Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 29, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 29, 1842 Page 2
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.WHIG STATU TICKUT. rou covuiixoit, CHARLES PAINE. POI! MKUT. OOVERN'OII, WA1TSTJLLJI. HANXHY. port, J 0 II N S 1 A U L f) I N Q . Port srcxATons ciiiTTnNDr.N cuu.n rr. DAVID FRLNCII, Tit U.MAN G A LUSH A. F O II K I G X . The Acadia nrri oil at Huston nti Friday morning, luring left Liverpool on the ins't. I lie news is qf liltlc consequence. 'I'lioro Iia.H been mother fright to the Queen-it scarcely deserves the name of an attempt upon licrhfo. 'J'ho liritish have liad some mull advantages in India. During the whole of ycslerd.v and today, London Ins been mi tin utmost exvited slain, in consequence of the apprehension of another individual, who is believed to have intended an attempt on the Queen's life, ami. this within but a low hours of li-r .Majesty V royal demon ry having been extended toward the in in Fiancis, whom flic hail but just saved Irotn the scveicst penalty of the aV. The ninn-tor i.iiniHtii nun huh until attemp', seems to be ' iue room 1121110U tip nil at once, with mi ttn poine mis-hapen fiend, who-e appearance only oaithly niinsnn coloied li"ht. Il nlninst ex bears mmpirisnn u.'h Iho foul. Iced with which fin-mf-heil the lejlit of tho candle, so that its ir " Vi : Ch.ipel lliivalvestcrdal'lut'thowrelch'seenHir'',"'1 ilm"ulli',t(,!.v e hnth saw a strange to havo intended Ins purpose ; but Iho w hole lookl,,P m!" staudinc between us am! tin event seems s.n truly revolting and opposite to hed, looking apparently at Mr. Mann hl tho national character, tint we can scarcely 1 dress wo cannot disrtiiie, his whole face we bnns our tniiiiN to credit its truth. , .... ...... .... in Hi., .,n, nun ones irom j'miiii.i in Hiu i.,u Hi .ii,iv, anu Milium tlio fol- lowing the best onthnV nf ,U I -I U-Z' i coineveil: " ' I We rejoice to state tint, although the cients I which have uccuired -inco the dales of our last huiilu-. are noi oj so sinking u clnraclfr as , those of which Iho new,s Ins i oinmunic.iteil bv tno iat siv mails, the inlelbgence if, on the ; l!&T'XU'ry: , ,i ,, . uur news from Clniia is to ho ll i of Apr . The prepira.ion, for the defence htr I, cfi n of the river betwein Wn.unpoa and Canton, were still in projre-, althoii 'h now eeir- completed, and th?ir wfli.-ers wore uii'eiui'teiL' in their exertions to pr.ieiiso their artilleryiiion in lire iini; in i uc ,'reji i;,, , .njjpo had been a'tacl.eil on tho Hth nf' March, by a Chinese force, es'iina' o'l Vt from ! 10,0'JO to 1J,0'J(J men. They were ifKim oil to ciuer ido wn w-itliont oj.p .sinon, hnt upon Bides by our troops, and. in. ,., tly n. ,'e,l. 1 About 'J.'itl are t.nd to hue been loll dead on ' i-uii-iiuig iue niarMH.piare, v.em .ifs-iileij . n a'l i. io ii-.Mii, win o on our snJo not a single iy io iK piace. I his appears lo have bocn on'y pari of a co'icortcd a't.ic';, as at ih sime ii,'no nine lire boa' were lamichud, ami an allem H wa-- mad upon our garra, m of Ciiiuhae, but in ca-h en-,-With signal ill sun ess. .Several tl. rmi.-hos had plai'c aloii" lb" coati, ,;,t V,t!, ,, j ...,ive rCj.uf a'ti01),i,"p ,r( the enemy 1ml sullereil comidonble lo. JIr Mgoroiis measures were, it is sink m em, in,,,. hummed nnon mo arrival ot rvi,'Ji.i ..'.'!. 1 ii.iuun, aim a nnneinont to tl.e nun nvanl i-n.u ii.m. ( i rcemontj. I al but wi i'Mr? '-'V? eCn,-'ar: ,oJ 0,1 aii outwi. i t,o e.s .1 ion ol cotton, no: upon remunerai,.r pr,co. l!, wa, the only j means of intercourse. . ' I'Vorn Airhiuislan, wo learn that Connr.-il Pol. ' iuwwi.iu arnveu at Jellalaliail, rolievui" H-i!r anu me nernic garri'on nf that fur, res--, mi iho -prii no nail experiencoil hut Iml, opposiiiou on his march, e irept from some mi ing iriue-, wno iiu-l only suceecJed in cutting oTa few camols, a, ,n, ,.V0M i,.,en .,1,;, )f)1 a! eurnt ot !s ile safety, to detach a part of hs torcen to the as-, -lance of a fnoi.div ilnef. oionoi u ill n s brig-elo a'so, who h.i I heen unable to (,'eneril I'nlloek in tune to accompany lum through the Khyber pasFcs had, mm inu ii-sisiaiice o our f-c, . i hum n, , a rci if irce nent dot icl.e 1 frmi Jel'ilaoad Imiulreil doll irs, lor lahor and niouev. readied All Mu.-jib v., ihoni ilillinulty, and would , When A'uyns'a houso was completed, bo prohablyarr veil at Jolialalisil ab.iutlhe 5th of i went to work upon a house for Mr. John .May. Colonel ll.ilUm had under Ins convoy a Gross, in llie viciniiy, bis lollies and part of heavy ronimisMriat train, and .vane artillery, all , ,is ,, still lemaini'ng at Noyes's house, ot wliicli fiail threaded tho iiai-ses m'eiv i , , i i T,. ...,,, lf , " , ' i i , r He lell Gross's bouse one evening o go i no sjsiemnl purchd.s ng the anl nl ihe Afiodi, I . n v , , and other p;edatorv tribe.-, ...uuars to bale wo.-l , '? lN"-Vls ''"i1w'is '"'verseen uf ked well. , ler that tune, honie lilllo excitement The combined forces would, it was mnprso l, ! havo about the end of June maiiiiaiiifii inuir nrcscni io.-iliu,i iinu I he mtelh'vnce of the force litelv under , I ,ii nnn l'.i.,n.' o, f? ...... . i ... pared a wo were for its utter destruction, it is ! be left 'thu "citadel un the L'h'h of' .iar.'b, and (N'".vrs) '" v 11 his (ilodgdon'.s) tools, and oth tnik up his quarter m a pirtion nf the town, i ('r Jhings, nnd send the monny on to him, There, as iu the caso of Cabul, Iho Ghazer-r, i which h.; accordingly did, hut whether the in Clin, ilnnri-io c-t. I I, .! . - oi'juuiii: v. iiiiuui nruers, attacKeu the troop-, and a f rr: glillul si in 'liter eli-ured. 'I ha leader oi me insurgents siimuhooileen. interrern.l .m,l i took 'he ollicurs under his protection, and they nro described as now hvmg a priamier in tin: ciiauei. .i'ii, nt llh) only o! the Hepoys are suii. pned to hac O'caped. ' Gen. Lngland had, it was behoved, succeeded in relieving Cm, era! N at Cam! , Inr. .-i llykulzic, iho scene of h's former robnli; ho had attacked the enemy's po.itinn, ami carried it without the ln.? ol ,i single mm. Major Iticd b id reaclmd Uadur with a valu able convoy of treasure and -1IHI came's, with which In w.n 1 1 acend the liaion pass on the !U or 1th uf .May. 1 The news from Cibul corroborates what we had before ie.