Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 5, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 5, 1842 Page 1
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J J- yJ-tN yj-JSs. S SV l XV A V - XV J (1x7 XN A 1 II us V ROME, VOT,. XVI. ) II 11 L I NGT 0 N, VERMONT, PHiD-AY, AUGUST No. 9. rax ' (C k: NOT THE GLORY OP C .21 S A R BUT T US WELFARE OP pmnTiMiiwiir. mrnmn n i tmmvr 11 iiiiMumdwuemiiUCT! MiiVkmt vmsnmw mm m ytf-fa ! hii 11 1 mu i-iari-ff7BiaTEg.gzarj .gwg3S3PC:j;3giJ5Sr'Cr "STTwiScisa EXCHANGE .HOTEL, Water slrcr.1 , at the head of tho Steamboat Wharf lliirllnglnn, Vermont. 11Y MOSES L. 1IAKT. riUIS c-tabli-htncnt, .o Mvornhly Incited for llie JL nci-oiiiiiio.latiou of tlia hii-iic-. ntnl travelling t'ontuiiinitv, i now oj en tci tin1 public. Pot Coache upon the various routes al the Exchange Hotel lor passengers, and those arriving or U-jmi Ifusj by Sieain, in which ea-o their b.u-g.ige is removed without charge, will linJ this hou.e peculiarly loihcir convenience. The keeper tender his service", wiih the a-.Mir.iuci.', that in all icpcft-, tin1 hous -hall do-etie the favor able con-i lerntioii of all who may patroni-o it. IJuriinton, April 1, 1842. J3:f. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney ami Comiscllorat I jaw, ViVO DOOBF EAST Or TIIK TOST 01TICK, IT ETA1CS. R(fcrlo Messrs. J. & J. lLPKC'IC & Co. Nov. 13. A. ROBERTSON, Mavvislcr and Attorney' nt I.niv, Lett in the nfflccof the Ifon, Solicitor flcn'l Day) UTILE ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, 1 Nov. 1341. Reference in llurlington, lo CHARLES ADAMS, Esquire. 21 PECK & SPEAR, wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American Also, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WARE. IJiirlliistoii, Vt. DEXTISTHY T 1 C! IS A J. iJ. Ml EIOI.S naictis-o-" cimrd ihcniseliv-- m bit mess fur the accoiumo da'tiin of tli off . hn ham ujt the importunity of r -lltn auhi'ir re-. It nee. Mr. N. will spend most of his tniK'iii leiting the villages tn tins anil the miuin ins counties, and wi.l p. rform all operations on the te. h neeesssry for their preservation Mr. X. will n.'so prcpara the. mout i for the r option of artificial truth j uke models, and trancinil ihcin l.Mr. Lewis, tne celebrated uii-.-lisiural den, i-,t, who will always be Rt horn, and whoc untivnllo I fticcess, and un wear.l e'i rtions to nlcaie, will cuuro the p,ililbt.t ter woilt iIihh fan be procured elsewhere. Our mode of e in is fir rupmor to any other in point of looks ooiiv. iipnee, r.nd durahiliiy. '.'.nv one wnnlim; teeth can oils ,jiip day with mouth full of decajid teeth, and return the nut wi h a new tc. 1'iices M.ited to thii times and circumstances. All 'ipi-iHtions wur raniei. J. T-fAVlS, J. I!. NICHOLS. Uurlins'on, Vt., May, 112. r t. i i (iF. Tl.HM EX'S Summer 5ot , eome low pr.ecd. Al'o.iuost i .., 1...M ...wl S5CSl - 1 ,l.t , far ill.. . n . ... , r .iuMvtvnmen. Hud b"VK or riiK. V.. ii nr. done r2 to or.'-. - JA'IIi 15. ftjVTT, Corner of Church and Cherry Sis eel , llurlinton. M ty 12, 1542. 'SPRING AR1UVALS Ilcsa 0,-as.r'.!".. T.o. t r. Watcr-trcsl. A D4Y1R i- now tr .ly til home, mil wonl.t rflurn hi iM'ef I b !.ii"t ('('jiiici,!. 'o he ptibh .rt'ii ji'i ally lor tin; terf LIsMli'iliuiauf L- hn re v ve I, and liu,rf-. i.ya slrifi ..lnih.n tn hu-me-s an 1 a If-ic-mima-thin Li plat-, tbit In' may merit a ron'i.i' anee of the fame. Ho w.i'dd nta'le that he hi- ' '' rriMiM" Ifrom New Volt., Ho-ton, Al'aiivanl Troy, from llie Ijf ' importation , .1 lor.- -n I een".'1 ;'" fOr'': 'iu .if 1're.l. Good-, wlneb, in J.htr.i to Ji s former -toc',M..tkca i'!.in" rnini'riMnr slmo-' ever)' Rrtii-le ol' tauniv - mii . .'ce. tte. Out Cent lirward wi" .-n.n loa'irper-on wli" ' "hid at any other More a urea'a vaf iMv and wt'l. eleeted l-bor!UKnt .- -an hi l nl at DAVIS'S. Piea-e eall and examine f r, acJ you r i no' tr.i away di aiijioia'.ed. .M.iv2). NEW SHOE ESTA8USMN X.: . c WW N WOl'ljD ie-pf "f ilivintorni the l.niie an 1 fien llemeii ol lluii n."uii an I vi-nriy that lw ha reivinly u'nnl anc-la! hthi. -in wl.eie he w ill man. ufart ire, (whoV-ale mil roiai.) all 1 m I- of work in the alio.-line. lie li- pi-l teeeive I from NewVork lliepn:-erit fij luol l.a-t-, togeiu-i ith a ehoi 'is : leetinn of St.i'-I;. lit' will Keen ..'! 'intlvon hind and iii.uuif.i t'lre to order all '.nil o! '""r," i ,.t up" j in tin-uo mtrv ; amnni' whe'li may lo !' mu! n a.'- . Calf, d'oal, h.'il and lianfr II. ol '.a his' (Jailer-, i Hii-kin-. SValkniL' Shoe... .'-Iio-. 6-e. (. Al-.i, el and kip Hoot-, l.uih lor men and lioysj nn.l chiMreuS Shoes ol all kind-. Ple.i-e ".velum a call, two di or V.'c-t of llie 1'e.irl Street lb. u.e, at ihe sifiiof the Hoot." Uurhu,-lon,.Mav, 1W. ' r.'l f Teeth, T,f:ihSiva your TiClh! Great liusiovouici't in IicsttiJi y! DR. SAXTON having enjincd I)r IT.AIiSOX, Sumeon and Mechanical Dentist from the city of New York, as a partner, would most repr et fully announce to the citizens of lluthngtou mid I bo neigh boring towns that they Inve opened an ollh e at Mr Onsw old's, on the West eideuf Church street, one door jVorih of the Durlington 11 ink, where theyuio prepared 10 attend to all cases included in cither branch of tho profession. I'romono to a full tci of Incorruptible Mineral Teeth (of I)r Pearson's own manufacture) inserted upon hw luzhlv improved suction plate, which is retained firmly in the mouth upon strictly scientific principles, thus dispensing Willi the use of clasps springs or bsatiire, bo obieelionahle. Teeth in-erttd upon the above plan arc beyond ilttcctiun, and ren dered, if not eo useful as the natural ones, more ser viceable than those inserted upon tho ordinary prin ciples. Decayed filled with pure pold, or n prepara tion which is introduced in the form of a paste, but soon hardens and icsisls tho action of all acids or olhcr corrosive matter, whilo it gives tho tooth its natural appearance and preserves it from firther de cay. Aching teeth cured in a few minutes, and filled with the above jirepaiation and ro-tortd to nsi fnlnns. Accumulations of tartar removed from the teeth without injuring tho rnnmil, which is fiequently the result of an unskilful up intion. All nneralious warrant, d 11 aiye sitisf iction. Tc 11 extract! d with one thud th" usinl pan. Individuals desirous of having hnial operations performed arc invred to call and see speeiun ns, and (satisfy themselves of the uboie improvements. Children's teeth regular d when iinllormalion is taking place in consequence of neglect during second Advice Riven on diseases of the Gums, Sockets, and Antrum free of eharpe. Dr. Pearson lias 111 his possession letters and cer tificates from profcsitonal men of the first icspecta bilitytn tho city of New York, and Charleston, S.C. where heenpyed a long and extensive practice. His ohiect in com ng north is in consequence of bilious a flections. trr'NTice hours from 0 A. M. to 5 P. M. Durlington, June 10, 1812. 