Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 9, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 9, 1842 Page 2
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Hi, . . -i CONGRESS. Houst: or ltr.rncst'.NTAriviis, ) A tig. 3d 18 1'.'. J After tlio businoss proceedings of tlic llouso were disposud of llio Protest of tho President wns rend as follows : To the lionet of llcprcsfiitn'itcr : By tlio Constitution of llio United . State, it it provided that "every bill which (hall have passed the Hoiibo of licprcscntalivta and the flenale, shall, before it bceomo a law, bo pre s.vted to tha I'i'otfidont of I lie United frUate.s ; il lio approve, lie shall sign it ; but if not, lie shall return it, wit ti ni3 niijectioiH, to that House in it shall have originated, who shall enter ths olfactions at largo upon tlio journal, and proceed to reconsider it." In s'.rLt r wipliancc with the positive obliga t iothli! i.i-iosed upon inn by tha Constitution, li-t Living bfci ab!o to brin,; myself to ap voa bill which originated in tlio House of ' .i-;peutativci, entitled "An act to provide 'iv.jimo from import?, and to dun,.", and mnd i,. OMstin;; laws imposing u jicrs on imports, a id for other purposes," I returned the (tamo 1 1 the House, with my objection? to its bneotn I. a Uv, Thee objection, whicli had cti t e'j satisfied my own mind of tliu great ini p.'Vy, if nut the unconstitutionality, of the -i-urs were presented in the most repnct- i1, i id even deferential term?. I would no' c .'e li'jcn S" forgetful of list was duo from o. -j department of tho Government to anther, f.' to have intentionally emjiVvoil in my oi'ii-iai i.1 ("vniirrtn with the Home, any Ian-; it.T-o that C i J i iti tho f-1 i jftit ,jt. degtei., nli'Mrno to t i 'o to wlwrn it was addressed. If, in ni-i!rn-i i" ny objections to Ihe lull, I n far torot- l.ves as to impugn its. motive in iMi-,:iir Hie lull, 1 should owe, nut only to th it linn", but to (he country, iiy mod pro'ound apnhiey. Much ilc fariura from prnpr.ory, is h.iwnvrr, not rom Ciainod of iu any pmiood i)g winch the House ins adopted. It his on lli.i rnntrary. hecn i;-prc-iy made a Fubjeet nl r'tuarlf, and al'im' of o-upialu!, that the'e in which my dif. rent was couched was studioutny guarded and cuuiotii?. Such using ih" ( Inrartor of tha ofi'rial com munication in iue.iiuin, I confess I wa wholly unprepared for the c.ourt-o which has brim pur- ued in i C';ut tl to it. In tho exercise ol the power to leirula'.o it own iiroceodiii"s, t'm House, for tho firi.l time, it in believed, in the history of tho Government, thought proper to refer the rnsssajo to a select rnntiii'toe of its own body, fur tho vir;o.-o (in my leaped for in" llouso would compelled ino l-i inlor) of tie ibnrately wo'irhinsr tho ohjectinni urged 'ga . itthe bill by the bvcriitivp, with a to if j own judgment upon the question of tho li. Kit alopiibri or reject. on o! t lie measure. O; the tern r and foRlmjs in rcl.nion to myself of some nflhe members se'ecled for the 'forniauro of th s duly, 1 hdV" notlrn' to say. i .nt was a matter eniiroiv wulnn tlio lion of tho House of Repre-ontativeF. Tint that comm. fee, t iking a d.fl'erent v.civ of its duty f rum tint winch 1 Blionlil lm supposed had ir-d l.i ir-5 creation, iut-leul of co.-i'ii.n,,; H-eli to the c'jC 'lions urged against tho bill, availed I're t ot llio occ.vion formally to nrr.iin tho motives of the President for others of h." acts since his induction into oil . In the absence of nl proof, and, at I am bound to declare, against all law or pre.-cecnt in pj.rii imentaiy p,ocoodin;p, and, at tin. s.ime time, in a in inner which it vou'd be di.iici'li to luconcite with the com. tj hitherto c:;'.rco y eiiHorvcd in the inteicourse lotvveen inde indent and co-ordinate de-mrt-iricnts ot the (io.annii'ii.l, it has a-siid inv wbelo cflicial conduc', without a shadow of a -re'i'Xt lor bUtli atau.t ; and, hUyui;; short o: ipeacliracnt, has i barged me, lvwoitbolpr M.;h i.ti'.'nren daciared to ileseri'O impeachiiieni ii i th-; cAtrr.ordinaiy report which the com ui tlca I'i'im iii.i.le to thd Hotiso beer permitted i m - . ii.i 1 1 tha s.iuction of il.e latter, I sl.ojid i.nt Law uttered a I egret, or romphint u.ion thou:!, -t. I!ut, iiiir.ceoiiipami d a- it is ly any paiiicle of test.rnotiy to tupport the marges it contain nitnout n iienLeraic e..m ir.ation, almost without any do-ciissioii, the llouso of llepicsoiitr.lnes has been ii'eastJ to adopt il as its ok n, and thereby to berome nn iciicer heloro the roun'.iy, and befoie the world. The high charactnr of such an accii'-or, the giavitv of cli.-.rgcs which have been made, and ti.-j juti,;'iiont prono'incod against me by tliu E-itr-M ion ot ; .e report upon a uustnic: J.nd sonar .to .o!c o! tho Hous.e, leave mo no nl ter'ni've but to outer my solemn protest agaiiitt the pweedirg, as unjust to myself as a an 1'ivasiou of my constitutional powers as Chie; Ma:"utrato n; the Amerifan peuide, and i a viol i ion, in my person, of rights seemed to rvrv citizen by vhc laws and Constitution. it Constitution has intrusted to the lluu.-o ol il 'eseiita'.ivOJ tho tole power of impeach r, ut. Such iuipoachment is icqtiircd to be l ip:J befoietbv moat august tribunal known to Oar mstitut . '. ("ie Senate of th; United States, composed r' 'io lepreeuntatiVo? of tho sovereignty ol the r' at, is re' . erted into a ball of justice ; and oiJer to iuuro the strictest obteriMnco of uilos ot evidence, and of legal procedure (;hiet Jiii'k o ot the L n.ted .states, the high jud.eiai '..ictioria'y of tho land, is required Lrebiilo over its itcliberitior.n. In tliu prei f c ot e.ich judicatory, tho voice of factun is "jumeil to lie silent, ami t lie sentonco ot gin. or innocence U pronounced under the mt sol emu Mnctio'H of religion, of honor, and of law I o Hicii a tribunal does tho constitution author o the Hjusq ot Represents' Ive tocarry up its i'luiu Hg-iiiist any chief of tho executive ' , irViiont whom it miy buiiovo to be guilty o! li ii criu'3 ind misdeuientnrs. lb-toro that truun .1 tho accused is confronted with his ac c"-erf, and inav demand the piiv.Ice, winch the jutice of the common law rccuieg to th l.'iu.blost citi.-ii, ofa lull, patitni,and unpirtii ir, ,ii. ry into hn lads, upon tho teHt.muiiv ol TVit.i- 0', rijjiillv e .iiiiiiicl. and de.ioaing in tin fa o ! day. It o-ich a proi' hid baeu tbn'eil ;o.,vards me, unj ii n 1 shun!.1 certain- Jy imo regarrhd it, 1 slmulii, I tn.-t, bivo nint with a becoming constancy a a pa nful as it v.'outii Invo been uiulusorvml. 1 Houlit Inv manifested, by a piouiuud submission to the laws ot my country, my poitect la th in hor jus. tier, and relying on ine i:ntv of mv morues, i :i the rectitude ot mv lyiidaci, should hue looked forward wl'li ili li-iice to a iriuniiihau' refutation intl.o y cc of that fountij.and by the rolenni ii -:n' of .