Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 19, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 19, 1842 Page 1
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K NOT THE GLORY O T C iQ S A n n U T TUB w n l r a n n or none. VOL. XVI. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 1S42. No. ll. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water street, at the heail of the Stcamhaal Wharf Ittirlltiglon, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HART. rillllS establishment, so favorably located for the A accommodation of tliu biiiie-s and travelling community, is now open to tlie;'. Post Coaches upon the various rouie fall at tho Exchange Hotel or ii.ii'n?cr, and those arriving or departing ly Steam lloat, in which oii-o their baggage is removed without charge, will linil this house peculiarly to their convenience. , The keeper tender his services, Willi the assurance, that in all respects, the hous lmll deserve tlio favor able consideration of all who may patronise it. Hurli'iiton, April 1, 1S42. dSlf. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney nnd Counsellor at Law, two poors kast or the tost office, rr srAins. Refer to Messrs. J. A. J. H.PEG'K & Co. Nov. ID. A. KOHEIITSON, llarrlstcr anil Attorney nt r.nw, Laic in the qfficcoflUe Jfen. Solicitor Gcn'l Day) I.1TTI.K ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, I Nov. ISU. Reference in llurlington, to r.HARI.KS ADAMS, Esquire. 21 PECK &, SPEAR, wholesale d c a 1 c rs in English, French, India and American r-alhiiL' atlheir rest. ius time in visiting the villages in this and the adjoin ing counties, anil'w ill perform nil operations on the lecih, necessary for their preservation. Mr. N. will nlso prepare llie inottlli for the reception of artificial teeth ; take models, and tranquil ihcin to Mr. Lewis, the celebrated mechanical dentist, who will always he at homo, and who-e unrivallc I Hirer., and un wearied exertions lo please, willcuMiro the piih'ie bel ter work than can he procured elsewhere. Our mode of -clung is far superior to any other m point ol looks, convenience, and durability. Any one wanting teeth jn co'ue one diy with a nioiith full of decayed teeth, oinl return the next wi'h a new set. Prices suited to ilia tunc and circumstances. All operations war tanlcd. J. LEWIS, J. 1!. NICHOLS. Ilurlins'on, Vl., May, IS 12. SOOTS A1TD SKOSG. GENTLEM EN'S Summer Hoot-, some lowpruiil. Also, most .kinds, ot Hoots nnd 1 Shuts t-uitablo for llie 'season f r iiieu, women, end liys or girls. Work as usual done to order. .1 All- 1. VliATT, iCincr of Church and Cherry Streets, Ihirlingion. .Miy IIS, ISli SPRING ARRIVALS At Mean tluartcr. N'o. I O. Water-street. AO MISTAKE!! BAVIS i-now trilvnt home, and would return w-Liiniylo.'giiiriits to he public gen s'rallv fit llie. er-lil"'ra pitlrouAgc he lias rcii'll'e.l, Kiid "hope-bv a strict attention to business-and a de termination t'o plea-.., that I.e. may merit a eontiuu nnco of iliosanio. He would stale that he ha- ii-t recmvc.d from Now' Yoik, llo-ton, Albany an I I roy, fiom the latest importations, a large no I general a c.rtmeiil of Fre-ri Good-, win. h, in addition to Ins former s,,.-k, male a complete iis-eitmont, comprising almo-t eveiy article nl'tinnlv nipple. . .'.ito. One Cent llnoard will U More a- ...n i.i -ne ircr.nn whowill tiudiitaiiyntuor r. .1:1 e.irMe and well si'loeled a-sortmeul A - CAH l Plea vill no! . .i.n,l at HA VIS'S. II .Mid .Milium' for you-o've-, aim jou i.ny disjppiiui-iJ. JUy2U. NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. S.WOODS WOVl.D re-peclfullyinforin the I.adie- and Cen lleiuen of liurlinftun and i iniiy that he b.i rwentlv opened lishineui wlieie ho iif.ielniv, (wholcile and all UnuL of w ork in the Shiw line He Ii i ju-t rci eive 1 from New York lliepriwnt -lyleol la--, to.-eiber with a ehoiee i-e-ln-l nn of ?tek. Hcwiil keen talltly oil ball. and maniifieture loor.Wr all kind- ol work " .-ot up in tin-country; anionv whieh nny I' found l!enl' Calf, ttoat, Seal and Uail.-r lloot L.uhe-' li.nler, ISukin-, Walkins Sbo, Slip-, A.e. &e. Al-.i,eiiar-e and kip lioot-, lith fuc hu-ii ami boys; auJ chiWieii's Shts of ill kiml tI'l-4-e irivekini a call, two door- Wet of tlw Pearl Slrel H.iiix-, al the tiuof the "His Hoot." Uurhiijrton.Mav, 18U. 50f. Teeth, TaAhSave your Teeth! Circnt Inipovciiionl in Dculisiiy! U. SAXTON having engaged Dr. PEAKSON, Mirgeaii ana -occnauicai jirniisi iroiu uiu euy of New York, as a partner, would must respectfully nuiiouuco to the citizens of Uurliugtou and the neigh boring towns that they have opened an office at .Mr (riswuld's, on the West side of street, one floor North of the llurlington Hank, where they arc prepared to Attend to all cases included ill cither branch of the profession. Eroni one to a 'full set of Incorruptible Mineral Teeth (of Dr Pearson's own manufacture) inserted tinon Ins imiiroved suction nhito. which is retained firmly in llie mouth upon strictly scientific principles, inus uispcnsmg witu uiu usu 01 ciasps. prings or ligature, to objectionable. Teeth inserted upon the above plan nro beyond detection, and ren dered, if nut so useful as the natural ones, more ser viceable than those inserted upon the ordinary prin ciples. Decayed Teeth filled with rure gold, or a prepara tion which is introduced in tlio form of a paste, but won hardens and resists the action of all acids or other corrosive matter, while it gives the tooth its. natural appearance ami preserves it limn lartder de cay. Acluns tcctli cured in a few minutes, and filled with tlio above nrenaraiinn nnd restored lo usefulness. Accumulations of tartar removed from the teeth without injuring tlio enamel, which is frequently tlio result 01 nn iinsKiuui operation. All operations warranted to give satisfaction. Teeth extracted with one third tlio usinl nam Individuals desirous of having dental operations performed are inviitd lo call and sec specimens, and Batisfv themselves of the above improvements. Children's teeth regulated when malformation is taking place; in consequence, of neglect during M.cond dentition. Advico given on diseases of the Gums, Sockets, and Antrum, free of charge. Dr. Pearson has m his possession letters and cer tificates from professional men of ilm first respecta bility in tlio city of New York, and Charleston, S.C. where lie enjoyed n long and extensive practice. His oblect 111 coining north is in consequence of bilious uMlctioiis, TjOffirc hours from 0 A. M. to 5 P. M. Ilurlinstoii, Juno IG, 16lli. 2 SUHSCIUPTIONS KOU THE NEW WORLD'Ep at tub ii URLJNG TON It O OKS TORE. PERSONS wishing to avjil thrnuclvc f'f thi) many iiilcrcliugpublicnndiiii-ninl in ilio.Vtw World, can be siqiplico Willi tho rainc, free of po-tagc, by ."iving their names to the sub-criber. Works, such us Zauou', and Jeipierie, and iIhimj of similar char ncler, ea.i bo purchasc-d at tho very low price of from I8J lo 25 els. Tho new novel, Jlorley Knistum, by .1 times, is now ready for tale. Juno 17, 1812. I). A. IIIIAJIAN. n Il VSOI.S and UJtllltELLAS, nn imiiicn.c I kttiow . ii at Hurl s I t exainma inn MOHAWK AXI) HUDSON KAII.