Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 7, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 7, 1842 Page 3
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quested tha Court to spuru liim any of the usual remarks matin by tho Court when pas ing the sentence of death, as I113 case liatl to be broitglit before the Court of orrois. In reference to vvhtt Im failed his impttipcr conviction, lie ii!o s.iiil that iiinu-tt'iitli.s of the community were of the simo opinion as himself, Judge Kent sail), that in justice to the Jury he felt bound to make a few re marks in rofuation of the aspersion thrown upon them by the prisoner. Hu then pro ceeded to remark upon the circumstances of tho case, and the evidence which had been odduced in relation to it. But before he could finish his remarks, Colt interiuptcd him, and said in tho most bravado manner, that he had not intended to cast any asper sions 011 tho Jury, and that there was not one act of his life which ho would not do again, under similar circumstances. Judge Kent then said, that after such a remark from tho prisioner, ho considered that it would bo utterly useless for him to make any further observations, and he proceeded to sentence the prisoner to be hanged by the neck on the 18th of November next. APPROACHING ELECTIONS. The Elections for state oflicors take place in the following states at the times mention ed. Pennsylvania and South Carolina, Oct 10th. New Jersey, Oct. 10th. Ohio, " Oct. 11th. New York and Delaware, Nov. 8th. Mich. Miss, and Arkansas, Nov. 7th. Massachusetts, Nov . 14th. After the election in Massachusetts no oth ers are to take place till next March. The Elections in Maryland and Georgia took place last Monday. JUDGE STORY'S ADDRESS. Wo have read with groat pleasure the classical and eloquent address delivered by the Hon. Joseph Sronv before the Alumni of Harvard University, lis subject is tho dangers, the difficulties, and tho duties of scholars of tho present age, and especially in our own counlrv. It is written in a flowing-. graceful, polished style, and will be read with profit and gratification by all classes ot readers. Our limits will only enable ui to I rmkn a few extracts this week, but we have J marked other portions of it for publication which slull be given to pur readers at the earliest opportunity. Tho tendency to ul traism of all kinds, and in all directions, Jonon Sronv pronounces to lie the predom inant characteristic of our times. On this subject the following remark's will meet with a cordial responsa in the breast of every scholar : "I have paid that tlu tendonr;' in our day is to ultraiam of all hurts. I a.n aware that this mjjjiiftinri may appear to pome minds of an easy rjood-iaturc, or indolent conli.luti -e, to bc over wrought, or ton htj;lily colored. Hut union we chuifta voluntarily to blind ourselves to what is passing- before ouroyiM in the daily intercourse of life, it seems tome impossible not to feel that there ie much winch demand revere scrutiny, if not serious alarm. 1 meddle not hera with th? bold, ant yet hmtliir specuht'ons upon cvwernmcnt and upon tha fundamental chili 'OS, and cii"i ah i.itm.i of cnr,r,tit nitons, or na m the iluetua in ,11 in-.a- u ' ni ordinary h-n- is'ittn'i. These nv-j'ii, of th."'X, furnish out cxnting tbcnvM tor ""hi:-. di-cuss-inn, it this were a fit ncc-1-'." to introduce them. I m-ik rathe-"' tho tnt-rsts ol letter of tho ccw,a caure uf learninjj of the deep and abiding nr:,-i pi" 01 p-mo-uptiy, is it not nam fully true that the spirit of the a-re Ins broken loose from the strong lies which have hitherto bound, society together hy the mii' coheslonr rod attractions 01 lialn's manners, institution--, morals, and literature ! It seems to inc, tha: what ik oid is no lonjer a mailer of reverence or affection. Wliat is estati! shed, is not on that account esteemed positucly correct, or ev n salutary or useful. Wia't line hitherlo been deemed fund imen'al truihii in tho wide ranga of human experience a -d moral reasoning-, are no longer admitted as ax.oin--, or men as r,tart!iig-iomts, but at most are pionoanded on ly m problems, wo.-.hy of solution. They are j lextioned and scrutinized, and required" to he submitted In jealous proofs, Tney have not even conceded to them the ordinary preroga tive ofbung- presumed to be true, until the con trary is clearly shown. In short, there s-ecnej to me, at least, to ho abroad a general t-kppti- ciaiu a restless spirit of innovation and change a fretful desire to provoke discussions of all mrt11, under the pretext of free inquiry, or of comprehensive nneraiism. Anil Hus move went is to be found not merely among- illiterate f.nd vain pretender., but among- minds of the highest order, which aie capable nl giving fear ful imputes to public opinion. Wu seem to bo b.irno on the tide ot experiment with a rash and impetuous speed, c.'ii'hJcot that there is no risk in our course, and heedless that it mav make thipwreck of our best hope, and spread desola tion and ruin on every side, as well on its ebb as its flirt-. The main ground, therefore, for apprehension, is not from undue reverence for antiquity, bo couch as it is from dreamy cxpec tations ot unbounded luture intellectual prog ress ; and, above all, from our gross over-valuation and inordinate exaggeration of the pecul iar advantages and excellences of our own age over all others. This last is, bo to say, our be setting sin ; and we worship tho idol, carved by the cunning of our own bands, with a fond and parental devotion. To this cause, I think, may be chiefly attributed that bold, not to say reckless spirit of speculation, which lias of la'o years spread itself with such an uncomprouiis ing zeal over our whole country. It is not 111. digenous to our toil j nor docs it belong to the sober sagacity and patient judgment of the An glo.Saxou race. There are many even among the educated classes, and far more among the uneducated, who imagine that we tee now, as men never saw tiefore, in extent, as well as m clearness of vision ; that we reason, as men never reasoned before ; that wo have reached depths and made discoveries:, rot merely in ab stract and physical science, but in the ascertain ment of the moral and intellectual powers of man, and the true structure and interests of government and society, which throw into com parative insignificance the attainments of past ages. We seem to ourselves to bo emerging (as it were) from the darkness of bygone cen turies whose glow-worm lights "ohow the matin to be near, and 'gin to palo their ineirec. tual fires," before our advancing radiance. We are almo4 ready to persuade ourselves that their experience is of little value to U3 ; that the change of circumstances is so great, that what was wisdom once, is no longer such J that it served well enough for tho day, but that it ought not now to be an object of desire, or ev. en of commendation. Nay, tho comparison is sometimes eagerly Dressed of our achievements in literaturo with those of former ogos. Our histories are said to be more philosophical, moro soarebmg, moro ex act, more elaborate than theirs. Our poetry is saiu 10 surpass moira 10 uumaucy, imaginative nets, tenderness, elegance, and variety, and not to be behind their" "von in sublimity, or ternlio rraudour. It is mors llic-U; fitful, rnnro natii nl, more - ig" moro c.nncontratcd, and 1 consists in uniform, every 1l.1v and p( rsovv 'be rs. Our philosophy is rinc attendance on ilsilniii"; mid nui .. c " fir mg man net, like 'lie Tf. harth or crabbed, or irregular but wrought out in harmonious and wolbdefinoil proportions, Our metaphysical systems and mental t-pci'u'atiotis are, (as we ilatter our sokes,) tocndiiro fnrovcr, not merely an monu ments ot our faith, but of t rut li ; while tho old systems must fall into ruin.", or merely furnish materials to reconstruct tho new as the torn plesol'the (puis of ancient Koni" serve but to out or ornament tho modern churches of the Eternal Oily. Ay, and it may be so, Hut who will pause and gaze on the latter, when his ryes can fasten on tho gigantic forms of tho Cubsonm, or the Pantheon, or tho Column of Trajan, or tho Arab of Constantino 1 "It was among tho ruins of the Capitol," (said tho histo rian of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Um pire,) "that I first conceived the idea of a work which has amused and exercised near twenty years of my life, and which, however inadequate to my own wishes, I finally deliver to the curl osity and candor ol tho public." Among the ruins of the Capitol I He felt, indeed, that his tory was philosophy, teaching by example. Ho was willing to devote a whulo life to tho study of the dead, that ho might loam how to instruct posterity in their dangers and their du ties. May I not stop for a moment, and ask if there is not much delusion and error in this notion ol our superiority over former ages ; and if there bo, whether it may mt be fatal to our just pro gress in literature, as well as to the peimritient interests of society! I would not ask those who entertain such opinions to accompany me bick to the days of Aristotle and Cicero, vvhtc works on the subject of government and poli tics alone have scarcely received any essen tial addition in principles or practical wisdom, down to this very botir. Who, of all the gioat names of tho past, bate possessed so profound an influence and so wide an authority for so long a period ! ll'time be the arbiter of poeti cal excellence, whose fame is so secure as that of Homer and Virgil! Whose historic may hope to outlive those of Tliucydidos and Tacit us ! Hut I would limit mysolf to a fur narrow, or space, to the period of tho two centuries which have elapsed since our ancestors emigra ted toAmericu. Survey the generations which have passed away, and" let us ask ourselves what have been their literary labors and scien tific attainments 3 What the productions of their genius and learning! What, the amount which thoy have contributed to ameliorate the condition of mankind to lay deep and broad the foundations of Theology and Jurisprudence and Medicine to establish and illustrate tho principles of fico governments and international law and to instruct as well as ainuso tho leis ure, and to refine the taste of social llio ! Un less I greatly mistake? a calm purvey of this whole matter would convince every well bal anced mind, that if we liny claim something for ourselves, we must yield much to the scholars of those days. Wo shall find that much of our own fruits have been graded on tho ancient stocks. That much ol what we now adurre is not denlinod for immortality. That much vv Inch we deem new is but an ill-disguised plunder from the old ropo.-itoiies. And that much which ue vaunt to be true consists of o'd fallacies of ten lefulcdand lorgntien, or of unripe theories, winch must perish by the vvay-sido, or be clink ed by other weeds: nl a kindied growth. The truth is, that no single generation of, men ran accomplish much -at itself or lor itself which dues not cssen' tally rest upon what lias been d. mic before. Whatever nny ho tho ex tent or variety of labors and attainments much of them will fail t- reach posterity, and much whu h retches them will bo loir, not as a d--tinct fortnltiun, but ou'y as component ingredi ents of the general ma's ol knowledge. Many of Ihe immailals of otic age cease to bo such in the next which succeeds it : and, at best, alter 1 tit fill tcason of icnuvvu, they quietly pass uvvnv, ami sloop well in the common cemetery of the departed. What is present is apt to beclaz. zlmg and imposing, and to assume a vast itn pnrtanco over the distant and tho obscure. The ni'iid in its perspective becomes affeited by the like laws as those of the natural vis, on. The shrub in the foreground overtops thu oak, that has numbered its centuries. The lull un. der our eye looms higher than the snuwy Alps, which skirt the oilge ol 'he horizon. Hut lot us subject tl, o mailer to a little closer ycrutiny, and soo if the annals of tho two last ceiitiiric almio do not i.ulli' leutly admonish u r- wi uiu iiuimn lame, a.s well as that of human pursuit-. What a vast amojnt ol intellectual power has been expended during urn period, vvinrii is now itunlv seen, or entire ly forgotten. 1 ho very names 01 many aiith rs nave crisncj, and the titles of their works are to be gathered only from the ibi-tv pages of some obscure ca'.-il.'gue. What reason can we have to swppisothat nrrh ol" our own labors will nut shaie a kindred fate !, turning to another and bnghter part of tho pictu-e, where die meHouiiig hand of fmo has touched with its finest tints the varying figure--. Who are thereto be seen but Snaksn.vire, and Milton, and Hacon, and Locke, anil Newton, and Cud wnrth, and Taylor and Jhrrovv, not to speak ol a ho-,! of others, vvhoo works ought to I12 pio louudly studied, and should illustrate every li briry. 1 put it to ourselves to say, who are' the men of this generation to bo brought into com parison with these, in the extent and variety of their libors, the powers of the.r goinu?, or'the depth of our re.-earclies! Who of ourselves can hope to exorcise an over the hu man mind as wide-spread as thoirs ! Who can hope tu do more fur science, for philosophy, for muraiuru, lor ineoiogy, man tney .' 1 put the argument to our modesty, whether we can dm. punse with the products of their genius, ami isiiimii mm learning; or may cast asitie their works, as mere playthings lor idlers, or curiosi ties lor collectors ol the antique! I have but glanced atth s subject. It would occupy a large discourse to unloid it in U van. ous bearings and consequences. Hut tho strong lunuum-y 01 our nines m disregard tlm lesson-, uuu uiuauiiiuriiy 01 wiu pajimiist iiavoany tiling but a salutary effect upon all tho complicated interests of literary as well as social life. It not only loosens and disjoints those institutions, which seem imiispeiisiblu to our common bappi nessaud security; but it nuts afloat all tho,, principles, which constitute, as it vveie, the ve. ry axioms of all bound philosophy and literature. In no country on earth is the danger of such a tendency so pregnant with fearful results, as 111 ourown ; for it nues a spirit of innovation and experiment and oscillation, which leaves no rest ing place for sober meditation or purmaneetpru. gross. It was the striking remark of an acute observer of the human imml, that "hu who sets out witn doubting, will find life finished, bo fore ho becomes master of ihe rudiments ;" and that he who begins by presuming on his own sense, lias ended his studies, as soon as he has com menced them." TiUIlUTi: TO THU MKMOIiV OP MO; lii S C A T Ij I S . i.iiracijrom, a Utter to a gentleman in tMsloien J am affected to learn from tlm liurliug ton Free Press, which was sent to me, the death of JWosr.s Cati.ik. Yon know well the occasion I bad to regard his character witn partiality it,,. . -i . . 1 . Hie tllliuto to Ills memory IS jusi unu eiiviaoiu uiu somellimg, as it seems to me, might have been justly added. 11 was iiiiring vvuai may 110 culled perhaps, the active part of his Christian life that it was my privilege to know Mr. Cailin, and I can truly say what is now, I presume, fid ly conceded that he was every way a man of more than ordinary worth. His Chris tian character was (as has been intiuiali-d,) marked with a child-liko simplicity, mid yet was it tho farthest from being childish. His was a mind unusually well ba'Bnced, his temper naturally even, or always kept so by Christian principles, and his discern ment and judgment of tho first order. I do not know tho man, to whose opinions, 1 would sooner defer in all that iclatod 10 practical Religion, or the common affairs of lilo. Ho was pre-eminently 1111 active chris. l dan, aUo : that is. if aclivilv in ndinm,. Iful and high oxcitemonu. W0 almoji i- ways saw him in tho walks of tisoftilnoss always at tho stated ordinances of tlm church and even in those minor nnd less ostenta tious observances on which so much of its prosperity depends. At tho religious con ference, tho humble prayer-meeting, tho family visit, whoever rise might be iibscnt, there was this nged and often infirm disciptc suro to be found. And then it was good to seo vvitli what in terest ami zeal, and characteristic simplici ty he engaged in those humble exercises. Many a lemark then made is still remember ed: many of tho younger generation it is believed, are indebted to him for favorable intliienros tints received, while his prayers, it is honeil, me vet to be ansvvereil more iliiindantlv. Mr. Catlin was n liberal Chris- linn. Wo mean that hu was prr-cminuntly attentive to the calls of benevolence. lie was the furthest from displaying his chari ties and as he conscientiously regarded the direction not "to let his left hand know what his right hand" was doing in those matters, he was less talked of, perhaps, in this rela tion, than some others. Hut his friends knew that ho was liberal. The church in all her. institutions, know it. Tho poor know it. Never was there a year probably during the lust twenty of his life, during which someone special subject ol charity was not on his hands ; besides tho daily culls of more promiscuous necessities. I he support ol tliu church, the improve ment of tho village in which ho resided, the interests of Ihe University, tho Domestic mil Foreign institutions 01 benevolence, to gether with the blessings of many poor "rea dy to perish, will nil concur, it is behoved, in rendering this tribute. Hut thu highest excellence of his charac ter was in his unaffected and truly spiritual piety, lew men lult and professed a more hearty renoiincnient ot 11 lormal religion, or cultivated more assiduously a holv state of the affections before God. It was this prin cipally, of which he spoke and it was the belief of his possessing this, which gave him ti is greatest influence with others. How many instances could he called to mind, to show the truth of this representation I How many sayings bow many nets and 111 bow many places, from tho heights of society to its lowest walks press upon our iccullection, to provo how deeply Ins soul syntpalr.eil with all spiritual religion and how dear to his heait, and essential to his immoital hopes, was its success I Hut he is genu. J do not see how yon can spare linn : but God knows better than we. It is saddening to look over tho obitu .'lrics ot your village tor the last ten ears, and see bow many of the worthy, in every de- paitnient, have It'll von. A lew more, and thu whole of the then active generation, will hilve disappeared. Mav their children rise up to call them blessed : and add to their bright examples an hundred fold I JEM fl la TIuntinMon. on the 23th ult. after 'a distressing illness ot mon-tlinn tloee vec .s, l)r, rir.ncr. btan- msii. ilolanic 1 hvsician of tint town, need 22. In this demi"C Ins fliends have lost an affectionate relative and neighbor, nnd the Thonisonian public a sluirulanu eminently successnu yoimpracliiiouer. OOroBIilt SESSION, IF12. Tho approaching session of the Letisla turo will be one ol extraordinary importance and interest, and though the pay is hardlv such as to induce us to tako tho trouble uf publishing a daily paper, ve shall do i through the session. TERMS. WALTON'S DAILY JOURNAL, du litis: tho session, SI. WATCHMAN & STATE JOURNAL, for throe months, 50 cents. WATCIIMVX & STATE JOURNAL, (luring the session, 2.5 cents. I'ostm isters nnd others forwarding S- shall receive six copies of the D.iilv Journal VJ copies for 310. (ETEditors who give tho above thrro in- seitions will bo furnished with the Daify. E. l WALTON &.SONS. Montpelior, Sept. 20, 18d2. No account will bo kept nt the Post Ofiice nficr tho 1st October Those wishing to hnve nccounls kept will bu leiiuired to deposits the amount of one quarler 111 advance. II. II. STACY, I 31. Hiirlinglnn.Sept, 0, 15 12. At the .'(!v Cash Store, KNIVI'.S AND KORK.S i pocket and pen-knives-, sissors Riidbhearsi silver, steel and brass thim bles; raiors nnd Chapman's patent straps j tobaco and snulT boxes; shaving nnd I nicy perfumed soup ; besi needles nnd pitu; fnncy nnd glass beads; hair, dut, cioih and tooth brushes; German Silver, lira nnn nnd Iron table and tea spoons; jews harps; TIU TltVVS 11V TIIK SETT OH SIXGt.K, Now beginners 111 houso keeping, will find it tor their interest toetannne this nssartincn', which Im lii-nii reccnily purchased nt vtry reduced prices and will ho sold at unusual low prices.' 1S1-- Wm. HUrtIAlUT. Croat Uarfiaitis'. iOP Wainright's best improved premium cook stove; 1 fancy parb ur stove; 1 box stove 1 1 two horse wagon. Thenbuve are nil in goad conditbn for immediate uif, aliliough secondhand, and will be sold nt n low rate. Wu. HliRLIJUT, O t. 7, IP 12. HOUCKT .MODhV'S K&TATU STATKOK VJ.IlMOVr, I Tho Hon. tl,e Prolate Di-irici of Chilieuilen, . j Court for t lie- Di-liu-t ol lyiiiiienoen, loan per-on- coin erneil 111 the e-tnte ol Inn en .llooiiy lale ol lliirangtoii m fafl Di-lriet, ileci'a el, Greeting. Whereas, Geo. It. Shaw, Hilmuii-traior ofilie u tale of -aul dwi-a-el, prupu- e- to leu kr an account of hi- ndinmi-trnnoii, nud pre.-ent his a-euuni aeam-t fRid estate for examinaiiou and nllownnce ai a m'B-ioii of the Court of Prob 11., to lie liojilcu al the ltegi-ier'.-oilicein lliirliiiatnn in i-aid ili-incl on ihe twenty .ecoud iluv of O -lu! er, I8li. Tlieitliire, V011 are hereby noliliedto apiienr leb ie -Bidcunrl nt thetimennd phu e afoie-nid, an I -hew cau-e, if any you haw, whj the account afore.-aid fioulil nut I eailow eJ, (livui under my hand nt HurliiiKtcn this -lib day of October A. I). IS 1-2. ' Win. WIISTOX, Itegistcr. STATK OK VJ.KMO.NT, (Tlm Honorable the Pro-Di-lricl ol Chittenden, j li.iiet'ourl Willi 111 and lor llu Di-trietiifChilieiideii. Totbe . reditors andoib-er.- conciruiil 111 thei--uie of Hobert Moody laiu ol Uiirlinaion 111 fhiI li-irit-l.i1rci-.i-tNl. W'l.... ...... II Wl.. ' . I F. . ,. nviian, ,., tiiuw, .viuiiini-iraior 01 Hie e I'J'eof-ai I decea-el, lia- ma le application In lln I inent ofthe dehls ol aid decea-tsl, twelve moiuli- -our . o i-iir 1 M.,, i n,, iimiii-,1 fnr iiiii .iiw. from the 'il l.dayol Octol er in-lnnt,and the 23 1, day olOciolir in-taut, I e,n-,' a-sisnil for a hearinir in llie pre.iute-. nl theOilico of the Itcjrii-icr ol lln. Co irt, 111 aiil ll.irliuirlon nd it havins I een orderl thai noluo Ibereol'l e nnen.l.y pul.i huisllnsilecree tlneu weol, kiieic ivtily 111 lho llurliug'nn l'ree I're u new-paper pruned at Ifurhnglou, Ufuro tho tuiiHlixel for li-n-nu Therefore, yen nre hereby notified to appear It-fore -aiill'o irt, 111 ilielimeand iilacejiifore-aid, thru and tbeie to inal.e nl jeeiion, if nay vou have! to lho miiu lime of piiyuieut I cue rnrlber exiended, 11- ufoie-aiil. liiveu 1111 ler my baud at llurli..slou this -l.h 1l.1t tifO.-mler A. I). 1812. ' . Win. WKS'ION,, Umllsli DriivvliiK aninvrltlni; I'eiirlls. T,1 AMIFACTimr.l) from Cumbeihiiul lend. hi. .ui-i leceivcu by -S-pl. 7. C. fJOODKlCII. V lialonsl)tirgh CciiiiMit. rilllK a', ve ariicle has lecn llmroughly te-ted invl I lu iu(I b ner or to any c'ber ii"w in 11 r. Kornlchy J, .V J, II PI Civ it Co Wrapping I'aper -! s, tyj e.te J r .-alft ' 1 (JOiitiHIfJI ()()"' Sank of Burlington CiiiTTr.NDF.MCocNTTJotmT Clinton County Rank ( May Term, A. D. 1SJ2. and thtir 7VMecs. J AC HON OFASSUMI'.-ir, for 8200, nmnev lent nnd advanced, paid, laid out nnd cxpctv'cil, nU fill the farther sum ofSiiuO, money hid and re ceived, The nid Clinton County Hunk, U'ins nh-rnt from this Sinn- nl the time ol iliCM-rvlce of the PlnlntillV faid writ, and not Imvini m-r-imal iiotueof lliepcn c'ciicyol'iliis s ut, it is ordered by the Co-iri here, thai 1 lie said C'linton Ci-tinty Hank I e untitled cf the pi-inletn-v if tin's suit, ly pnl IMunq Ihe niltnm e of Ihe I'lainnni'said wril nivl iln-hrallnn topctlirr Willi t It 1 order, three weeks fircc-m ly, in the lluJ linjitmi Tree l're-, a new-paper printed 111 jtiirbns ton in -11 nl County, the InM ol which pnl ln-nllntK to I o at least twenty day I cinre the -1111111; of tlu-Co'iri ai Us next Term on the 4lli Tin- day of iSoveinta-i next, win. 'h will I e deemed n (D "inn1" nn'ieo to the .-aid UniUm County Haul, to appear an 1 make iint vver tu -aid suit. J. .. 1'uMcnoT, Attorney. W.M. NOIU.K, Clerk: It) Jsmes Carninc; Surtiror ('lliTTr.s-nr.N Ccunit of Lamed and Coming i Cuciit. v-. r Mav Term A. D, 1812- Lane, Cornincr if- Ruyttam. J Aj 1 uj.-i ijf ASM ail'Si 1 , lor SJUU, lor gnou-, ware- nud mcrelnudize -old and delivered. I he -nul Lleleiiilanl" bimz nl -enl lroni this S'ate at the tnneof tho service ol ihe I'lainti Is" writ, and not invini; per-onal notice of the pendency of tin--mt, It i" or 'cred by the mil Co'irt now here, thai lie -aid Defendants I e uonh'el i.f the peii.lencv ot this .-ml, t y piil'li-hiin; Ihe -nli-tatn c of the Plain 11 i-' mid vv'ru, together with 1I11- order, tbicowecl,- iKe.'--ivelv in the liiirhnzRn ! ree I're-. 11 uew-ta- per nrintcd in Hnrlinzloii in -aul Cuiiulv, the la-l of which putilicaliiins to I e nl lea-t twenty days 1 cforc lie -lltui nf this Courl al Its nexl Term on ihe 4 h Tue-dav of Noveml er next, winch will be deemed s .1- ficient notice to Ihe -aid defendants to appear anil mjl.e nn-vvertotliis -nui s at. J. .V Posicnov, Attorney. W.M. NOULK, Clerk. 10 Comings if- Patterson, 5 CuiTTD.s-nr.s Countt v-, Court, Lane, Corning if- Suydam. ) May Term, A. I'. 1812. ACTION OK ASsjPJll'SIT, for S5U0, lor pood-, ware-, and inert h nvli7e -old mill dc ivci- I. The -aid Deleiiiliiuls I enn' nl.-enl from tins hinte at the 'line of Ihe.-ervice of 'he I'l.i-nti i's writ, a ml not bavins: per-onal notice nl the penaency ol tin- ml, 11 1-or.lcre 1 1 y the -nut Uonrt now line, that tin aiU Defendant-be notified i.f the pamlenc) 1 1 11 i -int.l V imbh-him: the -nli-'auce ol lho Pluinii I'- -aul w nt, together with thi- order, three wtelis.-uccu sive ly, 111 the lliirlinirlon l'ree Pre-s, n new-paper pr 111 eil 111 Durluurioii in i-aid Couniy ihe la-t uf winch ptiliiicamins 10 ne ni iea-i iweiny o.iy- i.viuru mt -iruiaoflhis Court at Us nexl ''Term, on Ihe lh T01 Silnv of November next, whi di will 1 e deemed Miilicienl to llio sain ileienuaiu- 10 appear ami niul.e an-vv er lolhi- -int. J. -N, I'uMcr.oY, Attorney. WM. NODLK., Clerk. JJm -V. Pomeroy ) CinrTCHDCN Ccwm Court Clinton Countv Hank, May 'Term A. 0. IE 12. and their 'Prustecs J rplIlM- nn ai itun on lloo't account elannuirr the I Mini if-Jljl). 'The -aid ( 'inion County Pink, 1 cimr ab-ent from tlr- M ate at the tnneol the-ervice of the Pl.'.uni 1' wr 1 aii'l not havunr pe.-s nal noli e of the pen lem-j of thi- miiI, II 1- ordered I y the -a'd Court now here, that the .-aid Haul, be nnliiied oftlie pendency ihere 1 f, by piibli-liinilbe -ub-lance of the Tlainti.l'? -aid writ, toe-ether with Ibis order, three w-ce'.,s -cccc---ivi-ly, 111 ihe Dnrhnslon J'rej Pre.-, a netv-papir priu'el 111 llinliii'-'UMi in -111J Co-mty, the la-l i.l winch pnl li.-ation- to I e at lei-t Iwen'y day- I eroie 'lie-iiioij-c filn-'Co-irl al its next Teiin on the 4'h Tue-i'.iv ol'.Nov-eiii' er next, vvhn-li will ie lUcmel .-illicieii nonce to ihe Mill Haul, lu appear an I 111,1 e an-wer 10 -aid snil. J. N. PoMcaoT,pro. se. WM. iNOlllj;, Clerk. Mead, Pagers if. Co. v-. 'Poimscnd and Willard, ClIITTES-DCS CoC.NTI Cocax, -May ferm A. I). 1S1J. and their 1 rushes. I 'TION OK ASU.MPslT. on draft or order, rx. dated O.loleral. Sll.nia ebv John Wi ar 1. 011 Ihe -aid 'Town-eu I & Will ird, ibeieui orderuia iliein to pay to the older of I,. anilercool,, ( inuiiih from dale Ihe -uiu 1 f 4301), which -ail draft, I cms d ily pre-eniel to, and accepted hy -aid To-vn-eA-lip Wiilard, the -n.d I., Vaudereoo',, then nnd there eu-dor-ed thu -a .1 draft to lho Plaintiff-and onfere! ihe conient- lbeieol to be i;nd to lbeii',yet the L'el'eud-enl- have 1101 ji ml the .uiv: The -,ud ileleiidant-, 'Town-en 1 and Willard I eina ab-eut Irotn thi- Siaieat the time of the -eivice ot the I'lainti k', aul Writ.iiid not bavin? per-.nial iv -lice of the pi-in'oucy of tins nut, it 1- ordered ly the -aid Coin now here, licit the said defendant- be no uce I thereof; by pnl li.-hinii the aiiii-i.ince ol ihe 1 -in I writ, nuciher wrb tins or 'er. thne uec'.s -uc i. i.U -ie.. . j...v r, .1 ue v.-t.a(,ei pi in eJ in It. irhu 011 in -aid Co inly, Im 's-i ot '..-lui h pn! Iicj'i. 11- in ly li'a-t twin:v diy- I ef ire ilie -nuns of-ml Conn nt it- next Term on the 1 t T ie-i!ay ol Noveml er next wb.'i h wi I I e Uccii.e 1 - illi -leni nonce to 11. e -aid dcic.i lauls to ap pear an I inal.e an-wer t.i -aid -int. J. IV. I cnieiv, Atlernti. WM. .NOIH.K, (Vr't. Horace II. Kairycr and lioxalana. IK. Saicyer, v s. Decius WaiUxrorth. CuiTTENrr.s Coc.vrv COCRT, May Term, A. I). 16 U. A CTiO.N' UN NOm, dated March :?, I537,for the x sum of 500, pavnble on demand. Tho Defendant beine; absent trmn ibis State nt the lime of the service of lho I l i, nulls' w r,t, and nothav- iii!,' pcisonal notice of the pcmluicy of lln. suit, 11 is ordered hv lho Court now In re, that the Defendant be not fled thereof, by pubhs.i:uh' the substunce of the I'lainiitl's' tail writ, tug, tlur vv lh this order, ihico weiha succe-sivelv, in the "Hurhngloii Kiee l'rcs," a ueivs-p ijier printed in Hurhiigion ill taid County, lho la.-l of which pnblu-nlions, 10 he nt loa-t twenty days before the silting of this Court nt Us next Term, on tho -1 lh TuesaVv of .November next, w hich will he deemed tutlicient notice tu the .-aid De fendant, to ap.iear and make answer to the 3id suit. Allen, Attornevs. 10 Win. NOIII.R, Clerk. Chamvlain 'Pran'porlation Chittenden Cov.ntv Company CocaT, vs. y email Cady and I May Term, A. D. 1SJ2. lctcr Conutock. J THIS IS AN Al TION O.N' COVF.N.VNT, dated Januarv 1!1. lH' which ifu-llcf.-nilnntfMrr. ,,l to cut and deliver, as lhcre.11 .slated, 1,666 curdi of iiimiocK, riien i-ine, nnu lanmra . wood tor nl,w per cord j and also, 1,000 cords of Pitch Pino wood ill 32,00 per cord. And the Phi null's aver they have paid lho Defendants in full for and 5,000 cords of vvujid, but that the Defendants have nut Kept and performed tho said covenant on their pail, but have broken tho same, and have not cut nnd delivered said wood, as Ihev had therein covenanted to do. 'The said Cody and C0111M01 k, lying absent from this Slate atihe time of tho service of this writ, nnd not having personal notice of the pendency of tlua suit; ilis ordered by the said Court now here, that they he notified thereof, by pubh,hui: the substance of said writ, together with this order, three wuks

successively, in ihu "Dur'iiiatuii Kree Press." a news paper printed in lliirbnitonin taid County, the last of which publications 10 uo ni least twenty nays net ire the sittuiKof this Court atiuiiis: Turn on tho 4ih Tuesday of November next, which wdl bo deemed sufficient notiro to the said Cady nnd Couiatock to appearand make answer to said suit, Shaw & Wei.ton. Attorneys. 19 Win. NOllLH, Clerk. Champlain Tiansiortation' Chittenden CorMY Company I Covr.T, vs. Htman Cady and May Term, A. D. 1942. I'iieodore P. Caih. J THIS IS AN ACTION Ol' ASSUMPSIT, on L Note dated March 10, 1811, for lho sum of 6153, 50, payable on demand with interest, Thosaid Heiiiau nnd Theodoio heme absent from tlusSlatont the of this writ, an J not having pirsonal notice of Ihe pendency of this wit, it is oidcred bv this Court, here, that ihey be no tified publishing tho substance of said w rit together with this order, three weiks successively m the "llurhiij.'1'in I-'ieePicss," n nevspaper piinlcdm llurlin" 1011 111 said County, the Inst of w Inch niibhca- tinns tu be nt least twenty days lielore the sittui!; of lliia Court nt its next Term 011 the 4th Tuesday of ixovenilier next, which win oa necmed fiillicient no tice to the said Heman nnd Theodore to appear nnd makeanswer to said suit. tiiiAvv &. Weston, Attorneys, 19 Wm. NOIlI.n, Cleik. TO MEItCIIANTS Wtn wish to ptit rliase crocliery, FAR RAH, WAIT & ROOT, Importers and Packers of Crockery, China Glasi Ifarc, WOULD rivo notice ilmt they nre preparul to Pack any amount of Warn according to order, at New Vol It and liualon prices, saving freight and hieakaso to all who purchase of them. They havo u iiood assortment, nnd respectfully enbcit Merehanta in call and examiue their stoik belore bu)invj in Market. Store, corner nf Church nnd Collego Streets, liuthngton, 30ih Sept. 1840. Cnsh. MON'fi the mmv ways of obtaining OOODS Kiel e m bo r h 1 - nna-ei-ial' t -if 11 l V lei n lu "'V i,i -dy r, 7 t of ' "m tuny JlOWHI .s Now Goods. AVHRY largo assortment of l''nll nnd Goods, iusl oncned chenner than ever bv Winter Oct. Gib, 1812. ID U. W. (J4TLIN H'UAVV plain beaver cloths heavy waved de. black nud blue broad do 1 invistlileirreen obvo do: h nek nnd bluo black Cnsimcrcs) satin, velvet, nnd worsted vesting super atm stocks j mrrino, buck and other gloves, enn bo found nt tho (,'ash Store of Uct. lilli, lHr. Win. IIUIlI.tlUT. Printed Lawns. OPIKCi:s ntS.n. SCOTT-S.-Severnl stylcB, &'J as low ns one shilling per yard. Juno 3. Cheap ! Cheap ! ! A new lot of liroad Cloth", just received, nnd for sale nt very tcduccd prices for cash nrwool by II. W CATMX. P. S. Prices to compare with Ihe liincspio midaie. Sept "ll, ls-12. Shawly. fTlAr.r.and winter Shawls, a crcot variety cheaper H- than ever by II. W. CATLIN. Pcpt 7, 1112. TO LET. A Commodious 1 STONK HOUSE at present occu- itt- pied by Uu. IIisEiiEr.0- Tor terms apply nt the premises. liurliugton, Sept, 15, 1912. 15 If Wednesday Kveninc, ) NEW GOODS at Howard's arrived and arriving, li? 3w -pi. 1 1, ittr-i, New German More. '1U1I. bubsenbers respectfully inform the inhabi--L l.mtsof lliirlincloii nnd vicmrv, lint they have on hum! n .d areconilanlly receiving n st-ukoi' SU PKItlOll GHOCi:itIi:S, which they will sell at cheaper prices than ever off'eredbrfure in Mismir ket, consisting of Suuars, Teas, (Jollce, Chocolate, v.vv.11,1, ivni-uis, I..IIIIUI111, .VIUIOIlllS, 1'runes, lNttts, ojic -i-, ivicc, 1 enn D.iiicy, ntnrrn, unvc Oil, Hu-gar-IIuu.--o Molaa-es, ,S,'erni and Tallow Candies, Sperm and lefincd '.nc Oil, Soap, Havana and l'linnpe (Jisars, lobnero, &r.. if-c. ALt-Ct Tho Pnro Holland (Schiedam) Gin, nnd Pure French cognac lor .Ural, cine, --paniali, ! ic-iu-Ii and Girnian vVims, Vinln.;eof Hi'Jand l?'ll Tor Jlcdn ine. They also beg I'nve to mention tint tbcv have a ru h assortment of rtinXCtl IJRV t.OOnii, winch iney rcspc-tiuiiy invite the public to inspect. tore on oiuge oireet, lorincrly occupied, by ilt, OSTHEIM ,f MICIIOM.3. (III.IIKRT HAKTO'S IlaTATC. -TATE OK VKKMONT, j A T a Piobato Court District ot ( Inttenili'ii, ss. j holdMi nt Hurling ion. within nnd for the Disliict aforesaid on the eic ond day of Ailmtst, A. IJ. 1812, an lntrumenl nur. portins to bo the hipt Will and Testament of G.lbtrt liarto, late ol lJinesbtirgh, in said Oitnct deceased. was presented to the Court here lor Probate, by smnali Ilarto, the Kxecutrix therein named. I herrfure, 11 is ordered I y t-aid Coin t, that publii nonce oe given to nil persons uiieresiul then in to appear before i-aid Court, at n -cs-ion thereof to be holdeu at lln; registers office ill said Hurhnston, 01 the second Wednesday of October A. I). 1312. and contest the probnlo of said will, nnd it is furlhcror-d'-red thai this order be published thrro weeks sueces sivdy 111 the Ihirhncton I-'iee Prc-s, a nciv-paper piured at Huilniiilon, in this Stale, Ihe last of which sh ill he previous to ihu day assuncd, ns aforesaid, (or lu armir. Given under my hand at the Repster'a Office, this second day ot August, A. I). lRl'J. )V;i. WICSTON, Repitler. POR SALE, at a small advance from cos: x 50 brls. Lomvood, DO " Nicwood, 2j " Camwood, 25 " Iicdwood, 2) " Fustic, 10 " Alum, B Madder, 10 kegs No. 1 Krnery, 2G " Indian, 5 cases Itcfined Borax. I'OLLETT & PiIiAMXTI. An?. 3,1342. 