Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 23, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 23, 1842 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORY O V OaSAH BUT TUB WELFARE Or ROME. VOL. XVI. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23,1842. No. 10. EXCHANGE HOTEL, "iVitlcr street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf ltm-llngtoii, Vermont. BY MOSES h. IIAltT. iTUllS establishment, so favorably located for thu JL accommodation of thn luuc and travelling eommimilv, i now open to the iiihlic. Po-l Cnae-ho upon the varioin route call at tho Lxchango Hotel leir pa-eng,cr, and Ihofe arriving or ilepatliug l.y Slckm Bout, in wiiitlVn-e their baggage t removed without charge, will $id this house jieculiaily to their convenience. ' The keeper tender hi services with the assurance, lint in all respect-, the hnu shall de-crvu (lie favor able consideration of all who may patronise it. Ilurlinton, April 1, 1812. GEORGE II. L'ECK, Attorney ami Counsellor at Law, TWO HOOKS EAST Or Till: POST OITICE, IP STAIRS. liefer to Messrs. J. V J. ll.VUCK it Co. Nov. 19. . A. ROBERTSON, narritcr ami Attorney nt I, aw, 'tXafr in Hit nffirenf the lion. SotUitor Gen' I Day) UT'II.r. ST. J A MISS'S ST11EKT. Montri-al, 1 X'ov. Reference in Burlington, to GHARLIIS ADAMS, Ksqiilre. 24 PECK &T S P EAR, wholesale dealers in Eitgtish, French, India and American DRUGS. Ateo, DllliGGISTS CLASS WAKR. Jlurllir.;ton, Vt. PKXTlSTllY T 1 r.VlS J. H. NIMKM.S nnicusso .1 . timed m bii-mes? f,,r ihe accommo dation of those who liav-H not the opportunity jr llhnr at their residence. Mr X. 'H 'I mo-t of: !ii time in visiting the- vitlasjL.-. m thi and th" adjoin cuintics, mnl" will pciform all operations on the. teeth neee-sarv fu: tl.etr preer'-aiion. Mr. N. wil nlao prepare th'e Month for lite reeeption of artificial teeth j take models, and train-nut them to Mr. Lewi, the ctlebra'cd tncehnmcnl dentist, who will always beat home, and who-c tinikalle I "tirei ss, -mil tm wearieJ exertions to plcac, will ontiro the pno'ie bct i t work than ean he procured elsewhere. Oiirmodo if ettmgi. far superior to my other in point ol look, ronveniei'.ce, and duralnhiy. "Anv one wanting teeth an coir.e ur.e itay with a iinulV. foil of d'vayed teeth, and return the next vvi-h a new set. Price suited to vlic times and circumstances. Alt operations war ranted. J. I.l.ttlh, J. II. NICHOLS. Burlington, Vt., May, 1PJ5. SOOTS J3S03S. r.N's Summer lUot-, some low priced. Alf-o, laos-j I 1110 Ol iniui- nun l -il.,., teit : hie for Hie '...j.inr r men. women. and toys or girts. Work as uual done to order. .1 A 11 IV. !l TT. Orncr of Clnireh and Clurry StRcl., liuthiigtun. Miy 12, 1912. SPRING ARRIVALS At Head (luarlrr., Vo. I . tVater-trcct. AO .),' y.i "A WISi-noiv tr ily ut tininf, an I wo ild relorn .lJ hi- irra'ef-1 a--l iiow'.-'pinem-to lie p'lldi -ir.-ii-itIIv lor I'm vervld.Tiliiiruuairolie In- reee ved, and 'hope- l.v a stric t a tentioii in b i nu-saiid a ..e terniiu.i'iuii in pli'i-e, he may ui'-.-it .i eontiini--.incvi of ih.-.nie. lie w.eild 'a e lliat he In- pi-t rewvelfroiii Xc mk, Hn-"..i, Al' inynud 'I'roj , fi-oiu the Ulr-t fil, iort.l-on., a lir..- a ,i I -eli r.ll .1 -MrtllH-ut of Kredl I!" 'I-, h'll, m IVmhi t" hs f r.ner -loo' . mi' a eompV-e i m iiiini',eoiupri-iiii,' almu-t every am -lo of I imilv -ipp'v. e. I'v.e. One Reward M m sm-ii toanv per-on ulmwll uudatanyotlier ore a- sreata fly and well u a-sorltnenl n. ean Ik! Ioiii la! DA VIS'S. 1'iea.f call and es. -inline fur yo ir e've, and you will nitioaway di ajipoiulel. iUv 20. NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. 13.WOOS53 WOl'1,1) ro-pi-if illy inform the l.adie- anl Ceil llcmen of Uiirliiiglon ami vie. inly that he ha re riitly O'MMH' I an li-hnient where he will mau-MfH'-firi., (whole-ale and retail) all kind-of work in the Shoe line. Doha-ju-t recoiled Iroai New York the pre-eat -tyle. of La-l-. tosrr-.her with a i-li..iee -e-lection of Stock. He will keep eo-i-iantly on hand rtnd inannf&rturtt to order all kin 1 of work " trot up' in Ihi-eonntry; nniuna whieh may le fuiitid Ik-iii'-t'alf, tioat, S-al and (inner Hoot '.a he-' tiaitcr-, II i-k a-, WslkoiiSlioe-, Mtp-, A-e. AI-.i, imd kip Dool-, loth forinenaud hoys; an J chili'ren's ilioci of n.11 kind-. tI'lea-' live him j call, two door-We-t . f the Pearl Street II.. u-e, ai I lie si'nuf the "Ills Haul " ll.irliii?toii,.M.ay, 11 i. 50 f. Tail!, TrclhSuva your Tcclh! cJ'rctit linprnvcineiil in lenlis!ry I DU. SAXTOX having engaged Dr. I'UAKSOX, Surecon and Mechaiitral Denlit from the i-ity of New York, ns a partner, would most lespcctfully announce 10 the ciliicnaof Ihirlington :.nd the neigh lioring towns that they have opened an ofli e nt Mr tJriswold's, on the West side of Church street, one door Nonh of the liurliiigton Hank, whero thev nto prepared lo attend to all cases included in cither branch of the profession. From 0115 lo a full set of Incorruptible Mineral Teeth (of Dr l'earson's own manufacture) inserted upon hi highly improved suction plate, which is retained firmly in the mouth upon strictly scientific principles, thus dispensing with the use of clnsps. Fpnngi or ligature, so ohiectionahlc. Teeth inserted upon the above plan are beyond detection, and ren dered, if not so useful as iho natural ones, more ser viceable than those inserted upon the ordinary prin ciples. Decayed Tectli filled with nurc gold, or a prepara tion which is introduced in the form of n paste, but coon hardens ami resists tin; action of all acids or other corrosivo matter, while it gwes Ihe tooth its natural appearance and preserves it from farther de cay. Achinc tcetli cured in a few minutes, mid filled with the above preparation and restorul lo usefulness. Accumulations of tartar removed from tliu tcah without injurin" the enamel, which is frequently the result of an unskilful operation. All operations warranted to give satisfaction. Teeth extracted with one third thu usual pain. Individuals desirous of having dental operations performed are invited lo call and see specimens, and satisfy of iho above iniprnu incuts. Children's teeth regulated v'icii malformation, is taking place in cunscijucnco of neglect during Kcciid dentition. Advico given on diseases of the (lunis, Sockets, and Antrum, freo of charge. , Dr. Pearson lias m his possession letters and cer tificates from professional men of the first respecta bility in tho city of New York, and Charleston, S.C. where ho enjoyed n lougand extensive practice. His object In coining north is in consequence of bilious . affections. idf Offico hours from 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. Burlington, Juno 1G, 1812. 