-HOAl). ,r,.,r,, JUllLlli, I l' or too accommodation ot passengers desirous of taking the seven o'clock lino of Steam lloats from I'!..,, tl... cn.-f... n'n ....L- 1 .... nf -Ilr...... lln.le (V.i... Ainanv. tw men went into operation on l tic -Ut h in- stnnl,) n train of liailroad Cars will start from Schc- neeinoy, ouuy, ut oa o eioeit i-. .u. oiiruig llie coil tinuanccof the above arranaerncnt on the River. I!y this arrangement, passengers may leave Saratoga Snrinesnt 3 ! to 1 o clock 1. M. and reach Albanv in time for the bait, which will snw; travellers from the noith, tlio expense of remaining over night nl Albany or Tioy. Ily the existing arrangement, citi 7.i nsof Saratoga are obhgid to leave homo at 7 o'clock in the morning, to take the steam boat at Albany nt 7 I'. .M. 1 (37 miles via Rail-Road Ml) JOHN COSTIOAN, Superintendent. April 22, 1SI2. 1S42. Northern Transportation Line. ISAAC V. BAKER WILLconliniiu the EOKWAIUHNO BUSINESS on Lake Clianiplaln, Nortbeni Canal, nnd Hudson It Ivor. 1'i'cnitiic it important to leinln the Old CiMomcr. of the Line, nnd add new one-, he will mmj hi- be-t endeavor- to .-nli-fyall, and pledse- hiin-cK lo iu-eiiM-e hi- exertions to iui mote the inleie-ts ol Iii.m employers by doing all bu-iiie enliu-ted to hi eaie with di-pateh and ...ifeiy. for Freight apply to I'. 1!. .Iast.s, (Wmir- Slip, I'oix Citlin, 33 Ci eniie- Slip, New Yoik. ('. II. Ibwis-nv, 101, Pier, Albany. 1'. Com-roc k, ) .1. II. lloriM.ii, s Troy. L. A. C.MII.KTON-, ) 1. Y. IUki'.ii, (.'oin-tock'- Landing and Whitehall. 1'oi.i.ktt ii IIiiaiii.kv, Ilurlinstoii. A. I). Laihi, I'latt-bnigli. Ai.i.i.n ( om-toi K, Port Kent. .1. C. I'li:nn; fc Sos, St. John-. tCjTrov olVi.-e l."i liuei-stieei, up saii. Whitehall, April lfc!2. . I 01 IKE'S Itl Moheill ESSENCE UK LII'K. A .ilnabh cine, w Inch, it riulillv npplicil, will I e inciusol" -.iving ihoii-nuds Iruin an untimely iriute. It h.i-Uvu -old and n-ed for thirivvear-, with -ucce , aivl found erv eihcacioii- in the following ili-ea.e-, viz. Cou-ii.npiion, liooioua toush-, eom- nion Coiisli-, Cobb, iliificult IheailiniL'. lulhienz.i. wuin-y, .-tiiinn, riilln-ic, ispiiiingoi lilnrnl. l l.uu lency, Imiigu-tinn, liOo-ene--ol the liowil-, En-ol every kind, l lamp-, Kiel.el-, ( olio, C.iturili, l)y-en- larv, i .iiiilini, (M.oction-, lleail.iclie.-, -iel.iie. at Stomach, Mea-le-, a preventivu ol'Con-liigiou-ili-e.i-e-, Com and Iilieiiinati-m. jLj1''! lie iil.ovo Medici ne i-prepaid! bv Henry Pcv mour,of Hndlcy, Ma . from Itecipo, by thedireetion nf-md Mooiv, and sold by him and the oriucipal Druggi-tMii the I'nited.Siate-. Sold wholesale and retail by Peck cV Spear. "1EUTAIN" CURE KOI! SICK HEADACHE, Vv which has been used in families, every member of which has had sick headache fiom inf.inev, ns n eonsliluliniinl f'lioily complaint, nnd ban enreil rlUe tinlly incvery instance yet known, nmoiiiiimg to ma ny hundreds. It is not unpleasant lo the inMe, and iIiicb not prevent tbcdaily nvocTiions ofotic usiii" ii it must be persevered in, and the cm o is gradual, but certain and permanent. Instances arc constantly multiplying where thi-distrc-siug complaint is com pletely rcliocd nnd cured, although of years -taudiin.' V Iho use. of Dr. Soiilin's t eltbrated rcinedv. One decided preference is its pleasantness. Inning none of llie nauseaiiug euceioi common orugs. His so pcrfccilysaliufiictoi y, that the proprietor lias given directions for his nucnls lo refund the price to any one who is not plcaseil Willi, ami even eure.l liy il. He hones nlrO that this may seciue its great ben efits tolbe distressril sullen rs who aiolahoringnnder lleadarhc. E. SP01IN, M. D., inventor and Pio prietur. Soldbv Cn.MS'mCK ,t- CO., 71 Maiden Lane. New York. PECK &, SIT. A II, Wholesale Agents, afew doors cast of the Post Office, lliirhn ton, Yt. n9 l"t)CT. MAS1IAI,I, Aromatic, iin.l IJ Headache S.M'I'K. Tin- Miiulis superior to anv ilnnir vei t.ii..wii, lor lenioMiitr ih.H lroul.le-tnie di e.i-e, the Ciinrrh, and al-o a cold in the Lead, an I the headache, ll u en-and nuree-out .ill oh-tiii'Miou-. -Iieuglheii-lhegl.iiul-,aud give- a heallby iiet'on lo the n.irl.- alleeteil. It 1- ihticciiv nee lioni unv imiigoele tenon- 111 it.-coiupo-iiion tuts a plcaaut flavor, ami iisiunueilinieeifti'i, alter I'Ciug u-co, 11. ai.gree.ilile. Price it 1 eenls per bottle. Doct.M.ii-h.ill'.- Ve.'einblolndinn Illm-k Pl.ASTI.I! 1 hi- Pla-ler I- nnin'iilled for curing -erofiilou- sweb liiii-, Scurvv Sine-, Lame Hack, and Ere-h Wound.- p.ltn-iullic i-lile-, 1 1 1 1- ail'l s, ,1110 seiuoiu inn.- 10 ;ive reiiei in ioc.ii liiieuuiaii-in-. u upi'iitsi 10 ine will enroiiiaiiy nt tlieeoinmoii 1. 1 eruomiilai nt and 1-eiiual. if not -unerior, lo any thing in u-o for corn-on Uietcci; Hie virtues ol tin-ri.i-tcr liavebien wilne-'Cil l.y tlioiis.iuil- ot iiuliviuuai-m llie I nllcil Slate-, wdio'havu te-tetl it- eilieacy. Sold by the pro prietor; Ch.i-. Ilowen, MidJIebuiy, Vt., and l'i:ci: (V, llun.oiliugt Yt. BEWARE OF DECEPTION. It has frequently come to the know ledge of the sub scriber, that empty Smilf Jars, with his Label on thcni, have been bought up for the purpose ol selling in them an inferior tpmlily Snull ; and also, that his Suufl-Iabels have, in some instances, been counter felted, or the general design cf the same so imitated as to easily deceive tlio unwary. He deems il, there fore, hi- duty to inform pun hascis of tho manner in which they are often imposed upon j and he would hereby request them to tear ofi'or deface tho Libels on the outside of the Jars, after having disposed of the contents, -o ns to prevent further use of tho same. A suitable reward will be paid for such evidence as will lead to the detection and conviction of thu im postors. V'ie subscriber continues to Minifailure, and nf Jlrs for sulc the fulloaing artistes: Flue llrown Siiull". Genuine Maccoboy, ) ro-e American Rappee, Imitation do. j flavored, Holland do. Sicily, do. Tuberose. Maltese, do. St.Oincr. Curacoa, do. Slratburg. Coarsen town Snull'. Deniigros. Natchitoches. Pure Virginia. I'reucli Rappee. Iloiirbon. American Gentleman St. Domingo. Pure Spanish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. .Mixture. Vcllnvv Snull, Scotch and) Iiisli Hlackgiiard cr ? rn.. 11,,.1,'iv.oii 'me iri-ii tie. i 'iv-isi. Loarsc. Sweet Scented Fno I'tit Cliou lug Tobacco, Spanish, Kitcfort, Canaster, Common and Sti ins. 3"VA liberal discount made to w holesalo dealers. PETER LOIULLARD, Jr., M Cliatnaiii-St., Nrw York. lTEVf GOODS. LOVKLY & SEYMOUR Alt E now opening a heavy nock of seasonable Goods jreccully purchased in New Yoik whi h aie tillered to the puplio nt price, winch cannot fall lo ensuie. their rule. Among lliemnie, llku k, llloe Hl.ick, lllue. Invisible Green nnd Mcol inixcd lliimd Cloth,, a vciy superior ipi.ilny of iii.