Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 18, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 18, 1842 Page 3
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h was severely foil nt both tlieso places. . Acorreipondent of tlio tAuob'ec Gaz. writes that " a smart shock of nn Earthquake occur red at Three Rivers firnl throughout tho district yesterday morning, 7th Nov., al 0 o'clock. The;, inhabitants were very much alarmed, and tho streois .tested the great excitement it en gendered, tho, citizens running generally from tbolr dwellings into tho strccs. Tho convul ion of tho earth lasted several seconds, and WM followed by n slight snow storm. A marriage ceremony was being performed in tho French Cathedral at tho time, and tho cene that ensued was ludicrous in tho extreme; some said that the church shook from Its found ation, so much that they thought it was tum bling down, and a rush to tho door was the consequence. However tho happy knot was tied, and the event no doubt will bo. long re membered by the bridal pa'rty. I cannot 'de scribe to you the noise accompanying this convulsion of tho earth ; suffice it to say, It was most singular and awful. I understand the Earthquake was felt also at William Henry, Bertbicr, &c. Frdrri Yucatan, Intelligence to the 21st ult has been received by the N.O. Bulletin. Thero bad not been a qattle between the troops of Yu caUn and thosa of Santa Ana, but ono was daily expected. The latter were wating for a rein, forement of 3000 from Vera Cruz, and a naval support, for an attack upon tho Campcachians. The Yucatanos were about 1700 strong. oNew Kind of Small Coin. We see it stated that Dr. Kiddie, of the U. S. Mint, in New Orleans, is at present occupied in making ox perimentson alloys of metal, to ascertain which description-of alloy is most suitablo for forming man coin, to be used as a circulating medium. He proposes to coin a three-cent piece of a composition or alloy of silver and copper, which hall be intrinsically worth that much. The ize of the coin will probably ba that of a half dime, and its color nearly that of silver. AisxtT rem Murder. We learn that an unhappy, affair occurred in Fairfield on Sunday, the 16tli ult, the particulars of which arc briefly these-1 Mr. Eu Cene Clifford, living near Fairfield pond, requested hie wife to accompany him on a visit to a friend, on the opposite side of the pond, asserting at the same time (what is reported not to be true, that they had beati specially invited so to do. Tho day was rather cold and unpleasant, and Mrs. C; made many objec tions, nut at tne earnest solicitation ci ncr nusoanu she finally consented and taking an infant child, they left home, and in crossing the water, the boat was up set, and the mother and child were drowned, while the husband and father escaped. Clifford's, story is that in ponsequenceof a strong wind tho boat rocked so violently that his wire and child fell into the water and that in trying to recover them he also fell in, and in falling, upset the boat.' He further says, that when he rose to the surface of the water ho saw the child and heard its cries, but as he was some distance from the shore, he made no effort, to save either the child or mother, and.wilh the. assistance of the two oars he swam ashore. .When landed safely himself, he made no effort to save them ; and instead ol going to a house near by, he went about two miles around the nond to a near neighbor and communicated the death of tho mother and child.