2 SUIISCRIPTIONS KOlt TDK NK.W WORLD liEcmvED at Tin: BURLINGTON liOOKSTOUE. PKltSONS willing to avail llirin-elvcs of the manv liiteie-lingi)ublieationi-Micd inthe.Ytic HurW, can be upplied with the same, free of po-toge, by Kivmg their names to tho subscriber. Works, such ns .annul, ami jaequcric, un i 01 similar enar actcr, can Lcpwcliated at the very low price of Irum jatnt-s, m now ready for sale IQ1 1.. nr. .... I nc iit;w 1111,1-1, .'.uiiij j.i.iiviii, uj- Juno H, 1612. I). A. IIRAMAX. PAUASOLSJ and UMHIir.l.I.A.S.-iin imtncnsu lotnowopcn'ai Ilutlbut's fof fxaimiiaiioti, tkj w w a rw ( m F4, - if r-i :r T "v1 'M n il '"V. .i.'i.iu 3H)H,1VK jVXl) HUDSON ItAII, liOAI). NOTICE. Vox the accommodation of pa-sengers desirous of taking the reen o'clock line of .Steam ISoatsfroin Alhntiy, (which went into operation on thu Mill in stant.) a tiain of Kadruiil Cars will start fumi Si he nec'tidy, daily, at B5 o'clock 1'. M. during the con tiiunncoof thu aloio nrranncniciit on thu Itiicr. I!y this arrangement. pascnr;ei s may ffaratoja Spruiu-nt 'i 5 '" 1 o clock 1'. M. and reaih Albany in time for the bout, which will ravo travelers from the north, tho (.xnonso of remaining oier night ol Albany or Troy. Ity thu citiiu arranjienient, ei'i ziih of Saratoga are obliged to Idle bomeat 7 o'clock in the iiiumin?, to lake the fleam boat at .llbanj at 7 P. M.I miles uaRail-R mil II) JOUX COSTIGAX, Superintendent. April 12, 1912. 1842. Xoi'Hicni Truitsporf'tlioii I.Stic. ISA AC V. RAKER tr7II.Leontiii.,f the rollW AlllilM! IirSlXJ'SS l on IjaKe Cliamplalii, Nortlieni Canal, and tin Jkoii Itivcr. Deemin? it impoiunt id re am the Old Cu-lomer-of the Line, and a. 1 1 new one , lie wd iim' hi- be-l eudoivc r- 'o -ini-fyall, nud ple''o- lnni-p t In in eiea v hi- i.erti. n- to piomoie the m'eie N of his cm.i'ovi r- ly I'oinir nil Lo me-s entiu-ted to hi e.iit. h .1, ,,.i'i linn I aliay, Vor 7Vt''if a-j phjto '. II. .!ani:-t V7 t oentie- Slip, I'ofr. Cai lis, 33 C' finie- Slip, New Voik. ('. II. Hai.nt.v, 101, Pier, Albany. P. Com intir, ) .1. 11. llooKi.n, Troy. I.. A. (jarlliu:;, ) I. V. Ilim.n, (.'ouis'oek'- l.andinsr and Whiieliall. I'm I ktt U HiiASLnr, HuiIiiiu'Ilii. A. 1). I.Atjf, Piatt ' rsh. Allck ( oM-Ti ti;, P. n Kent. .1. C. Pii-.iuk It St.x, Jt hn. 'CJ3' IViiy i,li c lf,i lluer-ttreet, up -lairs. Whitehall, April 1812. lsoini.s imam: nf i.ii.m' i v.i. iTU Me bfine, v. lui'li, if r. in I v applied, Willie the iM..i.,.i,r .i i. i....;...... -i.. .. It In-I een -i.lil and iee.l for ilurtyyear, v'lth crea -uve.-, and fo uid very r It 'aeio i- in the liillowiir- li ea-e-, vi...'iou. 'htxt;Mn ( 'oumIi, t oin inon ('uv.'li-, ("o'd-, dinleiilt HriMthiii'.-. I nlnt-ii x:i. ijmn-y, A thina, Phtlu-ie, Spiltms of lllood, l'l.nii- leii y, Indiee-iio i, Loo ent-ol the Iltnicl-, I n-ol every km I, ('ramii-, ltiekel-, Colie, Ciianh, (H -en-iv. .o.,,.. ii i..,.i...... t ii.;, i :..i .... ni.nt -I' !.t. I... .................. ..('...- -at Sioina'. lairiuM-di-ea-e-, Coin and HhtMinati-m. heal ove Meli. ine i-prepare.l I y Henry Sev m i ir, of Hadley, .Ma.-, from ib,. Oj-I-i.mI I'e.'ipf, 1 5 thediie'lMin ol -aid .Moore, an. I coldly linn .111.I the urns -ipal Urmriri-t-in thu I'niiedSia'e-. Sold w hole-ale mid retail I y Peel. &i .S'pear. -ir:iiT.u.v ouiti: vow kk k,in:, Vy w h eh liac lief n ujd in fimihen, iicry incinher of which has had sick luaihehe from infancy, 111. n eoiiFliuitirju il tamily comidaiot, and Ins cured tlhc tunlli inerry hibtaneejet known, nmountiiif; to ma ny hundreds. It is not unpleasant to the ta.-te, and d jes notprc'.cr.r thed'oly avoe'i'ions of one u-iui; it n must be persevered 111, and the cine 19 gradual, but eertaui and iieruianent. In-tancfM are constantly multiphitijiv heieihi ih-tre-.-mc eomplaint is com di'lelyitheed and eured, alihougliof jears -tamlinp by the u-o of Dr. Spohn s eeh hraled remedy. One decided preference r, its pleasantness, bavins none of the inufeeatini! effect of oiiinum drug's. His so perfeetles'in 'fattorv. that the moprietor has ciien diiottions for hisnxent-to refund the price to any one who ii nut ldi a-e 1 w ith and rvi 11 eured by it. He hopes id o tiny tht- may seeme ilsi;reat btu-ctil.- to the ili-.trtrsed sullert rs who an labonni; under Ileaathe. 1'.. SPOIIX, ii. U., inventor and Pio piu tor. Sold by CO.VSVOrA'.f. CO., 71 Maiden I.ano. Xcw York. P I'.CK & S P K A It, 'Vholesalc Aijetit", a few dot is east of the Posl.OjTice, Uuihny 1011, Vt. n'J TVK'T. MAItHH UI-'S An in hi.-, C.iiuii h mi 1 ) l'.'U'l.tche -M'I K. Tilt- Siui ' 1 - 'j eiiue n mu thinj -i ...'.own, lorremoviiiir 1h.1l Iron1 le-on,e di-'-ea-e, the Ca.anli, and al-o a ml 1 111 the 1 ead, an I the hea.lai'he. It open- and n-ire out all ul-ti 111 tion-, -tri.i.."hen- theelan.!-, inleni- a hc.illhy aefon n. the pan . a .e 'te t. It 1- p. H t v Iree from auy thin.Tile!e terin 1- in 11- couipo-itmn hu- a leu-ant ll.ivor, anil iisiinmehatee c", .ilierlemg Used, Is abgieeal le. Priii-3 7 eentf perfioiile. I).. !. Mai-hall'.- Vt-eiab'e Indian Hlaei, Pl.ASTIlli. 1 hi- PI11 -ler 1- uiiiiv.iHisl for ciriiig -ernfih 11- Meel-linir-, S 'Urvy Sore-, Lame Ibi''1., and l-'re-h Wo-iihI- ; pain- 111 the -i It-, II ip- hu I nn I - eld. mi fail- ti irive relief 111 loeal lihe un.iii-111-. Il applied to tin Milc,it will ctrf many oftheeommon Liver ( ompla'tit ; and 1-, if not stipeiior, to any lliinix in tee fin corn- 011 the feel , the viili.e- ot 1I11 Pl.i ter have I ecu witne-.ed by ilinuj-and- of individual.- in tliel'mleii S.,ite-, who have-If lei it- i-Suai-y. hold l.yllia pto pr etoi-i ('ha-. Houi'i, .Middlehiiry, Vt., an'd Put. 0. SrtiAR, II tn.'iiliiut Vt. BEWARE OP DECEPTION. It Ins frco, icntly cotno to the knowle Ige of the sub scriber, thai empty SnnH'Jars, with Ins Label on them, have been bought up for the urpose of helling in thcinan inferior q .-!;! y Snull; and also, that his SnuIT-labela hale, in some instances, been (Dinner felted, or the ecii Tal dtsign cf the --11110 so unrated as 10 easily deceive the unwary. He deems it, thcic fore;, hi aulij to iiiforni pur hiscrs of the manner in which tliey are olten imposed upon j and ho wuuld hcifby rcqiu si them lobar oll'or deface the l.-dxla 011 tho out-ileof the Jais, after having ib-posed of the contents, -o as to prevent lurtner use 01 1 lie same. A suitable re war I w ill he pud for such evidence as will lead to tho detection and comictiun of the nn-po-tors. Tile suh'rri'hr coulinun lo M invfucturt, and (f J'trsfor tatc the i.foin'jig 'articles: Kiuc Ml'.lUII iiuir. Genuine Maceoboy, ) 10-e Ameiiean Rappee, Imitation do. J llavoicd, Ilull.iml do. Siedy, do, Tuberose. Maltese, do. Kt.Omcr. Curacoa, iio. sir.isburg. Coarseu rown Siitifi: nemieros. Natchiloelies. Pure Virginia. Crencli Rappie. Hoinho.i. juioiieau (J. ntlcmati St. Domingo. p. ir,. Spanish. Copi-uh tgeii, superior flivor. I. Mixture Yellow Sniifl, 'eotclinnd) ., ln-h H' u-' e-iiard cr Hii:hTi.