Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 11, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 11, 1842 Page 3
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ILLINOIS DUKAI) STUFFS AND l'UO VJSIONS. The Alton Telegraph of tlio 2CJ ult. says : "Wheat has tuna in during tlio past week in gicatur quantities than for the few wcoks pro. vioiis. It has maintained tlio price quota! hy us last week with fnmticsf, that is from U3 to !)7 cents per bushel ; gno.I lots only coin, inaiuliiiir tlio latter price. Most thai comes in is taken for foreign account." Pork anu llEEr. l'Vom inquiries that wo liavo made (says tlio Alton TulegraphAof those Iiorctoforo engaged in the nbuvo business, we have no hesitation in asserting, that a market will be found this winter in this city for all the Pork which will be brought in. Tho price', however, will bo low vorvlow: varying from one to two dollars per hundred ; and none but choice and very heavy hogs will coinmauu we latter nrico. As to Hoof, there will bo but very little! if any purchased. The fatal consequences mat have attached to everv person who has touched beef for the last five years, will have tho effect of driving all tlio "knowing ones " from tho mar tel. The Natuiiai. Compass. Tho New York Mechanic, in remarking upon tho polar plant of the prairies, says "all forest trees as a general rule, send out longer branches on the north than on the south side. From this circumstance, it ia an easy matter for any person who is bo wildored in a .forest, to ascertain which is tho northern direction and shape his course accord ingly." Correspondence of the Free l'rcss. MoNTrEUEti, Nov. 4, 18-12. Mb. Editob j Since 1 wrote you last, litllo has oc currcd here of any particular interest to you or your readers. The oldJjfhioncd humdrum of an ordinary cession has succeeded to the temporary excitement occasioned by the importance of some matters which were to be settled by this Legislature, and if any thing new or interesting turns up now, we ore all in elined to regard it as a windfall. Dr. Collycr has been "astonishing the nalyvcs" with Animal Magnet ism, and a great many soundheads, unwilling enher to give their full credence to tho science, or to disbe lieve the evidence of their senses, hare concluded to call sonic of his operations "very strange to say the least." Since my last, we have had another of those jams one of winch I britdly described to you. His Excel lency Rave a Cerce at his quarters on Friday evening and a pretty general squeeze it was very much liko that at Senator Upham's. Wo enjoyed tho sight of some dozen legislative dignitaries, forgetting the cases and mantcutrmgof politics, and leading forth as ma ny fair daughters of tho Green 1 1 it Is to tho merry dance. Whigs and Locos, alike oblivious of the squabbles which had divided them in tho Stone Cas tle, seemed to vie with eacli other in tho endeavor to make the evening pass off pleasantlj or if allusion Was made to politics, it was only to crack a joLo nl the juxtaposition of combatants, who had "made day hideous" with their valorous encounters in the arena of political warfare. If it were not for and occasion like this now and then, where wecan flingavvay tick- ering and strife for a season, and meet on a common social platform. I fear that with the feelings of bitter ness and animosity, often exacerbated by useless personal conllicl?, which every session more or less engenders, wo might degenerate into savages, befsic we became aware of it. Mr. Weld, Principal of the American Asylum for tho deaf and dumb at Hartford, Conn., in pursuance of a joint resolution, appeared )esterday in the Hall of Representatives, with four of his pupils, for the purpose of cxhibiling their proficiency in tlio various branches embiaced in tho educatorial system of that msiitution. I ho exhibition was very interesting, ami the scene piescnteJ, quite unusual and amusing. You remember that the seats provided for the Sena tors in the Hall of Reps, ore long scltecs, ranged along on each sido of llie Speaker's chair. Well, the pupils were obliged to show their smartness on black boards, of which two w,e pruvidct Olio just where lbs Speakei's chair belongs, and tho other behind the Clerk's table. The settees were lugged down in to thenrea in front of tho table in older that the Sen ators might sco tlio board, and ll i era were huddled to gether His Excellency the Governor, Lieut. Gov. llunncy, Judge Premiss and the whole Senate, to gether wiih divers other poisons who couldn't gel seals any where else. Then tho galleries and lob bies wero ladiant with ladies, and some of the pretty creature, even accepted ot seats tit tho members desks, which tho owners gallantly yielded, while they stood up themselves. Tho exhibition was in tho highest degree gratifying 10 'ho assembly as they testified by frequent laughter and applause. Somo of the signs made use of were extremely natural and expressive. But I shall not attempt to describe the affair, as I can't do it half as well as our fiicnd Wal ton, to whose description I must refer you. Tlio Superintendent of the State Prison seems to give our friends some trouble. You lcmcmbcr tho just dissatisfaction expressed last year at the manner in which Mr. Drown, by a union (either premeditated or accidental) with the Locos, was crowded out to make room for 3Ir. Hubbard. Mr. Brown and his friends regarded this apparent, nrrangcinint with Lo cofocoism to defeat him, with feelings of very justifi able indignation, and a strong efibrt has been made to procure Ins re-election. Thc-Slato Prison Com mittee have reported very strongly against Mr. Hub bard's management daring tho past year, and his election is ptobably out of ihe question. But some of his friends manifest the most marked hostility to Mr. Itrown, because he did not choose to sit down under the mongrel combination by which lie was ejected from office last year. Mr. Brown received a fair party nomination, but after several ineffectual ballotings to-day, in which Hubbard's men stood out against the nomination tho joint assembly was ad journcd over until Tuesday morning. The Locos pulled to a man ut every ballot on your St. Albans coteinpory Jeplha, thereby giving token that evon if they did enter into a treaty with Hubbard last year. they have nolmadcenoughoutofit towarranta rep elition of tho trade. Mr. Pierpont is re-ilccted Bank Commissioner and Bank Committee. Messrs. Field of the Senate (from Windsor Co.,) rrentiss of vt caihersticld, and Dcnnison of Hart- land are the Board of Directors of tho State Prison, and the Rev. E. C. Tracy, Kditorof the Vt. Chronicle, end Chairman of the State Education Committee, was elected Chaplain. The County appointments arc mostly finished. The joint assembly for that purpose "drags its slow length along" to confirm the oppointment of sundrv Justices of the Peace who-c names are all duly read over from tlio Clerk s desk to a House half absent. half talking and the rest asleep. (There are some bulls from tho "Green Isle. ) We shall probably get away week afler next, not sooner unless a vast amount of business that ought to tie done, goes into "Limbo." The Senate gave a quietas to tho Bill of Mr. Butler abolishing capital punishment, to day, by a voto of C to 20 on its third reading. So it appears