Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 30 Eylül 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 30 Eylül 1842 Page 1
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4 NOT TUB GLORY OP OfflSAR BUT TUB WELFARE OP ROME. VOL. XVI. R II R L I NGT 0 N, V E R M 0 N T, FRIDAY, S E P T E M II E R 30, 1 812. No. 17. EXCHANGE HOTEL, TVaer street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf Hiit'lliiRlnn, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HART. THIS elnMi-liincnt, -o l.ivnrahly loomed fi'r the i onimodatioii of the liti-ite i ami irivellmc community, i now open lo the public, Po-i Coaclie Uioa the variois route- rail at the Exchange Mote for p.i citser-, ami those arriving ir tlepartinz I y Hon, in which ea-e their i removed without charge, will liaJ this huu-e peculiarly lo their convenience. The Ucepertenders his service-, Willi the a.urancc, that in all re-poet-, tin1 huus shall deserve the favor able consideration of all who may pntrnui.-e it. Uurlmton, Ajirit 1, 1842. .13 f. GEORGE II. 1ECK, Attorney and Counsellorat I.nw, TWO D00BS EAST OF THE TOST OFFICE, IT fTAIS. Kefir to Messrs. J. Ac J. II. PECK & Co. Nov. I!). A. ROliERTSON, ltarrlslcr anil Attorney nt Law, Imti in the office of the oil. Solicitor Gen't Day) LITTLE ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, 1 Nov. 1811. R-ferencc in Burlington, to CHARLES ADAMS, Esquire. 21 PECK & S P E A R , wholesale dealers in ,English, French, India and American DRUGS. Also, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WARE. Ilitrlliigton, Vt. PEXTISTIIY T 1 "LAMS v J. tl. Mt IKM.S nave us-io- l ciated themselves m liu iness for the accommo dation of thusi who hivv nut the otuiiirtunitv ot calling at their rest lencu. Mr N. mil spend most of mil 1 1 1 in visi'im; the vitlaircs in this anil the ailjom. ins counties, ami will pciforiu all operations on the. teeth necessary fur their preservation, Mr. N. will alio prep ire tlie mouth for the reception of artificial twill i t ike m id 'Is. ami transmit them to Mr Lewis, the C' lehra eil me 'h lineal demist, who will always beat home, and iv!io-o on n 1II0I success, and 1111 -wearied exertions o plei-e, will eusure the rub ie bet ter work thill can be procured elsewhere. Our mode of setimi is fir s tpcriur to any other in point ol looks, convenience, an I durnbilry. Anv 0110 vvinthtiMeeili can co ne ma Jiy with a 1110,1th full of decayed teeth, and return the next wi h a new sc. Prices suited to ;he times and circumstances. All operations war rantej. J. LEWIS, J. I!. NICHOLS. I!ur'ur,2 on, Vt., May,--. -',!. (I F. TL E Al EN'S Suinnier Root , some lowpricid. Alo, most urns 01 Hoots ami Shoes suitable for 'he ens, m f r men. women. mm hoys or girls. Wmk as usual done to irtler. JAllli-i 11. PI, ATT, Corner of Oluirch and Cherry Stnels, Uurlingioti. Miy 12, 1SI2. SPRING ARRIVALS At Heart (inrtcrs, No. I O, .V.iler.-'ti'cct. AO MISTAKE! ! DWIS i now 1r !y a1 home, Hot would return hi cra'cf I n'-kiinw e'siiieut-tu he p'ibli cen eri'lv b nhn veryldcMl 1 i'rn'1 i-u he ha- ree.vel, an) time ' y a strici a teurit'ii obi itte-flunl a 'e tcrunna'iim lo please, th 11 he may m-rit a cuu'iu i atice of the-nme. Mew 1 1 sM'e hat lieliiui-t re wifl from Ne.vA'ni , Ho m, Al' any an I Troy, from the la'r-t tmporui nm , a I ir.-c an I ci neral a siri'neul of Kre h, Ir di, in alhtinu In Jus former sloe ,niit,caootnp'e'e'is-r.rtir:eii',coni1iri.siii;j niuiu-t every urn 'leoffn oh - 1 y.A.:.Ac. One Cent Reward iv 1 'c ien many ;er 00 vi bow II 'ind at any 1 ther store a- ere 1' a v. if e' mvl well scleeieJ a:orim"r.t a mo be to in 1 at DAVIS'S. I'iei.i; call .tad examine f r your elve-, and you v 'I n r a 1 away I'i-appoin'.ol. May 20. NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. WOI'l.n re.pecf dlvinlorm llie Lmlie an I Gen I'eoiea of H irhir-'lon and i "ii''y he ba re emly 0 icnel aue-ta1 bshment w here he will man uf.ict ire, (whole ale an. I re'ail) all I.111 U of work in the vSh line, lie h 1- it-l re eue I from .New York tlrepre eut -lyleot l.a-t, loaf her wi.h a 1 -e-te-lum of Sloe1;, He- will lec,i run-, mtly on hind mil l man if.i ! ire 'o or ler all knul of wor " iroi o" in tin eoint.i; amou j .vlii h '11 iv le fnund lieu '- Calf, ! at, -eil and iai'er It wile -a be-' Oaucr-, II 1-:, 11 , WalLim Ii(m., li e. Su: Al-.i, co ir e an I r to 1 oth fi.r men anJ boys ; and children's Shoes it M km I-. ,'1'le.i e sivehim a c.i'l, two d. or- We-t of the Pearl Slirel Ho 1 e, 11' lie itienof the "Big Joot." II .rlnm'ion, .May, 1312. 5U f. TtvAh, Tulh Snvr. ijonr Tn.lli! Grisat Improvement in Dentistry! DR. S.VXTON h ivniir eiii-.i-.-ed Or. PEARSON, Surneon and Mechanical Dentist from tho ity of New York, as .1 pirtuer, would most respectfully annouu -e tu the citizens of Hilrliiitun and theneivh boring towns ihnt they li uu openi'd an off; c at Mr UnsMuld's, on the West silo of Church street, 0110 door North of llie Hiirlioutoii Hank, where tliet nie prepared to attend to all casi.s included in cither branch of the profession. From one to a full sat of Incorruptible .Mineral Teetli (of Or Pearson's own ininufacture) inserted upon Ins highly iinu'oved suction plate, which is retained firmly in thu mouth upon strictly scientific principles, thus dispensing with the use of ctasps. apriiiijs or li,'iture, so obiectiou.ible. Teeth inserted upon the above p'au are bevond detection, and ren j dered, if not so useful as the nituralones, more ser viceable tli 111 thoso inserted upon the ordinary prin cip'es. Dcciyed Teeth filled with pure pold, or n prepara tion which is introduced in llie form of a tiasie, but aooii hardens and re-ists tho action of all acids or other corrosivo matter, while it gives ihe tooth its natural appearance and preserves il from farther de cay. Achinj teeth cured in a few minutes, and filled with he above preparation and restored lo us fulness. Accumulations of tnrtar removed from the teeth without injuritiL' ;ho enamel, which is frequently the rcsultof an unskilful operation All operations warranted to Hive satisfaction. Teeth extracted with ono third llie usual pan. Individuals desirous of havinij dental operations performed are invi ed to call and seo spccimins, and satisfy themselves of tho nbovo improvements. Children's teeth reaulaled when in illormnlion is takirw p'ace in consequence of neglect during second dentition. Advice sivrn on diseases of the Gums, Sockets, and Antrum, free of rharcc. . Dr. Pcaison Ins in his possession letters and cer tificates from professions! men of (he first respeeta bili'y in the city of New York, and Charleston, S.O, where ho enjoyed a Ions and extensive practice. His ohiert in com ng north U in consequence of bilious affections. yj-OlFice hours from 9 A. 51. to 5 P. M. Ilurlington, Juno 16, 2 SUUSCRIPTIONS FOR THE NEW WORLD necEtVED at rur. HURLLXGTON BOOKSTORE. PERSONS wi-hintr to avail thrmelvc- of thu many hiteit'tin!riubl'calfonMiied intheA'eir World, can Id Mipplicil with tho ranie, free of pohtuge, by Rivinit their name- to the mib-cril er. A ork, Mieh l 7nnnni n nd J.icmierie. and iho-e of similar char acter, can 1 0 purchased at the very low price of ironi 18 J toiia cts. I lie new novel, .uuiiry i.nifitoi, i,y Jdines, is now ready for ale. June 1, ion. I). A. llftAMAN. "iriRTW l,if of Patrick Henry rbcito r-lition. ,lin " Far sill? by C GOODRICH mmm UOIIAU-K AXD I'UDSnV ItAlI.