Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 4, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 4, 1842 Page 3
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them ai candidates and thus enablous to advance the eauso which wo hold especially dear, while at tho lime time, wo sustain those other interests which you, na parties, are endeavoring to promote. May not abolitionists newer buucrve mr cause 01 nuou-, tion by thus aiding to secure tho election of men who r umIIiht tu take modcratti crnund against slavery. I linn to lojsa their inllueuce ns to all prcsjnt ptnetical purposes, by shutting themselves up within tho iiraiicned enclosure of a third political party. Thu Ins been, substantially tho course pursued by British nbolniunbls) and wc have seen tho niiehly rcs.ilis in the abolition, by thollritish government, of Iheslavo trado and of slavery.. And no trilling re sults havo been effected by this policy in our own country. I refer to tho action, in arious ways favor able to abolition, of the Lcgislalnrcsof New York, Massachusetts Connecticut and Vermont, which it is notorious, havo aided the onward movement of tho' Anti-Slavery cause. It seems to me that wo should not despise the day of these smill things if, indeed, they are small things but that tho policy by which t.'icy were ac complished should bo still pursued, rather than en tirely to change position an I throw off, as unworthy of confidence, men who aided in accomplishing so much good, nnd who. may yet be willing, as the reasoninas of abolitionists, the course of events, and H gradually corrected slate of public opinion shall eive them light, to aid in a' comphshing still further anil greater good to tho cause. You th is have a alanco at some of tho reasons why I am still inclined In ndhcie to my former opin ions relative to the expo lie icy of a third party nrcan fzilion. Upon the wide fiel I of argument pertain ing to this subject, however, I cannot enter. I may or I may not do it at some fulutc time, in further re ply to your inquiry. At present, I have neither tunc nor strength logo into a morecxiended examination of the subject. I believe tho time is rapidly approaching when tho free s'atrs of this Union will come to see theimrn mense evil of slavery, not only in a moral, hut in a po'ilical nnd financial point of view j and when they will come up, not through tho present third party organization, but by other ways, and through other means, to the point of standing upon their right, and maintaining the true interests of freedom. And Tor such a result whenever it shall lie accomplished, the country will, in my opinion, be indebted to the perseveringcffurls of nho'iiionist, In on extent that wi'l entitle tlietn to i s lasting gratitude. Let abolitionists, then, not relax their efTorts to produce a correct public opinion on this great sub ject, to wake up, thoroughly, the free States lo a conviction that they have something to do with slavery hostile as it clearly is, not only to human tights, hul to their interests, to the peace of the coun try and to the permanency nf the Union. I am, very respeclfnlly, Yojr obedient servant, VM. SLADE. TIIH TARIFF. As we all anticipated, tho European presses are loud and deep in their denunciations of the American tariff. We must endeavor to sustain this tirade. They are ill in humor at losing the vantage ground tliey have so, long been permit ted to occupy. Some of tho presses of our own country are equally loud In their denunciation?, and more threatening in their predictions. It it stated that there will be a great falling off in the revenue from imports. Well, that we ex pected. One consolation we have under the new tariff which we had not under the old one. If we dontget as much revenue, wo shall have less to pay to foreigners. If the government receive less, the people will be !os in debt. It It was intended that the imports should he brought down to what our exports would pa;1 for. If the revenue falls off a few millions as a consequence, the resources of the community are increasing in double proportion. We have no objection to tho revenue being for tho first year or two, below tho expenditures, provided the circumstances of the people are retrieved by the process. Xilc's sicr. Foreign opposition to our new Tariff. The late accounts from fJroat Britain show that our new Whig Taiiff i3 no better liked in England and Scotland, and in France, than it is by our Loco Focus at home. As tlfe Rochester Democrat truly remarks The Scotchmen fay it will phy the deuce with their calico and gingham establishments. The English men say it it will ruin their iron and woolen csialilish moms; tvhiln ihe Frenchmen sty tint hereafter (mt very few persons iviil lie .tide tj drink their um s and brandies! Tho poir fellows arc to bo pitied. 13ut It wilt he seen that thpv inkt cournqfi fimu the ass trance .vhich the Loco Focus trite ibem. that the 41 'mem jf rout" T.inlT will be "repeated." In view of thee assurances, the London Standard says to ihe British minnfict irer--, "no expectation it entertained mat trie 1 ai iff, an it now stanUs Kill survive the en suing session of Congress." Thus it seems that the throats of the Loco Focos to repeal the tariff as soon as they can get the power to do so, are known in England as well as at home. Let tho farmers, mechan ics and manufacturers all who depend on wages, and all who pay those wages, consider this matter, and decide, as our colemporary well eays Whether they shcul I support a party whose prin ciples are devgnel this to build up Urllisli Interests at tlic expense of Anioilnm Indus try. .Tuitions Gniit vtill be spent to secure the repeal of the IVIiij Protective Tariff. Co.vnecwut liirt.ii. We learn from the Claremout Eagle that i. steamboat is building for therm-aeration of the Connecticut river liel tween Hartford and Gieeiifield, and that her trips will he occasionly extended to llrattlchor oughand Bellow s. Falls. It is expected that the boat will be completed in three or four weeks, and make the experiment before the close ol navigation for the winter. Governor Seward has issued his nroclamation offering a reward of three hundred dollars for the apprehension of Michael G.iliagher, charg. ed with til" murder of Samuel Runkin, of the county of Columbia. Aldan? and Boston Rail-Road Time altered. On and after Tuesday Nov. 1, the cars will leave urecnbusii at a quarter before 7 A M, and a quarter before 1 I'. 51. Diat.'I or C. Lovcbidge, Esq. We resret to learn that Cicero Lovebidge, Km) , formerly editor of the Trov Morning .Mail, died nt his residence in Albany on Thursday, after'a short but severe illness. He was a man ofsuperior tali nls, and nn able advocate of tne principles ol the w tug party. 1'eace to Ins ashes! roy II lag. PI... Vnn Crin fnrrfl.'nnnjtnnt tt.n TV. AI.V . s. 1 s , uu iiiinui.iH . lv.1.