wo must still keep tho "bloody law on our statute liooic. But I am growing tedious and prosy, and so I bid 70u good night. A LOOKER ON ARRIVAL OF TIIK CALEDONIA. Eleven Days Later from Hnglaiid. Tho stcaui.njickct Caledonia. Cant. Loll arrived Nov. 2 at Boston from Liverpool via iium.ix. nun Liverpool on Iier regular day, tho 19tli of October, to wliich dale, in elusive, wo have Liverpool papers and Lon don to tlio evening of tlio 18th. THE TREATY RATIFIED. Tho London papers arc vocal on tho sub. ject of tho treaty ; and tlio inference from their tono is strong that it had actually been ratified, or was on tho point of being so. 1 hero is, moreover, a rumor bronchi bv the passengers, that tho ratification had already taken place, anil that tho messenger who curried out tho treaty would return with tho nnrnefiirv ilnrnmnnlq lit; llus fimni Wt..n t j ,.v s-,s.u, IT (.aiU, II, I Mr Featlierstonltaugli lias been making nl speech upon tho subject nl Falmouth the occasion being n celebration of tlio Pyro technic Association. Air F. glorifies tlio trtitty ; takes credit to himself for having re commended a compromise to tho Earl of iVherdcen, and insists that England has con ceded little, and gained all sho wanted. P. S. Since the above was in typo wo learn that Mr. Webster lias received a letter from tho American Minister in London, (Mr. Everett,) announcing tho fact THAT THE TREATY HAS BEEN RATI FIED; and that tlio official announcement will bo conveyed to tho American Govern ment as stated above, by a special messon ger, to come by the Great Western. Tlio public may rely upon this information. THE LATE MOVEMENTS IN CANADA. Wo liavo read, with much interest and ex pectation, tho comments of the principal London papers on tho recent political chang es in Canada, hoping to obtain from them somo iutimntion, or means of forming an opinion, as to tlio probablity of their being sanctioned by the homo government, but wo must confess that wo havo found little or no thing in tho journals on which to build even a conjecture. Tho Herald (bigoted Tory) deplores the action of Sir Charles Bagot as threatening mischief to tlio Diillali connection, no giving new strength and activity to disaffection and as awfully favorablo to democracy, which is tho Herald's especial horror ; but it seems also to consider that Sir Charles could not .do otherwise, forced as ho was to carry out Lord John Russell's plan of responsible gov ernment. Of course tho Herald spares Sir Charles and pours out all its wrath on tho late Colonial Secretary. It finds much fault, however, with the tono and tenor of Sir Charles Bagot's letter to Mr. Lafuntaine, tendering office to him and Mr Baldwin. Tho Times (strongly Conservative and earnest in its support of tho present Minis try, but always frank and bold in tho utter ance of its own opinions) approves tho poli cy of conciliation of bestowing office upon gentlemen of tho French party but objects to tho selection, regarding Mr. Lafontainc and Mr Baldwin as avowed enemies of Brit ish connection and aspirants to Canadian in dependence. Tho Times professes to an ticipate disapproval of Sir Charles Bagot's measures by the homo government. Its ar ticle, however, is temperate, not zealously written, and in fact seems to convey tho idea that tho Times either did not know what to say or did not caro much about tho matter. The Globo (thorough-going Whig) is in c.xtacics wiih Sir Charles Bagot's doings and anticipates from them tlio happiest results. The Morning I'ost (Conservative and looked upon by some as (he organ of the Peel Ministry,) hesitates about expressing an opinion. Is rather startled at tho bestow ing of office upon tho partioular men selec ted, but llojios till will h oi k woll, Sec. It evidently waits to know how fur Sir Charles was acting under, or beyond his instructions. The Chronicle (Lord Palnierton's organ) thinks tho principle on which Sir Charles has acted is tho right one, but doubts the wis dom of Ins choico us to men. Nevertheless, it hopes that lie may bo allowed to go on and consummate his policy, which is the policy of tho lato administration, etc. The Standard (Tory) follows tho suit of tho Post, with an intimation that if Sir Robert ordered what Sir Charles did, Sir Robert will not escape a whipping of moro or less severity. Tho Spectator (honestly and judiciously liberal and no gives Sir Charles its warmest and heartiest support, holding that what ho has done was not only politic but inevitable, and that its cflect will bo tho sal vation of Canada. ITleven Davb Later ehom K.vclakd. The steam ship Caledonia, Capt. Lott, armed at lloston on Wednesday morning. She sailed from Litcrpooj 19th ult., and brought London and Liverpool papers tothatdale 11 da vs later than had arrived nt this mm. The intelligence w e find in our ample files is not of inucii iiiiiutmiice, nor oi Buiuciem uiiercsi to require much space. The treaty between this country and England was ratified on the 14th ult., and sent out by the Great Western. Tho Great Western arrived at Bristol on tho 12th ult,. and was put up for sale at public auction on Monday, the 17th ult., and was bought in by the company at$19,000, the bidding being too low. Tlio Direciors wero then instructed to treat for sale by private contract. Sho was to sail from liristol for this porton lho22nd, with over 100 passengers, and may bocxpcctcd to-day or to-morrow. There is no favorable change in the prospects of trade large masses of tho laborious population con tinue out of employ. From tho manufacturing districts wo continue to receive'vcry unsatisfactory rcportsas to the operalions ol tho factories and mills, while the Liverpool Cotton Market rcmainsdull and inactive. During tho fort night previous to (he sailing of the steamer, Ihe tran sactions were on such a vcrr limited srrde ns In nf. ford no scope for remark. The late explosion of tho .uaiicucsicr nam, ujuuaeu to uciorcjiias tendcu niucli to niralizej trade. Mr. Featlierstonhaueli, ono of the Commissioneis who explored the North Enstern Uoundary on the partof Great Britain, in 1340, undertook in an after dinner speech, at Plymouth, to defend the treaty lately concluded between Knglandand tlio United States. He expressed it as his opinion that the settlement that bad been made, was tho best for both parlies that could bo made. He strongly condemned the attacks upon the terms of tlio treaty made by tho English press. Tho American Chamber of Commerce at Liver pool havo addressed a memorial to Sir Robert Peel urging tho necessity of a reduction of tho present en ormous duty upun Tobacco. No answer had been returned to tlieinemorialits. Tho quantity of American Tobacco on hand in Liverpool was so largo that it was found necessary to procure additional store bouses for its storage There was upwards of 1 1,000 bhds. and packages al ready slowed in theold establishment. Tho reason assigned for tins is tho lessened demand for cotton, tho lands before used in Ihe growing of this latter ar ticle being now employed for the growth of tobacco. Somoof tho overplus of tobacco may likewise bo duo to tho recent distresses of tho laboring classes, which havonrevented them from indulging so freely as they w ould otherwise would havedono in this fat onto luxury. Great excitement and alarm is exper lenccd in