-t$ lme- I,,-l,Hnrh Toast, Co1"- Swe. l Sfentrd l'ne l ut ClieivliiB Tobacco. Spnin-h Kitetm 1, ( 'ma-n r, Common and .Steins. f"V . bber il ih-. onni made to whob salo do.ihrs, PKTKR I.ORlLLAUli, Jr., -12 Chatnaiu-St., New York. GOODS. LOVELY fc SEYiMOUR AR II now o;ieniir- a lie,iy sin -k of seasona' le (iotkls rei i ivly put hasisl III New Vork whiell are o'leretl to thu puphe 111 pin-e- wliieh cannot fail lo ensure their sule. Among Ihemaie, llkiek, llluu Illaek, Dine, Invi-iblo Green and steel mixed Hi (Mil Clolh-, a very superior i'i.ibty of U.issiiner-.-, 1 1 1. 1 e iyei, i e-nngs, i,nien 1'rilliug ', Cinibroon-, auda variety ef(toods for summer wear allow priie: lioinb.inuie-, a good assortment of silks for mid bonnet-, saiiu, Ch.illy-, Illaek and roloicl .iiu-liii ile I.aine-, a i.irirt-lot 01 nh.iwls uiiu ii.ii.i-. ure'ss hum-, un 1 sc.tri-, sin, .inn rJiuen e.imbrio, a great variety ri (.loves and I Hose; a large, assortment ol 1 leneu, nun Aineriian ealicCH-s, aiidinoi'',l,','.iliii'e at impre eeilenieilly low prices; Mia 11, straw ami P.ilmleat bunuels ; a greui .w.y of Ilil.l 011-, Laee-, I'mbrel. las, Par-'''i mn shade-, Sln-liu-, C.iml rie-,1 leacluM iin; iini ieaeiitM e unoiis, juuii ions paper 11.111, iik-, ooriieriu---, louiuii- ijis-. .-, in,.-., iimiis, 1 -irpiiiiii-.-, nil of ivhii-b arc loralei H. June I 1IJ '-'"U "rti n 1j WTO'I'mt:. Lj'J'lel,. HH- is te-t known by the IN eme- it peilorm-.J I. Scw-tin'- Pnna 1 11, or Purilier ol'lhe Ulooil. 'I bo unparalleled and -lib inerei-inirrep ilntion vh -h tin- meJu'iue h.i neqair i;l thro mho it llii-Ne-v llualan H ale-, mid the 111 in-etiie- 11 In. prrlorme.l, an I the sre 11 deman I un It foril by die a Ivu-o ofphy-iei.ins well a. quainloe wiih in piepiralion, hi 111 1 iee I the propneii r to exten I il-eir.iiil.iiion to a1 ii '-t eveiy town 111 the- c.i-lern S.alo- and the priueipal town, ill thu fnilt-.l S ale". Tin l'.inaeei- w.uraute-d purely vegetal leyiinl I- not ' y any other tue.heine eer o le-ied to the .illhe'ed as "its exleii-ive sale and great popiliri'y plainly prove. It h.i-wilhui the la-1 ci :hieeu inonih' emed iis llioii aul-oflbe 1110-t ol. tinalu di e-.i-e-, a e'.in 1 1' prove 1 by cert iflea!e-j mn ts prouoiiiie'e' I by emiueni an I re p'e "al h- phy-iei.uis the I e I Incite iu'e liiti-e-. V ef il mil rmn'iuii in.iy 1 e fo mil in eii'tilur eonl.iiniuff eernlii'ire- of eures and dut-i'iit 11- for ta king the iiit'dieine. The follnwiiiT ii;.niii.ited uieut-. ll.irlinglon, P UOKanJ SIT, A II, R. Moo't St Allan-, C"rti-iiiii liu-sr! Miltmi, C. Dia'e Aid on Call', U iriiel and S.iwvei Watenille, I'ul an I llrowu, lime l.uruli, Hull and Coo!. l'.iiil'ix, Par' e-r a 1 I 'da ie!d ergi-nnei, Adam- tin IM-rrnv Ca-n' n .i-, M. W iv I'mlt ih.ll, M. C. li.uu-v N.i.ili Ten- -' u-.h, II. C. Wjeker (lenru-.i, A. I'll -Villi ton, N.l Into 11 len ltiehiii. ml. HiccniX. lihole- Iiditi mi. (!. L. Warner an 1 C' Mon .Inn. 1 than Sin: h ll.i' or lii-l I, Ariiiiuirttiii and V. on lw ar I Pair- field, I) 11 not ah I I .iiii-w uih. in.i 1 ,.!.!!) WXriMOWr s.VSII VY J 1-1 r. eeived lo, -2(1 and 2 1 7 bv II a enieiil- ol aili, .1 lir-l ra'.e arn le al 3 and 3J ei-nl - per lie-lit ; al-o all '.in I . and-izc , I .nil he I u e.r let. Tiivn V'loa black It-il, atir-i late iir.i.-'o, for - ile vi ry low, tnt-her with cies ........... Bn-ti t rtl it-t ., , .,. ,i- as cheap as can be foun 1 at any i.tli.-r - il Ii h- ' iko. Pl.TI K-t s. iiicnt, 1 rVSTRUIOUS! A nenlleinait bile a to IVj. oneof the mosi ancient mid wialthv faiml 1 1 of thin city, who must be vi II known tonuiuerousi'iienils having year lIS, up to ncenily, hern lint neaily diiiible, mid for tivtrnl yi ais e'linfiilcd to bis neil, has been le.-lored lo go d 'health bus leirained hisiiitiirul enct pusiiion and b,- q.iitnd Ins car nage, nut! now walks with east!! We belieicllns is thegenilcinan'- own dceiiptioii as mar as po-ihlr, and there is no exaggeration m it. We will ifho inqui re rs bis addre'ss, and doubt not humane he-hugs will excise llie liberty; so that any one iloubliiiir, 111 ly knoir these facts hough he le'qaesls hit name may no! appear 111 print. Amoiie' other iticfmcc", Mr.Jas. (i. Reynolds, 141 Christie-stteet, hns bull restored, and will guc n rsonal ns-uiunces of tin; fiets of Ins cas.'. Ilotli were rheumatism, and contracted cotels and sinews. How has llus I ei 11 done I Anrinr. ll'i the Indian Vt'ifclahle .'.ivr in leruaVii, and I! irr" .'uneand Uuite Lliiitnvnt cxhriutllii. Jan. t!), 1SU. SoldmjtibnCOMSTUCIC if. CO., 71 .V.iidcn, .Yrir Yuri.. ufl IM'.CK ei ,s'l'!'i!, WhoMsale Am tits, a few doors east of thel'osi (Ifiicc, Ihiihtu on, Vt. L. .'KI,SO., coiiliuues the . Chairs at the old s'and, of the fol low iiift dereiqiiions: Cml Maple ureeiaii, 1 nui .eat, ivOmmotu ane it- v.-j. ami 1 nig .m.-.i, i.arce anil .-small j I Xjoi Raised Se'iit Urn Iiii., do do Com Il l)T Il mon do. ( oiimion Dininiz, tc. t'-c. A t-U I All of which aie vairanted 11 first J; V rate article mid will be sold lit priei's 10 corn spoil!) Willi llietnucs. KKATHKUS, A.M.) n:TIIKR REDS, READY MADE. Constantly on baud, a .-upply of warianlrd Live Gret se I'l athers, whii b will ii.-sold low fur e i-h. . by 'be ".il.-i'iiber, Cml iiinl I'.oiIh lit .nnpie, ueiivereit at I113 siioji 111 i;iiuicli f sttet t, optio.lte. he old Hank. c. 1.. xr.i.-D.v voi' a 11 7 'si: 11 sun: nr.r-iit v 11. novrv. t u t. r. tt w. l. -iiuiiL' having riitimi Jed their Till Hio.s, willilo hiisuit --s in that line under the name of II. II. wit A- ! 1. a- til siop ci.-i-upi.-il by snd lliislwick, wh.'-e mny be f ituid n full and complete as nrtmcut of TIN W '.RE, maiiur.ii'liired cxnrts-y for then tad tiade, t.nj-ther wnh Copper and Sheet lion work, Stove Pipe. S ove 'I linirmii's, o-r. All kin 's of Job woi I. furiii-h. d -it shun 11. I'aie uoilinii.l eo -ilu tor pit e f'iim--ht-tl mid 1 ul up. Cnjipci 'uinpsiind I-Mil pipe fm ni-hed and . t if 11 quirtn. Tliisewlio pnti-om.e ibis buincb 1 1 bu-11. . s -hull, at tins shop, eq neklyand wtlls.-n -I, fir 11. i.n le eonipi-n satiui. II II. 'JSTWlCi:& Cu. Iluilingtoti, Apr. 10, 1 1? 12. f-sS ill, 1jjZ -j 3,1t lit BOYNTON fy l',V HI! ITT, (Suci-ess, rs-o A.s.A C D.Welhr,) WO 1 1, I) ri-picifullv mrm m the inhabitants nf limes' upji ami lh niljoin.riu low ns that they have connucii'-idbu-iness 111 the Si me foiin0rly oe eiipted by A. S. A (i. 1). Wi Pel, and ate n iw ii-'eety. iuc a gcncialassoitmeiit 1 1 I'aucv Dry (5. o I-, I bud warcnnd (iioecnes wlui-h tlieyofiir to tin public a lowaseaii In- purchti-ctl in llie eounty for i nsh. 'I hey re-pee-tfiilly solicit -Imreof public paiion-ige, conliilcnt (hit th ir print will be lo net to suit all who may favor them with n i ill. NOIII.r, L. ROYNTON, WILLIAM IIL'RRITT. Ilinei.liurgli, May 1,151.'. 43 'T"IIE .Subseiiber would inform llie p Id 0 tlia: lie J- has on hand a eeiiernlassiirtinent of Harnesses, Saddles, Trunks, Valhscs, Carpet liags,Vliipsand lashes, and numinous other in lielcs in bis line of bus-uic-s, which will be sold us cheap r.s can be boncht ill llns Mcmitv. rianml, 1'ull Cluth, Lumber, Wood, ami 1110-t kinds ol fanners' produce icccivcd in payment. t j-Shop two doors 1 a-t of the Pott Ollice. a v,rv"''.''ri,t" c-- r ?-.??. SJS S --. V. , 'a C - wj ..J.J J Tg nlj.,l..,.,t 1. 