4th of .1 illy, fl'nT le-tived nnd for -nle, a f'ic.-h -upply cf t) PI lln an I liifrcd Paia ol-, Iicil Scoich Inn .'hnni I'nil rclla, Ceul'- liL-hi and brown Lcphrn Hal--, Milloner-and I're-s Mnl er- can lefurni-hed with mane ariicle- in their line ; ,-m h as Fan -y Flower, nnd Artificial-, Ml!, wound Wire, Tarlion Lace., Mu-h'n., SUke, Plain and colcred Lawn- It r die-ses, Whale1 on--, Sci-si r-, .Nre lie-, At-11, Shell Com1!-, Head Pur-c, lleriii 111 Kilvei Ta' lenndTea Sjioons, Fancy Pen and Pi cl,ei Knive-. Aitent-on 1- mv'ied tonn a--orinienl cf iliua i Clo-,. and Cn Rinir-'e.-. lroni s-ieti'tn stief- 'Teas, Sugar, Mola-e-, and Family rjroci-ne. cene ra ly, ol q-alu o- and which canni t fail to Wm. IHH1.11IT. FlltK! KIKE!! KIKE!!! rplli: Members of "The Vermont Mutual Fire In I sur.-uico 1 jiiipnny areherehy nouli'd tint ihe lonowiiijj assessments Iiave-ncen made by the Di rectors on all notes m force on the following days, to wit : Dec. ICth, IP J 1, of one per cent. Jan. 9th, lri-12, i " " " Annl -lib, " i " " " Jlay 8ih, " I " " " May 27ih, " : " " " July 21ih, " i " " " .Making ... 2 per cent, fur lho y.-ar. Sa d per cenlage to I e cast on the original amount of the premium note without reference to nny endorse ment, and to he paid to the Tieusury, at his office m .Yiontiiehor, on or before the IP1I1 day ol October, Id 12, being tho day of the annual iiieeiin--' 01 siiid company. It is hn e.l that each member of the Lecislnturc wiT feel an in r- resi in having nl! persons who aie insured ,n hia town, nvud themselves of the opportunity to forward the money for their assess ments by bun: audit is expected thai no member of the Company will fail of doimr so as it ofii n costs theui moro 10 furvvaid their money otherwise than their nssessmciitsamount to. Members should recollect this. At a nicetinii of the Dire"-tors nn the first Wednea day of this month, ihe following usjlutioit wasadop tul: - liesvhcd, That in case It should become necessary to pioccu e any ptrsou who nrylects 10 pay hu as sessment when din-that the Tren-urer s hereby di rected to collect the whole amount of the premium not. mineable to the Act of incorporation. The Town Cleik, Constable or some member nf llie eoiiueitiy is requested 10 read the above reiolu lionat thur respective Tuvv n mi clings 111 September, that all interested may be iiotifie I. J. T. THURSTON Treas. Monlpeber, ua. 8, lcl2. 17-3 Cloth Caps. ANEW asset taunt just reat iv d by II. W. CATLIN. Sept, 23th, 1812. Stoves fur Wood. JCANAD Parlor, nnd 2 supeiior Cool: Stoves fnr sale or exchange fur wood nt IIUWAllD'S Sept.23, 1S12. CIIE-U'Eli Tt'IAN THE CHEAPEST. 7 AHHAIt, WAIT -c HOOT, have a very exten L sive assorimmt of CHOCKERV, (JLASS it CHINA W UE, that they v.-il sell C'i'aper than can be bought 111 any stor in the State. Tney deem it utinecessniy m -iiu- 1111 raic ni tides, it being sulhcieul 10 say that almost evety arm lo in the line can be found m their stock. Persons w ishing to buy will find it to their ndi nutans 10 examine ilia siocK at tne urocKery oloie, coiner Ch 11 cb and Col'enut. liurliugton. S,pt. 30, l'T42. T ADV'S ANNUAL and HOUSE l.l WIFE'S ALMANAC lor IS 13 for sale bv Sep'. 2A, 1812. SAMUEL HUN Tl.N'ti l'Q. (iroccrics. "VONsTAN TLY on hand nn assortment of Tamily W (iroccrics. W.M. HUHLHUT. Sept. 21. fs'ow Fall Goods. VAUIETV of fall and Winter fioorfs jiift recr-iv-V od, nny bo found ai the New Cosh Store we-t side church street. Criitleiuin and Ladies are mined to call nnd see. Wm. HUHLHUT. Sepl. 23. India II tilihurs. ' ADIES Patent India Rubbers. '-J " Cnminnii plnm and Fancy io. (lonllemcu s iilam nud Fnncydo Sent. 21. vv-. irFTrir nrT-T- Uinlinillas. 7INE Scotib Omaham Umbrella.. X " Imilniion Hu. Common Cnmbrio do. jut received by Sepl 23. Wm. HUHLHUT- Milctitill's Primary Geography Mitchell's School Geography, Key to Mitchell's School Atlas. r-r ssltf by S. HUNTINOTON, July 25. , Kor vSaTe. Nrw nndex e If ' ne 1 r r H'4(70 V A en h t ' Sei a I I l" I AN' P' li"- (V l'K's I- Furniture. COtfSISTINd of Cnno scot Chairs, common Fancy Chairs. I nrncts. lOinimr Table", tied- steads, Kitchen Furniture, with a cood Cooking latuvo nnd trhnminps, nnd on elevated oven, lho nbnvo furniture is nearly new, having been used on ly a Tew wocksj nnd any or all lho above articles will uc soul in sun purchasers very low lor cnsti tor iur- .1 . , . . . i- ., , -rn, VnlPI ,M ui-i iuri e-iinrs oaquue 01 o. nuou.iuiwoi nept. ij, ItiR. 11-11 Valualilc lislato For Sale. .fivjft, 'I 'HI. Suli-eril or tilers for sale ihe ilwel- J- hnir home ami lot, con-i-ims; ol n' out one nnd n quarter ncre i.f land, mil .Aii sipiate on l i lleje Mreoi. Leloneinir to the cutte oflhc hue Dr. Hubert Moody. The home sc.1 I nek, lh irn iahlv b, nit, and verv e'lnveinentlv arrnnsrol. 'The pir.Ien is well -upphed Willi fruit, and 111 n lurli cf cidlivntii 11, A eiedit will te eiveu, for n portion of the purcha-e money, of two year.-iroui l-l violtler, I3IJ. iii.u. ij. shaw. A'tmr. nnrlinrton, Sept. 21, 1812. I7--.I '1 V t: sses ! Trusses ! ECNGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. rrtll H rndersifftie-l nre er lis'anllv scpp'ie 1 Willi thu H- n' nve ar'ic.Vs 1 (' the inven'b n n"d 11.111 fac- tnre ol Hull, Atarsli, nn I Turn bed, all of vvh.cli Rre 111 liu:het repine 1 al-o, II ill's and .vhir.-h's (t7 i'kmai.i: srrpoiiTi:uc. tC0 PF.t K & SPI AIt. .1fjni;nrt(ri'ir Druggists and Venders of all gtn,. nine L'alenl Aicutcmfs, and ilealtrs in t'arsical Instruments. Dye Wood, &c. '"PIIK S -crder- have rc-eiv-e I nnd no'.r offer f-.r I- -ale a lurae nn I wed e iel as-or'itieni ol Iyt Woods orcveiy i'e .ci in! ion. toyelhT villi Cream T ir'ar, I ac Dye, t'oppcra , Ma-'-h-r, Indgu. Al nn. Il'-rax. &c, Itnvei-- aie re-1 --f illv reu -esn-1 if, cad at the Stone Store, henlnf the Sieain1 oat wha,-t, esaiiunethe arliclcs, whu h nre wurramed 10 he fresh t'uiin the ew v'ork Mar' c, and p-ireha-ed at the prc-enl extreuiely low pn cs, leirn the term-, win h ere hut a small advance from co-i, an 1 'cave their or 'rrs. FOLLETT -V UKaDLLV. Slone riinre, Sept. 22, 1512. SAMUEL C. A LEX A N 0 1', IV ti K.S'l'A 1 E. STA'IKOK VERMONT, ) A 'T a Pro'i'e Court District of Chittenden, j Jn. bid len at Ilirlne t n, wiihiii -and for the Di-tric- n'i re a-1 1 n the 20th day uf Septum! cr, A. D. -J3I2, an iii-truuieiit pur porting to leihe In-i Will and Te-ianvMl if Sam il O. Alexani'er, la-e of W.llin-n in -aid di-iri dc cn--ed, wa-, p e-enle-l 10 the Co irt here for P.-vlate, hy Ji nil V an-ici.ien, 'In- l.xtc 1 or, ilieic n named. Ttrnfore, it 1- nu'ere! i y -a d Co r', thai ,11 b!ie mi ' e be g'.eu to nil per-t.ii- ci nccrn.d iltere 11, to appear ben re -ni-l Cour1, ni a -cs-ioii there' f to le In I ten 10 the Keis er'- oTe e 111 sad 11 irnn -o.i on the 2 I Welne-iav if O A. 1). IS44, Jti-'cone-l thepr 11 a e of 9iid W. 1 an I 11 1. f ir her or L-re t -,Iih! tin- op'er he pn' h-tief three -.yce1;. s-icce-sievly in the lliirlunrion Free Pre, a ue ispa,ier pr.ire'i at iiiniiniou, in 1111- t,a'f, ne- in-t ci whi'-U -ha 1 previous tu the day a ,m'i sl'ire-ii-l for hearinir. Oiven under my bau.l a' ihe Ie?i-itr's uili.e, this SO.hdav ofSepiem er, A. D 1612. WILLIAM Wf.STON, 16-3 Regrl-icr. Ini Smith's Kslate. STATE OK VFRi.OST, ; 'T 1 Piol-a'e Court Uittriclqf Chittenden, . j Vi.l1.le91 at II irlii.ij ton, vvilhiu and lor ihe 1 -Ti.