Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 12, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 12, 1842 Page 3
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mittco of llio wliolo in tho Scntito Inst ovcn ing, iiml passed to n third reading. No fur ther amendments can, therefore, ho piopos cd, nnd it will undoubtedly pass to day or tomorrow. Mr. Calhoun lias tho floor upon It this morning, and will probably make one of his ultra Frco Trade speeches. G. W. L. TliU TARIFF RILL PASSED. Washington, Satuiday morning, ) August Gth 18-12. J Tho discussion on tho Turin" Hill was clos ed in the Senate at a lalu hour last evening, and Gallic- Hill was passed, without amend ment, by the following votes : Yeas Messrs. Archer, Harrow, Tlalcp, liayanl, Choate, Clayton, Conrad, Crafts, Crittenden, Dayton, llvtins, Huntington, Kerr, Mnngiuu, Meriick, Miller, Mnrchead, Phelps, Porter, Simmons, .Smilli, of la., Sprngiic, Tallinn Ige, White, Woodbridre 23. ix'AYS Messrs. Allen, lSaghy, Uciilon, nucha nan, Calhoun, Cullibert, Fulton, Oinbani, King, Linn, McRoberts, Preston, Hues Sevier. Suiith, of ( 'onncc ticut, Sturgeon, T.ippiu, Walker, Wilcox, Williams, Woodbury, Wright, Young '21. EVERY LOCO FOCO SENATOR, YOU WILL PEIICE1VE, VOTED AGAINST THE PASSAGE OF THE RILL! Comments are. unnecessary or rather let the intelligent ficemeii of Vermont make their own comments, at the Polls, on tho first Tuesday of next September. Tho Hill will this day go to John Tyler, "with whom will rest the solenul and awful le siionsibilitv either to sijjn it, and thereby give relief tea suffering People, and spread joy, gladness, and gratitude through the land, or, shutting Ins eyes anil nosui" Ins heart to tin public, distress, refuse his assent to the Hill, and p!tino his Country into hopeless misery and despair." G. V. L. COMMENCEMENT. The annual commencement of the I'li'ivor sity of Vermont, was held at the new Congre gational Church in lliis village ontho.'Jd instant. An unusual concourse of strangers wa drawn together from variftus parts of our own and the adjoinincr state?. As is usual, the junior exhi bition was held on the afternoon before, pre ceding which an address was delivered before tho Societies by Calvin Pease, Esq. cf Mont poller, a graduate of tho University, on tho fubjecl of the lecturing mmia of days ; in which, the infinity of shallow trash with which this " wonderful age" socks at once tu leap into universal knowledge, W'.-w laid haio in its native proportions; and the puhject was handled by Mr. Pease in a manner which io rlecls tho highest honor upon his taste, and served to illustrate the depth and power of an intellect uncommonly -rilled and cultivated. Tho performances of tho juniors and grad uaies, ucre generally ory credible to their proficiency, not only in tho arquisil.on of know ledge, but of those pure and exalted principles of thought and action, without which, knowl edge is hut a sword in the hands of th0 maniac. The junior class Focurod tho i-crviccs of the famous. Woodstock Land to enliven tI,o intcivals of their exhibition, while the graduates, de termined to gue variety to the cnc, brought up the line brass band from Albmy, whoso e. cju' 'e performances added much lotho interest ol ihu Cunimciicc-incnt exercises. In the place of our-of the airs by tho bind, a gentleman who accompanied them, sanir " The Pilgrim Fa hers," to an nccomraiiiment on tho violin. Tins was a very beautiful and a,-; rnpriate inno vation upon the ordinary cudttm:, ,.nd was much admired. A number of gentlemen were remitted to the tVr o of A. M., nmoiig v.l.nii wrio J.Ie-ssrs. I Un William Allen and Edward Van SicJ.lon, of !i s Uiwn. Two of the caml. dates for the '1 degree, Messrs. Juinun Fornytb, uf "K s'v..i:o, and Edmund T. Dana, nf Boston, lef toil orations, which wcie well worthy It" "".icral admiration they reieived. On Monday evening proced.i. Commence- rmcii', an addreEs was uenvor. i ur-iurc1 the '.Sj, i-'v for lleli"ious Inquiry, ol the Univcr- Mly of Vermont," by Profoeaor E.ovxn, of Dart- liiouth Cjllege. This, address was Ihtcncd to by a large audi- Mirc, during the hour and a lulf occupied in iti- delivery, with uncommon int-'ii -t, and wo ru gretour inability to gie any ade.j .ate idea of it. The subject was " the grounds of hope, indepen dent of the promises of prophecy, that the of. forts to Christianize the whole world, will uiti tnate'y be mtccosiul." With such a ii-dd, it may be im. gined that a man of deep thought, of hvoly imagination and fervent piety wan deeply interesting. The addrotr, together with that of Mr. Pease, will, we lioj o, ho piibh-hed bo that all may enjoy the satisfaction and benefit to be derived from their perusal. On tho whole, the three d iys passed off very I agreeably, to all concerned. And wo trust that minds have now been ii-licred forth upon thu arena of active hie, who shall yet lend their aid to guide the world aright. A. 1!. VERMONTERS LOOK AT THIS ! l.OCOI-'OCO I'on vim- Tr:cTio. MR. WHILE! oil. A niislukowas mado last week in announ cing a Tempcranco Address and Sermons on abolition hy this gentleman. Tlio Tem perance address will ho delivered on Sat urday evening (to-morrow) nt half past seven, at tho Court House. The sermons on aboli- tion may ho expected at the same place on Sunday, at 9 A., M. at 5 P. M. and at 8 M. Protection ami Distribution. The connection of those questions, by the late net passed by the House, is mado thu basis of u ceaseless clamor ugninst tho Whigs by tho Locofoco party. Tho Whigs are ac cused of determining to sacrifice thu Turifi' by appending the distribution clause, instead of kneeling down before the throne, nnd sur rendering their principles to prevent n veto, which they have no official right to anticipate. Hut what is tho fact about tho union of these two questions which appears so obstinate in the eyes of those now horn tarifiitos? Why, the short and long of it is simply this. Tho whigs have always boon in favor of distribu tion for two roasons,nud good enough they arc. First, because the public lands belong lo tho states that would seoni to bo icason enough ; but there is another. We never can have a steady tariff, while tho hind rov uiiuo forms part of thu income of the gov ernment. That revenue is always fluctua ting from ono to twelve mil Huns a year. Get on n high tariff, and it makes times prosperous, and people buy lands, and the land revenue swells to $10,000,000 n year. Then conies a surplus, nnd lo I it is cried doud you must lower the tariff. Well, down it goes, nnd then, times mo hard, and nobody can liu land, and down goes the land rev enue to a million a J oar, nnd lo 1 again the Treasury is empty nnd the Tariff must ho raised. And away goes the country like a fly on n wheel, first up, thou