- yune; announces a forthcoming declaration of onn,.. a. .I;.,....-..-!.;., r.... nr. i... i. oru-m t e. : I.:, e ' . . picftuu men lonuing ins, escort irorn tie capi tal, to he followed by a dissolution of the Con gress. Fashionable Millinery. MRS. M. Fit AS Kit, TTAS lu.l returned trom New York wilh the new XX fa-hion for Cloaks, Dresses, Ilotmets, and Caps, she has an n-sonmeul ol Fur Neck Tics, Iloa9. Gimps, I'rlnses, and Silk Velvets, T.awns, Gloves, .Mitts, Hound vioncrs; siiks i riinmliings, and many other articles; All of which she will tell as cheap a. they can Leaf for led, or work ihtm up to order. Burlington, Sot. 1, 1842. 23w3 1T0TIGE To lliose who wish to buy Cloths. rnilK inhe'-il er has iul recited and now o'!er X fur sale AO!) v'ds of heavy I llcavcr. Pilot, and Hroad Cloths of almost every colour no sivie, which lie wilt -ell ironi -ja iotu pereeui. ten man nave Uerctoloro I ten oio in I iti.- inarKei, il. W. (JATLIN. P. S Any one can I e nti-fied that the above i no Iliunhiig I y tailing and examining the pr-j no 0 iallllf i I inyciulhs. II, w. U. Nov. 3, 18 12. 22 TV WAX X- nnr i? ,ooo T T liU-llt'lS HI uu'i'i I a th e. . I. ... 1 .. .1.1 ...I ln an...... ex- i;iiniit;iui l,,iiiu., iu . ..v., v.. ,., U4VII. 'I'hey hav on hand n Urse a-orunent of Milled single wulili fll.n-t: and Oxford mix .1. n lt...n.l n...l It..,. - flntl.w rinul I.- Clmhs Burlington, Yor. 3, 1612. ATATCIIIlS. ASUI'F.RIOlt AltTICLK in Utile safe lo.xe, I r. n. I ..I . I Rftfha. lu.. t.-......l. JL 111" mwni air. p n .-.u.,...-, uiau.ivimi Lucifers; also some in tin boxes for salt) ly the !, uixen or single tox. . , PaKticax St UawiMAiP. Tcmperanco Mectlni;. The friends of Tempctnnee nte reminded that their regular meeting is to bo holdcn this evening. It is desired there should ben full attendants na questions of interest will como up for discussion. Tho question of the union of the two societies will he considered. I!y older of Committee. on Tiin pr.tivr.NTiox and curhoppul- J10NARV CONSUMPTION, nv nocT. s. a. FtTciiOr rincAtiELritiA. Doct. S S. Kitch "respectfully informs his friends and tho citizens of llutlington, generally, that ho will deliver n lecture upon thepervention and euro of Pul monary Consumption, pit Tuesday evening next, tho SlhofNoy., in the Court House. Lccluio to com menco nt half past G o'clock, P. M. "On Thursday cvenim? Inst we had the measure of hearing n Lecture upon the eaues nnd cure of Pul monary tJonsuinptiun, by Doct. S. S. I'ltch of Plnla dtlphia, U.S. Lous' since wo Into set down Con sumption as incurable, nn I merely ns n matter tf curiosity w'c ntten ltd to hear what might be said on the subject, run cxpccto'it' to bo convinced of us cura- iiillty or that on this subject wo could ever have nny feelum but desnair. Tiu Doclor. withoiil nnv nru- tension to oratory, is still a very pleasing Itttuitr. Long before he ceased speaking wo wcru fully satis- tieu mat no uciicvcil coiisiimpiion to lie ctirnlile. nnd when ho concludtd linnv n liriaht eve snnrkled Willi aniunled hope. 1'ioin the progrcsMif several cafes treated by Doct. Kitch, we hntc no lietitation in advi sing our friends ho have consumption or fear it, to consult the Doctor, ho may eiuu them, they will nt least hear the ndvico nfouo of tho most inltHineul physicians on thu subject wc havo ever seen. The physician who attends lo one disease only is much moreapt to succeed than if distincfed by nltending to all disc ises." Hep. Liverpool Albion, fib. 17, 1810. Dr. I'ltch will bo found ol the Ameiicnn Hotel, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week an I may ho consulted. Hiirli'iifflon, Nov. 1, 1812. In this town, on Wednesday eveninc, 2d inst., by thollcv. Mr. Converse, Mr. Cn.vnt.Es S.Cahpeste!!, of Waitsfield, lo Miss Laviia M. Avcnr.vof this place In this toivn, on tho 30lh ulto., by Rev. Mr. Con verse, Mr. Andrew J. Mcanin, of Colchester, to Miss I'annv It., daughter of I'-piiraiji Pike, Esq. Iu Wcsfoid, on the 2d inst., by the Kev. Mr. Wood ward, Mr. N. I). Wait, of Ilighgatc, lo Miss JIahio.n S. Wittsos, of the former place. Iiy the Itcv. Jeremiah O'Calhghan, Mr. Maurice Kiliherto Miss Margaret Uradcv, both of Randolph i Mr. James Canoll to Miss Mary Donglmnc, both of I' airfield; Mr. Joun Liwo to Miss Mary Manning, both of St, Albans; Mr. Patrick Dunn to Miss Uridget Carroll, both of Troy, Vt.; Mr. George McEtven to MinKnlhcrino Rnllan, both of this place; also, by the same, Mr. Marlin Dougherty to Miss Katherine Kenedy, both of Millon. ID if la At Burlington Falls, on the 20th nit.. Mrs. Anna Cnows, wifo of Jainci Ctows, aged 20. The Franklin Gazette is ilqucsted &c. In this town, on the 20lh nit., fioin a discharge of blood at the lungs, .Mr. Horace Scridner. In Milton, on the 23th nil., Mr. Harn-abas P. Dar nam. aged 13 years, stin of the l.ile nil l'urnam. In this town, nn Sthhath morning last, Mrs. Ani, M'e of .Mr. .Umes Hostwri:. The disense which terminated the useful life of Mrs. B.istwick wasdropey. hc bore Ikt long and painful illness, as none but a rhrWli-in could bear is with intelligent nnd calm so mission to tho will of Gnd. In'her ile.ith, her bereaved husband nnd children have cus-liim-d an irrepirnhle hiss; .r neighhorhnod ll is been deprived of one of its hrhihtrst ornaments; nnd the church of God, of n eousisiem, active nml nrful member. She was one of those few, who, in a pri vate sphere, fill their paths wilh drcdsnf light, tint! mike the world the better An having lived in it. She manifested a unifnrm consistency in her leli"-nii-profes-ion. Inlelhgenl from tile study of hi r lii ble; eoiisrieiinoiis in her regaids to dutv, prudent in her eontersatinn and deportnii'lit, and ready tocverj good woik. Sheeaustdlier to be useful, and her death to bo lamented. l a j; (; e AUCTION SALE TOMORROW, R Y II. T II O AI A S . STOvt's niui I'ifi:, Kiiciin.v i-univiTUHi:, Fanning Ul.'iiil, .Sleighn nnd Waggons, Drv Goodr. unit lnibn HtiMrr Clntliing. Also, A targe tot of 1 'ur rim Cloth Winter Caps. S.iles con inm d in the evening. Nov. -1, 1 1'.'. M. (J. RATIII3UN. nit aim: u axi) tail on, HAS pi-t retinue! fmm New "S' rl;. wiOi a full tor'ir.i-niorVESTINOS,TRIMIINGS, Sec, of the lilo-t tns'iioiial'li' mid -uprnur ipi.i lly, nn 1 will exe'ite n'l order in tne mh.t paisiiionviji.V. 'Tver. Burlineton, Oct.'23, 1S1'.'. 23 f Eanlit'ii Milk Pans. TOSCPII WAIT ha pi-t rceived a rnpnl.- of I lit own r. ir hen Mil k Pans, for nlent the Crod. erv -t nt-, curlier nft'li ireh and C'tillege Ms. Xoicin1 it I. 1812. S3 Eaillion I'Mower Pots. AS ipply of Urown llnilhcn Plotter f'ot-, ju-1 le.fito'l and for Mile iheip at the Crocl.tiy ore, enriier of Chun h and Cullcpc t., I'V Si.Nnv. -I. -23 JOil l'il WAIT. CASH PAID lor FLAX SEED. T INSIJIJD OIL and OIL 51 HA L for -ale by i-J STILUS , 5!cKLUUV. At tbe Oil Mill at thu Pall. II irlington, .Nov. 1, 1812. 