Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 2, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 2, 1842 Page 2
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Is OR GOVERNOR, CHARMS PAIWE FOR LIEUT. GOVERNOR, WAITSTELJL U. RANNEY; For JOHN Foil SENA TORS- CI David French, GRAM) IS 114 COUNTY, William L. Bowles. FOR TOWN ItEPRESENTATIVK, I from llio Vermont Waicltmaii mid Journal The Crisis. It is alw.ivs the duty of a ltlli,'cnt republican to net md'-pcndi ntly of : 1 1 :itinii nf Mirns or elsfeat, so far a regards the rc-nll of an i lection. I'v tins, wc do mil mean that lie should n-i'l.U lv di-re-card all eon-idcrntious nf prudcni-e or expc'di' m-v, Inn only when ciiiiccsioii' arc tntiirid f Imil, involving a Mcrtji'C f principle, he should never yield. The present ciiiMonrpnrtlcu1 irly ii'ipiiring fii tic ncssnnd decision, Tiiu lrit ml nf llio people have b"cn signally eli-lcateel in tlnir ill'i! n Ion i-me enn'i di iin; in the rriliiina council", ami to fiirni-h iho peo pin w.than uniform curieiiey, hy the bans! lie.iehi ry and Irainl. It maj not bo amiss to spend a brief moment in reviewing the In, lory of the pint and in learning ihediity of ihe pri nil. Ours icniihai:rallyTlir. 'i:ui'l 1"S gnyi mint nt It was established, not for ihe purpose of rrruijn an interest, separate and ih tacheel from ihe piople, 1ml for the pcrpo-e oflilehihiig a! um interc-ls into me. All our institutions niepnpular. Il is Irue thai our laws are enacted hy riprc.tntati:, ilectiil hy llio people,, hut is is nevertheless njuallv n tunMliril the trii of the people tivcr lo he rigiiiled as the law of the laud. iNntwithstanling the truth nf tin. avium, we wcieoften told hy the ruli rs of our govi riiuii in during Ihe past admtui-traliou-, lhal the people Mere asking of the government too linn h, win u lin t insi--ted on the protection of I h"ir inli re-l, or rei ired f their Ki-rvaiif- a rt cognition of Ihur ri-;hl-. The lev O'lition of 1510 Wat reminded hy the overwhelming nni'itny who etl'ected it, us a triumph of the n publican principle) that lhc people were eapahle of M-lf.gnv-cruuicut, ill oppo-itmn to the despotic dogmas' pio rlauned hy the fi l'inj nt I'.tci'iiliveilict-itinu and it.--urptiou. Tint revu'unoii has proved euiirily in If-c-mil ; and it is not yet the fault of the people that it Ins done. jo. We hive evirv rcn-on to heluvo lint if he, who was eniphalieally the "lir-l in the 1 1 art- of his countrymen," had been pirmilii il hy an n!l-vvie Providence toiet.uu the elevated -tation lo which he had bom nnid hy an abtiM-i! ami insulted pe-eiple, a tota'ilv rlitierenl -latent' 1 1 1 i ri u llianthe pieunt would have lieen witne.-ed in our enuntry. Kvery attempt that his hi en made hy ihe fin lids rthe country lo InriiiMi an iiuiloriu curicm-v lor r I people, to protect the piodiielivc indii"irv of die conn- try, ir to riue a levtnueloi tlie wants oi the govein- nieiit. has been ibvv irtcd and d"leattid bv u powir necideidly ve-li'd hi ihe h inds of O.N I. M N. The thstress and ruin eousi ijoent on ihe imiHihori7.i 1 nets of kson, in I HIiiml H.iT, wne faithfully predicted and ih Inn an il by such men as flay and 'i hier, ami fioin lhat lime nil the pn win no i (li c tint incisures lo re-iueely the evil havebeen -.uecss. fill ; tliecoiuitiyishh'ediiig at e'verv pore-, allciiiiit nnd coiifidenee is coiupli.le y dcsiriivid. and the pio ple and their wan's arc alike disre ga'ule d. In the midst of this iimvi-r.-al eli-trets and confu-ion wo hear the'iu-ulting language of our oppom ties -Is (Ins the entertainment to whi h we have he en mult df Von proiutxsl iliepe'ople a relit ffioni lluir e uihitia-i-nieuts. 1'ullil vour viol ited ph ilcs or ai-kuow ledge that you have bti n ih-liouisi teooudn Is mil lying Vnivcs. When is lhat currency, wln re ihn pro. tei'lion to llio interests of the lami' i, and w hen1 that erverllowni'.' Trcaiirv which vou proum-cd u? f Vi u li...) in ili.. !. iin iii'i'.tiir .a.'.ti .in. ,...,..1... .a' 1 -i to, and you knew vou lied when yon made your piniiii-is.' i kluiw-i -i roni wnoin noes ii,m ian guigo proceed I from fie rery imn ir'io r.-ooi ut t'te succrft- nf thine rertj in"lur s trhkh are I'rindinv you to the dint ! Tins l.iiiLane i- iitliieil hy men who admit no power in Couiiies- ''to piovido for the ctlliunoii iltfiiicin. I c neral well'ire;" of ihe people, bulwlio nieevt i iiady to ri'Joie'i' when tb' Kxee-utive can iii'iii'i e.our-ige lo play tin despot. 'l1ioe nn-e-urts oi tlw government which nppr iho people most In ivily. are the only o ).