Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 30, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 30, 1842 Page 4
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a? "lie touched liisharp,nnd nations hentd, entranced." Tilt: LAND Of HURNS. laicribtd to David .iulil, I'eq., Doon-brae Cottage, Ayr. Tresis Ihcland odiums! here son; I'our'd for tli 113 tide of purest joy, 'Mang woody braes, in (rushes strong. And music's melting ecst.icy t Here, mture robed in Wrest shcort, Gives out her flowers, in beauty rare, Willi woodlands waving darkly green, Along tho bunnie banks of Ayr I And Daon, loved fury-haunted stream, feints sweetly ns it flaws along (Tit music for a l'oci's dream I) As conscious of the Pool's son:;! How Ion;; it fi wM by bank and bower, L'li'ecn, unsung, iiiiknoii by all, 'Till gr.isp'd by Hum's manic power As winter chains the wmerfalll Roll on, fair stream! in gentle wav, Singing soft music to the sea j Thy song, the piaisoof him who gav-8 To thee thine immortality ! A row upon the banks of Dom To mc becomes a faiter rose ; M irelovily bright at sunny moon, More fragrant at the evening's close.' The birds arc not of common wing, Thrush, bhekbird, lark, and linnet shrill To me they seem, what tinn- they -ini, As if the bard were lisi'uiii,' still! And "pints if they e'er ngiin Reviit srenes to fancy dear The ihrk'ning wood or ilovvry plain Then Hums ottuues i wandering litre ! A'one, or with some elder hard To show the stream, or wondy dill, Where fust hi infnnl str.iioo weic heard, Amid tho seines ho loud so well ! Hird haven language of theirown. They converM'in anuuknown tongue; T vulgar minds tuu-l hot be known Tliu hicalhiugs of the harp t hen strung ! Tomhsltil', snyiugi- dntk ate told, And mystic form ric to ilnir mind In lindovv g-irdons ihcy behold Tile future and the past combined! Old 0tin sang by Jlorvau's stream, A'l I S!n!cpenre, sweet on Avon Hint', Wlnlu Milton sojr'd m airy dream, 'il ing bowers of bliss w hen time was young ! Hut 'mid the lnrp'-rs bih in tune, What 1! ml more lofty nmv rompnre Willi him who btrat'd by bounie Dunn, Or wander'd 'niung the banks of Ayr! Fiom Alexander's Mt&stngtr. THEODOSIA; on a dau(;ii rnuvs i.ovu. An Historical Tale. Connected icith the Life of Aaron Jiurr. " An 1 of this, O'i ! my f.ifher be 'ir-t, That the Mood of thy chd t is as puro As the; I Ih4 eru t tin.', And the last thought thut soothes mc Mow. When thi blood of thy giving hath gusYd, W11. 11 lie voicj tli it l!i m lovlh is leuli'it Let my memory still be thy pnde, And fjrp t not I s.mled as I die I." HriiOM. " What is it, Ma, that makes Pupa so great a man? I know he is kind, luting and indulgent to ine. Oh, he is veiy kind in deed, hut then he does not love evety body as he loves me, anil yet eveiy hod) admiies him. Tell me, deal Ma, how is it ' " U by, rheoilosi.i, my dear, your father is a man of talents, he is a vry brave man, antl lias louglit the liattles ol Ins cotinliy, anil be is a great statesman, 11 pieut orator, and il great soldier. He is fit lo rule this Ite pohlic, mill hot for intrigue would now he the President of it," teplied thu mother of the prattling g'ul. " Is that the reason then I shall Int o him more than ever, if that be possible but you don't know how I Into him already," repli ed the enthuaslic girl. " 1 know it my dear, and feel quite eal 0'is. You don't love 010 half's.) well,l Veal, my sweet Theodnsia." ' Well, Ma, that's because you aro nnt a preat man. 1 love you very much, but I would die for my falhei," cried Tlioodosia, with great energy. " Me is worthy of all your love ami re speei, my dear child. Yon may cheiisb such an affection as the est of your uattiie," replied her mother, teudeily. " Dear M 1, 1 can't help it. I lovo him all dat , and ! dream of liiin till night," ciied Theodosi.i. ' Y 10 are a dear littlo enthusiast. I hope your love for lino w ill induce you to make yoitisell perfect in all your studies, us well as in an ami ible temper, which ton have, and in for ming your manners on tho best model, and lo the most agreeable tone. You know your father has a high idea ol what a polMicd woman ougui to oe, anti no expects you to be one, I hemlosiu. " 1 think I know all that, my dear Ma, anil lie gets idea lrom you. Ilmv few women aro equal to vou ! For my pan, 1 1 1 1 h i J 1 1 mure, aim 1 sunn inuKe you my mo del. ' " O'i, you little flatterer," exclaimed Mrs. Burr. " Is it flattery lo speak tho truth, then, my dear mother 1" " Worse, .ml worso. But my dear let us talk of siiiuething else." " Well, now tell mo what I shall do to pleasn hest I" asked thu. beautiful and artless giil. Acquire w the knowledge ymj can, mt sweet Theo'hisj.i,' I will, Ma j 1 will st.t myself to studt Italian Ibis tery day. French I know al ready, and I will tudy German ,! as f, music, and drawing (J dancing won't J. " ,," -'"".uioiy 01 an auept 111 ilium 1" Why, yes, my dear, certainly, you are making input advances in thmn, ,u't 1 rnn. not siy you am an adept in them, per fection, or even an approach to it, in any hu. man accomplishment, is a difficult and rar(, achievement. Your fitber, my lovo, U nut easy to pleuso.' Yes, Ma, hut he praiur mn and tirat js som proof tint 1 am not very deficient but, perhaps, his praisn Hows from luvu P Pailly, no doubt and partly from ymn profirb ncy.' Oh, how 1 do lovo my I'a, 1 with overy body lovoil 1 j i 111 ns 1 do.' ' Yes,' replied tier mother willi n dcep drntvn sigh, 'but that cannol be. Statesmen, who agitato public opinion, cannot lo uni versally loved.' What a pity, cried Tlioodosia, 'llion I would not bo a statesman. And yet, preat men, 1 suppose, like Pa, cannot help it.' ' I do not well see, my denr, how men ran avoid their destiny. You aro now reading Plutarch's Lives." Toll inn how could Per icles li.tvo been an hiimblu urtizan, or a la borer on the Pirfcnst' ' I do not think he could, no more than Socrates could havo been an Alexander.' Hero tho entrance of company broke oil' their discourse. By frequently listening lo tho praises of licr lather, lrom tin; donr nnd partial hps of conntiliiil love, Theodnsia