1. il... c. .. it.. ,uia J.1-.101 1 1 lu t null House, where the public v '1' at nil Unit s find a man m n adint-ss lo attend ils, antl ns good llorsi s and Carrin: e.sasi in be found m the ji'.aee, and at ns f.urpriees. S. S. SKINNIUl. llurlington, Mav 3, 1 12. r, -. m 1 It. (' O E. IS i: I! T i( it. 1-0. 7ESPI',i TI'n.IjY Pen 1. uids nu I tin- I ll '1 ' 1 , 1 It lilt ', Ini. II . nt '-.I i t. -' '.'l!e nun .. .' . 1 : a-i I r 1 1, 1 .1 .,- , , 1 ill . . -and 'a. 1. ,!S, i..'i ,lh, , - t-, , . 1, , ,1, v , I b 1 mi r. 1 inal.l-. 1. 1111-. M !!, .11 Il0 - iu.i I ,-. 's II. ii, I, S Jin 11 West Cunitr Co.rt Homo Stpiuc, lluihnetoii. BO AlU)lN(i Jl 0 USE. "TMII-1 Hi.usd is now OPE.N for tho reception of j- noniuers. .in who wi-11 10 110 iru, me uivitcsl to call anil 1 -. inline bu house and Ihu pi uliar lulmii lagn win Ii 11- eoiisiiuc.toii and location oll'cr, for ceiimoii ana convcniene-c. Terms, nr nioderale. May 10, IB 12. "OTNEW CASlTSTlm THE Subscribers lrspeclfully mfuim ihe iiilinbi tautsnf llurlington and tiuiuty that they liate cotiinieiiceil business 111 (he Store recently occupud by Mi Unman, II loksi In r, on College slrcel. The thief I runth of tin ir business will consi-tjii French t)nj (Jooils. Ili ilig confide ill that llimu'jh so manv an l facilities which Ihey liaiefur fiituisluiig lln ir Sloiel willi Ilia most fashionable unities, and that their ml-1 cos will sun all who may faiortliem with a call, tluy , rcspeclfully sii'icu a share of public patronage. Tbev nlso ban- for -ale a j-i-n.-r il ncwnrim.-m ..rt-n.. pcnor uittit 1. u 1 1, n, wnn n lliey ( er lor the loVe-t prices. OSTIIKIM it MICIIOLI.S. 1 llurlington, .May I'l. I-1", tfZ?', :..:.;7ri. -ii.i-?-:s.- iv- MUI'T''A'l M M.t.l.l til.L LII'H MKMi ij s. Tht-n-me h -nie .t- lit 'el ted fur their n.t,,ie ! their iiianife-t an I -en iMe action In pnnl'me: 'Ii pimg-nn.l eh.iuiiel-of life, an I enluiug ilu-m wiih ieiie-we.1 tone an 1 vig ir. In maiiv h m ire I terlilir . 1 .i-e-win h have 1 ee-n uu le ) i' h'-, 11ml in nlino-t t'ti ry -pevics e l ill (M-etn w lueli the h-inian frame! i In1 Ii1, 'In' h.tppye ivl- ofMoriAi's l.tlr. PlLt.s ash Piltr.xtx Ilinmi- li.uo It-en greaifillyand p il In 1) if .nowli-eLr I l.y 1 lit? per mis t en'-i.".. I, mil who weie pii'Vio i-ly 1111.111 i.imiodwrh ihehe -a nifully pin-lo-(ijilitca. prmeipe- iiion win -hihey iireeompoiuiti t'J, an I upon which ib.'V eon-eip.emlv act. 'I he Lin: Ml. I'll 1M:3 livonunend di i- i e. of ever,- Itu-m Uitd tle eription. Their lirsl nperatioii is lo 'oo-en fiom the coats of the -Inlu irli mil lowe-1 , the vi'rio is imi'iritie. ah I erii hties ism--t.intly -filling aiiiiiud them; and toieinove the bar dene I faee- whiell eo'It-i-t in the convolution- of the -ni.i!!e-l Inte-tiiie-. O.her nu-'u incv only p.inially 1 Ie-'iH-uthe--e, an I lettw sueh cell, e el um- ,.. eluu'd a . to prod ie e h.i1 limit eo-trviie-5, with all its Irum e.l e-vil-. or -nil len duirihiea, .-iihtt- iui'iiiiienl datrer .11 'I hi . f.u-l is well known I ii'l re-- ! ai- n-mu,..i-i , wlioi-xinmie il e b -nun I o.mIs afere'eath ; nn.l In nee llie pre- i It ei fib .e wi-d inti.riut I tiien imniii'tipinel. iHi'.lieiue 11 me heme pre, ir -I nil. I lieralde I to the in1 In-1 y tuti' run! per ml-, 'llie -'-"ond e.Ie-et e.l the Ij Ho .Me l. -Hies 1- to 1 lean e- the kidney- nml the .a I '.'I, an I I j I hi- mi in , the lie. ci aii.l tlic-hiii-; il.i mu nl which I'uiui'Iylcyin l-upi n the- ie g.iknuy of the,' organ-. The blood, wbifh lake- i s re 1 color froui'lho aceucy ol ihe liver and 1 lulling- 1 elorc 11 into the heart, I th is purifii-el I y them, an I no"ii-he'-d by foesl 4-41 rj 111 ir I10111 a clean -teinneli, eo tr-e- freely thio.igh the it-:n-, le'in-w-eteiy pail of Ibe -y-li'iu, and tn mpliamly 11101111'.-iht- f. inner of heilth in the bloominir e-ket-l.. Mo kit'-Ve-seial le Life Me.ln-.tie- have Ken tbor o if lily n- te-il, and prone) uieedef -oveieisu lemedv fen Dy-pt'p 1.1, ri.iliiletiey, P.ilpitatioittd'ihe lleatt, I.e. ol'Appeiile, Ile.irt-biiru an.l llea.l-a'-lu-, I!e-ib -re, Ill-teniper, Anxiety, anl Meltlnehoij. Co livene , Di.irrhie.i, Chnlera, Fever- eif nil l.n.d-, Klie imaii-m, (1011, Dioo-ie- ol all kind-. C-itel. j Worm-, Alhm.i aul Con-iimplion, S.-iii-ty' Ueer-' iiivf.t-iait- t-oie-, .i-oroiioi- 1.111, .inn- ,ihi iatl I tilll-i!i'Xifi-, rruptive i-oniiilaiui-, -allow, Clonly, und inherih .r-'ieiMl le (Vi'i.lcMnti-, S.ih like 1111, 1'i-j ip. e!.i-, Comiiiuu Cold- antl lull ciiz.!,and varion- .i-'it-r 1 ni'i;. hunts which alibet t lie hum pi fin mi, lu I'i.i 1.11 un I Ar.ur:, particularly, the Life .Me henie- I i rn -uo 1 i muieiiily -iiei-e- f il ; -o mui h -n lb it ni (In loiiTau I Agni-di-trie-t-, Pliy-1.1 ni- nluio .1 iiuiM-itadv pre ei il c lliein. All tnil Mr. Mi 1 Kit require-nf his patients is In le pirtii-iilar in tu'.iiiL- the- Life Me-'nuiit-. -Irn-tly m--nr-ihnir to llie dm-.-tioii-. Iti-tiola untie-, nr I y .invtliiiig lltt-t lieliim ell'iny-.iy inth.-r faini, ths' In-hope-lo gam credit. Ills aloiiehy the -i r.i.r trial. MOITAT'S MLPICAL MANI'AL; de-iguisl 3 a dome te- itili-m lu-al II. Tln-i-jile namphli", i-d isl by W. II. Mi. iai, 2"j lh-. .,1 K-uy, New Yeul, hi- lecn null, he I furl he n -rpei-e' Si'l.tiiiiuu' tnoief lly Mi. Mo Jal'. theory eifeh-e-.i.e-, und will I c It I lii.Jpy inlerestin.i; toja'i-oii -eekini; he iltb. It i-i-it, upon prevalmiteh ea-e-, antl tin-i-.iu-e- Iheieof. I'm e, '23 i-eni for -ale I y Mr Mn'fat'- A-i-n'-rene-iai'v. Tln-se ealu ible .Me -n-'iu-- aie lor snle I y UliUKEE L. W I!M 1! & C0. .I1 1, 1. -1 n, Vt., (M-neral Aueut-, lywliuiii'ill or. Yr-'frnm any part d the State- or C iii.itki, will I e- pioniptlCan-wi-red. 2d t I Dec 17, 1811. II A C A R eV A II TIIUR, (leueinl Agent-for Mo at'- 1 e'le' i.Ue-d ine.lietne-, lo whom all apilieatious fur apt-licit". If i-.d- dre-.-cd. lliiiliiiEion, Jan. 2 1812. ATUIiU'l GRAM) Rl: lOIiJTIM-:. Tin-e- -tnu'l- unnv.ille-il valeuli.'e i".t"nllu .le-iln-i lor tliut-.lle wins e-eim)il.iuit.-, yix : l)y--p-ia, or Itiih-je-'ion,ih ea e.l Liti-i, I tbo-i-tli-i r ler-, I rop y, .. th ma, Co-iiM-iie--, Worm- and lo-s e I An, elite.'aud 1 y i-U-aii-iH - the -le.ijuii-h an 1 I owe!-, e-ire- pain- m the -1. e-, sioiiitii 11 an 1 1 ii-ist, ei in- hsi nil .up, , - -i-umIiii". II.. 11 fii'.-jj, .l..-r.n.- nl tn.itb, Nervou- .-oinplaiiit-, -tt-., which nielie-pien-lj tin ct of th ease. Kui Kef. ami ,gi e, 11 1 a mi -I valuable pie Vt'itlnnv.. us unl as 11 -otercifru leliietly. J virtue-surpti-s any lltuiir beietoli le l.n-iwn in relltoviiig St. Vilu-' Dance-, two I entlc have I e 111 I now-ii to euro Ihi-allhelnriili-i-.ise, uferh.iMiie' Itillletl eveiy ext-r-lion lor four iar-. It h.i- a ino-i pnwril'ul iiihYeiiie in leiiioving nei-vo.i- e-' mkiuil-. In- p'e a-unt tu lake and -eie-a-y 111 it- operation, 'bat it limy ' ea Innm-tcicd to theiiilanl wnh -al'eiy. The nboee .Mi-ilieini. yer lechly ii'i'onmn-i.'t'iI "I y lu.iiij ii'H'u-gentlenieu', 1111 1 a Lime n -ml it nt'ladu- ," v. b have prnietl the i irt e- eif the Mi-iiti-iue I y pei-t mil t'-rnd lh it ofiheir ' A I ill of.-cr'Hii a'e-a.-t-om;si ic-eaeli bottle, wi'h 'l.u'.-lmii-. Ii may le had v hue nle or retail ol -'. I.iiuiit, llaiie, 1111. 1 .1. C. IV.i-ii.i h, La t Willi. tin-. low-H, I. sole propriei. r-. Pi-.-uvd irom the origin ill re -i,io ; for -aie I y E. II. IVeiili-- .Montpflicr, and Pr.CK if-SlTAII, II nlniL-'en, .Hid 111 the piiue.pal tnwi.- 111 the -tatejali due -non- -igiit-1 in Ihe baud wiitiuzolihepiopiieior E. L. I-'ARRAIt glU'S 11 Jtlt-U III It lia onti iiios to carry on the hu-i ness -is usual ol nniiufact inn; St wait- of s 1 ' -nor qu ility 111 ail its varietii and will m all tunes be 111 lead 1 I.. Qllt.f.l I. uiercliiintsoti the most ieo-o ia' e terms, all nulir's muiiipny atitiiUteltu at Ins r.nloiy , Stmt,