- The bodies wero found on the same day, and the following day a cor oner's inauest was held, and a verdict riven "acci dentally drowned." Some suspicious circumstances coming to ngnta second inquest was called on Thurs day, snd a verdict given "wilful murder." Clifford wn accordingly arrested, and a court of examination beld, which resulted in his committal to jail in this .village for further trial. St. Albans paper. STATE OF VERMONT. . it me KicrtiEs-cv, citAntxs paixe, ooviisob, A PROCLAMATION. In conformity to a commendable usage of our Fa thers, I do hereby appoint Thursday, tho eighth day of December next, to beset apatt, throughout this State, as a day for the customary annual ofloringj of public Thanksgiving, Prayer, and Praise to Almifrhtv God. thnt during the nasi vpnr He has been graciously pleased to watch over all tho interests of our oommonweaiin anu guard them with paternal kindness and fostering care to shield our country from the desolation of foreign war, and our state from the grievous curse ofinternal sedition to dispose the hearts of our rulers to the preservation of harmony and peace and the cultivation of good fellowship with the nations of tho earth to preserve our lives and bestow upon us the enjoyment of health, security and repose, to crown the closing year with an abundant harvest, and reward the laborer for his toil to secure Us in the possession of our Liberties, the means of intellectual improvement, and religious consolation nd instruction, and tocontinuo to us the rich bless ings of good Laws, Republican Inslitutions and free Representative Government. And 1 do respectfully recommend that every employment, inappropriate to the proper observance of such a festival, may,' on that occasion, bo suspended, and that the people, for- fetfulofall dissensions and animosities, may assem la in their respective places of public worship,- and, with reverence, humility, and gratitude, consecrate the day to the riles of Public Thanksgiving nnd Praise 'to our bountiful Creator and Preserver. And while, with grateful hearts, we thnnk Him for the favors and privileges of the past, let us invoke a continuance of them through tho coming year i and as we praise him for His kindness and partiality to us, let us implore Him to extend the same inestimable blessings, which we enjoy, to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, nd people, until tho whole earth shall acknowledge his sway, and rejoice in His fatherly protection and -care. Given under my hand, and tho seal of am Slate, in ii.xecutivn unamoer, at Montpelier,,this twelfth day of No vember, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, and of-the Independence of the Uni ted States, the sixty-seventh. UHAKL1SS 1'Ali.lS. Bv his Excellency, the Governor, masr nALE, secretary. NOTICE. The Mechanics of Burlington are respectfully re quested to meet at the Court House, to-morrow eve ning, at G o'clock, for' the purpose of forming a Soci ety or Association, the object of which to be the ac quirement of Usefel Knowledge in all the Arts and Sciences. It is hoped there will be a general attend nee. In Hinesburgh, on the 9th ult, Mr. Casot M Clark, of Essex, N. V., to Miss Emesot Z. Livib. more of Hinesburgh. Bio d, At the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. D. K. Pang torn, of this town, Capt. Edward Farsimoton, aged 73 years. His funeral will be attended this morning' at 10 o'clock. Clarisa Gates' Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. I rnHG Hon. the Pro District of Chittenden, j JL bate court for the District or Chittenden: To all nelsons concerned in the estate of CLAUISA GATES, late of Montreal, in the Province of Canada, deceased, who died pos sessed of estate in said district. Greeting. Whereas, Cbaile Adams, Administrator of the estate ot saiu cieceascti, proposes to render nn account oi nis auminisiranon, ami pre.