became imbued with an idea of his greatness, which, added to tho love slut bore him, kindled in her heart an affection so enthusiastic as to know no bounds. Tho echo ton of her f.ither,s fame, vthieh ramu wafted from tho public hulls to tho domestic heai lit contributed to inflame her lovo for him, till she lo ked up on as littlo short of a divinity, and loriud in her paternity with a pride as unlimited as her love! Never before did human heart burn uith so holy a passion for the author of its heiut', as now throbbed in the bosom of the lovely Theudasia. Thut in years had strewed their roesnpnn the hliiiiniiu cheek of this mvioI anil beauti ful pill, when death came to snauh from bet embrace of love tint dear mother whose praises oflier father she took such deliidit to listen to. Theodosia fell the blow keenlv, and sobbed us if her uhTkted heart would hurst with its to; hot she restr lined her sorrow, in order to asii,ipi the erief of her surviving parent, whom slut beheld with alarm, bending beneath its weipht. Quick ly bnisbinsr away Iter own tears, -ho haste n- eil to exhaust till her endearments to co so e her father, and she succeeded because she so much resembled that mother, as- to create the illusion of her yet actual a sweet M't p.unliil emotion ;u i-mtr m his beatt, as he g i.nd on tho bi-iuteoiH likeness of his vanished p inner, anil listened lo the thrilling notes of love, a? ihey fell from her innocent lips, in tones of silver, melting like music on the ear. How rapidlt pass the hnurs of innocent vntilh, when sleep, nimifiled by care or pas sion, resembles the calm repose of any. Is hynined to iest In the melody of celestial voices. How soon is mm row tor llie dead, even when most beloved, nhlitei .eil hv the cares of life especiallv whin avaiice or ambition divide the soul between nflerlions more tender ;ind sympathetic. In the hus tle of a statesman's life, inr soon forgot the hist gem that fate had so cruelly torn from his bosom, and in the progression nl nature to maturity, Theoilosi.i soon lust all truces of the prallling girl, in the full blown chaiins anil vivid pissions of the peifect woman Five teats beheld Theoilosia a vcrv differ ent, but mute captivating being than over nut in these live seats, an eternity of time. in the mind of her fuller, seemed to have pas-cd without bringing him nearer to the itliug objectofhis bean's wishes the po-sa;ssion of supreme power. It was an anxious period, too, for Tlieoihisj.i, who had watched will! an agitiled iurit. the ebb and flow of public opinion, in favor of her site's pretensions lo the Chair of .St ttc on ob taining whit h, sho knew liU untiio ness to depend. In tins period, I heodosi 1 had excited the passion of love 1:1 many hearts, without feel ing her own touched by the d.ingoious inl'uc- lion. Under Ihe auspices of her Aunt .Miis- ton, she h id been introduced into the high est lushioiuihh: circles of the day, and her father's 111.1n.siou, at the head of vvhiili her Aunt stood, was the general resort not only of tho dite of the society of New Yotk, bill eipially distinguished fur elegant hospitality towards all foieigners of distinction, who paid a visit to the nmv world. Celebrated for her accompli hmenis as well ns beaulv, si aliiiidly attracted tniiro than conunon adiiiiralion, ami berame at once a marked object rif iiassion and sin nil nion m nnmlier. less suitors. Yet Theotlnsin w is neither too cold nor loo proud, to feel nil those fine and exalted ouioii'Mis, which prepare for the bos om a flame, of inextinguishable passion. .Susceptible and vi id in her feelings, she might have hi en supposed nnmnu thu first tn fall a ticliin to her acute sensihiliiy. ntid such would doubtless have been her d'eslint bin for the unbounded hue she bore her fath er, wlncii .seemed lo engross her whole be ing anil absorb all her thoughts. Among her numerous suilors, one was pre-eminently distinguished for the let t or of his passionate love, manifested on evert oc casion by the must unbounded devotion", and whose ciarcs of person, combined with the highest intellectual qualifcs, to inspire a re ciprocal passion, and dethrone tho absolute sway nf paternal love. Cb.irh s Allston was a native of Charles ton, .South Caioliua, whose ampin inheri tance, frnm his father, plared him mining the owst opulent men ol the day. Ho was sju.iid ing the listless summer months ut the North, when the aciiibuts of .society In ought him it contact with 'I'beoilosi.i, ;it 'ilir- house of be. father, whose hospitalities braced all win had any pretensions to foniine. ncriiiimliJ,. menls and lopnhlirunism. Allston was alik. distinguished for all but the latter, and lien thu moment he beheld Theodnsia, ho w'ic controlled by a power as iriesutiblo as ilia of file that power was love. In AlUlon, Theodnsia saw hut one quaint above thu of her other suitois, which pat", him a claim to her preference and that was a mine marked detoliun 10 her father and Ins lame and lottune, than was evinced In his rivals, a devotion who-ii feivorand zeal found a limit" uf sympathy in her bosom, thai brought all his excellent qualities of heart so near to her inspection that it ttns iinpos. sible sh could fad to appreciate them, ni the same lioio that he became almost ;l part of herself, in the idolatrous affection wiih which she legarded her father. ITmh.i llw. ii.0 1' .1 t. ,. " ..... ...111..1H n in sorn lerlinos j was natural lo expect that Theodosia could not fail at l ist to heroine a victim to thai love which she so often inspired and which she now felt in all its fervor, without being at liberty to disclose tho passion that devoured her peace, without surrendering for-ver the great object of her life, the ambition of her father. Fenced to dissemble her feelings for a time, sho resolved lo defer her own happiness 10 tho success of tho parent she so fondly idoli.ed and if necessary, even sac rifice her peaco of mind forever, lo attain that darling object. Could she hut perstiado Mlston tn join in her intended efforts to se cure power fur her father then, indeed, would her felicity bo completo j then would sho avow her lovo for him, and sharo his for tunes foretcr. Allston had long languished in hourly ex pectation of awakening 111 tho bosom of his i'i l, ,111 1 1,. n conisponiliiif; to i. t which devoured his own heart. Theodosia appeared nil tenderness nnd affection, and ho resolved to luuzard a declaration of his passion on th first favorable occasion. Such tin opportunity soon presented itself. Shu was reclining on a sofa in nn elegant drawing riioin of her father's mansion, in Now York, when Allston entered, his cheek flushed by bis own daring tletermiliatiaii, his yet; unusually brilliant, Ins step clastic, and his bosom heaving with tho intensity of his emotion. 