-liiniv, iiii ,,'nci, H'MlllgS, I.IUCII ITIIIIllgs, Gainbroniir. and a vnrietv of lino.1- for siiliilni.r lit Mr allow price-j Hoinbaqinc, a good assortment of silks tor ores-es ami iiouncis, satin, Ch.illy, I Hack and enloittl Jlti-lin do Lnincs, n large lot of .Merino Shawls mid Hdlif-. ire- 11.11. fs. uud scarf-, silk nnd linen cambric lldkls. a great variety ol Gloves ami Hotej n large n-sorliueiit of English, French, and American calicoes, mid iiiouriiing ealieecs in unpre. icdenledly low prices; Lrghoin, stiawaud Palm leal bonnets: a meat variety of Ribbon-. Lace-. Unibiel- las, Parasols, sun shades, Jlu-liu-, Ciiiil.iies,ble.ieheil anil unbleaehci (. oiions j juouioiispapei liangings, i or ierni2 iuukiuv io.i.-i-, i u. in uis, i jij.i in.,-, M of winch nie foi a!elow. June 1, S 13 NOT I I'll. 5L-J".Miilieiiie i let known by the cure II perforiiN.fiTnl I. Newton'- I'.iuneea, or I'urilier ol'tlio Illood. 'i'lie unparalleled and Mill ineroaiuir reputation which ihi medicine haiicinir ed throin'hout the New Ennlnitd Suite-, nnd the inany cures it ha- performed, nnd the meat deinmnl made for it by t.Kiudviro ofphyM'ei'aiKWell nequnlntrx with .-. i.... i. i.:.....i .i . I lo JM ej.iii ..lion, ll. i- until' in luu .ninii.ii'i ii. lA.uiii I its eir.iiilatinn io alnio-t every town in llie r.utcrn States nnd the principal towns in the United Slates. 1 "" ' '"njieeis warrrinleii puretj- veie a, mi s ol urpa-eil I v any other medicine ever nilered to the adheted n 'its elenie -ale nnd trieat popnlariiy plamlv prove, wiiiiiu mo m-i eia;iiieeu inoiiin eurei us I idii-nni otllio mo-t on-tiuaie oi-ea-e-, n- ii..... ilu ll... rau lo proved by eerlillealesj alio Is pronounced by ciniiieut (i tul rospoclnblo physicians the I e-t tnedieine in use. IVefiil inliirm.ition "may bo lound in circular eoiitaining i-eriilieales of cmes ami dueciions (or ta king the medicine. The following appointed ngont-. llurlington, PUCK and SPEAR, It. St Albuns, Curtis nnd Itu-sel jMilton, C. Drake Milton l'all, lliiriiet and S.uvver Watervillc, Ei-k and llrown, llinosburgh, Hull nnd Cook I'.iirf.ix, Parker and Munich! ei geiine-. Ad.uu- nnd Mm ray Cambridge, M. Wire t'ndcihill, M. C. Il.irnev North l'eii'i..l orgh, 11. C. Wicker Cenrsi.i, A. Mii-Willi-ton, N. (.'billendeii Richmond, (iieeu & llhodes John-on, (!, I,. Warner nnd Co Monktou, 1 "l linn Sinilli, Armiiigtou nnd Woudwai'.l Eair- lielil, ll'iruet inn I I nrnsworth. WINDOW SASII Just received l.T, 20 and 2 17 by Uea'eiiientt. ol iih,u lii-l rate nrlielent.11 and 35 cent- per I iu lit i nl-o all kind, nnd-ize-, furin-hed to order. TieoiideroiruMaeU Id I, a fir l rale article, for ale very low, together with ii eienl vnrirteol" oilier mo des a- cheap as can be found ut any o'lher establish ment. Ci.o. l'r.imisi'N. MM UlilUirS! A gentleman belonaingto bclon j jl oneol tlio most a ancient nnd wcallhv families of this city,who must bo well known to numerous friends having since the vear IPI, up lo recently, been bent ncarlv double, and for sovcial vrnrs confined to his bed, has been restored to good health lias regained his natural erect position and has quitted his car- nago.ami now walks witii case!! We btlievo this is theereiillciiian'-own ilcscrintion as near as possible. and there is no exaggeration m it. We will trivo inqui rers his address, and doubt not humane feelings will excuse tliu liberty ; so that any one doubtinu, may hunr these facts (hough he requests his nanio may not appear m print. Among oilier instances, Jlr..ia. G. Reynolds, 111 Chrislic-slreet, has been lestnrrd, and will give personal assurances of tho facts of his case. lloth wero rheumatism, and contracted couls and sinews. How has ibis I ten done I Annrfr. Ho the Indian Yc'itahlc Elixcr in ternally, and llnces' A'lrte and Hone Liniment externally. Jan. Si), noiamuy by SUMS l VUh. if. ( U, 71 Maiam .nnc, iYrio Vol.-. lit! PECK & .SPEAK. Wholesale Asrnts. a few doois cast of the Post Office, Ihirlinglon, Yt. BURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY CI.. .NELSON, continues the . business of manufacturing Chairs nt the old stand, of the fol lowing descriptions: Curl Jlaple (recian, Cane Seal, Common Cane and Mag .'seal, l.argo anil Small Raised Seal Rocking, do do Com mon do, Common Dining, tvc. &c. All ol which are warranted a first rate article and will bo sold at prices lo correspond with the limes. PEATIIEUS, AND 1'1'ATHEll IIEDS, READY Constantly on hand, a sininlv nf warranted Idee Grcese I'ealfiers, which will be sold low for cash. WANTED, by the subscriber, Curl and liirds Eye .Maple, delivered at his shop in Chinch street, opposite the old Hank. C. L. NELSON CO!' A It VVYJA'NAy. HI3XKY II. HDSTWICIv .VT. V. it W. L. strong linviug cuniicUcd their Tin Simps, willdo nusincps in mat line muter tliu naiiie or 1 1. II. Ilost- wickev.(o. at tlio shop occupied by said lloatwieli, wheie inav bo found a full and complete as-oitmenl of TIN WARE, niniiiifaeliiicd cxiire ly for theretail iraiie, logrtiter Willi t opper and bluet lion work, SlovePipe, Stove 'I'lininimgs, Vc. All kin Is of Job wail; furnished at short notice. Eave troth nnd con- luctor tiu.e fitrmshed nnd put UP. Count r putnosaod lead pipe furnished and set if itqnircd. Those who patronize this branch t f business shall, nt this shop, e quici.iy anil wen seiveu, lor u rrasonit ic colitptll entioii. II. II. 1I0STWICK eV Co. llurhiiglon, Apr. 10, lSli. CASH STOHS. BOYiXTOX 1HJRRITT, (Successors lo A.S. & G.D.Wcllcr,) WO I L 1) lespectfully inform the inhabitants of Ilinesl ureli and thu adjoining towns that they have commenced business in the Sloro formerly oc cupied by A. S. it U. 1). Wilier, and are now rt cav ing a geiirralassortincntcfrnncy Dry fl ods, Hard ware and Groceries, which theyoflir lo the public a low as can be purchased in tlio county fur cash. Thev respectfully solicit a share of public patronage, confident that tin ir prices will bo found lo suit all who may favor them wiihncill. NOIILE L. I'.OYNTON, W1LL1A3I HUIIRITT. Hincsburgli, May -I, 18!'.'. 43 NOTIC K . 'T'lIE Subscriber would inform the public that lie j- nas on nana a ecneraiassoriinent ol Harnesses, Saddles, J ranks, Valhses, Carpet JiagsAVihis and Lashes. and numerous oilier articles in his lino of business, which will be so d as cheap as can bo boii'dil in this viemily. l'liiiuicl, l ull Cloth, Lumber, Wood, and must liituisot tanners' produce received in payment. ;j-ouop iwouoors i.ast ot me cost unice. & StSSRir STABLE Is also kept by tho subscriber n lew roos r.usmi me couri llouc. where the public will at nil tunes find a man 111 loadiness to attend calls, and ns good Horses and Carnages as can be found in the place, and at as lair prices. S. S. SKINNER, llurlington, May 5, 1812. HEW LIVERY STABLE. it. i' o i. ii i: it t ii .