Liverpool, on account of the absconding of Mr. Edmund Ilurdtkin, lato Manager of tho Manches tcr Hank. By his mismanagement, the Hank had been ruined j and, through means of an assoeiato he drew bills to a largo amount, and, when the first he came due, absconded. The annual meetings of tho shareholders of tho Hank was held in Manchester on Friday tho Mth ult., a report of which stated that the liabilities, bv mismanagement, were, in round num bers, 890,000. The steamship Acadia, Captain Ryric, arrived in the Mersey on the Mth ult. The late news received by overland mail was con sidered favorable, but not important. Tho reported Interesting stale of her Majesty ia confirmed beyond doubt. The litllo Prince of Wales and hu sister lake their customary airing in cood nealih and spirits, and theiranxious pa wenta shoot ing the other day. Kanny F.lhler has arrived at Vienna, and is as United States Wn " h0 waB in ,lle A Liverpool correspondent informs the Dublin livening Post that a contrart has been entered into here for the supply of 6,000 barrels of American flour jobs delivered in November, at IBs. per barrel of 198 1 lis. This is a Iittlo more than a penny per pound. ,i rni" MlHiHiltsi 2 ei ir ff fi o (21 . In Chat lotto on tho lOlh insl. by the Rov. Mr Meeker of Shclburn, Mr. Hugh Tagard to Miss.Lucy Ann Hickok, both of Charlotte. In llincsburgh, on tho 30th tilt., after a long and distressing illness, which sho boro with Christum pa tienco and holy resignation to the will of God, Ciiloe, consort of Alanson Titus, aged GO years. ES New York and Mass. papers aro requested Ac. Of Consumption, nt her residenco in East Char lotte Vt. on Friday 21 Oct. 1812, Harriot, wifoofWm. E. Sherman Esq. oped 45 years. It is impossible within tho limits of a brief obituary in rln iufltirn In tin- mnmorv of ono so ireneraltv be- loved, so deservedly esteemed. Her own deathbed expressions are her best eulogy. "I hare not an en emy in the world?' O God, I gitcup myself to thet, Igittvpmy companion, Icirt up my Children, I f'ltevp my friends, I give all up lo (Act thus sweet y and without n struggle, fell nslcep m Jesus, ono, whoso very toss 'tis sweet to weep, wnose 1110 Hon ored Christ, and whoso death shades wero gilded by His presence wliilo n bereaved circle and a stricken Church may mourning pray 'Let me die tho death of tho Righteous, and lot mylast end bo like hers. In 1817 she found pcaeo in believing in tlio precious Saviour, and at the time of her uniting w iih tho peo ple of God, the Hantist Church in this placo waded in contentions and divisions, and fnrncatly 2years had not been to tho communion, still she felt it her duty to come out from tho world and to be buried wild Christ in Haplim,nnd her coming to tho Church was blest to its good tho Hrcthrcn wcio surprised, thought on their way -, and union was rcstoted. . Sho then consulted hcl companion and herself in siitutcd prayer in the family and her faiihfulncss and agony wero soon answered in the hopeful conversion of her Husband, who ascribes his support in this blighting affliction to tho hopo that was granted in answer to prayer. Com. Charlotte Nov. 8, 1842. TIIK NEW GERMAN STORE. TM1E underieiied rcsnecllullv 'inform the inliabi- JL tanls of Rirln','luii and vicinity, Uiat they have just returned Ironi jNcvvi ork Willi mi exteniu movk of the most superior Grni'cnr", Cho;cest Fruits, &e. ever oll'erej to tho Inliibilanto of this btate, consist ing in part of the followingviz i sun An s, . Double and Single Refined, Crushed and Urown. T KAS, Imperial, IIy.-on, Gunpowder, Young Hyson, Hy son Skin, Suction; and I'o.ichon;. COFFEE, Old Government Jnn, Lautiira. &c. IfltWITS, Now Malaga and S nliana ltaisin, Currant", choice French Primes in glas jars, Uordeattx soft .-helled and lielled Almond, Figs, Citron, New Tamarind-, Olive, Capcr, Cocoa and Madeira Nuts, l-'ilhcris, 4cp. Sardine in Olive Oil, Anchovies and Dutch Hennas Italian Maccaroni and Vrimirelli Frcm.h Piol.cU, London Walnut Ketchup and JujulePaite, Nutmegs, Maze and other spice-", French sweet ChocolnlenuiKuperior Cocoa, French preparedand L'n;lih .Millard, Olive Oil, Sperm Oil and Candle, Hct colored Sperm Candles, for pasties, Castile, Var.'egalcd and Family Soap. Also, The Pent Hollaiid ( Cm. French Cojinao and Cognac Clumiiatgn, lor medicine, the real Heid-ick Champaign, Orange Curr.iena Liqueur, Spanish, Frinchami German Wine, Vintages u' 182.2 and 1831, for medicine. Their i-toelc of imported Cigars iunsnrpascd, eon siling of the following choice llramU I La Union, liegalia, Jaquez,l!nlamiia, Manilla Chcr(iols,Princes iVirma , alo the German SmoUing Tobnecu Kanas ler and long Dutch Pipe. Thesubscnl cr expect not to hoard up treasure in time lil.etlic present, nor would thev 1 o dis,io-cdso to do among llie citizens ol a place where they have been welcomed with such cordial liberality, hut they do hope that the peculiar care and attention I bey hao bestowed in the selection of llicir various goods 'should Lc rew arded by finding purchaser." fur them, that they may liercufer be eiieouiased (ol ring: again into the market thei'hoiec-t novel articl's with which they are now supplied and which they offer tolhepiiblio on terms which they comeienciou-ly declare as cov ering a inot reasonable advunco on Ihe cot price. OSTHELM & illCHOLLS. College St. next toJIr. W.uts extensive Crockery Sioie. O. & M. also 1 eg leave to mention that llioy have removed lheir Dry Goods to Chiirili Street, next Drv Good. Store lo'Mr. Howard's. Thev rc-nvclf.illv iiivile the Ladies lo call who will find this Prices of Sill;-, Shawl, Moiisehno do Luiuei, Ca!licoes,&c. VKIIT CHEAP. MAHOGANY tfc ROSEWOOD TMIE subscriber has received a large lot of Ma- hogany and lloscicood, on Conignmcnt, which ho is authorised io sell at New Yoik prices; consist ing ol Crotch Shade ami Mottle Vcnccrs of all quali ties ami prices, Iioaiilsof 1-1,. 1-8, 7-8 and 1 Inch thick, Hoards suitable for Tiiblemnil Coffins. Mahogany Plunk or 1 1-1,9 and 2 1-2 Inch thick. l.iVF. nni3sjrFBATiir.ns. A largo supply on hind of Luc Gee-e Feather-, of country collection, lor tu cent, per pounu, uasli. til VIHS AT WHOLESALE &- ItETAllj, cf all l;in.lan I nIow n.s canjio bought in Vermont, may 1 e found at tlio old dnnd of Nebon nnd Gates, oppo-ilolhfi old Haul; on Church street, or two doors north of tho Cuihohc Church, Si. Paul tircel. C. It. NELSON. Burlington, Nov. 10, 1812. 2 ltf CAUPENTE1VF iy JOINER'S TOOLS. SLATER'S eclc! rated Shcffild fSraro and Iliit-, trying Squares, mortice Gouge--, and l!evils, Plows and Piane of every de-criptinn j Augur, Augur Bill-, Flaming Firmer, and turning Chi-els and Gome-; Plane Iron-, a Urgoa-sorliuent of Hand, Pannel, nnd Hack Saws, Taper File, Steel Square.-, iijiiiiiuT-, uroau Axe, c. ivc. Strong's buildin?, College st. VM. J. HUNT. Nov. 11, 1812. 1IAGAR &, ARTHUR A HE now receiving new J.X. new siippiicsoi SADLERY, COACH AND SHELF HARDWARE, in all its vanties. DRUGS & MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, VAR NISHES, &c. etc. Burlington, Vt. ; II th Nov. 1S42. J On noAitn STmMr.n Dbiimngto.v, at Fid lch's, Su.Nitisc Tuesday Moit.v tsa, 8 Nov., 1S-12. TO THE 1' HOP Mi: -The noble vessel is just now riirht and lefiin? around th "mneifnl nr.;.. abovo denoted prtparatory to arming nt the head of u iu ope, or ins nguro known as i.ako Cham plain, from which may be taken tho road lo Boston across tho Green Slountains of Vcrd Jlont, or pass on down the fertile Valley of the Hudsen. 