Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 11 Kasım 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 11 Kasım 1842 Page 1
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MMUlJMji-l-""-i"gWMMMMB"'M'BMfcMMM5,,M''',a - iii NOT THE GLORY OP CfiSAR DOT TUB WELFARE OP ROME. VOL. XVI. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER ll, 1842. No. 24. G GOUGE II. PECK, Attorney awl Coiinsellorat Law, two noons east or the tost orncE,vr staibs. liefer to Messrs. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Nov. 19. A. ItOBEUTSON, Barrister ami Attorney at Law, (Late in the office of tho Ai. Solicitor Gcn'l Day) L1TILF, ST. JAMES'S STREET. - Montreal, 1 Nov. 1941. Reference in Uurlington, to , CHARLES ADAMS, Enquire. 21 PECK fc SPEAR, wholoealo dealers in English, French, India qnd American 3 xz vj a & . Also, DRUGGIST'S CLASS WARE, liiirllngtoii, Vt. ' M AflXIiTIC O I) O N TIC A. Till; 1E1.T1I! THE TEl.TU ! ! The Incomparable Tooth Preparation. Till! fact i. proved, and ihe most incredulous and doitl-tintr aie Ittlly convinced o( it. great utility, avo hue the evidence lioin (lie sale of al)OUt 35 -OOI) ' oxesof tlie OJontira, within the pn-t year. It js nsi-ertaiue 1 from experience, that when li-od, the ti-eth - I never decay, hit lemaiii till llielate-t ago nl nun, wiih their natural wear I and more in llion- s-atn's ( i i es, nervous too'dneho, (that climax of "am) nn-aionce I een e icetually cured ny lln mo-t j nnlar deutriuce m America. ' And ill conclusion, Are,or whoi-ihe yonn? lady or gentleman, ave, tbenln iJual that v.Ure- a I eautifil set nftcelh, sound gum and a sweet bieath nunc than tidy cents, that will Monger de-tiiuteufa I ox of l)r M.'Hitch. ock's Magnet. OJont.' a. 11 AIR! HATRH Tl&lAlXTZSiX.-.importanl Discovery the Great -'-rVs'cry found out at last. "TR. SIHRlU-'s HAIR REUENERATOR.-Dr. "terry, nfer much all- ntion to the important subject oi prcsiniiig the hair, ha al'ler many experi ments cheinic..iam physical, lioen able to discover an article winch is; ,IOw olfcrcd wiih the gtcatcst coufi Uince for the toilette, ns lc best tliimictcr discover Ci 0r,lsp?'. t0Siing and penetrating rjuality, to pro- off when ' aldnos , f i i i w nair io prevent it truiii lallni" -iivrclicudt-d to restore ii when lialdncfeS has taken place, ami to prevent it Irani turn ing aiay u is 111010 nounsliing than poinaluin, nn tiqne oil, or Cologne flier. It is a heautilul nriiclc for ladi-V curls it inVics the hair soil nod lively, and produces unrommr,n lirilhancy. Tliotiuii'idshavo tested its superior mi tin. and excellence, and 111 eve ry iiiMonce u stands tuu-nalhd. It is an infallible c,"rA-"i. " ns of the ok,,, on the limit ns dan druff, Ac ;c. Every laim'v should he supplied Willi a bottle of this on, ihat hy 11 a application 10 the head and hair of children, tlie heau. ilul and orimiKntil ap pendise of a line head of ha r, which nature has supplied us, may he pte-med. yi. () f K IT TKIP . r-g j -ave viu a Cong;. 70 OHO niEOF CONSUMr-TION even I Uj-n lJ 5 car in the United Sta,.s, and mil lions -uil'-r from iroublc'niiiq eouijhs and coJcs tla can be cured by Dr. M. Ilitelieock'f, cgetahk. Cream J'ouph Diop-, n safe midical picscnpnon, eonl.iin tng no poisonous drues, and used in an c tensive prariice for several years will mot posiively atlhid tell f, and save lou from tluit awful diec'ise, pulnion ni y eonsuinpliTii, which sweeps into the . "rave luni dicrls onho yuunir. the old, f lie tovey and the iny, Hac you a courh ? '!c pc rsua led h puiehasc 3 bottle of tho ('oueh Drops to-day ! To-morrow may 1 be too laic, l'rtre DO cents per bo-.tlc. woiniss voujisi DR. M TUTrilCO.'lC'Siinnvallclandunequal icd Worm Tea, n sovereign icmcdy for Wormp. This invahnhl incihcine has been tested hy T.i'c e.x ptticnci? of more than te-i years use, and administered toniiretlnn 1 8. OIX) person of various aees, and not one d.tary complaint s for in no one of the thou s mds )! nisi mces, here it has been ucd agreeable toiln nrintcd direciiuns. basil curtailed. N. H. Ask foi Dr. M. Hitchcock's Worm Tea, as tu re arc many nostrums abroad for tho destruction of u 01 ms. S UFF only Tuvntv-flve Cents. TU M. HITi-linof'K'S inventd S.lTFF, 1 ' tlie best nttielo ever discncr-d bv scicnlifie men, at Euiopo or America, for the ciircand absolute rclielot 1 niarrh, iJizzmess 01 tin- iicnit, weak, Nervous Headache, F illcn sickncca. Fits. And In fants troubled uhh Snuffles, partial shocks of Pal- sey, etc. l.dTIOV, LOTION. Dr. U vans' IJcanlll ing r,otlnt!. T riGHLY esH'eiiud f r citrine ad Eruptions, JX ( oaisciu ss, ll ilntss, and Pimples on the Face, j-scck or nanus, and rue many cleaning thocumpiex-i-in anil remoi mi; nil diseases of the skin. Nothiim couiributts so much to our general suc cess in life, as an en-nnui" first annearnnce. The Lo tion is admired as a ino-i fragrant, in Id, safe wa-h, and great v esiremed for its virtues 111 cleansing, soft- enin!', and piirilincllicsiun 01 nil eruptions, so inju rious to Icnuile b(,auty, and restoring it to a high ile- gi -e 01 puriiy. A Oe-iutiful and healthful complexion is the pride of all who possess it, and the envy of those ulio aio dc priicd of it. A good appearance is the best recommendation j and as the I'eautifying Lolion purities tho skin, nnd rcmnu's all Pimidis lliuiches, Tan, Sunburn, and Redness, and projuccs a beautiful hue, it is tho only cosmetic a lady should useat her toilette. Gentlemen will also find ibis a delightful remedy to remove nil Roughness, Piniples,rtingwonns, Spots, Redness, Soreness of the face nnd nose, and every kind of eruption on Ibesurface of the human body. It is particularly recommended to genllcmcu to bo used .after shavini, ns it will prevent the otherwise certain effect of all common soap, in turning the beard prennlurrly grey. For sale wholesale nnd retnil, by FosTEn & Dick inson, twin Proprietor!) and Successors 10 A. Hitch cock & Co., 117 Genesee Street, Utic.i, N. Y. j in Georsn, bvL. Janes j Milton Falls, by Harrcitifc Sawyers Johnson, by G. L. Warner & Co. j Hurling ton, and by PECK & SPEAU, Manufacturing Druggists, and Venders of Genuine Patent Medicines. TO LUT. A Commodious STONE HOUSE al present occu pied by Dn. HiNEiinna. For terms apply at tho premises, I!urliti!!ton, Sept. 1"), 1812. 13 tf Printed Lawns. PIECES at S.B. SCOTTS.