2 SUBSCRIPTIONS Foil Till: NKW WOULD at tub BURLINGTON JiOOKSTOHE, pKHSOXS wishing tonvnjl thtiiuclvo of tho many 'v n J. iiiicrclinsimmi-uiioiinMie.i nillio.Vtie Hor'c, ran uc mppneu witn ine snmc, irccor postngo, 1 tiivni iiic-ir imiiies 111 iicu 1 nurr. ,y oriv, Mich as ', and Jacrpicrie, and llmx) of siniilur char acter, can l o piiri haKtd at tho very low iiriiuof from 101 103a eis. I ini new novel, ;uoney i-.rn-iein, by James, is now ready for tale. June 17, 1B12. D. A. III1A.MAN. HIT'S I.ifo of Patrick Henry, cheap i.litiou, vune to, or sale by u. uuuiJtuuil. ESSTtJ ) - .. .i - n m i irVurgni!tl' Ski t X HKT MOHAWK AND HUDSON UAII.-ltOAD. notice: Vox the nccommodalion of pa-sengcrs, desirous of Inking the seven o'clock line of I Steam Boat-" from Albany, (which vcnt into operation on the 20th in slnnt,) attain of Itailroad Cars will start Troiii Sche nectady, daily, at 5i o'clock 1'. M. during the con tinuance of llio alovc arrangement on iho ltivcr. lly this arrangement, pasrengers may leave Saratoga Spnti2nt 3 J to 1 o clock 1'. .M. and reach Albany in titnofor the hunt, which wilt save travellers from the north, Iho expense of remaining ocr night nt Albany or Troy. i!y Iho existing arrangement, c-i'i-ztnsof Snraloga arc obliged to leave bontent 7 o'clock in the morning, In take the steam boat at Albany nt 7 1'. M.l (37 milts lMllaiMloml III) JOHN COSTIGAX, Superintendent. April 22, isn. Xorliicrii Tr:itisiMi'l:ilioil w2 ISAAC V. HAKEIt "yy IIX 'onlin ie thu I'OKWAKDINO BL'SIXKSS liaho L'liainplaln, Nnrlltrrn Canal, anil IIiuUoii ltivcr. lVennna; it important to re lm iheOI.I Cu-tomei-. of the Line, and add new one-, he will ii-o In. be-t endeavor, lo Min-fy all, and pledirc- liiii'c'l to in hi- esorliou to proiiioto ihe inieie-t- ol lus entploj-er- l.y iloinj nil lio-ino I'liliuitl to hi-i-atu with di-patelian-1 -afcty. For l'rc'uxltt apply lo t'. I'. J.NU,if7 t'oentio- Slip, I'ori: Ci li.v, 3: f'i entu- Slip, Now York. C. II. Haiim-.v, 101, l'icr, Alhaiiy. 1'. Com toc ic, ) .1. II., Trciy. I.. A. Ci,i.ktov, ) I. V. IIiki.ii, Com-ioi'!,'- huK and Whitehall. I'ot.i.i tt & IhtAllI.I.V, IllllilllSIOII. A. II. I.uii), I'lnii-iein-h. Ai.i.r.v (.om-tock, l'ori Kent. hj .I'lriirc f; S.-n, Ki..!ohn. IniTrov t Hi -e l.'ij IIier-!stieet, nil i.air. Whitch.ill, April ISti. OOKh'S 1-.S--J ;nc.; UK l.ll'i:.A Ir 'IK .Mi; heine, whirli, ifriuhtly nppliut, will I r tin-meiii-of -aviiis llioii-nnd- Iroin an iintiniely craw. It ha-been -old and u-e I for thirty year-, wVlifrroa--uriv , nd found very nhca-io i". in thu followinir di-o !!, vi?. Cou-u.nption, Wltooiiii3 Couch-, (-0111-111011 (loiinh-, Co'iL, ihllii-nll MuMtlonv, liillnoiia, ijiiiu-y, A-thin-i, I'hthi-ie, SpitHna of ISlood, Khiln-h'li.-y, In lijro.tiou, Loo-oni' of the llovvcl-, l'11-ol every km 1, Cramp., Kiekct-, Colie, Catairh, Hy-on-tarv, raMit.'ii'.', Ilypoehondnae Aiio-inui., Hcada'.-hi..-, lekne 1.1 Stoiiia.'h, .Mea-h'-, a pieventnc lICi.ii-ta-.yio-ili-i'a-i'-, (ioniaud Ithetiiii.iti-ni. ,'I-J-''I be. 11 oveMelirino 1. picpare.l I v Ileniy Fey-ino'n-,oflladh-y, the Original lloi-ipe, l ol'.nid.Mo , and old hv hnnandth'i nntieipal I r'iiri-t.-111 the S'nite ISiate-.' Sold whole-alu and retail l.y l'cck ec ."-pcar. -H'.ltTAlN CUIII. I'Oi! Sic IC lIICAnACIIK, m tncdl In 1" c o os... I 111 'mnlics, cery if liieh ha hail M''k heatla.-he ficnii infancy, ns .1 e.iii.-t cooipl.ioit, and has cured ctlio. lu'illy inevny insi:iiieec.i known, iiiumoitiii.; to nin ny hundreds. It is not unph-isant to iho taste, and 1I01- notpievcnt Ihed lily aoi -ition of one uuig it it must h pcrseve.-ed 111, and the cine i gradual, hut eirtaiu mid pi riuaneiil. Iii-tanecs arc constantly iniiltiplviiiShi retln. ili-lrp-.iii2 (omplamt is roni pletely leheM'd and cured, although of years -t.amliiiL' by I he use of Dr. Siilin's cehbinted reinu'y. ()ne leeid.'d prtfereiu eis it pli-asantucss, having 110110 of the n lu-eatuig t IV. et of cominon drugs. lti SDpeif. etlvsa'icfjclorv, that theproprietor tins given diieeiion for hi-nt'em to lefiind the pi ire lo any one ho is not pk:ied with, and icn einuil by :. 1 1.. I - ..1 .1 1.: . ... 1 J ice nope - .of-ci mill uii may -ccuic lis gicni lien elits 10 the distressed sutlcrer who ai-elahoriinrtincler Ilea Inch.'. V.. Si'OIl.V, M. D., iiivcnloi and l',o pric tor. Soldhy GO.VS'TnrK ,f. CO., 71 Maiden I.ane New York. 1'IICK .V S I'M AH, Whohsilc Agents, a few doors east of the I'ostOfTtcc, Uiirliiig lon, Vt. n9 DOCT. ."'S Arc mill.-, C.icii:il, and Headache SM I I. 'I In-Sn.i.l 1- q en .r lo anv ihing i.r.own, l-.r reinoviuir that lroiil,e-oine 1I1--ea-e, the Catai rh, ami nl-n a , -. .J.t 111 t'.e l.ead, an I the hea-la.-lie. It 0,1011- au I oiil-o- c.-n all ol.-ii iietion-, -lieiigthen-ihei.'l.iii'l.,.inil si w- n healthy net "on to Ihe part- a ieeted. It 1- pc rti-.-t.v liee from n'oy llungclele-lerion- 111 it- ccmpo-itiou ha- a t lea-aut flavor, and jN nil me halee'ieei, alter I emu u-e. I, is ahgteeal le. 1'ric e :! runt, per liotlle. D0.1. Mar-hall'.- Vo.-utn'.'c In tian lllaek I'l.ASTI I!. 'I hi. l'la-ter i- unrivalled for euriii' -erofiloii . ,tI-ling-, S urvy Sine-, Lame llaek, and IVe-h Wceind. ; pal 11- in the -ido-, IIii- uud Lunl -; and M'tdian fail- to give relief in local Hhe 11 1 1 .it 1 -1 11 -. If applied to the M.le,it will core initny of the common Liver Coinplai nt. and is e.pial, it not Mipenor, to any Hung 111 u-e tur corn on the fee" ; Ihe virtue- ol tin- I'l.i-ter have I ecu wilne-ed by thoii-and- of individual-111 the Tnitcl Slate-, who liavete-lrl its etln-ac-y. Sold l.y the pro pnetorj ('ha-. Ilowen, Middlelniry, Vt., and l'i:ti; Si'CAn, I) iii.orlingt Vt. BEWARE OP DECEPTION. Tl has frecpiently come to theknowlelgc of ihe suh. scriher, thai empty Snuff Jars, with his Label on them, hate been bought up for the urposu of si Ming in them an inferior ip ahty Sntifl j and also, that his Snull-labels have, in sonic instances, been counter feited, or the general design cf thu samo to iini'aled asloeasily deceiw the unwary, He deems it, there, fore, hi- iluty to infurm pur. Iriseis of the manner in which they are often imposed upon j mid lie woul I hereby lerpiest them to tear oll'or defaco the Labels on the outside of tho Jars, after having disposed of the contents, so ns to prev. nt further use of the same. A suitable reward will be paid for such cvidenco as will lead to iho detection and conviction of the im postors. V'Ae subscriber continues to Mtmif.icturt, and of. J'crs for sale the folloicini! nrtkles: l.'ini! ISroun S1111II'. ficnuino Maccoboy, ) ro 0 American flappec, lmitulioit do. J llavored, Holland do, Sicily, do. Tuberose. Maltese, do. St.Onier. Curacoa, do. Strasburg. Coarse liroHti SniiH'. Demigros. Natchilocliis. Pure Virginia. l'rench Ilnpjiec', llourooii. American fienllcman St. Domingo. Pure Spanish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. Mixture. Vrllow Snnfl. Scotch and ) iv 1 lllnctirunrel or ? ,-... HlghToastj lush limb Toast, e """: Stveet Srenteil l-'nt- lint Chewing Tobacco, Spanish, Kitefort, ('anasler, Common and Sieins. jTA liberal discount made to w holesalo dealt rs, PUTl-Ul LOIULLAKD, Jr., 12 Chaliiam-St., Kcw York. H37f G00D3S. LOVELY & SKYMOUIt AH i; now opening n heavy stock of sea-ona' le Hoods recently piirehaMl in New York which are o'lereJ to tho piiilie at iric-e whic h i-aiinot fail to eio-iire their sale. Among theuiare, lllaek, llluu Hlvlg. Illue, IiivimUo Creen mid -teel mixed Uroad l'Wp,'A very superior quality of re, Silk VcKI t, Ve-ting., ,men Drillimr., (iamlrooiis, midn vunety of Hood- for summer wear allow price j lloinhaqine, a good nssorlment of silks lor dresses nnd l.onucl, satin, Uballvs, lllaek jind eolonil Mu-liii do Laiue.