'via canal, or otherwiso to tho great Commercial Emporium of Ncw which latter place I am now bound for the many desirablo articles designed for tho fair pat rons of tho People's Cheap Cash Store, where in a frw days according to tho common course of events Ihcy will bo taken to that Establishment in liurlin to", t. by tho People's own agent, HOWARD." TOTAVEKX KKKPERSAXn GltOCERS in uio oinioiii Vermont, rpiIE SUBSCRIBERS beg to Inform them that X they havo on hand a large and choice assort ment of GROCERIES, WINES AND LIQUORS, consisting of Si-runs, Teas, Corrtn, Vuvm, nnd CinAnS! Minrmi. Atmni .nl l)nn. U' . i. . ..... , ui ..1KI.-JI JA. jiaica and &t. Cnoix Rumi Coonao Bbandv and hollanpuin, lacnicaam,) Willi wlucti they can bo supplied at wholesalopricesat their New (Jcrman Store. on Collcgo St., next door to Mr. Wait's eitcnsivo vnanvr OIUIU The Subscribers would imito tho Tavern keepers and Grocers of ihe vicinity lo call and judge for themselves, and those who may please lo send their orders will bo faithfully attended to. ,. OSTI1EIM tfc MICHOLLS. Burlington, Vt., Nov. 9, 1842. 21-tf TO COUNTRY $ OTHER MER CHANTS. fr DOZEN Ten ami Poclet Knivo, on cards of tW one dozen eaelij J(l iloz. hci.sor, dn. 12 doz. Razors in n'ng'ccases, which wero I ought low and will be sold by ihe card or package at such prices that they can searoely fail to allord the retailer from 75 to 100 per mil. ndvante, Sirons's building, College st. WM. J.HUNT. Nov. 11, 1&12. Lamps for Students. SHADE LAMPS FOR STUUENTrt, for sale by WM. J. HUNT. Nov. II, 1SI2. Saddlery Hardware. A GENERAL assortment of Harness Ma'.crs' and Saddlers' Hardware. Wh. J, HUNT. Nov, II, 1812. Pill O -H, O I I'M ! ITION TO SEt.1i LANDS. STAT E OF VERMONT, .j A To probato court held District ofCln'ilenilcn, ss. ( J. at Burlington, with in and for the district of Chittenden on tho ninth day of November, A. D. 1842, present the Hon. Charles Russell. JudioElias Lyman; of Burlington aforesaid having plied in said court his petition in writing, set ting fortn that ha is guardian of Wm. C. Harrington of said Burlington, and George E. Harrington now of Boston, in tho State of Massachusetts, minor sons of Georgo Y. Harrington, late of said Burling ton, decensed that said wards are seized, is tenants in common, in their own right in fen of tho following described lots of land, situated in St. Albans in the county of Franklin, vizi lots numbered nintry nine, twenty one, ont hundred terenty tlght,ont hundred ttrenty nine, two hundred tight, two hundred nine, and one hundred scrcniy one i main would tie con ducive to the interest of said wards to have the whole of said lots of land sold for tlfo purpose of pultius tho proceeds of such salo at interest, and praying said court to licen?o him. tho said guardian to sell all of said lots of land i TiiEBEroan, tho court aforesaid doth appoint the (trtitfy eighth day-of November, 1912, for hearing nnd deciding on said petition, at the office of tho Register of said court in said Burlimrton, and doth order tint all persons interested bo notified thereof by publication of this order, containing tho substance of said petition, thrye weeks successively in tho BcnLiNOTON FnEE Paras, n newspaper ptin ted in said Burlington, tho last of which publications' to be previous to the dtry appo.ntcd as aforesaid for a hearing. Given under my hand at said Burlington this ninth day of November, A. D. 1912. . Wm. WESTON, Register. WAOON MATS, for salo by WM. J; HUNT. Strong's 1 uildimr, College at. i B irlinglon, Nov. II, 18 13. ,f 81. Hardware. THE subscriber continues to have on hand a gen eral and well seleclcl assortment of Hardware, in its various branches, all of which he will sell very lout fur Cash, nnd would respectfully solicit attention to tho same, from those wi-hinz to purchase. Wm. J. HUNT. Slong'.s building, College Si., Nov. 11, 1812. Al.llAW AND nOSTON IlAIb ItOAl). Fare through to noston 8.". .'tvfllllll I. .1111 llllMiill l,' i'vj-iiiii. ivu, J till- lLj.Ul at Greenl'ii-h at 1 before 7 o'clock preci-cly every mnrnins, (Sundays excepted.) arrives at Chatham 8, at PittslUld 9?, at Springfield 121 M. at Worcester 3j P. M. and at Boston G. Ureal fast at Chatham. Passengers must leave Albany, by the south ferry, not later than Cj o'clock. Tho aftei noon train leaves tlio Depot in Grcenbush at i before 1 o'clock, arrives at Chatham at 2 o'clock, at Pittsfictd 3i, at Springfield G). i Passengers can leave Springfield at G A. M. and ar rive in Boston at 11 A. M. Passengers leave Albany as above at 12J o'clock, and not later to insure a passage. The cars of the Hudson and Berkshire road will run between Chatham and Hudson in connexion with bath trains. I'OIl IIMITFOIW AND NEW HAVEN. Pa-sengers leaving All any in the morning from Greenbusli, arrive in Sprinnficld nt 12 m. may leave Springfield at 1 o'clock for Hartfoid thence by cirs arrive in New-Haven by 7 j p. ni. ; or leave Grcenbush in the i before 1 p. m. train, arrivo in Springfield at G p. in. thence nt 8 a. m. by Steam Boat lo Hartfoid, arriving iliero at 11 thence by Steam Boat at 2 p. in. arrive in New York next morning by 6 o'clock, or they may leave Hartford for New Haven by Rail Hood at G p. m. and arrive there at 7i p. m. Steamboat leaves New Haven for N. York daily. To GitEENrim.n, n an over and HA VERUILL. Stages will leave Springfield, daily, at 9 P. M. for Haverhill, via Northampton, Greenfield, Bratllcboro' and Hanover. Stages also tun daily from West Brookficld to Waio and Enfield from Palmer to Tines Rivers, Bclclirrtown, Amherst and Monson Fiom Wilbra ham to South Iladley and Northampton. Fare to Springfield S3. Passengers aro particularly requested to procure tickets heforo taking seals in the cars. Tickets can be obtained in Albany atG. R.Payne's office, 2S Broadway, or at ticket ollicc in Depot, at Grcenbush. FREIGHT DEPARTMENT A Freight Tram will leave Grcenbush uaily, (Sundays sxccpled) for Borton, at 5 A. M. Charges for Flour to all stations cast of Springfield, 37S els. per barrel. First c1u-b freight, such as, linpurtJ Diy Good, Teas, lionnctB, Hoots and Shoes, &c, $9 per 2000 lbs. 2d class, sue'.i as Hides. Leather. Hcnm. Crass s.-r-d. M,.-..:.... I... I. ..!(....., .1... n . Fresh meat and Fish, at G EO per 2000 lbs. 3d class, such as Cotton, Dvo Woods, Molasses, Sugar, Ac. at ijpcr.-wu ids. nil class, sucn as uoai, uram, ri Iron, Lumber, Wood, &c, at SI per 2000 lbs. Parcels les than 1.000 lbs. nt first class rates. Every information will be given at ihe office in tho uepoi at urccnuusn. S. WITT, Freight Agent. W. H.TOW.NSKND, -Vaster Tran-portation. Depot Greenbu-h, Nov. 8, 1812. October 20tli, 1812. LOVELY & SEYMOUR ARE now openmir and oV.'er for sale a heavy slock of i,-aoiial.lo DRV GOODS, to which thn m. teniion of purchasers is repecifully invited. The Muuii i-oiiipri-c.s a largo variety ot BItO AD CLOTHS, HEAVER CLOTHS, Ca-simere, Alnaecas. Bombazine-, in shon. rvprv article nci-c-ary lo con-tilute a full assortment of 1UU UIIU llllLT UOOil. ALSO a good assortment nf CROCKERY and a largo quantity of DRY GROCERIES. Tho public are assured that , ihe above are for sale OH. Josenli Wnii. GIVES notice that he has purchased ihe slock of GOODSofhislatcparlncrsinthoCROCKERY business, and that he will continue to pack crates of eror-herv nnd i.l;ia u-nrn 1.