23,ly Dissolution. THE Coparlner-h p lieretnfine eiting 1 eitveen the Mib-cnl or miller ihe firm ot A. V O. I10S TW1CK, i-, by ni'itiial eon-ent, tln day The Ini-ini'-s of I he con'crn mav bc-e'llel tub cull er of lli parlner-, nt the old Maud prcyinn- lo the lir-tof .l.innary next at whieb liiec all i.n-i'ltled aetounts will Le lelt with nn autirnov lur et l'ei-tion. ANSON UO-iTWlfK, (il.OIIGU HOSTWIt'K. DiirlingtonjNoy. 1, IS 13. 23: 1 jail. N. H. The lu ine-s will licrenfierle continued by Georre llo-ttviel;, at ibui.ld .tiaid. I'AXOnOIlN .V ISItlNSMAII), AGLNTS POit SIIi:it.MAN'S LO.KNGLS. GUOWN i'l'Ol'LK tay they are tho p'twanteM nnl mo-t t' leeNve meJieine in use. niuirnio'i. n,'o!d, nod ct-ery bolyliU' ibein. I'ltt. man Hum, L-q. t'ditor of the .Merchant'.' .Masrnzme, ay they eiirer, hi- eo'ish m n few hour-. I'heU-v. .Mr. Uuiilnr, of the aicDougal liwi Chiirth, tvns cured of a tery I ad cold nn I cough in oneday, Tho Key. .Mr. Anthony, c f ihe. Methodist church wa cgred ofcoii-iimi'.lio i 1 y ibein. , SIll.II.MAN'S WOII.M LOZP.NGK.S have tnved the lite of then sand-. Ask W. P. Lvnn-, P.n. 0 ht; Ihe Hon. lilward J. l', lion. II, II. l!eard ey, l)r, O. Iluuler, and nearly ull phyrj. ibey Hunk of Sbt-rman'j, Lozeiit'c, mi l they tv.ll irll yon they are exccdeiil the only lufalla ,lo ineihcinci. known. SIIPllMAN'ri CAMl'IIOR LOZLNGIB nre rcnl ami lulu, lo headache, palpi ation, sea-n',liiw-nti of hpiritMind ilciioiKleni'vor ihec !eet of di .ipalion. Cap), t'luidwiek of the We linirlon, Mr. Aekeriml, thegreal Mgn pnuver, Major Ufark, and alino-i every I o ly know llieir value. i'OOIt JlAN'ri 1'LASTI Il-Sherniau'.wemean-col 1 2 1 teiii., and is ctrlani to cure rlieumatiMu, luinlingii, pain or, nc, in the brean, m'iIu or bnck, ai-n pi e and they c ire womu when applied to the par A I; Joe lloxie, or nny one who 1ms ii'tJ it, no I w. dd give S5 lor one tooncr than live cents fornl' ntlier pl.n'er.-. SOlfP MlTLlis I'lisilively nirtil by Shcrinan'i Papillary Oi', without taking tho child from the I reai-t. I'r. Slieriiun dc-nea particularly that piirclm-ers jliould I u careful tliatth'-y jret the genuine SberuiunV l.ozenguj and i'lu.lers, n he cannot be neeouuinble for the worlhlf,! orticlej that may otherwise le palmed upr.n Ihcm. flemmber you can Fet Ihe GtNclNE of 23'1' fANtBORir &, I3cjnsu1P, 'T XS 1 . T L JT'-On- V h DANCING SCHOOL. Xltr, eStovfjc Sauntitrs, WOULD rt'-peelfully return hl thanl s to the peo ple of II iilingltm, Shell urn, Itiehmond, Vi!ll ton, J:'fx, .Iirieho, nnd vicinity, for the III erol pat' (liiagoht ro'ofore etended lohiin, nnd would inlorm them that howill re-opcn hi clavt". in Iho-e plaee in the e( UM' of thut'ominft monih. The latest styles of SrANisit DANcrs, Wai.ies, 'JUAcniLt.s, Contra DANcr.s, tVe, will lo Iniiaht. Il.illinnJ parties fur-ill-bed wilh lirt rnte mu-if n ii-tinl lie may I e found nt llnwnrd'f. Hotel, Darlington. Burlington, Oct. 23, 1S12. ' 23lf A Great Race. TIIK moncv that has given so great ncha'cfor Cheap Oiiods may uvcrinke and icviiie thein o'tttually by taking tho mi and lining, ntnek nnd cheap ea.h ro.idio HOWARD'S. Coldnnd froviy, briaht andcnrly Tliiir-i'ny irornmg, Nov. 4, ISI'jJ CAItl'KTI NGST A rtwninndreJ yards fur itileby the Mibicnlcr, at tho ho'c-nlo N. V. iirite-, InrCn.h. II. W. CA'l'LIN, Nov. 3, 1SI-2 23 TO FAMILIES & INVALIDS. The following iiiilUpfiiMiIile family rente, dies inny he found lit the village drug .toir,, nnd 'oon nt ctery country store in the state, ftemrmbcr nnd never get them unless the) have the iiic-siinilc signature of i7-M$-ZcJfe on the wrappers, ns all others by the same names nio base impositions and counter feits. If the merchant nearest you has them not, urge him to procure Ihtm nt 71 Mnidcn.lane, the next time he visits New York, or to wrile for them. iVo family should he a ireel Kithout these remedies. BALM OFCOLUMBIA.I'ORTIinilAm, winch will stop it if falling out, or restore it on bald places ; nnd on children make it grow rapidly, or on llioso who have lost the hair from nny cause. ALL VnitMIN that infest the heads of children in schools, are prevented or Killed by it at once. Find the name of ri)i'rdC 011 it, or never try it. llemember this always. RHEUMATISM, and positively cured, and all shrivelled muvcles andlimbi are restored, in tho old or young, by the I.sman Vegetable Li.ixir and Nfcuvr. and Bone Liniment but never without the name of Comstock &Co. on it. are wholly prevented, or governed if the attack has come on, if you use the only true Hays' and every iliing relieved by it that ndtni's of nn out. ward application. It nrfs like a charm. Use it. HORSES that have fiing.Hone, Spavin, Wind.Ualls, &c, are cured by Uoors' SrLcinc; and lomidrtud hor ses entire ly cured by Koofs' Founder Ointment. Mark this, nil horsemen. Dalley's Rlagical Pain En- tractor SalVC The most extraordinary remedy ever invcuwd f r nil new or old and smes, and sole jgf)j'K It has delightetl thousands. It will take out all pain in ten minutes and no failure. It will cure 'he fjritfy LIN'S SPREAD PLASTERS. A better and moio nice nnd utful article never a made. All slmuld wear them regularly. iLi.vs ri; iiiT on the principle of substituting tlic tonic in place nf the ttimuhuij piinciplc, tthich has reformed so mailt drunkards. Tu be used t ith UK'S ifeftifgl PILLS, superior to ah others tor cleansing the system nnd the humors affect, ing tlic blood, nnd for all irregularities of the bowels, nnd the General hcullh.Ji j, jn. , -Sec Dr. L..n'.s sig. l&Cfl)i& Ofj iiiimn', uiu ;j DR.SPOHN'S HEADACHE REMEDY will rtl'ectually euro sick headache, cither from the fwiWIVitri r l"'ious- Hundreds of families arc "" , using it wilh great joy. DR.SPOHN'S ELIXIR OF HEALTH, fir ihe certain prevention of S&5 or ant general sickness ; keeping the stomach in most per. Ret order, the bowels regular, and a determination to tho surface. pains iu the bone, hoarseness, and SHjgMgjijffll are quickly cured by it. Know this by trying. liair any shade you wish, but will not color tho sk SARSAPARILLA. comstocks co.m. POUND UXTHACT. There is no other prepara. tion of Sarsapnrilla that can exceed or equal this. Ifjou are suro to get Comstock's, you will find it superior to all others. It does not require puffing. arose 3r3cj"9as CELESTIAL BALM OF CHINA. A positive cure for the piles, and all external ailings all internal irritalions brought to the iiirface by friction wilh this li.ilm ; so in cough", swelled or sore throat, tightness of the chest, this Balm applied on a flannel will relieve and euro at once. Fresh wounds or old sores are rapidly cured by it. Dr. UiTftholrmriu's will prevent or cure all incipient coniu'mpiion. taken in time, and is a delightful reimdy. Kenitin. her the name, and get Comstoek's. KOLMSTOCK'S VERMIFUGE eradicate all BiMftJ jfl J in children or adults wilh a certainty quite astonishing. It is tho same as that made by stock, and sells with a rapidity almost incredible, by Comstock Co., New York. TOOTH DROPS. KLINK'S-cure effectually. IXprrtl affording to nrtnr Con jrrnff, in Ihf yMrlPIS, hyComttctk Ci.. in tlieCltrk'Holure uf ilia uutlifirn Pi.tnciul'.New Vuib, lly applying to our agents in each town and village, popers may be had free, showing the most respectable names in tho country for these facta, so that no one can fail to believe them. Xj-ne sure you cnll for otirnrticlcj.nml not be put off wilh nny stories Hint others nro ns good. JIAVi: TJIKSi: Oil NONI:, should he your mottn-antl these never can be true aiul genuine without our names to them. All these articles to be hud wholesale nnd rctnil only of us. Wholcsalo Druggists, 71 Maidcn.Lanc New York, and of our agents. PECK & SPnAU, Chemiils and Druggittt, and S. E. HOWAKD, Burlington. CORNS. The French Plaster is a sure cure. Kx'itKI B FOR CASH IN HAND. D P.Y COOL'S for sale cheaper than wer ever known leforcin Durlinglou. S1DNK.Y DA11LOW. rcnrlSl.,nurlinBlon,Nov. 4ih, IS 12. 23-tf Gilbert llarto'g Kstatc. W1'3 the subscriber", liavini? been appointed by ihe llonorablo the I'robntc Court for thu Dis trict of Chittenden, coinmlMoners to receive, exam ine nnd ndjiistlhe claims and demands of all per-ons nrtniiwth estate ofUILIIKilT BAllTO,latcof lline burgh, in snid Dl-trict, deceased, reprccntctl lnol vent) nnd nlo nil claims and dcinnnds exhibited in olVut thereto', nnd six month' from thenar of the date hereof, being allowed by -aid court lor that purpo.-e, we do thcielore hereby give notice, Hint we will in tend to the biiMne of our appointment nt the dwell ing c f John P. Patrick, in Iliucliutgh, in nid District on the fir-t Mondays of iSovcinl er and May next, at 1 o'clock, P. M., on each of said day. Dated, iln 12ih day t.fO.'toLer, A. D. IS 13. JOHN S. PATItlClC, ) rmm,.,r, DANIF.L PATIUCK.jr. 'mmissionen. George Moore's Instate, STATU OF VHP. MONT, ) The Honorable the Pro- Ui-inct ol Cliillcniieii, bite t;ourl I. r Hie Dl-tr ct of Chittenden, to nil person concerned in thee-tnle oflieome Moore late of Durlington in snid DNtrL't, decea.eil. GreetINO. WHKKKAS, the administrator ol theesialeofsaid decea-ed, pr "po-es lo render nn account of their ad ministration, and present their account against mid estate forcxatninatioii and allowance nt n se-sion of the Court of Probate, to be holdcn nt the Register' oiliee, in snid district, on the second Wednesday cf Deeenil er next. Theiefore, you are hereby notified to appear I efore said Court, nt ihetlineand place aforesaid, and shew cause if nny you have, why the account aforesaid shoul I not be allowed. Cilvcn under my h.inl at Burlington this 1st day of November A. 1). 1842. 23 Win. WKSTON, Register, Ira Smith's Estate. WF. tho subscribers, having been appointed by the Honorable the Probate Court for tho District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adjust tho claims and demands of all per sons against the estate or lit A SMITH, late of t illusion, in said District, deceased, represented in solvent, nnd also all claims and demands exhibited in olliet thereto j and six months ftom the day of tho date hereof, being allowed by said Court for thai pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that tve will attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Widow Hannah Smith, in Wdliston in said District, on the fourth Mondiys November and March next, at 10 o'clock, a.m., on each of said days. Dated this 12th day of October, a. d. 19-12. Atoszo F. Faxton, Commis 22 Tiieroh Winslow. J sionets. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. IN MANKK UPTCY. Notice to show cause against l'ctlon of DAN1LL II. H'CKF.R of HuniiHgton, in said Dis tncl, to I e declared Bankrupt, nt the office of Sam uel 1'ientiss, District Judge, in Montpelicr, in said District, on Wednesday, DeeemLcr U, 1842, 10 o'clock, a. m. JO.Sl.i'll LOOK of Burlington, in said Di-trict, to I e declared Bankrupt, at ihe office of Samuel Pren tiss, Dis riet Judce, in Montpelicr, in said District, on Wednc-ilay, Dueemler 14, 1842, 10, A. m. GLOlir.K WHI'llllT ol Colchester, in said District, to le declared Bankrupt, at the oiliee of Samuel Premiss, District Judge, iu .Montpelicr, iu said Dis trict, on Wednesday, Decern! er 14, 1842, 10, A. SI, JOSKI'ii SMITH, Junior, of Itiehmond, in said Dis trict, to le declared Bankrupt, nt the oiliee of Samuel Pren'iss, District Jiukre, in Montpelicr, in sa d District, on Wednesday, December 14th, IS 12. 10, A. M. MAM BKOWN, of Burlington, in aid District, to 1 e divUicd Bankrupt, at tbe oiliee of Samuel Prenti, Distuct Judge, in .'lontpeher, in snid District, on Weihie.-div, Deccml cr 1 lib, 1842, 10, A. M. ALVA 1 1 JOll.NMJ.N, of Burlington, in said District, to le declared Bankrupt, at tbeolllceof S.tniuel Prenti-", Di-trict Judge, in Montieber, iu -aid Di trict on Wcihitday.t.Vi'einl er I4lh,1812,10, A. M. JOHN OAKS, of North Hero, in -uid District, lo be declared ll.inl.rupt, at the o'lice of Samuel Prentiss, District Judac, in Moulpelier, in said District, on Wednesday, Deceniler H'.h, 1842, 10, A. M. Sl' KOL'KWOOD, of Biiilingion, lor Ins Di-chan-o and Certincate as Banl.riiit, at the oi liee of Sj el Premiss, District Judge, iu -Montpelicr, iu saul District, on Tuesday, the lentil day ol January, 1843, nt ten o'clock, A. M. ABI-.L CllOOKF.U, of Burlington, for his Di-charse nnd Ceruticileus Bankrupt, ul tbe otlice of Sam uel Prentiss, Di-tiiet Judge, iu Moulpelier, in said Dl-triel, on Tuesday, the lentlldHy of Jaiiuury, I84J, in ten o'cliwl., A. M. UI.NAJAH S. PHELPS, of Alburgh, for hi-Di-t liary:e und Orlilicalc as ItanUrupt, ill tbe oiliee ols-am .el 1'reiiliss, District Judse, in .Moulpelier, in said District, on 'I ue.