-pocling Iho deatli oi Shah K.ioj ih, aiiuougu noil, ing certain was known ol the na-i ture ol the authority by ,vhich bis jule, such as it was, succeeded. Will, respect lo the survivors of tho Cabul force who are prioi,prs in the hands of the All' L'hans, tho most satisfactory uitellmenco had been received. Capt, .M'Kenz.e, one of their number, had been permitlc-,1 hy Akbar Khan to visit tho camp at JulUlabad on parole, as I he bearer of a despatch to Major I oPmger, and to treat for tho ransom of his companions, Ile brings news of the death of Gen. Illpbuistono cm the 'SU of April. The other prisoners are doing wull, and hid been treated with coii-idur. able kindness. It is said thai an enormous sum had been deunniled for their ransom, hut the terms wero not known, although Capt. M'Ken zie had returned to the Ailghau camp with the answer to the proposals with winch he had heei. entrusted. Throughout Lngland, we aro rejoiced to say, there is an incraaiang disposition lo maintain tho most friendly relationship wnh the ni. ted States of America, and no further evidence ol tins can bo needed than a rocent Mamfesta. tion on the occasion of tho .Meeting of thu lint ish Association of .Science now assemlilcd ai Manchester. This si ciety numbers all the leading characters of thu country iu Us list ol iiiembeis; and wo instance tio coidtal exhibi tion of granl feeling towards America, so strongly marked in thu reception of .Mr. Lvorott, as tho highest compliment that could possibly have been pud. Ail beamed to viu with each cither in rendering honor Iu tho American Amhasia. dor. A SINGULAR STORY. The Concord (N. II.) Slatesiuau of Fri day publishes a most. singula) deposition, t,,. ken before a justice of tlio peace at Grafum in that state. Ilazen Whilcher and David M, Nonis depose that on tho night of Juno ., .,- , , 'hoy weru watching at t ic death bed ,,r ..T..I.I i. , . r ngiinor ,-niniifi via in, ui ,ih , . Ion, in n small room, the situation of which is thus described. Tlio hod was on tlio north sidu, tlio hro place on (he smith side, tho door way to tho kitchen on tho oust, and n door lending into a hed room on tho west rod of ilin mom. mid a sot of drawers, on tint oast side of the room near tho foot of tlio hed, and a window by the foot, on tho norlh side. Tho w indo was raised from four to six inches-. Tin door into tlio kitchen was open, and iM litwgo W. Maun slept there in tho soul! east corner of it. Tho door into tho he room was shut, and Mrs. I'etcr IIowo and .ills. Mann slept (here. The Minn with whom thev were watching had hecn in a dying stale for several day lull appeared to have net fuel possesion of Ins senses. Afloi the house was still on Sun day night, the deposition goes on to say : Mr. Whilcher was slatidin' hy iho fool ol'lliii hed, close to tho open window, and .Mr. iNoiris was sitl inir soulh of the hed sonu f,o or live paces from the head, on tlm'tves 1 side ol tlio loom, I ho randlo was slandni" on tho mantel, over iho fireplace, when wt notn ilKlmcllv heard a nioau. W o are hotli positive II could not conic Irom the sick man nor the bed whereon he was, nor from anoth er room. It was a deep, lengthened gioan anil stm tied us lioth Mr. Whilcher stepprd to the fire place to get tho lidil, to seo what the noise came from or what caused it. As ho took the light am uiriieii around ton mil llie lieu, we Poll) saw feeble, npp'.runtlv almost oul did not see. Mis clothes were dark, hut we cannot give tlio lasliion or inak, nor sav " "U'"L' ,,B 0,1 U0JlS or 3Ut'S 0r "' 01 t....i i. . i. , . . i i i . , " (,olh trausfiveri both stood there .side by side, ns .Noi l is had risen up, White h- sun iioinin iiiocinille in In.s lianil anil no lira in tho lire-place, at lens; none that irave anv lisht, and as the sliMie-e m in stood be- ""..a-, l,U hack towuiil ,h, and his face .. i .. .. n i i i 'V'" A r' ;,1'u,"1 "Il--r.d muc , :1S,,i",,,J ' 1,0 ''"1I,mI on l,,u l,,,,r "'''w his arms about and opened In P.VL'S Wl open, and appeared fiighterieil and K '".e upon the nppariliuu, then ho tiied to cover up Ins lieail. i'i ' i . , , , , , ' '"' 11 ' Sn""1' ,l,,,n ,,,'C,ari"1 lhat he had loriy eais previously assisted his emplo er in mnrderiii'' u man and lus emp lering bodv. ma- " ", ' " ' "" 'ho name of Cdwurds, but in what Ciinnex- ng awnv with inn llu. i! tlllllf'Iils r.ihnnl ,, 'fli.i -ifTt I I vil then goes on : J Ho called no other ninie, and we may he mistaken in ibis name, but think wo aie mil. IIi' lli'm sin.k down, lifter linning over mice or twice, and throw jug I, is arm about nnjin ed and died. Wo know we were frigbleiieil, and could not speak, or did not, nor did the stranger, and as mioii as .Mann bid finished . Confessing. .'111(1 W.IS iliinr iiiv.iv In, film sii - .m,.,.! i. .. .r,,,,.. ii.....i ". : .... - !- ji-'in . llllll llllWl III III lull, we know not ; one door was open, but e '! ' I"'" comV in ur Bo out, nor can we In liovu ilni I ill I " L.U "J 1,1 ' ' ' llu editor o. iue statesman in connexion uith the alTidinil tells the following slorv. " i. yvoiiui uiiiy, or ioii-iivo years since, (we tell tho story a.s told to us by individuals in llie ictiiin ) a man by the mime ol Ilnilg- dnu was winking in L indafl N. II., as a joiner. The last season he was theie, lie finished oil' a house for .lonalhan .N'oyes, and m idu Ids lioine with .Mr. Mine during the lime. Hi; lent .iisMime two or three hun dred doll us in money, mi th it w lien the house was finished .N'oys was indebted lo him about u'' 'hero fas tho old people say) al tho time, res pociiiig ins uiysiei ions iii i i learance. mil was a stranger, m ;i measure, it was said he I. id abscond, d, and .N'oyes soon ufior received a letter from somevvlii'i e in New nun inn ir n, i, i j 01 . ,- ,n--.iii" mill proceeils ol tin' sale went to Aevv loll; or anv when, is nut kniiivn. Tin. i.vriir.meiit however soon died away, and nothing more said or thought aluiui il, until llio tlealli-lied cniifesNioii whitli we publish below, brought the hidden mystery lo ligjit. Noyes died a few d i s since, nnd on his ileath bed, intimated th il he bad something to disclo.e heforo he could d'to in peace, but .M mn wetit a day or two I ef ire his death, and spent a whole daj with him, and after th it nothing moru was said about divulging any tiling, an. 1 ho expired appireutly in the greatest mental. igony and un ler lioirihle r. -morso of cniiscience, Ireipiently exclaiming O (tod! Inigiv mo lhat ono sin. Tho L I- j ward to whom it is supposed he, (Mann) re ferred and who, many now suppose, was accessary to the murder, is now living, and has been partially deranged at times ever since, as well as Mann. A !',viriin;i. l'mEMi. On Wednesday eve n'ng, alter Hark, a gentleman in tl.e vicinity of 1'illh and Llm streets, totind in tho street a child, bately old enough to walk and talk a lit tic, but not old enough to tell its own name or us areuls. Tl.o little wanderer was nearly exhausted, but by its side stood its friend a vu" ry fine dog. Tho noblo auuii il teemed more cniuiious of the rendition ol his charge than the lIiiIi! itself did, and when iho gentleman approached the ch Id, ho vievveiUiinuydh dittru-t ind prepared tu roit injury if it bad been of. lered. Tho gentleman took the child up, and, in company with other perrons, biought it to iiurofike. Tho waiulorer soon fell asleep in Ibe man's arms, and as it was carried alono. and in our of. lice, vvhero it was passed from ono to another, no ellbr's could iinliiru tho dog t desert or be separated fioui it. When any ono took tho child, ho would spring upon lum, examine Ins person, smell Iho child, and then, as if satisfied