t .'.111.JI. i-ji. tAC'i:ACiI LlwS'.tt.J-S li -ecu Albauy ana Montreal, U.iii. iu iner noiiee, t(,ung Alliiny on INedn.-d-iv, and Muntuaoii S HuitlayefeaLh week, 111 with llaimlri tV Co, al Albany to X ew ork, Phil lib Ipl in, llutoii, Lucipool, Loll- nun, in 1.111,1, .-jcoiiin 1 aii, iiiit'.-l-r in tian- poitalonot Spn ic, llatdt Xot-. Valuable Panels-. PacK.igcs of (.'oo.l.s, I!oo!is, a f al! ollur Paie-els 111:11 may out r, .Mon 11.1I Exelmn-ie Cnfl'-o llmie. AH any No. l'.. r.xebmi.,. II1.IJ.11g3. J.t'W YniU .No. i, Wr.ll -tico. Rosioti No. b, ( otirt .- in 1 1. lluiliii-,tou .1. it .1. II. Pee' , & Co. in ri:iii;xci.s. I'.ei s llAiirii, 5 ,, I.. Y..1-J. 11 RECn. J'-'"y.X P. Wkiis, -j K it D. 11. 1'i.i-M, ( ,r. v Knu. if Co., ( rrJ- s- A. Wi 1 lien-, ) A II. . Ilvncs ti Ci.'rt!eton, Vl. J.tV .1. II. Pre KitC... I Pre ic tV Co , llilineinn, Vt. J. C. Pl.ll.'E.. Son. Si .Viiis. I., e. boil, St..Vuis, VA'riT s kct April 23. I 45tf. I'ltIV rilllL llt-w- and Kiini-iiin It iil.ltir-note ri-ei-tiixr I I ast Charlotte will le-opein the Lord win) tin ler the -'lpeiiiiii ndi-ntoof Mi, .Ti.- IIiioi.kl, a -1-111 111 lite i.a.iie -ivpnrtiiieiiliil ami Aluaie ny .'iiss .11. .1. 1 i.n i:imri;i:, IK h.Mav, 181J I'a'l term open- 2U'h Auirit-1, Winter do 'JS1I1 Novemi ei Twelie -oiiiiir l.titl-i- nn I r ',-dlemen may 1 ei at- '-I'l.viio lute I 111 the f.H'i Iv nl MIT. 5erin-25 it-r 1 ,11'cr. in ntlv.iiiei. 51 i- ii- 1" 10 P-eu - Ii and Al re 1 i.i, -'3. a-hiiig extra. Day i r-'; bom 82,50 10 Mi.-T. 1 du ate I muter 'heeauiemm'!" 1 aehers, uni having tan, hi 111 Lmi Inn, 1 1 '-i 1" nt--"mte ni' eber an al, 1-amply quali I to-i J- riiilend the 'it m il und .Music tlepaniiiiiit. Ciuierujenl blrietly am I- To iko.e iiiini-.iiiuuiti-tl with lie frvi- A experie-nee n...l ..1..H... .- ..' ... .. 1 1 ... villi lie servi.i?e.perie-nt rcneemaA- If?.1 m ,1 fjfJ ln-, ' -Pr e, Wluiehall. ,M--Pi.y,T,.,y. Vi.T. '? '," ' 1 1'lfreiiee nil it- m '.' .V,'f:'' ''1 mline-ion ... ..ttnti-iii t-fi, 11 J. Sheroian, J.".e Cbarluite, its-'i A -i , 1 HEW DOOK STOilI " liivc and lot Jiyp." fffltri: siil si itler fioin Now York a ,.B " ."';"" I'-o'-. Ibl les, Prayer liool , li-tai,..-i,t-,A-. A'-.toenhrrwiilia eootl a HoilPeiit of .Satiniim, mid -Uoi.t-I ,u,i,u Sts-k, to whici In 1111. tc- Hie nitcir mil,,. pl .. IVeliug u-ry r.ilef il I. rlhe III eul pturonage beieiofoie ie. 1 em , lie will renew In- exeilHin to nlejto all that may .nor him wilhibeir jintri nugc.. , ,, -i HI'NTINGTOX. .Stong-' lliuhhiig, eoriier Cltur. h and Coll.-ge Us., om.-itf lla-iur it Arlhur's, Sign lletl Ludger. Ni TI M1TICI' Sinoked II r-,l4 lrLiiTTr hair I ,'is. re, .. i i f, .ii.' ! . ' rk ty "" J.v- II Isil'I J m iiivif " ' ' HlllS O V h I V Ii It W O It T, " " 1 -.iii. ti vou t ity 111:11 vim get II10 reniiine, liri',..iii-l ut 3. liowery, .New York. Fee that 373 Hunt ry New- 1 nrk is 01 ibe wrapper of eat-h llnille. All other-are I rami- un 1 -old only by siiceiilainr-, without re.-ardio ii,i,-e, to the pit! lie-, or the-proniie-lor-of the ireiiuinenrtiele. FOR Ci n- iinplion, and I.iver eoiiiptnliiN, Dyspep. si.i, ihj-ziue ofihe hetvl, In ofuiit etne, Dy-e-n liny, and 1rener.1l leirnluit-rtif the whole'-v-teni. None geir line lut that iirepau-.l nt 373 liowery, New 1 oi k, where the uni le w.i- lir-l made-, thei-Ini-. nt-eroflhe me In-iue-foime I and 1: lal bsln-1 1 v ,u nt ..-iii suit- proprietor-, anil wlionie tlieouly pe-r 011 l.iiowiuglliocnmi',.iiii,n of the gen tine. Ithi-leen 't;e.l - .-ee -f lly fr f.'ht year- m llie clue of those 'I sei 1 . !CjJ--i:tir.tinU.i-ihe. oi-.uinal mid (leiitii it 1 ma le only ut eNo. 37,5 liowery, New-York. All others an counterfeit. Consumption and lAver Complaint ! .'.a a general rt-oie 'y f r the e- ekse-a-e-, I am f lly -atl-lli'l, frolu lnng e.xi''iien e, ihtrt- i-nn Ine I erne e 1 ml to Dr. T.iyli 1' IS-il-.nn of Liver-.y-irt. Pt.,-g j) iiey le. clal !e, 11 imii be ..-ed w-ilb the 1111-111-1 -ule y ly all pe.-nii- in et.ry eailuun. It e'ea i-.u t lit- 1 .nn 11, iil.'fve- dui'e'uli liea'hiu mil is'iu . In he. lee-he 1. 'I lien-r-int I i. nt . min.t ... bin tin- iiiei'i.-iue 1- ni'iTlam i-uie I'm- ebrouie i-o iah- ani com-. 1 u.eM 11 lo .r u-ir- in my pia -iite, anil always wnh -ni e e-.. A. P. ItDGLliS, M. 1). Tickling in (he. Throat. I know Dr. Taylor'- R.p urn , f Lner.virt to Ie iitertaiu 1e111e.l1. for thi-foinplauit, u I lune u-ed 1: my-t-ll and I'uuiid ii- v'tvi uu iiiuin-ibate. 1 wa- I1111. l1l1u.1l.ini mu, I I mn If ,1 t'.,i- n,e' l- -iiii-. L. Ill NSIIAW. 211 .M.111S111 si. Ilou-ene Cuje Pi r the c ie ot cue - 1 e'.iiisironi'ivrivconin.en I Di. Tailor'-Hal am ofl,n erwoil. I not on'jit uml ,., ,.), mj-H-lf, but iii.uiy of my f.iuirie.-aiii 11 ly my it--eoniii'i-nda-tion le-ieif Igii al I rut-lit trotii Us lirtnf. Il 1 aloui e mild .e'llie-.ieiuiisiiu 1 harm1!- , REV. .' LEW 1 9. Scveie'.o'iuhs und Cold I have had a mn t -e-veiee-old and ei tiah, for 11 Ioiil- lime win -hi eeniltl mil ai-l ri jot. Al e-r u- inir many 11 cV-- thing- I iri fdT.iylni's l!.il-am of LuiTivoi't, an I it i-uif I me in a 'I IV-. J I!. IvElilllNOl'K. R11 uu of niond About two w,e' - aro I bad a (all, wi.i-h e.iu.-el me lo spit lane tpi 1 me. of I hmd nhi h nullum- eo d.l i-uit- uunl I u,f, Iir. Tajlnr', 111-am e f Livenvort. Tin- u.i-Ju-nie iraif me iiiiim dt 11c rt'ief in 1 111 11 very short lime c..cvc 1 an cjiuie euie. Let ail pt 1 on ti n. ( 111 (III MCGARVrY,2l Caniibnst. Dr. lnyler's I!.i.nm of Livi-rw or'. 'I hi- -upenor "'"'y lorih-f.i-f- of ihe lung, nn I Iner ha- obiuiu f 1 a u- una mu nete r I iloiee pialleel. Remarkable Cure oj Consumption. . . . w.l -ii ue ir her t'e.uh wftli ilu- th ea-e, lllv li.rnds enl for a ur.e-t loe oiil'e--me eir I t'i.-l. He 111 hi 1111 rev, told me not to sncup 1111:1: I triel Dr. 'luy'oi'-ilul-am if Lim wnrt. I sent iiiuufiba'.eK lor tin- nif b.-ttie, ami altboiigh the i-oute-l for 11 few 1' IV-I ftwe-eii tin me heme, and my ,h. u-:1, -f. veil-, Ihe iiii-dii-inefeHiqi,e-ii-.l, and in a fortuubl I w.i. le-lori- ltoh--alih. I had ai-ei'ij-h, i.u-iiii ol'm.i--ler, lo-- ol nn i-m-e. iain-, we.ikne ,, tt-e. 1 .1111 H--ler lo Doelor Wil-. n, in the C.u'ion Ilnti f, for the truth 1 fitly stiiteiiif ni. MARY DILL, lfi h -nei-leor. Hcware of lia-d-. ,,,31 uveiu.c. Summer Complaint. Tl.f llal-am ol Liu'rweirt, m -eu ral fa-en of ihi-di-ei-e, wl.fifull other ifiiifhf- applied by phy-i-e-iun have jiroi etl iiie:leei,.il. ha- 1 rod.ieed "a 1 e.'ll-c: 1 ure ' Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Air. II. Ulu.ldin ol Delhi N. Y., of a naiiiialiy eon. - mplive con . mutual, ba- I ecu -aie-l Iro'n 1111 111. limeiy e-n.ll yiln I l)r. Tiiyb 1'- ol erwtrl. A -fien- et Id I ro ichi .n an aiiuek of Pirn. ... ... ....Iii.ii- .. it-1 in ?t-t,.r.,liiti.ilnvatiil 1 u-'.tut,-. 