Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 5, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 5, 1842 Page 2
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- - z kWIIIG STAT 13 Tll'Kl'.T. FOR oovnRNon, CHARLES PAINE. rort meut. oovr.nNon, WAITSTILLJl. HANNEY. for Tnr.ssunnn, JOHN S l A U L I) 1 N G . POIl SENATORS CHITTENDEN COUNTY. DAVID FRENCH, TRUMAN GALUSIIA. ANTI-TARIFF LOCOFOCOISM. No intelliucnt locofoco will hate tlicliardi liooJ to deny, that with a sinclu exception, all his party in Congrcf a voted against tlio tariff INor can it be denied that inn pany turnugnoiii the Union, for ton years past, nave noon strcn uonsly, openly, and docidedly opposed to pro lection, and in favor of free trade, upon the prin cinle that "domestic industry will lake cure of i' self." Nor, can it bo denied that a majority of tho loco leaders in this Stato now pretend to hive become converts to protection, and liko all vonnir nrofesporp, hivo displayed a now born zoal in the cause. Hut if they arc ready lo lest their sincerity by their deeds, why not rally un der tho banner of protection at once, and cut loo.o Irom their party in Uongrcss winch oppo ses it ? Why excuse their not voting for tlio tariff bill bccau it retains tho distribution, without which they wsll linow a permanent pro tuctivo tarifl', worth a groat, cannot be sustjtu od J Why undertake to oxcito jealousies lie tween the mechanic?, manufacturors, and far. mors, whose inlorests aro mutual and equally provided for I Why stick to Calhoun, llcnton, Walkor, Woodbury, and Wright, composing a at Washington of nulliiiers, fico traders, northern dough faces, and eouthcrn slavocrats, all raving to keep down the tarifl' to tho lowest minimum? hy do loco editors puunsn ami tariff speeches whilo tariff speeches aro care fully oxclndcd from their columns ! Why eter nally chiming about a judicious tariff,high prcs ntre tariff, atid rcanmalile tariffs and shouting like ten thunders against any tariff which should go beyond incidental protection, as if such con stantlr repeated onahlicatinns, salvo's and cau lions could proceed from the tine friends of full and ample protection, let what would cornel Why eternally harping about aristocratic cor mirations, lordlv manulac.ltirers and partial log islation, when they very well understand that tho primary object is to benefit the agricultural interest, lo which tho great body ol tho advo- catos of tho tarifl belong ! The true answer is ready and comes from au thorilv. Says Mr. Balman, a loco member of tho Uouieironi Isew llampsinte, whose fpoecri has appoarod in tho loco prints of this State with high commendations, in a speech of last spring on tho question of referring that part of tho President s spcecli which relates lo din criminatinir duties. "There may be a few on this floor, demo crats in principle and democrats in action, rep resenting strong manufacturing district":, who may leel nounu tiy the will of thoir conslitiiom.", to relor this subject to the (Jnnimitlco on Wan lactures, recognizing in that will the obligations of the representative to carry out tho will of those constituents, even against thoir own pri vale and better inaVments. And there may nl obc some Whiea upon this floor, rcpresentine producing interests, who may fei bound by, and undoubtedly will carry out, tlio wishes of their constituents. But while ynu will find up on one eido almost tho ontiro body of the demo, cratic party, you will find upon the other tho great mass of tho whig party. Sir, let me re peat it the protective system is essentially and v.rtually the whig system. It is a point upon which they are as well if not better united than upon any other ; while opposition to the system ii one of the cardinal principles of tho demo cratic party. HEAD LOCOFOCOISM OR DIE. That this is verily tho true stato of afl'iirs, eventually wo shall triumph. Tho principle of protection is tho basis of our organiza tion. It is Imu doop in tho lioarts ol tho peo ple of this union. It is fast dispelling tin' stubborn riruiitdiccs of tlio south. Our ene mies havo at length fairly unmasked their position. Tlioy at last openly nssumo the ground of free trade, mctalic riirrcnri, direct latation, and a reveal of the tariff which . i . . . . i . ' . " inc wings aro endeavoring to pass, Moro we meet thorn upon an open field; and if wo can fully oslimato the mighty stake wo havo in uiis contest, mat wn tight tor nucriy mm property, for tho comfort of our families and our firesides, and struggle on with tho conr- agn, onorgyand nnrsevurancn which tho exi gencies of our cuso demands, and with hearts filled with a iioIjIh Iovu of country four years will find Henry Clay in tho chair of state, giving lifo nnd ull'tcinncy to those conserva tive principles, which John Tyler may be tray, and Incofbcotsm opposo, but notthoi can annihilate or eventually defeat. Press PRESIDENT TYLER AND THE GLOBE. From tho following specimen of billing and cooing wo suppose it is fair to infer that the Tylcritcs and tho Globites are about to " coalcscu in spousal congruence" as some body once said. Wo know of nobody who is disposed to forbid (he bans ; at least, no whig. Tho match is so very suitable it ought not to bo interrupted. Tho Madisonian announces tho auspicious favor of tho Globe as follows : "Tun Geoiin with rs. Thn (ilol o has nt l'liutl. laken a firm and dtcidtd slant! in favor of the admin. istr.itton. Ilm morn Inborcm Ibo bottfr, so they wotk efficiently. Wciarctiot what party they cmne from, so they rally on ibo Kcpub'icnn principles of uio nuiiuniriraiion. Tho Gooc of Monday thus early iiidicaloi its future com so : " All at this moment concur in opposition I" a V' iional Hunk to a Nttllonat DrMion I'triU'f ! tiatlvfar protfdhntit internal itniuw.m'nts tiy Uif. .aitonai itovtrr.num :v noni:iion to uisrrtuw ron to PYdeialtHm m all Us slmpis. All niiioc to rc riuctinn of ervrn(I''liircso Vffm m in thrc'irrtnvi lo a'ttninislrntirc reform in nit dcnirlmeuts nnd to tho inatulcnanco of ihe Jcn'roiinn inteipieiation of Ihn constitutional powers of Covcitiint'ni. " Nn'v this cxntnple i? worthy nl'iniitatinn. 'IViesr when It became his special duty to examine this cla9 of claims. On looking into tho papera presented for coiiuiuu.aiiuii, nc luiiuti almost no i no c.i:'e' ' were iui services- performed hi the Virginia line nf tlio nrmy uiotign no rouin iii-e.nvcr no Ic.ison wiiy an cqmi proportion of claims imalit not to come, fiom other States. Hofoiind, also, lio said, that a principal patt of tlia eviileneniu each case eoiifintcd of a certificate mini irgmia, (.lioninz tint Ihn heirs of I lie nliieer nau necn nunwnl llir mini bouniy iiom tnai Qiaie lor a servicoof duriii!? iho war. or for six. or seven, or eight years, or more. He wns not Ealulicd with thai cvidcnco toproio n cl.iiiu which miioiinRd lo several inousann noiiirs, niul soui;iii lor toeorn (.vnieiiro iu lefal Its validity, lie cxamilitd tho Vnliin:'toii l'a pels, and copied with his own band all tho lists of offi cers nf Ilia Viiiriiti 1 line which Ihcv contained, and procured copiu-irom me i'eiision uiiko oi ino which mat rouui supply, in tins way iiciinu lorincu the book of tolls, nf which lie had the oilier day givi-n a deseiiplion lo Hie llouc. 