Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 23 Eylül 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 23 Eylül 1842 Page 3
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"He touched Ills liarp,rjjict nations heard, entranced." hi: came too late. Ho came too late I Neglect had tried Her constancy too long) Her love had yielded to her pride, And the deep wno of wrung. She scorned the offering of a heart Which lingered on its way, Till it could no delight impart, Nor spiead uiio cheering ray. He came too late! At once ho felt Tint all his power was o'er I Iiiddlercnco in her calm sniilo dwelt, Shclhoiight of him no mine. Anger and grief had passed awav, Her heart and thoughts were free j She met him, and her words were gay. No spell had memory. lie came too lata 1 The subllo choids Of love were all unbound, Not hy oll'encc of spoken words, Hut hy the slights that wound. She knew that life held nothing now That could thopast npay, Vet the disdained his lardy vow, And coldly tumid away. He came too latel Her countless dreams Of hops had long since Mown j No charms dwelt in his chosen themes, Nor in his wlii-pcnd tone. And vv lien, with vioidnnd smile he tried Aflcclion still to prove, She nerved her heart with woman's pride, And spurned his fickle love. THE DEl'AiriUHK. by j. c. ncrsv. O'er tbebluc sea our gallant ship Dies on the western wind i And canvass swells and streamers skip, W'h le "homo'' is left behind. How many cyc, through glistening liars, Watch our swift-flying sails 1 Ah! many a bosom throbs with fears, And many a tongue bewails. TV cord tint bound some tender hearts Js turpped in twain, onco more, As f-iiililess "Jack" again departs, And leaes his "loves" ashore ! To him iho stars aio brighter far Thau any eyes ho found j His mistress is a tapering spar ; His home, the blue profound. Proudly ho treads the glistening deck, And woos die bracing wind : His home is dwindled to a spick His sorrows left behind. The world before him, on he Hies, And si es the sun go dow n In Iho briaht mirror of tho skies The citlh is all his a nil ! Sept. nth, isr. THE MG1C MlttllOR. It was tit tin! closo of;t fiiii! iiutnnniil day mid tlio shack's of cvuninc vvuro tji'ginnin;r to tratliur over tlm city of I'liiruiia;, when n low quick rap was liiiard at tliu dour of Cor nelius Aprii)ii, tinil shortly nl'triw aril a stranger was introduced into tlio apartment in which tlio Philosopher was setting at his SllldlL". The Mr.'ingnr although finely formed, mid of courteous demeanor, had a certain iudo fineahlo air of mystery ahoul him, which e. citcd awe, if indeed it had not a repellent cllect. Ills yeais it was ilillinilt to guess, for the marl.s of youth and a;,'o wero hlen ded in lii features in a most extraordinary manner. There was not a funow in his cheek, nor a wrinklo on his hrow, and his laruo lilack eyo heamed with all tlm Inillian cy and vivacity of youth ; lint his stately fig ure was he.'t, apparently heneath the weight tifyoais; his hair, although thick and chis teiimr, was artsy ; and though his voico was fuehlo and tieniuloiis, 3 et its tones were of the nrit ravishing and soul-searching melo dy. 1 1 is costiuno was that of a Florentine gentleman ; ho held a staff like that of a palmer in his hand, and a silken sash, in scribed with oriental characters, was hound around his waist. His face was deadly pale, hut ovrrv feature of it was sinnidailv beau tiful, and its expression was that of profound wisdom, inmuleu with poignant sorrow, 'Pardon 1110, learned sir,' said ho address ing the philosopher, 'hut your funic has Irav elled into all lands, and Iris reached all ears anil I could not leave the fair city of 1'lor ence without seeking an interview with one who is its greatest boast and ornament 'You arc 1 in lit welcome, sir,' returned Agrippa ; ' hut I fear that your troubhi and curiosity will be but ill repaid. 1 am snnp lv one nho. instead of devoting m v days, as do the wise, to tho acquirement of wealth and honor, havo passed long veais in pain ful and unprofitable study; in endeavoring to unravel tin: secrets ul iN.ituru, anil nulla ting myself in the mysteiies of the occult sci ences- 'Talkest thou of long years !' echoed the Ptraii''cr, and a melancholy smile played ov er his leatures. ' 1 liou who hast scarcely seen louisco-rc since tliou Icli st lliy cradle and for whom the quiet grave is now wait injr, cajw to clasp thee in her sheltering arms ! I was among tin: tombs to-day, the still and solemn tombs; I saw them smiling in tho beams of tho setting sun. hen 1 was a boy, I used to wish to be like that sun his career was long, so bright, so glorious Uut to-night I thought Ml is better to slumber among these tombs than to bo like him.' J o-night he sank behind the lulls, apparent' Iv to repose, uut to-morrow 110 must renew his course, and run the samo dull and uiivit ried but toilsome and unquiet race. There is no grave for him ! and the night and morning dews are tlio tears that he shedsov ' r his tyranous destiny.' -rippa was a deep observer and admirer ij L rnal nature, nnu oi all iierpiieuonieu;i and had often ga.ed upon tho scene which the Stranger described, but (ho feelings and ideas which it awakened in tho mind of the latter wero so different from any thing which ho hud himself experienced, that ho could not help, for a season, ga.iug upon him in speechless wonder. His guesl, however speedily resumed the discourse. 'Hut I trouble you, I troublo you; llicn to my purpose 111 making you this visit. have heard strange tales of a wondrous Mir ror, which jour potent art has enabled vm. to construct, in which whosoever looks mav flu. iIkI-i ill l... .1 I I 1 hi.. ... uiu ui.uu, uii wiioni nois rous again to lix Ins ga.e. My ,.vog sro i., .!.: ... 1 , , ' . .