-Scvcral styles C'J as low ns one sin. ling per yard. Juno 3. (ct'se Feathers. LBS. Live Gee-e Feaihcrs, ju-t receive! UV'V and for .aleor easi lowerlhaiieyer I eforu tld in town C. L. NELSON. May 1 4'Jif. LOOKING GLASSES. LARGE nn I well selected assortment, consist ingof (Hit, Mahoaaiviand (Hit. Mh nj?rtm unit A Fancy framed Looking Glasses, for ss'c at greatly reduced prices nt tho Hardware Store, Corner of Church and Col'cgoSls., by HAGAR & ARTHUR. S. B. SCOTT IS now opening new Goods in abundance. Those who have Cash will now haven rare opportunity of purchasing cheep. To undersell all former pticcs, is the order of the day. iN otice to Merchants. 1 OFi YARI,S Sup" Burlington Mill Com lOU" paiiyBR0AlJCL0THS, for sale at re duced prices. Those wishing lo purchase will do will locallsoon, for if ii- t sold hero tho Cloihs will be sent to market. SIDNEY BARLOW, Agent. Office of thn B. M Co. Sept. 10, 1812. 5 15 If Cloth Cans. JUSTrce'd direct from Ihe manufacturers a full as sortment of nil kinds Cloth Cnps and For Snjo at great bargains by, Juno 9, 42' IL W. CATLIN. ROMAN OICMKNT. 100 BARRRLSof this celebrated Cement, Us ruinliitr hnvmnr been tested nnd found su perior lo any in use, for salo at reduced prices, by ryip. 8th. 1812. FOLLF.TT & BRADLEY, 1842. Northern Transportation Line. ISAAC V. BAKGU -yy ILL continue the FORWARDING BUSINESS I.aUc Cltamplaln, Northern Canal, and Hudson Hlvcr. Deeming it imporianl to retain the Old Customers of ihe Line, and add new one", lie will me his lie-t endeavors to -ati-fy all, mid pledre. ln'ine!l lo in-erea-e his exertions lo promote the inieie-ts oi his employcr.i hy iloinsr all Ihim'uccs entrusted to his eare Willi dispalchand safety. Por Freight apply to C. II. .tANEs, n I'orljtic Slip, Porn CatUn, 33Coentic Slip, Now York. C. 11. Haiini-t, int. Pier, Allany. r. COM-TlCIt, 1 J. H. lloOKcn, VTroy. L. A. Carleton, I. V. (Ultra, Comstook's Landing and Whitehall. Fomxtt &, Iliirlinglui. A.I). IAnn, Pi.ilt..hurrb. Au.r.N Com.tock, Pori Kent. J. C. I' & Son, St.,.Iohn. FCyTrov office 155 River-street, up flairs.' Whitehall, April 1B12. NEW BOOK STORE. " Live and let Live." THE sul.scril er has received from Now York a new Mipply of School llook, Dddes, Prayer Hook-, Te-lnmenl,&c. cie. tosrcrh'Twnli a cocmI as sortment of Siatidnory, and llook-hindinj Stock, to which he invite the attention of the piildic. Feelius; vei y grateful forthe lil eral palrenase hcretofoie ic eencd, be will renew hi exertion 10 plcao all that may favor him with their patronairc. S. lll.'NTINOTON. Strongs' Unildinfr, corner Church and College sts., opposite Hngar &. Arthur, Sign Red Ledger. June 10. CA HHDS. Onrdncr Rrewcr's X. Enjjliml Rum w 30 Pipes and Half Pipes American IJramly,, 10 do do li.iltiinorc Oin, 10 do do 'Pcllevoiiin' llraudy, 5 do do ' Swan' Gin, lOlIhds. St.CroitR'on, aillllds. Sherry and Madeira Wines, 35 do Malaga do 5 do Port do 31 Dec. 1811 hy J. & J. H. PECK Co. CtERTAIN CURE FOI! Sl K HEADACHE, ' Inch has been used in families, every member of which has had sick headache fioni infancy, as a constitutional family complaint, and Iris cured effec tually in every instance yet known, amounting 101111 ny hundreds. It is not unpleasant to ibe taste, and dins not prevent the daily avocations of one iisina it it must be persevered in, and the cure is gradual, hut certain and permanent. Instances arc couMntilly multiplying uhcru this distressing complaint 13 com pletely relieved and cured, although of 5 tars -landing by the use of Dr. Spohn's cob bratcd remedy. One decided preferenceis its pleasantness, having none of tlie nauseating elicct of common drugs. " Itis s ipeif-cllysalisfactorv, that the proprietor has given directions for hisncents to rifunil the price to any one who is not pleased with, and even cured by il. lie hopes also tliat Ibis may s-'cure its gicat ben efits to the distressed suflcrers who nrelnhoriiiguiider 1erihliielie. H. SPOII.V. 31. IV. i,.i., t-.r ...,,1 Ur... irietnr. Bold oy uw,ii i or., i .iiauien i.anc. lew 1 CIl-. r 0 e- i. . r j- K, wnoii-snie Agents, a few floors cast 01 tlie i-osiuuicc, ijurimg- inn, vt. , Trusses!, Trusses ! SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. rgtll E UncVroizned are constantly suppliel with the B al ove articles of the invention and nianufjc fire of Hull, .Marsh, and Twiehell, all of which are in highest repute; also, Hull's and .Marsh's ft?" FEMALE SUPPORTERS. -0 PECK &. SPEAR, Manufacturing Drwraists and Verniers of all gen 'uine Patent jMedieintu, and Dealers in Sitrvual Instruments. riOC'S'. 3IAUSIIA1.IS Aromatic IJ II'M Inch'- SM.'1'F. This Mini. Is superior lo any tlu.u' i i,wvn, lor removing Hut troul lesome ills rase, the Caiarrh, and aKo a i-old 111 the, and the lii-lic. ll miens and nurse, out all olisiiueiion stieniiieusthejrl.ind-,and give- a hcaliby act'ou to Ihe im rls 11 li-cieil. It is in rfi-i-llv tree I10111 anv Ihm-.'dele lerious 111 its composition lias a , h-a-am flavor, uud i's inline h.itee.lect, allerl emg tisiiil, Is al gleeable. Priiell'T i-cnls ner liollle. Duet. .Mar-hall's Veje'.ab'c Indian Black PLASTER This Placer is unrivalled for curing n-rofuloiis swel lings, Scurvy Sun's, Lame Hack, and rre-h Wounds naiiisinihe side-, Hiiis nud Limbs: nndi-rldoin fails to give relief ill local lihe imati-m-. If applied lo the will cure many of theeommon Liver Complaint-; "and is equal, if not superior, lo any thinz in 11-e for corns 011 the feel ; the virtues of tbi-Plu-ler have I een witnessed by tboni-and of individual. 111 the Tinted Slale , who hnvete-lcd its etlicaey. Sohl by the pro pnetor; Clu-. lluweii, Jliddlebufy, Vt., and Pi.tmS: Spi:n, II in.orliiiil Vt, BIUVARE OF DECEPTION. It has frequently come to tho know lo Ige of tho sub scriber, that empty Snuff Jars, with his Label on them, have been bought up for the purpose of silling in them an inferior qcality Snuff; and also, that his Snntl'-lnliels have, in somo instances, belli counter feited, or tho general design cf the same so imi'nlcd 1 ns to easily deceivo tlio unwary. lie deems it, there- fore, hi- oury to Inform pun liasors 01 tno inanntr 111 j which they nic often linpi scd upon! and ho wool 1 on the outside of tlie Jars, nficr having dispagid of the contents, m ns to prevent further use of the"Tsame. llCrCIIJ IIIJUIBI UIITUI IU IVJI S-.l VI UVL' V tt.VJ I, IIILIS- A HUlluUlO reward will iiu ,miu iui oui.ii cviumuu iia will lead to the detection attd conviction of tho im postors. The subserider continues to Manufacture, and of. fers for sale the fullowini; articles! l-'lne Hrown Sliuir. Genuine Maccoboy, ) ro-o American Rappee, Imitation do. J flavored, Holland do. Sicily, do. Tuberose. Maltese, do. St.Omcr. Curacoa, do. Strasburg. Coarse nrown Siitifl. Demisrros. Natchitoches. Pure Virginia. French Rappee. Bourbon. American Gentleman St. Domingo. Puro Kposish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. Mixture. Yellow Snnll, Scotch and p. Irish Blac' miard or ? Co Hieh Toast J Fln0, Irish High Toast, 5 ''ow?' Sweet Hrctitcil Viic Cut CheWlliKTobaceo. Spanish, Kitefort, Canaster, Common nnd Slenis. rVA liberal discount mndo to wholesale dealers. PETER LORILLARD, Jr., 42 Cliatnaiii-.St,, New ork. Morison's Pills S'TAND unrivalled nsa clcan-er and purifier of ibe I .owt-, I loud, 'and Iho whole cy'stcm In Diar rhoea or looseness uf the I ow-t-l. and mher Miiuintr I'oinplatnti-, tbee can I e rehed upon with perleci con fi lenee; as a coinnion mciliciue lo I e l,i-pl lor uie on all occasions where a cathartic j. nee led, this inivhciiio is unequalled. Sold only nt tho Variety Store by PAMIHORN ,f- IlltlNSM AID, Asrenli. foriloriMUis (if London. Mitchell's Primary Geography Mitchell's School Geography, Key to Mitchell's School Alias, For tale by S. HUNTINGTON. July 15. Feathers. 