-ItOAI. NOTICE. For the accommodation of pa-senccrs desirous of t'ikinir the seven o'clock lino of ."ileum HoaN from llhany, (nhich wint into ojiernlion 011 the20ih in--lain, a ttnin of Cars uid atnrt from Sche neemdy, daily, at 55 o'clock P. .M. duritii; the con nnuanecof die n'ovc nirnncement on the Riier. Ily this arrangement, pnssemjers may leave Saratoca "Vrinn al 3 J to 4 o'elocn P. H. and reach in time for the b at, w hich will save trave lei a I10111 the north, the expmso of rem muni! oier iniilit at Albany or Troy. Hy the evisiimr nrianuenieiil, cp,. 7. nsof SarntO'ia nreobheed lo leave I unt 7 o'rlnrk in the inurtnilL', 10 take the slciin boit at Albany nt 7 P. M. ! (37 nulls via Rail-R nd I I !) JVHX (. OSTIGAN, Superintendent. April 22, 1842. J 84.2. iVortlicrn TrniispoMaltoii I.ino. ISAAC V. RAKER XILLccAitm.,!) tho FORWARDING UUSINE5S Lake Champlnlii, Nortlicrn t'at:al, and Iliid'on Itlver. Pcemnii it imporliiul to n: ain the Old Cii-tnmei--of 1 he Line, and a 1 1 new nnc , lie wd u-e hi- be I endeavor- 10 an fy all, nndpletze- hiin-e I t - "re.i e hi- exertion- 10 promote I lit" in'eie t- ol lis employer- l.v cloim." nil Im-ine-.- entiusted to In. eare web di na'ch nil I afelv. W Freight a'7yo t'. 11. .Iasi:-, o" 1 oi-uiie- Slip, Port. i'atUs', 33 C cn'ie- Slip, New York. C. II. IIahst.i, 101, Pur, All any. P. ( Olt Tl ( K, 1 I. II. II..1, Troy. L. A. Cahli;' ov, ) I. V. IIakru, Coin-'ock'- Lin Ims; and Whitehall. rot.t.i:Tr ft llnADi.i.v, Hurhngloii, A. D. I ..nn, Plaii-lmrirh. A li r.v t um T"tK, Pori Kent. I. '. Pirnrn & Sov, S. John-. 'rCP" l iov offi r I.m Ruer-Mreel, up -lair"-. Whileli.tll, pnl IS 13. IOO!tl.'S KS-II..NC1: OK LIFE. A Vub able Me heme, winch, if nahtly applied, will I e the ne.lli-of -avinir ihoo.und- fruin :in onlilnth irr.n.. It hi-leer, -old and o-cd for dnny year-, wi'here.ii iccc-, inn loniri very e.iie.ieioo- 111 llie lulluwnr-' li-oj v , viz. Cou-n.iipMou, Whiioiini; Cinisli-, com nun Coiih-, Co'd-, ditlieiili Ihcithmir, Imhien.i, J iir.-y, A-lhma, Philu-ic. iiitlms of II ood. Fl.iio. leney, In Leo-lion, Loo-cue-- of ibe Dowel, Fn-ot everv Icin I, Cramp-, Rieket-, Colic, C.iinirh, Dven- i.irv, I .liutili.', Iiypoehoii lriae A .'evlioii", lleadacbe-, Tic.iie.-iii, .ue.i-ie-, a preieiuiie 01 uon-M'j;iiii-di i.i.e-, (loiiland l;iif:iiiiali.ii. (Lj-t,'l heal ove Me lieinei-prepare 1 1 v Henry Sev iiioor, ofllai'ley, .M.i.-.fioui the Oiizhiiil Recipe, fj tl.cdirivtion of -aid Mooie, and coldly him and the itrnteipjl Dr!i--.'i-t.-in tin: I'nitedSmte.-. Sold whole-ale and retail ! Peek cc pcar. rtERTAIN rnilH FOR MM K linADACIfi:, J which has been used in families, cverv member of which has had pick headache fiom inlancy, as n runny comprint!, anil 01s cureu cnec tinlly 111 every instmceyet known, amountim; lo ma ny hundreds. It is not unpleasant to the tnte, and docs not preieut tbeditly aiocitioii", of one n-sjriij it it iuiit be pcrn'icrcd ill, and the cine h gradual, but certain and perinantiit. lii-tniee arc constantly iiiiilt!d.viii2lierethi di-tresiii? complaint is com 1 1 1 tidy rehcied and cured, although of years landim; liy the use of Dr. Spohn's eelcbiatcd rcin'dy. One dec,d d prcferenceis its plca--iiitne?, Invintr none of the inucitiii'' cfn-ei of common drii!'. It is so perf"Ctlvsiiisficuirv, tint the proprietor lin ijiveii directions for his aaentu m refund the pneo to any one wlio is not tilcaFed with, and rven cured by it. He hopes also lliat ibis may sceme its irrcat bin efitB to the distressed suilerers who are laboring' under Headache. E. SPOIIN, .Al. 0., inventor and Pro prietor. Sold by COMSTOCK CO., 71 Miiden Lane. New York. PECK iV SP.I'.AII, Who'esile Atrents, afew doors east of the Post Office, Uurliug ton, Vt. nil I ()CT. AIAISII AJ.IS . mine, C.i'iinli 1111. I) llu la'die M I- F. Tin- -uiu 1--'perior in tint itiiu et i,,.m'U, lor removum tin1 Iro-il le-onii. ill-'-e.i e, ihe Ca'urrh, and nl-o a cold 111 'he 1 end, an .' the he. 1 ki'die. li mien- an 1 Tiri'i1 o 11 ill lib niiciiou-, -tieii'liPii-1 lie '1 a 11 1-, an 1 cue- a heiibhy nciuin . tin pun 11 eetel. It 1-p' iiectiv liee fn.m u'ny thinsrde'e leno i in it-compo-iiion ha-a lea ant ll.ivnr, nu i imme halee iv, alter emij omm, is al srieeal le. Price a 7 cent- pi 1 boitle. Do -i. Mar bull'- Ve rem'. 'c Indian' PLAhTI It 'Ihi Pla tcr i-"iirivalled for c'tnu -r -crof Ion -wr). Iir.i-, S urvy "-i re-. Lame llr.el:, and I re h Wo nd-; pum- in ihe'-ide-, Hip- and Liml an I -eldooi fail- to sivo rebel 111 loeil llhe iinaii in-. It applied in 1 h i 'e,it will core nianviifiheeiiinmon LiverComiil.nni. and 1-equal, il not -uperior, to nr.y iliuiir 111 11-e for corn-on ibe feel, the virtue-of thi' Plater have I ten wiine.-cdly thoi-.ind- of 111 the Failed "Slate-, who'h.ivete tel Hi- "l'ic:i"y. Sold I ythe pro prietnr; I'ha-. Howea, Midd'eluny, V,, and c !ri.n, H ni.orliiui Vt. nnwAiin of nncni'Tiox. It has freq cntly ennie to the kuowle 'pe of the sub scriber, tha empty Snull' Jar.-, with his Label on them, halo Ik en bought up for the purpose of s llmi; in them an infinorq nlity Sm II ; and also, that Ins Snufl-labela have, in some iii-l'inccs, Inen louiitcr felted, or the '.cncral ib's yii rf the -imo so iuiialed as to ea-dy deceive the unwary, lie deems it, there fore, hi iity to iiifonn pur hasers of thu in. inner in which they are often impistd upon; nnd he unci I hereby request llieiit to tear nfTor deface the 1,-bcls on the outside of the Jars, after having disposed of the contents, m ns to prevent lurtlier ui 01 the finie. A siuiaiile rmvar I will nu pain lor sucii evulciico ns will lead to thedetcclioti and couiiction of the im postors. 