-1 nr.lAr n. Trn... -.--.i. i Boslon prices. Ho has now his fall supply for llie fall trade, and respectfully solicits merchants in this, and adjoining Counties, to examine his stook and pTiees before they purchase in market. iiuiiiiigiuu, uct. 1U, i5W Good Things Wanted in Exchange for good Good?, A Few cords of GOOD SEASONED HARD WOOD, GOOD GREY CLOTH, GOOD PLAIN FLANNFL, GOOD TABLE BUTTER, by Oct. 27, M2. w.M. IWRLIWT. Also A Good Cook Stove, for talc as abovo. Labor Saved I N Cleaning and Scrubbing by using some scrub- . Inn!? rtrnilir-e wliiM. t-a clinlfl.n l.n r. :i. 7T , , ..v.- ii.ijjj.j- iu those who wish) the price saved m hard work hy one day s use. 1'ancdob.s fc IIsixsmaiq. VARIETY Of nnnns OLR (rit-nds nnd cu-tomcrs from town or county wishing lo buy Cn-tors, Wailcrs, Platnl, German Silver, Iron orl'ewler Spoon', Tea Pot.-, Tumblers, Lamp., Cups, Cream Cup-, Spittoons, Hru-ht's, Combs, Clock-, Sunder.-', Tr.y. Candle-i-iicks ami all such good- ns aredaily needed in ("ami. lies, are respectfully nnd cordially invited lo look at tnmi ll'llicll VI'.. 1....!., n ...It l .1 """p... iu r-ii, vi 'i iu Av.ji,j .ii iuw ori el's; wowilltry to suit all, with good goods at low nriccs. It rn.t. iir.tlilnn m ln,.l. at tl...... 20 PANGBOR.N & UlllNSM.MD. Copartnership Notice. VfOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership 1 heretofore existing under the firm of FARRAR, wait .fc imrvr i. .r,;. ,i,. .i;i...i ...... .j. .in. mi. uiaaui.cil uy IllUlUill consent, Joseph Wait having purchased the stock and debts of E. L. Farrar and II. F. Root, Joseph Wait is duly authorized to settle all (ho affairs of the latehrm. EBEN L. FARRAR, nail, ,. . , HIRAM F. ROOT. Burlington, Oct. 10th, 1612. All Persons having unscltlol accounts with the late firm aro requested to coll and adjust them with, out delay, at the store of tho subscriber, corner Church and College St. JOSEPH WAIT. WINOOSKI IRON 1'OUNDHY AND MACHINE SHOP. rPHE Public aro hereby notified that this establish- JL mm! in fhnrniiflilv t.tmirpil .n-lm ...ii:.... t will. II, Iv-nulllCDS IU receive orders for CASTINGS OF ALL KINDS, such as Potarh, Farmer'sand Chaldron Kettles of all sizes i Plows, Wagon Axliui and Box is, Sleioii Shoes. iSre. A Lin, I. nr MI n. ..:. : i Water Pipes, will be made of the very best materials and sold on leasonablo terms. Also, will bo mads lo order, i:nslne and Hind r..-th.. of all siics, finished in a workmanlike manner Also, Iron Turning and Boring done on short notice. MILXiWRICiHT WORK and Patterns of all kinds, made (o order ri-All orders addressed to tho subscribers it Bur hngton will bepunctuslly attended to. (Old Iao.v Wantid. BROWN & GROSSMAN, Ruihngton, Oct. IB, 1813. 21- 3W ' L A It G E AUCTION SALE T0M0RRW, BY H. THOMAS. Saturday and Wtdnttday. S' TOVES nnd P1PK, KITCHEN FUnNlTUUH, 1 K or mine Ulcnsili. Slcislis find Wnirfrnns. Dnv t.i: tt.,i.i,n. r'it.r a iZ a i . tn in mum iiuuuki vsiuuiiiig sxioui Jt iui'c tot of Fur and Cloth Winter Caps. on ics conunupu m mo evening. Nov. 4,1842. DANCING SCHOOL. IHv. CTrovijc Sfrttnticrs, WOULD rc-peclfully return Ins thanks tot pie of B-irlington, Slicll.urn. Richmond. to the nco- Wl ! ton, Li'x, Jericho, and vicinity, for the literal pat ronage heretofore extended to him, and would inform Ihcm'that he will ru-oren his clave- in Iho-e nlares , Li'x, Jericho, and vicinity, for the lil.ei in the oour.-e of the coming monih. The latest stylci Ol AFAS'ISII DANCES, WALTZES, WUADR1LL9, t.ONTItA Dances, Ac. will be tnughl. Balls and parties fur-ni-hed with llrt rale mn.-io a u-ttal lie mav I u found at Howard'-. Hotel, Uurlinstnn. Burlington, Oct. 29, 1812. ' 23lf A Great Race. THE money that lias given so great a cha'o for Clu-ait Good mav uverial.o "and feeuru lliein el'celunlly by Inking the up and Joins-, quirk nnd chean cash road to HOWARD'S.' Culdand frosty, bright andenrly Tliur-day n ornmg, Nov. 4, 1812. J UsakA . - - ".7. v iiiiv J iiiiiui v.-a -.nil- ii f sale bv tho subcriLcr, at iko whole-ale N. V. price.., fur'Ca-h. H.W.CATL1N. l I, t, l.' 'I-1 V f L . c II 1 i 1. r. flov. 3,1842 23 Fashionable Millinery. MRS. M., TTAS iii-l returned from New York Willi the new JLJ. f.t-liioni for Cloaks, Dresses, Ilonncts, and caps; slicba-i an a-surtineut lit Kur Neck Tics. Hons, SHU Velvets, T.nwns, Gimps, l''iin?e3, ul l'Movvers; Ciloves, .viltts.lloiinct Silks, Trliiuulniiiss, anil many ot: ler articles; Allof which hc will tell as cheap as they can Lenf- lurucu, or won; i iiem up in oruer. Vurlinglon, Nov. 1, 1812. 23v3 1TOTIOB To those who wish to buy Cloths. THE subscriber has ju-t re.-eivej and now o!!er for mie .too v'ds of heavy Ii llcavcr. lilot,nud Hroad Cloths of nlmo-t every colour and siyie, wiiicn ne win mii irom "ja insu percent, lens (ban hae bcretufore teen sold in this market. 11. W. CATLIN. P. S. Any one can le saliMicd that the above i no iiuniniig ny caning una examining the price and qualilie of my cloth. II. W. C. Nov. 3, 1312. - . 22 LYMAN &- COLE, -7-ANT 2,000 IU GOOD BUT! Kit. &. 2,000 T V liii-hcls ol goon mereliaiitable OA I a in ex change for good, to be deliveiedin 30da. They have on hand a large a ortinvnt of Double Milled single wiJih Black and Oxford mix Cloths; ato. uroau anu ueaver viuin. JSurlington, Nov. 3, 1812. MATCHES. A SUPERIOR ART1CLK in litllo safe loxc, also the sawed and split Matehe; also French Lucifer; also -onto in tin boxes for sjIo by the gro, uozen or -ingie oox. I'ANanonN & UntxssuiD. M. G, RATIIBUN, DRAPER AND TAILOR, TLTAS ju-t relurned from New York, wiih a full rX . sort incut of V2 ST1NGS,TRIWIBI1NGS, (XC-, oi uie iiiu-i lasuiouauie auu Miperior quaiuy, and will execute all order in Inc most rAsinoKAiiLu -stile. JJurlington, Oct. 23, 1812. 23.f Earthen Milk Pans. TOSKPII WAIT ha jut received a supply of u urown i.jruien . milk i'ans, lor sale attiie uro.'K erv lore, corner of Church and College tta, Novemhrr 4, 1813. 23 EartlitMi Klowfir Pots. Awi.,.i.v irniiui "utiMi.ii r lunri 1 JII reiftveJ nnd fur le chcair at the Crookerv ik.u .rni I. W...II ' . l ' A Qn... 1.. r.f nPn...n l.'...l.A.. T-l n . . ".v, w.tll v.. svil Mill Ullll v.v;ilcU !., II) SiNuv. -1. 23 JOS1-.PH WAIT, CASH PAID tor FLAX SE1CD LINSML'D OIL and OIL MIIAL for -ale by STII.r.S & McKl.ltOY. , At tho Oil Mill at the Fall. flurlinglon, .Nov. 1, 1812. 23,iy FOR CASH IN HAND. TTRY COOI'S for sale cheaper than were ever -fc-' huwim i.v-iure in uuriingidu. . SIDNKY BARLOW. Pearl St., Burlington,! Nov. 4ili, IS 12. 23-lf GEO. PETERSOiV. iFFF.ltS FOR SALE, on terms adapted to tho ' umi-a, 15 bids, fresh ground Buckwheat Floci, I O bbls MacinaeU THOUT : and 10() Cords Hard WOOD, each a good article of its kind. Oct. 25, 1S12. 21tf Matches. 100 Gross jtist recoivi.'d and for snlo by Oet. 5lh, IS-12. VILAS, LOO.MIS vt Co. Dissolution. npilK Coparlnrr-h'p heretofore existing I clwreu inc nuu-cui uuui-rillt.' Iirill Ol A. W U, 11U," TWIL'Kj i-, by mutual con-cut, Ibis day di-olved. Tin I. ii, I lifts nf, In. r.ntii-..r.. I, . ....I.t ... :.t t. . u u. ..... . , ,, ui;rtlliv. nil CI 1 1- er of the partner, at the old stand previous lo the first of January next at which time all un-eiiled .vititio . ... , i. 1,1k nil .in ii i ii. i nt- iur ri iitvnuu, ANSON BOSTWICK, i:OKGE BOSTWICK. Burh'nglOn.Nov. 1, 181-2. 23tljan. N. I). The bu-inos will hereafter be contiuued by George Ito-twk-k, at thu old stand. l'AXCUORN Si HltlXS.MAII), AGENTS FOR SHLRMAN'S LOZL.NGLS. CIROWN PKOPLK my they are the p'raanleM T nnd inn. ii n-.lil-., ninlim... 1., ..... ..... . ..ii.u iii..itniu 111 nov;, J', l,i lllllll qiianlilie-arefold, and every body like ihem. r'nv man iniiii, r.-q. cuiiur 01 i ue .nerciinnt' .'lauajine, says Ihey cunn hi cough in a few hour-. I'lieR-tv. Mr. nf ,1.., TIT..1 )na I ,.l 1. cured of a very I ad eold and eough iu line day. ' The uc. .nr. Aiiiiiuuy,ri iiie.iicinoui.-i cniirrli wa- cured ofeon-iim-.tioi by Ihem. SIIKRMAN'.S WORM LOZF.NGKS have Mtved Ibo lives of ilioiidand. Ask W. K. Kvan, F.q. G naisrr n, i no unit, ruvaru j, rorler, lion. II. II. BeanU'cy, Dr. G. Hunter, and nearly all our phyj. nans what they think of Sherman's Lozenge-, and tuey win leu youtliey are excellent the only infaUa Ue ineibeincs known. SHKR.MA.N'S CAMPHOR mZHN'GIS are real .iililfiln. In l...l.t, .:..: iT --iiiiv uc, jioii-iitiiiiMi, Bv:.i--iv-hlieM-,lllW- ness or tpirns and ile-pondcncv or llie e.Iecu of di -ipatirm. Capt. Chadwiek ol the Wellington, Mr. Aekermad. iherreiil kin iimnif-r !Mm-nr rrfa.L- a...l aln?,'J,rv,;ry 1 '"'y lnow their value. ' POOR MAN'S PLASTKR-Slicrman'swemean- co-is nt tent, and it certain In cure rheumaium, iiml ago, pain or weakness In Ihe brenn, fJo or hack, a -O nile Itnd .....rin. ...t..,.. to the part. Aik JneHnxie, or anyone who has .,, ...... wmiiu pive o ior one fooncr than live renu (oroll other plasters. n , "' y, .' rosiiively rure.l by Sherman'. Pam InrvOi . vv.,1..., ial... .li..i i r-. .v - t , '.wui inning iiici-iiuvi iiuiu Ilia lirrnM. Vt. nhprmaii il.ipa t......ln.i.. .u. i -i , i fuiiivuiariy utai imrviia-rrs should be careful that they get the genuine Sherman' - , i i - .-i,i, mi- nr v-uiii,i i-v ait iiuuinuie lor tho worthies article that may otherwise be palmeJ upon Ihem. ' ntmtmber you can get the OrKerxE of 311. PAKnunnvr )..,...... ,1,1 OJ.A111. Clolk Cans. CHIbcrt Uarto'g Kstatc. WE the subscriber-, having been appointed by ibo llonornlle the Probale Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden, eoninii., ioncrs to receive, exam ine nnd adjust the claim, and demands of all person against the eslnteofOILBERT BARTO.Inleof liino4 burgh, in tnid DiMnct, decea-cd, represenlcd iiifol venl, nnd alo nil claim, and demands exhibited in o.IVel thereto; nnd six month from th dav of the dale heieof, being nllowod by mid court for that purpose, weilu llierelore hereby give notice, Hint wc will at tend to i lie business of our appointment at the dwell ing (f John i. Patrick, m llinc-hiiigh, in raid District on the fir.-l Mondays tifMuvcmlcr and May next, nt 1 o'clock, P. M., on each ofsnid days. Dated, tin 12ih day r.fO.tober, A. D. 1812. joiin s. Patrick, . rm,i..t.r. DAM EL l'ATRICK. jr. j C-,imf"Imrt. Jcori;c Muore's Mutate. STATU OF VKRMO.NT, ) Tho le tho Pro District nf Chittenden, j bite Courl f r lh ll-tr ct of Chittenden, to all person- concerned in thee-tnte of George Jtuore late of Burlington in raid Di-lrl.'t, decea.eil. Gf.etino. WHIIItlCAS, thcaJminl-tralCMof llici'sinletl'iaid dccea-ed, pr po-es lo render nn account of their ad-mini-lrnimn, and prc-ent their account against said estate foruxamination and allowance at a -o-sion of llie Court of Probale, to be holden nt the Regitcr' ndice, in t-aid diitncl, on tho second WeJiie-day of Deeemlcr next. Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear I efore smd Court, at Ihetimeand place afure-aid, and -how cause if any you have, why the account aforcaid tlieulJ not I o allowed. Given under my Innl nt BurliLgton this 1st dny of November A. D. 1842. 23 Win. WliSTON, Register, WE Ibo subscribers, having been appointed by tlio Honorable the Proline Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amide and adjust the claims nnd doman Js of all per sons ogainst the estate of IRA SMITH, Into of Williston, in said District, deceased, represented In solvent, and alo all claims nnd demands exhibited in ofTset thereto) nnd six months from the day of the dote hereof, being rdlowid by paid Court for that pur pose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that we will allend to the business of our appointment, at tho dwelling of Widow Hannah Smith, in Williston in siid District, on the fmrth Mondiys November and March next, nt 10 o'clock, a. m., on each of siiddayf. Dated this 12th day ofOctober, A. D. 1SI2. Alonzo F. Fixroy, Commis- 22 Tnnaos Win-slow. sioncrs. UN1TKD STATUS DISTRICT COURT, Vermont listiicl. IN 15ANKUUPTCY. Notice to show cause against Prtlon of CALVIN WH1TK of Milton in said District, to be declared Bankrupt, nt Ihe office of Samuel Pren tiss, District Judge, in Monlpelicr, in said Distii t, on Wednesday, December 11, 1342, 10, A.M. GUY SPLNCKRof Burlington in said Di-lri-t, lo 1c declared Itankrupl. nt the od-ceol'Samuel Prcnli--, Histrii'i Judge, iu Montpe'ivr, in md Di-trL't, on Wedlicdav, Decern! er 1 1, 11-12, 10, A. M. 7.IRA ELLIO IT, ofStarkloroiu -aid Di-trict, to le deeiarevl Baiikrupl. at tlieoiTkeofSatnuel t Prentis-, District Judge, in Montjic'ier, iu said Histnci. on Weduo-day, Dei-ember 1 1, 1812,10, A.M. DANIJ.L II. 'll'CKKR of Hum n.'ir.n, iu said Dis trict, to l.e declared Bnnkrupt, at ihe oilive (ifS.nn-ui-1 Pientls-, District JuJse, in Monlpelicr, in -aid District, on Wednc-day," Deccmler I I, 18)2,10 o'eloi-k, a. M. JOSKPH COOK of Burlington, in -aid Di-trict, lo 1 u declared Bankrupt, nt the o'.Iiec of Sauniel Pren tiss, District JuJ.'e, iu Moulpibcr, in saiJ District, on WcJne.ilav, Dei-emler 11, 1312, 10, A. M. GKOitGK WHl'liHT ol Colchc.-ter, in said DNtriet, to be declared Bankrupt, at the oHicc of Samuel Prcnli , District Jwlge, in .Montpelier, in tail Dis triei,(iii Wednesday, Deccmler 1-1, 1812, 10, a.m, JOSI-.PH SMITH, Junior, of Richmond, in -aid Di triet, to le declareil Bankrupt, at the ofiice of Samuel Premiss, Di-trict Judge, in Monlpelicr, iu sa d District, on Wednesday, Decern! ir lllb, IS 12, 10, A. M. LEVI BROWN, of Burlington, in .said District, to l.e declared Bankrupt, at the nil'.iocif Samuel Prentis-, Di-iricl Judge, in Montpelier, m -aid Di-trict, on WeJitc-d iv, Dcveml cr 1 l b, IS 12, 10, A. M. ALVAH JOlI.NsO.N, ofli.irlington, in ail Di.slriet, tote de.-larod Bankr.ipl, at Ihoollieeof Sjiui.el Premiss. Di-trict Judge, iu Montpelier, in -aid Dis trict on Wediu d.iy,l!iieml cr I l,h,1812,10, A. M. JOHN OAKS, of North Hero, in ,nid Di-tnet, lo be declared B.inkrupt, at the o.'lieeof Sani iel Preuti , DUtni't Judge, in Montpelier, iu said Di-tnct, on Wedne-day, Diienilt-r Mill, 1812, 10, A. 31. iU.MNKR UOCKWOOD, of Burlini-ton, lor his Di-eharao and Ccnilicoie as Ilankriipl, at (be of iice of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, ill Mont pelier, iu said Di-iricl, on Tuesday, the tenth day of January, 1 S 13, at ten o'clock, A. M. ABLI. CHOOKKIt, of Burlington, for hi Discharge and (.'ernticaten llunkrupi, at the oilive ol'Sain uet Prenlu-s, Df-trivt Judge, in Mnnlpelier, iu said Di-tnei, on Tue-day, the tenth day of January, 1813, at ten o'clock, A. M. ' DL'.NAJ.Ul S. PUBLIC, of Alhurch, for his Di iharge and Ccrtilirate as Bankrupt, at the ols-ain'.el Prcnilt., District Judge, in Monlpelicr, in aid Di-trict, on'luo-d.iy, ihe icmh day of Jan uary, 1 5 13, ntlcn o'clock, A. M. JOHN C. JACKSON, of IVcihi!', for bis Di, charge and Certificate as Ban1 rup', al the oifice ol .