2000 Gccso Feathers warranted of superior quality, anu t-ounrru couecnun.iur mie oy Oct. 5lh, 1812. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water street, at the hem) of the Steamboat WharJ lliii'llinton, Vermont. BY MOSES L. I1AUT. THIS ctaltMiment, so lavornhly located for the accommodation of the hiiMicm and traveling cmnm inltv, 1 now o en iodic pul lie. Pol Ooaclie upon tlin V irious rouies can ai ine i.xciiaiive nine for passenger, ami those arrivinl or ilep.irling hy Steam Boat, in which ea-e their haggagc i rcniovei without charge, will lind this houie peculiarly to their convenience. The keeper lenders Ins crvieo, wnh the aMirance. that in all respect-, the lious .hall dcerve (he favoi ahle consideration "f n" w,l '"'O' palronhe it. Durlinton, April 1, 1812. 43'f. NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. s.woods WOt'LI) respwil'illvi'iforiu the Ladies nnd Oen' lleincu of II irlinston and viemi'y that he li i. recenllv nneiusl nnestal lislmn'iil whcie he will m.iii' ufacinr'e, (whole-ale and retail) all kinds of wink in the hlioe line, lie u.i ju-t received Iroin new in 1 thepre enl lyleof La-t. lose'her Willi a choice se lection of Slock. Ilewi I keen eon-lautlv on ham and ni-innf.icturu lo order all kinds of work " tot up" in thiseountrv j ainousr which mav he found (tent's Calf, Goat, Seal and (iailer lloot l.aduV (iaiiers, lliikins, Wslktng Mioe, Mip, eve, etc. Also,eoar- and kip Hoots, l oih for men and hoys J and chiHreu's Shoes of all kinds. tPlca-e cive him a call, two dc ors West of the I'c.trl Slrcet noiee, aline sifnoi uie "Vig 11001." U.irlinittoii.Alay, 1812. 50f. nURLlMGTON CIIAin FACTORY ri L. M.I.SO.N, continues the V, inismcES 01 iinnu.ncliinnu Chairs at tho old stand, of the fol lowing dcsoiplions: Curl Maple Grecian, CnncSeat, Common Cane and I'lag Scat, Largo nnd Small liaised cat Kocliing', 110 no com- tnon do, lotnninn uinui!', CvC. eve, All of which nre warranted a first rate article and will he sold nt prices to correspond Willi tlie times. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER BEDS, READY AT ADE. Contanllv on hand, 11 supply of warranted Lte Grccse I-earners, which mil he wild low for cash. WANTED, hy the subscriber, Curl and lli.ds Eve .AInii'. delivered at in Church slrcet. opposite tlie "Id naiiK. u. I.. (nA) is lore. BOYNTON $ RURRITT, (Sueecssi rs o A..S. A- G.D. Wilier. ) WOI 1,1) iepecifully nilorm the nib ibiiantsof Hines1 ureh and Ihu ndj')inin2 towns that they have coiiiinete-id business in .the Sioie formerly oc cupied by A S. A. G. 1). Wilier, and arc now recciv ini; a generiilassortm'nt ' f I'auev Dry Gi oils, Hard wateatul Groceries, which tbcvoller to thci iiblic a low as can be pmchascd in the county fur eash. '1 hev respectfully solicit a share of public patronage. comment that llicir prnes will lie lo nd to suit all who may lavor llietii with n call. NOlll.E L. I10YNTON, WII,L1.A1 IIUIllVliT. Hineshurgh, May 4, lSl'J. 43 CO PA R TNERSIIIP. nF.NUY II. IIOSTU U IC 0s T. V.& W. L. r-'tronrr having eouiiceted their Tin Shop., wdldo uusmcss in mat line miner me name 01 11. 11. nost wic' c: Co. al the shop occupied by slid llostwiek, wlieiii may bo found a full and complete ns-ortineni .if TIN WARE, niniiufactiiied expri-s-ly for theretnil trade, logeiher iiili v,.,.,-r nml Hliitt Iruo work, Htovc liic, S-ovo 'rrimioioiTS, vVc. All kin's of Job workfurnisbeil nt short ncttce. Enve troth nnd co-i-duetor pipe furnished nnd put up. Goppcr t umps and lead pipe furnished and si-t if riquirui. Those who puuoiu.c 1111s oniiico 1 1 iiusmcss suitii, nl mis snoji, I e quickly and well solve I, for a reasom1 In compeii satiou. II II. BOSTWICKitCo. lluthngtnn, Apr. 10. 1R12. . '. GRISWOLirS BOARDING HOUSE. Till House is now OPEN for the reception of 1 1 ,11.. I :!. ... 1 1 uu-iiuein- .111 iiiii mn 10 imp iiii, ure iiiviu il 10 call nnd examine bis bouse nnd the pe - uliar advan tage, whi li its consiruc'tou and location ofier, for conifottnnd convenience. I cnsis, very moderate. May 10, IS 12. COFFFR M1U.S. TXCREASi: V.'ILS0N'S Co.Iee Mills, a very -u Jl penor article, for sale 1 y WM, J. HFXT. Dyo Wood, &.c. ' I '111-, s-ii .CPp t.r ,nvo received an-l now oll"r fi r L sale a I irse ami well -e'ecle I as.oriinent ol Mje Woorls of every desctip'ion, lozethcr with Cream T-irlnr, Lae lli-, Copiieras Madder, Ind'-ro. Al borax, Arc. Ve. Ilmcr. are rc-pectf illy ieieesiis n. call at the Stone Store, headi-fibe S1ea1nto.1l wb nl, eNniniui'lhe articles, w loch ate warranietl to nfresh from Ihe .New I'ork .Market, and purcln.cil n t the pie-cnt i-Miemcly low priu'-s, li.irn the teriiis.wbii b ure but a Mnall advance Iroiu cost, and leave their on'ers. I-OLLETT cY IHIADLLY. Sloue Siore, Sept. 22, 1812. New Boarding House. VT7-AIHM S SI1IL1 Y lu, opened a HOARDING V HOUSE in the buildint; known as 'ihe Wntil.. worth Hoii-iv lorncrol IVail and Whim streets, Burlington, where ten or lifteen respectable boardci may I e accommodated. Sept. 15, 1812. 