Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 2, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 2, 1842 Page 3
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Till! HAM. IS MOTION. Till. I'lOfl.B 111 (. IS Til M'I'.AK nfT A HON in Xj;u Ji:M.Vt Hun 1)icki:au.n and Col. Jusci'ii Jackson, tivu nf I liu most ironii. nciit loaders of the old J ichs.ui Vnn Huron par ty in New Jersey, liavo bucu induced by tlio ru inous policy and tlio destructive and suicidal course of tlie rciniiantuf the once powerful party to which they were attached, to come out pub. licly with a declaration against them. lion. Uickerson, as is well known, was for some time a prominent Jackson .Senator in Congress and afterwards Secretary of the Naty in the Cabi net of Jackson. They both participated in a meeting of the cititens of Morris County, atllockway, in rela tion to the alarming condition of the manufactur ing Interest. Mr. .Saml. Sj. Ueacii having been called to the chair, a series of resolutions urging Congress to make a 7'arill" before it adjourns, was reported by a committee consisting of Messrs. Andrew 11. Cobb, S.iml. 11. llalsoy, Saml. K. Uightor, Henry llrccvourt, and Mali Ion DicLerson, late Secretary af the Navy, and adopted by the meeting. (Jen. Dickcrson open ly declared himself in favor of the party which is in f.vor of a protective 7'nrill", and alro an de cidedly infaior of the diflrihulum of the I'ublir. Lands. We believe ho originally brought the Distribution Dill before the Senate when a mem ber of that body. Col. Jackson, who also took occasion to declare himself in favor of these car dinal measures of Whig policy, has been a leading and honored member of the old Jackson and Van Huron party from the beginning hav ing been a nicniher of the Legislature and been otherwise repeatedly honored by the party in It is native country : he is also we believe, the widest I'ost Master in the Union, haling been appointed by (Sen. Washington in 1791 nearly hilf a century ago. 7'he Jerseymau furnishes us with a brief outline of his remarks, which we publish with much plu.isurc : CoL Jackson retorted lo tlio of let ying a July on foreign importations directly ntir the Revo lution lo encourage our own citizens' to t a b I isli vari ous kinds of manufactories, as also to pay the debt of ch country caused by that War tie adverted to tlio benefits oar country had derhed fioni that measure, and more especially do nil the unr of 181?, when ue could not have competed with Ruelaud bud not maii ufacturies of every kind been established in various tectioits of our country, and fostered by protecting Julius that at the close ol the lift war, these duties coiitinucdfur the d uhlc purpose or pajing the enor mous national debts and encouraging others lo engage in manufacturing, tin country might become completely independent of Lurnpe lhat when the national debts was paid, the general iiuileistuudiiig throughout the country was, the revenue nri'iit" from the sales of Public Lands should he divided among the States, lhat the original Thirtein who had fought and suffered should receive their proportion in stead of giving it all to thu new States that subse quently a party bail sprung up who were willing to reject that liiitli-right lieiineatiieil to them by those who tell in the field of battle tint that parly wa now aspiring fur power, anil verv much lesembled ihe party which ruled in 'US and '!)'), when we were under the.!.. minion of 'Mite power" that the (.resent "eome-by-clonoc J'rt shlcnC was rapidly Heading in the same pith mid everting a power novel vested in him by theCm-ninti-in that iheUto pow er wa given to the President solely to arrest (Jon-gre- u heuevi f that body should pis a law wtieicin llie Cnn-mulion should be iiifnii'dl, lint never to lo rxrrttd ou urnuiiils of poliev th it the m-intif.icturiug int. rest in every section of our country, and enn-c-ipiently our agiicullural, areMilltniig fioiu llie whims uuii caprict s, and dictation of a man who professes to know more, nud wiilds more power than both bouses of Con?re, an I finally, (lie Colonel exhor ted every man hen aft.'r not to Mite 'or any one nl town, enuntv, or state election "who would not go lor Tariff' and a Ithtributinn oj the Public Lands mmotiif the Statr," This is but one of the many similar instances of the feeling among the m i-s nf (lie people in fiver ofa discriminating tariff and the distribu tion of the public binds, 7'liev dime to us from all parts of tin; I'tiiou and Willi every unil. Vol our infatuated l'rc-nlunt is willing to give cre dence to the lying breath of tiuachcrous rour iers and seducing hypocrite-, who persuade him that his apostacy and wicked violation ol l.rt promises .tod ivdjv& moot with favor among the people. V'ho day of retribution is not far distant, both for the imbecile and concei tod apostate and the knot of Lilliputian would lie statesmen, who bask in Ins smiles and only king lio.-antins so long as In- holds in his feeble hands the dispensation of iillice and Executive pitrnuagc. 7he people have been mocked, be trayed, cheated, but they are prepirins to speak out. V'ho hand writing is on the wall. John Tyler has been weighed in the balance, and has been found wanting. The teoplo will assert nnd maintain their rights in t-pitu of K.ccutive Usurpation and power. li'i-lon Alias. 'Ori'-NJMIMl(MtM! of Iho Free I'lOSS,. Washing ros, Thursday, An?. OS, IS 12 Notwithstmidingthe two utocs ,,f Mr.Tylcr.nnd lb.e I'ictiotis opposition of the great mass of ihe 1kq V 'otoj, the gallant and patriotic Win.. have succto I xti i ps4uj another TaiuT IJi.l thiough the Huii-e ot'Repre dilative-. This Ihll i-the -aiuc ns the one lately vetoed by the President pi lhat the Dis tribution cUiise'ts omitted, and Tr ami coite aiii: stvnr. Ftitcor dvtv. Ilul m tw iih.-ta.iding these eon- cssious, which were made by the Whis in a spirit of conciliation and patriotism,' in the hope of alloiding relief lo a i- .oring people and restoring the prosperi ty of the country, luc great ni'i.-s of the Ij(ico I'neo luetnbers opposed the Hill with as much hit einess olid objtinaey as ver. So i ll'irls ol the Wluus to make lfu'lbli aceeiitable to nniilii.'iie ami fair mind id men sif all pirties, no coiiees ions, no compromise rould avjil to uiiuigate the hostility of (he Loco I'o. -o5,or indueo them to vie Id thrir fi.pporl as a party to a protectee rani.', t hey ili nianiliil tint llin du ties should bo reduced, lo the luwo t point, lhat nil iheprotectire features ol llie Hill should bo slrickeu tho I drill Jill! in the House ofllupresmitil oui,d that ritfiib lie li..iildlioregiirdHl ill nd- ,!.. M,1., ,l, .)