down, with untold misery and ruin to the various inter ests at every turn. And nil to please a set of visionary or corrupt rogues who have no better business than to nuiku cxpoiiinents on the happiness of a great people. Away then say wo, with this element and groat first cause of eternal fluctuation in protection. Let us get the lands out of the way, so that they wont meddle with protection, by giving them to their sole and only rightful owners. We can never have our own industry pro tected until wo do it, and this the Whigs in Congress have determined to do, in spite of Executive dictation. COXSISTENCV OK LOCOKOCOIS.M. The open disregard of nil appearance of consistency in which the Locos scorn to ex ult is only another proof of the power of impudence in gaining credence, and of their confidence in such means of success with the people. A falsehood boldly and impu dently insisted on, will often gain believers, while the modest truth teller is laughed at and disbelieved. It is upon this principle that the opposi tion in this statu hope to make the people believe that they are the sole friends of a t,ii ill', and that the Whigs are doing all in their power to pievent ono hy connecting disliibution wilh it. Our views relative to tho necessity of tho connection of these questions in order to ensuru steady protec tion, will be found in another column. The friendship of tho Locos for n tarifT, and for high duties, especially on wool, will ho best exemplified by lefcning to their votes in Congi-iss on every attempt to raise the iluty on tlut article. lCvou if they could not voto for tho bill on its passage, vet if they bad had any desire to see wool protected or in- ilcc.i any thing else, tlmy miclit with perfect consistency have voted to laiso tho duty on wool or on any other article, so that if the bill did finally pass, though they 'could not vote for it, they might tell the people they did all they could consistently, to give them ade quate protection. Hut tlii; is far from being the wish of thu Loeofocos in Consross. " Op position to the system of protection, is one of the Caudixai. Pni.c ifi,i:s of the Demo cratic paity." says llastman of New Hamp shire, and so say they all, every where ex cept here. Almost every where olsn they are not afraid to avow this " cardinal piin ciple ; " hut here, among wool-growers and mniuiMctuicrs, they find it necessary to play the hypocrite, in the hope of gulling the Vormontcrs into tho belief that the paity which openly holds out enmity to protec tion as ono of its "cardinal piinciplos" in Congress, where the subject js up for action, can bo ically honest in its protended friend ship to a Tui iff, just here where it is not a very hopeful job to bo on the other side. If the peoplu of this state clout see ihiough this detCitaLle game, wo mistake their ncuteness very much. If they can find in this new fan led love of Locofocoism for protection, (while the Whigs are its old and tried fiiends,) any good c-u,o fur handing their state gov ernment ov r to tho radical; whom they have so firmly and so steadily voted down, limo out of mind, and turning out the whigs who have represented the wishes of tho people, why, they can do it, that's all. Uut we wish to ask every candid man, to tell us in serious eat nest, what hind of protection ho thinks we should get, if tho party which marches at the heels of such leaders as John G. Calhoun, Charles .1. Ingersoll, Silas Wright, Tom Denton, and this same East man of Now Hampshire, should again ob tain full sway in the National Oovornniont I It would he a fall carrying out of tikis' cel ebrated wish, " Let the Government take care of itself, and LET THE PEOPLE TAKE CADE OP THEMLELYES " ! I (7 Wc call tho particular attention of our readers of every pin ly, to the devel opments alluded to hy our Washington cor respondent, on tho subject of the course pur sued by locofocoism on tho Tin iff' lately passed by Congress and sent to the Presi dent. Tho voto on that bill is enough to satisfy any reasonable man of the fieo trade doctrines of the party in opposition ; but, determined to leave no ground for their hyp- octitic brethren in this Slalo to stand on, their leaders have in aseiics of long and vio lent speeches, denounced tho whole policy of protection, advocated free Irade, and de clared it to bo ono of tlio fust articles in the "Democratic" creed. To tho people wo again say, bo not deceived ; Locofocoism would gi'rc you no Tariff ifil could. THE COJIPROiMISE ACT. "Clay, tho nulhur of tho Conipi omiso Act of 1S33. 17. Patriot. Doe? tho Patriot really mean to deceive tho people, or docs it know no better 7 Mr. Ulay was tho author, not of tho compiomkc net, but of die only lo'elable features ill it. The committee, of Wny.s nnd Means had K'portcd in favor of reducing duties (Inking wool a nn example,) to o"i per cent, in lH'il), and to 15 m 1 833. It wusn proposition involving utter and iuslniit ruin to the. country and what did .Hi. Clny7 Sim ply this he begged for seven yr-nrs grace, and got ll; lie could not snvo t tie country fioin the mo of locofo coisui, but be got a reprieve. Hut graining that .Mr. Clay sustained that act, nnd would havo sustained it -1 1 f i ci u t his amendments by vhosc votes was it pas sed 1 By LOCOFOCO VO'iT.S, Last week wo stat ed that the locos bad CO unit nity in that Congress (the. 22d,) ns indicated by the election of Speaker. We mislook the session of Dec. '3! for that of 'March '3J, their majority was still larger, according to the vole for Snenke r. Stevenson of Va. had 1)3 Voles .1. li. Kulhulmd of P.i. 51, total 152 j all other candidates received -13, leaving a locofoco majority of 109. Wi have no doubt, however, that .Sulherl.ind ofl'j. received n nartul' thu Whig votes, p'lrticulnily in his own btalc. At any rate, tint Ccmricss was locofoco bcvoiul al nueslioii: how ariro was the tun j'oiily wo cnniiot say preci-tly, ns we have not a list of members with their politics designated. We have enough des guated, nevertheless, to snow that Ibo lo eofoeo iinjoi it y varied little from 60. Let us, howev er, turn to t lie ayes and noes mul give the voles in the Itous-e by Slain. Aici Maine. Xevv Il-imnsliirc, Maryland, Vircinin Xorlh r.irolin.1, Soiilh Carolina, (Jeoriria, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Missis-ippi. livery one ol'llieo wxlo locofoco slates ill 1632, nil having vi to I for .luck son, save Suutli Cuolina, which vohd fur riovd. A'uis .'Uiis!ichisolt, Uhodc Island, f'omipeticut, Virmnnt, lieawaie, Aevv v orli, iNcw.icisoy, I'elin s ivanui mo .uis"oiui. i ne nvu nisi vveio vui state ; ?ev .leist v had Whig representatives, and the other tluec vole 1 for .laekson in '32. We.