-j t o. P F.STECTKULLV inform their friends and the J tmibhe. licit thev liavenowMioenrd a I.iverv Stable and lnvo on hand ready for use somo exccllcnll lorscs and Carriages,Sltigh?,llarnesses,c.c. which ihey will ici on reasonanio terms, sialile nt Houjuum inslioji s Hotel, South West Corner Coin House Square, Hurlingioii. KT. P. GRISWOID'S BOAIllMajIOUSE. THIS House is now OPEN for tho reception of hoarders. All who wish to board, nro invited to call nnd examine his house and the peculiar advan tages vvliiih its construction and location oiler, for coiufoltnud convenience., very moderate. May 10, 1113. "xXEW'CASfl STORE xf nMIE Siibscnbers respectfully inform tho inhabi X tants of llurlington and vicinity that they have commenced business in the Store recently occupied by Mr llr.unan, llooksellcr, on College street. Tliu chief brunch of iheir business will coiisi-t in French Dry Moods. Ib-liiT ronfideiit that through so inanv menus and facilities vvhieli they have for furnishing tlnir Store with the most lashionable articles, nnd that Iheir pri ces will biiit all w ho may favor them vv ith a call, they rcspccilllliy SOUClt ll SliaiO Ol puuili: i.iiiuiiiie Thev also bnio for sale a assortment of su perior GROCERIES, which they olkr for llie lowest pricis, IIST1I1U.U et .Miunui-uo Purlin ton, May 19, 131; MUKI'AT'S K01CTAIILE I.Il'E .MEMlt'lNIA Tlie-o medicines me indebted for their name tc their In.tuilc-t mid seiiiblo action in piuilyiiig the springs nnd channels of life, nnd cn.tuimr them wlili leucvved lone nnd vigor. In many hundred certified which have been made pul lie, nnd ill nlmoM cveiv species ofdi-ea-cto which the human frame . liable, the happycleets nfMorrAT's. Lin: Pit.t.s ANn PiPENlx HiTTr.ns have been gi eat fully and publicly acknowledged by the per-ons l.cnclilicd, nnd who were iireviou-ly unacquainted with lliebe.iutifnlly phi losnphica! prineip'es upon which they nrocompound cd.nnd upon which tbev consequently net. The LIKE MEDICINES leeonuiieiid themK'lves in dieuse of every form and de-enption. Their tir.-t operation is to 'on-cn fiom the eoals of the stomach and bowel-, the various pnpnritios nnd ertidilies con stantly seitling mound them j nnd to remove the liar dened f.uvs which collect in the. convolutions of the -inallc-t inle.-tine-. O.her ineiheines only partially elcaii-ellie-e, and leave Mich collected luas-es I chinil ns to prndiicv habitual eo-livencss, with nil its trnin ol evil-, orsiuklen di.trrhrca, with its imminent dngiT-.ii This fact is well known to nil regular nnntciiiust--, who examine the human bovyeU after dentil i nnd hence the prepidieeoflhose well informed men nsniii-tqii.iek medieuie or medicines prepared and heralded to thopul.lieby ignoranl person.. The -eeond c'lect ol thel.ife Moi'heines is io ilean-e the kidneys npd the bladder, and by this mean-, llie liver nnd Ike lung-, the healttifuhiclion ofuhiclientnelyelepepilsupou the re gularity of the urinary nrsran'.. The I.Iihk!, vvhieh lake r's red color fioinihe nirencvol thclivernnd llie lungs 1 1 loi u it pa e- into the heart, I eiiigtlut- purified by them, nnd nourished by food coming from a elenn stomach, eour-es freely through the Vi-m-, lenew eveiy part of the sv.-lcin, nnd triumphantly mounts th" lianner ol lieallli in the Mooniini cheek'. .MoiKit'.-Veetablo Lile Medicine- have been thor oughly tc-toil,'unil pronounced a sovereien rcmedvfor Iy-p"pi.i, Elaluleney, Palpitation of the Heart, Lo-s ol'Aqieiite, lli-nit-LuVii nnd Head-ache, ItiMlo.ue-s, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor and Melancholy, Cos. livene--, Di.irrlni'.i, Cholera, l'evers of nil kind-, Ithcuin.ili-in, limn, Drop-ici ol nil kind-, (Iiavcl, Worm-, Asthma and (W.-ninplioii, Scurvy' I'leers' Inveleiate Soies, Scorbutic Eiuj'tions nnd Had Complexion-, Eruptive complaints, -allow, Cloudy, nnd oilier disagiecahlo Complexion., Salt Rheum, I ry-ip-cla-, Common Cc Ids nnd nlliienzn,and various oilier complaints w hieh nllhel tliehuinnn finme. In I'l'.ir.n and Anon, particularly, thu Life Medicine- luvo been mo-t eiuineiilly sueee--fnl ; -o much so that ill the Fever and Aguedutrict-, Phy-iciaiis iilinoslunivertnlly pie-erile them. All mat Mr. require-of his patients is to be particular in taking the Life Medicines strictly necor ding to the diieelion-. Hi-not n newspaper notice, or by nnythinz ihel liehiin-elfnviysay in their favor, that he h'upeslo gam credit. Ill-alone by the rc-ult-of u fair trial. MOITATS MEDICAL MANUAL; .V-iined as a dome-tie guide to health. Tlu-Iilllu pninplilet, edited by W. II. Modal, 273 llro.tdway, New York, has I ecu pill li-hed for tho pmpo-e ol'cxpl.iining mm e fully Mr. Jlo bit's theory ot di-e.i-t-, nnd will lo loiiiid hizhly intcrestuiz loperson-..eekini health, ll treat- upon prevalent di-ease-, ami llie e.iu-es theri'tif. Price, 2J cent for -ale by. Mr'- Ae-enl-sicncrallv. These valuiblo .Medicine- aie lor sale by (iEOI'EE L. WAlt.M'.lt it Co. Johnson, Vt., Ocncrnl Atrent-, l.v whom all orders from any part of llie Slate or Canada, will be promptly un-wcrcil. 2S-1 I Dee. 17, 1311. HAG Alt ARTHUR, General A rents for Motrin's icIcLiatcd iniihcnie, tovchoiuall applications for aeheie? niut lu nd-dre-se'd. Iliiiluislon, Jan. 23, IS 12. NATUKIJ'S GUAM) ItLSTOUATIV E. Tin valuable Veerclublc Jlcdieino stand- unrivalled for Ihefollowins eompl.iint-, viz: Dy-pep-i.i, or Indi-ge-Iion,i!i-ei-iJ Liver, biliott-di-or.ler-, Drop-y, A-th-in.i. Co-livene-.-. Worms nnd lo-s of Appetite, and by cleansing the stomach and bowels, cure- p.u'u- in the kle. -loiiiaeli and hica-t, cold- an. I eom:li- of touu -tini'limi, lloar.-ene , shorine of breath, Nervous (iinpl.i ml-, etc., vilncii iiieiieqneniiy llie o.ieei oi ois- ease. I or I ever ami Asm; it i-a mo-t valii.iLle pic- venliilivo as wel as u soceienru lenie.U. lis urlue- iirt.a nnv llilns lieictoloio l.nowp In lemovmg M. V tins Panic. two Poitlc- nave 1 een Unown to eiue tliisnillii-tiiiirdi-iMsc. after bavins bnlllcl everv exer- lion lorlonr vtars. Iili.isu mo-t poucilul uillucmc in leinoviiiinervou.