Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 7, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 7, 1842 Page 1
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r ' NOT TUB OLOKT OF C E S A K DDT THE W E L F A H B OF n O M E, VOTi. XVI. BURLINGTON V E II M 0 N T, FRIDAY, 0 0 T 0 B E R 7, 1 842. No. m. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water street, at the hem! nf the Steamboat Wharf ltiivllngton, Vermont. BY MOSES L. I1AUT. rT.HIS ctabli-1inicnt, -o tavorahly located for tho A accommodation of the 1jhho- ami travelling comnvinity, i now fjpen to the ptiMK'. Po-t Coa'die upon t lie various route- call at t lie Kxcliaiure Hotel (or passenger-, ami those arriving or departing by Steam ISoil, in which o,ie their baggage i removed without charge, will liud this hou-e peculiarly totheir conveti icnee. The keeper lenders hi 'emit?-, Willi the assurance, that in all re-pect-, the hous -hall de.-erve Ihe favor able, eon-i ler ition of all who may patronise 1(4 lSurliiiton, April t, 1812. 4311. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney ami 0'oiincllornt Iavr, Two doohs east or the tost omen, up BTAinB. Refer to .Messrs. J. A J. II.PF.CK & Co. Nov. 19. A. ROBERTSON, Barrister ami Attorney at T.aiv, Late in the office of Ihe Ihn. Solicitor (Jcn't Day) LITI'LI". ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, 1 Nov. 1311. Reference in Hurlinglon, to fill Alll.r.S A1)AMS, Enquire. 24 PE C K"&- 'sp'lo a r , wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American D 11 13 Q S . Aieo, DlWOr.IST'S GLASS WARE, i'ui-lingtin, A'l. DEXTISTIIY "J I .'.VMS J. i!. MI tlOI.S nave usso ' . ciated themselves m 1m mess fur the accommo dation of those who hive, not the opportunity of (.tiling at their re-i Icnce. Mr. X. will spend most of Ins time in visiting the villages ill this and the adjoin ing counties, and will perform all operations 011 the teeth ne:e-sary for their preservation. Mr. X. will also prepire the mouth for the reception of artificial teeth t take model, and transmit them to Mr. Lewi, the cdibra'cd mechanical dentist, w ho will always beat home, nnd vvhn-c uiiuvnllcJ success, and un wearied exertions 10 please, will ensure the public bet ter walk than can be procured elsewhere. Uur modi of setting i. far superior to any other in point ol looks convenience, and durability. Any one w anting teeth t'.tn come one day with a mouth full of decayed teeth, nnd return the next wi'li a new set. Puce- soiled to the times and circumstances. All operations war innt.d. J. LEWIS, J. I!. NICHOLS. Rnrling'nn, Vt., May, 1S10. BOOTS t: Ih V wm . re vn.r.M EX'S Sun-mer Hoot-, pome jo 1 eed. Also, most ol li.ints ami r. r suitable for the 3& sea- "l I' r inen,w omui, ni J I oye or gul. ns Usual done to 01 d"r. ,1AM'. Si. PJ.ATT. CVner of Church ami Cherry Sc. rets, l.urlmstoii. Miy 1'J. !- SPUING ARRIVALS At Heaa 0u u-lt r, No. f. Watcr-Strcct. NO MISTAKE'.! DAVIS i-nnw at Icue, mil wo II return In pr.itcf d a : 11. ,v 'gnicul-10. he P ibii tien wa'lv tortlie ieiv l,i.eii iii'mimco he li.f. I and li'itie y.iii" ' alien-.011 to hi ine-sand a.c l.-rmin.i mil io dea--, tha' be m-iv- merit a " '" aniv of ihcsauie. He w .-:!tl s'a o ilm ";''' revived from New Yik, Ho-ton, Winy and liov, from the 'tic-l ,nIf,nrt.itK.u-, a lanre utvl nr. . - . .Minxm r IVi. ! H..11I-. whfli. i" aillilion t" 11 1 , , ,.. ,iv,l.eaeooit)le'.!..'r'm'Mit,.-oin,iriMii lmo-t eve ery urti iei'l ti""'-'i' ' w One Cent Reward w II ' e lv.Mi toany per on w how !l tind ut anv other More a- i; a var iv and wc.l M-lei-.e.l a-soitmeul u- eanbe lo-inlalDAMS) .V. PIcjm- call and exainiue f. r your elvc, and jou will no'ii'.awny di-,iipointel. May SO. NEW SHOE ESTABUSllffiENT. WOULD vcpeetf dlyiulorm 'In- l.-ilie- nud Cen llenien of H iniiis'ion Hid vi inty thai be lia .pinilv onened an e-tal lialiinent w lieie he will inan- ufsclui'c, (whole-ali' and te.ail) "II kinds of work m the Sh. in line. He ha- iii-t rceeive 1 tiom New York ilm nre. mil s' le of l.a-1-. tone' her with a chiuee -O' If -tion ol Stiiek. Ile.vill kei p cm "intly on hand and man ifa'-ture to order all km I- ol u-or. " tro' up in thisco',nlrv : amunu hi-h niv le fi.iuul tient' Cnlf, G in, S'-il and tiarer 1! i.adies' Oailer-, Husk n . WalkinirSh'H--. Sli.i-,cs -.A -. AKo, enar c and kii Hu "-, '-otli for men an 1 1 yt. ; and children's Shoes of all kinds. ,l'ie.-e aive Inm a call, two di or-Wesi of Ihe Penrl --"reel llr. t-e, at Ihe si;'not ihejig uuo!. H irlm-toa, May, 112. .VI t. Teeth, Tuth Saw- your Teeth! Orc;it liitps-ovotictsi iti OosKisit'v ! l-lt. SAXTuN hiving engiie.l Dr. 1'EAItSON XJ Surgeon and Dentist fiotu the ity of New- York, as a partner, would most respectfully annoum-u io the citizens of llui linirtun and tho neigh boring towns that they have opened an Dili -c at Mr Griswold's, on the West File of Church street, una door North of the P.uihnglon Hank, wheto thev ate prepared to attend to all cases included in iithcr branch of the profession. From one to a full sat nf Incorruptible Mineral Teeth (of Dr Pearson's own inanufaetuic) inserted nnnn his hiifhlv nnutoved suction nlate. which is retained firmly tu the mouth upon strictly pcieutitie principles, thus iii-peu-nig wuu tue use oi ciasps, springs or ligature, so ooieclionaule, lcein insertei unon the above n'an nro beyond detection, and ren dered, if not so useful as the n itural ones, more ser vicnable than those inserted upon the ordinary pnn emles. Decayed Teeth filled with pure gold, or a prepara tion which is introduced in the form of a nastc. but coon hardens and tesists tho aitiouof all acids or other corrosive matter, while it gives the tooth its natural appearance and preserves it from farther tie- Aching teeth cured in a few- minutes, and filled w iih rlhe above preparation and restored to usefulness. Accumulations of tarlar removed from the teeth without injuring the enamel, which is frequently the result ot mi uiiskiiiui operation. All operations warranted to nivo satisfaction. Teeth extracted with one lluril the usunl pain. Individuals dibirous of bavinx dental operations peuormeu are invrco io can ana bee specimens, unu satisfy themselves of tho above improvements. Children's teeth regulated when malformation is taking pines in conseuuencfiol neejlcct during secop.i dentition. Advice given on discuses of the Hums, Sockets, and Antrum, ireont charge. Dr. Pearson has in his possession letters nnd cer tificatcs from profession;! men of tho first respect; bdity in tho city of New York, nnd Charleston, S.C where huetiioved a lonaand extensive practice. Hi' object in coming north is in conscfucnco of bilious Directions. Office bours from 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. ifnrliiigton, June 1G, 1812; SUltSCRll'lIONS KOIt THE NEW WORLD nr.cEtvi:n at Tim 11 Ult LING TON li O O KH TORE, 'Or.RSONS wi-lnng to avail thi m-clvcs of the many M llllUll -llll IHIMIH HI IIJUJ. ,--llw, III I It.' . l.'l fan be mpplicil with thu hnnie, Ireo o iioMaye i.ivin- ibeir names to tho biib-ent er. Works, i as Zanoni.nnd Jai-ouerie, and tho.o of timilar char acter, can I e pnichan-d at tho very low jiriivof 'rom loj CIS, J lie new- novel, .uuiiey, 1 James, is now ready lor tale, June 17, 1812. D. AMIKAMAN. lriliT'S Lifoof Patrick Henry, rhenp edition, T Juno 15. I- or tale by C, (iOODRICII Trusses. L KJIW supply of "I'lioiupsoira relcbratid im- Vtoiiiil TlUMtl! U 3 Dr Mull's 11 Mirnlrsl V.u..e.a(ll,Upprle'Bfoul,0,hr "" "I-brntedj Cor Ch an.HWe,eI,i,,il.XOiVS'r'VlnTIIU."', Mifgeeiri-ri Iluilinr;ion, Juno 17lh. PI 3IOHAAVK AND IHJDSDN HAII.