- " If. In, , o T- V-'wl0 ,W0lU wl,ich l.loasing to their sight, thu gravo lias closed over all I loved ; and Timo lias car ried down its stream every thing that onco contributed to my enjoyment. Tho world is a valo ol tears : hut among all the tears which water that sad valley, not 0110 is shed for 1110 I the fotiulain in my heart ton, isdried up. I would oncu again look upon tho face which 1 loved : I would. sco that ovo moro bright, and that slen moro stalelv. than the antelopo's ; that brow, tho broad smooth page on which God had inscribed his fairest chanted rs. 1 would ca.o on nil I loved, and all I lost. Such a mr.u would bo dearer to my heart than all that tho world has to offer tne, except tho grave I except tho grave ! except tho grave I' 1 ho passionate plcadinc of tho atrnnecr had such an effect upon Agrippa, who was not used to exhibit Ins miracles ol art to the eyes of all who desired to look in il, although he was often tempted by exorbitant pres ents and high lienors to do so, that he readi ly consented, to grant the request of his ex traordinary visitor. 'whom woulilsl thou scot ho enquired. 'My child ! my own sweet Miriam !' an sweied tho Stranger. Cornelius immediately caused oveiy ray of the light of heaven to bo excluded from the chamber, placed the Stranger on his right hand, and commenced chanting in a low, soft tone, and in a strange language some lyrical verses, to which the Stranger thought ho heard occasionally a response ; but it was a sound so faint and indistinct that he hardly know whether itexisted any where but in his own fancy. As Cornelius contin ued his strain, the room gradually became illuminated, but whence the light proceeded it was impossible to discover. At length the Stranger plainly perceived a largo Mirror, which covered the wliolo apartment, and ov er the surface of which a dense haze, or cloud seemed to be inpidly passing. 'Died she in wedlock's holy bands J' in quiied Cornelius. 'She was a virgin, spotless as the snow.' 'llow many years have passed away since the grave closed over her V A cloud gathered on the Stranger's brow, and ho answered somewhat impatiently, 'Many, many ! more than I have now timo to number.1 'Nay,' s lid Agrippn, 'but I must know ; for every ten yeais that have elapsed since her death, once must 1 wave this wand ; and when 1 havu waved it for the last time, you will see her figure in your mirror., ' Wave on, then,' said the Stranger, and groaned bitteiely, ' wave on ; and take heed that thou ho not weary. ' Cornelius Agrippa ga.ed on his strange miesl with something ol anger, hut ho excus ed his want of courtesy, on the ground of the probable extent of his calamities. He then waved his magic wand many times, but to his consternation it seemed to havo lost its virtue. Turning again to the slianger be exclaimed, 'Who and what ai t thou, man? I by presence troubles me. According to all the rules of my art, this wand has already described two hundred years : still has the surface of tliu Minor experienced no altera tion. Say, dost tl.011 mock 1110, and did no such person ever exist as thou hast described 1 1 me ?' ' Wave on, wave on !' was the stern and only reply which this Intel rogatory extracted from the stranger. The curiosity of Agiippa, although he was himself a dealer in wolideis, beg in now to ho excited, and a mysteiions feeling of awe foibade him to desist from waving his wand, much as he doubted the sinceiily of his visit er. As his arm grew slack, he heaid the deep solemn tones of the stiaiiger, exclaim ing, "Wave on, wave on!' and at length, after his wand, according to tho calculations of his art, had described a period of neatly fifteen hundred years, the cloud denied away from the suifaceof the Mirror, and the stran ger, with an exclamation ol dulighl, aiose, nd ga.ed rapturously upon the scene which is there lepresented. An exquisitely lich and romantic prospect as before him : in the distance arose lofty mountains crowned with cedars ; a rapid stream rolled in iheceutie, and in tbu fore ground were seen camels grazing; mill trickling hy, in which some sheep wero quenching llieir ; and a lofty palm tree, beneath whose shade a young Inmate ol ex quisite beauty, and lichly habited in the cos tume of the Kast, was sheltering herself from the rays of the noontide sun. 1'is she ! 'tis she!' shouted the Stranger, mil he was lushing towards tho Mirror, but as prevented hy Cornelius, who said ' I'oiheai' tash man, to quit this spot ith each step that thou advances towards the mirror, the image will become fainter, mil shouldst thou approach too near, it will entire lv vanish.' I'liiis warned, ho resumed his station, but 111s agitation was so excessive, that liu was bliged to lean 011 the arm of the philosopher lor support : while, Irom time to time, ho utleied incoherent expressions of wondei, lehght, and lamentation. 1 'Tissue! 'tis she! even as sho looked while living! llow beautiful she is ! Milium, my child, canst thou not speak to me ( uy heaven sho moves! she moves ! Oh ! speak to 1110 a single word ! or only breathe, orsigh ! Alas! nil's silent ; lull and desolate as tins cold heart ! Again that smile! that smile, the remembrance of which a thousand years havo not been able to fici z.n up in my heart ! Old man, it is in vaiue to hold me ! I must, will clasp her!' As ho uttered these last words, ho rushed frantically tnwmds the Mirror; the scene represented within it faded away ; the cloud gathered again over itssurface, and the stran ger sunk seiiFeless to Hie earth. When he recovered his consciousness, he found hhnolfin the arms of Agrippa, who was chafing his temples, and gazing on him with looks of fear and wonder. He immedi ately roso on his feet with restored strength, anil pressing the hand of his host, bo said, I banks, thanks, lor thy courtesy and thy kindness ; and for tho sweet but painful sight which thou hast presented to my eyes.' As he spako these words, ho put a nuiso into the hand ol Cornelius, but tlio latter re turned it saying, 'Aay, nay, keep thy gold, fiiend; I know not, indeed that a christian man daro take it ; hut, ho that as it may, 1 shall esteem myself sufficiently repaid if thou wilt tell 1110 who thou art.' Heboid !' said iho Stranger, pointing to a largo historical picture which hung 011 the left hand of the room. ' 1 see,' said tho philosopher, an exquisite work of art, tho pioduction of 0110 of our best and earliest artists, representing our Savi our carrying his cross.' ' Uut look again !' said tho Slianger, fix ing his keen, dark eyes intently on him, and pointing to a figure on tho left baud of the picture. Cornelius gazed, and saw with wonder what ho had not observed before, tho extra ordinary rcseniblenco which this figuro boro to the stranger, of whom, indeed, it might ho said to be u portrait. 