-ei.iii ii.iini-. u i pieasaui tot.iue and -oea-v in its otieratioii, that it inav I eaihiiinisteicsl to ihe infant Willi -afetv. The aboc Jlcdieino is verv nil i V lecniiiincntleil bv iii.iuv seicntiho treut emeu and a large iiuinl er til Iodic-, who have proved the viiliic-ol the .Medicine by personal ii-ertinl oftheir t.llllllies. A iloccttllic.' I ol tl wilhdireutions. It inav I e had wholc-idc or leluil ol Ihitain, H.ure, nnd J. C l arnaui, l.l-t iilli.ini. lown. VI. so u luopric or-. I'lennaa roin llie orient ll leeqie J lor s.ilo by h. II. Pietili--, JIonlpelitT, and I'ECK il'ol'rAIl llurlington, nnd in tho principal towns in the ,-tateiall lircetion, sigiiiMm tlieuaiici writing ollliepropnctor E.L. EARRAR fi gives lioliee tliat lie con unties to carry on the bus! ness as usual of manufacturing St. mo w are of a superior oinlnv in all its varieties and will ut all limes be in read- .nc'ss to supply inereliantsoii the moat rm onai e ii!inn. u on i rs promptly attended to nt his l-'aclory , Pearl Sneet, ,1.111. Jl, IC1- J.VCOIIVS PACKAliU UXl'KliSS, Uclicccn Albany and Montreal, i.v in. inn er nonce, leavm.. .v nm' r.n J cdnetday, and .Montrealon Saturday of each week, in connexion with llarnden cVCo. al Albany to New York, Philadelphia, Hostoti, Liverpool, Lon don, Ireland, Scotland and Havre, for the trans portation of Specie, Hank Notes, Valuable Papers, Packages of Goods, Hooks, and all other Parcel-. tunt may out r. .Montreal Exchange Coffee House. All anv No. 12, Exchange Huildiiig?. Jfew York No. i, Wnll Street. Hoston No. 8, Court Street, llurlington J. &. J. 11. Peek, &. Co. REEEUENCl-:-:. 1.L1AS 11AHEI1, L. Y. J. II. Reep, Albany, N. Y. Troy, N. V. 1'. n Ens, E. iV D. 11. Pli-ji, Kklli o if. Co., A. W.VTtiors. A. II. vv. llvnns ev Co.Catleton, Yt. J.&.I. II. Peck it Co,, llurlington, Vt. . J. C. Peirce .( Son, St. Johns, L. C. April 2J. .m. PHIVATi: ShiajCT ROAISDIAG SCHOOL. rilllE new nnd spacious l'liildings now electing ui 1 Last Chailotle will I e opened (if tho Lord will) under the s'iperinlcndencM of Jlr. J.Th Hiioi Hn, lis. si-i.-i in ine i..iiiics iiepurnueut in ! itueli .nut .Uuie by MisB M. A. Ti.K, Ifiih May, ISI2, I allium opens 2!)th August, Winter do "siili Twelve young Ladies nnd Gentlemen inav 1 e no- eoiniuod.ited m llie family of .Mr. T. Tonus SJJ per quarter, in ndvauee. .Mu-ieSlO. I'renehaiid Al.-c- lir.i,j. vv ashing extra, Day S hohirs, Iroui S2.5(l tol,r,U. ' JlissT, edueatnl unler lhee.ire of eminent Teaeher, and having taught in Loudon, Eng., nn I in lliisSiale since her ai rival, is amply qualified lOMipcroilciid the Eiench nnd .Music ilcpaitineiit. (iovciunient strictly paieutal. To tho-c iinaequainted with the service., experiem e nun uoiiuyni .nr. r. leleiente may I e li.i.l to I.' I.' l. 1.. II . l. t. . ... r E.T.Ellglcsbv. Hurllllglon. E. Jloii. St.Jt.lius. J.H. llnllcuUrl;. J.tM'nrkc, Wlulchall. riiiermaii, v , rgeintes . fj, I'erry, 1 roy. Ch.uloitc, lHi April, IS lit NEW BOOK STORE. " Live and lot Live." rilllE siibscril er has ieceivil lioni New Yoik n JV new Mipply of School Hook-, Hible.s, Piajer Hooks, Testaments, tVe. Ac, together Willi a good n boilinent of Stationery, and Hook-binding Skk-I,- o which he invite, tliu attention of the. public, I'eclmg very gran-fid for thu liberal patronage heieiofcic re ceiicil, he will renew hi, exel lion, to please nil that may favor him Willi their patronage.. S. lll'NTINGT()N, Strong,' Hull. ling, corner Church and College .Is., opposiiellasarev, Ailliur's, Sign lied Ltslg J n June III, TTO i .MISTAKE, Sinokid Hcef i aUo, Poik by 'hr IN barnl, tusl tmtvid lot tali bv Juiii. II, IM.' n DAVIS 3DH, TiL-S-JTiOR'S 15 A 1 S A .11 O If h I V II It IV OUT, Ob-crve when vou buy that vou get tho genuine, prepaid! at 37.5 llowery, New York. S,o that37j IloweryNew York is on tho wrapper of each llottle. All others nru Eraud. nnd sold onlv by siicculator.-, without regard to jitsiice, to tliu public, or the proiuiu tors of the geniiinonrlicle. IJ'Olt Consumption, and Liver cnmplnfnt-, l'ypep sia, dizziness of the head, loss of appetite, fly.-cn-tary, nnd general legiilulcrol tho wholo system, Nono aeuimie but that lucpnied at 37") llowery, New York, where tho article was first made, the char acter of the medicine foiuicd nnd c-fahhshed bv the present sole proprietors, and vvhonre thooiily person, knowing Ihoeoinposiiiou of the genuine. It has been o-ed Micce-sfnlly for eight years in the euro of these disea-es. tQRemtnil ir the original nnd is made only at No. 373 llowery, New York. All others arc counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! Asii general remedy for the-c disea'c, I nm fully snli-lled, from long experience, there is no medicine equal to Hr. Taylor's of Liverwort. Ileiug iitic y veirclalle, it can bun-cil Willi the utino-t safety bv all pc.sons ui everv condition. It ihe lungs by expectoration, relieves dillleull brealluu". aiid't'eiiisto heal tlteehe-t. 'Iheiueau l o noqtir.tion out iius iiieuieiue is iieeiiaui euio lor ctironio co iglis and colds. 1 have u-cl'il lour years m my pia'iice, nm uiw u) - wiiu sui-,-(.-s-. Al p. iui,r.iia, .ii. ii. Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Tuvlor's lkilsnm i f Luerwnit lo lo n cerium remedy "for tin-complaint, as 1 have li-cd it myscii anil lounii us cticrts nn imnilinte. 1 wa- mueli trnublcil until I made n-iMif iln- medicine. JI. I.. IIENSIIAW.21I Jl.ingiu s. IImr-cne Cincd I'orlheeure of honr ene.s I can strongly reeeoiuniend Dr. Taylor's llal-nin of Ltv- ei w-ori. i nine not omyiniinit p. lent I Client niy-eii, but many of my conzregation by my rceoiiinicuda lion have reeitvcilgicul I enehl irnm lis virti.e. It is ntoneo mild ,eilicuciotis and harmless. lir.V. XA. LLWIS. ScvcreCoiighs nnd Cold I have had a tno-i e- vere cold nnd cough, for a long tune which I could not cet ndof. Afler u-ing many ti-ele-s tlung- I tri ll 'I avlor s I'aNum of Liverwoii. and it cored nur in n lew days. ..s!. j. KKIiltlNOCK. Raising of lilood About two week- ago 1 had n fall, which caused me to spit large qualities of blood which nothing could erne until I tried Dr. T.iyloi' Ibilsiim of Liverwort. This medicine eave me iiiunc- atc relief nnd in a very short time o leeted nil entire cuie. Let all per-ons try it. III'GII MC GAUVEV,21 Cannon -t. Dr. Tavloi's Halsam of Liveiwort This superior renicsly forili-ea-es of llie lungs nnd liver has obtain ed a reputa'ion never hcfoiooqunlled. Remarkable Cure of Consumption. . was so near her death with this di-e.isi. mv friends sent for n pr.i'st loeoufe.s mo eie I died, lie in his mercy, told me not to give pp until I tried Dr. Taylor's. Ha'lsani of Liverwort. 1 .cut immediately fortius medicine, and nllhoogfi the contest lor n few days 1 etw ecu this niedieiiH', and my di.e.i-t' wa se vere , the incilieineeoiiqiierod, and in a foilnighl I was ii'sioiiillohealtli. I had a cough, rui-iug tcr, lo-s of my voice, pain., weakue-., ,Ve. 1 can ic fer lo Doctor'Wtlsoii, ,u the Carllon ljiui.e, for the truth of mv state in. MARY DILL, Cth -lieeieor. beware ol frauds. (, ;j uveiiuc. Summer Complaint. The Ilal-am ol Liverwort, m ca-es of this lisc.fe, where all other remedies applied by physi cians iiaye proved, bus produced u peifecl cure Surprising Cure nf Consumption. Jlr. II. lilad.liu ol Delhi, N. Y., of a naturally con. siunptivc constitution, has fcn savtsl fiom an itu liinelycndbytlie ii-eofl)r. Tujltn's H.ilsani of Lie erwo'rl. A severe cold brought on an .ntnek of Plcii-le-y, and thus e'lided in qeiiei.ilclebiliiyuud consump tion. A constant cough, heetie llu-!i,'ie-l!e-s night., quick pulse, and eoui.nue l lo of ilesh, lingered n speedy deatli : but a- -oon us 1 e'oiumcn. e.l llie u-eol thi-btilsiun 1 giow letter, uud is now fully icstoied io IIF.UIU. Shortness of 'J'rrath. Tor this, I have always lonud Dr. Taylor' ij.ii-.iiii oi i.ivcrwoit nn excellent iciucly. It i- al once soMiii.Mlllil sti cievUM", ,;it i nluuys u-o it in my practice, and leceoimneiid it to my friend-. I have u-od it in some hundicsls of i uhiu the pas lour year-, and 1 have never h.i.l u r.,1 l.. ......... ca-ca ofa-lhina, I fully lelieye it to Irivo I een the Hic.iti, c.i tn iii pieeious lives. nil tl-e it. GEllIiGE IC.I.PII M I) None genuine but that piepaie.1 in ,!7;i. ,'oweiy. New York as will le seen by the hi' els and wrap per- oi cacn ooiiic. ne sure yon loir, vi lieu you fiuv. The genuine cm always I contained of the ' Old Agent-, Jle.