Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 26, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 26, 1842 Page 1
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M v N O T T II E C L v T TUB w n l r a n c or home. '"" " or c n s a a a VOL. XVI. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water street, at the hcajof the Steamboat Wharf Hut linston, A crmont. BY MOSES L. MART, nmilS c-laUi-hnicnl, so favorably local U C the JL accommodation ol the liii-nes ami ir ivcu m. community, Is now open In the public, i u-i I'Oiini nnnn t V.iriO.H ITlll'CS H HI IUO 1 .M iiu.ii. i- imil (or passenger-, nnd those nrrivms or itc-puiling I Sieiui Uoal, in which oa-e "bcir b.igsa-re is remove without elnrge, will lum im m ii-.-1".. j miuci convenience. . , n.i... i. i,..,,!,'.. 1U -emce-. Willi the assurance thai in all re-uivl-, tin- huu -hall de-ervc the favurl able consideration of nil who may patronise It. Hurlinton, April 1, IS12. 43r. ' GEORGE H. I'ECK, Attorney atnl t'ouiiscllorat Law, two doors east ofthk rnT STAIRS. Refer to .Messrs. J. & J- H. I'ECK & Co. Nov. 19. A. ROBERTSON, Barrister r.tul Attorney nt Law. tLatt in the oftceoflhe Solicitor Gen't Day) LITTLE ST. JAMES'S STREET. I Montreal, 1 Nov. 1811. Reference in Hurlinglnn, to CHARLES ADAMS. Estniire. 2J PECK & SPEAR, wholesale dealers in TlnalUh. French, India and American DRUGS. Aiso,-Dl!tGC;i.ST'S GLASS WARE. Uurlingtin, Vt. i n:ris thy X T1'.iI X J. 15. Ml IIOI.S nne ussol .1 ciaicd th"ni-,elus tu hu mess fur the accimniinl nation uf tho.-" wIm Inv not the opportunity ol cnllim at th.'ir vc-i 1,'nce. Mr. X. will -vend mo-t ol Mni' in visiting lhe vil'ac m tins anil the ailj.iinl 'ioj. an,t will licrlorin nil opcralions on llul in,, on.,. - C.T their preeria.,ii. Mr. X. will teeth .i, cjsa. 1 for ""-Ption "f n.... -nut them to Mr l.cwisl teeth ; take models, md ira... " W1" "'"'ay tho cclcbra'cil mechanical nc'iti-T, v.. " hear home, and vvtni-e unriviillol succe?, nnu u,. weaned eTcitians to iileaf. w ill nusiire thcpuli icbet-1 tur work th-ip. ear. bo nrnuiirc.) e --"where. Our mnilil of setting h fir super'nir to any other in point ol looks I conv, Ti.-nce, an,l ilurauti'y. Anv our w-jnimir tociiii can oniiiB me div i mouth, full of d ' teeth I and return the next wi li a new tr '. Prices nmed til Xho tituei and circumstances. All np'rnlions wail ranted. J LEWIS, J. 1!. NICHOLS. Puirlinron, Vt., May, 1312. BOOTS nr. Tt.r. m Summer Hoot-, soinel lov, priced. Al-o,uiostl . 1 in, is ol ti.iots mull aS'-ISli i, s mut 1,1c forthel -,'T in f r men, women, an 1 boys or rir s. V . as usual doncl to o dei. JAJIi;!I, PI. .TT-, C rtcr of Church and Uheriy Si llurhngtoii. Miy 12, I'll. SFRIN(TAl!R!VAL8 At Il;a,l (iinrtor-. Si . '! r-'tivt. A (J MlSl Ahl, ' ! T ' i ,,i. ir 'vm I i ' rr Til j ll el J II, ' ll o " an, "iu,v-' v n. s'r:'l a'tculiuii ., li i ,ne " :ui I a 1c I aav an 1 t ', re -m I r,' ' ,o '.,,r..i :,n'i,'r'.i'iiti , i ii, 'i s iri -H-ii' f ll o"1"' win.Ti, tor n-i oe a "ompVe i, I in ii', e ti .1 in,i t every im One Cnit Jlnr -in will In ST'-" to "iv r-" ' -.ton, k- ct i .r c v '"I ' ll- a- .-Jill.-.- to n'.a I'.lWS'S, l!t-1 f ea'l .1,1 I e l ll'iio I r will rioii--awj) ' I .ijij-ia c'. .M.iv -20. an.! N:W SHOE ABLiSaMEHT, n . 'v? o d :j flTOlMjD ie-ne-lf .llvi'iform tin- l.i mil ileinun "I" 1! irlin.'lou .ml w n j''l,a' he w rneiiih- nK-nel an i--taMilioieni v 'itl-Ji ' u-ufm-iori-, (whoV ale and ii-ai ) n u ,1 n the Slii,i-line. He lii u-t re -w 1 ni No O k .... ...1.... I..i- t,.. I 1, i ui'haeli ft - of Sloe!.-. He will U.v i ' n'y jh ni l I and iivuniU'-lnrc to order all l.'.id ol wor. " . " n in thfi-o-mtrvs anions whiehniav lo foun t. if - rlf, fJ,it, ti-H ami i.iiu-r . mi- .... . ii.,.i ,. WnlLin? Shoe-. Plm-. iN-e. & : ., ir e I and Uin llo'i'-, l-otU for men and l.oys i an 1 c n n's Khoc-sofall Uni-U. I I'li'a.e siTohim a call, uvo d or-Ve-l of ilia I Pearl Street liou-e, ' r lie faij; n oi iuc- j,itj U.irlmstim, Mav, 1SJJ. 50 " Ttr-lh, Tret h Save your Tixlh.'l Croat Impovriiicnl isi Ienti.f j 11, O Lit" 1 IIIKI, ,,J 1, I . J W 1 , rjur"cnn anil Mcemnien ii-mim-i '"'ii me -ovi lew i oril, -l.- -i iruuier, whm i hi, " - 'in v . . II ... .... .1... .1..... l...... ....... .1 ... ,r, n, r. (iriswnli . on the C"t Fi'e o I'l-i'e-i -r- r me doorN'nhof the llnrlin-'ton Uin'. '' 1 '-are prepared to attend to all cares me!i' J n ether branch of the rrofeion. From nun to a full fct of Ineorriini-'ls Ihneral Teeth of Dr Pnrin's own mm if-iriiir inserted upon hi hirhlv ioinroved purlin n'nc. -h is TeiMned firmly in the mouth inn " W -n-ni ric prinapN t,,t rlipensinu' wiih the n of rlups, ""liiature, no olietm-iM" Teeih inserted jp0,ni ;f nJvVe r,',u, n'e l'01""1'1 an'1 "l1" i'i .Vii,",,fnl is lhnitura' ones, more r V, '"Verted upon the or.lmary pr.n 'Dee'aved TcetW ..... ,., . aon hardens nnn rrls(, , . . , . nthcr corro'ivo v,y ,ooth it iural appearance ana V'evisi ham tmliet in. eBAehin"tee,i mred in n few m'mnjM,,nA nr, nremratinn and restnrid inimHiw,,, Accumulations ot tnriar ra vn irom n tr-r-tl, wHho t injurm the enamel, flitch la frtvemly the-1 r,i unskiU'il operation. ... 'a derations warranted www wwvimn Tth extracted. witn one ... r,. ... intisfv thems-lvesot tne ...- . 4tAdvicoMven on .. of lh Oum,, Sockets, and An "p son has m his possession letters and cer- bility in the f.ty ol I ftew . , . aclir: i, SSS? .nZSS noMlf conseonJnco of bilious IIUriini'i, . BuuacnipnoNs vow Tin: new world rrrvrn AT TIIR ISVULINGTOX BOOKSTOItK ean N. M.pplinl with ' if Bcri Tr. Woih ml. Pivin their names to the. '"-cn Vlmr- " ZttnJs"lJffi M ?h V"y low nr. oftom 1 " T AC an ImnifllSO I t TAHASOhfi ! and UMiv - em(ltiont Kjot now opo at unuwfc men ea... r,,,,u,.H , vnr,-, r. .uu u ..'