-ltOAD. NO'Vl CEt I Kortlio accommodation of passengers desirous of ! taking the seven o'clock line of Steam lloats from A in nv. u iti wenl nln n, em linn nn t in Willi n. I 1 slant,) a train of 1'ailroad Cars will start from Sche nectady, daily, at 51 o'clock 1. M. during the con tinuance of the nloie arrangement on the l!icr. I!y this arrangement, passengers may leave Saratoga Sprmssnt 3 i to I o clock I'. M, and reach Albany in time for the boat, which will save travcllus from the noith, the expense of remaining over night at Albany or Troy. Uy the existing arrangement, ci'i ZLiisof Saratoga are obliged to leave bomca't 7 o'clock m the morning, to take the steam boat at Albany at P. 31.! (37 miles Ma Rail-Rad 1 1 1) JUHI UOSTJOAN, Suoelinlonili'iit. April 52, 1912. J 84. IVorlticrii Transportation Line. ISAAC V. BAKER WILL continue the I'OIIWARDINC BUSINESS on akc Champlaln, Nortltcrn Canal, and Hudson Klvcr. 1'eemins It imnortaut to n-iain the Old Cii-tonn-r.- of the Line, nnd add new one-, hu will n-o hi- be-l leavor- to -alitfyall, nnd pledges luiii'C.'t to in- ic.i-e In-cmtIioii-to hruniMo t ie inteie-ts o us euiplojer- by doing all Im-nie-s entiu-ted lu ln- .uewuh ili-pa'eh niiit -atety. or J' rapil ajflito i . n. Jam:-, it oentie Slip, l'l nr. Catlis, Vi Ci emie- Slip, New York. l II. IUuni-.i, 101, 1'ier, Albany, I'. I OM TI'CU tic, ) on, Ti oy. .1:1 ON, ) J, li. ItoohUl, L. A. CtnLr I. V. Ihur.rt, Coin-!oel.'s Landing and Whiieliall, J ol.l-i'.TT fi Iiiiadi.i.t, niirlinglon. A. I). Lui), I'latt- '.iii'Hh. At" t om tcck, l'ori Kent. J. C. I'lmicr. f; Sum. Si. Johns. rCTiov olli' e 1 53 Kner-streel, up stain Whitehall, April 1912. -1CUTAIX CURE I'OK SK IC HEADACHE, Kj unich lias been used in families, every member ot whit li lias nail sick Headache Horn m aucv. us a constitution il f ituily complaint, nnd Ins cured tll'ec- illy in every instance yet Known, ainoiiiiting luin.i 1 hundreds. 1 1 is not tmnleasml to Ihe tnsle. and Iocs not prevent the flatly avocations of one using it must he pei'severeu ni, ami me cure n giauuai, out -rtiini and iHrinanent. In-tances nre constaiitlv multiplying where tbi-distressing complaint is eom- telv lelieveil ami emeu, aiinougii ol jcars -laniutiL' iv the use of Dr. Spohn's celebrated temedy. One 'Cided pri fereneeis us pleasantness, hnwtig none of ihe nauseating ifh el of coniuion drugs. It is si, perf ctlvsalistai lory, II. at the propiictor has ovi'iii .rcc ions lui ins airi ins io reiiuui ine price to iny one who is nut jib a-e 1 wilh, and rieii cured by lie hopes aim inai inisiuay secme usgicai oen io the diftres'ed sullen rs who nie laboring under Hi i-iauhe. E. Sl'OlIN, M. I)., unenlor ami 1'ro- linetor. ., T Sn d hv UO.In l "l " 'I- 11 .'I I'ui'ii i.iiii . . w Y..rW. IT.CK i S 1" E A li, Wholes-lb e-iils, a few dous cast ot the rostullice, tiurhn?- O.ri, i. ir.i ()CT. .UAltSISAtilS An mitie, C.itaiib uuil J lli l.o-hi- -..W -r. This Sunt! is superior 10 an thiiiu' vei i.i-.ow-u, lor removing thai trouble-!. 1110 di-- i-e, the ( ai.irrn, and al-o n cold 111 the Lead, and the he.i laelie. It open- and nuriros on! all eib-ti iietiou-, irenj:lieu-lh'Vr!.iml-,andeive- a In'altby ael'ou to lit. uri- a .ee-e 1. Ill- in rh-iilv live I ruin any thing dele- nous in Us compo-ilion has a ' lea-ant ll.iyor, nut' iisiinnu'iliatec ie.-i, alici-I.eing ii-tti, is uligreeahle. rieeT cents per buttle". I)e (. i!IV Veaeta'.'elndmn lllae-l. PLASTLII. I In - Phi -ler i- inn iv. 1 1 hi 1 fur enrin-z -erof ileu- sel- intr-, S -urvy Suit-, Lai no Hai-k, 11 ml I ie- b inimk ; pain- m il-e -ele-, 1 lip- and i.uui --, au-i -eidi'in lad-1 ive it-he 111 01-.1l liiie iniiiti-m-. 11 a.ipiied to Hu i.le-,11 will i-urc many oftlieentutnuu Lr.-ert ninplaini . ind is equal, if 1101 -upci-ior, to any ihniir in ihe ff.i urn- on 1 lie leet j I lie irt'te-s 01 nil-1 iii-ter nave '. e. vilncedlv thousand- ol in the l m e late-, who havele tel in ethiit'-v. Sold Pyihe pm- orietor : l ha-, liu.een, .Middletiiny, VI,, ami I'r.ti; i, H ui.-n lm ti v t. he war u of di:cj:i'twn. T t hasfrcu leuily come to thcl.uowle 'go Of tho sul seriber. tha-cuiiitv SnulV.lars, wuh his Lnbe1 on them, have btcn bought up for the 111 prise of billing in theinan itif" nor t alitv Sni-ll't and also, tlmt his Sniili-lab. Is nave, in some instances, liecu touutcr- eilcd, or the tri ii" ml tit sign cl the hiio so inut-ilcd lis to easily deceive the unwary, lie iieeins 11, theie fore, lu- duly to inform pur haseis of the manner 11 iv iieh 1 hev are 0 ten mm si 11 upon 1 ami he wouli hereby leanest them to tear ofi'or deface tho L-bels on the outside of the. lars, after bavins disposed of the contents, -o 11s to prevent further 11st ot the Fame. A siitmblo rewar I will ho paid lor such cvdence ai will le id to the detection and conviction of the im noelnrs. I he siihrriacr continues 10 .i;niijnciure, una y J'trs for sale the following nrtiitts: 1'Mne llrown SnttH. fiennino Maccoboy, J ro-c American Rappee, nuit-iitoti no. ) navorcti, iiouanu uo. Sit-ily, do. Tubero.'r., 110. ni.tyiuiT. do. Sliasburg. Coarse I'rovvn Siiufl. Curocoa, Deniiuro". Xatchitochcs. Pure Virginia. French Rnppee. liourbon. American Gi nllcum St, Domingo. Pure Spa...ish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L- Mixluie. Yellow Smill, Scotch and ,-., Irish lllae'.Huard or ? HighToastJ ' ""- Irish Illuh Toast, 5 sweet (-rented I' 11c t ut Chewing Tobacco. Spanish, Kitifort, Canaster. (Common and Stems. ?"j"A liberal discount made to wholesale dealers. PETER I.ORILLARD, Jr., 42 Chatnam-St., New Yuri.. JJBW GOODS. LOVELY &. SEYiMOUR A RE now opening a heavy stock of ea-onaUo j. Goods it'i-cntly pnreha-i-d III New York winch me o lere.l to the puplie at prices which cannot full to eii-urv their -ale. Among tbeuiiiii', lllaek, Uh 0 Illaek, HI ie, Invi-iblo Green and -tccl mixed llioad Cloths, a very superior tpialiiy of Ca-nuicre-, .Sdk Velvet, Ve-ting-, Linen Drilling-, (iauibrooii-. auda varu-tv of Good- (orsuminei- we-ar .it low tiriee-i llouibaqtue-, a goud rt-S'irlmenl nf il'.s n.- ihe.-es ami iionuct-, sniiii, 1, lllael. and colored Mu-liu do Laines, a large lot of Merino Shawls and ILlkf-, diu HJkf. and scarf-, nlk and linen caiiil rie II Ikl-, n gre-al variety ol Gloves nnd Hose) a lariro a-sortmeut of Engli-l,, French, nnd American ealn'ne, and mourning e-alie-ops nt inipre cedentflly low firm's i Le-'boin, Miawand Pnlmleat I onncts : a ureat varietv 01 Ivioi oiw. tiaeu-, 1 ml ic la-, P.ira-ol-, hiii shade-, Mu-liu-, C.!iiibrie.,blc'.ieutl and 1111! le iehu I Uoltons , 3UUU rolls paier hanging borlering, looking glasses, rugs, mtl, earpetings, all 01 which nre lorsatolow. Junel I8U. Rlorisoii's Pills OTAND unrivallesl as a clean. er and purifier r-f the kj liovveff, l.loeiii, and I lie whole system 111 mar rhoe'a or Icoseness of tho bowels ami other summer coinplaiiils. tbei-c i'an be iclied upon with pcrcct cim- lideneu 1 as a common mediciiie to I o kept le-ady for use on all ooeii-ions whefp a cathartic. j iiceled, this nieib.'iuo is iiiieuiialleil. Sold only ut thu Variety Store by PANGIIOUN ,f. illllNS.MAlD, Aet'iits fur -Morisous of Loudon, SO IIHDS, Gardner llrevver's N. England Rum, 30Pipcjand Half Pipes American Ifranuy, 40 do till li.lllliouiu .111, do 'Pellcvoisin' llrandy, Ho '.Swan' titn, St. Croix R no, Shi rry and Madeira Wims, Main; a do Port tin by J el J M PUCK A- Co. 10 do elo lnilbd ::o 111. is. '4', ibi fi elo 31 Pre. at NOTICM ;C?"Medieme l I est known by the cure it perform-. I. Newton'-. I'an.' ea, or 1'itrilier ol tlio lllnod. Tin1 unparalleled and still incre.i vim? reputation which this mi'dieiuu ha-aeiiau-eJ Ihroiihont thoNcv England State.-, and the many cures it h.t peiformod, an I the cical deiiKin.l made for it by t.ioadvieo of physicians well aeipiaintot. with , it- preparation, 11 is muueei too proprieu r 10 exienu 1 its eii'.uil.itiou to almot every town in 1 tie eastern Slates and the principal towns III the United States. ! Tin- I'anaeels warranted i-uielv icseial le.nud i not surpassed l y any other medicine ever oliered to the a!,l,Vl,cl1 a i'1" "lenio sale and sroat popularity I'1'"" ' l"',uvc- It has within t ie a-t eighteen months "red lis lllou-uuiis in uie inu-i nil-umuo iii-eu-e can Io proved by eertilieale-, alio is pronounce I by eminent and lo-peetable physiei.ins the 1 o-t mi' heme 111 u-e. U.-eful iuforinaliouiu.iy I o found in t-iieuiars I'ontainiiig certificates of cures and diieelioiis fur ta king the medicine. The follow-in-.; appointed agent". lliulimrtou, PUCK and SPEAR, li. .Moody St Albans Curtis and liit-se-l Millon, C. Hiake Mdlon 1'all-. Iliirnel and Savvvor Waterville. Fisk and Itrown, Ilinebiirgh, Hull and Cook Eairlax, Parker and .M-.tllield Vercenne-, Ailanis and Murray Cainbridge., M, Wire Underbill, .M. C. Harney North l erriMiinirli, H. C. ickei de-orgia, A. I1I1--Wili-ton,N. Chittenden I!iehmcnd,(i recn it Uh ode's Johu-on, (1. L. Warner and Co Monkton, Ethan .Smith llakcrslield, Arming! mi nnd Woodward Fair- lield, Liiiinct and Pam-vi-onli. M. li. U AT8S Mi AS Dlt.VIMi.t AX I) TAll.Olt, HAS just returned I rom New York vviili tin SPR1NC EASIIIONS ; also, n superior n sorluicnt of TRIMMINGS, VESTINOS, eVc. "'hop in I'huri-h street, nearly opposite the Ihnk 1 llurli' don Mav 1''.. lt'i JVjTVSTCHIOUSl A gentleman bcloniringto ii-L one of the most ancient and wealthy f.tmilli s of this city, who must be well known lonumerou.sfncnth having since the venr 1818, up to recently, been bent nearly double, and for sevcrnPyears confined to bis bed, has been restored to good health has icgained his natural erect position and lias mutted his car riage, and now walks with easel! We believellns is tlicgeniletnan'. own description as near as possible, and thereis no exaggeration 01 it. We will give inqui rers Iii9addre-ss, and doubt nut humane feelings will excise the liberty j so that any one ttntibtinsr, may .-note these facts though he requests his name in ijf not appear m print. Among other instances, Mr. Jas. G. Reynolds, 111 Chrislie-ttreet, has been leslored, and will i-ive personaj assurances of the fiets of Ins case, lloth were rheumatism, and conducted cords and sinews. How lias this I cell done? Answer. Hi the Iwliitn Vegetable Kli.ver in ternally, and lleu-es' Ncne and June Liniment externa Ih. Jan. !'. 1811. Sold only by COMSTOCK d CO., 71 Miidcn Lnnc. iVeie Vork. n'J PECK it .WAK, Wholesale Agents, a few doois east of the Post Office, liuthngton, Vt. ""nnnLiNGTCW cirAin riiCTonV L. .Yi:i,SOX, continues the V . business of iiialiiilaetmnig Chairs at the old stand, of the fol lowing descriptions! Curl Mnplc Grecian, CnneSeat, Common Cane and l'l.ig Seat, Laige and Small Rai-td Scat Rocking, do do Com mon do, Common Dining, eVc. eVc. All of which aie warranted a first rate aitielo and will be sold at prices to corre-snonit with the tunes. FEATHERS, AND l'EATHElt IIEDS, READY aiadi:. Constantly on hand, a supply of wananlrd Liu Creese lYnlhcts, which will lie sold low for ca-h. UAN'I I.D. by l ie subscriber. Cur and Hint'- 3Inple, di hveit d at bis shop in Chun h stieet. opposite Ihceild Hank. C. L. NEI.'-ON CO I' A II IX It liS II I P. HHNHY 11. HOSTM It IC A. T. V. & W. L. ironc having e-onneeted their Tin Shops, will do business in that line under the name of H. 11. Host- wie. iV C-i. at the Fhop occupied oy said ll.istvviek, h'-ie may be found a lull and cumplcte a ortment of TIN W RE, manufactured exore-sly for there tin! trade, loaether with Copper and bluet iron work, Stove Pipe, H-ove i riminuiL'S, ee. .iiiKUi'sot juii woik furnished at short notice. Eave troth and con ductor pipe furnished and put up. Copper pumps and lead pipe furnished and set if leqinriil. Those who . . ' .1.. 1 1. . r I . ..!... 1 paiioiu.c nils iiiniieu 1 1 mi. in, at litis Miop, I e quickly and well scrvtd, for a rcasnnV le compcii satuvi. II. II. IIOSTWiCIC &. Co. Hurlingtoii, Apr. 10, IP 12. liOYNTON eV RUHR ITT, (Siiccissirs oA.S. A GD.Welltr.) WJ O 1 L I) ii'spectfully inform the iiilnb.tnnts of II flints' tireh and lm adjoining tow us tint they have comment id bii-im ss m the Siore luiint rly . cupitd by A S iV (i D. Wi ll r, and are imw reci iv 1112 a trier-d a-sorliiii'iu . f Fancy Dry G od-, I lard wale ami Gioet ru s wb" b theyofii r Hi the public a lownscan be pur h 1-. d m Ihe county for a-h. 'I bey ri -pteilully s il'i 11 a shan of public p.ition-iirt, conlideiil that ihur prinsuil' be fu nil to Milt a'l who may favor tin-in w ih 1 onll. NOIILU. L P.OYXTOX, WILLIAM IIUIUHTT. Hinesburgh, May 4, 1FI2. 43 It. ( () I. It li It T II .s. Co. pESPECTFl'LLY inform tin :r fittnds and the -I V Public, dint thev have now onened a Invtrv S'ahle andlrivoon baud ready for usi some evccllent Horses and t.'arri:ne!.,Skinis,llniiitMrcs,esr. whichlhev- will ict 011 reasonaiiie terms, Malile ut iicuriunn nistiop s Hotel, tjouth West Comer Court flouso Mpiate. liuinngton, BOARDING JIOUSE. 'lHI House is now OPEN for the, icccption of J boan crs. A who wish to boird. nre uivitiu to call ami examine his bouse nnd the peculiar ndvnn tages vvhi' li its construction and location oiler, for conifoi 1 and convenience. Tkiims, very moderate. May 10, 1SJ2. CO' 77.' Ml U.S. M ill ASK WILSON'S CoJie Af ills, a rerv hi I. perior nrlie-U', for sale by M. J. III. -N I . JfAUDWAUK. rplIE sub-eril er having ic cully n-pleni-lic I bis J. sloel; 1 1 ftur.iwaie, o i-r 11 r sale tue tollovvine jood.,attlie lowe-l pri'-e.. X unci V. Tal.le ano Fe.erl Kuivcs arid Forks, IVn and Pock el Knives, Hazor-, SVis-or, Sheep Shear.-, Ilutcbtr Kiiive-, Shoe do,, Steel-, e.-i-. tVf. Cat pcnteis' nun .loinerg' Tools. Ca-tnnd Spring Steel Pitiini 1,'Ilatid ami Rippini s.iwi-t t ircu ar do, I rom a toil inclies! Uro-'-cut and Mill do i ISIalcrV. Ilraees andllittsj Firmer nnd luortico Clu-els : Gouge-, Plauu Iron-, Auger-, Sun- innns' llan I Axe-, AiUc-, Mnnnncr-, Ae, Hang-' and Haldwiu's PI nits- i Taper, Pit aw. Mill-raw, liatard. Equalling, Wnrding nud Cabinet Files j Slue, Wood an I llorre Hasps u general a-sortnitut ot Saddlery arciitiarc, irarmlng utensils, irailh.-i. Scvlhe-. M.aniiro anil line Fo, Ifr...s 1 Ames' Shovels ; Spade-, Ditching Shovel-, Ac. etc. I' unil-liins; mid ltiilblei s' llaichv.-ire. Trav. Ilritannia Tea jnd Coileo Pou i l.amns: Snilloons; 1 1 n ltd and Tea lle'l-t Ca-tors: Hriiannia. Geriuan nlvcrnnd plaltil Tea nnd Tal le Spoons f .vieiui lino c-iuiuieieii nam e ran j 1 eying ran-, n.11,0 Pan-, Pot. Mild Kf filer, lras Keltic-, Firo Irons, ,ve, i.oi Hint iiiiiie--, j n mi's-M-re-vvr ; .xorion. ami Knob Latches t Wake's K-cutcheon do.: Window I'n-tenincs : S.i-h Piilhc.-1 Rail Serew-i. : Hedriciewn .Mahogany iii.d Ulg-.s I urniture Knobs: (ilur, A e. Ac, June 21. vv Jl. J, Hi .NT , Strongs' Huilduig IS VRUNG TON ORE VER Y IS now 111 full c peratinn nnd can furnished! order for I1EER 1101 I siiipa-.-e.d in qualpy by any other -iirevvery, J G O. PLTF.1IS0N, llitrb 1 if ton, Aug. Vi, 1 612. N. K. K11 111. .It) I flu' 1. A. I'.. Hum 5(1 per cent l above pr .of, for sale at Hi Ion puce I atld fll'll! it. I'V and licit; Id. by 1'OLLI TT& HIIADLLY, 1 Old llock,.liinc H. fi it, f Ol-'l-'AT'S KCII.1 MILL Ul'l. .MI l'ICINLS IL The-e nie li ine ate in k'te 1 ft r the, r name 11 their in.i'iilb.i and -eu-iblo aetinn 111 pinlvum the -pi-in.' .and eli.iiin!:Is ol life, ami endiiimr them wuh leni'-.yeil teme and vik'or. In n. miv Ii .11 be I eertiliel e-.i-e-which have lii-eu unite ul lie, ami in abno-t every species ofde;a-uto which tin1 hutuau Ir.une I- li.ii.le, II10 liappyoieets ot .viutrvT 1 i.ih: 1'ills ami PiiiKS-1 HlTn.Rs l.avo been gre.itf illyand pullnly ai'Aiiow-li'dged by the per-eius beiu-iirted, and who were pieviou.y"uiiae-i lamled Willi tho beautifully plu losonluea! Priiu-to'e- upon which they arc compound ed, nnd upi 11 which thi've'oii-cqia-iilly act. the Lit- J. .UI.IJIL,1.M,S leconuiieud Ihcm-ehe-in li-ea-Cs of eycrv foim and ele-t nption. Their first operation Is to ' fioin ihe coals of Hie stninach and bow-el-, the various iinpiirilie- nud ciilli'ies e-ou- -t.intlv seitliuir around tliemtaiiit to remove the ur- dene.l fates w lut'li e-ollect in llei convolution- of the mallc-t inti-tint's. Odicr ineili'ines only narliallv clcaiothe-e, ami leave -in b eoli-eled mas'-cs I ehiu'd as 10 protluee habitual e-o-tivene L with all Us nam 0 evil-, or sudden iharilun, with it! luunment tlairer-.n Thi-t fact is well known to all regular anatouiht.. who examine thi-butiia'i bowt 1- ai:ei .teutb ; and hciu-e the prep idie e of those i-llinfutim-1 men atrtiin-t iinuek meilieme or uu'dieuie- prepaietl and Li rubied to thepublii'liy lu'iioranl per-on-. 'Ihe -eeond el'eet ol llieLil'e Meheiiies is 10 eleau.i' the kidneys and the bladder, and by this, tin' liver and thelungs, t,f he-allhliilaeiion of ivhiehcntiu-lydependsupi'n the i gulariiy of the urin-ir orirau-. Tin: blood, which lakes (is red color from the m-'cn-y el the liver and the liiiiirs ln-loie it pa es into the heatt. I ems thus piinfieil 4iy them, ami noun-bed by foeHl coining from .1 clean sloniaeli, eour-es neeiv through I lie veins, renews every part of the sy-teni, and triumphantly mounts the limner ed lu-al'li in the bloonnus cheek. Menial's Vegetable Life Medieu.e- h ive I ren thor oughly te-teil, and protiomicetl a -overeian reinedv for Dy-pt-p-ia, Flatulency, Palpil itiou e flhe Heart, I.o--ol'Aipentt', lli-art-burn and llei.l-ai lie, lfi'-tle.-ne -, Ill-temper, Aimety, Linguor an I Melancholy, Cos. tivcne-, Di.irrhir.i, Cholera, Fever of all", liheiini iti-m, Coin, Drop-i'-s ol nil kin I-, (bavi-l, Worm., Asthma and Consumption, Scum' Ub-tr ' Inveterate Sure-, Scorbulii l-'ruptinu-and Had Complexion-, ErupliVo complaint-, sallow, Cloudy, and oiberdi-airreeal'le Complexion, Salt 1(1 e .111, I'.ry-ip-ela-. ( ouimon CoKL nnd lutli.e-tia,aml various tain r oompl nuts w-hii-h .illliet tliebonHii fi.inie. In and Anur.,tiaitieul.irly, Ihe I.ile ale i.eine- hive teen inosi I'liiineiiily Miei-e-di I ; -ei uiin h so tint in the Fever and Agnedi-trtels, PliyM'-iiu- almost universally pie-eril - them. All lint Mr. Mo'Iht ri'iiutrcs of hi- patients is to be particular in ta mg the late Mclieine- -Irictly aceor dnig to the direction-. Itisnota iiew-sp.iper mtue, or by auvthing tbet he biiu-e'lfni ly-ay in their favor, that lieboptHlo gain e-retbt. llisaloiieby the le-ull-eif a fur trial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL; ile-nrned a-s dome-lie L'uideiolu-alth. Tlu-htlle pamphlet, edited by W.ll., 27.") Iboaduay.Nivy York, ha. lira pill li-lu'il forthe' piirpo-e eifevplsuiing morefully Mr. Mo bit's theory ol di-e.i-e s, and will In tumid his-'hly ititere-stine: topersotis -esd.inr health. It treats upeiii prevalent di-eascs, aniltht'can-es thrieof. Prite, ', cent- for -ale I y Mr Motl'u's Auenl- generally. The-e valnible Mebeines aie U r -ale hv OLOHEE L. & Co. John-en, Vl., Central Aeent, 'V whom all on'er- from an) part of the Statu or Canada, will I e proniptL an-wered. 28-1 f Dec. 17, 1611. II AC! All ey ARTHUR, General Acenls (or Mti lat'- eelel iale-d ineiheuie-, 10 whom all applications for ageheies must le ad-dre-el. H irliim'oi, Jan. 2, 1912. v' .11 11 III. UI..--I uie.v 1 1 1.. This j 1 valuable Vesridal b- .Medicine -lands imrivalled for the ti'lluw'iua conipiaoit-, v. : Hv-pep-ia, or ludi- i'-lion,direM-ed Liver, bilious di or ler-, Drop-y, Astb ina, t-osiivene'--, Worin- and lo-s ol Appetite, and by ie.lii-11112: the -toliiaeh au-t I ove!-, cue- pam- in the i'!e, stcut.ieb and I least, colds and coiuhs of lou -Idlldnu, llo.ll-elli'-s, -ht rlne-s l.f, Nt-rvoo- mpbunt-, etc., which aielie pienily the e. ei 1 1 1 1I1-- veiiiative as iii'U s.iv un it'lni-ilv. . II- o I now u .11 leniovnig Si, ut pa-s imy lli.utr lii-i'etof litis i.ini'e, two bottle-have lien known tocuii this ntlli.-timr di-e i-e, nf'er bav inir lallleil every ever. ton b r loin- It ba-a 1110.1 poweitul lutlut-nce 111 leinoviiiL" ncivoiisei innlaiul-. II is picaaul lotake ind i-y in Us operitlion, inai 11 may 1 e .10111111 i-it'icd to I he 111 taut w uh -aletv. 1 11c .move .iiwia-nie is very luelily leeoiuinem'cil by many -eientihe ireiilleuien, nud a am' iiiiml er 01 ladie-, wtio nave proved l ie vii toe- ot Ihe Medicine I y per-onal use and Hi it ol their lunulas. A I ill ol 1 ei I incites cacti liottl wiihd.ree'iou-. It m.iv le had wholt-nle or ii-tnd ol s. Ilniaiu, llairc, and J. b. i ai nam, f a-t vv illi.inis ou-ii. Vi.sole moorieti r. Pre iin-d tiom llieorium il rcipe; for sale by 1.'. H. Prenti , Moippebei, ami Pi:i K .(-Si i a a, r.'ii!iin."un, and 111 the principal towns 111 the Muli';atl 1 -he tnnd wriiiim 1 Miie'.ruprietor

E. !.. FARliAR I!iv s notice that he coiitiiuies to cairy on the bust Hess as usii d of unnufiet ring St .ie ware of s t'lei ior eiuihiy 111 all its . Hums and will ai all tl nes be in lead iiii'-s to supply imrchautsoii ihe moat reu u.ri I leiuis, up order- luomppy atteiidtd to ut Ins Factory Pearl Strict. in.31. 1MI2. lltlllililJtOU, JAt tH5s PAt'li.U.i: t:xiMn Jlclieeen Albany timt Alontrcul, UNTIL limber notice, leaving Albany en Wednesday, an-i Montreal on Satuidayofcath wet k, in 1 oniu ion vvilh lltirnileii eV.lo. at Albany to. New- 1 ur.i, Philadelphia, lloston, l.iveipool, l.uii Inn, Irclind, Scoikin I and Havre, fur the trans poriafuiioi Specie, Hank Notts, Valuable Papers, Packages 01 (, noons, and all other 1'utccl: that may ofli r. Mon ri al Exchange Cofl'ee House. AH any No. 12, Echau--e Huilduig?, 3,evv York No, 3, Wall ;-trrct. lloston No. B, Court Strif t, llurluii'tou J. eV J. II. Peel-, et Co. KiM 'r,iii;.':u;s. I. LIAS H.VHKn, j Albany, L. Y. ij. J. 11. Ri:nn, N. Y. P. Wells, ) E. & I). II. Plvji, ( T Kelli o .1- Co., f A. Waikoi-s, j toy, N. Y. A. H. W. Hynn.v it Co. Cnstlcton. Vt. J. it J. II. Peck A. Co., H dliiiL'toii, Vt. J. C. I'ciBCE.f- Son, St. Johns, L. C. April 23. -JStf. IMtlVATIJS KVA'T rinu. new 1111.1 spa- ion- I In if it 1 1. r- now crecnn I I ast Charlotte w ill I o 0(ieni-! (il tho Lotd will) under tho siqiennlendcu' eo Mr- J.Tl.r; H1101.M-, a M-icii 111 inu untie .'cparuncnt in I icnchmid alusii l.y.Mi-sM. A.T i-. llnoiKE, If. h M.i), 1SI2, Fall term opens 2l)ib A.-iiu-l, Winter do 2h Nove-nil er. Twelve young Lit he- unci Geutlemcu may I e ae coininoduteil 111 ihe lannlv of .Mr, T. Term- S23 pe nt. artcr. ill advance. Mu-ie.-?10. French and Alire- l.i.i,..';. Wa-hing exua, Day S -hulurs, lioni 2,j0 10 4,00. Mi-sT. e'dii ale I nnJer thecare of eminent Teacher-, and bavuif l.inclit in London, I n;,, and in llii-Siale nice her arrival, i- amply q.ialilie.l lo-iiperiiiteud the Fiencll and Music department, Govfiumeul slnctly paicnuu. I n lht.-e iiiiai-it 11.1 inlcsl with the servitc-, exncrieuee ami u-iiityoi air. 1, releiencu 111.1v 1 e-lu.' 10 E.T'.Ein:b'-l v, Hurlington, F. Mint. St. II. flulletll.e-t-l,, J.C. Parke, Wlutehall, J. Shermnn, Vergennes A, S, Perry, Troy. Charlotte, ISlh April, lS12t NEW BOOK STORE, u Live and Ict Live." npHEnilscriler has received from New York new- supply of School Hooks, Ilih'cs, Prnj Hooks, Toslaiuculs, a;.;,, tosetherwuh a good 1 rnjer as sortment of Siatnuiery, and llook-binditii,' StiK'k, to v.iiii u no inviies ine attention 01 tiiopmiie, itriuiL Very Cl-alcful for Ike 111 full nnlrunncr hetetoforo re. ceiiod, bo will rcnovv hi. excition to please all thai "..) .....'i inn, tvuu iiieir pairouaut . S. III.M1NGT0.N nifongs- iiuitdin!.', comer t liurcli 1111 1 College sis opposite linear it Arthur's, Sign Red Ledger. Juno 10, OA .VS.-Kowhnil'a Mill Saws; R. MooandCo's O circular do, ; I highsh cross cut do. ; Hand, panel I nnd 1...,. I- , I.. . ,,,.. W. .l ... I .11 I.." I ....V l , . -IIII,IBS, tl UUll 11IIU I'tllUt-UU, , nm i 1. 1 .1 inn, mt miiu ij ii in in u in i in. Cir Ch and College strec s. Juno 17'h, 1812, dei. Tnr oai's 11 A I j S A .ti t) I'' I, I v 1: It Vi OUT, Ob-erve when you 1 ,,y that vou get the senutnt', prepared at .17.-, Ilowery, New- York. See that 375 How. ry New 01 1, n on il,u wrapper of each llotile. All other-are I rami-and sold only bv peeulaior-, without i-ejardto .ii-lice, to the pill lie, 6r thu proprietor.- of the genuine article. "IOU Cuiisninption, and Liver ci.inplaiut--, Dynep L -i.i, dizine-t ftbe hei loss ol'nppetite, Dy-eu-tary, and icguhuerul ihe wbolesystcm. Niine genuine I ut that prepare! at 37 j Ilowery, New York, where the article wa- hr-t nude, tlieehaf-uc-crefthe me heme, fmine.1 and e-tal lished by the pre-ent sole piupr.etor-, and vvlioaru the only per-ous kiiowins the eoinposinoii of the genuine. It ha-1 ceil ti'i'd siiece-li 11 v for eight years in the cure of these disca-e.. JCi-'Remeiiilerlhe origiu-il nud Genuine is made only at No. 37o liowcry, New York. All others are erjiihlcrfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint 1 Asa Kcneral remedy for the e'discn-e-., I am f,l! lali-lied, from long experience, there is no medicine equal to Dr. Taylor'- liaNam ol Liverwort, living piue'y vegetable, it can beu-ed v, ith ibu iitmo-t -dle'y by nil pe.-on- 111 every comlniou. It eleiii-e. the.' lungs l.y evpettoratioii, telieves diUlciilt brct lilnir, aud-isni-to lie.iltbeche t. There "an te noque-u..,, but tin- medicine I- a certain euie for ehronn-' o igb aml colds. 1 line u-edki (jur v u- in my practice, and alwuyi-wilhsiiucss, A. F. KOGKRS, M. D. Thding in the Throat. I know Dr. T.iyloi'.s ll.e'samtf Liverwort to le a certain lemedy'lbr thiseoiiipUiut, us I have u-ed it luy-t'lf and found it- e Ie-ts an immediate. 1 win lniieh troubled until I made u-e ot this medicine. -M. L. IIEN.-HAW. 211 Miiiigin st. HoaM-ne-- CiuedFoi-the cine of buai--ene-s 1 can !roiiL-ly ici'couiii.ciid Dr. Taylor's II il-mii ofl.iv ervvcit. I li'ivenoi t nlyli nnd eient 1 cut-fit my-elf, but iniuyot'iny i-unireirili 11 1 y iny ie cuiunieudi I1011 have ic-icvc 1 I enent Ironi its virtue. It is ati ulc milt! , cbcei'iu i- and bai-in'e-s. KEY. A'. LEWIS. Vvrre''oii.;li. nu I Cold I have had a mo-t -e-ere c-o'd an I i-i u.b, (ur a lonir nine win. h I could not -;et rulof. AI er u-int' many u-i'e-s Ihing, 1 tn cd'l uyloi'.s Hal. am of Liverw-oi'i, .111 1 it cued me 111 u w d iys. .A-!. 1). ICU.UUI.NOCK'. Km inL' of IUoihI A! net tv.o veee' s a'-o I bad a fall, vvhieheiu-el ine to -i,ii la rue qualities of blood hi- h uuthini: could euie until 1 tric-.l Lr. lavlur - II el -am of L verw 1 rl. '1 hi- inedi. me true me inmie- Ji.ile relief an 1 111 a very sbori tune'i Itil uu emiie euie. Let all pet ops try it. HUGH MC GUIVEV,21 Catinon st. Dr. Tnyb r's llil-am i,f Liveiwort This siinenor liitsh- fordi-ei-e- 1 1 the luue- an I livtr has oLl.lul- la lejiuta-iou never Is (oieep.alled. Rrmarkablc Cure nf Cninumjition. was sn near her death with lln- di-ea-e, tint my lends -enttur a pr.t'st lotonlcss ine eie I Pi... . le 111 his intr -v, I obi ine not to give up until I tri-1 Dr. I nylar's llal-am of Liverwort. I -cut 111,11 .!.. ilt-lv tin this niedieine, an 1 although tl.e unite t fi r .1 few 1 iys 1-etwccii tin- melicme, and my di-ei-e a- -i - veic , the iniiliciiif i'oiiipii !c.l, 11ml in luinniht I le-toiflti'b.'.illh. 1 l..i 1 a 1 o uili, mi-Hi ol'n.i!- ter, Io-- ol my von c, pain-, weikiie-,, Ac. leauie- i- to Doctor v i. n, in the I ailit n Hon-.', fi 1 tie truth t.finy stntt-nieut, .MARY DILL, 10 h -tteeleor. Heware of fraud-. 1 13J uveiu e. Summer Complaint. The ol Liverw-ott. ei-es of tlu- .h-ea-e, vi heieall other reme lies annbed hv pbv-i- i.ttis have firoved medectual, has produced a pei'ieci uie Surprizing Cure of CHinuinptinn. Mr. It. Gladdin 1 1 Delhi, N". Y., ol u tn'iual'v eon. iitoptive t'tiii-lituttun, h-is I cen i-avoi! Ironi an un timely cm! I y Ihe u-e e t Dr. Tuv lei's H i!-.ein of Liv erwt'rt. A -evcre cold I roiiht un .111 att cl. 1 f P. n- uii.filius in'i'lf-yau I e.-ii- nip- lion. A eon-taut eo mh, lie 'tic ilu-1,, re-t e nnrhts. i.iic'. pnl-e, un I toutiiucl lo-s oi in so, laeiisl 11 .. e.' ly ilc.l'.h : I. ill a- soon as I i-oninn 11. e I Ihe 11 cot tin- I nl am I grew- I etter, -in.l l- now Ii.liy iL-.-toieti 10 health. Shortness of Ilreath. I . r tin- di-ea-e, I have alwav- lo-uid Pr. Tavloi'- llal-am of Liverwort .111 cm client remely. Il om e so -aleaml -o e V 'inc. 1h.1t I always 11-e 0 in my pun tue, and recconiiiiend il to my Incml i.ivt- u-ed 11 in some hun.lieJs i f ts-e- i ilhin ll.e pa- lour t ai-, and I have never m 1 it lul. lu many s 01 asthma, I tully lel.cveitto have teen ihe mean- ol .-aying preciou- live-. l,ei al! u-e 11. GLlllUiE RALPH. M. I) None cenuine but thai nieoiie! ei 37S. 7fov rrv. -M-w inn. us w.ll ic-trii i-y Ihe la' els an I w'r.m-I'ei-ofcaeh bottle, lie -ire " 011 loo'. when vouluy. 1 no L-eu-uuc c.iu niwav - ce o'.iauieu Ollfe O' 1 Aeiit-, .vie -r . Lovely A" Co., now Lovely iV r-ev mo'ir Dr. .VIoihIv and Pis k Ai Sneir. hem -a- md DruiTirisis. II 11 bnirton II. H irne-. Ch irlottt Will. .1111 libole-, Jr. Ru hiiH.u.1 Geo. AvrsiV To, Miln.n v.o. W. Hio-vu, (Jr.iudl b W.' H. Iv,.-', r -outb llciu H 1. ice Wa.'s-.voi tb, .North I lei. s.i .1. I'liV's, l'tireh F. A L.Olenn. e-t Albuti-b D. A vv . iJarpentcr, vv liter' iy. LVMAN & COL 13 n.WK lect'ivel llieu-ii-ual eten-te a-snrlU'ent and variety of and S.iintner G O () lis, w lm h they " 'erat gieaily rclm e I praes; enn-i-timr in pari of l'rintel Lawn-, Camlrie.-, Mil-bus and niii-ii iiinu l.av ti-. Kieii nun s-ri.-e.i unzorine, tie. I .r la. ties i immcr divs-es. ev pattern Jbi-lui de Laines, nittn -tripM L'olian oil. I'lain, I lack nn 1 bb.n black Ilond aztne, l'ii.'ure.l b'ue black and co'ot'e I do. Heavy I lack Canton, tiro de S.v-i.-s nndeol'd Silk Miawl. Lupin's. 1 est -carle t. blind, an.loo'or.'! Merino. Heart' anil l-'aney Hainlliere liier. .viu-tin de l.ame, Unlit wool, and faucv satin llermaui; Luchcnt' f rivai-. raw s Ik H dk'f- M i-liu do Lame Bhawl-, raw silk do., prime 1 1 wi r-ieti no, l,.i I 'aiiey silk Mitts and G'ove-, eolcred Fillet do. I lack -ewiiu silk do. Jlivi-.i-iiiwl silk filove-, Men's Li-lc Thread, eolcred siik, white silk, nnd Kid do. Men's black Italian, black silk half IL'-e, and India rubl er Suspen ders, Ladie-' white and black nil; Ilo-e and Wove-, vvbiio Mcrinu llo.o, llHekanl colorel rill auilKil tilov-. I'"or (Jcntlcniei.'s Summer Wear. Stripel an 1 plain white linen Dr. II, colored du. liaiiil rooii-, Hamuli n Mivutc nnd Demiu-, Jlixul .Valinette, I.'ruimei-e, Jacket Linen, Ac. DonH"-tlc tionil. Indian Head, S.nrk M I1-, Midclle-e and other Ci tton Sheeting-. A sireat ipiamiiy bleached sbeeluis and slimmer, very low pr.eec!, rnun blcaehcil cotton, 7-S nnd 'yard wide. Harden do, a-liilll 0-1 do. making a moie extensive a-seirtmeut ih in we h.ivceve rkept. Merr'tiuie cotton sheeting;, siipeihne unbleached c-otiou -Ilium.-, Su -loll; and cord drill hevy tnls ins an I wadding, Tli ice t'a-u- ef Uml rella nrl Para-ol, Cap, llounel nnd neck llibbons, Tnll'eta do. Calloous, Taste., &e, l'llnts. Fall Hivor, Merruiiae, Dover, Ilri-tol nnd many oil, er styles of Amcriran prini-,very low priced. Lugli-h and rieiii-h prims, (iiugbaius, tie, tSroail Cloth. A genernl iis-cM-tiuent of II irliugton Mill Co, Broad C.iil,-eoii-i.intly on hand, AlsOotlier st It's ol br"a I ib'ih and Cassimcrcs, 1'nlish, Frciuh and Herman do. Felled Carpetinz. Silk, Twi-i, Ilu ions, Sur?e, Canvas", Padding, Sek'cil, iVc, eVe, Hurlington, SO Ma v. 1 S 12. WINDOW SASII. The Mib-crili'r havepur-e-ha-ed the JIai-hintry for the in.tuulactuicof U'linlow Sa-b I'orincrlv owned and used by Sidney Smith, at Wiiio. ii City,and are! now inanufat-turnig every de--eriptlou, and keep con-lant-ly on h in. I an assortment of 7 bv 9 Sash, nt thelollowing prices. IV! i.tgniui i-.iseuicuis .ij els. per Light. H do 31 do !l do 3 di, fi do 3J do -1 do 5 Tor sale at their fihop at the Tails, nnd 1 v fjeorae IVler-oii, All orders ill the above itiie allre-sedto CulMu iV Cha.e. will le thankfully received and promptly aiicuuoitic'. .MOSFS CATLIN.2J. rmviwv. tiiAsr. liuiliiigton, April 3, 112 ,TVT() MIm'IMKIV Sninliiil lt,..r nan l',l, I. n, x uarrei, jun re -eiveu, ior sate ny wn! June, 1812 n, nwis ..vvsll PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. rPHIS articlois too well known in need common A cl.itton and the experience of seven vears has dOillOllstrated to thn r-miilnioiiie- llmt ior accuracy, convenience and durability, they nre unrivalled Coal yard scales to wenrb from 3 to G ions, iijrmant Warehouse do, to weigh fioin 1-2 Hi tooiiPUiiH., Portable do. to weigh liom 1 2 0. to sllU lbs. Portable Counter do a new nrlieln Io wenrb "uiii i- vi. 10 -lu ins. J. et J. IL Psck & Co. A ventif Hurlington, Apnl 8 1311. kVUSSi:! I.'s STOMACH MiTTi KS. inav 'Ij 1 S, tt'.l in V,,i,-iH UM.l'l. I JlC'vt' t'dulfl illt'd lilUlTh "'cotripn ttl purt'tj of Vcreal!e c.f p ho iiuii viil ycl thfint i irittf-. Tlii'var ret'umriiL'n-loil nitr- tlful.uly t'or lu.tnrintr veil. cu-tiiHiKin-, flean-iiii; ami ;ri?nrtliLMiiiiir 111c .louiaflt. ami mui-aMii. iIil e.pnt'1110 al-o a nrL'Veii!a!iitia",aiit iIivcIiuIlmu mur im-, wwr aim atii, ruiuuitn n.iue'i, uinilin?, lif ir( I'lirnin, vca!viit,, in ilio 1 nvi-t, pain in the stoma-'liati'l titlicr vvi)iptoiii-uril,ilL!lenc,i.-muI inJiae liuti. Oat.' I Will Unctureutie gallon. IVifc ijVt". Uu-rLLN Itch Ointmfnt. Tin- choice atkUufc niiitmcat 1" al to I c -.ipi'i-im- to anv now tu ut. for it Ji-a 'ictMMt' aiil lorli-nmr iI,iMt'. llit- l'l CH. Thi-' Omtmral i . "U (fai-f.nii in Us tineralion l!nl nc per-on u ith the altivu (It-oh'cr oujrlit to It wimout il. It 1- a renii'ily tup c itint'DKs tTiiptH'n-, r! utii' .iJcrtiMii- ol'tlif4 hcaJ. or anv oilit-rl rt.akin': uliK-li arifs TrDiu lurti h nnor in thu Hood, l'l i'V -2 j ct. .t 1 ox. llt'vML'l VlCKfAKLK UltLU'Cs I'lLI.H, Of fainilv pl:yi'', t'ir nacrtl uf, m -a ts df .lauii'In e, inorl ii tMiluIiiV 1 1 -t"iu t- ti aii.l I owe-, lu-. ot appotitf, hnuU ifaih, I't.xitvfnc--, iMc, au-l all i!i-c i"f- ari ma tii in lalurv M'laiiiu'im'iiK tUo t'tr cone-iitis: the -Hio tit the I luc 1, ami olc.iiiMiiir thuVMciii ol fo il Hiwl 1 lium.tur-. 'I ir t )!fl art1 a imkl a . , pio.l i .uu i.ft;liLf p-t n- nor eripnu't and air tlinituu1 i val i! and In-'hlv ait!irut'd iiicil'ciric, 111 1. !' liUHU'!!!' t'd tS.!tll I-y llitniot di-tintr.iLlii'i1 :J7 i-t .a I ox U i-'fii tc!'-l r:d S vt t Mm um M'-t'on.!1 Iy tl u ( cs' and 'M'c.i icincdv cxt-r w tult-iitl to tin' piil he lor u.nt ol-tm i'c ill-order WAIj I Itlll.T'M. 'htif oihtrinfa- li,.eldrh U h.tss- c- tcl,' !, an i i tV-t thit n li i- ! it'll -.vcn-ively tied ly einiut'iiT l'i ii-ti, jont'r - t..U ulninc in it- pr.n-c. til- ' i .illy tMtcdiM).! j.i ail di- a-t'- ot ihe !vin, - aU lu id, rni amiiii-1 ti 1 tlem"-.t invt'lt enw Itch, c, c Ntfiiicrn'ii i Ttt'i 'a'c- iitii;ht I c ol.ta ut1'1 f u: prtpriltr ''.inu-t'i tliat a t'nr trial !ioii!d 1 the I'h'y idt n. t ut il. - i pen t ir e.tii as-y. I'ih v :i0( tat- a i . Fur - ' 1 y l c'k d Si. oar iuid Kul rrt Vn odv, Hii iii;ti ; t'r. C. t . M.w-,iti 1 1! ilic L'ool. luiuti; . 11, Itiriir-, C'harlot't'j UJhii., (.tiu;ui 1. 'ilr, 1 w ; I't ! t 0. li mt mu'cn, Kichinon-i ! t, l il.e tittiytsu iad it'.tKlirtiits uviicialij .lunt'h '"il tl t in't . i .i)n D Ho- " sl OK Ills: h;N:. Hiciilrlb mind Mill. ill fvet Km, iv u II, Allelic' tgitaliif 1'uhtoiuiry liiiltutn i llie iini.l si, it, mil- ,., u.t I a eoni! li , i ulil, .i-i in,,. l or lit!uic cuiiiiiiiuiiiiiin. vi(nii,.'lt coiiyli -Old ciiitiunov nil c-iioh- illeiei, kind. lis A t- , s'fM.ldv lilci ctsit . Aff III" (iliipne in- ic eiillii .tii'U ct tl lug lie ui'i-l frfiirtbl. .iniuilt f.l o. t rtt-i-.s. flic I .''nn tnj; IH'IV ue i lifie-ilc f l e utls, pi! nr ulil c ei iii.lii.illnii An I r tin s na Cist, of t letter f, n, I' City, liu'b-iini, tl'-it en., , Y.Ho l tie .t -pi len.i k. eiiis ol ilu .Mil, iri. w i- dull' i e-'ii m iu-ii k.tble c'tu vt a - t tb ceil h i lie V, g.ilrttde fill uiun.tic Ifl-am ,l, llie u MiO', ,ind -ei lm' nf l3o. 'I lit Pis. i, ,. V,. Mtiiidi, I, .id bet'ii i a loni; lime miiI, the ciiiiFU,!lilliin. Ills nllvsirMit- eiceu linn ,i He i a irdurt d sn Inw a to 1 1- tin .bit- hi IipIi, liiiu-elf. in il vids t,t,,,ik' alil,;i' tpMlllltv of liliind when lie I'liitlilisiici'd ttplng llli- ll.i.,l,l, vclillll In elleeled eoiep'ste line, nd lie , ie.iv .is I, lie mid lieiti ever lie H.s M, . Miilldl I, is , I tnuli d fl inn , In- Ion II, bin lit- bis p, riu'scd uie t urn, e dciili-d iit-ctiiiui of tils c.i?e, vcliii b I v. , 1 1.., cv .ird mi. C -j L,l..i K n,gi m , ,N, ' June 2o. 1SI.S. KkImi, uf.ilellti fili'i, III. J.irnl, Mcer 'III. 't-;i. ib'e f'tilin.iniiv b.,-, ben suld in I Ins eniiinv for mn cei?, uil the medicine Im n-tined mi line inu, inu tcltlitilv, fin ,1 .cni-el) in tme instance 1'iiled nl li.ivm" tlis ile-ned rllVcl I aui bv n niean in f ivnr of Ihe in inv iin-liuiuii, ,unlol uliuk.ile nil position- ei po ti a t-reduloiH public, but llotl wlnili I knticv by u-e ,n be etlVc., I raniint help bin givi- in it ptob itiun lliere'o. A roiinterfi'il piep.irrtlini, Ihs been nlleieil bt-t e by u liaci llutg Agent, of Cniiisuerk, . Y. HndtliPien .inoilip, .irtie'e vended lice ih.ti -Irorgly siis ecied to bespiu ii'i,- Jacon M Kr.j, M, II. M ifibn.;,nii , Juni i, a co IViui. M.ij 3, IS.T7 1'ioni I),. irtiniiel Mr,,, ell, in ihe 1'inp, ielin s uf the 2e IhIi'i' r,iliiiiiiM,v It'll mti I ,nn s.llislieit lii.i, the . uel.tlile I'ulimiiMt, v li.duin , :, v ulinb'e medrciee I, ba bet-it u-ed in (hi- pl-ice tvilh cumpleie slice's in ah ,il. lui oo cumpl.iiix nl die lunss, alien. fed will, .i -pvete entigli, In.-uf voire, and llie u,-iiig of much bluiiil, iv In, I, i, id pievliilislt it-id-led iimiiv pp, lived picin-i ipliou. Alu, u-i.-i; tlte lials.iin one wt-i-k.llie p Mien. V v nice , eouni tl and In vc .is.ddp to spe ,k a, id, by. I'll, ra-c occur, ed ninn lime since, rful ihe ,11 lit now eng ttit d nol only in at-live hu, lahritiuus l.ii-i.i". Kespei'.fuli) , Up. S. MohuVi.i., Ii i n.iw mm p six ve-ir. since I w t laouahl cp,y but bv nn .idei-iion nt 'hi- hut.:, and mt ctiuipl.tini iv .it ilt-i-Uie I ,o be un-tu bte b n i nunc, I nl" i lot p phi . mri-tii. I .ot tin n , esiii, t d lo a ut'ti I lit'abh a I enoiedl'i,- ni, in veil-, liv It'lnj Itle V ppmoIp I ll' tun, 1 1, v llil.rtin. Since inv lecnverv I Imvp iceoni , tufiidi-il i hi- Hik-aii,' in ,, giprtt in.iiiv c-.t-rs nf 'unit i ciiiiipUiiils, .,nd si, far ii 1 can b.tii,, ,i iisp I,.,, in. v.lii. dill bt fi, l.illiiii , d li, iiuirt, l.fusfli, and in inane iilPlanc, s il II ,s ellec-utl cine cttiu 1, ivete linli ones, pened. S.vMi't.r I'.vi lin. on, M.ncl, 2, 1S37. I ir .ilp, vcliules'e and retail, b) 1'UClv & Srr.Mt.Huilinsinii, Vl. I'o Ilulldi i s nnd otbcis. IIOAUOS, Cbipboaid.-i nud Plank plnincel nt short Oii.iiiee; also a Cin-ular Saw f. i slutinp, (at the Hurlington li an Foundiy. Turning dune, or Is ihe to b t for turning l!t,l l'osts'or column. Cash Ac re ceived in pay. JAPiVIS (UY. llurlincloii, Apul 22. 15-12. UHAI liiNT CISTIOH NS. r"piir. sul scril crs liirmsr thcrUlit to u-e, in nn-l Cor .1 ibc eo inly of Chittenden, Par'kei's HydrHiilie Ce inenl, lor t'i"iern-. ITe-crVlis, A"cp ednct-, Cellar Kitchen and S,a' le Flo-r-, fir the purpo-eof makiiig ll.ein dry and pio, fngin-t rat- ; al-o Hear hs, Sink e. wo.'.l.l inform the itihil itant- of said e.iuniv, that thev w ill I e readv the e- nuns sea-cn 10 nitenil to all call in the above line ol bu-iue.-s nud will warrant their vvcrk to I e duia le. ,,i i-r ru i...i i,-. OIILANIJO ovi:.. Ilur'ington, Mar'h 0, 1T2- N.ll. All 'nr-'er nd.lrcssel to the ubrril er at Uint'slnisglior Hiiilingion vv. 1 rcctive immediate at teniion. ntO, OHEAP 30012 ST0B3. rj'IIF. fneihiiesof the subscriber in procuring hooks, . and every aruelt in his line are such as to render prices, corresponding to the unit M- induce tho public to ciuilimio heir patronage to his .Yfic Store. Any publications not on hand, will be provided as loon as ordrrs can be forvv-nrelid to iho Cities. Works received the present week, as follow n Pictorial Hible, I'.ssaysby Hannah Moore, Hours f r Heaven, 'Itmprranc Hynis, Wealth and Worth, llarnaby U' dge, Tlucts' llisi-iry of French Revolution, llloomficld's Creek Testament, llarnis' rv'otcson l-m-ib,:! Vo's, Wistai-a Anatomv, Whclpley'sComreni 1 The Fninoand Olotyof litigland, Zanom, The Last Tubes, by liranf, A Wreath fur the tomb, Lifoof Patrick Henry, Sketch Uook,2 Vo's. I, ,s well, Way Marks, p. A. I1RAMAN. liOARDLXG HOUSE. rriip Stdi- rrd er still continneshiilioard inu Iv u-e at the fo H ofCnllfgeslreel, near the Square, and will me Ins l est ixcrtmn to give sati-laetion lr, thce whJ tuiij- (avor h mwuh thcr patron- at-" teverat convcnieni n,e, nmu" JOSIU'A HOANK, i If m V IC a i r'S' I T'fi in fix HATS, nisi rrerivru nt fioiM nc. He ha 1.1 JT ni - - . A ne 142 S It SffOITS. CO A' WAY MEDICLiNtj'-S. THK Siib-cnbei- V. L. KIDDLK. give that be li.ii siieeeetl the late T. Kidder lifdi" in lie preparation of tho well known I'onwat JIloicini. , unci will hereafter give particular nttentu n to lh preimratioii ol the following article-, Hie long e tabhuhed ctlubi ity of which, preelut'es the neeeii) ofa it-liul.lienliou o( Ihe numerous certificate hi the banili of the proprietor. Iloct. Jebb's Itlicumatlc Ijlnlwcnt. 1-or llhoiiii an. m, Hi u e-, Soratn-, iSiiml m-.-. Chilblain-, Stillness in ihe jouv,, &:, will alloiJ the ino-t iitiexpee'ed and immediate reliefin the mo.-ob-Hunto en,j of Hheumati-m, in a few hour-j th. article is openly reeoinminded 1 y l'by-ician. 'I h- Liuiuient is done up in enlarged Homes, rncoji! centi. Dumfi-lcs' licit Ointment. The extensive sale and cstahli-hcd reputation t Df.MiniEs' Itch Ointment, encourazos tho pro prietc r to rei onnnend it to the public with lein-Wf ' confidence, a- the mo-t and pouerful leiu edy for Ibis, annoying ili-ea-ef it eoiitiun no inei eitry, or anv ce her dangerous incredicnl, an-lci.' I c applied ,u all tunes with perfect safety. I'nt 23 cent- a Hox Kcmcity for the Pile;. The eoneiiiiinir lestiun nv of relieved pntienr. from nil quarter-," te-t,f ing'to the euie e.lectcel ! the medicine after all others bad fadud, together wi'f tho int-rensiinr ileinantl for the article from all parts i I the count, y, prove it tu I e one of the mi.