1 ho suuieet ol the Mr- gini i bomiliea hauni; been rifcrred lo the committee nf ibe Inst Coiii'icsv, bo had procured a bstofallthn nlTiecrs' homilies wlii-li bud been allowed by VirRinii n n In .Innuarv. I HSO. uml. Iiavmir luaiod lha allownnctc mane since ihjii, tcmi hundred m nuniin r, ny ino rolls, ho hndmvcr boctiablc to find mie which llm rollk cstnlihchtd as n good ilaim. lie had, by uucc tion nf the romiiiitleoof llio last (loni'iess. made n it port niinst claim", wi.h which tbeltouso were nr mm il h. nrnniiittnl. .iiy nutiea on tlio cominillce, said ill. 11. since uie maMiiB oi mai lepori, nave mane mo ncqu-Jiinvii with many new l.icls relaiiiur In thes- Imnniy land claims. 'Ibo labor which I hovo nctforiucd is, inde ed ufaliliumbln iinj ungracious clnuacler. Iluwovir U5CHU u may no, nnti 1 nopun lias not uccii ciminy iislItss. I can exneel nn rewnirl for it from IHV con slitucnts. for (hey con know nullum of it. It ban also brought me mm unpleasant intmrouise, not In rt.ty eniiisiou, Willi ino nimierniis ciiiniam .nut uit'ii friends, wle to claims 1 haiolclt it m duly lo nppore, nnd it ti n now drawn upon me a FonuwMiai per soiial ntlatk m llna Ihv se. lint 1 'ball til I riintm no lo Pitforni the dunes of my station ns w'tll as 1 mav. hnvvever uii'iraf.uiisantl mihleasaiit it may be. lor llicpoiforinaiicoof what 1 licheuil to ho my duly in regard t' dice lummy land claims a duly imposed on ino, in omo deprec, by llii- Hojse Hie gentleman hum Albcin .rlu (.Mr. CJihucr) b:i3iliou:',lu piopcr to icpresetit mo os actin!.' ilu'part of a hyma prowiiiu; amoiin uiu lomus oiuio Virginia rcvnivuon arv dead, soekinu In epo?c llltir Icuutina to tho pub lio ipizo. Sir, il it is nut 1 who havo so ijjht todinurl the rrsl of ihe nuirtdi'.ad. It 13 the cciv llemaii I11111s1.ll who has iiolaled ihosanelily of ilia tomb. It ts the elaiinr.nls ami speculators who, 111 couraped by his ( nuiHO of nciioti, liavc gono inln ibo eraic yards of Virginia, raliel fmm tho tombs the bones of their nnei'lois, anil brought tbein hero to barur away for money nnd lam). They have done moic. I.ilto the icndi is of relies in tho tl.iv of tlio eruades, ihoy have sold the hones of the Saiacen ill e.larma them to hohnncs ofr.unfs. Tbcv have roip pitfil Irom ibo tomb the thosto of men who knew nollittu; of tiiilttary service. 1111 1, bavins clothed tln.m in levolulionaiy unilorm, have sworn llicm In lio lev ipiemcmbi red lhati bad not said 0110 word nbout tht-o claim" m myrcmarli", nnd that they bad not bitn mcntiunul 111 the iM'ate by any one. Ihcy wcio lulled In by ibofjenlb man for tho nppartiit pur poi,onf olfordingbim anoppartiuiily to ntsail me. 110 iniornicti 1110 iiousn iiiatm my groai wisuom 1 bad put a now construction on tho act of 1A32, which overthrew tlio opinions of Secretary JIcLnne, Mr. Tanev, now Chief Justice of tho Supremo Court, Sir. ivoouuury, iiir. Mpcntcr, nn 1 1 ntiieve somo omits, nu n of high legal acquirement nnd chnracter. In or der to present 1110 in nn imfavoinhle light tollioHuiiio ho was pleased in eoitler nn mo llio lino 01 judge a title, sir, which 1 never 1 1 umcd and to put my poor opinions in com mat W illi thosoofthcdistnif'uish- c.i men no nail pievioiiilv named, ill doing so no look ot'C.ainii In pronounce my liamo in connexion in, my ontlonion horo for whom 1 la,o tho ry In; host regard and c-tcotn. It jao 111 ; w to tpual: ol it in thomaiinor I did ; but it waj mj duty lo do so. This report was printed by or der of this House a short timo before tho pas ragooflhc rcript act of 1Q!)5, which granted flr0,000 acres for tho Hatisfaclion of tho warrant andjwaH thus made tho foundation of that act. I During tho lost Congress it vns adopted by a t'uiiiiiniiuu as ino uasio 01 a mil lor nausiynqj 51)11,000 acrcn more of these claims. I had ex amined thin ropurt thoroughly, and it was my duty to spoali tlio truth, and tho wholo truth, in re'gaiilto it, I again repeat, sir, that tlio report with tlio title of juil to ihreaseveinl times 1 nnd wlici is' fnhc in tho iuinorlant part of which 1 pnohu called 10 nruer te rtainly tint ny me) lor una puipauio n, 0 ulhor day : and I lurther pay thit it is a li , ItJliluuu Ul Hie rtl CS (H 1 IC limia", lie- Win 11 uti liiuujh to say ho would leeall tho title hohad given me, and wuuldsavlwa un judge. Hi' then proceeded to give 1110 ibe tuleoft.fiieral and said ho W"i.M 1 m inn my military nMahfieatians 1 but, Ihoinor inhoiir expiring about that lime, his military rcviuw was pot-puued tnihe tiusttlay, when I uelitve it was, lor fnn 1 en son or olncr, nniittnl. Now, wr I deny that there any evidence that my opinion of'lho rniistriiction o'l'tho act of fjii-! in 111 coiiiiu'i with llio opinion ol more linn one of the indivieluels the gentleman lias nancd, aad the (Secrotaiy McMano) at 0110 time gavo a dohhur.tte opinion in conformity with mine. IIh reasons lor a chargo, if hi 1 opinion was changed, I know not. But, sir, I am froo lo Fa;, tint my experience in thiH House and in coiniiuttee him led ino to distrust tho authority of great nanicr, and especially authority roidnon opinions grcn un. dor circuinstat.coH which forbid the belief ol their being founded on a llinro.igh e.vainiuaim:i of the suhjoi't. I confeer, hir, ti.J lny tctirrily is so great that, on a question upon which 1 bo lioved my opinion v,ns clearly Fiistained by fact and nrgtiinenl, I rhou'd not hesilntu to express it, mill oven lo endeavor lo Hati.d'y the of l!v rurrcctiisfc., nhatovor illicit bo llio array ol" great namoj it. I h qia the House will cminint, at an oaily thy, to lake up for consul oration the bi'i on your table of which tlio gon tlomaii lomplaiii', when they will hue an up portuinty of judging whether my opinion orllnt ul the gentleman 13 best entitled lo their appro bation. I am dispoied, Mr. Speaker, as I beforo stat ed, to excoho the gentium m from Aliiemarlo for his unca.'ieil for attack upon mo in regard lo tlmi'O half-pay claims, in (oiisideratiuii of Ins .oeuliar rol.ttion to them. Ho stands the recor ded further rlaimr, an ho did eflh'jre fur lmiir'y lands. 'J'lio act of Julv f), ltiZl, uiidar sue of inisrepresontation niiilfalschuoilfro.n bc trinnin!r to euil that no loliance whatever can bo placed on any of its slnlt tiientn. And here, Kir, 1 wish to iccallan inliuiiiion I inulu tho other day, that the coiuinitteo who made this ro- port could not havo been ignorant of its falsity. uu reuecuon, 1 win not tioliuve, 1 do not bullet c that puch a report was over undoii-tandingly inado by acommitteo of any legislative holy. 1 noiioi c it was drawn up and iiupiweii tin Hi commitloe, wilhout their attentivo cxamiiialinn, by come cl.iilnamnr speculator in'orontod 111 the claims. 