- vvlueli tiny apprrive; nnil i"ii von niytm iiii-! ihi-in with the iwere'iso of that p.wer wh cli tin y are so anxious to rdilain t ( an v ol ln'uce in the lioursiy o thos pnteiu'id tii'-ii'lsof eloinesiie industry, w no no loiige-i ago ihau 1-11 icsolved tlint "fite pei'iple ne ielid no ntlu r pro tection than o be tit eionr." mid lint mdiisii y should tic It lt "lo tcgiilaie n-il!T' Win n lh coeiulry, in 137, vva sulfi riiig imdt r cuiharrasinenl.s sionlir lo the pre sent, 'ind proilueeil hy a system of luiasiiies not at all ihii-iuiilar. the se vtiy men di mid the obli gation of guvcrnn cnt to act wi h any refireuce io coinine'rcial eniharia-iuents othe-r than lo pmtnt JTfl'.lil-'! D'.a-alisfiid we may be, and lire, with the adiiunisiraliou of a JohnTjIer. but we liivi- yet toloamihii any allemtiou can be oblaun-il byre, turning lo the nipporl of until men as Jlnrlin Van liiiren and John O. Calhoun. The' prople. in l-'lll, eleuniidi'd a change of iidninijtrutlim not iiimm ly a change of intn anil w h it wc coinplain o( now is, a cnntiiiualinii of the same me-astircs which proved so ihsastrnus lo the tiurre"t id llio peop'e at thai pi nod, or latlier with the. sanies want id all measures calou ht'.d to relieve the uuharramcnu of iho people. One great obje ct nf the e onlesi. m 1- IP, vva lo oh tiiu a diminution of l'.Xr.'TTIVi: I'llWId:. Our democracy if it he proper lo employ, at all, a term noltcu employed and iierfr understood has not taught us to a'hiuri' a power icrled hy any om: mvn, in opposition lo the will of the people-, eir of ihe iieoplu'x ripreseiitalnes. The Whigs in Congress have acknowledged llirir obligations to the piople, nnd havo C'lde-avored, eir at least n majoiiiy ol ihtin, Io act in reftre lice tu lluir wislies anil I In ir wauls. Tbev have koine times erred, and to e rr l human. but whatever inav bo thought of the wi-dom or the Efe tndeieive, will ever gif utterance to liie insulting deetarilion lhat "thise are HVeeV timet," and ihe e .Mliniaii' results of Whig measures, livery body .iiiofi, wiiu knows any tiung, tint vviug ineaMiri , , , . i. i i , , ' ,1 tioiiarein'ravorofiiliiruing liiihe'i-ood old eon it. :iilional piilm of Wahinginu and .Madison, and of iiduiinistering Ihe government in ihe same uniincr iho-n palriota adiiiinnleuil il. Wo ns' for no more in relation to the curreni v or the tatill'lhnn iIiosh failure of the country mil of the constitution would "t0' ,it. V , ,. :! ' ."?:0."'. . '' etrri'tt tiii'i i.' nunr. in woet' i ,'.. i. .'. . ' -" , " - " I'"" lotuiue-iiisin ever iuhki's us unit uiiie oiuii'siiiuu niui iroiuunu lawyer, a prevail, "lint," say oiiroppouenis, 'vou have a ma- Mr. Sim he lor lho promised remuneration . mm , i , i ,. ,,. , . , , . t . ,, ,,iiiyinb..ihlioiesof t;," v.s, and mutt , . ,' ' i 1 ,. 1 ot"u"-r;inoi , 'votaries. '1 heir mouths urn lull o! blub, snivelling, rabid, third rate Loco, shout ap- ' . ,,,.,, i, rr llie llioiisilldlh lllliel we have .,,.. Vt llOU lo ! tills lllllk Ol pClleClllll) 1111(1 III .1 I- , , , .1 t I i . .. . . . ,. . )yf?inii,eP bili.y infused it! .irii..;- various f.ivolous ! bl"'' : ,Mr l,r,nc,Pi'1 W "We,-' ' pear to clu, s seat Iron, "the Slar lhat .. i..iin.r .. i in. I up ri-ii i tcit'i. uni ii.i'ti iii.rinii i.. i i'imii'i nils i v iniit lilt il in ills I il 'I of li . f.iiiii fill ' .... .1.. ..... in .... i ...... f . ... i. .. . .1... . si . .. i .. t r t i iiniiioti to Iby will of that miionlv. vou aiuirovc. I'..- .1 i:- .-.I:.... I.:.. r.. times. "f'iio tuiws. when nv-iirv ntnii of inveT tie'!.'! (Ili 1 it vvnobl in - libit very inueli tlie naine) iiiiug a v, and yuu nimul vouuenseu siaiuuient ol Utlt one ol the many I "ers or niuiiteu iu iioaiiuoii tueir long cner lhat lhi s very ilcliciom fare. acts of treachorv and ruscnliiv. wblch. if 1 ishml vvbii-iirincinles. Ri:mi:.miihi! ai l. that rti.i.ow-(;iTir.M.! liii'iif JsiO Let the name common report inav bo relied on. this same -i mi hum vou now win -li then led vou lo vietorv. M. C...:i:.. !... i ;i e. .'. . ,ls risiin nal to llic pretended piilnoliin or il,os,. v'vh,, "u !" "s iransac- ieji.ii-eat your c-dimiiie s, and the ndli ringti of the lluls Willi people in his neighborhood. ".Vi ', ., ' . . . ,.r itiicoiIi e tearb necause nic uiieicsis o it ftiinir'aii'IKl'lecteil, were never Know u io nun nil ,,-r in vonr cause till incv P'rceivcn an iiiori Loifl.i-f and that they could only mcceed 1 Treasurer, SPALDING. FIT TEN PEN CO TINT Y. Truman alusha. pietended friendship for your interests. The Ian ytniur they now assume tn tlcce-ive vuu is not their wincular tiiiigiip thev wire never Known lo lmv tuiployul it iiefoie. 'Tliey oiler you then protection vi , such proleelion a" vultures givu to iambs, cov ering and elcveiuruig llieiu." (Jive them once more the .tmi ndeney in our iialioual councils, and you would Irar mice' more the Ian.' age of a iliichauaii, uttered ill necenls not to I u uiisia'.cii, "Reduce our itoiniii il price- lo the ml Maudard of price through, out ihe world, -i ud you cover llieeo inlry with hit snugs ...II .1? . II II . I f r . la iii.d prices inti-t give pi. li e to rcnl." This is no time In heitate or falter. Uemeniher. il is as tri'C moras nrr. lhat "a full vntch. a Willi: I VKJTOItV." AMIt'fS l'OI't'1,1. The Cliallcnjrti Accepted ! (I'roiu ihe iiiuoille Sinudard.) Mil. Kiirniit : The following challenge appears in tin- last illegitimate and po. Iltieal bawd, ptiblislieil in ,St, Albans, yclept the Vennoiit lieptililieaii, iinder the oslen sible iiianaoenient ofii ri'itain biped wear lliirtlte co''iioineii ol'Jepthii Uiadley "Wc do iidi I'lnmi prrhi'l.on for .Mr. .Simla ; hut we do challenge tins mean and hj poentii id clan, (ofvvliuh el the .