-enl his account against said estate lor examinolion and allowance at a ipj. aion of the. Court of Probate, to be holden at the Register's office in Burlington, in said district on the second wcanesaay oi vecemntr next. Therefore, "Yon are hereby notified to appear before said enm-i -t the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have,, why the. account aforesaid should not be .allowed. Given tinder my band at Burlington, this twclAh j i X' i - . rk loin , Wi. WESTON, Register. i Dan Day's Estate. STATfl OF VERMONT, ) rpHE Probate Court District of Chittenden, s. j X for the District of Chittenden: it o all persons concerned in the estate of DAN DAY, 'late of Burlington' in said district, oecearea. ' - Whereas, Heman-Allen, of said Burlington, ad tninistrttor of .the estate of ilia said deceased, has made am, Mention to said court to extend n'rhebmiird for selling the estate and making payments the debts or iho said decra-ed, twejve monihs Itomj'thc S4thdavof JannnrvA.D.'1843: Therefore, ilie.eo.irt foresaid doth appoint the second Wednesday of application at the Register's office in said Burlington, and doth order that th ormtilir. and alt nllier nir. , sons interested le notified I hereof by publication of im orur uuco mi usccesjiveiy in tne wining too Free Press 'a newspaper primed in said Burling ton, the last of which publications to Le previous to uc ii.uu priii," - ",,",vwt Hearing. Given under mv hand at said Burlington, this fifth day of November, A. D. 1842. ' u,. "M'uiMr. Dissrilnf inn. THE Copartnership heretofore existing under the firm bf Johnson A Mattel is this day disolved by mutual consent 1 all having unsettled accounts are requested to call and settle immediately. NATHAN JOHNSON, CALEB BLAKE. Willlr.oa, Nov. 1, 184?. 85w3 Transatlantic Newspaper ntid General Agency Office, lilverpool.,Eswii,T,MEn, Newspaper, 'Forwarding, a'nd'General Agent, SUPPLIES to order, wild greater promptitude and regnlarit) than any Other house, and on theimti-t reasonable terms, (a London Dally Paper for JtC IO?. Slcrllngpera'nnum,) Newsi-Ai-Ehs, Pntcr, CtinncNTs, StitrriNO L'isrs,MAOAZtNF.sdnd Hooks lonli part of the.UsjiTED States. Canada, Nova ScoTli,andNriW Brunswick. bvlheMail Slentntrs sailine on thu 4ih findlrjiholeaohtnoiuhfrom Liverpool, as well a-, by those from Bristol, and Sotil'iamjiroti ; and to all tho " tar INDIAN ISLANDS, MEXICO, 011U IIU ly IDC Iioyal Mail Steamers sailing every Fortnight from C. W. will receive Consignments ot Goods or Small 'arcei sent to nts care shallbc punctually lorwawcii iu mcir ui-Hinniion. Any uescripuon uiuuwn pur-cha-ed and forwarded to order. i Next or Ktu, and nil other description of Adtea tisements, received for Insertion in all the European Publications. ,1 , , N. B. All ordcrs.should bo addressed "Chames Willmer" in full, and none will be attended to tin les accompanied by n remittance, or reference for naVJnent nn Snmn'-i.nnl n. I.nmfon ttMiitf.) f ' (fvlitors of Newspapers inserting the above Advcr. ii-uiiiiimnreawceii will receive n supply oi urn- ish Newspapers, on sending a paper Marked) con. taining it. i Iron, Steel &c. 'OrMTONS assorted English Tire Iron, &J 1 0.' do. Swedes and Peru do. do .1 " tJiwo-n nlilSnUn .In OO " Peru manufactured roundand square iron nm1irr,,'nf nil .t.Au A-ntr. 1 In .AO 1'1H ' lO tons assorted brand Iron. lO " Scrol Iron and shoe shapes, 3 " Russia hnrAn nail rml. Anvils, Vices, Sledges, Trace Chains, Borax, Files anci .nasps, anovcif, spades, Cro liars etc Steel. . Sanderson's Cast Steel, Greaves German " KnglMi blistdi American " l,fiO Setts Steel placed Cutter and Sleigh Shoes ice. &e. Just Receivc.1 by STRONGS. White- Lead. 1 TON White Lend in Oil, K do dry do. urnrrnnK-d m. equal in quality to any manufactured in tli United Stales price unusually low. STRONGS. . Nov. 1C, 1832. Cod Fish and Mackerel. 3 TONS Cod Fi.