1 hiiow that such things have b"on done licic, and I doubt not tuny I...-, u iu Vugiuii. As I suppose you can not find room for llic whole speech in your paper at present, I havu taken the liberty to make these extracts furyoti, ns I know the perusal of it would be a source of gratification lo every true son of Vermont. G. W.L. of political economy. American 'industry 1 was tirolccteJ by it protective turilf The people piuspered but the extinction ol llio national debt was tlio occasion of arguments for reducing the iJulics 011 foreign Importa tions, and the subsequent overflowing of llio treasury foilifieil llioso arguments with tin energy which was irresislablo, and tho tnrifl' was doomed to ti lingering dcalh. Wo are witnessing its expiring throes, nnd wliilu wo tiro in prospect of roaring another upon ils ashes thu Loco I'ocos arc raising nnotlior worm for its dcslniction. aI.iII tlnr.l ..fT.r. V. 'I'l l.n..n I . . I !.. uiuiiuii.ii j ultima i i, t n.i . u un, i ?u,u I' h ill' II ,, ill , i .I'.l ,! ,, , . I Vf 1 ol gnosis nrmiiid uns nap, nnd, in niiiinlioii ol tlio 1.1.1111m inu auuutu uiu i.u iv- nii'cily loyalist described by I'.iiiiik Iltnrvasgning parhrient, wan pas.-ed on ll.o memorial of the into court, crying beef, beef, beef 1 they have ia.i;dit i gerlleinan, who, as a"0ilt or eoinmifsiotiur of arc thu vrtrLe vrinrii'tet rf tt Ailniniftrathn. nnd :..".r...i,.i J.. L ""r .. " .' ... " : ..."?. ' I ',lu i5l' " 'M"n l. pordonally intended Oil I . ' ,. . ' ... , i iti'i r'.nii'i ?v ioun ui i, , I'll , ..uiiiiii'ii.iiuii i'.l , , i i ... .... r,. . e . v.-e tiouoi noi ar nontsi men will uilimiiuy come half inv. bountv Inml. Iinuntv Ininl ! What I Imin i v"' 'H' " ' purpei-a oi procuring un pas- foiwardand support them." done, sir, is in turn uiioti I his host of ini miliar v mt'T. sago. Jiiil It Would uooul, from an act of thu tup irom tliein rtole" npparel, and hid them i i.ginia .issmuiy which I hold 111 mv Innd, (.own.aowii, in ti.tir icstmnMict. ! ar.'.uoriziiig tlio nppoinlinont of commL-iiioiicr l.e-i thoHou-e iiiialit imbibe die impression lint 1 i0.,ro,eciile tbe.-e ci ,un, pasted thcOth of Aon', leel injured hy ihe evtinordinary temaris, efatome- iuh ,i,..,,i., .? i i , . .,' whatf.eisonal ebaincitr. which wrre made by tho ,19U it the gontloiinti maybe bouud tiitlicin cenilemr.nfitim Allicmaile. 1 laKcllns . arlv oecislon "J frorgor no than ol parental aliection. "MOUL orTHi: hMGOCIATION." t 'nder tlni horul tho N'alional Intelligen cer of I'i iday corrects certain rumors, which, it says, arc calculated to mislead tlio public mind. Vo copy all ilat j3 material to llio Intelligencer's statement: Lord Ashburton is believed to have hold out long for tho entire Madawasla settlement. Uu: the Maino commissioners aro said i0 have boon immoveable ns any four pincstumpion the dis puted lorritory. .So Maine, undor tho nrrann-o-incnf, goes lo the river St. Johns. It is not un likely, wo Irarn, tint tho lino which the Dutch arbiter decided for, tho lino of the St. Johns ami tho St. I rancu, will bo agreed to. Uu' then WHAT DOES IT JUS AN I How conies it that tho same parti which loads down its organs in this statu every week with wool arguments, ami tariff lncu biutiuus, in the liopo of cheating the plain, sensible sons of the mountains out of their principles, nnd their votes, finds il necessa ry in Congress, wdien; nlono effective action upon llio question can bo had, lo VOTE IN ONE UNI5R0KEN I'HALANX, not only AGAINST THE TARIFF MLL IT SELF, but A G A I NST E VERY AMEND. MENT having for its object to RAISE THE DUTIES, nnd particularly thai of WOOL, about which tlioy preach so much humbug t Yet this is all true. Tho amend- mt-'nls proposed by Mr. Eveiclt of this Slate, If llio Wliies feil nucha (km interest for the wrt- Maine acts what the Dutrn kin! did not I'ivo . ,,r i, .t'. .!... .. i' I,., ,1... ......-.'.I... r - 7 , .t . nt-., ,n im, iani'u ui uiif rnur; itnu hub iru bloa the value of all her pine trees. Wcst wardly of the St. Francis, Kngland takes a tract of mountain land, iinlimbcrcd, and of no earthly value but as a bnundary ; ami sdie relinquishes to the United States House's Point, the key of lake Chatnplain, and a large territory hereto fore supposed to belong to New York and Ver mont, but which turns out lo lie north of tho 43th degroe of latitude, and is therefore a part of Canada. It is said to be, and probably i.s, in consequence of this cession, that tho United States government agrees to pay a small sum to each of the States of Maino and Massachu setts for tho acres they hac parted with ; not movo than a quarter as much, however, as Gen eral Jackson offered to .Maine alone, during his administration, in the year Vi'te. It is thought there aro quctions of boundary further up, a3 the Secretary of Stato has sum- moned hero the Commissioners, etc., who ran fare of lliu country, "vliv tlon t ihev tms.s n Tnrill without tho land ilisiiibulion in it? President Ty'cr would si-;'i such a one, nnd the wants f llio coun try wo .Id thus lo provided for. This is from u paper that calls itself dem on atic. If wo bad not learned that many of thu professions of democracy current now a days tiro deceptive nnd false, wo might bo surprised at such a question. The answer (o it is plain. It is because the Whig members of Congress aro men, not slaves nor asses because (boy net under their own responsibility in view of their oaths of office, nnd their firm convictions of what the Coustitntion requires of them becauso they avo bound to regard their accountability to the people who elected them, becauso thov nii liMinwl nnil su-nrn tr. ri r.,l n tr. i tho line, or endeavored to do so, under the trea ty ui uiiuni, luuiuuuiei not .lit, ,1 3 ii'iuery nuiu the River St. Lawrence to tho Lake of tho Woods; and it is supposed that all remaining questioiir, in f fiat far offworld, will be bottled. As to tbo various other oueetions, not con nected wi'.h boundaries, which are the subject tried so hard to impiess upon the country, tint the President is every tiling and tho Congress nothing because in fine, the Whig members of Congress arc not liko Mr. Ty ler and the Loco Focos. Caledonian, ritlDAV .MOItNlM'. AUdUhT.o, 1312. lobay that such is not the fict: thai, on llio contrary, i nei very i nariiaiiiv disposed towards uiu. and. ns prosecution n thnw. Hmi b M n nnniwn. an evidence is my mteiilinm h.fucl s.tiou for h.'s trouble and cemrcP, loceno a close mv lemaiky. lo tifl. r nn arn o7v In Ihn Hnus.i ' ... . . CoiTrtnn(lCKO( of the Tree Fri-vs, lorlnsviolaiionnl ih.n rules in as ailing mo, and to 1 01 0,,'e V? c0?