11 .11. A f..n-Mi,t !,, i,,.,.,,,. 1, t. ,.,, q ue , p tl-f, an I 1'oiit.nuel le of tltsb. a ,.,l . .-. t.- ot-.i-ii ; tun a,;soon a-1 fouiini-u I ihe u t ed un- . 1 1 . grew 1 t-.ter, it ml 1- now lo health. Imly re tuiel Shortness nf Urcalh 1 I ,i..,, ,,r ' .j-... nun i.r. 1 111 lor' - . un- o fa-.. I ....... , 1 ... n. . . Mice alt-.lllil -ei . -e -i,,-,.. ,,.. I nltt-.-if. .1... , .in I'M - I'll ,.,i. .. I, ... ... iny pr.u tii-e, an 1 leccoiiuucnd it to mv friend-. I ban 11 e.l 11 111 ...111.. huii,lrel...f.,i.f.Wl,11,ll..,.li foiri.-ar-, anil have ,,. vr ha I 11 ful. inaui eaisota ihui.i, I Inlly l,.;-,vf,u ,r,,u ,vn .h. me-aii- ol -aiiii.- prceiou- Ine . Ut .t. . , Ul.OIPil- liAld'U, Jl'. j). None genuine, but that i.v.iie I ut J73. .'.ever,. New ,'.i k a- will t,.--,v y il,e lal .'- uu.l w r.i,i. p.-r- ol i-.i.-h I, .nl.. lie - ,. v,, ,,' u hen yo I uy. Ilii-ei-n imcfuii alw-ay-lf t,'.i ,. ,o O I Airfiit 1 Me r-. X. Lnve'i .V Co , ,,,, I,u.Iv it he 1110 tr Dr. .', omly ami P.- k it Spear, Choim-i'. v 1 '" m " " m-il"-s- II- D 'n.f , (j'lnrlotie Allium lihoV- Jr. lunonil-Gfo. Aver- it Co .Mihon-A. U. Iliow-n, (;r,,, I ,.v; If. j;ic.,.r Nmtli Hero Horace W.i l.wonh. N.irih , .1 Day.., Al' uiudi-l'. .V L.o:e,u, We t A 1 Ij irh-D.iV 11. (..11, .-i.ter, ury. PBIFASHION FOR a3-&S CHARLES .1. SEY.VOVR II V hue . . ...... . .1 r. -- c r -.- 'J ' ",rK 'he sprint' pi'itciits f.i.-11 its ,-.i"--. ,i--' nun. j-iutv ork ilu f c .ut j-iiiM.-L- iu nu ruin j vsamme his mturiiii t-f, wlnrli fill-! mi-.t. u il I I ... 11 1 J ? 1 1 o nmiip ( rj in v. lurnrii aIi.iM'In'rrluf.Hf piwn a PI" fi ri'iira tn liite .-.f v .ti'inufactuie .0 look nt -st, ek 1 f line hn.s-w I , 11 piymofejliranl tiu.., aiee.pnl, an) m point 1 f dura bili.y l,rspcr.,.r, to any hats t,nulaUu,e-d 1, nui cuv 01 Ai vv 1 01 LYillAN & t'OLK H AVE r..,-i. t..l .1,..-. , ........ , . -11-nt a--ortn:e an I van.' v ol m n- .u.l ,-. fx't'ii-iie a.-rii-micu wh.ehihey,, .u gi-.-,y ,e,l. e.l , ,. ,., J ji-.-ii anil stripe.1 Ullz.wnr, &e. for la he-' s immer droi Xt-w pattern Muslu, de Laine.-, satin .tnpM, Iiiii.b'iick.inlbl tollaci, RoinlazuH' J '-"i'" ' I hie black und toloiel do. Heavy I la U Ca.itt ,i,(ir .1,. nudeol'd Silk. MlllHls. ' Lupin -.-arl. t. Ulael and. olore.1 .Merino, l-cails aiuH-aiif, Uaulla-ii'lilfls. llermaii ; ,ai liet,e Crayai-, ,,,. HU I',,'c, Alu-lin ie Luine- Miawls, raw .-ilk do., piinted Wor-t' d do. ' La r.iiiey silk Mm- and doves, eolnred I'iII.-i ilu. 1 1 u l. -ew iu silk do. Mi..... (.,,!., -ill. l.M'.S, .UfU s I, (1 ....s ,1 fii's I., I,. Th,,.-,,), eolore I nil., while d , an I hid do. Men's Ida, le lint an Cravat- la -k silk halt !,..., aii.llii.lia nii.l -S i-pinJ 1 n. .1 . .'. iv si.n nail 11, .1.. t.n.i .11, i.:i 111. 1 ..... iters, l,a,lie- while nut blae'.- silk II.,... .,,,.1, i 1114 .llermo llo-e, I lack anJ eulcio.1 Hir. aiiii ni.i iiioye-. I-'urtrit'iitlcnicii'sfsummct- Wear fctripet nn I plain w Into liueii Dull, f,.l,in. do. i.auii rt 011-, iia'iitiioii .uixuire- an IVmiu . -11... 1 . i.-- 1 . . . . - it. , -1 .jaiiii.-ii.-, . iiiii.1,-1 1-, .i.u-tii 1.111111, tV Dunil'.lIC tiUILlM. Indian Head, ti ark AMI-, Mildle-ex and other 1 oliou Mirt'lintr-. . great i-uan'ry I len.-he.1 sheelHitJ-uiid ihirtme, very low priiej. limn I leaehed fi'lton, 7 ti .111 1 yard wide. Ilarllell do. S-1 and C-t tin. making a inoro extensive n-sni tineiii than wi Imviievtrlopr, eonon sbeetinif, ujuiiiit iinhlenehisl cotton sliuiiii-.', Su..i;k audecsd drill heavy ni l;, nut au l waddiug, Three Ca-i's if I'nil i.h pud Parasols, Cap, Ho-met and nt k oils, Titflem do, Galloons, Ta-te-, itc. I'liliU. Pall lli'- r, Mt-riiiiiiif, Dour, Hristol and many ...lier styles 1 1 American print., lery lowpriieel, Enijlish and I'lfii.-h piin's, (liughanis, etc. II road Cloths. A geiii-raln-siiiiiiifiii .if llurliiigiini Mill Co. Uroad on band. Al.ooiher stile., e l liroal ilmlis and Caiiui-t--, Lii.tsli, I'mii-h do. I'elte'd Carpeiuie, Silk, Twi-t, Ihi'iems, Surge, Uinya", PadJuiir, N-li'.-u, te. itf, llHiliUi,ton, '20 May, 1S12. 33. (Jl. HATHBiUS, DltAI'l.K AXDTAH.Oll. 1 I "titriiM from N-w York wuh the . ',irn',,!.C.'ly'-sls ni1' n -"T'l-wr as- I M't'"c"1 "f TRIMMINGS. VI.- 1'lNl.S, ite l,Shopm( htirch street, marly it the Hank of Rurltngmti May 13,1 'IS j bi-iii in I i m 1 1 1 o. ,s : nisi, 1. A I. S ,V M I PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. VJAROArjTED. ripiIIS ntticleis too will known to med comincn 'la ton nml Ihe cxp. ri-n-e of -1 icn yeais has ili'iiion-traled to tho coinim n-ial comutiinity. that .or ni'cnracy, c Kivcnietice ami durability, tlu-y are unrivalled v-arel stnles to weigh Irum to (i "'-on-,1 1 Warchot.-jil.,, to weigh from 1-2 lh. moo '!' l,",mlla l- lo wemli fiom 12,,,. t0 2(1011)3 . PorlnbluCounicrdo-aiiewuiticIo-tuwci'di from 1.2 oj;. to iOIbs. J. it J. II, Peck it Co. Atrenls. I 1311 " Tjirssrn.'s s-iomaui hpitiiis. mav i. J-V 11 e.l 111 W 1111 or wa er.Tlie-e-i e'e! ruled bitters iiii'.'nmpii-etl of il.e uio.t inno cent; ei .pivilie v it-ieif '1 i.ei .iiurei-ommeinled pur-liciil.u-ly f, 1 re-loiing ueul eoii-tHHiieui-, eleuu-ini' and -iifiiirlheniUL' tin-htnuiach, and ineiea-ing the appelite al-o u pieientaliie nt'iun-t the cholera luor-bit-, feier and iiirue, 11.111-e.11, vomiiiusr, bean biiriiiiis-,if ikne- m ihe liea-1, pain in the -'oiii.i.'biiHilolher -ymp'!imi,ni.ii.leiu-cand iii lige--tinu. One box will tiueturo one gallon. I'm u 23 ets. 1 I ox. st Itrnr.ii.'j Itch Oi:,tjii-,nt. Thi- choice and -afe 1- sn id teilc snp.rii.r to uuy now 111 11 f, Ini iiullna'b ome d -e.i-e, t p ITCH. Tin-Ointment i o ei-arin u in It- operation thai no per-em lloul led wnh the al ove di-oi.'i-r ought to le without it. It 1- a remedy bu-i-iiinueoiis e-r 1pt11.11-, -i-nrl.'i'ie a.'ueiiuii- of the hfael, or.iuv oiln-r ine out mIii-Ii ari-es fiom sharp h.imoi-s m llie Lloenl. Price 23 el-, a I ox. Res-Ltt.S kietaei.i: Hit Lines Pin-, or family physic, lor eeeeral u-e, 111 eu-is of Ja indue, morl in en il ility 1 f the -torn n-h an I bow el-, lei-- of nppiHitc, in- in 1 .taui, io-iifue -, i ne , .mi alt I'l-t'.i-f-. ari--mg fri 111 I iliary I'l-ianjeiiienl-. al-o f r foi-ift-ini.. the -Lee ol the 1 loo I, aul elean-inir the -y-iem ol lo il and vi-eid humour-. The e pills nie a mild e.i. 1 1 inn-, inn iiii-ing neiiin-r pan nor gripms, ami are-thi-ifloiu a lalnablf and h uli y up;ii-ot,i.,l nuvlieine, and an- proiiouuee-1 I y tbemo-l ib-iiii'.-iii-heil .by H-1.IU-. l..ieh box euiiuiniii,- 3-3 Pui.. Price 37( et-. a I ox I! 1- ell', e t-'.-l ra-ei "alt Knr.l-M 0i;.-imi:xt. 'I hi. 1- i.iit e lioiintlv tne I .