., I toll justing its details. Ihu duties on iinin.iniilHetiired teool were iheparticular obji et or I.oco Koeo lioslilt-j was fixed at tt.ree cents per poiindj npec!tflv, and thir ty per cent a.1 valorem. When this section was mi iter cmi-idcirtt 1011, Monday In -t, Jamrt I. Iluonrill, one or the leading Loco lo.n nieiiibeisof iho House, rose in bis place and moved lhat Ihrie eeuls per pound, specific, and tltlrty per cent ad valnrem, bo stricken mo from llie Hill, and that oik cent per pound, specific, and tirrnly per cent ad valorem be inserKil. Mr. RoOhevelt advocated this motion with gieat ajui tarnilfu',ss, and when llie vote was taken 1 nn Itced that almost every Loco I'oeo mimber voted in its favor, hit! the Whigs united against it and votid it down. Mr. Roosevelt al-o made several other at tempts lo reduce the duties on other articles of the Hill and he was gi uetally tuMitimd by his political friends, but his efforts wire nil unsucci ssful. The vote oil llie passage of ihu Hill was taken at a late liour on Monday night and llib result was as follows 1 YK ISMessrs. Allen. I.aitd.ill' V. Andrews. Sherlock J. Andrews, Applelon, Aycriirg, liabcock, KvereK, Frn, l'essenden, l-Mlmure. flerrv. fiidi I dings, Patrick (i. (ioode, (Jordon, fJraiW, (Justine,, Hall, IJalflead, Houck, Howard, Hudson, Hunt, t O. Jf.lngerwill.J.K Ingersoll. James Irvin, W. W. Ir- win, Ketm, J.I'. Kennedy, Robert McChllan. Mc. I Kcnnan, Thomas I'. Marsliall, Samson Mason, Mm- tocki, Maxwell, Maymird, .Moore, Morgan, .Morris, Morrow, Xewhard, Osborne, Patmenterl Penice Plumer, Tope, Powell, PrnlTu, Itamsav, Hcuj. Han-' dill, A. ltaudall, ltiudolph, Head, Kidgvvay, Itiggs, ' dill, A. Randall, lt iudolph, Head, Ridgvvay, Riggs, ' Kodnty, W. Rossell J. .M. Russell, Saltonstall, San- ford. S lade, Truman Smith, So'.hrs, Slralton, John 1 T. Stewart, Taliaferro, Richard W. Thompson, Td- liiifliist,Tobnd, Tomlinson, Trumbull, Van Itiirin, I Van llenssclaer. Wallace. Ward, l'.lward l. Wldie I Tliomas W. Williams, Joseph L. Williams, Votke, AliP!iu.? Voung-IOi. 11..... .. n...i.n wi'i im (i hi it. (in. n v. is.i 1. I will.l'.'c.Caldvvell.J.fainpbcll.W.II.Canipbill.T.J. I Campbell, Caruihers, Cary, Casey, Clitlbrd, CMurtou, roles, fobptit. M. A. Cooper, Cravens, Cross Dan. iel. Dawson. Dean. Dcberry, Doan, Doig, John ( I'lwards, Kgbert, John O. l'loyd, A. L. Poster, Thomas I". Poster, (latnble, (icnlry, (idmer, fiog pin, Win. O. (iinde, (lialiain,,Orci n, Owinn.IIabcrs liani, Harris, Hnsiings, Hays, Holmes, Hopkins, Houston, Hubard Iluuter, Win. I!. Johnson, Cave Johnson, John W, Jones, Andrew Kennedy, King, Lane, Iewis. Linn, Litlleficld, Abraham McClellan, McKay, McKeon, Mnllory, John T. Mason, Mnthiot, Mathews, Medill, Miller, Mitchell, Ovvs'ev, Payne, Rsynrr, Itcdtng, Reynolds, Rhcil, Rogers, Roosevelt, Ksunders, Shaw, Shepperd, Shields, Win. Smith, Spripg, Stcenrod, Summers, Sumter.Jolin II. Thomp son, Jacob Thompson, Triplttt,Turnoy, Undirvvood, Wrren, Washington, Wntlerson, Weller, Jamos W. Williams, C. II. Williams, Wise, Wood 103. .So the liill urn pitted. On n analysis of this vole yoa will find that the pleat mass of the Whig numbers voted m ravor or the flill, while the Loco I'ocos gmcrnlly ncoido.1 their iiainrs nramU it. lim will nisoprrcuvc that l'icilll.iiii''"e'. inn.... .. ... jvrvt rty i "to i'ocomi mbj:r trom tup, ilialdun IkKden H .ekway CharG " ! .V0," "l " 'r Pro"'c"'' Ilrown, Jiremmli Ilrowii, llunull, Cillioiin, Chiltls, "llJICk anU tlUI), during the Ui six Chittenden. Joint C. Clark. J. Onnntr. ( in. r.,.i.;, (i. Davis, it 11. i..;ii,.i,.. i-.i;'" i' . d"u 'c" "S voieu assiuaunv. at SKW UNtU-AXn STATUS, WITH ON1!! SOL l l'AIIY HXCM'TION, VOTU1) AOAINST THH passaok or tiii: iiii.mii lu tuufaa be IHtrtindarly tu aHcd, lot it completely unmasks the hypocrites nnd exposes them to the yn.u of n betray cilconstiitkiiLV, uudftlie withering scorn of on in censed nud I'litruged people. Their deadly hostility ton 'j-ofttfreTarilFcau no longer bo disguised un der Ihu delusive of oiposltiou to the Policy of Distribution. This mask is now stripped oil' and torn to tatleis, ami they stand exposed in nil their naked delornuty to the unveiled Vision of llie honest yeomanry of Xcv Hitgland. Tito only justification they ever attempted for Voting against ihu Tnrill' was that it was connected with lhat odioii9 Whig meas ure of Distribution, Hoc the two measures were conipletely.ii'roi'cculand tllu Tnriiripieslion was tried on its own merits and lot nnd behold 1 atthusound or the party whistle, ;.reM &OXI.Y OXK SOL ITAllS' LOCO 1--OCO, KIlOlI AI.LXKW i:.( LAXD.WAS KOUXD TO (JIVE IILS VOTH1X ITS I.'AVORtll Let it forever be rcmemticnd by the 1'cnnle of Wrmont that on the passage ' the Tar iff" Hill inst rtlotd by Mm Tyler WITH Til A AXI) UOl'KLK IX Till: LIST Ol' ARTICI.LS I'KHU I'KOM DUTV ani with tub iiIstiudc- TION SECTION STRICKEN OCT 5rONAllLHS (i. ATHICIITON, KDJ1UM) llOliKi:, JOMX U. HKOIXU, AXD TUIS'IKAM SHAW, Ol." XKW HAMl'dllllti:, AXD XATIIAXCLIITOItl) AXI) XATIIAXII.L S. LITTr.r.l-'IKI.D, Ol.' SIAIXL, VOTHI) XAV, AXD HVKIIV OTHUII LOCO Koco 1'itOiM thi: xi:v lxolaxdstati:-', WITH HI.'T OXK nXCHI'TlOX, HtT. tiii: HOUSK, AXD DOI)(!i:i) TIIK UUL.STIOX I !! These,(ir rcrpnre no coiiimciits. Una fiirlhcr analysis of the votu you will find that oiiIj'twbniv Loculuco iiici ii lici s out of the whole number in Ihe House, recorded their names in favor of Ihe Hill, while SKVKXTV, of the same party, vo. till, point blank, against it. On the other hand lilOIlTV I'lVK WHKiS, mostly from Xcvv Hng land and Ihe Northern States, voted with the ayes, while TiiiBTVTintnn only, mainly fioni the South and West, will I c found among the nays. The whole number of Whig members from New Kngland fs tircntysix, ot these linnlyfire voted in favor of llie Mill. Mr. Adams went amiinsl il, because, with iiinnv lif ihe Western and Southern Whiirs, he would not surrender the public Lauds lo the (lenernl (iovern iiicut. The few w big-, w ho opposed the Hill, did so tirraurr it involved a surrender of llie f.and 1'iiinl, w bile the Locos went against ii twticilhttanding this concession, a very marked dillercnce. In order that your readers may decide, at a glance, the precise amount of gratitude which is due to llie Loco Tocos, at a party, for the passage of this liill, i have madeout the following table, exhibition, by Si lies, llie yeas and nays, and also the absentees, of each parly, on the final vote : States. Maine, X. Hampshire Vermont, Masxaeliusetls Connecticut. Ayes. Say, Alirnt. wiuo l.n o vvnio ' ioio 'vviiio 1 i.oco S I) 0 1 'J 1 o , o 1 o i -i n i j fi 0 I 0 0 0 0 9 i i ' I o n n Ii I 0 I o I o o n 2 I 0 0 fj 0 0 i 14 ! a I 2 7 :t fi i n o o o n in in n , o -, lono o n 4 o I l a i o :) o :i ii i 0 (I j 0 ' -I 2 1 0 0 10 0 1 o o o r ! 3 i o o ! o I n I. 2 o n i , n oil o 9 0 1 I fi 1 1 3,0 'ill n n o fi a o o 0 o o I .-, o (i i i o I 7 b o n 1 .o n , ,' n n o o 0 2 o o 0 o o i n o J o o j o o o ?) I so" 31 i ?,a I Tli 17 lthodc Island, ,evv ork, Xew JerseVj l'l'iinsylvnina, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, X. Carolina, S. Carolina, (coram Alissisuppl, L misiaua, Ohio, I, ,,i;... Kentucky, i Alab-iuiii', I Ten in ee, I Illinois, Missouri, ' Aikausas, i Michigan, 5VTiirs rr wn.t. in: kki-v timt tiii- locos of st vrr. ix Tin: i'nion, with nvi 'lMiin'i (iKir.f.i cvm.M, i t iim.r, i.nKMD. -Wll.ll A(i.MXSTTIIi: MILLOX ITS n.SALl'ASSAlir.! The finaneeeoiniiiittco n ported the Hill lo thuAn- ate, yistirihy, with some slight auieiidiiunls t or winch will probably lie a lopn d. The I.oco Sena lors will undo .Ineillv n-ist itspa.a!.,. the saitiic iiiiiimiuiv vviiii n was i Minn to livlhal par ty in Ihe House of Itepren nlative. 1 will w rite yoi rite you rain tomorrow or nevt tbie. nn.! count of its pi ogress in that body. iv c you some ac (5. W. L. FROM WASHINGTON. Our udvices nru down to fjutitrdn v nltor- l noon, tit which tinie, ihu TitrilT Hill missed the Senate, by a mnjority of one vote, lltit. :is some amendments Imvc hoen made to it in that body, it has to ngiiin pass the otileul of the House. Ofits ultimate success, howev er, little doubt is now cntertiiined. Congress lias doubtless ndjounied, ere this. I )l 1 1 1 I il Llfil.' Iil'ullir j . . . . . ,v i ..ill I , H J I I'o stand by, and see two Loco-foco llankrutits cursing the whig measures without stint or limit, and voting with the party which makes it one of the greatest critno.s of the whigs that they pas.