-, n largo lot i f Merino Shawl anu lliikl-. ihe.s ll.ll.t-. and scarfs, silk and linen eainbrid Hdkf. n errc-at vanelv ol Cloves nnd Ho.e; n largo n-orimcnl of I'ligli-b, Kreneh, and Ainericnn calicoes, ut impie. i-edentedly low prices ; Leghorn, straw and Palm lent bonnels ; a great variety ol Utbl.ons, Lac cs, l'nil iel las, Pura-ols, sun shades, M11-I111-, Cninl.iies,l.leaeheil and iinlileai hed Cottons , 3000 rolls paper haiignigs, lorJermg. looking gla-'C-, r :-S, nialls, eairpeliiig., all ofMlu'ehHicforsalcl..:,. June 1, 1813, V OTIC IC. ;LJf.Medieine i liesl ktiowm" by The e ire it perforin-.,. I. Newion' Paua'r.i, or 1'iirilier of the lllooil. 'j'liu unparalleled nnd still increii-ingi-eputatioii w-liieh this inedieiuo lia-uc-ipiir-ed Ihronshoiit the New laislandStaie, und the many eiire it h-i performed, nivl the rreal demand made for it by tuondvice ofphy.-irian well aequaintot. with its prepaialion, has hid iee.1 the proprietor to extend 11 eir.inlatiou to nlmo-l every town 111 the ea-lern and ihe prill -ipal town III ihe United Slnte. Tin P.inaeei warranted pnielv vegetal K',und I not -iirpa-od I y any oilier medicine ever ottered to the nflheled a 'it eten-lve sale nnd great popularity plainly prove. Il ha-willnii the In-l i-iglil(rii months cured its tliou-and oflhe ino-l ob-lniatu di.e.i-c, u e.inle proved by eerlilieate-, nun I pronounced by eminent nnd re-peetiible phyician the l e-l modidne 111 use. U-eful infc rinaliou may 1 e found in eirenlar eoiitaiuing eerlilieate- of cure and diieellon for ta king the medicine. The followinir appointed agent-. Burlington, PllCICnud SIM. A 11, H. Moody St All an-, Curli-nil I Itu scd Milton, C. Druk'i Milton I'all-, lliitnet and Sawver Watervillc', l-'i-k mid Urowjt, Ilnte. burgh, Ilull.unl Ctcok l-'airfax, Parker and M'ctlield Vergenne.' Adam- and .Murray Cnml i-hIlt, M. Wire 1'nderliill, .M. ('. Harney Norlli rerri-Iairu-h, II. C. Wicker tieorgia, A. Illt Wilb.ton, N. t'biltendeu Uiehiin-nd, ticeu vt Ithode lohii-ou, L. Warner and C" Moukloii, Lilian Smith Hal er-n.-i I, Ariiiiiigion nnd Woodw-ar.l l-'uir- tield, lbiriiet and l-arn-woi DHAI'Uit AND TAII.Oll, TTAS iusl rctiirncl from New York whit (tie JtX SPUING I'ASHIONS ; nlso, a superior ns botlincnt of THIMM1NGS. VHSTINGS. iW. Shop in Chuich stieet, nearly opposite the Hank of oiiilingioii. -nay i, 101. "AiTYSTllUIOUS! A trcntlemnti helnntrinc! 10 lt.L oneof the most ancient and wealthy families of tins city,wno miiri tie welt known to numerous men. Is having since the year 181, up to recently, been bent neatly double, and for Fcvtral years confined to his bed, has been lestorcd to good health has regained his natural erect position and litis quitted his ear-iiagc,aiidnow- walkswilh cascll Ve believe this is thetrcnllcinan's own description as near as possible, and there is no exasgcration mi it. We will give inqui rers hi address, mcl doubt not humane leclings will excuse the liberty ; so that any one ihuhtinir, may Arcciirthesclac.1 though he requests his name may not appear m print. Among other in-tatices, .Mr. Jas. G. Iteyiiotds, 111 Chrislie-street, ha been restored, and will give personal assurances of the facts of his case. Both were rheumatism, nnd contracted cords and'-iiicws. How has this I ecu done ! Answrr. Hi the Indian Yegilahk V.lixcr in ternally, and Il-irrs' Ncnc and Hone Liniment external,. .Ian. 29, IS 11. Soli! only by COMSVOCK cf. CO., 71 Miiilcn l.m r. ,Vc ir l or.. n9 1T.CK v; .VI'KAi:, Wholesale Agents, a few doors cast of the Post Office, Burlington, Vt. EUnLIKGTOK CirAIH TACTOHV Ct L. XI. I. SON, cciiitiiiiics the ' . business of iiianufaetiitiiiL' Chairs at the old btnnd, of the fol low uig ilescriplions: Cuil Maple Gncian, Cane Stat, Common Cane and I'lntr Scat. Laree and Sinnll nl 1.., -v.. w ... IH. U.l JWIII- ,' 111011 do, I'miiiiioii Dining, i,vc. &r. ' All of wlui h ale warianled n first 11 L,.l s:..c 11....I. ..... ,t.. .1.. r. I lalu ai liclc and vv ill ' sold at prices lo correspond wilh the tunes., and rr.ATiir.u hi:ds, hiudy madi:. Constantly on hand, 11 supply of warranted Live Giecse I. alders, which will be sold low for cash. WANTI-'I), by the snbscr.bcr, Curl and Birds Lye Mnplc, ilthvcrc.l at liisshojim Church strecl, opposite the old Bank. c. I Ni:r.-ON CGI' A It 7VA';.',sy. Hr.Nitv 11. iiosTiVK ic i. p. v,&. w. r.. lroiij linvmg coiniettcd llleir Till Shops, will do business m that line under the name of II. 11. liost wickoiCo. n' the- stiop occupied by said liostvvick, where- may be found a full and complete a eminent of TIN' WAHK, luaiiufacluttd exnitssly for tho retail trade, together with Copper anil Sheet Ironwork, Stovel'ipc, S ovi 'I iiinmiui.'s, e.i. All I. in 's of Job work. furnished at short notice. Have troth anil con ductor pipe furnished nnd put up. Copper pumps and lead pipe furnished and set if le quireei. Those who T,S,l iiusiiiess -nan, a 1111s shop, Icniiicklyand will s.ivcd, for a rca-nia' e coiniieo satt.ui. II II. HOS'nVICKttCei. Hurhnglon, Apr. 10, 1S12. BO YNTON .-j- BURRTT, (Successors io A.S. & G.D.Wtllrr.v VJ O l L 1) icsptcifully inforiu the inhabitants of units' urjti nun uic iiuj. niiiig tow us that llecy have coiniueni-id hn-inc in the Storo fuime-rly oc cupied by A. S. e- G. I). We Her, and are' now reee iv mg a gcncratassortincnt e f I'aiicy Dry Ge e)ds, Hard waioand Groccrits, which iKcyolli-r to the public a lowiiscan be purchased in the county for cash, '1 hey lespcctfully solicit a share of public pationage, confident that their prircs will bo fo .lie! to suit all who may favor them wiihn call. NOIILK L. BOVNTON, WILLI a.m iiuiiurrp. Ilincslmrgli, May 1, 1812. 43 K OTIC 25. i-pin' Subscriber would inform the public that lie j. nas on mum a cciicraiassoitmcnt oi Jlarucsscs, Sadillis, Trunks, I 'alhso, Carpet Bags, Whips and I. ashes, and ntimcious ether articles in lus line of business, which will be sohl as cluaii asi-nn bn bnn,.ht in el,,- vicinity, riantitl, l.'ull Cloth, Lumber, Wood, nnd most Knee's lef firm. t,r,-..i, ..,..-,. ..,.1 I.. ..n - , , e"'j... iu... i.t.i hi leifiee. Lj-shop two dourt. l a.