-r 1: re ai I 1 :i the iOdi day ol Septein1 er, A. Ir'!2, an iii-lr"'tient pur pornnu 10 1 die !a-l Wi I a nl Ti-'aiiien' Ira 3miih, in'e of Wul-s' ui in -ail Di ire, iWea e', wai pre--entc.1 to the Co -rt here lo, Pro' -iv, , y ILraui D. Smi-h, tie 1-xe" cor, 1 he phi named. Therefore, 1! u or.'c el hy -ai I Co irl, tint pip, tie noli e I e e ven to a 1 person- com emed '1 erem, 10 a pear I etore -aul 1 o ir', a! a -e--ion thereof 10 be holdeu nt the Ke-i- er'- 0 ti.-e 111 -aid Huri. listen, on theseeond VVe'nesliy nfU-'o'cr, A. I'. 1S!2, nud contest the prui a c uf -aid W'dl, an I it i- I ir'lier or deiet'hil t'n- o' u-Ic p-'h-hel three';s -uc- ce ive y m it 11 r ns1 "i . ree rre a printed ai I.' . ti 1.1- a-e, tne la-i ot u-h -li -ia.1 t e pre-.ii heating. Olvon mide 20.h day ot S i.e Cay as- gned a- at". re.-jid I'ur ' s' 'h- Re? iter's oiTlce, thi-, 1842. vmlli.vm wj:ston, fteai icr. 16-3 John Sti.i y 1 .'s Estate, STATE OK VKHHO.N A, rpHE Hon, Ihe rro iJittrict of Chittenden, sf, I rv-o Co.irl 1 r the D'-trie of Chi icn 'en, 'o aP,jier .a- concernel m ihe L tale of John Sullivan, la eof'E sex m -aid District, dece.ifel, (ireetlHK. Vr'hercui, John Van tcMcn, a !min .-u-ut r 01 ihe E-ta-e - f -aid deeea l, propi se- '( ten ler an m co mi of in. a hiiini-traiioii, and picuit hi-ao oni aea n-t -ai ie-m-e for examination and a'lowaii e hi a -".-inn rf 1 he Court of Pro' a ti-, to lo Iv 1 l.-a .1! i!.e Ke-jiVer's uilice in I! 'rlinsrtm'n -a.l ih.--rii-t on the -e -ond Wedne-day of October next. Thenf. re, yn 1 are heiel.y notirle l toa-rear leforc said co u-i al ihe 'ime and plu-c nnu-e-a1 1', and she.v ca-i-e. il any yo 1 hav-, why the aicci ml uf. re ni slio ud not 1 e iilltiueij. Given under my hand at it trlinpon, thi-20'h day of Sepiemler, A. D. 15 (. WILLIAM WESTON1, It-i-e'er. W7 s'"l'-'ril cr- hnvmsr I ivu the Hon. Ibe'e Co irl for I miipe'l 1 , Di ir et 1 1 un I'eniien C01111111--11 ner.- to rn-ciye, exatr,nie an I t"ll- an I dc 11a 1 1. nf a'l fin.. ., -a.n . adpisl ihe Ihe estate nt Jo-iah Fai-n-nor h. la-e of We. n"ril. in -aiJ Dl-triCI. (feee- f. I renre ,ni.,l nunivi-ni n,,' slso allcliiiuis and demaiuU e.xhil nt-1 m oiset iln-ie-tof and s x n.on'h- fr 111 the day of ihe .la elerco ', l euur alluwel by -aid Court lor lint p irpo-u, we do therefore herehy give 110 ice, that wo vvil1 a' ca i , thebi-ine-ofournppoiniuieat, at mo (luollinsr of l ei en t-aniswniib m We tl'l in -aid Di-iue,, on the la-t Mon lays of O tol er an 1 Novetnl er next, at 10 0 c'o-l,, A M. on rvh o .d day. Da'.eJ tht-S h day of June, A. D. 1842. Stoweii, ) Cunni'i A -.v iil.'VC, IS 3 lltr.AM Titiiavv .) sioners. ff-V-' I,",,,. SI,, Li 1 1. lU 1 " --"iv. aiAl rsiUPj UUt.-J, a.MJ l.UI.Itnw 1 l,cc ipicl I y I lie W 1 uv Se'-rranee .' Fii1!-, a -bur' e.-e. A ip v to I'l CKi- l u. s'iisu-,1 1 -i ihe 11 11 1 0 'I, ih.-tnu e I , I in I'n C. I J. & -I. II. CASH! CASI!.' P AID, for DUCKWHEAT-dcliverid at Shelhnm A MM- HORACE WIIEELBit. f ri-Ji Jh K;Jf Lynian &. Cule. HAVINO mndearraiigeiiienis .Messrs Roc lofoa it Iliihburn, to m iiiufitcturo thtir wool into Cloths, the; will keo 1 cdrm.mily on bam! a lare assortment 01 Btoad c:ntli and lloaver I hubs art' also -in asbormient of t':c liuibngtun Mill Co t lollt-, and nn xleuiva tiaaurimeiit of oihei l)ry liuods, wheh they will exc.-.tingp for who). JIfr. chants and o hers will Invu a lavorabto upportuii iv for rt'-hanp.ny their wool. Sept. 2j, H2. 5. 00 Howard. TOSTfio n olf the Festerti Stase on its px'ise J fru-ii Biirhngtou to Jlontpeh. 1, on the inormos of the 15th Sept, a LlATER H VT BO?r, c;ntamin;an old Hat, a sdiirt, and sundry other ar ticles. ' - -ALSO,-r N the IB h, a buu.lle dona up in a Canvass Sa-k, V- coniaimng one pair N,w tllankets, one pair Shirts, one old Red Cljak, a Ladies Dress, A;e Ihe b,.ve reward will bo pud fir mloruianon which may lead to tha discovet y of the articles, bv applvingtu ' , J0"N' CIIUROII, Ajcnt. Iiurbnctoa,Sept. jci-j. ' ' Fanner's and Mechanic's yJLL 1 be sold hi tho sebscriber's office, oa Fnt. urdny, Oct. 8lh, at 10 o'clock, A. JI nt Pu iVeo 1 A K ' ? 0( K' lor PProvU llankable paaci nt TO days v,uh uiteresi. 1 1 N. II. IIASWELL, Acclkmeer. Rpt. II, IS12. iew Boarding II.mipo. W'V,1,1,.11"'1'' h"' "I'"01 " "OAItDINfi , !! 1 ',,'' ln "ia '""Mina Inuivn ss'iIib Waul jiortli House.' lorin-riif Pearl an I While stieeis, lliiilmirlon, where ton or ilfnvn romlile biwrJeri, may Sep. 15, I S 12. ,; ,VO '-;. rpUI siilneriher has filled up hu fanirv in ihbst IL inatiii. r and is pr. ,iarcd to n.i 1111 all orders in Ins line ta itripat.-is ml -.m, 1 ts. F l!-d C Jibs mix I. a" ' . ' iv n '. I- v 1 ac'ii' I 1 "c ' bv ha y-r , ii tha biet lW e- BURLINGTONHIGH SCHOOL, TIIK Acalemie year of ibis Institution Mlvi'st into four quarter, of eleven weeks lal' , ' . .f' ' , commencing Ain-l 23, thu second oy.2l, tbethir 1 Feb 20. the fourth May 15. .-. r TL11 ION, In Ihu common j-.riiiiu "'''.''' ' .'' 50! In Ihe hit'hcr Kngll-h branches nnd tbehi i(i ees, 5,50 ! payable to lho principal at the rn'.W e 1 1 each qintler. Hol.e Will tu eimrgeu 1 '-" -half a quarter, and no dedueitoin made lorsb.-encs-iiniesi (;ccan,netl by sir kites. . , Mlt. CHAKLhS J. me prn c,p, . . der whose in-tisietion and innnasenieni, diiriiiK pn-t vear, the-ch"ol has acquired a luali and well ot erved reputalion, has I een envatrci 1 y tbeTriis'ees i.n Ihe en-inn? year) nnd ol b-reoiev, Mr. George I. I.yinnii, uuradiinie nftla In -.e..-iiy, ba Icon a-o-eia'ol Willi him a -rentleman ia wlin-ctalcnts art -acjuirenieiils the iu! lie t-au repose the utmost coob-deii'-e. . . , 'This s'-beol isde hrnel exeliLively for yrun? een tleinen, and all who may pn'ronize it are n 'turpi that no exertions will I e wanting oil thiTarttd lb" 'Teachers to eive -ueh 119 are placed en-'cr their thargs a tboro 'cb scientific Uowle.lire of the doji3rtnient l wliiih they may nitend. AH who wi-h toleeome 'cbolai-, 111 thu true -ense of the term, inaybesurt. of tlieampleand leady nvsis!nn e ol the Teaebeu no others are I'o-ired. Theimpor'ance of lein? present the fir-t day 01 the iinnner, cannot Ie b o une-tlv recommenced to nil who propo-elimt'eiid the School, aela-es willthet, 1 o formed, which tbo.-e who eater subttquenlly, Wll 1 e cxpe--teil to join. 'Ihe character nnd Ir.cation of this -ehocl ma-, well recommend it to the patronage of the lnendi 01 solid 1 enrins. IlOAltD may Le obtained lor 81,50 or ?2,0O per weeb, a. o. inc itsoi.L,i .1 k. coNVfciisr:, i - H. ALLEN, I ; OHO I!. SHAW, i T. KOI. LETT. I N. H. HASWKLL, j S" WVLLVSL, MAN. j Hurlington, August 19, 13-12. M A IJ N K ' IV l 1) t) N T I ! A . TUKTEinil ! THE TEt.TH ! ! The Incomparable- 'Vo'i Preparation. THE fad h proved, nnd the mn-t incredulous and doeliitiii; are luhy eonrinceJ of its utility, n we have ihe evnleiii r Irntrt (lie -ale of about 23'. 