-uch a tribunal, not only of ul.a'i'ver ih.iige ni ght hive been for. many pioierren mo, urn ot an mo cut uinu.cij of win h I ha.e hitherto been tho un resisting vict.m. Ah it i, ( hue been accused without oi.deiivC, and cuiJcained without hearing. As lar as such proceedings can necomplieti it, I air. deprived of public confidence In the ad ministration of tho Uovermneut, and deu.ed even the boast of a gool name a mmo trans initted to mo from .i nttriot fathor, prized as my proudcbt iuberitaii.-e, and carefully jiresened for tho-e wboaro to como inc, as tho most preciour of nil earlhlv posse -dions. I am not on!v subjected to imputations arToe mginychar. aner as an ind vidual, but am charf nil with of le irer against the country, so gr.ivo ami sc heinous as u deserve public disgrace and dis irauchiseniftiit. I am charged wiili violatin idoUgos v, huh I never gave; and because c:ocute what I bebovo to be llio law; and Lbove all, Willi using tho powiM conferred upon the Pitiidoi.tby the Cuin.tiiu.ioii, lr,.m corrup' motitcs and lor unwarrantable ends. And these clnrgcj aro nnda withuat any nartic.lo o evidence to msta n then, and, as gulomly af- iirm, wiiuout any jouuu.iiion in iruiu. Why is a pro uediiii, of this Hort adopted at this Inn ! is tnu oc.imo!) mr n lotiiiu m tin fact. that. t. iv . ' In ea eh . led to '.' e ; ecoudijl fic, undui C'.iiistitjiiun I1)' '' if i e an J vol untary cufli C- oi aio pan , I have s free 1 to thf firet. '.I '-'to tu' nre.j i yi. pf the fu'.'U .i. it'i ii.' oi th" 5ai. " ! I a true that tliu succc ion tf tin Vice Pre dnt t tiifc Chief .Magistracy Irs never occur. red before, 'and that all prudent and patriotic miiida l.avo looked on this now trial of tho wis dom and stability of our iiirtitutions with n somewhat anxious concern. 1 have boon made to fcol too sensibly the dillicultios of my uiipro crdcnlcd position, nt to know nil that is inten ded to bo conveyed in tho reproach cast upon a President without a puty. I!ut I found my. self placed in this must responsible station, by nn usurpation or contrivance of my own. Iwas e.aUcd to il, under Providence, by the supreme law of the land, and tin; deliberately declared will of tho people. It is by there, the people, that I have boon clothed with the high powers which they have seen fit to confide to their chief executive, and been charged with tho solemn rcspnnribility under which those powers arn to ho ONcrcised. It is to them 1 hold myself answnrahle,n3 a mnral lgont, tor a iree anil conscientious uisxliareo ot the unties which they imvc imposed tipan me. it is not as an mdiviuiial merely, that I am now ailed upon to resist tho encroachment of uncen titiitional power. I lunresent the ovcculKe authority ot tho peoph of tho United States, ami it is m their name (whose tneio servant and agent I am, and whom will, declared in their fundamental law, I dare not, even were I in- nicd, to disobey), that I protest anainH every it'empt to breakdown tho undoubted conslitu- onal power of tins department, without a sol emn amendment of that fundamental law. I am determined to uphold tho Constitution iu this, us in other respect', to the utmost of my iiiinty, and m dchanco ot all personal conse quences. W hat mav happen to nu individual of little importance ; but the Constitution of tho coutitiy, or any of its great nrd clear prmci- iciand provision-1, is too racreu to lie surren 7rod under any ciicums'mces whatever, by ho-e who artvLlnred w.lh its protection and lOlt'iire. I.e ist ot all should ho bo held lruill- who, placed at llio lie. id ol one ol the "re it lep turnouts of tho Government, should shrink Irene the exercise of its tin(riostion,ible aiithon ty on the most important occua una ; and should consent, w itbout n sirui'ule, to cfllirn all the b irr.ers so carefully ri-e.itcd bv the to introl and ciiciiiuscribe the powers ennjJed to their various agents. It may bo desirable, as the majority ol the House "of Representa tive has declaied it is, that no such chucks up. on the will of the. l.eislmiiiu should bo s'lfFcr ed to continue. Tins is a nntter for the peo plo and the htatcs to decide: but, until they ball haiu decided it, I slail feel myself bound to execute, without tear or fawir, tho law, as il has bcn written by our predecessors. 1 protest asiinst this whole proceeding oflh House of Representatives as c.iywre and extra tilt' ir.ltll. I oml.iKt mr.iinl il .11I1101..11 n nl the common nelit of all citizens to be condemn ed only upon a fair and inq artial trial, (,tfc ,rJ mg to law and oviJence b-loro tins r ejntrv. I protest against it, as des'rtfitive ol all the com ity of intercom ic between tho Departments of uns uovornmeni, anil destined, sooner or liter to lead to conflict fatal to tho of the conn try and tho integrity of tho Constitution, I pro lest against d, in the i.ameol Constitution, which is not only my ow n i.lnold of protection and defence, but that oi every American citi zen. I protest a ai:.-t it, in (lie namo of the pe-iple, by whoe will I stnd whore I do, and by whoso aut'ioi.ty I exercised the prwer which 1 am en irgeu wiiii niving n.iurpoil, and to whom I am icsjiotisihlo for a firm and faithful di charg", arrnrdiug to my own convictions of du ty, of the Ingh s'nwardbh'p roiijuled to mo by Ihoin. 1 protest against it, in the n 11.12 of afl regulated liberty, anil :dl hunted Government, is a proceeding lendirg to the utler destruction of the checks and bal.i'.io.-s ot tin; CoiKtilution, and the aci'uuiul.itiiig in the hands uf ihe House ol Representatives, or a bare inaior,tv of Con- gre---. for the time, an imt-oulioiled and despotic power. And 1 lespcttullv ask that tb.s, my pioiost, iiuy bo entered mioii the i.uirn- of 1 he Hou-e of Rore-eiintii... hi a sol emn loini il d.:: 1 ii-ati-..1, lor ali time to come, 1 ipjs'.iee .11 d uncoiieitiU'onal'iv of su h io--ed-ng. JHH.N TU-;U. v a.', Aug. 30, Isr.'