-vim-iei Prcniiss, Di5iriet Judce, in Montpelier, iu aid District, imT,ie-day,lliu tenth clay ol'Jitu nary, 1813, at ten o'clock, A. M. ItOSWLLL M. SINCLAIl!, 0f We-lford, fr hi. Di-charge and fcnilicalc as Itankrupl, nil In-office of Samuel Preuti, District Judge, in .Mnnl pelier, inaid Di-iricl, mi Tue-d.iy, the tenth day nf January, 1813. at ten o'clock, A.M. HLMtY BOAHDMAN, Junior, ot Jl-.ex, lor bL-Di.-cliargc and Cerliticrueas llinkrnpt, at the of fue ol" Samuel Prenlis-, Di-tnct Judsrc, tn Monl pcliir, iu said Di.-irict, on Tuesday, i he tenth dav ofJanuary, ISH, ntlcn o'clock, A.M. FISllliR'l H, of Burlington, for his Discharge anil Cerlil'u-.ite a. Bankrupt, at the oiLVe ol Sam uel Prentis-, Di-lriei Judge, in .-aid Disiri-t, on Tuc-ilay, the tenth day of January, IS 13, al ten o'clock, A. M. TIMOTHY W. Ii. NICHOLS, of I.Vex, fur his DiM-hargo nndCcrlificaliMis ltankripl,at llie of fice ol'S iniiiel Prcnli-, Di-lrii-l Judge, in Mont pelier, in --aid Di-tricl, on Tiie-dav, llie tenth day ol January, 1813, al ten o'clock, A.'.M. DAVID I. U' Albiirgh, lor InsDi-ehnrge aud Ceriili.Mie o Bankrupt, at the oliceol Sam uel Picnti--, Di-tnet Ji'dge, in Mnntpelicr, in said Di-lnci, on Tnc-day, the tenth day of January, 1813, at ten o'di-c'-, A. M. MAR'l IN C. BOSTW1CK, of Underbill, for hi- Di charge snd Certificate as Ilankriipl, at the ofiice of Samuel Premiss, District Judge, in -Mon'pelicr, in sa.d District, on Tuesday, the tenth day ofJanua ry, IS 13, nl len o'clock, A. M. DAMLL II. LAKF, ot Slowe, for his Discharge an 1 Certificate s Bankrupt, at tho ollice ol" Samuel Pri'iiu'., Disiriet Judge, in MonipcliVr, in .-aid Di-lriel, on Tuesday, the tenth day of January, 1813, nl ten o'cbck.'A. M. SAMUL'L BAItTLKTT, of Jericho, for hi. Di. charge an I Ccrnlicaieas Bankrupt, at ihe office ol Samuel Preuti-, Di-incl Judge, in Monlpelicr, in taid Di-iriul, on Tuesday, ihe ti-ulh day ofjanua ry, IS 13, at ten i.VIcik, A. .M. ALBLliT (!. BLAKK, cf Milton, for hi. Di-chargi and Certificate a. Hanr.tpt, nl the odico of Sam. ucl Prcnli-., Di-iricl Judge, in Monlpelicr, in mo-' DiMnct, on Tue.-dav, ihu tenth day of January, 1S43, at ten o'clock, "A. Jl. JOH.N SI.NCLKAlt, of r.-n-x, for hi, ri-cc-hnrre .: CirnrK-ati. ll.tul.iupi, al Hie oifueol Samuel I Picnti-s, Disir ct Judge, in Monlpelicr, in raid Dis trict, on Tuesday, ihe tenth dav oi Jani.arv. 1S-13. ! al ten o'clock, A. Jl. TABOR I. SKWF.LU of Albnrgh, lor hi. Discharge and Certificate ai Ilankriipl, at the ofiice ol Sam uel Prentiss, Di-trict Judge, in Montpelier, iu rnul Di-inct, on Tne-day, the tenth day it J.iuuaiy, 1813. al leu o'clock. A.M. NATHAMKL BitOW.N.of Richmond, for bis Dis- cnargo anu Leriilicntea lianLr.ipt, al ihe ollico ol Samuel Prentis, Di-lrict Judge, in Montpelier, in sad District, on Tue-day, the tenth day of Janua ry. 18 13. at leu o'clock. A. M. AIINKK POI.LARD, ol B-ulingion, for hi. Discharge and Ceriificaleas Bankrupt, at the cfflivof Samuel Prciuis., District Judge, in Montpelier, in t-nid Dislricl, on Tie-day, llie tenth day ol'Jkuuary, IS 13. al leu o'clock. A. yi. JOSIR'A RKMM1NGTON, Junior, of llineburgh, tor in. Discharge and tcriihca r a- llanbr'pt, al Ihentnio of Sam- el Premiss, District JiiJrc, in Monlpihcr, hi tni.l Distric, on Tne-djv, the tenth diyol January. 1813. at ten o'ebek. A. M. Vr.RNON IIARItl.NGl'ON of Biiilmglon, for his Discharge and I criihenloas lianltrupl, at theonicc of.Samuil Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpelier, in said District, on Tuesday, Ihe tenth day of Janu ary. 1813. at ten o'clock A. M. LYMAN POLLAltD, of Burlington, for hi Di- ciiargcanii (.erliliculeai liaukrupt, nl tnc oinccoi Samuel Prcnti-s, District Jin'ge, in Montpelier, in ai.l District, on Tiic.-ulay, die tenth day ofJanuary, tenoVlock. A.M. MARK NOltltlS.of Clchcsier, for his Di-chargc an ) l erlilu ale a. llanKrupl, at the uibct ol sam, ml Pivnti.s, District Judge, in Monlpelicr, in mid Di-tricl.onTue-dav, the tenth day ol Janunry,1643. nticn o'duk. A. M. S1MKON COVILL, ol Burlington, for hi Disiharge ami Lcrliirniea.- uan&rupl.nt inunmce oi sainuti Prenii-s, District Jmlge, in Montpelier, in jaidDii tricl, on Tuesday, ihe tenth day of January, 1813, at ten o'clock. A. Al. NATIIAMF.L T.STlLrS,ol Dnderhdl, for hiDi- cnargean.l ucililic.uc as nanKrupi, ni ine omce oi Samuel Prrntiri, Dittrict Judge, in Montpelier, in laid District, on Tuesday, the Until day cf January, 1813. alien o'clock. A.M. FRANCIS JOYNKR, of Richmond, for his Dis- Charge anil uertilicnte as lianurupi at ine omcc oi .S'-iniurl l'rcniits. District Judge, in Montpelier, in ssid District, on Tuesday, the tenth day ofJanuary, 1R41. nl ten n'dnr-k. A. HI. SIMF.ON H.BLISS,ofF.ssf.T, for hisDitchargeand Certificate as Bankrupt, at the ollice or aamuci Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpelier, in said District, on lursnay, ine icnin irnj- m januaiy. SALE OF BANKRUPT EFFECTS, NOTICK Is hereby given that by virtue of flic several orders and decrees of Bankruptcy in lb" following cases, issued out of the District Court ol the United States, for the District of Vermont, I Mill sell at PUBLIC AUCTION, nt tbotiinoanl plactl hereinafter mentioned, such cll'ccts of Ibo Bankrupt') named bilow as I ccaino vested in me by vittuo of tliu decrees aforesaid. IJffeits of C.nry Monger of Colchester. All the right, title, and interest of Gory Slunger to a house and ono ncre of land, sitinto in Colchester, described in his s hiitule as llie dwelling bouse, o cupicd by him, and on vhich I.ymnn and Marsh hai n a claim of about five hundred dollars. Also, sundry Judgements, Notes nnd Accounts against the follow ing persons, viz i F.phraim Pike i (2.00, A. L. Hntb cwny 83,00, Cnssius Cooley 823,00, IraTubbs 63,ro, Fbcnizer Alien 31,51, Kenedy nf Cokhetcr 81,32, Albeit Duncan .SI CO, Ilmund Wellington 50 cent", James McCnin 83,00, Alphonzo Collins 8'2,20, John B. Killups Sl,9(i, John Smith 32,96, John llerrin ol Colchester for three cords wood, R. II. K -Hog 83,11 payable in Taib.ring, R. B. Kellog 81,81. The al ov safc at my ullico iu Burlington, Saturday Nov. 19, 1812. Effects of Chester l'arker of Underbill. A farm situate in the town of Underbill, fifty aen s, being patt of hundred acre lot No. 44, in the first division of lots in Ea'td town; nlso, suventv fivo acro, being part of lol No. 50 in tho sicond rfi visionof lots in snul luwn. Tlio nboo picces.of land will be sold subject to mortgage of tha Bank of Bur lington, a mortgage to Hosea Hpaulding, and a mort gage to Thomas Hoc! ley's estate, to secure the pay ment nf the several liabi'iiiies therein named. Also, a farm situate in said Underbill, c illuming one Ir.n died and seventy acre-, being land conu-yed by Cur tis Parker to Chester Parker, nnd which is suljsi t to a mortgage to the Bank of St. Alban3 to secure: the payment i f sundry notes amounting in the w hole lo fourteen hundred dollars exclusive ot intprct. A promisory note for sixty-tw o dollars, dated March 27, 1342, signed by Leonard M. Dixon iV Co. paynblo to Curtis Parker or bearer. Also, Ten cov, one two year o'd heifer, ono horse, six ling., one uncle wairgoR nnd nnp s-inrrln s'pioh. nn u hirh snndrv nl Inrbmptitfl I were made p'revin lo the decree of Bankruptcy of llie said umslir I'arKer, ami paid propirly si Id i mo w hole will now 1 c sold subject lo the several claimi or attachments, which will bo particularly describsd nt the lime of sale. Also, G Tons of ha)', 75 bushels of potatoes, G bushels of wheat, 130 sap tubs 1 chsl dron Kettle. 