that Iho child was safe, wou'd crouch do vn by tho feet of thu person holding it. Iu a few minutes after icnchiiiir our olllce. nersun-: in suarch of tho child received it, and as soon as they sot nut in tho direction o the child's resi deuce, the faitblul annual testified iu every nos. siblu manner his joy and consciousness thai the child wa-s sale, and then for iho first tune did bu I'ipear In bo willing to bo separated from it. I lioso who aro so rabid lor lullingoll dogf. should h ivo wilnessod ibis and learned the fulul. itvnnd affliction uf tlio nohlo aninial ,S7. Louif Uepublican. KAii.Mirv op a I)oa. On Tuesday last, a i, ,' , .,. , , 7, , ",',., umg near I a lley's Jlrook, m Daiivers, lull lus louii-iiiau. auoui eu'iit en ii veam ot nre. res - latin r'n hoi-o f t,u .,;.,. !,,,,,....! iu, 5 iriia puj;jv-e'if shnut ip bo' noon, tho don entered the hou-c, and anneared in a statu of extraordinary ngitation, making many nioiioiis wnicli wero altervvaidii un dorslood lo bo inviting to follow bin, but w li tcli at tho time occasioned fdiiiu aprirchcn 'ions that ho was about lo stiller an attack of he liydrnphnbia. Finding that no attention was aa.d to h.s wishee, he finally left the lioue, and was not teen aflei wards for seioral hoiirs,when ho nga n entered, mid lecommnnced Ins at tempts tuindnco the liiiiulv lo follow hi nr. A person th'ii in the house, but who was nut there at the dug'n previous vfsi', observing his svange inudiict. ami Icariutig lhat it was sum lar to whit Iml been chihiled before, "hided that thoio was siillicient 'method in his madness' to const ituto lum a safe companion, mil accordingly followed him out lo foo wdiat would como of it. At lir.-!, in hw eagerncsf, the dog ran out of sight of the man v. ho follow, vl lum, but being recalled by a whistle, kept lim-elf afterwards only a short distance in ad vance. The man followed "through brake and hrmigh briar," but was rather daunted when 'lie dog plunged into the recesses of a swamp. Deleimincd lo seo it out, Imweior, he wont in iiler him, and there disxoioicd the young man ymg upon tho ground insensible, and with his ice dreadfully shattered by the disch irgo of us gun. lie was taken home immediately, the leg following in triumph, and although, 'as we earn, still in etisiblo yesterday morning, was onsidered iu a hopeful condition. littlcm (la. .Ms. Tin: cnoi'H. In Aronslool; County. Me., the nrosnoc.t for a .rood crop was never more favorable than at iresent. 1 lie glass and gram crops are parlic. jlarly igorous and will be Icnlitul. fazg-or Whig. We have recently been on an excursion through a part of this count v and York, lluou'di ' tho loner part of i'ovl lampshiro, part of K ev anil .Wulillcsox counties, ,n .Massaehlisotlr, lid every wliero tlio crops nf all Kinds iiuusualiv well. Tliere is no exception. Win- er rye, both in quantity and finality, lar exceeds hn crop of any former year. I'urlhind Me.) S.rgus. In Las-tern Pennsylvania tho crons are most ly bincMcd, and the yield has been mostabuu- nam, anil tlio prospect ol corn and potatoes is as llit'ering us tiie ie.-u!t has proved m the wheat mirvc.-l 'it. Lttlarr. iN'eicr was there such a promise of so rich I abundant a yoid of wheat and rye as tho Hons, the hops in tins neirhlinr .n,.d inai- lie . ....... ,,,,, .,-, ,1-1, e Al r I- I considered lirst inle IJarrislmrh Pa.) Key. SOJ1", I'ho hills and dales, fields nnd fruits of Ohio, never lo hod more l-e.iulilul, nor tho crons more abundant. What has been said of the re-it wheat crop is in no wav exa,"eratnd. mi ., i e , t ,i ... . " lie w hole crop of Ohio will prohah'v he gather- e,l and hhuaed without tho least dam mc.-Oaio Whig. , The wheat Ins been injured bv rust. &c. and il o crops will not In; sn good as appearances live promised. Indiana VVc-m;,,. I'he wheat crop iu this county so far. has ' m'.-t wuli no chock. The ouantiiv will eiereil lormery.ehls. In about ihieeweeks ,t will l.eriioned lor the harvest.-Daiennorl f W.1 "- . The wheat Inrven cemmenccl hero last -ek. Ni nie lie.ds havo been slightly damaged iue nisi, in, i we Pelnvu mine loan an avo- j.iiu mn uu narmtio 'utrijt. I' ('nip'' in Tennessee were nm-nr l.irirn more flourishing than at present. The nl'inim-r s been iimvoral!v large, and th viuhl lirritn. isc-- to be abundant. .Wislailie Whf". We liavo satisfied ourselves that the wheat e , ., ' ....wuwn,, 111 i.ui sum In I y one third in con-.L-fiuoneo nt iiiC rui.t. I rop on this side ,,, ,,o mountain, will fall short lln file water country, tho injury is probably m,re setiolis-, in coiiscniicnco of tho coiitiliuo'd r,, ;;,.' if,,, i ra .. UifMond 11 hih. Although the when, and corn crops have been more than hall cut id! Inr many miles around u.-, i, . ul our slate the nn.---nect ,. .. i. ,, ,, til.., ii, i.... , ,ti, in nn.- "i e.iii.-i ,ui L ll I .. , ' . .XirJ-!'; ( la.) Herald. ; s nover oeiier. Cotton and grain crops of South Alabirna. ! aie represented to ns as still .'ivit," primi'ise of ' n abundant h.nves,. It is however too'eariy m the season as regards cuttun. tu place much lelianco on appearauces.-.Uoof, Price Current Prici" nl Wheat. A friend who has just re- ' turned from imo of the largest wheat gr.ivving ' dislricls in Ibis stale, inform- us lint irfarme" , .r,oh,s.con;rac,e,l,ndeI,ver,,0(,I,husheNo w hia.thisauliininal io cents per bushel.-'ll- i:d:!j':..i l.t . Jnurnal. An Ixcng.NT at Ni.ou:. From a let ter in tho lioston Tianscript. A ciiciiitihtanco occuneil hero day before j esu i noi , ijiiiil- i-.mi. mi iiuiiii- , nun ,-, ineie- loin tin' lion in eoiivei Jin, nn. , l(irM, was (,,.,,, -I,, I. ,1, I,,. i,, ...... ,i... r-.i-.r..... House and thu load leading lo tho lint ning i Spring, swimming from Nivy M.inil on the Canada side, toward tin- opposite shore. , Strange and impossible ns it may seem, be ing n powerful animal it is mi1um-iI, he suc ceeded in leaching Grass Island, more than two thirds tho way across tho Niagara nv- ! er. This was accomplishril by having start- ed high up so that a diagonal line enabled , il.,. li.ilil ..ilieiilnri i- In nl.itil liw ln.,,1'- ,,,, il,.,, ' ." . " , .. . ,: 1 .", " in i, ii.itc i oi i--r, a inula. lireMi i .iiui. n ' narrow snip of grass lhat peeps out of the i ! ' ' ",,,m " ""("'natii mat llio JacU opo.t urn ,,,,1's,,,,,,. , o mgenious speecu water but a shoit distaucu above Goat Isl- I '" C;,MI ll("l(l he iauly picsenu-d lo your "'-Mr. II it llett upon that question was he iind. I readers. 1 will therefore stale, for their in- gun in llie aflernnon of one ilay and conclii- Afler feeding avvhilo and therefore ntlrari- foiination, and 1 wish you to call their ;- I 'h'd m the forenoon of the next, lie was I . . .' ' " , ng a a still linger iiuiulier ol vvumler struck idbhhm'of .ur; ,,;., ;; 1,;;; , inn. the resistless ciiirent either inlending ! io return or touch upon the American side j for horses llunk, aye, and leason inn, but i thu rushing waters, like an at my of I gry tigers, wiiu lea mo poor iieast linlier nnd thillicr, and unwind loo, so that just as hit leached tho first lapid, nothing but his head could bo now and then observed above thu ingiy billows, Heforo comi g to the mag- .t. . ........ .i .i. ... i M j . i niliceui caiarici, iow.iiu iue iniiiiiii; oi iue descent, it was quito certain lib) was exlinct. Over vvenl tlio encase, which was soon riis coveied hy rimsu below al iho ferry, where it was lowed on slime and examined. It proved to bo a very largo horse, iu excellent flush, almost milk white, Iml every bone iu ",u j """ i ,1,0 last advices the remains wero at the j wlulpiiol, iniiniug an endless round, the race 1 of a magic hoise, as though it wero intended to impress thu mind willi a deeper sense of I 1 1,,. Ii.mI ,. ii-;i hmk' en I nil, I rri iTiiiioilc Alt horror, while gazing intu thu awful abyss below. Washington, N. C.,July 11. Trcmindous Storm. It has hern rain ing heio for about -10 days, and somo of the nights it poured. To close tho scene (wo liopo il is closed, though it looks very unlike il,) on uionday night it began to blow, and on Tuesday morning il wns blowing a gale, and hv tho evening the shade trees in inwn lust uianv ot lln ir liraiicnes hut tho fury i f. I thu slorm vvas'resorvcd for tho night when ll ,. .1 ..L- A set !,, il, u.oi.w.c wils . ;,s iiclnr.( 'p10 Ut:i.u woro literally blocked up the i next morning bv tho tree's and broken branches. f sue i in tho iiiniri. , r .i. . i.. i nero iuu nines iro in mo uceuii, vvuai may , ., '.,; ' not expect lo.iiearo. marine tiisasiers,- i''m'''" " 'rum tlio London Cor. I'llie .V. 1'. Com. Atltcrtiscr. "The allairs of Poland havo recently attract ed a considerable share of public attention ; and were, last week brought undnr notion of the House of Commons, by Mr. dally Knight, w ho moeil a call fur the tno ukases, issued iu 1911, by Iho Lmpororof Itussia, (he effect of which was to deintionaliye Poland entirely, to take away the last remnant of her constitution, and reduce her lo the condition of a mere province of tho empire. A discussion arose, in the course of which there appeared u singular unatmmty of opinion tint Kusma was acling in a mostly, mimical manner toward Poland ; and that Hug laud was hoiiml to gne protection to the latter by the treaty of Vienna, which tlio ukases dis tinctly violated. .Members of all sides declared these views ; and Mir Hubert Pool, himolf, af ter expressing his implication that the remarks of the speakers: on the government of I'ussia nan iiocii nept witliin due liounil, and repealing his former sta'einenls, that the most friendly feelings characterised the intercourse between Iho Imperial Cabinet and lhat ol Great lirilain, added that ho regarded tho course pursued toward Poland a.s unwise and improper. J'KIDAV JIORNISH. Jt'LV 2P, 1312. Uoi'i'L'siioiiilriicc of c!jo B'i i-c Vivs'i w .vsinNdTu.v i). c, I IniiMlay, ill, July IS 12 1 thought this morning I would iindeit lo give you an off hand sketch nf somo of tlio more prominent characters in Congress who have figured so conspicuously, for a few- years past, in the public loiirmils of (ho country. Hut as I do nnl feel precisely in the mood lo inr ulgo in such nn exercise, al this lime, you will excuse me, I hope, if I postpone it to u future occasion, and confine this letter to a subject of groaler importance in ilself, and of much more general interest to tho great mass of your readers. I believe I informed yon, in my letter of last Saturday, that the duty on uumunnfuc luied Wool, mil been increased to a stiecifu: Iduiy of three cent pur pound, and thirty I II . " ' "" "rti on an wool over six, "d under lliirly cents a pound, nnd 1 said also that an effort Would le mude. the same day, to raise the duty still limber, nn ibis i.. " "'"' B'W'miio great pleasure to mlorin ' you that siiih an i llin t w us made, on . . tint day, nnd that it u-tis nitirclu siirrrfl 1 -n ... , uitucli succcy-Jul. f on iiosg, i-.u siapie proline-' '" ' ' ""'O' per ct'm "" ''", and three cents pel i id, sjiccijic, on all w nol tho yalue of vMch is ()Ver seven cents a pound. Very effectual tiuivisunw 1,-,,- i .. i ...... . . .. ' ." "V" U""1" .""u ",l ,IM Jiiiuist IimuU iu importations. ""' !ls 'ho w hole provision on liii.s subject is '";i,,fi 111,(1 hi' farmers anil wool growers (f your state feel so gieat an inteiest in the snlneet. 1 ..lill emu- r,, ,i, n,n J ' IV 'ni ,-iniii , inu section relating to Wool, as it fnialL passed the House. Strike oul all the provisions relative (o ununntifac- lured wiinl, nnd uiert i I'irsi, Inr roure wool un- 1 lliaiiili.ii luud, the i.ihie win not. al thelii-l tiurl nr ',,, whenem u ., ' th,- ', ,,l 's , , "J nil ill lie "-veil cuts or under p.r pound, there flinli l. I,... i. I .. i . . .. ... - :. . i . ..i ,, nil oilwr .i.a..uli. iu vi wool , o s ic , n .i.oy.,1 ,i,r-..,.,. .r.ln, , I , I v,lorem : I'rocULd, 'hi.-it when wool i iliHi-rcni ' rl" o-Uesol the s one kind oi sort is unpoiW-d m the' sum-b'l..-. b.ijr.oi pi-k-i-, -unl i- ,iL.,.re;.iite paeka.e lluti .i,,,.,, .,!,. oi the ,,,,e,s , ,, p,,,,, , fe i char - ed wuh a duly in eonforinity to such apprm-al : ' ,vi.uin..,,i,,nii, i ii n ,mui wu Ol u . re I nun . ...,,i .i.ii-. ,...n . . ... : - 1 . , i - . - . ...iitivui i.i,.u.,i ,.,n , uuporieii in ,ne n-Ue,, or paeka ,e, the contents nf the halo, 1 o i, oi on ie s. i in ue ill irill-10 111 ine value ot llio I or u,1,u'l,,r li""l"r n"d 11 lll"' eharg. , f.,u' - "; ' n.-conlmi; v : Provided, further, Thai if ZrX be ippr,o.-ed ni-ivrdinu lo the inlue of the bale of il,0 Sift i impurities utlnr Minn iho-eualurally be'ou ing inihc 1 ""' ihus berulucid mvalne' to seven cents ,cr l,'JU,"'1 "ir ll" "I'l'misers shall apprn-e such pur.tus -, and a dutv shall be ehr..(,l iherenn in ron-1 f.n only to sueh apprai-al : PrurUUd, aUo, That wool i imp nte.l on theskm shah he .stimaud, as to weight and value, as wool. I have no dmilii iho fanners of Vermont 1 I He entirely salisfied will, the provisions in tliis section tho duties, y on perceive, will on mi averaoi amount to n fi action over' JoHtj per cenliini, which is Arr than lv u" Kolr't s that, notw ithstanding himm ul the locofocos, i,e fai rsare, after all, better protected than thu .Maiiiif.u-- lllr(-'rs' ! As I understand an effort has been made 111 ,H "'present tho I17f''s iu Congress as being hostile to i(! U'ool grow- , ers, and lo remeseut lliein n. wiJ, in.H.I .,' . up mo nianuiaciurers at the exiienso nf iho ariners I Hon!.- tin ,, I... r.-. r.r 1 .i.:..i. :. t . . . thmtlr attention to it,, when the ainclo r - ..,. ; w,,ulu '"""" J- Ji'rrclt, uf . N(,' Voik city, and CVrc Johnson, ufTen- nessee, two of tho most ptuminent Loco Fo ! cos in the House, each siiliniiit..,l lo reduce the duly on wool to a much lower rule than was orignally fixed in tlio Hill nnd that thiy were both sustained by the gical nss of the Loco J'oo members. The W'tigs, however, united against lliein, and voted down their propositions. Tho Ver mont Delegation vvenl before tho Comuillteo of Ways and Means, nnd prevailed upon them thiougli ihuif chiin mini, Air. Fillmore, to sub-' mil ii proposition In raise tlio duty on this , 1. i . . . iii iii in iu i i,u raiu ,,i which 1 1 now stands ill , m .JT uhm , ,,,,,, . "'.''' P"scdbU lco I-on, members,,,,! it was siippntted and carried by the Whigs. Two other Lorn Foro members, besides Messrs. Johnson and Rosevelt.also piepaied amend ments lo reduce the duty on wool lo n very low rate, and they wero sustained bv their political friends. Tho Whigs, buvv eye. suc ceeded in defeating them. Thu volo on Hie final passage of the Hill was taken in the House at a late hour, on .S.ittuday uiolit. Every Locofoco member, wilh only oni: ex ception, ncorilctl ns vote against it. The fulluwing aie tlio yeas and nav... . , 1 'Aa:. '.", -viains, .t len, Landolf V. An. Ilabcck, IhUer, llarnard. larloi . ll,r UV lihf.V 1 "oardiniin, llord.n, IIqi.s. iJi,a.., llrucliwny,.!ron! 7" ! : "X '.i' '" ,,1,,'.,.0"")'"i Uoi.ius J av. Clat i. JauiraCnnnrr fln. fi,., r.17. r'mlenl'bSilmor ' ' 1 " ' l ' i, , t, ' i ham, Granger, Orccn, Hull. Hat-led, ltnwnid, llirl sun, Jucph II Jngcrroll, .Ionics Irvin, V. W. lrvin, Win. (Jost Jolinson, Istac ). Johns, John P. Ken nedy, Lime, l.inii, JlolCcnnan, 'l'liumas I'. Marshall, Sniusiiu Mason, Malhwt MattocKs, Maxwell, May mrd, Mdiirc, Morgan, , oins, Morruvv, Osliuinc, Ons loy, l'.iriiiciilir, 1'iarcf. Piiiillilon, Pnpc, I'owill, ltinnj.iy, I ttnj i mill Randall. Alexander Randall, Rin ihilpli, R, tiifuay, Rinlney, Win. Russell, .limits M. Russell, Snllonia!l, Hii-ppi-rd, Mininntoii, Sialic, Tru pian Smith, Solli-ts, SpngL', Slnnli-y, Slnki-'y, Slrnt tmi, Ali xninJir II. II. Sunn, John T. Stuin, -inn-nu-rs, Tidmrvrro, -lohn II. 'riiunipaiiii, 11. W. Tlnunp "in, 'rilliii!hast, Tolanil, Tiiiiihnon, Tripli-M, Trnin Imll, tliiili-rwniiil, Van ItsiineltiL-r, W-illai-c Wiislium ton, lalwniil I). Wlnti,.l"iih I.. Wind-, Jnsiph I,. Wilhains, Ymk, .(!iistus Vmunr, John Yiniiig, 110. Kays-.Messrs. Ariiiiglnii, Allii-rloii, lleesmi, llnl l u ll, lil.n-U, Hduih', l!oy,l, llrowsler, Arnn , Drown, .Alillun llniHii, tJharles llrnnii, llurl.e, Sampson II. llnlli r, W.llnm Under, Wil lamO. Ilntlir, firrcn W. tnliliuli, PatrukC. CaMwcll, .lohn I oinphill, Wil bam II. Ciinptii.ll, (y.irullirrs, C.irv, Cney, Cliapiirui t'lillanl, t'hiiion, Coles, M irk A. Cu,iv r, ( ross, Pan IlI, Richatil I). Ilivi", Dawson, Dean, Dalimv, Dunn, IJnia, !:.ilnnn,".lohu 0. I'.ilwanls, Culu-rt, .lain, O. rioyil, Cli irli-s A. I'lnvd I'Virnanrc, 'I'luiinas I". I'uv tcr, (innlile, (ierry, (lilnur, William (). Oumle, (Jnr ilnn, (jii1iiii-, (twin, llnlieishun, Harris, H isiinns, Hays, llfihneo, Hopkins, If, molt, Houston, Hulnnl, Itnnlcr, C J. Iiiiirrsiill. ,l.'(k, Cavo .luhnson. Jnlin W. .loin 3, Id un, Andrew ICi nmilv, Kin?, I.i-wis, I,,,, tlrlielil, Ahriiliain MeClcll.m, Rntiirt MeCli Man, Mc Cay, JIcKiim, M.illory, Mnnbanil, Allred Marshall, John Thoiiiiim, Mnon, Mnlljews, Muhll, Mi-nwelh-i-r, JIiIIit, Vlu-lioll, Newlnnl, I'.nrid 'i, Pavnc, I'.ck cii, Phnner, Ren I. Reiliny, R.-ncher, Id vmilils. Itlirtt llu'C. Idii-trs, Idio'cvrlt, Snnfonl, Saiiiul -rs. Slnw, Shiihls. Win. f mull, Suydcr, Siienied, -Suinier, Jai-nli 'riimm,fim. Tin ney, mi I'., r,.n Ward, War n a, Watl-rsn, V.-ll--r. James W "WiUnins, Chrislo- piier il. inniiis, nail IVOOll irj, Theio stands the lecord. Let tlio Far- , mors and wool Glowers of Veinumt read it Let thmn know whoaro for sacrificing, and wlio for sustaining them. Let them remem ber that, during this discussion, tlio Loco Focus have done every thing in tlieii power, first to reduce the dulies, nnd finally to de feat the Hill. As I said to on, iu u former eoniinunhnlion, if tho honest yeomen of Ver mont could have been piesent hero in lire Capital, and listened to the discussion, and witnessed tho voting on this great National measure, they nrvrr lemild-givcumillicr Lo co Puco bnUot in their lives. They would renounce tho paity, and lopudiatu their prin ciples forever. Tlio Tariff Hill will probably he taken up in the .Senate iu the course of a few days, and I will endeavor to give you a faithful ac count of its progress in that body, G. W. L. P. S. Intollig-mro lias just been receiv ed in this city that the whigs have canied liniii 1 1 ,-.,i M ,-t i , ,c .iCti,. l i :..r i- n- "i inu ,i "i,iiiui i; ill ijuniSlilllil. 'Pl.t ..mi i f I Iu, will secure the election ol u staunch W lug to icpresent that slate in tlio United .Slates Senate. The news has caused a general rejoicing among the Whig members of Congress ; but it makes the Locos scowl most liidhiusly. W,vsmxr,To., ti. c., 2:U July, 131.'. TIIL NEGOTIATION CLO.SLI). I have just been informed, by a gciitlrmn who has full knowledge of tho facts, and whose statement is entitled In tho utmost eredif. that lllG North-Ka-lern Il.mnilaiy Question is finally seltleil. The condit ons, on which the negotia tion was closed have nnl yet been made public. lat, the Secretary of e, on the part nf the , r i r. - - , f'-'seral Government, the Cotnimssioar rs of Mass.iehu-otls, and Lord Ashbiirton, the special . . ... ""Mor of t,leat r"a,' ye'c-',lay agreed I upon tuctorius bv vvlucii this aLNtatiii" rontrn. ers- wns'in In- "settled bv t . ' . . oil. I li'i (..uimiissinnor.s fn lir..t ,on, , acqlli, '' "' Ute hour las ceded to the terms which I the jiartics interest- oni Maine were at acquiesce iu the arrange. mnnl, but at a late hour last evening, thev ac ceded to the terms which had previously been , ... . . . aL'reco unon iv i no o nor n irtin-j in i m m,i,. i w - vw...i orsy. 'I Ins intelligence will undoubtedly be ,n,,.,,nt. f :.. 1 1 , , . or fr:l"r al1 ('"'" and to the friends oi harmony and peace between our gov- Altbniigli, as I hive said, the eonditbmr, nn M ' 1-Mion has been finally adjusted, 'n,c "0 ucon "nde public, yet I undorslaml from good authority, that tho award of the Dutch ,. , n c 'ft t- 1 ll01''n! enerally adhered lo. G. W. L. nanrc Committee ul the Senate h no reported, with some slight amendments, the New Tariff lidl of the I louse, and it is made the special order of tho day for Monday nu.t. PLNATOR FRKNCII. The last Seniinel conlains a very foulisl attach upon Mr. French, our candidate for Senatnr. It is copied from that veracious and caieful prim, tho Monlpelier I'alriol. The substanceul' ibe tliimris ih u Mr I-' 1 was awfully used up, nolhing hut a ''grease spot'' left of him, by Mr. Harriett of Caledo- m ' on the " ictory contesteil election case, Now, the unlucky pan of ibis attack is, thai ' ilis totullii false. Mr. Ilattlett did mil snook i . at any length, alter .Mr. t- roncli Had stioken I i mm... ;.. - ... ... .1 I ,1 , ::,, . , tepliedto by Mr. Dana of Rutland iu an able . j).,,,,, Ha., wmiugnaiuanu oinorsnaiispuKeii .nr. l lencli addiessed the .Senato on tho question. Mr. liartletl afterwards said iu a few vvoiris that ho deemed a Ii iumiihaiil lenlv miht bo made to tho arguments of Mr. French, and lhat lie did not think his own arguments and ihnsu of Mr. Dillingham hail been refuted by .Mr. F. hul that as the Senate seemed inipa- l'011' lu l,lk() ihu vote, he would not go into a reply. 