13lf. NOTICE. nPHl subscriber has fitted 1111 his factory in tho best JL manner, nnd is pn pared to execute all orders in his lino to tho salislaclionof customers. Fidhd Cloths mixed, ntrl colored, Sec. also, Fhtniicls, mamifactuiid and dressed on shares or by tho yard, on the bent icrms, auu 111 nie i-csi manner. HORATIO BARNEY. Jeiicho Centre, July 31, 1912. !.'"),()() Reward. JOSTfrnm off the Entern Slaijo on its passage -J from Burlington to Monlpcher, on the morning Ul UIU I-Jlll SJI.1M. IIISI, 11 Ll ATER HAT BOX. rnnlniningnn old Hat, a shirt, and sundry other ar I Illli9. .11. DU, ( N tbe lGdi, a hundlo dono up in a Cnnvass Sack v.' containing one pair Acw lllnnkets, ono jiair Shirts, one old Red Cloak, a Ladies Dress, &c cVc. Tho above reward will bo paid for information which may lead to the discovery of the ai tides, by applying 10 JOHN CHURCH, Agent. Burlington, Sept. 22,(1812. J3 URL TNG TON URE WER Y VJ&ft TS now in f ill rpermion und can ISrTi7-L!i l""fiii.h all orders for BEER not fcfFL($i1 ""rl':l,t-'d in quality by any ether .Ilrewcry CU.O. Pi.Tr.HSO.N, lliirbnploii, .iijr. 23, 1612. N. l Rum. SO Ilbds. N. K. Rum 50 per cent al ove proof, fur, ale ut llu-iun prue.s and ficigbt.hv I Ul.l.l l i fe HltAULil.V. Old Duel., June 3. (Q Vov Sale. rpnn and lot, mw -B. occupied by the Widow Severn me, ' bunted on (he roi-l to the Palls, a fliori k di tanio l.'a-t of Ihe Cid'eie. Apply to J, &, J.I I. PICK iV Co. (mk't?' CASH! CASJfH PAID for BUCKWIinAT-dclivered nt Slielbnrn AI ills. IIOlvACK wunrxKit. Sept. 25, 1812. 17-tr Lyman tfc Cole, HAVING mndo arrangements with Messrs Roc lofnon & Hatbhurn, to nniiufactura their wool into Cloths, they will kce;i constantly on hand u lame assortment of lironil Chillis nnd Ilcnver Cloths. and also an Dsaortnient of tho Iturliiigton Mill Co, Cloths, and nn exteiisivo assortment of other Dry Goods, which thev will cxchninro for wool. Mir- chantBnnd others will have a favorabla opportunity lor cxcuanging incur wool. Sept. 2d, 1612. 4y. t UFl'ATS VEIJKI'.MU.K LU'K .IKl'K'IMV.S - Tbe-e niedicoies are unlet ten tor, tiieir name heir in.iuifeU and n-uible nction it purifying 1. priic 1111 1 channels of life, and emlinig Ihem will relieved tone nnd vigor. In main l.mdred eerlilie use. which hive lieu made pulllii and in allno eierv species ofih'.raselo which Ihe iuman frame I bippyeleets of MorrAtM.trr. 1'tt.Ls ami I'li'KSix lltrii.ns lave I ecu grc.illlllyand pnlliilj ic.,iiimledi:ed by ihe per-ons I emtilK-l, and win ere pieviou-ly uiiacq iniiileil with Ihtbcaulifully phi lOsophieul prnii'ip'C" upon which thc),nre compound ed, mid upon which thev consequently Jet. The LIFK JH'.HK'IMy reeoinincid thcipsrlves in li-e.i-e. of every form and de-criilon. Their firs: ipeiation i to 'oicii from the coalfff the slnmacb 111-I liii-.i'l, llie v.' im;inrilies mil critdilies cou--t.intly seitllng aioiind them; and toemove Ihe liar ieui'd f.ues which collect in the eon 'film ions of tin uullest iiiie-tines. Oilier mrHhcitieSo'nly pnrtiajly le-in-elhe-e, and leave stu b i-tllecteims-e. I cliinil is to prod ice hahiioul co-tiventfi, win all iN train ol evil-, or sudden diarrlurj, wnh its auiiueut d.itrcr-.ii rio's fact is well known to all res.lnr anati nii-i-, who examine the h 1111.111 1 ouelsafli-rilcath ; nnd bene, be pren.dice of those well inforiiicniiieii ii'.'aiii.lqnacl medicine- or lueheiiies prepan-d and heralded lo hi-p-iUio by lunoinnl person-. I lie -ecoml eHi-cl ol be Life Jle'liemes istiulean-e tl.e kidneys and the Mud li-r, and by this mi-an, the liver mid Ibe lungs, Ihe he.ibhf da'-iiou ol w h.eb eiitiieiy ileprn.lsupoii Ibe re jrul.iriiy of the miuary oru'au-. The IiIihhI, which akesli's red color from'the airency ol Ihe liver and the lunis 1 1 -line it pa-'es into I be heart, Iviug p-iril'cd ' y them, mid uo-,ri.sbivl by fund eoiumg lioin a clean toniae-h, conr-e. fnwlv thrnush the vein., renews every part of il-e t-v-lem, and triumphantly inouuls the banner ol l-oahli m Ihe bloomini cheek. .Molat'.s Vi-ijetii1 le Life Medicine have lien thor oughly tclo'l, and pronounced u -overcien icmcdyfor J)v-pep-ia, Kialiilcucy, P.ilpilalion of ihe Heart, l.ess ot'Appenle, Heart-burn and Ilcad-ae'ie, Itcile.-nc-s, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor and Melancholy, Co nvenes, Di.nrhie.i, Cholera, Fevers of all kinds, ltheum.iti-in, tlom, l)ropies ol nil, Gravel, Worm , Asthma and Consuniption, Senrw IT-ers' luvelcr.ile Sore's, Scorhilie Eruplions nn-l lUd Coin ilexions, L'riptivc coinplainl-, salbw, Cloudy, nml oiherdi-ai'i'C'al lu (imidexion., S-ilt RliO'Hii, l-'rv-in- cla-, Coinniou Ci l is nnd lnlbienza,anil vatioiis other ompl mils which atlh't Iraine. In I r.vrr. mid Ac.UK, partieidarly, the Life Medicine, liave I ten 11 ciniiK'iiily miii c-tfil ; so iiniih so tint in the l-'evei aii-1 A leedi.lncts, Physician. almost uuivci sully iire-i-l 1 e 1 hem. All in it Mr. Mi Kit niiiiire-of hi- pallent. is 10 le larlicular in ta' mg the Lite .ue-ficnies strii-ity neonr hoi to ile-'hiec-iious. ll i-nmii new.paj-ei notice, or I y anytliinir tbcl he luin-elt may-ay intlieit lavor Ihit'he hopes Iii gaiuircdit. ll is alone by the rc.ull nl'a for irinl. MtJITATS JIl'I'ICAL MANTAL; dc-iuiu'd as a Inmc 'if ZMidcohoai'li. Tbislitlle pnuiplilet, vAm 'vW.r,. V11 ;at.27.i llro.idnav, -ew 1 ork, has 1 en niiM hellbr'he p-rpo-e oleNplainmz morel' illy -Mi. Mo lui's tbenry of ih-ea-es, und will le tounl lnulilv intcrcsimc; 10 eisnu--1 e' hij health, ll Ircits upon prevalent oi-ea-es, nn-Klie causes tnrrenl. I'rne, i-i-ni Inr.nb'i v llr Modal'-A eeni- eenera'iv. Th-.-e vabiible Me hemes are for sale I v 0l:O!!EE L. W MINI I! & Co. Johnson, ' I., Ceiicrnl Ateut-, yv. bouiall on'or- fiom any part of ihe Smtu in Cinada, will I e prompt!) answered. -is I Dec. 17, 1S11. HA OA R eV A R TJIUR, General Aeents lur Mo. utV ulcl latednuslicine--to whom all applications for ajjehcics nust le ad i're-e 1. Iliulimrlon, Jan. 23, IS 12. TU ATUnsV' GRAM) RIATOKA 1 1 E. Thi- l va' 'a' le Vi-pe'iil le Mc-lie-nc -tunils itnrividleil for tbefolh win" couipla-iil-, viz: I'yvpsm, or hide '.'Inn. .b-e.i evl Liver, l-ilio-i.ili-i.r ler-, Droin. A-tb in.,, ('o.tiiene... Worm., and lo.. of Appetite, and bv the .loniacli and I-owi-ts, cores p.nus ) lne lie, sioiii.eii and I reast, colds unu inezns ot ton bluiidiuu, Itonr-eiie-s, sliorllie-s i l I re.ltll, AerVOUs complaint-, etc., which lire fieqnelilly the e .eel of di. e. i i-r i evernii-i .111 e, i; 1-a iuo-i vaiuai-ie pre vent.itive as we'l as a .overeigii lemcdy. Its virtue suion-s any t una ncicii n rt- kiicwu in remuvinir ftt, Vitus' nan -, two i nine, u.ive i ecu Known to cure tlii.s:illliciiii-.rdi'i'ate'. af er having I allkil every exer Hun lorl'oiir venrs. It has n mo-t powerful inlluenie in leuiovin-'ncrvoiisci iniilaint-, II i- olensnut total ind siu n.y in its operation, Ihat it may I cndminis(cicd to tin' nil.inl Willi -ateiy. I nc nnou" .iiconine i- very hichly reeoiiimcn ed by many icieimlie ircntleinen, and a l.irire iiuinl er, who have tiroved tl virtue- ol the Medicine by per-onah seend that ol their lamilios. A lull oticililioa!c-aiviii..u.iceucli l.ottle ulid iis-uon.. It may I ii bad wiiole.iile or read o , Ihi aiii, Banc, uiid'.l. C. rnniiin, Ea-I Williams lown. t.sole tu-oiinet' rs. Prepuicd fiom theoriem al iccipe ; for sale by E. H. Premiss, .Mouipelier, and I I'.IK iiT5l'l'All, ll'irlinr'cii, and in the principal tiiwiis in the tale;all lire-noil, lirneiui uie u.iiiii wrinti; 01 iiie iroirtetor K. I.. IMllRAll gives notice that he continues to mnnuf ict mnn Stunt ware of a HiuTior rj i.ihly III all it variant's

J nnd will wt nil nes he in rcad- iiipsij tit timiiK' int.rtlianlsati Iho most rensonaHt) ttrriiH, all (-rder-pminptiy attended to at hU Kaciory , Ptarl Street. Hiirlington, Jan. 31. 1812. j.vctiits'.s iwcKAtii: Ihliceen Albany and Montreal, UNTIL further notice, leaunj. Albiny on Wednesday, and Jlontrcalon tfaturdnyofcncli week, in l uiincMun with llnrnden A. Co. nt Albany to New Vuik, Plnladilphia, lloston, Liverpool, Lon don, Irchud, Scothnd and llivre, for the trnns porinl oii of Spicie, Hank Notes, Vnlunblo Papeis, P.ickncs of tioods, Hooks, and 'all other Parcels (lint may oiler. iMon'renl Kchnnsp Coffee House. Al' anv No. P.', Cxchanirc lluilJings. Kew Vork No. 3, Wall -'trret. llosion No. 8, t'ouit .Strict. IJurlmston J. & .1. II. Peel;, &, Co. ui ri:ur.Nci:-i. I. LIAS IlAKCn, L. V. ! J. 11. ItKED, Albany, N. Y. P. IVKLI.S. n. it i). i;. Pti-M, Kl LLi O i. Co., A. Watiiocs, Troy, N. Y. A, II. Ilvpn.s- itCo.CnsiIeton, Vt. J. A. J. II, Pixit & Co., Il irlinton, Vt. J. C. PEiatE.l- Son. St. Johns, L. C. April li. 4Stf. RQ A U i) I K i . S C 1 1 0 0 1 rptit, new mill spacious Buildnm- tui'v civet in; m 1 I nst Chailolle will I e (if I he Lord will) under tliu superintendence ol .Mr. J.'l't.v Hr.oi in ihe Ladie.' itep.irimeiii in Pienchaud Husk by Mis JI. A. HiioiKi:, lfi h .May, 1812, I all lerm opens 2'Jili Ausu-t, Winter do 23ih November. Twi'he yanug La he an I Oenlleincn may 1 c ac commodated in the family ol" .Mr. T. Terms S2j per iu.iii'-i, in ii'iv.iinc. .iiiiic ciu. rreucii ami Al-e-Ira.Nj. Wa-hiii" extra. Dav S holar.-. IVimi lol, CO. -Miss'P. edu utoil on 'crtbocare of eminent Teacher-, nnd baviiie, taniht in l.oudi n, I'm., nu J in ibi- State lin e her nrrnal, is amply qualified losiipermtend ihe I'icui-h.ind .Music denarinicnt. Goiernnicni slncili- patentnl. I o ihokc iinnequatntnl wnh the fervro, experience IVr.l'nule I V. Uiirlinu-ion. nn ii-iiuy in .nr. i. rciereuce may lie liau to .Mutt. Si. John-. J. II. llullonheok, J.(M'arl,e, Whitehall. i., ercnues A, !-. l erry, I roy. L'bailctte, 3i1i Aoril, 18121 LETTER PAPER. Trom 10 ccnls to 75 cents n quiro embracing eve rv varietv from low niiccs to Knebsh Haiti I 'a. per eleven years old. Also, i.ngnsii nml American nole paper, Cnclish and Anicric in folio Post or doublo I.cltar, Ihn' Post &c. Ac. I'orsaloby C. GOODRICH. Sept. 7. Shawls. Til ALL nnd winter Shawls, a prcat vnrictv chr-ipcr 1 tl.n.. 1A. If It. inn ... ih.lii ever IfV IL W. CATLIN. Pept 7,1812. rillll' Speeches n( ihu Hon. Thomas !'. Mar'imi i, J. on ALCOHOL and LViTJII'LltANCi:, and PASillO.SAIll.l-: WINI'-DHLNKIM). delivered at iho llrnadivay Tal ernaele, New Yoik.on the eve of May -iiti niri in. we invito the attention ol the friends ol Tcinieraii"u to tho above work, from Its intnnsio worth, as well ns from the high reputation ui uiu uisiiiiuuiuixi uraior. June 21, 18-13. P. A. DRAMAS. 1 T-m i it a ii s a 3i o L i v k it y OUT, Oh erve when V(-u buy thai vou get the genuine, irepared nt 375 Bowery, New York. See that 375 Bowery New York is on Ihe wrapper of c.vh llotile. Ml olher- are Friuds ami so'd only by t tiecnlaior-, -yi'lbotit regard In iii.tiee,tothe'iu!ilic,or the proprie tors of the genuine article. IpOR ('ensumptinn, nnd Liver complaints, Dyspcp si.i, dizziness of the head, los. ofappelile, (y,cn ,ary, and general icjolalerol the wholci-v!ciu. .None e;eil lino 1 III that uretinri-il nl !t7.1 Hou-it,' New York, where tho ani le wa lir-t ni.u'e, theehar- i it oi ini iiii-oiL-iuc luiiucd and e -lai-nsneu I V Hie ucseut soleproprii lois, ui,d whoare Hleonly penou. snowing the composition of the genuine. It"ln-1 een i-ed siicce-sf lly for eili! yeirs m the cure of ihcsc lisca e-. iCJUiinemlir the original uud i male only at No. 375 Bowery. New York. All others are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! A" .1 ii iit al iciv.iv'y for the e disi a-es, 1 nm f dl -llisflel, from long experieme, llieie i. no tneil-cinc iv ml i.o I'r. laylor's llilvim ol Liverwort. Ileinir i. ire v vegetal ,v, il can lu '.-e 1 wnh ihe uiuio-t ale: V all pc.son. m every inn hum. It e!e.i i-e. the Iniijs by expeitora'i-.ii, ie-l:eyc ilid'u oil brealhimr, 'hi-cbe t. 'I lu-ieeiin I e no que-tiou but till-- incht-mc is u t cit-iin euie for ehronte t o ich and colds. I hive u-ed it lour vear. in my practice, and always web. icees.. A.'F.'S, M. I). J icUtng tn the 1 liruat. I know Dr. Taylor's Baisnm of Lncrwort to be a certain reme-ly'for thiseoinplaiiit, as I have u-ed il myM'Ifand fouiid ils e 'ect- an iinmcd.a'e. I va m ieb troubled nntil.l made loeofihi- medicine. M. L. Ill NMIAW. 211 MniiBiu st. Hoarienes. Ciuiil For the cere of lioar-cne.s 1 can stroti irly rceeoiiunend IV. Taylor's Bnl-am of Liv irwert. I h.ue not mil) Ii uud sieatlenelit my elf, but many ol my coii-ii-iraiit n I y my reccoiniucnd i tjon have iceicve I meal leuctii ironi its virtue. It i alonce ini!d , eilic.iciou. uu 1 bariole-s. RI.V.AZ. LEWIS, yerenouirhs and ('obi- I hate had a ino-t -e- veie i old and con -Ii, lor a loin; tune win -hi ecuid not zv: ridof. Afer 11-111' many ti i-'e-s things 1 trt I'dTnylor's Hal am of Livciw-or'i, an 1 11 cued nip 111 leu'i'.iys. JA-s. II. KERIIINOCK. Rai inc of Blood Al out tw o w el. a :o I hid a fjll, which eiu-e 1 me lo spit qualities of blooit whi.'h noihinv i-oiihl i-ure ini'd I trnil I'r. Taylor' i- B' of Liverwort. '1 In- inehi-iue gave uie iniiiie- bale relief and 111 a Very shori lime e .ecle I an entire euie. Let all pi-i -i n in 11. 1IIV.II Mr- (IARVi:V,21 Cnunoii Dr. Taile-r's B il-ntii of Liiei-wori 'I In. stioi-rior leii'i'ly fiirdi-ea-e- of the long- 1111 1 Ilur ha-, obtain cil a uvutirii iinevir I foiee plaited. Remarkable. Cure oj Consumption. wa.sone-ai- her lea'h wdh this disea e. 1I1-1I my friends -enl for 11 pr e-t 10 confess mo eie I i'ie I, Ile 111 hi- nn r -'. told lee not 10 cue do until I trel Dr. Taylor's l!nl-nin of Lueiwi it. 1 cnt imini-dia'oly lorthis nie.lieiiie, nu I : 1 1 1 i 1 ; ' 1 1 the lon'e-t lor n lew days 1 eiwei-n tbi-inelyine, and my ih-e.i-e was -e. Vere , the me-hi iiieeonq-iei-e I, and in a ft rtui'-'hl I wa- re-ioiedioii.'auii. I had a en isli, rai-mr ol mat ter, lo-s.ti! my pain-, wea'.nc.,, &. I can re. le'r to Doctor Wd-i 11, 111 the Carlton Hou-e, for I be irulh rfiiiysta'eineiit. MARY DILL, ifi-h -Hectcor. Bewaie ol Iraud.. ol 3.1 nveai.c. Summer Complaint. The of Lncrwort, in.