- see thai efi ry Wnlsr date voted against the bill) tint 13outol''17 locofoco states voicd for i: j mid r.rlhiHill", it is peifeelly rlrni llntlhe b'll wa" eairied by a union often s ave stati s with tho "donidi faced' of'.'Iniiie, -New llnmpshiir, and Ohio. The vole fir the lull was 119 against it 85 i ma loi it v 31. chniu'e of 13 voles would have tlrfealcd the lull ; and it irmiltl ' h.irp hrrit ilpfrtilrtt, and every oAt n'r Hj.1 M d.. -liny llio Tnnll' would have been d.Vand. h-.d it ii t bun for the I.OCOKOt O.S 01-' TUT. I'llKi: STATUS. I'min M-iine there were (i lotofotM MdM for the b II j X. nniap-.,iie -1 j New Yoil; (i; I'enmylvinn t , and Indiana 2 making 22 being mm e llciiilhe number n quired to d. feat that bill, or any oilier like it. Theio were others j we haw confined ourselves to these, because enough for the pmpne. A'ow, let the Patriot persist in charging the act of 1533 to Mr. Clay, if he pleases to do so in the face o( these facts. Wc asert what wo have, proved, that it was dried bv abeofoco Congress, ngaint the voice of the Whig slates and catricd, too, by Xoith ein locofoco dough-faces, who sacrificed the people for a mis of postage. I hat net, leducing dunes to 20 ner cent, on the 30ih of Juno lat llio vcrv act midi r which llio country is now suffering was a IJCOFOfO ACT.-17. tluWniinn. Till: PATRIOT OX 'AM IP MATHllIAh: ' The Watchman aserls a falsehood when it says ihat the Patriot affirmed, April 23, lhat there was more truth llmnporiry in the doctrine lhat ihcie should be 2) per cent duties on everything "csrept rats viulrrial for wnnnfarlurin?" Wc said there was mnio tiulh than poetry in the article Hit ir.Wt artiilc ropitd, and wc say eo now. There is a com mandment lhat snub "V'ioit shall not bear fihe uilncs? ciirainsl thy neighbor." Pat. Keep as cool as possible, hiother : it is our duly melancholy, indeed, yet nn impera tive duty to show up your sins ; and if we do it plainly, it is only that the people and yourself may derive the more benefit. Here now, is the ichn le ai tide from llio Patriot of April 23, 1S42, nnd we defy any man In lead it and deny that the whole burden of it is simply this : tho business of the country needs fust, stability, wilh moderate pro tection lo consist of '. per cent duties upon every thing, EXCEPT THE I' AW MA TERIAL. This is the first thing wanted, and the second is like unto it, viz: "CHEAP PAW .MATEItlAL !" It is all for man ufaciurcs. Here goes for the icholc article. Lei the people see whether we have fibbed. I . Watchman. f-'rom the VI. Patriot, April 21, 1?12. OTTWu think lliero is more truth than poet ry in iliu tbllowin" article from llio Now Void: .loiimal of Commerce of tho 9th iust. "Tun t;:i;i: policy or thu north The fri.1 llunn, vvIi.lIi is wanled bv a "leal and lui'-vlii iple is 3tiihiiiiv. li is of h ss importance what the laws lire, llian lhat ihey should not bo subject lo fiequent chan""S. Tho wliolo country adopts the opinion thai the n venue necessary fur Ihe support of uoveinmtut iinm r an 'conoimcai a al.on, nu;dil to be rni". d by dunes on goodi! imported fioin I'jicinn couutiKs. Nobody diviun s tho the newer of (.ouarcss to crealo a l-.rill for ibis pmpose. These dul."s, it is centrally ndmitle I, nni'-l be madens hiqh ns pi r cem, ai ica-i, upon all mercinnili.e i:cnrT n.vw MAirniAi. ron jianitvc iciuno. 'J Ins ra'c, vvuh thcmhxr expenses of f lujin trade, vvoald give our own iiianiifaetuiers an advantage ov-r fortijrncis in siipptvMig our own market, ol ai least ihuty-tlnec and a llm I ner cent, or ona thud thu oiuniril cost Ho dial if our countrymen con produce, calicos at R cents a yald, as good as can be bou;iht nbnnd for fi, and broad-cloths til four do lars per yald as yit n as c in bo purchased abroad tit Ihreo doll ns a yam, llioy .ii ne ante io sustain ttiemsi ies in uie coinpetuion. So niueh pioleclion as this our in lniif.iciureis may cniov with the acouiece tco of the wliolo eounlrv. and without the far that lite piinuplcs of llio tiirilf win oc U1&IU1U..U ny l leu i rado or the. planm-a inter' csis. "The second great Kquislte is CIinAP HAW MA TCllIAI.. It is but n limited view winch la'.es in tlio home market only. The iilli'iialeobieet should be succ'isfiil companion w tih other nations in the open mm liels ol the world. Tins can onlv he accomplish, ed bv nun who have 11 YW 11 Vl'P.'ll AI. AS CI! I VP AS IT IS TO HP. HAD AM WHr.KK. Americans have ahoady can icd llieir mmiif 'during indusliy lo such tin extent dial m many arte leu llio supplv of Ion ign maikt is is neeessaiy to lelteve our own. Thu has liei n die ca e vvuh cotton fabi ieu for years. Can ton, Souih America nut! o:hi r pat is of tho world have nticu ieu velour oviilontleil stun. houses, ' ho sup. ply of lorie'ii inniKcts is rente t.-senthl nsaregult. loi of our own. If the law b arc so mado ns to shut our nmnufaciinets m, lo the supply of our own mar I el rd Jiic. die in micj w ill be much riea. lor lliun if tln'v are ho shape,! us thai extravagantly hi 'h prices will bo rhet Urd bv iituiorlnt on of fore'L'ii puo 's, not! exiravn!!ititlv low pn.-es by the exporta tion oi our own. .mi. ue-ins nave succeeded na miKii In in rutin I he pt. it le of anv oilier country m msn jifai luting, as tin y have in liuir olhcr pursu.ts. We po-iess th.' i-li menls ofa great nianufaciitrin nation We h ivc industrv, entcrp' ise.mgcliiiity, liberty, cheap loon.anii ngnitav". Willi or vvuuout proioenon, we have sueeeede I in our enterprises, and borno oil Hie victory in n hnrdconmetiton : and vet it is scarce ly three 50 irs since manul'acltiiinf upon a laigo sculo wascoiuiucneed 111 our country. THAT LAND FUND! lit rc, locofocos pretend to justify thoirlcaders in couirress in opposing tho TarillJ on the ground that the lauds) wero'not wrenched from the states. Wo can't allow thnin to sneak under such an ex cuse ; their parly oppose the Tariff because it jivoa Protection because duties nro raited above 0 per cent. because it repudiates Hrit isdi free trade. Wo know, indeed, that they are opposed lotho di.stributiou of tho lands : oppos. ed to it, because they wish to hold them up as a bribe to purchaso the support of tho now states; but principally opposed, because if tho hud fund i not distributed ijJicre ran be nn 1'rnhcl'ue Tariff. Tho average tales are uino millions a year ; the estimated annual expenses 'J7 millions a year. Tu (jet 'Si millions tho present bill pro poses about 40 per cent, duties, which afford moderate protection. Lot the lands alfnd ono third of this revenue, and must you not reduce dull mine third Whore, thou, 'ii Protection? ll this bill, with 10 per cent, duties, is wit ooj rnnvgh, what will that bo which imposes duties one third less ! TIIK ADI)IU:SS. flT-riio address of ,1m Stale Committee will bo found in (mother column. Wo be- speak fur it nn attentive perusal from all wlio have really nt liemt the welfare