-ed the odious "sponge law"! O Consistency ! A linsc.and crafty Falsohooil It i, that Locofocoisni is friendly to protec tion in any shupe. llurko, a Loco leader from uw llnnijisliiic, who has no excusu to offer on account of being n Southerner, or any thing of that kind, says in a recent lel- tor, its "A liill having I'llOTKCTION for OKJKCT SHALL NKVKIl I1AVK VOTK!" CTllIi: I1LACK LIST !rj Tim following avo tlio names of the ro- croaiit Nuw Lnglanders who voted a aiust ...i. m, .nm. man Vmcrj thnjarc all LOCO FOCOS ! CHARLKS J. ATHKItTON, EDMUND lll'UKE, TUIST11AM SHAr, JOHN IL JIKDING, NATHAN CLIFFORD, NATIIANIKL S. LITTLFFIIJLD. CJlt'cri other Sew England Loco Fo cn, uxem-r I'AiiMr.Nniu noniii-.n tiii: rjui's tion and SKULKKD FltOM tiic IIolsu. Which Party through months, IlllllSt eve- i;l. ...., .:.. . ... ., . ' " "' B .v.v...u.. , nnvirur us tnai, and then VOtC as you liko. OU who ato ill r. r.,....! faor Ofpi otpclioil. . , , i.,.; r .1 n -.r l.nemu-s tf the t unff. I lie spasmodic attempts of tho Argus and other unscrupulous law Foco papers to pass themselves oil' as the lt)W l oco papc friends of a T.i Iiroripdinra of I "JCCC"lnS8 1 X, cxP?tc V'C 1 1 anil will deceive nobody. Tho 1 of tho present Congress bullioicut. llin Iivnoeriue til tlmic l !,., Ihrmiguout the session tho hostihtv of the Ii. co 1'oco minority to tho policy of protection has been open and persevering. .The first Tarill' '"' " ' usilion of the L'vu iucu wr it. Xorth as well as South, and was killed by John Tyler's Veto. 'I'ho second Tarill' bill, which if it had become a law, would have operated like a charm upon me interests and industry of the country, was resisted from first to last I'ij the entire l,di of the Loeo I'ucos, and was likewise vetoed by John 'I ylcr. Tho fato of this hill was the sig. nal for the Ixicu l'oco press to cry out that their Iriends in Congress were in favor of a Tarill' ii iinww ni.iriwiio, iiou vvouui vole lor such measure, to try the sincerity of these profes. nous .Mr. Fillmore moved a icsolution requir ing the Committee on Ways and Means to re. port such a hill. Where thon wero the Loco Foco friends of a Tarill' Out of their whole number oni.v mnetixn could bo found to sub. tain a proposition for which they had all prois .(vfthc most vehement friendship. The "L'uard" ami the great body of the Ixjco Focos oted against any and every I'rotrctic Tariff! Altai . , "V L,r"K M US1CAI, CON VKNTION. The committee appointed on the !Jd day of August for the purpose of calling a musical convention, hereby give nnlicu that a conven tion will bo holdcn in this village, on Thursday and Friday, the tith nnd Dili of September, in the Congregational Lecture lloom, the con volition will organize at 10 o'clock, A. M., on the stli September, All persons throtluhoul this State, who aro . interested in the cultivation of Nacml Millie, them to their respective places of entertain incut. Professor Lowr.1.1. Mason, of llmlnn, is ex pectcd to be present and address tho conven tion. it. (i. coi.r., C. .SIMlNCI'.lt, Win. C. JIHNTON, .UNAS 11LIS.S. T. A. MKUILL. Jltirlinglon, September 1st, 1812. Till: TRLATV. The Courier and Luquiar contains a portion of the Treaty which was on Saturday ratified by llie Sen an the Washington correspondent of lhat piper having bad nn opportunity tu copy a portion of il, and read ihe whole. It commences with a preamble, seilingforlh llie several purposes of tho negotiation to wit, the settlement of the lloundary Question, tlio siiipres-ion of the Alricau Slave Trade, and tho giv ing up of fugitives from justice; also the appoint incut of Mr. Webster nnd Lord Ashbiirtou ns the l'lempoictitiaries of llie two governments for the lie. collation of a Treaty fiir the accomplishment of thosu purposes. The document then goes on to say, that these Plenipotentiaries, after 11 recipiocal com munication of iheir tispeclivc roll powers, have ugned nnd signed the following articles." ' Tho two first arliclus define in detail the boundary as agreed upon, commencing at the Monument at the sotirco of llie lliver Si. Croiv, ns designated and agneil lo in the Treaty of 1791, from w Inch it lakes the exploring lino run in 1317 i Sunder the Treaty of (Shent, nnd piusuos the course which has been here tofore stated substantially in the letters of our Washington correspondent on tins subject. So much of the third article as is given by the Courier's correspondent, is as lollow-s .MITICLK III. In order to promote Iho interests and encourage the industry of all the. inhabitants of the countries watered by the Hiver St. John and its tributaries, whether living within the State of Maine or the Province of Xew l!runswick,it is agreed that.where, by the piovisioiisof the present treaty, the River St, John is declared lo be the lineor boundary, the navi gation or sai I river, shall be rice and open to both parlies, urn! shall in f10 w;ly he obstructed byetlher: thai till Iho produce of llie fijiest in logs, lumber, timber, boards, slaves or shingles, or of agriculture not being manufactured, clown on anv of those parts of llie Statu of .Maine watered by the liver St. John, or by Us tributaries, of which fact n n-oiiahlc evidence shall, if ri ipiiicd, be produced, shall have free access into and through the said river and its said tiihuturics, having Iheir sotnee within the state of Maine to and fiom thu seaport at the mouth or the sani River St. John, nnd lo nud round the falls of sanl lliver, either by boats, rafts or o bei convey ance; that when within the -aid Province or Xew llrunswi. k, the sod produce shall be dealt Willi as if it were the pn iltice of said l'lovincc: lint in hko manner, the inhabitants of the Territory of the Up per St. John detei mined by tbistreity to belong to lur Hrilanuie .Majesty, shall have free access mij lliroiuh llie river for their produce, in those pan where the said river runs wholly through thu State of .Maine, &c AnTiti.r. tv. All grants of land heretofore made by either party, within the limits of the territory wliieh'by thi- treaty fills within the dominions or llie ruber party, shall be luld valid, unified, and confirmed to the persons in poscssion under such grants, to the same extent as if siich lcrritury had by this treaty fallen within the dominions of llie party by whom such grants wi le made; nnd all eipiitabte possesary claims, arising from a poses-ion mid improvement of any lol or parcel of laud by the person actually in pos. session, or by those tiudei whom such person claims, for more lli.ui six years befoie the date of such irealy shall, in like manner, be ileeuiid valid, and be con tinned and onietnl by a release lo the reisou euliiled thereto, of iliu liilc to such lot or parcel of land, so described as host to include the improvements made thereon 1 ulld ill alt other respi-Lt.s iho two contract ing parlies amen to deal upon the m''St liberal prin ciples of iquity with the settlers nctually tl willing on the leiriloiv fulling to diem respeelivcly, which has htrelufoic bieu in dispute between tbeiu. Anncii: v. Whereas, in the coinso of Ihe controversy lespect ing llie di-puted lertilory.ou the Xortbeasterti Houii daiy, some moneys havebecti received by the author ities of 1 lor Hrilannie Maji sty's Province of ,iw I'rimswick, with the intention of preventing depreda tions 011 tho forests of the said territory, which mon eys were carried to a fund called the " Disputed Ter ritory Pun I," the proceeds wlu'teof ii was ngreid should bu hen-alter paid over lo ihe parties interested ill thu proportion!, lo