-t of the Post Office. Is also Kent by the subscriber n few rods V. ist of the Court House, where the public will at nil times liudn man in readiness to attend cal's, and ns good Horses and CarrK'gcsn.u'aii be foi ml in the place, und nt as fair nnces. Burlington, MoyG, 1612. 2tfE V 7,Z17B1T STASItE. IJI.SPI.fTrrLLV inform their fi-cnds and the Vnubhc.l hat lliev lenvetinveMniM.n.l n I .,. Slln,n and have on hand ready for itso sumo excelletitllorscs nnd Ciirriages,Stighi1IIariies-es,iS.c. w Inch they will h i mi ii .isuuauie it-rins. stable nt llcuiaium Bisliop's llot-l, South West Comer Court llousu Seiuaic, BOARDING HOUSE. fpHI1 Houso is now OPHN for thu reception of ooaruers. .in wno w isti to do iru, nre invited lo call nud ctninmo his house nnd the pe .-uliar advau-lage- win h Us consl ruction and location oiler, for eoiiifoit and convenience. Trims, very moderate. May 10, 16J2. I YTK Ihe subscribers, having been nrpointctl by Ihe Hon, Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, comiuissiouors to receive, examine nnd adjust iheclnims anil deuiaudsof all persons, ii-uiiisi Iheesliilcof .VU.l.V II nr.ClllUl, lute of limes, burgh, in slid District, eleccascd, re-pn-sculeil insoL vent, uud ulso nil claims nnd demands exhibited in oll'sct llieicto; and six iiinuths fiom ihcdnvof the dale bt rttif, being allow eel by said Court for that pur pose, wo do hereby pivo notice, Ihnt wo will attend to ihe business of our nppoinliiienl, nl ihoilwclliutjof I-Uincr Hccchcr, in Hinesburgh, in snid District, on tho first Monday of October 11) o'clock, A. m. Dated, Ibis 20 lie day of May, a. n. 1112. .lOSM'll MAItSlI, .Comtiiii. IIICMA V ,' SMI IT hiouers. COITI'K MILLS. I NCHLASl-; WILSON'S Colli e M Us, a very mi. W.M. J. iiix r. L4 H T h it. ( o ii it r. is ' ii .vz . MOITAT'S Vl.t'LTAilLL Lll'l-; ML'DK 1M.S. The-e nic heme are indel.lcd for their naine li Ibeir iiiauife-l uud seiiil.le n.-lion in pnnfjing the prinir and ehaiinels of life, nml 11 tli 1 1 nir them with leucwcd tone nnd vigor. Ill many hundred cerlilie.1 e.i-ewhii-h have been made p-il li'-, ami in nlmo-l every specie t.fili-ea-eto which Ihe huinan frame I liaU'e, the hnppvc lect of Moi tat' l.n 1; I'n.i.s and PiIcksiv BlTTifti lave been grentfnlly and ueiiovvled-.'ei by the per-on- I eiicliited, nncl who were'iinae.'iaiu,iil wilh I heheniitifiilly phi loopliiea! priucip'e upon win -Itthty iiioeouipouud. e I, mid 1111011 which they eou-eipieiilly net. 'Ihe 1.11'L MKI)R'lM'.S iivoliuiii.nd Ihein.eliesfii li.ea-e of every form and cle-eriplion. Their fir-t operation i to en from the coats of the sloinach unit bowel-, the vnno-i iiiipnruic aim eru.iuie.s eon--tanlly -eillnig aroiniel ihcm; nnd toremovi' Ihe har dened" face which collect ill the convolution- of the sluallc-t inte-ttne. Oilier mi'licne only partially elean-elbe-e, nnd leave such eollee-te I inas-e 1 elnnil a lo produce habitual co-tivencss, with all it- train ol evil, or-iiddcu iliarrhcea, with it imminent il.tsrcr-.ii Tin- fact i well known to all resrnlai- niialomi-t-, whocxaniinellieli'iinaii I owelsafiereleath J anil hence Ihe preiuchco of llio-e; well infoinied men ngain-timaek ineheini or tneilieme- prepared ami hcrnlelcd to theiiul liel.y iinoranl per-on-. Tho -ecoiul elleel ol Ihe Life Mc-'hcnie I lo 1 leaii'C ll.e kidney unci the blue! ler, and by thi menu-, I he liver and the lung-, the heal'hfiilaetioii of which entirely depend upon tin. i,.. gulariiy e f the urinary organ. The blood, which tnkcit red color from tho agency of theltverniul the lung I efore ilpae into the heart, I entgthu inrilied by them, nnd noun-heel by food coining from a clean stomach, eour-e freelv' tlnoiigh ihe vein-, renew every part of tho svtcin, and Irinmplnnily inouuts the banner ol health in the blooming cheek. Modal'. Vegetable Life Medicine, have j t en thor oughly te-led, and prniiouneeda -oveieicu remedy fur Dy-pep-ia, flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Lo ol'Appelite, Heart-burn and llead-ac-he, lie.tle.-ne , Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor nu l Melancholy, Co nvene , DiarrhuM, Chohra, Pever- of all' kind-, Itlieumati-ni, tioui, Drop-iesol all kin I-, tiiavel, Worm-, A-lhina and ('on-umptinn, Scurvy' I'lc-er-' luveleiate Sore-, Seorbutie Lrupliou and Had Coiit-pleiion-, Hruptivo eomplainl-, sallow, Cloudy, mid le Complexion-, Salt liheuiu, lay-ip-ela-, Common t'dd nnd Iiilhieua,and varioit other eouiptaiut- which atlhct thehiiinan frame. In 11:11.11 and A'li'r., particularly, the Life Medie-ine- have I ecu ino-t eminently siiece fed ; -o tiiue-h -o thai in the I 'ever 11 n 1 Ag'iedi-tnet--, Phy-ieian- alino-l mnver.-ally pie-erile I hem. All tnal Mr. Mol'al requireseef hi patient is to 1 e particular in tal.ingthe Life Medicine1 -Irietly neoor ilnig lo the direction. Hi-not a new-paper notice, or hy anything ihel behim.elfniay.iiy inlheir favor, tlul'lie hope. to gain credit. Il i'aIoneby Ihe re-ull-of a lair trial. MOITAT'S MLDICAL MANUAL; ile-ignect a a eloinc-tie guide to lieabli. Thi-lnile pauiililec, educe! by W. II. M0il.1t, 27,, Broadw ay, New York, ha 1 ecu tied li-he I forlhe purpo-e ofexplaitiing moreliilly .Mr. Mo Kit'- theory ol eh-ea-e-, nnd -vv ill le I011111I highly intcieslnig toperson. seeking health. It treat- upon prevalent ili-e.i-e.-, nnd the eau-e theieof. Price, 2.j eeui for-nlel yIr Mollal'-Agent-gcnerally. Thi'se vabi ible Me In-me- arc for sale l.y tii.OUHU L. W I!XI li A- Co. John. on, Vt., General Auent-, by whom all order from any part ef the Slate or Canaila, wdlil e proinptlv an-wercd. 2d t f Dee. 17, lSll. 1 1 AG All tV ARTHUR, (ifnornl Ap'rnK Ur Mo'lal1- t-ck-l latnl iiti'ihriiK, to lioni all npplieatiuii' for nchuif must Lu ;ul-.,r"-, 1. Hiiiliit2fu-i,.!aii.2-5, IS 1-2. iJ ATiritt'VS CiIiAM) lilKIOIiATlVi:. Tin- fur llu'foIUiwiirj eomplainl-, viz: Dy-prp-M, or Inth-L'c-iiintj.di-tM-t'i.! I.ivor, I'll hiii- tli'i-rlcr-, liiop-y, Aslli ma, Co'ti.,llt'', Woiin- ami lo- ( f ApptMiti1. aul 1 y I'lcan-inir the -it.niach aiul l.uwc!, rnu' pain in llif Mi inacli ami lneaM, roKN aiiicivi'jli n h-nu U(nIiU2, IInar'tiK-, Iu rliR (.1 )rtMili, Xcrvou ((riiii.unt.r im-lifint'iiily lln' f 't'i hi ili-fiiM-. l-r I'r t.ii'I Agin', it 111 iijm valu.ilik" pre VLMiaiKo ns mH nn u mhuti 1711 n-rtic-Ii,. irim- -iiipii- any !hni ln-rctolorr i.mwvn in il-iiidvh) Si, Viiu I lain't', l'i I -til lie li.ive I cm Known lo ruic ihi alliu'lmy;', aficp having lalilitl every cxrr mm lurlut.r Itliaa 11101 powcrul iniIuchcl' fa H'.novinjr imm vouvCdinplatni-. Il 1 plc.ant in t.iLc .tiid -oiM-y in M opn'.uiou, 'I1.1t f( may I 0 admin !ini(I tci ilio infaal nli -all'ty. Tlie al'Oxti'.MtMlu'jno 1 very limlily iti-oimiii'ii 'eil I'V many .-riejililic rcnllcincii, niul a lartre 11 ;inl cr oi'laihe-, lio have provcil ihe nine- ol'll.e Mclii'inc l-v pcitinal IiM'biuI that t.f ihcir I la 111 1 1 k . A I ill ol tTliliMti' net "injia !. facJi IkiIiic u ,, .,.. .. 1, may le ba.l w hok-iele or ,el o k n i ...i-i n i- i-.. . n-,, ... . 