of Vermont and have not consented to sacrifice licr dear est interests nt tlio shrine of the destructive and delusive doctrine of Fteo trado, or to be hold our republican Institutions reduced to un essential monarchy, by iho overshadow owiiir influence of tlie onu man i-owmt. Wlnig Meeting. The Whigs of the town ol13nr lington are rcqticstcd to meet at l ho House of John Howard, on Monday evening next, at Seven o'clock, for the purpose of solec ling u Candidate for Town Rep resentative. By order of Town Committee. Tho Whigs of the (own of Jericho nro request ed U meet at tho town room on Saturday thu 'J7th insl. at 4 o'clock 1'. M., to nominate a can didate to ltepresont this Town in tho general Assembly of this Slate. J. LYMAN, A. WAUNT.I!, A.STi:TuS, O. S1IAW. .Tericho, Aug. Oth, 18 W. Notice. rgTIlll Sulifcriber will sell at Public Auction, JL cominencmgon Wednesday. Mm Tib Srplem ber nexl, at 10 o'clock, A. M., at MiUci'h Inn, ai Ma lone, .. V., the lot of land known as tho C A T LIN T It A C T , In the (own of Hrni lo l. I'ranklia coimlv contain- inrr aliout 2000. acres in lo's of fiom 50 !o200 ncies. to suit purchasers parlieuhuly dc,senbed at the tunc of sale, vviiin a nn is pui u i n vmu no coin positively to Ihebndiest bidder williont le uve, and ria bv- liiilihng. 1 lie tract lias recently heeu surveyed bv ll.Uol and. of aid town, who wil wive anv nnd all information reoune I, bv applying to him, as to ll uliUivisious, i amy, tinnier, ivc. 1 he tract of liml about 7 iiiib s soulh wesl of the village of "Ialone. lb" Co. ion n of l'raiikhn Co., "V. V., Ivin? on both sidi s of I he rout lending ft nni I'-ingor lo lluauc Pur nnee. lull e hrduion nvi r rnssis near v throueh tin eeliiie o) saul liai I. ana il Ins t number of null -lies and large quantities of C, dar. The whole tract is will wooileit, say two tliiuls hard wood, the leinnin ing one lliiul i'liu", Cedar and Hemlock i soil, sandy loam, warm and iroduetive. Terms, one third down in money or cattle, nnd llio balance in two equal nnnual payments, with annual interest, nnd satUl.ictordy -ecured. The lille given to llio land is Unquestionable. Any purchascis who wish lopav the wliolo amount down, will bonllovved a itbato ol 10 per cent, on the whole sum of purchase money. v TAYI.OH, 2d. Hy liiclnrd Kecse, Auctioneer. WilH&loji Armleaiy. rjjllll FMJ, TIUIM of this Institution u. will commence 011 Wednesday, the ?lh of Sept., under the instruction ol K.J. HAMILTON, 1 recetii miuintue 01 ini- 1. intt-rsiiy 01 t eriuoni. I-roiu Ihe success which lias hitherto attended Mr. Hamilton ns a Itaclier, die Trustees feel confident in recommending linn lo the public, ns r. young man abundantly qaahfied lo dischatge lho duties uf Piinci pal, with pioiil lo Iho sehohu and honor to coiniuu- uuy. A new and coniinodious building has recently been erected, winch, toguher with its pleasant location, and ca-y and direct communication wilh nil parts of the country win iuiuu it u oesiraiuc iiiaeo lor na- rents and guardians to educate their chddicn and ttnrds. Tho year is divided into two lerms, consisting of two tiuaners 01 11 wciks eaeu. Tn 1 mx. for I he common l.nchsh hianche. will 1,00 a qnarlei i for lho higher blanches and lho lnmrim n s S 1 .",0. lIoAnu can he olitamed in good families, from 81,30 tob.uu per wetK. The patronage of die public is respectfully solicited. niMCON l-AnMULEi:, II.VI1VV MlLLKIl, I I'li CuiTrnNncx, Trustees. mctiT Cl.viiic, Alson- Lmio,-. J W'l'. the subsciibris having been appointed by the Hon. lho Piobnto Court for tho District of I'hitlrndcn, conimis-ioncisto leceivc, examine and ailju-t the claims and demands uf nil persons, against tne ciato oi .iixfa-, mio ot uoieiieslcr, in said District, deccastd. rinrcsenlcd insolvent, nni nso all claims ami demands exhibited in nll'sel there to; and six months from tho day of l ie daio hereof. being allowed by saitl courl for dial purpose, wo do tuereioro iicicoy give nonce, in.ii we win aurnd io die business of our appointment, at lho tlwillingof I-'ben yki Spencer, in Colchester, in said District, on the lit st Mondays of October nnd January next, at 10 o'clock, M , on each of said d-iyp. Dated, thl.s2Jd dav ol July, A. 1. 181?. Jnsnrii K. Rttonus, ) Commit I'nHsn.En Spcsc-kii. S sioners. -Paint Mills. Wr.ST'S Patent Paint Mills, just received fur sale bv ILvoai: it AuTiR-n. Ruiliivton, l'Jth August, -. Slrayod or Stolen. JROM lite rubscriher on or about the 20ih of July, last, a middling sied dark Inv mare, shod all rounil, seven or ciililn ars old, with a small bleach on lho left side. Whoever will give information where she may he found, shall be rewatded. r.xocn noADi.r.Y. Ilincsbuigli, August 8, 1812. I ii l'o r in a t i o n W anted. JOHN S'Cl I.L, ol tin- k-wiioI CorLecu, comity of l.ongl'iinl, Irelan 1, left tut .;i, (; about 12 ye.iis ago, I', r .Mi iilieal, win ic he ic-n'id lor somo' time and dic'i lenmve I to St. AI' nu, Vl. wline he t might sunn. land. He i- imw suppn-e I lo I c livui at II. ir Imgti u t r Si All mis, nnd il ibis sho'd I meet In- eye, he i- dueeted to ou-jnito ol'.'.lr. I,. (!. Ho iinan, CC l.y- h-ts St. Albany, w heie hcwdl tin 1 bis M-ler ISndgi t S! oily, who has ln-eti sunn' tiniein this country, but who can evt no li-'nigsol l.un. .lb.iuy, Ana. 1, IS 12. beS', Ai' mis papers v. dl confer a lavir on a veij w. ilhy woimn by nutieuig die ul'ovi'. ROIIKIIT .MOODY'S l'SI'ATl STAT r. Ob' VERMONT. ? The Hon. theProbato Dirtiictnf Ch'ilinilen. ss. court for ihe District of Cliilteiiuili. 'lu.ill pr-ons inieie.sliil in ihe e-taiei,f Ro! erl Moody, la'o ol Ilmluiloii in s.utl di-trn-i, t'e-ee.l-ed. t ruling. Whereas, Goore-r !!. Shaw, a Im'r cf the e-la'o of the -Hid dei'i-a-ed, ha-lip-il m s ml eourl In- petiiiou in u-ruuii, sc'lnig furih lhat tho mid Rubert died fcizol of die following doseri! iil leal e-latc uluati' m said II uliiiulon, vi. a hou-e and lot on College Street whiio 'he widow ' f the said iVrrased now ic s.iVhj ten nercs i,fnn 1 Ij nig n lheVinoosl,i tnin-pt!:,-, near the n.i'e, nnd one tb.rly-ei-onil pait of loi -No, IPO, in Sharp shins point, si, culled, IciimsI lo and (teiipied y .loi,,, II, iVm.r, m whuh ,'juds i,u widow ot llio said i!ecea-el is entitled to duw it, andal-o iwo pews in St. I'.ml.s Clinch in llurhn tmn, and u stall lit the fbod near said cliuteh, and a pe,v m Ihe .Meeiiiis-huii-e in Winooski dlngc in ('..'