. Tliu leading uf the above having been concluded, Mr. UoUi obtained the floor, but yielded it to Mr. Adams, who Hindu .1 few lemurks, which ho concluded by sas ing that he did not feel under .inv old! i.ition, bucntiso the report which hat! been adopted by tho House was written by him, to pioposu what measiiie tliu House onjdit to adopt for tho vindication ofitsown dignity nnd honor, and pel Imps from considerdtiuns of delicacy, lie ought to ho tho lust man todo it. Mr. Dotts losumed the Hour, nnd after somuintioductory rrninrks, pioceeded as fol- uws : If ho undT-tood the meseacc bnd been read at ihu Uli .k's t.iulc, 11 ck'-lji'-d ill u the neiion of tlu UocaC iu ndoiiliiu' til.1 r. )uil ol lot. select commit tre without pii. -Ldenl 111 utir p irhainontary h. story Aow- it it-emiu mat on liiuoecitioii. Hie rroiuum rieinory niiisl have uei n 111 Liome uej'rrt' iie-.i-hi-roiis, tnotlior and very mcui jrnble eiise of t lie bltu l.nul bud occurred, and 0110 in winch the President had himself lulien an iniporunil parti and Mr. It. pro posed to incisure out to linn tho very same measure which ho bad meted out 10 llio then Prcwdcni of tho Undid .Slabs. A iLsoluiion had been adopted, aeecrdimr lo whieh fonji ess wai to adjourn at two o'clock tomorrow llcriinon, and wes, t hrrefore. no nine ii.ft n protniLiid dtbiito 011 tins uiatiu ; nor was thure any need of 11 j bceau-8 he meant, by pernilsou of 1I1 ('li or, 10 in'rodnco an authority 011 tho rich I of t'ntlliuisu to noopt tl.o ic.i.dotions of tl,e report, wliK-h the l'lesi'liiit, in all I113 liisolonco to the Too -pie's KeprLHCiitattves, dare not iiiosuou. In ldil the Semis hadiidopod certain res-Unions, condemning the course ofl'resident .'nckson in il.e removal of ihedepu,itc8 from the Hank of tha t'liind spiles to the St He hanks. In consi irienee of llns imemeiit on 111- pull ol tliu Stn He I'lesjlei.t Sak m s-nl lo th it body tl iiro!nl ayanm tho riijit of ihe SliuIo to 1 xprLssimy opinion censuring Ins pub he contu-1 and. what uindc die caae ibcu otronfjer ilim (tic present 'use, was, the h. into eoiibiuu led thej'try by whom ho was 10 be tiid sli mid any impeachment be brought nj,' i,et,( him, Tliu Hemic, idler a loin;, chbouiij I'meii..iou ol'ihe whole niatter, and Ibe m ib( t ,oiin i,t unit ovi-rpuH'tring lorreul of d.-l..iie lb-it w.18 ner 1:1. 11. d lo 111 tliu country, u'lon- ted lb thtue 1'illowiiii resolim un . 1, Heso'ied, 'l b 11 wlnl - the Ki nate is nnd eier will j he le-iily to let Ae f: Jul tin Pivuduut nil mieh lues sii'i nnd coinniiiiiieaiiomi as (ho I 'iiiiHitiiimn nnd law anil llle usuul comae ol Liiminv- niilhor.ii him lo 1110111111 lo t', yet 11 e.uinai reconite any i,ht 111 linn lu 111 i'.c a f.irio il pron o?,uii8t tolea and pro eiedmjKof iheldenale, dechiiiii sueii voles and pro cecIuiKd 10 lie illegal iiiid ,uiieoulitulioual, and rt q i.ntuij the Sou-no to enter such protesiuu iis Jour- 111 1. ! On (his rrnolution the yens and nnva wero taken and it was adopted by a vulonf 'J7 10 Hi j and ainuiifr, ill., reeonltd oim 111 iu i'aor l iod llio name i.f JohnTylir, now ar ling l'resident of tin- t'nind Ktuts an I 1) mi I WclMler, now ut I'lime Miuialer. 'I lie Sei'oiid resoluli.111 w.i? aslulloun; 2 Iftbotcal, That the nfoicMid prolesl is a breath of ihe privileges of ihe Seuaio, and that it ba not cu lured on the Journal. Tlio same vole, numerically, was given iu I ivor of lliii. reuolnliuli ; and ainiug ihu yen a hIuuiI llio name of John Tyler, now ueti.iif 1' of the Uiui.d Hiii'ea, and of Daniel Wubitrr, now his l'rimo JIiu isi.r. Tliu third reanlution rend a fillowa j ILmtetU, Tliatlhe J'ltiiiltnlol'the United Si nlei tins no ririit to tend a protest to the Staatt uj;ik any qfitt procerilinm. And nmonrii in of ihi resolution also ilia lecurd oh jvvnl the nanicj of the uiiio John Tyler and Dm tel Wibsler. Jlr. 11. then went on losaytbatit ,a not often that bo wa&diivcn to tlio necitily of adopting (he lUiuijiils of oiheis im-tend of giving ejiprt-iuioii to hit own : bo was in die habit of ihmkinif, of apeukhi", mid of acting f ir himself j but, 011 this m . a. ion, lio vhnuld adopt a few extract iit'lhs fpii'h of a gentle man whom, whatever opi.iiuit ha iniuht hold eon. eeimiiueerpiin nits of his public co.nae, he never bad hesitated to admit to ha llion'jlel of juiisti :m 1 me uoandcM of eointiliuinieil luwy. ra. Kuvi r were worda moie nnplieablo 1.1 the vci y -oa now ln' Ihe 11. line. Tii iiri"eiy - eeeh (of Mr. Wt'islei would bo found 111 lie IO111 v 1I11 no of Oaloi) if fciea ion's Congressional IX b.itLS, iayuC70. Mr. I5otts iirocecdcil to rend tho speech of Mr. Webster, which is in Mr V. ubster s must animated stylo nf oratory, and exactly per tinent to tho present ciho. Ho then moved three resolutions fur tho adoption of the lions'!, conforming exactly with thoso ahovo lorited ns having received tho mpport of Jlcurs Tyler and Wobstor when appliwd to tlio protest of Gpii. Jackson. To those tln co resolutions Mr Holts tidded a fourth in tlio following words t Jiuotrut, That tho Clerk of the tlouso bo directed lo return the Jlcsssagonnd protest to lis author. A voice inquired, "who in its nullior ?" Mr. Notts replied the message is signed nnd llioreforn lias an ostensible autlior. lio then domnnded the iroviotis question. The demand wns sustained, nnd after un successful motions to adjourn, and to lay the subject 011 tlio table, tlio votes on tlio Res olutions were taken separately. The three first wero curried ns follows : 1st, yeas 8", nays 4G ; 2d, yeas 8(1, nays 48 ;Jd, yeas SG, nays 53. Tlio fourlli resolution, viz : "That tlio clerk of tlio llouso bo requested to return the message and tlio Protest " to its author," was lost yens G2, nays GO. A motion of Mr. J. C. Clark to reconsider tho three first resolutions was rejected Mr. Adams nsked to bo excused from vo ting on tho lust resolution, lie was induced to niako the motion on tho score of personal delicacy. Ho was not excused. Mr. iso also asked to ha excused. lie had, ho said, no fear for himself hut feel ing great respect fur the Clerk ho did not wisli him to fall into the hands of Mr. James Vilkins the President's black porter. .Mr V . then withdrew his motion lo bo excus cd. Various motions were made fortaklng up tiillorent lulls, but all attempts nt.fitrtlter bus incss failed for want of a quorum, and the llouso adjourned. .sr.NATrk Wrdnrvlnt. A nn. 5t tn Ihe Senile 011 Wednesday, the various landing rtivmnitteM were dischr,rt'il from tho further eon' 'U'-raiion ct all matter" hilhcrlo ti-fcrtcd to (hem, with the exception of those upon w hich reports have Lecn inmlr. T!i Scinto;tno' up llio bill from the Ilonas imi- tuiL' the siln ofpiiluic stork, and niilbori.!ii2t!iois3uo of iv million1-, of Treasury notes in hen thereof. Jlr. I'.vinssnil lint be hid brought lrinilf, with rreee re'iieiimee lo vole for llio Hill, but llio rondition of the. T-c iiciiry rronire'l it. Mr. rhitiKTlen was oppo'ed lo tint part ofibe bill v.h'eli relet'. I to die fnrl'iT inn of Trenail1-)1 netsj, Messrs.'iry nnd l'reslon contended fur the u III. And ii wns ordered to a third leading by the fol l.vvmfvnte, i ens. Mew. Itiibv, Itates, llivnid. Derrlen Hioale, r'onr.itl. rnth'ierl, Evans, r.'nlmn. Kint. l'1'i'Ip-',I,ortei-,l!ive, .Scuer,Sinith1ofInd,T..lliind'-e, 11...... in ' t i.ii'iutii v. 1 uuiil; i... !"av.--Messrs. Allen, ftenton, rhvton, Pritten den, Mangum, Prc-ton, Tappan, White, ttoodbi.due o Thehill mm then read n third lime and pn-.ed. Mr. Ilivird snlnnitteil n resolution to oxmr'sre thi nxpinurinu itefnhiiioiifl, and n "tore Ihe Journal "f Ihe -ennlo to what il ns pret,nnlv lo the n lepti 111 ol 1 nv sToiuuoni eeiiMHUH.' l.