be determined by n final settle ment of hounifiiries : Il is hereby agreed, that n cor recl uei Jiiut of till llie receipt 1 and pavnniits on iho said fund, shall be delivered to the (iovernment of ihe Vniud Males, within six months after the ratifi cation of Ihe licaty; and the proportions of the amount due thereon In the Stale of .M linu and Mas sachusetts, ami any bond- and secuiities appei mining llieielo, shall be paid nud dilivend over to the (Jov iriiiueiit of the I'litled Slatesj and the (tovernmeiil of the Tinted Slates agree In reccivo for llie use of, and pay over lo the Slatesof Maine nnd Mas-achu-si lts their respective portions or said fund; and fur ther to pay and satisfy said States, respectively, for all claims for expenses incurred by them ill protecting the said lieretotore ihspuiu) territory, and making a survey thercor in IB.Hi ihe (Iovernment or the Tin ted Slates agreeing with llie Slates or Maine and .Massiichusi n to pay them ihe furlhir Mini of three hundred thousand do'liis, 111 eipial inoielies on ne coiinl of their iiscnt lo the line ol boundary desrnb ed in thistrealy, and in consideration of iho npnva lent received llicnfor, Irom the (Jovernment of Her Hrilaiiuiu -Majesty. All'IKLi: VI. It is furthermore iniiKistood and agreed, jhat for the niirpo-e of running and tracing those pailsof ihe line belwien the source or the M. (.'mix mid iho St Lawrence River, which will rerjiure lo bu run and asci rlaineil, and liir making llie residue of said line by proper iiiuimuicnls on iho I.1111I, two Coniiiiisson..r sh ill be apjiouited, olio by the President of the I'm. ted Stalls, by and vvilli tlio advice and consent of the Senate theieol' j and one by her Hntaimtu Majesty: and iho said Coumiissioiieis shall nice t nl Hangor, in the Suite or .Maine, 011 the lirsl day or .May next, or as soon Iheieafur as mav be, and shall proceed to 111:11 L the lino nbove described, from the source ol ihe St. CroH to the River St. John; ami shall trace on proper marks tlie dividing line along said river, and arc invited in attend. Ample provisions will be t"'" lr J' ""mcnou, mm nninoniy, upon coinpinuu made for those win, may come'frou, abroad, ami the committee of arrangements will receive bo brought kforo such judges or oilier magistrates, such persons at the Lecture Hoom and direct nsnectivelv. to the end that the evidence nf onminah. along llie Kivcr St. rrunci. lo llie outlet of tlio. . v """ "' ""'-I' Lake I'ogiiiaLoiniook 1 and from iho outht or said lc measures to repel any invasion ol the fron lake ihcy shall ascertain, tlx, and mark by datable j tiers, bv raising bodies ol citizun soldiers. Two monuments upon the land tho hue described in the .Mexica'ns had been taken prisoners, who had crs'sh-dl n,ak.Sr"n th" " crc j.rcparin- f.,r an men Is h joint report or declaration, under iheir hands and seals, designating such line or boundary, nud shall accompany such report or declaration with maps certified by them to bo Hue maps of the new boundaiy. AIITIll.r. VII. It is further agreul ill n the channels m ihe River Si. I.awieiice, on boih rules of the Long S ink Is. land-, nnd or llarnhart Island i the channels in the River Dtlroit, on both sides or the Island or Hois lllanc, nud bcivyecn that island and both the Ameri can and Cnnndiaji shores; and all the several chau. nels and passages between ihe various islands lying nets and passages between ihe various islands lying near the iniictiou of the Rmr Si. Clair, will, tho Ink., of that name, sha be eini i y free and until to the ships, vessels, and boats o'r bo. It paj.ies ' AKTieii: vni. Thu partus iniitu.iliv simulate ib it each shall ore. pare, cquii, and maintain m nrvice, on thu coast of AlVilil. a sllllieiLlit and Ilileouali) sotiintron. nr toiv.-it force or vessels, of suitable iiuinbtr and description, lo carry in all not less than eighty guns, toenforcu separately and respeelivcly, the laws, lights and ob ligations, ,,r each of llie two countries, for ihe sup. iiression of the Slave trade: the said siiu.nlioiis to he iiiilepciiileni of each other, but the two (iovern- nienlsstuiu a nig, neveithe give sue boners lo Ihe ofiiccrs coniniaudiug their icsp. live" a" shalleuahlo llieu. most ill'eelii.illy tonct in coiuert .ton eo-iiperuiioo, upon muiuai eonsniriiion, as exi gencies may im-e, lor Ihe attaiiiini nt ot" tlm tiuo eh. jeel or ibis arm lei copies or all such orders to bo communicated by each (ovcriimeut lo the ollur res peelivcly. aiiticli: Whereas, nolwiilisiniiiluig aU cfliirls which may I e malleoli thoenasl of Afncn for inpprpsiiiig ilii-nro Trade, lliu faciluies for carrying on ilut tinific and avoiding tlio viitilance or rrusing by tho fraudulent iisooffligs, und oilier means, are so great, nud the temptations for pursuing it, while a in.irkil can he found for slaves; so strong, ns thai ihe d. sircl resuli may nu long uelaynl, unless all markets lie shut against tho purchase of African negroes t the panics to this Treaty agree that Ihcy will unite ill nil bceoin-1 iri ' ftllu rcmonsimncos, wuit any and nl I'ovvcrs within vvlioscdouiinioiis such markels arc. alio wc it to rjcist i and that Ihcy wdi urge upon all such I'owers the propriety and duly ol closing such Markets ut once and forcvci. Anrici r Il ia a?ired lhat the I'nilcd Slnles and (rt lint- ishMaiesly hill upon mutual p ipumtioiib by limn or their Ministers, officers, or Authorities, respectively made, delivered up to justice, nil persons who, being charged with the crime of murder, or nssaidt within tent to commit inurdcr,or piracy, oriirson,or robbery or forgery, or the utterance of forced papers, com mitted within Ihujurisdietioii of liificr, shall seek tin asylum, or shall be round, within the territories of the other! provided that tins shall only he done upon such cvi lcnceof criminality n, according lo the law s of the place whtre the fugitive or person charged, shall he found, would justify his apprehension and commitment for dial, if the crime or oll'enen had there been couunitled I and the resneetive indues and other magisiratesof thotwoCiovoniinotils shall have IV nnv be heard and considered 1 and if on such hearing, tho evidence be deemed sufficient lo sustain llie charge, it shall be the duly of thu examining judge or magistrate, lo fortify the same to the proper exucutivcaulhorily, lhat a warrant may issue for the surrender of such fugitive. The expeiiesof such up prehension nnd delivery shall be borne and defrayed by llie parly who makes the rcipiisiiiuu, nnd receives the fugitive. AiiTict.i: XI. The eighth article of this treaty shall l o in forco for five years Irom the dale ot the ratification, and nrierwnrds, until one or the oilier parly th ill signiry a wish to terminate il. The tenth article shall routimio ill Torcc until one of the other party shall signify its wish to terminate it, and no longer. ARTICtE Xll. The present 'Ircaty shall ho duly ratified, and the mutual exchange ot ratification shall take place in London, vviihiu six mouths from the date hereof, or earlier if possible. In faith whereof, vr, the respoetive Plenipotentia ries, have signed this Treaty, and have hereunto uf fixed our seals. Douo iu duplicate, nt Washington, the ninth day of Aiti'iist, Anno Domini, one thousand light hundred and forty-two. ASHlHrilTn.V r,r.i,..l DtXll'.l. Wl'.lisTT.K, fsKAt-l f o ii 1; 1 o n . KrsMA. The !!tis.-ian army under (leneral (trab be have been defeated by the Circassians, with a loss to the former of loOO men and t!o officer.