-r-.'N. Lovely iV l',.., now Lovely it Seymour Dr. M. ii dy nnd Picket Soear. Chemisi" and Druggi-ts, llm linglnii y. II. H.ii m-., Ch.ulolle William lihok's, Jr. Kn liniond Geo. Avers. tV Co Milton A. iV W. llrown, lir.iud 1-lc W. II.Kcolcr, South Hero Hotace W.vdswoiih, North Hero ", D.IVI-, Albiirah I". vV L.OIen.i, Wc-l Albiu h D. A, . carpenter, i aieri'lliy. SPRING FASHION FOR CHARLES A. SE YMOUR HArs iiist irrrivcil finiu IWu- Yoil: t lie sprint' patterns for Hats and invites the pubho lo call and ivaunno his assortment, which comprises hats ol various qualities .io.. puces, some iryiow. He imperially invites such gen. iuinn asiiavolieniotoio given PrifrretlCO IO hats of Snutliprn nnniifactiirc to look at Ins stock of linn I i.ats ii lo.'li in point of color and liiiish arc equal, mi I in point of iiuraiimiy, larsiqienor, 10 any Inns inamilaciuied in ino env oi .cw v on.. Pearl si. April 13th. LVMAN & COLE TTA'I'I icceived their usual extensile nscnnn,...., .1. 1. and variety of Spring and .Summer G O O DS which lliey oiler in gieatly price-i eniis.t,lr. in part of Printed Lawn-, Cainbiie-, Muslin, nnd iiiouruiug Lawns, itien saiin siripcu uiizorine, e. tor ladies' summer drc-scs. New pattern .Muslin tie Laines, satin si qi'd Eolian-, Plain, black and blue black Honibaziiie, Eiguiisl blue black and colons! do. Heavy Canton, tiro do Swi-- andeol'd Silks, rli;iwls. Lupin'-U'st scarlet, black nnd colored Merino. M'liil's and l' ll.iiiilkci i'liiel's. Jlu-liu ile Lame, Thil el wool, nnd fancy satin llcrninin; Laehcne Cravai,, raw -ilk IPdk'H. .Mii-liudo Lame Shawls, raw silk do., priute.1 wi Med do. Lil I'ancy silk .Milt- and Glove-, colored fillet do, black sewing silk do. Mi-rc colored silk Gloves, .Men's LMc Tlucad, eoloriil silk, white silk, and Kid do. Jlen'-s blai k Itiilian, black silk hall llo-e, and India rublei Suspen ders, Uidie,' wlnto mid black silk IIoo mid Gloves, white .Merino Hose, black and ciloiod till, tuid Kid Glove's. l'"or (ientlcnicn'sSiiniiner IVcar. Striped nud plain while linen Drill, colored do. liniuhrnous, Hamilton Mixtures and IViiiin., Jlixtxl i'aluielle, Erminetle, Jacket Linen, eVe. Doiucstle. Goods, In ban Dead, Stark .Mill-, .Middlesex and oilier Cotton Sheetings, A great qu unity bleached sheeting nnd shining, very low pni-iil. I'niin bleached eoilon, 7-S nnd "yard wide. Il.irtleit do. 5-1 and C-1 do. making a moie extensive noi inieiil than we hnvocverkept, Meiiiinae cotton sheeting, supeiliue inibleneheil eotlou shilling, Sullolk and lord drill ht-ayy lick ing uud wadding. Time Ca-e- if Unibiclbis and Para-ol--, Cap, Houuclnii.t uivk Kibbons, Tall'eta do. Ualloou-, Taste-, iVc. l'llllls. I'all li'ver, Mernmae, Dover, Hristol and many oilier sivhs ol American piiul-, veiy low pi iced. J.'uglish and 1'rcueli priuis, Gin ham-, Ac. lllii.ld Cloths, A general a.sortinrnl of lluiluiutnti .Mill Co. 1' Cloihscoiistanlly on hand. Alooiher slvles ol broad tloths and Cussiiueie-, l.'nglish, I'uneh undGeriuan do. relied Carpeling. Silk, '1 wi-l, Hiiitons, Surge, Cunyas', PaJding, ii I til a , is i . is e, lliirbngliiii,2(l Jluy, IS 12. M. G. ItATIIUUxX, DltAPKU AXDTAII.Olt, hT,V?,.i!',,!'.rnc,"IM N''w Votli vuih the rJ SPUING EASIlIONSi also, a suptrior as tortnicnt ofTRIJl.MlNGS. VESTIN'liS, Ac. Miop in i Iran It eUec', neailv 1 1 o-itt tin I! nk of lliuilln '"ll Jlay J,, J j; i 53 PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. Willis nrticlois too well known to need comrncn tlaliou and the expirienee of seven years has ilimonstrated to thu coinnicreial community, that for accurncy, convinienco and durability, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to G tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. "IK Portable do. to weigh from 12 oz. to -.fJOIbs. PortablcCoimterdo a new, article to weigh from 1-2 o.. to -10 lbs. ,. J. it J. IT. Peck & Co.-,lgcnrs. llurlington, April 6 1S11. 1 1 i;ssi:i,i,'s stomach nrrnoits. ,. i J-V- used in Winenr water. Thi-eee!ebialodliilter.s nru composed purely ol viwnblos of the most iuno. cent yet specific virtue.. They aie recommended par ticularly for restoring weak eonsiiiuitons, demising nnd strengthening the stomach, nnd ipeieasing ihe uppcl He al-o n ptoveiilnl ne ag.iiu-t the cholci a mor on-, icviT nun ague, removing nausea, vomiting, heart burning, in the brcn-t. pain in Ihe stomal h and oilier symptoms i. I'll. iiulenee and indiges tion. One box will tincture one gallon. Pruc2J i ts. i box, I'tis-r.t.t.'.s Itch Oistmi-.xt. This rhoicc and safe ointment is said to I e superior lo nnv now in loo, for at ili.ngreeablu and loaih-otiie ibsea-e. the I'l l,'! I. Thi, Ointment is -o remain in its operation that no por-ou tumbled with the al ove disorder ought to le without it. ll is u icniedy for eui.ineoiis eruptions, seoil.iitie nTcoltnns of the, or nuy other l.n akiug nut which fiom sharp Itutnoi, in the blood. Price 25 el., a I ox. lli'a-lli.'s Vi.f.r.T.M'.i.r Hii.i.iefs Pius, or family physic, for general u-e, in e.t-es of'.laundice, niorluil seiisil.ihtyol'the stomach and bowels, loss ol nppetite, ficlid breath, eostivene-s, Piles, and all di-eases aris ing fiom I ili.iry derangement., al-o for corn-enns llie state of llie blood, nud cleansing tho system ol lout nnd v iseid humours. The-c pills, men mil. I ea thariic, producing umber pa n- nor griping, and aie therefore a valuable and high'y iipjiioved medicine. iiuuuie proiiouuce.1 as-ncn l.y tne most iiisimgiu-li liny-ieiaiis. J.aeli l.o.x containing 33 Pills, Purr ii i et-. a l.ox lillssill'.- eelr! rated .M.T I'llI'.fM Ot.s'TMFNT. Thi- ls itiifptestioiiably the 1 es uud safc-l lelnrsly ciervet oH'cied lo the public for that obstinate ih-onler SAl1 HHI.U.M. When' other means have tailed, it li.issuc ceeilc.!, and the l.iel that il has In en sx'ciisively u-ed by eminent Practitioner speaks volumes in its prai-c. ills equally ciiic.ioious ui nil disea-t's ot the skin, scald head, ring worm., and Ihumost inu'tciate Itch, ie. te. dimerous i-criincait's nngti'i to oiitaineii, but tlie proprilor choo-es that a fair trial should I c the only evident e of its superior cllicacy. I'm eoOei'iil- a box. Eor sale by Perk if. Spear hud I drier! Jloodv, liuilmgloiij Dr. I . 