-iiainlard is the orau.) to s'hiw hy any ib'Ci nt and rcpe etalde person, an v Hung III his whole lif i ithcr eh-hone-t or ilishoaoralile. li lllll-r ll'IV IIIV W Illlstoi'il eln ir Imp. ii in oil's ivi yi-arii. if they bine now imnlr any luw dicovrrie, b I thi in out with it at once. No more iiisinu itioip, but come, out w ah jour eh irgi" ami proofs, or tl.ulk hick lo ihe dens or v'oar own lasignilh: in 'c.M Now Sir, lirlii'viii' uitli gnoil nnd suf ficient leasein, thai the alnive e liallenge was given out wilb tlie Know ledge and approba tion of .Mr. Smilie's personal frit ml , not to say rrliitirr.t, nor Lei i, hU hopeful .son-in-law, whose; aspirations for a private secreta- rvslnn lo ins illustrious mio, are striKinglv mnnii'i'st W hrneVer h e speaks on the subject of the approaching election, which he is not' slow to do on cvei v pioper and tmpioper the said occasion, and more espetiallv Levi h is been for a few weeks p 1st, loaliiio about the counties nioille, (to use a h ol l ianklni and I,a- p expiession of his own) "alihigin fur ihe coming his lines" and making ready contest, lint to the dial- tenoe. Some L'.'iorJiO yenrs ago, a company, con Mstiug of tie nfoicsnid pure and iiiiinat'iilate .Natliau unlie, anil a uuiiilier ol others were on tlu'ii' tetiirii fiom the city of .Montreal, whore they bad been to ilisposf ol their pro (luce ami procure necessaries lor iiieir own tlse, pi iucipally all. On passing the cos tninhoiisu on tin Vermont side of the line, said traveller s loads were entered ; and Iru Iv so, as was supposed liv most ol the com pany. The revenue officer however, to sat it himself that all was ritrht, and that (Jov rrnme.'it was not defrauded of its just due took the libel tv lo wake a personal exam' nation, and in doitio so, discovered a hit of mei eliaiidi.", consisting (as now recollected but imperleclh ) ol suuilrv arltcles ol lintel ware, such as jm sharps, pins, needles, jack knives, fih-hooks &(-,, which, it appeareil, was the propeitv of sale) Nullum Smilie, wheieiipon, the1 u'oods went si'ized. This calamity se'enu d wholly uulooked for by Mr Smilie, which weighed down his spirits e. ceediuvdy, insnmuch thai he shed leais and wept aloud. Ilesaid, that unless theie could he some compromise made about tin: littsi uess, it would iiiiu him, and earnestly solici ted bis associates, then with him, lo rende mm stunt: assistance, promising at the same time, in the most sacred uiamur tn imleiii nifv 1 1 -it 1 1 lor all the expense iliev slioiild in cur in doing so. Whether these exlravanan 'inaiiif'' ' , on that occasion, wen leal, or I- mrlbe purpose ol en listing symyiiiiiv in his behalf, is left as un important. In either case it had its nattira elfect on his companions. One of the num - lier, in coiiseqtienci! ol Ins anxious importo- nilies and solemn promises of indemuifica - lion, t.oi.oei. me goons ami procured their release, then Weill III Burlington mid saw I Mr. N'anNess, then Collec.or. and sellled I tho business lv naviii" (as near as is miw . . . . . . lecollected) aboiit sixly dollais. After nil . and in character, who having every thing lo ate, oiighl to bo succeeded by a radical Lo this ariangeiniMit, the person who had thus gain and nothing lo lose, aro consequently . co 1 What would they sav, if in iho place of i .M.IOI..1 mi tuns il esi i-eiti Miiee ins 1UI HIUI HKS- Hive eiiganemenl. The only uteruaiive was i. a suit al law, bv which Mr. Sinilio was coill- nelleel lo nav nil I In' iniinei- udni h w, t.v " ' , 1 , IHOIIM , tt null H as e.X- peniletl lor Inn), excepting somo 1'2 or 15 dollars, which, wilb much trouble umloulit edlv. was fiui.llv lost. Tlie above is but m , . - " ll.'ll't.l llllU-t IIUI Clflllll iii-r io r...i.... r'.. i i .. : fertion for his champion, Mr. Smilie. he does , claim that ho has talents, industry nnd lion- Y a esty that aie inimitable, mid it is quite well understood in tliis region, how tlicso exalted trails of character nro manifested by their somewhat singular original. Hi? talents, by nn ability lo sell (or att(!init to) llio worth less nitre mill sediments, from his aslicry (after having hacked llio aslics of course,) to his neighbor merchant, for pure salts of lye ; his honesty, in attempting to defraud the Government by smuggling, and those who aided him by titmchcry ; and his industry by laying waste widows' houses. Such talents, such industry mid such honesty, it is hoped and believed, are inimitable, unless Levi, nf whom report says that indications of char acter, daily developing, are verv similar, to say the least, may attain to be tin eipial of the wniihl-uo wovernor bmilic. Watervillo village, ) near Gov. .Smilie's, Aug. ii2t, 1841. f Violated pledges. Of nil aceunlion, the Ian which loeolocos should brine; ngntnl the Wings is that of violating llnir pledges. 7Vuy who ret notoriously hroke llirir pledges and belravcd their trusts should at least ho the lat to uphraid us, even if hlushiug crini" with gudt. .No the Whig have noi violated thiir gicat pledgen. What were they 1 7o repeal the Sub Treasury I it has done. 