-d.iy, thu tenth day of Jan uary, 1S!3, at ten o'clock, A. 11. JOHN C. JACKSON, of Underbill, lor bis Dis. charge and Certificate as Bau'rup', lit the oiliee ols-am id Preulis-.Disirict Judge, in .Montpelicr, ill said Di-irict, on Tue-dav, the tenth day of Jan uary, IS 13, ntten o'clock, A. .M. UOSW1.I.L.M. SINCLAllI, of Wcslfurd, for his Di-charge and Certificate as Bankrupt, at ihe of fice of Sam id Pienlis, Di-ine! Judge, in Mont peber, in said District, on Tuesday, the tenth day of .laiiuarv, IS13, nt ten o'clock, A.M. Ill NltV li'OAKD.MAN, Junior, ol Lssex, lor hi-Di-charge and Certificate a Binkropl, at fhe of fice of Samuel Pienliss, District Judire, in .Mont pelicr, in s.n.l Dislrict, on Tuesday, the tenth day nfJunuarv, 1813, nt leu o'clock, A. M. TlIAYI'.U, of Bnrlingion, fur his Di-eharge and Ccrlilicate as Baiikrupl, at the oiliee ot Sam uel Pientis-, Di-irict Judre, in Montpelicr, iu said District, on Tne-ilay, the tenth day of January, 1813, at ten o'clock, A. M. TIMOTHY W. II. NICHOLS, of LWx, f,r his Discharge nnd Certificate as Bankript,at lie of liee ol'Sam lei Pientis., District Judge, in .Mont pelier, in said District, on Tiiu-day, tbe tenth day ofJauiiaif, 1813, at ten o'clock, A.'M. DAVID 1. WALK!.!!, ofAlbnrgh, lor his Discharge a i l Certill 'ale as Bankrupt, at ihe oiliee ol Sam uel Pientiss, District Judzr, in Montpelicr, iu said District, on Tne-ilay, tbe tenth day of January, 1813. at ten o'clock, A.M. MAUI IN C. IIOSTWICK, of Underbill, for his Dis charge and Certilieaiens Bankrupt, at ihe oiliee of Sam id Pientis-, District Judzc, in Monipelier, iu said Di-trict, on Toe-day, the tenth day of Janua ry, IS 13, at ten o'clock, A. M. DANIl-.L H. LAKi:, of Stowe, for his Dischiricand Ccrlilicaie as Bankrupt, t the oiliee of Samuel 1 reini-s, District Judge, in Monipelier, in said Di-ind, on Tuesday, the tenth day of January, 1813, nt ten u'cli ck, A. M. SAML1CL BABTLK'IT, of Jericho, for his Dis charge and Cernlicate as Bankrupt, at Ihe oiliee of Samuel Prenti.., District Jndne, in Montpelicr, in said District, on Tuesday, thelenth day of Janua ry, 1813, al ten o'clock, A. M. ALBKKT ti. BLAKK, of Milton, for his Discharge

an I Certificate as Bankrupt, at the o lice of Sam uel Preiiti.s, Di-trict Judge, in Monipelier. in sa.d Dislrict, on Tuesday, the temh day of January, 18 13, ntten o'clock, A.M. JOHN SINCLKAR, of F.-sex, for his Discharge and Ccr ificate a.s Uankrupt, at the oiliee ul Samuel 1'ientiss, ct Judge, in Montpelicr, in said Di trict, cn Tuesday, the tenth day ol January, 1313,1 nt ten o'clock, A. M, TABOli I. SLWLLL, ofAlbursh, lor his Discharge and Ccrlilicate as Bankrupt, at the oiliee ol Sam uel Prrutis., Dj.irict Judge, in Moulpelier, in raid District, on Tue-day, the tenth day of January, 1843, nt ten o'clock, A.M. NATIIANH.L BliOWN, of Richmond, for his Dis charge and Ceriilicalens Bankr ipt, nt the ofluc of Sainutl Pientiss, District Judge, in Montpelicr, in ta d District, on Tue-day, the tenth day uf Janua ry, 1813. at len o'clock, A. M. ABNLK POLLARD, ofHurlinis'lon, for his Di-charge and Ceriifiealeas Bankrupt, t Ihe i.fTlce of Samuel Pientiss, Dislrict Judge, in Monipelier, in said District, on Tne-ilay, the tenth day ot Jknuary, 1813, at ten o'clock, A. M. JOSHUA KF.MMINGTON, Junior, of Hincsburgh, for his Discharge und L'eriirica'e a Bankrupt, at the oiliee of Samiel Pientiss, District Judge, in Montpilier, in sai l District, on Tue-dav, the tenth duvul January, 1813, at ten o'clock, A'. M. VI'.ltNON UAHUIMiTON of Burlington, for his Discharge and Certificatens Bonkrupt, nt theoffice of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpelicr, in said Dislrict, on Tuesday, thelenth day of Janu ary, 1643, at ten o'clock A. M. LYMAN POLLARD, of Burlington, for hi Dis. clurgcaud C'erliliciilf. a Bankrupt, al the otlice of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpelicr, in said Di-trict, on Tuesday, the Icuthday of January. 1813, at len o'clock, A.M. MARK NOHRIS, of Colchester, for his Discharge anJ Ccrlilicaie as Bankrupt, at the onlcc of Sam uel Premiss, District Judge, in Monipelier, in said District, on Tuesday, Ihetenthday ol Junuary, 18-13 at ten oMi ik, A. SI. S1MLON COVILL,olBurlinglon, for his Di-charge nnd t'erlificiilcas Bankrupt, nt the office of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, ill Montpelicr, in snid Dis trict, i n Tuesday, ihelenih day of Jauuary, 1843, al ten o'clock, A, M, NATHANIEL T. STILLS, ol I'nderhdl, for his Dis charge nnd Cenilie.ue as Bankrupt, al the oiliee of Samuel Prrntisi, District Judf e, in Montpelicr, iu said Dislrict, on Tuesday, the tenth day if January, 1813, nt ten o'clock, A.M. FRANCIS, of Richmond, for Ilia Dis charge and Certificate as Uankrupt at the office of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in Monipelier, in ssid District, on Tuesday, the tenth day of January, 1813, at len o'clock, A.M. .SIMEON 11. BLISS.of Essex, for his Discharge and Certificate as Bankrupt, at Ihe office ol Suniuil Premiss, District Judge, in- Jlfontptlier, in said District, on Tuesday, ths Uoth day ol Jsnuiry, 1643, at to o'clock, -A. M SALE OF BANKRUPT EFFECTS, NOTICH i9 hereby riven that by virtuo of tho several orders nnd decrees of Bankruptcy in tho following cases, issued out of the District Court of the United Stales, fur tho District of Vermont, I will sell nt PUBLIC AUCTION, nt tho time an I places hereinafter mentioned, such effects of the Bankrupts named below as I ecaino.veslcd in tne by vutuooflho decrees aforesaid. Kin-its of Gary Slttnger of Colcticstcr. All tho right, title, and interest of Oary Monger to a bouse nndono acre of land, situute in Colchester, discribcd in his schedule as the dwelling houe, oc cupied by him, and on which Lyman and Mnrsh have n claim of about fivo hundred dollars. Also, sundry Judgements, Notes and Accounts ngninst the follow ing persons, viz i Ephmiut Pike 4.2,00, A. L, Hath cway 89,00, Cassius Coo'cy S2.I.00, Ita Tubbs 89,00, Ebcnczer Allen Sl,91, Ketiuly of Colchcsirr SI.32, Albeit Duiicnii SI CO, Edmund Wellington f9 ccnt, James McCain S'i.UO, Alphon?o Collins $2,20, John B. Killtips 81,0(3, Juhn Smith 52,96, John Merrill of Culclicster for three cords wood, payable in Tailoring, U. 11. Kellog 81,01. The al ovn salient my office iir Burlington, Saturday Nov. 19, KITccts of Chester Tarkcr or Underbill. A farm situate in the town of Underbill, containing fifty ncrcs, being pan of hundred acre lot No. 41, in the first division of lots in 6.ud tntvnj also, sotcnty fivo ncrus, being part of lot No. E0 iu tho stcond di vision of lots in snid town. Tho nbove pieces of land will be sold subject to mortgage of tho Bank of Bur lington, n moitgnuc to llosea rpnulding, and n mort gage to Thonins Hockley's eslatc, to secure the pay ment of tlic several Inbilitics therein named, Also, a farm situate in said Underbill, containing one hun dred nnd seventy ncrcs, being land conveyed by Cur tis Pnrltcr to Chester Parker, and which is suljcct to n mortgnge to the Hank of St. Albans lo secure the payment i f sundry notes amounting iu the whole lo fourteen hundred dollars exclusive ol interest. A promisory mile for sixty-two dollars, datil March 27, 1842, siirned by Lconaul M. Dixon tV Co. payable to Curtis Parker or bearer. Also, Ten cows, one two year o d heifer, onq horse, six hogs, oncfunzlc waggon nnd one single sleigh, on which sundry nttnehments were made previous lo the decree of Bankruptcy of the said Chester Parker, nnd said property b Id , the whole will now lesold subject to the several claims or attachments!, tthich will be particularly desenbed nt the lime of sale. Also, f Tons of hay, 73 bushels of potatoes, G bushels of wheal, 130 ap tubs. 1 chal dron Kettle, 2 sap holders, I gun, 1 cow, 1 buffalo skill, 1 saddle, 1 single