.he n-r; thai lho per onal estate nt die Mint do. e.i-ed i- m-iillii-.enl lo pay ihodebt.s allowed I y die i-oiii'in sioiiei-. again. t siiJesUlc and that it would I oneies-nry to sill all of said leal i-iale nnd snid I evvs and stall, and tho icor-.iwii cf flower lln-iem, for tlie pm-po o of paying dm debts agaiiisl -aid es tate and Ihectpin es i, .iilninii-iratiuu, and prtiviu mh I -onri to I cchee the stud .idiiiini-tr.itor lo m-I all ( r-iale, pew-s mid Mall (-ub;eet to tho vvnl- low's light of dowerlherem,) and die reversion of lower, ngiee.ibly to die stalu'c in meh cae mado an I provided. Wheieupon, die court nfoicaid dub appoint tho twentv-nnilh day of Augn-t, 1SI2, for bearing nnd deciding on sal I Iheo.hef of the Regi-tcr nf haul court, in ail I!uihuiltni. nndtlo'l. order lint all perxnis intete-iivl I e nonlie I dicrcoi; I y publica tion nl this order, containing il,e nib-taneo nf petition tluee weeks, mi -ecssively in lho Il.irhnglon Pico Pie.s a iK-.v-p.ipcrpiiutil'iu nnd lltirhmiton, previo is tiisatd Iwenty-uuitli dav of August, 1S12. Oiven under my h uulat said lliirhiistou this, dav ol Aug i-i, 1812. WJI. WDSTON UtgMer. Strayed. IROMlho kinVi-rilrr nbout the 10:b, of May last L a I .iv two years old mare C.ilt gotj mo wilh w Into bin. I leet and iv hue spm in die forehead, nlm a d.itk blown or hl.iel. hurso Colt one year ol I. Who ever will give any uifniiii.uion coneernuig said Colli-, whcie ihey may I e found, h.dl bo well rewarded. , , Nl.LSON .NIAVLI.L. I harlotle, Aug. 0 h, lBt2. WI'. die subscribers, having been appointed by V ? the Hun. Probate Court for the Dutriet of Chittenden, cotnmissioiiora to reciivc, exauun" nnd adjust the claims anil deiiiiind.sof all persons, ti"nnsl Ihe eslaleof , V.l.l.Y lini'.CIIHIl, late of limes, burgh, in sa d Disuiet, deceased, represented iusol vent, nnd also all clniius and demands cxlubiicd in ! i'S'Kfo ! pose, wo do hen. by give notice, that wo will attend m the business of our appointment, nt the dwelling uf r.bner lleecher, in HiiRsliurgh, in tnid District, on the first Monday of October 1(1 o'clock, a. m. Dated, this Sfiih d ay of Mnv, a. n. H12. .HINIU'H MMiSH, )(

ui:mas u. smith. i i omiius- bioners. O () B5 . Town I Com- init J tee. I fin CORDS GOOD 1UU for sale by Ilurhii ton July 2 I -12. DRY HARD WOOD PKTKRSON. liiii'liiiKfoii Tcmalc Scmiimryl FTim.; School year is divided into two terms of 22, A weeks each 1 0110 cotninnneitnf ihn first Wednes. tiny of March 1 die other, tho third, Wednesday of r-eptcmticr. inocnargo tor hoard nntl tuition issju per quarter nf 1-1 weeks, or SCO per term of 21 weeks. An ndtlilionnl (.barge or23 cents is made for thoiilci denial expenses of tho tchool, 1, x T h A u 11 a n 0 n a. Music on the Piano per qiartcr, SI2.00 The Instrument for practice, 2,00 Drawing and Painting, B,00 French, at Prof. Uouchctte's charge, 5,50 I.nlm, , 3 00 Tim Music dcmrtmchl is under tho caro of Profes sor Winduiiller of Oeiinnny. Miss is desirous that pupils from abroad should board at the Seminary. Asitlo Irom other advantage, the unsurpassed beauty and heallhfubiess oi the situ ation render il in itself desirable, Hoard has been reduced lo&25 per quarter. The Hihool is not sectarian, but the Principal holies over to feel that she educates for eternity. ilurlimrton, August 1st, 1812. Notice, '"PHI' Copartnership hcretofoie existing under tho L firm ol .S-rcr.i.t: ii Hills, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The business wilt bo continued by .1. STIT.I.n, nt theohl stand, liilherof tho parlies me nt liberty to use tlio name o ihe firm in closing iho business. .10SIAII sTurxc, Win. A. HILLS. N. 11. All persons having unsettled accounts or Notts due, nro notified that they must be sealed or arranged previous to the first day of September next, or they will lo lelt Willi an .liiornev lor coiieenon, .IOSIAI1 .STT.rXH, Wft. A. llll.I.S. Ilincsburgli, Aug. 1, 1P12. iIih siibserihers. bavin'' been alinnintetl by VV the Hon. Ihe Probate (.'unit for the District of Chitlendtn. coniini---aoncrs to receive, examine nutl pdjnst the claims and ili inands of all persons, ngnui't ihe o-late of r.pliraim Sliles, laic of .lericho, in saitl District, deceased, repicsentcd insolvent, nntl nlso nil claims nnd demands exhibited ill ofl'mt thereto: nnd siv: moiilhs tiom lho day of the date hereof, being allowed by said com I for lhat purpose, we do there foie hiiiby give nolicc, that wo will attend to die linii,i,na nTniir niinointnu nt. nt the dwelhn! 01 .In nrsii v Stilc. ill .tericho, in tid DiIIM, on the 2d Mondays of September, December and January nexl, at 1U 0 t men, a. m., on eacn 01 saut oav. Dated, tlnsSlb day or .Inly, A. D. 18-12. J. G. 1111,1,, ) Commis- TUU.MAN (JAI.UslIA. J sioncrs. 1?01l SALU, nt n small atlvaucofioin cos; , 50 brls. Logwood, 50 Nicwood, Camwood, Redwood, ' Kustic, Alum, Madder, 10 5 10 kegs No. 1 r.iucry, 20 " Imhgn, 5 cases Refined Uorax. 1'OLtETT t. l'llADLKYS. 1P. Aug. I At tlio Clican Cash Hook Store, rpili: M'.W WORLD, containing " I'.nx .1. sTriv" n- JnniPH "Tho I.oTicnv or Lot.,' bv (tin f'nimtr.s nf lllr Jsitiiitfin also, the " l'or.E-T l.trn," a hte work ly .Mrs. Clavcrs, author oi me "NVtc Home," "hnnofOlcrdinycn." July 25, 1S12. D. A. 1IRAMAN. BUTT I1! It. A l'lRST R VTK nrlielo of Table I'titttr in small il. or largo quantities, for .sale by 11. W. CATI.1N Aug. -I, 1?U. Now Goods A Rain. OATIX CII.ALLYS. P.Ihc Rlnck SiH C5 T.iiihtnnd Dark Printed Lawns I Neck, llonnet nnrl (Inn Ribbon : ttpst.bMlettCdovisnnd .Mils. Par. nsoU: Limn: Lisle Thread; Cotton; Light and llnrlc Kill Cloves: Hook Muslins: llishon Lawns Cotton Hose; Suspenders; Needles; Carpet Rind ings ; 1 ucad, tVc, all very cheap nv :mr. .1. ' ' II. W. CATL1N Teas and (Jollbr. A I-Tir.-Il suipl nf Teas nnd Colleo of superior J. A. qualily, j ist received and lor saio nsencapas un i ' . '.J I r t- ,i n-T !-v eura pesi, uv ... tv.t i ...... Aug. 1. 1SI2. I'roiu New-Yorl TN Church-st. second tloor lilow- llriwnrd'-. The L siibsi-nler will o'er for nV. at whib-alo or lad. a stni-1: of rich Kllll roiik'lll's and I'lim-V looi on iu-etiiml nl' II. l!,Jlui', l.ywhom lliey hav lieen nuii-bascd at am tioit during thu inesent season TheLa.lics uf this place will lint this a e:oodo portunitv ol sttitpivins litem -elves w nn nrtu-lc- tin-lute, and Ibey will lin l die priec- cnu-ideiably le-stiiau oniinaiv. I luy are ic-pu itniiy invi'ed give them an c.nly exaininalii u, ns tbcv Will lei fcred Int fornfewil.iys. II. THOMAS (! It ASS A- GJIAJX SCVTJIJJS. PldllflR tia'ciit eoii'-avo eti s -vibe-, ui.iutifai tun-1 by .1. 1 arwell tc t o, I nehniii jIi, Mass. and wairanlcd. I). DAVIS. U'i' OliOCIdtir.15, vvel anddrv.a cnod noilmenl, HKADY MA DK CI. OTH ISC, from tho crow Ol tin' Head o tin's! a- m m i ,i,i. I'hOUl! lint hc;ter lamy 1 r.ind, a sup. article. VI. OUR. ITiRCSH Ground Hour received this day nn I for sale V by .May 20. I). DAVI- iMorir-on's Pills C'TAND unrivalled ns ,i i lean rr an 1 1 nrdicr "f ll U I owib, Houd, an I tlio who'e system In Ibar rhoe.i or b oeuess of iho 1 o-vels and t'dier siuuiih coinp'.iiuis tiie-r eni, I o ret'o.l upon with perhvi eon lutein e; as a common medicine tn 1 , t epl icady f iisi- on all occasions v beio a i-athaiiie is nee ic.l,' tli ini'dieinc is uileiillahe,!. Sold onlv ut the V.iriclv Sioic bv I'AMlllOlt.N ,P III!I.SM.1D. ,l-i-iiIs for .Mortsotis rii'l.iindon TU lUJX'I' V Oi o I, cfitivenieut llriek dwelling hou.