1 toe. ii, Vi.sole pioprieti r-. Piepared from ihe origin al recipe; for .-ale l.y 1.'. II. Picu.i--, Mouipelier, and Pixie cpSetAi., Ilnr'ing'on, niul in the principal town- in the -lulejall hie-lii.n- -ignediu the hand writing oflhe propru lor 11. L. I'AUIl.VR gives notice that ho continues to carry on the hits: in- as usual of nntiuf icturing Sloiio ware of n su'ierior quality in an its varitite and will ut a tunes bn in rend ....... i,. I.. ...........,,,, ii e ueu-i reo-niia it tetm, all oreler proimitiy atttndetl lo at his i-'aclory , Pearl Street, ""'""genu. Jau.-il. 1H 12, .i a cimys i'A civ At ;, TV Hitiretn Albany anil Montreal, I !,, , "ceiieti noiiee, tenving Albany on Wednesday, ami. Montreal on Saturday of inch t- . V.T . , .' " ii vvi.o. ni .i nany eei I.'u', ... O t . - don, ........ . i.ii.iiieii'iii.e, iiusiuii, Liverpool, i. on ireiinei, Aeolian I an 1 Havre, for the trans, poriation of Sptcie, Bank Nute, Vnluahlc P Packages of, Boohs, and nil other P, ancrs, Parcels Dial may one r. Sloii'rtnl r.Ncliange Cofftc House. All any No. 12, exchange Buildings, j.'evv York No. 3, Wall Street. Bo-lou No. 8, Court Strict. Burlington J. iV .1. II. Peck, it Co. ki.ii:hi:ntj:s. Llias ll.viit.n, , L. V. .f.J. 1J. nEED, ( Albany, N. P. Wells, ' Y.. it I). 11. P.O.,,, Kelli o 4. Co., ' f Tr")'. X., Y. A, Watiioi-s, ) h, NVl K1. L-o.Castlcton, Vt. J.l'iJ. II. PECKlt Ce... Ilirl ATi'ni" 1',:"c''r !5on' s'.Jol' L. C. lotf. lMUVATK si:i,uct IJOABJBliXO SCIIOOI riilll' , . ...... I i' X, "I'aeioii. liuiiiliiig.novycree-iini- in 1 I nstCb irlottewiII lonnemsl (if (be I.orel will) mi er I bo sioier in..,,. .'. i .c... u. ""' i ., ' I , i. n.v oiioi Ki-,n s.-t.-d in ihe LaihiV. e.pariinciitin I Vcnchand Mu.-ic ley Mi-s At. A, '1 1 s lli;ui.iii:, ., ,, loih May, 1S12, lull icrin open-21)th Augii-t, viiili-r do "Sill Ne.v. nil ..r Twelve young and Geiilletnen may I e ne column,) it,., I in il... . r at. .n ... . . .... , .,ir, , erm. ner quarter, in advance. Mu-ic SIO. I'Veneh and Al-'i-. bra, b ,. Waging extra. Hay, from S'SO Mi-sT. edm-alwl under llice.a re of eminent Te-aelier. aii.l baying taughl in Loudon, Hug., uu.l in t),i- State ' "' u,",i""i '"cimpiyipiannisi losiiperiutend ihe i-ttncliaiiil .Miisie tiou-i mucin btrictlv Ji.iienial. ' To iho-e unai-iiuainti'd vv ilh the servic e, experience uud ability o Mr, T. releieie-c may leha.l lo t.J.l ngh-l y.lliulingion, U, Mott, Si.Jihn, J.B.llolleuLvk, .i J.C.Parke,WI,,.hall. J. Sbenn in, ..rgcune A. S. Perry, Troy. Charlotte, loih April, 1SI21 " ' NEW BOOK STORE. " Live iintl lot liivo." rilIi:Milsenler has rtveivcd froiu Now York a A lieivr stlplyof Se-hool Books, Jl,,e,, Lrr Hook-, I estaineul., etc. iV . iVeiher with n -o,l a sortuient ol Stationery, and Hook-Li,,,!,,,,; aioc. lo which holiivne the intention of Iho publieT 1,,.,.!,, very grateful forlliB Id eral oairoivm'.. i... .. '. - , , .,, i . i n- uc 1 1 luiuii- ec ieue.1, hu will renew hi eerliou o nlease nil ibii may lavor him willulieir patronage,. ,., , HHXTINfiTOX. hlrongs' Building, corner I ion 1. n...i r-ii 0,.o.e lluaar it Artie.,',, Sign lied llger. ' JIIIIU lilt YO MlSTAKI-:.-S,okeil Beef, aUo, Pork by iho 1 harr-1, iu( ree-civetl fur euKi bv ' ' Ju,lc "i I). DAVIS, IIP?! DR. Tia.TT OR'3 IJ A ti S A .11 O t.' I, I V K It iV ) U T, Ole-cryc; whcii vou bi,y that Von get the genuine, prepared nt 37S Bowery, New Vork. See that .'57.1 Bowi ryXcw ork I on the; wrapper of each lloiile. All other are rr.aud nud sold only by iiiei-ulntor-. wilhoiit i-i-gardtti ii.-lii-e,toiho pltl.'lie, or theproprie tor. of the gcniiinoarlielc. tOU Coti.iimpiion, mid Liver complaints, Dvcp si.i,ibzine ofthe head, lo of appetite, Dynn tarv, niul general legiilalerof the whole -y.iem. Xonc'rcninne I in that nreparivl nt .TO Bowery, New Voik, where the nrlie-le wa fir-l made, thecbar-ae-ci-oflho me heme formed nud o-lablisheel by he lircent solo proprietors, and whonie theonly per-on knowing ihe eonipo-ition of ihe gennine. It ha I ecu ii-o,l siiece-f.dly for eighl year in the cure of lhc.c dise.i-e. iOHiiiitnilcr'tlii; original nnd Oeuui.ic I made only nl No. 37j Bowery, New Vork. All oilier nie coinitcfeit. Consumption anil Liver Complaint ! An gencrul remedy for thee ehsc.Kc, I am fidly -ali-lied, fiom long experieuee, there i tin meela-iu'e ecpial to Dr. Tayloi's Hal-am of Liverwort. Being pui'e'y vivct.ible, il can lunsed with the iilmo.t - ,ic- I. y all pe.son in every condition. It eliiei.e thi lung l.y expceloraliou, rc-lievo delieiilt breathing, and-eem-lo heal llieche-l. 'Iheiet-nn bonoqtic.tion but tin- medicine i. n certain cine for i limine eo igh and i-old. I have u-e.l'it four jivtr in my pra'-licr, and nlwayswiihsiiia-e--. A. K. ItOGKUS, M. I). TickUnq in the. Throat. I know Dr. Tayloi' Balsam of Liverwort lo le a certain remedy for thi complaint, as 1 have u-cd it iny.ell'and found it elli'e-l- nu immediate. 1 w.i in, ich troubled until I iniule loei.fihi. medicine. M. L. 1II.XHAW. 211 M.ingin st. Ifoai'-e-ne. Ciiaed I'or the core of hoar cue.. I ean strongly lecconmieud Dr. Taylor' Bal-nm ofl.iy. erwort. I have not onlyle.uncl g'leat 1 ci.elit lay ell, but many of my eongregatn u by my le coniinend.i linn have recievnl great I enclil Iroui its virtue. Il i. at mire nuld ,eilicuciou. and harmlc . HKV.A'. LI-AVIS. Severe Coughs and Cold I have had a hum se vere colli nnd cough, (or u long lime which I could not get rid of. Afier n-uig many u-e!e- tiling- I Iri oilTiiyloi. of Liverwort, and it cined mo in a lew .lays. JAS. H. Ivr.UUIXOtUC. llai-ing of BIoihI About two weeks ago I had n fall, which e ni-ed lue to spit large qnal ilic of I , or h I vvbi.-h in thing could emu until I tried Dr. Taylor'. Bal. am of Liverwort. Tin- tiiiHli-ine gave ineuunic. .hate relief and m a very short lime e leetel nu entile e-uie'. Let nil jier-nn. try it. Ilt'OII MC (IAI!VKV,21 Cannon st. Dr. Tat lor'- HiNiini of Liverwort Tin -upermr icinedy forili-i-a-e- oflhe lunq. un I live r ha. obtain ed u repula'ion never I ifoiee-piallcd. Remarkable Cure oj Consumption. . . . wa-one,ar her death with tin- ch-ea-e, that un friends -cut for n pr e-t toconfe me eie I e'ied. lie in hi. iner-y, lold mo not lo giveup itu'il I Iru-d Dr. Taylor's lial-am of Liverwort. I -enl iminethntely for tin- medieiiie, and although iho eonte-t for a few day- 1 el ween tin-medicine, and inv ih-ea-e v.-a- se vcto.the miibc-iiiei.oncpierel, and in a forini.-ht I wa re-loiedio health. I had a e oigh, rai-ing of in. it ler, lo of my voice, pain-, wca' ne.., ite. I -an ic fcr lo Doe-tor Wil-i u, in the Cnrllon Hon e, for the troth ormystntcmeiil. MA It Y HILL, 10 h -licet cor. of fraud-. ofo.1 avem.c. Summer Complaint. The Bal-ain of Livervvon, in -evcrnl ea-e of ihi-eh-ea-e, where all olhe-r rcme he, ap.tlicil ly have lu-oved mellletiial, ha- trodueed ii .eilcel i me Surprising Cure of Consumption. Mr. li. ( ol Delhi, N". Y., of a nainrai'v con. -umplivo con .lilution, ha- I ecu saved from a'n un timely cud by ihe n-e ol Dr. TnylorV of Lie erwort. A severe cold I ro ighl'on an attack of Plen-re-y, and thu. ende I in general debility and i-c . i - - e e ; i- II. in. A ei,li-l:illl e iingli, lieclic llu-li,' re.t'e liijhts, epne-ti pnl-e, uti l eont.nued lo of Ih sh, a gert-d u spee.iy oeain ; nut a- soon a- I conuneui el ihe u-eol I...