1,. .Mile-, and flull.1- Cook, Hincs burgli; S. II. Ir.tiuc-, Ch.ulotte; L. Junes, Ceorgia; I.. Tyler, E-cx ; Fuller cV lliiiilinilou, Kielimoiid lso,' by the diuggi-t, am! merchants generallj hrouhoiit the state. o2.!)m DISEASES OP THE IrHNtis.-Dcniledli Ihr- tnri.i lemr dj e cei kiiotcniii Ainriie.i Vegittiblc Pulmonary llalsuni is the miui calii.ihlr leilir-ilt now .iii.p.,i, a.ihn.a or phlhisic. coilsiiinpliou, ulirrnpiiig cough and piihilouoi lillri'tiuil. oi ever) Kniil. Its sale is sir.olilv turi easing, .out the pinpneiors nie ruii.t.oilh ircricing die most f.noinblr at rninit nf its offeris. 'Ihe fr.tloiving nciv ceitilieaies aie irfT red for public rx.iiiiiii.iiiun. An iNTKitEsri.Nn Cse. Exnacl ofa Iciicrfimn Mr t; S Cl-i, Eoig.itni, Ulster en., N. Y, lo ihe pr. .pi uMiii.. . "Yoiiis of ihr illh iii'l. was ilulv irc:M A inn nk.dile riue was efi'.'ciei! Ii llie Vegaialde Put nun. n j H. ib. mi 01 the w inter .01. 1 spi nig r. ') hr person, Vli. .Mondi, had been sirk a long lime Willi die coiisutupiii'ii. His plicsiri.ins Ii id giion him up He was in lured en low as 10 lieunahlp 10 help liim-elf, iinl w.u i.nsing u l.irgo qiiaiuin nl hlnotl when he eeiiiinenrrd using llm'.na, width h.i. pueclpd a coaqiLie riup, ami lip is 11111 as h lie and he.ljl lis een hp 11 as. Mr, Jlnudi h. is ipniou d final lliis inwri. lull lie h is piriiii..ed 111c .1 111011- del.nh tl .irrotuil of Ins eiift!, wliiili I iMlll.nw.iid inn. C. S CLAY. Eingsion, ,, V. Juur 25. 18:13, Emi.iii nl .1 lenri limn Dr. J.irob iMipi The Vejrel.dile l'Mluinii.ii 1.ij.iiii has heen "tuh bl this ciitiuij for Iwoic.ns, and llie uiedicinp has gaiiKd an iiiiroiiuiloii eplt'biilv, foi it M'i.eeli in one iiisLoii'i' l iilrd ol h.i iiij ihe drsiipii efiir.i. I ambi an inr.ois . r r . . . y . 111 1 icor 1.1 ine many iio.iiiuu., iiiosi ol Hint h me on positions upon ,1 public, bill thai whiih I know by use in lie elfi c111.1l, 1 1-.11111.11 help bin gir tin at piob ilion ihrrein, A i oioilet fril pi pparaliun Inis iiieu oitrre.i nrip ii) a tr.iw Iling Asent, nl ( oni-unk N. V. and tlirie is an.iiher anirle leniled heie i Iruugt) suspected lo licrpiu uuis jAcon Mrrns. V. I). Mifllingion,, 1 co. IV1111. .M.i) II, 1537 rnun Dr.S.intuel Munrll, in thr Piopi ielnts of lln; Veto l.ible Ibiliunn, I am satisfied the Vr. aei iblo Piiliiinn.i.i lial.iiii is a valuable iiipdreine ll has hern usnl 01 ilns pi. ire wiih eniuplpip siirress ii .111 ot.siin ne rompl.tini ol 1 tie longs, .men. led wnli ,1 ft'ieiP cough, loss nl voiep. and ihe r. 11-1112 of niurh lilood, which had piini.rlislv ici.lrd iii.iuv nppioied piesri ipnoiis. .viiri using 1 lie It. ils.ou one wrik, ihr pal 1 en 1 s oirr leiurnr d .out fie u a sable 10 spe ik audi ii.y. I'lns rasp tirruried suaie limp sinre. and the mail is now engaged 1101 onlv in ariiic bin lahoiiotis Iiusinrsi. lit'speellull) , .-.e. S. iMouiiit.L, ll is now 11101c 1I1, in six )pars shlee I was I inui;lo vny bin b 1111 affeeiion of ihr lungs, and im cniiipl.iint was ilrrlarpd lo be iiiriuahtp b) a council of ilupe phi- irians. i H.isinni le-liutil 10 .isgi.o I liratlli n I hut piiiojcdfi.r in. iui veais, In iiiiig ihe Vpgeiable Pul. nionarv H 1U-1111, Siiicp my leeoierv I hate ternin iilendcd I lie Halsam 01 n great 111. oi) casts el 'nog cniuphtiiils, and so f.otiiileiii Irani, its lis'P Ii is in. l.lli.ihl) been fiillimrd lit ninth benefit, and 01 111.01) insianrrs it has cfleTtiii fines wliii Ii wrie wholli uue. prrled. SA.MUI.L EvtllETT, ilosion, Jlareh 2, lSi37. I'or sale, liolpsale and retail, by PECK f; SPER,niiiliiigii,n, Vi. To llulldcrs and otlicv. ITOAriDS, Clapboards nud Plants plained at short Jnoticej also a Circular Saw ft 1 slitting, at the llurlington Iron ! on mil)'. Turning done, or lathe to tit lor turning lied roots or columns. i;asliic. re-cciv.-d 111 pay. JAR IS GAY. lluiliugtim, April 22, 1SI2. ci.CMIiiVT C I STlTuiVS. THE siibscril cr- hav mg the right to u-e, in and for the county of Chiltenden, Parkei'- Hydraulic Ce luenl, for Cistern-, Re-crvoirs, Aeqtiwfuci., Cellar Kitchen und Slid le Floor-, for tlie purpose of piaktng 1 lioni drynnd proofugaiut rats ; al-o Hearihs, Sinks e-'e, wouldinforni tl e inhabitants of Mini eoouly, thai Ihev will I e ready the coming season to attend to a!! calf- in tlie above line of l.ti-me-s nud will warrant their work lobe tluial le. JtNI.PH LA N PON. OIU.ANDO OWEN. llurlington. March fl, 1'I2. N,l. All order- addrc-sfJ to the siib-crd er-at Iline-bii-gli or lliiilinglou will rer i ive imiiiedi.ite ut- tciilioit, u 10 CHEAP 300Z elTOKB. f IHE faciliiiesof the suhsenber inproeiiring books, A and every nriiele in his line nro such ns to render prices, corresponding to the iiuifsvp induce ihe public to cenliuiio iheir patronage to his -Yu" Store. Any iiubhcalions not on hand, will be provided ns soon as otd. rs cm bo forwanhd lo the Chics. orks received the present week, us. follows, Pictoii.ll Ibble, Ess.iysby Iltiiinah Moore, Hours for lb aieii.'liinpiranc Ilyius, W. .dill nud Worth, Harnahy Rudge, Thiers' 1 1 is. ,ry of l'rc ueh Revolution, 1 Mini in lii Id's Crctk. Testament, llarncs' Nolesoii Isahh, 3 Vo's, Wistnis Anatomy, Wlnlpley'sCompend, The l'aine and Gloiyol England, Zanoni, The Lal Tidies, by Grant, A Wreath for the tomb, Lifeof Patrick llenrv, Sketch Hook,'.' Vols. It is will, Wav Maths, D. A. HRAJIAN. HOARDING HOUSE. The Sub-criU'r still continue- his board nig hou-e at the foot ofCollege -licet, near tlieSquaie, and vull u-e In, cm cxc'i'Uoiis o give satisla.'tion to those who nuy lavor hunv.iih their paiiou- l.t'ial ..'ininu it and 'e.iVi JOSH' A J'OAN. mm . . u , i . . . i ,i CON WAV MEDlClNliS THE Subscriber W. L. KIDDEII, give- not'"' tlial he ha. spcceeil the late T. Ei.ldr r in thu picparntieu of the vu ll known Conwav JImucines, and will hcrealler pile particular intuition to llie preparation of the following articles, thu long es tablished cclebiity of which, piceludes the ncccsMtjr of a ro-ptiblicntitin ol iho iiuinerous cerlilicati's ut nie nanus oi ino piopncior. Uoct. .lebli's Itlicnm.ittc I.liilmrlit. I'or llheiiinati.iii, llrm-cs, Siram, Numbness, Chilblains, Stillness in the joiim, w, atot j tho most unexpee'ed niul iinlucdi.ite relief in tho most ob-tinale eases of liliciiinnli-iii, in a few hour,', thi. article i-openly recommended by Physicians. "1 h Liniment i3 dono up in enlarged bottles. Pnc 37 J cents. Dumfries' Ilrh Ointment. The extensive snle nnd established reputation of DlJtrnt.