.1 ll'isej a (irl0 a.iii''..t or i:n-jii., vfl"", un'l An. erica" ls--, no imimning i-utm., 0J,' '' n'1 i-edeiiteilly rri'c 1 rI.iiiii, Mrnwai.a PnliV'i.i, 7 .1.1 mrrilVKvii III...... j ? t,T,V . In'i ''ar,"..7, P '.' C'i"'' riebleaehc,, STS Uieh , aru foro i'' WMW' "'P"m June 11 1 JJUIiLIXfJTON, 1 T It"' T-,"J- S.--TT.--TTT-. IN . K,,M.-'C3t-.iU-li,-, ine i- I .- Minwn l-v t he It I. Mowloii'-. I'an.ue.i. ,,, nuer ol the lllun I. 'I he uiipar-illtk' I and ,r i-l-iiiir ioj. i-iilion whi.-li thi- nij-hi-ine ha-ueiiair-hro mho it the Ne-i- laiulau I la'.-. and the m inv ires it h.u perforiiii-1, nu I the irrcu iti'inan I mi li lor it by l,ie a Ivi.-e ol'phy.u-ia ns well .1 lanitoi. ivnh it- pri'parilkin, h.i In I u-i-l the propr.elir In rxti-n,' in cir.):ij n.oii to .ilino-t every town in the i-.i-'i-ru sin e ami uie prnu'ipni inwm in Hie I uili',1 !- a-i-.. 'rill- l'.niaei-is wari.iutol piiu K-M-L'i-.n1 Ie,itud I. not iiroa-v anv oilier iiiedu-i'iio -vi-r 11 ,eied In the alllii-icd a 'its I'Vrii.iu- -,ilo mil srre.ii pon dan v plainly pnv. It ha-within the la-t i-u'treen im)nih'-oiii-drs linii-an I-id'ihe nm-i nb-tma-e h i-a-c-, a an lo irool I v ivrlil'ieati's, nn . i- prmniiiiii'l I v enunent 1111 1 re-pc -nil.le pliyu-i,iiis ihe I e-t iii-j Ik in'.- iiin-e. 1 1 el ,i inn r n iiioii may le lo -ii I in eoniainin; i-iTtih'-au- of . ue.s and due -'urns fur ta- iii-j the i lie, licinc. The follow ur ULooinled ui-ut. 11-u mjtim, 1 r.ClCnnd Sl'EAll, 11. .Mo,.U Ail nn , Cirti-mni lt.:-sel MilU-u, V. DraU M 1 on Pall.. 11 iriu-l and S.i-vet-i- Wa'cri ille. K'-l. an I, iluti'-l. irjli, II dl nil I Coo1, j-'.iirlax, l'.ir' er it 'id .d-.lliel I Vi-rioiine , Adam- nn I Mnrr iv I'a'n1 n !. e, M. W re I'-i 'i-ih.ll, M. ('. Ntu Mi I'err l limit, II. C. Wu-1,, . tieo-s-ia, A. l;ii--Willi.ton, N. t hitli-u leu l!i, -Inn iiil,li'-en iV ltho'e John on. t!. I.. ai-m-r and (' Moil! n.n. I' Sin h 11 or IU-1,!, Aiiiijiurioii an 1 Woodv.-tir 1 Tuir tield, Hi met and lirii-wi,iih. i-.n.p.l.I.Ht M. . El AT 52 UUN, IKAIi:.t ASDTAH.OR, TTAS just riliiriied from X. w Yntk v-ith the 1 i. Sri!lN, I- 1 1 1 1 s : ni-.i. n .-up- nor as- fortineiit of TillM.MlNfiS. VI'.l'IN IS, Ac. Hiop m (.'huruli ttriet, marly o po the llmls of liurlij;ton. M ly t;;, in.'. MVrs'IT.Hlor.S. A pmil-'tnaii 1 lon-.-in? to one of the mo-t -ini-ii-iit and --I'-iltliy f-iuiil is of ibis city who iiiu-t be wi II known toniiMier,uislr.euds hiMii-"iiiee the j i-ir ISI', up to r, eetitly, h. en bun tiLitlv .1 M'hh', ami lor seeinl yenii. eontinid lo his bed, In" heeim-sion-d to i;o il b-alth has reu-uneil In n Kuril erect ,o:.ition and ltn quilled his iar rne and now w-ihis wiih easull We IkIiom-iIiis is llit- n lenviii'-o-.i n .li seription as near ns posiihle, and ' Ut-r' is no i-.aL ration m it. Wewdl i'iveinqu. rers hisaddri es, -Hid (h.ulit not hunniu- lei-Iiii-xs will ;-.r ife thi !'!. r t y ; s. that any one ilmtblins, lit.iy Kneie tli.'si r.iets lioii!!li l-.e leque-ls ins nuiii' niiv not appear in print. A.i.on.'Otlu-r mst ineef, Air. fi. li VH-ilds, 141 CliriMK.-triHt, ha- bein re-tor.-d, and iil uni" pirn. mi! a-uiunei s of i!i- fiets of lu-ea-e. I -th were I heiiiuatisni, and eontracttd cord. and -inews. How has this ' ee'i I An ir-r. Itu ihc mliin Yei'ah'e Hlixrr in ' run , (.'i.' - n; s' .Vine and Hone Liniment u, r' ' '. .TO. I Ml. SJ'n ',it,j '"OMSVOCK .f- CO., "1 Maiden fsinr, V ir Vi.rA. n9 l'P.i'K S. NI'IAK, WhohsMc Ar'ti", a few doors, t:e t of lhel'o?t OtV.c-c, l'ii:n:;,i tt, Vt. r;nr?T..l7ICTQ:j CHiir. rAGTOHY v - A ' -Vl'.l.sON, c.iniiuiies the Itiisini- of loan-if-.f tilling YV.-whi l-lt-nrs.-it I h-1 ..1,1 ,:t!ld. of the lol- l ow-iti;' i . pcrii'tions : (in ..lane !rCW; Ti. .,.,, f ',,. -J. , I l',,,m.,l, I 'nn, S.-vfZ? and 1'lair t-'iat. I.arue and Small 5 vSi Hn -'lfl -i:,t Hoi-kin:r, do do Com- fij I tiiott do, oniinon inning, e. e. i:e. B Allot which are warr.-inlid a fust rate aitiele and will be told at price.- lo eoiri-spoml with the limes. PEATnr.r.s, and ri'.vnir.ii ui:us, ui:adv ma nr.. fonstmilv on hand, a -upply of warranted I,ie fire e l-'ea thers, which will lie sold low for cn'Ii. W WTl.l). bv tin-Mib-eiiber. furl and Ilirds I'.vi Maple di'neied'at hlbslioiiui Churi h Fire' I. oppo-!te .1. '., i i .... i. r. r -i-r me otu .'..nn. -. " ar.vii i ii. tios-TO tciv .". T. I', it w. r.. -irnii !--iiin" eonni , t, d ill, ir Tin .-hops, w iih, o- s ti dial hue no, i, r the li tine ol 11. II. Ilo-t- ii. Ck a Tic " i ii neeuoi, I by --lid I.o-twi-"!;, f I, -.) I I uind a full ami . onipli P- as ortnu-nt il lIN ' RE. I'-.Tuil'.irtuied ptc ly lor llii-ul.ul ' n i.-Mli'i- wild Copper mid Sin-, t Iron worl,, S' I'ou- S om! ', riiiioiini's, ie. All km s of .lob uturi 'i, ,1 it -!i .rt ti-in e. lue irotli ami co t ir I I -in'u ,! ut up. C., i ii i iuni.s ami .' I , . .ii-lieil an,! - t if i.qtii Th,,i- who v ie 'll branch . f l,u,ne-s sh.ill, r.t this shop, pi V ail i v.cll -ei v. 1, for ire ism b eouipui ai . II II. UObTWICKi'c C. Ilutimrlon, Apr. 10. 131'2. no vxrox s,- iil tjutt, ( -ces,,, r.- o .S. A (i D.U.IIrr,) I) 1 1.1) i.-l'ieifull) 1 t nn tlx inlnhitanlsof 1 o ii,.-li an. tit- 'ow 11- tint they w 1 1 idliti-me --.spire l.itui.Tlv oe- , S i ti 1). V, ller.auo' now r.rnv r ..i-.-ortniint' f I'.iuev Dry fi-01.V, ll-n.l- (..oeeri.-s whieh tbryoiT' r to ih.-piiblie a 1 !" pureli ised in tin. eoui.Iy for 11-I1. 1 ..illy s-iheil a hlmre of public 11 itiotiase, 1 inn ihur piit.swill bo fo ml tosmlall may laor them with a .-all. ' NOIU.i: I,. l'.OVNTOX, WH.I.IAM llUitlUTT. ne-luirRh, Miy-I, 151-'. 43 II N O C 20. rpHE Snhscribir would inform the p'-lbu that lie X ha- on haml a neril asnriini nt ut Jlarnrsit s, Smhlh a. Trunks, Valhscf, Carpet 1'ags Whips and hashes. and nunii 011s other atliclis ui hi-hue of I uine", w hu li will bo ?ohl .is cheap ai eau bo bought in this vieiiiuv. rinnnil. l-'ull Cloth. Lumber, Wood, nnd hit 1 k ads of farmers' produce reei ived 111 piymint ?j--ftbop two doors l ast of the I'ui-l Office. Is nlsoltipt br the fiihseriber a f.w roils ti-tot t'i." out. when- the public will nt all tuner find a man 111 iti.dmess lo niteiul e-il s, anj as :oii llorsisaud CarrtT'esase-in b, foun I in tho place, .n d at ns l.t r pi iris. 1 S, S. SKIWEH. Hiirlinyton, .May 3, lri lv. it. c o 1. 