Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 22, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 22, 1842 Page 1
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tn frtt fta NOT THE GLORY O F C S A R DOT TUB WELFARE OF ROME. VOL. XVI. JJUR LING TON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JULY 22, 1842. No. 7. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water street, at the head of the Steamluat Wharf lliirllngtoii, Vermont. DY MOSES L. HART. tTWHS establishment, o favorably locatol for the JL accommodation of thn Iii-nt'- and travelling community, i now open In the public. Pint Coaches upon the various routes call at the Kxelinneii Hold lor pascngcr, ami those arriving or departing by ,ite.tni float, in which rave their baggage t removed Nrilliout charge, will find lhi houe peculiaily It) Iheir convenience. The keeper tender" hi service, wuh tlic assurance, that in all respect-., the hou -hall do-ervc tho lavor tihle consideration of all who may patronise 11. Uurlmton, April 1, 1S42. -I3tf. GEORGE II. I'ECK, Attorney and Coiinscllnrat Law, vwo nooss east orxiic rosTcrricc.rr ftaihs. rtefcrlo Messrs. J. A: J. II.PKC'K & Co. Nov. 10. A. ROBERTSON, llarrlsler nml Attorney nt Law, lAite in the office of the Han. Solicitor (!m'l Pay) uni.r. ST.JAMFS'S stiu'ijt. Montreal, 1 Nov. 1S11. Reference in Partington, to I'HAllLl'.S ADAMS, Inquire. 2! PECK & SPEAR, wholesale d c a 1 c rs in Jinslhh, French, India and American DRUGS. Also, DHUGOISTS GLASS WAIIK. ISurlingtnii, VI. n iixrfs r'n V J 1 Y.VIS A J. II. NICHOLS iinicn"0 .1 . ruled tlivtn'-eUcs m bu-incss ft r the accommo dation of those who hav not the opportunity of railing at their rc-i lenre. Mr. N. "ill spend most of Ins mucin visiting the villages in t his and theniljoin nil; counties, ami will perform oil opt rations on the tcuih tipccsiry for their preservation. .Mr. X will also prcp-iic llie mouth for the reception of artificial Icclh lake model-, ami lraiimit ihcm lo Mr. Lewis, the celclira'ed mechanical dtnli-t. who will always tit! at home, and who-e unrivnllcl siicce", and un wearied exirtions lo please, will ensure the ptih'ie bet ter work limn can be procured elsewhere. Our mode of selling i superior lo any other m point ol looks, convenience, and diirahiliiy. "Anyone wauling tccib ran cuiiie one diy wilh a mouth full of decayed teeth, nod return Ihc next wi h a new tel. Prices uiird lo tliM times and circumstances. All operations war ranted. .1. t.KWIS, J. I!. NICHOLS. Itnrlins-on, Vt.,Mav,lWa. JLVD SSOBS. rsKNTi.r.M r..vs Summer llool-, mine low priced. AWo,inot . I.inds ol Hoots and ?y Shoes i-tti I r I ilc for ihc reason f r lot n, women. and bovs or mils. Work as Usual ilone lo order. .lAJM'.x II. 1M.ATT, Corner of Church and Cherry Simla, nuilmgtou. Miv 12, 1612. SPRING ARRIVALS At II (Liinrtrrv. o. ill, Vatcr---lrcct. "I"vAA'IS isiinw nt liulne, 11 ml nvoiiM ri-lurn XJ his ( nckiimv'.ei'fin.eilt-lolhe pulilic tfrn- l.illvlorllieerylibi-rilpatrniiu'"hc ha- received, and 'hopesliy.isiricl ailriilion lo bu-iiic-s and a tle-t.-rmiiiauon in plca-e, th H he may merit a conlinu nnee of tlic-ame. lie would slate lint he I1.1 pi-t n-i-ciM-d from Ne-e Vnil,, lb Ma, Albany and Tmy, fiom ihc lali'-t, a and Rcnerul :i-i-tirimcnl ol' Kre-h (iomlr, wbiih, .111 addilion to his former Mnc, make a couiili"eassi,rlmeiil,eonipri-iiit' .-ilmo-l every arll-leof f.inu'lv supply. etc. iScc. One Cent Reward will If u'lvi n many -r.-on howill foul ut any oilier lore a ;:r'.ita var ciy and well relecutl a-sorlin-nl .-is 1 1 11 1- 10 u Inl DAVIS'S. '! call and examine lor your-eho--, and y( u will nol so away di-appoiu'ed. -MnySU. " NEWSHOE ESTABLISHMENT. 71. WOODS ITTfil'l.ll re-neeiliillv inform ihe Ladies and Oen- V ilcmen of ll-irini'.'lon mid he ba i.,s.iil, rniil nne-iitl lisliinenl where he will man ufacture, (whole-ale and retail) all kind- of work 111 llie Shoe Hue. lie im ju-i rmaim '' -vw 1 m ii... ,....nt stele ol Ln-l-. louelher with a choice .-e- lection of Slock, lie will keep con-lantly on band and manufacture, in order e.ll kir.ds of work " col up" in tloscoiiiitrv: ainonir which may Isi lonntl lienl Calf, (10.U, Seal and liajier llool Ladies' (Jailer-, Il isL-oi . Wlkiio' Shs. SI10-. s.e. Ac. Al-o. cimr-c itiut kip llool-, IkiiIi fur men and boyr I anil chik-reri'i Kln,i si,r .ill LiiiiIs. i'1'le.i-r eivehim a call, Iwo doors West of ihe J'r.irl Slnvi lloii-e, al Ihe sign of the "Jig- Wool." Ilurliii'.'lon, -May, IS 12. 50 f- Trrtlt, TtclhSnve your Teeth! fa-cut Iiiipuvcniciil in Ioinistrj Tl!. SAXTON bavin" encaued Dr. PKAliSON, 1J Surccon and .Mechanical Dentist from lliueily of New S'ork, as a partner, would most respectfully announce to llie. citizens of Burlington and Ihcneiah- Iioriurr towns lhat they have onened an ollicc nt Mr (Jriswold's, on the West ei le of Church street, one door Nonh of ihc liuilington Dank, where they are prepared to attend to all iiicluiltd in either branch of the nrofcssion. From one to a full set of Incorruptible Mircral "Teeth (of Dr Pearson's own inanufacluie) inserted itipon his highly improved suction plate, winch is retained firmly in the mouth upon strictly Fcienlific principles, lliuj tiitpcusing wini 1110 use 01 clasps, springs or ligature, to ohj' ctioiiable, Teelh inse-rieil ! upon iho above p'au arc beyond dcleciiou, and ren dered, if nol so useful as ihc natural ones, more ser viceable than those inserted upon the ordinary prin ciple. Decayed Teclli filll with tmre gold, or n prepara tion which is introduced 111 the form of a paste, hut hoon hardens und resists tho action of all acids or other corrosivo matter, whdo it gives ihe tooth Us natural appearance and preserves it from farther de cay. AchmElrelh cured in a fo.v minutes, and filled wiili tint above nrcparniion and resiorid lo usefulness. Acciiuiiilntious of larlar reinovctl from iho iceih without injuring the enamel, which is frequently the rcsultof an unskilful operation.. All operations warranted lo give satisfaction, - Teelh extracted wilh ono third tho usual pai 1. Individuals desirous of having denial operations performed aro invilctl lo call nnd sec specimens, and satisfy themselves of the ahovo improvements. Children's teelh regulated when mnlformation is taking place in consequence of neglect during second dentition. , , . , , Advice given on diseases of Ihe Cuius, Sockets, and Antrum, free of charge. . tir Po-irsnn bus m his possession letters and cer tificates from professional men of iho first rcspc-cia-Idliivin ilm citir nfNcw York, and Charleston, S.C. uli..n. i.n n innnfiiid exlcniyr nraelice. I lis object in coining north is in consequence of bilious nllcclions. Xlf Ofl'irc hours from 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. Ilurlinglon, June 16, 1812. 