1 His is nil theio is, or llio uwlul using up referred lo hy tho mendacious Pat riot. Mr. Harriett is a gonlleman. and a man of talents, undoubtedly, and wo will warrant ho would bu rim last to sanction so empty ami lalso a brag in his favor. The supremely! al and stale comment of tho .Sentinel upon this "P.iliiot"-ic falsehood is altogether loo small for notice. WllIIRi: LILS TIIL II LA ML ? Tho measures piomised hy the whigs, and which they expected iu good faitli to cany out, have not all heen peifoimed hut holme condemning them for this, every man with any pretensions lo candor or fainuss, will find out " where lies ihu lilanie." No ra tional iinu not even thu mosi rabid loco foco, believes hut thai llio whigs would have can ied out tho measures proposed iu tlio groat struggle of 1810, had not tho death of thu President and Iho defection of his suc cessor, added to tho virulent mill icckless opposition of vho other party, pi evented them. I ills ISUniliU'Ont lOnCO CVCrv ti lort of ocn 10 si"''110 '" rcspons.bilily upon the."!' wi. i el l- i ,i e all li n tr ile-l hy an unlbrosoeii uctidont, will fuil to injure tho whigs willi men wlio rellect. 'i'liu pro- plo seo plainly, in spitu of tho industrious efforts of tlio radicals to hold us responsiblo lor not doing what wo could not do, (lint the principles of tho whigs have had no trial a. all-ami it will ho strange indeed, if after resolving hy such an overwhelmin" maiorilv. . . f, . . , ., ,,. i.,:i. ,t i i.i.i . ...i iimj ,n-,,ii-o, uiuj, siiuuiu uirow ""-iiu-i ueiure muse oi moii' iiniam aim Ils? tinmcdt Iho Government hack into llio niolli.-ate ' uZ'l?3, ''"'"'"d lriiud. .Much 0a our . I "u'"b""- IrienUsuiay dosirna good subsnntnl TanII, thcymuit hands that havo mined them, merely ho-I 1,01 foritetiliii ihuir own imuifdritc Idiireseniniivt.s ..;, i,., . . . , ., " ,. can donollnui; ,r lliein wuliciui thenid oftho West. cause an accident has prevented tho whigs , Hy,s ,ii tho t.o. o 1-W, they may ho able to from Perfectini' their noliev 1 'I'ln, iw.nule lr'kout of iho Tarill'li II iho land suspension clauso. iimo pLni.ciin iiilii poiicv . llio P''Opl" i Hill what good would t,ey derive from !'iat 1 Aone am not so fickle. I hev will not abandon winterer. Tho Tarill' would ho no nearer a passiijo ,, ,,., ,,,,i!l il. I, I ici V'1" before. Ily -o dom ihuy would onind ntiil llio contest until tliey liavu tried and found dnvo from them iho whole body of Western Whiga, out whether tho measures proposed to he w','k hom llie lind nuesiion is a p iraiunuut iniertst , , . ' ' ' nulcoull thev rephre iln-m ev, n on thisvcrv qucs- eslaliltilioil liy tjio election of Gi:ni;i:al 'ion I Sn. It is undeninhly true lint ihey could not. HiiMMvnv .,,-..,, I.,. ,, l i. I The sacrifice would stilt ho for nollunt;. Sucli a '"-"""i io en- sure prosperity than ihoso whoso prosecution - ' lor 12 years has enlailed such ruin and prostration upon tlio country. U.MO.X, UNION". A most grateful spirit ol harmony, in relation to Stale ticket seems generally to prevail. Tho urinaria uoewve stand taken bv the whole loci .arty against protr-c'ion. and m fuen, ,.r f. trade and direct taxation as evinced hy tho voles nn inu p issago oi mo larni mi:, will contnhu'e to cement nil hearts in favor uf the principle lor which we fought in IS 10, The people will not calmly seo the sirocco ol locofocoisiu again withering every hope of reluming prospuTity, without miking a powerful ell'irt lo escape Iron, ita mlbiuiicc. The iiuhimitublu spirit of the wing parly m Verm mt is tat arousing, and last presenting a solid and unbroken Inmt to the enemy. The whig press speaks out without a discordant note. The liutland Herald, which last year hesitated, now says proudly "wo go forvvhiggery and llio nomination." The, La moille Stiiiilard, a little problematical last year in relation to Governor Paine, savs " from such demonstration of louling as was made at tho convention at Muldicbury, the conclusion is tin. avo dablo that the adimm-tratioii of Governor I'ame has been such as to make friends of m my who did not favor his lmnnuaiion last year. A communication from Orange ('ntinty says, in relaiiou to Iho resolution meil hv a mai.iriti ol the county convention, instructing their del. ega'es in the state convention to vnio lor Will, lam-', lint inos', and porhips all those who vo. led lor that resolution will vntu for Governor I'.nie at the next election. Tho people wnl lint walk uro the trap set lortheui by the IJrook. field ceiiveiitiou. We cannot hut br-lieve thm tho present appearances of mi.un conces siniiand activity will ciuitiuue. until tlm nntin. whig party will be marshalled and marched to an overwlleinnng uclorv next Sontrnnlinr 1'evjdc's Press. Tim LlH-MONsTRATION CO.MPI.UTi;. To eo anv fiirlln-r in adducing fieig nnd nrmtmAn, to prove that loi-ofneoi.-iiii at a I time-', and m i-vi.r,- Sinie iu the L'm n lor If) years p-,s, has been oupos- P ir'ed from. Il the riiih t of llie States to the I'ubii--ed to proiect on, is now eutuelv tiflile-s. The demon- ! Lands ia admitted, it w ill not do to direu-nrd il t slranon is co.npleie. Tho un,'k line been unavoi lahjy etei y turn, or to treat it as a dung which may bu ri moved, mid nothing is .-l't to s-reen livpoeriu.-al eranlrd or withdraw n capriciously Tho wan's of loeoloeoi iu Irani inu elia' iro of uurfServei'l mid un- Treasury eonnot be pleaded becausi the Tauir in liiiiited hosuhly to poll y, w-'m.-h alo ie can rescun '"" ,,nv "' pr'tres ol'm-itiiritig i- dcijned fur tho tho euunlry f.iiui ruin, and "whiei, iimo out of ton of very purpose of proudm? reinuio cnouidi for mi ils folb.wers iu V, riiiont are loudur itein niline;. As economical administration of the government. Let even ini.-lbi'int iniiii has anliei aii.;., tho altempts Mr. Tyler sian lilt lull, nnd be will hue no ociasi m w Ineh ban In- n m.-.jjs inlly unJe lo d lav the pro- to -ay lhat the Lnnd revenue is necessary lo sustain gress ol the lar ill by evi-rv clog which they'd! Id pos 'he public credit, or to carry oil the government. uhly hum upon it. h ive finally ended m a dead vote I luainst it, vvidi one sd.nry exo-ption, ofeviry loco Tlio following letter published iu the Midllc meinber ol Ihu House. They rei-ted llie passage of I the lull with an imanimity, obstinacy and digged 'itri Vce 'cess, is doubtless frum that able and persevcranee, unexampled upon nnv other subject. I . , ,. . c- Anu niifr.ii md.-d n, uniclein tho 'pohtie.,1, 0f ' unlirlnS Illlb,lc soan', Mr. SL.inE. til- party in L-cneial, which tlio 1,-iders will never re- I J"'' ' ' 'loci;, P. M. Jm'l'iish while llley hope for p. ltunl siiprennoy. ! 1)CAK Slit. We have J ..-t pa.-. d the t.n If . i,,.-,,-, ,,o..-,iu., uruini aim uni- , "V ,; !V, , I n . ', " ' , ' !f, ''f!