1; t: it r ti a co. UESlT.CTi i i.i.i iinorm ni. ir in inn ami tne public, dial the) hau-nuv, opund a I.nery S.alde I mil hive on haml inuv lor 11- s nne c.vellcntllorscs md fairii?es,Sli i,"lis,llarnes-e-,ie. w huh they will el on riason.iuie lerins, ,-tnlileat i!c'i,iuiiu rilioji s Intel, soutu mil oorntr Uot.rt House Square, lurlmgton. BOARDING1 HOUSE. "His JIouso is now Ol'E.S' for the reception of . bonders. All who wish to bond, are nulled to lall nnd cxnumo his hou-e and t!io pemhar ndvan- igc win-11 11a eons'ruciiou ami location oner, ior omfoit and rotuemi nee. 1 kiimh, irv inoilerTe. May 10, 1TJ. CASH STORE !CD n. i 1 . .1.. .1.-1. : I uf I "rl -i. rjii nnd icniiiy iluit ttny Invo uM IM-Hii; 1 , Moro rerun iv uul-ujh' k A I-i.ll. nr, on Collet HioeU Tho K" r ).ii n. n4 wltt roiij-i-t m TSiLtcfl JJ, '.i (roods. ft"'in l1ft'.T5nMro",i 80 "I1"' "fa"' aml "lnilnj'1vn;. pjVhnofor fuinisluns th' ir o..r,. l' wi'.i .-.' ,'K V-.h!a nrticles. nnd that lluir nn- S?ciilly i.ory favor them with a call, they I ner,i'v..'.l'' hni" ,' V f P""'"5 patrontiBf . . : r.-: 'JlUPn.. ' ut rf irpiwr il noHnrllilfnt o! fill ft,!; '"Ct-wli'iriliey oiler for the lowest VERMONT, FRIDAY, U OKl-'A T'.-j V !.,II,T..IL,I. I.IKl. .Ml-,, R KM s.-T illl I'lie-i-iiieilieiiie-are nidi" led for their imiiumi the r m luitl'-t iin-l M-ii-i. lo aetio'i i 1 p infyinn tin priii'.'-au I elunnels of life, nnd i.-uuinn-j tb'em will, reiii-wel tone .yi-l visjor. In lu.loy h ul Ire I eortilie ea-usiilneh ban; I ecu 111.1 1.; pi'li, uud 111 nlnui-i e.ery -peeies nlili fii-e t" w hieh Ihe hum in fr.iuu. 1 I I'll', tho h.i.ipve e-i ofMorrAr'-i I tin I'Ili.-ami I'llFstx I'lTnii- Imu- been ljie.t I'd'y I pdli.K ui-,iiowleije,l by the pcr-on I ene i 'le I, nu I wh' .veru'iin.ieq uii'i'd wrh tin bea ilif illy phi-'o-o.-liieal prini-ip'i'- upon win, hlhty uieeompo.'.iul- eJ.ait I "1 win -h 'heyei ti i' iciitly a--t. 'I lie l.ll'i; Ml. I'll IM.S iieniiinu -i I them i-lve-ii, li ei-i-i ol'uvi-i',- form and i'e eriptuui. Their (ir operation is to 'on ill fi 1,111 the eoais nf the -lomar-b 1111 1 I o-Ai-l-, the vnno 1111,1 iriiie- nnd eiuhties r-r.ii -tanlly.-erluiL' nro in I lliem; and to remove . ,ar. dene l' f-i'-es w he-li eolie -I in ihe convolutions ot' M. -m.i!!t'-t inle-lin.-. 0 her tne he. no- only purli.i'h Ii-111 ethu-e, an I leave -ueli 01 llee-i-1 inns es I i-himl a 10 ro,l iee li i1 11 ml eo.tin-ue, with all ii luun (J) ev.U. or-ud leu .h.irrlia' 1, Willi it- iiiiueneut il.iirer.n Tln f.iet i- we'l 1 now u to n.l rej-ilar unaioii.i-i-. w lioi-xaiiiine the h man I im.-l- .if er.le.ith j and heuer 'be pii'tudieeof those wed uifoiineil men uirnm.t quae!, iiieln-uie or !nt!.licuu' prepar.-d and ber.ili'e I ii, the p'l' lie I y i-rni mill per on-, The eeond .- et ol lh" Life Jlc lii-mes is to lean-e the l.ii'ni-ys and ht, 1 1 !i-r, and I y tin- mean-, tin l.ier audi lie liin-j.,iln. heal hi ilueiion ofnhiihenliielydepin l-iipou the re LTiilaiiiy uf lliu urinary ur?nu. The blood, vhieh,i:-l'- releolor fuun'thc ui.-iu y ol the liv.-raud the liiiii.'-1 etore it pae- into t!,e heait, I ems llei puritieil by them, 1111 1 noiri-hed I y food i-oinui? lii.m a elean stouiaeh, i-our-e tieely tluo'Uh the Veins, lene-.v-every part ol the -y-leni, and trinmphaiitly mount the banner ol'li ui ihe bloomintf eliee!.. .Mo lai'- Vi'setni le Life Me lieine. have I eon thor-o-ti;hlv le-te I, and prone inu-ilit -oveieian u-mivh for Dy-pep-ia, ri.itoleney, I'alpitalion of Ihelleart, l.o ol'Appeiile, lli'.trt-l urn nnd, Ke-ile-Mie-., Ill-leinper, Auvieiy, l.iiuior an 1 .Meiaiu holy, Co nvenes., Di.irrhir'i, Chol.ra, I'l-ver- ol" all" bind-, 1,'lu-1111 111-111, tluui, )rop-ies ul all kind-, fonu-l, U'oi-in , A-lluna and C. n-'itiiption, Seurv' l', er ' luv-ieiaie Sou--, Scorbutic l!i'itptuni an I 111 I Com-pl.-Mon-, l.'rip'ive eiunp'ain'-, -allow, Cloilv, and oiherdi a.'reei' le Cotiielexion-. Sail Iilii-om, 1 rv-in- e!a-, Coijinion Cold- and lull I arioii- oiler eouipl mils w li it-li mlliet theh -m in frame. In 1'i.iu and Ai.L'r, p.irtieokiily, the l.ile Medicine, line lien mo-i eiuiueuiiy suei e--iiii ; -11 mm 11 -o urn 111 the Fever an I Ajrui'ihslrii't-, I'hy-ieiau- alino-l i.uiieisai'y pre enl e them. Ail in it Mr. Mol'al req'i're-of hi- patients i- to le parlie, liar 111 1 1' im: tl.e l.ife Me heme- -Jii.-ily ari-i 1 - liuu to the -Ineelioii-. It 1-not u iuw-p.i',eV iinlite, or !iy anythiiis' llit-t he liini'i-lf m ly-ay inth.-T favor, tint "he hope, to j'ain credit. I', i-alone by ike re-u!t-of 1 for MOKFA'l'S Mi:niCAl. M '.M'Al.; ile-.L-ned a-a louie-ne sr ude'olienl !i. Tlii-lit'le i-nnphli", i-d'-i-,! ' y Mo ;.ii,o,7.' llro.idaiiy, New Vol! , ha- I eru out li-he I for ihe oorpo-e ofi"t .lainm-z inoref l'y Mi. Mo ,n' iheory of di-ei-e-, an I will le to 111 1 lu-.'h'y iiitcre-tiiis lo-'eison--ee! inir heil.h. It tieit- upon prey.ili-ntdi-e.i-e-, nml ihe eau-e- llicreif. I'rue, 251 eeui for-a'e! v dr M"'i it'-A jen'-ireueral'y. 'i .-e valu ibie Me ' ne- an- I. r -ale I y t.I.OllF.i: I.. W VK.S'I IS A- Co. J.-h.-.-i 11, (''em r'al Ase.n-, 'vwliouial' order- from any part , f !.'.- Sin'e or Ctna ia, will I e proi.iptli atweri 1. 2d t i Dec. 17, IS1I. HAGAU ARTfWi:, tleneral Arreut- for Mo at'- eeii-' rali'd nieilieine--, tow I i.til appheatioiis lor agth.-ie- viuit le nd- ,!reed. II irlunfin, .Ian. 2', 1812. jSJ ATintli'h l.UA.Mi Kl h'IOKA'IIVi:. 'I hi IN v.i1, ul le Vere-alle Medi'-me ,-uirid- uurivallei! fur lliefulli , in 1 eompl rut-, viz : l'y-pep-i 1, or Imh-e-!ioii,di-e.i-e I l.ner, 1 1 1 10 i.ih-i r,'er-, Drop-y, A-tb-iii.i, Co!iwnc , Woiiii- and lo- id Appetre.'iin.l by , -leau-iii Ihc -10111.11 h and I ow el-, enre- pain- m the -i-'e, -tool ieh an I I ri'.t-l, euld- an I eo -crti- of lonu -tjiiiliui!, lloar-i-ne -. -In r. ne i,f Ire.nli, .Seivi.u ei,ni.l 1111I-, e'e., w ll,' h -lie lie'tieully iu- e .eel ut 1I1--ia-e. Pel-r.-ier:ll.,l At: a-, II l-.lllo-l v.!l.a!i pre veul'i'ive n-w e I u- n -ui.'i. urn t -nie-!. I'- vir',,.'. -upa-- any ilini-r liereti t"ie ..noun m rem.ivu,:.' St. ti,,- I1.!!.,'.-, iv.-o I o: ly- li ne 1 ecu I iiown 11, i-,ire 'lii-a!l!i,''in,!i-ea-e, aPei havi'1- lalili'd eveiy ii'r Mini I, 'i li ,r u.11-. ll ha- 11 imi'i powt-iful ini-nee 111 re.'in v.r.s iienou-e, m;.I.i ml -. It 1-1, lea-nut tot.iki and -oe:i-v in 11- oper 1' 1011, that it may I eniliniui-p-it-,! to tho infant w i'Ii afe y. Tl.e above -Me.iii'ine i eery li"!i!y leeoiuini 11 'id Iv iiiiny M-ieutuie irenllemeii, :i l.ll -'.- 11 .in1 iT iflad.e, who have loinl '1 1 vn. e- ul tl.e Meuieuie I y pt'l-i t..t J useend 1h.1t 1 f.luui l.iiu.l.-. A I ill ot ertitie.i'e-ai ion 11 il-s i-.ii-h l.otilc, vuh.liiH-i n-. ll may I e 1. . I w ho.e ele or re'iid ol -. Un a, n, I'.i, ie. and J. C. I .1111 1111, l'.i-t William-, own, 1. M,,i- pi .pr.ei, r. I'.epai.d liom ir- , r,m ,tl le.'ipe ; i'-ir s-i.e I y ' . IVeuii-, Mou'ieli..r, ,in,j f i:ri; 111, ll iilimrioii, and 111 die pruieipal town- in ihc i.ilepill are 111,11 - u iieo o. , '"- " ... 11 01 in 1 ue proprieior E. I.. I-'Ail.f Mt i'n. s 11 1'!. 'i- lhat ha c.intuni-s lo cirry on tint bu-i 11 '-s is usual of 111 ipulict ring st .io w"ite ot a s 1'ii'rior .111. iht v III all its varieties 'rid will m all 11 ii"S lie m read'ss 10 sui'tdy liiLllIl't I Ml I tl 011,-t r. ., . terms, nil ',! rt pn.iiipty alluidcdtu at Ins I'acloiy , 1'eirl Street - , H. ,s1( ja (i:r'.. I'Ai'iiAt.:: i-imms i.s, U-..t H't "en Miiniiy and Montreal, INTiI, further noliec, Ic.hiiii; Albany (n m-une-day, an I .Montual on .Satnrilayofeaeh we-k, 111 "-Jinuxi'm with llain.len A. Co, at .Mi ,mv 1.1 .Sew Yot'i, Pli.l-i.b In! ,-i, llo-lou, I.licrpool, I, in don, Inliul, .!,-hI.iii I -hi ( llivie, -f-r the onol Spin,., l!-u,; Aukh, Vahnble I'.niers, I'.ick-ii:es cl (, liaolis, and all ollur Parcels that may oik r, Mon reil-Exi-lnntze CoT.e House. AI any No. 1, r., hati-'o lluililingj. .ew Vork .S'o. j, Wad --tnet. llo-nili Nu. 8, Conn Strut. Ilurhii-tuu J. .S .1. II. I'- c' , t.'c Co. in,s Ems IkiKcn, i ,',,,,. v I.. V., I-. I. II. Rnr.D, J Albany, .x. 1. 1. VnLi.s. 1'.. -v. 1). 11. IVvm, KrLi 1. .f. Co., A. IVmnis Troy, X, V. A II. W. IIvnnN A Cn.Cnsllrton Vt J. A .1. II. l'r.cic it Co., Ibirhnjtnn, Vt. .1. C. I'Kincu.f. Son, St.Jolins, I C. April 23. .j3lf. lMtlVATIJ H, l.l.CT mllE new nnd pia -u u- lb ildinj; now ereeiin m 1 I ast Charlotte will I e lycuo I (if the Lord wd!) on ler the -iiperuitendenu-of .Mr. J.Tr.-, a -i-'ed 111 Ihe l.aihe-'iVp.irlinentni French and Music by .Mi s M. A. 1'i.n I'ih-kkc, If. h .May, IS 12, Fall term open- Sllih Aum-i, Winter do SS'h ISoyeni1 er, Twcl.e youiig Ladie- and ficntli-inen iia.-leae-cominoilaled in the family nf Mr, T. Tciin-'S2j per quarter, 111 advance. Mu'-ieS0. Frcneh mid Aim-Ir-u Sa. Wa-hnig extra. Jlayri holais, liom 52,50 .Mi T, cilu'-atcd under iheearerifeminriit Teacher-, and ha vine, t.iu-.'l.t in London, En-,'., uu I in llu Sia'e nn e her arrival, 1- limply qualiiusl to-iipernilend the I'll lu'li ami Music ilepailinciit, liuti'iiiiueul sinctly p.uenlal. To Iho-s unacquainted w ph crv', c, experience .... 1 .......... -I- 1 1. . , . 1 I'.T.I'usle-l v, Hiirlinirlun, in,, uuiiuy . -"I... iiiij. Hi. liiiii Mil 01 1U l"i'l-..i.. ... 11. ..1 . 1 - o. ...... I.'. Mom. St. J. hn-. .1. 11. llol enl iik. " J.C I'arke, Whitehall. J. Sheiiitau, 'erireiincs A, S. l'crry, Troy. Charluite, IS h April, 18 Ul NEW D08K STOfiB, " Livo nnd lot Idvr." rjlIIK mi! a-ri' er his re-eive I fioui .Sew Vork n 11 new Hipplv . f S-hiol Hun'.-, Ilihles, I'ray.-r lion1. -, Te-liimeni ,Ae, &e, toe hrwrlit co- I n -si ilmt'iit id al'uuer'.-, nud Iloo' -I Hiding So .-!,, tit win h he uivi'c- the 11 eirmii nf the pul ic. IVrlnnr veiy iri.llef d f irlhe Ii1 e-a! pa'ronite heietoft ro ie icne I, he will renew hi- ceiti.ui- to please till may favor In n wilhiheir pain nun'., S. IILN flS'C.TON. fyi.c-' ll"ili!injr, i-orncr Clnneli and College H., -i i -- ariv rtrinur r, nign nru Leucr, Juno 10. N O MlSTARfJ.-Smnltrj jieef 1 also, l'orl; hv ihe Jun. 11, 1812. ' ,) DAVIS'. AU G U S T 20, 1842. II ' l 7. " -rs . -. U A t. S A 31 ( y I, t v i-; It W (HIT, Ol-erye when von buy ih.n yti'i pel the peii'tine, .rep.iiel nt 3,0 ll.mcry, iSew Vork. Sie tint 37J llow. ry .Sew ork is nu the wrcper of enel, II,.t!t.-. ll other- are 1 ra ids nnd -old only by -po.-ilnu r .vilhi ill roiMi'd to ii-tii e.tollie puklie.or the propiie ors ol the genuine article. fpOlt ins'iinptinn, and Liver cnuplniut, Pyspep L .-in, ilizuie ofihe held, lo.s of a'.pi-iie, fly-en are, nn I icruht'orof ihe whole -v-'em. . 0 -ueie-i i.y iur em lit year- 111 the euie of these lise.i-e-. iC?-"l!eiiieiii!ir the or.irnnl and (leniii u 1 - 111 1 ..' on I y at .So. 37j Uowcry, .Sew Vork. All olhcis aie eounteifeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! As a iieuerut n-itn- ly for Ike etliscn-e-, I urn fdly sati-liel, tiom ons exp.-iienie, there i- no iiieu.e ne ep'alloDr. Tay.ur'.s of Liverwoil. lain" pure y uvetahio, 11 ean be .;.cd wiih the uiino-t -ale'v I y nil no.. on- in eviry e ,n I111011. ll i-Vi,,,.. ,'L. ''Hi- by e. eeioraoon, n-1 eve- i1if!U-iil Iteiihuiy, uiid-eeuisto health,.,. I,,.. 1, -llti-rei-an Icnoque tiou hut ii,,,. fr ihronieeo ith nni eoli!-. I h.tM- u-i-.l (dMr V(.,r M IMV ,,ra,.. and alwny-web -hi ee--. A, 1', KCKll.liS, M. 1). Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor's H.i -umi t f Luerwort to to aierlam loini-dy for thi-eomplamt, ns I hive n-ed it my.-ell umi tuunj 11- i-.Vel- 1111 a'e. I y.i- liiiieh troul led until I 111, i,', ifihi- me heme AI. L. Ill NHIAW. 211 Manmi, -t. Hoir-eup Ciuel I'm ilu-e, re of hoai-eue- 1 cm -Iroudy leeeoiiiiiu-ud Dr. Tailor's llal-ain of Liv erwort. I li.n e not oii'yli nnd n'nat I euelil my . if, but many of my eoni'i.v.i'u 11 1 y my tc -i-iunini-nd.i-iK.ii have te 'icved t'reai I enelit iron! us ir'.-e. ll 1 a time nu'd ,eila-.iCio-,i? at: 1 ji, , 1!L . S'.. LEWIS. Severe' (iu?hs and Cold I have had n mo.t -e-v.-ie cold and eoiuh, lorn J0112 tune whu-h I eonl-l not set ridol. Aler 11. im- many u-i !e-- Huns-1 n l layloi - litl-ani of Luirwiu'l, and it euiel 111 II '''w 'I 'vs. .I,s. (J. KEIiULSOCK-. Rii-uiS of Illood About two w.eks a.-,, J Uli (.ill, wneh e.iu-e,l me 10 -pit kirtre qu.itiue. of I lood win. h noifiin? could eiue mini I Dr. Tayh t!-Ikil-aiii ol l.iyerworl. Tin- n,e,l,'ine ir.-ue inuiumie. di.i'e i'i!,i I ,tii,l 01 u very short tune e .eeteJ 1111 enii.e euie. Lei all per ., 11- irv it. Jll'till MCflAr.VLV.Ol Caunon-t. Dr. Inylir'- Ikik-iim of Livnvvoii 'I his -iq erior lonii-dy lur.b-ei.e. of ihe lumj- itu. I liUr ha- ohiaui e 1 11 le.mla u 11 nevir I . foiee pialled. Rrmarkahlc Cure of Consumption. . . . w.i--ii near her deaili wnli tin - di-ei' e, lint my friends -enl tor u pr e-t loconfe im- t rp . 1 1 ,, m In. iii,r-y, told nu-not to ,'iveup 1111:1, I ti. I)r, laylor'- Ikil-am c.f l.iveiworl. I -rut unine,l,ii'elv fur this niedieiiic, and ul'lun sU ihe eon-.-t fur a fevi- lay-I elwien ihi-melieine,i.iid my ih ea-e wa- -veie, the iiiedii-iiieeoiiqiteiel, iiu'l m a furlni.-lil I wa- ic-toitilii.h-a!ili. I ha la con-rh, lai-m.- ofinat ter, lo--o my voice, pain , we.i'. ue-, iVe. "iciniie. fer 10 Doep.r Wjl-. 11, in t'ic Carlu lj,, -,. ,,v tniih ofiny -taieiiiein. MAR'. DII.L, K i, i-,,,-. Ilewaie ot lia 11I-. ,131 ,ucui.o. kit mr.: er Complaint, The Hal-am ol l.nerwoi', m -i-veml c.t-c- of tin-di-e,i-e, w heieall oilier leme.lie, ap-, i-i - phy.. piuved, ha- pioduied a peillvi euie Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. I.', illad hu ol Delhi, V., ol 11 naturally eon. -u'upiive eon-titiitu'ti, h i- I en -live I tiom an on. Hint ly end I y ihe i,-i- I'"- T.i ', ' 1'- II of lav. er'.v. rt. A ....1.1 1 !..'..... . - of l',en , , , ; '-"' on uu .11,.. le-y, iindihu- en lei m .-eneral ilebiluy an I ei,i,-u,.,'." ....... .1 euii-ia ii eo.ij!,, i.e-tu.- ilii-h, le-t'e- mVI,t- ,,o. p,il- ,, I ,-i,mm. p.. , ,,k1tl .; - ,ee y ile,,i ; I,,, . c,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,. .,,, ii!' keallh'!'" ' t-Ur "" ' "0W '"IIV "w"-- Shortness of Drrath. V r thi. , ili-cu-c, I l.u- ,,),v,,v. tJ,,, nr. Taylor'-ll.ii-am of laverv.-oii an e,. lent leme ly. It V -o onie-o-ak.;,,,!.,,,. ',--m,-, that I .iln.n- .,. , my pi.i-ti, e, an 1 rtveuuu, ,., ,u my ,,en,l.. 1 have ii-e I it 111 -ome huudieil. 1 Cea-e. vviilun i,p fo'ir jear-, 1111 1 1 have never had 11 fail. In many ea e-ofa-ilima, I In ly lei, eve n lo hive I ecu thi ine.nis 1 f t.iviu? puviou- live-. L." all u-u ,t. c.i'oitin; liAi.i'ii, m. d. None centime but lint prepaid ai 373. Vimcrj. New Vork 11-will I e ..-en by the la! e!- and w 1 up , "r- 01 ei"h huiile. I!e - ire you look w lieu you buy. '1 be j-t-n urn" can alway- ! eoiitaiucd 1 fiko O' I e,il-, Me r-.'N. Love y iV Co., now Lovely ii Sev mo ir Dr. Moody and P.-I k it Seeir. Chi-iiii.t'. 1111 1 Di ii-.-i-t-, li .1 njton II. I! nne-, Cliarlo'ie William Klia'e-, Jr. I!i, hmon '('. o. Aver- -V Co Milton A. .V W. Hr.-i-u, lirm ll le W." II. Kt-e.'er' - "I II uri u ii, in,-, ,1 -u-w or, II, .M,l ,11 I ll'ro --..v .1. I'.iv-, AP ur,h 1'. 0- L. Oan.i, We-t Albi.rsh D.iv W. C.11 j-enier, Water! 111 v. "TY3IAN & VOLE HAVE re-e'vel the-r o-"a! ei'en ne n nrtment an I v.ine-y of Spr n,, si , ,.r q () 0 )s wllleh llu-v o lT,ll"le,l ly llllit, e ' p"i r. eo'l-.i.' 111 pari f I'r'iilcd Lawn-, Camlin--, Mu-lin- au'l iiio-.i 11 iij I au 11-. il It -I'm stuped IllUoriuc, f;e. f r la'ie-' s die- .New pa-urn Mu-l'ndeLaiiK-.-aim.trip'dL'oli.iii-., it 1. Plain, 1 lack an 1 blue 1 lack- Until' azine, l'i.-tili-1 I lie blue!, and 1 okne I do. Heavy bkc li Canton, (!ro ,'e Sv. i ande I'd Sill.-Mt.-.VVls. 1 L'ljini''.iel, -in 1 eiVored Menno, t-c.itt's ami l''ancy E.aiidketcliic Is. Mu-lin do Lame, 'I'll 1 1 1 1 wool, nil I fancy -iti-t H.Tiiiinij La, bene Crivat-, raw -ilk IP,!!,'!., M 1 Im i'e Lame shawl., raw silk do., piimcl Wi 1 'el.l. La Fancy nil. Milts and Cove-, eolorel Fil'ei do. Ili.-k- -evvniir n!'- do. Mi- es coined nil; (Tovi-, Men'- Li le Thiei I, tub tel siik.wh to ul'., and Kid do. M,.,'- I,),,-!; m an Ci.ivii , bln-k-ilk hilfll -e, aiillul.a r-'ilerSi-pui. der-, Lade.' white and Liu,-'- -ill; Mo-u au.l fdove-, win .i Merino Ho e, black an 1 eiloiv I till, an I Kid (.love-. I'm-Ccnflcincif 3 Summer ATeim Slripel mil plum ,u,. 1 ), ,11, i.,,rt. ,0. (. nibroon-, Il.ieolion .Mivure- and I'emiii , Mixed i'.itineiie, Lruiiuei e, Jacket Linen, itc. Domes! Ic Hoods. Indian Ileal, Sari; Mdl-, Mildle-ex and mbrr C011011 Slieeiin-.'-. A sreit qii.iuiity blea-'hed shirliiuraud shliluu, vtry low prucil. I'm. 11 1 leached eoiiun, 7-tl and j ard wide. ll.irileit do, 5-1 and G-l do. making a more cxtcn-ivi-a mluieiil lb 111 we haveevi r kept. Moriiiui" eo'tou sheeting, -upeiime imhleaelu'l eonon -liirim.', S 1 lolk and iord drill heavy tuk inn an I vv l.lhn?, Tin... Ca e- f Finlrella- nnd Para.ol-, C.11, l onuci an I neck liil.Lon.-, 'luileia do. Ualloou's, Ta-te-, A-e. Prints. r.il1 Iliycr, Meirimae, Dover, Hii-lol and many oihcr stylis 1 f Anieiicau print-, very low priced. English and French prim-, (iiiigliains, Ae. Ilioad Cloths. A cenornl u-orlineut of llurliiitnn Mill Co. Ilroad Clolli-eon-tantly 011 hand. Al-ooiher slvle- of 1to.iI iloihs and Cassimcie.-, l.'nglish I'icncli . mi l Herman do. F.-lle I Cirpeini jr. Sil';, Twi-i, Hmtons, Sure, Canya?, rdJins, Se'ecja, iSe. ite, H,irlmglon, 2') May, IS 12. wixnow SAsu. i.