'Dearest Thendosiii, do I at last find you alone? It is what 1 havo lung desired. Y1111 cannot bo ignorant of the passion with which your unequalled charms h ive inspired tno' he here took her hand, as hu seated himself by her side 'and now I have ennio to learn my fate perhaps to receive a death wound ; but presumptuous ns may appear tlio hope, I cannot behove that you aro in sensible to my passion.' '1 havo listened to yon patiently, Allston, and was prepared to hear your tongue utter what t have surmised by your actions, that your heai t fell. But there is an object lo he accomplished, before 1 can reply to your oirer. 'Name it, dearest Theodosia, and if it be in tho power uf mortal to achieve it, it shall be dime.' 'You are aware or tho state of parlies here. All tho hopes of my dear father, now rest upon turning the votes of this city to the Re publican of making a ininorily a majority in fuel, of producing a complete revolu tion in the opinions of the people. You know my father's tact and atldiess. Willi your aid be is certain of success. On ibis depends his reaching tin head of the govern ment. I can do much, you can do much more. Until this is accomplished I can think of nothing: 111 lel.iiio.i to myself. You have my esteem and friendship to ho worthy of my hive, you must labor to gratify this first desire of my heart.' Her bosom heaved wilh agitation. 'But I am of the opposite party, yet do I admire your father of till the public men of thu day.' Allston paused, undecided how to net." 'I cannot say more,' replied Theodoisa, 'you know my final determination.' ' t shall ho done. I will accomplish tour wishes, if it be in the power of man and here renounce party, friends, consistency, every thing, to join in tho elevation of your father,' exclaimed Allston, passionately. 'We now want b t three hundred voles. ! can tntself answer for a third of them. You know my father, he can do lelialcccr he undertake.'1 'I know it, dear Theodosia, and you will shortly see him, where your wishes have so long assigned him a destination at thu head uf this gieat nation.' '(oil grant it, Allstnn ; for I have lived hitherto for no other object. But lose no lime line. 1 have man) notes to despatch, and must ho active in devising means lo per suade the people to their own good.' '1 know your zeal in a good cause, and yiiitr talents far exceed any that my sex can bring into requisition, (iod bless you.' Theodosia extended her hand which be rais ed to bis lips with feivorand took his de pai lore, Allston was gone. A lightning ray of triumph and satisfaction shut from llie utes of Theodosia, as she clasped her hands in ocstney, exclaiming, 'now all is safe, one word lrom him, and Ins paity, nuu-fuiulh at least, will follow hiiu. Nolilu Allston ! suc ceed in this, and 1 ainyimis forever.' Her wish and calculation w eru realized. Their united exertions completely revolu tionised thu politics of thu city, and a ma jority in favor of tho republicans was re lumed lo llie Legislature, in whose hands now reposed lite power of deciding the Pres idential election. As ihe fust reward of his political services in the contest, Col. Burr was nominated thu candidate for llio Vice Piesidency by his party. In thu course of the canvass cairied on by Allsiou, hu encountered some littlo vexa tious opposition lrom his friend Geneial Dallon, who being a federalist, exptessed some siirptise at the deficiiun of so zealous a member of the parly. 'But, bow, Allston, can you justify your self fur this course,' said the Guiieral 'Love, alt powerful love ! You do not know Theodosia Burr. To know her is to adoru her ! She is all that the fancy can piciuru of heaven. Such a face, such a per son but mine ihan all such a tuiiid I" 'But what is tho connection between the lady and tho nation? Is love a republican my good fellow, that you cannot admit n wo man tt ithotit leaving your parly I What has Cupid lo do with iho Piesidenct V 'No, but she doles on her father to idola try, and will listen to 110 suitor till she sees a probability of his succe.-s. Theodosia Buir is fit to wive with Biulus.' cs, 1 see slio wants Heart, sue is willing to baiter herself utt ay for a conside ration paid to her father. To exchange love for ambition.' 'My dear General, consider, don't be too severe.' 'Well, AlUlon, are j 011 sure she loves yon?' 'That 1 thiol; will depend on the result.' 'Then my dear friend don't throw away tnurheuil upun a woman who can make hei iffcititius of the most delicate nature, a suh- ,ect lor political speculations! Where you i',ltc sure ton aro loved in return.' 