-cer.!l ea-e- of ibis di.ei-e, where all other reme he's niijiued by physi ciaus b if proved mclleetuul, jiroduccd a perfect euie Surprizing Cure, of Consumption. Mr. I!, ilia I hn ol I'edii, N. Y., ot , nni'iia: y cop snmptive con-liiution, lieu -nel fruni an on niiiely en I lj ihe ii i-iit hr. 'I'nylot's erworl. A -evereeol-l I ro eht on au an.u k of Ph u le e, anllh'i. en-le 1 oi ireiu-r-il-li-'-il -van I r-on.i-inu tion. A constant eo Hi, hivne llu-h, re.t'e.s ul-.-lu., nnu-'i ihiNh, nrvl -oiit.uutJ lo. tl.-wh. n. nl ! et'.H (Ic.uii ; Inn ;t .ooii n- I roimm-m tl llif n-t-of tin pai-uui i srew ivtior, ami I, nuw iullv rutojeJ Sfwrtnrss of Tlrcalh. P.r tlii'Mli-iM'O, I hat aluav- lirui'l Dr. Taylor'. i.uam oi iiwri-un an vt v inn n-nu- ly. ii (mtv o -.atJ-amUu e '"-iivt', iliat i tiUvay ue it in my prat-tu-v, ani rivroinrm-m! il m iny fnrniU, I mar im'U it in -owe imn.frr.N t i car- within tin pa i i imvi never ha.l it Mil. In main ea-e ot'a-'Iinn, I lully le'-tvt'itlo hiiw leen the mean ol ?avm pieeu u- lne . I el all :i-e t. OI.OliCL IIAIJ'II. M. I) None srrin'iiR predate 1 i 373. Unwrv, New Yuri; a-wilt te -een Lv tho la' el-ami wrap-per- ot'ea"h h-.ti!e. l!o mm1 'in ho1, when o-iluv. i ne treii nnr can aiva - I im' ta.i e.f 1 1 .li l) I Aent-, .ile -r-. N. l.u-'v iV i)M mw l-o'! cV Sevino n Dr. hW nn ! Pe' k A SuMr. CImhhkn nn I Di it hii-i.ii . H. ,une - (.'harlotie Hiiii.un Klio-'e-, Ji. l.'n liiiioin' (;t.0 A r-( M.i.. 1. H II.. .... , . it-' it i. .uiuni .. w .iro'Mi, mi an. i i - le v . ii, .it-ier. carry on the Inisi f Duvi-.Al' urirb I'. iV I,. Oh u.i, We-tAib irsh ness as iisu il of , W. Car, -enter. W.i'cr' i rv. il.Cs WINDOW SASH. The siib-eril crs havepur- cln ! the Alji himry for uij in iiiui iciureot iiiiiow "ah I'oimerlv owned and used by Si Inev Slurb, at vt inoo-1,1 City-.nnd are now in in ui.ii'turi ii -; eiery ite ertp'ion, an.1 Lcep coiist.ini iy on tunii an nsorlinent of 7 bv 91 F"asb,nt tbelollowm.; prices. l i ui-iiivi s,a is j, el-. er t.le it 8 do 3i do 'J do 3' do 0 do 3 do 1 do 5 For sale al llicir Shop at the Pall-, nnd bv Oeor?c Pett r-on. All orders in the n'-uve line a ldn od to t ul i in .v Cbi-e, will It tlnnklullv uieived and promptly atieiideii lu. .MO.CS CATLIN, 2-1. CHWIX W nil jbirlinaton, April 0, 1312. f ADV'S ANNUAL RCGLSTI'R and HOUSE J.J WII'C'S ALMANAC lor lH for sale hv Sep'. ?, 1'1. SAMLT.L IH'XTIVC.TON. (jlroccirics. "ON-'TANPLY on lutidnu assotttucnl o Tamil y Groeeiies. V, 111: 111 HUT. Kept. V.f. New GiM'man Mure. rpiir. Subscribers respectfully inform the inlnhi X tnutsof llurhnmuii and vicini y, lint they h-ive, on haiul a.'.d nroeousi.intly recciiinir a stock of SU PP.ltlOR GHOCKKM'.S. wh,ch thev will sill nt cheaper prices than ever offered b' ftire. in this mar., consistm;; ot Sunrs, Tins, Collce, Chocolitc, v.ui-111, jiuijius, uriaois, iimunus, iTiincs, iMits, pices, nice, rein iniiiey, March, lilive O.l, Su irnr-IIoitso Molas i s, Sietm nml Tallow Cand-'es Sperm and ii fined While Oil, Soap, Havana and lTiucipo uiais, luuacco, ic. .j-c. Also The Pine Holland (Schi'dani) Gin, nml Pure rrench Connie fur Mudu i u, 'panis'i. I' eucli ttntl German Wines, Vintnscsol l--JV ntiil IS i I lur Medteuio. They also lies Irnve to men'tou lhai ihi v have a rich nssorimenlof ri(l-;.f n DRV (.ODDS, wlucli thev riEMclmllr iiimi Ibe imlibe to insiuct. Store on Collcc Street, lormetly uceupnd by Mr. oraman, nouusciRr. OSTHRIM if-MICIIOLLS. BURLINGTON COMB FACTORY. rpill-. huliscrilicra bavin's taken the will l-nown ItHK Siihscribcra bavin;! I 1. stall hslimcnt. formci v occnnii-d bv ilas. l ., nie nownianiif.ieliiiinj;, nn 1 wij keep constantly on hnn I, a general assortment of CO WHS, of tuperior qualtlics, which will bo nllurdfd lit the loMost puces. Mcrchnnls, and Hilars, wishing for a superior oniric for retail, will tinUnto their aiKnn Jago lo call niijcxainiiic our stock. CROI-'UT .f. TI5IANUS, Hitrlin;ton, Sept 8 1812. II If Life! Lite!! Lilb ! ! ! DR. Ji'iinlban Moore'. LSSPNCKOP LIFK. The must hic-hlv e,-teeml Medicijie thai has etuit lecn di-eovcrcd for curing Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, and CONSl'MPIIO.NS. It will al.o renioie the Wh"0iing-Cnusli in one week. Prepaied by Hen ut Sr.vMuUB, from the original receipt, by tho diree lion of siildiMoore. Fori-nle wbole-a'e, by PCCK ft SPKAR, ll irliu ton, nlid at retail, by the principal Druggists in Dulled Slates. Orders directed to Henry Seymour, lladley, Mas will receive prompt uitcn'ioii, and any quantity Meihcino imin-dia'ily f irnheil. Caution A- theru is much i f the -nurious urn I clo for sale, iCjp'lio partieulnr to euqiiii e lor thai pre I parol by Henry Seymour, lladley, Masachuselts. l iSil - taoTlJi. PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. YMRfs. ANTED. THIS articleis too well known to need cotnmcn t .anon nml il,n,.vm,iMi..n ..r l,-,o leinnnsfrntcd to the commercial community, that ou lint), i-iuiveuu-iiee iiiiu uiiraiuiny, tney arc unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh Iroiu 3 lo (I ions. Uorinant Warchonse ilo. lo wpiifh fVmn t-t I,. to r,p00lhs., Portable do. to weigh fiom 1-2 oz. to tun i os. 1 oi inhiei nnnier do a new article to wci; from 1-2 uz. to 10 lbs. J. it .1. H. Pcck & Co. Agents. Burlinrtnn, April 8 lll. Disi;asi;s or 'i 11 1: i,iink. Deci.hMih llif ni'Hi tidiinl ir trmpfli firr kmiuti in Amriir.i editable Pulmonary Vataam m Mm- ihuo ;iUi,it- fnifiU nort ci ntf 1i ei'h, colds, a-Mlei. rji (.IhIiicic roiHiiniiiiinn. hoonino ronpli ami tiUMiion tt n(T n inn nfep kiinl. Ill ?,Ip h Mle.i'htv ttrif.iiny. -nit I llif ircpiipinr an- rtMMldiiiU crcixiita ihp tuii-t Uvmahl At ennui 4if im i (Tfrt. 1 lit fnllowina new cerlilic.iie up ollrrpfl Inr iinhl r f-x.tiiiin.itnin. An In ri: it f sting Csf Kx'taci of., leiler frnin Mr ! .S Cl.iv, K"n;Mit,n, U'ttir rn., N. Y. lo llit pi ppr.!ni, ' i onit mi iIip ih in-ti, wai ilnl i re d ifnuikhip ciof w.wefTr-ned h I lie I'ul ' if, t N.i in in the m liner -nui xpi iu M lS.Tj. I hi I t'tn'Mi, lr. Mii'nlt, Im'I heen firk a lomj itihi- nnli hp ri)jimiiiiin. llu elu-ici in. ipii linn nil He Wtii iniitc'f il en Inw m he mial)'- in ln lninrlf 4l'l l.lilH .llllPf (I't.tiltlH llf hhti'tt wllf'll lit (Miitiir h('i it iikIIi ill II.lUini. V!licll ll-'1 .'