'J'hesulnscrider continues tu Mmufiicture, and ej fere for sale the foltoicini; articles: IIIU lllllll Jill f J Genuine .Alaccobov. ro 0 flavored, Ainciicnn Rannec. luutiiiloii do. Holland do. Tube rose. St. Outer. fticilv, Alallisc, do. do, Curjcoa, do. Htrafburg. Coarse Itrotvn Sniiir. Deminros, Natchilnehes. Pure Virginia. Frenrh Rnppre. iiouriion. Auirncan iientlcnun St. Domintzo. Pure Spanish, Copenhagen, superior flivor. I. Alixture. Yellow Snull. Srntchnnd? ,, Irish lilac' mianl or ) r-,-.. llmliToist 5 IiishlliL-hToist, , (weft Scented Fne I'ut I'liewiliK Tobacco, Spanish, Kileforl, Canaster. Coiiiinon and Stems. Vf liberal discount made to wholesale dealers. PETER LOKII.LARP, Jr., -12 Chutnain-Sl., Nov York. LOVELY Sc SEYMOUR Al R E now n.icninz 11 heavv -lin-k of M'l.onii'.lc Good- rci cnilv pun bared in New A'ork whii h are 11 1'ered to the puplie at price-which cannot fail to en-ore their le. Anions them are, lllack, Blue lllaek. Illne, Invinblo Green nnd teel mixed llmad ('loth-, a very mperior quality of Ca-riuierei-, Silk Velvet, Ve-lins-, Linen Drillinir., Gambrooiir, nnda variety of Good- for summer wear allow prices 1 Iiniubaqine--, a .good assortment of silks for drc is and bonnet,, ratio, Chullys, lllack and colored M11-I111 do Laines, a lur?elot of Merino Shawls and Hdkf.. diess lldl,fs. and searf", silk utid linen nunbric lldkl-. n great variety ol Gloves and Ho-ej a iarm' assortment of Enirli.h, Kreneh, and American calicoes, and inoiirii ill ir calicoes at inline eedentedly low prices j l-ieshoin, straw and Palm leal bonnets; a great vario'y ot Ribbon-, Laies, tlinl iel. Iu, Parasols, nm shade-, Mu-lnis, Cuinbnes,blc.icheij and unbleached Coll ms; 3'XtO rolls paper hanpmgs, bordenus, lookup glasses rues, inalty, c irpetingr, ii . .-...l: L r 1 1 uo hi ivnicn urw ior ii'n June I I "12, jVO I'l IJH. 't" le heme I- Iv-t known I y Mh 1" e iro- II perform-. pj I, Newton'- Pana ea ir P iriher ol'the Ulood. I hu nnparalMe I and fill iierei-inirreo canon which .hi me hcine ha ncipur el hro ikIio it the Ne.e Ln '.Ian I S'U'o-, and Mie in. in i' ire. it ha- tterfornicd, an I the re 11 ilcntan I in 1 1, for it by Lie a Ivieu of phy-iciaus well nei inintoi ivi b it prepiralioii, ha- in I ,cel dm proprietor m exleu it- circulation 10 abno.t every town 111 the ea-lern Sta'e- and the principal town- tu hel'inleJ S'a'e-. Tin- P.inacel- warr.urel purely leae'a' le,nn I i- in--urpa ed'y any other medicine ever o eied lo llie .lflliciel a- il even tve "ale 1111. 1 pre 11 pop dari y plainly prove. It ha- within the lnt eislreen monili cored ns 'hou an I of'he mo-t ob-tiua e di-ea o-, a "an lo proiel by ceriiuc.Ti-, nno H prouoouce 1 by eminenl and re pe-'a1 le pliy-ieiau- the 'e-t inediiin'e in -i-e. V ef il iofi rm.ilion tony I e lo md in eoniainin? cerMfca e- of ere-and ibiec'ion- fi-r ta kiifir llie me heme. The follnwrnir unpointed a.'cnl . II irlinston. P E C IC an I S P F, A R, It. Moi dv St AH an , C"rti mil It 1 sel Milinn, C. Dra'e Md'oii Fall , I! iruti mil Siwvor Wa'erville, F-i mil llrown, lloie-lnirli, IT ill an I Cool, Fuirl.ix, Pur' er and Mu'lield craenue , Adam- and M irral Cain'rid-e, M. Wire t'nilerhill, M. C. Il.lrnev NoiMi Feiri.' ur.'h, II. C, Wicker Goorsaa, A. Hli--Willi -tun, N. t'hillenilcn Richuu nd, (irecn iV Ifho le John-oil, H. L. Warner and C Mon1 Ion, Fihiu Smi'h Ha' er-IIeld, Ariuntztnn and Woodwar I Fair liclil, II irnci and I'nin-worlli. e.o.p l.lll'J M. G. ISATIIKIIjV) DRAIT. I AND TAII.OK, Hit! . . 1 r a- 1 t .1 -I1"" hu. eirir-t neeiv 1 1 1 in is ii ine ve 1-, renew i vr ! u v '"k V,!h ,1,sccervpariof,l,e -v-tein, and tr.umpliantlv mou, . hPRING l-A.MIIOVS. alo. a superior ns- ,1... r.. u....i,i. :.. ,1... 1 1 ..1... .1 sorlinenl of TRIMMING i. ES TINOS, &c. "hop in Church ttreet, nearlj opposite the Pink of Uiirlii.ginn. May 1.1, 1B12. MYSTHItlOUS! A ccntleinan Ixdoneint; to j Ill-lemper, Anxiety, L 111 2 ior an I .Melancholy, Co oucof the most ancient and uealihv fanni es of tivcue. Diarrhiea. Cl.olern. Fecr- of nil' Linl.. JV1 ooeof the most ancient and uealihv fanni es of this city,w ho mini be in II known to iiiiineroiisfi lends Irivmir since the year HH, up to ncently, been bent ! neatly iloniiie, ami lor , Mral 'yen s conlinnl to Ins 1 luve'era'e ore-, rjenrlnilio f.roption- and Had ( (im bed, has been restored to sxo d health has regained plexion-, Erip'ivii eoinpl.iin-, -allow, Clo idv, and his natural erect pn-tlion and has quitlid his car- I ii'herdt aarn-ea' ie CoinplcMoii , S.ih llhe im, Fry-ip- nai:e, ami now walKs with raseii we In licvetlns is tlieiren leunn'- own (b scription ns near ns posnhh, and 1 here is no exnaaeratinii m it. Wu will ijive inqui rers Ins nddiess, mid doubt not humane feeltnua will ec sc the hbi rtv so ihnt anv 0111? tlnuhliwr. tu.n. .'iioic these facts lioutih lie ri quels his nniiie may not appear m piml Annum other instances, Mr. Jas. G. Hi vnolds Ml Clir''e.strii t, lias been re-toml, and will tine personal a"-urances of the fiels of his case. Iloth were rheumatism, and contracted cords and sinews. Ilowhastlus 'ecu dotu ? Answer. Ililhc Indian Vegetable Hl'txer in ternally, and lleives' Acne and Hone Liniment externally. Jan. l!l, 1911. Saldonlyfoiro.MSTOCK .f- CO., "1 M.iii!en Lare, .Yor Yorl.. n9 PECK & .STFUt, AVholesalo Apenls, a few doors cast of tliePnt Ollice, I'uihnijioii, Vt. nunupjGTON chair rACTony j ' L. .M-.LbO.N, eonlimies the luiiuies of ntintilTictutins Chairs at the old s'ntul, of the fol low 1 11 ir descriptiotis: Curl Maple uricinn, niiestai, L.0111111011 Lane and Flat; Seat, Large and Small linked Scat llockihe, do do Com- It mon do I oi 1 1 1 1 111 :i Dimmr, e. iVc. ' Ml ,.f u ln,., or,, .,r,-.,,,,. ,1 .. , rate article and will be sold at prices 10 concspoiui will! me tunes. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER l!EI)S, RF.ADY MADE. Constantly on hand, a supply of warranted Live Grciso Feather.-, which will be sold low for cash. WANTED, by the subscriber, Curl and Hirds Eye Maple, delivered at his shop 111 Church street, opposite old Itnlik. L, co i' a ji TiXnnsuir. nl'.MIV II. IIOKTtt UK c- T. I". A, AV. L. -troiiir hiving connected their Tin Hion. will do biis'iiesstn that line under the 11:11110 of II. II. lio-i- wu: iV. C 1. 11 the ftiiop occupied by s ml Hostwick, whcic jnav be found a full and complete a ortment ol TIN W HV.. iiiaiiiifaeiuiLd cxnrie-,lv for tberctnil trade, tnsdlier Willi 1'oiuier ami sheet Iron work. Stove Pipe S ove 'I riinuiini's, iVe. All kin h of Job wink liimii-lied 'it short n tiee. Fine iniibniid e.i . du toi pipe fin nisli-d and pin up. Copin r omnps .md lend pipe I'urii'-h d and - I if uq',.i., '1'iioscwho pinonizc ims o i'ic. 1 iiiisiiK-s -mm, at th - chop, eq.ucklyund weils'ti, I, fir .1 r.-inii'i 'e compen ratinu. II 11, RObTWICKiV C. lliitlington, Apr. 10, 1312. no vxto.x a nunniTT, (Succcssi rs o A.S. A G.D.Wellrr,) 7 n ' " icspecifully 1' lorni lln mhnbnintsof i llincs ur h mid lb ndj,iinini' ow n 1I11I they haiecomnicn 1 d bu-iness m the Store loimcrly ,ic tupiidbv A S C, I). Will, r, and aic now nei iv iiiL'.i rrtiernlnssoiiiiunt fl'.iucv Dij G' oils, llnid waie and Gmierteg which H r i.fii 1 to the public a towns can be pniclin-ed 111 the county for 1 ash '1 1 1 e v rc-p, c (fully solicit 11 sbnreof public iritronac, confiileui that ilmr priuswd' lio fu nil to -ml all who may favor tlitm with a rail. NOIILE L. P.OYNTON, WILLIAM UURR1TT. Ilincsburch, May 1, 1SI. 43 jV ('i 1 c so . rpiIE Subscriber would inform the p-bbc that he J. Ins on innu a ecncrnlassoitincnt of Jlarncssis, Saddles, Trunks, Valises, Carmt lSas, Whins and Lushes. mill ntlllieillllS Oilier arlu lea -n bis line nf hiibinpcc winch will be sold ris 1 heap as cnu be botiL'lit in this vicinity, l l.intul, Cull Cloth, Lumber, Wi od, nnd 1110-t Kinds ul tinner.- produce received 111 piyiiient j-Shop two doors I nst of the Post Office. A mVHn.1T STAEL2 Is nso kriit bv the suhcrihir n Tew tods I. it of the Court House, where ihepubhc wib nt till nuns find 11 man 111 leadmcsf 10 ntiitid cal s, and ns t-'ood Horses and f 'arriacs ns cm be found 111 the place, and at as in ir prices. is. . SKINNF.Il, Ilurlington, May &, 1812. I-HIV - TXT R-ST STABLE. II. i O I. It 11 It T II .v; Co. ID ESPECTIT LLA' infirm llnir fnends nnd ihe -t-ilillbtic. hat thel halt' now ooeni'il n I.uerv S tilde nun iriieon nun, 1 rciuv mr use somo cvecllculllorses nnd C.irmi,'f.,Sleij;hs,aincsse",Ac, w huh they will ici 011 reasoim leictios. .-talileat licnjiiunn Hisliop s mini, 0011111 tsi corner uourt House square, I J 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 y t j 1 1 . e. . P. GRISWOXD'ii BOARDINd HOUSE. TIII- House is now OPES' lor tho riception of -a. noaroers. w 10 wis I 10 110 iro. are invtleil In call and examine his hout-u and ihe pc uliar ndvan. taau. wiii-b its coiis'ruc'ion and location offer, for coinfottand continence. 1 eiims, very moderate. May 10, IS 12. WE thu subscribers, having been appointed by thu Hun. Prohato Court for Iho District of Chittenden, cominisstonors to receive, examine and adjust ihcclaims and iletiinndsof nil persons, Rcainst thoestotoof LYV.IX UliKCUlUl, late of Ilitus burah, in sa d District, deceased, represented insol vent, ami also all claims nnu ucinanils exhibited 111 ofisot thereto t and six months from the day ol llie dale lienor, biin; allowed by said Court for lint pur- oose. wo 110 ucreov eivo nonce, iiini wo wu nueno 10 tho business of our appointment, at thcdwdlinof r.iiiipr ntccncr, 111 iiinestHirBn, in .uui uistrict, on Iho first Monday of October next,al 10 o'clock, a, n. Hated, this 2Cth dny of May, a. t. 1912. JOSH I'll MAliSll. JCotnmis. Ill;MA. It SMITH. S Burners, VOFFFi: MILLS. TNt lir-Anl. Wll.SON' 1 oileo Altlls, a vtrym I .... r. ..I Ir fr-,. stall' till I III'VI rCWi 0 Lir 1 I 1 OFFATd V 1.(11. TAIII.L LIFE AlKLIt Pil.-J. ilA The e inubcine-nre Hide1 ted for their name 1 heir iiianifo-' an I en-ille action in i irifvm? tin iinn'j- an I chamieU of lift', and en leintr I hem wi l euewe I tone and vijror. In many h mJred eeriilic .t e-ivhnh have I ecu mile nil It , and in alum 0 cry -pecie-ol li ea e which Iho Iciiiian frame 1 I'l le, ' lie h,i,ipye e-i- of .MorfAT's I.IKr. Pill-avi Piiirvix UtTTr.u- lave leeu arealf dly and pilluli to nowledired by 'be per oil- I enclitied, and win vere previoi.y"uineiiinin'ed wl h iheheautifiilly ,hi nso ihica! princip e- upon whi hlhey areconipound e I-an I ii'ion ivlnch hcv ' mi-eij lenlly aci. The LIFE MEDICINES recommend ihem-ilie-in li-ca-e-of every form and ile-criplion. Their tir iperation i to 'oo-en from the eoatnf the -lomacli an I I owel-, the vario. imp lrme- and cru lilies eon--tantly -eitlmir aro'ind them; and 'oremove the liar Icnel fj'in which eollect In the eoinobnion- of ihe in.ille-t inli'-tme.. O Iter 111C heme- only parli.i'lv lein-ollie-e, anil leave -uch collect! ma- e- I ehin'd a- to prod ice ha' ii ial eo-tivene-, Willi all il- tram ol evil-, or-oddeii diarrbiea, with il- iinmineat daw.n 'I hi- fae I- well I nown to all reirnlar ana'omi-t-, whoexamuiu Ibe h uiian I ouel- af'eri'eatb i and hence the piei idu eofihne well informed men niraiu trpiacl. medicine or ineiicme- prepjrisl and heralded to 'hen i be I y izir raid per on-. 'Ihe -ecoud e 'ect ol the Life Me heme- 1- lo clean e the kidney- and the bladder, iind I y thi- mean-, llieliieriiiidllieluiu.'.,ie heal hi ilaiviou ofivhichemiielyilepeiid-opou llie re ST'il.irny of llie urinary ursran-. The Hood, whirh tale-1 - red color from'lliu asencyol llie liver and ihe biiia- I etore 11 pa--e- into ibe heart, I eimr th 1- pnnfleil 1 y r 111-Jii, nun nonrl-neii i.y ioiki eominir liolll a clean touiieh. eo-ir-e- lieelv Mo ial'-Vecelal le Life Medicine- hale I ren thor o'ichlv te-led, and irono needn -overeien remolvfor Dv pep-ia, Flatulency, P.dpifilion of the Heart, Lo of Anoeiili', lleart-biiVn and Head-ache. Ite-tle.-m' . Illie tloli. Droii-tiol n 1 1 l.iml. n,n....l Worm-, A-ihm.i and Con-umplion, Scurvv' Fli-er-' a . Couiuioti Cold- and lull cuz.i.uu I larino- iubi-r eompl.iiui- which afibct tbeh iitian frame. 'In Fei r.n an I Ar.un, tinrtie ilarly, "he Life Medicine- hale I'-'en mo-t eni neii ly -nece'-f d ; -o much -o that in the Feicran 1 Ai."iedi.-trici, Phy-ieian- almost universally prccrile tliein. ll 'ait AT r. Mo Tat require-of hi- palienu i- to le 0 iriieiuar in la 111 the t.tie .ne ucuie- -trielty accor linirlnihe breeiion-. It 1-not a new-pft'ie'i notice, or hy anything ihcl he Ijjm-elf may-ay in their favdr, tlut he hopes to aiucroht. It 1-alone by the rc-u!t-of i fair trial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL M NFAL; de-tined a-a dome-tie tr'iidetnlieal'h. Tln-lillle puniphlt", ed'teil by W.ll. Alo tat, 275 llrnadway. New A'ork, ha- I ecu nubli-be I for the p-irpo-e ofexiilaininir moref lly Mr. Alo 'r.t'-theory of ibsea-e, and will le lonnd hiL' iiitere-tinir 10 rrsim- -itd.niL' health. It treat- upon prevalent di-ea-e-, nnd ihe "im-e- thereof. Price, 2j cent for ale 1 y dr .MoTat1- Airent- cenerallv. These valuable Me bene- are (ur -aid vC'f.OREE L. W MINI R it Co. Jnhii-i 11, Vt., General Acem-, 1 v whom nil order- from uny part tf the Stale or Canada, will I e promplli .in-were-l. 23 I Dee. 17, ISH. HAG Alt iV ARTHUR, fieneral A cent-for Mo at'- ie!el lilted medicine-, fo whom all aiplic.itKns for ugclictcs 7tti4i le nd dre e,l. , ll'irlmsiun, Jan. 2?, IS 12. VATUKIl'S GRAM) RITORATI VE. Tin 1 n v.i' alle Vescal le Medicine Hand- unrivalled for thefollowiii2 compla'nt-, viz : Dy-pep-ia, or Inch-ce-lion,ih.-iM-ed Lner, bihou-di-orJer-, Drop-y, A-lh-111a, Co-iiene--, Worm- and lo-- ul Appetue.'and by elean-intr the -loinai'li and bowel-, cure- pam- 111 Ihe -idi., -lom.ich and I rca-l, ei.ld- and coosh- of l(in -lundine, tin ir en.---, -Iiornie-- ol I rctiili, rscrvoui. c plamt-,cic., wbtcti aietrequeuily the e eel ol 1I1-- eOM'. For Feiernnd Airi e, il I- a um-l v.ilual le pre venlalivc a-well 11- a -oiereicn rcmcd). li- urine - irp.i-- any iliuiir beieiof"rc l.ui'Wu 111 leinovmc St. Vtlii-' I'.iui e, two I mile-have I ceo known to erne tlii-iil'lictinidi-e.i-e, afcr having lulllcd every ccr ,1011 lorfiir j ear-. It ha-11 1110-1 pnueiful iiill'ienee ill ruoiovintr iieriou- ei mnlauil-. III- plea-ant 10 lake an I Miea-y in it- opci-ai 1011, that 11 may I e.idini 11 tiered 10 ihc ihlant wrb -uleiv. I lie ulanc .Medicine 1- verv b'ahly iccouuuepded 'l y many roieutilio gentlemen, niio 11 i.irje ii"im er 01 1.101c-, unn nave loieil tl e ,-ii-ii e oi ine .ii 011 irme 1 y iicr-i'iiai "-'i 11,1 tint ol 'heir I'utl 1 .-. I ill 'itcertilica'e- aceu'iipai ic-e.icb I1.11I -. 'n brec t It ij lit v I " had whole 1 le or retail ol -'. Ih rain, 1'arrc, and .1. -.. t amain, I p.-t U illiam 1 wn, w. sole proprie'i r-. Pri';iared fr"in iheorium al ucipe ; for -alo by L. II. Preuti-, Moriinlier, and i'l 1 k .'M'F.llt, II rlmL'icn, and ill the principal town- 11 iie -lalepill lire mi- .iiuelin the baud writnis oftheiopriciiir E, L. FA RH Ml trives 1 ii. c tint li c.inti u-s to cirry on me im-i i' i fl usual if Ul lllltf let nut; 3li, ie ware of a il'j-nor quahtv in all its v incites mil will m all ii ties be in rt ad- M'.iLiitiiuMTii me iiiosi re is ma ie leinis, all t rder I lompi y attended lo at his Factory , Pearl Strict, llmlmatoii. Jau.31. IS 12. J.VI it-'.s iAcu.vt;i: uxi'iti r-f-. llthnen Albany and Montreal, U , 1 , tr "'"''' leaving Albany on Wednesday, nil I Alontreal uu Salurd lynfcaeh w ei k, III 1 on hex t m with llariiden A'.Cu. 111 Albnnv tuNovv i ork, Philadelphia, lloston. Liveipool, Lon don, Ireland, .SejilaiiJ an I Havre, f ir the trans lioriat'on of Spicie, Hank Notes, Valuable Papers, Packages) of Goods, Hooks, and ull other Parcels thai may 0111 r, AI011 red Evchnniie ColTco House. Al nnv No. 12, Echance Building:. ,cw A'oik No. Z, AV11II -irccl. lloston No. 8, Couit Sim el. liuilincton J. A J. 11. Pec , A, Co. Ill FERENCE-j. EtlAS llAKEa, .,, I.. Y. .' J. I). Revo, Albany, N. A.. P. Wells, Kell.o if. Co., Troy, N. i . A, Watbovs, 1 A II. W. Ilvncs A Co.Castleion, Vt. J. A J. II. Peck A- Co, H thnmon, Vt. April 23. l EincEq ,-jon, at. Johns, I,. c, IStf. IMtlVATE S liHCT KOAKDIKG SCHOOL. rpllE new and spaciou. II uldlnc now erectin.' in 1 I ast Gharloile will leopemsl (if the Lord will) iiiider the -tperinientlenceol Air. J.Tr.N Hlii r.Kf,n-' i-'el in the Ladie-' iteparnneut in French ami -Music ly .Alt-s.AI. A. I en Hnt'EKE, 10h May, 1812, I' all term open. 29 h A mu-t, Winter do 2S h Noveinler. Twelve young Ladie- and Gentlemen mav I e ac commodated tn ihe family of .Air. T. Tenu-'SSS tier qcnrler, 111 a, lvalue. Jli-ieSlO. French au.l Alee- ra,' w a '""8 -'xra. Day "" holars, Ironi $ 50 to 4,, if). AIi.sT. eilu -ati-l nn-lcr the eare of eminent Teacher and hivmn laucht in ton Inn, Inc., and in thi. Suite sinieher arrival, is amply q .nlulcl 10-iiperiniend the frincli nnd Musiu deparlinent. Govcrniueiit tlncily parenial. ' To Ihn-e nnaeq-iaiu'eil wi"h the service-, experieni-e I'.T.Fllirle-l v. H.lrbnelon. 4 " ' leiereoce may iimiuuiu E. .Moil. St. Johns. J. H. llollenUvk. J.C. Parke, WhitUiall. J. Sherinui. Vercenues A. o. Perry, Iroy. Charlotte, I81I1 April, 16121 NEW BOOK STORE. " Live and ll Live," THE ml Herder has received from New A'ork new susjdy of School Hooks, Hibles, Prayer Hooks, Teslanienl.jiVe. vVe. together with a Rood as sortment of Siationery, and Hook-binding Siock, to whi' h ho invites the ai'eiiliou of llie pul lie. Feeling very itrnleful for Ihe literal paironace heirlofore re ceived, he will renew hi- exertion- to nlcate all that may favor him vvtlhiheir putrouuire.. , ,,. HUNnNGTON. Mroncs' Uuildinfr, cornerChiirch and ColleseHs.. OOl.O.llit lllliir Xr Aril,,,,' I .l ' itlllU U. cf alu). I'otk by ihe hv ATO MISTAKE.- Smoked Ilccf i' barrel, just rtyttvetl for asl June l lew P hAVlS. n a r, s a j o v 1, 1 v r. it v out. O' erye when you boy that von iret the centime, re arc I at 375 llowery, Sew York. See that 37.1 1 ry r.ow 1 or 1- 011 the wrapper or each Hollle. til other are Frauds nnd sold only by speculator", eithtiut ruirnr Ito pi-lice, to the public, or theproprie-or.- of thu sCniiinenrlicle. 70R Cr ns'tmption, ami Liver complaints, fh'pep L sin, ilizniK - oflhe head, Ion. of appetite, Dy-cn are, nnd reirnla'crol thi; whole -v-lviu. None ceil line I u' that iirepaied at 375 llowery, New ork, where be ntlicle wa lir-l made, theebai- ac er of the 1110 heme fonneil and e-tahlished I y the ire-eut so'e prepnelor-, and whoare llie only pcr-iin- ..nowinr, ibe eninpo-iiiou of the Reii'iinc. Ii"ln- I ecu i-ed -ueie "f W for eichl vear- in llie cure of these bsca-e.. iCPRemimi 1 riho and Genui ie i-made only al No. 375 lluwciy, New York. All other are eounteifeit. Consumption and Liver Complain I ! A- a ircncral ie y for the e disea-e-, I 11 .1 f lly an-fiel, from b up experience, 'here i- no mel'Ciie cq al 10 Dr. Tnyloi'. Hal-inn of Liverwort. Ileinir 11 ue y leceial le, 11 can be i-e I with the io-t -ale v I y all pc.-fiii. in every cuivhiion. It c!ea 1 e- the bine- ly expcelnraiinii, relieve- ihllleolt brc.i'hinc, and-cein-to heal ihcche t. 'Iliercenn I e noque-tiou b'U tin- medicini' 1-11 cerlnin euie fur ehronic hi ch and cold-. I have ted it four year-in mv practue, and nlway-wi h- re . A. F. ROGERS, Al. I). Tickling in (he Throat. I know Dr.Tavlor'- Ila-nmif Liverwort to be acer'ain reme'y for tin- complaint, a- I have 11 e l r my-elfiind found it- e ect- an iiiiineibnte. I wii ni'ich tro.ibleil until I ma V o-e i.f'hi im-hcnre. M. L. Ill XS1IAW. 211 Maiicin -t. Hoir-ene- Cujel For the i re of hoar cue - I can -ironcl v reccnuunciid Dr. Taylor's Hal am 1 f Liv erwort. I have nm onlyliamd c'lia' lenelil my elf. i but many of my concreitalii 11 I y in,- lu'eoinineod.T lion haic ic'icved creat leuelb irooi us virn.e. It i ati'iice mi'il ,edic.iciu.i-au I h.irm'e , REV. ,7.. LEWIS. Severe Couch-nnd Cold I have had a mo-t ,e- ,, n,,, nine wmi 11 1 eoiiui 11(11 "-I'l ri.l nf. 1 1 ........ .....! 1 .. i'l" 1 11 , ni.iuj 1 uiirj- 1 1 1 1- el layhu s llal-am of Liverwort, and i' ere I me in n tew d iv- J. i. 1!. Iv'ERRI.NOCK. Rai iiifr ef lllomt About two wiel - aco I had a fall, waich ciu-ed me to -pit larce quatiiie- of I lood vi hi, b null, hilt could cure until 1 trie I I r. Taybu'- I'.al am iifL.verwor!. 'I hi- med e cave ine u'ni ib.He relief and in a veiv short tune e eciel an enii.e euie. Let nil per on- try u. 11 FOII AIC 0AHVEY,21 Cannon -t. Dr. Taylor'- lial-nni of Liverwort Tin. superior renusly forih-ea-i- ofihe luii"- and In, r b.-i. ed n reiiut.i'ion ncvir I if.ueepi.illed. Remarkable Cure oj Consumption. . . . her ile.iih wi'ih tin. di-ej e, that mv fi icnils - em for a pr c-t to confess Ine eie I I'iel. Il'e in hi- iiu'r'V. lold mo not to riven di I tr..-l lis Tayloi'-Ha'l-nni of Liyerworl. 1 -ent iiimtcdia'clv lor thi- intibcine, and nlihii'ich liie conte t for a few dav I et ween tin-me heme, and my !i ea-e vva- sc vcie, the mediemecouqiierel, and 111 a forlinhl I wa- re.loie.ltiihealih. I halaeouch, r. 1 -1 rir of mat ter, lo ol my voice, pam-, weakue-i, Ac. I can ic ier to Doctor Wtl-i n, in tl,e Cnrlinn Ilon-e, fur the truth ofmy.