'It is too lato to retract, to calculate. I .ove, I adore her so pray do not agonize me by such horrible suggestion's replied Allsiou- 'Well, I say no more. Let us continue friends but 1 cannot yield to your infatua tion. Adieu,' How trilling a remaik will plant thorns in the bosom, eten where faith, lovo and de votion are unbounded. moment Allston became miserable under ihe impres sion that his lovo for Theodosia w ould never be relumed ! Heretofore bo had t ielded his vv hulo soul to the fond delusion, that to Into as ho did, was certain to insura a re ciprocity ol passion nor did hu even yel abandon that conviction, though deeply sha ken wilh mistrust, caused by the remaiks of U.illon, made in the spin! of prejudice anil sharpened by tho asperity of political ie sentmeiit. Ailstuu now became anxious and even inebr cliuly, and though he luvcil'morc than ever, ho execrated in his heart every sentiment allied to politics and ambition. Still all these reflections, all these bitter feel ings, and blighting thoughts, only served to iull.iinn his passions still higher, and totuake him morn desirous than ever of becoming an object of legard to thu brilliant Theodosia. Invents now crowded upon one another with exciting velocity, and Theodosia at length beheld her father chosen tu thu second office in the Republic, as a stepping stonu to the first. In the joy of the moment, flushed j with rapture at tho happy realization of all I her hopes, she yielded to iheuigent solicita tions of Allslon and becumo his biide, con fussing tier love, but declaring at thu snino time tint si e m-vrr would abandon thu for tunes of Iter father, whom she idolized more than over. For Theodosia this was a fatal prccipi tiincy. Allston from tho moment ho fell his own nnd convinced that his passion was sincerely returned, lost all regard and concern for Burr and when, at the earnest solicitation ol' his wifo, ho might asn nggocinlor with his party, havo secured tho election of Burr as President in preference to Jeffeison who had been intended for that office by tho peo ple, ho sternly refused and thus became, in some measure, thu cause of tho downfall of her father, as the federal members of the House only wailed for overtures frnm Burr, to elect him President instead of Vico Pres ident of tho Republic. From that hour, Theodosia felt that her lovo had in some measure been betrayed and abused by Allston, whom sho had cl er isbod in her bosom as one, who would hive where shu loved, nnd idolize at a shrine whero sho worshipped. Bitter and heart rending were her feelings at this harsh dis appointment. Still devoted wilh enlliui nsni to the fanio and glory of her father, shu continued to watch over bis fortunes and to pray for his success, notwithstanding the shadow which now rested on his name, as an alledged recreant republican: who nad tampered with his opponents, in intrigue, to forward his ambitious views on the Presi dentship of tho Republic; mi imputation, which in defence o'f his stem denial, still clung to bun with the tenacity ol a poisoned garment which adhered moro firmly in proportion to the efforts ho made to shake it elf. With his bosom now rankling with disap pointment if not vengeance, her father fiom this moment rapidly plunged ftom error to error, and frnm crime lo crime in his down ward career crushing the heart of Theo dosia in every stage of his descent, and making her repent moro bitterly, that she had ever united her rati; tn that of another, until she bad lived lo behold him at the height of his ambition, now so darkly ob structed by clouds of intrigue thrown upon his fame, and the blazing splendor of a pop ular rival's genius, lo blast his prospect by universil anticipations of defeat. On every side, she heard wilh dismay, the pro phetic, annunciation, "he has reached tho highest point, and never can gain the Pres idency that honor is reserved for his pure and spotless rival, the gifted and talented Hamilton." At tho evening paity, or at the levees of the Piesidenl, in New Yolk, Philadelphia or Wiishinglon.every wheie, llie doom of his exclusion from higher honors echoed around her, congealing the current of her blood, tvilb a thrill of anguish, little short of agony. F.ven towards Burr, she became reserved and sometimes morose, as if unwilling to be hold one, whose heart was equally embarked with her own, in the cause of "his waniii" glory, and whose pangs must sidd to his dis, mini. inning him for the struggles that his perilous situation now demanded for his extrication. Feeling that she could thus do no more for his benefit, she accompanied her husband to Cli.n lesion where, shortly after, he was elected Governor nf South'Caroli na. Deeply was Burr affected by her de parture, and the big tear fell from his cheek as he imprinted thu last kiss on her brow Theodosia felt too intensly to trust herself I with u soi ions farewell, and embrnring him j wilh an affected levity, she bid him not flat ter liinisell Unit lier iibseiici- would bo nf long duration. Oh, li.u nguny tlmn wnmp her heart, when under the semblance of a smile, she, for the first lime in her life, bade adieu to the parent she atlored. But shu dared not think of their parting, and only torelterselt away, l) indulging in every spe cies of levity, wholly foieign to her real feelings, and strangely at variance with her own sense of respect, propriety and deco rum. The departure of Theodosia, like the loss of bis better angel, left Burr a prey lo all the evil passions, which mortified feelings and bullied ambition, engender in thu mind of a powerful and high spitited man. Wilh bit terness amounting to agony, did he dwell on his past miscarriages and deplore ihoinfatn- 1 ntiou that had retained him from grasping the ' highest point of honor at every sacrifice. I True, ho was Vico President but what was ' that? An eminence of obscurity lo him 1 more actually sensible of the einincncu of biightness that glared above him, and which hu now began to feel he never could attain. And for whom was this brilliant crown re serted ! for a deadly foe, a hitler rival, one whom he had long hated, and who, from his very boyhood, like an evil genius, had cou slanlK crossed his path to mar his' ambition. 