(It'l'tCil m rriiujh-if' fine, a nil lie m nm .i hi't' -tml i h r-ri hr Mr. MoU U-t if inoi ! fiom ihin iiumi, htii he h in u Pinupil uif h in. hi- ilelulul leeonni tf nt f wIlHIl I Ullll'ilU.inMf'U, ?J CLlJ. Kinucnii, N, Y June 35 18.13. Ux'i-iei of.t ltn ei fitMii Di J.iml. Mpr The WgfNl.V lYIiii'iii.n lltl-.ini h.i4 tippn Mihl In line huh lor twu tiiol ihe tiiP'lieiup h.i B-niif-i) rtu iniriiiiiiiKiii rrliniiU, Ini ii -r turh in ow- in-si.tnt i f t i led nt h,iinj iht i!e mii e rfleet I am l nn inr.ii III TH'if nf III.' Ill 1 11 V IKr-ll (IIIH, 111 riii I (I H llif h hip nn nt-(iiiiH upon a crultilinm nlifi'- hni lli.iiwliuh I i;imu hv ni- m he fflVr n l, I rnnui help hni aiv nn ii pifih iimn ilieieto. A ronnicihit pe.iiHtimi hr en ntli let! hi I e h k lr. , flinr AgPiit, ol ('t'linmc U, N Y. -nrtheieH .limtliPi hi lelp tencJetl heie that i 11(11)1) fH"(iPCieii It) hp cplll M'lM J AruB M vr ps, M. D. M ifll ii; ou , JmiMta rn IVtm. Ma 3, 1?!7 rintn Dr. .unite I Miniell. In (lie I'tiijn ipioi nf ihe Vpp tnltle riihiimiart U.iU nn, I .nn iait-hi"l I hut liin Vr rinhlp I'n'inmi it Ihllnm u vain ih'e inrlTtnp i hi hpiit :iei in lliw nt ire u ill) rnnipleip jim'i pi-i in .in nlnlin hp cmuphiiii uf the Innii, aueixhil uilh a -evpip;h, lo--nl niee. a ml ihe ni-uig nl' uinch hhmd, vAhifh Imi) ptpM.tii-ilv rei-lpti man) H.innl ptpat ripiinn. Afiei iwu ihe llalciiu one wetk, ilip ti ilini' V nicp reuirnd ami he va a? ah(p to p np ik aiuii i.v. I h i ( urrntifd !nnip lnnp ihpp, fimi ihp iniii'Anftiv pnq.ipti uni r.nly in arltte hni Uhoitour liH-mPso liP-peeilntH , He. S. VonRrt.L. i M imiv innic ihu nix iirp I uu lriuth' pij hu h an .tfTer-inii of ihe hiiig, rind tin rnniil.iini wi ifTlirp'i lo lie nu m.itt'e li a rnnneii ol itnee i-ln irnM., 1 m ai then re-toinl nt at yeo I Iwllh a 1 ImiI en njeil fur intii) p.iri, In tHing ihp Wtjet.ihlp I'ut. miintrs II it-uu. Simp mv pcner I h.ue ipemn infiuleil the Uil-aio in n girl m.inj of 'lint riiHitHiui''t ami uu f.u n I ean Inini, ilw nnr Ilia in vri-ihl) heen T'llloneil I v nnifh heiiefn. and In in ti iii4lmircis ii Ii.m ptlrrtrn chips which wpip v. hnlij impx peeipd. Samuel Evkkktt, linn on, niarrh 2, 1837. Tor uni, uhoiej-lp and retail, b I'ECK & SnMlJinrliniiien. Yl. Furniture. riONSl STING of Cane scat Chairs, common vh,-nicv uiinrs. i nrpets, jjimnti rallies, licit steads. Kitchen I'urniture, with a ood t'ookitiff Stove and tritniniiiiis, and nn elivatid oven. The nhoic furniture is nrnrlv new. lnvni" been Usui on ly a few weeks ; and anv oi all Ihe abme nrlicles will besjld to suit purchasers very low for cash f,ir fur- tlu r p iri cuia s ciio,une ol S. HUM l.M.i ru.N. Sept. lj, lrr. 17-tf Valualilc Instate I'or Sale. rpill- S ibscril er o- er fur -ale ibe ilwc1-'-"Vt. X bn; ho'i e ami lot, con-i-tim; of a' out i ne an I a ipiar'er acre 1 1 laud. -,.,VWs. su a'e 1 on I i lle.'e .-tiie1, 1' to Iheesm e ol ihe .a'e I'r. Ilul i it MooJy. The Ikhi-c is i I ' ne! , ;hi r-'-iy'dy bud', un-l very eoniiuieuilv arr.ineei. I lie tr ir n i wi ll supplied with Iruit, -ni l in a hlL'h f .l'f if i" hiiauwi. A eriib- will 1 1- stven, f.-r a portion uf thf u.-i ba-e int-ney, ol two yc.irsii-oin i,ivcteier, is r. lil O. II. SHAW, Admr. I! irh'nslon, Sept. 21, 1812. 17-tl TT.WI.i'vd. airy ex'en-nf a ortinent of Fall A.JL ami mu-r ikkj wtncli -hey o iei- at pro e to mm inetimcs. . variety ol lir.-mt "-loth-, ta Mint ie. S lttncils, I'cjM'r Cbith - J.e., Camb let. Alp icc.i, M, lie Lames, striped and plain, try rich new patterns. SHAWLS. Rich Heavy Honey Comb and Adrianop'e -bawls. n new iiruiie, vcrv ci nituitai le tor w inter, riant .-iiiawi-o-i very low prieeM, Ulialley, .Merino, Jl. i-i-1 iiuc, , oi.n no. Scarfs, Kaiuy ill.fs.nn 1 ('ravuls. .Milt- an I ('hu es, a ureal variety, Chine wuolcii 31 it t-. erv warm for win'er. Clime Silk do. Cotton ifn.fur Mis.f. & Children, .uis,es woisti-i .unt-, lirci-iaii i u,l, Ac, eplrj r worsted, Patterns fur or'in- w orstcd, Si'l. fiuiaes, ford-, Cb ak!siSiC. Wo s:al Kriii;e, anl linliu-'-, PRINTS. A rich a-sortmeniol Dark luw Priced Prints, 3Iotiriiinir do. virvnu-e. DOMESTIC GOODS. Heavy .Slur in-;., Sliirtintt-.Tiekinir, Gingham. Il.iitin j, Wu 1.1'nu if-c. t ol'dUaml ne-, Ib'-t tliiiirhaui lull rellaV. Superior Knitting or-ti-l,aud Wool yarn, Thread Kiiiltinp t'ottuii, Fiencb ucrking Cotton, JIr sliall's Linen Tlur-nl Ji SHOES. Ladie- KM Slips an I Tii-i, llroiize Tie. Ch lil'en'?liiies, Col'd liai er-, Bootees Ae., India liublers, I'md. and Plnjn, II i lab. Role-, ruriiud oibcrCeat Col'ar, Putvhaser- nnd oihers aieitiMlcdto call and exam luelhcir Ne'V t.omls Ilirhnston, 12 h Octoler, 1512. IJATCNT and Common Lid.e's and G-ntlemati's, - In.hin Rubber Shoes, Double and Single eolcd Itusl. iiiu ni.,1 SI!,,,. ,-,,, ,, , .. Oct. 12, 1SU. H. W. CATLIN. O OOfi AHHS Hrown Sheeting, Shirting: mwy W m Unlluiys, 6.000 Vaidsdirk Km;, and American Paints, 11X10 lbs Cotton lluttiiif, wick and Yarn, just reed and for sale al icry low prices by Oct. 12, It! 12. ii, w, CATLIN. 7ii i '' House Paper and llordctingsjtist I U V upeu and tor Bale ery chrip by net. iv, iaj-.. u. v, ua ri.i.. Tin IMate itc. 1 I'OXI'S Tin Plate 1-3 X, lOU 10 do. do. IX square. 60 llundlfs Iron Wire, nvsorted Nos. 30 do. I'.nslish sheet Iron, 10 Packs Russian do. tl. 7G Box. a Canada do. do. I Cask Sheet Zinc, together with a een eral assortment of Sheet Copper, Sheet Lead, Cop per boIl.s,Ruets, &c, by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Oct. 5lli, 1812. HIIUKTINGS, &c- on IIALr.S 4-4 Brown Sheciings, OyJ 1 do do Drillings, 2 Cnscs Dlcached Sheetings, 3 do York and Delaware Tickings 10 Ps. Canvass, 10 do Padding, for sale by Oct. 5th, 1812. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. w HIT'S Life of Patrick Henry, chesp edition, Juno 15. 1- or sale by U. UUUUK1UH PERU IRONCOMPANY. HAVK, and will constantly keep in iVposite with their Agents at Biittiiigton, t., Peru manufac turid NniU and Iron, of the following descriptions, to wit t I SAWS. 3d, -td, r.d, G ', CI, lOd, 12.1, 2nd, 21d, SOd, 40d, B0d,60d. VJ'ihv 1 mill, 4 1-2,5,5 1-2. nnr! 0. i'jii,sjiii(i .va.s. bit, eii, lOd, vu, manuisc- tutcu speciauv tor inn? tnn-r nice woik. FLOOR NAILS. -i,-m. and 2Id. IRON. HOUND 7OiV,-3-8,7-ir.1 t-2, 9-113.5-9. 11-16. 3-4, 1 null 1 l-H, 1 1-1, 1 3-B, 1 1-Z, 18-H, 1-3 I, 2 inch, 2 1-4, 2 1-2, 3. nnd 3 1-2. SriCAIlK WON, 3 8. 7-1C, 1-2,9-16,5-8, 1M6, 3-1, 7-S, 1, 1 1-8, 1 1-1, 1 3-8, 2, 2 1-2 inches. HASH IllOS,-l 1-1, 1 1-2. I 3-4, 2, 2 1-4, 2 1-2, 2 3-1,3.3 1 2, 1,4 1-2,5 inch. TI.Wi: I!