-l'iri'lent Jne'.1- 1 1 e S't 10 nni lie woiiin imve i roue u in-' propei'uin forward nt nn eirher dav, brt for the Pitt I 01 U n nere wno unrepre.-nteil in Ihe "emte. ntnl 1' e hnilv bid be"1! too mneli neeilpied w th pnbhe m uliuit ot m diaeiiMion. I !e d.ireil ihnt Ihe reo hi lion should be over until tee net pninn, nn.l ro. enrkr il. in er.n''!i.flinri. th it h lei 1 n'i.nitf. t jn a,j enriinnee Willi tl ereeomne ndni-nn nf Odfiwnre. The Sennte e,in"iirrf ill the ntnl-tif'i-ienu el tin- House to the l-'erti'li mioii nn I eiht r bills. Mr l'enion sn'inii'ied a Hil.iitiite for ihe icaolii lions oIr. Ilivird ii rel.itim lo e-semin". Which, tneillivr with the resnlntlon.i 01" Ur. l!,r. I'd were ordered to be printed and placed on the j .nrnnlt. 1 ne ennte nfram w-rnt into l.fentive saion. The dour" werenprn, d, nnd on motion rf Mr. h'vm ihr. e'." t cvniui'fer. ,n thr pnhiVrf of tho Ore in Terril.n-v were ih-.e,iir fnm Hie flintier e-oesiHer ati m efi'i" pubjeet. Mr. I.'nn snteil tliri ( there-Kin- .vhv the matter hnd net hn n meed was because 01 the n-'eothtioni of I.nnl Ahhiirion. The Senile went inlo nn Kxn ntive ..-ion nl InK pa-d eleven o'clock, and nt twelve the doors were opined, when On motion of Mr, Kin", th" Ihvi'e". of tho fnnie W"rocn-inimiiiis!v tendered lo the Hon. W.I". Min pum for ihe nlnliie nnd iinpininliiv wilh which he loil rlHchairjed bis duties as Presidint pro tern, of llio Semfe. V.n-o i bi'Nwere waned by the PrpiMpnt pro ten, nn I 1 hr..i. number of Meaecs interclnngcu by the two ITon"-. . The I'rcV.lent nfihe United Sinei, mi in an ml j0in pgrnoni,an 'J-1 gned the lil'sas they were present ed lo him lor hi" siinrimre. The Senate received an incentive, communication, and thereupon went into i seem aeaqon. T his wni nt one o'clock. In tho course of a few minutes, iho doors were thrown open, and A joint Tesoliiiinn wns adopted, ninkiii an appro priitinn to pnv the I.orMiion of Mexico, on account of the Sinn l-'e prisoners. On motion of Mr. r.vaus, a committc. in eoninnc- tion widi one v. hi. h miaht bedes-emicd by the iiouso wn 01 1. r I to ne nppn. tiled I .nil upni the I'rfu dent of ihe United nnd inform him that if In In 1 no farther comm miention to m.ikc, llio two Houses were rotny 10 mi'ig mic s-".-on to n Thelo k b-ivlnj-niinnimei d (he h iur it! tiro. Mr. H11 -hnuin .isked whether there was any rem. on v.-bv they should not now ndjoern. .Mr. ICins said that ihev had belter for the re olution from the llouso in relaliou to tho Uanta Ko m noners. In the course of a few ininntrs, iln resolution was returned as concurred m, nnd was siancd by (he pre sidinr; officer, and -abseijuently approved by thcl'ren uleiit. A mess-arie wns rereived fi om the I't evident, cm IniuinL' ihr l-'teeii'ivc nciminniinni nbove rel'-red to and at half pail two o'clock tho Henatewenl into nn executive rcsfion ; and subsi-nuenlly arljuumcd .-ine dl. In tl-o House, Mr. Wiso moved, to i.mend ll Journ.-.l o aj to insert thereon the "protest" of the lri-siJc!lt. The pcakcrd.ei led that ruch a motion could not be cnturlnined, iiia-miucl ns the yesterday adopted n reiohitk.ii to thcciluci lint ti:u protest should not go on iiiejouriiiii. Mr. Wiie appealed from the decision. Mr. M' Keiin in niond lo liv the appeal on lb table. The del k commenced calling tho Vras and Mays, vflten Mr. Wire, by ecntral cunaenl, withdrew ihe n'inriil. The bill establishing ( inst routes, as amended by tlio Semite, was taken up and iho ai.ieni'iiient corcurreu 111. 00 ino on: tsiinauy as aeJ. After Home noiay proceedings, owing to there be- injuo iiueitiiii acall ef il.e House win lurked, and ord i-t-l b, a Note of 118 tot'. A quorum appeanui; I ho eon ni.pennui. '1 ho nu 1 n-hui nts ol iho Senate to llio Joint Iteso itiiiuii uitli.i'iii.i.rf l it n.iiniry of tl o Irta-ioy lo Pat i-iviiiiions for preunting explosions of steam, wi re tonruirinin. On melioii of .Mr. i'llhnorc. thelloiite went inlo a Commune ol ihe Whole oil llio Oenulo anicndnitnts lo the fol owing bill", viz : I ho l iirlilie.ilion liill : iho lull matting provisions for carrying inlo illeetiho treaty with the Wyandol In. bin-, the Hill nuthoriing iho eonstruclion of a dc potfoi clnrU, inslrunieuitf, Ac, lor Ihe favyi llio Uill hxins me pay 01 i.ngiiiicie. The (Joniuiiiti.0 reiiorled Ihescbills to the House, and lha action 1111 them wa concurred in. Mol ol tho hunlL union liiantstothu I'orlilie.uiou Hill weio nglotd lo. I heameiidiiuntstnthe 11 yainlot l.iay bill wcie com cried 111. O110 of llio amendiiu.its ap propri itr-, nSluOUi 0 lor llio Judiciary. Mr. Fillmore cxpiaiiud llint 1n.n1 oii"lil 10 hu'.e In on included ill the Uliiki il aiiprop. uimii lull, a roiuiuiimt'nlion hnd been n eeived slioivim th it the lund was f-vhniis (ed. The bill us anundud was ihcu read a third time and unseed. Tliu bill authoiiyingndcpni for charts, ifcc, for the Navy, were paseil. IJkcwie (he bill Ji.m,' ihe conipensaiiou of entuuera iu Ihe Navy, The bill fiom the Senate, lixiiiL' the rank of Pro ft'oi.ol Mulheiiiaticsiu (he Navy, was taken up and passrii. The bill nnlboil2inif a drawback unon floods ex- poried ill tim ongin-il naekages belw-ceil Saula I'e and I'ht-liuahao, was (alien up, amoiidcd and aturncd lo ihe Senate. Thebilt amendatory of iho Act providing for the pnmsmiuni 01 cciinui crmus iigaiuvi 1110 uuiu-u S'nles was nexl (nken up. Mr. Wise inoed lo lay ihe bill on iho table. On ibis inoium ihn )ra aiul nays wire item mdjd, and llieresuit wns )iastt, naya ji. ..iiiUorum. Mr, li irnard said ihroe Milers bad 110I voted. Mr. Ilhel, bring one of them, aaid he had mirnoc ly w illdield bis vole as llio only means of defeating Hie ' ill. This being the case, Mr. Ilirnard said ho was wil ling for the bid to bo pnnscdoter, bo (hat oilier bua iness linnlil tie I. una up. (A nu -ihu wns here received fi 0111 iho Pretidr ni pt ilunj linn ho has signed ihe bill limning the sale of die loin siockii1 pnr.nn l tin- iss.ioof Trmsury nolii also I'.tb 'I iiinhiiii111 : ftddunn-il poal route, togelli. tr w ill iii iiii ioiis pnvaii bills ) A c"iiiihiteeou die pot of the Hons w ic- appoint ed lo .im a com-ii I' -e of the Sennie, fir tho jiurpoce of wniliiiron (lie Preqdcui, as is u-iiial. After llio lapse of a cpiaricr of an hour, Mr. Cuth ing, lrom tin above C'oiiiintitia on (be part of tho House, repot tod tint the duly bad been vc'fetnicd, and Ibot llio President said bo had no further com munication to make. At halfpast two, on motion of jvtr. Howard, tlio llouso adjourned, KRtnAvTlOllMNO. SKPTRMni:it 0, 1812. TUB ELECTION. From the returns wo present in our paper this wool; our readers will perccivo that our gallant nnd nohlo State still holds fast to