-i ami -nle t ifine ly eyerie' 0 tend to Ilu; p it lie tor ihul ol -tina-e eh-ot ler III I II ".M. V.'bfif obi-r uieii.i- have tailf I, it h i-s'.e- 1 1 e 'e 1, ami Hie Ij. t tli.u e ha-lien -xieii ivilv 11 is I 1 y fi'.iiuciit l-i.ii-:i-u.ncr - . n 1 um- ni it- inai Hi- i-ijIy fheaeioi- 111 nil tin. a-c . ..f the -km, .aid head, nn . leoi-.n ,aud the m ,-t iiu.'ier.i'f lit b, e-c. tte, X.iinfioi- t i-riiii.-a'es un-jht le e.l tamed, 11 un- iiriipiiitu .-uni. f- inai a I l,r trial -l.n'i! I ' 1 U 1 lllv f VI If lee nl it - - -V. I'll -e30i t'lll- I e-x. I e.r nle I Pi ck if. Spear nud I!nl e i-t, n iiioiaiiiu i nr. 1 . 1.. .villi'-, .111 ill .11 K 1 (ink, I lint- bulirhi N II, llarne , ( bino 'e ; I.. Jai.c-, (u-orcia; I.. Tjler, I.'-ex ; Kiill.-r e. Hiuiliueti 11, I!n hum,' Al o, by Ibe dru.'gi-t- and men ham- rent'iallv hroiteli'i'it the state. c.-2-Pu' T DISEASES OT TIIS: I.UN(,,-...l,.r.df.ll j the Hin-l leni.di fin kiinit.i in A ins. ica tseiauir rutmonury lialnim is ih.. n,i uilu.l.le it 111 'ill nun in 11. s p. 1 cini;li,,enlii,, a-iht.,,. . j luln-ii . roii-iiHipii.ju. nliopigrii.igli and iMiiitituini afl iniMii nletri) Its ml'ei. u-,itlij 011, eafipg. and llie onipiieiiii nn I-, iii-n mil, .if. tti," ,,0 ,,, ,u,,,t,i, ......uni ni 1 mi ileel-. 1 lie .,u.m ,; ntii eeiutic (iiifi.-ii in r piim e es tn tin, 11 An iNmiMUMi Casi Exuai-infa buc fun r ., iyi.ii, Ki.ig.iim, Jistr f,,,, ,. y. (u ,1C 1" -I " 1 V" "I 'he !Mi ill'l. u.i-t dull ne'd A ifiniikible c .i..-..-ir.-iM-d b) ihe V.,t. ' """'" I "- un "I Hie iv-intel -.t inn nf ls.33. - ,p I'lsi'tl, i llontli, lie..), t. It 11 I11111. 1 uni. il- '"""""I H- Mm 1l11.ie1.1n, b.,,1 t-neu In,,, ,. lie "as . iliiei-il Pll ,,w . ij, I,.. ..,,.,1.1,. t I.JJ.I.. I. 11 Old w.i-, 1.11. in.. .1 rnei- tiininlin' ,,f lil,.,,,' I..... i.n .....,.-, . ulwg 11 k.uii, ulmli M, ,.fre, ie, ciiinplrle cine, mid he n ,,.t. ,,t, , lf.,, Pl-l I.. .. .y t. M .. I. I . . . ' . y " ' i ii mis 11. 11 1 1 on 1 ill,, mm-. - .- iMt...-.t-,i nn- 11 mi.... neiajii 11 .teciiuiii ol his ci-e.nloih I w ill fni u ,,itl -.1.11, c. S CL Y liinj- nit, N. Y. J.uif'J.") 1S3S. Exnaci ..I . lein , Cnun Di J i.-ttl, The I'g-lsb'e Pi'' " ll.ll-.liii has I.e. 11 "sold 111 ilu, c- iiiin (or ninieais, .mil il.e ii.e.ltein,. h.nt...i.,, ,l ,,. Hi1e.11m11.n1 1 pit 1,1 in, fur ii -can-el, ,,t ,.,.,.., 11'f il nihil nu. ihe dcMieti tflee-i "I am bt, ,, ,,,, in film nfihe ni.iin ii.i-iiiii,,., mini ol whu h an. m. jionliuni upon .1 cietbil.ius puhlic, bm ihaiwlinh tinttw nv use in on ciiu-uil, I raiumt hel, ht n ll-iuoll )ll(tn ihtieto. .1 rmim... (..ii ........ ... been nllcied line hi .1 ii..t, lliny. Aceiit. of (,,ini, L .Hid lllett is an ilhei irnele ten. Ic I lm... ,1 strung I) sifiprcitd lu benn tints ,,., . . .lAcon Hi i ns. 11. I). llilllinginn, Jinn it. i ro Pi nn. M.i, :t isf.7 c III. .-. Illlltl'l Motiell. In Ihe Piuni iptms nf it,.. v-.. l.ible Puhiiiiiiaii Hals uu. I atn .-..ili-ln-d ih.n tin. V... f I -1 MO PtlllUtl I llll.tlll .a ,i i ,f .1,'.. ... .!...:. Il II l ll.. II-,-, I ill ,. ,,1.,,-p ,h r ),., ., ,..y ;.. an ubsiin in- eniiipl l ih,. nj, iiiiful.'il with ii '' '"' cnnli, In, ill l e. .in.! lite, i ii. in,; f uiiieh bliiiiil, .'ht.lihitl ii.eti.iuslt i ed in nn at inme.l litest iipnot),. Ad,, itst the-llal-am one in-ek, i., p.tlriii'.tnu-r icon mil and he u as abb-to speik aittli h.i. I 1. 1- i .!- si.nie ion., stnre, ami tin mui is mui rngJiiPil em out)-in ariiu- but labiiiinf bii.fies-. Hc.pee limit, , .,. Moulin. i., Ii is imii num. ,,,, ,,x ,P.,r, fi,,,.,. dh I ,t iaiu ,t ip.l b.i. In an nl ihe lnns., and ,-,,, l,,i, as .It-elate t lo be initu able I,, n ei.nncil ul ihu ,. phi . neiaes. I was ihul le-llinil lo asg'io I hi'.ihh a- I I,.,,! pii-i.l.dl'iH mui) pii, In ii.ii,.. 1 1,,. Veceiahtp 'l ninun llilsaiu. Stint- mi ifnuei) Ihu.. n'eoin memletl lite II ,1s un u, .n ,..,, ()( i,,,, riinipldims, and fa, . ,.., , j,, ,p illf in lanititi bet ii r.illiiiud hi in nth bent lit d in ntain ii-slaiie. s n has elferinl ruii-r who It wen- wind', une "r;"1' , SAMfLt. Evi.nttr. Ibi- on, M.ttrh 2, IS.17 I in sab-, wholesale und SPEI!,!riici..i.. Vl. i Mail, bt PECK f. Tn Untitle rs nn-l nlltcit. ITC iRDS, Cl.. I ti.nil- , IV ink plam-d at -liort .- ,,.,,;-,,-, , ,,.i;,r ft.,, I,, ,U,- , , liiirliligtnu lion 1 omidi v. Turnriif dune, or lithe lo bt for i. -ramg lied Peiatscr columns. Cnslnte te-eeiv-'d m pay. J.l IS GAY. Huil'ttgion, April 22, 1512. CUSAlKiVP UISTEKiNS. fPIIE -id seril cr. bni ine theiivh' to u e-, in and for 1 ibe cu-ui'y of Cbiiieu 'eu, P.iiker'.. Hvdr.iulii- Ce- -" " ",r 'c "',TV """l v l'"'1.' (V,'U ""cbfu and Na' Ie I In, r-, tor the n iriio-euf mal. 11 l'"'" I''iV"! f,"'T tM '' ,'10 ""r'1". s'"1- lX.. t.-.i.i . ml., rill II... ... i.t'.i. ...I. j.l .t..l I. .. they will I - ii'iidy (he e-oimug -ea-un lo anend to all fail, in ine anove line ot l.ii..iiu- and will wan anl ineir work, to ie uuralle. .I0-?KP1I I.A.M'OV, ORLANDO OW1 X. Ilnrbntrtnn, M.irth 0. PJ. .VII. All en '.-f. ud'n- .-I in ihe -u' senbers nt nine nu-utir li.ullugiOll aiI llllUieJiute at icil'io.i. .I0 S002E STOaS." 'ElHE f-.tihiiesof the su'iseriber m procuring books, ntld t Very aniele in Ills i.lic aru stmb ns in rrmler prices, e-orie.s,ioiiuing to Ibu limts,. induce Ihe public to e. nliiuit' then- pair, nngo to bis .Vnp Store. Am nuhht nfi, ms nut on hand, will be muvidtd as soon ns ordi rs can be fm w urdcd lo the C.tica. Works it et iu d tin present Meek, us follows, P. clonal l'.lde, E-siit, by I Innnnli Moore, Hours 1. r 11 aiin,'i e .epeiaue 1 1 J ins, Wealth and Worth, llamaliyR d(e, Thiers' Hisb ry of I'lcni'li Reiolulion, Hioomfi. hl's ('ink T. sinineiit, Ibu tics' Xotestiti Isneili, 3 Vo's, Wistars An.Uoiiiv, Whclplty'sComptnil, The ram n ul (il.ny ol England, .anoni, Tbel.n-i Tnbis, by Grunt, A Wieaihfnrlhe tomb, I.ileof Patrick lleurv, Sketch Hook, 2 Vo's. It is well, Wav Marks, D. A. I1RAMAN. HOARDING HOUSE. TbeS ib-crif er -till eontintie.. bis board ing linii-n at the font ufColleg.'sirrel, near the Sipi.ue, and will u-e In- I est rijiiftrfl exettnns ti ,ye s,iti-la tion lo tho-e MMifik iilu may lav ir him with their pation- lie ha. a'su n erai 'omettieni and ireiileel 'R ni-, n let. JOSIH'V 1-OANE. COM WAY JUCmjli..s. rpill; Sjil -enber W. L. KIl'DI li, gives no'i 1. that he-ha. -nee eed the late 'I'. r iu thi pie:iaiation ul the well known Conwat .Mld1uin, and will hcienlier give part e-ular intention to tb pri'iiniul nn ol the lillninng arm-le-, the- lone ns lal I, she I eelehlity of v hn-li, pre- Hide, the neee-sity ora ic'-tiii! In anon if the iiuinerejiis ee-rliheato iu the bauds oftljc propneior. Dort. .Icbli'.s Itlitiiiiiatlc Liniment, l or Ilhctiu ati-iu, l!ru-e-, Sprami, Numbness, Chili lain-, Sihities. in the joints, eVe., will nnbrd the nto-t iiiiexpef-fd und iiiimttlialu reliefin the mon ob.tinate ease, i f Hhe nnali-iii, in a lew hours j this .-inn le is openly ii.'ed by Phy-ieiau-. Tl, i.inuneiili. iloue up m enlare'etl bottles. Prieu 37J . t-ui-. Dttmn-lcs- Ointment. The- cxten tve ,nli; and evabli-bed leptttalion ol Hum! nit--' Itch Oistmt, em o-ira-j.