'Pa reform the Currency ; two hids for that pur pose Inyo been passed, and strangled hy the lyrani cal Veto. V'o I'rotect American Industry a hill has been pa ki, and defeated hy Ihe Veto. V'o reduce expeine t it has been done. Van Hu ron expended on an average inoro than 30 millions a vidr- in one year 'AS, in another 37, and in another 311 millions, JlelcfiSorO millions of debt, over 80 millions of niit-standuig appropriations, and n tie- ffiiii'iie; rrremif 7'ir'. N'olwilllandiiig all that ine iog8 now asK oniv . minions a vear io carry on the (ioverniucut, and ptovidu a sinfiing fund for the loeofoco Debt. H'e promised tn distribute thtproceedf of the Pub tic l.nnd.ii and have pa-fed a lull for that putpose. Tyler has kept the lauds out of market to reduce, the ale, and has not yet distributed the amount due. Our "hare for ihe firt ix months is about TKX THOUSAND DOl.t.AK.S. This wouldgive us $20?000aycar. 7'u reduce Kjrrutivt pmrer. The Whigs are re deeming lhat pledget a bill to reduce lusgreat power over the press has been already reported in both llousis i and an amendment limiting the Tyrannical Veto Power. has been sustained by the Whigs of the House. One Term. We adhere to that doctrine; John Tvler has hardlj a corporal's guard to advocate his re-election. Xorth'ltiislern lioundary. We promised lo set tle it, and it is peaceably, honotahly ami satisfactori ly s ulerl oit all hands. I'hrida War. That war, on which Van Iliiren spent more linn thirty millions, has been stopped) the nrmy is wiihdravvn Willi the exception nf n few garrisons which are always nnitaiiicd on the Indian frontier. Who, then, can with truth and candor complain ibut the Whius have not perseviringlv and honestly sought to redeem llirir pledges? To he sure they have been elefeited in iben great measure's defeated hy the treachery of no aciideiiril l'rt'sielcnt i but are up responsible tor that) Have wc justified or su I. lined htm,' No not but one deep-toned voice of! ui-upproiisnon lias e-onie up Irom tin- wings, while loeofoeoisin eiubrai'ed the traitor and univ?rsallv re joiced over the havoc u Inch the tviant Ins made with "H I II ' lih IGILAN 1 . " ' would exboit our big friends in tins 1 County lo renewed vigilance al the coming :UCIion. Locofocoism was never moro on ihe alert; their runners are going hiiher mi iiiitn rip. limn iint. .. I ; I. .. ... f. ..i...... i -! uunivitiiii uuisu in luitieiit; , ' a -.... eviire i i .. .I.. i . ..i , cuuiiiioii sensu miows iii.ii inn present state of things in the county, is the fruit of a long mal-tidinmistration of the Government, un der the guidance of locofocoism, No ono I " presu.ueu win no scared ny these run il is presumed will ho scared hy these ' -1 I I I ., I I O I i - i locofocoism brought llio country into its present deplorable condition so lho meas ! corns tt'finhl tttlvv itlltail ontvn the l-nnnlri' .... . - 1 wou,d onl' sm' ,0 ab'Srava,u "s nitseries ! !i ind prolong its sufferings. II i:i:h Nor, i:m iss nii:b or i:vn. . Third Party ism. Wc call attention to the certificates in this day's paper, relativo to iho atrocious mnch inations of that itinerant Loeofoco, and forg ing hypocrite, who has been around iho Stale, endeavoring to Incite tho Abolition Whigs tn seccdo from tho party, nnd thus secure tho success of Locofocoism. It is impossible to find language with which prop erly to characterize this infamous scamp. Ho camo here sometime ago, nnd solicited the aid of some of our best men to carry out his schemes. They packed him oil" as he deserved j and then, after being positively fo rbidden to uso their names, ho goes and forges them to n third party call and sends it out of the County for publication. Under that call, ho was instrumental in excluding the very men whoso names he had abused, from the Convention, and in company wilb SIX other men, this impudent emissary of Now Hampshire Uadicalism has sent forth a nomination to the Inhabitants of Chittenden County ! If any will follow tho lead of such n man, wo have wofully misjudged. Remember, That if you don't vote on tho Gth of Sep tember, if you let somo little thing keep you from the polls, you may have to repent at your leisure, llccauso the Legislature now about to be elected, is to elect a Uni ted States Skxatoii for SIX YEAItS, and to Distiiict tub Statu for TEN YHARS! What a deep and burning shame it will be, if hy sulTering a Loco Legislature now to crawl in while the Whigs are asleep, wc should be forced to stand by and sec a Loco Radical sent to the Senate of tho United Stales to represent free, enlightened and WHIG VERMONT, and behold Locofo coism gerrymandering tho State so as to send two or threo Radical Representatives to Congress ! Whigs! will you stand that? Canyon make up your minds to such a result, when tho remedy is in your hands? No! No! Then mount guard, and don't lay down your arms till you have battered Locofoco ism, just as you always have done ! i Speak to him. Speak to that man who savs "he believes he sha'n't vote this year, because the Whigs will get it just as they always did, and ho has gol something to do, or somewhere to go nt i.lnrlinn" cni. ,1- In it .. ...1 ...II awwuv tu tout IIIUII, tlllU IU1I him he is in a poor way lo stick by a cause that his conscience approves, when he lets little things call him away from the polls at a crisis like this IIu will toll you "why, the Lokies have bragged every year since I re member, how I hey wcte going to heal us, and I always went and voted, and they al- tras got Hogged like