her integrity. Our returns cinhraco most of tho strong holds of tho oiioiny, nnd a few towns in Rutland, Addison, Orange, Wind sor, Franklin, and Caledonia Counties. Tho results arc very encouraging and show a handsome Whig gain since last year. If tlio other portions of tho Stale have doiio as well, wo have no doubt of the triumphant election uf Govcrnoii l'.UNn by tho Peo ple, nnd an increased majority in both branches of tho Legislature. Old Windsor County, of glorious Whig memory, has done nobly. Washington, too, begins to brighten up, while Orange has acquitted herself cicd itably, Riid to llio entire satisfaction of all concerned whether she is fully redeemed or not. Ramioi.i'H alone exhibits a gain of om: hundhi'.d and snvnxrv rivn for Gov ernor Paine since last year. Well and no bly done. And KOKTIIFIEL1) too, in the very heart of the Tory fortress anil strong hold, and tho rrsiJenceof tlio Governor has most gloriously redeemed herself from the thraldom of Loco Focoism, and given Paine a handsome- majority over all other candi dates. Wo entertain not the slightest doubH that tho malignant slanders of the Loco Foco press have contributed largely to produce t!i!s flatteiitig and highly satisfactory result. In our own County wo have done nothing compared wilh what we might have accom plished, if llio Whigs had mndo tho slightest exertion. Hut, out of this town, they have not djno it. Iluro, for tliu lust week, they fought well, and tho result has been, they have triumphed gloriously over tlio best and strongest man tlio Locos havo got, hcio or any where olsc, and over the most despe rate exertions to elect him. In tlio County too, tliu Loco3 havo made such efforts as 110 parly ever were known lo make hefote, and they wero vci-1 confident of carrying every tiling before them. Wo understand they had their ponder and tar barrels all ready lor tlio occasion, tint ttnlurtitnatcly tlioy have liiid no opportunity to use tiicni this time niitl if tliev nro kept on hand till Nathan Sr.tilh is elected Governor of Vol monl, they havo a long life before them. From tho foe returns we havo received from Franklin County, tlio lesult is quite doubtful thero ; wo fear the Tmies have ennied it, however, JSttt the State is safe bcyoml all perathen lure, urn fii.omi's stau wii.i, not set mis ye a it ! It beams with added brillian cy nnd bea ity, in the very "forehead of the Uv," and tho black clouds of Locolbcoisin can neither dim its lustre, nor obscuro its ory ! Of couroo we can not speak with entire confidence as to tliu precise result, but if other parts of tho State havo done as well ns those wo havo nlroadv beard Iruni, the majority for Guvi:itNoit Paine will range from three to fivu thousand. And tlii, con sidoring theio was ainnjoiity of l.iOO against him last year, is "glory enough for one day." VOTEri FOR GOVERNOR. m.yosoii cocxvY. l'nine, Sun i", Pom frit, ail 1 j 1 1 M i,ji'!oac. ul lo j 31 60 4 8 CS G J7 20 00 liwj.Ulon, 1V4 iO if ir.uin., i -1 nVTLASn col'.xty, (jastltton, PtiuHiu;, 139 10 137 Bd 151) PUUfunl, t'hittrmlc-, Hraiulon. 173 Gl lUi SUUd'.etoicn, JO'J 10'J COl'XTY. M'ttliaiHttotctl, JlrnJiurd, i'amtolph, 13i 132 ItiJ 177 10 1! 17 8 2j(j HIS 00 ur, runbriUpt, n'AsmxGTox couxvv. Dam, in 281 Pit Middlesex, W'uttrbary, Diubury, XorlUjiehl, Hoxbtmj, iWontpeficr', JWorttuicn, Wuihuld, IltrtiH, 121 1C1 70 2H r,s "70 75 1G0 67 21.-, 72 201. 291 ft) 111 b7 103 11 y li a 4 n 1! 0 1 21 V or tester, couxty, Jfjrdtric!;, Walden, tSJ .17 127 rn.ixKL ;.v co t.w y. St. Mbnm, no 213 31 rlantmi, Jerl .'lire, Hi' 'tfurd, Vrj.r, 171 12i 67 163 175 l.'il 13d !H ICO lil IJitoiburph 150 f-7 CIIITTCXDF.X CO VXTY. 1 lot ton. 7 81 Ilurlingtcn, Charlotte. Colchester, I'.ssex, llinisburh, Huntington, Jericho. Mdton, liiihmond, Sliilbttrn, St. (ieorpe, I 'nderhill, Wrtlford, 370 15S ICO 119 1G5 117 191 1S2 113 23 67 120 311 Ui 1G2 217 7!) HO lit 112 139 07 t 1F0 '.15 IG II tUuton, 120 LAMOILLE COUXTY. Jlehidere. a 21 1 a 10 10 it 3 8 6 2'J 13 Cambridge, ldcn, Uydtpark, Jn'innon, Mansfield, Mirriituun, Sterling, Stoir, lYatelcille, Wooleott, Vurton, Olotir, Oreemluro' Albiirph, X, Hero, 151 r.i 13 '.17 210 fit 1G2 131 32 117 19 2U-, 115 107 21 71 38 91 103 ohlhaxh cmiXTY. 109 R5 111) 122 01 b'J anAXti jsi.n. l-ji r.o 37 62 1 3 10 c'liirrnNDr.N countv sijxatous. WIIIO. Praieh. ((aua. toco. Smalley, Jones, Ilollnn. 7 7 81 ei llurlmiiton, t'linrlmic, Colrho-tcr, Hmcx, llincFburb, Huntington, J. lubo, JI1I1011, ltichmond, Sin Iburn, M (tcorc, T'ndcrhiM, Wcslford, Willwloii, S70 153 10.) 119 IC! lit 101 IB2 75 113 2.1 63 123 133 371 150 102 107 100 111 ISC 1S2 73 113 23 57 120 13S 312 40 IG1 225 79 E9 140 112 130 07 1 lRtj 100 160 312 to 101 217 79 F9 ltl 142 133 07 4 1S2 09 160 TOWN UKl'KESENTATIVKS. CltlTTENIinft COUNTY. llurlington, John Van Hicklcn, to Charlotte, Ilnrk Leavenworth, to iShelhurn, Robert White, w St. (Joorgc, Kcubon Locltwood, to Ilincsburgli, II. R. Smith,?! Huntington, Hclah Ambler, to Jiolton, Ooltoiii I Richmond, S. Douglass, Willistoii, N. Parker, Ksfcx, 12. Stanton, Colchester, .1. H. Webster,! Milton, S. Jloardinan, 10 Wostford, Jackson, to Jericho, llhts, 10 Underbill, 1 WASUINOTOM C0UNTV, llirrc, Leonard f.eilh,. 1'erlin, r.-irley t'ostcr, 10 Cnlnis, Alidicl Kent, I Diixbury. t.ymm C. Turner, Jlarslificld, lloraeo Hulhstcr, I Middlesex, Horace Iloldcn, v Jlonlpcl cr, Addi'on I'ccU, Jlontowii, Jlicah U. Tupliii, I Monroe, I Norlhfiild, Xaihnn aTorsc, w (gain) l'lnmllcld, Maik M.l'nge, I Itixbiiry, Waitcfitld, Hiram Jones, ic Warrrn, Am mn C'lisliman, ic " Wnttiluiry, H'liry Ijoujjlass, Worccilor, Mosca riitaoni nb (w. latt year.) T.AMOK.LK COCSTV. Ilelvidcre, J. Sbaliiick, Camliridsc, Joseph Uaker, I Hdt n, 1-b Hinds. Jr. w Mlmorc, G. W. Hmlcy, 15 (nain) Hydcparli, Almond lloardmaii, ( Johnson, no choice, (loco last year) Mansfield, James Harri", MorriMown, Ucorgo Small, I Sterling, no choice. Stow, llcnticlt, ( Wati-rulle, Mcl-'-rhnd, I (loss) Woltott, Kpbriam l.add, (loss) ontr.AMS COL'STV. llarlon, Hnrtis b'nntli, w (gain) (Hover, Smith, ic (inin) (Irccnsboro1, N. W. Scotl, I (ousted last j-'r) ADDISON COCNTY. Middlcbttry, Joseph Warner, w Vcybndi;e, l'lnlo Jewell, I Cornwall, f). Sanford, ic llndporl, Abel l1. Skiff, n Wow Haven, Allrcd 1. Uoscoc, it Ilnstol, ltoval I'caKe, ,0 Monition, athan Niiulli, Stark'-boro, l'crri-burgli, I.. tCceler, 11) Wallham, Clnilcs llaeon I Addinn,J. M. tiiniili, to Short hum, Wrisht, 10 Wiiittme, Puller Urown, te Salisbury, b'ranklm linnip, Leicester, John (1. l'irry, u Goilien, Sonic, w MITLVXIl COVKIT. l1ittr ford, S. II. IC. Hogs, w ( luttf nilcn, l). II. Ilogue, w ltullaud, I,, Daniels, to Sudbury, . Wai ner, I Ilubhirdlon, Jamus I'lagg, W (lrwcll, II. Ilotiom. ir l'onltni v, Wm. 1'. Noycs, tf, Ira, 1'. 