000 1 uxest f ihe O lonln n, Willnn the pnt year. It is n-ter a. lie I ru,m experience, that when ti-ed, the eeth veil never ficiy, lot icina.u till thulate-t ae ot man, vph their na nral -vear i nn I more 111 thou--au Is ofca-c,, nervo i- tiu'lin-he, (thai climax cf pain) ha-at ote-j I een e leeiunlly cured 1 y this ino-t popular dentritue in And m eonelu-ion, where, or who 1.-the youmr lady or cenlleman, aye, the mdi, ideal tint value- a'til'ij -et cftecih, -o-in-l gum., and a -wen breath mere than li ft v cent-, that will luhnirerde-titi.tcul'abo.xol Dr M.Htieh.ooli's .Ma&iicttc OJontt -a. HAIR I II AIllH I)N'I.S. Important l)is-otervthe Great ha; Mystery found out at last. DR. STEIUtV'S HAIR llEt.ENERAIOR.-Dr. Sterry, after much attention lo the important subject of preserving the hair, has after many experi ments chemical andphysi al, hen able to discover an article which is now offend with tho greatest confi-d- nee for the toilette, as the best thins ever discover ed, tor its softening and penetrating rjuality, to pro duces itood head of hair to prevent it from falling off when I aldncss is apprehended to restore it when baldntsj has taken place, and to prevent it front turn ing gray. It is more nourishing than pomatum, an tique oil, or Colof lie w atrr. It is a beautiful article e I for lad-es' curls it makes the hair soft and lively. and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thousands have tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in eve ry instance it stands unrivallid. It is nn infallible cure 111 all afleciu ns of the skin on the head as dan drutf, iic Arc. Every family should be supplied with u botlle of this oil, that by its application to the head and hair of children, the beautiful and ornamental ap pendage of a fine bead of hair, with which nature Iras supplied us, tiioy be preserved, Crl ( O AT THIS Have you a Cout;li t 70 000 r,Ir'0F CONSUMPTION every ' VjA'Uvy jear ill Ihe United States, and mil lions suffer from troublesome coujts and colds, that can bo cured by Dr. M. Hitchcock's Vegetable Cream CuUL'h Drop , a safe medical resr nptiun, contain ing no poisonous drues, and used in an extensive pra lice for several years will most postivcly afford iclitf, and save vou from that awful disease, pulmon ary consumption, sweeps into the grave hun dreds of tha joung. the old, ihe lovely nnd ihe gay. Have jou a cough? P.e persua 'ed to purchase b bottle oftlie CouhIi Drops to-day ? To-inotrclv may bo too Lie. Puce 50 cents per boitlo. WO P. MS 1 WOU MS! "R. M HITCHCOCK'S unr.valled and unc-Tial-&-r led Worm Tea, a sovereicn .ettiedy fur Worms. This invaluable medicine has bnen lesled by the ex perience ot mure ibsn ten years use, ,ul administered to more than 18,000 person- of var.ous aites, and notone solitary complaint j for 111 no one of the thou sands of instances, it l-as been used agreeable to the prmte I dirccli ins, has 11 ever failed. N. II. Ask foi Dr. JI. Hitchcock's Worm Tea, as there are many iiost, urns abroad for the destiuction nfvvoims. , ,yI5'f,--:i!y Tvventy-fiva Cents. Pjll M HITCHCOCK'S newly mventd SNUFF, Iv" the best article ever disci vered by scientific men, :a F.uiopc or America, for the cureand nbsoluto rr-herof Catairb , Di7zinesa ofihe Head, Weak Eyes, Nervous Headache, Fallen Mckncss, Fits, Mid In fants troubled vviili Snuffles, partial shocks of Pat. scy, etc. . . i.otiov, lotiov. Dr. Iivatiy' Hc.-.utirv-tiis r.otlon. T-i1,:111" e"? f-r curing all Eruption., 11 Coarseness, Rulness, ami Pimples on the Face .Nick or hr.nds.anJ I cfle dually cleaning ihecomplex' .on and removing nil disease, of ihe sK'n contributes so much to our general suc cess in i.le, ns an engaging first appearance. Thel 0. turn is a. nired as n moat fragrant, mdd, safe wa-h and great y esi.e;,ied for us values in clear -:n" sofu enng, nnd purilyin -the skin of nil eruption-, -oiniii. nous to lemale beauty, and restoring it to a hie'i ie. gucof purity. b uc A jeauiiful and healthful complexion is the pride of all wlm possess it, and the envy of thoso who are de privctl of it. A good nppesmn'v is the best recommendation -and as the lieautifying Lotion puriBes the im and rem nesall Pimples, Rlotchcs, Tan, Sunburn,' and Hi dm so, and produces a beautiful hue, it is the onlv cos.neucahidy should neai lief toilette. ! r.cnileme i vvill also find this a delightful rmody 1 e iieve nil Roughness. P'uiples,RmBWoims Snois i.-iefs, Soreness of ihe face and ncae. and mJ t. . cf trii'.innn on thesnrfar nf it, !,,..., u. j I' 's articu'arly reeomm"nded 10 trn,l.?7i', . is-.i after shavinj. B. it w.ll prevent the otherwise ci-v i fPect of all eominon soap, m tnmi Sr. irraaturelv en v. V -al- ho'csala and n tail, by Foste.i fe ie I'lopnc irs anil Micce?sers in .V 11:. u or k A t i , 1 1 1 Genesee Sticct, Uiiea. N. V . . r.V r,.,n, ,v L. Janes j Milton Falls, by Ihrreiiv -vw . . . ; J -hnsou, by G. L Warner A Co. ; IJ "l in "n, and bv "i0- VF.CK vt SPF-AH, Manufacturing Dnie:his, and Venders ot all genuine Patent Medicines. -I' 'NATI I A.N" A'l W VTf It's r sit. "-IT IV V- 'be sulin-ril ers, bavn? livn n,iiil..i 1 M,e H, noral le the Pr..l ate tZStffaa! ir. t , f Cmreti 'en, e. lo iK cr.m' me aul alu-i ihe claim and demands cl a?op-n-"r aynui-t the estate of ' "lursuns, JONATH.VN AT WATER, IsteefWi'li.i,,, lu-a-IDatr -t, deeeasej, renre.en. e I in-r'vent, nn.l also all tin ms ilclm ili ett ibcteio-, am' six month, from ik,. 31,1 hereof, I eing abow.jlby said Court for that p, vv e do ,1 relore here' v give nr p. e, ,hat we w,iuf.' teal tetbelu-im-, ef ourappr. inmenl, nl iClLn. of 11. Leavenworth, 111 ai,10i,ul,Tv, the la.t T- e dav- 01 S,.n ,1 ir , ,1 Ja' 1'.' on. 10 oV-lo-I-, . M., n ea-h r,f , day.. ' ""'l 01 . M-. t n ea-h r,f , day.. " I " 5 h .lev ol Sep'einl t r, A. D. tsi.i !!',-aoruMc---- Da'eJ ibn ) . . f rs. 1 1 3w SOT1C50 To rnrir.rif) nntl AVooJ firoTv ors- Tne -11' s 1 ' er-hav ni; a1 e.i ihe U 1 e'en JIan,, lact iring E l-birent ol the Hurlin-ton Mill ("o at W noo-Ui Fall-, will receive wool to .Vlanurac ture for eu'ten.ers upon the following ct.niitticns Vir t 1 Frr Rroarlt-lotlis, nch a Otmnl, ?tce!, or Cnilst Mix, ltmelbncl.-, llrrwtis, cr Olives, at ieveniy.fne ents 1 1 t yard, rt.De bull t,f the goods when fin. i-htl. Narrow ekth-, such ns Shrop-' Rrey, rr o'her 111 xnne-, wi I U-innniil. luted to un cii-tctners, pa ica-cnal 'e icrin-. The q"ih'V of ibe c!,ihsms,le at this cstahli-h' mem fur ihe a-t eii'lrcen 111' 111 h under the s iperin letiJcnCe of the s.inriler-, is o well kticvvn m tlix-icu, N. Vorl., and 'he u- ghl omtK tei ,n ties Sinlc, tltat no further rri-oinircindniion is 'ecnird ne ewssarylo mduiv Earn eis kikI nlhcr.- wiflunelo wool iiiaiiiifactiiiel for thmronn u e rr marlri to patronise this fHablishiiienl. Curlomers ninv rW' assured that nopsin- will le -pnrctl tn cive nr sail laei-iin, the ma. htnerv U-,ri- M tholt. 1 n 0.i allor ls a-lvaiuaf..- to, .le-, a eb'nS work nubiwi n-.- tiiuamlin li e very Irs' manuer, vhn b i an inilu uient Ih-o nnint lt o ',-ml m in.-it ,-, e-inblishirc- 1 HKis riAN uon .x.vil'1 I-1(. HA I HHCN Iiele e 1 f if 'isra -ler e I- V 1 1' 1 I