--. Tho Hussiau artilleiy was, however, saved. China, India, etc. The overland mail, which left Hominy June 18th, arrived at .Marseilles 1st iu-latit, nud reached Loudon mi the lid, In extraordinary e.ryws. The latest intelligence from China is to the l' of April. It was said that Vang, an imperial commissioner, was en route to oiler -10,000,(1(10 dollars as cotnpensa. tiun to the llritish for the expenses of the war, and tho surrendered opium ; also the cession ul Hong Kong as the price ol peace. The Chi nese had already commenced removing the ruins and rubbish preparatory to rebuilding the isogue ions, ftoinu lighting had taken place at Xingpo, in which 1100 Ilriti.-h muted (iOOO Chi nese, with the Ions of from live to buven hun dred slain. The llritish had three killed and foity wounded. Among the items of intelligence from Kcinidc, and which nay he depended upon ns authentic, are an nnnotinccineiit that a large army, said to be 2.",()()ll btrong, is advancing I10111 .Mushed to Herat, and that very suspicious confeicnces weio held at Ilyilrabad, between the Ameers and others, roipnrirg the most vigilant t'ttontion of .Major Utitruni. Tho Sciks are said to be iu force on the .Muree territory, without their ob ject being understood. Ajl'uhaiiifnn. News from Jallalabad is to tho'JOlh of May. Khan had demanded 10,000 rupees lor (lonoral Ktphinslono'.s re mains. The Delhi Cazette of the Mthof .May mentions that they had been interred, on the .'lOlh of April, within the walls of Jallalabad. Akbar Khan claims that Dost Mahomed bo scut back, and that the Hriti.-h evacuate the country, leaving an agent at Caluil iu exchange for the Knglish captives. Thu army, it was thought, would not leave the place until they moved to Cabtil, there to meet (Icncral Nott from Can dahar. The Khyber pass was to bo re-occu-pied by the Afieedes, and the whole road to Ca btil stockaded and defended by all the obstruc tions the enemy could oppose, (j'cncral Sale's victory over Akbar Klnn had struck such ter ror into the minds of the people that it was thought the llriti.-h troops might have moved onto tlm capital without resistance, had not Iho foice been deficient in every requisite for so largo an army. In (iucttah, every thing remains in .-lain 710 ll.ilf the Cauil.ihar forco had movoil out to re enforce Kolat (ihilzie. iud make a demonstration on (jIiiiziioo. Instructions had been given on the 11th of May from the Ailiutant-duiieriirs oilier-, to withdraw the troops serving vcl of the nidus witlun tlie Jlnlisli province liimndabont n ay oj announcing a Fact. The Liverpool Standard .-ays Tho (lucon, it is understood, is again in the way of adding to the impediments already exist ing to the King of Hanover's chance of ever reaching Ihe throne of Kngland. Nearly one half of the people 111 the island of' Harris, one ot lliu Hebrides, weie preparing at mo last accounts to embarK lor America, l'.uii gration appears to be ihe order of the day. iwv'gH lf'-if. A barrel of American salted beef, imported into Dundee under the new tar ill", was brought to Perth on Monday, by an in dividual belonging to this place, who sold it tlie same day at .'Id. per pound. The meat is said tu be of good quality, fat, and well flavored. W'o believe that a regular supply of this novel community will soon bo obtained 111 tins ouarter W'o are informed that a quantity of American million hams have ul-o been sold at .'Id. per poiinu. 1'iwt Ailicrtifrr. A monster howitzer, being l.'j il-10 inches iu the bore, and calculated for throwing solid shot of l."() lbs. wcii'ht, or shells of :120 lbs., holdiny ltd lbs. of bursting powder, as well as some 1:10 pounders, nave been proved at Woolwich lor the I'.tchu of Kgypt. I'rom the New (i, leans Hee, Aug. 1(1. Fniiil Tkx.vs. Ily thu arrival, on Saturday last, of tho schooner Henrietta, Captain Hurd, from (I'nlvestnn, we locoived some items of Texas intelligence. It is stated most posi. lively that Genera Itees, at the head of 100 Mexicans, has conunei ced marching toward- the border ot 1 exas. 'Iho country wnsimthe : ir, ,, 1 , ; i V . 'iioiaiun, .urn u.uua .iiiii.i nau issuuii oruers iu take no prisoners. J ho borderers have recontlv with, a reverse on the Now llriinswick frontier. Olio L'apt. .Mills, with some soldiers and citizens lately cros-ed the American lines in searcft of deserters, who they suspected wero concealed iu a farm house iu the .Slate ol Maine; and they proceeded, bold as lions, to overhaul j 'ho donucil of Mr. Carey. La fortune dr niter. i rc did not prove iironitous, however: lor a i rc did not prove pronitous, however couple of .Maiuo men irom lloiiltoii, s i,... t.i. . . i i .i , '.0r la,LV,.V s lr""l'? aml '!r."VO llliM.t '"!u Oimr coiiiin imler considering it surprised over tlio irobabln 1 that theru were " uioro whuru thev camo from." j Tho retreat was not conducted either with tho coolness or the success of thu ten thousand drcckrt under Nunnplimior of Moreau through the lllack Forest ; for Cant. Mills not only lost his honor, but lelt his camblet cloak behind him in thu hurry of ' retiring." One of his sol. diers left his.muskct, wo dare say for thu same ,,i... .i:,i . i . . n' . I e,,t"" -.which n glorious to toll, is now ill the liallcls "' "nu ' ,lll,s0 ur' deserters in pursuit of whom thcso uniiiortal inarlialislh in.idu the campaign. Hut this was by no means tin- nns-t disastrous portion of the details, which wo are obliged im "faithful public journalists" lo record. I'ho horses of those gallant adventurers were all captured, nud 1 1 the dale of the last bulletin were ill tho lloiilton pound, like so many shay, donl.ies taken damagrfeanmt, .V. 1'. Courier and r.nnuirtr. or thi: Florida war. Ai official ordur from (ion. Worth aiiiiouue. ck that hostilities with the Indians of tho Ter ritory have ceased, and that the war is termina ted, (leu. Worth, (bays tho American) to whom belongs the honor uf brimrinir these Flor ida difficulties to an end, passed through Charles, ton luhl Saturday, on his wav tn WashiiiL-ton. accoiupaiiird by Major Cooper, Lieut. Spiaguc,! laud ruigTii i llatllcv Tlio Journal of Commerce of Saturday says : Flour slill droops, (Jeiicseo can be hat! at So fi!), tho' tlm principal lioldnrs ud hero to $0 7.". A lot of Troy of Genesee wheat was sold it little under S5 09 J a sale of Michigan nt Sj 02. Wheat is very diffi cult of sale, several parcels are on the mar ket without a buyer. Ityu 03 cents for Nor thern. Corn is wanted, nnd Southern would bring an advance. Canal Oats '27a Ul) cents. The Uullalo Commercial Adv. of Friday lias the following : The wheat and flour landing to day from Ilatrison. and Fairport arc of the new crop. The wheat per Har rison, is of Michigan growth, and brought 94 cents. It goes to Albany. The whole of the new flour landing will doubtless go off at retail.'