- i . i grew i t-ier, u, uw f,,y ru.ur0i it' iit.i.tee. Shortness of llreah. l'i It, I ,t. .,1-1 111 1 ' r' "ijior - r l I - I l-en.e. 1 i i ti i. ..t . "':"" "" an cm client reluct!)-. It al oiiccso-afeauel -o ule.-ine, ihat 1 nlway- ii.,. it in ..i 1. 1 .1 . in c , uu.l lecn-omnieml il ic inv fnenil.. have u-cd il in -nine hundred, i f ea-e. v.'itlon the iia. lour vear., and 1 have never ha I a fail. In many ea-csof a-lhiua, 1 fully 1 eheve it lo have 1 ecu the mean-of Mivtng inceiou- live-, let nil .,. n GKOHlii: liAl.PII, M. D. .one genuine but thai picpaie.i ai ,i7.'. Wowerv. ..c-w ...ii. u-win ie .,en l.y the la' cl. ami wrapper- ol each b. tile. He -ure you b ok w hen you buy I he gcll liii" can alw-ay . I col tiime I e fthu ' Old Agent-, Me -r-.'X.'y iV Co., now l.nvedy iV Seymor Hi-. Moody and Pel k tt Soear, Cheini-i'. an I I'nitrai-i-, B oliugtoii s. 1. !.,re , CIi.ii-li.uc Hilham l!hn!c, Jr. liichinon ' Geo. Aver. iV Co Milton A. cc W. Brown, Ci-.iu.l l-k W.' II. Keeltr' svnith Ileio Horace Wad-w orili, Nonh Here -i.ot .1 I'.ivw., AP.urgh-l-'. iV I..O!c,i.,, We-t Alb Tli-D. Jt' W .Carjitulcr, alei-biiry. LY3FAN & COL I i i i i. iceeivei nieir ll-nal c'ell-ivi' l l. in and vanelv of : assor'met.l oi'ing and Siutitiii" ri riii it. which they o. 'ei- at gieatly ledu. ...I pr ,-e.; e on.,. ,",., iiiirt.l Prinlcl Lawn-, Camliie.., .Muslin.- and mourning Lawn-. Rich -aim -Iriped Bllzorine, &e. for laJte,' sunimer die e-, Xew iiatieni Mu-lui de Lame-, satin -trfp'J I.olian-, Plain, black an I blue 1 lack Iloml azine, I iguied blue black anil ou'on-l do. Heavy bl.u k Canton, Urn, to Swi- unJcol',1 Silk Shawl.. ' Lupin'-lest -carle I, black and tailored Merino. Scarf, ami Kainy llandhetcliltl's. af...l... .1 . I n-t ... . . . ...ti-iiii ue inline, iiiuei wool, an I laney satin iieri iini, uravais, raw silk ll'dk'f .iiu-im ie i.auie snaw-ls, raw .-ilk do., juiutuj La r.iney ,ilk Mill- and (;iVe., colored Kill. no. i laci; n'w-mg si k e to. Ale ,.,j.,m,i ..ii Glove., Men'. Li-le Thread, eol.,,,,1 si k, white sd. ''lid Kid do. Men'., black liuli.u, Cravat., " '"-.I 'i"i una niii.a i til ti er oii.iieti ih-r-, Lade.' white ami black .-ilk llo-o am i.tovt-, wlnie Me,. no Ho.e, Mae . an! ivlmcd Mil. llllll IV 111 move.. l''oi-(iciitlcincnsiinmirr Wear. Nripo.l and .lam while linen Drill, colored do, remn, Hamilton Mix-urcs and Hemin-, .uimh oaimeiie, i.rniiuctte, Jacket Linen, it Diimestlr ComK. Indian llea.l, Stark- Mill-, Mnldlc-cx and other . Cotton Sheetings. A great quantity bleached shteiing and sliirltng, very low priced. Union bleached cotton, 7-S and yard wide. Harlleit no. a-i an i o-i no. malting n more extensiv ii-.-ortiuciit than we haveeurkeMit, Mcrnniae cotton shtvting, sujieiiine tinble.ichwl eoiion stiirnng, u loll, una cord drill heavy lick nig nud wadding. Three Ca-e- tf I 'ml rella- and P.ira-ols, Can lionnetniidntvk Hibbons, Tuilela do. Galloons. l a-te.-, iVe. l'l'Illfs. I'all lliver. Merriinne. Hovtr. llr.tol nn,l mm,.. other styles t f American irinl-, very lovyirteed. j.iipiisu .u.i.i i. ... -i. jtiiius, v.iiiL'uam., ivc. llioail Clollis. A general asforiment of Burliiigton Mill Co. Broad Cloili-oou-tanlly on band. Al-oolher slvle. of oroai (loin- uu.l v.-apsiiuere-, llnglish, trench nuu iicriuan no, I'elled Carpeting, Silk, 1 vv-i-i, Bullous, Surjc, Cunyas-, Padding, liurliiigton, 20 -May, IS 12. WINDOW SASJI. The suh.erllit'r. have our eha-nl thu Mai hini-ry for utu lu.iuiii.ieiuieoi vvoieiow Stish fornierly ownul and ii-til by Sidney Siiiith, a v moiiski (Jiiy.and are now manufacturing ivery ile erqition, uud kecpeon-lant-ly on hand nu us-orlincul of 7 l.y 9 thelollowiiig pn,-es. 12 liightiM t.ascments 3J el-, jier Light. do .111 H 110 111 do do Kor sale nt their Shop nt ihe Falls, and lu Vlrrson, All orders in tit, ml v t.eorge addre-sed to Catlin it Cha.e. will be ihaiil.-hdli r-......i .,i i"".'"J ..Intl... ..... MOSES CATLIN, 2d. l.DWIX w.ciiasi:. BurliiiEton, April 0, 181 PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. rP,n,? 'Tticlcts too well known to need commcn - nation -and Ihe c.ieriencc of seven ycats has UeillOtlStratCl lO tie I niTnnl ,,,,,,,,,,.. ,l,t for ureiiracy, convenience and durnbiliiy, ihVi- are unnvaiieti mi vnnl scales to wi igh lro- - G Ions Dotmant Waiehcmso do, to weiah from I-ll '"'U 'Olbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1 2 oz. to liOIbs. IV tableCoimtcrdo a nuwatticlo toweigh iromi-7 io4l His. .1 & t. IT "nee it Co. Agents. Burlington, April 3 1341. "OUSSIM.l.'S STOMACH BITTI.HS. may I J-V n-etl in W meor water.- l'he-e celebrated hitlers iirecoiuiio.eil purely of vetrc'nble. of the mo-t iiino- centyet .iieeihe virtue-. I hey nre par lieularly for rt-toriug weak coii-litiition., clean. inn and -lieiiglhening the sloinach, mil inerea-ing I lit appetite al-o a preyenlntn e a gain-t the cholera mr.r on-, icvcr nnn ague, removing nan-en. roimnnir, heart burnniL', w-enkne- in ihe brea-t, pain in the -loiiru ii iiiiiioiiicr-ymiiiom-i iitaiiitcnecaml inelige- licit. One box will linctui-coiieg.illoti. I'rice2j et- i box. I!t'-r.Li.'. Iti il OixTMi-.tjT. Tin- choice an.l-nfi oiiitincul , saul tole superior lo anv now in u-e, for tliat le nn I lontb-omu d.sea-e, the ITCH I hi-Ointment i--o ceui-inin in Us one-ration that no per-on iioiii ieei wnii nie a' ove ili-crocr ought to l.e wiiuoiii ii. ii i u reme ly tor eiitaneous er-ip!ion, -eorouiic a -eciion- oi nic nenu, orany other t reat ins' out which tin-is from sharp humoi-s hi the Hood. Pi ice 2" cl-. a I e.x. I( its-i:i !.' Vnnr.TAtt.r. llii.Ltc.fs Pili.s, eir family phy-ic, for general n-e, m en es ol'.Iii'iniliee, niorbii -cii.tbiluy i f iho -tnmiich an I bowel., lo.. of nppeti'ie, lit'tid I reaih, eosiivcne.., Pile-, and all h-ea-c nri ing lioni biliary dcrnugcinenl-, al-o fur e-orien-ting the -late rf the I loo 1, and cleansing Iho -v-icm ol foul nnd viscid humour-. The e p.lls are n'milil on thariic, pro h.cing nei'licr pant- nor griping, und are theret'oie n valuable and h'gh'v approveil ineiheine, andnre pronoiitiecd auch I yliictno-t ili-tiugui-hed iihy-ieiau. Iludi l.ox eonl'aiumg ZS Pill-. Price .17 et-. a I ox Hu-ell's eel.-l rated Salt Knr.tiM Oiktment. This i- un.pie-tionnl ly the I e-t and nfc-i lemedv ever vet o-'cred Hi the public for ihnt ol-.iiun-e di-order SAl.1 KIII.UM. Where other means hnve t.iileil, n hasue- ei' led, nnd the fact thai it ha lien -xien.ively n.