Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 28, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 28, 1842 Page 3
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wratli ag-im--. th.- ; i.c'i u J 'I''1' Hioir 'nrra. I eoa Fa ij d In .1 hi Uio wil'lorno-a ami ii-niu ol thriiir'nci! I F" l lii' rr'"1 ,Hnt1, 'I'll .mlltey tnicr,.','v and ' 'v p i .'hnl. But tho pc tcr.iri-air. (implied clui'i'iti- ' uvor them and all tlm ti'io ii-'es wincli the ir igiiur.uico anil pri-jit. dicu thro.V i" US "'ay. Tho-i who rmiluluil in Gnu ami followed tlio load n. of Hi providence, li.ililly wnnt forward in tho'tacj of ilifiicullics to ilu Ilia will. Ho blessed tliom. lie opened for tliein a passage throiili tlio sea. lluwoiit before them in the cloudy pillar, lie gave lliem bread irom licav enfor their liimjer and water ftir llioir thirst. He Mopped the sun in the firmament to aid their victorioF. lie palely established them as a col ony in the land of their father-, made thciuna Bands of Ilia fea for multitude, and in the rol ling on of His great purposes, ha-i made them the means of enlightening and blessing not a continent but the world. We at-o reversing the order of this ancient plan, for the Fame high ends and by the h.iiiio principle of colonization. Wo are doing it nil dor circumstances of painful similarity. Wu have pa-n-ed through the ion. (itiidcd by the pillar of cloud and of fire, wo h:io as we judge nearly readied the farther side of the Wilder ness ; for we find Og King nf lludian, the Am inoritcs, the MuabitOM and the llitlti-s attempt ing to hedge up our way. Thoy attack our rear, and cause the feeble ones to fall. Hut Clod is and when our Mn;-e- and our Aarons liao fallen, the Lord has raised us up a Joduia in tlieir htcad. lie may suffer the Cinaaiitc.t to trouble us for a lime. Mo will ere long bring them to repentance, or diuilo their counsels brca!: up their ranks and cause them, as lie did the nations of old, to turn their weapons upon each oilier. Thus lie will ginrify himself, and His purposes stand. Ho who delivered His ancient people and afler !() years of trial planted them a happy colony in their father land, is the God in whom uo Irutt. lie will succeed our labors if undertaken and carried forward with a prayerful dependence on Ills al mighty arm. nnibarrassmonts, hao often risen, but the Lord has helped us thus far, and lie will help in tune to come, if wo do our duty. A crisis Ins come to try w. The national society is sufl'urin g for the moans of purchasing tiie territory referred to; of liquidating some Biinli e.-isting debts and lor rending otll waiting thousand of emigrants. Wiil the friends ot the cau.-o look at the facts of the case ! Hear Sir Ililswoit'i, one of tlio executive committer, in Ins address to the convention assembled in Wash ngton lat .May. He says 'many are the entreaties found on our flips, which the commit tee can not meet. U'e lulirir that tni thuii- sand cm "rants would wm he nlt,'al, if we rmi',1 proiidt' fur lli"m. Is it mid that llio people of color are not illmg lo cm gr.ilc ? Whit! will not Africans return to their own hind J Wi.l not those who now find so I in to sympathy, and who can never rise to an equably, embrace the oilt'r when they know they must, continue a de graded race it they remain here! .Minybc ijuests have been made In the fnciely. The dy ing charges of several poisons are on its 10: ords. In inn-., ol the caseu freedom i gucn on ly on cond;t'.in ol c.n gnling to Alncn. The tears of some that cm. grants could not be found 1 jvj been wholly rum wed. A ii'.v era Ii.h arrived. Our mails ore ciowded with apphri tint, in your committee A m'g'ity ) rrt-rt h'i bJ.s; forth. They come nt y .ur mdditjr. ai'd watpar direction. Viiey coiiie vwlh a j jlnl heat jinwnr t.,)on to fee tin1 r mi her i.i'i I. 7'li"V ijudij v-iii a li,ii - dobire to enilnrl, ""in,t7l.i kind ir'ioii'ure. Vrs, onwird thi-y conie a nip-'seniier- ol peace and jjbid l"i-" d,..gj to a benighted legion of ilie win Id. Will yuj s! iy them m tlie.r linmcw.-ird paige ! N ii' alter night your roimnilif a nr'nt to hear the r Bupp'iciiltons. Your comm.ticc feel for their v.-nes whi'e tliey lieg hut wo can no', help them un'ess you send usthe means ; we can not work mirac les. Do nny present ilimlit the willingness of the colored people to emigrate 1 Permit us (siy the coniuiilti'i') to road nn extract from a sinsilu loiter, solecu d fioni many of a sim ilar character. It is from lieu colored per sons as follows: Co. Cvrr.rcssvii.T.r., In.. ) Sept. i'J, 1311. ) S. Wit.Kr.fio.s, in, I Silt, Yours of the 21st AurMms come to band. Wc cilcul.itcd to p iy our pnsy.i!:e by the assist nice of .Mr. F.ig, one of the agents for the society, hut In- h i" fail'"! to I nsM5t us. Then' are 18 of us that will U" l and we are utteily nuable to pnv our pas sage. Tlio 18 consist of tbr. o families , myself and w ife anil four children. (Then , follow the names of the oilier families, the letter continues) one is nn old in in, a native 1 of Africa. Wo nil wish to go to Liberia and are not able to pay our pass il-c. If the soci- ( cty can i-cnil us, wo mo w illing to refund the aiiiouid in labor or produce when wo are i able. V are ready to stmt at any moment and wish the lime to come as soon as possi ble, for though we are free in name, wu are not fine in fact. Wo am in us had or wmse condition than the slaves of which ou speak, being compelled to leave the state or give security ; and those of tin1 whiles who would befriend us are debarred by fear of public opinion." Now what could we reply to this letter 1 Must wo dash lo the cirtli thuir present hopes ? We nro compelled to do so. Km israuls arc crowding upon us aiTtl in thu name of their divine mailer, entreat us to send them out, hut we are compelled to siy, no. Hundreds of others are in the condi tion of these 18. We aro compelled to fuel tlieir ioucs, but wo cannot grant their icisics. When! O when, will christian chanty L awako to tlio full importance of this subject ? "If lliuro is an object of sympathy in this widcwoild, it is the African, torn from his native land, separated from all that he lov ed, transferred amid the limrors of a gloomy passage in a slave ship to a foreign shore, and there lield to bondage ; and who at last for his honcsl servitude is offered bis free dom or who by untirin O'Ctmndl and Ireland. Mr. O'Con null litis opened his campaign for tlio winter by a letter front Darrynane, in which he proposes tnngilnlo fur file following objects, under ilie category of justice for Ireland : "Justice to Ireland requires llicso things. First Tlio total extinction of tlio tillic-renl charge. Secondly Tlio protection of Irish manufactures. Thirdly Tlio fixity of ten ure of land, in order lo encourage agricullu ral improvement, and recompense the ten ant for his labor and capital. Fourthly A complete representation of the people in the Commons1 House of 1'ailiaincut, by the greatest possible extension of tlio suffrage, and by the protection of the ballot. Fifthly The abolition, or entire beneficial libera tion of the poor laws. And sixthly The repeal of tlio union. The repeal of tlio un ion is tlio oulv means bv which the oilier great objects can be achieved." COLT'S St'lt-MAKINK IIATTKRV. Tlio experiment made on Tucsdav, in tlio Intbotir ot iSuw ark, lo blow up a vessel by S. t oft s f-tm-llinrino v:i3 rllliri-k- nu-rr-csl'iil. nml