- on a I Bums which nsli the House to units Willi me m exleiuhn!.' m him ' "u '"e.nuiuu, inn paiu oy ino uiinoo oiaie.. WA-sins-mnv ne Tih Ink- 1RI2 Hun Mil loigivctic-B. lieh re tlomg sn, huwever, 1 Nioie lias heen p.iitl hy tbo Ui.iteJ Ktatcfl on ' ' " ----- , , , r -..,. , 1 1... '... .1 , r. , .-.. ..-.o .1 ri,i ,i. ,, it ti ,.v,w ,.,nr, ; i, Ui,lui,,, ,.,,',,.- ui.uiii!, inu ituii ui oi,4'ii,i:io, ar.u oi i ,iu sLcenui mi. iiii.ui.Ani, iiAi.i,, ui suitiiii ie niuci u.iy, v.iitn l vvascuioll liytiio (xp,r- : V(re o tho ."Oiitleim.ii'd cniiimi.L. ui of one nor your slate, delivered in the Ilonso of Rep- a,vdlu! bom- rwircd. I had eommence,) rivins ' cc."'- !' ';nioil to 81 3,3'il U. Kmv, uir, rescntatives some time in thu loiter pint of "omeneco-imefilw nnnmr in wbrli what uio Oi- v;liU1! I"10 glll,cnau b.w, or thought I.o t-iuv, T . . , ,j t . ... . utjinmaiiu ,nf;Miii i i-iiuia ;n e Ol up mm pi nef'U!' tl I ,. ,i., .luni.t iu luilllllll VV11,U lie lleOUlUU ..iiih-i,m uu: , iirim.i iiuuniy urtiui vi,iiin, ....str.-t i us rove: iimcni. Thi-i-nn I m r huse nf m Li '... u n. it,,,... ..I iihs just neen pnniisneu. boon very highly compl iho leading papers in iheeonnliy 10 nave pio'iuced as iiivorantii an implosion hue hecn hv special nets of Cnnmcs, the space of u hour, " is Diana of llio in the House as any speech Inch has huen 1 ' V "s. " !.' "', ' i icseciainib ljphoMans !" 1 hope, therefore, that, in this in I mrntslit-tlnHUniirnm.titMntl,,,,', L., o in'JO ' 'laill.c, J8 111 III!! llllier, UIU JJ01ISO Will UllltO inns niiiouiiieu in oMrc--otitfU. Mr Hall then gave an account of tho Two Monn or tut. I'.vrnioT nsc.viT.ii i no:t Van Dip-man's Land ! We to RAISE THE DUTY ON WOOL, was 1 were gratified yesterday to learn that Saml. OPPOSED, with scarce an exception, hy j Chandler i.nd Mr. Wait, two of the Patriot the whole clan of Locofocois.n. People of l?1r;f10l,?.",f,1': ,WOrc 5"UU,red !u,tI,. , , lima, in I'.iiiuuii, in looi , i inn naiiisiioii to 1UUI1 Who Ja-' V:in ni..m:n,'u r ..,,! l i c... " " , , " , ,,it- iiuili Vermont ! Wool growers ! i ins act decline that the emiini.F&iouor for the ljor ' any deparlment of industry ! Judge ; that place of stripes and skulls, and aro now 1 Ins speech lias ni'-.eeia ins: iioiiniv latin uuis uiiowiu ny t lie ?nv- and tlieroby Hop all future ccinuii.-sionr, is it to I imen.ed by many of V-w mh WZ'i M hKoooTii:: ,.v cbmsK ' b womlorcd th.i.folU-.h.s iheox-mplo of tho and is !,,iid nJJ"-u,'l "'ibe War I)tii!mcni, on which has nun oi mil wnori they raw thou in d,ing"r, ; , nun is s.uu j , , , , t .......I. m, e Ln i ,,,.', .,i l .,.. , i , -l.iV Ul bllill 4V-.I yo concerning this party which asks power at your hands, while it PHOFEtiSES one thing here, and practices another at Wash ington. CAN THEY DO IT The Locofocos nto straining every nerve, resorting lo every stihtoi luge, and every spe cies of falsehood, to make tho people of Ver- thcir awn best judgment becauso Mr. Ty ler s conscicnco is not their conscience be causo they are not willing nor do they dure subvert the republicanism of the government by offering to substitute tho I 'resident's will ' of norrotiaiion, nothint' is known. Every body ns the basis of legislation for Hie popular n?rii at wulrk' ho.vever, and, judging from , , , 1 ' I mon a faces, when met with in public, we khoubl sentiment mill popular wants because they gay it is expected that every thing will coiuo out n avo luiicu to luarn tlio lesson that Jackson about riht. I hough, as wo havo already intimated, wo tpcak without authority, we have no doubt of the general truth of what wc havo stated above. The Washington correspondent of the N. Y. Journal of Commerce writes as follows, on Friday, P. M. : " I am enabled to state, pr.sitively, that, inad dition'to tiiD other equivalents obtained by uu, in tho WfhUsr treaty, vvh'Ch hii already been ment. incd, thu timber sent by the Maine people down tho Hi Johns, ia to bs admitted,ro; of duty in all Britiah ports." , P. 5. Since the above was in type, tho Port land Argud.of Thu.-fday cotnei to us, giving sub stantially tcs eair.e statement of the terms of the treaty, and expressing no little gratification n. .i. -..u r ,e. r. . r T- . . 1 ut tllU 1C9U11 Ul lliu i.n' UtmtH'il, It B13 . I in: i:iv Post Orncc IJiu.. T bo fol- .. , c i t" . , ..iuiiii'i,, a iii. iui it As a rn.tttjsr nf dnl .a i nnil rrnfi. irn itn Tint lowing is an abstract of the "2d suction of tbo heeitv.e to say that Maino will make a cap.tal Now Bill. bargain, if the treaty phall bo rai '.'iid. Nur nu 2d. Iicquiresthc p.iW,.'!,crs of new papers ar, I -o prepared to Py that the cquiv.i onts in the penciie.als 'o Utep n rrriT-ttr fa'l mnticr mailed by ' 'a,ll3 tsdsd in New L tmpshire, V ermnnt, and llicm, tin; nl'iife wlit re (!-po I, v. I.i n net. and the j Now-York, tcje'her ".vith the free navi'.'ntum of day of-minis. The in irn in 1m ,,ind,. n'uirtr rlv to the .St. John, and theAt trmh in tbe'li.iber tile d parlmenti fiom whicn rc'inn th; pnstm isters r.,.,a irotloets of ns fertile valley, are not a tu.l at t.n nccmng olucinrutubu charted IVi ishrra I . 'm. ,.. r.f ,:,, J., i,,,u.i,,,, , nrnh,h,lprl ""1 " " - J " j.'..- u think it is. near their homos nnd families. lloch. Dcm. lnlivered during llio pi ese.nt session absent from the House at the time of its de livery, and did not, therefore, h.ivo the pleas ure of hnming it, I have lead it, however, since it has been piinted and will endeavor to give yon a brief tmnlysis of il. Mr. Hall's first speech wis made on a ros- . . . . .. k- . B J oiution iniroaucea ny Mr. nmnioy, hum tun . , olj, t.(, V()m l0 UliL,j v-iomniiueo on piiunc exioniiiiiiri.s, wiiit n, Mjorcc,, as mmlihed hy him, pioposed the niioiiit- .:., tho events of every day are developing. No conntry on earth has within itself so richly tho elements of prosperity as our own, and never was it more nourishing than under the tarifl" of 1S2S until IS-IG, when the subsiding comproniiso bill which locofocoism lorced upon us in began to display its paral- effects. From that time to this, tbo countiy has been gradually sinking, until wo have nearly readied the bottom of tho abyss of ruin. The heavens have become as brats over our heads from which not n single dew- drop can be distilled upon (lie parched and thirsty land. Tired of the iron reicn of J.icksonism, tlio pooplo in 1810 rose in thoir nimht, nu hurled its oppressors Irom tin seals of power which ihov had abused, lint nided by ihe defection of John Tyler loco focoism is again triumphant at the capitol. The measure of rruel policy is filled lo vcrflowing, nnd while ils followers are sing ing pai.ins of praiso to the man whoso treach ery they despise, thu country ni'Hirns una dies. Will the whigs of Vermont tamely find ingloriously succomlitolliewretchcd Ml which is preparing for thorn Will they suf fer the iron chariot of locofocoism to roll over their nocks, wilhout an effort to head its nroorossl -No, no, we know vou will not You are descended from that glorious hand of patriots, who, at that most gloomy period of tho revolutionary striicgle, defeated on all aides, nnd tho last remnant of Ameiican forco driven a forlorn hope through llio Jcr sevs : suddenly rccrosseu the Delaware foticht the glorious baiilo of Trenton, and rc animated to victory, tho last flattering hopes of their despairing counlrynuin. Iet us nn itatn their noble example. Unflinching Vtr