fun." Tell him Loco focoism is tin enemy that like nil engaged in an evil cause, sits up nights lo plot and plan, it never gives up, it never lets go it is desperate mul iinse-i iipiilons anil must be watched nnd gii.uileil against, and above all, must be compleloly Hogged nt every elec tion lo keep it cpiiet. Toll him just to pot oil' doing what ho proposed to do, until the next day after election, and givo onn tlav, one short day to his country and tho glorious cause in which he is engaged. Then he will have dono his share toward averting the bale fid ascendancy of a party, whose rule ho would regret, and his children after him, in the liilteruess ol their souls. Whiff Abolitionist! Is not Waitstill It. llaiiucy as much id an abolitionist as Edward 1). llarher ! Has ho not been longer, nnil more widely distinguished for bis abolition principles, than the rabid Lnco-foco who U on llio Williams Ticket ! Is not Charles ainu as firm an nholitiouiht as Charles K. Williams! hat more evidence have vou of Williams' abolition than you have of l'ainc'x '. Ilith have publickly declared itand Will. inins lias certainly dune no more. The differ- once between them is tins, that Charles Jv Williams is willing to aid in divieling tho whig- party on this ipiestinn, and to tec J.ocofeicoism ride into power over the fragincnt.s, while Gov ernor I'aiuo IS NOT which will you tako !

It is false Thai iho Whigs havo failed to fulfil any of the promises made in 1810, where they had llio power to do so. They have been chea ted and betrayed by the man who unexpec tedly succeeded to their gallant Harrison, yet ihey have worked and struggled against treachery on the one hand, and tho fierce and ferocious opposition of Locofocoism on the other, and have in ide every concession wlucli was consistent Willi honor, to avoid coming in contact wilb ihe veto which Tyler stood ready to hurl at every measure they adopted for tho relief of tho People. Every tune tho measures of relief have been arres led by Tjler, ihe Locos have shouted "well done." They have exulted and burned powder, over tho miseries of the nation. rVll nc Whether Samuel Premiss, our able and dis- . tinuis,ed Senator in Connress for so manv . years, who has dono so much to exalt and ...... i... ..i.. Aiir . iiuhiiiuhi iiiuiiiainiit.-i ui , i-nuuui hi iiiuoeii- vvo cuuiu never wipe out. i lieu I.'iko care ti ... . mi .i not tu send a Loco Legislature lo Moutne lier ibis fall, for as sure as you do, such will bo our fate. Votes. Let no whig bo excused from voting on the ground that ho could not get a vote. Thcv can bu had heie by town committees, or by any ono that withes them. Let them bu wt. scatiercd. so that every man may havn a chance to vole ihu right ticket. Pass them round. Lmst Year Tho Loco lies about Gov. Paine were trumped up at tho cvo of election, and pro duced somo clTcot. This Year The slanderers Itayo been challenged to prove the worst they could of the Governor, and their silenco has proved them to havo lied for the sake of party capital. Gov. I'aino's character is above reproach, as every man knows, who knows him. To the rescue. Aro the wings of Chittenden County ahou to permit themselves to bo misrepresented by Loeofoco Senators in the Legislature, when by jusl laying down that scythe, or that axe, or that plane, or that yard stick, that each may have in his hand on election day. they can secure the election of two ster ling whigs to tho Senate ? No ! they will go and vote if it "takos n leg!" What have you got Ag,iinst the administration of Charles Paine for tho last year ? Did his messago provo him to bo a man of'no talents," as the slan dersrs said last year 1 Has any act of his administration been marked hy aught except good sense, liberality and a firm regard for the interests of tho State 1 If not, thon votu for him again. Which will you voto for, Charles Pnino tho able, liberal, true hearted and Patriotic Whig, or Nathan Smilie, tho rabid, crabbed, money extorting, Loeofoco, who owns half a dozen farms which have fallen into his hands hy tho ruin of their former owners at his rum shop 1 Judge ye ! Take Notice What Eastman tho Loco Congressman from New Hampshire says about the naughty Whigs. "The protectivi: svstum is virtually and truly tho WHIG SYSTEM, while opposi tion to it is oneofthe CARDINAL PRIN CIPLES OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY !" (that means the Federal Lo eofoco parti.) Toe the mark. Wlion tho Tariff Bill was in progress, the - . . 1 i ijutuiutiia ail u. unit tinrv wiiiiiii irii leir nrn I .. ..1 ,1,,.. .1.. 