it nmv Wneihips ho considered tint this invention Ins prou-il id uc i-oinpit-iF. ji so, it is not easy tocslimate llio rlllus winch it may proihtre iipon'naval nflnirs. II bis plan is so perfeei. Mint lie can in all cnirs bo f tire of his ubjci-t, it is not easy lo fores a the (fleets it may pinducc upon naval warfare. The vessel Mown up at iVcw York on Tuesday, was one of 3U0 tuna niiriiien. it uio exploiting? inrce which no use", i stillieicnt lo ileslruv n slim nf war. it will be a ilan Kiruus tliin" for mi rncinv's nriiail ussi 1 lo enli r our Inthors, ns llio Inznrtl is nno Mint rannol enilv he cuanteil agninsl. Jn iln point or new, Ilie imvn lion nny lie nf great impoitnnco lo the ruiliv.ed world. If j-hips nf war enn lie kept out of poitsnml harliots, it will urcatly lessen lliuLVilnf war. pari'c til irv ns il rca-irds larVe lowns nml eilp-. where the sreilrsi ilanrmc can lie done lo life and properly, mid in me snorti st space ol tune. .s 1st r as the c xpcii innut has turn nieil, it appears .lo have fully sue. ceeded. X. Y. 1'apcr. Steinn Ship lUivncd. The IJoston iIer cantile .louinal of Friday snvs, that the liril- ish steam ship Not tit America, which arrived lliere on tlio previous alternoon liom fcl John, N. 11. bad taken fire anil burned down to the water line. The cause seems not to ho known ami wu cannot help thinking that it was spontaneous combustion, in llio bitu minous coal, rim freniiont lociirrenco of fires on hoard the IlritMi steam vessels, not withstanding thu euro taken lo pievent fire Irom nccHionl, seems lo admit ol no otbe conclusion. We, on .Saturday, gave an ac count from the New Oilcans papeis ul thu probable desti iictiun by fire of the Urilisli steam ship Solwav. Whilst tho fire at Hostnn above alluded to war raging, a young lad named John 111 ick, an apprentice on hoaid the 1'. .S. ship Ohio lnii lowering a boat for the purpose ol le p uriiiE to it, luM ominand ol the fill and was compelled lo let thu boat eo hv the run. The fall unl'iii innately caught around both of his ankles and neatly severed them, lie died in consequence the following mottling. X. V. Cmir. andEiup i lie i art an revrr, llio tuecn, savs newspaper gossip, wears tail, in ; ifie wluTTi! Cotnt is to wear tin Ian; .Sir liobeil Peel is said in have made at lea-l one publicappear iinci! with a scrap of tailan about hitu. It lints seeuis as if the "tailan fever," as the iitlior ol Waveily (who could joke about his ow n hobbies all the time ho was riditi'.' them) named this disease, were about to be come epidemic. If lliere is any truth in all this tittle tattle, the roi'Clril iiiiisrucratio must In, owim therto the tiueen's humanity hnving been tinirlied w itli tlio Mnlinioulh Slrrot ilispluy of unsold and inn ile ihle webs of tartan with which die was irreeled ul Stilling, or lo her bavin:: been deluded into the belief that all the (devilling associations of .Scotland are linked with llio h.irleipiiii-cased gentry she miw anion the hill!. London Spectator. David 1!. I'oiirt'.it, Oovornor of Penn sylvania, being lately sued by A. J. I'atli rni'k, a boii'e c; rpf'titer, for Sjj, bohis a balance duo fur w oik on Ins house, pleaded Pl!tvn,i;(;r. as ('overnor to be exempted fiom arrest, and for the abatement id" the writ ! If Miiiie Federal Aiistorrat' had done it, how the laud would have inng with execra tion ! Thu .Itiilire overruled the plea, so far as it asked an abatement of4te writ, and and gave judgment for the full ajnoiiiit claim ed. .Tor. Smith AnnnTCD. The .Si. I.nnis flnzettec of 'In Ctli nisi., n.s iii n a rt port bad rendu d lint ciiy, 1 1 tn t lieen nrrcsKi), nml lakcn lo i'aiiliT'e, llio county fceat of Ilanttck count', tu l.e exa.iiuii d. UNITED NI'ATKS DISTRICT COURT, VcrtaionJ Mlslrlrli TN liAWlCltUPTOY. Xollce to show cause ncatnst IV t ton of I),Ml:l, It. ll'CKnt df Ibuiiiiiu'lon, in a.,l Di Iru't, lo I e ilei-'nrel llnnkr tp', nt ilie o'li' O nf!.tlii iiel lVen'i'-, lli-lii -l Jmlyc, In .Mnu'pebcr, In aid District, on WcJnc.djy, Deevniter I I, 1812, 10 (iVIor1,. . M. JO-sl.l'll t'Utltv c.f liurlinctoti, in n District, lo 1 cuVvlareil llankriipt, at Ilie oflicool b.iniui 1 l'ren li.f, Dis'rii I .Incite, in Muntpclirr, in said Di'ii iit, mi W', l)rci-m!tr 1 1, ISI2, Id, a. m. (ir.UIKIi: WKltlll'l (,l fnl-liesler, in ,nul 1 i-lricl. lo le declared tlankrnpl, nt Ilie nllice of S.iiiimcI l'reniN., Di.irict Jnd;'e, in Alnnlpelii-r, in snil Dj. tricl,on Ve'lneiluy, Puccini er 11, IbU, 10, .. M, JOSl.l'll SJH'IH, Junior, t.f Iliclimond, in sai I Di tricl, lo le I'eilareil llankr-pl, ni ilie (dice of t!aniui'l I'ri'li'iss, i.lricl Jin'w1, in, in in d Distriel, oil WoJne-L'ny, l.'c. einl cr 1 iili, lb!.1, 10, A. M. 1,1 ; I IlllOWX, of It irliiiRton. in snid DistrH, to 1 c ilecltiieil llieniiccil H.unuel IVenlis-, llistuct .Iniljte, m Jlunlpelier, in sanl District, on WeliR-ihv, Pccfinlir I i li, Iflli, 10, A. .M. AI.VAH JOll.N?O.N, nl'lliiiliuplnii, in mii.1 DMrirl, lo le declared lt.uil.nipt, ul I lie ollice of Samuel Prcnli-s Di-trict .liiilee, in Mnnlpelicr, in sai l l)is. tncl nn Vnliic.iiy,rermlcr I Itli.lS U',10, A. M. JOHN OAKS, nfNei ill llcni, m mm I i-trici, to lo i'e.!arcj I! inl.rujil, at the u lieu nf Samuel I'rcnti, District Judec, in Mon I poller, in snd Distriel, nn Wc luc-ilay, Dci iulcr Utb, 18 U, 10, A. Jl. rsb' IIOI'KWOOD, nf lliirlniirlnn, for ln Di-elinrju nud I'erliiiiate as llaiiUupt, nt tb" ol lice ol Samuel l'rvuti, District .'intL-c, in Monl pelier, in sunl Di.tnci, en Tuesday, tbe tenth day nf Juimnrv. IS 13, nt ten n'cliel., A.M. Alll.l. (, ol'llurlnictnn, for Ins Di-cbarse and t'cr.iacati'a- I'nii'.iMpI, at ilie Oilico nfS.iiu iiel 1'ienti-s, Di-IiicI Jiidce, ill .Mnnlpelier, in mid Di-lriel, nn Tne-il.iy, tliu lenlli day nf Jairiaiy, Ih lil, nl len n c'o , . .m. 11 SALE OF BAKKRUPT EFFECTS, 7JOTICr. i? hctiby fiun llmt by irluo of tlio ll fcictal order nii'l iieeiei of Ikiakivpley in Ilie follow nM.' ( n. , isfilid unt nf Ilie Disltitt Court of llip L'niiid .Slalis, the Dislaet of S'ctmonl, 1 will S'll nt l'Ulil.IO Al'i-TION, nt thu time nn I places liertinntterniintioned, finch iffc-ctu of tlu liankriipln iianird In low an I ccamo veiled in mo liy vutuoof .he deciles nlorefaid. HiTc.tst or Cary Jluuscr ofCo'cliciicr. All the tipbt, title, and intircit or Gary Manser lo a liuiiec und one acre ol Inud, cilunie in Co'eliesler, discnbid m his p hidule ns llio dudling bouse, oc cupied by bun, nml on v,hich F.ytitnn and Maroh have a claitu of nbcut five- hundrnl dollars. Al.'.i, sundry Judgement:, Notes nnd Aeci initr nirninit the follow nig personi, viz I r.phtaiii! i' uc 1 2 00, A. t,. ll-ilh-cway k 1,00, t'a-V.tis Coo'rv :.;:i,CII, lm Tubbs 81,10, I'.beinzi r Allrii C1,SI. k'tiudv of i"o!cli.'.tcr Aiboit Duncan SI CO. Ivtimiml VVi bmj;ii.n "Lciiik, James Met 'nill J liO, A'pil I'ol'.ii- S-,-0, Jiilin It. Killups sl,i'j, John .iiitlli i'l O'j, John IKirin of ('olcliestcr for three rordn wood, ft. II. Ki Hop OJ.I i piiyablc in TniKring, It. Ik Kel1; S,0I. The a1 ove palo nt my office in liurlinatan, Saturday Nov. 1U, 1312. I'.IIccts of C hester Talker cf Uedcrhlll. A firm sitinle in the town of Underbill, in'ilaii.inz fiftv ncn f, bi ini pan of huii'lidl aero lot No. ! I, m lliuTirst dnisioti nl !ols in u mJ low nj nUn, t'cut) five aer--, bene part of loi No. CO in the siumil di nf lots ill aid lowli. Tlio id'Ovc ilceeoof hud w ill be fob! B'li'jcct to inorlcice of llio Hank of H ir hni'lon, a moileas;." lo ll- ea pniikl.ii", nud a mort-paj.