3 .SUnSCIHPTIONS KOK TIIK NF.W WOltlJ) BKCEIVIUI AT TIIK URI.ING TON JIOOKS TORE. nnsnVS ii-isboi? in avail tlirincelrrs of the mmv 1 inteiriiigpiiblicalions)-Miiil in tbr.Veir H'urUI, ran le supplied with the same, Irce of poslagr, by civin? tlicir nnuie iu 1110 o"-' in . 1. ....-, ,L 'annul, .mil Jaenuerio. and llm-r of ( lar char ncler. can be purcnann at iiirvcryinw . mm. . r.w ,,M ....l tj.rt..o I'rll.litiM 111- 1H! in 3.1 1 ZD US, I I1C lll-W llll.ll, ..., j James, is now reatly for sale June 17,1812. l. A. Hit M.N. PK .SOI ? nnd I MIUll ' I AP eMOlV ri'l ' H'l''b ' ' ' " ' .MOHAWK AX1 HUDSON' UAIL-ItOAD. NOTICE , . or the accommodation of passengers desirous of taking Iho seven o'clock line of Steam lloalsfrnni Albany, (which went into operation on the "Oth in stant, a train of Kailroad Cars will start fiom Sclic tuctady, daily, at 55 o'clock 1'. M. during the con tinuance ni me niuve arransemeni on llie liner. Hy this arrant;ement( passcnijersniay lcaie Saratoga Spring nt 3 1 to 4 o clock 1. M. nut! reach Albany in time for the boat, which ill sao travellers from Iho north, Ihe expense of remaining over night at Albany or Troy. II V" the existinir arrangement, cui- 7cnsof Saraloi'.i are ohhoed lo leave boincnt 7 oVIoe t ill the morninir, lo lake llie steam boat at Albany at i . -o.i ij nines Ma lLau-ittian i i :) JOHN COSTIRAN, Superintendent. April 22, 1812. Xorllmrii Ti':iimioi'l:itiou l.iuo. ISAAC V. BAKER "yy I LI, continue ihe roi!V.ll)INCi III'SINKSS C'liamplalii. Norlliern Canal, and Hudson ltlver. lVcininir II imiiorlaul In leinm the Old Cusiomers of ihc Line, ami add new ones, ho will use his be.-i endeavors lo Mi'i-fv all, nml pletlees him-eil lo in- n'.i-e lu exertions lo promote llie mlrioMs o his niolovrs bv iloinir nil bo-:ne-s enlrusled lu Ins caie wilh ib-p:ilcli and -afelv. 'or JVriiz'it 07110 C. I!. .Itsr.,i? I'nenlies Slip, I'oit. Catlin, ll.'i Ci.i niies Slip, New Vork. C II. IIaunt.t, 101, 1'iei, All any. 1'. Com Tlx K, ) .1. II. lloi'KKii, : Troy. L. A. x, ) 1. '. lUui'.u, Conisioek'sl.aniliiifr and Whitehall. I'ni. 1.1.1 r fi I'raiii.i.i, ISitrl 1 1 1 m on. A. I). I'.Aiin, I'l.illsbnrL'h. Alius-I hmokb, fori Kcni. .1. C. I'li.nci: fc Sox, Si. .Iolm. CJTrov oll'ne I.',.1; I(iei-streri, up st,,irs. WhMch.ill, April IS 14. AjOOlil-.'S j:sslCM'i: Of Lll-'ir. A Valuable iTa .Medicine, which, if nshlly applied, will be ihe inc.insof savins lliou-ands froiu an untimely praie. Ithislceu -old and n-etl for ihiriy year-, w'uh trio.H -tii-cc , and tiiuuil very edicaeioii- in the following ili-ra-e-, viz. I'oiis'i.npfion, Whoopmi: Coitph-, coiu iuiiii Co'ih-, Co'il-, dilliriill Ili-e.ilhiu, lulliicn.l, ijiun-y, A-lhina, I'hilu-ic, Spitims of lilood, n.iin Icucy, In bj;e-lio.l, Loo-ene-s of ihe llowel-, l-'itstil every kind, Cr.iuip-, Kickcl-, Colic, C.innili, Dv-eu-t.irv, K.iiniinir, llypnchoudiiac Aili-ciion-, lleaila'chi -, nt Sioiu.ii-h, .Mea-lc-, a prev utile ol Con- laio-i-di-ca-e-, limn nml ICht-uin.ili-in. i r-'l lu-.ibovcMcb'-iin'i-prep.irtil by Henry Se niour,of Dudley, Ma--, from the Uri'.' llecipc, (; theihreciitiii of-aid .Mooie, and -nbl by huu and the iirineipal llrn;.i-l-in llie rniliilSiale-.' Sold wholc-ale and reJail by Tci'l; iV .S'pcar. -milTAlTV i i,iti; i uic nick mi;ad.iciii:, j which has been ued in families, every member of which has had sick headache from inlancy, as a constitutional laluily comlilaml, nun lias rurcn tlice linlly ini.-vt ry instance yet known, n mounting to ma ny uuiiilrcil'1. 11 is not tmpieasaui to inc insie, aim toes nol proveni incuauy nvoeaiious m one iisui" 11 it must bo persevered m, ami Hie cure is grnilual, nut erlain nnd ptrmanent. Iitanecs are constantly mulliplvin w licrctiu-uisire-sing enmpiaini is eom- ilctely rebel ed and cured, althouh of years -tnnding iv the use of Dr. Soohn's celebrated remedy. One Iceidwl pn fcrcneeis Us pleas-inlne", linvinp none of llie naiiscatinirtllectoi coiuinon urugs. Itis so pcrfecllysati-factory, iliat tin-proprietor lias iven directions lor hisnceniKio refunil the price to any one who is not pleased with, and eien cured hy it. lie hones iilso ilial ihis mnv secure its great ben efits tn the. dislrtssed sullercrs who nielaboringundcr Headache. I.. Sl'OII.N, 31. D., inventor ami rro- prictor. rioul oy ir.u. 11 1 n- 1 w., 1 1 .uiuucii i.uoc. New Vork. I'RCK A: S I' P. 11, Wholesale Agent", a few doors cabt of the l'ostOflice, liurhng- 1011, 1 1. H'J DOCT. .HAUSIIAI,I,'S Headache SM'I-1'. This Arum il it-, Cataiih and -null I- superior lo any linns et Kr...wii, lor leinoving Irouble-oine ill e.i-e, tdeC.unrili, and alo a eold in llie, nnd tin ieji ae he. II miens ami imrge- nut all oiisirucnons. lieiiglbciisbegl.iud-,aiidi:icsiilier.llhy arlmu In ihe oaris al cdci . II i. in r i-ctly ice Ironi n.iv liungiici lenoiis in lis eompo-llion Has a plea-ant navor, ami iisinimcliatec.lcci, alier being ii-etl, is aligrcealile. Price IIT cents per botlle. Ilo.-i. Mar-I..ill's Vcirlalile liuliau liiacu I'l.AS I Tin l'la-ier i inirivalleil for curing scrobilcnis swcl linsrs. S -urvy Sore-, Lame hack, ano rre-li ouniN painsllline 1UC-, llips .111. 1 i.niins, .iuii.-eiuuui tails 11 give renci in local uiieiiiuaii-io-. 11 uppucu 10 101 1 imiwi eiirem.inyol the (million i.iveri-omiiiainls and I- equal, if not superior, In any lliing in u- for com- 011 tho feet ; thy virtues of Ihi- Pla-ier have hero wilne-cil by thnu-.imls 01 imiiviuuais m tne uninn Stale-, whn'h.ivr le-leil its eilii acy. Sold bylbr pro prietor! CI1.1-. Ib.weti, Middleluir'y, Vl., ami Pj.ik iV SrF.Ati, llun.orlingt Vt. BEWARE OF DECEPTION. It has frequently come to the knowledge of the sub scriber, thai empty Snuff Jars, with his Label on Ihcm, havo been bought up for Ihe purpose of selling in them an inferior quality SuiiU'j and also, that his Snuff-labels ha've, in some inslinces, been counter feited, or the general design cf the same so imitated as to easily deceive tho unwary. Ilrilcemsil, there fore, hi- duly to inform purchasers of the manner 111 which they are often imposed upon; nntl he would hereby request Ihcm to liar oll'nrth face the Labels on llie outside ni mciars, utter Having tiisposcu ot the contents, n as to prevent further use nf the same. , suitaiuu rewar.i will oc pain lor sueu eviueuce ns will lead to the dcleciiou and conviction of the im postors. rue swiscriaer continues 10 jiiinujaciure, ana tij fersjorsalc the following articles: Ve. I tin iv 11 Slitifr. Genuine Maccoboy, ) rio American TLippee, Imitation do. ) navoictl, noiiauti no, Sicily, do. Tuberose. .iiauir-e, uo. m. iiiicr. Curacoj, do. Sirasburg. i;.rii'si'( 1 own miiiii. Demigros. Nnlchiloches. Pure Virginia. l'rcnch llaniiie. lloiirbou. American iieniicnnii St. Oomiiign. Puru Spanish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. I.. Mixture. Yellow Smill, Scotch and) .. lush lllaclguard rr ? Coarse. lierroanv Irish 111211 loasi, Sweet Srcnteil I'uo uiui newiug l ooarro. Spanish, Kilefort, Canaster, Coinuion and Stems. SrrA liberal diseonnl inado lo wholesale dealers. PKTFR I.OHII.LARD, Jr., 12 Chalnain-St., New Vork, 1TBVJ GOODS. LOVELY & SEYMOUR Alt K now opening n heavy slock eif n-.isonaMc (!tl ;riieiiily purchased in New Veirk whn h nie nllered lo Iho puplie nl price which I'aniiol full In rnure Iheir nite. Among iheiunre, lllae-k", Hliie lllack. lit ut-, Invisible (Irccii and slei-l mixed llrnad (!loth, u very superior quality of CasHuicrCf, Silk Velvet, veiings, Linen Drillings,, and a viirirly of Ootids for summer wear allow price ; I'oiubaqiue-, a good nssorltncnl ef silks lor ami bonncte. satin, Chally. lllack nntl coiouti .nil-nil oc u, .iiiu-.