harness. Sale of the abote articles at M.'itlin C. Barney's Inn, in Underbill, on Tuesday Nov. 22, 1S12, nt 2 o'clock P. M. KITccts of Lucius Woodard. of Ksscx. All the interest of Lucius Woodard In lot No. 101 containing lilty acres, unccnunl utidividid half of lol No. 161 conlnming ci'-'htceii ncrcs and three fourths, nnd five acres of lot No. 1 13, nil lyiiis ill Essex, and which were mortgaged to Orvill Sinclair, nnd De-creo in Chancery passed thereon. Also, all claim to lot No. 13 supposed lo bo forty fo r acres, together with the buildings erected thereon in said Essex. One Lumber Shed built on Jes-c Thompson's land in Jericho, a note against Merrill Fellows for smith work for SC.,02, subject lo an offset of Merrill Fel lows, ncrount ngninst said note. A judgment against Itol ert Mc.Daniels of I'nderhdl of S7GI, nu account against Ferris Doyle of Es-ex lor S10, payable in shingles. All claims which may be due Lucius Wood aiel nrrising out of a partnership lierctof're exiting between him and Merrill Fellows for Blacksmith work. One span of hay horses, five tons of hay, one single waggon and harness, one double and one single sleigh, losclher wilh sundry farming tools. Also-1 euns. The nbotosaleat Henry B. Stantons Inn, in Ksex, on Monday, Nov. 21, 1812, at 10 o'clock, A. M. ClTccIs or Henry Itaardman, Jr. oT Escx. About ono hundrid and eighteen acrts of land in the village of Henry st die, District of Montreal, Cana da, subject lo Senior Mortgage and nuts, tu the amount of nbout S12). and also a mort-rnge lo He nry Boardman of about iC,:0. Alo, Lot No. 2 ol Block No. 12, lot No. 7 of Illeick No. -17 ill the tillage of Soulh I'orl, Racine County, Territory of Wisconsin. Lot No. 371 1 and lo in 2d block norlhirom si uth-rast corner of the soulh-we t epuirtcr of fractional section No. 19 in Township No. i north, range No. 2!ias. Also, lots No. 7 block No. GO in the t illace of Keno sia in Racine County. Also, lot No. G. 7. and 8 of block 45, lot No. 4 of block -11, lot No. 7 and S of hhek No. 1 in the villageof Burlington, i'aetne Cnun ly aforesaid The ah no sale nt my office in llutling ton, on Saturday, Nov. 19, 1312, at 2 o'clock, P. M. nirects or Hoswcll SI. Sinclair, ofWcstfiird. All the interest of Iloswell M. Sinclair to such por tion of produce raised on the hired farm on which lie now lives , consi ting of pea, buy, oats A'C Saleat ihe house of Knott ell M. Sinclair, on Wednesday, Nov. 23, 1812, ol3 o'clock, P.M. KflcrtR of .John Sinclair, or Knsr-x. Atinut nn y acres of bind on whieb John Sinclair reside", m Esev, subject to a mortgage of J. Nichols, of six hundred dollars. A porii'.n of the produce raised on said farm, consisting ofhny, corn, potatoes, Ac. Al-o, 100 lbs pork, one plough, one drag, onei eix sled, undone horse sled. Tin- above alo nt John Sinclair's hose, Wednesday, Nov. 23, 1S12, at 1 1 o' clock, A. M. r.nccts nf Simeon Covin, of Hut llngloti. One ox cart, ono horse cart, one harness. Also, a cooper's -Imp situate on land owned by Solomon Miller in Wilhston. Aln. one pew No.' '1.") in the Brick meeting limine in Wilhston. The abote s.a'e at tho Eaglo Hotel, Wdliston, on Fridnt . Nov. 25, 1812, at 2, o'clock, P.M. Kflecls of Mark Nnri l, nf Colrlirstrr. The interest of .Mark Norrn to his portion of pota toes, corn, oa's, and Indian wheat, growing on the farm hired by him of Anns I'ronn of t'olebesier. Also n nolo against Jacob I!, I'.ddv for isO. 10 payable in maple sugar, note against Jacob It. Eddy lur ts9,39 payable m sap tubs. The above sale nt Marl. Norm' house, in Colchester, on Monday Nov. 23, 1B12, at 2 o'clock P. M. NATII VN B. HASWELL, AwiVnee. Burlincton, October 23. M (VI'HUt'S RL'LILi-'.ttarr.inlel "en une, sold ly 23 Panrdoiin .t Bi.iN--.Mttn. To I'';) mi lies and Invalids. D ALLEY'S MU.ICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR, to cure ! nii-C", scald-, an I nil sore, pain-,&r. I'.lilll V'l s. UlnilllM.I IWI lllc ll.lil . Ilat' Liiiiincut to i uic Pile-. Soothing Syrup, for cliildicu and all kinds of Slier man's Lozenge.-, Poor Man'- Plaster-, Tooth Pa te ste., -old by Panqik n- sV BnivsMtln. Fasliioiitihlo (joikIs. THE subscriber has just returned from New York wilh the Fall Report of Fashions t a full snppl v of GOODS FOR OENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING suitable tothe season, consisting of Broad and Beaver Cloths, of the best quality in market. Do do 2d quality, Plain nnd Fancy Cassimercs of evety Btyle, colour nnd uuahty, Silk Velttts," Wool Velvet", Salinetts, Valencia nnd Silk Vesting? and Trimmings of every kind and the latest style, Also, A ncli variety of Stocks, Cravats, Scarfs, Bo soms, Collars, Shins, Suspenders, Gloves, ttc. iVe. all of which will bo soil at prices to suit the time's for ready pay. 'Ic is ready to inal.c to order on the shoriest notice any garment w hatsoctcr, nccoiding to the most approved style, and warrant fits in all cases. All fotmer patrons nro solicited to continue llie'ir Eatrnnage, hoping by hn untiring zeal and attention tu usiucss to merit a shaic of the public patronage'. CUT IT NO for others to mako up will be attended to with Particular nlleminn nnd despatch. Shop on Church si., 2 doors south ofihe Bank. C. 1! ENNS, jr. Builington, Oct. 25. 1S12. 2ltt3 Value of iSioiipy to tlui People. TTOWAUD of the Cheap Cash Slorp has assin re- O. turned from New York,nnd in the multiplicity of engagements m receiving, opening, inatKing anil ar ranging tho goods for dtliti ry, he ns'.s to be excused from saying at present, furllicr than that a complete set of new prices is being attached to every description cf merchandise lo correspond, with the present low prices of domestic commodities, nnd ns the whole trade is conducted on the Cash system, those having litt'p or niui h mcney can have their Goods chenprr than ever before. Come and see at 21 Oct. 17, 1BI2. HOWARD'S. TO THE LADIES. Dr. Hull's Utero Abdominal Supporter. THIS new Iu triimenl for Ihe radical cine of Prolapsus Fieri, or falling of lie vtonil', h) external application, uper-eding Ibo use of tho objection. able Pessary, is confidently reeoni- iiieiiufi, to tin niuicicu us inn iiicnns of perfect relorntioii to health, it nev er having (ailed el perlorinmg a cure, even under the most aggravated eurciiiiisiances. The Slipperier has attained n very high character in Europeaswell ns iu this country. Iis adentedto theeHliredisii-e ofpe.