'Hamilton! that accursed evil spirit of his furtiines,' bo muttered tn himself, 'ibis hiil- liant piizo was reserved for Hamilton.' Brooding perpetually over this idea, ike Ca- lo fesleiing his heart wilh haired fur Ciesar fur his good fortune, his friends eaughl tho contagion of bis vindictive spirit, and eager! v seeking for an occasion of quarrel with his great rival, soon reported to Boir's ear, the savings and remarks of Hamilton, derogalo to Burr's fume, from the epoch of tho Rev olution down to the present tinn all of which painted out in the gaudy colors of ag gravated exuggoi. nion being" reported to Burr, a demand for satisfaction ensued ex planations were proffered by Hamillon, vthu was nvoiso to duelling hut declined by Burr its tinsatisfictort. Tim fatal meeting was unavoidable by tho victim, Burr being chafed by his own spirit into tho ferocity of revenge and death and victory over the characier of his rival was tho mono of his banner, which hu had engraved there by tho chisel of revenge. Hamillon was cool and lesignrd, but de jected. He had no hopes of surviving the fatal, having already made up bis mind 10 fno into the air, to avoid ihe possi bility of his wounding bis antagonist. He therefore repaired lo ihe pro 1 as lo the place of a voluntary victim to tho code of (also honor, which "emu led his hfu to resciio him from that popular delusion, which decrees to the recreant the doom of the coward. Hamillon fired high above the head of his advesary Blur's pistol was aimed, in ihe H cttzv of bis hatred, at the heart of his rival, who fell dead upon (he spot, The public became excited almost to madness. (Concluded licit treek.) The Thoiuasion (Me.) llecorder sayslheir town columns iiyhl doctor, tin ministers, and rlcwii luwyi rs enough, (Spear thinks, 10 nify Death, the Church, and the dcul. Hold on &pe.u! An Irishman recommending a nnleh cow said that she woiiU jute, milk year nfur year without hating

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Thu afternoon train, ntao llirnnch lo Hoston leaves Iho Depot at Grcenbnsh nt 3 3 nrrivo nt Chatham nl 5, nt Pitluilcld GJ, nt Springfield nt M p. jr., caVe SnrinplU'ld nt 2 A. M. nndnrrivoin lloston nt8 A.M. rasstnjjers lenve Albany ns nbotc nt 3 20 and not Inter to lnsurp n passage. Thocar9of llie Hudson nnd Berkshire road will run between Chatham nud Hudson in connexion with boil (tains. j'nsengcn for Lebanon Springs leavo iho cars nl F.dwnrils, thence by stago to tho Springs, about 0 miles, or Irnm I'illfiel(l, nslhey chnnr. ran itAiiTFonb axj av; ir tiAvr.s. sengersle.ivuiu' All nnv In the iiiornuur by llie 1 Ichiro G nVloik Irnui fiom (iicenbiisli, nrrivo in Sprinificld at 12J a. m. amy leave pringli. Id at 1 for llartfotd tbeneo by cars nrrivo in Nnw-IIaven by 7! p. m Or leave in tho 3 33 p. 111. train, arrtvo in Springfield at BJ p. rn. ihrnrp nl 8 n. 111. by Stenni Hon I lo Hartford, nrrivinsr iheront 11 thence by Sttam lioat at 2 p. 111. arriicin Ntw York neM morning by 5 o'clock, or tlitv may leave Hnrlford for New Ilnven by Rail Hood a'to p. 111. nnd nrrive there nt7! p. 111. Steamboats leave New Haven for N. York daily to aiwr.srini.n. iia so vek axi UAViunin.i.. Stages will bat.-Springfield, lailv, nt 9 P. M. for Hayeilu.l, via Noithainptou, Greenfield, IJrattleboro' nnd Haunter. Stages nlso tun daily from West llrookfitld to V.aie and Unfit Id from Palmer to Thtce Pawns, litlchertown, Amherst and Moison -1-10111 Wilbra ham to South Hadlev nnd .Northampton. Fare to Spriugfiild SI. Pasengers nre particularly requested lo procure their tickets bclore 'lilting seat" in the cars. Tickets can beobtnnud in A bn ly nl(S. It. Pat-no'" office, 2 J I roadway, or nt tii ket o lice in Dcpn't, nt Greenbiish. FltKlGIIT DnPARTMF.NT A Freight Tram will leave Grcenbush daily, (Sundays jxceptei!) for l!oton, nt SJ A.M.. Charges for Flour lo all rastof Springfield, 37' ct?. ner barrel, and when in lots of 100 bids, or more for l!olon, by special contract at reduced nriees. First eh s freight, such ns imported DrvGiods, Teas, llonnel", llootsand Shoes. ner 2li(in llie 2d class, such as Hides, Leather, Hemp,, Fresh meals anil Fish, nt G 50 per 200 lbs. 3i) class siir h as I'oiton, I'veW Is, Melassi , Sugar, c. nl 8" per 2000 lbs. -lib class, su h as roil, Grain, Pc Iron, Lumber, Wool.A-r., at SI per 2000 lbs. Ktery nifornnlion will be given nt the ollice in the Depot at Greenbiish. NOTK'F. A Mi rehnndi7eCiir will he attache I to ihenfternonn pistngei train, for the aecoinnioihtion oflhosewho may de-ire to forward some pirticuhr article of freight with extra di spatch, nnd vt Inch nre of n pcrisha 1c nature ; ueh n butler, ipc. Kates nf Knight will bedouble IstClass per regu lar freight train. S. WITT. Freight Agent. w.i., cr Trnn-pui union Greenbiish Depot, July 11, 1812. CANADA MAIL. II v a rerent arrangement of thu Department, th I xcliaiue Office nt Hyhgate has hem Iranslerud lo I'.iirhugtnn, where n mail is made of for Montreal daily, (Sundays execpn d,) at 7 P. M. nnd des, inched per Stcnmboit. I!y ibis arrangement tho regular tiiuebetwci 11 Huston and Minimal is lint two s, nnd between the latter City and Hurhngton, only ten or twilte hour-. Post Masters in this State, and east, will please n' e notice of this airaiigenicnt, nnd govern them selves n eordingly. The f'anada mail nrrives (per 1 nat.) nhout 7, nnd letters to be mailed at Hurhngton, shuuld be depc-i eil in the offico by G P. M. II. B. STACY P. M. Hnrhngton.July 21 l'I2. ) Qr. C.a ks of terv ehnii o Wini s o( di "ereiit kind-, for t.ile by May a. S. WALKI lt. I'rosli Flour. r"1lirc -ub-eriler- are daily receiving and o'er for Fresh Flour sclec'ed with care and a su perior article. I-'OLLCIT & 1 HADLKV. Old Docl...liuie 3. l.un m n coal. flMIll Sub-eri'er- have ri'ee vwl a iinnlv of Le- liii-'h foal, which lliev n rr OIU Di.i-1., MnvS7. KUIJ.iriT sV IIU.VIM.i; V. SHOES. BLACK and colored Hall Oniier-, French Kid and fpriuirbeel hns, W I' inn Sb. o-, Men'. P nip.; Jli-e- Slip- nnd Children'- .-lues-, ofG.N.Fnre-well'- mann'm lure, m-l re' cited aiulfor-alens cheap 11- the eheape-t. Mnt'27. II. W.AIATI.LS. Florence lSoniicls. 1 CASH rioreiiie Urn id Honncl-, new -hape-, of -I all quabtie- and prae-, ti ene.l this ilav 1 v May -'i. II. W.CA'fl.lN. liOflhotn llnte. QIXGI.F, and double brimmed colored nnd white O Le-.-horn Hals; col'd nnd white I'alm Lmfllats, a large assortment, tcry cheap, hv Mil' -6' II. W. CATLIN ritlll Spcivhe- of the I Ion. Thomas F. .Mai; uai.i., J. eu ALCOHOL and I N'l I'M PI- ItA.NCF, and PASIIlO.NAltLK WINL-DHLNKIMi. v.r.-.l :.. I be llroailwav Tal ern.ule, New Yoik.on il.eeteof tin., i.v. ...!' r.i. tv f .1 . .'