-, ii. i .i .'leiuii'i Shawls nml lldkf. ihe.s lMkf. and bcarf-, silk und linen II l',l. a great variety ol fi love and Hotel a large a-siuiment of l-.'ngli-h, Fnnch, nnd . I ..l I .1. .1.. T . In 1... .,f M.. calu-cer, und mourning calicoc nt unpie il,. I.,.,. ,,r.i,.q i I.i-.linin. siinw.ind I'.ilm K-.u bonnels : n gn at vnrie'y nl Jlibtons, Lace-, t'ml tel his, Parnn '-, i-'in -ha 'i , Mu-lin-, Cambrics,! Icachetl . i . i . nnrA ...II. ......a. I. H. ano iinuicaciiri i oiii.usi -,uvm.i.i- i'.i" i ii.ini-'"nri I or 1 g, r ''ill. pl.usr, nig'.ina'ts i ii., . .li... r . . f NOTICIC ;uJ.Medieinu is het known by the fines it peilbrin-.rnj I. Newton's l'.tuaeea, or I'cirilier eiflhr Illootl, The nnpar.illcletl and -.till iucrcamgtepiiiiition which this medicine li.isncqnir ed throughout iheNew I'uglnndStato, and llie many cures it has perforinctl, nml Ihc deioaiul made lor it by Mi; miner nf physician well acquaint!, wuh lis preparation, Inn induced Ihu proprietor I" extend IN eiroiilalion lo nlmnt every town in the eastern Slate iintl the prineipnl towns in ihe t'niled Stales. l" Pannci'i- warranted purely vegeluhliyind is nol siirpasrii tv any oiner ineiiicine ever olleretl lo Ihe "iiinn'i n- us nil i.i nun r.rctii pwpuiiiruy plainly prove. Ilhaswilhin the ln-l eighteen inonlhs cureii us niou-iinu oi me mn-t oli-imntc ilt.-en-e-, n cm l proved by certificate, alio is pronounced by eminent and respectable physicians the best medicine muse. i'.-emi miornninon may lie lountl III circular" conl.iininfr ecrtilieates of cures and diicetinns for la kin:, Ihe medicine. The followinir nppiiinlcd aenl. Ihirlinslon. PHCKninl S I' R A II, 1!. Mii(Iy Si Allums, Onrlis and Uitssel Millon, (!. Mdlon l'alls, lliirnel and Sawyer Walcrvillc, Kik and Hrown, lliucshiirirh, Hull and Cook Kairlax, Parker and .Mullield Verpenue-, Adams and Murray ('ami ridae, M. V'ire t'nderliill, At. C. Harney North rerrisburah, II. C. Wicker (Jcuruia, A. llli Wilb'ston, N. Chillenden Kiehiiicnd, (ireen tfcKhodes .lohnsoo, li. L. Warner nntl Co Mnul.lnn, Kthan S11111I1 llakei'slield, Ariuiuu'lnn and Woodward I'air- liclil, lliirnel and I .irnsworlh. e.o.p.Iy.lllil WINOOtV SASII .Iut recoiled l.l, 20 and 2 17 by I) easements ol -ah,.i lir-l rate article at 31 j and 3 J cent- per lisht ; nl-o all kind- undi7C-, biini-hetl 110 order. Tieondcroga black lead, a lir-t rale article, for -ale very low. loscthcr wilh I a real variety of oilier arli- c es r men t. ilaapas can be found at any tuber e-iabli-h-(ir.o. I'ktkusos. MYSTKltlOUS! A genlleman bdnnsringio one of the most ancient and wealthy families of this city, who must be well known lo numerous friends having since the year 19H, up to iccenlly, been bent neatly double, 11 nil for several years routined lo his bed, lias been icsloicd to good health has regained his natural erect position and has ipiilietl his car nage, ami now walks wnh en"c ! ! We bclievc'tlii is Ihegcnllcman's own description as near ns possible, ami llicreis no exaggeration 111 it. Wewill giipinqui rers his address, and doubt not humane feelings will excuse the liberty so that any one doubting, may knmr these facts though he requests his name may not appear in print. Among other instances, Mr. Jas. O. Reynolds, 111 Christie-street, has been restored, and will giie personal assurances of the ficls of his case, lloih were rheumatism, nml contracted cords and sinews. Howhas Ibis I ecn done? Answer. Hi the Indian Yrgitalilr IVixtr in ternally, and lieircs' Xcrvr and ISnnc Liniment rxlernallv. Jan. 20, 1811. SoMnnlibuCOMSTOCK f- CO., 71 AWm trfr.r, Xcic Yuri:. n!) rune A .S'I'KAIt. Wholesale Agents, a few loors east of the Post Office, llurluigloii, Vl. nUHLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY d 1 I,. ALI.hO.N, eontuuies the . business of lnaitufaeturinii Chairs al ihe old stand, of the fol lowing descriptions: Curl Jlnplc (irccian. Cane St al, Common Cant anil I'lag Scat, Large ami Small Ilaisul Scat Koel.iug, tin do Com mon do, Common liming, Ac. eve. All of which are warranted a fusl rale arliclc and will be sold al prices lo correspond with the limes. l-nATIIKIlS, AND l-'HATHUlt 11KDS, ltr.ADV .IIADi:. Cnnslnnlly on hand, ri siinnlv of warranted Live rlrcrne C.-nhcri, wluch will lie snld low- for cash. V.IN'ri-:l. Ill- Ihe solisentirr. fnrl nml lliriln llie Maple, tklnercil at Ins shop in Church street, opposite Ihe old llnoli. - O. t.. p. l'.I.. 0.1; co i' a 11 TXi:i:srii: nr.xitv 11. iiosnviciv iVt. f. & w. l. Mrong having coiiiit'Lled lluirTm Shops, willtlo business 111 that hue under the name of 1 1. 11. Host- wick & Co. a' the shop occupied hy said Iiostwick, w heie may be found a full and complete as-orlincnt of TIN WAKI", niaiiiifacliilcd expressly for llierclail trade, together witu topper ana Sheet ironwork, Slo.o Pipe, S'ove Trimmings, c. All kill Is of Job work furnished nt short iii ticc. Have troth and con ductor pipe furnished and put up. Copper pumps and leatl pipe furnished ami Si t if leipmeil. Those who .....!. .1 I I . C I 1 II 1 pnirooi.e mis iiraiien 1.1 iiiinicss Mi ni, ui 101 Miop, e quieiiiy anil wen scrvci, inr a reasouii le eompen snlion. II D. IIOSTWICK iv C. Ilurlinglon, Apr. 10, 1R12. GASH STORE. HO YNTON Jy RUHR ITT, (Successors to A.S. & (i.D.Wclh r.l VT O 1' L I) respectfully inform the inhabitants of llmesturcii nun iiiu aujoining lowns mat they have eominruecd business in ihe Sioro foimcrly oc cupied by A. S. it O. I). Wilier, nnd are now receiv ing a general assortment of Fancy Dry (it.od'. Dnrd- ware and (iroccrics, which Ihcyofii-r lo the public a- low ns can he purchased in the county for t-a.-h. They respectfully solicit n share of public patronage, confident that their prices will be found 10 suit all who may favor them wiihn call. NOULF. I.. UOVNTON, William isumirn. Dinesliiirgh, May I, 1S12. 4$ N OTIC K. T"MH' Subscriber would inform llie public that lie X has 011 hand a general assortment ol Jlarnisscs, Saddlrs, Trunks, ralisscs, Carvel Rat's, Whins and Lashes, and numerous olhcr articles in his line of business. which will bo sold as cheap as eau bo boouht ill this vicinity. Manuel, l ull Cloth, Lumber, Wood, and niosi i.imisol l.iriin rs produce rcceiveii 111 payment j-Shop two doors 1-nst of the Post Office. A LIVE II Y1 STABLE Is also kenl by llie subscriber a few roils Fast of tho Court Douse, when-the public will nt nil times Iintl n man m readiness lo attend calls, and ns eiootl llorstsiiud Carriages a cm be il found in the p.aee, nnd at as n lairpriees, S. S. Sk'I-TI! Ihirlmgloi), Mny5, 1812. MEW TJVBEY STABILE. C O L II U It T II Co. J.")F..SPF.CTFLT,I,V inlorui llu-ir ftiends nnd ihe . V iiublic, lliat they havciiovv ojh-jiciI a Livery Stable and lnvo on hand ready fur use some cxecllcnlllorses and Ciirri'igcs.SleigliRjIIarnesses.Ae. w Inch they will lei on reasonable terms. Stable nl Ho ijamin Hishop's Hotel, South West Corner Cotrt House Square, Ilurlinglon. IT. T. GRZSVOXD'S BOARDING HOUSE. r"piHS House is now OPF.N for the reception of .1. lioirilers. All who wish lo iioaril, arc invileil lo call nml examine his house uiul llie pecuhnr advan tages vvhuli it.i consiruciiou und location olhr, for eoinfoil and convenience, Ti'.ums, cry modernle. May 10, 1812. 'kT'NKW CASH STOItK !.rO)" r"!!!!'. Subsenbers reniccifullv inform Ihc inliabi- .1 lanls nl Iliirlington and vicinity that they hnvn commence! business in the Sioto recently occupied hy Mr, li.iokselh r, on College street. The euiti i raueii in incir iiiismcsa wui consi-i in French Dry (! noils. Ilpint rniindent licit thrnii'dl sn mini1 itiriinR mid facilities vvhie i I hey liavir lor luinisiuug tlit-ir store wilh lliti 1 1 ids 1 fashionable nr'ieles. ami lhat iheir nri- - ccs will suil till who may favor them wilh a call, they respcellully solicii a tdiarc of public palronago. ' t' nl Itni'i- f.,r fcnln n trt.icr:i1 usurfr liiirnt ' 'hev k -o bav-c for f a c a ifnicral lint ill nl su prriorlilUK'LItlKS, ivhieli iliov ofler for lhet)weii. in pr s i us 1 1 1 1 i ii . .iiii iivM.i.-. I' ' arb " Mnv I'l, im. I I 1 - ii J It. Moi'kaT's viiuirrAHLi-: un: mldicinks.-Thc-u nmlieincs nru indcl leil for their name In their manifest nnd senilJ notion in purifying llie springs mid channels of life-, and enduing Ihcm wilh renewed lone nml vigor. In many hundred eertificd casi-swhieh have been made put lie, nml in almo-l every species iifilipaolo which the human frame liable, iho happyele-els of Moffat's Life Pii.i.s and Phik.nIx HiTTF.ns have been greatfiillynnd publicly acknowletbi-cd by the per-ons bcneliniil. and wlm were previou-ly'unacquainle'd wilh Ihe beautifully phi losophical prineip'cs upon which they nrocoinpound eel, nml upon which iheyeoiisequeully act. I he I.1I-1-; MI'.DlCl.M-.'s lecomnieml IheiiHelves in li-ciKes of every form and de-ermiion. Tirsi opcralioii is to 'oo-cn from the e-oais of the stomach and bowel, (he various impurities ami eruilnies eon- laully sellling ni-ounU tlieiu;niul InrcinoVL' the hnr leiieil' fares i Inch collect in the ennvolulioiis of Iho .-uialle-l intestines. Oilier medicines only partially Icau-ellie-e, nntl leave Mich e-olle-tltsl uias-es behinil as 10 produee habitual coslivencss, with all is innii ol rvtl. orMiddeu diarrhira, Willi its immiueiit daerr-.n This fact is well known 10 all rcirolar anal1.1111.-1-. who cxnm met he human bowels nliertlealh ; nnd hence I lit; pii'pithceof those ell informed men agaiiisltpiack meihcine- or medicine prepansl and bcralditl n llieiiublicby itrnoranl per?oii-. The sivond eflrct ol llie Life Me'licinc is In rlran-e the kiilneys atul ilu. bladder, und byllns, lheliyerandll'iebuiL-,liie iic.iiililuiueiiou 01 11 men emirciy ocpcntisupon the te gubirilv of the urinar organ-. The bints!, 'which lakc-rs retl color fiom ihe agency ol ll.c liver and the lungs belore it pas-es into the heart, being ibiis ponlicil t .. . . 1 . 1 .1 1 . . j . . 1 1 . oy incto, ami iiouri-iitti oy ihihi coining, iinui a clCiili -touiaeh. eour-os fiecly 'ihroogh Ihe veins, renews eyeiy part of Ihe sysii-m, and triumphantly mounts the banner ol health in Ihe blooming cheek. Moiliu's egciablc Life .Medicine have been thor oughly If -tilt, nnd pronounced 11 -oveicisu remedvfor l)ypcp-i.i, l-'lnliilency, P.ilpilalionof Ihelleart, l.o-s id'Appe-ule, Heart-burn and HiMtl-nehe, He-lle-siii-s, Ill-temper, Anxiely, L-iugnor and .Melancholy, Convenes-, Diarrhira, Cholera, Fevers n' all' kind-, liheuin.ili-m, (10111, Drop-ics ol all kint,, (travel. Worm-. Athm,i and Coiiu!imtinu, Scurvy' Ulcer' Inveler.ile Sole, Scorbutic Lruplioiis and ll.ul Com olexiou, Drill. live complaint-, -allow, Cloudy, and othcrdi-agreeitlile Coniplexion-, Sail Itlieum, &yip elas, (!nuunou ('old- and Iiillueiiza,aml various nlhcr onu.l.iiiits which all hel I hehiiiiiaii liume. In Fc.icn ami Ariui:, parliculaily, "Ihe Life Mcdieines bale been mo-i eiuincillll succe no ; -n iniicii so inai 111 llie Frier ami Aguedi-trict-, Physicians almost miiier'ally prc-cril e llicm. All mat Mr. roquire-of hi palienis js to be particular 111 taking ihe Life Medicine slnclly accor ding In the thrcclion-. llinota new-paper nonce1, or by anything Ihct liehiin-elfiuayay niliieir favor, that be h'opeslo gam credit. Ill alone by ihc re--u!t of a fair trial. MOITA'PS Ml'.DICAL M.VM'AL; de-ignetl ti a ilome-lie guide In lieallh. Tin, little pamphlet, edited by W.ll. M(ill'.ii,27.) Hroudwny, New Vork, ha 1 een iiibli-lied forllie purpo-u ofeplainiug moiefully Mr. Mo lal'-llu-ory of di-ea-es, and will le tumid highly interet!ne Inpcrsoiis seeking health. Il tri-als upon pri'V.ilenih-eai', amllhecau-es thereof. Price, 2.1 cent- for -ale by Mr Moti'it'- Agentsgeuernllv. These valuable Medicine- aie for sale by (iKOItF.F. L. WAIiNKIt & Co. John-nil, Vl., (icnernl Agent-, by whom all order .from any pari of the State or Canada, will he piomptl) answered. 23-1 I Dee. 17. 1311. HAG All iV ARTHUR, (eiieral Agent for Mo'lal's cclebralrd intilicine-, to whom all niiplicatious for agehcies must Le ad dr 1. Ilurlinglon, Jan. 23, 1812. TVTATUIll-VS OHAND ItKSTOHATI VH. Tim li valuable Vegelable Metiicme Mantl unrivalled tor the following complaint, viz: )y-pepia, or Intli- ge-iiott,in-ea-cii i.iver, iiiiifniin-i.r 'cr-, nrop-y, A-in-01:1, Co-iivrne , Worm nntl lo- 1 f Aiipelue. anil by Ieauiug the lnlii.ich ami bowel-, rules pnms m (he l.le. sliim.ii-li nml bri'iisl, rnM- "". . '"ii- iMti.itiig, lloacnr , htirmt: ol l-reuih, ?.ervou Din, hiinl-, etc., which arofirqnenliy the edi-et ot ill- .n.i. 1'i.r I'l.i ,.i 11 nil Atnr. It 1 11 lllo.-l v.illln till. lire. vrnlntive 11 well n n soveicipn icmcitj-. li virtue. urpi-s uuv lliing iieienuvrr i-liown 111 removing 11 .lu' Dame, two botlle-have I ecu known lo cine tin iiillie-iingilistuse, apcr li.n nig bullied every exer iinu loritiur jcui. u na a itio-i povvcriui intiucnec in irmnviiig ni-r vnn ci.miilamt. It i iile-a-iiut lotal, mil -tir.i.y m II it may I c administered lo the infant wilh safely. The above Medicine i very iiiguiy in uiiiiiii-iiiieii ov many scicniiiie geniieincn, and a large mini! rr fil'ladir-.' who have orovrd ilu- virtue ol the Medicine bv personal use undthat nfiheir Minnie. A Mil ol i crliheatenocoinpat.ioeach belli wilh diicclioii-. Il may le hail wholi-ule or re'lail nl Hrilaiu, llarre, andJ. C. larnam. Last Invvn, Vt. sole piniirictor-. Prcimreil fiom the origin it recipe j lor tale I.y r.. II. rreuli--, .iloniprlier, and I'ECK if'Sl-FAIl. Iliirlington, and in Ihe principal towns m the statepill ineciioiis .-ignel in ihc iiami writing ol ihc proprietor II. L. FAHIIA1 gives notice that he continues to carry on the hu

ne as usual of iinnuf.ieliiring Stone ware of a superior quality in all us varieties and will in nil limes be in read mess In siiiiiili mcrehanlson Ihe most reoo ml le terms, all order's piompiiy allentleil lo at his Factory , Pearl Street, iiiuiiiigiou. lb i: JACOHS'S lACKA:U F.XIMllCKf, Ilrtirccn Albany and Montreal, U.mii. iiiruier noiwe, leaving Albany on Wednesday, and Montreal on Saturday nf each wnk, in rotincMon wilh Hiimdeii A-Co. at Albany to .cv i or.., rimuiifipmn, iiosion, Liverpool, I. on ilon, Ireland, Scotland and Havre, for llie trans poriation ol Spieie, Hank Notes. Valuable Papers Packages of (Joods, Hooks, and all oilier Parcels that may nth r, Moinreal l'.vchange Coffie House. All any No. 12, Kxchango. Buildings. .Xcw Votk No. 3, Wnll Street. l!olon No. B, Court Strict, llurliiigloii .1. A: J. II. Peck, &. Co. iu:fki:i:nci:s. I'.u.vs IIakiiii, ) in. -v x- L. V. .pj. II. Ukcii, AIl'any.N. . P. Wt-.u-s, S '.. it 1). II. Ploi, Kei.l.m if. Co., Troy, N. V. A. Watiiovs, j A. 11. W. Ilvrms itCo.Casllcion, Vl. J. it J. II. Pkck it Co,, lliirhngliin, Vl. J. C Pt:incE.'- Son, Si. Johns. L. C. April 2.1. 13tf, I'll I VAT U Sf.LIX' nOAUDlNG SCHOOL rillll-! new and spacinu Hmliliiigsnoiv eris-nn I rast Charlottr will ceiprnod(il llie Lord will) iiii in nit- Mipcrimrmiencuol .nr. J. I r.s IHioi.KK.a si-'iil in Ihe LiiilieMcparimenl in French ami Mtin i.y .ui-s.ii. n. ii-.x niioEKr, ,, ,, ll'.'h May, 1812, I .ill term open 2Uih Augii-l. Winter do SSlli Noveml er. i vveivr young l.a.lie an. I (Jem emeu mnv Ir ae eoiunio lnled lit llie family nf Mr. T. Terms S2.1 per ipi.niir, in iiiivanee. .uuieU. rrencliauil Alge bra, S5. Wii.luug e-xlra. Duy Scholars, from S'2,50 MisT. rdiicnlnl under the ea re ofeininent Teachers, and havmy, langl.t in London, Kng., .uul in lhiSiale inceher ui rival, i amply qualilinl lo.uperuilend iho r n ni ii .inn .uusie iicpanmcnl, lioverniHcnt slnclly paicnial. To Ihoieunacquainleil wiihilie services, experience nml nbdilyof Mr. T. reference may lo I.. I. i.ngie.l.y, Ilurlinglon, J. II. HollcnUek. " K. Moll. Si. Johns, J.C. Parke, Whitehall, .1. Sherman, Wrgennes A. H, rerry, iroy. Chailoile, 8lh April, IS Hi NEW BOOK STORE, " Live and let Live." rillli; sul scril rr has iccrived fiom .Now Vork M nevv.Mipply of School Hooks, llibles, Piiner noons, irsianirntf.ive. itr, logelher wuh a gol ns bt.iioicni 1 1 niationrry, antl Hook-iiindcig Sits k, I which lie ini-lfe-tl. titlNnlinn oT lht L..l,i, very grateful forihe liberal paironace heinofoir ir leiviil, he will renew his exe-i lions lo plra-r .ill lhat may i.ivor inui with their ii.lroiuge., S. IR'.NTl.Nfi l ON ,-sirougs- iiiniiiing, corner Church ami College Ms. opMimnilagar it ArlllurV. Sign Kud Ledger. - - VTO M1STAKF -Smoked II. ff aim J'ork by Hit ji o-i" ' -' li "f ivru lof fair hr Juno II If r DR. TAYIOR'S II A Ii S A M O I.' I, I A- K H W OUT, Ob-ervi; when you bi,y that vein pel the. genuine, prepared nt 37.1 Ilowery, New Vork. See lhat 37i IlowcryiNew Vork is on ihe wrapper of each llotile-. All others are Frauds nnd -old only hv speculators, wilhoui rrgnrdln.iitice,totho publie,6r (lie proline lors of Ihe genuinenrlicle, I fOll Consumption, and Liver complaints, Dyspep . sia, dizziness of Ihc head, los of nppclile, Dy-en-larv, and general regulator of Ihe wholovlcm. None criMi, iltii. but ilml ir.-,,.tt.f1 i ir-. ll.....n... New Vork, where Ihe nrtieie was lirt made ihechar- icier 01 the metiicme lormed ami e-labbshed by the ireseut sole proprietors, and whoare Ihe only per.-on ni- it's 1.1 1 1 'i 1 1 1 nii 111 inc Kcuuuir. lIuaslKell -I'd Micceflllly for cielil Vears in llie run. nf lln.c. lisea-es. ICP'Iiemenil cr lite original ami ( made only nt No. 37.1 Ilowery. New Vnrk. All other are counterfoil, Consumption ami Liver Complaint ! Aa general remedy for thee discae. 1 am 1'nlli- ati-fictl, from long cxnericncp. there is no tneitu'mi, equal In Dr. Tnjlor's ol" Liverwort. Ileiug lure y vegetable, it can beii-etl wiili (lie ulino-t salelv y all ik'. suns in every eomhlion. Il il,r lungs by expeetoralion, relieves dnlie-iill briMllnng. and-iTinsio heal lheche'-l. There ran be uoqiic-tion but ihi meihcine 1 n rerlam euir for clirouir coughs ndctibl. I have n'cl'i't four vrars in my oraciicr. mil alwnysw-illisiiercs'. A.'F. HOIiLH'S, M. D. 1 ickltng in the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor's l!,ilnni of Luerwort 10 be rerlam remedy Yor ihiscoinplaiut, us I have o-e-d il my-rll nml lound n ellecls an miinedinlc. I w,i lunch troubled until I made ti-eoflhi miilicine. M. L. 1IKXS1IAW. 211 Mangio l. Iloar-eness Ciueil For (he cine of hti.u eue.s I an strongly ri'conmmcnd Dr. Taylor' llal-am of Liv rworl. I have not onlvfound nrcal 1 enefit luv-rll'. but many nf my rongregaln.n by my revcnnimend.i lion have lecievetl great I enelit irom its yirlue. It i a I once mild, eilicaciou-and harnile-s. 1(1. V. AZ. LLWIS. Severe Coughs and Cold I have bail a mo-i se vere cold and cough, for a long nine which I could not gel rid of. Alter uing many u.-e'e-s thing 1 in- iilTaylor's lialtaiii of Liverwort, and il euird me in irw nays. ,I,S. li. KKIIIIl.NUCK. Hai-ing of ftlootl About two wreks agn I a fall, which caused me In -p it large tpuitilies nf blnod w oit-ii uoiiiing cntiiii rtirr iinui 1 iritii it. layinr' llal-am of Liverwort. This mcih.-iui' gave me immt- liate rt lief ami in a very shorl time elected an enure ure-. Let all per-ons try it. HI (ill MC (5AIIVKV,21 Cannon n. Dr. Taylor's llal-nm of Liverworl Tin timcrim. reinisly fiir ili-rn-o nfllie bui2s und livtr ha iibtam- ed a repuia'ion never Irforerqunlled. liemarkablc Cure nj Consumption. was so near her death with this 1I1... iliai my fiiends senl for a pnest loeonfe me err I died, lie in hi mercy, Inhl me not In give up until I tried Dr. Taylor's lla' of Liverwort. I sent immediately for tin niethcine, and although the route! lor a few days 1 etvveen thi nicihemr, antl my di-ea-r wa -r-vere,llie luivhcineeoutpirieil, and in a fortnight I was retored Inheallh. I hail a cough, rai-ing of mat ter, lo- ol my voice, pain-, we.ikne-., eVe. I can re fer to Doclor'Wd! 11, in the Carlton Don-e, for the I rut Ii ofinyslalemcnl. MAHV DILL, IRih slreeleor. Ilcvvaie ol Iraud. ol3d avenue. Summer Complaint. The Hal-am ol Liverwort, 111 several ea-e of ihi -ea-r, w here all oilier rcmrdie. anoli'ed by nhyi- cian have iroveil inellecliial, has produced a pvfleet cure Surprfcing Cure of Consumption. Mr. If. Oladdin nl Delhi. N; V., of a nalnrally eon. ttlliplive cnnlltutiiili. ha I een savisl fioni an un timely cud by Ihe u-e of Dr. Tuv-lor' Halsaui ot'Liv- iwori. .1 evcre coin'igni on an aiinci. ol rieti- e-y, aii'llhtl rti'lisl lu grm-riil .1.-1 il 1 1 y- atul i-i.ii-utiip i.,, A ...... .,n ,,l '(ll,. Iif-fln, llll-lt. m.t.-.. tii.'l.. tpurU pul-c, nn.l eont.nued loss ol flesh, angered u sneivly ueal l '. lull a soon n I eonmi, l tl i Ilu-bal-nin I giew Icier, and i now fully ic.-lorcl .ivaiiu. Shortness of lireath II. I ... .ri ih'iiiu ir i avior .- 1 IT III ilt-e.l-r. I int.. i I n--..i . ,. ..c i ... ...i . "."" ") " " " " ' unuwiri nil, in... i.. i. - -".'"- iivuvr, null l nnvtiy u-u II in ny pinci cr, ami rm-oinmcna ii to my friend. I nave n-cl it lu son.e hundreds of ca-e. vviilim the pa four year-, ami I have never bad it f.iil I,. i,,.. s in .iiuiiiii, i limy i ctieve il tn haie I rrn tlit oi tiiviug prceiou live-. Let nl ue l. (5KOIKSK HAI.PII, M. D. None genuine i.rcnnn! nl 17". !..,. -New lork- a will he urn by the lal cl nnd'.- per ofrarh bottle. He sure you look when vnn l,m- The ii i... s.i ii .iim.ij is-i,.iiiinr.i Ol nie O'd Agent, Me r. N. Lovely V Co.. now- l.r,v..l.- it Seymour Dr. Moody and Peik it Sm-ar. Cli,.iin-i. and I Driigsi-I, H.iibnglon S. II. H.irni-, Chailolie William lihnJe-, Jr. Kit hinon.l Ceo. Avers iV Co.,. ii .i. iiwii. nri i-e v . ii.iit Miulh Hern Horace W .nUworlh, Norlh Hero "A- .1. i javi-, .vii.urgii i-. iv . usen.i, w e.-t IJ. VV ijaipeiiiur, . iiieri.ttry. SPRING FASHION FOR CHARLES A. SEYMOUR HAS Hist icceivctl from Vork the spring patterns for Hats nun invites ine piuiiie lo call and examine his assortment, which comprises hats of various qualities nun prices, some very low. iiu especially invites sucli gen ashavehcrctnfoin civen r nrefereneo lo bnu nf ..., nl. ... niaimfacturelnlookathissmckof fine hats vv Inch in point oi cjinr. uul imisli are equal, and in point of ..u.u,.,,.,. , i, .-t,LTior, io any na:s nianuiaciiircu ill me city in .sew i ors. Pearl st, April 13th. LYMAN & COLE n.W L receivisl iheir u-ual exteu-ive a-orlineut nnd variety of Springand Summer O 0 O l)S w Inch they ni'cr at crrally icdon-d prirrst rnui-im" in pari ol Printed lawn-, Cambric-, Mulius and mourning Law u. Ilich -atin slnpril llllzorine, &e. for Indies' suinmer ihe-.e-, ew paiirrn Min-lin de l.aine-, aiin tirip'd Italian, Plain, black an 1 blue black Iloinbazine, l'igiiiil blue black nml colored do. Heavy blai kCaulou.lIro dr Swiss nndeol'd Silks, Shawls. Lupin' 1 est si-arlcl, lilnrk ami rehired Merino, Scurfs nnd l''anev llaiulkerclilcls. Miilm dr Lame, 'Unlet wool, and fancy salin llrrmaui; L.ichene Ciavats, law silk IPdk'fs. Mu-lin dr Lame Shawls, raw silk do., printed viTiedilo. La Fancy silk Mill and d'ove--, i-olored Fillet do. black sewing silk do. Mitre nJored silk (ilove-, .Men's Li-le Thread, rolorol silk, white silk, nml Kill tin. Men's Italian Cl'.ivulr, black silk half Ho-e, mid Imlin Su-peii-drrr, Ladir-' white ami blark silk Host- and lilove-, while Merino llo.-e, black and rijiiexl till; and Kid (Hove-. I'or Cent Irmcii's Suinmer ll'inr. Slripe.1 Hnd plain w hile linen Drill, ivlorrd tin. linmbrnnil-, Hamilton Mixture- ami Demiii-, Mixnl ifaiineiic, I-.'rniiuelie, Jacket Luieu, Ac. Domestic Cootls. Indian Head, Slink Mill-, Mulllerex and other Coiion Sheetings. A great quanlily IiUmcIihI shilling nntl shirting, very Inw priced. I'nion ble-.tehnl couiui, 7-8 and yard wide. Harriett do. 5-Ian I 0-1 ilo. making a more extensive ii--oriurnt we h.iveevirkepl. Merrimae coiion shreling, Miprituie unbleached colli'" shirting, Smlolk iimlcoid drill heavy lick ing and wadding. Three Case- of t'mbrellas nn.l Parainl-, Cap, Hnnnel and nivk ltibl.ou, TuUilii do. Oalloous, Tasics, ite. I'rliils. Fall liner, Mcrrinuir, Dover, Hn-lnl and many olhcr styles nf American prints, vny low priced. Fnflirli und I'lciu-h prims, (iinli.iuis, ite. lllo.ul Cloths. A general assortment of Hiirhnglon Mill Co, Hrn.ul Clnihsi-niirlaiitly on hand. Al-onthrr slv lis of broalilolhs and Carsiineie.-, Knglish, Fiencli . and lieiuiaii do. IVIird Carpeting. Silk, Twist, Muttons, Surje, leina", Padding, S'lecu, itr. tVe, UnrhuglC'ii.'jn Ma, 1812. 31. G. HATIIKUN, . IIHAIT.R AND TAII.OH, TTAS just rcinrned from New Vork wuh ihe L SPllINt! FASHIONS ; also, a fiiptrmr at. 1 sorlmcnt of TKIM.MINOf I STINCS Ae Shnpiil t'hui Hio nrjiiv oppnsile din rttnik , I'mimp'ou .liny u. i.i. PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. rpiIIS articlcis too well known to need common tl.ilion antl Iho experience of seven years has demonstrated to the co crcial community, that mr accuracy, convcnicnco nml durability, ih'ey are unrivalled Coal yard scales tn weigh i'runr.i lo (j tons Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh fiom 1-2 lb. inn 7, ""'' 1,orlall,u t eigh from 1 2 o.. to nOlbs. PorlableCounterdo a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. ,. J. '. IL Pkck it Co.Anenh. Hiiilmglon, April 8 1911. 1J USSKI l.'S STOMACH III'ITI.KS. may b- XV. n-eil in Wmcnr w .iter. The- l.lalci luller arecoiupo-iil piuelyt.l ve.'e'nl.les ol ilu- niu-l itino ceiilyct pivihc viri They in.- rrrtiiuiucudei! par ticularly I'or ri-loring weak ciiii-niutioii-, rlraii ing and stiengllientng the stomach, and innrn ng ihc appelile al-0 n picvenlalivi'again! Iheeholcra uior hu, lever nnd ague, iciuoviiig n.iueat vomiting, heart liiinniig, weal. lie- in the lue.ii, jiam m the slonijeh mid t.l her syinpiom ol ll.ilnl nml indigc- lion. One box will 'linciureoueg.illou, Puce2j c. n box. IlL-ssni.i.'s Itpii Oistmi-s-t. Thi choice ami -afr oiuiiiicul 1 said In be superior tn unv now in u-o, I'm lhat tli-ngreeabli; and Itiatli-nme il -en-r. the ITCH. Tin Oiuiiiicul i n cc.niain in Us npcnitinii thai no pcr-ou 1 1 mi i ics i won nit; ni nvc ni-onicr nuglit lo M: wilhi.ut il. Il is u remedy lm rutanrnu rriintinn, rorbulir adi'i-non of the hr.nt, oraiiy oiherl rcakiug mil which ari-r from haip humor hi thu blood. Pri.-e 21 cl. a box. Itci-ri i.'i Mil t.ii.fs Pin., cr family' physic, Inr general u-r, m ca-es nlMiumbi i , murl itl -eu-iliility of ihe -li.tuaeh und Lou el-, ln- nl appetite, liriidjirc.ilh, colivcne , Pile., and nil ill-case an mg from biliary t'er ingcmenl-, ll-n fir enrreciing Ihe -line of the Moo I, and cleansing Ihe yiriu ol loul and vicid humour-. 'I hr-r lull air a "mild ra- th.irnr, prii'Iiicing iiciihir pum uur griping, :iinl ale therefore a valuable nnd highly apunivrd medicine, lndure proiioiuiccd n uch by the rno-t ibtitiL'ii lml pliy-ician. i.aeh box coulamum 33 Pill. Price ,w 1 cl. a 1 ox l(u rll'. rrlcl ralrd vl.T I'llF.f.M Olxi Mr.X'T. I hi- - ihr I r-t and -ul'r-t irmrdv evrrvel odercd to the p dibc for thai nb-liuale ih-onlcr SAl.'l Itll l-.l'.I. Whole olhcr mean-have l.iilnl, it b.i-suo- oeded, and the l.lcl thai 11 h.llien -xlen-ivelv il-i'd by eminent Pr.ieluii.ier spr.ifc vnlumes in its j,rui-r. ill- r.i tally euieaoio'i- m nil ilie:i-es ot the s,m caul beatl, ringworm-, and them it niveiciaie Itch. etc. ie. niucriin ccrtilica'c"- mighi lo nbtainrd, I ui the ornnrilor chrio-e.