- in ii i-1 v. ,iiiu ilin ,, iiii nieii inu iirenin iriiin ixw. t,n ,,. ti-,liiiiii,.-.liero,.roiiilicriiiiiiliieiieerortt-iiwBnrisoiiie , altor coininiltce nl Sr and .Means nil )cais tlieir iLndly policy Ins swayed through tlio 1 ro ported a doty nt thirty percent. W'e have Union, whltenim il- prosperity, nnd eiving currency , finally bucced"d m raising that duiv by an ad to d.jeiruusof mo hi jai ilisaatrou. clur.ic'er. I d.iu,!, ul a specific duty uf three rents' per pound. k:fcxts:i::iz; '-. .: w - or incidental, as unconstitutional, some that it was a system ol robbery and plunder, and ninnv nur. oil ihu v nur.-eil thai free, trade and diieet la vition were methods of rawing ral loi-nl'.iea meiuhcis r is ia .-nee, minn. nml em-h eavsa eller wrili rl piopis"d niili-nd .ii-.-n 13 reducing the duly, winch the whms piompily voied down. T!uoiijh the mdoini lable unl pirseienn efi'i'ts of our o,n dileiialiou in ( onerr-s, In ailed by JI, ssrs. Ilientt and Siiade, no ai tick- in llu bid now sun-is upon a better looiiug than wool. A miicinV dutv of tloee cents mi tha .. ii.i-u.iuiiiu - -,y iireienioie to a ytem ot uuiiei the specific, will ol cour-e increase a- the pi i e n,;s';i hi.,'ti,eniTi'Z''l '-ry r,.,,.-.iJm. r.t pro- falU below tit) conts. The value, the bas.s of posi-ti tij ii loeototo was d suiied lo di uinisli, nth- .i t i u . i i er than eh0,.-e protective di.n.s. On the niticle of ,'11' I"r fe"'' llll''J(-,s , c""s and charges ev- iuim.niiif'ii im-d vvuoU-sieenllv. Invmi L-iier wni, rl copt the insurance. Ibis excludes tio'lrtig pound in addition to the 30 "per rent adratarem, al the exemption extended to all Woo! 'cost.m' S bisb tnndi ',' 3 -ri?. nVn",-1 ""-'i' "" ""' "'i'"0 ' ;0,lt9 or Ul'der, while this requaes that it shall lias been ado pd-d. I lie pnceol wool comine in. dutv u .. . ' , 1 ,, , iree, has hecn r.du.-Td from 3 to 7 cents, the quality !)" c"3"0, woo,-1 1er0 ,B """letbing gained, in lernis is to he eoarae, nnd more eli'-rtually to pre-j ' he oul also makes some now provision in re vent Irnuds, the amount of duty on all bales is io be spoct lo the mixture of tine wool with coarse in that or Ihu iinetin the pm-koae. the same b ile or package, declarui" that the who rr,iy,-r'IuaL j-:? th,W?r Vl- '? valuatnm shall be on tho whole bale" according w no nrr itie nl nru pet ion. 011 now hnw tlio . t i . . i . i imvarni-hid f',c,s before you. it is ,, har sav o? 1 ,' ,!ie Va'" ?' ,l,0,ll"e6t- . !lmllar J'rovislon is inler. tu.alivi enee. Thereis no chance far niis'icp- als0 111 "le ""bore bales ot dilierent tiueuesi are res nm;i m an 1 ,1 -t co isirueiions. Tl0 j included, at the same price, m the same invvico ; nv isihni ol's-iiinilelieis, tnk. n from iho meord uf . some additional provisions are also made m rc '"rTi'iT,?: nlpioie, .i.ngs. Vou now have the fig- gard lo wool thai is mixed witiid.rtor ('Ler impuruies valued as .hough ,t was no. so slnre ul i-ompl, to demon-nnt'ioii, that in fiv ir of a n"-' ' a'" haste and cannot go more ful bill which, I ir the purpose of protection to all die ircnt I !' into the matter. I give yuli this hasty ac interests of iho c.iunirv, all agree to be exeelleni, an 1 count in mv seat in the House to eive vou a nil llml could be wished bv thciiust ardent fneiilsof , lutlo idea of what wo have been able'to aicotu d imesiic industry, the v ote nt hut a simile loeoloco I i, i. , ,,- .,,, , ,, . nieuibi r is recorded. Thus Ins tho hvpoeuticil farce of loeofocoi-ui in favor of a p otecnve Inrnl been play ed to th end, is fdmv disatne have been torn from us enni'hon frauie. Its loud and repcah d denunei ,. ti ns of the vvluars hive been refutel, and tieachiry to ibe peoni o the Union nnv now be lead upon Us veij forehead. neliead. In a crisis of tearful calamiiy io the ; f,-uni -, U, ii5, traveller who rucentlv journey v, this party in Longress turns a diaf car to the i , i,tt-i- i" eoulllll nioanui-s of the m-o d- .. ..i .. .. i . .,. " .. , . lor relief, nnd go siruiLMit for- aro. uuo saennce lliein .IS V lelims lll.on IIIC CI III 1 a - nr which ih-i-livvierieyofihesouthhascieucdfori11'"1'" ll,u -'erca ttiiirl, initiatini' olis, qui., ustiess. I r ,1,.,,.. .u .1... l:...i .i.-l uundsof the loeopnity m ihsstite of the be ief din fivt'Iy leelings ol regrol tor Ins loss w lucli may their leaders are for fair and effi 1, nt protecl.0,1, 11 is )(; i,.,iILM ,v l,appy COIlsequen- Uns 101 w Inch I, -is ii t been east 111 ( onr. -s, upun 1 - '' 1 the pnssni.e nfiho - -Vis. f, How i-u.eMs. it ces which have followed his death. The high is i ie. ifoi-oisin which si mils betw eeii a Inn" suir-ini" ' 1 i - 1 t- .1 11 1 piopl- nnd a sure n e-,8ure ul r, l.if ! n sh .'uld , '"'i'1' vvl,ldl 1115 "CCesstoil to the Presidency -iiiliuTvl, rvito the bill, it Moubi i. thi p-inv, fiisi c.iusi'd, weru as full and confident as the en 1 ,-n leivor, wuh a cruel a',d in n-hless b ird h iml to 1 , 111 1 111 1. .1 iii iiiiiii: wu ,11 I, III 1.11 U - 'Hi II IIIC I.i-h Iho 1 up of rebel from our parched hps. and to ilustoo won Id lie oni' the feuful resp..ns,ln,iv b.r , s final fjilure by a two thirds m ijonty.- I'eopU s I'rcss. TIIH LANDS TIIL TARIFF. Wo copy the following from tho Washing ton coriespoudenco of the llostou Atlas, un der date of lUrii itist. Sim e I vvroto my last letter, this question, nt least inr un pustau, an i so lar ns mu House n Kenre.sen laiiviti. coucerneil, has been saiist ieiorily nmivered. 1 he House by the iiiipri'cidiiilid niHjority of tiiirtv- nE, have di i lid to hold t.ut to thur priuciplca, and in surimurr tin in at llie tiadi ol no one, he he Presi dent or be he 1 lie aecidint ul accidents. lion r. 1 sajilor one, 10 the noble spun ol die piople's It. p. iisiiitalius ! They have shown themselves woilhv ol llu- best d.ij s of the ii public. True it is, the Tar ill bill has only passed the House by ills but' innj ir ity uf four vutcs. Hut tins by no means proves lhat lluro was notn lirge innjoiuy ainioiis, that it should pass and equall) so that it should he siilU-nsl lo be come a law. It will be leiniiubeied that quite a mini bir of Wistern votes were lost, in coiisiuenre of llie Houso sinking iiiiuhe retaliatory duues.iipon unporls , . . . ..III. . . Z : : . .. : " V...L . rV,Tt ol iriicinaanainniitv that.MessrsTrinlelt.of Kentuckv- ,, ..... ,,ini i-.iii i and Cravens, of Indiana, so fur yielded llieir own personal vv islii s as in permit it to become a law, not wabianduirlheirowiiliucs m ri'ard lo a most i hi rislud object were blisti-d by tho pasage of the b.l w ihoulilus provision. 'I'hen, n-itun, il should bo ...,... in,, iu.., i.oco i-ocn ncieaeon m bJ . 7,. ",". !'',.e',,,,,!. -u'' T"'1 "r''"" h,r ev, V.iiV , V. Zw' idl l Ml"11! d mi si.u 1 Vhi eoi.snt m-h una -.eeiioinil ..iii,i,i,i v i ii, ,, o ... ii Si iK,.. u wa.' ' Tli in ' u J v r - 'not l eaded l lie bill has pastil tlii I'hdu u ,ou. 1 md! Xot me jut ..fprineiplo bus heen sacntked by the Whigs. .l,all,lhiu.lheland proviso Le sull adluftd .0, fhould Ibis bill, uftir its patso-fc, lo vetoed by llu l'litidctit i have ahiady.m arrc ous i, ltd, giv- en v. iii iv.oeooji'tiisoiis wliylongii ss ii. 1 1, should ji'Mtl. ly. Uhm Inu. i-or i i 13 show diet di vci.. . niv ii , u-n . 