- ro-se-sion given iinn c-ili.ili'lv. riin-iiicof HJ.L J, VIl.AS, l.OOMl.S .f- Co. 1 .InlvS. I? 12. a ii ass WAcaoy mats TViHT leeeivcd and for tale by July 22. WM. J. Ill'N'l'. Cloth Caps. TTtlSTrec'd directfiom die manufacturers a full ns. soitmint of all Cloth Cups and l-'or Sale nt gical bargains hy, June V, Yi 11. . (JA I l.l. VARM FOR SALE. f?Xl$. l'OR SALi:, lhat well known farm sit fVi; uaud in -M lion, about ono mile bom di !,, .5?"i UPP' r 1 alls, formcrlyovviiid and occuinr l2JLtiT 7bv the Rev. S. R. Crane, containing he. tween 27.) and 300 acres of hind, compii ed m part of mow in, linage ami pastunng, and gomi wood lots nnd su gar orchard. Said farm is will witcrei . h two good dwclluu bouses, one of which is of bin k the oilier of wood, both nt good repair; three good good bams, one of which is 00 by -11 feet, the others 30 by 10 feet; a hoi so ham nnd other outbuildings wilh good yards nn I water brought into them and to the hoio in log-, nnd also three gootl wells of wntcr on the farm; being a desirable siiuilion for n man who wants to raits.' ncnt stock or sheep or both, or is nn excellent farm for lho dairy business. Thos-o wishing to purchase such n farm would do well by applying toon to John nnd James Morton on tho premises, or to Gen. Win. Nash of New llavm. Milion.March 21, 1812. -12 if NO MlSTAlCi:.1 i7i.Oiril-n.OUlt Just received nnd for sale by L the htihseribtr, a fcw liai rcls of super-super evtra fancy WcMcrn I'lour, (I'agle brand,) 110110 Idler if nnyasgoi'd. Recollect Hjle brand vtnirnnted per feet. Juno 11. il. DAVIS. AUDI. NKWI'ld.'S I STATU. STATI' OP VLRMONT, Tbo Hon. the Prol air District of Chi'teni'i-u ) Comt fur the Disinct ol Chuicn lcn. To all Per nils concerned 111 tliec'-utonf A I el New ill laic of Charlotte ill tJid Di.tin-I, deceas ed. (Irccting, Wlintl.AS, I'zra Hob, oxivntor of the !.i. will mul testament nlVu I iks-ea-eJ, proposes 10 render nu nccoinu ol his uituiii.i Irntion, and pie-eni hisareoutit agnui.t mid estate fi rcxanuuiliou and nllovv.ineenl iiM'snou ofthei'oiirt of Probate, to I e In jden at ihe Regisiei's o lieo in li nluigloii 111 saiddislnet 1,11 tlie Ms-ond Wedne-dny ot Angu-t next Thciefoie, You arc hereby notilicil 10 appear I rfeio Mild courl nt die lime nnd pl.u-o nloic aid, and show rail-e, if nnyyou have, why lho ncco.iiil afoie.-anl sho ltd uol I o allow ed, Given under my hand ill Dor niglon this 2 -t day of Juno A. D, 1S12. WJ1. Wll&TON, llegitter. Fancy Goods front New-York. rjMII-; I'.iuey Oooils for sa'e I v 11. Tliomj--, in M. Chun-It Siieet, will lo (iU'ered'only till Monday iieM. 'I hose hi want of arlicdnt. 111 dial hue will il. well tocill, us ihey vvip le sold nl 11 IiIh'i.iI deJue lion from the former low prices, in picfeieiue to ear rymj thciii lack to NcvvYurl,. 'I'u ll.o a'sorlnieul lir-t opened, lias this week been added I lack nett nulls, worked inuslin edgings nnd niseiliugs, worked culls, nivl, ribbon-, marking (-.invars, ft'-. l SO A few l.ntiUOIl.S fl.ATS, at wily 61, AUCTION SALE. T1IF. following property, belonging to the cstal I.UWIS I.vSlAN lato of I fnrtfortl. deceased. estate of sit uatetlson the Omiioiunonoosi. river, in Norwich. Vl vvilr bo ollercd lor sale nt auction, on tho pienuscs, on the 17th day of August next, nt two o'clock, afternoon A Grist and Saw Mills 1 Carding and Clothins Works. illi the liccessarv tools and nnnarnlnq lor worUintf tho samo t AN OH. MILD, MACIIIN'li 'SHOP, and n 11LACKSM1TII SHOP, with the water privilege for said Mills, and vvitli the Mill Dwelling liouso nnd garden ndommg. Also, five one hlory JJwcllins Houses' ith the usual trardens to each, nnd about 30 ACIIP.S fnood tillairo land. Said nronertv will bo ollcred in parts, or the whole together, as will bo announced at llio linioot sale. Terms of sale. 20 per cent, down, or on delivering tho deeds, tharcmaindcrin fivonnnnal pavimnls with aiina'iil interest. MARY 11. LYMAN, Adm'x and Ouardian lo Minor Heirs. .1011 LYMAN. I ar.oitoi:, Allms July 5, IS 12. NOTICE, THK subscriber has fitted up bis factory in tho best manner, mid is nrinarcd lo execute all orders in his lino to the satisfaction of customers. Fulled Cloths mixed, and colored, Ac. nlso, riamiels. inmiifucturod and dressed on shares or by lho yarn, on tho best icrms, aim m iho i est manner. HORATIO llARNl'.Y. Jericho Centre, July 31, 1312. INDUCEMENT. TVTANYAND YARIOUS nro the vvava of disnos iiJLutg of Money but none for the moment f ccius lo ho so advantageous to the suticuljer ns to pul it in to his hands as the niacin ol inereopio and take tlieic for such useful, beautiful, nnd ornninentnl receints a nro uf Iho handy wurkinans'iip of art now- collected fiont all the sevcrnl ilcscuptions ot American Jlnmt- laciures i ucieov ai i no sa uiciimo utvioir eneouraoe. incut through Ins receiving nnd dislrihiituigcmnoriuni lo the Laboring, Agi icnlturnl, Manulactuiing, Tra ding, and Cnmmcro'ul interest of die whole commu nity which is hoped will not he cast on Horn hut yet rcei ivc the fostcmig calo and patronage of our pub lic Servants whom wo unitedly call the Government and nil of w Inch and win li accomplished in strict nc- cordnnce with thonbovo suggestions will prove high ly ucneficial to the l-.rgest accomplishment ot thepro grcsivo spirit of innllrct nnd productive improve- metit of the ago and thus to all the patrons of the Money Slore kcpl hy HOWARD. uiienpuasn ioro .5 .iiny THE NEW CASH STOKE. A I'lll'll supply of new and desirable floods. exiected hv Tomorrow's Hunt purchased at N Y. llicprescnt Wcik, and will be sold, ns USUAL at a small atlvencc from N. Y. prices Among which will lie loimd, Plain nntl lied Parasols of every variety, Scotch ftiugham, and linit'ition, Umhrillns, I'lorance llraid, Mudein and Snnvv lioiinets. Rich llonnet Ribbons, Do Cap and Neck do. Lndt-s I'tllclt Cloves and Mitts, La' Mnscll l"ans, m l'mieh woik'tl Collais Iticli Thread I.nci s, Muslin P.dgmgs and Insertions, Cambiick do. do. I'lk. nntl Cold' Silk Cringes for Dresses, Silk l'rmg's for Shawls, Cm tain Fringd, Rich Duss llandkfsand Cravnt?, 1'jne Linen Camhritks, do. tlo. Ilanilltf's, Rich Printed I'rench muslins, Plain Col d l.avyns, Mous'ine I)e .nines, Challeys, a beautiful iiosortincnl, A gical Ynrietv of Hosiery, Rlk'I.aec Ycils. lllk' Silk Lace for do. Scotch Gingham, I'rench, and American Prints, I'urnilure Calico, Gent. Leghorn Hats. do. Lisle Thread Gloves, tin. Silk do. do. Lestllnskin do. Artificial Shell Side Comb, July 23, 1S12. WM. IintLIHlT. N. 11. Good Table flutter will beree'd in exchange for Goods. NUW AND YALUAIiLK