-ta'emeni. MARY DILL, G Ii -Ireetcor. lieu-art. of fra id-. ,j 3 1 uveie e. Summer Complaint. The Hal-am .,1 l.iverwor', in several cases of thi-di-ea-e, wheie all ulher leme.lie- applied ly phy-i-ciau- have proved incHecttial, ha- produced u pu.'leei cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. It. lil.iddiu ol Delhi, N. Y., of a nanual'y con. .uniptive eon-tilntion, ha. I ecu -aved from 1111 un timely end by the n-eof Dr. Taylor'- l!.il-am of Liv erwort. A -evere cold I ni'icllt on an attack of Pico- re-y. Hint lliu- en le ' fn nenernl di-l'illty and Coll-' nln- tiou. A cn-iaut en ich, heelie tin h, rc-t'i nichts, q ie1. p il-c. and cunt uueJ In of firsh, a iceied .1 . Yu I'caiu j 0111 a. soon as 1 commence I the u-eol lo'heilti!"" RrU"' ' L'!"'T' " nUW l''llv rc-!0ri-"'1 Shortness of Jlreath. F r fl.i- ih-ea e, I have aliv.iv- tound Dr. T.uloi' ll.tlsRin of l.ivtrM'ort an excellent remedy. It'i-at nine -o -ate and -o e ivn've, that I alw.iv. u-e 111 my piactice, and leivnuiniend 11 to my friend.. I have 11-e.l c 111 ie hundred, nfca-i- within the pa. four year-, an 1 I have never hr. I it f.ul. In many e.i-is (ifa-thmn, I fully lebevento have Icen the meun. 1,1 -nunc preciou- live-. Lei a1! u-e 11 GF.ORG K RALPH, Al. D. None ceiimne but that piepar"! Ht .i'S. owei-y. NuvvAiirk a-will 1 e -ecu by the lal el- .mil wrapper- ol'e.ich buttle. He -me you b 11'. when Vou buv. I he ecu une can always leol mined oil he ' O d A'.', Mi. -r-.'N. I.ove'v A Co., now Lovelv iV Seiioo ir Dr. .MniHly and p.-ik it Spear, Cb.-oi-i. 1111 1 Dnc-'i '-, 11 o linen ,1 II. II true , Charlotte William Rl'o'c-, Jr. Iticlimoni' Geo. Avtr- A Co Mil'in .A W.I!,, mn, t.rutiill le AV. IL K.e'er' "s iu'li Heni II raci Wn'-wonh, N.,rlh Hen -' A l' t av'i-, All iirch F. A I ,. 0,'en 1, AVe-t Alb.irgh-D. A . Caiyculcr, a'ei mv'. LVMAN & L'OLK RAVE roc, vol their u-ual ex-en-ive assortment an I variety of s ,r niraud Stitiunei G O O 1) - which ihev n ernt treaily rcdoc'lpi ee-; cuti-i-mi-i 111 part ol Printed Lawn-, Caml 11c, Alh-lin. and 1110 irninc I awns, R h r.'in .iiiped Hllzoriue, See. fr !a In..' itnmer Hu e-, Nen pattern Mti-lin de Laiues, mii.ii -trip'd Foiun, Ac. Plain, I lack an 1 Id ie 1 lack Iloml hsnie, Ficunsl I lue black and eoloiel do. Heavy black Caulou, Crude Sivt.. auleol'd Silks Sliavvls;. Lupin's 1 el 'earlct. b'ack an I colored Aferino. S.-ci fs and l''ancy Ilandkei'rliit IV,. Muslin de Lame, Tlnlet wool, an I fancy saun Ilerniani j Licl.eue Crava-, raw IIMk'f. Mn Im de Lame Shawls, raw silk do,, printed wi r ted do. La Funey .-ilk Mitt.- and G'ove-, colored Fillet do, 1 lick -ewiuc silk do. Mis e loond 'til; Glove-, .Men'- Li le Thread, colore 1 si k.wh.te silk, and Kid do. .Men'- black lialiaii Cr.iv.i-, I lack silk half II -e, an I India rubl er H i-pcn-der-, Ladie ' while and black silk llo-o and Glnve-, r. ln'e .Merino llo.-e, black an i eUcre-l sill, and Kid Glove-. l-'orGeiitleiiHii'sSiinitner AYear. Stripe I an I plain while liu.-ii Drill, ri.jorel do, Ganibrooiis, Huimltou .Alix'uie- and lYinin . S, I C l' I.i . 1 . .uiAeu oaiineiii, 1.1 iiiiiiere, l.ineh, iVc. Domestic, floods. Indian Head, .nrk ALII-, .Middlesex and other Cotton Sheetini;.. A creat quantiiy bleached shceiiuv and shirtiuc, very low priced. I'mon I leached coitnn. 7 8anliard wide. n.irilci do. 5'1 an I 6-1 do. makiin; m tnoie exlin-iie nssfirtmeiil than vvo haveevt rl.ept. Merrimie eo ton sheeting, Mliu-nme inh'eacheil l otion shirthi.', Su.Iolk and cord drill heavy Ink- ii and wa Mine. Three Ca-e. if Fml reiki- and Parasol., Cap, lloiinet and neck Ribl on-, Tafiein do. Galloons, Ta-tc-, Ac. ' Print. Full River, Merriinne, Dover, Hn-lol nqd many 01 her styles of American print., very love priced. I.' and French prims, Guighaiiis, Ac. Ilroad C'lollis. A eeneral aorlinent of II irlincion Mill Co. Hroad Cloih-coif tanlly on hand. Al-oother stvle- ef broaldoili- anJ i.aiuieie-, Lnglish, French ami German do. Filled Carpi" inc. Silk, Twi-l, Hu tons, furje, Canvass, PadJinc, SVIecii, Ac. Ae, llurlingion, 2f) Alay, 1612. WINDOW SASf. The subscribers htvepur-eha-is-l the Machiniry fur ihe inanulaeluru of Window Wash formerly ownel and used ly Sidney Smiih, at Cily,and ur now niannfactiirini every de frqriou, and keep constant ly on hand an auotliucul of 7 bv 9 Sash, at thelollovving prices. 1.13111U1 -..i-voieiiis at els. per litem. 8 do 31 do 9 do 3) iln 6 do 3 do 4 do 5 For sale at their Shop at the Falls, and by Georce Peterson. All orders in the above linn s.,1.1. 1 ... Catlin A Cha-e. will le lUunklully received and , promptly attendej to. 1 MOSES CATLIN, id. 1 n.WINAV C'HASr-i Hurin$lcn, Arrl 3, If 12 ii . 1 t PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. rP HIS article is loo will known to need common- di 1011 and the cxpiru nee of seven years nas ttemonstrated to the comniercnl community, thnt lor acciinicy, convenu m.e and durnhility, they are unnvallcd Coal vaid scales to emh Irum i lo 0 l"n.s' Doriuntil Waiehouse do, to wei-ili from 1-2 lb. Inn,,..' rlr''u -f!ih Ironi 1 2 oz. to j""i!is. i-oriahiei;ounterdo-aiiewatticlL towcy from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. ,. ' & '. IL Peck & Co.-Aents. Ihitlins'on, April 8 I-tH. 1, iM'. 1 !.'.. s'iojiAtn iiriTius i J V ti-ed in AVineor water 'I he-eeelo1 latedl iiier- areeompo-eii purely ot Vcve nl le of ih most tnno ci-uiyei -pecilic virine-. They arc recomtiieni'ed nar Mcni.iriv lor n-toriuc weak eou-tilniioii-, clean 111c .111,1 -leiicii.eiiinc ine -tninnc 1. ail' mcieasm.r 1 ,, appetite 1I-0 .1 picvcntauv e r..'ptn-l I he cholera uior- H i-, lever and ac ie, rcniuvmc n.i i-ia, viumniic, heari 0 'rninc, vi ea'. ne 111 he 1 rea I, pam m the -11, m,i, -i, u tier -v tntiti 'tu-1 thai ,ciicc niul inuice lion. One I ox will tincture one cullou. PriieUS ei-. lo. Ri-E11.'s Itch Oi-tmi -.t. Thi- choice and -afc ointment i- -aid to I e superior u airy now in tee. fot 1l1.1t i'i naieeal le an I lor.ih nine d -ea e. tl.e I'l I'll. I hi. Umiment I-so ce.irMin .11 in operation thai m per-ou itu'il n wiih ibe a1 ove di order otichl to I c wrhout 11. It I 11 rente ly lor c ilaueu is eruption-, scorl'iilie .1 'eel ton- of ihe head, or anv otberl n-aMm. out which an (s from .shani It imor- 111 Ihe Mood. I'i ue ft et-. a I ox. Ill's i-.i.t.'s Vi.riETALl F. Hit I H I's Pit.t.s, or famili idijsic, for eeneral o-e, m ca c, nl'J.i mibte, hu rl ii en il ility ) Hie Ioiiki.-Ii an 1 1 owel-, In-, ol uppeiite, ee 111 1 im 11, rii'iivcne -, 1'iie-, ami nu an imr from I ilmrv ilciancciiient-. ul-o l'ipinni"iini. the la'e of lie 1 loo I. uu i e'cau-iiic 'ke-v-ien 1,1 fo !atilvi-cid hunrur-. 'I be e pill, are 1 tu.1 1,1 tbanii', pio.l .cine neither p't'n nor criptnc, nod an tlieieliue a valtalle utid Inch'y approveil niehcme, and ,11c proiio'th' el a.-neli 1 V I lie most d. 11115111-bed divicuin-. Each lux contaiiiin; 33 Pill-. I'm e 37jct-..i'ox )i It'-. ell's 1 del ra'ed Salt Rut. I'm Oistmlnt. Tin is imq e-lional ly the I -i ftnd ale 1 renie ly ever v 0 li'ieil lo Ihe p tblie for ilia' ol,-liiia'e ill-older .-AL'I RIU'CM. V. hcie o1 her mean - have lade I, it it 1- c I'eelcd, an I ibe lad ihni 11 bh-Neu ,en-tveli u-e.1 1 y eminent Piaeiuiener- speak, vob ine-m it- jirai-e. Il I- eq ally c,lii-.eii.. in all di-ea e-of the.l.111, .c.ild head, 1 111c worm-, and the mo-t th ,'elcnre Itch, Ac. Ae, Nnmerii'i- ceriilica e inurlii le ol lamed, I ir ihe propiitor ehoo-e- 'hat ,1 fair tr al -licil I I e li.e nnlv evidence ofit- - ipcrmre henev. P11 c.;Uient-n ' o. For -ale I v Pn k if" Spear and Rol en .Mumly, II ilmtxt-.n j Dr. i.