.tlV II" nil', l.ll. u Hill IIH- ilUI-ll U'll ll MIC friend-nt Temperance 10 the nl ove worl., from u intrinsic worth, n. well ns from the high reputation of -be di-l'iurm-lied orator. .Line 21, IS 12. I). A. MKAMAN. Nova Scotia Hast or. THF. Subscribers nru this day icceiving a fresh supply of Nova Scotia Plaster, and will com. inence grinding til their Mill at tin- Fat's on Monday ikm. I'OI.I.r.'IT it H11ADLF.Y. Hnrlingtou, May 20, Is 12. 02 K K K R F 13 AT 8 1 loTi S ! -Jf-vrV, IHS. Lite (oe-e IVaiber-, pi-i receive. Uv.J Kj ami for Mileor enai lower ilutiirt i r 1 efore Mi'd in town. C. L. NLLSON. Mav 13. ay,- Vfll- S'.-ihh:illl S'l-liiml U,,.J IOR Kih nl die ol ihe Fub-eribcr n ren eral nfsortmi ut of the Massich setts and New York pubh Jtions for Sabbath Schools. Jnne 17. I). A. IIRVMAN. OAltGP.NT, SPRAGrF. & Co.'s TOHACCO, by O the qiiantav or otliertt tse. nl S. P. SCOTT. a ureal tanltv at I Juno 3. S. 11. SCOTT's. I'A 11 A SOLS. IJ It'll licured llrocnded, Olunn and plain silk Par i a-ols, all prices and cului, by May 2d. I1.W. CAT UN. jXotice. ; rPHF Sul scril er- w ill pay ea-li lorn few thousand 1- po' 200.I Flee, e Wool, dchveieil at their Store. licidiU l....rl..l.,.Mi HItADI.LVsV IIYDF. H'Tbiiiili'ii, June 23, 1812. Uroa lrloThs ClirapciMlian ever. 'J'Mir. subscriber has just reeeiveit an assortment of Cloth, recently purchased in New- Yuri, hi Auction, which heofilrs lor sale at such prices ns nnnot but suit purchasers. Tho'e in wnnt w lido well to cnll on .luno2i.j II. W, ('ATI IN. A'AMF (HHIl)S. BLFF. IIP.-. Itoml uzoie-. Crap.-. O.Ied Silk-, heavy Satin ViMins-, Limn ami Ki I Glove-, Sui.m-In-eri n?'. Ilcnr.ei llilli n-, Ar'ilieial-, III. Indian 'ruvii's, 'ltd le and lttiH.t l'i.i er-, Cotlou I'riu.'er, Cello i II"e, if-c. Ac. in. leieivi-d, 1 y June 2.1, 1812. II. W. OATLI.N. Illil lll'llill'll'si Sc vl line. j A I.AIttii: supply if I liu alnveielel raltsl Seytbe-, xi. warranted, furaleat rislmel price-. 1 OI.LL'IT .f. HHADLLY, Agcul-. Oil Dock, June 21, 1813. Ci'ditr I'ost.- 1 niWf:1)AI1 fill's, a lir-l ralenrtiele, for i itU .ale low by FOLI.I.TT f. HltAI.I.F.Y. Old Dock, 21 June, 1812. lMishioiialilo Hats. 2CASns J, A. II. Knovver's wnrrnnled Hal-, cheap for cash, at May 27. S. II. SCOTT'S. i.l:W)77sr Xf I'OXF.S of l emon, in prune order, for ale at JVJ .New York nru e- mi l fn islit, I y O'I )o.a., Muy 27. FOI.Llri-jT. IIUAI'LF.V Cf II1IDS. (iaidiur Hretver's N. Kiigland Hum, W w 30 Pijicj and Half Pipes Amerieiin llr.iudy , -luuu no iiaiiimoro tun, 10 do do 'Pellet oistn' Hrandy, 5 do do ' Swan' Gin, 10 Illids, St. Croix Hum, 30 Hbls. Sherry and Madiira Wines, 35 do Malaga do fi do Port do 31 Dec. IR 11 Jiy J.&J. II, PKCK ACo Quills. AN K W sipply, e Ihe highest nnml , mt re ceitclu HI NTIM.'IUVS J lie 10. PEKU IIt0N COMPANY HAVK, mat will constantly keep in dipositc with their Agents til iliulington. I., Peru iniinufac lured Nails and Iron, of thu following descriptions, to Wit : tii . , , XA1I.S. 3d, -id, 5d, G 1,6.1, lOd, 12,l,20d,21d, 30d, 40d, BOd.COd. .S7'A';.S'.-4 inch, ! 1-2, 5, 5 1-2, and G. 7A7.S7A-7 .Vl.&'.-Gd, Pd, lOd, 12d, manufac- limil specinllv for flnirluns nico tvotk. FLO Oil .AILiS.-m,m. und 21d. IRON. IIOUS1J ;OA',-3-8,7-10, 1-2, d-ig, 5-9, ll-lG. 3-t, 7-8. 1 inrh. 1 1-8, I 1-1, 1 3-8, 1 1-2, 1 G-8, I 3-1. 2 inch. 2 1.1. 2 1.2.3. nnd 3 1.2. SUVA UF rO,V,-3-8, 7-10, 1-2, 9-1G, 5-8, 1L1C, 3-1,7-8,1,1 1-8, 1 1-4, I 3-8,2,2 1-2 inches. IJAS1) WO.V.-l 1-1, 1 1-2, 1 3-1, 2, 2 1-4, 2 1-2, i a-it a. i-i, i, I'i, ft men. TUiK HlOX, 1.4, 1 1-2, I 3-l, 2 wide, nnd from 3-8 lo r. fl thick. UOIlSi: StOn tnnS, varinu. size-. UAMi: AND SCM.L WON. do. do. MAIWLH SAW FLATUS, cut lo order nt sh'.rt 1101 ice. ' The Peru Iron Co. manulncture their goods at Clin ti nville, N. Y. from Iron of ihuirntvn male. They in'end to keep in ihcliuuri of lheirngent n more full nnd complete iis-nrimenl tbaiiean le found In llie Slate. Il is I o'levo I that the good- from thi (viab le litnenl nre loner tnnnufacturod, than tho-e from anv other in it vieiuiiy, Pureha eisarerc pecifully folieitod In inspect the floisl. nfihis Co. Prn o 11. low and terms it- l.ivor able, nsean I nil tn t mil in ilmS'n'p. T F. & W. L. S'l llONO, Agenls. Anr. 25li, 1312. (Moth Caps. JtTSTrcc'd direct from die ninnufactiirers a full ns sortment of nil ' mils Cloth Cups and For Side nl great bargains by, June !), 12' H. W. CATI.IN. iiom n ci-mknt; " 1 (( II VRRKI.Sof thiscelebrated Cement, its J JJ rpiahly hating been tested and found su perior lo an) in use, for sale at tr Huced prices, hv Sept. Sill. 1842. I'OLLKTT it HRADLFY. " . ICSC(H T. 1S now openincnew floods in ntiundance. Those . who havu t'lish will now- hnve a tare onoorttitutv of purchasing cheep. To undersell nil former prices, is uie orocr oi ineiiay. Cheap Groceries. HYSO, llysou Skin, Younir Hyson, Pou chono and Souchong; Teas; Porto Uieo, Cu ba muscovado, New Orleans, I.nif, Lump, and Hindered Sujjar ; Kalacratus Kice, t'epper, pice.lluinatiion, iVutineo., Coves, and (iin ."'r; ALcoliny and Scotch SJiiiiH': Catenibsli, Fine Cut, ami Sinokinrr 7'obacro. K mi1 islt inns. 'aril, Ilir.Snap,&c. tery cheap by Just received, nnd for sale 1'. DOOLlTTI-i:. 11 Ovv 3lb, Sent. isr?. THEIIMOME THUS. "t'ST a leiv lino uirse 'Iiiciimometcrs, I Cr.uiuate.l to 10 and 5(1 1 eintv zero. PA.NG1IOR.N .1- llltlNSMAlD. Aiign-1 2."i h. 7 LETTER 1 'A 1'jTlt. "rom 10 cents to 73 cents a quire embracing eve - rv t-nne'v from low nriees to Hindis!! liottlc Pa per clevi n years old. Also, I-'nglish nnd American note paper, English and American fohi. Post or double I.-tMr. Hm' Post Ac. .V.C. For sale by C. GOODRICH. Sept. 7. l'urliimory, Soaps, Hair Oils, Cosmetics Sec. AUINA'S I e-t German Cologne; Prenti-s' and oth er ColoL-ne, Lavender, Ko-ew.uer, Hay It on and Hay Wu'er, llonev Wa er, Cold I 'ream, .Mill, of Ro-e , Ouo of He e, Oin Tuotbe-l'a te, Orris TiD'b-Wa h. Ciller neT io h-Wa b, Totnh Powder-, .lavne'.