-SIIii h, s. Ti c uiiu cril crs have pur cha i d lhe JIai lunny for the iiiantitacniiu i f AViruMu-Sn-h lurnierly ownisl and ccf1 '')' ""biey Kuiuh, ai Wuiooski Cm, and me povv inan-ifaotiiriiiir eveiy i'e-. eripiiou, and I cop eon- taut, ly on hand an iis.uriuu in of 7 by 9 Sash, at thelollowmg prices. ..igiiuii v.i.-iiuems j( cs, per l. cht. 8 .lo 31 ' ,0 3 ''o 31 ,!o 6 'j 3 do 4 do 5 For ralo at (heir Shop at the Falls, and by George Peler.on. All order, in ihe above line ad.lri-.-ol lo (atlin .V tha-e, will to iliaiikliipy rivaled and promptly attended to. ' MOSES CATLLS',2,1. FDWI.N W CHASE. Hurlingtrn, April 3, IS 17, .M,i,.-.teu inn-nil tint oiepiii-,1 at 375 liowerv, -url., u here thu n. Mew.islir I iniu'e, ilieehar leerol the Ine lieme funne I nnd e taMishelly .e ite-ent -o'e proprieior-, anil whome ihet.nly pe'r (m. '.iiow-uimlieeompo-iiioiiof t!io seii'iine. Ii In- I em n 1 1 j-7 i s 1 V PATENT PLATFORM SCALES WARP. ANTED. npHI.Siirlicicis too well known to need comrnen - ii'i i,)naml the c.p, ritiii-t of seyen years has ielltonwt." t.,,1 ... ,1... ., J , ' ",u 1u111u1.Ti.1a1 cominumiy. t ,111 .1 V , , , uiiu uuraiiiuiy, tney an inrivalled-Coal yard scales to tui'-li from li to C t. fiinti V ;V!a","u'' l1"' ,0,w' vdi from 1-211,. ono 1 f '. 1 ' 00. 10 wi,, 11 irom 1 -i 07. to -00 lbs. Portabl, C'.iintcrdo-a ncwarticlo-to vvcieh ...... 1 ui, lij. jy in. .. J- ' IL Pikk & Co. Agents. llnrlington, Apul 8 ion. 'niiSM-M l.'S S'lOMAdl lll'IT'l 1(S. may b--LV. n-ed 111 uu or w- 'I he-i . e.'el iiler iiiooniupiwd puielyof Veyc nble- of ilif- mo.t in eeiltyet -peutic virn.e-. 'I lirvain miinpi, Iieubiily ti.r re-iorini; w.-ik ei.u-tii.iiion-, eleau-ini-nud Miemriheiiitii; the -loinaeli, rnl iiiciea-in? tin appelili n.o 11 pieveiitniHL-,'i'.-ain-t thei liol-ra inor-In-, lever nud acne, renifii iiur ,u, ,.,,,,,,., heart l,iiriiiii.'.weakc.e-s 111 i!. la.-,-i. ,,.,, ,,, Mom.icl, umi i,ih,.r -yinuioiiM i.I il violence ami li-.ii. One hox will linctureoiiL.i.'alloit. I'uh-Mi k. lltissr.i.t.'s Itch Oistmi.nt This choice and -afi oinlliii-nt 1- -ai I to I e l- 'o anv lion- 111 0..-. I',,. 111.11 .11 ii"iieal '- nu I, , I, ,,u, ,1 , .. il ,, in i-ll 1 111-o.uimeiii 1--o 1 en-am in p. no per (,11 tluui le,l wuh ihe uiny,.. ,!, t,,.r i() 1 1 11 11 1- a leme iy i,,r eiilaneoii-iT'iplion-, -ei ro.di- u a cli; ;. "' the head. . rauy oil, it I u-ukim- ml Which Irnin si,.::- h.,inof- m 1!... I.I,.,,. I l-i'i' e el-, a I i,t. He- 1.1 i.'s Vti.triiiir liiot, is Pr,,E e..n.. phv-ie, lor u.iicrul 11-e, 111 e.i-e, of .1 1 imhre, moilui eil-i! iluy , I il- . ,.., ,, I I owel-, lo-- id appcllte, '"'-'d.l leaih, eo-tuen.--, ',c t iM m.cj-t.. nn uiLt Irom l.ili.irj .leramiinieul-, il-u flu-eoiieetin-.-Ihe -lil'e el the I loo I, and e.'e .ti-iuir lh.-s-,eln (.1 lo il nnd y.-'ld biiuiLi-r-. 'I he e pi!l- mt- a 1111.1I ea ih irlie, mo liieuui'i't'likt r on n i.ur .,( .r.. iheu-fole a l.ll e :ul , ,-li y a.itiruif'l'liiisli. uie. 111 Liu- luouoiui, e,l n.-ia-h iyil,eino-i di liiu;iii-biil by ii' l:.ii !i I . , v ,.,,,,'.,,, u i.ii. 1. 37 el-, a I ox li i-ell - 1 e'el ra-e.l --vi.t llm.t'M (Iin't.mi NT. 'I hi - iiii'i e-iiona Ii ike I e-i ,111,1 ali- 1 ino.-ly i-verlc ' leled lo the n i!,u- lur lhat i,l .Im .',. ,l,.,,r,l. ,. s 1 1. I UIII I'M. '. hen- o her nu .111- h iveta, e '. 11 li i--,.o- iiv'el, and ihe I o-i lb 11 11 ha-! i.-n -v .-n-iv.-u , 1 I y emii.eui 'ia -tun 111 r - ea! - vol 1111- 111 it- pr.u-e. Ill- i-1. ally e.liea '10.1. in ml d, im e- , f tl,...l.iii. eald bead, 1 in.-W01 m-,aii I ll .3 im.-t iiiicera'e li.-l.. iVe. -So. Niilueioi. o rlni'M u. tin-in I,- ol 1.1 1 I ul ihe propiilor ehoii.e. ih.n a fa r trial -li.,u, I mil evi leme .'in. -up.-i i,,i . 1, ',,.V. I',, ,.;,() 1 ,.nt.,i . . For -ale I v ,) Spear iiud I!,,! en Muilv, iliniion; I'r. C. I.. Mil 11 1 II .11 is C.,L. II .... iiiir.-h; S. 11. Lain.--, I'h.irli.i'e; I.. Jane., I .eorviii 1 I.. Ivler, I.--c ; 1 , tiler V 1 1 -ml 1 .11: n, Id,! l-o, ly ihe i!ui--,-i-t- and naTili.ii-.t- ctneiullv liiou.'houl tlie -tale. " (,'. pn' "i"isi:Asi;s or Tin: i.u.--(;-....i,-i,..ii, t-J IIim iuu.i j,,,,,,, 1 1, ,lv 1-v.i k., 1111 in A n,n km 'Kttutilt ufiiinnrii 1 Ihtlmm i il... ui'i.i s ..'.,., I . I " uu dv ..,.,1 .., .p , ,:n,.,c,. , , Ul (.inln.j,.. """""'I'' ' l'.,'l.-o,,jli al l,, rffl ,. " " is i. .le..,li . r-,4.11 tt Il.. "'"'""' ''" lb .K-Hiin.!! be m. i lavo.rtbl. ,..ii. i, .'. 1 "' l""" 'i'S oeii ceililie ne. .... ,,,, p,,,,, ,. Px hil ti in A.Vis . 'I H s"',n Cist Esii.iru.f . lener fmin Wi i'S C!..v, Kis" - c.-., ,N. V. i iI,p ii..pi-inr'. "i on., ul ,,'."' 9 diiK i.e'd iciii'p ii.ip ...-ll, cc' ll"- in . ii.i.le Put .,,... ii. i.. i . ...i '-- p..i-ii. Hi. l,i,,d' , b i I been ... k .. lon I oil,' ulih di- ci,ii-ioiiiii,ii. Hi-j liv-ii i.oi- had .umi lion up He i a. . rilpi . il si, Inw .. to I e ion be' io lp'p lotioell Old .....s rai.uij a la,ip qu iiuiu ul blni.d vvhmlie .T.i.uui up. i ii-iiu; ih,. i:,.,iu, wind, has PITMIeil.) p.iiiiipc ti, ip, l,p i. ic, u ,.. ii tip an, t hpaili a. put l,p as. Hi, M,,n, 1 1 h.t- it until .1 fi u in (In- inn n, bill lie Ii ,s'.ed tne a nu e ilel.illt tl ,ut nun. of hi., ea-e, i In. I. I u i'lf.,1 n.ird i.i.. V. 6 CLAV.,-inn, N. V. Jiu.e 23 IS.13. . Em i. .ci of a Ipiipi fneii Di. Aliets 'I be VpjjHible I'nlin ,ii o li.l'.un I. -is hei-n '.old in ilu. cnitli lot inn i,MK, and llu- inclieiiip lias c,i,i;c, ., i, ijiicuniiiuii eeltot itv , lot it -ciicen in nup in.i.tnrr 1 1 1 led ol hav m j lliedcueii tfli'CI. I bv in. meant. in f f ihc ui.o.v in, .Iiuiu., inri-1 of vvliu li aip mi piisilinus i.iiiu a iipiluliHM public, bin ll.nwl.lili I km. IV bv li. p lo lip Plfep ital, I I aiouil he't bill call' mi ipiob .linn ihe.pio. A con n I nli-1 1 pipp.liatlu.l It... been ..(It n-,1 bl ip hj n tiavi liiiu; A-jetii, of Cutunojt k, S. V. and Iheip is aniuhi r article vended heie thai i. -irnngli suspecied lo be.ptutnus J acor M v f n s, M. I). Millliiinlon, Jitui .la er. Pi nn. M.n 1), 1S;'.7 I'loin Dr. in-nt-l Mon, -II, i, ilu- Pni,i ii-iius nf -ihp Veae tali !i- Pul, iiimai v Ital. on, I am loni-fied ilMlthp'e. it-table Piilini.i.,..i v Hal.tiiu i. .. v ah. ib'e meilicine 1 1 I... he.