-ed 1 y eminent Practitioner -pe-akt. volnnu in it- prni-e. Ill- ct lully c.ticH'-iotis in nil h-ca e-of ihc.kiu, -cnltl bcn l rin .'Worn'-, ami lie most niveleraic Itch, ie, t,e. S'liiicrou- ecr i . a'e might I e ol tioned, I il' the choo e- that a Kit Ir al -boolel I e the "lily i-vi 'en I'll- -ipenor"'licii..y. I'licclllcenl-n I ox. l'or -ale I v Peck d- Spear imd li ei-t Moodv, B.ilingtoiii Dr. t. II. Mni-,nud Hull & Cook, llme".- liiirgli ; II, Iiarne-, t liirle ttc; L. Jane-, (.eorgia; I I ylcr, l.-ex ; fuller e. Il.-ntingt Hi -hiiu ...I Al-o, ly ilie drtiggi-is and lueiehaut lotit the state. genei jllv e.2.!m" ill-o-u t,5s::ai:s or Tin: kiimj.... Deeie.iiv E J the ltitit I melt Li I leinc-tlv eve l Klluiv n in A tnf I ie.i I lettable l'ulmonury llnlnim it ih" tinni valiiilde H 111. tl. ituii i e ,,l eetttglt.,, a-lhu.a or , hlhi-ic. riiii.iiiiipi.on, wl pine; rough ..nd .ttt.iui tl nil ctlitii oleei) kind. lit. ,a!e i .leatblv incie. 1115. .i""! 'he pinptteuii aie etiiisiaiilb .ecpiiiti the 1110.1 Kuniab!. .11 e.tiiiii ul in. 1-(Ten. I In- f.illttw nig nciv ceitilicatis till' ttlTi-ieil puld e ex.luii.l.iliiiii. mix I Ml III sjisr. CvPK IWn.ict of .1 Idler finm Ir t. S Cl.iv, King-Inn, Ulsl.u in,, ,. V, In the pi .piirinrs. " nni of ih Ot Ii m.l. wa ihilv lec'tl X 1 em 11 kible due ul hj ihe Veg I'nl nion.iu !.i..nn in lite nu ml .pi uig id I S; J . 'I he li'iitcm, Mi. Mm ul,, 1, 1 1 t,p, K .1 long tune it 1 , 1, die etiiisinnpiiiiii. Hi-- phv-irian h.ul ;im-ii him up lie w.i tcihlPfdsti loiv u 10 l.ei b't 111 lirtp,-. nni via n I,,, g ipi.imiit 1, 1 bit,,,,: when he tl,-,,,, vvinrl, li., rfTieipiln eiiinpli'le 1 me, mid hn ic nuu a. tind hcnii n pvpi hp u.i. Mr. Mt.oili 1, 1. 11 11101, . I h,,,,, t,i, it.iui, Inn lie h . me ,1 moie del niul .ii eiiiiin of hit cafe, uhiih I 1vi1lf.11n.1rd 1. ni. c. sj CI.W. KiiU- , X. V. June 2.) 1S:)S. Uxn h i t.l.ileiiti f.1,,1, ir J.irul. Mjri. Vi'jj. Libit- Piihiiui.nv ll.1l-.1111 lot bp. 11 Mil, I in ,n, ct.iunv foi twiiirais tl 1 i.e uie.lie ha s cd ,111 iiiir.iiniiiti.i ccltbrm, (, ,1 .i-.m-elj riii.i.inie f nlptl nf hrillll' Ihp eiciee., 1 fleet I ant b tin tne.oit 111 1 iv to of 1 1 , 11.,. 1 , iiiii.i nl vv lui Ii .or un ioiiiui 11,1011 ,, erpihllmi piittbr, bill 1I111 nlnrli J kiiciiv hv li-i" In be PtT.'C 11 ll, I 1. muni help bin nit . e, II ( it ill .Mini lliPie'o. A pioiuiiniiuu h.i lii-eii nfi'i 1 e.l hiue hi a ir.itrlling Agent, ol I '1,11111,1 k, i. V. and then- i .lomlie, .uiiele icnded hue U.,11 i. tntiigl sli.sprrieil lo be.piu nui J A Oil I! M I CS, 11 . I). Miflliiijuin, ro I'eiin. M.i, ;), 18"7 I'lnn. Dr. S.ilnuel Mm, ell, in ihe l'ntii leinis nf ihe ii,. Lit'.', B,,litiu, I ,1111 tt.nj.h..( iha, the Ve. nelable 1'it Im.iti 1 -1 1.' . 1 v.t In tb e nieilprine Ii ha been 11. ed ,11 ihi. wnii eiiinpli'ep .urn h hi .111 iib-tni or rt.111 pl.i nt 1 nl ih.. Iniiji, .iiieiuli'il nub -pveie ciiuall, mice. ,iii, 1 in r ii.iiil" of inncl. liluml, wine h lout iip,itiilv ie-i.ied 1111111) nppioveil ,iipi 1 ipiiiuif. Alien g ihn IKil. tin one iieik, i'ip p ilieui's iint'P tpinrneil and he u a ible 111 .pc-ck 11 nil 1 h.y, In ci.p ori'iiried mhiip nine since, and ll.e in 01 is lioiv eu ' ihi nut nn'v in aeii, p bin I.1I111. inn. .loinei). Berppi'ilull , f:c. - Moll i.i 1.1. Ii is n.iiv liltirp ih 111 six ,p ir." siilfe I was lirilit'hi VPIV lull ll III! .ifi'pclioil t. ll.e limit. , lm ritiiiul.niii ile'.'l lie. I lo bp iileiii able hi a ci.nnril nf ilnee , hi. iiri.ius. I h.i 1 lieu ie. nu, i 10 .m gin, I It.-.ililt ;i. h id I'llilivtil O r nun, ,p.i,, liy It.ltlg lit. eitel. title I'nl. mtinii, li Since nu leemerj Ilnve nr. un iiipiiiIpiI iIip Bi'.ain in 11 yip.., it, m, ci-Pt. of 'ens I'liiiipl.iiiiiii, aiitl ,11 l.n .1- I ran bum, ii, ,ie h... in laiialilj been I'.ll t.ptl b, beiltlli, anil 111 netin oieianres it has cilectt'O etiirs ulorh uric ulinbv imps periril. JsAJlUh!. l.t t.nLri II . on, Marrh 2, 1S37. I or .ale, i .Wile and iciail, hi I'Ht.'K f. SPI'. U,Biirliiigtji, Vi. To Itiiildcr anil others. OOAHDS, l'laibiiards and Plauk idaineel at short IJnutiec; n'-o n Ciicutitr Saw foi slitting, at tl.e Burlington Iron I'oimdry. Turning done, or lathe 10 let lor turning tied I'osis or column, t ash A c. ro- ccivvel in pay. . JARV1S GAY. Burlington, April 22, Is 12. CI0MI5NT CISTHUNS. TalL sill peril er- havingtheri jlu 10 u-e, in a ,, I for a. the county ol v Inileiiden, Parker - 1 1 n- Ce- meni, lor Ci-te-rn-, lle-ervons, A q edue., Cellar Ivitelien and le Moor-, fi r iho purpo-e of nial.i iiicin dry ami prool.igniu-t rat- ; nl-o, Sili ¬ cic, wo'ililiiitoriu the iiilui' nam... I in I c unti, 'ha' Ihey will 1 e the cmuum ea-on lo n'teinl to a I calls in the nbnviibue of bii-mess and will warrant I heir work lo le Jural le. JOSI PH UNI ON. OKI.AXI'0 OVKN. Burlington, March 0, 111 2. N. II. All order- aiidm.e.1 to the ni'i-cnl er. al Hiiif-lnisghor ll'iiliiigtou will it'i'ti'.v tnimc hale al- tentioit. n Jii till', facilities of the subscriber ttiirocuring hooks, nud ev 1 ry anicli 111 lus hue are such ns to r prices, corresponding to the tiiiu s,l- induce the public 10 c iiiiiiue uieir jmironnge 10 inn wore. Any puhheatioiis not on hand, will be ni ovided as soon as orders can 00 larvvnriicii 10 ine lines. Worksreceived Ihe present week, 11s follciw s Pictorial Bible, I'.ssajs by Hannah Moore, Hours f r Heaven, Tcniieraiic llyms, Wealth nnd Wnrih, Barnaby Hude, Tlutrs' llniry of Urcnch Itevolulion, llloonifielci'a Creek Testament, llirnes' Xolrson Isaiah, 3 Vols, Wist.ns Aiial.imy, Wheliley's Coinpcnd, The Uaiiieand Glory of Knglnnd, Zanoni, The Last Tribes, by Grant, A Wreath fur ihr tomb, I.ifeof Palitek Henry, Sketch Book, 2 Vols. It is well, Wuv Mniks, D. A. BUAMAN. BOARDING HOUSE. The SubsCril er slill continues his bisa ril ing house at the foot of Colleges.rcei, near the Sqinue, and will u-e his best exertions t" give sail laclion 'o tho.-e who muv fa,or liimwiih the r nitron. age. lie La. alsu eeieral eoinenieni nail genteel Ivoom, tokt. JUSHIA bl'AN H. liii cTiS' V A V" Vi JCDH '15 issT rpltll S.l .nber W. L. riDHI-li, rove nolie-9 J. that he bn ueiTO ihe uieT. U ,,, er ... iI.m prennratioii of ihe well known t c nwav -MLnittNE, and wdl hereafter give j.nrt eular ii to tha pr. ,iar.ili"ii oflhe i.omg arnelc-, the long cs t.u lis'ie.1 ecu linly ol Vi Inch, nre.-ltn'c. the nece-ity Ufa le-pitl licatton o( Ihe nuiutrou ctrlihi ales lu nit- iianii oi me proprietor. Unci, .lehb's Khctiin.-illc, I.liilnicnt. ror Hheu unii-tn. Bn si.irfi..,. i Chilblain, Sliuius in ihe minis. A...'. ,...u nii,...i the mo.t iiiiexpt-e cd and linniecliiite reliefin Ihe most oo-ii unieease-ol lihcninnti-in, in a levy hours ! thu article I openly iei oinnienilisl l,v P,,..,. i,.. itneiit is done up in enlarged "bottles Pr nl teiil.. ' Dumfries' licit Ointment. The cxten-ive sal,, nnd c.!nl..,c.l rei.ulntion ot Hum i,,;.' TC,i Oi.vtmi-.nt, eneoiirages the nio Jirielor to lee-oinin.