-, Itch Ointment, encourages the pro prietor lo recommend it loihu public with renewed confidence, as tho most innocent and powerful rem edy for this aiinoying iliiea-ej it contains no 1,11:1 cury, or uny oilier dangerous jmricdicnl, and can be applied nl nil tunes with perfect safety. Pnio 25 tints' 11 Pox. lieinedy for tlio. Piles'. The concurring le-timony of relieved patients, from nil quarter., testifying 10 tbecuies eduited by the lite heme after all others had laded, together wild iho increasing demand for tlio nriiele from nil parti uf theconnliy, proie it to I o one ol'lhe ino-t valtiaLlw spccihcsjiiiown for this troublesome complaint. LJA Clcrg man writes Uo-tou, Ecbriiarv 13, 18 U. I have made trial of Dumfries' Pile Electuary and found it produced a salutary inlluencc almost imme diately, and confidently 1 ilii've it an c'tt tiinl remedy for that uueoinfortiible nnd debilitating complaint. Humanity ha- induced me to recommend it lo ptr-om lints a illicicd, ami so I ,h,il continue loclo. Yours rcspectlully, J. p. The remedy rnni-ts t.f an Oimnient and Eleelunry. Pneo I'or bolh 75 tents, or 37J Cents when but 0110 it wanted, ni-compauicl with plain and iimplu diro lious with n desi-riplion of the eompl.iint. Huiiifi'lch' i:je 11'ater. I or ' sore or injlamcd eyes, nothing known givei stii-h immediate and comjortablc relief, nnd in sonic! crcrcdinely had cases llie most unexpected and cli Mr.ible ,( en foiuid in the p.o ol tin. L'v w ater, after either remedies had failed. Persons v ho have ii-cd it, pronounce it without he-nation tho le.t preparation ler sore, iccak, or inf.amcd eyes, limy ii.riu cic-r mei Willi, rrirc '.r cents a l-otllc. emu; roil cokns. Albion Corn Plaster, rhe most -afcand ieedy cure for Corns yet dis oveicd: the relief 1- imuicdiaic. it dissolves nnd removes the corn from the fool with case and einedl. tion nnd tieithoul the least pain. Price 25 cent a I nil and amnio tlireelinn- nr.rnnn..inv e.ncli of ihfl al ovo uiiirJe-. i. H. None r,f tip. above articles will 1 e "piininc iinloss sigiusl W. L. Kidder i llie outside wrapper. I' or sale at his Counting Itoom, gi) State Si reel, no lairs, corner of How, Ho-ton. Al-o by Jh-ssns. PECK tt SPEAK, Hurlingioii, Vt. A Id era! discount allowed to dealers. ron SALE. THAT larcn and commodious two stn .... ...r Vs.. ..r . e. w ,j-f isiiii, u hcii iir louse i,rr. 'SSartl ou.oeu on ine wesi si'ie oi tvOiicge giceu ln.1B-v- nt ihe head of College-street, in thi3 vd- age. I lie IIoL'-l". istl'J bv .1. willi a bncpmenl slrv. with Kitchen and Provision rellirs. ami a wintrM liv lj).o.teiidiiiginiith on CollcgcGicen.wilh wood nud -tore hott-c below, and chaml cr- and -Iccpin rooms above. A largeundeoinmodioit. llaru, carriage hou-o leehou-c, and other oiit-hou-es, and a spacious yard west ot thi'dwelluig house, nnd a good durable well of water of the best quality in the village, and a brick oj-icru. Onenn.l nrpiai ler acres of land, ol'tlio first q iialiiy j a large garden and choice fruit trees west of the ht.u-e and yard. The Piiiilding-urccon.lrueted in modern stvle, ol the le-l material- and workmanship, wen: erected by the -ub-eriber I'or In-own u-c, and the location at'-ford-n very exteu-ive and plea-ant pro-peel of Iho village and lake on the We-l and is not surpassed by any oilier in tin- part of ihe country. A so lor .-ale a lot containing nn acre of land direct ly opposite llie above lot with a small convenient wood dwelling house Iheicou, Purchaser-aiu mvilod tncall and cxmine for llicm- -eh t Terms made known by ihe -ul scril er on tho premise.. SAMUEL REED. Hniliugtoii June, IC, 1310. n'J .tru IJiniuN ori'aiiiily riour. .j----, iiir. sun-crii er is now receiving on Si Ar-r. & iisignuieni, and will lo well siip--J4M I1'11''' 'hrniuh the season wnli soma -ys-rs.a "io euoiee-i iijaniis in vie-tcrn I-lour, ever olieteil in tins market. Flour lii.inul.ieured by more than twenty h ii'teul .Mills of the b.ghest lejiuiniiou, he pledge that Flour sold by him shall give the most perfect -ali-faction, und will '.c warranted in all ea-es. N. II. I'aii'V Hr.iuils eon, tantly on baud. Dealer- in I'iciiir, Jlercliant- and Families arc re rpei'tfully mi lled to older and try the article. F ourshippcd lo order ill gr o 1 package- withent lela, on les'etpt of Draft-, ceililiealc- ol detros'tte ei C.i fi. J. N, HINSIULL. 117 l!iver-s. Troy. April 25, 1812. .17ml NEW ESTABLISHMENT. rpiIE subscrilrers haying opened a Paint Shop in J the h iildiiig one door South of lltshop's Hotel, would respectfully inform their friends and the (nib he tint tlie v are prepared to cxieuto all kinds ol Home, Carriage and Sign Fainting, Gilding, Glazing, and Fapcr Hanging, m the nntrst possible manner, and hope by strict p. sonnl intention to business lo receive a tliaro ol i hi public patronage. R. G.SPAULD1NO, S. II. RUSSELL. Iluihiigten, April 20, 15.12. 17lf. sFlling off Ci1i:ai ' l1 1 1 F. subscriber, desirous of closing Ins business 1 now oilers to the public, at cost, the whole ol his -i.n k in mule, rousistmrj 0f a large and gcnetal as--'miutitof plain tin und japanned waie, bra-s kettle.", stove pipes, stoics and trimmings, and everyother i i . le usually called foriu his linoof business. Also, 1 u t ' iteof varioussies. Ru-sia. Fnirhsh. andCannrln s'.t. i Hon, sheet copper, zinc, lead pipe, wire, Ac., Ac. All persons wishing to purchnsu any of tlie nl. ne articles, are invited to call and examine for ih. niselics, and lliey will be convinced of the abova si.ii.'oient. All accounts due to tlie late firm of Starr & Dow, mu.-t be iloscd immediately, either by payment or note. J. J. llurlington, Mavfi.lSl?. J3 if XUW AXI) til 13 A I' HARDWARE, CUTLERY, c. 'IMIE subscriber having just rctiuncJ from New JL York, vi here he has selrcted anew and com plete assortment of HARDWARE, SADDLERY HARDWARE, CUTLERY, iVc. now offers the same at the lowest cash prices. From mo facilities which he has of obtaining his goods, he is enabled to olllr Hardware at consider ably less prices than it has hitherto been sold in Ver mont. Those in want c f articles in the above line vipl find it their interest to give him a call. WM. J. HUNT, Strongs Ihuhhng, College st., near the Square Hniliugtoii, May 1812. DRUGS &, MEDICINES. II E subscribers are continually supplied wilh rem in tl, le 111 ihr nt.oe hrnnrh. luilh ,( rl.n GfTiciu'il ami Patent kinds. Jltdiciuni wutiisfrom Saratoga; do. from Caledonia, Canada; Medical Wines nnd Spirits; Laches; ;urgieal liislriimciits t Mineral Ticlli, ie. ie. Prescriptions put up at the siioriesi notice. iS7iii open at all hours PECK & SPEAR, Apothecaries. l'urliiigtcn, Vt. July 111,. MI'.SSRS.PANG1!01!N A HKINSMAID have just received soiueMieio-copcs fer the cVHininatien of insert., flowers, Ac.; nl.o, iliiTtveopcs or linen and wool proci; n lew moie beautiful toiifsl Paris Accordions w ilh seiuuoiie., worth from S 12 to S'2a Miisie Hovc's, Flutes, FlHgcohis and oihcr iiisiru ineul-1 a tew li. lil t nl'd (ienlV Scarfs, liioutliil pat-tun- j - iiuinei Sp. k-. I.'s kcls, Unuiinia S.iiltocn.' r' . si, l.'i iw in. Pen. s, li-sli I l .. lies , fsi. n-e.-, ev . I).. V"lii') tfTtt

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