mont marches in the Van of the gieal cam paign of 1842, and pioudly will she begin lo roll back ino insolence 01 uie aggiesors up on our country s liboity and poMicnty. call upon ihe farmers who would close iliwir tnilsomo lives in ease and competency, lo head locofocoum. Wc call upon ilia Uhor or who would rescue his family from penury and want lo head locofocoism. e. call up on tho mechanic and manufacturer who would save thu last remnants of his fast fleet ing ressources,Hiid again delighl his ear with lli mmd nf the loom and the hammer, com mingling with thu music ot llio rustling i stream, to ic luenfocoism. We call upon tbo friends of law, liberty and tho const.tu tion to interposo against the spread ot anar--i... . u.,.l lici.ntliiusiiess w urn locolo- rnisui in every stale in tbo union. V. CJI, Aiiinir.iii (iiit'lllOl) Ol t-VOly rank, profusion and pursuit, to hed this t?.,o.;r,ic u'ltl, liis liniiiliiTil hands oaclKras- nine a d.iLwr. ready to bo thrust at H lb" vital interesls ofeommunity, and deal oJt up on him such blows as will roll his UreaU"-ss carcase in tho dust, never to bo resus citated. Sink or swim, survive or perish, let us stand by the principles of policy wh'ch wo havo marked out for ourselves. WoHiJ in listed for Ihe war. A hundred c'ds f tieachcry must not dampen our cfTifts. W o will generously second those noblo'pirils iu vintrrnss. whu with Ldulit intcllcclslru Kfal'- tiling with that loathsome combirVtion of I I ..l.l null l, mercenary politicians, whu wumu the seals of power over thodeaiesl iifcrcsls ofu crushed und bleeding people. TI" con test may bo long uml severe. It may 'o va ried with ullernato victoiy and ilefcuv IW mont of a keleet committuo to entpiiio into tbo character of llio Virginia Homily Land claims. Claim of a similar character had bnen paid by tho United States, and Con gress was asked to make still Anther appio priations. Several gontlonian from Virgin ia charged Mr. Ham. with unreasonable hos tility to those claims, and Mr. Wise pailicu larly undeilook to establish iheir merito rious ch iracter. Mr. Hall answered these gentleman in an nrgamcntalive speech, which was conclusivo against tho cljims, but per' fcctly respectful towards thu Virginia meup hers peisonally. It appears fiom his fust pouch that theso claims aie ostensibly for bounties of from 12006 to 15000 acres of Land promised hy tho State of Virginia to with ino in ixiendinj to him Ihoir full forgiven, ess. Hut tho fcntlcmsu, net content with availing hunted up and manufactured by tho business of prosecuting them constitu ting a professional trade in irgliua.ilie spec ulator generally receiving uioro than against protection in any form, for a do.un years, they have suddenly become ils solo 1'iieiie.s, and that the whigs arc its secret en emies. This they aie striving might and main, to cram down tho unwilling throats of the Vermoiitcrs. Can tlioy do it 1 The ., -e-s . . r. -, i r , ,,, , .1 . , speculators ur"" "i oiain. 1 or inu purpose, 1 biippopc, oi peoplu will ploaso answer the iiuasiion on 111.11,111 uiaiiiiL'&t 1110 vaiitiuy oi ino v irgnn.i bounty land nl.ihni', llio rcvtiiflinmiiry miuni d Vmiuw, Whom wan Vcriuout at ii ,-. pcimd, ha inquired ; and then went on tu say that hor pooplo worei fow. that her lorntoiy was clai.notl by tho nurioiiiidinir manner in which these claims Had been mo ncrso.iallv. thiiii.rht tummr m m.aLnnn attai l; mont believe that after having fought w i.l, 1 rW w,,h Ui.c ,eim3 are prolubned j S' 7he conV"- Z tho fe.ocity of slaveholders themselves, j puM:.,.r, ,)f Ilmvsnnnfr, n nn ,,, . "The UnitedHta-eigefie wrritory, Piihlislici-3 of newspapers will do no such ; thing, (they can help it. It is none of their business lo bo engaged in any such occupa tion for the benefit of the government. Il is a preposterous propo?ilion, throughout, and the quicker it U knocked out of tbo Bill tho belter. A'. 1". Express. j thu first Tuesday of September. , in qudi - j tity, than they aurrc::.icr, to bo eurj, bu it -a inoio vaiuaoie in quality, ar.o u u reauy ii'Ci.s any thing in valus, v. hich i.s a quobtion, it ,s much more than nutb up in the free trade m ihe products of its valley. " We havo no doubt that tho Maine Commis sionersob'.ainsdt'.ia best tortnd thay could, un dor all tho circumiunces, for thair state. And we tr.ko pleasure in g.vinj thoni credit a ccr-diiirfv." "tales. ferred lo a repoiiof the judiciary Com- ; !3i,iies', tha' hor cunsliiutioii was formed under ' 3 of Ihe last Cong.ess, on a ilaim 0f, an cm-i, film calling her.-io!fat Out I into Ver-j P ... intuit, .'iss Fv.'W l.iinneeticiit. V, oil, sir, 1 (id- ono Joseph Hitmsiiy nf whom and hisagenta llt ,ri't Vniiom'at that loi'iud w:u' weal: a sum ot between 7000 and bOUO Dollars, which hud been fraudulently obtained from llio United States for half pay, had been re covered back. This report Mr. Ham. said, contained aval iety of evidence, consisting1 partly of lha ptivato coriespondenco of thu agents of tho claimants, showing by what fraudulent practices the claims weio gel up, and also exhibiting thu nitlul contri vances, and management by which the spec ulators sought to influence- the Legislature of Virginia and the action of Congress in favor of these claims. Among these claim jub- beisho named one Thomas Gricntui Kich niond, as being tepulod to have inado a for tune of iwo or thieu hundred thousand doh MANUFACTURES. Tho loco putty has finally itcliiovud llio tho long desired victory over tho rnanufac- l ho in ijorilv of tho small iniiiiii. ire completely broken down, thoir , WOrUIlleil dismissed, then- rlnms rlnsnrl. nm ' ,i lnoh tl.nv ,,m.n.imi t h.,r l.i'inn. hut wt, ch ST zealous puiseveiing and wiil k- Ilium- ; null0 u... .i.,,.. ,.,,. ...,.. .., .-,.,. ,,,,.,! ,,, ,-act the natural truiu or t',-; p.o-y ol the r TUB CAUSfJ. From the papers and oilier sourcoi we learn that tlio Whigs iu nil parts of the Stato fll(;torors ti iro rousing thomselvc-s into actinn united Hirers. WHIG TMr:5. It is truly amu-in, ?.i tho 1'eoiiie T'ross Kay?, ty bear tho deluded portion oi thu loco par'v crying out aguinst tho hurji-ees of thi t me--, pliant. Depend upon it, Vermont will this 111! I il rorr. Il it f l.t IvnaK rnnff in Hit, uictirn nt her cause, ill lioi ve. nnd in natriiiiism. V,ih ' fall return to tho proud summit of Whig US' a yt.pul.ttiun ;utbo comiuoiieoiiiout of tho war ol loBd than twonty lliuin. iml, anil at its cluso iacii oilier uevotuttonaiy oiiicersaccoruing , b( .lm,,cmiu., 0r ,1C!U "Vina to their rank ; that the claims which have clll!m, TllU .... rt of ilis s.,cuel. is lou oUil i i .i ii. '. i t.. . i ., . a noon pain oy mo uiiucu .