-t vahoil ie speeifie- known lor this ticuble-ome couipl.iiut. Uleigyinan vviile- llo-ton, IV! I'jary 13, 1811. I bve made trial of Dumfries' I'de L'leetimrv and found it produced a -ulultiry influence almoit imine diately, and eonlideiitly I ebeve it nil u.'cc ttiul renietlj fur tiiat liucomfoitabie uud debilitating c-oiiipbuut. 1 1 ulna u it v has ii'duced me to icconiniend it to lurson- tlui alihettsl, uud sol .-lull continue todo. iojr- re'-pe-'tlully, J. The retuedc et n-i-ts of an Oiiiimeiii and Kleelunrv. I'm e fur loth 7j cents, or 3"j cont- when but one is wautt'd. a.-eiiuuiauied venh ti'ain and nmnle elu-ee- tlon? with a t'c-cription c.f ihe compl.iint. JJiiiulrl's".' Ujc aler. I'.r sore or tltimed eues. notliine- known crives such iriiiudUtle and conlortable ietiej and in some rcctcaier(C otici tmi? i lie inosi miespeeteu unu ue le rebel lia- I cm found in the u.-c ol ibis Lve water, ajltr othtr remtdits hndfaHid. I'erson.who have u-ed it, pnum an e it without he-itatii n the I e-t picp.ira'ioli fir tare, reeuk, or injiamed eyes, ll.ey lidvj ever nut v th. 1', u e 25 eenis a bottle. CUHC FOR COHcNS. Albion Corn 1 In titer The inu. t -dfeaud sieedy cure for Coins yet di uvere I ; the relief is liuniediute. it dissolve and remove the corn rom the foot withcas-e and efiiedi- fiwi and without (,'i. pain, l'rice 2j cents ,i Ol'JC. 1 .11 and r-mj p. direetioiis accumjiany each of thu il ove article-. IS'. II. None of the above article- will 1 e senuine. nit's signed W, L. Kid ler on the o -tside wraelier. i-ur-Mtt-a' bis Co. inline Hoi in, b'tj S.a'e Suit.t, up ill'-, i-cnu r of Men haul- Huvv, Ito-ton. Al-o by Mll.. l'l.CK it Sri:.i:, llialinirtun, Vt. 44 li' eriil di ' .' nit a liiwe-1 to dealer-. IOR fiALI. SfiS! r,HAT Inrce and commodious two stn-j-jij X ry :ic-l. lviellli.v,'IIoue & l-.o' I HS' maatnl on the vv. st of College gret ', ,V5I. at the head of College-street, in this v.b npi. f lu- Iluc-t. 132 bv -15, vvilh a l.a'c-inrm stsry, vvtili Ki'clien uu I Provision ctlhr-i, uud a wing32 Iv G5. extend. nir noith n Ci Hive Itrceu, wuh wi ou ai. -'oil- be-low, and elmluler- undsbepiuo- rcoin alove. A Uri e andcoitiniodiou. llai u, earn lire liou-e iceliuu e, and niber out-luiu-e-, and a spacious yam -vc-i ef iieil,iel.iui:l..i.i.i-, au,l u tftio.1 .l.ii.ilJn vn i f v. ci it the i est tpialiiy ot the Vhlac-e, an I a I ru 1-,-tern. One an I a ip'iertcr acre- of land, of the fir-' quality, a lar.-e i-atdeti fruit tiees we-t ei he h. u-e and yard. 'I he II iMinii- are constructed m mod.- stvtr, ii llie I e-t liiHteriai.s and worl.lti'in-lup, wi-ieeiected 1 . ilie fi-r hi own u.-e, nnd the Io -ation at. I.ird-a vei v ev:e-n-ive and pleasant prospect of the village and lake on the We-t and i- m.t siirpa--eJ bv any other in tlu part ol'ibe eoi.ntry. Al-o foi e a lot c-ontanuui' an acre ef land direc' Iv opposite the al ove lot with a small con veuitut wi o I dvvellinu hnil-e ll.eicnu. Purchasers are invited in call and ermine for ll.em selve Terms made known by ihe ul eril er on tl.u premise.. SAM I" IX I!ll-'.ll. H.irlmc'on June, 1(1, ISin. ni j:xlrii IJiftiKl. of Family jr-, 'IIIL -ill -cri' tr i-now iceciv .uir c-n ffO 11 "n'-u'ueut, and will le well suj.- (pflsfJSSJ I'he I lhi"ueh tho ia-i n with some S FilliMS 1,1 lilc' l'houe-t Ilrand- of Western tr!Mrn"-iBh I'lour, ever c'eied m tin marl et. I Livi Flour inatrilMc'tered by mcie than tvventv di-lerent M 11 ol the h'lrl.e-t reputation, be p'tdce tbat Flour suid I y In in shall give the mo-t perfect -ali-faeiion, udwi'l 1 o warranted in all can'-. .. II, I'ai . y llrainls ei n.stanily on band. Dealer- in Fimir, .Merchant- and families are re r.e'-lfully inv ilitl to or ler and try the arti'-le, 1' our shipped to onit r in iri o I package- without lelav, on le-eipt if 1'ial'l-, cer'ilicite- tl depos't'u Ca fi. J. .V IIIN SIILL. 117 Hivrr-.i. Tmv. April 2 j, IS 12. 17ml Now EstiiUlishmciil. rPIir. fub'ciibeis having opened nPaintShepm J the b. ilding one door South of Ht-diop's liottl, wonlil nsnecttully inform their friends and the pub he that tliey arc prepared to evecute nil. kinds of House, Carriage and Sign Painting, Gilding, Glazing, and Paper Hanging, " the neatest pos-ibio inniin.r, and hope by ,triit t.simal ntlfiilioii io to receive a share ot ho j ubhe patronage, R. O. SPAULDING, S. II. HUSSKLL. R't'iriBtrn, April 10, ld2. -7tf. SELLING OFF CIIKAl'. 'Pl'I Fiibseriber, dtfirous of his bu'ines.", 1 i. nv otl'ers to ihe public, at cosf, tbe vv hole of Ins -t )' mi trade, ern.-istmg of a lnre;e and gtneial ns 'I'liieiitof plam lit) nndjnpanncd vvnrc, bra-skettlea, stov, p-pes, stoves and iriinnungs, and cvei y other ai nc ii ntiinlly called form Ins line of luisiiit-. Also, ou i ' icof vnrioussizos, Hu-si:i, Fiighsh.nnd Cansclj tlu.-l run, sheet Clipper, zinc, lead pipe, wire, Ac., -e. All per.ons wishing to purchase any of the above nriiclts, nre invited to call and examine for tin in; Ives, olid thi) will be convinced of the ubovo stnl-".ent. All necc.iin' due to the late firm of Starr k Dow, iiiiis; be close-d immediately, ciihtr hv- pavmrnt or note J. J, STAItlt. Hiul.ngion, May fi, lc42. 48 tf M'.tV AXI) CIUIAP HARDWARE, CUTLERY, .J-,. riMir. fulscrilier having hut returned from XP,r orl , wheie be hn seleeted n new and com plete assortment of H ARDWAltK, S AO I II FRV HAltn WA11K, i n'I.i:ilV. itc. ulkA , he ' mno at tho lowtst cash pin es. From tue facdiins vvhu h he has of ohlaminn t.t. goods, he ,, enabled to oircr H-udwlt Sle nbly less prices than it hns hitherto been sold m vcr. Those in want tf articles in ih. nl,., i: -.. find it their interest to give linn a call. v AL J. HUNT Strongs lluilding, College tt., near the Square. HurlingP n, May 1S4.2. ' DUUG.S MEDIUliNEST" rilH L subscribprs are continually supplied with -l rrry article in the nl i to brnnch, Loth of tha Officinal and Patent kinds. .Medicinal vcatcts from .-aratogai no. from Caledonia, Canada; Medical Wines nnd Stwiis! I.piehcst Surgical Instruments! Mineral Troth, Ac. Ac. Prescriptions pat up at lb. shorn tl notice. Shop even at all hours. VV.CK A. SPEAR, Apothecaries. Rnrlingti.n, Vt. lldiTlth. jyiTSSUS.PANfil'ORN A HRI.N'SM AH) haveiiM IH received some Mil-rose o e for the evamtiiatien ofuistcts, llovver-, Ac; al e, Microscopes or linen and wool prover-; a few- more leant fnl nun. I Pan ivordions wuh scnuii'iie-, wi nl, from ?I2 to 525 Music Huff, Fl.ue-, Fioge It s nitl inner in-tru menis; a few h-hi i . I'd Cent's S ni f, 1 eautifnl pal terns; summer St. -k .Locket- I'r .inn a S,.iti t u-, I -n1 le anddrawuig IV n- i's, fle'-h I r slit -, c . ar nc , 1 A . ai the Vance Su 'e. Codnr I'tists. i nnni f n vu 101 ar . .. v rr KJUv u i i foi i 1 1 ,). jih-ULrv Oil Toe 21 J -v, i?w

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