.xr ot- nurir.s in Canada. The mode of determining (ho homo valua tion of goods on which duties are assessed in Canada, is stated in a circular of the Inspec tor General, lie says to the several collec tors : "The best mode of ascertaining this value, (the nr. Hint value at llie port of entry,) is to rripu're lliu pro duction of the original invoice, which should le duly attested, and 10 tins ten percent, must bo addid, to cover the cost of transport, On invoices of heavv goods, such as coals, Iron.ea.litigs, if-c., even this ad dition mav be itisuiricif nt, 11s the goods, may have hivti purchased in the interior, and the cost of trans portation may bo more llian ten per rent. In sin-h eases, you may use ourili8crelii)n,alwayseiiileavor insr to sati-fy yourself lhat the duty is paid 011 llie true value, at the port ofuiiry." We are more than happy in taking by the hand our old friend Kkximm,, of the Picay une. He arrived in town on Wednesday evening ; and, of a truth, he looks as hale, hearty, and full ofl'iin as though ho had nev er eaten hoiso meat on the prairies, or en countered the land pirates of Mexico. FKMALK HIIItOISM. In a beautiful little clearing, surrounded bv extensive forests, on the Lnglish ltiver above the mill of A. C. Moore, I'.sq. in the town of .Moonrs, is situated the newly erected cottage of Asahel Starks, a hardy pioneer of the wilder. ness. jiusiiicss requiring; the absence of Mr. Starks for a week, his vv ife and three small children wero the only occupants of his house. .".s nignt approached a large half famished well the door was closed, but the wolf crawled under the tloor of the house and by constant growling so nlannoil tho lutmiy that lliey took reliigo 111 the garret. Ilo reined to tlie woods at the dawn oftlav, and Mrs. Starks sent her little son to Mr. Yo'u.i'rV at the mill for a gun, which she charged heavi ly with buck-shot. At evening the wolf again approached the dwelling, when Mrs. Starks raised the window and taking deliberate aim shot the wolf dead on the spot, So much lor the wing inations ol .Mooers. I'lalhlinrh W hig. The out cry of the Free Trade Men for a larill " L'o per cent, or higher is one of the most curious events of this eventful age. Tlmre is nothing like it, in the annals of political lu bricity. The echo of their clamour for Free Trade down with the Tariff was still rever berating through the Land when the blessiii" they invoked was thrust upon them. Instead of rejoicing in the realization of their wishes, they turn short about inveigh against the Whigs for letting them attain their object, and swear that their own vaunted panacea (Free Trade) will utterly ruin the country ! WJiio McctiDo-s. Tlio mtjcling of llio Vhigs, held at John Howard's last Mon day evening was adjourned to meet at D. Latlirop's Hotel near Iho Turnpike gate, this (Friday) evening at Seven o'clock-. Ii was also voted that a meeting ol' Ihe Whigs of Burlington ho held at tho American Hotel, on Mon day evening next (the evening before election) at seven o'clock. Basil In Ilincshtirgh, Aug. '.'fitb, Ho nvnoll:Tl i. youngest daughterof Lyman and Patty Horn in, aged '11. The decea-ed w as greatly belovud by a numerous circle oTrrl ilions and friends who deeply mourn thiir loss. Tin le was lunch in the siniplicily or berchar aclcr, in the tneekne-s and nmi.ibh ue-s of her dispo sition lo endear her lo ihem, Words of kinilne-s were cvir on her tongue. Yw li ivo more t nii.icli them 10 hre yet she lefi the whole with chcotl'uliioss iu llie joyful hope ofa blessed immortality. For ma ny years, hi r name had hem uirolhd among the fol lowers of the Ljrd Jcsih Christ. Her hit sickness was protracted, bin il was borne with grtnt fortitude iu I p.t ence. Heidi was Jisarinodof iis terrors, und htr end was fiill of peace. "lilis-cd are ihe dead which die in the I.nnl from heneef irlh : Vea, iitli ihe Spirit, that thev m iv r. s from their labors s and iheir woiks do follow tliem." In this illgr, on Mou lay I ist, of Dropsy on the brain, I'.llen Ito-elhi, ilauglilcrof I). M, Variiey, agnl 4 luomhsniiil 11 divs. In Whitehall, on 'the 'i3d u'.lo Sarah Jane, diugh tcr or S. P. Whitney, of this place, nged 2 veirs and 3 iiionlhs. T e in p e r a n c e JI e e t i n , Tin- young men's Total Abstinence Society, will meet at tho Court House, this evening, at half-past seven. HurliiiL'loii Sepl.3.1 1SPJ. NOTICE To I'iti iiii-rs iiiitl .irt liitiiicK. The sol senbers havini: taken llie Woolen Manu facturing of ihe liurlniL'loii .Mill Co. at Wiuiio-ki I'.ill-, will reeeive wool lo .Manufac ture for en-touicrs upon the II Mowing eoiidilioin Viz : l"nr llro.nkloili-, siieh ns Oxford, Sieel, or Cadii Mix, Uhie fllaoU, llrowu-, or Olive, at seventy-live eeiil- pr yaul, or one ball" of the goods w ben fin ished. Narrow eloih., -noli n- Sheep-' firey, or other luivtuie-, will I eniamitiietiiiej to suit in-touier-. on KM-nnat!e leriu-. Tin- ipiibty of the cloths in.nle at ihi-e.t.ibb-b- nl lor Ihe la-t eighiis'ii inouilis imdei iho snperin- leinleniv of tin' s ibsi-rils-r-, i- so well known in llo-ioii, N. Vorl, and llie neiirhl onus low..- in llns Stale, that no fnrlher rivoiiimeiulaiii o i- viiksI ue it iiry lo induce r.iruieis and oilier- wishing lo gel wool niauiif.ictnicd lor iheirown ii e or market, lo palroni-e this establishment, Customers 'may r si nssiirnl lhat no pant- will I e spans! lo i-ive -uiue sail -la. I'ou, ihe inn biuerj I ,-ii. of e.t miablv. iill'ord-udv.iutase. lor de.piiiebins work alsbo.l no Invalid in the verv lesl maimer, wlnilii- annul .ce ment lhat e nun t 1 1 oilensl m inu ur e-tabhshiiicnts, CHRISTIAN ItOI LOI'SON. SAMl' R VI Hill N. Rel.Tiun' of ebaiaelir or ie-puii-ibility uf ihe s'lb-cril cr- inaylo bad bvapidvim: to Sidney lliilow, A gt. II. M. Co. .1. fi.. II Peel; A. Co. Itiirliiigton. KolleitA llradh v, ' J. W, Weaver, Winons'i I'lilb. W.noo-ki falls, Auc. 31t ISli, TIWIlMOMUTlUiS. rl'ST nicivisl few line large 'I'll i.iimomi.ti. lis, grn luttsl to -10 and 50 below zero. I A.NUI10RN . HIILNSMAII). August t25th. LARGE AUCTIOX SALES, ON SATURDAY NLXT, Mr 3rf in tanl, hu H THOMAS) lliul iigton S pi l p BURLINGTONJiIGH SCHOOL. Till! Aeedeuiii' year or ibis Institution isthvided into four (purlers nf eleven week- eueh the lir t eotnnieneiug Aluii-l 2J, Ihe M'coiid Xny. 21, tln'tlurd I'b 20, the Ibiiri (1 May IJ. Ti l l ION, in the common I'.n.'li-li branches, 8 !, 50) in llie higher Kugli-h launches and the langua ges, 4.7,51)) payable to Ihe principal lit the middle of each quarter, Xoi.e will lo charged lor le-lh.iu halfu ipiarier, and 110 itotin'iions nudo lorali'eiu c itul occasioned by siikiies. Mlt. CllARI.KS C. I'AltKKIt, the principal un der who-e in-iroiiion and iiiau.igeiiieiii, duriuir the pa-l, tho-ihnol ha-acquired a high and well i'r served rojiiiinlion, b.11 1 cell eiivugi'd by llu'Tr sic fur tlie ensuing year) and tit In-rtipies', Mr. tteorucl.., rr ei-iilii.ito oflliu IJuiver-ity, Iu. lion a o ei.itcd with bun 1 cciitlcm.iu iu v'vlni-etaleiit- nnd ai'ipiuc incuts the public ciuiepo-u the tilluo-tctildi. ('eiiee. Tin- school i-de-iirtusl r.eliilvclv for yi ling gen lleineii, and nil who limy paliomze it lite asiirod that no cmtIioii- will be vtuiitiiiir on the part of the Teachers to irive-iieh unii pl.ieed under I heir charge 11 thoio nib scieutilie knowledge of the ilo,iar!ineul- 10 winch they may intend. All who wi b tuleei seliol.ii., in Ihe'lrui-Hii-e of the term, maybe -lire of llie umpleuiiil re.ely as-i-ltui1 c ol lheTiMchei no other- nieile-in'it. The important u of Is iuir pie cut ihe fir-t day of the quarter, euniiot It; tioeaine-tlv lecninincin e lio all who piopn-eloiitieiid llie .Selim.l, u-ehi--es will then I e tbrnioil, which iho-e who enter cully, w ill la' iMecled to oiu. The ehaiaiier mid location ol this -ehoil may well recommend n p the paliouage of ihe I'rieuds til -olid I curing, HOARD may Lo olt lined lor t,jO or "52,00 per wees. (!. (i. IX(ii:itStil.L,1 J. k. coxvi-.r.