HOOKS. "P r.CDlYI'.D this week, and for sale at the llook--LVslore of the Subscriber. SouthcysPiilhlical Works S Yo. Cloth. Gibsons Surgerv 2 Yols. Infant School Jlnnucl, Danglison's Physiology, 2 Yola. Unstnnd Vest2 Yols. I'.ccl.ud's General Anatomy, llancrofl's History tl. S. History of Am. Hoard of For. Miss. Younger Piesidenl I'M ward's Works 2 Yols. Robinsons Greek nnd Ung. Lexicon, Nordheuncrs Concordance, Cainbr.dge nnd Sav brook Platform, Parkers Lectures nn Universalis!!!, nutters Works 1 vol. s o. Robinsons Palestine. Tennvson's Pot ins 2 Yols. Woods on Perfection, Pond on die Church, Fdwards on die Will, Su.irs HthV lliograpby. July 2-, 1812, D. A, DRAM AN. Wl'l the 'ubsrribers-, having been appointed by the Honorable the Pro1 nte Court for die Dis trict of Chittenden, commissioners lo reciive,camine and adjust die claims and thmands nf all persons, against the estate of John I!. Calkins late of Ilincs burgli in snid Di-liict, deceased, represented itisol vrut, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto ; and si months fuini the day of the Into hereof, being allowed I y said Conn fur lhat pur pose, wo do therefore Inn-by give nolicc, dint wc will attend to the business of enir appointment, nt the dwellingof Widow Jcrnsha Calkins 111 Ilincsburgli in .-aid District, on the Third Mondays of Oetoln rami January next, nl 10 o'clock, A. .11. on each of said ilavs. Dated, this I2th day oMnlv A. D. 112. AI'lil'STUS MoI'.lT.N ) Commis SMITH NOW.!! J sioncrs, i:lizahi:th I!Rowni:li.'s ustatm. XYI I'. the S'ibscribers, having been appointed by tho Honorable iheProhateCourtfor ihcDistiu't of Chiiicndt 11, commissioners 10 receive, examine am' adjust lho claims and demands nf all persins, against he estateof Hbzabelh llionnell late of Colchester in said Distnet, deeTa?ee. leprisrnlrd insolvent, and nlo all claitnsnud demands exhibited in oll'set there tn; and six months from tlieelay ol lho elate hereof, hi un. allowed by said Court for lhat purpose', wc tlo their foro licrebj give notice, that we will anend lo tin business of our appointment, al lho ehvelluigof Jnmes Plait in Colehesier in s.iid Disuiet, on the See-on Mondav s of September and January nexl al 1 0 o'clocl . M.,'on cm h of snd thvs. Dated, dus oth d.iv of July A. D ls2. CII's, COLLIN'S ) Comrnis JOSIU'll COI.YDR sioncis. A N I M 1' O R TA N T W O R A', rnnr. i.ivrs and 'i imi:s or "Tin: i niti:i 1 IRISHMAN." Hv Dr. R, R. -Madden, author ot "Tinvcls 111 die cast,"ix,c. Ac. This valuable and interesting vv irk, now in die London press, will be pubbshul on die 1st. of Adgusl, 111 l.tra Nutnbeis of die New World, die pro 'He lms expecting lo receive the prooUheets bv lho next Cunarel steamer. It will contain particulars never before made public, respecting the plans, object olid conduct, of the "UNITI'.D 1R1SIIMAN"-Ihe inenin hy which llieir secieis were betrayed in the Govern incnl, nud their mcasiirisfni-traled. In the eolle'c tionof tho 'materials, which involved lho labor of many yeais, Dr. Madden made ihreo visits to the Unhid Stales, and obtained important documents and information from Ihe suivivors of the United Irishman, who had here sought nnd found sheller. There is no period in iikjiIi m history more replete with stirring and palhetic incitlenis, ihnn thai of die fntiinus so-called "Irish Rebellion" of 17113. It fur nishes the richest material for romantic narrative. Strife entered into the homes of men, and Danger was picsent at their firesides. Rut it is unni'ct-s-ary to enlarge upon a topic, the mention nf which is enough to excite tho cole'esi reader. Dr. Madden's woik will im et die most highly roised c.xpcclations, nnd be re ccivi d with mi'vcrsal favor. T'-The above Work will be for salont D. A. IU1 MAN'S HOOK STORI'., m llurlington, immediately on its publication, where also tt.bscuptions to the "xevv vvoncn" nre received. vorin-n mills. NCRIUSi: WILSON'S Co.lee M lis, a vcryu . penur arln-'i', for sa'e by WM. J. Hl'S'T. wiiii: cloth. X(1. 1 and No. S, Iron Wne Ch lb, in-l rei-cved 1 by W.M. J. Ill N'l', July 22. Strongs building, Ceilleve-st. CANADA MAIL. lly a recent arrangement of tho Department, the P.xchango Olliee nt llighgate has been transf-rrcd to llurlington, where a mail is made of for Montreal daily, (Simdiiys cxeepte-d,) at 7 P. M. nn I despatch d per Steamboat, lly dns arranptment the regular timo between ISoslou and Montreal is but two elays, nnd between tho latter City nnd llurlington, only ten or twelve hours. , .,, , Post Masters in this Slate, and cast, will please ta1 e notice of this arrangement, and govern them selves accordingly. , . , , . , Tho Canada mail arrives (perl oat.) about nnd letters to be mailed at llurhnglon, should be deposited in the office by G P. M. II. li. STACY P. M. riutluigton, July 21 1812. UN1TT.D STATES DISTIUCT COL U'i Vcriuoiit Iistricl. IN HANKltUPTCY. Notice tn show cause against I'etlon of IN'IIANKRUP I'OY, Nolicc to t how cause again" lllion of Joshua Remington Jr. of Ilincsburgli 111 u. bisliict.thbedccla'retl Hnnkrupt, nt theOfficool Sun nt! Priuti's, District Judge, in Montpclicr, in sud Di trict, on Wednesday, August al, lis VI, w, A. .11. IN UANKRUPTCY, Noticotoshovv cause ngaiif pctidonof Lyman Pollard of llurlington hi said Di irici,io uc declared lianuruni, at inouiiico 01 amui Priniiss, Dislricl Judge, in Monlpelicr, in said District 011 Wednesday, August 31, 1312, 10. A. M. l.N UAMvRUP'I CS , ISoticc to show cause ngniii'l petition of.Vbncr Pollard of Colchester in saidDisIm 1 to Do declared iiaiikrupt, ai tneuiiicoot nmucl I'rni lis?, District Judge, in Monlpelicr, in said District, 011 Wednesday, Jttgttsi.ii, itiu, iu, A. ai, IN IIANCRL'PTCY. Notice to 9howcaucnirnin ptlition of Abel Croi.kerof llurlington in snid l i irict to hotleelared liniili rtijit, oi the ollico or Sam ucl Prentiss, District Judge, in Monlpelicr, in soiu Uislnct, on Wednesday, August 31, IBIS.", IU, A. M. IN UANKRUPTCY. Notice lo show cm againstpctilion of Sumner Uockwoodof llurlington said District, lobe declared Hnnkrupt, nt Ihe edict. .Samuel Priniiss, District Judge, in .Mon!pchr ciiid District, on Wednesday, August 31, 1912, 10, A .vi. XATIlAXinr, TllinWX, of Richmond, in sa.d insirici, 10 ne ucciarui naiiKrupt, at 1110 olnee ot Samuel Prentiss, Distnet Judge, in Monlpelicr, m saitl District, on Wedni sdav. Aul'. 31. 1HI2. 10. .v.ti SIMl'.OS CUVIt.1., litirl'ington, in said Disttu to he declared I'auluupt, at the ollico of Sannt ' Prentiss, Dislricl Judge, in Monlpelicr, in said Dis tricl. nn Wcduisdav. August 31. 1912. 