- Il.ur Touic, H.ilu of Col Hid ia, Ward' Hair Od, Hear-, Ilot.ih', daeea--nr, An'iii eand other approved h.iu Oil-i Toilei nn I .N r-ery Pcwdcr, P i ! and Powder, Lip Sa ve, Court I'ta ler, Heraauint, Vinegar House, th.neselt uiv, Ponni uii, l'lu-nm Sail-; SO PS, .Naple Soap, Sa-iiMMieou. Compeiind, Cieme e'e H'o.i, Fhiauiii! Soa ., (.'a-tile Snap, Wind or Soap, Wa h Ihll , Cn -o.i Soap an I various oilier kind , Snap tor removing -lain-, srea-c -pot. Ac. Ke an Soap, China ('eiiien', and i 'her ariiele- ill ibis line. Medicinal Articles. Morri.on's Pill-from die Hriti-h Ci l'ese ol Health London. Indian Piirgnnve Pill-; Sherman'- ('niiirli Worm Lozense., p. or Man'. Pla-ter, Sberinan' lic loia'ive Lozeuee- lo eoie I'y eniery and Howe! Complaint. : Sherman'.. Hiea-i Oiulinenl, nn I nio-t kind- nt Dr. A. Sherman'- Loenae-. 'I hornp-on'.. Pirl.lli'. and Peier-on'. I.'je VVa-er, Seidle-K Powder-. StH.iIiiiir - r.ij. for i.fiildri'.i iiinfi7 tcelli or hivins sorosum-; .MOI IintS ltl.l.Il.K. .N. H. 'llie under urned aie aireni. for veral el llie u' ove pjp dartiieil.ciiial aruele-, and -.-ll tbe.o ai w nolo too or renin in llie lowe I pri-u-. Seine ol Ibrin were puri'h.i-e l I y nspie-t of :ho-e who wehc! (iirlbem. A fie h ."pplt ;o t roc eive ', and up ttlio well for anyihtiigm llie above line are inviel lo eamiiiei iibivaud pru-e-, at llie Vnrie'v S oie. Augi-t IG h' PA.NGIIOHX vt HltlNSM IP. Also, Widow Chair-, Watson-, Crad e , Ac. A..s. If. h. P. n. Informal ion Wanted. Hl'ldl Ml ltPIIV, ol the Town if Moch'.-rnni-e, I ari-hoK arliiijt.ii-I.Conuiv L ."lb. Ireland eaine to tlu. in n rya'ni' 12 ve ir. a.-n, th -lir-t two year- i o ni-1 in u ue i uri:u .inn n.irnn-ion v i. ami w hen la I heard ooui 1 veil ut Tn y N. Y. Hi- 1 roiher P.vr ek who now ie-i le. in II irbuirloii Vt. t i.-he-, to ol laai inlornialii.n t.f li'r. tvbeieal outs. Aug. 15, IS 12. "paiiTrru A XT F.ST'S Patent Paint Mills, jut received ar.d w for sale hv it Astiicc., 12th August, lV2 1 1 A TV HE SAN7) CLOCKS'. IALir.S and Genreuien'. J line (iollea-id LLVI.RS and LI PINK Watcl.e. of the mo I nppri te l tna' er- an I ol die mo-t fa-hiiiiablc and pre' ty pai'ems, large and in.i! ; al o, tine motcnietit. which will 1 eca-ed lo any pattern or dered. KPINKWATCIILS.Qcau tii ii and LnolisU Watciiks. Also, Per -a'e, at very rcasona'le price-, a ,cw-gi il Hnsh h Waiclio-, whith bate 1 ecu, an I will run as w e ( a- new one-. I mi tss and wool r.v ci nrvs ....... i,.n.i PcsslsnV Cli ck, anil die large old-lusluoncd bia-. Clo Ii f r ale q me low. ir-jt'lovl;. and Wa.rhcs cleancl an I repaired Willi ne.itne-s auddes-i.iteli an I warranted, a- u PANUliOHN .J- HltlNSMAID. Aug. IS, IS 12. EL O U 11 . IT'RnSH Ground (lour received this day and for sale by May 20. D. DAVIS, FARM FOR SALE. n FOR SAI.F. dint will Loou-n Pirm .it. C'-vr,fc i,ni,.,l ii, M li,, 1 I'..,,.. ,!, 5 u uppir I'ails, formerly ovv ued and occupied uj uieiiev 1(, crane, containing tie tvveen 273 and 300 acres of laud, compri ed m part of mowing, Ullage, and pastorim.-, nnd goi d wood lots and sugar orchard. Said farm is well watered, has two good dwelling bouses, one of which is of brick, the other of wood, belli in goal repair) ihreo good food barns, one of w bieh is U0 by 4t ft el, die others 30 by 40 leet ; a horse hart! and oilier out buildings with good tarda and wnitr brought into them nnd to lhehoun in log , nnd alo three uood wells of water on tin farm; being n desirable siiuaiion for a man I who wauls torai-cneat stcck or fbecp or both, or! is an evceiii nt laim lor llie ilairy luisiness. Those wishing to purchase such a farm would do well by pplymg soon to John and Janus Mi. nun 011 the, or lo Gen. Win. Nash of New Haven. Milton, Jlarch 21, 1312. J2 if OOODS niecheap, and will be so until agood Tat v I tir takes ilm d ice of the vacuum, subsii one Ytloes which have nlrradv collapsed the whole American National He nbliean jiciii of encour agement to Agriculturists by non-proto lion to Mini, uticlurers ; the whole iiun and sulnlnnee of which is that we havu for the last past several years, been Iffis'uliug under nnd fi r dm benefit of Fnuign Nn lions, rather linn fostering our own industry, whiih when it showed itself 111 individual or united cuter prize was struck with the p.'inluic Yeto shock; nod n the People will soon will that tiht Power shslj cease to opcrute against the National Republican Yi tahlv, then Iho Agricultural interest will ho improved, the Jlamifaciories set in motion, the Laborer of tho Country find advantngnus, employment, money begin ngnm liirirculate, nno nil the pretty nnd useful kinds of GOODS then as now bo had of the People's ngent. HOWARD. Chrnp Cash Store, Sept. 1st, ISIS. LOOKING GLASSES. A LAHCil'. 1111 1 well selected nssortment, consist ing of (11, Miihovanyand Gilt, MohoZany, and Fancy framed Looking Glasses, for s'.'o ni yrcatly redumi prices nt iho Hardware Store, Corner of Church and Collego Sis., by HAGAR & ARTHUR. Ill orison's Pills STAND unrivalled as a clean. er and flintier r.f the bowel., blood, nnd iho whole jMim In Diur rbrea nr lioseness nf ibel owels u I other Miiiinur complaints, iIioki can I e i-chiil upon ,veh pe. kt-i c n lidcnej aaccaunon nieh. inc to I e l ,1 teady Irr Use 111 alloc aion wbeii'iicidiartii i-ne. ti l.iii. liiftl ue 11c .11 Pel S. Id iiU ut I - V,i r ' tl,'',l)tl ,f, pl! .) vi n URL I KG TON BREWER Y IS now in full rpernlion tind can fmniOifillrrticr-. for UCKK not lirn i ,lIi. ?!... t... tR'Wi.r) Hun ng.ovTig. ast N. I.'.'. llum" so mid-, n. i:. un, 50 , n,.M,.U:Pt"lADLKY. Vlt l'l't,t( Jlllll.' Qt DOZ. Woculcn Hake, at greatly rcdm"!,, a lid 11 V-Cre RMIHTiMP firll.l.. r.. .nt.. i... 1 50 Old Dock, Juno ,1. FOLLLTT t IIRa DI.P.V llnallili C..l 2 --"-.... ..til OUCH-.. I.O.xr.S Garden Seeds from Yankee Farmer OlllCe. Hoatnii. f.,- ..LI... f nnnnnir... tn.ry 1 ' "WWWItltvll. . Also, Into .Mulb iry Seed, Rutn Hnji Scd. (scotch purple ton) Sage Peed, nt onerourth Iheusunl price, l'cs-endeii s American Gardener. '-infl M IHULLI.iriiy'ed Needles, OVJyJ 150 Gross Hooks and F.ycs. 200 do. Knitting Pun, 100 Packs American do. 300 do London do. 100 Lbs. m.xcd do. for salebv Mny27, IBIg. YIL.VS, LOOM1S Ac CO. NO Tt CE. C'OMF. into the ineloseure of tho subscriber, about 'llie SOU of May iwo yearling heifers, one lina hack, and tho other red. R. L. MILLER. Colchester, July 10, 19(2. hardware; milF .ub-enicr having reientlv replentshel his L stoel;r,l llnr lware, o :er. ft r snle the following Good-, at llie low e-t pre e-. Cutlery. Table unit De.