-o lo Thomas lloe'.lcv's e'nte, to soiuro the pay ment of I lie w.cral .laln'.nies I'leiiin rialnid. Also, n film fitmte in oaid L'ndiih:'l, cnuMming one h ni dred nnd ceeulv acre-, bi mj land conuud by C'ir tis I'm Iter to C'b'i s!i-r nt-d wlm-li is su'.i. e t to a uiorlfrnc lo the ItanU of t. Allnlis lo rectue the payncnt ( f Miudrv notei atuouimni; in the whole lo fourteen htitidred ilollais evcl.i.-ne ol inlirest. A tits, dslctl March 27, HULOCiC'S MAV CltAMMAIt of the rmdi h I mtifiin- c. f r llio ti e ot (JuMitnN .S'tilnOi i, !( '.tlC'IIKs an i Kl'MtKAttlKS. n e ,ii the IJc li loieef ' 0 1. S3. f'JIl Ju I lecencdaiiU lor D. A. MltAMAN. Stot'lc.s-,) Scarfs, and Collars. - SJTOCICS, H-tU, C(, Supcnder', Ilosnms IMicalu hi y raps, nt'lnwcr prices Hmii ever, ujid nn re I ca ilil.d ; u ierns. We li.ue from 100 to ISO line Sieelm cl ad dcscribn' ic pnltoru-. llAS-diinr.M .t l'nivsMAtn. rQhe iMibsciiber, wishing lo close his Iiiimiicss -L ronci rus, olliri to the l'ublic thu w holu of Ins lartjc rtocl. of ware AT COST, roil CASH Consintinji ofnll kinds uf Tin ware, Oil Onns oT vari ous N7.r, Irani 1 lo 10 "allnn", and a large quantity of siova pipe. Also n lew stoves and trnnmui.'s re maining on hand, nnd other arliUis too numerous lor nn mUcruscuiint. l.ron3 wishing to will find it for their ruhautajjoto call, nsa laro oppottunity is nd'ered. j j. m.uui. Toy Ton Sols, WAIT lias fr ale 'caiiliful TOKFni WAIT lias f r a!e I .atiliful spris io.v i ea mth inrdni 'n-u, c"ii'n,n,ni! au o.i c.ieli. Clolil Cl.iii4 M , pa,iii'l do., pinted nin' eill C'lima Vine, I' nn.l btnn !-, Chun Nur-e I nin ji', h : ic, tit the 0'rocl.try Su re, cnrnir tfClinii li and (Jolli'gu ts. O.I.S8. 1S-12. 21 Church-st., opposite the Jail, Oct. Till. 1912. 50-3111 ' ....... r -. ITT 1 -I K ..r Ml......!. r.p l,i III. . I .Usui. hj.. ,ul , ' , 1 3'i dinned by I.eonaiil Jl. Dir.on iV t:o. Inyaf. e flinrire nud ( ciiuuutc :u ilaul-riipt, al iliu nllne i ,. 'i. ' r i,nr.,. l Trtirou-x onetwo nl.-.iun el I'lculi.s, l),Miict Jmljc, ni Mnnlpi lier, I 10 -" . r "r,1'mr,i". ',,' lnf. " , , in smd Pi.iiici.o, I,c.d.iv,tl,t.,eiub dav I'lJan' !yr lV!" 0 "i 'l" ";-P s,', XZ'JiVlT'l,. it irv. in'j. in i iir ui' t, m, JOHN U. JACKSON, of I nde, liill, for hi. 1). were mine prrvio is io uio .erne i .. imn mej o. i-lmr-.c and OrtilieiUo a- ll.in1 iu,e, nl the oTn-e ! " '''"n:jIIM r ""' ' -V" ni sn, p. ..,-. ii,.,r.i t..,i,. in M,,.,i - I whole will now- Ic sold M.'ii'el to lie ii ral I'liiiitm . Kn.ii In in, i. r., T... . I..,- ii,.."i..ii. .in ,.V i,.. I or aliai lunenN, wb ch Will I' ,2i i ...i v m 3 nl ilie lime of s.ile. Also. u.ii , toij, in ii ii it enn- in .1. in. ;. . At , , r , , UOSNM.I.I, .VI. S1NI I.AII!, of V(Mfnr,t, f,.r bi s "f P"jjois, G bu-liels of win-1 iii-cii ir-c nn I i ciuii: .no m nan runt, utllicil notici:. I'rnvidenco permitting, tlio Rev. J. U. Pinney, Lite CJovrrnor sjf the Colonies in Liliet i,i, Africa, w ill di liver a iliscouise, in the New Urick Cliuich ne.M Sabbath ICve iiin, ill ust ra 1 1 n y the condition and the mor al and mi-isionary beatings of said Colonies. Oct 27lh, IS-li?. M a "if h b I o In Phorrbain, on the lllh insl., by tlio Kcv. Mr, Oonilliuc, Mr. It. 1'. IIingiiam. of Cornwall, to Mri. I.liza J. NoiiTiiiiop, oflonuer p'ace. Iiconl S nn id 1'ieiitiss 1) . ir,,. .Indue, in Mnnl pi I cr, m .ni I Di-inci, nu T .r-i'.iv, 'ho tenth day nf .Lm i.i i v , IS IS. al ten c.YIncI,. A.M. I1IM1V nOVliDMAN, J minr, nl l.-ex, far lu-Di-eliar'je and (U'r'ilicalea- ft iiiKritpt, at llio nf lice of Sam ic! I'leul.;,-, Dilriet Jui.;c, in ,Mon ielier, in said Disiricl, nn 'luesday, tlio tenth dav ol'.l.iu'iarv, ISIS, nt len n'cli cl., A.M. I'lSMI, nf llur.unrinii, for liii Discliarco nud ('ei'tuicalc a-. !',iurtipt, nl the nllice vl Sam i.el 1'ieiilH-, Di-irict Jiidm', in -Mnnlpelicr, in .said Distiict, nu Ti cdnv, the tilil!ilay of January, IS 13, nt ten o'cloc.i. A. M. TIMOTHY W. If. Nlt;llUI,!3, of Ds-cx, fir liis Discharge and Oriukri.c as IhinKr pi, at ilie i.f li.v nl Sam :cl l'i en' I.., Di-ri '1 JndCi m .liuit jtI n-i , in said District, nn T ictlay, the ten . li day nl'.hiiinaiv, IS irt, at len n'clncl , A.'.M. DAMP I. W.M.KI II, ul Alliiiruh, fi.r Ills Di-eli irire an I ('en li a-e as ll.iui,r ipt, at ilie n.lice ol iV.iin tuT I'lenti-s, l)i.r,el J .d'c, in .Mnul e!.i r, in said Di ic-t, nn T ie i.'.iv, the tenth day ol .;uv, 14:J, a ten '( l"c! A. M. .MAUI1N C. HOSTWK'a, of rnVrliill,fi.rhi. Dis ciiarireaiiil t'trtuica c us lla ul. nipt, at I lie niiii e nl' ri.nniicl 1'iciltlss, llis'i'ici Jud'.'C, in Mon pc'ier, m ni d 1 1 trict, nn T .c-d.iy, the tcnlli day nl J.iniia rv, 1 rj 1.1. m len nVloe!,, A. .M. DAM!.!, II. I.AKII, nl Snmc.fir liis Pis h use an 1 ( emu. a'c as Haul r ipt, at the oil'.ee nf Sam ai I i.-ie'-s, Disiricl Jn 'ye, in Mi ntpclicr, in -aid I, nn Tucday, ilie tenth day nl January, I IS, al '.eu im ,i c';,'A. M. S-V .1 1 I.I, IIAltii.l'.IT, nf Jcriche, fir hi Di--c!i eve aa 1 1 'cr iiic.iic a. llauiru't, ul the n.Iice nl .V.iinuc 1'ieiili--, Di-inct J idac, in Mnii'pelier, in .l' I D'stri , mi T icsil iy, I In leiuh day nl rv, 1-14.5, al len (' luk, A. M. l' ti. HUM:! , 1 1 .Milton, for bis Di-clinr.-e nn 1 Ccriiicu'e as 11 in .r ij.l, at (lie n.iicc r.l hatn. uel I'rcnti , Pi-;nci J nh;e, in Mont,.e!icr, in s.i.d '-i '....ti.'P (edny, the leiuh day (t Jauujiy, l? :;. a- ten ii',..,.. ... . JOI1.N .SI.' l,I.AIi, nl .ex.f.rii'ri'ii""'" and ier u-.i-c as i.innipt, ul llio nli c I b.U" xt I'leuii-., Pi-tr i-i .1 idjc, in Minlpclur, in snulPi--Iri -1, i n Tuesday, the truth day nl, 131!, at lea n'clncK, A. M. '1 A IIOU I. SI'.Wl.l.I., ofAllmrsh, lor hi-. Disdmrae and ( Vrlil'i. alc"us IIjii1 rupi. nt I tic ntl'ico nl .im cel I'rcnti", Dili .ct Juduc, m Muni j flier, in mi si Disiii. t, nn Tiie d.iv, ihc ten h day i4 .l.inuaiy, 1-'I3, ul ti n oV,. cl , A.M. NATilAMI I. IllflJW N,i.f lli.-uiiinnd, for hi- Dis ch.nt'e .led I'ri ui a e .i li in r pt, al the i d. c nl aMl nl i'rt-nti-., P, in.-i .lud.-i', m .Mnntj r, in y.l I Pi T1 ', nn T .c-iliy, tic-iciiili tlty nlJnurf iy, Ifsl. nt len ii'.-lm-1., A. M. Al' roi.t.AIll), ill II iiliiivlntl, for his Dim ti-irzu mil I'cnii'.ca c a .'. rmit. ill I'.ie I ll'i.'enfrf.llll'.c' IVell'is-. Ds'n.-t J idiro, in .Mn ii 1 1, e.icr, 111 Hll.l Pi mici, on Tic day, ihc tenth day nt J.nuiry, IKI.i. .1, le I i.'.-'ii . A. Al. Jfjsjlll A la'.MAHNt.iON, Junior, i f lline-l nr.'b, lor Ins Dim and t enniea c a- H ndir pi, at tl.en.c'C nl Mam' c' l'iiiili.-s. 1. 1-ti n t JmLc. m .Mnnli ibi'i', in ini I PiMrie', nu T. ( da", llio lenlh 'ii i.l :irv. l-if.X 0 'en i,' '. cl.. A, M. VI'.llNi'N HAItltl Mi TON of Iturl.i'sion, for his Dm 'harne and ( Vriifienti as !l.'iii!.ruil, m the nlnee nf s.miiiLl-l'ientiss. Il.tliicl Jiiu'gc, tu Montp, tier. 111 said Pifctunt. on ri.i .-Uay, ll.oleuui uay ol Jam: nrv. 1.-4.1. nl nil o'clock A. M. IA.MIN l'Ui.l.AltD. nl 1! iilinilnn. fi.r bis Di- i'Ii.i: .-e.iinll .i'..iic,i!o a- Il.iu' r nil, tu tic nificenf .iiiiucI 1'ioii'i-s. D.sriii'i Jiii'sc. in Mnuiiiclier, ni -ai I Hi in -i, nu Tuu-i ay, the lc.iilid.iy nfJau airy, IT) !.!,. leu n'-hi-l;, A. .11. M Alt iv NOiililS.if O.ilchcstcr, (or his Di-elni-.-. nn I I'eiiiiiiiee a. Han' runt, at the o.lii ( nf Mm i.i I l'ruis. Pi-tnc'c. in Mnn'oiiicr. m -mi Di-Ii icI, nn Tue dnv.