2 snp holdir", 1 gun, 1 cow, I buffalo skin. 1 saddle, 1 single harness. Sale of the above articles nt Martin C Barney's Inn, in Underbill, on Tuesday Nov. 22, 1S42, nt 2 o'clock P. M. r.fTectR of Lucius Woodard, of Ksscx. All the interest of Lucius Woodard lo lot No. 101 containing fifty acres, one equal undivided half of lot No. lu'l containing euhucn acres nnd three fourths, nnd five acres ol lot No. 1 13, alllwng in F.ssex, and which were mortgaged tu Orvill S- icbir, end Decree in Chancery pased thereon. Also, nil claim to lot No. 13 supposed lo bo forty four acres, together with Ihe buildings erected thereon in said Fsh-x. One Lumber Slitd built on Jrs e Thompson's land in Jericho, a note nrainst Merrill Pillows for smith work for $62,03, subject to an ofT-el of Mtrnll Fel lows, account ngaiusl said nolo. A judgment aymst Ro! crt McDaniels of L'ndirhill of 87 O'i, an account ngiinst Firris Doyle of F.s-ex lor SiO, payable in shingles. All claims w hicb may be due Lucius Wood ard arrisim,' out of a partnership herciof re existing bitween him and Merrill Fellows for Blacksmith work. One span of bay horses, fue tons of hay, one single waggon and Inrnesi. one double and one single sleigh, together with sundrv farming tnuls. Also l gun. The above als at Henry B. J-'tinlons Inn, in Essex, on Monday, Nov. 21, 1612, al 10 o'clock, A. M. effects ofllctivy, Jr. of Escx. About one hundrid and eighteen acres of land in the village of Henrys, file, District of Montreal, Cana da, subject lo Senior Mortgage and rents, to the amount of nlriul 8123, and also a mortrage to Henry Boardnnn of about Sfi.'O. Also, Lot .No. 2 of Blocfe No. 12, lot No. 7 of Block No. 47 in the village of South Port, Racine County, Territory of Wisconsin. Lot No. 5714 and 15 in 2J block north from south-east comer of ihe south-we-t quarter of fraclional section No. 19 in Township No. 2 north, range No. 2 least. Also, lots No. 7 block No. CO in the village of Keno sia in Racine County. Also, lot No. 6. 7. and 8 of block 43, lot No. 4 of block 41, lot No. 7 and 8 of bjeck No. 1 in lliev ilageof Burlington, Racine Coun ty aforesaid. The above sale nt my office in Burling ton, on Saturday, Nov. 19, 1312, at 2 o'clock, P. M. Effects of Itoswcll Jl. Sinclair, of Westford. All llie interest of Ruswill M. Sinclair to such por tion of produce railed on the hired farm on which he now lives , consi ling of pea, bay, ons, Ac. Sale at the house nf Roswell M. Sinclair, on Wednesday, Nov. 23, 1912, at 2 o'clock, P.M. KlTects of John Sinclair, of F.sscs. About fifty acres ol" lind on which John Sinclair resides, in Fssev, subject to a mortgage of J. Nichols, of six hundred dollars. A portion of tho produce raised on said farm, consist'ng of hay, com, potatoes, &c. Al-o, 100 lbs pork, one plough, oaedrag, one ox sled, nnd ono borso sled. The above salo at John Sinclair's, Wednesday, Nov. 23, 1912, al 11 o' clock, A. M. r.lTfcis of Simeon Covlll, of Rnrllngio". One ox cut, one horse cart, ono harness. A's", a enoprr's -hop situate on hind owned by Solomon Miller in Wilb'ton. Also, one pow No. 43 in lbs Brick meeting houo in Williston. Tho aho'esa'e at tho Kiglo IL.til, Wilbaton, on Friday, Nov. 23, 1312, at 2, o'clock, P.M. IClTects of Mark NorrN. of Colchester. The interest of Mirk Norris to his portion of pota toes, corn, oal, an 1 Indian when, prowinir on tha farm hired by him of Amns Brown of Colchesler. ANo a note nirninst Jacob R. Hddv for f-9 40 payable in maple sugar, no'e asain.t Jacob R. f.ddv for 83,39 payable in s ip nibs. 1 he above-sib nl Mar Nor'i' house, in Colchester, on Monday Nov. 2?, 16-1 J. at 2 o'clock P. JL NATHAN B. IIASWHLL, .lisignjf. Burlinston, October 23. 1312. mTiril'S RL'LIKF, warranted gen ir.i-,oM ly 23J I'ANGOO.IS it Bill.sJSM.llD. To Families and Invalid.:. DAI.IXY'S MAOICAL PAIN L.NTRACTOIt, lo cure l-rui-e., scal.l., an I all sore-, pain-, occ. Halm ot Columbia lor the hair. Hay'- Liniment to cine Pile-. Soothing Syr ip, for childicu and all kinds of Sher man's Lozenge-, Poor Man'. Plaster-, Tooth Pastes Ac., sold by Pan'obrkn s. BmssMAtn. Fashionable Cioods. rP!IF. subscriber has just returned from New Yoik A wiih ihe Fall Report nf Fashions it n full supply of COODS FOR GENTLF.MU.VS CLOTHING suitable lojihc season, consisting of Broad and Beaver Cloths, of the best quality in market. Do do 2d quality, Plain nnd Fancy Cassimcrcs of evcty stjle, colour and quality, Silk Velvets,' Wool Velvets, Slineli, Va'cnrii and (-ilk Vesting-- and Trimmings of every kind and ths htes' title, 'so, A rich variety of Slocks, Cravats, Scarf", Bo soms, Collars, Shins, .Suspenders, Gloves, &c itc. -all or which will bo sol mi prices to suit the limes fur ready pay. tie is ready lo male tu order on tha shone. I nonce nnvgarmcnt w-h-alsoever, necoiding to i h- most approved st le, nnd warrant fits in all cases. All former patrons' are S'.liciKd to cnulmuc llicir mironng.', hoping I y his urn" ring 7eal and attention to busme itn merit a share of ihe public pal ronnge. CUTI'INO fur o'hers tn make up will be attended to Willi Particular ailenwon and despatch. Shop on Church St., 2 doors south ofihe blink. C. L'KNNS.j-. Burlington, Oct. 23. 1SI2. 21w3 Value of Money to llie I'noplc. Hc OWARD of the Cheap Cn"h Sinre has again re . turned from New York, and in the mult nhcity nf engagements in receiving, opening, marking and ar ranging Ihe goods fr delivery, bo ns' s to be excused from 'nying at present, further than lha ( a complete sefbf new prices is bring attached to every dcsrnpt on of merchandise to correspond with the present low prices of domctdic commodities, and as tlio whnla trade is conducted on the Cash system, those having little or much meney can bnve their Goods chtoncr than ever btfore. Come and ceo at 121 Oct. 17, 1312. HOWARD'S. TO THE LADIES. Dr. Hull's Utero Abdominal Supporter. THIS new In-trumcnt ot (he radical cure of Prolapsus Fttn, or falling of the womb, ij external application, m-dins the ie of tho ih'ep'inn. n'le Pe-tiirv, i- conhVcnily recoha- niem'eil to i tie alliioie.1 as Hie means of net feet re-lrram n tohejlth. itner- er bav ing failtxl cl performing a uurc, even under ihe most agsravalftl rireunis;aii"e. The Supporter ha atlnined a very high ohiracer in Furopeas well ns in tin. eo'-nlrv. ll is ad.-p'tsl lo iheeHliredisii.-c ofpe.sarien, andall otter pa inful sur gical exped;rnls,in llie Lying-ni Ha-piial of London and raris.andis universally i'Ccommeiu'e.1 in Knrope bymedical men oftbo hmhe-t rank. In ihi-coimirt: it isni'lainedliyibe lea.linir inenil ers ol ihefaciillirsi of Collt'fes nnd HofpitaU, and by nil the eminent pri vate practitioners. CT Foa Si.r, sinffly or by tho dozen, by PECK & SI'EAO, Dealers in Surgical Instruments. Hair Dnishrs. 1 fi Doien (ine UOSr.WOOD HAIR BRIISH1 . I &

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