-laies auu ouiuisif()r 1,IlJt0,ll iusurtion. lor winch payment is now Uenian.loit, amount Mr jjAUj lhm oci rts follows to several millions ol elnllais, and lliuy l nronused.bir. to nn'noan nnoloey toihe llonecfor have been iccenllv allowed, by tbo Cxecu- ibo Keiiileuiiii liom .llb.iiiarle, t vir. i-ilhcii ) iho , ' ' , j;iound on which I nsk ihe Houeo lo exei,;-- the gen- livo of irginia, without any exuminatioii iiciiMiiisihoni'.iiiiliiiioiishipmwhiehlio minis to i... I.. O...l,.,..ii:o nf il... t!.,:i.,l tjciiui: l ice aiiiisiiiui'rciiiisueiaiioii. in e-w ootiiuy lanu by Iho Huthorttics ol tho United Stales. ! l t.luas K,1.ltl,)nori!llht l,lJ loulll Mr Ham. also showed most conclusively that be paulontd Mr iiny extra zeal ho nun nested on the these claims were either fraudulent orun- ny icieieneo to tlieijurtul of tbeVninnn llouseof rim.l,l a.,rl tli.icn ndiirli mn niinillrfllv IHLvMt B 11 nppe.llb I, oil lllflilll ill I .Ul 11:11 y, 1S0 loumlcd , And tlmso wincii wuc onginaiiy lh(.(.l.ll,I(mil,,jlllll)liIICCll uM1ii1iKili,,Ilt!urlt;0ii. onnil h.ul hi'i'ii nil satisliotl liv lreinia soon , toiissiimo I he iiivmeiit ol I lie vn-mn eiiaic ,. , , , , .,, Iiiiow.iriants; that Ihe reno'uiion pas-el and was alter tho close of iho war. Ho spoke with I ,.,,. bv iho Senaio. Tin icsnluiion was great fieedom and severity, though in four- Untio Congress, and ;iih iiiiideihc fouiid.itiou oi ihe fa nerip ncl nt Jlay a'J, lSuO, belli;; the lust tcnp oel leous iiiiiu.iu, ui uiu t-uuisuui i iijjiina in uml passed. j ... .1 ..i.:... Hut. th.nudi tho r-cnllemnn thus (lands tho rccoi regaru iu iiicsu i minis. (, ,d , 1( hvr j, htf - y , ll0 (,uttul 0 In reply to Mr. IUi.l, MessisUndeiwood r.iv, ctii.unly without mien nit; any imputation upon .... "I i ,i tlieBCiillciiMii, " iiny dl-ltspucl um.ilds him, 0 Kv. and (tllllliau, (jOgglll and (jOOdO, Ol ,,,r,,,3ln;licimtvisdi-ntiltd. and by Tom (Jleeli. Virginia, spoke each an hour, Mr. G'lfWr the speculator. Uiihouiiaetendiiii; to for iho b 1 1 I ..! ..runv i, .nrl nt l.rifli I. nl.lli lili'tli. I Is Ii it Itis- in nariiciilar eoiiiL' out of his wav to make iircia nm Ins ineiciifions thoiild bo f.mlv sit L-..,1 n.-rcnul nilnclc i.noii M r. I'dl. Ho claims, I hen, thai he is ibo I eal I ather of n uiij.ik. u..u- iiid-aclaiiiu, una liut m piodiicuiK llicm uio L'tnile- Ham., assailed ihorevolutioiiaiy character of mm ae-lcd bill a secondary paii-ihatho ns but an Veinionl. , i . I . I I,n. untrnnlli wem Ol lltlle OT nOVU'llt-t lIlUl lr nan repueu, in a spcecii oi an nou. -", , V. 0i,i fur muUl ,im fr,)ln r.vo to ten ... luirli nl'ilii'i;,, .mnllnmnn. nnd nil nlinislol I'll . . ,,..r rtrrr nnd llli.1 it had In Vtr occurred to any . , ., , one lhat ibo rmled Si.ites would pay ibein. Ho bays . M fill,,, i ttn.-lirnlrir furl' 1 inrntin 1 ollu ll,,V ., .. . I.....'. I.. I 1.... ,.l tu i'n. t'ni'i" in . .i i.u.,.,,. .. .u.j -"n" Btrui li linn mat inc e-iiiu u rraith luiuui i'f ii'iiuieu and satisfactory flagellation speech wu make the following extracts Mr. 11 ALI. mid that ihe course which tho discus (ion on this lesoluimn hid lakeu the dibaio hsving, in u (-teal ii call on him til the niumifr Willi ilicbetUiui., und. if ihe telalion in which ho oodltllmn. Mr. ti. Mid lh:.l wlnh.ii nm i-oiijr., tevtn or tiulu V(:ats ocu. i,,. iuund a class u privjiocisiiiispjss,g, ,,'a Houfie whoui objeclion, piniciiially liom Vireinm, c ill.d conimula ,u, u Ti 1 '"V !hu,8 conlinued silcnlly lo pans, until h a col MKiie, Hon. Iltm.u Allrn, favoiably Known to nil who witciiiiloimrcss with him aan wnucilllill ul lllL'll char-i.-ii r f,, : I .....I ustfuhitss, called iheaiit'iiiion of iho liiufu lo ihem. It wim llieii ciisiomary to allow, not only the princi pal fum of eoinmuiaiioii, but also mlorcel from the reviiluiionarv ntnool. iimv,lu..i. i.i. i,u ,imi ii Ti 1 J lo Ihe allowance of intercl on all of lliu claims, and, also, lo opposo iho allowance ui int.- 'iiiiui'ai in ruineoi uio cases, From this toasfliituo iheir payment, und that ho set about ch i r.. , .i ,i.'ir?i n ii nn t'Ci. uu tens iiuw uu imi" it. iiiiji ...... - : " ' , ... , r. il. c jetted. He says no inviieu uie tuiieiiniii nuiu .uu bem.irle to ihiit) wilh him, and ihatat tho dinner hi' i.... ...I,,.,l il, ciilnrci to him. Xov,'. as ihe details nl b lesoiuiinu nau luive-u uiu utiuiu iii.iu, i i.iuuv, ,v- j . . iiiedsuir, hen aimed al hiin-scemcd lo this dinner-table conversation are not flakd, 1 slul ii lo msko a bncl mplanition lo lha house not, of course, undertake to relate them. Un under! uier in which ,e had become aciniainted stood, however, thai (.reeu iravc lust late itinnersi! and, as nils evtmi nappcueu, u u ui!'jii-iuu m uu, who htforotho yenlleinan heeame Vice President of the Temperance Society, there is no harm m supposing that mey uau . rry comionaoie nine oi n. ai miy rale, Oiten says iv.e rcsull of the dinner wna peifect y nalifficlory lobioi, that iho ueiitleman nareed to inlroJuee a n solution n., ,),! Houso of Delecatea itcoiumendin: io ioi grcsa iiU usaumpuuu ul the Stale lino warrants! that he dia yilrodiieo such res olution i thai the iitolution pawj, wi.. fir,t to Con gress, and was iho fuuiiihilion ofscnpacl Oi r-oneress of.May followinij. lie furiher says that, but ur 18 irircin'fcl everlions in tin mailer, tho Slala hiicw ar. rants would at this duy have been uticily worlhless,. 1'ur llnsleiiierity, luscolltaeue had been assailed bv seveia uenlb men from Viwiii'n icrv inn.-li hIi.t Ihoiiiinntriii which ho (Jlr, 11.) had been uoiiced on line occasion, though in milder terms. His col leairuc, hovvevi r, maiiuaiiied his cround, and mecci il. cd in all hisflViris. The position oftus colleanuc. for whom ho euli rtaiurd the highest respect and ie gaid, allraeled (Ml. II. said) his attention lo ihe claims i and Ue was not certain but ho might have aided Imu in opposing lliim on one or two occasions. At any rate, ho would havo done so if such aid had been necessary. Al lha l oiiiiiiciii ciiicnt of Iho last (Joiiprrss, when bis colleague bad ft used tu be u liiriu her, he (Mr. II.) bad tbo honor of being iippoiutcdu IjieiiiUroflhaCouiiuitluu on Revolutionary Claims, as Virginia would never havo nail ailnllarof ilit-ml I ogam repeat, I do noi vouch lor una nuieinini, eivo il as 1 find il ui the document before alluded i Now, sir, whether thci-e claims bo the I vilimale children of iho eeiilleniau from Albomailr, or whclh- er ibey bo stolen propeny of Tom Ureen, i.s not for ino lo sayj nui uie iiuuse win perceive tuai uiu j'.eu lleinsn stands ill the position of ih'-ir rcFnonsihlo pa rent, ami I men fore hope they will exciiro him for any cxiiaoniiiiary zem no uas uiaiuii'sieii in iiiucuvuiui, lo provide for their bupporland iiiuiuleiianco. tin ihe zeal of the kenilcman Feeincd ercallv lo in creaso wbtn ho came lo ppcaU uf the half-pay claims. II.. ml' itic House that 1 had lenorteda bill which was ihcu on ibo Mble, icptahuu ey; uiodifviiiK the act of 1632, by which ibe allowance of llicsu ekiun al the NYur I)tpumncnt woe to ceaso. Jlwill of not inmo Ihjii ihirty thousand, her territ.irv claimed by the adj lining Stale?, horself a fron tier against tho eoniurm enemy, and almost too young, as tho goi.i Ionian inliinalct', to havo a name, the ucicrll.clers taught all her foes that, "Thougl she was young, n btllo on.