-u u. i-d tu i !ii p! it p i nli i i,n,; Ipip -ticre.. in aitult.iinop enn-ptiuil ol the liinj. aheiuird vvoti .. pvpip c.,ii2li, Ins. ul voice, am ti- ral-in-i o( nini'li hi, tod, liulilia, ptpii.mrlv Ip-i-ied inativ appinvpil I a p.i t ipt I,, ns, ,11', i .,. ,i- i mi,. iviiK, ll i mii ii s toirp ic ii l in .1 and l-t- ua-ahl" io .pp ik audi l.v Phi. ..ic neriiiied .nine tune .inre, ain i,,. in in is umi- eiij iep.I not only in ainip bio'.u imu. i,i-..ii-iiiiiv, Ne. .-. lloiuil i.i.. li is tutiv in,., e i Ii hi six le.trs riiu-e I iv a. luoulit veil bo. hi an .ifi-Ti .n.l of il.e luni;., ,,n, r,, u.t.. dertaip,! In l.. uu uial.'p lu ,i pmnl.-il ol'lline phi -u-iaii'. I U.I4 ill, -a ip. inn i umi I h'Tilill ,l I hail en ovl'il I'.r in Hi) V'-a.s, liv li.n...' ll.p psptahtp Pul. innnitv is ii.a.ii. r-oicp inv iccnvcri I haip uroin ITpiiiIpiI Hip 11. Is, im in a PIP..I lll.oiv C....S uf 'uiij; i-.niip! .tats, mni .1, fi, ,,4 j cm ,,,tin, iu 114P Ins in. vamltli l.ei-i. (,.ll...i i , to inurli bn.tlii, Hi u. anv otiil.liie' it lias i fIVcll .1 Cllll i uiiu I. in-ll I.,. v lult'X. l-eii.-.l. ."-A-1IUtr4Ev1.iil.Tr. Il-s on, Ma.rl. 2, ISI17. I 'nr -nle, vv Imli-.a I. and trull, bv PECK SPEMLIIioliuamn, Vi. To Ilnlldt i s nnd oflici TIOARDS, Cl.tpbuaitls and Plank nlained nt short I Jnuliecj also a Circular Saw foi shtltnjr, ut the Itur ini.lou Iron I iiuiu re. ' iirnmp r ,,np ,.. at',,, l-t for luriiin lied Po-t-s'or coliniin. Ca-h Ac. re ceived 111 pay. JAR. IS fJAV. IliirhiiKlon, April 22, I?13. CKMKiN'T CiSTEKlN'S. THE -ul scnler- havintr the r! jlu to o-e, in and for the county of Clulien !cii, Pan ei'- Ilj,!r.iulie Ce inetii, for Ci-tern-, lte-erviis, A"q eslni-, Cel'ar Iviti-heu nnd Sia h- Fiut r, li r ilie pi-r-io-e of 111 1'. utg lliem dry and pioofa-raui-t r-it-j al-o Hear I,-, Sink's Are, would inlurm ihe inli.i1 earn- of ai 1 c .mm . 1h.1t they will I e ready lhe eoinuia sea-nn to n-ieud to all call-in the a! 1 le line of liisiue. and will warrant their wirk to 1 e d.iral le. JI'SFPII LANPOS'. OKLA.SUO OV.JiK. Ilurliagtnn, March 0, 1312. X. II. All orders lujlrc.el to the -ub-cn! or- at Iline-bu-gh tr Hiirlingtoii will reitive imineiliaie 111 Icniioii, 11 0 fJHF, ficiliticsnf lliu subset iber inprnciring books, .1 nnd every ariielu in his line are such ns 10 rcndi r prices, coritsponiiuiH 10 1 he tmii indupc the public to c nlmtio dicir pain inge to li.s .S'r.e Store. Any nubliciitlons not on hand, will be niovukd as sou 11 ns old-rs ran hi- forward, d to lhe ( it,.. oiksi - , :veil I'., pi 1 - .it u , a. fuljcws, I'ii Un '.il I! 1 1-, E-.-avs by II.11111 i'i oorl'1 lloeisf 1 ' mm, liinp.r.iiie Hvius, Wei! !l nnd Woith. Pauuiln !l dn, Thiita' HisMy of I'nncli HivoiuLon, IlioomiVld's t rctk Testanieiil, I'. irura' Notes on Isniih,3 Vo's, Wistnrs Anaioniv, Whtlplei'aConiprnd, ThoFaippa d (ikuy of Eugland, .an. rii, TlicI.s-tTi '.. s, by, A Wn 111I1 fur tho tomb, l.ll. if Pain, k IJ.-nrv, SUitcll Hook, 2 Vo,. It is well, Wav Murks, D. A. HRAMAN. JiOAJiDlA'C HOUSE. The Sub-en! er -nil ec uiinue- his board intr hone ot the foot el Colle-PMre-i, lfii!H.L near the Sniiare. and v ili i.e Ins lest U.MJjjgj ixerlioiis to givemli li'-nonto those w(io iny (ayor him wuh their patr 'ij aire, lie has also several eon eineiii and penleel noonn toirt... JOSHl'V I'OANL. No. 12. 33a-x-T2ss2rr7ic?js COiN'WAY MI'.DICIM.'s: rpiti: .Siib criber W. L. KIDDHl, Kives ohu X lhat he has Mie.u-d Ihe fate T. Kinder u. Ihe preparation ol the well known t unvvav .MtMciNt.-. HHi ll'ill l,n,, nlti.a r,... in. I ,. . ., w. ...... ,.U, IM , iiiiciiiii,! jo jy preiiiir.itloit ol lhe IiJIowiiil' nrnele-, the Ion" es- tl. hut, ol 1 ...'. 1,, ... .. I. ...I. ,.. n y " - .'. ..,, 11, iui" ii, e-me neee-sity ul a ie-i.iil .u-alion id ihe numerous iirtidiaies ia the hands ol the pioprie'or. Duct. .lihb'H Khctur.itlc I.lnlmeut. I'or 1 Mm eunlt.i,,. 11. ... s - , , , ", ' ' "-! i ii i limine-. ti ll Mam.. -Mi. n.s- ,,, . ... , .. , . , , - ,' ii iv ., v i i am ra lhe mo-t eiicxpce-e I and eunailinte rela Im he mo.t ,ll,.lllint. l-!l.,- I I t . 1 r, ... ,.i ., I ...,v ...... ,., ri ii ii nu r in . ar'ule is openly re uii'iuiiiled I y I'l.y-i.-inn., 'I , Liiiimeiiti.sdoueup ucn'.irjcd lioiiles. I'i.eu37i , enl-. Dumli-ica' Ilcli Ointment. TIlO PHtPll.iv,. -rtl.. r.,,,1 .,..,'. I .. I ... .. I.....V . i . " " Ml'' K P ''.I IOI1 OJ l-CMrulr.-' 1 re ll Oikimlnt, en-onace- ,.e in0. pr.eti ! to I it io He p., 1 1 ,- wi h i.iievvt I .-i. nli. 'cure, il- lhe lnr,-l i,.,,,,..,., n I e.'y fur tins iiuiu yn-j il-c.i c; i; euniinu, no ion. . . . ,., -i-n, is in. ' in, an i can ! e applied ul all with peiecl a(efy. I'ri 2a cent- a Hox. Itcmcdy fur (lie Pllt-s. I lie ctittciirrimr t.-tinu.ny il icbevcd patient., " ',' T--"" ii 'ii. io i lie cui o e iee'.eil It Ihemedieitn-afier all olh.-r- had ladvd, toseiker with ...u i.ioid.iii. i.i ui.ii.,1 i, r e lium all parts hi the eoiiutiy, prove it lole one ol lhe mo-i valuaU -pecihe- kiiovv-n lortlu- troul le-ou.e coinplamt, iCfA Clcrgyniiin Writes f ilo-ton, Fet ruary l:i, 1811. I have made trial of Dunilne-' Pile Fleemary aJ lounil it prudiiceil a -nlutarv md icuie iilinost mmif oi'ite ly, and eonii'Viuly Iclicie u an e cetunl n mc lor tint tincomtuital enul tie' , a imr eoinplamr. ll'imanity ha- md ,iel men, i.-ci mii.rn it to ptr-.oiii ha-al.helisl, and.ol - Ii til .-oiinii eiudo. , Your- ic-peii ,,ly J, S. I he reinely c-en-i t- . f an O.u-iiipu- and I Iceiuary. I ruPliT lo I, ,5 icn-s, or J7J cent-when b'.i mm i. w.iui.-il, n.