1.1 r. ' Csw I" w tection if the distribution clause was stricken out Well, when Tyler vetoed the Bill, Mr. McKemiau of Pennsylvania moved the same Hill, with Tin: uisTiuiitrrio.v ci.ausi: stkicu e.v out, and how many Locos think you, voted for tho Rill ? Why, the whole of rouiiTnu.v out of o.n jiu.ur.i'.o ! So tho Locos are 14-100ths in favor of Protection, and the other SG-lOOlhs are against it ! e think tho division is not equal enougb to even make it correct to call them "halfand half" Turiflites ! Edward D. Uarber Is on two tickots Look out lor him. IIu is no more a third party abolitionist than Charles K. Williams. If bo was, lime would his name come to be on the Radical Ticket with his consent 1 Grovcrnor Paine. The sneaking lickspittles who preside over the Loeofoco press in this Slate, have at sun dry limes handed round from column to col umn, sly and cautious insinuations against Gov. Paine's private character. These were immediately taken up, anil tho sneaks were challenged to provo any imputation upon Gov. Paine's private character. They have stood mute, and are therefore convicted before tho world as mean, base, underhanded and malignant liars and slanderers and the People will judge of a cause by its advocates, and they will do Charles Paino jusiicu nt the polls. LET THE PEOPLE REMEMBER, That when the TariffBill was under consid eration in the House of Representatives on Monday of hist week, James J. JlnscvcltJ from New York, llic leader of the Loco l'o co members, moved to reduce tho duties on Wool from Tiutr.K cents per pound, specific, and TiuitTY per cent, advalorem, to one cent per pound, specific, and twenty per cent ad valorem. And that the Loco Faro mem bers supported the motion and tiil Wiiios oiTosr.ii ami nr.Kr.ATCii it. AND BE IT REM EM HE RED ALSO, That when the vote was laken on tho pas sage of lho Tariff Bill, though the distribu tion clause was omitted AND TEA AND COFFEE MADE FREE OF DUTY, YET EVKIIY LOCO FOCO MEMBER FROM THE NEW ENGLAND STATES WITH ONLY ONE EXCEP TION, VOTED AGAINST IT, AND EVERY NEW ENGLAND WHIG IN ITS FAVOR. In proof of this read the yeas and nays, in the letter of our Wash ington Correspondent. AND BE IT FURTHER REMEM BERED, That run Loco Focus fuom i:vi:iiv State in Tin: Union, with tiiiici: soi.itauv f.x- ci'.i'tions, u..rvi.Aiuu&m iir.coiiiir.n Titr.nt nami'.s AiiUNsr Tin: l'Assvur. ok tiiu Bii.i. !!! FARMERS AND WOOL GROWERS OF CHITTENDEN COUNTY AND OF VERMONT! GO TO THE POLLS NEXT TUESDAY AND MAKE YOUR OWN COMMENTS UPON THESE FACTS ! Did you ever hear Of Locofocoism being iu favor of protoc tion till about four months ago? Now an swer that question candidly, any body who knows them. No ! uvery one says, who is not willing to lie, that il was never thought of until Intl spring. Well then, Mr. Wool- grower, what do you think is the reason for tliis sudden balking about protection ? Was it purti disinterested alleclion for your inter est, or was it becausu the election win com ing on, at which vox might probably VOTEI Don't bo deceived by this impudent cry of Loeofoco friendship lo protection, when your own experience proves it n humbug. A Plurality And NOT A MAJORITY is required lo elect Senators. THEREFORE, Lot every Whig Abolitionist remember that by voting a third ticket hedoos not advance an inch toward electing that ticket, but, us almost every Abolitionist in lho Slate, is Whig, he only draws a voto away from ihe Whig candidates, und renders the Locos moro likely to get a plurality which will elect them. Supposo the Whigs had 700 votes and tho Locos 500. Then suppose 201 of the Whigs should voto u third ticket, the. Locos with a majority of 200 against them, would still be eloctcd, because they would got more votes than any body else. Thus you see how tho Loco Senators might bo elected with a majority against them. Before I ho T. anfl Bill was vetoed the Locos in Congress said, "Strike out distribution, and wo will go with you for tho TurilT," so said they here, and they spared no denunciation upon tho Whigs for joining protection and distribution. After The Tariffwas vetoed, the whigs STRUCK OUT DISTRIBUTION, and said to the Locos "toe tho mark, gentlemen," But they TOED IT NOT. Only FOURTEEN voted to tako up the Bill, and on its final passage ONLY TWENTY out of A HUN DRED voted for it. Now we, ask the can did friond of protection, whether ho will trust snch hypocrites as these? If he will, he will again trust a fellow who should borrow a hundred dollars of him to-day, and put it among his debts in his Bankrupt list to-morrow and thus cheat him out of a friendly accommodation, wilb "malice aforethought." Again we say, lean not on Loeofoco friend ship to a Tariff. Il is a broken reed. Come Out ! Every third man we meet, says "if the the Whigs would only COMF. OUT they would carry everything before them. Not a vestige would be left of Locofocoism." Now we wish to ask the Whigs of Vermont, w hether it is possible that there is any '" about their coming out ? A in you going de liberately, in full view of the immense im portance of the approaching election, to let little, trilling, foolish excuses keep you uwax from tho polls, where your duty to your Country requires you (o be Bv every consideration of honor and pa triotism, we ailjtnc vou COME OUT AND VOTE ! ! TO Till-: PUBLIC. We the underigiuil having learned from a notice in the I'lurhiigtou Scntim-I, that our untie wire at tached to a call pubhslieil in the Vergenne!" Vtrmon ter, for a ihirel parly e-oiivention al i:et in tin County, on thc'.'lilh instant, elo here by certify lhal our names wire signed in said call without our knowl edge, con-cut, or aprobatton. A in. in bv tin: mine ot St Clair, pretending lo ho a .Mini It r of ihu (Jo-pel, called on several of us. with a view lo obi. on our consent to such u-c of our irunes, but was rtfuseel our countenance or co-operation in hi; machinations, ami wc are therefore compelled to a-ert our belief that he has mo-t imp dently, and unwarrinlably forged our names io said call, together with those of nunierous other persons, among whom are Itev. (i fi. Ingersoll, who was at the. time the call was pub lished and .till is nut of the Slate, also, llev, .Mr. (toodiniii of fharlolle', ami Truman tialtish.i Whig candidate for .