-llic lentil day nl Jam ui v, It I.! a' icn o'cl, ik, A. M. S1MI O.N IHVII.I.. ( I lliirlinirlfll. for his )i ,-lnri mi It i-r" ui -a cas I'anKiupt, 'll ilie miice i f San, cl IVeiiti-s. Di-tin-t J idjc, m Mont i-lir, in -ludPis tret, i n Ti.e-il.iy, ilie teiltli d.r. nf Jiiu-.aiy, 1613, ni leu n i icii , ,. ii. . NA'I T. sTH.I--, i f 1'ii'Vrhdi, fur hiDi charjc nu i Ccriilii- tic a- ft.iiikriiii'. nt the iM'e c .S.iiu id 1'ieini-s, Di-irct Judc' in .Miuiltelur, ui .tail Dis'i'ici, i. ii I i.c-dav, the lenlli i iiv il January 181-.. a' cii .'loci . A. Al. 1'ltANrl.S' JOVNI'.it, of Iliclimond, foV liis Dis i h'l'cc nnd ( orliliealu as lianurunl nl tlic nfliee I'rertiiss, D:etriCl Judse, in MontpeVr,' in taul Dis'tict, onTuisday, tlu-tenth day uf January, lsi !. nt n n ij e .ii k. A. .it. SMl ON II.Ill.l.s.'.s',oli:w;, fir his Disc'nriennd t criilicate. as liaii'irupt, al the niileo ol .s.iuiii'.l l'ri nuss, l)sirn t Judge, ill Moulpcbrr, in said Disttu t, on Tu.sday, the tenth ay uf January, 1 R 1.1, nt u u n'eioeli, A. JI. pnrivulnilv deei ;l.(d for." of ii.iv, ",, hu'ihels 130 ap tubs 1 i ''-il. Ji'oii Kettle. '2 san holders. I trun, 1 eow. 1 i.iill'ilo skin, 1 saddle, 1 siiule bainess. ,','nle of the ahoc nrlielcsnl Mai tin (' r.aru.'y's Inn, in t"rii!cilnll, on Tuesday Nov. 2?, IS 12, nl 2 o'elue!; 1. .M. I'fi'erfs nri.iitlus "iVoodat il, of !'rx. All tlm interest of Lucius Wnmlinl to lot No. 101 eoiitaining fifty nercs, ice iquiil undia!eil ba'l of lol No. 1(11 eonia'miiii! euhiirn aer"snnd three f.iurihs, nud fnc acres of lot No. 1 1 J, nill) ill? in I'.ssi r, -nil which v.eie ninrli-ecod to Oivill Nutrl.iir, nnd l)e are in Clianeiry passed llurroii. Also, nJI c'ann to let No. 13 mi'ipiiMiJ lobe folly fo1 r acres, toc ther with the hit tdms erretid t Ik ri on in Mini l'siex. One I.npiher ;lnd biiill on Jise H.iunpHiii's land in Jericho, a note npniust Meirill 1'illo'S for sniitli wor. for ?''i.',0', to nnuliVitof .slirrdl Pil lows, nccr,',iut a.nitisl said iin'c. A ii'ltriiirtit acainsi lto' ett McDniiiis of I iidciiull i f !ji ('J, an neeonnt nc'iinsl l'.rris Doyle of l",--i lor 610, p'ly.i'idc in sliiiinles. All claims which insy be due l.ueiua Win J nrd arris'iiii out nf a iii liicr-liiji hen tof brtwetn bim and Mrmll l'i Hows f.,r lll'icksnutli work. One span of liav bors.s, flvo Ions of hay, one sinalc wt.-hoii and Inrnrss. one do'.ii.le and one sinul" s-Itieii, loin tinr with sumlrv fiiiuiiiiLr tools. Alwi'l suns. 'Hie ahovc sale at llonry I!. Minions Inn, in r.sscv, on Monday, Nov. 'Jl, 161'J, at 10 o'clock, A. M. n fibrin nf Henry It lar.Imau. jr. cf "r;ssr. About one biinilrcd am! eiyhieen ncies of land in t'ic villni'e of Henrys- die. Dislnel of Mo!iln a!, C'nin di, sub,; ct lo S. iimr Morleace and nuts, lo the of nb ul 12V nnJ also a morlaire to llcinv I! in'dninii of 'ihiiiil f T.O. Aln, I.nt No. 'Jo' liloci-. ?.'o. 12. lot No. 7 of lllnck No. 17 ill the Mil lie of youi'i I'orl, Haeaie t'omitv, 'Ulnlnry nf Viseniiin. !.oi No. 571 1 and 15 m 2d Idock ninth from S"utli-("it corner ol I'uc soulli-we I fi. irier of li ictioniil si en, in "a. 19 ui Town-drip No. 2 m-rdi, rnniro No-, fj-ineu. Also, lots No. 7 l loek No. CO in the ullage nf Krno s.n in Itneine ( nuntv. Also, ,it No (!. 7. nn I ol b'ocl; "5, lm No. 4 nf bl n 1: -11, I it No 7 and 9 of lib ck No. 1 in Hie v Ihfreof llur'.niitoii, ltiieinct'i i n- ifoicsaid 'I he idcne sale it til V oliiee in It irlinn- ton, on Saturday, Nov. 1!', 1312, at 2 o'eiock, P. M. I'nVctsr.f ISoswetl SI. Sinclair, of Wvm.oii1.. ah 1 1 nil, n s; nl lto.wcll II. S 'e linr lo -llctl Dor- lian of pridure ra'scd on lln lined on which ho now Iim s , eo.isi I, nu of eis, hay, rials, Ac. Silent lh house of iv.swi II U. S,n. In.r, on Wednesday, ov. 23, I? 12, at 2 o'clock, 1'. M. t'.fl'eeis nf.?n:in Sinclair, of I'.sscx. Ahoul fn'iv ncresoi I nul m '.iwl Jolni Nincl.i r rrsslrs, in I'.-'i-;, s..jcm t , a i, .( iae ol .1. . iiois. of mi liundt.-.l doll.irs. A pniu n nl' ihc pioduee niifceil on i-ni'l riirto, (nnsi-ln? nl Illy, com, iinfilos iVo. Al-n, 100 Ibspo-k. iiniaouill, mu drsjr, one n sl-'d. and ou.j liors.i sled, i h. iilcie hh nt J.ihu Sinclair t ho isc, Wcdattday, Nov. 2.1, IS 12, at II o- clock, A. M. VS.' ct". nf Slmro-i .Un til. rT Hiiillunton. Oneoi earl, nirj horse c irt, one harness. , pn, n eoopi-r s nop s Mnte on Inul nwiu 'I liy Yoi.unon .Millr in M! .ston. AHi. n,ienw -is in nic I'.ricli ni"e n:t house in Will stun. The above ne at the I'.iele II. nl. W.llistan, ou I'rilay, Nov. 25, 131'!, nt 2, u clock, 1'. M.. t'ffecfs of .tlaii Nonis, nfC'nliiirvlrr. The inkiest of Mill; Nnrris lo his pinion of poll foes, corn, na's, ni, I lndtin wlieni, ctowuu nn ilie firm lured hv him of Anim l'ro'.n of d iiesier. Alsun nole aai is'.l icjb I!. I'.dilv f,r S'MO p.nib'e in m iple 'ijir, nme nir i'ts J n'cli II. l'.ddy loin's).. Ill ji.iynbje in s m lul.s. Tlic abuve s il at Mir' Nmr -' Imiise, in Ciileliestir, ou Mnndav Nov. 2J, IS 12, at 2 o'clock 1' M. NVHTAN IX mSWr.l.L, Anitntt. I.urliTiston.O.'l 25. 1-1!. A ou' (Jjisli Si ore, HMll' sabs.-ribcr has just reerivid from New York, X a supply el 1'Al.I. nnd WlNiT.lS, (iOODH, eoinprniii!! a'pincs uf ei. ry ipt ilny j nlpacca and al paeeii lustii ; incrino- a varieiv nf ei lors; plain nnd printed Inoiisliii de l.iiuis! f'teneh, Km lish, nnd Aineiiean pruilsj Wsck ai'd blue l,!-ie!i i ilks j light i olored du.s iln si Ir.udl.i rtlnrfs ntnl cravatsj bon. net and neck rinlioiis ; lone wh'tektd idovesi hosie ry ol nil kinds; llticil, laecs and b . I in j inusbn eili; iiijs and nisei lions i eolorrd talk 1-irv.i s for dirs. ces j kidijle, nu nno, pl.vd.nt'd o'lu l l. iw l.'i i'rcpeh work collns, o.c Ac, lo which Ihe ntn i. 'inn nl Ilie I'lilibi H n spci Hull) imilid. 'A.M. Oct. tub, 131 !. fine ' all Condi, '"Plir. subscriber Ins just rtc ived fioni TTew Yorl I- n Inree and extensive assortment of I ail n.ul Welti r lioods, winch In. otfers for ta'c nt tl.o I jwcut osjiliic prices for ea .h, viz : Super bbiebl'i woe! dved waivsl beivcr cloths, " lrdyo blue, Id'ie Lilt and inv is. prtcn ph'.'i do. Supcrtino and cumic.uii Lroal cljihc, all culjrs and price-i, " ' " pilot do do " " blue 1.1k, gold nuied, and colored'ic, " " si-el m'ned siitiiidli, " 3-1, -1-1 and f- while tlmmds, " 8-1 Iwd'ui nndplrm colored do. Vt'ivet, saliu, and ihrl; woistid listings, I.i'dit t,nd d-.rk fimircil nnd plum silbs. 'Iiiillcvs. .Mou lin De I.i, nc. A'iaci'.il'lotbs, l'retieh, Kinh hand OirmanMcriaoi Mliwis, Ii.icis liilibons, Ijlull, iuspcllUirs O.C. Oil. 12. 111.', Il.W. HATI.IN Finu ('ol(l (Jooi!::. TSUlAPi 1.1 'I S. .'l.iaic. Iliad I :ir ei iiaiin tits, I e.n.i I a I u-, lie ii"-, Cm- c-, lh id I'm , t.''i i I'u. Ic, i'lllt'l-, Spl i tlM'lc , lV.,, Ill' UIU' terns Hud nt pii.eswli ch w 1! suit ,hi ir od article trim ti.i-l.. O r y-id imv ir Inr tl en'u i y. 1,1'l.e rraiments. N cl: and 1 1 i: fEMIFi Copartnership horetoforo existing he- H. twtcn C llriins and C. llciins jr. under the firm of C. Ilchnsnnil .Sou, isihn diy by iniiliial consent Dissolved. Al! ilemnnds due said firm melt ft with II. I.eivciiworln forcollrelion. The liiismtss will be con mined by O, lliiins Jr. nl the old smnd, All forrnrt Cusiotoers are rcs-piclfr.l.y mm d lo conluiuu tlieir palroin.e, and many ni w. ones in siren. ( . Hi nns, ii turns lo I113 (hop in l'carl Slrcct. Oct. U,bl2. ', For Snlo. rpiIIR Subscriber will nell at tho lowest can' .5. prii.eihcdw llin"biii! . bim nnd out buildlni'i nnd about four ncres of land p' ".isanily siiiiaici at Milt ju I'nll". nnd tho tin nrd, shop nnd tools Intcly mvni'il nnd occupied by Wnrren fibley. The llous" mil llnrn ate well finished, convenient nnd nnvi and thcro is not, probibly, in tlir county 1 better sitiiatioe for tlm investment ol a small capital in llio Tannin ' 0 nd Curryinst business. A fhort credit wi I ho cue.