1'nli, n Itiandou, S'. T. Sprajuc, tt fljivnilon, Ilnees, w .Shrewsbury, dhnm, I Knirlviwn, I!. ! '..Ii. it Middletnwu, r. Ii. tlarrinjten, I Tinmouth, J. I ' ihh, is John li, 1 Ion, n Venllinjford, John Kut, Mention, (Jnlduell. Casllcton, Win. Sanford, OCAND lL. Alburub,X. Kinsley, ic X. Hi ro, J. Ili,en,'i S. llc-o, W. Moll, 15 Grand Isle, J. I.add, 15 l-aANKLl.-? COCTtTY. Swar.ton, J. Birney, w Itcr'Hn-e, J. ainith, I ltiililoril, .1. Pom II, I ra rfit, A. Gove. I 1''. ti her, J. IlHsworlh, I !' iflield, 1. f-owle, llinluatc, J. liarr, (tlovl1 a, f. Janes, n: Pnii.' hn, A. U-iiiin?, ir PiiLiibur in, II. i. limber, tr WlXDSOll UOU-NTV. Woadsloc't, 'I'iney, id Ilrid'.ewatcr, A. I.ainh, to Ihu, Shulntl Kuss, 111 llnrtlinil, I), Ilcnnioii, ia I'. irnnril, II. Aikrui, IU mil, . I'. Kusvr'.l, ie ' lloyn ton, .1. ll.iwionii, ,y l'onifret, G. Win!ow, io on:oi: cou.vrv. I'rainlrcc, K. Plint, I Ilrojklield, 110 choice. Oralis."1, irloi I'lirpentor, tr (gin) H in ! ilp'i, Win. tletnrd, w 'riiuhriii1?, Ko-ter, in W i'nni'ton, .l.ihti l-lmcry, to 1! .idionl, 'I'av or, I I'.i re , Xon Wi Irmiki .. 1. Ifj've, ic I'lK INPIIIIl'l' Wi. 1,-ife rr.tliriw rnim 1 U.lM.lvIi 1. - W (I ll.Hr returns II Dili Itundolnh. Hovullon, and I'ouifiet which , . , . , ... niivr- eliilut A t.i l- l-Uiv 1 AlAI'. ul' 'l'lIKll'.lIUiMJlibUAAUblAl lit NO. 2. We have just received tho grttifying in telligence that FitANUt.i.v County has elec ted the Wine Si:.vrc Ticklt ouliro, and the members of llouso stand six Wings to ciirbt Locus ! ! OLD TECUM. sEll. The friends of Cnl. Did; Johnson at" fully in thu field. They havo nominated him in Kentucky and Pennsylvania in thu latter State without any reference to u Na tional Convention. Tlio Kentucky Conven tion, however, takes the ing olT the bush. They issue a formal Addiess to the people of tho United States, urging in strong terms tho superior claims of tho war-worn veter an. They coruider Mr. Van Duron out ol tho question, and append to their Address tliu following resolution, aJopted hy their friends in Pennsylvania ! "Hisol .(', Tlwit the btter of Mr, Van Rurcu to (lie Mn-.-i'iiii I-.n -luiuu, dllain a uominutionfur the i',-iii'ifiicy,cxhibits his devotion lo the hist innr cs( of (ho Democratic parly, and imcl the decided approbalioii of llio people of the whole Puion, and especially the Demociacy of Pennsylvania." This is taking the Little Magician at his word and is about tho coolest cut we have seen. It gravels tho Albany Argusno little, who thus comments on it : " To tho efforts generally in behalf of the gallant " Hero of the Thames," no exception can he taken. That ho should ho preferred hy ninny, for tho highest placo in tlio gift of tho people, will siipprisc no one. Hut tlio idea that Mr. Van lJuicn has declined a uominulion, or will decline such a manifestations of the popular and democratic will, if it shall be tendered, is not, wo presume, a just applica tion of the language of his letter to tho legis lature of Missouii. llkhmond IlVig. A Wuia PniTon. Tho (diior of iho Columbus Old Srbool Itepubbcan, nnd Mr. Patrick, editor of the Tuscarawas Ohio Advocate, have had a wonl or two in relation to n Tyler meeting winch f Mid lo han come olV in friend Paituk's county. Iho ttepubliean, during llio controversy, asked v belli ir "Mr. Pilruk is a gentleman I" To this ticklish question, 't. Patrick repbesns follows! "As lo the nucsti .11 impounded by the Republican, 'Is Mr. Pali u k n uilcman I' wo can only leply, he is not so eouvers-inl with pukes and punirs ns Dr. Miller : nor is li s clotiunir m fashion iblo as llioso who boast )f their connexion with the upperenmt of rrinuii p .cai (-ocieiy. lie is a nitio ninii, between fony and iliv, who mpporlslhiunclf and family by punting and farming. He pulls now and llicnnlhis own pic.s; eiu In mil made from his own gram; feeds lus own horse", cows, and hogsj wears clolhea undo from wool shorn from his own sheep, nnd wovo at 51a - lion i notes any fellow who prefers a Ilrili h coal nn American ono i and, of course, is in favorof a l'rofeiivo Tanfl'l lias worn nioctnsons. chewed diu-d jerk with tho Indians, and been knocked down by the kick of his own stud-horse, bat ntver by an argument from a Vanocrutic aditor." since last ear ! ! ! The following lines (supposed to have been blown out of tho .Sentinel olTieo win dow, by a sudden gust of wind) pres-nt, cer tainly a flattering portrait of somebody. Aro the surmises Into which say that tho person who sat for this picture was tho vcri- table beauty who presides over that slow of , infamy and falsehood, or aro they the solil- ouuy oftho poetaster who did the doggrel for that paper Inst week, describing himself ? In either caso, Wo cannot hut hear testltno- ny lo tlra trutll nf tho outline, and tho failli- fulness witli which tho colors and shadows are handled by the p-iinter. Wo commend tho sketch to such of our readers us aro fond of portrait painting. A PIUO M' INT. Oh I is there, Heaven, no withering curao in storo I-or hun around whos-fastfrin;; bo'oai'i core, OluMcr nllvillan'in tin cirlh Imborno Sines -'n Ait I" 1 ,i".-ii" lm ed ih! r blent morn I llier" no pre t la.d by for him to t isto Who t;loitn o'er h.ini r, worth an I truth hid waste 1 Who, ca-lv tin1.- 1 10 bain with lorvtut zeal The nobis glow thnt ho can never feel, DeUci tliMuisb tlu a.lent watchoi of the ni'dit To hatch somodced of darkness cro the li"lit! Who fiointhe honent bluh of slnnic exempt Confront - Willi stolid brow a world' contempt j I-aw-na for his broad, 011 leader?, who at heart Despise llio wretch that plays tho Jackalts parti Sombre his visage for what genial ray Could pierce the gloom of that dull pill of grey Which wraps in fittin? folib iho putnd form OftliWIow, nois noiio, grov'ling, crawling worml ShotiM some good soul, in pity at the gloom That bangs arouu I this worso than walking tomb, Dare in his ninth to crack a harmless joko ISo light tint visage borrows from the siroku ; The dark suspicions scoundrc'a only know, Hid him blow Is aimed in secret at some deed of slinmo Which conscious memory calls tot.cir the blmic. Are "facts'1 req tired to prop a sinking causs He keeps a factory, whence supplies he draw Coins you a lie, ns blacklegs coin a crown, Half false half true, to make the rest go do wn j Prates of his friendship fir tho People dear And crceleciiou sbcd full many a lear O'er ""odcrnhsin" and other slirp-s of evil Ity which the Country's yoinglo the Deull This wretch, ilun fitted by all moral Ire ts Tor Captainship among the reprobafs, Hud been a s -ouri;o to this poor world of ohm To which Ihe ilood were but like summer howjr., Had n t kmd llt-a-.crl, in love withheld i'-o br.ii'1 Tint migh' have lauuht ihe knave h ends U ja'.u. Weak as dishonest, impudent as weak, On boa-Is d"fsncel -l.i, loves his ,,iu to wrcal. j Aid sbov.