4 That,' said Corno- Mllll 111 IIO a lUlllillli Xllill, illiu viuiiiu- Hui, with hii ..notion of horror, 'is intfiidcd t0 represent tlio uuhaimy iufidi-1 who smoto tlio divino sufferer for not walking faster j and was, therefore, condemned to walk tho earth himself, until the period of that suffer er's second coming. "Tisll 'lis IP exclaim ed the stranger; and rushing out of the liouso rapidly disappeared. Then did Cornelius Agrippa know thai ho had been conversing with the Wandering Jew. Junan Puzzled. A western Judge or Jus tico of the Peace, was recently thus bothered ny one ol tho Inlf-wllil vagrants ol mo Li.icii woods, who was brought up with an empty wins Key bottle In his own personal custody. ' ho, sir, you ro there 1 said the Justice. ' Do yon always) como as near tjio truth as that V wus tho reply. ' Silence, sir ; whore doyotl come from ?, ' You'll bo smart if 1 keep silcnco and you find out !' ' Don't be impudent, sir ; what is your occu palion 1' ' Look cere, Judge, I'll toll you one thing ami 1 want to doit respectfully.' ' Well, sir' ' You're d d impudent yourself.' ' This will not du ; where do you conic from, sir V ' This side of sundown.' 4 Have you an occupation.' ' Reckon.' ' What is it! ' lict you a pint o'whiskoy I can loll what yours is.' 'Do you moan to satisfy mo !' Certainly, Hmiirc; what'll you havoV ' It is neccessary that you should understand that order and peace are ncccessary in society. Whatever wild freedom you may find in the woods, you arc now here in a community of Jaw, and quiet submission will evince wisdom on your part.' ' Squire, I should like to understand you, but you're loo big for me. Ju.-tsay no more about it, and let's go and take a drink. ' I never drink.' ' What ." ' Never, sir.' 'You don't!' ' No, sir, never.' '."sir, Ibid you a good morning. I havo no desire for any further acquaintance with you MViooft.' I'm a coming!' and the backwoods, man broke out of court. 'I came to steel,' as the rat observed to the steel trap. 'And I spring, to embrace you,' as me trap replied. 1 Hail wedded love!' as tho man said lo his wife, when tho storm was breaking her windows, ' Canst thou payrc-woll, love V as the hen pecked husband sani to his wife, when she gave him the bare bone to pick lor dinner. ' 'Tis sweet at evening; hour 1' as tho old coon sung when bo came down tho sugar maple to urinii tne bucKet ol sap. AIjISANY AXI) HOmTO.V ItAll. ItOAU J'are thrniisli to ISiistnu S.. Morning train til rtn itrlt In llo-inn, le;ne the Depot at (iicciil'ii-li at i before C o'clock pnvi.-cly ceiy miirnn.', (Sundays e.ccpicd.) arrive in Chalham 7.;, ai i-iiisiieni yj, ai opiingnfia nx ji. at norccsltr lj r. .u. una at liosion 0. l'nscii"crs bn akfast at Chatham. l'aReii;cis must l"aio Albany, by the south ferry, not later than 0 o'clock. The afternoon train, alo throueh to I!olon leaves tlio Depot at (Jrccnbush at 3 3, arrive at Chatham at 5, at l'iitfcficld G, nt Springfield nt 11 1. M., leave hpruiHlieli! at 21 A. M. andarmcm loslon alS A .31 rnsMiijjers have Albany as above at 3 20 and not later to inuic a passage. Tho tars of the Hudson mid Berkshire road will run in 1 ween Llialliam ami Hudson 111 connexion with ho li train. latncis for Lebanon Sprinis leave Iho ears al I.ilwards, llience bv Mage to the .Springs, about G inn' s, or irom ruinein, as inev clinoe. 'on UAirrronn asu a7;ic,i iv:.y. I'l cubits It'.ivnisr All anv 111 tin- niornni? by tliu t 'dure l iiVlnili iiuin fiom (.iccnliiili. nrrivo .S.mivj field sit 12 a. in. may leave .-pringndcl at I lur llarlfoid tlieiico by cars arrive in Ncw-Ilaven by 71 p. m. Or leave CJrcciibuih in die 3 35 p. m. tiain, uirive in fspiiimlic'd at II p. 111. iheneo nt 8 n. 111. by Strain limit to llarlfoid, airiwn-' there at It -dunce by .Sliam lloat at 2 11. 111. arri'.c in ?v'c.v V irk next iiiorniimby 5 o'clock, or they may leae Hartford for?i-w Haven by Kail llood at j p. m. and arrive there nl 1 i p. in. Steamboats leave Acw J lavcu lor i. 1 oil; Uaily to (!iu:i:xi 'ii:i.i. iia so vr.n axd ha vr.niiii.i,. Slaves will 'rave Springlitlil, daily, at 9 P.M. for llaverhid, via Noithampton, Greenfield, liraltleboro' and Hanover. Slascs al.-o 11m daily from West Ilrookficld to YV-iio and Ihificld from rainier lo Tlueo Hi vera liileheitovvn, Amherst and Moason I'rom Wdbia ham to .South lladley and Northampton. 1'aroto Snnmifii-ld.VI. l'as-encers nro parlieularly requesUd to procure thrir tickets hi fore lakimr f alsiu the car. Tickets can beobtuimd 111 Albany at (i. II. l'ayne's office, 'JJ 1 roadway, or at ticket oilice in Depot, at On 1 nbiisli. l'ltKKiHT DI'PAllTMr.NT A l'rchdit Tram will leave fireenbush daily, (Sundays txceplcd) for lloMon, al i ...u. Clnrsrs for l'lour to al' east of Springfield, 37! els. per bariel, and whin in lots of 100 hbls. or more for Huston, bv special contract at reduced pricis. first cfa-s frii"ht, such as bninrted DryCmod T. as Hounds, Hoots and Shoes, kV:c.,S3 per 2oC0 lbs, M eU't, each as Hides I.calher. Hemp, (Iras, sud. I'rr-h meals and l'i-h, al fi 50 per 20f'0 lbs. 3d cl iss, suih as I Mtlon, live Woods Molasses Sugar, i'C. at i per 2000 lbs. -lib class, nub as ('ml, (Irani, l'j; Iron, Lumber. Wool. Ac., at SI ncr 2000 lbs I'.vcry information will be given at die ollico in the Denot at (ircenbu'li. NOTICK A Jltrehandi.eCar will he attache! lo die afternoon ins-ensrcr train, for the accommodation of lboe who may de.-iro to forward some particular articles of freight with extra despatch, and which are 01 a peiisliai le intuio; sucu a-nuner, ci-c. K.iliNiil 1 uigiit will bo double isiuiass per regu lir laigut tram. S. WITT. 1'reisht Accnt W.M. Il.TOW.NSl'.MI. Muster Tran-porliitioii tirccniiiiMi licUil, July 11, 101 CANADA MAIL. liv a rer a recent arrangement of die Department, the I'.vhan-'O mutual uigiigatc lias no 11 iram-ierreu lo liurliuotoii, win ro a mail is undo of for Montreal daily, (Sundays excepted,) at 7 I'. M. and despatched per Steamboat, liy this arrangement Iho regular timebetvvciii liosion and Moiitieal is but two d.iys, and between the lattei City and liurlington, only ten or twilvo boor-. Post Masters 111 this State, and east, will please tal 0 notice of this arran"iincnl, and govern them selves accordingly. Tlio unnaua man arrives (per 1 oai,i nooui 1, anu letters to bo mailed al liurlington, bhouldbcdcposhid in the office by G P. M. 11. i. ar.iui 1. Uurlington.JuIy 21 1312. WIN IIS. Or. Ca-ks of very choice Wines ol dil'erent kind-, for mlo by MayO. S. WAl.KLI!. 25 Fresh Flour. riTlirc nibscril 1 rs are ilady ri'-eiving and o'lerfor s.ilo 1 rceu 1 .our teieciou w nu euro aiiu n sir perior article. FOLLKIT &: I RADLKY. Old Dock, .lime 3. Lumen COM,. rtll! Kubscrd its have received ii Mipply of I.c high Coal, which ihev oiler id nlued iiiu es. Old Duel,, May27. FULI.L"IT A; IIRAIILHY. SHOES. 13 LACK nnd colored Half (iailers, 3 French Kidnnd hpnug hecNIips, Walkiuc Slu Men's Piimn. Mi-scs Slips inn) Children's Slues, of G.N. Fate- wi'll'i. iiiaiiiilaeture, luslicieiveilniullorMileas clie.i ns Iho eheaiesi. May 27. H. W. CATLIN. li'loi eiiec Hounds. CASI'. I lorenco lira Kl llonuels, new hape-, ol all iiinlilii'.s and nrieu, oi ened Ibis day l y lay ofi. II. W.CA'l l.LN, May Loylioi'ii Hat s. CUNGLr. and double brimiucd colored nnd while yj Leghorn Hals; col d nnd whitol alin Leal Hals, a large assortment, very encap, uv MJy'-'li. ILW. CATLIN riAlli: Siiei'ehe. of iho llon.TiioMAs F. ham X on ALCOHOL and INTFMI'FltANOK, ami FASIIIONAIILK WINK-DRINKIMi, delivered nl Iho llroadvvny lubernacle, Pvevv lorl;,ou Ihoevenf Mav Mi mid 7di. o invito Iho idlentioii of die freiu'i ol TVinpciuiioo lo tho nbovo work, from its intiiiiic world, ns well nn froiii the hiirli repiitantin ol die disinigniieu orator. June 21, 1812. 1'. A. P1IA.MAN. PERU IltON COMPANY HAVE, and will constantly keep in deposito with their Agents nt lluilington. t., 1'tru manufac tured Nails and Iron, of iho following descriptions, lo wit 1 3d, hi, Bd, C!,8d, 10.1, 12d,20d,2lil, 30d,-10d, GOJ.GOd. Sl'IKi:S.-4 inch, I 1-2, 5, 5 1-2, and 0. l'lXlSIUXd N.(..S'.-Gd, 8d, lOd, 12d, manufac- lined specially for finishing nico wotk. 1'hOOll AUS'.-12d,20J, and 2ld. IHON. inlWI) lllOX,3-9,7-.G, 1-2, CMC. G-9, 11-10, 3-4, 7-8. 1 inch, 1 1-8, 1 1-1, 1 3-8, 1 1-2, 1 5-8, I '1.1 ihpIi. 9 1.1 1.9. 3. nml 3 1.2. SrurAllH fOA',3.9, 7-10, 1-2,9-16,5-8, IMC, 3-1,7-8, 1, 1 1-8, 1 1-1, 13-8, 2,2 1-2 inches. i.v mox, i-i 1 i-a, 1 3-1, 2, 2 1-1, 2 1-2, i ;-1, a i-.', 1, 4 i-i, r men. Villi: lllON, 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-1, 2 wide, and from 3-8 to 5-8 thick. llOllSt: SIUH1 IlinX, varnn size. llAMi: Al SCIIOI.I. limy. do. do. MAUULi: HAW I'LATJiS. cut to order at hnrt notice. Tin-Pern 1 1 011 do. innnidnelini; thiir nooiUatClin- tonville, N. Y. fioni Iron of llieir own make. They Intend to Keep 111 ihuhamNi 1 tlieirn?euw a moro 11111 mid complete .is i rtmeiit tbaiican I o found in tlio .Slaie. It 1 I eheve I that the pood from (Ids evtub-li-linienl me better manufactured, than ihoto from anv oilier in Us vicinity. l'liieha'crcaro re-in'cifully olieitedto m-pecl tho fiond ofihi Co Price a low and ternn as favor able, naciu I e obtained 111 llii'Hlulr. T. I'. & W. I.. HTHO.NG, Agents. An.'. 25th, 1812. , Cloth Caps. JUSTrcc'd dircctfiom the manufacturers null as sortment of nil kinds Cloth Caps and For Sale at crcat bargains by, Juno !), 42' II. W. CATLLV. ROMAN ClfiMliNT. 1 HO HAUltKI.Sof this celebrated Cement, its .1 kJJ oualitv having been tested nnd found su perior to any in use, for talc at reduced prices, bv Sept. Slli. IRIS. KOLI.r.TT it URADLr.Y. S. 13. SCOTT. now opening new Goods in abundance. Those ,v ho havo Cnsh will now ha'c a rare opportunity of purchasing cheep. To undersell nlLformcr prics, is iho order of the day. Cheap Groceries. EJ YSOTV, Hyson Skin, Vounrr Hyson, Pou 1 chon?aiid Houchons Teas: Porto Hico, Cu ba muscovado, New OrlcanF, Loaf, Lump, and powdered fiugar ; Salaeratus, Kicc, Popper, jpice, Umnanion, Nutmegs, Clovcf, and tun- cer ; Mrxoboy and fccotcli bnuli ; cavcnuisli, Fine Cut, and Smolvinfr obacco. Iinfrush mus tard, Uar Soap, &c. Just received, and for sale very cheap bv P. DOOL1TTLK. Sth, Sept. 1942. 14 Ow TIIEHMOM II Til 11 . J 1ST received n lew lino TiII.u.MO.MUTUis graduated lo -10 and .111 below zero. rA.MJIiUlirv. IIKI.NS.UAll). August 23th. LETTER l'Al'Ell. TT'roni 10 cents to 73 cents a ipiire embracing eve- jl rv varictv Irom ovv nnccs to i.ii"iisii;i(Hcy'a- nrr fleer n vi nr i ltd. .l-o, l.ngiisii ami American iinio paper, ijigusu and Ainciican folio Post ol double Lettor, llnnl, Pot oce. iVc. For sale by C. (jUODKlCll. .Sept. 7. I'crliunory, Soaps, Hair Oils, Cosmetics &c. TWIHN A'51 Cologne: J'renli-s' and oili X er 1 ulozni', Lavender, lioscwnlcr, H.iy Hum and liav Water. Ilcncv Water. ( oldCicani, Jlilk olllo. Out) of I!o-e, Oin's Tootlie-l'a-le, Orris Tioth-Wa-b, ClilorincTunih-Wivli, Tooth Powder-, Javno's lla.r I'linic. lialm of Columbia. " nro'.-Hair Oil, liear-. lltillalo. Maccasnr. AntiONO and other approved hair Uils j 1 oild nml iVin-cry lxwiicr, runs anurowuiT, Lin Salve, Com I Plu'tiT. lSergainut, incgnr I!oiil'C, Cliincsi' KoiiL't', I'onintmu, t'leston tj.iit-; hUAl'.-, Naples Soap, Saponaeooiis Cuiiipouuil, Cicino do S.ivou, Floating Soap, Ca-tde Snap, Wnul-or Soar W.i-h li.dl-. Caco.i Soati and v.uious other kind- .Soaiili.r remnvimr Mains grca-o mots Cs-e. Kc-an So:ni, China ('einenl, and oilier articles in tin- hue Aiediciiial Articles, Morrion'.s Pill-from the I'nti-li Cd!t-c nl" lien Loudon. Indian Purgnli''o Pills: Sherman's. Coul'Ii uud Worm Loi'iic-. Pi or Man's I'laMcr, Sherman' lle-toraiivo Lociios to cine Dv-cntcrv and IJowd Coiiipl.onis' : Sheiiiiun's liicasi Oiiitinciii, and mo-i kind- o( Dr. A.'s Luzcngos. 'I liiuiipson'.s cruni's nnd Pi teriin's Lc Water. Seidle'.z Pow- rs, Sooihing simp fur iliilihen culling teith or .vii,M..r..K...... i iiornt:its iti:i.ii:i-. II. 'I lio tllia,! sfirtiisl in.) iitrculs for .nv.'rnl c f die u' ovc p' iiieilicmul nrtii'lc-. and sell Iheui al vvhote nto orictailiU die lowc-l price-. Si mo of . l.-iii v. cic imrcli.i.od bv rcol.est ol Hum' w lit' Wl-lidl orilicni. A lic-h upplv ju-t ic. eivci, au.ian w no i lor anv lliunr in Hie aliovo line are mvi'o.i lo i,..amint'l'i.ibiyand price-, nl die uriclv Store. AllgU-l lll'Il I.V.WtliUli.s. IV lillliND.U lie. Also, Willow Chain-, Wagon-, Cud e , eco. Aoj. lO I.. P. iV 1). InlbiTniition Wanted. Hrcil MI KPIIV, ol iho Town if Miiehgrangi', Pai'1-b'ol Cirlinglord, Couiiiy Loiilh, Ireland came lo this eoiinlry about 12 years ago, the first two yeur.s lielived m HinesbiirLli and lluil'iilon VI. nuil when l.i-l heard from lived in Troy N. Y. Ills brother Patrick who now resides in liurlington Vt. withes to obtain inloniialioii ol lr- whereabouls. A 'iff. I."., 1812. Paint Mills. "lyiiST'S Patent Paint Mills, just received and lor sale by i iacar ec .vuriieii. lhirlinglon, 12th August, 1812. TCllllti AND CLOCKS. I' ADII'S and Genllemen's J line Gol lea-id LLVLItS and Ll.PINi: Watches of the tin i-t approved makers and of the mo t fashionable nnd piet- "1 '"kt paocriis, i,iri;c ami -in. -.IV I -'V. a'Lo, tino iiioveineiiis vl DT'.- U will'eea-edtoanypaltern IV n.iltcrus. laruc ami -m. ill men allern or deled. SlLVr.l!Li;Vi:ilniiill.i:PlM:WATCIlF.S,'. tii:i; and Lnglisii Watciici., For snlo, at very rca-oiiablo price-, a .cvv gooil F.nuli-b Wiilchc-, which have I ecu, an 1 w ill rim ns well as new ones. I!RSS and WOOnnx CLOCKS w.ry cheap; I'livsiNr.'s Clocks nnd die large old-fashioned brass C neks for alo unite low. mj-'Cock and Watches eleancl an 1 repaired W illi iicatno-s nnddepatch and warranted, a- u ual. PAMIllOUN 4- ItltlNSMAID. Aug. 16, IS 12. ' LOU II 1 1'iviiUii vjiiMinu iiuui uv,i ihu llU3Ui) liimnn cuiv V by May 20. D. DAVIS. VI7iM FOR SALE. S-; FOR SAI.C. that well known Farm sil- uatid in Mdton, about one mile fiom tlio s f tuiA u'Kt ' "Us, foriiiirlyownedand oeeiiiiod by the Kev. S. R. Crane, tinitainiiij' be- Ml tvvieii 275 and 300 acres of land, compii-ed in part of liiowuii'. II law anil nastiiruiL'. ami emu vvooil o s and sugar orelnrd. SaiJ farm is well watered, has two good ilwillmg houses, one of vvhicli is of brick, die other of wood, both in L'ood repair; three good mil bams, ono ofvvhich is 00 by -1 1 feel, tho others M oy iuiecl; a liorso barn nun oilier out uuinungs vvilh good yards and water brought into them and lo the house in log, and also llireo pood wells of water on the farm: beimra desirable situation for a man who wants to raise neat stock or sheep or both, or is an excellent farm for the dairy business. Thoso winning io lurcnasu sum a l.irm wouiu uo weuov applyiur; soon to John and James Morton on tho piciiuscs, or lo lien, w in. iasli ol iovv llaven. .uilion.iviareli 21, l$Vl. 42 II (OODS arechcai), and will be so until agood Tar VJ ill' takes tho placo of tho vacuum, tuboti tide Vetoes which havo ulrcady collapsid tho wholo American rvalioual Republican Svstcm of encour agcmeiit to Agriculturists bv non-nrotc tion lo Man iif.icturers ; the wholo sum and substance of which is mat we Iiavo for tlio last past several years, been le.islaling under and for the beuifil of Foiiign Na tions, rather than fostering our own industry, which when it bhowed itself in individual or united enter. prize was struck vvilh the pcraluio Veto shock ; and ns tho People will soon will that that Power shall ceao to operate against die iMitmual itepubliean Vf talitv. then iho Airrii.iittlirnl mterrnt will bo imiiroved mo .iiauuinciories set in iiiouon, die Laborer oi Hie Country find ndviintagoiis, eiuploymeid, money begin again to circulate, ana all the pretty and useful kinds oi nuuua tiicu as now bo liajot tno reopie s agent HOWARD. Cheap Cash "tore, Sept. 1st, 1812. LOOKING GLASSES. I.ARGi: and well selected assortment, consist J V. mgof (lilt, Mihoany and (Hit, Ahhosany, and 'illlCV frhllHtl llokinir (ihssrfl. fur s'.'fl nl nrrntlv rcilucid prices nt die Hardwaro Hlore, Corner of ntinrrl, nii.W!r.ll.....' u.u 1... u inn, .1. i ii'i'iitm4 1M orison's Pills Si ' A"'.' mirivallisl an cleamcr and i nrilier of tl .J bowels.l.loiid, nud tho whole svslem. In Hioea or looseness of ihu 1 .mi-l and other muinier eoniplamt lhee ran be rel.iil upon wiih perlivl eon liilfiice; a a e'linmuu nieihciiic to be kept leady for iim' oii all oi- 'iisions vvhero aeaihaitic is iimkyl, tins luneiiio i iincqiiuiicii. huu onlv at tho Variety SIIII..1... Ill Milium. - .., j m.wuiiius i uiu s.vl,vll, A tiiW for Mor I6O114 of London, 11 URLING TON HUE 1 Villi Y 1 I S now in full c pernliou mid can 1 Cirin I. nil rinlrr. I'nr 111:1:1! nl fflTnfl surpa.-eil in quality by any other rower). Ol.O. PJ.TKliSON. HiirlniRlnu, Aug. 23, 18 IS. N. . Rum. tiO Hhd. Iv. 1.. Hum 60 per rent above proof, for tale nt lloMon price and height, by I UI.Pl.l IK 1IHAUL.1.1. Old Dock, June 3. IK),. Wooden lt,il.o nl greatly reduced prices J.' nml a very superior article, for mlo by old Hurt. .tin,;, i rrii.l.i:Tr.t. iiiMTir.r.v Itoslon (inritcn SeeiN. 2 DOXIES Garden Seeds irom Vankco Farmer Office. lioston. for salebv C. GOODRICH. May .1. Also, White Mnlbury Seed, liuia Ilasa Seed, (Scotch purple top) Sago Seed, nt onofourth Ihousual price, l es-enden's American Gardiner. '-inn M I'ltHd.F.D Kyed Needles, OVJO 150 Gross Hooks and I'.yes. 200 do. Knitting Pins, 100 Packs American do. 300 do Loudon do. 100 Lbs. mixed do. forsalobv May 27, 1PI2. VILAS, I.OO.MIS V CO. NOTICE. C'OMF, into tho incloseuro of tho subscriber, nhout 'tho 20lh of Mnv twn vr..irliil(t heifers, rmn linn iiacii, nnu ino oilier red. K. i, Colchcsler, July 10, 1812. HARDWARE. rTHIl! ii1isitiI cr having recently rcpleni-hcdju's J. stool, ol naruvvnre, o'lcr.s icr mho the lollovvin Goods, at the lovvoii prices. Culler v. Tible nnu De-cit Knives nnd Forks. IVn nndPock- el Knives, ltazors, Scissnrs, Sheep Shears, Uutcher iviuve-, r-iioo no., ;iitis, cce. ive, C.irnrlitcrs'nnil .lolners' Tool Cast nnd Spring Steel Panml, Hand and Kipping S.ivvsj Circu'.ir do. Irom 8 to 2 1 niche-: Cro-s-cui nnd .Mill do; Slater's llraces uudllilts; Firmer nnd morlice (. In-els ; (jouges, Pluuo lions, Ausers Sim moils' I land Axe-, Adzes, numiucr.s, ee.i llnns-s1 and Ilaluvvm's Plane-; Tapir, Pil-saw, Mill-saw. Il.isturd, l-'oiiallmg. Warding and Cabinet Files: Shoe, Wood and llor-o Hasps; a a-orunent ol Saddlery liar curare. Vanning; Ulcnslls. Cradles, Pcvlhe-, Maiinio and Hay Forks ; Hoe A me-' Shovel ; Spado-, Hitching Shovel-, &e. ice. li'iirnMilne nml Itulblers' Ilai dware. Tray-, llritaunia Tea and Coiico Pots; Lamps; Spittooii'i; Hand an I Tea Hell-; Castors; liritnnui.t, German nlvcrand plate I Tea and Table Sporms ; Melal nnd enainelcd Sauce Pans ; Irving Pans, Hake Pans, Puis and Kettles, llrass Kellle-, Fire Irons, ite. Locks; lluttlliuire. ; .InniiV Stows i .Nifulk and Knob Latches; I!,c'i K-cotcheoii do.; Wiinliw I nstcrtnms; S.i-h Ptiibes; Itait Sirews ; ItedScrev Mahornnynnd Gla-s FuriiiturcKnolisjL'luc.iV". it . June 2 1. WM. J. HI N l, Sirouu's' Huildmj. C lAMCOKS aro seliing at llurlbut's Cheap Cash Store nt less prices than wcio ever known m thci jiartof tho country, liiaidiful I'lighsh, French and American prints. Call at the new sloie, Chureh-st. June 8. W.M. HTlt l.lil'T. l10.MAA'I.i:S, black and Idue blae lorsali at i-J tho lowest prices.hyf Juno 8. WM. Hl'ItLlil l'. JI-.Ai;' nil wool Mousehnc do Lniues, mjnr satin . striped do., printed do. of every variety, for sale at astoniihngly low in ices at tlio new store, by Juno 8. WM. IIL IILHUT. Craln Cradles. GRANT'S celebrated Grain Cradles, jut received and for sale hy HAGAR & ARTIIFIt, Al tho old stand, sign of the Padlock, cor. (. Lurch and College streets. June, 18 12. QAr-oTvTamFe .MdTSavvs7 It."Hoo nnd CVs O circular do. ; ICnglish cross cut do.; Hand, panel and back do. ; Compass. Wood and Felloe do. Just received and for sale by II AGAR it ARTHUR, Cor. Ch. and College stieels. Juno 17lli, 142. Trusses. AN V. W supply of Thompson's celebrated im proved Trusses; also Dr. Hull's celebrated Trusses and supporters for sale hv 1IAGAR if- ARIITHl'R, Cor. Ch and College street". liurlington, June 17th. Mitchell's Geographical Works. MITCHLLL'S Primary Geography, " School do. and Atlas, " Geographical Reader, ' Oiithin Ma, s, Key to study of Mnps O. GOODRICH. Old Stand un Stairs. I'or sale by .nine ij. i ooncr s ,nvai nimoi v. ' liRlDfil'.D by the author and compli tc in one v ultimo, jtisi received oy .Iiiiic 1 " C. GODDIUCll. ISo -binding and lllnnl, liiiohs. II:iHil:i!S, Jo minis, Ite. or.l-, i e. if. lor suli or J uiaile toord.T. Old ItooLs nho md al -h n ii e. June I,",. v C. GOOI-I"( II. J'TUUIAII, WAIT jy ROOT,' Have leiclveilii full supply uf CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE, a W Inch, in ii 1 to tin irll niiicr Aock, makes l.eir as ort- nicnt quite complete, nnd 11 is o icicd id rcrytoir pries nnlcodjoorie -ipoiiumg with the pie niu of du' tiini'-. Families in .uu n (io,i in ihoir line wil. d i well lo call and examine at lea. t, al Iho corner ol Chinch nnd I'ulleo meet, li iibngtou, .bine 1 7' Ii, 1S12. Simmons' Tools, (V ALL DESCRIPTIONS, just received and for KJ sale by WM. J. Ill NT, liurlington, May 19,1942. Strouus liuiiduu Cast Stcol, 1 oaL."Pit SONS cclebiated Cast Steel, just receiv ed mid for H-1.. bv W.M. J. UL NT, liurlington, May FJ, 1312. Strongs Funding. SAWS. T?NGLISII Cast Fuel, cross nd. , 111 lloe & Co.'s do circular, from 8 to 2 1 inches. Row land's Mill. Just icecivut and tor ale. W.M. J. 11L.NT. Strongs Iluilding, College st., near die Sq iarc, lliirliiigloii, May 10, IF 12. FOR SALE. Oil SHARF.S ofSloek m the liurlmgton Hank. JJ For tirms apply lo II. ALLLN. liurlinglon jOlb June ls12. i Eli V lijvsii aiuurj, BV WM. HURLIiUT. Till' subscriber lias taken tho newly fitted Store West sulo Chiireh-slreet, between the 'liazaar and ' Variety Store,' where bets no v opening and offering for sale nn eMensivo and ginernl nssortment of Goods iidaptul to the want-of thu community amongst wlueii arc a gnat variety oi French onus, rnutcu .viiisiinsnuo i.avvus, Long Shawls and Scarfs, Ildkfs, Shaw Is, Cravats, 1 is u anil bar d and plant wiss .viuslins, Nansook, book mid other Muslins, Ladies und genllenien's Linen Hdkfs, liisnriioim. Fibrini'H. lieadim. and Thread Laces, Work Collars, Relicnles, Read Hags and Purbes, Tarllon and plain Muslins and Laces, millions, a beaiitilul assoilmcut and new style, Ladies' Florence, liraid, Modina, Straw and Misses lionncls, Artificial Flowers, Gimp Edging nnd trimmings for Tuscan Ronnets. l'arasuls, a beautiful assortment of new styles. Hosiery of every variety, llroadeloths, Cassimers, Vestings, &e. Gent's summer Goods, Slocks, Collars, c. Gent, and boys Leghorn and other lints. Drv CroccrU's, a good assoiliuenl. IS".' II. ''his cntitc slock of goods has been pur chase 1 willim a few days, Willi gieut earo and nl a timo when tho prices were moro depressed than nt any previous pei lod but will bo sold for ready cash at a small advance from cost. llurhngtun, Juno 10, If 12. " " ' Gold Hand China. Sl'PFRII O'uW Hand, Hand and S'priir'd China 7 V Sets and plate- lu mulch, vcrv cheap at iho China Storcot F.VRlt.Vl!, WAlTiV. ROOT. June I7lh. 1?.VRi:VVI'.I.L'S Shoes, Half (i.iuers, Kid Slips, X Children's SI SIkk's, ete. jud roccinil by 111. WM. Ill'RLIlFT. Paper llauuiiias. (VflA I'iiics Paper Hangings, pa. terns entirely XKJW new, ol nllipiiUilK,!iitopcnco ny jhuein. WM. IIFRI.IlI T Solo LeatlH!r. I" C. I.OOMIS has just received nolo i.eaiiicr lor li. II cents cash, hy iho hundred pounds. Also, Patent nnd string leather, Juno 10. ,17 l'HIlSHST GtOODS of all descriptions aio selling : vcrv ow at r lliirliiigloii, particularly at h. II. St Ol IS. Printed liiivvns. CitX Pll'.l'i:s nt S. II. SCOTTS. Several styles, as low ns una shilling per yard. June 3. T,Ti:NS' LF.GHORN HATS, just reeved nt M Juno 3, Ks4J. S. 11. SCOTT'S. Jp'S r 4th of .Inly, 1842. Tt'ST reeeivid and for iile, a fre.h Mipply of I'l.ihi uud ligured Pain 1 1 , Heal Sinl' li tlimrl am Fin1 ri'lns (tent's lijrht nn 1 1 rovvn 1 : Ic ru llnl, Jlillencrsiilid Dres .Maker inn I cfuini'liod vith mauv nrlieli'i m iheir line j -nek ni i aney I low it- nml Arlilieinl--, Silk womii I Wire, Tiirllon l.aees Muslins, Silks, Plain nod coloied Lawns for drc-ses, Wlialehomv, Scissor-, Needles, AIo, Shell Combs, Cad Pnri', German Silver 'I'liblontidTtu Spoon?, I'niiey Pen and Pocket Knives. Attention i invited loan assortment of llroad Cloth; nnd Cn'smieies Irom auction sales. Groceries Teas, Sugar, Moln"c,nnd FamilvGroccrics cene ra'ly, of (iimhtics nnd iinees which cannot fad lo pleii.-o. Wm. HFIlLllin'. SO T"")f' Gardner Brewer's N. Ihigland Hum, 30 Pipes and Half Pipes American llrandyc, 10 do do liallimore Gin, 10 do do 'IVIlcvoiin' Urandy, Pi do do 1 Swan' Gin, lOlIhds. St. Croix Rum, 30 llbls. Sherry and Madeira Wines, 3 do Malaga do 5 do Port do 31 Dec. 1811 by J. & J. II. PKCK & Co. Quills AM'I! W supply, ol thehiidio-l nuinlcr eeivedat S. IIL'.NTLNU' iul re- IlL'.NTLNU'lON'S. Juno 10. Xcw Sabbath School ltool;. Ij"OIl sale at (he llookstore of the subscriber a gen einl assortment of tho Massachusetts and New York publications for Sabbath Schools. June 17. I). A. I!RMAN. QCJ'.STWX HOOKS. AN assortment of thoQnestiou Rooks of tho Mas sachusetts Sabbath School Societv, fur sale at Iho Bookstore of tlio subscriber. D. A. IIRA.M AN. Mil f'ittft, 1842." Jlessi u. I'AXCiltOKX A: ItltlNS.MAII) WO F l " inform their eu-mmers nnd I he public thai they have just irmvcd from Kmrland a variety of Puient Lever Watches nnd .Movements Hindi' etpiessly lor them, some with their name and some Willi tho maker's name upon lliein. Persons v limu to getanuoii Watch, cold or silver, may dc, icnd upon obiaiinug one which will Miitthcni. We mvite die alli'iilion of puL-os to our -"perior ii-.sortniciit ol line nn shed act urate I milling VA mi he-. Gold and silver Special Ic-, cold nml silver Pencil.. . iiiuus, jeys, iMu.iiiiu-, iiiiil ite. t'l T- ,t I .. ,1... . t, I 1 ' Pins, Loekels, Snaps, t Castors, Cniice Fdlcrer-, Colleo and Ten Pol, Ilcd Pan-, Mi a te Ciii-, Tumblers, small Lamps, Houp Ladles, rjal.e Huski-is, sVe. Mllltnry CSnoiN. I nnni' lDAII IWIX. a llr ralear e I r I )JJ sa c ilovvbv FOLII TT.I ldiVl I.F.V. Old Do. L, 21 Jime, 1SI12. Nova Scotia Plaster. TMI1'. Snbscribirs arc ibis day reeeiving a fresh X supply of Nova Scorn Plater, and will com inence grinding at Ihur Mill at die Falls on Monday lieu. FOI.I.L'IT iv IIRADLFV. liurlington, May 20, 1"I2. WF. Ihe Sul seniors, having been appoinliil by tho llouirallothe Pro' aleCourl lor die Distrnl of Chittenden, commissioners to uveive, twnniinu an i aditi.i tliu claims and demands of nil pert mis agiiin-t the t'intu of John Ji lin-on.l.deof lliirliiigloii, m said disiiiil, I'lie.iMxl, rcpri-emed iii-olvenl, und ul.o all claims and ilein.ui Is exlul ucd in oibet theie-to- iin.l iv inoiitlis lii'in iho dav of the dale hereo U-iug iiIIowihI bv siiul Coiirl for i! ,l purpose, wc do tlieii'fore hereby give nolici', dial wo will attend to tho business ol appointment, nt the dvvellin , rW:, lino!, Ill lilTllllgloll in said Du irici, on Iho third Mondays of Angus! and Novemler next, at 10 o'i, A. M. en eacn oi saw nay. IMleil t lis 'JIsl nay in ""v, .v. '. ip is. rnnlll I, I 11,111 Ll'TIII lf I.OOMI.s )C, ) Sll oinims- HAItltV lllt.VULLV sinners. G FJ K S 13 V E A Vf I KISS ! I.IIS. Live Geee Feathers, just rcceiviil DUU and forsaleor vault lower than ever I efore sold 111 lovvn. O. L. .NFLSON. May 13. -lail. SI. IPS. Xcw York stylo of Trench Kid.Slina just received by MayJ7.1 SCOTT. Q.VRGF.NT, SPR VGI K Cv Co.'s TOI! V('CO. by I .-j tne nuanntv or imirrwwe nt n. 11 v. iji i. rjARVS )L-s nKr "t vn 11 Iv 1" 1 L Jjue i. I SCOTT 1 y Stenivl.. I.oauleiojhileliirrici i illlllllllllllllllH i LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIB iiiiiiiiiiiiiH Illllllllllllllllllllllllllll- iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHV IiiiiiiiiiiH Cedar Post?. BURLINGTONHIGH SCHOOL, rPlll; Ace len ic year of lln- In inution Ndividcil .1. into f ur o .ir,er i f ele en wit' each ; tho first romnienciue ,Vi" I 20, the eeond Nuv.21, the third Feb2fi, the lo irth May IS. Tl Tl ION, in ti e eoiiimon I'n'.dishbraneheSSt,. CO; In die higher Ln,di-h brain lies nnd Iho langua ges. Sj,50 ; paya' le to die pnn' ipal at the in Uldlu of each ipiarler. Noi.e will lo ehargol for less than half ii quarter, and no ded'ietiom made lor absence unless oc n-e n d I v sicklies. Mil. CllAltl.l s, r. PAUKF.l!, tho principal un der whose i 'i' '. n mid luanaioiucnt, during tho pnlyear,tl le.i lmarapiircil n huh nnd well de n'rvodrcpu "i hits I ten engaged i.y die Trusteos for tho ensinn . i and nl hi request, Mr. (IcorgeL. Lyman, n ' ol tho l'mversily, has Uen nsso emtod vvitu . -.i nentlema.lju wliofo talents and acquirements the public can reposJUi"" "tmost conii donee. " N--v This school isdeigned exeluslvilv Inr vrZZZ'OZZ demon, and nil who may inironi?e it nn. n. that no exertions will bo wanting on the pari of tho Teachers lo give Mich a arc placed under their choree n thoroiich sen nldio knowledge of the departments to which they may attend. All who wjh to become scholar', i ii tho true -inso of the term, mnybesuru of Ihoiimploand ready asiM(tncu ol the Teaehvrs no others are desired. The iniiorla ueo of I eng present the first day cf iho qinrler, cannot lo too earnestly reeommcnccd'io all who proposolonltend the School, ns classes Willtheu bo formeil, which Iho-o who enter subsequently, will he expected to join. 'Iho charaeter and location of this school may well recommend it to tho patronage of tho friends ol solid 1 coring. HOARD may be obtained lor 1,50 or 82,00 rer week, G. ft, INGLRSOLL,-) .1. h.. UU.N VTiltni, J H. ALLF.N, 3 GLO. II. SHAW, T. P'OLLHTT, I a N. II. HASWF.LL, I S" WVLLVS LYMAN. J liurlington, August 10, 1812. JI A CJ X IJ T I C OH O N T I C A . THL'TF.iriH ! 'IHK TF.LTH !! The Incomparable Tooth i'l eparation. TI1L fail is proved, nnd tho ino-t incredulous nnd doubling nre lully convinced ol tis snvit utility, ns we have the cv nil lice from the 'ii' of about 000 boxes of Iho O lout lea, within the past venr. It is .i-eerlained from experience, that when mid, tho neth will never decay, but ninaiii till the Inlet ago 01 man, wilhlheir natural wear ; nml more in lliou snivls of ea-es, ueivous loolha die, (dint climax of nami husutonee teen u Ic'iually eureil bv this most popular deuli line in America. And in conclusion, . Hire, or wnu I un loiin no, or Vll lllil'in.iii, . J t Hie indiv uliial that values a leau'liful fct of teeth, sound mim-. ami a sweet Inealli nioio than eeiils, in.ii will 1 c lon.'er dcstiiiite ol'a box of I liliv icheock'i Munelic OJonticn. M.Hi HAM! HAIR!! HAI.D.N 1-S. -Important l)imrcrythc Ureal ,li'liri tounu out at last. It. S'lF.RRV'S II llll RF.'.F.NF.RATOR.-IJ S terry, after much attention to die irn i . . r 1 r. r i ..... .!. ... -i...r..i.......ri -i.v.-r ."' -'r--- t cioi tire 1 v mz t e in t. mis uhit icmi. r,.nn.: niciiis Ltiutiiii ii .niu iuij -m ,n, uitii ,-A3ic io iiisrovcrnn irlicle w inch a now ollered Willi Vnc greatest conn. lencc for the toilelle, as the bet Iliiugcvcr discover d, lor its sifti'iung nnd penelrnting quality, io pro luce a goon bind of hair to pnvent it frum falling ill' win n I iddness is noon'tendi d- to rntmr.. .. i.. .. iialdncss hao taken place, and toprevcut it from lurn- nggiay. Ill more iioiuishing Ihuii poinaium, nn uoiie oil, orC'-il -ii" vviiti r. It is a beautiful nrtielo for ladies' c.irls -it makes the hair soft and lively, and produce urn minion brilliancy. Thousands havo ti ' il its upt jr v irtucs and e.vcilh nee, nnd in eve ry insinnet H Hands unrivalled. It is an infallible cure in nil nlh n ii"of the skin on the brad as ilan druli; Ac Ac. Fvi ry family should be supplied Willi ahollle of llrs on, lint by its application to the head ami hair of eilililr, n. the bcniditul nnd ornamtnlalap pnidngc of a (hi bead of ha r, with which nature has supplied us, may be preservid. Jj I, O K A T THIS ..r.t 1 1 live you a Cough ! TO nOH I,i:o1' CONSUMPTION every I J jVVW vi ar in the United States, and mil lions ''iter from t"iu!, Iconic coughs nnd colds, dint can hi ciirid by li . M. Hitchcock's V'eget.ibli; Cnam i oiign uiop-, a ite mctiical prescription, cnninin mg no pu'sniii m-' driig, and ued in an ev:ti'iiivo prarlir lorsiv ta viar.s wii; most postivcly nil. ml tell f, nnu s-u i from dm awful dista-e, pidniou- irycun'tiii 1 m wlucti swe, pi into the grave luiii dri uflln J ' die old, tlicrHy nnd the iay. liav vonn 'i ? lie r'lia Vil I. onrclias. n lotlh ofdu lo .i Drops lo-diiv ! To-morrow may ie too late. Pr' 'c "0 cents per bottle. VV()ini! WOII. IIS! DR. M UlTl'IICOt'K'.S ii 1 V ii in Tin, n ov reiju n iiudy for Wlmk. Plus invaluable inidiemo has bien Iiieii ny tin ex- iciuMici urinore dinn len venr use, aim nunuiiisii rt I o in n In n IS. (10(1 pirsoii. o( various rue, ani io' n - il M e Jini'laint ; for in no one of the lliou- of ii 'if -.whire it lias bis-n u-.-il agn cable o tin prin' i i t. , ins. basit ever latleil. N. li. Ask I'm Dr. AI. Hitchcock'" Worm Tin, as heic arc many liu.-lrnins nbroad for iho desltuitiou t'vvoiiii". SM'I'l'-oiilv Twentv-fivc Crnt. OR M HITCHCOCK'S ncvvlyiiivintd SM'FF, the bc.-t a ..cle ever discovered by srneuf" n, ii F i " r Viueriet. lor die curt and absij' lo ' fof ( Uir l. D1.7, in s- of lite Head, Weak l'yes, rtvous lie idath Fdhn McUinss, Fits, and Iu- iroubhdvv 'li biiullk. partial shocks of l'al- iy, etc. I.OTIOV, I.OTIO.V. Dr. Ivans' lira 11 1 il'v Inr Lotion. LKiHLV eiecmed for curing a'l F.r'iption, Cm rsi ncs, Riilnes, nnd Ptmp'e on tin Face, ,ck or hands nud ell'o"tually clcnningiheioinplex- and r"moviii" nil diseases ol the skin. Nothing coiitr'nitcs so much to our gmml sue ssinliti' nsa' engiging lirsl appearance. T el.n- 1011 1 mini ri Ins a most Iragrant. m lo, sale vva 11, nil "p at y est' run d for Us vntiii in cleansing "oft- 'lin nnu ponit mrinesMU oi an - '""i ous lo fi nan In inly, and restoring it to a h . Ii di -ric of pur 'v. 01 v.i 'nil Inaltiuiii complex m is tlic ru ' ."' I whi r -.-is it, and die envy ot ihosc who aic-1 iv I if '. V r I appearance i die best reeommendil .n: t ns lln lieniiMlving Lotion puririis the skin, nnd moves all Pimple, liiotchis, 'Inn, Sunburn, and Imss ami produces a beautiful hue, il is the only sine c a 1 iv sin uni iiM-.ii utr loitciic. Gi ndi in n vvd! als j find this a delightful runedy r v '' Riiighniss PiiiipIes,Ringworni Sr Is, a S iitssnf ih"f'ice and noe. and every mi of iv "' m on die surface of the human body. m n.iriicu arlv riTiiiiiincndid to reniiemen in ln eil after shaving, ns it will prevent the othcrwiw Ham tlliel of all cominon soati, m turninc dm nrd prcmaturi'lv grev. Fur sale w holt .ile nnd retail, by Toster it DirK-sos-, sole Pro'irjelors nnd Successors to Av Hitch- iii iv 1.0., 111 ucncseo ,-sirert, 1 uc.i, A. V . j 111 e rgi, hv L, Janes; .Milton Fulls, bv liarrrlt it never: .l ilin-on.bvG.L Warner .V Co. : linrlinr.. 11, and by PECK & SPEAR. lanufacluring Vrusgists, and Venders of (ill genuine l atent Medicines. JON A YH VN ATWATI L'S FSTATK VI'. die siil s r.t 1 rs, havuii; I irn npoointol l y In II inralleiln I'ml aleCourl b rlhe Pis' l lifC 1 ttt'lidi'll, eoliuiliss,, ners lo lecelve, exillu- ne uni ac rsi 1 nc eiainis ami uemaniis ij 11 1 nersoii!. 1 1.-1 1 list lllt'l'-IUlC I'f JONATHAN ATW.VTI'R. kite of W " .1 n 111 -111 1 D sirici,ilwwixl, rrprcsenl e I in-i veil', and al-o all 1 laims and demand- exhib lis 11 c ll'-c't ihi rito j nni' t uiomh. from the dale lurrof, I e ii4 .illowtxlby sai I Coon for lhat nirpoe, we th tliei-elori'heiel'V give niillee, .hat we will at tend toihe' us'uoss of our ai'poiiitinciii, at thooilico ol II Leivenwoiili, 111 liiiihnsto.i.iii said Dislrkt, on tno la-t 'I'lifsdavs of Scplem! er and January next, at 1U o'clock-, A.. vi., en enen 01 tnni uavs. Datcl this 5th dav of Scpiemler, A. D. I?I2. II. I.FVVKAWORTII, ) Coniini,..i n II. THOMAS. J ers. 1 1 3vv T rariin'i's :uul U'ool (iriiwcrs. The stil scril ers having lal.011 1 he Wnolin Alnnii fiicluriiig h-liiiicnt of the liurlington Mill Co. at Winoiiski Falls, will ivceive wool 10 Jlaiiufae titio for customer upon the following ivnddu ns, Viz: For llrondi'loths such a 0finl, Mi'l, or Cadet Mi, Illuo lllaeks, llrowiis, or Olives, at n'venlyl'tvo cents per yard, cr one half of the El0l'wlieiilm- Irlied, Narrow cloth-, null a Slitvps' Grey, or other miMiirt's, will 1 om.inulai lured lo suit m-ioniers. on iva.onable lernis. The quality of the elolhs made at llns establish mem for the la-t eightei'n tuonths under the siiperin lendeiut' of llie subscribers, is so vvell known 111 liosion, i. rk, and the iieighl ormg icvviis 111 this Suite, that no fiirlher lecoiiunciidalicn 1, divnieil i.e-ivs-ary to indueo F.irmeis and others wislungto pet wool inaniifaetuiixl for their own u-e or market, to patronise this establishment. Customers may rest assured that no pains will be spared to give enure sati-laetion, the machinery 1 eir.g of thele,t Quality, alfords advantages lor despatching work at short no ticeandm the very lest nianner, winch is an induce ment that umnot le olienvl in smaller esiahlishnienls. CHRISTIAN ROKLOI'SON. S.VMUF.LK. RATHIUX. Kelercn. e of character or responsibility of the suosiriivr- niny ii- iiiei ov applying 10 Si Inev ll.11 . '. II. al '. iV J 11 I I ' c" iV Hi I 'V VV. i i la . V , l! .V IV Hurluiglon. 0 s 1 F Is 'SIS.

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