-, for n part of tliepurchasa money withnooJ!,"ipr t'n further pirticiilnrs inquire of .Mr. Milton Watson on thcprcaiisis or of the subscribers in H'est'ord. JOHN SIHM-'Y. DANT'OIITII WALES. Wcflfird.Oet. 12, 1912. Cfri Unsllsti fiullls, small sie an ' -'ipcrf tyUJW" or quality siutible for Ladies stnool. ;. Juit received by O. (iOODI'-K;!! Fcrt. 7. U, S, PiiAHSilUL'S SALE. 1L"tlI.lC Noin e 1 . lit-it- y !. tlm f .llnwwi: . wure nn linen liiu izc cr u 'cmii'-d lit tlss IU 11. District ( lie 1 rl of Ilie I. D. fnrllie District nl nl theirO.'Int erTirtn, Ifil', vil I e (Id ul I'd lie A.ntinn at ll" Aucmt h.111 of d.l. 11 'I hum,!-in 1! ir'ni n n ;'i I'Srriet on Iho 1st. I'lyolNnv. 1 ct lo ift luelns 11. 1 ler, Mile to coin n.c'i.'e 11: 10 n'cli 1 1 .V.. M. I" ,'.iit 3 linise-, I lw( It r c -v it mil, I wh' 1, 1 lie' 1 1 I e, 1 s.r-'u.'lc, ti li,i"ei'l-iiii-,i! h r e 1 l.i u I 1 1 , 1 . ' -yl- iIi.t 1 t! It 'll . ll 111 li,fs. 5 cu'nrrd i .'ins V. r,nlir M M lll, 3I( -, 1 11.111' i r.uiiuv pi 1 1 1 1 fjjlj p. it li1 '1 I ucl ..t.iu p.nii ,C nu' liuciWii 'ii'. r'-tu's, 1 new In cle, I li.iue I ir oil , 1 pan' i'ii'i n p aid pnie ,1 1 1 I shirt, 1 -cnrlel Wei-lid le't, 3 -1 rimer ve t, 1 oj'l tniiil.. 1 Mi.-!, 3 li.inioicr-, A's.,, 1 I'lci'-li lmr e, 1 fa I In r c, 1 r" 1.1 it ;.!!,. c, I .1 ,,1 1 la-, -1 ynrtl. I I in Ina Iclmh al n. nu 1 'li". 1 rendi Imr.-e. tSi vt-ii 'im er my I1.111 1 a. "1.1 b rd ibis IO1I1 i'ay of u.'n i.ei', ia u. W 1 1.1,1 A V rl!KON,.-;rs'i(iH, nf'.AVS r Inin beaver chubs i beavv win1 d black nnd bbio broad dot luviBililcare! " 0. "i , b'ni U nnd blue black CniUirrs t talm, ve'ie , m woiflted lestmiis suptr snlui sloelist im nno bee' nnd other rimes, cm be found nt llm (,'nsh Mnreot Oct. G1I1, 1S12. Wm. IlfHLBIiT. TO M liUC HAM'S Wi'.o wish to ;! JiHst; crock cry, r rs-. wvl Cl)t!;i) ! Clioup 1 1 fnpci'tor anil TasUcr of, China Glass ll'arc, 'i Veil. 11 eve that In- is prepiud lol. 1 ic nny nmount ot W aie "icorilinp to ouli r, at New Voik nn I 15 is'..ii pii;, 1. mvuiir Irei'dil and bink'ijc to all who ptirthtisi- nf thpiu. He In.i n Loud n iilincn', nnd re." ctfully solnna Merrlnnls to eill and examine bis before buying 111 Market. Store, cornrr ol Chinch nnd College. .'Streets. Iliuli'iion, 20th O. t. IS 10. " j.' Mlnewlot of llroad Cloths, just received, and for l. tale at very reduced prices for easli or wool by II. W CATUN. P. 5!. I'riccs to compnrawi'.h ihc timcs,no inuluti fs'epritii, lPi-J lOit SALI1, at n sninll ndvnntcfrom coi'. X . . 60 brls. IiOpwood, ' " TO " Nicwood, 25 " Camwood, 25 " licdwood, 25 " I'ustic, 10 " Abitu, 5 " Madder, 10 keijs No. 1 I'.mcry, 2G " ludico, 5 cases Ilcfmed IlornT. 1'ot.Lr.TT llnADLEVl. nj . 5.1?12. S lie 1 1 can, e w In

I! d'.d pru I now a w-il I c C t ill 1 ' nenlleineiiaic uivnel Ui cxiiin.i.c ic m I cli ic pun hnsmjr. I'ANGIlliIl.N iS. lilll.'.aMAlI). I' i'l'sll l t'llsl. CJlTimion TTA-J of i'l ! inds, Cicth Crnn Market. O - A..S 1, Juia ati'K'riminii.i Co ee ; l.i'af, l.i'inp, cud Ilrnwn S'c-ai j (jinser, Si.cinfi-, ( n i.i, ( li ii'-, I'.'ppi 1 nnd Kpi'-e, .S,ieiin Candle., 1 niliir", Siap, iVc, l.r sal', rcry oir. ' y il '. CAil.lN. Dei. Id, 1S1J. pUOADCl.OIIIS, I'ouictic 1'iani Lj Clntli , at;c- iir.ic iliancver Ii 11 line n cr. n, W. I A'll I.N, Furs. ATO. 1 O'tcr r 1 IN it., .-.K i-l- I M i-l I n ..iVc. U". iy, lilJ. 1.1 'IV, -. K r ' ,.il M i"s. U.ii-. 11 1 ri ma aii'i Al iho . iiw Casli Storf, r."" NlVl'.S WD roKKK; poekftanliu'n.knivi I v. h.s.nrs ni'd-.'inisi tiKir, steel nnd In is thuii lilci.; i.iors nod ( bapnnn's j .mntsti.ips; tobico and 1 i.nnll Imxni nlun.nnnii.i f icev pcrlii'iie 1 soap . I111! in. -dt s l'i,! ns; 1 ..n-v and c..i t !, -.Js; h,iu' d'i 'i, c i.'li nnd toulli hnisli. s; tiTini'i Si,'."-. Ii 1 it -nnia iiid Iron tib'e nnd ici spo- as jws 1. .psi n:.v Tit vy 11Y Tin: ou siny-i.e, New ' eauini rs in bouse hecpii.c, will find it for linn"n -I t leMniine I'i.s a-s irimeni, winch has be 11 nciilly purebisid at very udueij prices and win ne s nu ai iinumiii idv: pncis. No account w tin; IstOeiiber. cipiiid III IiGVilllCC. be Isep' nt the Pot OlTic ilrf si w i'luni' lo heve rcnunis kept dijiusns the anmuut of one qtiatur liurtinston.Sepl. 0, 1512. II. 13. STACY, P. M. A iSow Fall (Joods. V M'ir.TY ol fill and Winn r Goods just receiv ed, 'in iv be foi:"d ni tlic N'-iv C'is'.i .Store wc t. side e'liircti street. Uctitlemen and I.adies ire united lo call -mil see. Wm. IIURLUUT. Sept. IfJ. India K uliliers. r ADII.S Patent lndh Rubbers. 1- " (,'0:11111. n 1 Inn nnd I'nncv do. (K"illenicn's phin nnd 1'incvd.i. ? W.-i. IlL-'UiUT. Utii'irellii's. 1 ?1NE .Scotch fi OL'bani Ueibicllns. !1 ii t... I.. ,1 . Oct.O, 1-1 W:t. IUT.I.I1UT. if'W (I'niiik'. AVl'.ffS" lnrpo nssirtnn nt of l'nll . Guilds just opcind cheaper than ei bin, I-Jl.'. O.-t. I'J nnd Winter eier bi ll. W. C VTI.IN- tr B ii o csl In Milton, on tlio IG1I1 nisi. Miss V.:iiv Janf. 3lAVNAni, n'cd nearly 19 years .Misg M.iyunrd's parents nioied inlo ibis town in IS 10, from Ilines burgh, where they had long icfiJo', but sho lung minced nt the sonih, in Ilie c'lpacity'of iintructor, did not conic till the fall of 111. ' Mis Ma) tmd's persoml sippcnrancc, deportment nnd inielht'cnt nml improved mind, soon obtained for her the good wishes nf the n'iabborhood : the voulh labor lias limudit cperially, fill that nu interesting nddiibn was ma 0 - 1 . . . . .. . . 1 ..lf ,...,1 .,n,v Mink, . Ins sliii.l,. l.niiilil... 10 "'fir circle, liul not mucli longer amongst us iiiimui, .... . . l- 1 , than lo elailden the hf arts of her fond parents nt her snpiuiaiii reipie-si u. .11.- .111., biro rctu.Ili 0 r,rr, 0ur innncdiatc communis in to return liomu iodic. If lie i pour, il is I her wclf irc,rre llmlisi hous and fital disease, pulmo- nnt liecauso lie is indolent ; his tusk was dune, nary consumption, marked Iter for its preys andafiirn confinement of several inonihs, has terminated her earthly course nnd prospccis, nnd separated her for ever from that circle whom her lovely character and conduct caingid from 6tian"era tofiiends. TO THE LADIES. Ids duly pci formed ; his hard earnings have been for Ids master ; and ho is penniless lie causo lie spent Ids all to become free. Head his joy, that tlm happy timo lias arrived when ho no lonprr wcnis tho yoke of hond ai.(., O happy tliuuglii ! what bright antic ipations now fill his heart. Iln tells us that he is ready lo embark, and inipiires, how soon will a ship sail for A fi ica t What is onr reply 1 Wo direct tho Secretary to in form him that wu deeply sympathise in his disappointment, hut o cannot send him wit have no funds. Such, my friends, is our dailv renlV to pressmu' applicalions ; amli The S 'ppmar has niiainl n mtv luah character ivlnt do WO not in return ? hxpres-dons of, inTirni'iiaswcll a-in tin-en miry. Ii 1. ml. p'isl in ' " s, . .ii r.i, I li.ii'nl irii ill . u.ii iiriiiiskfirii.. nii.l II .,il n i ...... I . ii" 1. ....i .. ,i... v . ' v n 11 1 .s. ti , ni. -, 11, 'ill' ,. ill 'I. l,"-l.lil..U I ..III Kill n il 1'ari , mid is 'iiitvcrsntly rci'i'iiiuicn lei in J! irope byiucdi 'il men nl 1 l.i, hulii'si innls. In 1I1 .ciiui'ry it is .ii tumidly lie lea tnrr I'icinl its i.f I.ol'iciilties nf l'i Ice 1111 liy all the eminent pre va'o pr.ic'itiourr-. HT Tor., pitijjly nr by Iho dozen, by IMiCK .'jl'IiAII, Dialirs in Niireicnl Instruments. J)r. IIull'K Ufcro Abdominal Supporter. illo new liistruinciit fur tin- radcal cure nf I'ml.ip.-us I'leri, or f.illini nl 'lie viiiiun, .y external nppucitinu, -uper eimit tlio iee 01 ipo niijpe'inn ntile Pcs-uri-. is conlidcuilv lecniu incnded to thu allliitcl lis ihc means ( f IH-lfecl rcsioranoii In lic.l lb. it ucl- or bavins failed (.1 pi-rlorumi" a cure, even iiiider the iiin-i u'-'.iiiiiivii I'lriiuiisuiiiee., i rent i'ua;. II. W. 'I'ATI.I.S. i To s;ciu. inr nid'-si: n I' s ilie IIVi'il'i'ii. I 11 1 ic SM V--. ipo-it- iiil'i'ii. I 11 1 1 1 e ..I MAN sV LULU. :i, IS 12. tvi.'oos:;i ip.on t'oi'NDitv MA CHINK SHOP, .Nl) !. A ll (1 K AUCTIONS ALU TOMORROW, 15 V II. T II O ?.l A S . QTOVI'S and I'II'I', KI'l('lir..S' IT'ItNlTUItr, O l-'armins t'l' tisi n. .Sle.s hs and Wai'irons', Dnv (loom-, and Indn Jlubber I l"lli 113. Also, A large tvt I'ar antl Cl t Winter Caps. Sales .111:111 ut" I in Ilie evenm". Ootober 5"S, 1312. 21. if I'isliidiinlili! ("noils. r"Hll eitli'enbir has just returned fioniNew Veil; X w.lh llm I "snI It. port nf I'a-lii.uis ; a lull supplv of fiooD.s rou cii:.NTi.i:.Mi:.'s (ji.otiiisu suitable loiue tins. ni, eon-.aim of tiroid nnd Iliavir Cloths, uf the best quality in tnatktt. Do do 2d nunlity. Plain nnd I'ancy CasMincrcs of evety style, colour nud rpinhty, S.ll: Velvits,' Wool Velvets, Saiinell", Valcnrii nud .s-ilU Vcstinj-and Trimuuncs of every kind and the latea t-jyic, Also, A neb variety of Stoclif, Cravats, Scnrfs, I'n nuns. Collar 1. Shirts, Su-pcnileis. (Ilovrs. i-.e. Are, nil ot wh'.clt will be sol lnt nriees lo suit the lini'i- fur rerdypiy. 'Icisreidy 10 nn-o to order on iho siior'csi nonce nny garment wiiaifocirr, ncconuuto Iho mo-.tnpprovid tub, mil wnrrnnt liis in nil ens. s, All f .inner piirous nro s lieilcd 10 eouliuiio lie tr palroany , bopii g y bis nut t'.ng zeal iiiulntiintion to businciii 10 merii a -naro ot the puuiie pairoune. Cli I'TINti for o'bers to iiia'in up will bo attended to with I'art en'ni uttcntiun nnd despalrb, y 'uop on Church St., '2 doors south ofilm limit. U. Ilurlinsloii.Oct. 23. 1S12. 21w3 r-.iit. 1 saiiiminimeiil nun ties pair, freedom purchased or bestowed is held only on condition of jemoval within a definite time. Sad tliuiiilit ! upon this continseney rests thu question of his return to lunula"..! lor tlm remainder of hfo ! Poor ami fnem--less they como to us what ran wo do 1 Can we go on anil incur oblii-.itions which wo havo no present means of dischargin? 1 Yes my friends.wo have done so ; wo could not resist such Bjipt 11! Hunrrdiy cries l,n bus served loilL' e I1 Jtph. U v eiimura,e lira to hopo for relief, and wvtry to niso'fnl,,. some means for his aid." I Hair Hntslips. 0 7 b, 1 1! ill 1 1 in1 1 iy mtr a nor-rvvooD jmr,?iirs reu 'n r line Ilr ' br , men the I r.thcr it r 1 be tiled and ill town. sad I rustic vill mil 100. 1'kgdohs' A IlniNSMitn, ' rPIir. I'ubli nre herebv nnt'tic I lint Ibis elnbli' J. incut is thoioiilily rep im'd, and 111 icajmi'm lo receive onlcrsi ,,f CATIfiS OJ'' AM. KINDS, sirb n rola-h. 1' irincr's and ( 'linldi'm ICctllesof nil s y.cs : I'i.ov, Wn v.- Avir.s mil l!nni HuoKh. Ac All luiid-iol' Mdl ('hiiuus, .-ir-iin ntnl W.ner I'liu-i. w ill be 1111. nf the erv In si ill itcn.i in I 'old on leat-on ildo urin. l;o, w.ll Lo uiiiuc lo oriler, r.nxlne an ! Hand Inlbrs of all sues, fims'iid iii 1 workui.inh c ininner. AUj, Iioii Tic 11 inr and I'.iruis d mc on sh'jrt notice. r.iiLi.vKiG'i'r' won:; and I'n'fer is ofnll I.i 11 h. in u'e lo old r. '1 AH o'd rs addn s, d 10 lb-wiliseiiLcrs nt 'llir- lin'.on will be punctual.) an. i.d d 10. Old Jbon- W.stiu.1 IMttnVN it CKOSSMAN. llurlinglnn, Oct! 19, l-l'2. 21-3.' CtlliC.s!. i.""!: invi'e al'i-ntc n tonn u--Hrtnvnt r.f CANl,1;, C'in-isllli'.r nl ii-.-i rut n, 1 I' v.ll.m a -12'' wnli .li ..ieni 1. ui I. - I I. -lis, 'ir-s-vil .niilli'iiil w lii'-li nic sclmtji; at vtryl.Ttc pr.ics. Al-n, I.i -il fort .ii.c-, an I a leu l.u ic ' .11 1,.' ri lm : w h o . i-Ni.::sii:a a. iiuimsmaii). O'l, 19, 1912. II. 1'. I1ICKOK AVlN'n a'sii'iicd die Im ill, on m of the afpiirs of A1'.. ('. fV.'n and H. M IIV'i U.f-C'o.. ran b.? found at ll. L' i own !i office where nil their demands arc leu cull, ctiun and w.llbe sued tin Icjs ii.ime.iditi ily nttuiulid to UICKOK it CATI.1N. Dinlinr.ion Oct. 7th, 1912 . llirli-ili I)iaiiic; anil Vi'rltlui; IViicIN. T An'CTl",;".D frouC'u.i'lerlin.! Icil. iVL Ju luvedbv C. GOODIUUM. .-opt. 7. litiloii.-ilitirli (.'oinout. THl n1 ivi an If li i. icn tic roulily teted and to u. I per. or 10 .u.v ' 'li"-- 1. 1 v 'n'si-. 1 r -1 by " J. n. l'i ci: ,c co For 1 1 11 111. nil t 1.1.11; 1 m 1 1 u 1 ' n tfx I'd r n'lv cc I,, d ! I,v . Tct- Itti '.in Tl n, nn 1 ,11 1 ic ml ' y S. s. ;-k ner 'ii!''"-"). ' I' " "" "' "''rd' i'1' ouiii.';. i,-.i" ri j in I .1 . 11, 11 u I 'he I iilnin e 111,1 remain f r n Ic ci'li "I tunc. 'XZT" ::un I b ir w I Iciii.enif a.i'i ic.iti.'ii t e ic 1 '-.' C'.i.c 1. 1 1 !-. 11 1 lie. I ( IIAUU.S 1IA M s, linr' nelc-i, O-. 17, 1.SI2. . iO-.l IS't'W (i ().')(!;;. LGVHLY & SHYilf n 1 l (In -J win ! 'li, nn I aro nt A III'. nr.w iv -eivi-i :' c r ii"'. 1 I' 1' 1 . 1 lii'.clec.i ;ir h.i ci 10 New l Icicl I .' -1, c I' ,'-. - 'I v pubi'O aro inv't'l to eill an I ix uniin: 1500 1 and "r - c, Chun Ii Strec', O (. 1 1 h, i?IJ. (:i:oiti::'. it. in. I rc'.'nit'vl Imiii .. lh r. Iirjr WATC.IMCS. C'C. II OO I. TWIII'iRS, O I'..III11'3, Ml' lilllliCs, I..I- 11.. s nun wen 'eineii i I an 111- -TtsA.r. 1 .. I I, VV..I .1.. lfV 2W.i nic ,111 Ic I ti. b ('. nl i) T 11- tJl!'' y-ij mii '1. fin : 11 I 1. 11 w i-h in I hv X .."-. rJ(w-t 'I'd 1 1 pnee, i Ml Iv i can i nn I ul! I11T 1 ur ic -lilfs. Wu hive new- V,iii l.o ni (j l'i' I. if "r ic- nud bull pri. c-, mi l mc lime .en n ! I. in 1 W.c be- al Ic-S lli.iu ll.f r 111 . c, -nine 1 emr l.,iu many 111 w mil-. 21 1'an(.u. its -"v Ili.t:; HAtn. GoodThiiijzsWititicil in Exchange (or jjootl Cioods. AIVw roids of GOOD SKASONI'I) IIAItD WOOD, ru'Dii onr.v ci.oTit, COOD PLAIN IT. !N' t,, (idol) TAiu.r. i!i;rn:'t. by ou. 27, Ms. ii'.v. nmi.nuT. Also A Cood Cook Stoc, for n!e ns n'uoic. ITAs 1 l.i and f dl s ipply . I iVy (iiwds, Grnrcrics and Crorhrry, enn-i-'iue' nf I'm"-! cu'iy nrtici' cumii iiilv 0.1' lur. a', wtnc'i h.uc 1 1 t ice. 1 p ir Ii i-el .n very inw rii't- . 1'. 1 'i .1 . e si ' I m i h li. Hr ;h 111 In e-.c- Ii 1 iln-n'ci-'iie ,t 1. crnr lliem IrlV,:.; .r.iluu- lliem in I I c I" 11 1 '.;() lids I'lce "i'l. .lot) 1 . di. c Sail, COO Inr- .N.c.i I'll P i tor. . 1 0 0 bl I-. It" b -'I'" in 1 S iperiinc I"lo ir. WAXTIW, Iln ov'iaiiT. d.r (inul-, rijseeil, 11 iter. Clicc and Ii c IV in-. Hi 1,1 .'I 11 O - . C), 1 H. CO-'f "ilas rcccltii'a lull mpplyef GR0Ql(r.'