10. v. v. MAIHC NVHIlt, of Colchester, in said District tole tlccliitd llaiiKriip', at ilic oihee of Kamui Prentiss, District Judge, in Moutpcher, in si 1 Dish ir t, 011 Wednesday, August 31, 1812, 10, A, JltHS SlSCl. UAH, ol lex, ill sad Dislricl, beeeehrnl I'aiikiupl nt Jhc offiee of Samui 1 Pn tis. Djslrn-t Judge, m Montplu r, 111 saitl District, on Wi'tltiesday. August 31, 1812, 10, a.m. lir.NAJAIl S.lMir.LPS.tifAlburgh.iiiBaidDislric- to he dcci-.rctt Hnnkrupt, at the Ofhco of Sam Pientiss, District Judge, in Montpclicr, in said D, tnel, on Wednesday, August 31, 10, A. .AI. ROSWILL M. SINCLAIR, of Wcsifotd. in s District, to In dec .iretl I'aul.rupl, nt the Office . Smiuil Pientiss, District Judge, in Monlpelicr, said Discliict, on Wednesday, 'August 31, 1812, k, l-'lSIir.R THAYl'.R, of llurlington, iu said D.strict lo he declared lianitrupt, at the Otlice of Hai m. Prentiss, District Judge, 111 Montpclicr, in said D tiiet,on Wednesday, August 31, 1312, 10, A M. IlLNRY PiOARDMAN, Jr., of Ksc.x, 111 said D.v triet. to ho declared Ilankrupt, at die Olheeol Snm uel Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpclicr, in -aid trict, on Wedncsdn), August 31, 1912, 10, A. M. JOHN C. JACKSON, of Underbill, in said District. tone declared lianitrupt, nt the Ofiico of Snmu-1 Prentiss, District Judge, in .Monlpelicr in said Dis trict, un Wednesday, August 31, 1512, 10, A. .11. LF.ONARD M. DIXON, of Underbill, for his Di- charge and Certificate as Itanktitpt, at the Comt House in Rutland, 111 said Oili ict, on Friday, tin; fcvi nth day of October, A. 1). 1312, nt 10 A. M. SYLV1 STU.K P.. WOIIDDN, of INscr, for his Dis. charge and Cert.fieale a I.' inkrupt, nt the Cou Ilou-e in llull-jiid, 111 said Disinct. on FndaV, ll, seventh day of Oetoh.-r, A. D. Is) 12, at 10 A. .M. DAVID TYI.I'.R, of K-s x, for hi, Discharge an.' Cciiifieale ns I! ml.tup'. nl die Court House in Ru land, in s-i el Disti . on l-'ndav. the seventh day of October, A. 1). 1112 at 10 A. 'JI. ROYAL SIir.RMAN, of IVex, for his Dischar-c nnd Ctrl fictions P.inkitipt, nt the Court Housi ir Rutland, 111 said D.-triet, on I'mlay, the aeventli o.iy ui 01 loner, .. It. ltll., al 1U A. ,1. NOTICE. M'oiicc is hereby given lhat I have relinquish! ' is in v son, Samuel T, Wilcox, die residua of , minority dint hois at full liberty to net it contra t his own hem fit, nnd that 1 shall hereafter claim 1101 of his earnings or hold mvself rcponsi le fork duns. i:m:np,.er ujlcox. r.tscx, Julv 20, 1912. WI) the siihM.,! er-ihavuia-l ten appointed bv t'-e llonotal le the Piol ale Court fe r the Dt-ir 1 . Chiltci.i'en, e.)Uiinissiiier 10 icceive, exanune nn ndpi-t ihe ehiiuis en Meuiands of till pcr-riii-, a .-a n lho e-i.iic of llen.aiuin Adam-, late of Milton 111 -a Di-triel, ikvra. ed, repiesc'ieted insolvent, nnd at-o I el.iuns and li.'ui.uid-exhibited in ei.l-ct llicren J ai I six months fiom lho day of the date hereof, 1 e 1 allovvi'd by said 1-0111-1 Tor that putpt cc, wo do then foie hcicby give notice, that we will nm-nd to the bu-ini-s ot uir appointment, at the dwel'mg ol -s J. Aelanis, in Milton 111 sanl District, en the lolh i . of Seplcml er next, at 10 o'clock-. A, M. . Da'c-Jthi.- 2j;h dav of .Mav, A. D. 1SU. . John Jackson, C" HI .UAH HIlll'tlCK, -ion. A I'J'li ENTICE WANTED 70It PAPLR MAKING. A strong hcallhy hot X about. Ifi to 15 years of age, intending lower for bis hvinj, may find a good opporluniiy'bv ap"l int; to June S. C. GOODRh II. Lumber Ofl rT- fmnmon Pine Hoards, CU.UVJxJ 10 0r0 ft.cli-ardo. do. ll'O.CuOfi. spruce do. for '.-de bv II. W. CATI.IN. SEE i: C T S CHO OL. nIIIInext term cf iho Mii-ton Cl.As-tc.11. J. SeiU'i 1, will eommeuii' 011 Monday, Au si lj Terms per ipiarter lioin cS'o I. llii.ud ln.te I e o tallied in le'-pec'al le hc h t S1.2 j per v e'-el.-. C. TAYLOR, Pnm a.. .M die 11, Ji'ly'jn, cS 12. Cvv-7 ESvjnVABSD lias just returned again from New York. rplll'. New Good- me fast arriving, among wloe'' I an- -1. me of the lowe-t priei'd ariieles ever li e le I. ni.w 11, mul a I an- as cheap as e-i ut. I I e de-'ft ' Mtllnierv ni'iie'e , sue h n- Ilnuiiet-, 'I'.irlctou M is,'.,i-, l-'l.iHct-s nn I I!i' ' mis, new- Calu-ies nud M si u , Si P. .-h.wvl-, II 'kf- Glove., Mils, Ilo.ieiy, Im- Fan-, Pause Is, tVe, &t; m nil the variety and sty's miugiii.i'.li'i nn I a- he sells onlv for monev, tho uh-le'i-i -f l.i-yitser iri els of Ihe Peep'o's Ajou, el.iei't can 1 c fully in '.line ', v r. 1 f geiiuij the highest 1 n -p t 1 ea-h ut the -111110 1h.11 the Ge.J- me to I e lad la .ie.uu fur it 1 he.1,1, u sure pivlit In lie eli.i-er ol 10 per eent ailvMiitago m tin- tra 'e. bv PV.ii-at IluWAltr'S. (. he-ap Cash St. -re-, CO July, '-12. AMERICAN HOTEL am) c:;:. i'.i; i, t.u;i: housi:, ISL'ULUNGTON, VT. MIT subscriber having based this well known ! 1 Until, would give notice to his friends and the 1 nvi i!uig public, that no nauis w ill be snared on h.s 1 1 oi make it eej al 10 any establishment of the ,' 1 in the Country. 1-10111 a long experience 111 the ' -.111 -s, he natters hm'Sidf he shall be ab'c lo give s 1 .-taction tivull who mav-favor bun wilh a call. " S. W. TAYLOR. Rin lint, Ion, July 11, IS 12. 7tt". 7III'.SII Tea- Sugar nnd Diy Groceries, Just re ' 0 iv d and for tale low by June 3 1. I.OVULY A. SUYMOUR. ci!ocici:it v. VI. RGIC and splendiel assortment of Croekeiy of 1,1 w nnd be nuliful patterns for low by June 2nd 1312 l.OYLLY & sUYMOUR, Clu'.ii) Groceries. 7 YSON I i Pi m l SON, Yi 111. Hv-ein. Hv-son skin. Ton1 nv . ml hom: Tea-. Por'o Rn-o Suirar. Loot. I. -t. and Pe.vvdered do. P. R. Mul.ic-, l.emein j r ij, It o and Java Co Ve, tV'-. .Vic OHcms Sjaras cheap as the ehiaprif for ale " June.. . .ti. 1 c'i'i.. I7Ml'.KSON'S Outlines uf Orography am! History. -J Ulai.c's Young Orator or New York Reader. 'I he nitenlion of school teachers is particularly re epiesled to lho nbove hooks. Copies furnished for examination, June P. C, GOODRICH, i) OG. I 1.1 T Ihe Subscriber, nl Howards Hole!. Rur- ton, 011 Ihe Kilhiiist, n light brindlc DOG. vvuh natural Ini1 about eight im he- long, nnd ttpt with while. Whoever vvib n lorn said dog to di-i sutiscnher nt I ocheler, or leave him at Howard a Hotel, shall be b heiallv 1 oinptiisateri. Cob lip.h r, July '.''., 'If ,2 J. S. PI, ATT. t'osrrlvr.i.Y rsin.i.iNC uvv. 4 T.RY I.t '( 1 ss .'tui. nt ofrc.itly mado Cloth 1 V ing of nil kiuitsand pneesnlso second hand Cloth ing oi till kinds 10 be sold veiy low for Cash or Pro duce. ( Indie s inn le lo Oiehr on shori notice. I 'lm is cleaned in itie best inanntrnnd Handsouielv dip sel and Pressed. C. !i:NNS STAIll HODS. " OI'ND nud Oval S.nir Reitle, lu-t lexsavcd nu ' ate by W.M. J. Ill NT, July 22. Sirongs building, Ce.llce Silks J CAI'. Pongee Silk, su 1'icces icces black, blue black nnd figured do .'u itis. India sewing do 20.0C0 ,-keins meiican do. 1'or salo hy .May 27, 18 IS. Y1L.VS, l.OOMl.S tV : Fcniliors. SOn Gfe-'P I-'eailiers, warrnnlcd of supt oul' quality and country collection, lflim I.hs. Urns' realhcrs, foi wale hv May 27, 1612. vili.vs, uuu.viia a: