Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 23, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 23, 1842 Page 4
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t,.,? rl .." lil.,?A0.,,cl,evo "I'al 'hu Prcs.dinl would dc- I under 'l Dm fearful cirr.umsfnticrjs. of xOmcI. omffiowV As .vet it is not rortunly known that more tbo office I., holda I' Vi ,'v luV.7.L,u,.n, !! . than ii'ino individual nto lust, l.nt t.f that imm i me suspend;! their judj-uiout upon his official con- her wo li i o tl.o name?, as follows : hSnVt.m.,3,.,lli,,l,8.w,,',1,, ,tf',"PI'rovo 1 1 1 1 1 1 s l' 1 1' mi ' Aran t.f Kir.lnrd II. IVaboly. Krcyevillo, honest s up porter ol (tie e,s ninl policy f tlio W;,u i n-rd H voir. A mm! of M.irlitl l'npe, Kccso. J.'''r, ,;u "I'n ' I'M "iMiroiX u nuVniiidit- .. 7n " I It a!;,., a l'ljlii ii hnv. kcipi-tillr, n'"il !) yrir. HtibeH Miller, o- tn 'er-j'J'-'" veil.'', lilnh lizard, jr. A'imi Lie, njrod liivoir.'-. Then laic, a colored liny, Atisaldc, nguil '0. Hotly rorovored tlio patnu tiny. Justus Jock, niilor, Clnitonville, asetiyj years. Hotly rcrovcied to-day. Ira Mistier, teamster, ('lintonville, aged 22 years. Hotly recovered soon alter lost. I'dward , a Frenchman, blacksmith, Clintonvillc, agod 20 yearf. Suspicions arc afloat with rejianl to several oilier individuals', ami oven at tlio tune of our tfottijx to press all of tlioso persons arc not ac Ltitiiitctl lor. 'I'lic search for tlic missing bodies will bo ron. tinned troiti tiny to tl.iy until tliey are found or rdtcii upas liopulof.o. j Hubert Miller, named above, wrs lost by the rnpsr.iiijj of a boat in .in cllorl to take three men lioin lliechiin. Ono nf those only escaped, a lion at he) applicant ln of tun Vetoat llul.i .va ossion of ( oiisr,-, tit, y txercs , ,-i , ,tt. iu. wards li,,n, and tliou-li tucy c mid nan rc- fuse, to condemn the ml, I,. ,i-mi iau. )L.. tlic result of honest doubts upu.i a t lestiou of constitu tional power : that subsequently, ihey were disposed to sustain Ills administration, while bo Kit tbiin rta unto hope that ha intended to administer tho Gov ernment upon principles which they tould approve : Jut that now even hope is destroyed hy his late oili cial acts-upon repealed occasions by bis compell ing tho Whigs virluills.. to n.pCal the Inn J llisinbti tion Mill a mcnsim; which hewns pledged before iS.'.lTWilcdly expressed npptubalion, am b.iiorwarda, by fijnclioiij ly lus tuirtinuu fourth exercise of the tero power upon occasions when no constitutional scruples are relent ctl u hava existed ; t.y Ins less ma ilj defeat ol two other .,... In. rnt.-imiii.' Hi s in bis possess ion wt h.iut bn st-'ii linn', until "Iter thcndjotiinii.cnl of Congress hy stimuli: to mo mdusjiu ...... y.. Utiyesa proteslf cn, of lli.-ir ...I ml ronJi c , tnertbyi, rr.iiiinu;n eatiliiK.1 pruieipl.; ol our Oote n .S ,V , ,l.,,,slnt,vesVilll.c ..f Hie "I alliance Mr. Chirk, of Cliiitimvillo, who hold the jMhrjr two, l liciKiuic ninl Alienor, foran lumr, lint was lin.illy compelled to ab union them to their fate. 1 lie scene was one of tho most pa.illul as well as of tlio most oxcitiiiij cliirarter.' It is not to see men sink beneath tho wave vwlh the will but not the power to aflord ic- hef. In our next we will riivo such nddilional par ticulars t-.s may ho wntthy of liotc. Encz Co. KvpMicaii,nf ihe MM, i'tnt. f5itico nur paper was issued lart week, only three bodies luvo bjun found. After three tl iys search they were picked up in the ncijjh. Iiorboodtjf the meadows beio.v tlio lli;;li Urid,'r, and were Illah lleacb, jr. and tho tons of Mr. l'ope and Mr. l'eabody. It tippears that IMward, the blacksmith, natncil as one of the inissinir, has returned ; but we are advised tint another young man whose destination was Cluitonville, was brought from I'lattsburizh to this plat e, and has not since been heard from. II ho is one of tho drowned, tlion there aro three bodies yet in the river. Much sympat'iv is cypiesscd for tho bro'hers and Inends of .Air. Miller, the young man who mi generously exposed and finally lost Iih life in ... Mlli- liv n una will. ,l,nn irimtj ol llioimrty which irivc inn the power he holJsi-tlial by these acts, HiMiiuh which he hns cum pel led ilio Whips lo leave the country suf ferin" under the evils indicted upon it by thtir rule cnjrs in ollic?, be has lift no nllti natiiu to the Willi's of .llassichu i ti, but to declare, as they now declare, their full and final separation Irolu bun. .... . llnohttl, Tint while wc have to cxprrss our in donation at the desertion of him who should lno been our lender in liiumini: hack I lie mitcrniuiul to tlic princip'os of the Uoiitilutioii, and in 1 1 ymu anew the foiiiidatioiis of n ltioml prospen y, we still hm-e reason to rejoice tint we haie a Cousri'S-. which, by its pjrseveniii: and patnofc cll'iiri", niiiid the most disaearlenuu tiretniisfiiiees, to relievo thr ihsircsfcs andcmbam'sinralsol the co.intiy, is entitled to our coni'uli uce and pialitii'b' lltiulrtJ, That the law lor lb.' ih.-ttilmti-n of the l.roceciUol' thepiili le land, w,c -h t'. o ' on.'rts- so uouip W enacted, and which U nil-iq'.t uiiy so nso lutely defended asamst the opposition ol the Incen tive, is not only measure of jiislu c to the several States, and at ihcprtsent moincnl of ilic ht impor tance (o ihein in roiitril.iiiuiu lo sustain titer unpair ed credit, but by its influence is cornnins ihctbtc tuilions of l'ie rcieiuic, n eenli'il to the stability of a tariff, and lo the steady cui-ourjgeuient ol Amer ican labor. , , , , n.,n!rt That t ic enactment of a tnrill by one- re!! at its late session, though at- "iin anic I by the n.,. nf ilistriliiiiMMi. was a msisure which tbo M'tii- cicsuflhe Kuvcinui 'lit, and of the counti y, tlem-iud-. s ,ufino Ul bum. lit others. Ilwrv clll.rt has erli ;v!...-l, the irejsiiry iiiiim lun. r'"'!""id i,eCM llul!u lu reCover bis bo ly, but without c.....y, r .: ; avail. ib. '2lfl SeliJIl oi jieiuii . , .......v ... ... u mint mast ik-i'ii uiiiiiurii uj nui suiiciiui; jiujui Ilium : mil tint the heiU'lU'ial effects of iiu.ij- .ura in inif- t thciiiselves in the improvi-mant of LSe nationil lur!i-, m t lie activity winch In .ns lop. r jour cities,m tlie Ii ttlii!: loos" ot c.pim to sup;.,, W -i....l .it' I hi. im'4 in tin. air..T.tin.' of c i.i ass the c.rT'CJ tli.. si.'iunor of a ihoasiiid water- Xels in on" the hope winch bryl. ins ?,e eye of labor, mid m tlie ntss whicl, smiles upon the. couuteli inces, and .be spirit an, energy which ami'.iales ihc beans, of all cla sesol OU'l!oh"dl That however biirlily we may v .In. die mei -ut lariir. iu.l howtver it m..y he to this pro,nieiyot llw country, wv iiiu-t not lo . ' t I its coniiiucnec can b,-. pe.-. d only v... n a i Cnnsress can protect whnl a hi.-; I oiir, aeli v eh-l'.nt die rnityiii point of our adveis in. . li s tihty to piolec.tio'.i m "II tonus! 'i." to I h they are .ledi!.V. ns a pnrlv: --.n.l l.nt " v ne fn. nl Ut)ieal has been issued irom the hij'i .st ant in t!iir cnuni'lls. i?.,,',;.t. To it for this rcn- m the a; -ir ae'iiti" U,.,,,m,.r ll..nreseni itivcrf to it..n,; i m ,il s-elui ...i4 vi PI hriu ' villi it Mi I'.t i. -I i r.i, I xemlco by anv election "which has bcti b I.'. in tl.e I mini' . wealth! slid tint it ti.'.-.i.iit' ihj i of . iy e.i'c tor to d-teriiiiini wdiel'ci he w .11 s..!. by bis , ill inrtv wli isj i'.ecl-Jred policy is, i npr. mis i -nj p.iv.tbn to the protct ii in of ot m.iln u't.y, aim wlusj first act of p i itic il power will he, a r pen! ol the Is. w w'-icli Iris just brou"ht li .pe ami loy to tin hiii'ls of our p-upU. . . . !tt.tlh- ' T i:ii th nerinanent ctili!t'r"nt o: n c!:s:nmiantr.s' .anil, roinli.ii" !.e oh, tun. rete ll le mil ensj'iraje i .Mil : h-'oe l; ' v Itr rest rii m oft'n' p iT'iple of disiii .uuo'., n:d ' ic r tsti'ihs'iiiiciit ol a s. mud an I ii.tici u c urn y r.ft Hill tlu card. ml o'.ieen of W...' i.oh t : -tint .1. t.rovi.Titv of th" cJintry dj inn !s I'itt t.o , b. pur s.i-d with union of couin.': s ntid i"uro.:s .r tion ; and tint fir ih-n a"uio"iit, tliu Wu of iltn cjuntry, unb'tmiel l.y pirtul, ml uiiJisiinved by thclait'ili -..ic sol on two tit p ly Ir.nieJ, n'iin i ally nod put f.irlri ihtir cri'-ries, until tmal tiiuioph slinll cruwn tlieu t! jris Iltfilrc-1, Tint the conclus'on of the lntc treaty mill Orel! Ilrilniu, H nn e. in of tho hi;lii't import mice to this eoitati y, ami ot l-i ilrep"t in' ne-t to the wirl.1,111 Ihc pers'n'Mti m oi ptwi. 1 r I'.t th it the Secretary of .Slate i ctitiil.'d lo Hie ttr and th cratitudeof his country mid of limit- id ur the ma-,terlvand suceeffiil ihmiiut in wh ' h h In ennjiicicd th" neiotiatinn ihnt i'.- Uiinni e know e.'Ises tin tnbi-of I'leerti.-f.s tlt it- r-: e nt.ii nnj tint liisnwn Sine li tils u ill ;ule the u la.i- rol which ail rri- liic hrow oj h r s in. ll'sd'-ed T int ihe t!i r '.s .ii ti., ( ' ,nv n in, " of the Wbii.'s of Mnsi'h t. hh. nr-du- t o' . tots and to our Wo. z Itepr. !.innn'ivi s n Or i for the ability and iil. ! r -.- w.'li whiehtli v Ii n throunm mid protrncli'd session, si i ,i t'le interest ol 1 i? Co u uonwe-ilih, nn I .il f ,i I m pr.ueiples on which ihu prosperity ut l!i- coi.u'.y tic pon is. JlisatteJ, That the caunlry ones a dibt cf t-r,nt. tilde to tho-o h-n .tors and iiepi t.iiis in t rtss lioin the .'j.iuiliorn an I VW-.-i-ii Hni, wh , af trr .lis vi-tnea of the 1',,'s: lent Ii d leli no hnnc for ;i tan. I, exi-cpt 1 y th Mcufice ol di-irh.n in, nobly! their l.ivo iti- iiieanuio to it .etc the mm lies of t!i rei -ury nn.l ilin disircss. uf the eluiiiuy and tl at v.hcrner Ihey nriv ile, or w'laietc for tune may iiidiil ihein, ihey V...1 hivothesv. p.llu iioi i if ' m-iui iej 'iiien.s-oi i ii uoiiso Jinii",,5 ,ii. '.e'o'rw. Hint Ihe nilmif irnti m il t'-r- r.' rsn "'r.-iA'a "tile d inn the pn-t tcsr l.-s I. as Ii ''fc-ru - lo I ti ii ihiie s-ivaut t v. h .'i 'ti nun trsi m bns I. con ciiti lifted, the cotrin til n' "iinilu'el c ,nri I 'inn. of tin' pen: le, mil llini, thi fore, with ihe i-ili ft r. Ii i ,tv epo i tlic nppto'i n c'crv Win - in tlie ' oin;ii'inwco:ili wc r pr'fent in nur Ml w cin7. i J0I1.M I AVIS an Gr.O'lCr ilfl.I.. ns ihe Wins .nudidnttsfor tli olfne uf O nernor and I..tul. Goveuitir, fortheui sinus year. JtwJrfd, Teal tho conduct of Ouvcrnnr Davis i rflntma to the oec.irtensiM which bnvc tak m H upon o r borders, in coasfc.-ience of the u f.rinni tliffieiiliK'S which bnvc an i u in our sitcr Mae, Il'in lelslan 1, Ins b. cn inni'M 'I !iy wisdom, ft l s and u strict rcnrd to .lu- r'oiisiiiuiion "i I I I.nws; nu I lint, Ihrou'diinu th. uubni'py c , ,v, ay, In Ins omiii'ici in., pt-nrp t'i (' moon weillh an 1 the true inlcrcus of till u r Aim wli"iens, in inc nprvm r ,. ,n rnor in orrtr to senire i'ip i-o uj.ti t' . . ' v .,, ,v ineasjres dednred in l'ie fore""... i, ,, n, 1 the tiihcv a"l tho i ienun n ' ,' u- lyo ,hi rmnirv. it is xlicd till ''ii.l ih V'i . rr Jta- .nr.iins-tts slmuld now inn' e a n on t. o on of cnndi dates f r Ihn offi '. s of ''resident and V -c Ptcsi, dent of the L'nitcd Ktatie, to be supported by tlicnl in 'ISM. llesolxnl, That hnvinc; the liiclnct cciifi'trce in thr integrity, ability and iintrintini of IIKN'ltY Ct.W, of Kentucky, wo present him to Iho AVha'S of Massncliti'Slls ns the man who, by his uniform support of their principles and their interest, hy bis mnny anu vaiunoic p.nnic, srrviecs, ny his jiuiico msnt in tho true spirit of the rYitonitulion, and by tliPCtitnnti in in which ho is lull in nil pnrl of tins Unmn, is justly entitled In their. suffrnrrs for 'lie first ollice in inc pin ni i no .mo muni propic, H'sotted. further. Tint wc nnininntp .1011 DA VIS, of Mnsncbucitf, as our Candidntc for the ntfice of Vice I'residint of the Tniied fctates, and thntin doiii" so, wc present lo the country ihc nnmc of a man, who by Ins pttonnl uitezrity nn.l nbiluy. his ennstant support ot Auiericnn in'crost", nnd bis patriotic devotion to the principles mi which ilcnrnd tbo independen p, the liberty nnd Ihn prosperity of rthe country, tleservis to ho nsc nted in pi.blii' re ecard, nnd in Ihe reception of public honors, with the great .Statesman of the West. llesotrctl, Tint with tbeso nnminnnnns bulb fctato and Xntionnl, Iho Wilis of the ('oinnion wealth enter upon nnntlier poiiticnl cmnpni'Oi wi.b united councils and with renewed rnurnsi", llnl thn apathy whieli Ins for a s-i n buns liken cloud up on their spirits, his vanished beforp the li'it of hope, and rcstnreil ennfi I nep, aril tint tlicy cnounenep ' 'n ""n"' I that anolhtr victory like that of 1810 wi.l perch upon their banners. Al'l'AU.lNfi DlSASTKIl! It becomes our painful and inohincho'y duty to record ono "f tho mnst F erir, r.ahmities which ever hofnl tho vilh..e nf Keesovillo. Vpsterdav, beins muster or thn 271st battallion of Infantry. Iho villajo was full 0f men and lioyii,and 'tho r.onsoqtionco was that tiQr0 was a creat tleil of pissins on thn now susponsiou foot hrid;o across tin Ansahle, (now nearly complete) and about 2 n'clo-k, snmo BO leini; on tli hridn, the club) on tho npior (.Hlu o'jvo way and nrecinitiiiod nearly Iho whole in. to the tivor, The nun nf tlio nisiht previous would destroy the sacred right of petition. Tlie. church was thronged lo overflowing by it iluiiso muss of the iiitellig;ncj imtl Iiu.tii ly of tho vicinity. An itnmsnso number wits piesont frmn tile nciobboring towns, mill mnny from n great distance, nil unxious to tlo honor to their intrepid nnd incorttip- luhlo roprusonlulivu. Upon thu cntrnnco of Mit. Adams into tlio church, tlio wholo as sembly, ladies and all, rose to erect and wolcomo Mm. After n brief and fervent prayer to thu throne of Grace, by tho Rev. Mr. Perkins, tho Hon. N. M. D.ivis, tlio President of tbo meeting, addressed Mr. Adams, in a brief, but most eloquent speech of expressive mid touching welcome. Mn. Ad ms replied in a speech of great interest tint ability. Wo will givo a further account of them next week. The meeting was con cluded hy singing tho following beautiful ode written for thu occasion by tho Rev. Jolts I'tnnroiNT : ODE Sune bit the Constituents of JOHN QUIXCY ADAMS, on his Return from Congress, September 17, 1842. Not from the bloody field. Home on his battered shield, l!y foes o'crenme, But from a sterner fight, In the defence of Might, Clothed in n rnnrpicrci'a might, We bail him home. Where Slavery's minions cower Before the svrvilo power, Ho bore their ban And, like nn aged o.ik, That braved thelightnini's stroke, When thunders round it broke, irtoodjip, A MAN. Nay when they stormed aloud, And round him, like a cloud, Came, thick and black, Ile, single-handed, strove, And, hke Olympian Jove, With his own thunder, drova The phalanx back. IS'o leafy wteath we twine, Of Oak, or Isihuran pine, To grace bis brow j Like his own loc' sof gray, Such leaves w ould fall away, As will ihc irratc'u1 lay Wc w eave him now. Time shall not touch the paga That letls bow O. iiiev's sage Ilns ilare.1 lo live, Save as he touches wine, Or Sln'tspeare's glowing line, Or Raphael's forms diiine, Xuw life lo "ive. have been conducted with as much deference lor the I -Tlie military move- Mnrrhl. ." till. policy of the United Stile ns if it had been lucked ,,,, ..i.,,,,, ,)iri r,i!u,, r l,,r('n ml still by tho resources of n pow-orful country nnd l'ie sup-1 nu l".s "lm,l "nl"' ' urlunl still ton nf an ooilivl b-d eoniiniinitv. In makimr tho Coillltllln toorciipv llllhlic llltonlliiil. A concessions which are Iho bisis ofl.ord Ashburioii'i forco of 5000 inf.intry mill 300 CuV.ilrV, with treaty in Iho present state of tho Cabinet at Wnsli- . I, ,) i,,rir4 nf irlillorv wis roiiciu'itriilt'il lugton, flrent Mritaincnn be subjected to no bnpula-1 WIJ " rlns lr ""-V' "'' Ct net lltrillLU tiuisof having yclde.l to any other cotisidcratiiins tit L"on, iin ler thu orilers of thu C-iptitin but her ,nerosityani bet d.'sire to imintnin peaea Getiunil of Old Castile, for lilt! purpose, throua bout the wor d, fshe bad cousu ted on y ., ,. ,. . .,' ., the lelativo strengh of tee two parties, she might , s ls 1"' llr" "nrfhltlg to the points niL'iiaci'Li uy tliu t'lit'tnii's in iiuerty. iiituer- tu, however, thu Ciilo-Lhrisliuos hnu no where tipperirod. It was reported that So pehino and Arroyo intendctl making. n de monstration in tho Astorias, but that pro- havo dictated her own terms. INDIA. Tlio general nppoarattco of tlio opera tions in India is certainly not favorable to tbo success of the Dritish arms. Speaking of thu issuing and revocation, by Lord El lenborougb, of the order to evacuate Afg hanistan, tbo London Times of tho 3d tnst. vmce, ;is well as (j.ihcia, enjoyed undi3 turbud tranquillity. CHIT T i: N DEN COU NT Y. Votes for ScntiJoi's-Ofllcial. The following table embrares the official returns of votes fur Seiiaiors in this countv. It will he seen lluit Messrs. Fiicnch (Whig) and Smalluv (Loco toco) are elected. Hnlton, ISiirlmi! totr. I Clnrloite, (;olih'.'te, Hs-i x. iline'huigh, 1C5 lluntingtoii, 1 1 1 I .ti nclio, .'Ml ton. llioliui'iud, b.iclluirne, St. Oeorce. tlo.l.-rliill, Wrirnnl, Wilhstou, 370 1.3 101 I IS 191 ;ii us '.3 i',i 133 1915 "3 ui js u C M OS ? 3 c- ' s K S r' ?' ? s "7 70 70 37t 311 311 2 2 1VJ 40 -! 5 S 10 1GI 101 1 1 KIT 213 2IG 1 1 lfiG 79 79 8 7 111 ?9 P3 1S 139 110 2 2 1F0 111 111 i 4 7.1 DD 139 JI3 iu ai H l 4 r,7 i?r, iaj a 2 1'20 100 U1 19 22 y no 130 3 3 1913 1911 1923 40 49 The following tire thu official returns of thu vote in FRANKLIN COUNTY On tlio oilier hand, we hear nothing of the terms on which this withdrawal was contem plated. Lady S.ilu is not yet restored to Iter husband ;" bnr fullow prisoners British officers and British ladies depend fur their lives on the capricious will of a savaga chief tan, or the still less calculable impulses of a finalical mob. The apparently treacher ous murder of Sir V. M.tcnaghten and the massacres of Cubiil and Ohir.nco are still equally unexplained anil unavenged, and tho honor ol our arms lias ueen uut tinporiectiy rotiieved hy the successes of Sale, Pollock, Nott and England. WAR IN SOUTH AFRICA. Tho Enlish papers speak in tlio follow ing terms, of reverses to tho British arms in South Africa : Another cloud has lowered over tho bril lancy of tho British arms. In our present number we have not only lo record disasters which befel o ir troops in India, but wo have to chronicle the particulars also of a reverse in South Africa. By the arrival of papers from thu Cape of Good Hope to thu ISth of June, wu learn from tho official report of the commanding officer of tho British troops at Port Natal, that'the detachment despatch ed to suppress the outrages of the Boers of tint settlement, has been deloatcti with con siderable loss. Having received an insolent requisition to withdraw tho British troops from Port Natal, which was succeeded by the " liftm" " uf a consider.ullo number uf cattlu belonging b them, dpt. Smilh, of the 27th regiment, the officer couimaiuliii!:, de termined to ultack tliu camp of thu Boers at CoiiL't'Il.t, where tht.'V lull collected ill crent force. The insioiiiliranco of the delnch muni, however us romnired with the furci lo which il was opposed, ami the of a boat coiit.iiiiiiiL' a howitzer antl an arm rv odicer in time, colnpulletl Capt. hniith tu makt! the attempt under great disadvan tages. Those ndded to other casualties, compelled tho British detachment to retire with considerable loss. I he Uiileh encamp ment was GOO stroii" when thu troops ar rived, nnd afterwards ohtapied a reinforce- nienl ol 200 mun. I ho IJoers are said In hi) ahlu lo muster 2000 men. Tlio chief Panda had sent to offer dpt. Smith his ser vices, which, altluiti"li tiecuiieu in nv stance, will now, most likely, boacccepted Olluttf native leaders appear equally disptis ed to assist thu British forces, Thu detach ment at ihu disposal of Capt. Smith, con sistod nfv of 1 subaltern, and 17 privales nf the Iloval Artillery : 1 subaltern, 1 sur- leant, ami ii privates ot the lloval ."sappers 2 c.ititains. ii subalterns, i senennts, ami 100 rank and hlo ol the SJtli ri'2iinent ; anil mounted orderlies ol ihe Cape Itillus. Wu recret to find that Lieut. Wyatt, It. A. was killed, mill iho two c.iptiiiiis 'f lilt) U th severely wounded. It appears Irom the let ters, that tbo cnc.inipmont of tho Boers Is distant about throe miles from tho entrench ment of the troops, in a wusleily dir'-ction, nnd the roads ami approches lu the I'ur li ications of the Dutch have mangrove tiees on one side and ihe water on ihe other. No had the troups nrrivuil al Coiigt On Monday evening Kept, 19ih. by Rev. J. IC Converse, iIn. llinAM V Hoot to Miss Cvntiiia Ann IIallaiid a I of this place. In llurlington, on Ihe4lh. inst, by Win. Weston, n(, Mr Manly 1.. Siickman tu Miss OnniLLA At wood, bulh of Chnrlotie. '1 'nisstn ! Tfiisbcs ! SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL rjntl I', t'oder-izned ore constantly scpplidl with the 1. a1 nvc articles of the invention mid muii'ific- irr of Hull, .Marsh, and Twicbell, nil ol" which arc in lnchot iepuli also, II ill' and M.irsb a fT7 rciiALU sLTrmrrniiF. 0 1T.CIC & SlTAIt, Mjnuf.iclurtm; DnnraUti and Vtnd'rt nf all ztn ...... ii.,.:.: ri..,l.H mite i uu .it .iiiuiiiiiin' in, i. .iu.." i Suririral Imtrutnejiti. a a 3 t? 9 g ? z: s s- Si. Ul.ans, 170 ln9 lh9 11 215 2U (icori.'ia, 17') 1713 17li Gl Gl Gl I'.inrax, 1GI lG. lGi 15 1 l;,G I", Klet.h-r, 7 7.', 71 91 'J! 91 I'm held, 121 121 119 213 217 217 Sw.iiron, 170 1G9 Hi') 1M 131 1M HmliL-alc, 17') 17 17 1SJ 133 193 Siitldoii, I'll 152 Iil 135 13G 133 I'laiiKlin, 12J 12 1 121 111 111 111 lteikhire, 125 125 12 j 13G 13G 130 I'll i-lmryh, 155 1G5 151 B0 63 S3 Itiehford. 57 57 57 93 93 93 Moiil-omcry, 51 5! 53 22 22 22 ISiUcrsficId, 111 Ul 111 127 127 12G 1325 1535 I'll) 1S19 1329 1530 Thus it will he seen that ono Whig (Drt IEato.n) nnd two Lorn-Pores (Massrs. llun Inr.t, ami Gitnr.x) are elected. ESSEX COUNTY RETURNS. Thu votes for Governor in Essex stand 111 lis vear for Paini: 414, for Smii.ii: 45o, antl 12 for Williams. Last vear Paini: had 332 Ib.Mii.ti: 41'J, mid there were 4 scattering. iThis County completes the returns of (he Iwholo Slate and leaves Gov.'s major Illy iihout 1500 votes. Thu Senate stands 1G Whigs, to 14 Locos, nnd in the IIoiisd I tho Whigs will have 35 majority. Tho Green Mountain Siatu is as Iruutis steel. I)y; Wood, THE S',b-crilrr bat.; rccciyul and now offer fer sale a l.irsuaud we'l -c'c -leJ aorlinriil i f I've WwiJ. of ctery t'ocri'ilioii, losether with ('re.iui r.irlur. live, t'ti)era-, Madder, Iml.C". Alum, Moras, &c. A:,'. Iluyer arc ro-iie-tf illy rci iesic.l to all al the .(ons mare, nea ioi uie a'c.uni on. wunri, CMiitniiellif nrlit'ii's, which nio w .riuii'f I in nci es'i from I lie -New l orl. Jim ct, nnd ii'irdncil at the pifscnt cxtit'.ne'y low pri- , le.un the leriii', which ire Iml n small utlv.une ir.iin co-i, nun icivo incir or. its. 1'UI l.l. 1 I Cs IIKAUI.l.l . Htoiic S:r,re, Sep.. 22, 1 S 12. K..iri:i, c. .M.i'.XAXDi'iiv; r.-sr.v 1:. S I A'1 1. (IK VI HMONT, A T a IW a'c ('. url Disti irl nf (Shilttnden. J II In I a n al Ii 'ri nti- i.n, within .url I. ir the Mi tnci ii' am fii tiic-.iiin J.i y ul .je.itein' cr, A. i. -1-112, n. in-ir.imtni pur- i,t rim ! to t o Ihe l.i-l Will an I ic-luinci i.i .nn . i C Alexin 'cr, la a of W., i n in -n. I di-ln dc c.i- inc. cute I lo Ihc t o rl here It rniintc, I. v .1 tin V.iu-ie' leu. "he lf r. r, litie u, Tttrifore, it i orlcrcl I y sn:d Co n, that public not ii o lie s".un I.) all per nu ctnictr.icd ilitioin, t ippiar licli rc -ni l ("tcrt, at tlieicci to ic Itt.l ti-ii nt :ho I''- ollko in said I! irlin.'Uui nn tliu 2 I WcJiiOM'ay if Ol., A. I). 1312, an Iconi't 'livro'ia'i-of sa. In l fir liei' or lew I tli it hi orlcr lo p i' li-'iel th.'ec wce'i. u vo sicvly in the I! irliiuUui I'icc I'm, newspaper primed te II trbiuioii, in thu ire, the I i-l-i.f which -ha.lle prcvu. i to ihe day a unci a- al'urc-aid fur he irintr. (fitcn under my Inn I n' .he li-'iri-lei's olliee, this 2U:hday ofsjf'i'.uii .-., A.l). IGI2. W1I.1.1AM WKSIOX, 1C-3 Ue.'i-tcr. Sail! of Kniilmuit's KITccls. NOTltJIi is hereby fjiv. n ill -it b v vii tue or the scve. ml orders of li'inhruptuy in tbo following cans i9uol nut ol the Dmii' t tloiiil of the Unitcl ritates, for tho District of Vermont, I will sell at public auc tion nl me nffi.-ein lliirhri'rlo.l Vermont, oil Saturday. S 'ptombar 23th, ot 10 u'tloelt, A. JI., pueh eirecls ol the liaukriipts Icmii named as became va ted in me by virtue ol the Decrees afotcsaid, viz i Ei'i'vcra ov iaimuul cuiitih OF IWIlhlSUTOX. B'l Volumes of ltool.s and l'ampblcts. EFFECTS OF AUXFJl D. LOWRY OF UUULISG'ION. Accounts nraimt tho followinr Dcrsons. residence staled to be in Uurlineion, viz : 5VilliamOgden&l,e7, Matthew Uritts 'So.uu, Samuel K. jsnain (,uu, Thnmna Jlnlleii S i.n I. John Arnold 50.41. Drum! WillinnsS9,7C, Ahner l'oll.ud 83,11, Daniel Stamford 42c, Thouia iC I y3Jc, llinoci Johnson 1.7u, Ad am .Smith 73c, Minn .Slcarns 51,55, Timothy Ha- irS3,lj, w.irreu r.ty.orsju., unarm, John While F..Tmihh (Jonnor 31.75. Caleb I'ich- aidon SlOr.f .Siinud Dorr 81,12, Hilly Killtn 810,00, II. JI. Wi.d-Jtneiio 33c, Danitl llowker, F.Mex Sl,00, Jeremiah UnTi.jan, Whitehall, IV. Y. 80,72, Kigali Tillary. Wilhston S'JOO, Henry Isliam, St. fJoorKO 81,51, Willi mi Portiu?, Moulteal 81,13, John I.nnnnnl. t Troy. X. V. S a 47. Levi I'rcncll. Wil- lioton SMI. II. llowel. Chntlotle 81.23. U. Ctoodwin, 'rcsidvnccuiiknowii) 87, IG, IJ. C. Notion, Essex 39c, James Thompson, Troy, N. Y. S3,!)7, I.oren Stow, Williston 8I.SG. I.ynun Allen, (itsidonce unknown) S1.00, New el White, Windsor 819,33, 11 Jarvis, rci dunce unknown 139,12. Judgments against tbo fol loivuispcrsias, vizi njudement in favor of Morse it Low ry a -ainst Samuel R Iliown ofKome, IV. York foi 830,7G, A. C'atlin, llurlington S3.GJ, It. I'ambcll, llurl.netun 81,50, 1'.. II. I'rown, Ilurhnglon 83,73. John Aaan, liurbngtoii S3.00, a judeuicnt in favor of Jlorso if. I.owrv n anut u. Altiriuge, residence un known, for 413,00. Not E3 njininst the following persons residence slate I to he in llutlinpton, Chester Alherlon 810,77, Wnrren Taylor 811,47, Jonathan T.u'B.ird Sl.bO, S. !'. li.ikcr 827,31, Chailes Clcin rnts Sic, John Secly, residence unknown, 52,30, .Mson Hill, llocbesler. N. Y.S1.30. U. Sabin, resi dence unknown G3c, Ilartcy l Hatch, lc.x,83,G0, H. II. t J. Jliinaon, Wilhston $11,91. II. & II. Carpen ter, frof, N. Y.b2!2.UastnsAllen,OuaaS10,00, W. II. .Mann, I.. Canada 851,00, also, about 20 Vol umes of Uojks and I'hampkK EFFECTS OfIuUAM DAVIS OF JEIIWHO. Hiram Datis' inttrest in a judytnent against James Wellt.n. principai d.''.tir and Uinj. V. Juhnsnn, lua Trustee for 8)2.02, the same bun;; the property of the l itep irlnerslup of Iliriun tt Simon D.m. Hiram I) avis' inii tcsi in Note citf n to .Simon Davis l.y Ira Alil.ot ol Jetiei.o lor i.j.W. I lie interest oi in ram Davis in an account riirniiit Henry Lake of Stowe r labor, nf about 825,00. The interest of 111 ram Dtvis in a cc t un Patent called "Sasicson Da vid's Visit ti iva 1'cmp," winch inttrest will be pub. hely maJeknowii at the time of sale. EFFECTS OF sTunX DAVIS OF .1 Ell I CllO. Simon Davis' int. rest in a juditnicnt against James UYItnn. iniiiiiiiil iltbtor. nn.i llein. I'. Johnson lu- Tru-ucc for S)2,'.)2. lh" uno bemr the nropeity of Ihe hilt-pirlneiihip ol Ilir.iui iV. riiiion IJ m. M moil Dn.s' mlerest in a .Note yittn lo him by Ira Al.ti.ii nf.I. rcho. The uinrrsl of .Simon Davi in nn account numist j leery I. lite of Slowe, fir labor, of about 23,00. I ho interest ot aimon wavis in a cci Iniil l'ltLiit ca!l"d "Sami'shx 1 avis's VienATIso l....i.'r Ml ilmmi r. st ulu.'li Siniiii Davia noa- eci or claimed to the Dwelhus House in which he reai-!eil when ueciaruu a uamtrupi, s.iuaiu in sjiu Jericho. BMLimm COMB FACTORY, ritHK Subsrrihera taken the vtll tnowir I KtiM:-!imcnl. formtrlv o-cnt'itd by ViiAi l.tnuti 1- I ii . now ininuficti i rn.l will k'-i constai. lyonhmid, agencrnj assnrtnicntof COMRS. of superior tiunbties, wbkh will be.n' .rtltd at lh lowest prices, iiicrcuanif, nnu oincr-, wnmni a tupenor article for rein, I, will find it to thc.r adtai. tare to calland tiuminoo ir stock. n n... ...... . W... .S-tfO Ultui' U 1 q- ll Kurlinelon, Sept. B, 13)2. 1) If . Life! l-ilc!! Lilb!! ! Dn. Jonathan .Moore's IJSSKNCKOF MFE. iK most highly esteemed Medicine lliat has eve I een dicovercd for rnriug Couh), Coldt, Atlhma; an I CONSU.MPT10NS. Il willal-o remove li, Wliooping-Coiigh in one week. Prepared hyHe:i rir Sktmocr. from the criminal receipt, by the diioc tiou of -aid .Moore. For sale wholo-n'r, bv PECK tt SPEAR, Durliu Ion, and al retail, by the principal Druggist! in I'm o l Slates. , Orders directed lo Henry Seymour, llndlcy, Ma will receive prompt ntteniion, and any quantity Medicine nnm-i. in' Jy furnlshcJ. Caut'om. A ' i. u much i.f the p-iri'nn afu clcfursale, ,L ' e pa- .r' . cr ;! - tint pro p irt'd by llcnry Soyin'cr, llalbn, .'li-.i i.usdt.. I.UCY HITi.lICT...'K S ESTATE STATE OE VKiUION'., , Ta Prob ' Cr.v Hisirict of Chittenden, fs. J JX bolden l Ho ton, within and for the Ditliiet nlo.i -aiO i.-i l! day of September, A. D. I-J12, na Insli .inc . porting to bo the last Will an.iTmta.nent . I 1.. -C. Hitchcock, late of liuthiib'U in said C. tiitt d ceased, was presented to tho Court here lor Prob:. by Samuel Hitchcock, one of the.Execuiors tbcrt.n named. Tlttrefore, it is ordered by said Court, that nntice be niven to all persons interested thertiu losp pear before said Court, at a session thereof to n holden at the lt'gislci's Oflicc in said Uurhnj lon, on the second Wednesday of Octal cr, A, IJ. 1842, mid contest tbo prnbaln of said Will, and it i further ordered lint Ibis or 'cr bo published thr a weeks successively in the llurlington frtePrtss, t newspaper printed at liurliiigton, in this Slate, tha last of which shall he previous to tho day assign. J, as aforcsa.d for hearing. Given under my hand nt thr Register s Office. tl 3d day of Septsiuber, A. p. 142. M. lll.3IU., itrgisicr. i i'lstlllC, A T LAW BOOKS. JOHNSON'S KeporlP, U Vols. New York Digc-1, 4 Vols. Pcterd irl s Abridgment. 15 Vols. American Chancery Dip 31, 2 Vols. I'.dcn on lu junction, new Edition. Adams on Ejectment, new l.iJition. rrincipal and Agtnt. i.uiie s r.quiiy l'ltao- in. Conk ling a rraclite U. a. Courts. Law ut Fixture. PitkiK.U on Uankruptcy. Just receited by C. GOODRICH. Sept. 7, l'-J2. 1.1. persmis llini. 1 . Lol THE LA S T SO Tl CJJ. ted to the lato linn ol'IIarar V oiiwtoc, will p!c.i-o lo lako notiie that -ui. wiilbo eumiuancel ai.iin-t ilicm, (witho it di-tincuuu ol per-ous), on the lirt day of October next, if nut paid prcviuu, to I ha I day, I.UTIIER M. II AGAR, Ol.O. D. L'OJISTO'-K. Shelburne, Sept. 13, 1312. 15 if Int Smiili STATE OF VEItV.O.NT. ) A 'I' a I'm! ate Cur: District of Cittlenden, t: ) JVIcili en nt It ir'i'itr n i, willco mid I'or iho In- ri -t aforu .11 1 on day ot Se.ilcui'cr, A. I. 1S12, an lii-ti'.iiiienl pur .lorinri'.i'c lie l.t-t W,!l .i id I't-iTi.i.m Ir.i Smiili, a'c of Willsinn in -ail Di.ird e', was pic--cucl to the Coirt heie I r Pro' a'c, ly Hiram 1. Smith, tlic Ext" nor, ilicicin ii.uufl. Thtrcfurt, it i' or'ficl I y -.11 1 Co in, tint piUic noii-cl c civeu to n.l pcrs.In coucei iic.l ihcir'iii, .. I cfon' 'aid court, nt a m- uu thereof to be Ii .Men nt ihe Ueiii'cr'.- olicc in .aid lluiliicitiui, on Ihe-c.'oiid Wehicsdiy of Oclo' ir, A. I. IS 13, nnd conle-i iho prol .He i.f'sai I WiP, nil. I u t- t'irtber tln or 'trie pdl.-hel ilncc wieU- nc .u. viiy hi .!. U irliiiion Krrc l'ie-, n new-pn icr in intfJ ill It jiluiirti ll, III ibis Mla'c, the l.ll uf w Ii -h -hi I Ir prcvu. . to iho day nsiue I it af re-aid lur hc.iiin. tlitcu inc'er my haul at tlie I!ir siei's, :bi.- '.'iiih d.iy i,l Seiilenil cr, A. p. l-1-. Wll.l 1AM V I S I'ON, IG-t 1!,.2, EX-l'ltliSIDGNT ADAMS AT IIOMC. Tho vonncahlu ICx-l'itr.sinr.xT was rc ccivetl hy his constituents on his return from Washington, with a cordialily antl enthusi asm which must satisfy every onu that tho character anil services (if thu veteran states man are justly appreciated at homo. Mn. Adams returned lo hisDisliict on Suttndny hist. An iinmensu procession of his constit uents was funned tit thu villago of We- IIIMUtll, w the Uev From the Uoston Atlas. AHHIVAI, (H' Till! AC'AIJIA. Later from India and China. The British s'caincr .lcarfi'a, Copt. Uyric, arriv.d 'at this port ycsitrday. She was telegraphed at 11 o'clock, nnd armed a: her berth at Eastliostnn, nt 20 minutes before two. She tailed from Liverpool at noon on the 4 1 li iusiant ariitcd at Halifax at 8 o'clock P. Jl.on the lGlh and sailed from thence for Huston nt I A. Jl.on the 17th. she ba made bcr passage fioni llaston to Liverpool, via Halifax, in 1 1 days and brings advices 13 days later than beforo received. The Treaty of Washington. The news of tlie completion of iho Tunty, by Lord .Uhburton, Mr. Webster, and the Jluiiicand Jlassacbusttts Comniis siomrs, was rcciiicd in England by the Great West ern, which anivtd in Livcipool, on the 23th ultimo. Tha papers rcgird this event fivorably, nnd at being of great importance. One paper says: "Tlio mtil ijtnco from the United Stales, and iho arrival Irom thence by tho Crcat Western, of a spo nil niessengir Willi the trentits for the sclfciuent of the many pending que'lions belwctn England mid Aou iiea is cons.dercd latornble. and the latter has ich escniled him tu tho church of,l-'i'n iinivtisd saii.faciion ollllng has, ns vet irnii,mrcd hrrn ns lo the terms of Ihe treaties, but Mr. IVlhins in Druinlree, I lie birth ihev nro gencrn'ly supposed lo be such ns cannot fail ,.f Mn An, sic mill Ims failinr. Tim i:l1'e ' ,e "ttposi saiisiaeilun lo me peopio oi no n fuller account oflhem litis week. All ages, suxes, nnd condilions of his neighbors uni ted in renduring to tlie "venerable, member" every mark of nlTc'clion and grateful regard. Over iho pulpit of thu church were painted on whito canvass tho following inscriptions of wolcomo, uhiivo tho pulpit; "Ldthtrc hat) swn'lru tho Autablotqa. foarful holsht, and be Uj!tt., f) ii tint riclil : "Welcome ilrfcn- the forc-s of tbo wrdern 'vas nlin'ct iriffl ' hlo. 1 ,cr uf,i ... . ,;,; On tho lefl In tho coniro of the current tbo sironpo t swim. ; m r'2hl 'J Petition. Va Iho Itll , mer could not for a moment resist. Tho result, '"ome on the nation that fosters and sus is no lets foul than might have been anticipated ( tains an institution, which dares assail and mid. nl nil events, thn siiilcmenl of tho in oceedinos hero were of a very interesting lorn pen ling iiiflicuiiies is regarded nn matter of no 1 , mean importance. The news gave nn impetus lo tho character, anu wo reprct wo cannot givo a COion trade, and little doubt i entertained here, but that ns soon n American credit shall hate been te established, Iheso treaties will lenj much tn Ihe ex tension of the trade and coiumcrco between the Iwo countries." The London Times, speaking of th fact that the Treaty has been negociatcd at a lime when the ponple and the governnif nt of the United Statca are laboring under a st.itcof great pecuniary embarrassment, bo ds the follow ing language i "At surh a time tbo nrgneintiona which have now rcachtd ihfir tcrininalinn aienmost bouarab'e eiam pie of the of Great llntnin. The sincere ilesuoof peace which has been to strongly manifest cd by ihe English Cabinet has not condescended to measure the weakness vchich tlpt rritis tint thrown upon our tntagaoiMi a nd the nea;ocialn tppeoralo sootier nail uie trotMis nrrivuil al Lionoella than a murderous firu was puiu'eil upon ihein Irom Irom helium thesu trees, not an enemy heiiiL' in sisht. The troops returned the liie, hut of course willi little idlecl, anil the en Uaoenient lasted for llireu quailers of an hunr, when the tlelachiiient was I'm cod to retire, leaving two fi.-l J pieces behind il. FKANCC. Our papers stale that the news from France, for iho fourteen days previously to our last advices, had not been allu2olher de void uf interest. There wero two or three warm debates, both in ihe chamber of I'eers and Deputies, on the Heronry hill, which was finally passed hy both houses in ihe form hroiiolit forward hy the Ministry. The Chambers hevo been prorouutied until the Dili of January. The i'ui and his fam ily htil taken tip their quarters at F.u. The I'aris papers announce, that great fears were entertained there, in hi"h quarters, that tho tiealies between England and America would not he ratified The Royal oidoniiaiico, pro mulgating the Regency hill, appears in the Monitcur. Atisirja has lowered her duties on raw cotton. The Journal Militaire pub lishes a circular from Marshal Suult, author izing the soldiers whoso lerm of service e.- ptres in 1812 to return to their homes. Ad miral llugon's squadron was ojpuctcd lo re turn from Ilycres to Toulon on tho 1st instant. Tho London Times, speaking of thn af fairs of France, says Tlie adoptioii of the Regency hill by an overwhelming majority of 1G3 to 14 iu tho French Chamber ol Peers was lo ho expected from a body so cor dially devoted lo the interests of tho llirone. Wo trust, however, that it may ho long he foro tho provisions of this act aro called into operation, and that (ho life of tlie King may he protracled to tho utmost limits of human activity ; for Ids prudence and strength aro still tho best defences of his grandchild's rights, his foiesight the best guarantee of tho futnro tranquillity ol Iranco. Tho report on tlio hill, which was drawn nnd brought up hy the Duko do Broglie, deserves to he mentioned as by far Ihu must eloquui't, dignified, and comprehensive dis course wlurli lias been uVIiwtoiI in either Chamber upon ihis motnenlous suhjecl. Tho Monitcur Parisien atinounctn thai iho Tribunal of Brest have soniencoil lu hard labor for lilb the captain and offi. of a I'lHtuguosu vessel c iplured oil" Mozambique by a trench cruizur lor piracy and slavo trading. SPAIN. A momher of tho senate, M. Sarns, lias heen seized upon by a lundofPorlugiu-se sol diers, who demand 30,000 pias'ers for his ransom. 1 Ins circumstance lias given rise to some warm corrcsnondenro between ihn two govcremenls, but thn answers of thn Portu guese government aro considered satisfac tory. The latest accounts from Madrid nro of the 25th tilto Two individuals, suspected of forcing 5 per rent, tiiulos, were arreslud in MadriJ on tlio VM. Cenernl Aloson still had his head quarters at Leon, and tliu third battalion maicliotl .luliii Sullivan's Estiile, stvti: or vKUMovr. rnnr. iimi, pr.i- Uhtriclof mtl'nden. s. S I laud .rt I. rilic I'clrici t-l (.'In cm I.-i,, to nil ner. in ciui.rrne I in the 1. t.i c i.l Julia -uIlK'.i.i, la c ol 1. sol m ai 1 lo-ir,ct, ei-el, C'rrctlni;. Wltcici-. John Vnn-ic' V:i. n limn 1,1 i.r ot il o K-t.i e . I sa, I I'ccei el, prnpi s' to ien '. r nn :ii'- ei.'im I Iik a I.iiiiii tr.t'tou, uu I pre cit In. nc o int iiii-I s ii I c n t li r i i uciTiiiii in I a'lowiu -c ir il cm , f theliiur id I'm .1 tc. m I ii tin c!-..n it i ,o Ucj.'t'.'s 'I it c m I! rlin.'t n 'a -aid disiricl on li.u uu I Wclnc-day uf O o'..r iicvt. I licrt'liire, yo i arc hcrchy noiiiic I lo tppcar 1 rfuro slid coir; nlihe i-iie uu i ol i.-t; aiurc a.d, and slio.v .lie. it an v yo i hat c, why the. au.-o.iiu aluio-ui I ho ild nut I c all.iwci.1. Unci .... 'cr mv lull I nt IS iibulon, tlii, 20 !l day of Sep:cndcr, A. I). IS12. WILLIAM Vi:siu., IC-1 K.vis.r. Wi! llic Sub-crd cr- having Itco appuiu'c Iv lh.- Hon. the Pis I e ir. lor Iho In ir c! 1 1' Cliiltcn Irn, ri,muiiiiiiirrs to li , cite, xn.uiiO auJ adl i-l ihec'aiin - an I .loin 1,1 1, of.i l icr-"ii-, uiaint tlie c-ta'r cl'.lo i.ih Farii-wur b, 1 1 e . We- fur I, in -aid lli-'ric, decn-c', rc.irec-i'et iii-ohcnt. uu I alsi, ail . l.iaii-an I ile caii'U clu pel in o iheie lo : ah i - o on h- fp in the i'ny ut' ilie d.uc hereof, simr a louol by aid (Vol l..r Ihu P ir.iO'f. wc do dicrefure Icrel v uivc no irv, ihit wu will at'en 1 1 the Iri-ines-ufo ir i; mill n cut, at the dwclliu.' of Uc ilea r.irii'-'.yorih in Wcstfurd in -Hid DMriC, on tlic .i-t .Mini'lavs uf O 'to' cr an I .Noveni! cr next, a; IU u can"., A- .U. uu cu'li ot mil I iiav. IMteJ this S.htUyuf .luce, A. I). ISii. SruwcLL, ) Commis-A-a S. (Ion:, 1(3 .I Miiivm UntL' w-. ) s!onir. (CT J-'or Sale. X'J rPm IIOIJSKAM) LOT, now ;;;5!r A -cipiillyilii-VidorScrr.inir, tf-sV H'lrttslmi i he roa I lo ihe 1'ails, u short CS-SiSSI di-lan. e l.n-l i.fihc C. I c,.,.. Aoplt tu J. it .1. II. PI CICv Cu. v lialuiisliiiriili Jciut'iit. rnllK a'.uvc ar'iclchas I ecu lh. rcu-'li!y tend and 1 I.) ui'l s iper or to any o her now m u c. Kor -n.e by J. c J. II. PI CK A- Co i! orchtin Is Allend. I PA"ts ol l-nsh'h mil Am?ricsn pants to a. tJ J bo sjM tO'iuarroiv, at I o'clock, by II. THOMAS. Lynitin tfc. Colo, HAVIXG mndoarramjements with Mesn Roe lofson (fc K itlihiini, to iinuuficiuie llinr wool m'o Cluilis, they will kec coiistanily on h ind a large nssouineiit of llroad Cloths nnd Heaver Cloths, and also an nssirtmeul of tho llmlinstou .Mill Co. Cloth-, and nn extensive nsortinenl of other Dry (ioods, wbch they w dl exchanco for wool. .M,r. chsnis and o hers will Into a favorable opportunity lor even ioiiiuc iiieir wool. Sept. 23, mi. .?."),()() Kcwanl. TOTfrom o.T the l"iitcrn .Stigo on its pissijj J fro n lliirhni'ton lo Montncher. on tha mornim- nf the 13th Sepi in st, a i. r; i ii r ci ntaininjan old Hat, a -lint, rnd sjndry other ar- ticiet. AI.SO,- ON the IS Ii, a bundle done up in a Canvass Sack, ronlainiKL' one mir New lllankls. one mir sjhirts.ono old Cloilt, a Lull's Dress, &c tVr. 1 no atiotc rr.vaul wil' lie pai I for iiiforniation which may lead to Ihe discotei v of ihc arhclts. by appljuii-to Jl'lli CIIUHCU, Ajcnt. Iliiilington, Sept. 72, 1812. Farmer's and Mfclinuic's ISA Mi. STDCK. WILL bn sold nt die subscriber's oilier, on ca:. uiday. Srni, 2Ulli, nt lOo'clork. A. .M.. nl Pu' . bcAue ion, 3 Shares ol PAltMr.ll'S&.MKCHAX- lf f llArvK-MlUCIv, lor approved llankab'e paper at 'j0 da) e Willi intrrcsi. K. U. HASWF.LL, Auctioneer. Sept. 11, IS13. NfiW Bo!l'(itr lltilc. WIIUI::N SII1i.IV hw 'opened a IIOAUniNT, HOPSI. in Iho Imildiii Known as 'ihe Wir l. Hoise' orui-r of Pearl anl While irei on the 20th, from LaBanew, to join tb11" -.U.bowW. forco under his command, Srpi, IJ, JS12. 15't EFFECTS OF ORSOS II. SAXTO.X OI UlllUSCTOX. No-n against John lliiney, lesidcnce unUnown, forS'i 00, a .Vote no ny John III trick of Hurling ton, lo tiirnildius nnd by bun ns lulled for SIS.OJ, a ,ole.i!,'-iiiist llul'.is M. (-'rossiiviu of Hurlitiston lor .3 1.-'), a Saw iiLMinst itiebard Vouur, residence un known, fur SJ.O'J, a N ile n'4'utist t;.i-ius P. Hrown for oi cur Is ut wo id. Xote niiml Ltdia l'erris of So nil Hero f)l S10.CU Ais i tile r.illowinj; accotinis dun s-nd h'lvtui, truni Miss !!runir, fust n.ii.'u not dcn-ribtd, or Alburi'li for C10 00, Alc.'ilidtr llattee, rcsidciu'e mikiiowii, isl.'.O, II. H. Hentm Huies i iir-di 00, Clmilcs Curii-. X.-w Orleans S3,73, Jo epli X. D.mmiu's C-talo dl.OU, J.iiucs ViV.;itM, rci Icii 'e unknown, M.23, H.amsrd ICtnt, residence unknown, :;10,00, I) tvi r lica-i Imston TO, I'.v cliuc Gris -.ol I, rea.dtnce uiiknown, S 1.73, 1'raneis M. Norton nnd hii-b-ind Henry Nurton llur linstoa -.j 00, Thonns .Mills ol (' lichc'ter Jl,"'j, J ,1m Ke n 'ijloti ofjo'in-on 1,V), V. II. .Smith, res i Icnee iri't'i'ivvn, cl,-. Waters, lesidt nee un known, O'),(0, Anso'i S,i..lmui, residence unknown, SHOO. Ueori'o P.radsliaw, I!urhii!!lon S'2,00, John I Kislie, Cam la 35.0), Saui'l S lear.lliirhni'ionSlOO, 'I'hoiii is .Nenls, residence unknown, S'j. '.!., Cassias I I'. I' Sl.'i". II. M. Ilald win Hint sburiih -Sl.00, ' Ileiih.M I! .-'v. I! irhn iion 61 1,73, Sit-in (.'Ins1, Hur- hivtton SI200, Mi-. Pod llmtillc, first ni'iie not i state I J!),0d. Heiinn f'l irk. 1! irliic.-tan i'2,00. S.ib. l m V, th-rt. 'c, 11 n! n-jtn'i -JIO), Ms i 1 s it Drntisl 1 T'.i's, 10 llomcts, ,1 'nps. 1 ISaildbuns and part of a p.fe ol tounilaiioii ..liislm. EFFECTS OF I'lH'.SSO V CHOFUT OF lUliUXCTOX. All the cliioi uf I'ress in I'rofut to a Note, slated lo bQ nfs'u 1 or I. i-t, a'.'aui-t one Abtatn 11. .Mr II, dated .ord C'h, l-H". lor olOl.f O. Note as;iunst Ahrnin II. Mott fur S;0 00. nn nccuiiut uniiist Kber Cruflu, de cji'J, who res.JjJ m Detroit, of about 3200,00 EFFECTS OF DA VIS S. RUSSEL OF nrilLI.XGTO.V. 1 Ti ne P.erc, 2 .Stuns and P,.c, 100 Slw Lasts. 1 Woik-lter.chi-, 1 I '1111111..- Table, 1 Hoot Tin', '.' Ciimpi, ahoji u0 Volumes Hooks and Phamph'cts. i:rri:crs or. mux smith or col-viii:st::i:. A Pond -'uned by J.imcs Diiine, na n;ent for Jnuii'S V. Duape. for a I)n d of', c. rt.mi eecc t.f Land h i'l"! m d l i lie.' in the town of Dunne lit ihe -late of New V.ok, n i 1 aM ihc rirj'it and of John ."; .inth i.i Land. NM'rl'.N II HASWT.I.L, .Uslrnfe. riuiIintTtoii. Si' t. 1'.'. 1-ii i7:rri'D sta ri:s "iis ruio p court, V c ran i mi ti , t ri r. t I. UAMvltUPTCV. Vntle.c to show cauf against I'rtion of ALI1I UT fi. IH.AKIJ, of Milloa in said District, to l.o declared l!.iukriiit, at the Court-I louse, in Itut land, in saul District, on Thursday, Octobct 6, 13 li, 10, A. M. SAJU'KL H.MllT.r.T, of Jerifhnin s,id District to be declared I! inkrupt, at the Court-House, in Hut Imd, in said, on Thursday, Octobir 6, H12, 111. A. M. MAitTIN V.. noSTWirK.ofJerichnin said District, to bo declared Hinkttipt, at the ('ourl-IIuue, in Hull in I, n srd D.-triel, oa Thursday, October C, HI'.'. 10, A. .M. DANII'L 11. LAKH of Stow, in siid Distri't, to be deal irc,l II inkrupt, at the Kulland, in sud Di-tnet, mi Thursday, Oclobcr ll, 1S1J, 10, -' . .. TI MOTI1V W. II. XirilOLS, oflS'Xin said Dis trict, to ha tl. clared Ihiikrupt, at the Cojrt-H m-e, in 1! itland, in said District on Thursday Ottjb.'r, 0 1SI2. 10, M. NATIIANII'.L T. STILHS, of Underbill in said Di Iti.'t, to be declared Hinkrupt, nt the Court-House, inll nhnd, m sud District, on Thuisday, October fi 1-1?, 10, A M TMIOli I .y;il'v.fv, of.Vlb.irgb in sud Distuct, 10 be df-lartd H iiikr.ipt, at tho Court-House, ill I'm and, in sud District, tn Thursday, Oclobcr 0, W2. 10. M. ASA S.YO 11', nf Jericho in siid D slriei, to be de cljred Hinkrupt, nt ihe Couit.lloue, in Itutland, 1 i M.d Di-Uiet, on Thursday, October 0, 19U, 10, . M. r:K.VO.VnH?.V7V'i).V,o'nurhnston,in ai l D.strict, I., t'c .Inland Hankiupt, at the Court House, in ll.iihiid, in said Dinricl, on Thursday, n.'tnVrfi. HI'.'. 10. A. M. r.'AXCJS 11. JOIXIU. of liitbmond in said Dis tnet, to he declared Hinkrupt, at tho (;o'irt-lloue, 11 Hiulaud, i'lsiiddisinel, on Thursday, October f.. rij. 10 A At. SIM OX JI 11IJSS, of T.f s.-x i siid District, to b.' de l .red !Svikr,.pt, at 'he Court-IIoiise, in Ittil I il.i i snl Dutiict, on Thursday, October 6, 1312, 10. . M. . . . DAVID I. WALKr.rt, of Alburch, in snul Distuel, to lr- ibehred I'lnkiupt, at tho Court-House, in K'.'lnnl. in sod Distuel, oa Thursday, Oclobcr C, 1.1J, 10 A M. ;.V I)AXKi:iTl'TCY, .Notice to show raue a'uii-tllK' pe n ul J. n'lib C'aiW ninl Sauc t-l llo irlni.iu, oar' tier, in trileuiilcr he firm mi l style ufCUirkunl Huar liniiii, Aljiho . Hill, A lininisira ti r uf.lic f-la r of Al die i. Hull t fMd.r.n dns'a e', N.l Inn I. nishi, I'.' t nezi'r Whence, Je'rbah W hctl , r, John M. I cwcci M iris, Wd ,am Murr-, P. r.i'e S arkwc.i htr.a l . ( Mil i n in 'an! Di-tru i ; an I Leon ir l Juliuiinolt of H ir'uiion and Peter Jo hunnu'.t ol'Uirri'. in nil diMrift, parnersin Ira.V iiaVrili" n!cul S. Juhonneil and Coinpnny, crcli-tor- of Warren S.l ley of . Milton in nid District, that thc-ail Warren Si' ley iv dtviarc.l a Bankrupt, al the ('uurt-llo'i.eiiin tland, in .aid District, Tburwlay t o' rr fi. If 12, m 10 e,l vs A. M. LTONAKD M. DIXON, of I'nderliill, for hit D.s chirKO nnd Cerlifieato i.s Hnnkrupt, at the Court House in Holland, in raid District, on Friday, tie nevi nth div of October. A. D. 1312, at 10 A. M. SYLVKSTI'.lt H. WOHDHN. of Essex, for hiaDis rhir;e nnd Certificate as Bankiupt, at the Court Ilouc n Kutliiid, in said Distuel. on Friday, the sev nt!i.hvf.fOetoher,A. D. lS12,al 10 A. M. DWID, of l.sse.x, for bis Dnehai..'e and Ccrttficato ns llini mpt, at thu Court House in Hu. I iml. in en d District, on Tralnc ihe seventh day ofOcioher. A D. 1SI3 nt 10 A..M, II OVAL SHKUMAN, of P.ssex, for bis Pischirfte nad IVrlificate as Hankrupt, at the Court Home m Rutland, in atd District, on HirJay. tb oevinth day of Oetolr, A. D. 1812! at 10 A. M, icv liootls. PDOOLIT1 LL bn- ju-t reientsl from New Vork a now s ipply of Pad ai d Winter (Joods, wh.ui will I c -old at tun low prKt's. Sepi. S, lsl-J. 15 Cw India U tilihcr Shoos. CASK 1MI1A Hl'HllI.HSIIOL'S, plain and lined, 1 ju-t rri eived, and for -ale low, bv Sept. S, IS 12. 13 Ow P. iJCOUTTLrJ. Shoes. A new lot just received from Farewell, as cheap oj J.L. as Uie cheapest tiy 11. W. OA iLKs. Sheetings. BROWN and black sliettmgs, bed tick, cottoa batts, cotton jam, I. lack and white wadding, ii.c. ttc. just received, and for sale very low by H.. ll. SCOTT. New Calicoes. AVnUV lar?o assortment just opened and for sjle by the piece or otherwise, chcaptr than oy er by S. I). SCOTT. Cfinf English dullts, small size and euperi tJL'UlI' or quality su.tablel'or Ladies School. Just received by C. GOODIUCII. Sept. 7. iXoticc to iMerchants. 1 Onil VAHDS Super P.iirlinEtoii Mill Com- lOUtMiiv 11KOAI.CI.OTHS. for rale atre- du''ed prices. Those wish to purchase w ill no will to call soon, for if tut sold iicre iho Cloths wdlbe sent to market. MUXLV UAHLOW, .cnt. Office r,r the Ii. M Co. ) Sept. 1G, 1312. J 13 tf Military. A LL who aro wih:n for M1I.1TARV G00D3 "V to iuo this fall, should lean ihtir orders iinnia diately, or they nny not c. t lie m m lime. PANCHOHN .f' I.H1NSMAID. Uhcap ! C'liciip ! ! A new lot of Hi oad Cloths, just received, nnd for xV sale nt cry reduced pricts lor cash or wool by II. W CATL1X. P. S. Prices to compare with iho ti.iics,iio mUtakt. Sept 7th, laJ2. tsliawl--. FALL and winter Shawls, a creat variety cheiptr thin rver by IL W. C'ATLIN. Sep: 7,1il2. TO LUT. Commn liousSTONI' IIOL' prerentocea- l a- px.l by Da. IIixciiecg, prcm r.vs. HuriiURtnn, Sept. 13, 15-12. I'or terms apply ot tbj 13 tf N We 't v I S'-nt. .1 i J r.W C00D3 tt Howard s .irriVLj . la aw New (iurman St or". Till Subscribers respcctrully infoim I. . tautaof liurhimtoii and Mcini'y, that ilicy i ivj on h ind a.-d nreconstnntly reeeituii; i i ,koi SU Pr.ftlOIt (iHOCIUlH'.S, which lh. -iil sill at chraper prices than ever nf 'cred before in this mar- :.ei, toiiMsimg oi cuais, jeas, uoiiec, unocolnle, Cocoa, Hiisins, Currants, Almonds, Prunes, Nuts, Spices, Hice, Pecrl Ihlley, March, Olite Oil, Sn-Sir-House Moi'is-rs, Sinriii nnd Tallow Candies, Npenn and k fined "A halo Od, Soap, Havana and Piincipe Cigars, Tobacco, c, ,-c. Also The run Holland (Sclu-dain) fiin, and Pure Prfnch Clonic for Jledicioe, -paiesh. I-'anch and Oernian Wi.i. s, Viutases of 1922 and s:j for Medicine. They also Ifave to miniinn that they have a rich assortment of I'ltHXCII DHV.dOODS, which they respeclfully invite H.e public lo inspect, store on Cullrgo Strctt, lormetly occupied by Mr. lira iinn, Hookstiltr. OSTIIHIM d-MICIIOLLS. IV.Ulisli Drawliii: aiuM'rlllnc; Pencils. MANLTAC rUHP.D from Cumberland lead. Ju-t tcceived by C. GOODRICH. S-pi.7. niLiiHitT iiaiito' i:stati:. ST.Vir. OK VKJIMONT, j A '1' a Piobatr Court Disiriel of ("h'ttenden, ss. j XV hol.l'ii at Hurling ton, w iilun and lor ihe Disim I aloit.-aid nn the sec ond day of Auau-I, A D. Ittl2, an Instrument pur poitini; lo be the last Will and Tfstamtiit of Gilbert Harm, Into of llineshurch, in s.ial District deceased, was prc-enied lo the Coint hen for Piohale, by Su sannah I'arto.tliel'xrcuirix therein naiutd. Therefore, it is ordered I ) slid Court, that public notice be jitcn Mad persons interested thertm to appear bcloic sa'dCouil, at a irssiou thereof tob holden at tho registri office in sni I Hurhnston, on tho second Wrdne-diy of October A. I). 1S12, and rontest the probate, of said will, nnd it is fuithcr or dered tint ibis order be published llurc wctks succes sively in the Durlinston Tier Press, n newspaper pun id at llurhinjlon, in this Stair, ihe last of which sli.ll be prewous to the day assigned, as aforesaid, (or hearing. Givtn under my bind nt tbo Hecistcr's Office, this second day ol August, A. D. 1512. Wm. WP.STON, necistrr. I -OH SALK. at a small advance from cost B0 bits. Logwood, 60 " Nicwood, " Camwood, 23 " llcdwood, S " Fustic, 10 " A hi ,,1, 6," Vmddrr. 10 kes, N. j i:mer7l J5 " Indigo, ' 6 ciscalJcfineil Borat. A'i, H2 XO TI CE. rpiir. subscriber has fitted up his factory in tbebrsi JL manner, nnd is prepirrd to execute ill orders in hishnclothosatisfarunuofe,,,,,,,,,,, mil.d Cloth, mixed, niH rolori-d, Ac nlso.Kiauuels, uunu aclu crl and dressed on shares or by tho vaitl, en tht bt irm, and iu tho Uit manner Jericho Centre, July 3! "'TI0 ARNETy

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