?.Old3S & CHL'iA WARE, Common Cambric; S, ii 2.1. do. ju-J rctived bv W'-t. IlflU.L'VT. jItIoi4J's Pri run ry -"Gcoarniihy Mitt-heft's School .co.rr.iphv, Key to Mitchell's Srh-.ol Atlas. r.i'rsabbv Si. HUNTINGTON. July '.'i. Cloth (Jij)s. ,. NT.W !isoitmciit just rjt ived ! ii 11. W. CAT .Sfpt.'Htli, 1912. (asli. A JIONO the many ways of ol 'ilivntr GOOP ' xV. there cm be none better ihan chiinniL'a sin 1. sum of nioncv for a lar-o amount of Oomls ns may now be bar! ."v npplymy at IIOWAHD'.S. ' .Sept. 23, IS 12. Ciampluln 'l'rcnspurlation' CiUTTCNt-ES' Covktv Company Court. U-mnn Caibj and I Jlay Term, A. D. 1S.2 'Vimdnrt V. Cmh. j "pills IS AN AC'lION OK ASSUMPSIT, on No' Marcli 10, lSU.for lliesuui ofSlS'J, ZO, payable on demand with inkiest. Tbosaul Ileinni au.l Theodore lieins absent from till ' Slate at the tune ol the service of tins writ, nnd notli.iiuiK rut-uiial nf thu pendency of this suit, it is ordered In th.s l.'our', here, tb it they be no iilicd thcrcofiby pu'ihsliir.u' the lubstancc ofaiil writ i.-Kellur -v "j,..ri..r. three weeks sueees-ivelv 111 tin. " iiiiMiiyton iee 1 11. ,- . ;i llnir.nsrtoii in sjid County, the l.ut of wlm 1 ; ,i,i.. imns to be at lean twenty da before Ihc siitini o'f this Court at its next Term on the 4th Tu .iay rf Noicu. her next, winch w dl be ilciinrd sufhetent no- v. ; II fll It 1 til ls' u'liiiir win. nf he t mc-. r.i- i.l cs in w.iut nl 11 m' wd1 di 'i. I "ji.'I .iiid ex.iiciue al least, I-. I ' h 11 !i .i-i I 1 olicje 5rect. .1,0 t. -2U li, lsl-J. 20 f Win h, Billed to tl' InlllV. to L, 111 hi. a.Miri- j 111 e 11 I .ipu'o j nT-'o'i'mlni I 'i b the said Hcnnn nnd Theodore to appear and .. 1 . 1 1 n ine n is " Cl 1 M i.u sum .-cy,0,r,,r,e Sl,.. , Vf.STOX. ill i-.''-- ' nn r.i' If lit IV') 1 ft Wi Ii n :ui'. d r 1 re li'ur.- al ihIi it Moia.)' late 1 1 - r .11 i-: ok v 1 li !w r, T'-i. I'fr.c' nt C'f I'-'ii tn, h "1 h- litp i'i M Cl. t-eii imi, T i ! ii- ru .1 111 ilnv- ii e i( I lin ,..."'1 n id --.iiil). ri''l,'l"ci a hJ, Wu riMH, iicci. II. "h tvv, "tntui-lr.',Pp f f t lie p--tiVi.t 1 'It '' I, In- nu 'f u;.!i.iVa" a to liii ''tnjii, ! o 'n 1 idi iiiutf I 111 V I fJV inilm-? j.t iiftil of'l.u 1 1 1 f.tnl t'rvi t"l, t'.vr vc nionili in in iho i'Z il(V ul ( I -in! tr -n taut, an-t itif -21 1, ihj nt I) ti: r it;-imtf, I imii .(.m.Mu ! fir a Itt-Hiiiir 'ii hi s-rt.."o, at the C 'c tl.n lifzi-fi-r c( tin Co .tr, in -ntii Hits Itu.'lM t it Ii iviUL' 1 tni .-n It'll ! ito'i 'c ilirn-uH ii i tti, ' y litnn thin ru ;liuu wivl' mii. r-ivi'y m Ilur'iiig'ou I'Uo I'u- H,A''n,rniii,il''U liLrhngum, lifreiU1 umoiii'l l-r liuintr.' : Tiii'it'l'dr, y ii aw Inift.y n,i't''Hl tnnppcar Irfuri -.I'M o ii'i,a iIil Imu'iulil pl.t 'f(tf(iH'sQitl il.f ii and ii(M to tn r nl n'.-iKi'i, 1 1 .tiiy yoy 'lavej tfi i tie --i iJ nine if -jtav'-MMt ' t Jiij Jut; in r eudetl, i -.ilitie-ait'. u-Mti i.inlir niv li t-i I at Jt.u!ii.t'-;i kit '4 It d.iv - 1 U iu'er.A. l. ISIi. . Wm. WL'S'ION, Register, LOVELY & S13YM0UR nc"'i1"l'.AMi,5soriiu t.tes. For ilcbv Wi r.i'i'lus Caju f. UOUDUICH. y.'sin.' nf R'lilteclcn ' CifiTr.sDr.sCccNirl'our.T C'i'itnn Cou-ii'nr.iink mil '. .. 'l'i I , fl'inN HI' ASSI'MI' .V .10 I 1 'VsTII. svl. IJ.l I. ( May Term, A. D. IS 12. Attornov". Wm. NOHI.r, U!W. l,iiiTii.Mrv Coi'.Nir CoinT, ihc lil. in'.'.' t.j'i-'i n nu I ii cr f r .u'e ii hcivi- s.i nf .i-i.i ii.. 1 'e l'l! t'OiU'.-liliiMti 'di iln ten'- n nl iiir Misers i- r '-lie ! t'ly i.ivi.i-il. sio en 'i.n c. :i la,' c variety . f i!itoi) ct.niH., iiiiwn: ciiOiii-', Ci-stnicrcs, .'p:i '.s'.i-, 11 'in' nr. nes. io -.It, irt, c.-erv .ir'ic'e ne c. niv n tun-!' ito n fill a'-.. r.iudit of f.ill ni.d U iii'erfi.u.'-. .i f-nrA n- ortmcir nl '( '! '.(Jicr.i'.V .ml n law rua-.icyif l)i!V (ilT' C! Iiil S. TiiC '.ill Iw nit a-i.irt I ili.r liie above nrefori-nie o ', r.iA,:v'i" of goods. Ol'ft friced-atid cii'loiners frnm lc-iin cr enunly isli n.' tn I' 'V C'n-t"r , V, a cr, I' a'rl, d'criiiiiii S.'vcr, Iron iirlV-ivier iri.oii-, Ten 1 it-, 'i'muliVr , I..IU.II-, Mo n cs t'is, Crejiii Cm-, Siiiij(ris, llril.t's, Onnibs, C.i!i , Sjn i 't-r-, 1 1 iy., Cinle. s'l.i'., uii.l oil - H'h s"ivl nn are Ic 1 , u. e 'e I i i Ijnii he, nic hsms tl i Iy nn 1 -nrdMlh nr, net toboi al miiiic wli Ii wc I mu'lit lu ! ,(ii 'i in u i.) nl lic.v Value ol'iMdnfy lo llio People. T rOWAUD of Iho Chein fash .Store hai nn.iin re I "1 turned from New Vorlt.nnd in the iniilliiheiiy of en.:, linenla in rirciiinir, oienin2, miiKiii nml nr .iii ii' tho "OkU for delivery. h ns' a to bo exou'cil li i.i sayin; nt presint, furiher than that a eonii!ite bcl ot new prinea is nein. niiicueii lorieryiieneriiuion . f inercliii'u so In eorrci-ponii Willi t'io rest iit low nriees of domeplie inmniodiiie', nnd ns the whole Irnde is c "iidueled nil I lie Cikh synli ni, iIi.irc til I 'o or inn li mull. V rim I ivo Micir Uoida clunii' r thin evi i b' f ire, (' nie and tee at 11 Oei. 17, 18i'.'. IIOW.MUl'K. 'ct linnorv. T Attfir. r.OTTI.r.S rOI.OnM'.. rnrinVn hft .1 J Co'omi ', sime m nb fiild ' dills nnd pome with plain j Vrrlicin, nn I nil the mom debcnii- nnd fin frnnl perlunu s from l'mii. I,nnd"ii, rmauy, nn I Ameie'i i wu t s nn 1 Tni'i t nnd Slnvine Soin cf the most n rov d l;nn- Ov IMnrrow 1'i.uia' iiu nnd ivory ih t i.i i,e lm ol l'.'rfucics ; ( :. Tin !, Tj 'li nn I Nad llr 'he- O". Tooth 1'aii s. Toe ill I'.mdcr-t, Cr i our nnoiiinent in lliu nnd olhcr lines, of the bi st article-, is 'Wo plue ulna " 21 PiNonons ct IIoinimaid. ES'IRAY. 1")I!OICn I'ltn ihc cnelnfiirc -f ihc Eidiseiibcr nn nr .) nboiil the iw.niiiili nf b'ept., and fucor us lenr old JIAUII, fconie white about her lcp. me white limit font. ADA IllCKOI-.'. C Inilutte, Oct. 53, IS I?. 2lw3 OICO. l'ETERSO.N. OriT'.luS I'OU SAM'., on terms adopted lo the tun. . , J .I bbl. fiesh nroiind IliieKw lien Ttoin, IO bill Macinncl. TliOUTj nnd lOO ('oidi Haul WOOD, each a pnncl nriule of Us I. 'lid. Oct. I 12. Sllf l.alior avcii rVumnu nml -cuMiin.-by i nlnrj feme ferub I Inns Itniid'cs w' .ch ve ! ill b' lm py to lurn 'li llio-e who wcli the j rice nn.l in h.iid work by into dny'HU9e. 1' i.'.naoiiN &. Huinimaid. wc will rv in son ah, w oh prKt'-i ll el-t liii'lrn.' In lm li 11 I I'l I iJiKlU At rMii'.oii , ii.ti:a.i',i;). (.'opartiUMsliip Nclici'. "VJOTlCt; is hcieby given that lh! ci .pirlner$liii 1 i l.eiel I'nro eiluiL' nodi r ihc linn of I'ttlltAI!, WAIT .V IlOO l'i i-i this diy d.--.ilv.-il by luinuil iniifci'iil, .liir'h Wail Im irj pue' i-cd I lie Mock .inddebleol U. t,. I'.iriar nnd 11. I'. Hunt, Jom-pIi S nit is duly authorized lu w u'e nil the nfl'iiri of ihs latelirin. J HU.V t.. I'AKltAlt, .'OSi:i"ll WAIT, 11 HUM V. HOOT. Ittirlingtnn, Oct. lOih, I8li. All I'erson-i havina iin-tiel neeoiint with tho jte firm are no, eMnl lo call nud ndii.-i its- in with out delny, ni tho store uf llio euli.riUr, corner l-'hureh uud Colloije iii, .KiSr.l'II WAIT. -I f, fir f S00, money h-n' Iiid nnt 'and c.":icn isl, - i'sii i iii,-1 inl.w sui ui ilM, nii.i.i-j'.i td .nut rc- i---i-t. WTIic sf ', Clintrii('ii-.m,!ii'n'i, Jiei.u ab-ent from Ibis S'aic a' ll.c lime rl 'lic-cryuc nl' ilie I'l.nnti '' s.tid writ, nnd nut Iiiviij s nin.n'ol i!ir;en I'ciicy nl' .bin s nl, it is or I. re I by tJ'i 1'inri here, ihm ihe i nl 1' aidji lin. Lo imlilied nf the p. ndcli'-y 1. 1 ihi., I-i' pul'li lima t-he slbsl:iuie if 'be l'!.uit'fl .'said win an I de Uratn n V':eihci nilh Ins i i l, r, tluw sw'isf nee-- ely, in the II .4 I ii-'ton Trt-e Press, n neu's;,t,.er pruite I in Ibiriiti ton in .1 d t'our.iy, the l.isi i.l'w lii"h n i1 1 -itmn. lo I o al leant "i-c.ry'.'ays ! e nre.'he? sittui nf ihisC'" r nlllsiiexi Term ' ll I lie .lib '1 lli'-il.iy nf MiM.inbci next, whi li w ill lo diH-i:iil m ill -leui' n'l'ice lo ihc .a.u clnii.iii Cuiiu'y Uniu to appear and uia'..c an wer in -unl suit, J, JS. IVherot, Attorney. WU. NOillj:, Clerk. i 19 J.i met Corning Purrlror (.'iiin':'"CE".' IVi'Sir nff.