-. E. .Mile-, and II ill i. Coo',, Hue burirh i S. II. Il.irne-, Ch.iitniie; I.. Jane-, Gei rcia; L. Tyler, E ex ; Fuller A lluutiiiLti 11, Richmond Al-o, ly the drucui-i- anil niei.h.iut- gener,illy broiu'hotii the -tati. " L'J.llii' DISHASHS (IF TIIK l,IIN(.s....lei'i,le.l, tile tniMt n,p til 1, M-iu l, eiei kll'iu II III A iliei ICI Vegetable Pulmonary Itulsain t- ihr. hmihi v.iluiide inn- di mm in 11-s 1 t 1 iiinli.culd., .isiliii.., in 1 luliiric Coil-liiiipiinn, u huitplii ro mil .Hid pii'iiiiiii 11 1 nil c-liini. nfevciv kind. II. e 1. sie.i'blv liici e.i.uig and llii puipi teiiii . ,0 1 1 im-1.1 111 Ii .ei-etiin lie iiei-i triiuiabti licniiiit ,, tu, effr-i-u. the l.illiiu 1114 neii ceilllicils. lie nfl' ted I,, 1 ,til,l c e ,ii,,n ,,i.,i, A.s Is ri 111 sitNa Cisi. Ex niei of b nei ru n, 'Il t! ,S (;i.,j , Km: um, G's'r en,, ,. Y. to 1 lip in .piii'tiii., "V t ul die !).l 1. w.i. ilnlt iccM 1 11 in nk.ible .i elf en il In ihe VinLiLle I'iiI 1 H iI-hiii 111 llie utiici .md mm mt! nl IS'Jj. 'I be icisiio, l, Mimili, h 1 I ben -11 U ., lini iituH u, ih llie ciiliMiiliplinll, III. 1 lu.iCMM- inen linn up lie 11 .is iiilui'i , , ,iu .,,', ,(. ,in,,tilr. 1,, le-lp linn-ell nil 11 r.ii-niK .1 l.nep i,i.iiiin, 1,1 hi ; nli,,e cuiiiiii. itcul iisiic.' Hi- Kil-.iin, vv In. ft In. elbeie'l . complete cute, mid lie 1. uui .,. li I1,' .,n,l heaiti .1, i-vei he us Mr. Almidi ha n iniii'd fiiiiu tin. nm 1, inn he h is ineitiircd me .1 nunc tit l.libd .lee.intit of lit e.i.'c, im li t n , il 1,,, u ., ul CLVA' Kill" on, ,, A' June 2) 1SH3. Emi.ii i ul ,1 telle, fun,, )r .land Miers ' iii.-tib'e I'i, Im. in.,, i IUI..1111 liis I ecu .1, Id it, tin. Cuttiili lot ,11,, vents d llie medicine l.i. . illicit .1 ion .itiintt,,, eeli-bi iti , 'Im 11 .c.iiieli in mis in. 1 ,11,. I ii'co 1,1 nil IMi nil' oe-111 it unci I .111, In n,. ii, 11 I ivm nftlie in. 1111 in. . 1, tun. , iitiisi ol 11 Im li hi e 1111 liiisiliinw tiptill A ctr.lttliMis tint, be, Pin i.,t ui,,rli kiniu bv o.e In be i-fl'i e 11 it, I r.iiiiuii help but uV 1 mt 11 pi nil ,111111 lli.TP'n. A mnnleiliil piepainlioii In. lit pn iitii red In 1 c b 11 11, tu Pin,, scent, of t',, 111,., 1,1 k, .s. 1. .111,1 iiii'ih n aiirune, it'icte leuui'il lu te II1.11 iroujjt) Miypecied In lu-.pui 1t.1i' jAOiin Mv I rs. M. I) ittri,: t . .. . .. . .. 'fii.iiiiuin, ailin 11. 1 ctl I fun. 11.11 a, s;,7 ,,,, llr. . ili'uet )oiiell. In Ihe I'nnn leinis nl ihe Ye? t .. I ill- I'll I.11011 111 II. .I.iiii. I Sill is lis .1 the Vt. ,enble l'iiiii'iii.i-i t llilaiin is .1 v .1 In ib e uiiiltcn,e ,1 11 ,s iiet-11 ii.ho in tin- place 11 till ciitnple.p sun ess Iti su nil. tot ne cninptaiiii i,t il,i Innjs, alien, Vit unit -t'leie cinisli, Im. i, im,-,. Iti,,. rttsiuj uf tin eli bliinil, Aliirbbail i,ei sli ic-i.ted mini riptomeil piCs! I Iplii.iH, Abel tl.l" die l',lll Illie wesk. the p ilieii' i mice le nini ,1 and he 11 it. ..!'- n, -,e ik Ii by. ItiMia-e nceiiiieil sieue lime since, 'n.d ll.s nun is mm enj-is,) ,.m mil) in ai'tiie bin t,,l'i,i inn. bimiuesii lie. ,i ril,, Hi J.e. S MoiM.'ll.l, i is n-iii 11111 s- 1 1 .... sit .lure I u ,1, I intioit, irrj bm bi an .ilr-eliiin nfili. timys, hii, nn c-.i in ,1.. iii 1 11 .is dccl.lie t 10 be in, m able I11 a I nnhl'tl ul 'till e pin . lii'iiiis. I lls 1I11 11 re-loitd In .is i.ii I IiimIiIi a- I ImiI en in nl In, in. m,, b, tt.inj III,. , "fmIiIc P11I iiiiiniM 111 1, ".imp mi lecuirrv I irtniii lU'lideil llie Hilr-aiti ill 1121c.1l ui.iiii c. i.,. n( lt ciMiipl.ttiiu, ,ind u far n I can l-atn, its u.s I,., m IHH.1I1I1 been fiillim ed In ill li'iisfii, and liiinui, Instil lie Mil has I'lfeclcrt nilFf ubnll 11 Fte lint v imsx- pccied. Samull Evi Kiir, 11 " on. Ma, 1 1. 2 IS.17 Im -nip, iiliuli. and, hi PECK k brJ'.vu.Hiiiini , v 1 To llitlldors anil nllieis. HOARDS, Cbipbinnls and Plunk plained at short IJnotieci also a Circular Siw fn slutinp, at the lliitlington Iron Fnutidry. Turning done, or lathe 10 i' 1 tor turning lien I'o.ts or colmuns. C isliAc re. iciwdin pay. JAR is GAA. Ilurlinston, April 22 13'2. CKMICiN'T ('ISTKUjXS. rpilE -ul scider- haviii'-theruht to u-e, ju hu.1 f,,r X the eo in'y of Chmenden, Par' er'- llvdraulie Ce ment, for Ci-leru-, He ervi iis, Acq ed'iet-, Celldi Kitchen and S'.i' le Floor., for the nnrpo-e of mat. inir Hicin dryand iiroifnanit rat-; al o Hear lis, Sink Ac. wn ildinform the inhx1 i aut- of -aid 1 nt-, iha' they will I e ready Ihe cumins sea. in 10 .mend to all call-in the al nve line of 1 tisiue-s aud will warrant llieir work to I e dura1 le. JO-TPIl I.AM'ON. URLANDO OWEN. Ibir!iu?tnn, March 0. PI 2. N.H. All or 'er- ad Ires-el 10 ihe su'"cn' cr- al Hine-I iisghor ll.irliuu.oii will innnedinte tcntiou. n40 CHEAP ECOZ 'piIE faciliiicsof ihesubfcribcr in procurint; books, I and eviry ar'iclein Ins 'ine afo such ns to rendu prices, coirespondiiift to theliuiis.d. induce the public to ci ntinue luir patronage to his Seta Store. Any publications not on hand, will bepiouded as soon as orders cm be forwarded lo the Cities. Wotks received the present wee' , as folic wi Pictorial lliblc, Essays by Hnnnnh Muore, Hours f r Heaven, 'I einpiianc Myitis, AA'etdlh and Worth, Itatnahy R d(!, Thins' History of French Revolution, Illoomfield's Crcik Testament, llarnea' Noteson I-niih, 3 o's, Wistars Anatoniv, AVIiclpley'aCoinpend, Tho I'anio and Giory of Enclind, Zanoni, The Last Ttibis, hy Grant, A Wreath for the tomb, Lifrof Patrick Henry, .Sketch Hook,2 Vols. It is will, AA'ay Matks, D. A. flRAMAN. BOARDING HOUSE. The Sub-enlcr -till conniiues his board inc. house at the foot ofCollecesirect, near the Snuarc. and will u-e hi. best exettions to give alt.laeiion to thoe who Bny favor himwtin trcir patron - M rt f ini rtmveniint and ci.niie' JO.SJH v 1VIUM a;e. r h He '.i 't UO-NWAY Al Kl( I.M-.S. rnllE Sibserihcr AV I KIM 1 R, c,ves no.K I thll he h-1. -NCieed the Inle T. l.",.i,'.. I pieiinia ii.n of the well known Conway Milicim and will heienlier pile pnrncular niieuiitn it,' tbt pteoaration of ihc fi , ,iMn arucle-, ihe lnnc e la' lished t elebi lly of which,' preclude.- Ihe ne, e si' oru le-irnl licatum of the niimeroii- itinliiate. it the hands or the proprte or, Oocf. Jebb'f. Itlicumntlc f.tiilmcitt. nt m ltho Br He, Spiatn , Nuinlnes., Chili lain-, S i ins- in ihe jmtis, Ac, will a ir Ihe nio-l ttnexpee ed and immnljate rel ifin the mt -t obsliiiaieease- i.f llhe muni m, in lew t, ,r. ; t, article t- openly lecninmeiu'ed I y Phy ician-. 'I I , Liniment is done up inenlaied 'bolH'es. Price 3"' 1 cuts. " numfrlcs' Itch Olntinctit. The cxten ive -nit. and e- aMi bed repntatiui ' I CMH.11' Itch Ointmlst, entourace- the pro pren r m lecuiniiien.l it ,., Ie p llicwili lenevvei ei.ntii.ence, n- the mo t cecii: an I pi vierl'd lem edy for Ih . anii. ymg l,-ea ej it et nil a uH. eorv, ' rnnv o her ii.i.iceii. t. invtedii nt. an ! cne I e applied at all limes with -ifeVfea safety. Pnc 2j cent-11 Uux ' Itemed- fur Hie Piles. II,.! roncninnc t.