-s his courngo by his fierce atlacl; On him v. In -scorns to huil iho filcehond lin;k ! Peace to the hoc'; ! Rod spare him a toni liitio To -meal- oui pmhwiy wilh hi reptile . lune ; Still let him crawl with tortuous motion slow Through patl.j whe.d honest ."en will scorn lo gj Shall we not bnrn, when his vile courno we scj, TI12 inb.-e I liitrfi-Incaa of dl-iny f lli fervent hate far goo ! bc-ond hii resell Will wnrn us ill and fmr Hi roeiop,-car!i. Doomed throtisli nil lime the butt of scorn tj be, .tiinc rilln'nt euin 11.1 MiiniorlaI,:y j A torch of pity, or a blush of shame Hath given knaves an e-.-erlaMing fame But this vi'e wretch, bereft of every claim Tomsinoiy without oae nob'euiin Shorn of each ray, caeU faintly hcaining spar'.;, That might ilhtnn n fume intensely dark, Down to the luture days ahall nu'er descend lint like a fune-al lurch gj out, and end! ro niu imtltoriy.fil to say that the state ment of the Sentinel lust week, that a per-1 son connected witli the Custom House, in j .1,,. ,.v .ifllm rj.ivm nn,,.,,, ,. .n.wl Ii. : ... ... . oiitaiiung snlxci iptions lor llus paper in an absolute and unqualified falsehood. We ad vise the " Father of lies" to try again, ANDllHW JACKSON UPON THD TARIPF. fJcn. .TacL'.o,i to Dr. fuiman. Washl-.-ctov C'itv, Apul CO, le21. Heaven sm. ltd up m a , I ...ive ui ll ity m .e pendencc. Th 11 "-inie ProMJenn il..' i.'t"..ed ei wi.'i lheiiieanfNil, IniVpi mU'in-n 1 n-li.mi dffi-iice. Il u- nu ioi re1'..- 1 , usp iho fl- Ii ..1 " " cmcii.ibo 11 Usi, 1 -crf llul Iliec till .ui.j.l 0, M i,.,,,,, , ,-hn-Ti ,ed .,i- ni-mri-i.-is-nd o-,r ' plains v.-iili imiuu wen end. nun an !rpei, ad , gi'O us a Ciioiata nnd wi-; for lha er,vi ig of iicinp (,nd wool. TheoIieing the great mal.;i mis of oir na- IU' '." 1 "''" " wiwiBHi'wiiJ ... ..-ui .lUl-quair jiiju-t;iloo lll-ll Ollr Ill-lllu.aCllll CIR Ullll IU- bun is inn b pi lc.-d in tt.'uirco.upfutiau wiiii thof.0 ofPurope, and ihat wehnvo within our cainiryn s p- ply ol t wse lending and unpoiiant artu les ? i csicn- ual to war. 1 wi'ln.di what is the real situation of the H'jiicul tnrist ! Whcrnhas il.e Am- ricmi larmor s fr lussiiipluspioduce! Ex. . :a for o.if n he l.w . incr n niriiL'ii nor n noine ni.iil.i-'. . not 1 i-Uarly p:ove, wj.eii there 13 110 1 a ii- n 1 ir ' n iwt m ag .j - ill.- r.'in--.rr.ies . . 0. ui v.ii 1 abroad, Unit thel" is too tmi -i ; ncidune. i'nmiii'jn son : .-e-lv. T kt fi .oi u ..u'lhu ibor . I. ' 'l n. I hiiii.1,1 .1 tlious-;, ; wil' nl om-e ;;ivc 1 ic i ket tur inoi.- bn., ,:iaw I'.an 1 all I ui ). e now -.pi ,n s u.i. In .ic1-! p.r, w-e have J t- it1 -- 1 '., .0 t' e ( i'.-v o llnti.'i mtr I . ... '! 1 ),,. 0 "-h. ul b-i.o..-a in le more 1 1 . (, -i I liiS-nsJ 1,1 I'm' ' ,.i"i i ami la , . il t.-! 'dour own ; or eke. in a 'hurt . !l-.c,u 1. '..1 1 e .1 l.itsiuit lilili.'V, we shall be 1'' 1 rtui. .3 i'..i!vi9. Ii m, tbeieft re, my opin ion, Unit 11 1 ate'ul ii.d je.licioiis land' if much wan teil to pay our national debts nnd 10 afford in the ineuns ut lint drlem e wilhiu ourselves on which the -ifi ly of our coimirv d.-nends; and, la-(. though not le.isi. iv-e n preper ditributiou to our labor, which limn prove hcinnieial in Ihe happiness, independence, and ntolth of ihe community. I am, sir, very resptrlfully, Your Iiiosi obedient servant, M)ui:v JACKsor;. wind 3i:mdj:us op congress. Wo undersiand that a Commiltce on behalf of our cit'menb have gone to New-Yoik to mttt the Whi,' -Members of Congress cf this Slate on their return, and tcndir to ihcni the bone s of a PL'IU.IC KD UI PT10N, for Iho noble stand they lime made a gainst the usurpations ' f the I'.iecutivc, and the pa uenl, liiUorluUj. and .clfwiciilii nigsjio.: vvi.'i vv..iv.i they have pursued nnd secured iho public interest, 111 defiance of the numerous obstacles t.irown in llnir way by acliancenndePris'iltntanda ikstiuciivc ear ly, nrrnyrd in faciious oppo.ition ugairist every Wliig measure whuh promises relief 10 n sulli-ruis people. Some In pea arc enlct tamed that the commiilce msv 111 ao 10 nonce i lie venernoic uimiin Jens dciscv Aosms, to rtrlurn lo his home by route, ami tie pirseni ai ine ricepuon, as inu oioiis 01 me noiue spiriieu ueprestniiiives irom .sen land. Pirorts will also be made 10 induce CitiTTr.:; pcn andJIi, and other Membcisof Conurtss from llie soulh nnd west, who are understood lo hu in Xcvv-Votk, to accompany our Jleinbvts to Albany- , Tho time of the reception cannot i f course be as certained mini a communication has been had with the members. It is possible ihey may re win with the committee this afternoon and bo nceived nnnudiali ly nfnr ihe nrrivnl nflhe tdamboai. In ibaiiveiil llio sisml will bo eiv.nby thefiiitiii f e "is-upon vyh.eli the eiiBens are united to lepnir immediately lo tile Menm lloat I.andini; lo rscorl ihe Members lo the Capitol. Shm. Id lb y notaiuvi until Monday, a nieetinaofihe e,i,ens will l..cnllj.dliirMoiidayallcrnUon,of which further notice will lie uiven, The Gcn.rnl Comuiilt.-o nnd die C'lny flubs have 111111. d 111 iiuikm ! the appropnue arranyeincnls, and commuieo of reception who will bo in Smct iv Wheat. "An old fashioned firmer of experience, advanced in vi m , ' and who dales fiom "Ho.vbuiiih, in Sc.vtlviil, ' 111 a later to the "Cultivator," mv ' it tii u ld be borne in mind that 911111I is a very 11, 1' eiions ilutaae 1 and wheat eced, even alter il is p M I, fchould not bo i-prcad out todry upon a floor, upon which smutted when had previ ous!) been ihrcehed. Neither bhnuld it be, put inlo smut tainted sacks, fur the jiui poae of carr) ms lo the field " Ho says bo hns "several limes tued iho f xpcrimrnt of inoculnlina fted-vv beat wilh smut, nfltr Ihe feed has been pickled, limed, and dried for sow'nj;, by ta kino a sample of it in his band, nnd rubbing U with thopowcrof sinutbalts, then sovviii!; it apart from the other. Tho result was, iu every instance, smut in Iho produce of llio inoculated t-amplis, and nonoin tho produce of iho bulk fiom which t'n woro lok.'ii Smut is nlso souii'imes tnktil 11 the field in imfer mented duiiT, innde from lb' slraw of sniutied vv heat, of the form, r I'lar' t'ovv b ' I'armtts Cabinci PERILS OF THE SEA. The Salem Mercury of last weed: gives the following account of u caso of mutiny and murder at sea : "Tho ship Sumatra, Silver, honco, was at naiaviii may o n'J passaac. Ilia lot- ,fi1' ''ro,n Onptain Silver, lm slivs: On tho f , . V' J?.vil ,K'f ''wring S. hy W. ! S " SSa"a: LoTiS," W mediately I1010 down for her, nml "hroimlit , to, under tho lee, of llr. bark Kilmnrs, of , Olnssow ; her tops-ills were lowered, co ,s. I 's..lmull!,d l,rly. thrashing and badly SiI'l u.Z ffi"1. .:!0"!S):.?,:"i ..... .. ,, ,,,UI, , IIW ll,IVII i-u l,J ho nlninst franlic with despair. Wu i-pnic. diulely ot our bout out, nnd went id m r side, and hroiiht her 011 hmird the Sum ir 1 Slit1 was a 1111110 lady i-ihtecii yi -ir.s of njje, the wifu of dipt. Smith, of the I in.; she stilled that the Kihiiais loft I5.itai.i Ino months previous, with n caijro of siiar lor Eiirupn: that soon after Ieavinir. tlio crew imitincd, and came near killinu 'lm capfiin (liur husband) and hcr.