-3!:, j H. AI.I.LX, ? lil'.O. II. .SHAW, ? t. roi.i.riT, 1 -? X. II. HASWI'.I.L. I . WVI.L-iSLV.MAX. j lliirliugion, August I'd, 1812. CMIODS are cheap, and will be so until rtcnod Tin ill' takes the pl.iee of the vacuum, snbsli lule Villus whiili have already eolliips,. the whole Vtnerican X'alional Repidihcau Sy-teui ot eneoiir agemeiit lo tgricullnris's by noii-p'roteiiioii to Man iif.ieturers ; the whole nun and substance of which is thai we have for the la-t past -everal vears, breii le-'is'aiing uinli r and for tlm benefit of I'miigu Xn lions, ral her than fostering our own industry, hiih whiu it showed itself in individual or uniti'd enier. pri.o vv is struck with Ihe p.'ralitie Veto hutk i nud as the People will soon win. lhat that Power shall cease to onerate noaiiisl the Xalioua Kemiblican VI. lalitv, then the Wicullur.ll interest will be iiiiproved, me .ouiuiuieinrii s s-i m moiioii, tue i.uiiorer ol tliu Country find advantagjiis, employment, moni v begin naam to eirciilute, ami nil the preily nnd uselol kind, or (iOOl)-t then ns now be had of the Peoile'saL'ent. HOWARD. flbinp CashSiore, Sept. 1-f, 131?.. PEUU IllOXCO.Mi'AXV HA VI", nnd will eon-tanlly keep in depo-ite with their Agents nt llmliiiginn, t., Peru ihmiiiiIii--lured Xnils and lion, or ihu following descriptions, lo wit ! -V.l U.S. 3d, td. ,-vl, III, od, 10,1, l'J,l,Wd,''td,:iOI, 10,1, ."0.1,00(1. Sl'lKtlS I inch. I 1 -, .., 5 1 .oid il. I'lSISIIISa X.W.S.-M, P,l, I0I, p.M, manufiie- lined sptenlly for iishi is nice woik. I'LOtJI! SAILS. l-,.-10l. and 2 Id. IK OX. fiofM) wos; :i-3 7 pi, 1-0 0-10,3.0, n-ifi. IM, 7-3, 1 inch 1 1-3, 1 11, 1 :t-3, 1 l-i, 13.0 I 'i-l, 2 inch, 2 1-1, 2 1-2, nnd 3 1-2. sui'Atti: ;is. ::.3. ? ifi, 1-2. y-iti, 3-, 1 i-nj, IM. 7-H, I. I l- 1 I-1, i:i-8,2,2 l-2iueh. . I! A l .'O.V,l 1-1, 1 1-2. 1 3-1, 2, 2 1-1, 2 1-2, ' 2 :M.3."J 1-2. 1, I 1-2, 3 inch. Tllli: HlOS,- 1-4, 1 1-2, I 3-i, 2 wide, nud from 3-3 Mo S thick. IKHtSi: Sllni: llOS. varioo- si.-. in. mi: ash scut ill nms. do. do. MAIllILt: SAW Vl.ATKS, cut to oider at -In it llotli e. The P"m Iron Co. muii'dic-turo I heir gnoknt CI u toiiv die, .. V. Irimi Iron of iheiriiwn,e. Tliev iu'end to keep ill the ban i-1 f I heir ii lit - n more f.dl mid complete as orliuent ih.iiienu I e found iu the Slate. Il i- be'levv I lhat tlie good- liolll llii, i-tub-ll-binciit ;ne teller m iinll'.u't'ue1, than llio-t- fioni .my other iu it- vicinity. Purch.i-ei -me l --1 -t I'll 1 1 V -ohViied to lu.pivt the (ioist- iiflbi- Co I'm e- a- low an 1 term- a- lavor able, asctii t e obi.imit m ibeSto'e, T I', il W. I.. STItoXtS, Agent-. An.'. 25 b, U. Informal ion Wanted. Ht'OH Ml KPHV, ol ihu Town ol Mnele.-ranie, l'.iri-b i l ( 'ortnmli r I, Ciminv I.onih, Ireland eaiiie to ilu- eiMiiriy ..I.11111 i v-'.ir- a i i. tlie nr-t ivvu vi ur- helivisl iii 1 1 iii--.,ii and II i r 1 1 m u 1 1 1 1 Vt. and 'when l.i-l lie.ird Irom in Trnv .. . Hi- Irolhcr I' w ho now le-sle. in llurliii.'tou V, wi-he- to ni'l.iiii in'oiin. iiion i, I,', w lieie.iLouls. Aeu-. j, lap.'. Mtwi:s cati.i.s's i:-r. ri: STTi:OK l".lti.lNT, ) A T a Prolate Conn l'llllet i( ( ltlli'. Ion, -s. I r. holileil III llirllll'.' Ion. wiiluii nud lor Ihe Di.iiiei iilin-.ti.l on llie '2 lib oav oi .vu-'ii-l,A. I'. I?', nn In-tritiiient purporiuit: lo lelhe In-i Will aii lTe-tiiment i," .Mn.i:, Cati.iv, i.i hi i. illinium, in -a i i i ri-inei ooi ea-e,., was pre--i llliil lo the Conn here lor Pi, bate, by (illy C.llllu and Henry W. Culm, iho Km - llieieiu nained. Tiu ithii nr, il 'di'ie.l by said din, ihm ptit'lie liinici. be L'lven to all peisou-intere-lisl tbeieiu lo appear I elore -aid Cnorl, al a j n ih.-ieef to I holi'en at tin- Uol-i-ii r'- oill. e in s.inl It nloc-Mii on the .eeoiul Wediie-d ly ol"S. piend er, A. I. I"-!.', and e. llte-t the Oi-ul nle ol nl Will , I ,i i,.r,l...r thi-older le pu Ii bid tluce wek- -m-et-siyely ill the Ibiiliiilou I'lee Pie-, a uewspa.ier j'liiniii .u 1111111111:1011, in no- .-,,.11,., tiieia-i ol w liu l piiblie.ilioii- in be previou-lo the dav 11 Liust, a atote-atd, lor bourne,.-. Ii'iveu under my Inn. Inl the Re-.'i-ter'- Oiler, 1 1 1 f -aithilav of Aie.'ii'-l, A. II. HI.'. ' Vm. WIXl-oX, Ibvi-ier. Lost. A milK I1AV .MMtt:, the l.fl hind foot white, rY ihe back sore. Wlmcve. will riluru lur lo the owner, widbe hbirally reivarded. joiin ititL'Nr.i.i.. Water Stiect, Itiirliug'ou, Aug. 1, I P 1 2. iXotice ITiIIO'vi: into the enelo-uie of the Subscriber, I about the'vi eiitieib of May 1 i-t, 11'. lrowii Mare -ippo-ed tu 1 c ihri e v im'i- 1.I1I, 'I' vvuer i ie pie-list 10 prove pi open V, pay iharee- .nil btr.iwuv. . ' lA.MAMlAI.I- Sbelbiirni-, i.l-. 15, l-IJ. I'aint Mills. Wi:S'l"S Pan nt Paint .Mills, jut reciued nrd for sale by A. Anncii. ISiirliugl l'Jlh August, W!. jamp.s n.Mtiivs i:sta'ii:. STATU or VIIRUoNT. ) 't he Hon. the P.ol ate District ol'tir.iii l Lie. . S C.mri for nl tiraiid -Ii-. To the jieir-and all oilier- cot mod 10 llie estate ol J vmc.s li.viiiu, late 1 1 Alburgh, de eea-isl. On ilppUeatioo i.l'lbe CxtsMitor- f llldd.s e...l p. I..IV.' llie lime .te.l''ei lo seltle sal t e-taleone jear Iroin the iJ h day 1 1' -s-pteiu! rr, A. D. HU, Il 1'. nr- dereil, ll.l.l liotlio le-jiveil I.i i.l per, us llilei e-tt.t, thai a he 11111.- will I e ha I .11. -ail :ii ilioition al ihe Court ho l-e Ul North Hero, on the III I. day of S, j,- ten.l er ii.l, ul one one. m I.i k, . M,, at v Inch 11 ihcy may appear nud -bow ej'i-e, if any ihcy have, vv by ibel.lue ato.e-a.d should u I exleudisfa-'iee-able 10 nid app!ie;.i.ou. l-.v iiidei' uiv band at Noiih Hem in fail IV- Inel ilu- IC.hdav'ol'Ai'i-u.t, A. D. I. 'Al'lilVIIS KVII.'HT, lieffistrr. I 11 i'o i" in a t i o 11 W a n I e tl . JOHN SKLl.lA, ol the loivnol Crl.en unty of .ouirl'onl, Ireland, I. fi that place about J j.'.ir ago, for Moulreal, vvh. le he ie-.di.l for some' tune and then rciimvt-l in St. All nu., 1. where he boi.L'bt -nine land, lie 1-now 1.. I e living al liiir'lvii. r Si All mis, und ii'ihi-sboiil I iiiis-i In- eve, he is ihitvtt-l to eii.piiie of Mr. L (I. Ho man, fit, t'.v di i- St. Albany, w here hew ill liud hi- -ister llndir'ei Skellc, who ha- ls'ii 801110 iiuiein ilu- i-,.ii.ury , bin win can gti no ti.l.iivrs. i.i bun. Alt V, An.'. I, IS P.'. !lj-rt.c-t. All aii iMiier-will eonler a l.ivir on a very woill.y w...uan bv noti' ini: llie al in.'. lr ivv; Axn clocks. IAi'll."" ;,,) ;,,,; J lint (.oll.'.l-ed I.IA I'K--aud l.l'PIM'," W.ncbe, if ihe most approved nial.tis and of llie nio-t I i.hioual le and p tel ly p.ilierns lar-.e and small ; al-o, line niov-'.neni- which will I I'l-ai'dio any pattern 01 derml, SII.VKlt.i: lilt . ni l I.I.P1M". WATCH CS.Qeaii rim and I.'xi.t i-ii Watoif.-. aiv, 1 lor sale, at very reasonable ptne-, a ,cvv gnrsl I loith-h Waiche-, which have lien, an I will iiiuas. well a- new one-. I MlltSSHn.lWOOnr.NCI.OCKS very cheap i Drwisr.'s Clicks and ilic larfv. old-fashionisl brass Clo k for lale ijinir low, I ItnChs ks aisl Watches denned an I rrnairrd will, neatness auddespalcli all I tmrranttd, a- u ual. I'A.NOIIOHN 4- 1IUINSMAID. Au.. 11?, HI2. . OV Ii. I.'RKSH firoiinj flout ttuivcd tins dav so I for .Is . bv M..y .0 D IA Is ' UMTKl) STATUS DISTRICT COURT Vermont District. IN ANKIIUITCY. Not Ice lo show cause against I'ctlon of DAVID I. WALKLR, or Albiirgh, in said Distncl, In bo diclared llnukrupt, nt the C'ourt-Hous, m Rutland, iu said District, on Thursday, October fi, I SI'.', 10, A M. .V HASKtlLl'TCY, N'oti.v tu sbovt- emu-, iiiraiu-l the petllion ol'Jiseph Claik arid Sniriue lluarilinau, p'irliiers in II a deui nler the linn und slv'i. of Clark nud lloardu.iin, Alplu-us Hall, AdmiuMr.i tor ol'lho elate eif Hall of.Miiion d.sea-el, Nathan Liueolu, lllenezer Whilney, Jisledial. Wheel er, John Jl. l)ewev,Snl.iev Maris, Wd lam Mart", Purple Starkweather, nil of M.litui m said Ui triet ; and Leon ird .loliunnott ot Uurliuglon and Peter Jo hoiiuott ol'll.irre. fn -aid di-lriet, pnrinersiu trade under the -Ijlcol S. Johouneit uud Company, eied1 tor ol Warren .Sibley of Milton In -rod Di-tr'u.t, tlmt tho -aid Warren Sibley Is; deviaasl a Bankrupt, a the (.'I'.irt-llon-e in Itu'tlaml, in s lid Oi-lricll bur-diis Oi-lolcr 0, IfJli, ul IU o'. lwk A. M. I.I'.ONARIJ M. H1XO.N, of I nderhdl, for his l)U charge and (Vrdfitiile as llankrupl, nl the C'uiiil House in Rutland, in said District, on J'ridnv, thu sev.nth day of October, A, D. jo 13, nt 10 A. 11. S VI.VKSTKR It. WOIIDKN, or K-se.x, for his Din charge and Certificate ns bankrupt, at the Court House in Rutland, iu said District, 011 I'riday, the sevenlh day orOetob. r, A. 1). ISt'., at 10 A. M. DAVID TVl.LR, ..r Ksaex.Tor bu Dichartre nnd Certificole as llankrupl, at the Court House in Ru. land, in ;id District, 011 I'ridnv. Il.o seventh day of October. A. I). Hl.'