(X-l 1-1, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2 wide, and from 3--i lo 5.B thick. lionet: SHOE JKON. various ize. If t .W A XI) SrtlOLL .'OA, do. do. MAHULi: SAW PLATES, out to order at -Ii'iri noMi c. The Pern Iri n Co. manufacture their rroodsal Clin tuivdle, N. Y. from Iron of their own make. Thev mii-nd to l.ecp in tl.e hands of their agent- a more fid! and complete HS-irunent tbaiican If found in the State. Ii is le'ievel thai the eoods from this estab lishment are I etter manufactured, than tho-e from anv other m ils vicinity. Purchaser, are respectfully sollci'etto inspect the floods ofthis Co. Prices n lovv nnd tenne as lavor able, as ean I e obtained inthcSlnte. T P. & W. L. STRONG, A?en!s. Aim. 2jdi, 1812. CONWAY M KDICIiN lis. rpilK Sulscnber W. L. KIDlllR, gives notice X that be has succeed the late T. Kiui'er in the ,irepara ion of tlie well known Con way MrDIcisr.s, ilul will hertnllcr sue particular attention to the piepaiat-in uf the fi-llcum;' arlicle., the loin es a iihitel iclilnity ol v. Inch, pretluile-the neeeity ifu ll'-liuMli atiou ll the linllieroiis ti rlllit toes id tl.e bauds of the proprie or. Hurt. Jebb's Itlicuiuallc. Liniment. lor Kbcun.utl III. Ur il-e . Snranis. nml.rfss. Chill-lam-, Siiliu-s. m the jours, Ac., will a.iord the most iiiiejut"ed nnd uutneiliate ri-lieftu the mot ol'stmale cases i f ltliermili .m, in a tew hour- , tlu arliile i-oiiculv iccoii.nicndel I -Fbv-icians. 'I ,e l.iniiuent is done up .nenlar.'ed 'bottles. Price 37 ems. Dumfries' Itcli Ointment. The extensive -a.'e and e.tal li-hcl n nntniinn r.i liLMFhtK-' Itch, eiuourires t l.e nro- preti.i to re.-uiniiicuii it to lie pu' lie wi b renewed -outiilcnce, as the 1 no-1 innocent mil powerful reni e lyfLrtlis anni yinsr ilisea-et it foiitanis no n.ei- I'ury, in any o'her diii'.'erous ingredient. and can I e applied ai all times with i.erfect satctv. Price 25 centt a lii x Ht nicdy for the Vilest. The eciiciirriuir ti-timony i.f rel.eved patients, liom nil q inner-, ti-tu'yins to thfiores elected by the me.hciiie aftir all others hml laded, toce'her with Ibe imreasiiiir I'.ciiiaud for the unit le IrMnull parts ul the eoi.uiry, piole it to I e tne ol'the mo-t valuabk specmc- l.tioun fur this trcuUe.-onicioiiiplnint. jCA Cleiyman writes Uo.loii, Fel ruarv 13, 1841. I have made trial of Duiu!rie' Pile l.'lecluary and found it produced a -abitary nillueiice nlmi st imme diately, and ci.nliiVnily I ebeve it an e ecluiil remeily for that uiieoiufiirlabie ami debtlitalimr complaint. Humnuitj ha- indui ed rue to recommend it lo persona thus allhcted, audso I .-ball continue todo. Yours respectfully, J. S. 1 he remedy ecn-i-ts of an Ointment and Electuary. I rie for both 7j i ents, or 37 cents when but one l w.iuteil, acciiinpanietl with p'ain and ample direc tions wnh a de eription of lie complaint. Diimtrlcs' Eye Water. vi.r sore or inflamed eyes, not Itint-r known pives su'-h immediate and comfortable relief, and in some exceedingly had cases the most iinex ected and de sitaMe rel'ifhas U-en found in the u-e ol this Eye aicr, after other remedies had failed. Person- who bale u-ed it, pronounce it without hesitation the I est preparation for sore, weak, or inf.amid eyes, they baie eier met Willi. I'rne 23 cents a bottle. CURE FOR CORNS. Albion Corn Plaster. I lie most sajVaj-d spetsly er lor Corns vet dis covered ; the relief is immediate, it dissolve, and remove, the corn the foot with ease and expedi twn and (triAoui the least pain. Price 25 cents a Full and ample direction, accompany each of ihe nl ove article-. N. II. None of the above article, will I e senume, nnle.s sicneil . L. Kidder on the outside wrapper. Nirsaea- In. Cpuntinir lioom, 86 State Street, up stairs, corn, r ol -Men bant- Row, lloston. Al.o by -Mitssr.s. PK'K & SPEAK, Ilcrlinton, Vt. s A Id eral discount allowed tod.-aler.. iSnw E-tabliKhiiienl. TF; s.u,,,;,,'r'b'ra h'ms opened a Paint Shop m i- Iheb ddinir one door South of Bishop's Hotel, won d respectfully mfurni their friends and the pub be tint thev-are prtpared to execute all kinds of House, Carnage and Sign Painting, Gilding, Glazing, and Paper Hanging, in the neatest pos-ible manner, and hope by strict personal attention to business to recede a share ol Ihe public patronage. R. G.SPAULDING, no. .-,., S' H' RUSSELL. Ilurlington, April 29, lgd2. 47,f. i ? K.-WEl.L'S Shoe., Half Gaiter-, Kid Slips, X- I hil'ircn'sSbiH-, Ac. ju.trei'eireil Iv G- W.M. IH'KI.DUT. DRUGS &, MEDICIiVES. til II C subscribers nre continually supplied with ereru arttil. in il.r .!... l....l, r.L ,.i- I "' ,"" '-'- i""iiui uuiii ui iu Ofltciml and Patent kinds. Medicinal wattrs from arntoji; ,0. from Caledonia, Canada j .Medical Wiih- iriil Snril; Lcicbcs; Surgical Instruments ! Imernl Tielb, Ac, &c. Prescriptions put up at th s -oricft no'tce. Shop open at all hours, I'ECK A SPEAR, Apothecaries. Hiirlington, Vt. Cetliir I'osls. i non L'f:DA" ',o:Tf!' a fir" r!"e ""''. f" - V . ",,c 1 y .'OLLI.TT .f- UKAL LEY. O.l Dock, 31 June, .18 12. Row land's Mill Saws ; R. HoeandCo's i ircular do. i English cross cut do ; Hand, panel a i.l hack do. i Compass, Wood nnd Felloe do. ' Just rrcem-d and fur sale by II AGAR A ARTHUR, Cor. ( h. and Collet;? stieets. June 17ih, 1842. NEW CASH S TORE BY WM. ttUKLHUT. '"THE subscriber has taken the newly fried Store. i- West side Church-strcf t, between the ' flaiaar nllll ' 1 -Iti-lll lh rn' ...Im... l. ... , nun uTii:n; ana ullermg for sile nn extensive and general assortment ii .u u. iiiiiitiii'u io i in. want-oi ine eoinmumty amop 'St whu Ii nre a crcnt ninety of French St ks, Pijnted M slins nml Lawns, Lone Shaw Is and S. arfs, Hdkfs, Shawls, Cravats, I tg d and hur'd and plain i-wiss Muslins, Nansook, book and other Muslins. Lubes and ecnt'fmen's Li.ien II 'kfi, Insertions, Edtrincs, Iteadim,- and Thread Lares, Work Collars, Reticules, llcnd Ha.'snnd Pulses, 1 nrllon nnd p ain Mushes nnd Lac . Itlhhotis, a bcnutiful H-Foitmcnt and new stvle, Ladies' Florence, llruid, .Modena, S.rawand Muses llonne s, Artificial Flowers, Gimp Edging and trimminrs for Tuscan iiounets. Varakul", a bmiitufu! assortment ol new styles. Hosiery of eiery variety, llroadcfoths, t'nssimers,' Vesting. Ac. Gun's summer Goods, Stocks, Collnrs, lie. Gent, and boys Leg'uirn and other lint's. Dry Oiocerles, a good assmtment. IV. II. Thin pntim in.1- nr n...l. I... 1 I I '.I ' r . '-- '',fc""" ' WITH pur chaseil witlun a few days, with gnat eare and at time when the prices were more depressed thon nl any previous period but will be sold for ready cash nt a small ndiancefrom cost. uutlinclon, June 10, 1812. Simmons' Tools, OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, iust received and for sale by WM. J. HI'NT. Durltngtun, May 19, 1S42. Strongs Building Stoves for Wood, I CANADA Parlor, and 2 superior Cook Siotm Air sale or exchange, for wood al HOWARD' Sept. 23, 1EH2.