-'tnate.r from ibis Counlv. or.o. . ai.u: miiii.i-: t.ovw.v. jami:s MITCIIKI.I., K. I. I'AUI! ut. nuDt.r.v I'itki.v, i). a. m: vm v, a. ii. coni'i:iL, HO.l. lil.UVSO.V. Ilurhngion, Aug. "Olh, HI.'. ESSEX CONTENTION. The nndersigne el, having -ei'n lit lo atte nd al Pa ge's Tavern in I'.s-cx on the Mill instant, in order lo observe iheproe'ccdings contemplated under thefotg cel call alluded lo in tho foregoing ce rlilic.ile. In rebv certify thai thu followingwtreas nearly as we could report them, the proceedings ol -aid ineeliii'r i Austin lleechcr of lluiesburgli, called tho meeting to order, and some pel. -on nominated lieeirge A. Al len of Itiirhnglou, for Chairman of the Convention. .Mr. Allen said lhat before laking the chair he cho-e lo "detlnu Ins position." Ho according!, Ciprcs-ed hunsc'll strongly opposed lo lho organization of a third party, am! commented with much severity up on the un warrantable and tin miliorieil use of .sundry names, iiietudiug his own. by a foreign emissary, in getting up Ihe Convention, A person who calls buustlf the A'.r. -Mr. St flair, replied lo .Mr. Allen, and eleclared him hy hid ow n sheivving lo be not a member ot ihcConvcniion, as it was a convention called to nominate n third sel of candidates. Austin lleechcr wan then npnointeel Chairman, and a com mittee on nomination-, con-isling of Wm. lliirlbul, liiirliugton, Alnlicus Williams, t iiarlolle, John Al len, llineshurgh, Anson llvuiglon, Wdlisiou, Ueubcu I'atnsvvortli, WestlorJ, Samuel I'nge, Kssc, and I.vtnan Ueeet. Jericho, was announce!, who having tUhbcratce! about an hour, unanimously re ported that it was inexpeelie ut to nominate a third ticket. At this, the t'er. .Mr. St flair look umbrage, and de clares! that the committee ehd not know their busi ness, that they weru appointed to make a noiuinaiioti at auvrate, and he moved lo have them ehscliarged which was ae'cordui'dv done. The Chairman and the Her. emissary, who acied as exclusive fug'cr of the whole all.ur, then ikclareat nicy wou'ii nave n nomination, if they weie ubhgcd lo make it in the corner or tne relief, am a sicou i comiuuiec was men sent out wno very shortly reporteu llic names oi James Dean, and Col. Page, at w hoc house the foil trillion niei. Tho Col. eteclincel and ltruhcn Farm worth of Westford, was substituted for linn. No person was ptrmiticd to vote ivccpl those who wire prepared to go llio thin! party ligurc entirely, hy which cvchis en, out of some thirty or fony persons present, only trpen we-re recognized a9 qualified vo lers.and so the noniinapon thus fraudulently heralded liefore tianel was innileiiy sertn persons, len nuti ill reeteel bv a ltercrend I.ocofoco emissary from New Hampshire, who lias not hailed nt baiedaccd forgery to clli'ct Ins puipose oi Hunting inc wings oi 1.1111 tendon County. nm. a. ai.i.k.n, W.M. lll'ltlilll'T, wu i. sr.vMorit. I .1 fMI'S .M1TCHK1.I.. Uurlingloii, Aug SOili, 181'.', iov Ilumpshiro lntorlurcitco. Tho Jtcrcrcnil scoundrel who is so fully shown up in tho account nf tho Essox con vention in this paper, was loud iu his denun ciations against iho policy of taking any can didates of tho other parties. Ho hooted the idea of nominating Mr. (Salmha one of the strongest abolitionists in the State, BE CAUSE HE WAS THE WHIG CAN DIDATE, but ho is himsolf tho odiior of a paper which under ihe garb of third parlyism goes lho "Whole hog" for EDWARD D I BAR I! Hit, tin' ri'iilar I.OCOFOCO C N- D)DTII I oi I luituunl Gomi or 1 The paper which this hypociiiic scamp edit and hawks about, carries A LIE on its faco. It purports to he published und edited in Mimlpeher. It is dated ihere. But in fact it U published hi ISoston, and edited at Con- corn, new Hampshire! A pretty sourco for bigs to look to for instruction ! Let not this knave lead you iill0 ,, s,()p0ft of Locofocoism, hy his falsehood and cant. Unite ! Union is every thing next Tuesday Remember tho fahlo of tho old man and tho bundle of sticks. Said ho "Boys, seo hero, if you take these sticks in a bundle, tied close together, you may do your best and you can't break them. But just try them separately and you seo you can break them us easily as you could break a Loeofoco match ".' Whigs, tako a lesson from tho old man anil bis slicks. Ifyou must disagree, if somebody is inclined to ask too much, or behaves naughtily, heal it up, make conces sion, do any thing to pull together this year, and put off tho quarrel till ncit year. For behold ! hero is a Senator to bo elected, and the Stato is to bo districted, both in one year. Do send a Whig this time "by hook or by crook." HEAL IT UI ! Iiocos Coming! Eyes are opening! See in another column the account of lho meeting in New Jersey at which HON. MAIILON DICKERSON FORMER SECRETA RY OF THE NAVY UNDER Jackson, and Col. Jackson of New