orders 111 tin. above line a I Irestisl to CiiUm iv: l ha-e. will le tlunklully n-ccivcd and promptly aiteniCsl lo. .... , ' 1 ' MOir.S l'ATLIN,2J. l.mvi.N W CIIA.SE. H.irlington, April 0, 1512. Tin Plate, &.C. -I (" BOXES Tin Plate1, 1-rN.approv dbtandf, L V'V 10 do tlo IX. sepia ru, BO Hundbs lion Hire, a sotted No 30 do English Slice! Iron, tlo fi Pinks Ru.-!i i do do 1 Cask SbecliCiiiU. Also A assorliiieiit of Tiiim'ts' articles. suih as Slutl Copper, Sheet Lead, ( 'yj'ljer Bolt, c. iiy VJ1..1--, i.oo.'on iv , o.. May 27, 1312. Opposite Petri it. Pause. ' FUR subs riber has taken the newly fitted Store, I L West s'.do Churell-stieet, between the ' Bazaar jnd ' Vanity Si..n-,' where hois now opining and 1 uflermr for sale an extensive and general assortmeitt of Ciods adapted to tile want-ot the coii'.tuunity amongst wl-ieh are .1 great variety of I Finish Si Us, Punted Al isbits and Lawns, Loir; Shawl and S. otfs, llukfs, Shawls, Cruva Fiv'd and bar'd and plain .-wi-s Musl.tis, N.iusook. book anil oilier Muslins. ..diis and geiit'emen's Limn lb'l.fs, liin-rtions. Editings, Beading nnd Thread Laces, Woik C0ll.1t s, Reti'-tilcs, Head Hagsnnd Pulses, Tallinn nud plain Muslins and Laces. It'bl, ij.s, a btuulitul of soitnient uud new style, 1. uh' V Florence, Bnud, Mudetia, Straw and Misses Bonne's, Vitilieinl Flowers, tijmp Edging and irnntnings for 'I' Bonnets. t'.irasols. a beautiful nssartmenl ol new stjln ll isnrv of every, vnnciy, I'rii.idelotl.s, t as-timts, Vtptings, iV.c, Gent'-, summer Goods, Stocks, Collnrs, c. (it nt atid bovs Lt-g ioiii and other Hols. Diy Groceries., 11 good assortment. X. 11.-Tins limit' -took, of goods has been pur '.. so 1 within a few ilnjs, with great care and at a ! ie when tlio prices were more depressed than at inv pievi.uis period liut will be nolii for nJy cauli 11 '1 si'iull inlvnuce from eus-.. 1! iihn-jton.JunclO. IS-12. ' .1' I'H E SENT OODS of all desi-riptn ns ate selling very lo-v l H liiiicton, parttctibiily nt S. B. SCOTTS. Printed Lawns. g- PIECES ot S.B. SCOTTS. Severn' (tylcs, 0 as low us 0110 slit ling per vard. Jum.3. A, 1 ENS' LEGHORN HATS, just nf eived at - I. June 3, lol'.'. . Sheeting-;. RALES l-l Brown Sl.a-.u it'. I Cu-c, he 1 do. l or bale t v May 21, 1812. VIL.VS.'LOOMIS 40 CO. NOTICE. rrslIV. , inter. I'tinL havinr enierrtl into copartner- 1 thip under the firm ol SMAl.t.EY & TJ- NNJT, will give promit attention to all hutine.-' which may lie intrn-ted to them, either in Law or Chancery. Uollcstins huii.-ie.-s will rv eivc particular altention. D. A. SM ALLEY, IS. 3. Tt.NNLY. :w nyt". J I. isu- Il'f the mbscri'iir, a lew barrels 'f miptr-mpor antra 1 fancl' Wtttein Flour. (Eatrle brand. none I cller if rcductd nrietJ at Iho llardwaro Store Cirner of oiiy as."ot tl Rofoll.-ct Eacic brund vsorrsnted rer. f)Tt J r hiiKh and nd e-e by II VGAR i VRTHL R fVci June 11 P. DAVIS, PORK. llBL. rorV, fintle r 9 May, 1512, .If LYMAN iy COLE'S, Lod.o.' Hroiiie KidTio, " K id 'lies and Slij s, " llhel. and colore Iclmh Gjiters, Chibtrin's cnlnielttaiicr-, " Bronze. , " Black Kid Bootee-, GcniV KtJ and Morvsv" Pump-. M;v 13. A CODFlUfl I'1-MI t jplvtini. prune n'n'.t trr ut'v 1 h fi u, i4 ar ro-.LL"i r nit a i u v )APEK HANGINGS, Jim 3. S, B. SCOTT'S S. 11. SCOTTS? ievv ('alicocs, lr.EN'CH, English and, f L per cool lowir than ever, at June 3. ro25 to 50 S. P. SCOTTS. I'Vench loinl):izine, OL.'.CK, I loo-bhcl. and coloreit Sil'-s, cheap, very b June 3. nt S. B. SCOTTS. CARGF.NT, SPHAC.l'F. A. Co.'s TOBACCO, hy O the rjiisintity or othsrv.ise, al S. 11. SCOTT'S. IJARVSOt.S a great variety at I. June 3. 8. H. SCOTTS, PUSS.-A new supply of Fowling pieces. Also, V.r iv. will r, Shot, P. Caps, 1 cad, sale ny June 1312 HAGAR ARTHUR. Corner Church nnd College sts. American Sadillctrct . V IT'LL f ipi'ly of Woodwatd's domestic Saddls- I tiics, lot sals wtioiifaif ami retail in- Burlington, June 1ft HAGAR & ARTHUR. OYltUr. Stewart's be t steam refined sugar O lou-e r-vrup, n fuperior article lor family iit, lursaeby june 15.1 LOVELY .V SEYMOUR. 111111102(011, June 1812. lasliionaitlo Hats. i CA J. & B. Knovver'a warranted Hat', chetp ( for cash, t May 27- S. B. SCOTT'S, l.EMOSS. BOXES 'f I cm n.sin . We irdcr, for lokai OU New YorU lines" snd freight, y oiu i v,i , 'u S7 roLtri . niiArj-cv

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