.nt 10 A.'.M. ROVAI. SIIKR.MAN, of Kssex, Tor his Disclnrgo nnd Ceriifieale ns llankriipt, at the Court Huu-c in Hiilland, in snul Dislnel, on rridoy. thu seventh day of October, A. D. HIS, at 10 A. M. lN o t I C 0. rIIIK Subscriber will sell at Public Auction, A coimueiiciiiL' on Wednesday, the "lh Sepli in her next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., nt Jlill. r's Inn, ai .Mu lone, N. V., the lot of land known us tho C A T L 1 X T H A C T , ill the low'i i.r llr.iud'ill, h'ranktui couutv contain iug about ".'000, neres iu lots offruui SO iu 'JUQ ncrt j, to suit purchnsurs particularly dc-cribcd nt the time 1 sale. When n lot is put up it will be sold positively to Ihe hiidiest bidder without ro'crve, and Iu bv bidding. The. tract has recently been surveyed by J. II. I lol land, ,r ..aid tow 11, who will uive uny and till information r. nuirod, by applying lo him, ns to thu subdivisions', (j iiihty, limber, A.C. The ttacl or laud i- about 7 miles south west or the village or Malum, the Co. tow 11 ..r I'raiikhii Co., N. V., lying on both sides or Ihe road leading from llaugor lo Dunne Fur nace. Little Salmon river pnsCs nearly through tho centre of said trai t, and it has a number, of null -ilu and large 'piantitics of Cular. Thu whole tract 11 well wooded, say two thirds hard wood, llie remain. iug one third Pine, Cedar und Hemlock ; soil, sandy loam, warm and productive. Terms, one third down in money or cattle, and iho balance 111 two equal annual payments, with annual interest, and sali-lactordy secured. The liile giv. n In the I. md is unquestionable. Any purchasers who wish to pay the whole amount down, wii. be allowed n rebate of 10 p. r cent, on ihe whole sum ol'purthase money. WILLIAM TAYLOR, 2d. Ily Richard Kccse, Amtioncer. WillKloii Academy. 'HUH l'ALL TIUIM of this Institution I will eoiiiniincc 011 Wednesday, the "lh ot Sept., under llie instruction of K. J. HAMILTON, n 11 rein ginduute of the ('Diversity of Vermont. I'roui the siiece-s which has hitherto attended Mr. Hamilton as it icneln r, lliu Trustees feel confident 111 n commending him lo the public as a young man iiliitiiijuullv .piuluieii to itiscliurrre ttiediitiesot I'rinci, with piulil lo the scholar and honor to commu nity. A new and commodious biiildinsr has rcccnllv been 1 reeteil, which, togeiiier will, its pleasant location, and ca-y ami direct conimiimeation with all parts of llie country win iciiurr 11 a uesirntue place lor pa rents and guardians to educate their children and ward-. Thu is divided into two Terms, consisting of two . printers ot 11 weiks lach. Ten ion, for the common Fnehsh branches, will be --1,00 a quart. 'r ; fur the higher brunches and thu languages "'! 50. I'o Mil. can be obtained ill Ood families, rrotn $1,30 tO'S'.'.OO per wei k. The patronage of the public is respectfully solicited. Simf.on Pvn.Mta ce, " ll.vnvv .Mill 1:11, I l.U (. IIITTKS'DEN, WinniiT Claiik, Al.SOV I.ANIION, r 7'ru.fea. Itiii'liiiKton l'cmiilt! Mciiiitiai')'. rplll". School cnr is divided into two terms of 22 1 week- each : one commencing the first Wednes day of Maich; llie other, llie third Wednesday of SepteinlHr. The ch-irge lor hoard and tuition i S 0 p r quarter of 1 1 wicks, or SCO per term of 22 weeks. An udditioiinl 1 barge or2S cents is made for thuiuci diiital expenses ot the -chool. i: XT ha (J 11 a n o c 9. Music 011 the 1'iano per quarter, 812,00 The Instrument for practice, 2,00 Drawing and 1'aiuting, S,C0 rreneh, at Prof, llouchetle's charge, 5,50 Latin, 3.00 The Music department is under iho caro of Profcj sor Windiiiiller of (Jcimany. Mis Leu is d, '-irons lhat pupils Irom abroad should board at the Seminary. Aside Irom other advantages, the iiii-urpa-st'd beauty nnd hialthfuh.ess oi the situ ation rcnd.r il in it-i'lf desirable. Roaid has been lediicd lo -'-, prr quaricr. The Si hool i not sectarian, but the Principal hopes ever lo f. el that she educates for Meruit)', ihirliii-'tnn, Viil'ii-I 1st, H12. I liiieslnirgh Academy. rl UK I'M Term will coniuiunce Wednm i dav Aiil'.i-i 31st, under the care uf tho princi pal, P. Dl'RICI'.r.. 1! nrd, including wa-hiiiB, lii-hts and fuel, can ba bad in trood fiuiilies al l,.-0 per week. Ch.iru'elor Tuition, from 1 lo 4, 30 per quarter of II weiks. T. W. (HUB, Secrclarr. Ijjiie-bnrirh, iil-. 15, 1S12. TUE iEUr U OllLD. riHI'levr.! iiuinl er- ol the ,evv World containing I varioo- ool benlions a-they uie is. msl, may lebadai llie II. l. Sioreot the .-i.b-eril er, al Wboli--nle hi The two last niimler, eontainiiig "'''.' I'niltd IrWtmm thtir Lircs and Timet," "Lift ami 'I'lniis nlMuis I'ldll'jie, King of tht I'nnrlt.'1 111-t nvcivcd. A ir.-. 17. D. . I'.rtMN. L.'tlll SAI.L, at a small advance fiom cos' Ml litis. I.oiiwood, ,-0 " Nicwood, 2i ("iinivv. md, J". " Redwood, 2". " I'li.-lic, 10 " Alum, .'. " Madder, 10 keg- No. 1 LiiKry, Vii " Indigo, 5 ca-cs Ki fined Itorax. 1'oi.Lurr V Hi.APtr.vs. lutr. 15I2. BUTT KU. t I'll! ST ItlTC.'irtieloof Table l'.nttcr In small . V or, for -ate bv ll. W. CATLIN. tiig.J.JSI.'. New doods Again. O Vl'IN STRIPLD CIIAI.I.VS, H'ue fd ick Silk, O Light nud Dark Prinl.d Lawns; Neck, Mount t , and Cap Ribbons; Hesl. I'lllcil Gloves and Mils, Pnr-a-ols i Linen; I.i-hi Thread; Cotton; Light nnd Dark Kid (ilovis: Huok Mu-hns: llishori I, awns; Cnlloii Hose; .-uspendeisj Needles; Carpel Hind- iiil's ; 1 nreuu, ie., an very clienp tiv Aug. L H. W. CATLIN. Teas and Collee. l'"ltr."!H supply of Teas and Collee of superior, oualllv. 1 1st leeeived and for .sale n-ebeao as lb chiaiest, by 11. W. CATl.lN. Any. 'JJ" A'ttw Furniture. Wurc-Ilousr, On CInirili-st.(ln rear of the Court House,) IlltLISOTOS, VT. pn.ltl .V Ki:i:i,i:it have on baud and 1 ) are eon-tan. ly Hildmir to their Mock of their owrr inunufielinv. Sofa-, Ssti t'irii'-, It'ireao-, mahcginy and I'heiiv diniu.-, c- litre nnd card les, llcilkteads. lV . i.'. C II A I )! S ! Curl inaotr, cane seat. (ii.s' esne. rais. est .eat r.N'kiii'j: and common .hum-; Cll llt: all rt vv Inch me made 111 ihe I e-t manner and bv cxoi run- ce I w orklneii, and w ill I e sold at price- eorre.pond- z vvul. the linu'-, for cash, lutnler, it country pr -incc. Rice's I'.ilcnt Kantiiiig MI1U. Mailiifiellirist t.v Harne-A. Keeler. eonsrantlv en sanl, which the) w.ll cxchuiige for plain orcu-h if e uued. rehaq Cloi-ks ir all kinds and prices ehesp s the viiMterH-i. Ji y 1 , MJ. Fannin; Utensils. i)0 IIOZIIN Pnlcni Scyibe Snath-, 50 Ho. Hand Rules, 20 do. Hay I"orl.s Wnrner (f lebra'-sf gra andc,r.idU S' jrlho, Itixford'- do do do Do. Hoes and easl tvl do .shovels, Spade-, Vc. A"', ly June JO. T. P. A. W. U S'' Ri iNO. w o o n . connfs r.con nnv iiun woor fi Ii G, ITTI'Kwo 100

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