-anes, nnd nil other painful sur expedieui', in Ihe Lying-in Hospitals of London nnd Pans, undts iiniyer-allyte.'ouuuen.'tsl in Europe bymedical men bfihe highe-t rnuk. in tin-ccuu'ry it i- sii-tained 1 y the leaihng incnil ers ol Ihe file dtics of Colleges and'Hospitals, anlby nil the eminent pu vale practitioners. ET Ton Sale, singly or by tho dozen, by IMICK &. SPEAR, Dealers m Surgical Instruments. Hair Brushes. "I ( Dozen tine ROSEWOOD HAIR BRUSHES J." at. d many dozen oilier (me Brushes, some ol'tho best Blacking and ether BrusLes to I e found in town, prices will toil and brushes will suit loo. PiNOBORN & BltNlMllD. JmL WINOOSKI IUOV FOUNDKY AND ' MACHINE SHOP. TIIEPublicnrohcrehynotified that this establish ,mcnt is tlioroughly repaired, and in readiness to receive orders for CASTINGS OF ALL KINDS, such os Potash, Former's nnd Chaldron Kcttlctofall sizes Plows, Waoon Axlrn and Boxes) Stetou Siioes, etc. All kinds of Mill Castings, Steam and Water Pipes, will be mode of the very best materials nnd sold on reasonable terms. A to, 'will be made to order, Engine nnd Hand Lathes of all sizes, finished in n workmanlike manner. Also, Iron Turning nnd Boring dono on short notice. MILLVniGIIT WORK and Patterns of nil kinds, made to order. , SrS"All orders addressed to the subscribers at Bur lington will be punctually attended to. Old InoM Wasted. BROWN & CROSS3IAN. Burlington, Oct. 19, 1812. 21-3w GliO. PETERSON. OFFERS FOR SALE, on terms adapted to the times, 1 li hbts. fresh ground Buckwheat Flocs, Ul bids MacinnekTItOUTiand lOO Cords Hard WOOD, each n good arliclo of its kind, Oct. 25, 1SI2. 2ltf . Labor Snvetl IN Cleaning nnd Scrubbing by using some scrub bintr. Brushes which tto shall be hamiv tn furnish those who wish) the price sated in hard work by one uay 8 use. tanodobn ci nnis-SMAiD. A D1SCOUIISI5 PRONOUNOLD I efore the Lilerarv Societies cfilie t'nivcMtyol Vermont, August 3, 1812, I y Cal vin I'cnsc. 'For saleat tho Be.ok Su re ol Oct.2i, 18-12. 2IJ 1). A. BRAMAN. I1AY & MARTIN'S BLACKING, the real stuff imported from London, lor sale tiy 21 Pangbobm & BmnssiAtD I'crrunicry. LARGE BOTTLES, COLOGNE. Tarina's beet Cologne, sonio with gold labels and some with plain j Verbena, nnd all the most delicate and frn urnnl nerfuuics from Paris. London, Germany, and Ami rica t sweet scented Toi'e t and Shaving Soap of the most apprntcit kinds "Jx -tlarrow, romaiiim nnet every thing in the line of Perfumes; Oils, Extiact", Tooth and Nail Brushes. Orri-Tooth Pastes, Tooth Powders, fee ; our assortment in this and other lines, of the best articles, is "Nu plus ultra." 21 PanGBOOK & BllINSM ID. Good Things Wanted in Exchange for pood Goods, A Few cords of GOOD SEASONED HARD WOOD, , GOOD GREY CLOTH, GOOD PLAIN FLANML, GOOD TABLE BUTTER, by Oct. 27, '42. WM. 1WM.BUT. Also A Good Cook Stove, for sale as abote. ESTRAY. BROKE into the enclosure of ilie subscriber on or about the twentietli of Sept., a red five or six tear old MAKE, some white about her hip, cne white hind foot. ADA HICKOK. Chailottc.Ocl.23, 1812. 21w3 WATCHES. SCHOOL TKACIIEHS, Fanners, Mechanics, La- ,dies and Gentlemen nf nl! oc eupalions tthotyi-h Watche-, are invited to look at our as sortment ; u I who wish to buy a ii 1 pay for Wnichcs ean I ' -lined iu price, ej i.iiily and all other nartiei.lnrs. We have new Watches at qniieoic priee- and high price-, nnd tto hate .'ctiiid han-l Waichcsal less than therta'iie, some 1 cter than many new one's. 21 Pan-rci r.M ti Br.tx-MAID. 'I'o limit. rillli; HOUSE on Pearl Sircel opposite X the .New ejliurch. l.nuuire ot LYMAN & COLE. Oct. 21, 1312. Citiies. yfTE invite attention loan assortment ofCANES, i coiisisuiiir tu several id ze-n, e. yarious size with tb ieient kin I, of hei Is, i.are an I -mall, and whn b are selling ni very his prices. Also, 'Pass. j. for Cane-, and a lew Louies' nnd Ucnis' ri li.itr w hips. PANUUOKN ti BHINSJIA1D. Oct. 13, ion. For Sale, THE mVlibhIO HOUSr. and J- lot reienily occnp cd by J. V. Tit tle, aula! p'ic-eiii hy S. S. Skinner. A small portion of the purehi-e inonc) rcnuircil dutcn. an I the hal.tnce mac remain fira lentrih of nine. iCfA srood bir.'.iin w 1 lesitcuif app icatiun le made inline baiely. En-'lin-ol CI1A1ILLS IIAKM S Bnrlmpton, Oct. 17, 1312. oq3 iow Goods. LOVELY & SEYMOUR A RE now i iwi vin? I heir stock of Fall Ooodstyhich -i v. I ecn purcha el m New 1 ork, and nre t.f lcrc;l li r -.i'i' low. The public are invited to call anJ examine goo.!: an I pri e., Church Street, 0't. 1 1 h, IS 12. Xrlu (TTootia. r.noucE pi'jBitsns n AS just re'urnel from New Vorlc with a large and fi.U supply of lhtj Goods, Groceries and Crockrry, eoiist-iini of almost every article commonly eaVl for, all which have ju-t I ecu pnrdia-isl at tery low rale-, and will I e sold nnu-li lower than he cter had the pleasure ot ojcring them befote; aiuoni; them may i'r lo um 85(1 Ibis Fine Sail, .511(1 Im-li. Ctar-e Salt, 2IIII lugs Nui a Scotia Plaster. 1 OO bbl-. frc-h gro m I Superfine Flour. WANTED. Iln exchange for tioud-, Flaxseed, Ilutlcr, Cheese r. I tt'l II ' nn , nnv , t-.,is, Burbu,'tiin, Oct. 20, 1812. 20-:f October 20IU, 1HI2, LOVELY & SEYMOUR A HI. now openin; and o'er -a'e a heavy snek eif seasonable DHY GOODS, to which ihe at lenlion of purchasers is respectfully invi'.ed. The stuck coiiipri-es a large yar.ely rf I1KOAI) CLOTHS, BEtVl.Tt CLOTII-t, Casinicri-., Alnaecas. Bum' azoic-, in shon. cere arltele nei-r-ary lo t'Ou-til.ile a full atsi-rtnient of i an unit unci ttoous. ALSO- a good assoriment of 'CBOCKERV and a lar-c .pin nl, iy of DKY GltOCI III I S. ''he pu' lie are a-s jred ih.r the above are for sale ou VAIUUTY OF GOODS. OVll friends and customers from town or county wish nglol.iiy Cn-for., Waner-, Plaint, German Silver, Iron orPewler Spoon-, Tea Pot-, Tumblers, .anil,-, Mollas-es Cup-, Cream Cms-, Simoons, Br.i-be-, Combs, Clocks, Sii'iders, Imys. Candle slicksand all such goods ns aredaily nee'lel in fami lies, nre respectfully and conl.-illy invile.1 lo look nl senile which we 1 ought lo sel',(not to keep,) at low pri ce.; wetvilltrylo suit all, with goal goods at low price... It co.ts nothing lo look at them. 20 PANOBOItN & BMINSMAID. Copartnership Notice. "vrOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership 1 heretofore existing under the firm of FAHRAIt, WAIT tV HOOT, is this diy dissolved by mutual consent, Joseph Wait having purchased Ihe slock and debts of E. L. Farrar andH. F, Keiot, Joseph Wait is duly aulhorliLd to settle nil thu affairs Of the latetirm. i'BEN L. FAHRAR. JOSEPH WAIT, or , u HIRAM F. ROOT. Burlington, Oct. 10th, IB42. All Persons having unsettled accounts with the late firm are req "esled to call and adjust them with. ... "Y"ji . JL '.. u mo cuuscrioer, corner Church and College St. JOSEPH WAIT. Matches. lOO dross just received and for salt) by Oct. 5ih, 1842. VILAS, I.OOMIS is Co. Joseph Wait, GIVES notico that he has purchased the stock of GOODS of his late partners in the CROCKERY business, and that he will continue to pack crates of crockery and glass ware lo order, nt New York nd Boston prices. Ho has now his fall supply for the fsll trade, and respectfully solicits merchants in this, and adjoining Counties, to examine his l took sad prics before they purchaeein