-elf but the captain finally succeeded in .securing llu ni below, in different parts of the ship; and endeavored, wim only two inns to ibmsI bun, to won. ino ship hack to Ilalavia ; nuil 011 the nmrnu provious to my nieetiuj tbeni, she 111' her husband and tho boys. Sho tV ',t that part of the crew in tho iiiqlit h.i 1 f,ei 1 themselves, and thrown tho cupluin nnd boys overboard, and taken the boat and pulled for the land. Her feelings can ho better imaeined than described. After searchiiu' the sliiii f.,r h"r husband, and being convinced that bee aid not bo on boatd, she tool; her stand at the rail,' firmly resolved, should the mutinecis break loose, to commit herself to the s- a, rather than fall into their merciless hands. In twenty minutes after sho got on board tho Sumatra, and while I was considering the practicability of jetting the ship into port, I perceived, by the aid of my floss, thu nen crawling from the hatches, and libera ting eacli oilier; they then run aft, and pi.t her 'helm h ud up,' and her head sails I immediately filled away; the Sumitru gathering bead way very ipuck, enable 1 vi to avoid them, or ollierw Ko they illicit b iv j given us much trou'dc, ns thero was n I' h sea on at thu time; ihey tucked sevei il times after us; the next morning s'n- w ,s fifteen miles to leeward. The D itch Oiv ernment took care nf tho lady, as liiero is no English consul here." Mosr Uisiicsrim; ami Ilutr.rncxoiN-o Occuniir.'.CK. IV is h.ivoiaitiv lucnniuin deeply p.iin.'d ihan we wen; nt the r.-I i'i n ol toe casually we uro -about to roronlyv 'c l took place in our own county, on S in Jay lat, in tho vicinity of Urownsbuicn. A man bv tho num.1 of Iteid, n blacksmith nnd overseer lor Mrs. MclJridi1, who has been f r some tinit1 post, wo believe, suspected of in sanity, co'iniu'ticed on Sunday iiioii'iit ri work of destruction nt which thu 1111, i'i .ti i rocoil-i with iiurror. Ho picked up of his children, mid holding it hy t! e feet, smashed its skull against the bedpo.t, an 1 threw it over a high porch, out of the bouse, ho also niiinuled another vcrv severely ; wo have not heard yet whether they tiro alive ; hu wife ho next attacked, she lied a, id alarmed her 11: ihbois. Several came and attempted to take him ' he win armed witli 11 bur of iron, witli which l. I. .1 .. IT- i' I r.v, .a,,,."-, """ " " i1"- -"' lil L l.L U Vil l.ipt. James .McCbesnev : be struck him on tho head ami bruuei.l hun lo the llonr, whero bo continued to beat him, ur'dhs skull was broken. He wns then with great difficult t tken and confined. Mr. M (' ic, uey, wu aro told, got up mid w d!.i d t . spring and wu.died liinijelf, he was a'k' d ,t he was seiiotisly injured, he icplied, that ko did not know ; n litter was brought tu ci -vey i.; m home, whuie he died abnitf t o'clock o.i ihe yiino day. C ipt. MiCh- -ney has left a wile, with u large family ,i 1 ininierou3 fiiunds and actpi.iint.inii s m nidurii over his sudden and distressing ilt , . Thu author of this bloody trngedv is n w ,.11.,f..i ;.;i ' " ' ' J j 1'. S. Since the above was w ii"i j iV() ,.,! t1H, m.i,l(.r e i , , . . , , , . .. ., , '3 i "t (lean, but little he;" l.i rote 1 i their lives. from Letlnglcn ft,; f't,tie ,.f -, i ,'"''e ' """"-J' McanEB. An-. in Ksch'h'r of Ci.e-' i ' i un --lU.'d to j'lil lnt ini 1 1" - . , 1. n eiil.ia n.fe. U. li id . 1 neirly a yeir, for w.i;,i , 1 , ..-.wt?, on roi..;.' nut ol Ins , " .1 iraud. 11 mid b. en finu4ii e-a v , a'i-'mfnie. v'as eind wiili ehliriu. t't kilh-J wifein ihe niirhi. lldmunt m in iln. ii in ht he iuimaimnd that he wns .' Ihe dev.l, and that he kiiliil him w-th an .- 1 awnkinu in llie nmrnine, he toi nd that ri . deud his wife. Hn callrd bis fni'lv, n- n attempt to e cape or to conceal hi eiimc. : Colt's Su'omri"!' Uat'. ry nJintimated I rcapon'i'iit eieiiii- npiiaiKto hive a. . as,emblne'ol 6 or ft'tl .11 (lie!' 'i i.nei.-. 1 Tho Inlclhtc-ncr snvU a- " .1 I v 1 (ion. In about SO s.i ndsrli.i -he ;;n 1 filed, Jlr. foil npp'.ii d le- p w I'u! app ed 5 nubs distant, near Alexan lrii,)iiudu. ' hue of on eve the vessel was thrown into t countless i'laa.i.pnls. The President, h Oen. Seotl, if-c. were present. ThePrer." ed ll.nt his sleamboat should proceed lo 'I' 1 station, nnd a boat was sent for him, will- ! -that ho would come on board. He wns v ;ir- .'v gratulated by the distinguished functional 1 1 h 1 f Some correspondvnee ha.i pa-sed tel.. -Cusliing, Fernando Wood, Char'ca G. Perns -Daniel Webster, in re'it-on 10 the impri.-in 1 Americans at Van Dieinan's Lund, fcr be;n; en,;-, in tho revolutionary movements in Canada- M' V,'ebter, iiihucnsvvcr to theleUer of JWssrt. C-s. ins, Wood nnd Pcrn, save : 1 shall communicitc ) our Idler, Million: 11 tier urnnnnic .iiaieiiv s .11 nismr I'lum. ,,. ,.i rL tier liritanmc .viajesiy s .vumster l'lenq this Special, and rcspcclfully urge hun to prr-s ih, con- smeration ot your request upon llio nttcniicn ot u - j govcriuneni. And 1 will odd. cenllemen, that I cme- - 1 1 Elron.'esi hope that ibis inltrposiimn will m thv cut moment, be ellisMual.nnd these hi n.. .r .in 1 uiifKUided jouua man will oon be tv'tUtiuu '- country. Mr.xico. Tho Iiuhleni, from M.ituniir as, briims a few items of iMeiiun it:' )i genet1. Sanln A nun w us excessively i in - - ml 01 Mr. H'elisli.i-'s lellnn In llie II . 'ei t ! (, hut 'whether his anger wid .s- coiiiniiii 11111 11111 11111 lus "'S Sllllll1 II torill, wo do IHU If i ll. , '0 p.xieditioil of 7,000 Jli'-xicttn tro q s to , ,lt Tl,inn frontier was covertlv poi-.- en. i "ll 1 1 xl1"1 "":' ," ..... , r 1 Till! schooner " W u ,,c"; ln" "'is pt 't, , nmj seveial oilier vessels ill ihu bnr. 1 r if u,ra , hum pm ,L,mlisltiuu as trnusiiurts. Considerable sums in silver, me nbout to bo shii'd trom Tuuipicii and Vera Crur. to Now Oilcans. Thu sleamer Deo drought vesterday S.i.OOO to the bouse of Lizardi it Co. New Oilcans lice. Tho Tr.bunet.avi): "A cn of tho famous I J. l'AriNP.Ai-, the 'Canadian 'patriot,' has been returned to the Provincial Parliament for tho county of Ottawa. Monti eal and Toronto pa pern anticipate tbo speedy recall of lus father fromov.Ie. Thn step would tend greatly to concibato the Trench population of the Prov ince, with .iluinPi.i ncuu has gre ,t influence. 1 The Tr Mine is u error the member e'ert for tho con1 "fOiiwa a b1'-,li roflic"fv IllOUfc I J Pi) " c " t

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