- llial a fair -In itl.l I e llie only evidence ofn- -upennreincacv. Pi-i.-e.'U.-eiit-a box. For -ale by Pick if- Spcaraml 1,'nl.crt Mily, iluilinglon: Dr. C V.. Mile- I Hull li Cool,. II in-- burgh; S. II. Itarne-, Charlnilei L. Jiinr-, lict.rgia; I.. 1 ylcr, r.s-ex : holler e liiniiiiiglon. n bmt.n.l Aln, by the driiggi-i and meiih.iut generally hrnnghtinl the state. i.2.;iu" DISI!ASi:S OF TIIK l.irN(JS.lendedl llie iniHl popular leiiii'iti rvei kiioiviiiu Ainstica I'egetabtt Pulmonary lluhnm is ihc ninsl valuable retndj now i'iii-ef..i i uh, c.ilds, .i-iluii.i m philu.ic con-iiiiipiton. ivliiioping riingli .old ptiluinniiv .iff. elio.t ofeverv kind, lis sale is sle.oldv int-ie.i-uig, .mil llir prniii lelurs ai e I'oil.l.inlli ii.ceiv'ui.' ihe uio-l fivoiabli irrotint ol its elh'Clp. Ihe billow nig new cci uhc.ilcs ir oiii-reii inr piuu.e inn. An Ixtkiifs ng C.sf nxnariofa letter fmni Hr I.' S Cl.ij, Kiiig.inn, Ulsit-r t ,N. V. lo llie pr.ipriplnrs, "1 inns t,l lie P li iii-i. was dull lee'd A i cm likable cute iv.i- clTi-cied In ihc 'eg.itiitjle I'ul mun.lrv in ihe iiner .mil -pi ing nl IS3.1. I he .crsiill, .Mr. llnnili, h.el been sick a Inns lime Willi i lit- ronsii mpl lo n . Ill' plivrii'' rut n l.un ni He was trihircd so low .is lo be unable in licln hinl-etf. in.) t.ii-ii.j a l.ngp ipi.iniin nl blutid when be poiimipnei-il using llie ll.iltaui, vvlinh has efTrrieil cnuiplrle cure, anil he it unii asliileanil evei hp Mr. Mnodi I, is i eiuoied fioni ihi imi hut lie Ins preuilred me .i lutne detailed aeriiiini of his case, iilin h I ivillluiw.ird vnn. C. S CLW. Kinssion, N, V. June 2.1. IS:1S. Fxliart ol'a Iriiri fioni Dr. J.icili Alvers Tl rgfl.ihlp v Hil-iim h.i been rold in llur eniiiiiv for move. us, ntid die mctieiiic has aincd iiiiei.tntnon eeicnril) , nit n -cncelv in one iii-miicc in iiav nig i lie- op.iieii eiifi-l l am liv mi means in I ivor of llie in.inv notttmnt, niti.l ul u hu h .ne nn pnsilifins upon ,l rreiltd.iiis public, but vvliiilt I Know ly list- it, he ell.-i-i I r .ttinni help hill gin- u appiuli ilinn ihereio. A rountri b-il pi epat M ion h been nllered heie li a li. netting Agciil, of Ci.ui.iix k. A. . a ti',1 1 hei p i .ni'iiln-r .iriu-le vended heie lhat -Irongl) siirpccied lu be.pui unit .1 Aeon M v f lis. M . 1). .ii I ilu ng inn , j n u 1 .1 1 .1 co I pun. ,11.1V .1, I Mini Dr. Sanuiel Mm r el I, lo ilu Piopi ieim s ol ihe 'e. lahle l'uhniiii.llv Pi. drain. I -ilu s.ittrlied llie Ve gci.iiiic I'n liiimi i-rv is .i v ,ihi idle meilrcine Ii h is been tired in lint place with entupleie .uocett anobtliune eotnplauii nl the lungs alten.ted wilh teveie cniih, Int. of mire, ami llie r li-ing ol" tiniel lilootl, wlurlib.iil pievi.iiirlv le.i-ied man) appiovctl pip.silitlinnt. Alter iiting the l',als.nn one weik.ihe patient's voire rPiiiniPil and he u anbp to spek audi b.y. I'liit ease oecuiit.l shiiip tiine since, and I hi is now enn-tSPil not only In aclive lull labniintts bustnest, KprpceiluM) , fee. S. Mouufi.i., It is iniw iiiiiip six )P-irs piiu-p I was l.t uii It i lerv bill b) an affection nt lit- hint's, and lllv cntupl.tiin was dei'l.iied to be inftuah'p liv n t uuiieil ortluep phi ricians. I was iIiph ip-linid In -is gnu I health a- I! Pilii)ed fur man) le.ns, liv using die Vrcpi-tblc Pill,'v Hilr.itn, Sinie inv iccuier) I h.ive i renin inpiided the Hilsani ui u gieal in in) ca-'i' nl 'tins t'fiiiiptuiiiis, s. in t so far at I e.oi b'.irn, its use h is in. i.iri.tlil) lieen full.iii eit bv ninth Lemhi, and in u.anv iusiHiiccs it lots cffecirii cities iilui h neie ulmliv ii.ipx ppeird. Sa ne' i.l V.v i hi r r. H.isiou, March 2, 1ST, 7 For satp, wholesale ami lelail, hv I'LCK SPFMl.Hiirliiisitin, Vl. Tn Itiilblei's nml olbci. BOAUOS, Clapboaids and Plank plained at short notice) also a Circular Saw foi slming, nl Ihe Hiirhuglou Iron Foundry. Turning done, or l.'ilho in let for turning lied Pools or columns. Cash i. e. re ceived in pay. JAIIMS CAV. llurluigloii, .vrrru ni;, ""CEMENT CISTH.t iS." 1 1 K -ill seriler.- having the rivht to or, in and lir . the county of Chittenden, Pari cr'- Ilvdraulic Ce ment, I'or Oi'-lern, Ite crvi'li, A-'q-u'd'ud-, Ci-I'ar Kilcheu and Slal le Floor-, for the ptirpn-enf inai, mg Ihrm dry and prisifngani-l nil ; ul-o llc.inh-, Siuk iVr. would nil. .rut ihr inhabuaul-of raid romii llial ihcy will I e reatly the cninmg ea-oii to attend In all call in llie above line of .iime.s aud willwarian! ihnr work loir dura' lc J05I-PH LAM'OX. OKLAM'O 0Wi:.. Ilurlinglon, March 3, IS 1 2. N. H. All order utldree l tn ihe riil,cribcr.s at Hinebtigli or Hiiiliu;ion will recuve imuiixliate nt teniiou. u 10 "CSSA? BOOZ'STORSr riDI' facilities of the subscriber in procuring books, J and every article in his line arc such asm rentier prices, corresponding lo ihc lim) s,d- induce llie public lo continue their patronage to In -Yue .SYore. Any publicalions not on hand, will be provided as soon as orders can be foi warded lo Ihe Cities. Works received the present wee!., ns follow s. Pu-lorial Hible, Fssa ys by Daiiivih Moore, Hours for Hc.nen.'l tinperane. llvms, Wealth and World, Iknnahy Hudgr, Thiers' llistery of French Ivrvohiiiou, lilnonifif Id's CrcikTfslanienl, Harnes' Note-son Isanh, 'I Vn ... Wislirs Amlomv, Whelplpy'sCompend, The Fame ami Oloivof Fneland. 'annul. T'-rLast Tubes, hy Oram, A Wreath lm the tomb. I ncot raitu Iv lleniv, Skrlcli Hook, ; ois It is well, Way Mjiks, I). . HIIAMAN. HOARDING lldvsil 'I he Suhicnl er still contintics his I o.nd ing liO'ise al the loot ol ( otic .estriel, near Hie SqtMrt', and will u-e In- leu .xertioiis i , ir( .. In ion (. ili.e w r i- , i , r i . u of a e t i x - and j.e in- I lie m. trill 'H' I't'iM CONWAY MEDICINES. rilHi: Sub-cnlcr W. I,. KIDDKII, gies nolle X thai be has siieeetsl the nle T. Kinder in ihu pri'iiaralion of Iho well known Conway Memcinki, nnd will herealter give pariieular niienlion to tint preparation of the I'nllovving anteh-t, the long os- lal lielie'tl eelebnly of which, precludes Ihe necessity ofa re-jiiiblication of the numerous, ci-rtilicnies in the hands of Ihe proprietor. Duet. .lebli'i Itheinnallc Liniment, l or l'heiiinnli-ni, Hriii-o, Sprain, Numbnois, Clulblalii-, Sti.Tness in the joinls, Air., will atlbrii Ihr most'iuirxpro'cd nnd inuncdintu relief In the most obstinate ease of lilicninnli-in, m a fe-vv hours i I In. article is openly recommended by Phy-iemiis. TIik l.inimeiit is done up m enlarged bottles. l'ric 37 J t cuts. Dumfries' I tell Ointment. Thu elcii-iv-e suhj nml elabli-bed rc))'!tation ol I'tMit-.lF.s' Itch Ointment, encourages ihe pro prietor to recommend it to Ihe public with renewed confidence, as the mo-l innocent and powerful rem edv Ibr Ibis annoying dien-e; it contains no mil etiry, or any oiher dangerous iugiedicul, nnJ can I ' applied ut nil liim.