-s the pro pneior to lei'oiiinn ml it io ihe pi 1 1- i h lenewed eonlitlfiicf, n - ihe mo I innocent an I pnwcrl'il icni fly for this uiiiu ymg t'i-en-f j ( . itiini- n ulUI fiiry, or any oiher ilaiie-orn .. m it ditiit. an I caa lu upi lietl ul all tunes Willi petlei t salety. Puen 23 cent-: u liox ltcmcdy fur (he Piles. Hie concturiHg ti-tiiiu n t f re'ieied patients, Irom nil q ntter-, te-tili n.u t . the t . ie- e. e-Ieity ihe men. -me nl'ier nil oilier- ha I la 1...1, um her wnh the int'iea.-tni: dein.intl fur the urn -le liijiifall iaits ij! lliet'oiiniry, piove it lo 1 1-mif ei ibe mo-t valuaLln specilir-inowti for tin- tri.ul le-oiuc complaint, it-JA Clergyman write. , , , . , llo.tun, Pel ruarv 13, 1811. I have made trial of Dunifrte-' Pile Electuaiy and found il produced u -nlutiiry infliieuee nlitiest imino iiute y, nml eonii,Vnty t-,te n an e eeit.ul letnedjr tor that uneomfoi table and debiliiiiung eomplaint. Humanity ha- H.dutedmeto lec winicii J it to iier-,on thu. allhetetl, nuel-ol -h ill eoiiiimie lodo. Your- le-pei-ilnlly, J. S. 1 he rcmt-tly enn-i-t- of an Oiiuiueiit and Electuary. Piii'o for both 73 i-ents, or 37 i cent- when but one ! wnnieel, iit'eoinpanied with p am ami ample direc tions with a du-.Tiput u e f 'he eoiitplaint. Dumfries' I'je- Water. l or sore or injtuimd eyes, no'lumr known giv sieh inmidiatc and ioturtabte leliif, und iu ;oin excetdinvly bad eases tho most iuie.' icteel and e!--liable leliefhu-1 1 ru fotlivl ill ihe u-e ol this Kyi water, after other remidies had failed. Person-who luno ti-nl it, proiii.'inee il withniil he-itation the beit lucpaintioii lit sore, weal:, or inf.amed eyes, lliur haiu ever met w.ih. Pi n e 25 cent- a bottle. CURE FOR CORNS. .Mb I on Corn piaster. Ilieiuo-t -afe and speedy cure for Corns yet di-'oiei-el; the relief t. mimed. ate. it dl.-olves and i i-move- the corn fnmi the lout wnh case and expedi tion and uilliout the least rain. Price 25 eeutj Mux. I'nll and ample diieel:oa. accompany each of th al ove ariie'e-.. N. II. Ne in- e f the above .irtn-le. will 1 a genuma, tinlf - signed W. I,. Kid ler nn llie o it-ie'e wrapper. t ;r sale- at hi-Co .ntim: Ibmui, 6C Suite S'.rcci, u Mair-, form ml Me r -liaii". Row lh, ton. Al-o by Mi-,i,,. PICK A Hp AR, Ilur'in.un, Vt. A III cial tli-r . .ni ,i lmi,. I K, .If.ilf, FOR .SALE. yjftirrs' lart'e and e-mimiidioua tn o su- rv Illirl. Dui-llllillloiise i. ituated on the wt-t sale nlCoiltge l -ea it the bent! .ifr,lt, "....r. . . , .1. . . . nil -!.: t nit. The IL i-.i i-j-' i,. I-. ,."i, i..' Will Ilhcheo tin I !.... II ' . 'i " .1'' . Itll its. ilitu 1 l lilt br C.i.f MenJingnoith nn Culle.el.i'ien, w nit and - . ..,-.. itLion, anu t.i.iuiier- an I -le , aboie. A laru-eiui leomtnudio t. Ilarn.etiit iceiiou.f,an,it,tli.-roiit-hitu-e-, ami a -pa . , varl wi-.tol thedtwilim.-h,,,,.,., and a ji l.1 u. .ir ew;l Of wn-erot the best tpialin in the nhaire, met u I tick 1-,-teru. Oiifaud a quarter aeiv. ol land, . 1 the !ir-4 'ialit) ; a lape irardeu and, ho it fruit tieev, wet ol the lieu e and laid. lite liiiiiiiiiia-. nreecn.tructe.l iu mesWi! style, ol the ....,,.11.,.- .uni wnruinan-iiii. w-treereeteel br uie snii-eriierlur hi. own u-e, and the lenntion af. to iu. a Vfrye-xtfu.iu' mid lea-ant pro-poet ol" th iillace an f lake on the Wc-i and i.not ..uriia-.-ed by any other in Hu. part if the eo-ntry. A.-o lor sale a let eorilaiiiinau acre of land ilirecv IV eippoMlfthe above-lot witha smalleonicnicntwootl ilivclling hoti-e Ihereon. P'ircli.i-e-rsnie mviiel loeall and exminefor thein-sciv.- le-mi, made known by ihe -ul v-nlcr on th ""-- .VA.MCEL Itl.l'D. II irlingtem June, 1G, 1510. n3 Bi-iirnc.s of rami)- riour. I II-- -nl-t n i now le'C.-ii in.- nm ll-UtlHIfiit. nml t.-.ll ln Hill ' -j 1 "'l """"fh the -a-nn wnh ,otn i.J.-5,r i-y ' ''one t llratul. of Westera i imir, ever o ,e-rel in tin-marl et. Haling Hour ntanul.tcitired Ivmoie than twenty di eti-iit Mill- of the hiulir-t leputiition, he ttled"e that I lour sold I y him shall gne the tno-t perfeiH s.ui-lai tion, andw.'l e wnrraiucl fu all eu-e-. N. 11. r.irev llrjmi. constantly i n bantl. Dealer- in J'lo tr, .Merchant- and r.imilte. are rv rrivtlully muted to on'e-r mid try the arin Ie. I otirshipied to cider m ci oil p.u-kuge. without delay, on leceti't i f Draft.-. eiTiitieute. nt .to.,n.ii Ca-b. J. N. lll.NSDII.I. 117 Iltier-.t. Troy. April 23, It 12. 47ml KEW ESTABLISHMENT. piin stibseubets h utiig opened a Paint Shrn i th" h HliltiiL' one door Smith of Ihshop's Hotel would iispecilully inform their friinds and the pub he lint they aie prepared lo execute all kinds ot House, Carriage and Sign Painting, Gilding, (dazing, and Paper Hanging, the neatest pns,ii,'e mantur, and hope by s'riit . 'sntial attention 'o husinc-s lo rccenea share of .iu ftiuue pairuuage. R. G.SPAl'LDINO, S. II. RUSSELL. 17tf. Ilurtinsti-n, April 20, 19.12, SELLING OFF CHEAP. j'llE subscriber, il,irnus of Ins businfffi, i. ti iw o'.l,-is to the public, at nsl, the whole of hit -!." .i m tun e, eoii-ist,!,., of n large mid general a- " " "' i"" " "u "uu inpnini i ware, bta-s kctllcs, mi ptpt- sim. s and t, imnung-. and ciery oilier licit- ttstnlli e,,(il for in Ins line of busim .s. A,0 l'l''cof inri,tiMZi Ru fit, I'nelish, and Canada -I-it iron, shest cqper,, lead pipe, w, re, Ac., V' -," I'f-mis v.-hing to purchase any of ihu n"ie iirtii bs, are iin.tid to rail and ixniinne for 'hems, lies, and (hey will l o com .need of llienbon -tatfincni. AH nccount.s due tn (he late firm of Starr . Dow must be closed immedialelv. tiihrr l... r. . "n.'e. I i 'c-V I.i n ...... i. ki..i,, .utij .1, io-U, U..r ...j.. It... J- 1J-JP - " -.Jl..t. 19 if xuw and i iin.ii. HARDWARE, CUTLER Y, e. friY;.rkU'wh,'l,0rl':!Vi,'? re,mnl t'om Ner li-rl, where he has selected n new and rnm h IM1W W " ffiijf 'lc'"'- l'l.iin In raeibii. a ul,. I. 1.. i... r ... -nabli'dio oiRHaydwa emeSK! a d Ic-s pnets than it lias l.ithcrlo been sold in Vcr. mout in want rf articles in the sbovti line find it thcr interest (o gne htm a call. will Ruil DUUGS v, iMEDICliNES. Tn3 subscrihe'rs nre continually suppped wiih 1 esru ji si. y it, .1.. 1 ... U J. rt- ' . J -v ... nit U'S'.U l.lliutll. ich, both of the ; nc pal and Patent kinds. .Medicinal waters from ;S,.'t'n i'!-'11 - from Caledonia, Canada t .Medical i ; J?,1, s""i9l Lrccbes; Surgical Instrumenis I -'unci- li-etli. Ac. ic. Priscriplions put up at th shorte-jt notice, oaoj ori at all hours. I'ECICvV SPEAR jtpoiliccarics. HurliiiBlen, Vt. J til u 7lh. TE.SSlK!,'A.NG110RN A 11RINSMAID havrju-t 111 rece 1 .1 sonn-Micm-cone. for ihe ei.iinio.ition of insects dowers, it'-.;, Microscopes er linen um woe. provrr; a few more Irnutiful toned Paris .ieeoriuiY,s with seinilpne-, wurlli Irom ISIS tn ?25 Mu.-ie -lloxe-. riute-. Klaninlets and other instm nientst, a lew helit cul'd (leni's Scarfs, leantilni pit- "" - '" a lew ueiu cm t. ni-iii s c-cans, eeantitnl pit- K-rn-i funimer Sto- kt, Lex-ket-, Hritup'nia Spittoon., 'a"-' " s.lilrawingl'eneils, (lesh K- iie, r,-r i P., -if. M te Variety Stwe.

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