-, Yol she .)iild spc.ali, anJ go atone." ?y her vitlins and her valor cho m iiii'ained hor indepen Icmc as a Jitato, and establi.-.lied, ;md has hilhertnetiiilinued in lieal'hy and ligor iiim action, a (' iverntiicut more purely republi can than an n'ber on the fuco ol the globe. Sir, were thU i proper ocean-mi to go into llio i evolutionary histny ol my native St ite, it would be my pride and no'inurc lo do to , but 1 am auarci thai it is int. I must, however, be allow ed io remind inu uouee that tl.o very day on which llio revtdtlioiiary continental "Congrcr.H tirnt ass'-mbled a I'lul dolphin the 10. h of .May, 177.J tint bo twilight ul the morning of that t.' iy Iuund Ctiiiu Albdi, al the hind of a body id VoriutHifiv, prmhuiiviiq Ike auihuriltj if that f.'ui'nss i a conquered enemy within the walls ol Ticiidoroga. 1'ioiu that morning until Ihe ovynm;; ii the last day uf tbo Itcvulu t.oii, the (Iieen.ntiiinlaiu buyii, whenever an uneiiiy apj'O irod, vuro always" found f-rcniost in liiu aiiiu k, hi-i ui rolro it. In 177,") Vermont pent aieguiH'iilli Can ith, whoso e-.plmtHa' tho i eil.irii and eicUv-iere in Hut province ii..-lory hai rccindcd. II I77i, when lliu coutinenial army was finnul, Ycriiiniit furnished a legiui'-nt which, under Liionel Warner, served throipdi. out thu war. If history is aim written. She kept iu coiirtaii i.nivico oilier lio jos. and when invaded wine population worn m arms. null lornuar. .tuuiinon as witnesses lor mv Mate 1 ico idc.'i'i, tho Cedir.i, Ilubbirdton. lienniugioii, fhr:ni:a. With their testimony I checiliilly and paudly connnit the decisiun of her cause to lb j ai;,artial lribnual ot h.story. Having, Mr. iVjaker, insoiuo degree cleared away the e.vtraiieous matter which the Fcicial gonlleiimSiioin Viriruiia Inv about the subject undo consaleratinn, 1 come now lo speak of the icarjuestion befuro iho House the character of in! Virginia bounty land claims. -nd hcie, Mr, wil all due respect lo the tbreo Raiillumm CU: (iiuior, .Mr. fiujm, and . r. Ooo.U.) v.holnveieplied to uie, ruitist bo al lowed ti. any that am not aware that either ot them haso..riiiriim ursuccessluily coiitruvor ted a Miiglo ,ci iijirinii,iriii i ,,n:,,v.,i i ilerlook to slioy nu ,7I0 ijovcr,mwilt was lwl i.auio ior ii' cj.-ij,,, however valid tlioy mii-l.t ho against nrgim.-, if Bm.h !au,,ty n3 i.uc. fibown, 1 an t o: susiblu nf it. I intiodurcd a yarietv a I..IH to n.a.vo that the claims weio bad. HaMOiiy ol ihono facta been hho'vn to i,e err ui -ui, iNtt ono of thom. 1 tillered to iiiru si nm ,Pi;iit , from v,rg;nia with a of alltbecl.iisvluei. ,. , i , ,ii,,.,i p.. ,i,., State to ollicvof ibo cu, nlJj hm al)(,0 tho Fcript '"'U'1'6, ; 1 besu Cd1H pru ty.four iu iiuufor. and h vory , aynentlsnov d ed. 1 ustatiltsti ii" .'... oi Ron,Q .. f . llivo tlioy '' .,.V0.,1'cy ioi,u,j I i i l ii- rv. uii.,i,ir,. j ,cv .very i,i,i'., V'r Cilllll . .1 .... I . .1 TI . . .1 I . I a cenuancy uy inu reopio, uy a sweeping , opcraio. Vun ,ilt,so Cllm)ut long stanj majority. u., a1j j-iCe ,U 0j1j3 ndillit .IVR. sV .1.. c ai i , Itj-.dtrp. These aro tbo Barao iron tunes wli t i oven the mugwumps of Manchester nnd cl!,1 Webster and other, longago prop.u sictl, hirmingham can keep their machinery in would ba the offapring of loco tolly and madneri?, in tns uc-angement ol the currsucy and tha re daction ot tiie Tar. if. Tlio only rem;dv, a pre- ...L: t .u- t7L:.... ll .1-.. ri.t npnnt i" ' . c , ie.-iio i ti ui vvuu i tici y ia ii laueii ii ui, y I Im I'p III' I nrn rntimnnr mi If, n'iirnc ... . . . . . . J . ,.w ...b w I---- asuing me tanner to sell Ilia wool nt ruinous i and night to ajip.,- to the d.M.t0B of the time , their detestation of the hypociiticnl course l ric . TLlm.!r. fl,, .,... I is orpa- ;d at evt'ry diep of itn progress in Con- of the Loco Focos iu relation to a Protec tive Tarifl". A Mass meeling has been call id in Washington county, and oilier counties contemplate doing the same. Thu ii right. Let Protection to industry be tho watch word. Lamoille Standard. prices, llio tanners now feel with a von- I geauce the advanlaacs of the deadly hostility of loco fticoism to the tarifl'. At tho redn I cod pi ices of all kinds of produce while, ho I gives a dollar per day to his men, his own j labur docs not amount to sixpence, and is I ill debt, his fnnn must Im snhl fin- :i snmr THE LAND I5ILL AND A TAUIFF. I 0ll J'"1" lllu K"ul1 ld limes enjoyed underiho iiluch is said in llio Loco Foco pnpors ! u" iir ol 1J8, ngainst which tho concentra ag.iinst what they teim the ohslinacy of iho v,,"" luro Focuism for years has been Whigs iu Cougtoss in insisting upon i el.iin- 1 levelled. Whenever the country has had ing the clausu iu the Tarifl' Hill lelating to ' I'rotection it has heen prospeious, and never the Land Distribution, and some of our : 11 ":ls viuinem. rcopu s rrcss Whig fiiends am disposed In wish that the -i.i i. .1 Nut uio iifil.n . ... in nuiu io ii ' - -uiucnrd ntr.. t' tin. py lilt! "Biiiij. I .., " . tho report oftbo com uiiieoutllm rlt;,nm ft mod thu requisite scvieu tu onmi,, thu buiinly by tho laws l ) irgnua. l pru ofDofogateaof'l!. on which these have been sougbt to bo sustainod, to bo ,t b eally jalit iu it iiiost impe,rlaiit falatoinents. n tho gentlemen vvhu Uvo fpokuu in reply ,0 have complain'1 01 1,10 baiehnesa and i,r J1 priety of my lanR". '.t havo any of C mdonakon to Mow tbo report to bfl true I 0 . ' ..t tiin.n. I had reanou tuBuimosn il,a,nl I eaid Of tho rc-portwoi.ldnot bo Mcepitf JJ point might bo yielded lest it should prevent tho obtnining of a Pruteciivo Tarifl". It is possible the obstinacy of Mr. Tyler will diivo tho Whigs to yield this point, but , the friends of the protective system ought to . uiideislaud that if this point is yielded, it will it no distant day be the occasion of again unsollling the whole lysleni of Pioleclion. V protective tnrifl' cannot fail to restore the country to n state ol piosperiiy. i no pro cess will be slow but sine. And when busi ness opeiatioiis shall levive, nnd n healthy and ptosperous condition be lestoied to tho country, lliu public lands will again come into mill Let. Thu proceeds of those sales . . . 