-eouip,u,,c,l . , I, ,,-a, an, um.,.u JlW. .nous Willi a erip-i n.l he iom,.l i.nt. 1 ., Ilninfi lt' AatLr. I'or pore or i',7,i, Cyr?, muhuiir known clvej -uch immediate anil co)i.,;n :,:'-'e ulirf, anJ m somi txeetdinvltj bad rnits lhe in, s. uiicx'i ectwl nud I' !e rebel ha-I icn fu ui.l in ll.e i, e ol tin- t water, ilc other rtnud'm hadfaihd. Fs-r-on-w bo have, n-ed it, prono m t- n ,',,u! he-iaiii n Lii,t picpaiaiiou fi r tore, :rc il:, or inflamed, ti-" li.iveevcrm.1 i. ,i. Pi i, e 2.". ecu - a I ottle. CTltE FOR CORN'S. Albion Corn Plaster. ' ,:e J""-1 '-tie nu I -i iv, ly cure 1.,.- I urn- yet dis' 'overe I ; ihe I,-, ci ,,,,,,,.': ,i . ,. i iciiiove. lhe, or.i f ,,m tl.e 1,. ,i wuli ca e an ' er eoV ,im and in,'.:, the , ., i,,Le , in , R I ill . in,! aiiiilu ilueeiion-Hi'coinp my ea. h of ih a! .in c1.-. X. II. N. ne , f the il.ove nrn.-le. v '1' 1 e ceiK.iiie, uile--icneii W. L. K,d i'.r . n il.e o . -i c w a ier. , -- e '" lo- t o iii'in? II, i in, ll a c j, ,,c , ujl -..ur-, 1 1 ri,. r ol Mer ham. ;. ,i,, -0, ., uly . Mis.i.,. PICK A -ji'i U!i ,,,,,, vi. A h.ei.-il di cu ii, , i, y,t ,,, ',., ,. .. FOR SALE. i" T. i 111 C'K ,s i2 ''' 1 ". ""I' ' l"i-iiii.':ii stry, with Kiichcn an I l'rov,-u,ii ..liars, and a umi; 32 by bi.eMinhniriioiih uu C, Oc.-e(li,c,w eli woisl and -0 it- hoo-ehcovv, an I cliamlcr- nnd -lte 111" rionts nunc. A .arte nn 1 coinuii ho.,. II u n.c.irr a.e house icehou.e ,.ind.,th,-ro,!.hou.c., and a siia 11,11-yard we-t ot ibedvve:i,n-.'l , e, and a p ..d li ra' le well . ,- vi .. er uf the I ,.st q.,!,-y , ,,t. . ,a:f.. a,i 1 nek extern. One an I a quai ter acre- ol l-in.l, t.ftho firs, q iialu. j a la-iic uarJeu nmlchoKu iron ii-e, ive,t of III.' In ll-p ..I,. I v ,1M. '1 he ll.ul.l.tu'- aiecii-'.ruc'cd 111 lm.lern sly'e, cl be lr-t nji. and workmanship wtreerc-trJ Ly ilic-ul.-.rilprlor In-own 11-e. ..11,1 t'ic It.-atii.n at-lui.' mil it-a-.i tit pr-p-et of the v.ia.r an ' lake 011 t!ie We-t and 1-111 1 siirpa.-si-J lj any oihi-r 111 ::i--.-ii,,j I, ip-y. A -o lot .ale a lot cim'.iimncr.iitai reel land direct" ly oppu.jieil.e al ove lot w 'ill a .-nialleoiivcimnlwcod ,1 velum' Ii thereon. P r.-ha are inu-cl ioca'1 and exin'iie for them- -ilvi Terms made known l,y ihe -u' s 'ilcron tl pivim-L-. 6'AMI LL IU.ED. H initi.-t. ;i June, 1G, 1310. n3 U.Mia ;:t-:ml, of ramlly rioiir. fK ..... -,,,-ci,,i-i 1. nu iv ii-uciMi-jj 01 jTYrV pi '-'.'n-I-'mncnt, nud will lo well sup I HI. -ul -cril IT I- HOW- leccn mtr na V l!.' '-'S '' llie 'boicp-t Ilrand- c.f Westers l - 1 iiiur, pier o errd 111 th - mar! et. Ilaviiu Flour miiiulai-tuml Iv mote than twenty ,1. er-nl il,. I, ,rt... .:.,. I....'.. 1... thiil I lour so'd I y him .-hall die lhe mo-t perfect -,i 1- i,n in n, .1110 wi t - e iv at ram en 111 an cn-t-;. .S. H. Farcy llriii'i- eonvamlyi 11 Iiand. Dialer- ,11, Mercl, ,1111-ami I',.ui. ie-aior ri'eiTtul'y inv t-1 to order and irv il.e arti Ic. r .1,.,., .-1 1.1 . .,1 ......1 1. .... -...j-,. ,j . , , n j.. . ,1 111,111 lelai, on rt.,'-- pt ( f Dralt-, cciil'icitc- rl .! o.'pe Ca b. J. .S. III.SSI ILL. i.r .inn--!, iiuj, 4ipr,i . 1, ioi, -1U1-. NEW ESTABLISHMENT. "THE substri'i.-is haimi opmrd n Paint Sin p In J. ti'i-'t ilduip one dour .Soulh of ''s Hotel, would ttspectfally inform their frunds and the pub lic lint they arc piipmil to cm cute nil kuidi o( House, Carriage and Sign Fainting, Wilding, Glazing, and Paper Hanging, ii the neitet p". idle iiiinmr, ami lior 0 br sirictt letsontil ntteniioiito bus ll" s to receive a .h.ire of 'he public patror..";;c. li. n. spAfi.nivo, S. II. lassHLL. I!ur;ingt(-n, Apr,! 29, 1 '2. 4'i(. SELLI.NC OFF CIl.'.Al'. IHn sul.scribir, tbs.rous of rlo-,ti his I u i.v oil. is 10 lhe public, at re.-f, tin- wholt of l.,s "..,--..-, o.u ,11 ,, .,11 unit iii-i ,11 us siirii.'i it of pla 11 tin nndjipauiud waic, bra-ski ales, -.uu. pun-, siuvrs anu irtiuttutigs, aim tie-yullier 11 tu It iisinll j called for in his line of lc.uinc.-s. Also, ill r.1 ilnpr ..mi,- Dtnu II,, cin I...., ...I IP ll ... u, , ... ,u,. c, . ,,u .,, , ,s,, nnu v. iiouua t'iet.t -roll. slu'. 1 pottttpr. mp. t, ml p n, .0 .1 Ac- All pirsons wisluni; to purchase any of ih nb.ivo articlis, nre muled 10 call .111J (xanmie for llu mi he -, and they will be convinced of the abor Kill 'III III. Ill ., punt. .tup in tlirt l.n n.,,. nr Q,-.. r. must be ck'siil minuiiuitcly. cither by rnvmrni or ""le. J. J. STAR... Hurlington, May C, 1CJ2. 43 tf m:iv ami chimp HAlinWAIU), CUTLUIW, .J-c. epiIE sill scrdu r haiiup just rcturneil from New ' Vor'.. wlnre he has silntnl anew mid cm. pit to assortment of II UU) U ARE, SADI LI".Y IIAKDWAliE, I U l I.EKV, Ac. nowciUrb the tome at the lowest cash prie. s. From tne fjcilitus winch he has of obtaining his poods, ho is enabled to oil. r Hardware at cons-drr uoly less prices than it has luthcrlo bit n sold tn Ver inont. 'Ihose in want rf articles in the xbove lino will find it lluir iulcrot lo guc htm a eill. 11.11. .1. 1IU.N 1, Sirenps Huililms, College St., near tho Square. Hiirlmglun, May 1312. DRUGS it MEDICLM2S. fy II I fuIip'H crt arc!iitnl!y e-'pfl rrf lit rerv n,t!te in i',e n'lvp Lrnin h. la ih of 'Un Officinal and Patnit k'. , Mnluiiil i-s-f'-iii Snratoea : do. from ( tiled , mi. Csn"dM .,'eii-i ,1 Wines and Spirit p j Leeches; Surjuenl n'rcsl Minornl Teeth, ete, kSc. 1 reset. rtion ; ut 1 p at the hhortsst no'ice. Sbc-p cptn at "It hnurs. l'EC'.C & SPEAR, Apothecaries. Huibi'.-t, 11, Vt. . 'Ilh. MrpSRf.l'ANi-I ORN it I'lHXSMAID barr'ti-t l.i-eivrd n'n e.ilu ro-co e- li-r die exam na'ion ofiu.ect', (lower-, ite.j nl.e, Mu roseipcs or l ncti and w ool prover- 1 a (; " iniire 1 cnni.fu! o ned Puns A,erril-on 'h . nntei-"-, w jfrim c'13ioi;25 M isia Uot.cs, Flat s, p'lHget Ies an,' inslrii uieui i n tew lurht 1 ( ''d Of nfS, Scarfs, 1 eaut I put ems-, nimirei Sto, k, Linkcts, Unlanma Spitloc is, ... i. h 11 1 nu' ,L- rn .', . ni. n nrnc it, p s ...... JvPZ1 T HAT lame ami c nm-otliotis two slo. X r' nii,'K ellli:RUose f,o 1 11 lift F,'",'"ed on thu W(st2!u,l(.-olle.-p uteen 'i-i . ... no- 11 Cc. al 1,1;

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