markst, Burlington, Oct. 10, 18. JSr.w Fall Goods, THE subscriber has just received ftom New YorV a largo and extensive assortment of Fall su I Winter Quods, which ho offers for sslo at the lowest possible prices for cash, vim Super bluoblk wool dyed waived beaver cloths, " Indigo blue, blue blk and invis. green plain do. Superfine nnd common broad cloths, all colors and prices, " " " pilot do do " " blue blk, gold mixed, and fancy colored Cossiincrc, " " sfcel mixed sattincttf, " 3-1, 4-1 nnd 5-1 white flannels, " 3-1 twilled and plain colored do. Velvet, satin, nnd dark worsted testings, Light nnd dark figutcdnnd plain silks, Challcys, Mousbn De Lnhe, Alpacca ( luths, French, English and Ocrmnn Metinos Shawls, Laces, liibbons, Oluvcs, susprndcra, &c. Oct. 12, 1812. IL W. CA'l'LIN. iow Cash Store, ""Plin oubcribtr l as just received from New York, X n suppiy or FALL nnd WINTER GOODS, comprising alpincs of every quality alpacca and al pneen lustre merino n taricty of colors) plain and printed mnulin de Iniucsj f'tench, English, and American prints! black and bluo blade silks light colored do dress handkerchiefs nnd cravats) bon net and neck ribbons ) long while kid glutei i hosie ry oj all kinds) llirdad, laces nud bceding; muslin edgings nnd insertions) colored silk fringes for dies sesikabylc, merino, plaid, nud olhcr shawls) French work collius, etc etc. lo tthicli the attention of thu public is respeelfullj invited. Wu. HURLBUT, Oct. 6th, 1812. rIho subscriber, wishlni; to closrj his business JL concerns, oflirs to tho Public the wholo of hi large stock of waro AT COST, FOR CASH) Consisting ofnll kinds of Tin ware, Od Cans of vari ous sizes, from 1 to 120 gallons, and n large quantity of stove pipe. Also a lew stoves and trimmings re maining on hand, and other articles too numerous for an advertisement. Persons wishing to purchase will find it for their advantage to call, asa rare opportunity is offered. J.J.STARR. Church-st., opposite the Jail, ) Oct. 7ih. 1812. 5 20-3in Fine Gold Goods'. BRACELETS, Snap, Head ornntnents, Neck and Kar ornament-, leaulilil Puis, and King., Dear's, Cros e-, IleMil Pin-, Cull Pins, Slides, Buck les, Pencils, Spectacle-, ite'., of most 1 etmtiful pat terns and at prites whu h will suit tlic-e who know a good article Horn tru-h. Our L-O'iU yil. le p"t at low prices for I he quality. , Lathe's- nnd Gentlemen are invited to examine them 1 efore purchasing. PAN0D0UN & BRINS.MA1D. HALLOCK'S NI'.W GRAMMAR of the Engh-h l.adnuase, fir the u-e ol Comjiox Schools, Acadcmies and Seminahils. Ju-t received and for sale nt the Bo k store of Oct. 23. 21 D. A. BRAMAN. Stocks, Scarls, and Collars. STOCKS, Sctrf-, Collars, Suspenders, Bosoms Pantaloon Slraps, at'lower prices llian ever, nnd moru 1 eautiful p.inerns. VVu havo from 100 lo 130 fiiieStoekiol ad dc-eriba! le pattern. PAS'ouons tt Brixsmaid. Fresh Teas. SUPERIOR TEAS cf all kinds, fresh frm market. ALSO, Java and Common Co'lee; Loaf, Lump, and Brown Snirar ) l.iuzer, Saleiatiis, Ca-.ia, Clote-, Pepper and Spice, Speim Caudles, Indigo, Soap, &e., fur sale, very hie, I y II. W. CA'l'LIN. Oct. IU, IS 12. BROADCLOTHS, Domestic Flannel, and Grey Cloths, at le.-s prices thancter lefore i Icred, by 11. W. CA'l'LIN. Fur s. "jVO. 1 Oiler Caps, Lynx, MulT-, Boa, Buffalo li Role-, Fur Collars, Fur Triiiunin;-, Nutria anJ Muskrut Cups, etc. .c., all rcry cheap, i v Os't. 13, 1812. II. W.'CATLIN. Toy Tea Sets, JOSFPII WAIT ha for sn'e leamifid spri;'d Toy Tea Sets for children, coulamins 30 p cce each. Gold Cliuu Miier-, painted do., punted and cdt China a-e-, Ciu'ar and .Match SlanJ-, China Nur-e Lamp-, tu: J-e"., at the Crockery Siore, corner of Chun h nn-l College sis. Oct. 25. IS 12. 21 BSSSOI.U'XIOBi'. rIMIC Copartnership heretofore existing be. tween C. Bums and C. Benns jr. under the firm of O. Bcnnsnnd Son, is this day by mutual consent Dissolved. All demands due said firm arc left with II. eii worth for collection. The business will lie con tinued by C. Benns Jr. nt the old stand. All former Customers are respectfully intilid to continue their patrona.'e, and many new ones desired. ('. Benns, returns to his shop in Pearl Street. Oct. 13, 1SI3. TO MERCHANTS Who wish to iiui-cliasc Crockery, Importer and Tackcr of Crockery, China ty Glass Ware, lAf OULD give nonce that ho is prepared to y Pack any amount of Wareaccording to order, at New York and Boston prices, sating freight and bic.akago to ail who purchase of him. He has a good a-snrttiicnt, and respectfully solicits .Merchants to call and examine his block before buving in .Market. Store, corner o( Church nnd College Streets. Burlington, 20th Oct. 1S10. IS'ew Goods. A Xr'1?i .larSe assortment of Fall ond Winter V Goods, inst opened cheaper than cter by Oct. Gib, 1312. ID H. W. C-tTLIN- II. l HICKOK HAVING nssumod the Setiltment of the affairs of llichol; .- Catlin and ;. M. ll'rfrS i .f. Co., can be found at II. Leavenworth office where all their demands are left for collection and will be sued un less tuiineadia'cly attended to. ,. , HICKOK i CATLIN. Uu hngtnn Oct. "lb, 13-12. r.ui,IIli Din tt Ins nniltiVrillii; IYnclls. MANUFACTURED from Cumberland lend. Ju-t icceived by c. GOODRICH. 'eit. 7. Wlinlotisl.iirgh Cement. rplIE a! itive article has I e'en thercitghly tested and I lo.ind s iper.or to any other now iii'ii-e. Ft r sale by J. ii J. H. Pl.CK A Co HEAVY plain beaver cloihj heavy waved do. black ami blue broad do; invisiblcgrcen ohte dot b c and blue black Cnsunercs) satin, teltet, and woi-ir.,1 testings super satin stocks) tuctino, buck and olhei stoves, can bo found at the Cash Sioroof O-i. 6ih, 1S12. Win. HURLBUT. vTrapplns l'.apcr. OfinFA?!- asiorlcd sizes. For saleb -U.i n Gnoi: C GOODRICH. SVpl. 7. Notice. .iu n-susim win iio hepe ai inerosi uiuce alter tbe 1st October, Tnoso wishing lo hutenccounis kept it'l l hn leniurrd lit il.n.ii.. th.. an,r,..n, ..r n in advancu. ,. II. B. STACY, P. M. Burlington, Sept. 9, 1842. iN'ew Fall Goods. A VARIETY of foil ond Winter Oooeis jus! receiv ed. may be found m ihn iiv .sim. u.., s.dc church street. Genllepien and Ladies nre muted 10 can nua sec. vvm. IIUKLUL T. Sept. 23. India It libbers. LADIES Patent India Rubbers. " Common plain nnd Fanny do. " Gentlemen's plain and Fnnct do. Sept. 23. Wm. HURLBPT. Umbrellas. FINE Scotch Gingham Umbrellas. " Imitation do. Common Cambric do. jut received by 3Tt 21. Wm.HURLIUIT. Mitchell's Primary Geography Mitchell's School Geography, Key to Mitchell's School Atlas, For sale by S. HUNTINGTON. July 25. Cloth Ciifs. ANEW assortment just received by 11. W. CATLIW. Scpt.25lh, 1B12. Cash, AlONG the many ways of obiaininp GOODS, xV thctecan be none bcller than changing a small sum of money for a hugs amount of U,vls as my now he had by applying si HOWARD'S. 8ept.S3, 18-1.

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