1l ,.l .l going into tlio u. o. i reasuiy, win, vvuu uio leceipts from the customs, very soon crcalo a surplus bevond tho wants of Government. This will bo the signal for an attack upon llio Tarifl', and as the surplus shall accumulate, the argument lot destroying tbo system of pioteciion will bo slrenglheiied until another compromise act shall bleed tho sv stem and produce its lingering death, or it must fall by a bolder slroko of Southern policy, bunging revolution and ruin again upon tho country. What we need is a settled policy such a system of political economy as will enable capitalists to make investments with a rea sonable piospoctof permanency. Then may wo expect a stato of tilings w Inch vv ill give employment to our mechanics und nni.ans, nnd insure good maillots for our agricultural ptoducts. Ilul if our Whig members in Con gress aro obliged lo give up ihe Distribution Act through the obstinacy of President Ty ler nnd tho clamois of Loco Focos, iu order to obtain n taiill', it is obvious lo llio veriest lyio in politics that tho system, however ex cellent, which shall bo established in relation to prolectivo duties, mutt, beforo many ye.nis, bo distui bed hy llio accumulation ofu surplus in the Troasnry, What a pity it is that tho American poo plo will learn nothing by oxperienco. T'io proiess described is but the history ol ino lasl 12 years. Wc had nn oxcelh-nl y'om KF-HP IT iiF.FOKF THL PEOPLE. That dining the recent discussion of the Tariff Hill, in ihe House of Representatives, tho Loco Foco members have iu evert) inUancc voted with the free tradcitcs, and AGAINST PROTECTION, nnd II EM I'M II El! AND KEEP IT BEFORE THE PEOPLE that when tho ipicstion ns lo duty on wool camu up fur consideration, the Loco Focos in ovcry instance voted for 20 per cent duty, us llio tight st on both j wool and woollens, while tlio Whigs, the advocates of pioteciion, in cviry imtanee voted for a duty of CI i-cu uii.nt, as the low est on wool und woolens. These aio tacts, IVeemcn, nnddonlyou sco from this that llio apparent zeal of I he Loco Foco press for protection on wool is meio moonshine, got up nt this eleventh hour, merely to gull you and to catch iour iwtts, Fr.ovr.v o.n si-en jnsunAcu iivro cnisv. Whig Advocate. gret-s w ,th the t-me deadly hostility as it was m IS!'), vvhandovvn the tar.fT, torn Juwk tha tanft'was! tho uncoasing shout, encored through all the ramification ol ihe party. The country is this moment groaning far more um't tbo srour,iC3 of loco policy, than when Y...iB'ren (..Ciij. u'd the chair. Ncvt r biuro h ..1 if arrived at tho acme of detrut in?f, The abi-'at ofeommunity, t.tnigi.ier Isir a s ib.-jteneo, a--i ti.e rest oilher ruined, or on tho veiy brink ul b'.nkruplcy. Kj.'oro locoloces should open their uiou'.bs about whig times, they sbnuid withdraw ti.u.r opposition, and far scope to Whig policy. I'ntil whig measures are accomplished, wo can have no wing tunes. These are locotunss iu the highest lido of suc cessful experiment. Loco policy brouli! them upon us, and loco management i incessantly throwing every impediment in the way of un provement. Ai.d at this very moment, when the v. Iiigi aro forcing a protecting tariff through Congre-s, in tho face of all opposition, their lea ders in thu Capitol were eagerly advising the president lo veto the bill. And how that by ve toing the one month provisional tanffbill ho has indicated his intention of turning his heel upon the iiiain tariff, these men are tirst and foremost in singing long and loud hozannahs to Ins name. Kuih is hyp.icritial and brazon laced locofocoism. Aner twttve years of fatal experiment.-, ruining and bankrupting the naiu-n, criphng commerce, agriculture and manufactures, bailhng all tho hopes of reiorm, and blasting every resource f now crying out whig times, vvhg timet. Messenger. I'lis.svmiv vl. Tamil rs mihi easily save the fltsh oftwrs s nnd cattle, nnd euid'tra yreat kindness on tin n annuals, m previium. die usual annoyance of 11,. ', hy .-imply wnsh.iii! the purls Willi Ihe extiai t of I'i no) ro al. 1 n s vv ill not it -t a in uncut upon tin spot lo which this has hun neph.d. I. very man who is ciiiiip i-sionatc In lusbt.i-is oudit lo know ibis simple icuitjy: uml evtry hv,ry ei.ihli and r,iiiiui y inn o du to h.ivu n eupply un hand for Iruv - ell. is. O"lndi!0 wttd lutencil uuout llio Harness, will likewise keep oil the llies. Can anv of our leadois veiifv llio abovol Tho expei intent i easily tried, and if the result is satisfactory, pray who that justly estimates that noblest of iiniiuals, tlio Horso, would not cbeei fully pel form so trilling a service lo secure so largo n iclicf? We havo nlso seen it staled on good authority, that tho leaves of thu common walnut, nib bed over a horso in iho morning would se- , , t,ii ii Morfiict nrotoclion against ilics Llll W KIM 1 J ' ' - " " I r..- .1..- ....xmViiMr tWClllV-foUl' llOUrS. Is this sol 'JVy It every body and lot's soldo point. 11 these piesciiptions aro of no efl'oci, let them ho cvoloded ; but if thcro no saving virluu in thorn, then w say( let every man ho fined foity shilliiirrs. h'i! drivcs.n horso in Hy tinio without thu application. Mr. Clav recently leceived an elegant whito boavcr hat as a present, and made liis acknouwlcdgemonta therefor in tlio fol lowing note : Amilanp, ICth July, 1315. Messrs. N. & II. Suavv : liCM i rtnv, 1 have received the White Beaver Hat which you havo done me tho favor tu send inc. I thank you cordially lor it. It tils me exactly, and coming as it does, fn i.i fa thul, and long'tried friends, t is a most aricntablo present. May tbo headol that man, who would not desire the protection of his own bmhren and fellow citizens against the prodiktinns of t.)iei"ii industry, never bo covered with such a liar. Wishing you, gentlemen, good m'i?" in your business, and health, pro.penty and hap. '"Tain your neighbor and faithful frfic'Y The watermelon l'"'h w-,"' 'n",,"-1 'is11-ras U nd a. to Jind on Saturday w eiglicd 39 1-2 1 ,s. ai d was 2V1nel.cs Ion. J H was raised 111 his garden o road, and was the largest mcFon vvo ever si" To tlio "I'"10 "0,,a we 6ai'i can you beat that T SariiiinnA HepiMuan. It was beaten out nnd out last season in tho garden of tho Hon. Horaco Everett, away hero in latitude, -111 1-2 North. Mr. E.'s largest melon weighed, vvo bcliovo, 51 lbs. Can tho " sunny south" boat that ? Mr. Lawton would havo to throw in it second melon largo enough for a family dinner, to outweigh Mr. E.'s. 17. Chronicle. C vxaua. Tlio Governor Gon. of Canada has issued his Proclamation calling ,1 meet ing of tho I'roviiici "arliament, for tho dispatch of busbV it, September.