Jersey, onco a staunch opponent of the Whigs camo out and declared themselves swarateh from the parly which they justly say, is seek to lead us to national rum. Road it, and bo encouraged. The candid men are begin ning to see where Locofocoism would lead litem, and they are COMING ! Coming ta the right standard, THE BALL ROLLS ON ! I'or the Ijiirhnglon Tree Press. Mil. I'pitoi:, Permit one who is a constant reader of your paper to offer through its col umns a few words tu ire for the considerr'iount the ocoiile who aro shortly to assemble at tho ballot-box, for the annual election of State otli coro and Representatives, I endeavored in my former communication to show the incnnsist, ency and falsehood of the pretended friendship and new born zeal nf the I.ocofoco leaders for a Tariff, by bringing in oft'-ot tliorcto the Ian guago of the prominent Itocofiv-w both in and out of Congress, as held but a few months since, decidedly averse to a protective tariff and as more recently di-closed in the vote of that par ty on the .parage of the late VariiTbill in that boely, and which has been vetoed by President Tyler. And here I wish to put it seriously to every freeman whose mind may be wavering ai to which of the caudal i'es t.n.v before the pco. . pic soliciting their siillVa'e he would vote. give me mugs your Mippnrr, merely because tlironsh the defection and treachery of John 'IVlni. time li:il'i lint ImOti nlifo ti, nnrn' mil .r... iiieii.sun.'s iiieuiiocti lor wtc reneioi too country i Are the Whigs who coii-titutu a majority in Congress, justly to bluinu for the continuance of i.i .t .1- p r .i . the present distre.-sing times, hecau.-e the Pre.. ident whoso support they have abandoned for this very reason, has tal;tn it into his head to nullify and knock in the head measures cpres. calculated to better the times ! And most especially would I put it to your t-ober judgniei.t to answer, if tho putting the Icol'oceis again in. to possession of that power in tho federal gov. eminent, from which they were so recently hurled by the decision ol an indignant pcopht would be likely to resteire the country to pros- I only when the present ruinous state ot affairs are tho legitimate fruits of the policy of the last administration ! If not, if it bo admitted that the Whigs aro not responsible for this failuro of their measures for relief fas indeed every andid iii-tn must admit,) if it he conceded that untliim' wouiii no o.aineu i.y atjain pincnieMiio Lnceis in power, thon lot me ask again, if it is not our duty to awake, gird on our armor ami rally one and all to the polls on the day ef clcc tion ! IKd ever any cause prosper, hy its pro. fessed friends staying away from the pedis, eir hy throwing away their votes on a third party ticket ! Of what use or what souse can therej bo in setting up an exclusive anti-slavery tick, et in Vermont, where there are no slaves, where tho people aro from principle opposed to slave ry, and wboro our Whig legislature ban year after year passed resolutions against it ns decidedly as any rea-onablo abolitionist could wish ! I,et us consider that in union and num. bers is our strength, that the way to bring about change for the better, is to tako bold of tho work in earnest, repair to the ballot-box, and elect men w ho do their best tn effect such a hange. If then fol!oi;citueiis you wish to seo a foundation keel lor wise and effective legisla tion, and a change for tho better, repair to tho polls on the first '1 uosday of September nevt, and deposito your ballots tor men who arc known to be firm advocates for Protection, and for a sound iinitorui currency, and finally let every one who is so supino as to stay away from tho pons on mat nay reineinuer tnai ne win have no right to complain if in consequence of such nog lect, the power of tho government is thrown in to hands whose management lias the elfect of sinking us deeper in distress and confusion. Such, 1 repeat it, will have no right in that caso to complain seeing their indolence and inactiv. if led to this result, cacn one thon bo wise and govern linnsen accordingly, A OF IlL'NTlNUTl .'ON. Huntington, August lel',. 37" Without a protective tariff we shall have free trade. Frie 'I'rade-l hat sounds well. but what will be the consequence ! Surely, an unlimited importation of loreigu grnids much beyond what wo havo witnesseej mid conse. quently the balance of trade against us, and tho balance greatly increa.-eu irom lornier years Our debt to British merchants will be'incrcas. cd, and liow are wo to pay it, how but in gold and silver ! No other way. 'Phis is the way to exhaust our specie and make us tributaries to British wealth. Shall we go with the party claiming to be if. mocratir into those measures, calculated as they aro lo exalt a foreign nation and distress our own, or shall we, with becom. mg respect for our country, cherish our own in. stitutious and protect native industry I Trust not thoso who talk of a judicious tariff tlie whig doctrine is a protective tariff and that we must have. Whit; Adiocatc, Only one Loco Voted for thu Tauiit imul lately vetoed by Tvlei 1 This is Loco fiiondship for pro-U'i'tioii.

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