-ert Knive.- and l'rirk,rn nnd Pock et Knives, Hazor-, Sei-or-, Sheep Shear.-, Butcher Knive-, Shoe do., Sneb, &: &v. Cariicntei-s'aiid Joiners' Tools. C.i-t und Spring Steel P.iunil, lliiml and Ripping aw.j Cireti ar do. lrom 8 lo 21 inche-; Cm cut and Mill do i s;a'er'. Hrai e- and Hill-1 Firmer and mi.rtii e Chi-el.; Oooie-, Piano Iron-, A'nrer , Sim-liinn-' Hun t Axe , Ade-, Ituuoiier-, Co.; Hang, anil l.ildwur- PI ine ; Tn.ii r, Pit- aw. Mill. aw. Ua-tard, l.i a nig, Wnrdiug ami (J.ib'tiol I'des ; Shi e, Wood ii n I llor-e I!.i-p-j a general a-oruneiit ol Saddlery llirdicare. farming; Utensils. Cradle-, Scythe , Mamueaiid Hay Forks ; Hoes I Aine ' Shovel.; Spade , Dm luiii!, &e. &c. Kiirnlsliln? and lliilldcrs' Ilardttarc. Tray-, Hi n.iiinia 'lea and Co eu Pot-; Lamps S .illoon- ; Hand and Tea He. I Ca-tor- j lirunnnia, Oernian -lverand plalel Tea and Tul le S-.oons : Metal and enameled Sauce Pan-; Frying Pan-, Hale Pan-, Pol- and Keltic-, lira-. Ketile-', Fire Irons, &t. Loci;.; HuttHm-re-; James' Screws ; Norfolk and Knob louche-; HlaLe's L-eutehei.n do. j Window I'.i tenii.; -a h Puilie-; S. retv-; HedS.-rew.; .Muhogini) and Gla-. Furniture Knot -jti'uc, Jte. ie. June 21. W.i. J. HL.NT, Strong' IJiulJing. C1AI.ICOHS are selling nt Ilurlbut's Cheap Cash J Store nt less prices linn were ever known in this part of the country. Hcaut fid English, French and Ami rican prints. Call al the new more, Churclest. June 9. WJI. HTHLHUT. I O.M AA'.l l, black and I. hie blue-, lor saleat JJ tlie lowest prices, by June 9. W.M. HUltLIIUT. F.AIN all wool Mo .si hue du Lain-s, super saiin stuped do., e raited do. of cteiy taruty, for salt at .-istoiik-hngly low pncesnl the new stole, by June 8. WM. IIURLHUT. (iiain Cradles, G 'RANT'S celt-biattd Gra n Cradles, just received ' and for sale by II AGAR st ARTHliR, Al the old stand, sign of tb Padlock, cor. Church and C.illei'estrci is. June, 1312. A !-. Rowhnd't Mill fcawTiTirTloe'smTCo's O circular do. ; Knghsh cro.-s cut do. Hand, panel nnd hack do.; Compass, Wood an t Felloe do. Justricemdnnd lor sale by H AGAR V ARTHUR, Cor, i h. and College -lues. Juno 17 b, IS42. 'i'i-usst, AN T. W supply of Thotn, .son's cilchrattd im proved Trii.sis; nlso Dr. Hull's celebrated Trusses and supporttis for salebv HAGAR if- ARIITIIUR, Cor. Ch nnd ColVge streets Hurhngton, June 17th. MilcTieir"s ico?r.iplilc:it tVorbs. ITCHKLl.'S Primary Geography, i'J- " School do. and Atlas, " Geogtnphicnl Reader, " Outline .M-i .s, " Key to studv i r Mnp. Tor sale by l GOODRICH. Jnun 13. O'd Stand up Stair-. Conner's Vavnl HUfory. IlltlOUCU by ihe ninhor and roninlele in ona oluui jut received by c. GOODRICH. June 1). lioak-lilnillin; ami ttlank Itoubs. rLIHil.ltS, Jo .rnal-, Record-. &c. a.e. lor tale or J on le tin rd.-r. Old II. .o rtbiein I ai hort notue '" '' lo. t C. liOUl HUH. FARllAll, WAIT if HOOT, Mai c rercit eil a full supply of CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE, t hi. Il, s.lded totheirfbiin.-r o k, in ikes leir a-sirl-uieut qiiiiti coni.i ,-te, and It i. o ered at c-Stik nuis-Zir'rv" i!iLfsis&- Mioiulimr wiih .lie ,(ie. ino ol he tune-. Famine, in w-.uit ol Gui.U in heir line wd d well lo call and natiunc at ka.-t, at 1 be curner ol I h reliant l. ol.eo .-uect. i irunuiiiii, J me 17 h, 1612. SliiiniDtis1 Tools. F ALL Dr.SCRU'TlONS.jiist received nnd for salebv WM. J. HI NT. o liurhngioii, May 19, 1SI2. Strongs lluildmg. Uasl Stool, Jl SSUP.t SONScebbtated Cnst Sleel.jiist receiv ed and for sale by W.M. J. HUNT, Uarhucton, Mayjtl, IS 12. Strongs l.ui'dtng. SAWS. I7NGI.ISH Cast Stiel, cross cut. 1.J Hot i. Co.'s do cncular, from S to 21 inches. Rowland's Mill. Just received and for -nle. WJI. J. HUNT. Strongs Huilding, College St., near the Sq mrc. niirltngton, .May Iff, 1512. FOR SALE. SHARKS ofStock 111 the Hurlington Hank. For icrnis npnly to II. ALLKN. 30 Hurhngton 0O1I1 June 1 3 fi. iKW CASH STOKE, 13 V WM. ItURIJiUT. rPIin subscriber has taken the newly fitted Store, -I. Wist tide Church street, bttween the ' llaiaar' and 1 ariety Stire,' where bets now ivenrng nnd olleriiig for salenn eMensive and general assortnunt of Goods ndnpted to the want of il.e contiuunily aiuungst whiih are .1 emu variety of Frtneli St l.s, Punteil JI sluts nnd Lawns, Long Shavvlsand Scarfs, lldkfs, Shawls, Cravats, I'lg'd and bar'd and plain -wiss .Muslins, Nun.ook, book and other Jlusbus, Ladies and uent'euieii's Linen IMkfs, lnseitious, Cdgings, Henihni.' nnd Thread Laces, Work Collnrs, Reti. ulcs, lb ad Haes and Purses, Tarllon and p'nin Jlushns and I.acis. It ihli ins. a beautiful a.soiiiurnt nnd new nvle, Ladies' Florence, liratd, Jlodena, Sirawand -Misses Honne s, Artificial Flowers, Gimp Kdging nnd tritiinungs for Tuscan Hounrls. l'ai asols, n beauliful assortment ol new styles. Hosiery of every turiety, Hroidcloths, Cnsiniers, V estinps, A c. Genl's summer Goods, Slocks, Collars, &c. Gent, nnd bovs Leg oru nnd oilier lints. Dry tJroccrli's, n good assortment. N. II. This eiiiiie lock of goods has been pur chaol within a few days, with great care and al a time when the prices were more depressed than at any previous period but will be sold for ready cash al a Minll ndvance from cost, Hurlington, Juno 10. ISI2. Gold Band China. nl'PP.KH Cold Hand, Hand and Srrif'd China ' Tea Sets and plate- 10 inai.-b. very chean hi ihu ri.; c. .... - ... .... . ii . i'i- , i,i-.t. China Storcot FA HHA It, WAIT 4. HOOT. June 17lh, 17AHLWI-:t..'r5 Shoe., Half Gaiter-, Kid Slit X Children's Shoe-, &f. jut rei-eivts) by 16. ; W.M. Ill'RI.nUT. I'a per Hangings. I ( lfl( ) " "a"ln" I'tttlerns entirely new, ot alloualities.iutt onene.1 I v Jbne IG. W.M. IIURLHUT am itmTlMf I Solo Leather. EC. LOOJIIS hns just received Sole Leather for 14 cents cash, by iho hundred pounds. Also, Patent and string leather. Juno IG. A7 I'llESEXT CJOODSof all description nte selling very low at ' HutlinKloiiipatlicuIatly at S. II, SCOTTS. Printvd Lawns. Ql'in KS ats H SCOITS.- Several Mylif, a t. A-nvou. si "ncptry M. June 3. A II 1 it no (N IIMS ms.r etvclat j j i -i s ii si 01 r s