Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 28 Ekim 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 28 Ekim 1842 Page 1
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NOT TUB O Jt 0 B T OF C 2 S A R BUT TUB WBLFABB OF ROME. VOL. XVI. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1842. No. 21. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney nuil Counsellor at Law, two doors cast or Tiir, tost office, ur staibs, Refer lo Messrs. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Nov. 13. A. ROBERTSON, IJarrlstcr ami Attorney nt l,aw, (Late in the office of the Am. Solicitor Gcn'l Day) LITTLE ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, 1 Nov. 1811. Itefercnco in lturliiiglon, to . CHARLES ADAMS, Esquire. 24 PECK & SPEAR, wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American DRUGS. Awo, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WARE. Hnrlim-toii, Vt. J14CS13T1C O DUNTIUA. THE TEETH 1 THE TEETH ! ! The Incomparable Tooth Preparation. THE fart i proved, ami the niol incrt'iluttin anJ doillitin; are lully convinced of lis Croat utility, as we luve il cvideiue from the ale of al out 25 - 000 boxes of the. Odomica, within the past year. It is ascertained from espi-neiicc, that when u-ed, the teeth will never decay, hut renuin till the l.ite-t n-re 01 man, with their natural wear : anil more in thou sands of oases, nervou. toothache,. (that elimax of pant) naaionce necn e.icetualiy cured ly tin nio-1 popular dentrihee m America. And in eoneln-ion, where, or wlioilht: j-oiins lady or lentloman, aye, the individual that value-a beautiful set of teeth, sound gum-, and a svv eel I Heath more than (if t v- rent-, that will Is! longer destilutuofa 1 ox of Dr .M.'Hitch. ock's Magnetie. Odontien. HAIR! HAIR!! BALDNESS. Important Discover; the Great Mytcry found out at last. DR. STERIIV'S HAIR RiX.ENERATOR.-Dr. Sterry, after mueli attention to ihc important subject of prcservini; the hair, has after many experi ments chemical and phvsi. nl, heon aide to discover an article which is now offered with tlio greatest couli ilcnce for the toilette, ti3 the best thinoicr discover ed, lor itssofteniii? and penetrating iiality, lo pro duce n good head of hair to prevent it from falling oil' when I aldnes-s is apprehended to restoroit when baldness has taken place, and to pi event it from turn ing gray. It is more nourishing than pomatum, an tique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beautiful article for ladies' cutis it makes the hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thousands have tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in eve ry instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible cure in all affections of the skin on the head as dan droll", etc iVn. Every family should be supplied with riboille. of this oil, that bv its application to the head and hair of children, the beautiful and ornamental ap pendage of a line head of, with which nature has sunjdicd us, may be preserved. Crl O If A T T IT I S Have you n Cough t .-a "70 OHO DI,? 0K CONSUMPTIOX every ' VV V0" in the United States, and mil lions Miller from troublesome coughs mid colds, that can be cured by Dr. M. Hitchcock' Vegetable Cream Cough Drop-, a safe medical pre.cnpiion, contain ing no poi-onous drugs, and ns-ed tu an evten.ive practice. far several years will most po.tively afford relief, and sava you from that awful uisen.-e, pulnum nryconsiinipliou, winch sweeps into the grave hun lred of the young, the old, llio lorth and the gay. Have you a cough ? Be persua led In purchase a llotlloofiho Conitli Drops lo-ilav? To-nionow may uc too late Price 50 cents per bottle. WOmiM WOHMflt TJR. M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivallnl nnd uncnual MJ led Worm Tea, a sovereign remedy for Worms. This invaluable medicine has been ttsted by the ex perience of more than ten years u.e, and administered to more than 18,000 person- of various ages, and not one solitary complaint s for in no one of the thou sands of in-tanees, where it has been used agreeable to the piiuted directions, ha? it ever failed. N. 11. Aslt foi Dr. M. Hitchcock's Worm Tea, as there arc iiiiny nostrums abroad for the destiu.-tioii of vv oi ms. SMJI'F-nnlv Twenty-fire Cont. DR M. HITCHCOCK'S newly mventd SNTEE, the best article ever di-cuvcrcd by seien'ilic men, m Euiopcor America, fm the eurean.l nb-olute relief of Catarrh, Di..iiuss of the Head, Weak Eye", Nervous Headache, E.illen icknes, Kits, Aiid'lu fants troubled with Snullles, partial shocks of Pal- fey, etc. LOTION, LOTIOW. HI)r. r.viitm' IJc.nitlfjlng l.otlon. IGIILY esteemed fur eiirin? nil Eruption-, Coarseness, Jlulness, and Pimples on the b'aee, IS cck or hands, and ellu. tiially cltaninglhecomdex ion ami removing all disc of the skin. Xoihing eontribuun so tiiiich to our general suc cess in life, as an engaging first appearance. The Lo tion is admired as a most fragrant, mild, safe wa-h, and greatly esteemed for its virtues in cleansing, soil cuing, and purifying the tkiu ofall eruptions, so inju rious to female beauty, and restoring it to a high de gree of nurilv. A oeiiitiful and healthful complexion is the pride of mi i uiu5see3 ii, anu me cuvyot vvlioure ue pnvedofit. A good appearance is the best recommendation -, unu asino licauiiiymg Lolion nun es tbo skin, unit removes all Pimnles. Blniehe.. Tan. Sunburn, and Holiness, nnd produce, a beautiful hue, it is the only .-u-uieiic a lany snoiitii use at Her tout-tie. Gentlemen will also find this a ddightfiil remedy to remove all Roughness, Pjuiples,Itingvvonn, Spots, Redness. Soreness of llio fnen nnd nns.i nnd ei-erv kind of eruption on lliosurface of the liuinaii body. It is particularly recommended to gentlemen to be used after shaving, as it will prevent the othcrwic leiuiui em-el oi an common roap, m turning the ueuiu preuiiiiurt ly grey, l'or sale whole sale and retail, by Poster & Dick inson:, solo Proprietors and Successors to A. Hitch cock k, i,o., in i.eneseo Mreet, l.'nc.i. i .; in ueorgia, in-I.. Janes ; Jlilton Tail., by Barrett tv mwyeri jounsou, uy ii, i v artier iViUo.; liurlin, ton, and by PECK & SPEAR, Manufacturing Druggists, and Venders of uenmne J'atent Medicines, TO LET. Commodious STONE HOUSEat present nccu pied by Dn. Hinebeko t or terms apply at the premises. Ilurlington, Sept. 15, 1812. 13 tf Printed Lawns. 0 PIECES nt S. II. SCOTTS.-Scvcral styles w as low as one sinning per yarel. June 3. Geese Feathers. I?!)) L"S. Live Gec-se 1-eatber.-, just received andlor -ale fur vnsh lower, limineer l.i-rnn. sold in tovl-n: C. L. NELSON. May 13. iatf. LOOKING GLASSES. k . ....... . niLVIUI ll.aul I llll.ll I, lUUSIB- JT1. ing of Oilt, Mahogany and Gilt, Mohosany, and Panel framed Lookinrr Glasses, for R'.'n nt nrrnile reduced prices nt the Hardware Store, Corner of vuurcn anu uoiicgo ta.. uy iiau.UI iV Alll HUH S. B. SCOTT I a now- opening now Goods in abundance. Those "avo vnkit will novvhavea rare opportunity ... i.iiTOp. -jo unuerseii an lormcr pttccs. I. inn nrilrr nf iI.a.i 1 IN'oticc to RIercimnts. 1 QfTin YARDS Simer XrJUW pany HROADCLOTHS. for sale aire duecel prices. ' Those wishing to purehase will do w,u to call soon for if net sold here the Cloths will bn sera l0 market of the B. M Co. ) Agent. Sept. 16, 18-12. 15 tf . ; Clotli Caps. JUSTrcc'd direct from the manufacturers a full ns. Bortmcnt of all I mils Cloth Caps and For Salont great barrains by, June 9, 12' II, W. C ATI, IN. ROMAN CEMENT. 1 ff DARRELSoflhiarclebrated Cement, its J JkJ quality Ii ing bien tcEted nnd lound su .trior lo ari'.' in use, for sil at reduced prices, bv Sept. sth. 1812 FOLLETT AV IIRADLEY. 1842. IN'oillicrii Transportation Line. ISAAC V. BAKFR Wl ,r i r-ntitt-1 ,,,.,... -,.,,..,, 1 LL continue the rOUW ARDLNO BUSINESS Lake Cliamplnlii, Northern Canal, ami Hudson Itlvir. Deeming it important to retain the Old Customer of the Line, nnd add new one-, he will n-e hi. be-t endeavors to snli-fyall, m,d plod-re. himself lo in-ere.i-e hi- exertion, to promote the inteie-ls ol Ins employer- by doing nil bu-ine-s entrusted lo hi. ea re Willi di -patch and safely. Por Prcight apply to L. 11. Jant.,7 Coelllie. Slip, Purr. Catli.v, 3.1 Cue line. Slip, New York. C. II. lUiiNnv, 101, Pier, Albany. P. CoM-TOCK, ) J. II. HooiiK.n, Troy. L. A. Cahlktos, ) I. V. llAKr.n, Conutoel.'- Landing and Whitehall. l'ni.i.r.TT & UnAni.r.Y, Ihirlmgtoii. A. I). LAnn, 1'lnit.liiirzh. I'om-tock, Port Kent. J. C. Ptr.r.rr. & Son, St. John.. JrCTTrov oll'ice llivcr-Mrcet, up stairs. Whitehall, April 1812. NEW BOOK STORE. " Live and let Live." r"llin sn'iseriber has received from Sew York a -- new -uipdIv of School Hook. Bibles. Praver hooks, i c-iamein, eve. ee. locciner wiin a good as sortment of Stationer', and llook-binding Stock, to which he invite. 1 lie ntlcnlion of the public. Keeling very grateful for the liberal patronage heretofore re ceived, lie will renew hi- exertion, to pleas-c nil that may favor him withtheir patronage.. S. HUNTINGTON. Strong.' Building, corner Church and College st.-., opposite llasarec Arthur'-, Sign Red Ledger. June 10. 50 MUDS. Gardner Brewer's NT. England Rum" 30 Pipes and Half Pines American Hrandvr. '10 do do Baltimore Gin, 10 do do Tellcvoiiu' Brandy, 5 do do 1 Swan' Gin, 10 llbds. St. Croix Rum, 30 llbls. Sherry and Madeira Wines, 35 do Malaga do 5 do Port do 31 Dec. 1SI1 by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. CERTAIN CURE l-'Olt SICK HEADACHE, w Inch has been uscd in families, everv member of vv hich ha. had sick headache from infancy, as a constitutional family complaint, nnd has cured cU'ec-tu-illy inevcry instance yet known, amounting to ma ny hundreds. It is not unpleasant to the taste, and does not prevent the daily avocations of'ono u-ing it it inu-t bo persevered in, and the cure is gradual, but ceitain and permanent. Instances are constantly multiplying w here tbi- complaint is com pletely iihcved and cured, although of years standing by tlie use of Dr. Spohn s celebrated remedy. One decided pn ferenceis its pleasantness, having none of the nan-eating etfect of common drugs. Itis so perfeetlysali. factory, that the proprietor has given directions lor hisngentsto refund the price to any one who is not pleased with, and even cured by it. He hopes alo that this may secure its great ben efits to the distressed sullerers who are laboring under Headache. 1.. aruilA, .'J. u., inventor and Pro prietor. Sold by COMSTOCK ,r. CO., 71 Maiden Lane. New York. PECK & S P E A It, Wholesale Agenin, a few doura east of tUol'ostOmcc, lturhng- ton, V i. ill) I OCT. 1 J I bud. OCT. "tlAItSHAliIS Aromatic, Catarrh and l.iche S.M I' r. I his -mim ii is superior to nnv thing ei i.r.ovv-11, for removing that trouble-ome di ', the ( alarrh, and also a e-old m t lie l.e.ul, and the hea i.iehe. Il open- and purges out all ob-truetioiis, li eugllK-iis the gl.ind-,a ml give- a healthy nefon to the p.nls iileeie-d. II I- perlectlv tree I rout any tlungilele tenons in its composition lias a plca-aut llavor, and us iiuuie.balee.leei, nlierl eing u-ed, I- abgiee.ibfc. Pi-iroU 1 eenl.ner lottle. Doit.: Mar-lmll's Vejelable Indian lllack- Pl.ASI Illl. I hi Plaster I- unrivalle'l for curing scrofulous svve-1- iii.'s Srurvv Hoies, Lame Hack, ini'l l-re-h W oiind- nn - in 1 lie sides, Hips and Limbs- mid seldom f.uls ti give relief in Iik-iI l!lu-iinalim-. If ani-hed to the will cure manvoftheeoininoii Liver Comolaints; and is eoual. if not sunerior. to anv tiling in n-e for corns on the feet ; the virtue, of this P!ater have I. en witne eil liv tlio'i-ainls et inilivuluais m the I nite-tl Stales, who havete-led it. eilieaey. Sold bythe pro prietor; lioweu, iviiuateiitiry, vt., ami ri.ei'cv: t-t'.vn, iviii.ortiugi i. JiEWAJtU OF DECEPTION. t has freq-iently come to the knowledge of the sub eerdier. lbai ennitv Siiiitl" Jars, with bis Label on ihem. Invo been bouLdit mi for the I urnoso of selling ill tliemnn inferior ipmlity Sniifl'; and also, that bis Siiiill'-labelshave, in some instances, been counter feited, or the general design of the samo so imitated astoe-isily deceive tho unwary. Iledeemsit, there fnrn. Iii. e,i(i to iiiforni nunhasers of the manner in wliicn tliey are mien unposcu upon ; anu no woinn hereby request them to tear olfor deface the Labels on the outside uf the Jars, after having disposed cf the contents, m as to prevent lurther us, of the same. t suuaoie rewiiro win nepiiiu nir siieii cviueiice as will lead to uiouctcction ana conviction ol tho im postors. 77icUMeri(Krronjinruo.iiintiiirtiir-, anu oj J'crs for tale the fulluicintr articles: I'llic in-own -sunn. (acnuinc Maccoboy, ) ro-e American Rappee, imitation no. ) navorcu, iiuii.inu elo. Sicily, do. Tuberose. Maltese-, do. St. Outer. (Juricoa, on. ntrnsliurg. Coarse JJi'oyvti Snuli: Der.iigros. Natclntoches. Pure Virginia. French Raipee. Bwiirboti. American CJi'iitleman St. Domingo. Puro Spanish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. Mixture. Yellow Snuli, -cotchand) ,--, Irish Iliac' iuard or J ,.., HighToastJ 1 me- Irish High Toa-t, Coarse- vcct Scented lrnc Cut Chewing Tobacco. Spanish, Kitefort, Canaster. Common nnd Stems. sr-yA liberal discount made to wholesale dealers. PETER LORILLARD, Jr., 12 Chatnam-St., New York. lTB7f GOODS. LOVELY & SEYMOUR AR E now opening n heavy stock of seasonable Good, ree-cully porehasril in New York which are oll'ered to the puplic nt price, which cannot fad lo ensure their sale. Among them are, Black, Blue Black, Blue, Invisible Gre-eu and Ice! mixe-d Ilioad ( "loth-. a very upcrior quality of ua-siuie're's, a 1 ik civci, c-iing-, uincn I'riiling-, Gamhroons. and n variety ofGocnls lorMinimer wear allow price.; Boiubaquic-, a good nssortme-ni of ilks for elrc es and 110111101., satin, Chally-, Black nml colored Mu-liu do Laines, 11 large lot ijf Merino Shawl, nnd Iblkf-. drcsslldkf.. unci se-nrf-, Mlk and lini-n caiubrie lldkl-, 11 great variety ol 1 1 love-nnd Hose; n large ns-orlnicnt of English, French, and American cnlicoc., and mourning calicoes at inipre. cedeutedly low priee-s ; Leghorn, si raw and Palm leal bonnets ; a sri'at variety of Ribbons, Lace., Unibn l la., I'.ira.ol-, sun shade-, Mu-lin., Cauibrio-.,blcaeheil nnd unbleached Cottons; 3000 rolls paper hangings, bordering, looking glass,-., rugs, malls, carpeting-, all of which are fur -ale low. June 1, 161.. IMorison's Pills QTAN'D unrivalled nsa ileaiiM'r and purifier of the O beivvel-, blooil, andlhe whole sy-leiu. In Diar ihoea or looseness of the bowels and oilier iiinincr complaints, hec i nn be rebtil upon Willi perfect e-on-lideiKC; ns a common medicine In I e kepi icady for u-e 011 nil occasions where a i-aiharlic is iic-eded, ibis miiliiiiie is unequalli'd. Sold onlv nl tbo Vnriely Slure by PANGIIORN BlIINSMAID, Agents for Morisoiii of Loudon. C 1 1 73 A P El P r7lAN THE CHEAPES T. "17 ARRAR, WAIT & ROOT, liavo a very cxtcn L rivf assortment of CKOGKERV. GLASS &, CHINA WARE, tint they wil sell Cheaper Ihancnn bo bought in any store in the State. They deem it unnecessary to enu merate articles, it helm, sntllciciit to sav that almost every article in the lino can bo found in their stock. Persons w'shini. to buy will 10 I it to lliciradvantngo to examine llio slock at Ihe Crockery Store, corner Church and CollcgoSt, Burlington. Sej't 30, ICU3, EXCHANGE HOTEL, . Water street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf lliirlltigfnn, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HART. THIS establishment, so favorably located for the accommodation of the bii-no-s ami travelling community, i now open to i he public. I'o-t Uoaclie- pon luc various ruuic 1.111 iu ino -.xcnuilK-- unlet fr paengcr', nnd those nrriv-in? or deputing by I noai, in wnien ea-o uicjr nagg.isre i rcmov-cn vvilhoitl I'liarge, will nml tin. lioue peculiarly loincir convenienee. The keeper tender. hi services, with the assurance, in all re-pet-, the bou. -hall de-erve the favor able eon-i lera'ion of nil who may patroubo it. Ilurlinton, April I, 1812. -I3tf. NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. B.WOODS WOULD respectfully inform the Ladie. and Gen tlemen of Burlington and vicinity that he ba recently opened nn e-tal lislunent wlicic he will man ufacture, (wholesale nnd retail) all kind, of work in the Shoe line. He ha. ju-t received from New York the pre-cnt style ol l.a-i, together with a choice se lection of Snick. Itewill ke-ep constantly on hand nnd manufacture lo order all kind, of work u got up" in tin. country; among which may be found lie-nl' Calf, Goat, Seal and (.Saner limit's Ladies' Gaiters, Buskin-, Walking Shoe"-, Slips, AsC. &c. Al-o, eoar-e nnd kip Boots, ,nt- for men and boys J and chiMrcn's Shoes of all kind.. t Pli-ase give him a call, two door. Vet of the Pearl Street Hou-e, at the siUof the "JJig Ilont." Iliirlington, May, IS 12. 50-f. BURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORV CL. iNEI.SON, continues the business of manufacturing Chairs at the old stand, of the fol lowing descriptions: Curl Maple Grecian, Cane Scat, Common Cane nnd Flag Scat, Large and Small Raised Seat Rocking, do do Com mon do, Common Dining, &c. &c All of which arc warranted a first rate article and will bo sold at prices HEATHERS, lo corre-spunu won inc. nines. AND FEATHER BEDS, READY AIAD1-;. Constantly on hand, n supply of warranted Live Grecse Feathers, w Inch will be sold low for cah. WANTED, by the subscriber, Curl and Birds Eye Maple, delivered at his shop in Church street, opposite the old Bank. C. L. NELi-ON (Cfltilj z tOVC. nOYNTONty IWRR1TT, fSucccssors lo A.S. & G.D.Wellcr.l "IT7 O l' I. D icspcctfully inform the inhabitants of iimcsi urgli ami the adjoining towns thai thcy havo comtncneiil business in the Store formerly oc cupied bv A. S. & G. D. Wilier, and are now receiv ing a general assortment if Fancy Dry Goods, Hard ware and Groceries, which they oiler to the public a low as can be purchased in tho county for cash. i iiuj lec-jieiuiuuy mhicu a aiiaro 01 puuuc nairoinige, confident that their prices will bo found to suit all who may favor them with a anil. AUIil.K I,. Iltj-l .M'U., WILLIAM I5URR1TT. Hincshurgh, May -1, 1812. 43 CO PA 11 TNERSIIIP. HEN RY II. HOSTWICK iV T. F. it W. L. Strong having coiiui'eted their Tin Shops, will do business in that line under the name of H. II. Bost vvick'tfcCo. at the shop occupied by said Bostwick, where may be found a full and comnlcto as-nrtnieni of TIN' W.Mtlv, innmifacliired expressly fr tho retail 11.KK-, iii-riiii-r vvnii uopner nun mh-' iron .urn, Stove Pipe, S'ove Trimiiungs, o.c. All kinds of Job work furni.tirtl nt fdiort notice. Envo trolh nnd con ductor pipe furnished nnd put up. Copper pumps and lead pipe furnished nnd set if required. Those who pntrome this branch of business shall, at this shop, I e quickly and well served, for a' lo cnnipen sation. II H. BOSTWICK & Co. Burlington, Apr. 10, 1S12. . F. GRISWOLD'S BOARDING HOUSE. 'TMII's House is now OPEN for tho reception of -L boarders. All who wish to board, arc invited to e'all and examine his house and the peculiar advantage- wht'h its consiruciton and location offer, for eonifoitand convenience. Terms, very moderate. May 10, 1S12. COFFFE MILLS. T NCR EASE WILSON'S Colle-o Mill Is, a verv -u-J. HUNT. -L penor arliele, for sale by W.M Dye Wood, &,c. "TMIE Subscrilers lmve iii-e-ivi-d and nowoficrfor 1. sale a large and well -e'eeie'd as-orimciil of I lye VVeie.Ls ofevciy description, together with Cri-.ini Tartar, Lac Dye, Copperas, Mudder, Indigo. Alum, Borax, &c. Ate. Buyers are ro-nvfiillv reqiiest-.j in call at the Stone Store, head of the Sli-a'inl 0.11 wharf, eMiininethe articles, which are warranted 10 he fresh Irom the New 'oik- Market, mid purcha-cd it the pre-cnt extremely low prices, learn the lenii-, which are but u small advance from e-o.t. and leave their orders. FOLLETT -V BltADLEV. Stone Store, Sept. 22, 1812. New Bourding llouse. WARREN SIBLl'.Y ha- opened a BOARDING HOUSE in the building known as'ihe VVnrd.. worth Hou-e-,' eoiuer of Pearl nnd While treel, Burlington, where ten or fifteen reiiectablebo.ndi-r-m.iv I eneeominodated. ;ept. 15, IS 12. 5tf. NOTICE. rPIII' subscriber has fund up his factory in the best 1- manner, and is nn inn d lo execute rill orders 111 Ins line in ihc sali-faeuouof eu-toniers. I'ldled Cloths mixed, an I co ored.c. also. 1- lauiiels. mauutactiired and dressed 011 shares or by tho yard, on tbo bet,i icriu-., anu 111 me icsi manner. IIUIIATIU IIAUAEV. Jericho Centre, July 31, IBCi. $5,00 Reward. T OSTfrom off the Eastern Stago on its passage j -j irom iiuriingion 10 .nonipciier, on uie morniuj of the 15th Setil. hist, a L EATER HAT BOX, containingan old Hat, a shirt, and sundry other ar ticles. ALSO.- f N the IG1I1, a bundle done un in a Canvass Sack v containing one pair New Blankets, one pair Shirts, one old Red.Cloak, a Ladies Dress, Arc. etc. The above reward will bo paid for information wme 1 1 av leau 10 1110 uiscoverv 01 ine arncles. in- applying to juii. uiiuiiuu, Agent, liiitlington, Sept. 22,11612. Ii URLING TON URE WER Y S now in full rneraiioniiudcan rnrnish nil ,r.lM.M C... lll.'l.'l' I surpassed in quality by any other -Hcvvery. 1 run niTPiisnv Burliiigtoii, Aug. 25, 1613. N. IS. Un in. SO Hhds. N. 1.. Rum 50 per cent above proof, for sale at Uostou jiriees aniiircigiil.ny l-eii.l.l.l 1 t. ItltADbi.v. Old Dock, June 3. 03- For Sale. riUIE HOU.SH AND LOT, now JL oe-cupiesl by the Widow Sevcranie, slualisloii the road to the Fall., 11 short distanee East of the Col'ege-. Apply to j. vv. j. ii. rr.i k iv m CASH! CASH!! PAID for liUCKWIIEAT-delivcred at Witlhnrn J- .Hills. ItUUAUt; WIllClil.EK Sept. 25, 1312. 17-tf Lyman & Cole, HAVING maelo arrangements vviih Messrs Roe lofson it Rathhiirn, to nianiifacture their wool into Clotlis, they will keep constantly on hand 11 largo nssortntejit cf Broad Cloths and Beaver Cloihs, nnu atso an assortment 01 uie iiurimgiou .11111 uo. Cloth-, and an extensive assortment of other Dry Goods, they win cxciinngo lor wool, .Mer chants and others will have n favorable opportunity for exchanging their wool. Sept. 23,1812. mm 1 il ' MOFFAT'S VEGETABLE LIFE MEDICINL--. The-o nieiheme.s are indebted fur their name to their manifest nnd stn-ible action in purifying the .pri igs and channels id' life, and en liimg ih'ciu with renewed lone and vigor. In many hundrivl eertilu-d i-.i-e.wbieli have been made iiulli", nnd in nlmo-t every specie-, ofdi-easelo which tho buniaii frame 1. liable, the happy e l'ce-t. of Moi kat's Like P11.1.. and I'IKF.nix l.ave leen grealltiliyanu pul.liely acnowle-dgeil he the tier-em. bcnei'liiis!. mid w-hii ac.novvli-dgcd by the pcr-oii. I cneruiisl, nml who were previously uiiai-iiiainleil with Ibebeaulifiilly phi lo.ophiea! prineip'c. upon which they nrocoinpouml en, anil iipou wiueli tnev cousi-ipicniiv net m-i... , il'l iu.-hii'ivi's .-.... . The LIFE MEDICINES recommend in di-c.i-t. of everv- form and dc-eriplion. Their first operation is to 'no-en from lite coals of the slomae-h mid bowels, the vi'riou. mipiirilies ami crudities e-on--tanily seitlmg around them, and torcmovetbe har-eleiu-il face, which collect in the eonvolutioiis of the smallest inlc-tine-s. Oilier ini-dieine-. only partially cleanse the-e, and leave si.-h cUUvled inas'-e. Ichin'd n 10 produce habitual co-tiveness, with all its train nl evils, or sudden diarrhira, with its imminent ilage-r-.n This f. iii is we'll known to nil regular anatomist., whoexnniincllie human bou rl. after dcith ; and he-no-the iirejudiie of those we-ll iiil'oriiiol men agnint quack me-dicine or medicines prepared and her.ilde-d lo lliepulilic by ignoranl person.. The second e-lleet of the Life .Mi-dieines i. to 1 lean-c the kidney, nnd the bladder, and bythi. mean., ihelivernndlheliuigs,!!,,. Iicallhfulactinn ofwhiehentiiely depend. upon the re gularity of the urinary organs. The Mood, which lakesifs red color from'the agency nf the liver nnd Hulling- before it passes into the heart, being tint, purifieel by them, and no'in-heil by food coming from a clean stomach, enur.-e. fieely ihroiigh the vein-, renew, every pari of the system, and triumphantly mounts the banner of health in the blooming cheek. Moilht's Vegetable Life Medicine, have been thor oughly te-le.1, and pronotiue-e'd a stivereian reineelvfor Dyspepsia, Flatiileni'y, Palpitation of thelli-art, Lo ol'Appciite, llcart-burn and llead-aehe-, Ke-lle-sne-s, Ill-lemper, Anxiety, Languor and .Melnneholy, Convenes-, Diarrhira, Cholera, Fever, of nil kind-, Klieiimali-in, (Join, Dropsies ot all kinds, Giavel, Worm-, A -I lima and Coiismuption, Seurvv' fleer-' Inveterate Sores, Scorbutic Eruptions and Bad Com plexion., Eruptive complaints, sallow, Cloudy, and oilier ili-agrecable Complexion., Salt Hliciim, Erysip elas, Common Cold- and Inlbienza,and various other complaints which ntlbet Ihehiiman frame. In mid Aoiik, particularly, the Life Medicine, have leen ino-t eniinciilly sue'cessful ; so much so that 111 the Fever nnd Agneili-tricl., Physie-iaii nImot universally pre-eril c them. All mat Mi . Moll'at require, of hi. patient. i 10 I c partieiihir ill taking the Lite Me-dieine. . rii-tly ne-eor-duig to the dneelioiis. It i. not u new-puner nntie-i-, or by anything tbet he lum-elf nny-ay 111 their favor, that he hopes to gain e-redii. It is alone by ihe re-ulls of a fair trial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL; deigned a. a domestic guide to health. Tlii.-litllo pamphlet, e-d-ted by W. II. Mod'at, 275 Broadway, New York, ha. leen published forlbe purpose ofexplaining tnorel'uliy Mr. Mo lal's theory of diseases, nnd will Ic found highly interesting tnpersoiis seeking health. It tri'.its upon prev.ili-iit disease-., nnd ibee.iu-es thereof. Price, 25 cents for sale by Air Moll'.ilV Agents penei all v. These valuable Medicine, are for sale l v GEOIIEE L. WARNER & Co. Jidm-on, Vl., Genera! Agcui-, 'V vv bom all order- from any part of the State or Canada, will I e protnptl) answered. 23-1 I Dec. 17, IStl. HAGAR Sf ARTHUR, General Agents for Moilht's celebrated medicine--, lo whom all applications for iigchciea must le ad-drt's-cd. Burlington, Jan. 23, 1812. AT ATUItU GRAND RESTORATIVE. Tin- xN valuable Vegetable Medicine land- uiinvatle-d for ibofollowmg i-oiuplaint-, viz: Dy-pcp-in, or Indi- ge-liou,di-ea-i-il Liver, biboii-di-order-, I'rop-y, Asth ma, Coslivenc-c, Worm, mid lo-s e,f Aii'i-ini-. and l.y cleansing 1 lie tolllalh nml l-ow.-U. i-urcs pains in Ihe sute, stomach and breast, cold., nnd coughs of long stundiu-, lloar-eue-s, sliorlue-s 01 ore-alli, ."Xervou. complaint-, etc., xvhieh nre frequently the eile-et e,f 1I1-- ea-c. r or 1 ev er a 110 .vgiu -, 11 is hhis, vaiuauie pre ventative a- xv e-ll as a sovcieign reined). It. virtue. surpass any thing heretofore known in removing St. Vitn-' llaiiee-, Iwo bottles have I evil known to cure llii-nllhctiug ih-case', afie-r having hnlllcd every exer tion lor four )cars. It ha- a luo.t powerful iullui-ne-e 111 removing nervoiisconniiniiils. 11 is nicasant intake 1 1 i.l siii-n-v in it- operation, t lint it may I eadunnistcre-d lo llio ilium Willi sniety. 1 lie nnove .vieoieine I- very highly leeominended bv inanv scientific gentlemen. am a large 11111111 er 01 i.ioies, wno nave urove-i t ie virtue, of the .Meibeinc by per-onal use end Ibat of iheir families. A bill ofeerlificate- aei-ompai.iescaeb liotlle-. wit 1 1 iree ion., it mav 1 e nan xv 10 e-u e or re tail o s. Ilritam, liarrc, and J. u. l ariiiini, i.a-t illi.i m lown. Vt.soie motirietor-. Prepared from tbeoncii al reeipu ; for sale by E. II. Prentiss, .Monipehcr, and 1 ECk H'SI't-AU, Burlington, and in the principal towns in the state jail iireetiou. .igneuiu me 11.11111 wriiiug 01 ine proprietor E. L. FARRAR gives notice that he continues to carry on the busi ness as usual of manufacturing Stone ware of a superior quality in all its varieties and will at all times be in read- inr.3 In sutiid,- mercliaiilson the most roosonal le trims, all order, promptly attended to at his Factory , Pearl Street, Burlington. Jan.3l. 1312. JACOlIVr-i I'Al'KAt'i: l-'M'lll SS, Jleticeen Albany and Muntreal, UNTIL further imiice, leaving Albany on Wednesday, and .Montreal on Saturday of each vve-ok, in connexion with llarnden etCo. nt Albany 10 New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Liverpool, Lon don, Ireluil, Scotlan I and II ivre, for the trans portation uf Specie, Bank Notes, Valuable Papers, Packages of Goods, Books, and all other Parcels that may odi r. Mini real Exchange Codec House. All anv No. 12, Exchange Buildings. Xcw Yotk No. 3, Wall .-trect. Boston No. 8, Court Strict. Burlington J. it .1. II. Pec', it Co. RI.FEItEN'CES. L. Y..1-J. B. Redd, Albany, N. 1 . P. Wells, "j H. & I). H. Plim, ( Trm. v Kelloo .f. Co., ( Iroy, N. . A. WATnocs, ) A. II. W. llvnr.N it Co.Cnstlcton, Yt. J. it J. II. Peck it Co., Burlington, Vt. . J. C. Peibce .f- Son, St. Johns, L. C. April 23. -IStf. IMtlVATU SK liECT ROAKUIM3 SGirOOl,. rpill-, new and spaeiou. Building, now erecting in 1 I ast Charlotlewdl I u opened (if the Lord will) under the superintendence of Mr. J.Tr.N BnoKKf.n--si-lcd in Ihe Ladie.'ilepariment in French and Miuie by Mi-s M. A. Tun Bhoeke, 10 h May, 1812, t all term open- 2Uih Augii-t, Winter do 2Sib Noveinln-r. Twelve young Liube-s and Genllemcn may le ae cotiunodatisl in the family of Mr. T. Term. $23 per quarter, in advance, Mu-icSlO. French and Alge bra, 15. Washing extra. Day Scholar.-, from tf'J.SO to 4,50. Mi-sT. 1'diieatcd under thecare of eminent Teacher-, and having taught in Loudon, Eng., and in llii. State since her arrival, i-amply qualified to superintend the rrenehaiid department. Guvi'rninent strictly parcnml. 111 iiio-ciiuaeq-iainiciivvitlitlic service'., experience ami ability of Mr.T, n E.T.Eugle.,v,Builingi J. B. Holli-nl i.-k. referene'i'iiiay Khad to ton, E. Mott. St. John. J.C. Parke, Whitehall. A, S. Pciry, Troy. J. Sherninii. Vcrge-nnes t'barle.ltc, IStli April, 18121 LETTER PAPER. Irom 10 cents to 75 cents n q-nre embracing eve ry variety from low prices to English Uoltte Pa per clevt 11 years old. Also, English and American unto paper, English and American folio Post ordoublo, Ban'. Post Sc. Ac. Forsaleby C. GOODRICH. Sept. 7. Sliawls. 171 ALL and winter Shawls, a great vnrietv cheaper than ever by II. W. CATLIN. Sept 7,1312. rftllE Spe'cebi'. ol tho Hon. Thomas I'. Maii-iiaii, J. on ALCOHOL mil INTL.MPEIIAN'CE, and FASHIONABLE WINE-DRINKING, delivered at the Broadway Tabernacle, New York, oil the ere of aiay -llii unu ,'ii. vve invito the attention 01 itie friend, ol Temperance-to the above work, from its inlrniM" worth, ns well as from the high reputation 01 uie uisiiiigiiisuexi orator. June 21, 1618. I). A. BRAM N, DR. TAYLOR'S U A Ti S A SI O V 1. 1 V K It W (HIT, Ob-erve when you buy that vnu get the genuine, lucpnred nt 375 Bowery, New York. See that 375 Bowi rv-Ne-w York . on the wrapper of each Bottle. VII other, are Fraud, and -old only hy pe-e-ulator, without reardlii.iu.ii e,tothe public, or the proprie tor, of the genuine article. rj'Olt Censiimptinn, and Liver eomplaint, Dypcp , sin, dizzme-. of the he-ad, lo. of appetite', Dy.-en-tary, ami general ii-gnlaterol the whole v-leui. None genuine but that jirepari'd at 375 Bowery, New York, where the article wa- firt made, the char ne'er of the inc he-mu formed and established bv the lre-ent sole proprietor., and whonre theonly pcr-011. knowing the e-onioosition of ihe r-enniiu- Ii Im. I ii-e-d success fully for eight year- in the cure of thesu dise-a-e-. "C71-Reineml er the original and Genuine 1. made onlv nt No. 375 Hoxverv. Neie Vnr!.-. All other, are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! An general rcinedv for tho-e ihsea-e.. I nm f, He- sati-licil, from long experience, there i- no me.ri-me piat to nr. I nylor . I.iluui of Liverwort. Being pure y vegetable', it can be-i-ed with thu utmost -nleiy iV all pe.sou. in everv condition. Il ecu, lu lling, by expectoration, relieve, dillieult breathing. he-althecliest. The-rceaii bciioniie.tion but tin. mcilieine is n e-eatain cine for ehronie i nnnh. and e-old-. I have u-c.l'it four vcar in luv prai'tue, and always w iihsnee-e... A.'F. ROGER'S, M. I). 1 ickling tn the J liroat. I know Dr. Tayloi'. llal-am of Liverwort tn bn aeerlain remedy for this eoniplaint, a. I have u-ed it myself nnd found i. eject, nn immediate. 1 was much troubled until I made n-eofihis ine-ilieine-. U IfL.-xs-HAW. 211 Mangin -I. Hoar-eiies- Ciued For the cure of hoar-ene.. 1 can stronglv reecoi eml Dr. Taylor'. Bal-am of Liv- orvvort. I have not onlylound great I em-fit nivi'll', but many of my eoiigiegalnn by my rc'coinini'uda lion have ii'eievi-d gieat I eneht t'roni it. virtue. It i- atouee mild ,cilii'.iciiiu-nud b.irmlc-s, RI.V.A.. LEWIS, Pcvercf'ough. and Cold I have had a mosi .1- x-erc cold and cough, for a long lime vv he-li 1 could not get rulof. After n-ing inanv u-e-'e-. llimg. 1 tri ed Taylor's Bal-am of Liverwort, nnd il ciireil me 111 a few- day-. .IAS. B. KEIIIil.NOCK. R.n-ing of Blood About two wee-ks ago I bad a fall, which catise-d me to .pit large qualities of ,ood which inilhing i-ould cure until I tried Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. Tin. iiiedi-iue gave me iniine- dllllc relief and 111 a cere sliorl nine e.Ieele.l nil i-iili,.- cure. Let all per-on-try it. 111 till ,viu ti.Vltv l-.V,21 ('anunn (. Dr. Taylor'- of Liverwort 'I hi. superior remedy fordi-e-a-c- of the lungs nnd jv(r has obtain ed a reputa'ion never be foieciuallcd. Remarkable Cure oj Consumption. . . . wa-so near her death with tin. ih-c:i-i, that mv friends sent for 11 ir.e-t toeonl'es. me etc I died, lie 111 his un rey, told me not to give until 1 mod Dr. Taylor'- of Liverwort. I -cut imnietliatelv fortius me-dieine, and although the oonie-t for a fevv days I -twi cn this medicine, and my ih-ca-c was o vcie.the meiliciuei-oiiqiii ri-.l, and in a I w a ii'stoit-d toh-alth. I hail a eo igh, rai-mg ol'inat ler, lo.. ol my voie e-. pain-, wi-akue.,, Aie. I can re fer to Doctor Wil.i n, 111 the Carlton Ilou-e-, for the truth ofiuy-latenient. MARY DILL, ', h -licet cor. Beware ol fraud-. ,,r-j nvcime. Summer Complaint. The Bal-am ol Liverwort, in several e-a-c- of tin. di-i-.i-c, w here all other remwhe-s applied l.y phy-i-eian. have proved, has a peril--.! cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. li. Gladdin ii Delhi, N. Y., of a naturally con. siimptive constitution, has teen saved fiiuu .ill un timely cud I,) the u-e of Dr. Tuvloi'.- Bal-am of Liv erwort. A severe eol.l I rotight'on an attack (,f I'lm-re-y, and thu. endel 111 general debilnv and consump tion. A constant eo igh, hectic llii.i,'re.t'e-s nigbl-, quick pid-e, un.l eoiit.nued lo.s of il,sh, ni-gured 11 spi-cdy dcaih ; hut us -0011 a. I commenced . u-e of tin- haUaiu 1 grew belter, nnd i. now fully re-toied lo health. Shortness of Breath. For tin- di-e-a-i-, 1 have always t,,i,d Dr. Tavloi'. liaNam of Liverwort an c.i client remedy. It'i-at once so sal'eand -o etlivtive, that I always u-e it in my practice-, and riveonmiend it In mv friend.. 1 have ii-e-d ii in some biinibeJ- of i-n-i-. xvitlim the pa. four year-, and 1 have never bad it fail. In inanv c.i-e ofa-tbina, 1 fully I i-lu-ve it to have lien the mean- ol saving piceious live.. Let all u-e 11 GI'UliGI' RALPH, M. I). None genuine but that pn-paiel nt 375. uvvery. NewVork- ii-will le.-ee-i bv the I.l' el-and wi.ip per. ol each bottle'. Be .uie you lool. w hen vou buy. The genuine can alwav- le-oliiauied of the ' Old Agents, Mo.srs.'N. Luvo'v it Co., now Lnvelv it Seymour Dr. .Moody an ! Pel k it Spear, Cheun-t'. an I Druggi s, It ulingn,ns;, . ; true-, Charlotte VVtlliani l!ho 'c, Jr. liichmoin1 Geo. Aver- 0.' Co Milton A. .t W. Ilrown, Grand l-h W .' II. K.s-leri South Hero Horace, Nonh Hero "-.A- .1 Davis, Alburgh I', it L. Oieu i, Wc-t All, irgh-l). A v . Carpenter, Watei I ury. " II nNI)OWSASff. The siihseril cr- havepur-e-ha c.l tin- ."(lachinery for Ihe m.iniit icinreof Window a-b formerly owned nnd used by Sidney Smith, at Winoo!t City,jn. -ire now mill ifai-iunni every de--crip'iou, and keep coii-lant-ly oil hand an assortment of 7 bv D thelollowmg prices. 12 Lighted Ca-ciiii nis ,1( ei-. per Light. 8 do 3' do 9 e'o 3 ,lo G do 3' do t do 5 For -nlc at their Shop at the Falls, and by George Peterson, All order-111 the above line addre evl 10 1 .illin st Ch.i-e. will be thankfully received and tly attended to. promp .vtl'.ES CATLIN, 2d. EDWIN W. CHASE. Jjiirlington, April 0, 1S12. r ADV'S ANNlTAiriUJoisi-Elt and IIOUsE lj WIFE'S ALMANAC for 1841 for sale bv Sept. 23, 1812. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. (1 routines. CONSTANTLY on hand an asertinrrt o Famil Groceries. W.n. HUP! BUT. Sept. 23. New (icrman Store. THE Siibscnbers respectfully iiiform the iiibabi tantsof Biiiluigton nnd vicinity, lliat they have 011 hand a-.d nreeoustantlv reee-iving a si ckof SU PERIOR GBOCF.llIF.s; which they will sell at cheaper prices than eter offered before in this mar ket, consisting of Sugars, Tens, ("ulbv, Chocolate, Cocoa, Raisins, Currants, Almonds, Prunes, Nuts, Spices, Rice, Pearl Bailey, March, Olive Oil, Sugar-House Molas-cs, Sperm and Tallow Candles, Sperm and icfined Whale Oil, Soap, Havana and Principe Cigars, Tobacco, itc. i'-c. ALSO The Pure Holland 'Schiedam) Gin, and Pure French Cognac for Medicine, Spanish, French and German Wines, Vintages of 1822 and 1831 for Medicine. They also beg leave 10 mention that thev haven rich assortment of FRENCH DRY GOODS, which iiicv- ri'spcciiuiiy uiviie me puonc to nipped. f-toro on joiu-ge on Street, lormctly occupied by Mr. (Iranian. Dookscller. OS7HF.IMtf.MlCH()LLS. Turlington comb factory. rplIE Subscribers hiivm" taken the well known J Establishment, formerly occupied by Vilas, Looms, it Co., aro now manufacturing, and will keep constantly on hand, a general assortment of COM IIS, of superior qualities, which will bcatlbrded at the low i-st prices. Merchants, and others, wishing for n superior article for retail, will find it to llicir advan tage to call and examine our stock, CROFUT if- TIMAN'US. Burlington, Sept. 8 1812. 11 if Life! Life!! Life!! ! DR. Jonathan Moore's EENCL OF LIFE. The mol highly esteemed Medicine- that lias ever been dise-overesl for curing Coughs, Colds, Atthmas, and CONSUMPTIONS. It will also remove the Whooping-cough 111 one xveck. Prepared by Hun hi Seimoit., from llio original rce-e-ipl, by lhodire-c lion of -nnl Moon-, For sale xvbolc-nle, by PECK & SPEAR, liurlin ton, and nt retail, by the principal Druggist, in United Stales. Orders ilirccnxl to Henry Seymour, Iladley, Mas will receive prompt attention, and any quantity Medicine immediately furnished. Caution. A. there is much (-1 tbn spurious arn clefor sale. ICT"!." parlieiil-ruieiiqunclor that pre. pate! hy Ilviiry Seymour, Iladley, MR-saclui.eU. I ji cMVJfjkg,t v A r. 'r, 1 s- PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. Yi'AR RANTED. THIS articleis too will known lo need comnicn i fitmn im.1 t. . ..r 1 , ." si.-t'ciiiiicu ui seven years oas demonstrated to the commercial community, that .-. "vuiiaij, euiiveiin-llCB nilll 1 1 1 1 Til I HI 1 1 V, tllC)' are unrivalled Coal vnrd scales to weigh Irom 3 lo G tons. Dormant Warehouse do, lo weigh from 1-2 lb. .'.'li.. 00 "'-' t'orlalilo do. to weigh from 1 2 m. to oflfl ,a I...,ol.l..r. -.1- - .. ... , . . I , ,M HiHiyuuiiuui uu j, new arucie lowugu from 1-2 oz. In -10 lbs. ,. J. st J. IL Peck it Co.-Agcnts. Biiiluigton, April S 1811. DISEASES OP THE I.ItNG...I)H-,dedl) the lilnsi leinidv Pin kniiivulll Alneiica I'egetalilo I'ulmonnrv Jlaltam m ihe llltl-ll tllltn rrniMli now i'i hp f.,i rm'"li-,(:utK -i-i tnir.i nr iilninip. roiHumpiion, u lioojiino ntish aw iiiluirjii n ,(! rlitiiM uicei K (ml, t tur.idiK niri p.iing( hihI the propneiorn .nt rniMUntlv ierritii.i 'lie ni'.-l favninljlf .ircuiiMi ol iisellpri. I lit- rnuv ing new crriificilc tie o(Tt' M-il for pulil r p.iiiHn,iiifin, An lNTF.Ht.sri.Na Cask Kxirnci of.i Ipiict finin Mr ,S CU, Kiiig-sinii, UUit ro., i. V, lo die pri-priPlnrt, " odi-. t.f iIip )ih mih, u.i ilnU ifM f triiMrkahlp chip h.ip efh rieii t lite rmtt'Tilp I'lil It iU.nn in iIip v micr .hmI i inn (f ISo5. I lie (.Pr-on, Mr. Muntlv, hern -i( k :i t'uw xuili lltf rutiPtiiiinltitn. Ill t'livici.tiH li.ul lmumi him nn Hp tt.i-i iriiur-fil yii Iniv . In Le iih.llilf tn lirlii Inin-f-H" nitl u.n i.tinii' .i I.M2H (iiMiititv of IiIhik; ultritlic ponnnf-nrrii ii-iii-; Hi H tUun, wludi Im t-n-i'icil cninplfip pine, Mini hp u ti'iu ,i h tip ,inl Iip.ii i ppi hp u;n. Mr, AIocmK i.i- ipihh il (mm iIim kih n, lint Iip h t prriiipii inp ;i mnip (leLnli (I .h'(miiii of Utf c'f, utii( li I S CI,Y, Kiiiaum, i. V Jimip2.". 133S. Hxtr-ifi ii f. i Ipmpi fnitn Dr J.irnli Mjpm The Vrgpuhlp l'u!irmn.n li Iippo nli in lliic C'mhiu for innl ihf nip lirhip Im t.iiiipi .m iitinitninon pclftni( fur il r.tii,rli in nnt ml.inn f-illpiliif li;iin! thp (priirii (fii'ri I nm ty no inp,ing in fivnr lift hi ni.inv nnmini-, mnt nl uhich hip hit p-utfifHH upon ;i rrpiltiln(i! it Ihii iliituliitli I knnvv Uy it-i tn li I cimini holp luit giw in .inpioli ition tliPiPto. A rntintri frit pipisirdtinu I1.1-. Iippnullrrpit Iipip In alr.ivclliii Ai;pnt, nf (ntiHtni k, IN'. V. .mil tliPtP i rinntliVr .irnne eix!pt lieie llill i t rong l Pii-fpecied lo !e -pin whi- Jacob M vi ns, M. 0, ifiliiijion , Jnni'it't co Trim. M.ij IJ, 1SU7 Kinm Dr. S.iiijhpI Mnnnll, to llin I'i npi ieim of the Vpp I.iIiIp l'n!ri( Hh I .tin f-tii-fip-l tliP Vr pf iblp II-i!inn i .1 .ln ili'p innlcrinp It Iippii iiptl in tin- pl.irp uilli cmnplpip ik,(,pi in 11 nli-l 111 ne cmnpl-tint nl iIip liui , .uicntpit Willi n ppip ennh, In? nl wiice. .tnd Hip r.ii-ti)i of iinirh hluoil, v It ic It li.ul prpwniHlv ie-iiP(l in.iuj itppnipi piP3riipiioii. Altpr 111112 iIip "onp un k, tlif P'tlicni'i) vniCG reintiird and lit u ,i-.ilii n tppV- .1 in 1 li.y. 1'liMi.t-p opcuripil miihp limp finrp, ;nt(J il.p m nit i? now pnu-2P'l not mil) in itt'lUe lmi l.ilmi inn? IniciuPri'i. Itfi-pri'ifnllj, &p. S. MoHlU'I.I., i is iinw mmp tlian eix p,m Pin cp t iur litniitftii wry huv hj nn .iffprlion of llio lung'', .nnl mv cmnpl.tinl vv.t ilpcl.tie I to lp tncni .thlp In it t-nunril nftlnpp ph) iri.iiH. I u.t!) tlipn rplnrpil 10 .ix io I lip'ilili 'W I pititnp'lfnr in, 1 ii), li ii'in! iltp Wgpt.itilp I i 1 iimiHH ItiU.nii. Sinpp nn rrmu-rj I Imp ipcom iiipi-iI'mI (Iip It If :iti tn ;i r(Mt m.inv ci-iit nf 'unu (miipl.iini?, .iim) xi itt I l-.nn, its ne ti c tn. .nirttil br-en fnUfiivnl In iimii Ii IiphpHi, .mm I in in. tin inpi.tiicr 11 ti,t effect ( 11 ciiiPH ulut Ii upip ulmli nnpx- PfPlfil. tiAJU'KL KVJ.KKTT, IJ.rf'oii, M.irrh 2. 1837. I'm- nft u liolr-.t-ilp ami reuil, bi THCK 5c .SPKMt.ltitrlinKioii, Vt. Furniture. COXSfSTIIVO of Cuno prnt Chairs, cntnmon Knncv Cliiiir.. (arpcts, Dinini; Tables llnl stcids. ICilchpi. Kurniiurc, v.iih a puod (Win? Stineand trintiiiiiisi. and an elevated ov.n. I'liu above furniture is nearly new, tiiinl)cni ii-i'J mi ly a few weeks; and any or all the above articles ;,II be sold tn suit purcba-rrs very low for ei-di for fur ilier pin culars eiHpnte of S. lll'.TI.(iT(.. Jw Jh tsr 17-tf Valuable Kstats For Sale. ?p f PJn: S ib-eri1 er f er for -ale 1 he iHvcI 'in'r 0'L, anl 'nt (J'-i'inir ol Sf'-i-v a' n,,t ,,R'ni1'' a in:rit-r nc-rt J larnT, f--ixJ,t. mi ate I on '( lleje Mtie', lel'in-jom In the e!.ii' nf ihc Mv Dr. Kol itI .It-o ly. 'I lv hi've ix-lMnc'-, thtir "tldy bml , an I very ruiiwniently arriiiLrel. The'en 1 well -upiillfl wi'h liu.i, and 111 -1 Iii-'b -mv of ei luva i-m. A credit will le L'iven, fi-r a portion ul the j uri hae tnni.ev, id tw 1-t Uciulur, ISU. (ii O. li. SHAW, .Vmr. M irliii'-Mon, Sept. 21, 1812. 17-U AND Itllstll.V It. A 1 1, liOAl) rare lliioii-li to Itosioti .,.-;. .Moriiin-.' ir.1111 tlirouirli lo ihc Dcpoi at (iri-cnl-ii-li at J hcl'orcG o'clis-k irc.-i-c'y cciv inornin-, (-1 -nd.ivs c.u-i'cd,) ntrnc in t'h-ith tin 7 ". nl Pittsfield tf, Sprin-jlU-ld 121 M. at Woaisttr -U r. Jl. ami nl tioston oj. Pjsscniicrs hn nkl isi at Chatham. P.i-sci-tvs tiiitst Alhanj, by the south ferry, not later than (! o'clock. Tho afternoon train, also lit rons It to lloston leaves the Depot at ('reenhush at 1 3j, nrric nt Clialhnni n I 5; nt Pittsfield (i;, at Srinufuld at l P. 3L, leave Spriin-titld at '2' A. M. nndarrncin lioston at8 A.M. Passcn-jcrs leave Alhany as nhuve at 3 20 and not later to insure n passaiic. The car-of tin-Hud-on and licrkslnrc road will run lictwivn Chatham and Hudson m connexion with hoili trams. Passi n-;cis for Lebanon Kprinjs leave the cars at Lduarils, thencu in-stage to the .Sjinni-s, about C nidi f, or rom rntslield, asilu-v choose. ron iiAirrroitn ami .v;ii lu7;.v. Pa -cu-.'1-rs Ic.ivint; All any in I he lunrnni-.- I) ihc j i ciorc ii o i-ioi-K Irani tioin ims-ii- i-ti, nrriic Sprin-.'flrlilnt 12 J u. in. may Icinc --('rintielJat 1 for llartloiLi llictico nycars arrive in .cw-llaun hy 71 ti.iii. Or leave Creeiihush in tho 3 33 n. in. train, arrive in .Springfield at !J p. in thence at 6 a. in. liy r-tcani float In iinrlloiil, nrriwu-r ihcrent II 'hence by hteain Hoat at 2 p. in. nrrncm "New Vork next moriiinir Ly 5 o'clock, or they m.iy iiirriioru lor.M-w naven uy huh noou uu p. m. and arrive iniro ni , - p. in. Steamboats leave .New Hauii for X. York daily tu unr.r.srir.i.n. iiaso vr.u h.i vr.inin.i.. Stapes will lease Spriufiilil, daily, nt 9 P. M. for Haverhill, via Xoitliaiiipton, Orcentield, Hrattlchoro' and Hanover. Stages also i un daily from West Urookflcl,! to Waio and Hnfuld from Palmer to Time Hi crs, HilcliertoHii, Amherst and Mo isnn- 1'ioni Within. ham to houtli lladlcy and .Noiiliamploii. Tare to .NiirtU!fu Id S I. Passenccrs ate piriicul.irly rtqueftcd to procure llicir iicut ta os i, 1 1 v iimui sua is iii i uc i tirs. Tickcln cnii lieohiaiiudiii Albany atO, K. Payne's oflice,2' Uroadttay, oral ticket oilicc in Depot, at xjreenousti. rur.UJUT Dr.PAUTir..NT A Krciglit Traiii will leave ( daily, (Sundays execjitid) for lloston, at 'ii A.M. Charges for l'lour to all cast of Sprincfield, 37;. cts. per barrel, and when in lots of IPO bbls. or inorofor lloston, by special contract at reduced prirri, Cirst cla-8 frciL-ht. such as hunortril Drv Ound-. Teas, lloiinels, Hoots nod Shoes, A.c.,S9 per 2UC0 lbs. 2d class, such as Hides. Lealher, lleiun. (Jr.i setd. Krcsli meats nnd I'lsh. al fi 50 per 20X1 lbs. 3d class , such us (Vttou, Dvo Woods, Molasses, Suanr, Ac. at 65 per 2000 lbs. Itli class, su- li ns Coal.'firain, Pip Iron, Lunil" r, Wool, A-c, nl I per 000 lbs. livery inforuntion will be given at the otlico in the Depot at (irccnhusli, NOTICI'. A MirchitndizoC.-ir will be ntlacliel to tlienfternooti passen-ier trnin, for tho accommodation of lliosovvlio may ilcjiro to forward some particular articles of frcirlil with cxtta despatch, nnd vv Inch are of n perishal lo nature s sucli as butler, dc. Hates of freight will be double UtClass per regu lar freight train. S. V1TT. l-'reiqlit A"ent. W.M. lLTOWNttl .Nl), M n-slor Ti.iisorin lion. ( ucpot, jutv u, invi. AA'Iin'S Life of Patrick Henry, clienp edition, IT June 15. Korstileby C GOODIUC1L PERU IltON COMPANY HAVH, ant! will constantly keep in deposito wrh their Aeents at lluihu-jton. t., Peru mntiufnc. turn! XaiNand Iron, of thu followtn-j descruilioiis, to wit i JS'AlliS. 31. -Id. r.d, fit,Pd, 10.1, 12d. 20d,2 Id, 301. 10d, 501C0J Sl'llillS-l inch, I 1-2, ., ', 1-2. nnd . rXtSlll.Xl! ,V.i;..V.-(id, 8d, 10d, 12,1, manufhe- tiildl sircuilK- Tor filiiliin-; men wolk. rhOOIl X1..V. 12d.?0.l. and 21d. IKON. norxn mnx,3-7-r,, 1-2. 9-10,5-9, n-ir 3-1, 7-S, 1 inch. 1 1-P, 1 1-1, 1 3-9, 1 1-2, 1 5-E, 1 31, 2 inch. 2 1-1,2 L2, 3, and 3 1-2. SQCAIli: 1tOX, 3-P, 7-10, 1-2, U-1C, 5-P, 11-1C. 3-1, 7-8, 1, 1 1-9, 1 1-4, 1 3-P, 2, 2 1-2 inches. IJA.XD IllOX,-l 1-1, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2, 2 1-1, 2 1-2. 2 3-1,3. 3 1-2,4, 4 1-2, 5 inch. Tint: ll!OX,- 1 1.2, 1 3-1, 2 wide, and from 3-9 to S 9 thick. IK) HSU SllOr. lllOX, various s,zi-w. iiami: Axn scuoi.i. inox. do. MAIIUI.V SAW PI. ATI'S, cut to order at -b 11 noti. c.s The Pen. Iron Co. manufacture their -roods at Clin ton villi-,. N Y. from Imu of ihcirown make. Tln-v in'cnd t-. Keep in i-i.f Ihcirn-rcnt- a more foil .m l complete ns-or'nu-nl lliniiiau Ic f'oond in Ihe Slate. Il i I clicved ilial the sood. from thi- c tuh-li-hinent nre li"!cr mjuuf.u t-ired, than tho-c from anv other in its icinity. Pon ha i t-art-icprcifiilly solicilolto inspect the fioods nf this Co Priies as low and terms n favur, ascau leol.inincd 111 the S'liic. T K. it W. L. STliO.NG, Aaents. Aiitr. S.iih, 1812. COiN'WAY MliDK IiVES. rpHK Siih-crihei- W. I,. KIDIil 1, Kics notice X that he ha-siici red the laic T. Kiu-lcr in the ircj,,nuiou of the well knuivn Conha- .Mr.DlctNK-, an.! will heicafn-r ir,c pnrticnlar atlciilioii to the preonrntion of ihc lillnum-. ariich--, the loui; c lishcl 1 oh hi ity uf wlo- h, prci liu'e. the nei c--tty or a ic-iiiiI lic.ition ot the niiiiicrcu- ceitifnaics in the hand- of tho proprietor. Duct. Jcbli's Itlu-innnllc Iiliilment. hor lllieiiuiati.iu, Hmi.c., Sprain-, .,iu,' ne-., Uiill'lam-i -siiiliuss Ml the 10 nts, a ufj Ihe most oiii-.piv'cd ami tmim .iintf rclict'in ihc in isi ol.simatc c.isi-s ,.f i:,c-iin.itisin, in a few hour- : this nrtulc i openly r.-i-oii!in,.iidcd l.v Phy-icinn., 'I hu Liniment is done up in enlarged holtles. Pnen 37J tvnt-. Dumli-lcs" Itch Ointment. The c.-ticii. ive sale and e.tnUi-lied reiuiintion ol Mi-.MIiiICs' I-i c 11 OlSTMf.s-T, eiKoiira-rcs the pr0. pricier to ui-oinniond it to tl.c pitl lie with renewed coiilniencc, a-the uio.t innocent and powerful rem edy for tins nnnoyui- dt-ea-ej it contain- no mer cury, or any other d.iu-crous in--rt dniit, and can lo npplied nt all times with perfect salety. Price 23 cent- a Hon Itrmcily Cur the Piles. 1 he concornn-r li-tinionv of relievtil patient", from all quarters, ti-Mjim: tothci-.rcs c.h-itKl .v 1 he medicine afnr all other- hail tad.d, toircilicr Willi 10 iiu-ica-itu demand for the am ! troin all pari-ot Ihecoiiulry, prove it to I u one ot'llie mo-t valnaLlu -peeuie. known fortius complaint. iCyA Clcrgvman write- llo-ton, r.-'ruarv 13, IS II. I have male I rial ol Humlne-' Pile l.'le.-iu.irv and found it prmlucvd a alotiiry intliicni e almost immediate-, and ei nhdenilv I clievi- it an c 'ectual remeily lor thai uncomfortal..e and dehililaiiu-; coinplaint. l lunmnitj ha- iniluicdnielo lecouiniciul it topcr-ou thus allheteil, and (i I sM continue to do. Your- re-ici tlully, J, p. a he remisly ei n-i-t- ofa uintmcui and IMc-tuarv. I ru e lor I utli 7j . cuts, or 37' cent- w hen but one Is wanted, a.-ci mpnnitl will, p.'aui and ample direc lious wiih a des, riiti,.n i f the complaint. Iiiniit'rles jjc Water. rormreorinfiiuini eyes, notions known lives -ii'-h immediate mid comfortable uii'f, and in some exceedingly bad cases the ino.,t iiiicm icicil and de siral.le icliel has leen I'ound in the u-u ot this l.e water, after other remediee had failed. Per-on- who have u.,-1 it, jitonoiinie ,t wnlwut he-itation the I est lueparation l.r sore, veal:, (r inf.amed eyes, ll.ey have ever nut with. Pi uc 2 cents a bottle. CURE FOR CORN'S. .1 111 I on Corn Plaster. I he most .ufcand .,,,v. , fur i,r vt.t dls. overel; the relict i. iiuimdiaie. it di-solv'e. and re.ii.ivr .ho.'orn I can i,c f, wilh en and f.rnct,. .ion and, u-,rt0Ui ,!ie leas! pain. Price 2.i cents a Full and ample direction, accompany each of the il ove aiticlc-. X. II. Nonoff ihc above article, will 'hie.. sia,, W. I.. h'id.Vr on Ihe ocu' 1 ecnmnc, wi a ',er. "., , ' .loo s t-U . i.l-,- S'rie', up, i-orner of Mcr liau-. If.,.- ii.... , i ' i ... Mi-sirs I'I fir v .i,' ,, . ' .. ' i i ; I .- " i . ii-iin A Id cial d. hi ,, i, t mi',.,,1 Vt, Mow E.lii!)li.s.imeiil. Till', subscribers havtn-ropciud a Paint Sh, pm 'If1' lldmi oncdoor South of I!i.,op's Hotel, ,, , . "i oeir iriciiu. and the pub lic i lint ihev--iro prepared to ,ecute nil kinds of """"i uiiiiic ami oign J'aintni", Gilding, Glazing, and " Paper Hanging, - ' p- si e iniiniur, anil nope bv s'riel personal .-mention to business to receive a liare of the public patroiiii-;e. IL O.SPU'LDIXO, ,. S. H. IiUSSLI.L. J! ''n2tJj,n29r5d2. 47if. 7 Mil-.WI I,,.s; si,,,,.., I.,ff (i.,,tcr-, KufliluT, -L I liil"ien'. Shoe-, A.c. ju-t rei-encM v "' WM. KLI11T. DiiUGrS c-c AIEDIUlXh'S."" II K subscribers are continually suppled with k every article in the alove branch, both of the Oll.emal and Patent kinds. Medicinal waters from -nr Horn do. from Caledonia, Canada; .Mediral "A"" . -Hid Spirits j Leeches j Surpical Instruments ! A incial ruth, Ac. .c. Prescriptions put uti at the shnrlrsi nonce. Shop open at all hours. PKCK-V SPKAR, Apoiliecaries. llurliiijtti n, Vt. Ochir rusts. 1 nnni'f'I) U! I'O-T-. r-l rateailide, for 1 V Jt tJ ,nlc low I v i'OI.Ll.Tr if. HKAI.LL'Y. Old Dock, SI June, 15 1?. SAH'S. Ilovvl-ind's .Mill Saws j 1! Ine aiiJciFs circular do. t Hnsltsh cross cut do. ; Iland. panel and bai k do. ; Compass, Wood and l-Vllop do. Must r. eeivul and fr sale by IIACAH .V AUTHUIl, Cor. fh. and Collese stree's. June Kill, 1?42. NEW CASH STORE BY vM.nuRiJiu'r. rl',Hr. subsi'riber has taken the newly fined Store, J- West side Church-street, between the ' llazasr' and ' aricly Sii-re,' where he is now open, nj and ollcrin- for sale an cxti nsivo and cencral assortment of Coods adapted to ihewant-of the community amongst which area preat vnriely of I 'reui-h Si ks, Pi mud M n-lmsnnd I.awns, Lniis Shaulamul S -nrfs, lldkfs, Slnwls,Cratat, Vis a and'd and phlli Swiss Muslins, rVansook, book and other Mii-lms, Ladies mid ireiitlemeir-i Linen II- kfs, lnscriioiip, Ldt'-iifis, lleailin-; and Thread Laces, Work Collars, Hellenics, Head I'aj-snnj Purses, Tntlton and plain Muslins and Laces. Millions., a beautiful assoiinunt nnd new stile, Ladies' riorence, llraid, Modem, Siravv and JIisscs Hon tie's, Artificial Clowers, (Jimp Edg-'ngand triinniincsfor Tuscan lionnns. I'ar.i.ols, a beautiful nssorluient of new stv Ic6. Hosii-rv of-ever) vaney, llroailcloths, Cassimers,' estings, A e. Cent's summer Hoods, Stocks, Collars,' Ac. (lent, nnd boys Lcs iiirn and other Hals. Di j (irorrrics, a good assortment. ?v". It, This entile .lock of coods has been nnr. chased within a few days, with great care and nt a tunc when the pttceswrro more depressed lhanni any previous peuod hul will be sold for ready cash at n small advance from cost. lliirhiiBton, June 10, 1312. Simmons Tools, OF ALL nnscaiPTlO.VS, mm received and for sale by WM. J, HI NT, Iliirliugion, May 19, 1847. Strongw lluilding Stoves lor Wood. CANADA Parlor, and ? superior Cook Stoves for silo or evchnnse for wood al HOWARD'S Sept, 23, 1613.

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