'i ' - ' , i., I Pir" of iho ounatitutiou-a.iJ by u vLIjUoii of tbs lUllHof ihuMtm.. J.ven waiving those ciiiuidcralio.H il would bo well Western Slate, tho public hud rpustwu is of porix- m r!"lW' a"CS' 1,'h0 WIS" from Ihoso States uro iu favor of u iruou Hi,h ...... .e..n- i.... ,i. , ato nut willing losacrinoofur it i!,o"n,r0 hnniediato j a,1Ll,rt'9rsl,ll',wn"'sl''kr0w,ic..n!i,'t'ucnls. Much ! caudal ou? 1 PrjfiS'dy "hit wcs'ionM doifu, th, ,r piaecs-con" paiamoinit intcie-ls of tonjium m, anil . . 'N,v'l . uv L'J" ana TiriJ-bW nsamtd atioi th' wants oj ' the country i"',ass cither Home' of Congress, without the Ift ml I 111 UtTf 111 mllllS lil,nl nailed lo llio table hy iho coiiihind votes of Western mombeis, unwilling lo sacrifi e the lands in any caso or for any purpoai'. and a factious mid unirincipled Tury minority. Such is a plain and Irue statement of Iho caso. Now, what would our Eastern friends have their Reprcsent.Hives do in suefi a posture J I rive oirnnd alienate their old nnd fnithfnl friends, in tno va n liopeol -iippliuig their ,laee, temporarily. l '"i".. ! ' " ' ' V''('Pe procedure would bo iho very madness of tho moon. Wi-.should losothe nul of good and fas' friends without whose aid wo can set no'Taritr worth hav in if, and tmn nolhing to nconipeiiseus for tho loss. Wo sle uld he utterly unaMo to obtain aid 'enough, from llie lanksufihe enemy, even if wo drove odour frsnJ and llu- only result would br, loss of all chaiRi- ol obiaiiumr any 'I'.inir lint would not be worse than mil hninirnnv for the present. Strito out llie I.'in I el.uise, nnd I sl'ike my ripuintion lhat, in e Iher House, llu- lull goes in the Oil le, by a vnio of three i.i iwonl leasi, any lanir bill lint furnnlieil ev, ii (he most Hinder i'e ifoli-et,oii. It would he well, therefore, for our ftieinla in look uuo the mrttter, be fore Ihey condemn nnd complain of lluir faithful rep. resentalues, bee-ins.-they willuotdo ilin which would inevitably disiroy all hopes of a 'I'jit ifT mil which would moreover, be nn net of sirvile ubini'ion lo the tyrannienl ihctitesof usurpation a ihnct violation of tilt ir own past pnifesauiim ,,f prineiple, nnd would be regarded by lln-ir Western friends, as lit tic c'so til n ti an act ol treachery nml f.iithlesuc3-. The public lands tin refine ciiinol be mien up with any slndow of propriety. As n mailer of print-pie. llie riahl ol the -tales to the I1 bli Lamls shmild not be s irrniilen d and if vu I led now, ev,n wilh Ilin I under.-inndi a ib il the mni m i tnhe but tempor- ir valid miller lie- nressnreoli iiciiinsl-inees as a meas ure of present expulicuev, llie rielu will be, in all pro . Inbiliiy. ost forcwr. 'I lie true gioun 1 is to consider llie Ta, r ml Distribution, nsdisimcl tilings, each to b le.nnleil lot Us own merits, and as in no way de pendant mie upon theolher. This was the view held by nllpirties when thi eoursp of pn ley nspectimj the Public dmunn came up lor sett ement. In cal bin.' the attenli u of C'oniecss -o die --iihject, at tlna time win n the extinction of the National debt took awavill clcum-i of tho llenerid Goveimnent o Iho ( PuPlie l,and, (leneralJnekson expressly staled that that property ouibl not to be regarded as a s-ouiro of rpicnuo to the Treasurv. 'I Ins ulea wasact, d up I on by Congress w hen in two important bill-, wrro pasi-d ai thesame seBsinn oie lo prumfe revenue suHieieni for nn economical ndiniiusiralioii uf Hit- irov i ruiuent ; theollu r to distribute amoiii the M.itea die annual tiro, re-Is of the Public Land s-.iIls. Theru ' is no reason w-hv at lln- iunelare the nruicinle unoii i which the setdeineut of Hit was made .should t u ,1 - mil liy a vole nl lll toll", -is lo Wool wo ' fot a belter protection than I had I, ,PcJ . . . ... ... . . ' 110 "' UC "nporiaiiuns lor the last three year , w ill Lie eiiii.vilieill in ail ;i',u,'.:o!i nl , w'lll bo enu HI per Lent to Iho UO per cent. Tlio addition per cut of previous to land ng in the L mled States, ex cept Ire glit and iiisurauce. It applies to all Wool except that costing seven cent- or under, winch is subjected to a dutv ot ne per ceu'. , 'he act ol H-'t'j a . wo d en.iing eight centd or under was aihiut'nd dotv free, llv ai t '- -... uui iivni iniiic-i. Truly yours, Sic. WILLIAM IILWUY HARUISOX. Tho following nibute to departed wortli is cu uirougii tno uiMieu suites, ll serves io :. . .1 :.. 1 .1 .-.i. .i. j renew in tho mind, along wi memory of tho good old President, all those ....... .... ... 1 umsrusm mm ueen ueep wuiv.11 uure nun on :ls s.,uij,, bosom from llie retirement of his ..... . . couage io iue inn v euvaiion oi mo inglicsi seat in the Capitol. Wo may cover our fa ces and how down before iho visitations of Providence, nor presume to complain of their severity, ll may ho th it thu political regen eration of tlio land is not to bo wrought out but by much tribulatiun whereof some por- lion lias come uhuady. What yet remains I . .... i . . i- i in store it is for llie future to disclose. The travtllur weknownot who he is- speaks thus; ".t noon we pis5c I North llend, the residence of the lann-uied William Henry Harrison, die talc 1'ics uleiit ol the I'liitcd tititis. Willi somew hal of lhat I'd lum which worth, humble or vxalteil, excites in us all.which prompiid llritish officers in bare their heads (in they pai.-id Mount cruon, 1 caJed long and stead fastly on the modest farm house which peeps through the limit itce-. He had given law to all this vast ter ritory, when its iniia'jii.mts lay scaltetcd and apart, vvcaU in number, but gallant iu bean, llie pioneers of ' II I civ w I for them, and laid down .he .word whin Us work of a new worm, lie Had watclieii over mem anu lought ,n-.ii v uiiditiiii... irt r..i,r .ni,i nnvale in-. nrnl .iu,,,, lus nays in uomeblio uuticf, unu naruy, )ei plcasuig, totl. I-'toin benontli the homely roof he had gone forth at llie allccuoiiote, urjtcut call of Ins countrymen, ami looked bad, at its distant walls for the last time. 1 1'ioiu tho ndaci iit city lo the distant dipto! his , .. ..... .i,,,,,,-!, ir,ml,-,l nr, h"h,w Lev stone vvus the Uboi,Sb. ink' of pyramids, whoso i(('cs were the a'.piral.o.. and' blcssniRs of all Those ho.,,.i,fcmli,.s,aSui in ihehfeof ana- ' m" A K 11,11 10 ",e a,ter ' rnwiitd wuh now ers, ' ,"" ,af;1 '' Wiilim one Utile month ut lT, TT' ?9 f ""-RU,Ia,c' ,hi Uf ,'f n.n,"JV ,h( ""J?1' 01 m l'Siasni and the full "leof na'ipnal joy.-Hie eagle l.r.d soatcd 'to die at 1C 6J"' lf then) he such a thing as th--. -caclion of , t , . : , i .... i i;... . . ii .i Uieilshed and disappomttil hope- -thotenew- a ,,f,i iix, 1 i 4eiit acciduii I Om'"i1;ii i st' i in , . i n-Mt rci-

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