-nd it to the puMio with ,.cived c.iiliilfiice, nlhf mo-t innocent and power. - ,-t . edy for llo annoying i!ieu-e; it ec ne,,,,, , eury, or-i-i other dangeroie .'.i. ,, ,,. l.e nni I ! . ,i i iii"ci wnii , , . , 2". Box K'.nir K for ihe Vile. , The , ,ny of leiievcc Ircm nil qi.nrter-, . . r.r to Ihe cure , I he medicine itfnr nil otn.-r hnd fai.,d, o , i Iho nie-rcasingilcinaml for the nrlii-le from ,. , ' ihe country, prove it to I e one of tl.i nit pecilit-- known fortius troublosoine toiiqilmnt. ICP'A Cleigyman write , , , . , Ho-lon, l-'ebru.arv 13, 1SH. I have ma.'e trial of Dumfrie-' Pil., '' tunv a,lCi round it pi-oduted a .alulnry influence . imme diately, nud confidently I tlicve it an ; ecu , re nn-ily lor Ihat lui.-t.infoitnK.'e nnd ilebibinting coin, i,.,nt. Humanity ha. indue cdim-to iccommrnd it to tier-oiu tliii-aniieieii, aed so 1 shall i-oniiuue lotlo. Your-, .1. S. rhe remedy c.-,n-,.. of nu, nnd i:ieetuarv. 1 rie-o lor i eth ,.; eonis, or ?,7 cent- when I ut one ii ""'""'i oeouqiiinieei with p:am and nmp.'u direc tions with n ele if the eoinphuni. Dumfries' Kjc Water, l-ur son: or njla mcd eyes, nothing known gives sir-h iwmalwlc ami eontfbrlable relief, nnd in soniej exrieilinphj bad cases tl.o Innsl tinexi eeled and de siral le ifhtl na. lee,, round in the n.e ot ,n. Jiy0 water, ufler other remcdiei had failed. Person- who have ii-id ii, pr. .nt,,, v without he.itanon Ihe leit picparation f. r Kore, '.teak, or inflamed eyes, thejt Pn, e 2j .-cm. n bottle. CUUK FOIl COUiN.s. Albion Corn Plaster. Iheino-t .nlennd -j.eeely rt.fc for Corn yet ths coverol; the relief , ininit'diate. it di-olvc nnd reiuoye tho'-oiu f,.,ni (he foot with case and etpedi 5x "'""' ka5t ''"ni ecnis a Full and "Mpl.) tlireelions accompany each of iha alovc art icle. N. 11. None of the above article will I e genuine, ,nle.-iiannl V. U Kid.ler on ihe outside wra er. y. ....... ut-. ci'uiiuig uijrm, tjij -:i.ate ti'itc "t , "tttei ft uer'-nams linw, ,io-1on. ,i , y Mersii-. PI CK it SPl.Ali, Burlington, t. T A 1,1 oral tli-i nt a lowed to elenler-. FOli SAL1 ui. u , , 3--l,' 1 ' a 'cient story, with kitchen an I Piovision cellars, and a win" 32 by ti.).cxieiidnigiio,h on Collegetirecn.willi wood anil -tore he, , t- below, ami eliaml ers and slecp,n- mom, at ovt. A large and, ommodio.i- Barn, carnage lioico leenou-e ,niiil.,:h,.ront-hou-e., and a .jiaemu. yard wt-tol lliedwellingh. ,.,, and a good dura) le well or wii'erof ihelr.1 quuliiy , the village, and a brick .',-itTu. One and n qua, ler acre-ol land, oflho first lua til) ; a large garden and choice fruit trees vve,l tl the hru-e nnd yard. The Building. re rnn-:rue;ed in mrdern slvle, ol I he I e-t 1,1 ,., -, ,. aj wtirkinanship, wc,e cie "1 I '.v ihes.,ls.rilerl..rhimn , and the location at. fot-jl nvery exien-ive and lea-ant .ro-.ect 1 f 1 ,a village an 1 Kike oil the We-t and i.'t -i,,nn-ed I an) other 111 tin-pari of the country. A -0 for -ale a b t coniaiin.igan aere of land diicc' ly oppo-iiethe al ove hu wnhti -mail fonveitienlw. oJ dwelling hi 1 Lem m. P. r. haters are mvi'el to rail and extniuc for ll.t-m-sclve lernis made known by the -ul -eriler on ihe '""' , 5amilli:ki:d. II irlmgton June, JO, I !0. 3 S:U-n Bikinis olT::i:ji!v Mom', '1 rt 1.' ... .... . ..... -11 -t ru tr 1-ni w rec civ ng on il ij "--.-'". 'r ami win le we I siin- aWM1!1, '"I1-'1111'' -mn virli ,mo p i..v i-huiei-i,- 01 vvt- "ru I iour. ever ' ni n. tl.ic I....T ..t II. iv in; I'"', -ii-mani.lai-ntieil by li, re lb in i- only . 1 '.lent Ml'. , I' the h ghe-t repuuii.e.n, l.e , it,' e that I lour -, id I y h m -hall give il e m.-t , , m t a'l-Kiction, ,u,,l wi'l 1 c win runted in n'l a e-. X. P.. I'm,-, Bran, 1. cen-'an li in Imnd. Dealer- in 1" , r, Mi'rchaut-aiid Ua ic-arere- r.'eetl.illy uiv li-1 ti or 'er and irv the nni, 'e. I oiir-hipju-.l 10 or ler 111 gi o'l pa, 1 age- w hint delay, on ic-eipt . f I raft-, t-t iiiueaH'. ol dr. . - L. -' V'L . , J. X. lUXSI'Ii L. -11, Htver--'. Troy. April 2j, IS42. 47.. 1 Is'uw Establi.-limont, i iu. sunscriticis Having opened n Paint Kh -n m J th. h tiding one door South of Bishop's Dutcl wnu d nsiiectiully inform their friends and V pub. he Unit ihey are jirepartd to execute till I. n ,3 of House, Carriage and Sign Paiutiii", (aiding, (Hazing, and Taper Hanging, ir t'i" nenlcst ios.u,io mamiei, am) hope by strict pi soiial attetitioiito Lumc-s 10 receive a share of tin- puwii; jtiiiroiiugc. 11. G. SPAULDINO, S. H. UUSSULL. 17lf. Hutlinatrn, Aiiril29, !Sd2, StLLI.XC OFF CllKAl' PHI, sabseriher, desirous of clo-ini hi business I now olfi-i s to the ublie, at east, ilie vvhol. ot 'i si... k 111 trade, consisting. of a Inige au.l Lent 1 5. s .ituicntof pi-, i tin ;, Hljnpunnici wni ',iu--e-H' 1; pine , ..nd fiii unit' - dly . ailed for ni hi-lu, ,, 1111 p.iteofvnnou.a...s,l. mi, 1:,,; ..,, , a ilic.t .ron, sheet ccj re, lead puie, v ic All pel sons wis1 purchase ai. nbovo nrticles, nro invited to call and ex tin m-ilips, and they will be convinced ol 1 stilteinet'l. All accounts duo lo iho laic firm of Starr I w must be closed immediately, enher bv ran , 1., J notes 1 1 ' st .tun Burlington, May C, IS 12. ..", r.'uw a xd ciii:ai HA R I) 1 1 R ;, c UTL ER $c. I ' f,u having just rtturiied from N w oi 1 crk, where helms s. lecled 1, new and 01 . pbte afsorinuiit of HAUDWAH1' SD1 I Pit ' HAHDWAlli:. I I.TI.U.I! V .c o ... . ' ... 1 l at the lowest cash price.; "a Urom tne facilitits which he has of oblatmrt ti goods, he 13 enabled lo olfer Hardware at cm- . r ably less prices than u has hitherto been sold in cr. moot. Those in v.-nnt if articles in the above line v. "I find tl tluir interest lo jjivc him a rail. nil. J. HUNT, Strongs Baild ng, College St., near Ihe S.iuaie. Buihngion, May 1842. DllUGS & MEDICIIVES. rtllK subseribcrs are cuntinually supjibrd iih .5- erery artiilc in ihr alove hrntiih, boihef iho Ollicmaland Patent kimls. Slcdicinal waprsfr. in SaraUita; do, from Caledonia, Canada; Mcd col Wines nnd Spirii.; LeH?ohf! Surreal lnslruments ! .Mineral Tcelh, ft-. Xc. Procrititiuns imt uji at the shortest nonce. Shop tWH of all hours . PKCICit SPF.AU, Apoihecarirs. Burhngitn, Vt. Jnlij 7lh. MKSSIJS.PAXDl'OUXA BHIXSMAID have ui.t nieivoil soineMiiro-cope-for the cxuimnadt n of in-ccts, llovv ei tVe.j nl-o, Mirro.-cope, (,r jinen .and wool provtr-i a few more lenul fill toned Pan. A. i i I'.linn- vv lb mNiiiIoiic-, worlh from 81S to (?2J Music Boxe., Uluics, l'lageoletK ami oihrr in-tru me iv- j a le.v hthl col'.l Gent's Seails, I eaiinfiij pa. ton-! summer Si.n k-, I.. ' e'-, Hrnn'in'a Snitjoonj, u'leiiii'l Iravv nulVn ns,l!c-h briis'nrs, c rates, lie. 111 the Vanit Sitae. jjg&L 'T'llAI large and ciimmodious two sto ,?i' '-l r'l'rirl. DwcllingUotise ,.- I.ot .Bit!,: i '""'T'd 011 the west sule ol Colli g' green ""c1".'.. al 'he head of Cnllegc-street. in this vd. iMsSSSB

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