-irncdiiiut Corning i Cncnr. v.. t Mav Term A. 0. 6tf- i Itiivt, Cirn..ieJ' Suujnm J A(JI Ill.N Or" v:-:--! MI'SIT.fof 300lnr cocl-, ware- nu I nu i .ban hje .-nld nnd etc iven d. - Tbc-n.d li"l'inl.i.ii -1 -ins l cnt h . ni ibis Hale -w i nl thi 1 1 ur i.l '.he .erv ee nl ' hit i'ni nti I-' n-iit, and nit l i mi .er mial nonce nf tl,e 'Oiideii"y ni h "iit.ii i-crlensl I y ihe -ni' I'ouri ni iv fieri-, iln Ilie mii I Us'lt-n.lutiis I 0 no i.iel uf Iho pen' em-y n. lliiM-'.r, y pdli lulu liii u' i-i col 'be I'lam tuts' .unl w'ru, 1'i'jeibi r w .tb lliu. orler, tha-o wee1 nuvi-ssively in ilie 11 irluuu n Tree 1're , a iiewf,n per ju lU'el'in Ilui'l.ii'uu in .uid C.i'inty, llio la-i n' u hi' Ii pill In nt ion in I u tit Ica.t twenty d.iys Icf'M llio -.nut!!.' cl tills On ir! .it Us next Term nil lliu lib Tim-day ul' Kuveml urncM-v.-hic h will bci'iemcil -it-llcieni in ti -e tu ihe mid dcl'eiidan'.s to njipear and nnilic an-wcrlii this ai I e .it. J. S. I'ujilaot, Attornt'. WM. NOIILH, Clerk. ID Mil I fill.. LOO Grosi jnt irriiv(il uud for 'iitti Iiv () i. 1 h, IP4J. lian, l.O'JMiS .V Co.' A Dl-SCdUKSIO PltONOfNC I) 'el. re il I.i'rr.irs Hi.' cies . fibc till. i v i I 1 1 innir, A. uu i H, 1 I ', ' y 4'iil- VIII I'" US". I . !- tlf IHC ' ' I .I ' re I I O. . I"l?, l-'ll I . A. lit UIA-.. I "II A" ct MAUT1N S lll..iC.-.l0, tlm siuff unrolled from London, lor sale by .loi-cpli Watt. CtlVI'.S nnlir lh.-i lie has pii'i lmrtd ilin sli rk (if f (.COILS . if h iv.rlu rs in 111. ('M( 'K'I 'IV 21 I'asoiisn k IUis-mId. 1.1" .11.1 111-.' . I i. . . ., II i J r '. ' ai j ii i Cc ni 1 1 r -. i ic bdnid ihey pu.fhos minnrlirt, t'urlinsion, Oct 10. IMJ I. c V Coriilnge , 1'ntttrton, i CiltTTrvr r.N Counti . O. cut, ans, Cornln? -f- SwjJjm. ) May Term, A. 1. 1 S 13 . ClIOX OF A-s'.I'Vi'rr, i',r (-..tCi), fir nm !-, S- w.'l.--, .III I llicr In. .' ic ,i..' nil I di.iivcri I. 'Iln f. 1 1 I 'c. -ii. .a i,. I c it a'- eill f. iii t 'his in n tne iiiuu ul 'be -iv i e uf 'he I'U M .. win, .'i. ml Inn i'i'.,' I ci-.. .il i.u .-if .li.' BnVn 'V of il. mil, it I- iir'eie I I y ihe -r id Cn r" ninv I cre, i -i 1 . -Hid fllffii'ljiltsbe lln'i,,e I of llio n-ii-'eiei n' l n hi ',' y puM.sliii!', ihc il..i,iui-e ol .tic I'l.nnti 'V -ai. wn,i er w. tl ilu eu'er, llirce nee' m.iii'o siye l, in the U irliiiginii free I'lO-n, n neiv-i-apcr P'U' ,! in It rl iimou ui -a I l uiiii'i. ilie last r.l' vhrl In -' i I h i suck ind j" , H ,1 I' i ! I.. ' ' 111 ll 1 I . I - I I ll I - 1 Ii. I V ... i- ll. V i c , I v f I -ua '".i.i er i 1 J N I'iMEiioT, (ornry w n iiiys let re i' . ,i. i Ti. i, i n the 1 , 1 1 1 h v il i 'ecu. i ..c, a-. J:.. to uppi arau wm Nontr, curk. Chamnhin 'J'rannrtatlon Company I I"' r I!,man Ciiily and IMnvTcrm,A D.131". Z'.'iVr (.'.lie 'to. A-. J p'lIIU IS A.N A' TION O.V COVKNANT dile" JL J i-sii:ir 1 !. lt-17,b which the 1 !' nl '.r nsrei J in eul and ni Iim r, ns fucrtiti Mate.1, 1 (n U cr- . c iJ tn1 ick, lt'h l', an I 'i' 1 w j 1 fu f I '' .er ('irii I a'.d liso.l.f'OOeords of Pit. i l'.p w .it 'i 00 per cord. And the I'i.iintdl'-i aier '. - l'i paid the Di f-nd'tnt'itifulU-ir swl j.OCOc t hi wi b t ll in t the D'-it'i-dams liaiennt ke,.i and r ihe Mid cuena:it nu ib'ir put l.i.i bin. L. ' ime,iiiid Luc not cut anil iih'i red ia.U w a Ihev Iii. I ill. 'ciicoieiiantid t" -o. 'I he .itdfady and, Coni'iock," hem; n!" " ilns Mfiie aldie iiitle rf ilie. s-en ee ot ibis . . not hivinir peironaf notice of the pfnii..'.- -suit! it i" nid' red by the i-tid rinnL now . ihi-ybe iioiif.e.l-ilieri'of, by publish. ni' tie m of slid writ, I'lficiher w'iih tl'i nnlrr, lh n ueciwfively, in ihe "lluc'iiiiatuii Fn f 1'ir", i pipef pr.ns.'d in Hurl iiiiton hv-ii d (sui'iiv, i ii . .f w Inch publ'cjti.iiis lob" nt leisf I wr-nly iJni.i ih? Mtiinlil'ln. Court -al iisniM T.iin .ti 'i lh Tees 'ay of .N'oiriiiber ncil.- wlneh wll'be di ' 1 iiittic'ent nciieeto the mil- Cady dnd Cumslotl. to ipi.irnnd make answer lo liJ.suit. Miw it Witon-, Atiurnei!.. i:i - win. Nor.r.n, cm. ClIITT-UM-EN (.'Ol'.STV (-'oi'lT, Mav Term. A. D. 1SI2. l)ArUtK Huc.iror'.'i. J VcTlo. o.-S ,o I'K, dated March 137, for tho V .-nu of s-V,in, p'lial'leoni'emni d. Dilindint bun'; abfent Irom this State al tho .i" ftlte i-nicof ihci I'l.untilli' writ, and nmliav - pc-ioual nnti'-e of the I etiilrncy of this sun, it ti d-i I bv llc ( 'Jiirl now here, thai the Diftndanl n ' li"d ilierenf, by publishing (lie substance of tin PliinufiV sail wri', loitethcr with tins order. Inn ece.nily, in the "Hiirlumlon Vrra I'rir." a niwsiianer prmirit in ftnrlinotnn in said i nimlv, Ihe lull of which piibheat on, (o be at lea-l iweniv dajs lumre tl.e f-ilt.nj; ol lh" (. outt r.t its el t erm, on lue titrt i:-si..iy ot .,nvni 'r neit, .'m h ill be deemed Riilf.i if nl in i' lie nd i it, to npi eir and nnlie answer to the s . i.iti Ali-en ! 1'htt, Atlorncis. Ill Win. NOr.I.r. Clerk. It n .1- r- . wjrier and I' xultina W. airycr, M ad, A'o-rersif' Cd.I I'linrENULS Cl t'NTT Ci 1.IT. .May T.rui A. 1'. IS13. rder, Tire, 'I'oirnsentl and V.'illard, i amii'ieir J rurteex. (.'IIO.N orA-ssU.Vir-lT, nn a draft or " datelO loler-ll. 1911, , ma le'iv .li.lni W n tin -ait inivncoi huiii-i, me em i..i:er diein in pay In the order i I'l.. I aii'lcri'ii. t , tiinu'Ui l'i".n da'eli'C Mini i f rVKK), wdnch nu I drnf, e n j 1 1 ore en'el to, nnd acee.-ti- l I y .nl 'lov n end if' Wi laid. 111- -o'd 1.. an 'er '.nil , then . I Ihi re en- i r-e l ll.e si. d Ir.itl tn the 1' ami IT and it .err I thu i. i.tenis i-icieitii be pai I to i1kic,j el ih. 1'ciend en's h.'.veti." n.ud 1 lie miuip. Tbs - it I 'tilnu.iiils,Tnw'u en 1 and Wiiiar' lein; i' 'Yi'tu h S'a e a' the uoie . f l-e'-crv e ol if 1' aiiri s',.ni I V. nl,n idni'i Imi nt per . ill! of'lL-piM t'U ' if Ills -'III, 1' ! urd, iC "'if Co irl now l.eic.lli.i tliesn ' 'i fen 'an' In i. ph I ihceri'l b pi., lislmtj ihe sir .'tincc .' lm i' am'i is' ni I writ, uisr "I cr iv Ii in s r ! ee .ite'.s Kiicees nclyiiiil.e "II .rluicnn Ki . e l'i es ," i new Miani r niinlid in Ui.riimr on in -aul Ci n'v. the la- ot ivlmli ind Ii .'.i'n n-iii I o ai ha i cemy liVs I ef ire th-. rtiiliia- i I'sh' 1 Cu irt ai Us w 'lerm m tin 4il .oteinl cr n M wli hwjile lieiiiel si ifi ieui nml. e tu ihe T, I defen -auts ti ap pear and ninl.e an-wcr to -aid suit J. N.lumci1,lf'i.r(i', WM. .NOUI V., C'r CmiTrsutN t if, . , May Term A. I l j Cm k, f .V JJm .V. 1'omeroy Vs. '.',':i.'oi Coitnto Hank. -ii,..' f'ir 'I'rmtces 1 'Mil's- ' i n. i "in on llio'i aeenuiVt claim . e i i-i.u .f-loO. Ihc ...nt C i.i'fi 0" m'y linn'., ' e.nff ali-rnt In it In'- S ate ir 'he iiinenl ih'e-'r' v . I tlio l'Ju nil ' . t ni. I im! I nun peis.. n, I n lcfilie pen 'ency t 'I.i-miii, n isi n'eriil 1 y 'he id Ci i rt now hcrt, hat the Ki d lianl. be notit.t.l . f l e rndmcy there I, by piiMi-liin ihe.iul i-'.uice i .l.e I la ntfd's ,ard ' ril.'toetlicr vi:b liii.- imler, 'i. ce wtcl-s r-uc e inly, in the llurlincun I'reJ rre-, a rew p8"i nn el i.i Hurbn-iten tn sid Crmn'j, the last cil vh, ch 'S'll . a nn- to'eatlej twemy days lfore '(,. i.i 'i I Ii Cimri ai it. ne-x' Tcipi on th 4th e cf Noiem' er ne.M, wli h will le dr-emi - I'lic'rii' nr , e to the tid Biuk to spi--Ar mJ mawe answer fi aid s nt. J. N feirii(Tr,rT-- r. I ' TO!, NCBLK, Ctmi,

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