-i 'vulh purled snlely. Prn-u 2.1 e-eiits a llox Hcuiedy Ilu- (he riles. The concurring lesiinu.ny of relieved patient", Irom all quarter-, U-ld'ying to tberttrct elected by ihe inedieuii; aficr nil olhcr- had laih.d, together wild llie int'ica-nig dciuaud fortbeanit'le fiom nil parts i,t Ihe eoioiiry, prove it lo I e one ol'lhe mo-l valuabU pi-t'ihi-s known fortius troublesome complaint. JljJA Clergyman write Huston, retrunrv 13, IS 1 1. I have made of Dumfries' Pile L'leeliiary nuj found it produced a -nluinry inlliie-m e almost imme diately, and confidently 1 elieve il tin ei'ectiiril remedy I'or llui iineomforluble nml debilitating complaint. Humanity ba induced Inelo recommend It to persoaa Ihu allhelcd, and ol shall continue lo do. Vour re-pccllully, J. S. The remely eoii-isi of an Oiiilment and F.lectuary. I'rire lor I nih j reins, nr3ij cent when but one i. wantrtl, ii.'ri.mpanied wuh plain and aniplu duos' lion wnh a do-rriptit.ri of the eomplnui, Dumfries' l.yo AVatcn Fur sore or injlamid eyes, nothing known give -in h immediate nml comfortable itlicf, and in soma excecilinelij bad casei Iho iinexptcled and do n.iblc lehcl'lm I ecu found ui il.u iiso o this Kyc water, after other remedies had failed. Persons who nave u-en II, pronounce il without lic-nation the lot ii-p.ii.i!inn inr sore, ireoi, or injiamea eyes, iLr ii "- ever mi I with. I'm r 2j cents n bottle. CClii: FOR COIGNS. Albion Corn Piaster. Tli-J ini.-t -ate nnd cure for Corn yet ill, oyere I I t lie relief is immediate. II dissolve ai remove- the corn bom Iho foot wuh ease and expedi tion aud leithout the teail pain. Price 23 eunta a im.. Full ami ample ihreetion aeeoinnanv each of the al ove article. N. H. None of the above articles will I e genuine, null ineil W. It. Kidder on llie outside wrapper. roru' hi ( o. luting Koran, male Street, up Nun-, corner ol Merchan; now, Ho-ton. ANo by Missi.s. PI.CK it SPIJUI, Iltirlmgton, Vl. A lil.eral ili-count allowed 10 dealer. FOR SALE. a"MI.T large anil commodious two slO' - ry Uriel. Dwelllngllnuse St Lot siluatetl on the west side of College ereeu tf.iflrVisL nl ihc heatl of College-street, in this Til age. The Ilnf-F. is'32 by 15, with a basement stery, with Kpchen an I Provision cellars, and a wing 32 hj br 01. e Mending north on College (lieen, wuh wood and -line hou-i-bclow, ami chamlcr- and leepmv rooms ui nvr. .i large ami coinmoiiiou- nam, cairiage liousit iceh..u-r,aml othrr out-hoii-rs, and a spacious yard west of llieiluellinghnii-e, and a good durallu xvell or wa er of the list quality m the village, and a brick lein. Uiie ami a quarter acre ni laml, ol the tirst q tinlilv a large garden and eliuiee fruu trees west of lite ueu-e anil yard. The Huilduig Jiecou-lriicled m nuKlern style, ot Ihe I c-t material ami vytirkmaiihip, werrereete.1 bv ihc sub-eril er lor hi own u-e, and the location at' fui.U a veiv exien-ive and pleaant prospect of the village und lake on the Wr-I und i- not urpated by any other in tin pari nf the country. A'-o lor alc a lot e'outaimug an acre cf land direst ly oppt.-i'e Ihe above lot with a -ui.ill convenient wood dwelling lio'i-c thereon. Pur -ha-ers aie iiivitiil to call and exmincfor lhin clvc Terms made known by ilu: ul seriler on lit piemi-e-. SAMl'KL P.KED. II irliugii.n Jane, 10, 15 10. n3 j:.lia Brniiilt, oi rtuuily Flour. llir. ub.-cri! rr i- now- rei-eiving oa . rv.,,., ... i ....u i ii L - .'11-1-11.1.111,111114 Mill I.J ,.fl Mip- .Fi!l p'le 1 tbroiiirb the -easi.n with tnmt "I the ehoiee-t llrand id western Flour, ever oilereil m this m.irlei. Hay ng I lour by more than IvveniT .'i It rent M I s nf the h.ghi-t lejiutation, be plidges ihai I'll, r dly him -lull give the mo-t peri'est -aii l'.ii-ii ni, ami w id ' e warranted In all ca-e.. N. II. I 'ai v llr.iiul- i-nu-tanlly on hand. Dealers in Fin ir, -Merchant aiid Famine are re rpi'i't ful I y inv iled lo order and try iho nrlicle. V our -hipped I o order in got package- without Irlay, on receipt of Dial!-, cerillicate ol d?po'u Ca-h. J. IS, HINShlLL. '117 Kivcr-l. Troy. April 23, IS12. d7m4 NFW ESTABLISHMENT. "TpilF. subscriber., having opened n Paint Rhop In 1 ihc building one ibjor South of Hishop's Hotel, would respectfully inform their friends and the pub lic tint tiiey are prepared to execute nil kinds of House, Carriage and Sign Painting, Gilding, Glazing, and Paper Hanging, ni the ncitcst pi.s-ible manner, and hope liv sirist t -..nil iitientmi in to receive a share ol ''ii public patronage. It. fi. .SP.U'LDING, s. ii. hussi:ll. Ibiilmgini, April 20, led2. 17lf. SELLING OFF CHEAP. Mil subscriber, ih sirous of closing his business, n iw oilers In the public, at it'f, llie whole of his -i ' U in trade, consisting of n large and gmetnl ns si.t niieni of plain lm andjipannrd wnre, bra.s kettles, -t..i. pipes, stoves and Inmniings, and every other n'l 'e iwnlly cnlled for in his line of hiirincss. Also, tin 1 1 ilc of various sizes, ltu-s'.n, l'nglish.and Canada iron, sheet copper, zinc, lead pipe, vv ire, etc., Ai All persons wishing to purchase any of the ab.ivc articles, ate invited to call and examine for tin ipselvcs, and ihcy will bo convinced of the abovs si. II. mi nl. All accounts due to the late firm of Starr Je Row, must he elcsid immediately, either by payment or note J, J. S1A1U!. Ilurlinglon, May fi, 112. 4B if XUW AND Clir.Al' HARDWARE, VUTW.RY, fyc. ' 1 1 1 II su1 scrtber having just returned from New Vork, w-lieie he has seleelrd n new and com plete assortment nf 11 UlDWAllT, SUHLI'llV HAKDWAIll'., Cl!TLF,UV,.sC. now oilers ihesams at the Ion est cash prices. From lue facilities which he lias of obtaining his goods, ho is enabled ti oiler Ilardwaro at consider ably less prices than it ha hitherto been sold in Ver mont. Those in want i f articles in the above line wilt find il their iniircsi lo give hint n call. WM. J. 11FNT, Strongs Pudding, College si., near Ihc Square. Huilingion, May lei. DllUflS & MEDICINES. "TMI F. siihfciibers are continually supplied wilh I irery art'ule in ihc above branch, both nf the nnd Patent kinds. Medicinal waters from Saratoga , do. from Caledonia, Canada Medical Wines and Spirits) Leeches) Surgie-al Instruments I Mineral Teclli, Ac ic. Prescriptions put up at the shortest nonce. Shop optn at all hours. PJX'K A SPr.AK, Apothecaries Itm Imgion, Vl. July -7 tit. MI SSRAPANCIHOIIN A: HIII.V.S.MAln hsveju-t ni en id sonic Micro-crpe- Inr llir examination nfiiirrils, llovverr, ixi'.j nl-o, M icro-eopis or linen ami wool pi overs I lew moie I e.iul fill lonil Paris Acci.rdioiis wnh semitones, worth fa in 813 lo fc25j Music Hiixer, Flute.-, Fiagi-i li-is and other in-iru-t.ic.ii- a lue b. In .' 1 l.i ni' S. urfs, ' eatti'f I pat. I et ni ' ma rri" .Pen le iiir e A rrrSS&n