-tmiony nl relevel patient-, from nil q-nirer', ii-tifviuc to thee ie- e 1 , the me hcice afietnll in her. had ImUd, loce her w r I he increasing t'ernanil forlhear i Je ri 111 all par Hie em. ntry, prove it lo I e one ol ibe mo-t valua H peeilie- I unvvn I'ortiii- trnu" Icstme caiuplamt. C7-"A Cleicymuit wriii , , , . " f1" Fel ruary 13, ISH I have made ina' of Imiulrie ' Pile Electa, v ; lound 11 pinduccda nlutirv infl em e aliui si io.o aaie y, and ei nh.'en'ly I elicve r on e ecu al it me . Ir that iin-oiiifoiial.,,. and delalt n'iuc couit'lam II iinaniij ha- mdui e l nie 10 recoHui', ,,d 11 to pir 111 Um-allbetol, antl-o I It ill eoulin, e lodo. Your- lespe.-iiully, j. s. " be rente ly e, n 1-1- ol an Oiu'ineii' and I feci, or I rice for I o l. .3 cn or 37J cent- when but t,i,e i w.iineil, a'ci,m, n 11 1, mn and ninp.'e nm tioos wi h a i'e crqru n 1 f he cninplauti. Diimfilrs" I'yc AAndr. 1'i.r core or inf.amtd eyes, no lunc known trh-r sti h immediate : comjorlnble lelicf, nit.l iu '-on 1 cxcecdmvlij bad easei be 111. st nucx, tettil nud i'e le ici el ha lnufo ml 111 the e 01 tin- li. , ounr rcmcuta naajuiita, l'er-on-wl Il.tVO ll'l'd It, 1111,111, ,1 ,. , nil,, 11 i. ,,,.,., 1... . piepjiaiiim f, r sore, wak, .r wjUimtd eyes, tl . have ever 111, 1 pi, e 93, em nli.itl,.. CUHG FOU CORNS. Albion Com Plaster. I he most -afeand speedy cur for Corns vet ill -'verel: llie relief 1. mini,'.,l..i. n ,1, ..,.!,: re nove- lhe"urn f nm the I'.nit wub n.1,1 ..,). ton and icithout the least pain. Price 23 i tin- p F di and amide directum. , ,,.,. ..,.t. ,.r .1.. at ove article.. .X. II. N.r.e i f the above article, will 1 e cenuili.- lilt--. -" ,,, I K ,, 1. . , . j 1 : u ., 1 1111 1 ne u-e .tee wra uier . ,,1 sit... , . . ,, t ,r,.r i. o mine Roc in. sr. .-- a'e S.iMf.,. 'it , 11 ruer o .ller uui- 1!,.,,. II., ,. 1. t, , " no-'on. Al-o iv PJ CK A SPi.Ali, llclincion, Vi. A li'ernldi co 11. n 'ovuil it, iValei-. FOR SALi:. rPIlAT l.iifc ami commodious two sin Vtr'tjl IttpS . 11 .Met. 1 ' vv en ittir 1 1 tnise .v. I. !''. situatid on the w.-i side ol Coll, ce nrc' Z?J- at the head ol'Colleire.sirei.i ; il, , ni. The Hir.,.. ,ss I,,. ,r, i," ..: wiliKi chen an Provi-ion cilliVs d win 32 ifj o.,. i Mendmcnoril, on C, le.-e(.'ree,-.viih woou .c -01 mi' -,. helm, and cliaml er- nnd -icepiii"' riou ';, '.I,,1,', la"''l'''cl"Oir.miboi. riurii.cnrr'ace hi" - it 1 hou-e, a nd other oiit-hou-e-, and 11 -pact var Mc-i or theilwellini! It., i-e, and a cood dura! le iie . Of vva er ol the 1 e-i ,, ,aluy , n. vilhtce.aii la ' r ;P'tl"l'.y"'-'!'''"qa-'ern."ie ol laud, ,. i,0 r 'h i, , a lar.-e carden and choice fruit tree-- we-t , the hi u e and jard. 'IheU iliunc- arecin-lruclcd in modern stv'e, fi il I e-t miieruil. and workiiian.hip, vier-ereeel 1 v I'r .iib-crilcrlnrhi. own u-e, and the loealu n a '.!!'i.Veri'.,it"'"M,' l'k'''"''at pro-pect .('the 1 ,:' We-l am et s,!rpa ,ed by auv other hi thi-part ot 'he eo ntrv. A -o torsiilea lot eoniauiincan ri.-re of land direct- .V.HP,Vi' 'C A"veU -villi a stiulle, nvei.ieiiiwio'a ilwebliic bo il.eteon. P ri-bajers are invn-l to call an I exmine for them selvi I erim, nuce known I y ihe ml .err 1 r on thu ' ni;1'-, 1 ... SAM I'LL RhED. II irbnc'on J me. ii. IS in. o i:.lia i.-ittiN of family riom I Hr. .iib-cril er is now- rive 7vr- '"-Tl C' it-lcnment. ml ,..,11 1 11 "... riiSSTSU I'1!'1,'1""' " '"h me USW! "I the ' hone t Hrands ol Western Cvar- I lo ir, ever o ered 111 ih - mar. ei. ft 1 erect Mill-of the h uhe-1 rciiu am n. I.e ii'.,l.. i "ur iiinir iiu-i'-rf" tl i re ,nn ',i-..,ii.. i'.H Flour ( V llilll "lull cive llie 0101 ,e,l",.. .i'i bii'tinn, and vv I ' e wan aired in all ca-i-. -V II. F.u ry Uranus ei nj andv 1 11 ban,'. Dealer- in F'.i'ir, Merchant- and ruuuiie- are re r eri tally invited to order and try the arucle. ."ir iiipitsi inircerin cool paeknci- vii'hou" elav, on tc-' if Draft-, certificate- id d'en-be Ca li J. -V III.VSI ILL. II River-si. Tr'V. April 25, ISli. .)-h,4 New Iil!il)lihinont. rriIE Mih-ciihers hat iiie 01 emu a Paint Ship i tbeh ilduicnneiloor South of Hisbno's Hot ,1, .1 ,. -r.. .I..I t r I I-- .1. '.. in Hotel, won 11 i.speiniiiiy ihiiirin ilmr fr 1 rids and li e pi b- i.e 1 111 1 ttiev nrc iniparul to rxecuie nil I mils of J louse, Carriage and Sign Fainting, Gilding, Glazing, and Paper Hanging, ,u the r.ritcst pi ,-ih c imniiici, and hope bv s ricl pi-is nnl aitcii'ion to biismc-s 10 nceiven share ol 'ha public patronage. It. G.Sp-l'I.niXG, , ..... ' ULOOJ.I.l,. Put.msti'n, April 29, l;d2. -ijif. SELLING OFF CllKAI'. I1 1 IE subscriber, desirous 01 eltismi; his business t n iivtiflerti to the public, 0 rof, the whole of h.s ocli in trade, consistine of n ..iree and P, neial as. s 1 imtniofph n 1111 nndjapiniitd waie, bra-ketics -"iv pip.M. stovis and litiuiiiiiies, anil tveiyolhtr 1. in ! hsii'illycalliil form hi. line of Imsmrss. Also i.n 1 hteof variousnes, l!u sn, Enc'sh,nnd Cni.s.'a -licit iron, shed copper, i.tie, h ad pipe, vine A", -e. All persons vip-lnm; t0 purchase any ot the n. .ve artie'it, nvc mvilid lo call and examine for th- ui-flves, and they will be convinced of the above statement. All accounts dee to the late firm of Slurr & Dow must be closed immediately, ctthir bv inin ent o- llOIC. J I QTlIHr Uurhncton, May 6, 45 ,- XlJW A Nil t'UKAP HARD 1 r.l il n, CUTLER Y, 4J.e. rAIIi: sa'scriber liavinn ju-t returned from New Air', where he bus si Iceled u plcle assortment ol HARDWARE, SADI LI'ltA1 HARDWARE, t V EERY, Ac. now ollus ihe tame nl Ihc low cm i-nn ni u i . 1 -im me j ii-inMi iviiit n up nasoi nnnminc Mi? wnU. he m ens-third lo ofl'.r unrn ,1 nlnii.i. r. nhly Ict3 prices than it has hiihirlu bn sold in Vcr iiiont. Those in want if Article in the above line will find it their interest to give linn a call. W.AI. J. HUNT, Rtrnnnj Hudd'ui, College si., near the Square flutlinglt'ii, May If '2. DRUGS &. MEDJCIAES. Til II E Ftihscribers aro continually auppl td vii. 1 ertry article tu lh ali vc brant h, both of the Oflicinalaud Pan tit kiinls. Aledicinal vianisfiom Sarntorit on. frnm Cnlcdonin, Canada 1 -Medical Wines and Spirits; Leechesi Sureical instruments! Mineral Teeth, Ac. Ac. l'icscriptions put up 111 lbs ihottrsl no ice. Shop oftn at all Ziouri. PECK A SPEAR, Apoihccarics. Hiirliiigl' n, A't. Juhl llh. MFSRIvS.PA.NGPORN A IIRINSMAIt) have just received sonic M icroscope- for ih examinanor. ofin-cct-, flovvcr-, Ac; al.i, Miero.-topes or Imea and wool provcr-i a few more leant fill innril Paris Acenribon- with semitone-, worth liim $12 to $25 Music Hon-. Fluto. Flaceoleis and other in.irn e I nunts i A few ltchl eol'd Gt nl's Sea rfs, I eatitiful pe tcrnst summer Stocks. I. oelrt.. Iirttannm Snlnnns sable anddravvmp Peac h, Ae h linieliC', orar r-nvtv; Ai-. .th A'arev S"- r

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