-h, and a few half Bbf No 1 Mack erel just rccd. STRONGS. Nov C. n25 Lamp Oil. I "nfi GALLONS, pure Winter and Fall Strain- jl jyjj cd pcrm Oil, by STRONGS. Nov. 1G. 1342. n25 Lead Pipc&c, 4 TONS Lead pipe J to 1 1 in. I ton Sheet Lead, 30 Hug Shot assorted, 1 ton Sheet Zinc. Nov.,lG. STRONG?. n25 Tin Plate &c, Sfl Boxes Tin Plate, ' 25 Bdl. RuUia and English 'Sheet Iron, assorted no-j -iO Bdl. Iron Wire as--orted. Scent Sheet Cop per, Tinned and black rivets, Wile Vellum, Drass Ketiies ctc.oic. iSlUUNuS Nov. 17. 1842. More New Goods. ANEW lot Sill; and Cotton Warp Alpacea Lustres, Winter Vesting, Velvet Bonnet and Cap Rib bons, Muff-, Uoa, Capo, Fur Triuilninas. Millem.. Gloves and Mocasins, Cloths and Ca-iincre-, Horse uiank-cis, c. o;c. just recti by II. v. c.VTLlN Nov. 17th. 1312. Flour. 340 BBLS. Supcrfiiio flour of superior Nov, 15. n25 Salt. lOOO BUSHELS Courso Western Salt, 3UU oo lurKslland do 500 do St, Ubes do 150 Bids Western fine do 40 Sacks Liverpool blown do 60 Sacks Western fine do 6 Cases Salt in loavct for table use, hy Nov. 12. STRONGS. Buck Wheat Elour. FHW nalfUbls very Superior, by STRONGS. , Nov. 1G. TO MONFiY. An Earbi Offer for Exchange. rlHE Goodalreadv in andlcin? recencd at the - snu; Winter (iuarter, in the (hcap Ca-h btore, now make nn oiler, to prevent any.icatousy of par tiality, to exchange place on Mutual terms of rerip-rofitC- ilurinu the siiimv. nlcasnnt or snowev cold weather of the reason, with any Cash or .Money that may wish a rtreai auu quiet re-t irom tne-e pincnin; hard times. P. S. Applications fornhove cxehansre mav l e mado to the Peoples Agent in nilcndance at Nov. 18th. 1S12. IIUWAIIU'8 ESTRAY. QROKEinlo the enclosure of the VJ siilicriber on or about the twen 'lieth ofrjept., a red live orsixycartld COW, some tvhiieabout her hip-, one , while limit loot. AUAillCh.UK. Cliailolte, Nov. 17, 1812. 25w3 Store For Sale, rtnrtF. Li..-ti-n- nm... r. i,: J- New It rick Store, situated in Shelburn Milage, tojcitier Willi tin (rood and furniture, such asFairbank'i m.r-... ...inn......Cn.l.u V.:,:n. l lituuiiii uiiu uiiiuir cvaii ...uiiir Desk, show Ca-e, Stoves, Oil Cans, mea-ures, &c. I'hn U one of the be.-t locations for a eountry busi nessin Chittenden county, and will l e sold low. UJ.Ui U. ,-O.UJIUul Shelburn, A'or. 18, 1842. 25tf Button?. 150 Gross Horn Coat and Vcst.Buttons, lOO do Gilt do do SO do 200 do 250 do lOO do for sale by Nov. 11,1842. Prunella Pantaloon Pearl Shirt do do do do do 4- Co. - 25 do do do Bone VILAS, LOOM IS Tin Plate &c. 250 Boxes Tin Plate 1-3 X. 15 do do IX Square, 50 Bundles Iron Ware, assorted Nos. 30 do English Sheet Iron, 60 Boxes Canada do do 1 Cak Zinc. Also, A general as,nrtmenl of Sheet Copper, Sheet i-an,uopperjuoi:s, uivets, dec, etc., lor saieny Nov, 14. VILAS, LOOMIS ci Co. November 18, 1842. NEW FALL if WINTER GOODS, hy wm. nuitrnuT. 'IVrOW receiving a full and complete assortment of i 1 uoous aaapteu to tne present season many ar ticles of entire new stvle. which cannotfnit to nlease. A new style of Coloured Cheanceable Alpaccas, with high lustre, as well as many other fancy Staple Al ti cks Which were landed at N. V. by the Great yes tern Steamer, only one week since. But I have no wish to enumerate: I invite all to call and examine for themselves. Theso Goods are offered at very reuuevu priceu. Also. Superior Family Groceries. Cod (1 eh of first quality, Lamp Oil. 2jf Essences. OA Gross Peppermint, 8 ounce vials. wr ,5 do Wintercrcen. do do 15 do Cinnamon, do do 1( do Lemon, do do S do Bergamot, for sale by 25 Nov. 14, '42. Vuas, Looms & Co. GROCERIES. A ( Hhds. St. Croix, Porto Rice and Now Orleans VJ Suears. 10 Ton Lump and Double Refined Loaf Sugar, B bbls. Crushed and Powdered do do C hhds Porto Rico Molasses, 10 bbls. New Orleans do 40 Chests Hyson, Hyson Skin, Vouns Hyson and Pouchons Teas. 2 tons Salcratus, 23 keas and boxes Plug, Cavendish and Sheep Tobacco, 1 barrel Lorillard's Slaccaboy Snuff, 15 bbls Smoking and fino cut Chewing Tobacco, 50 boxes Bunch Raisins, 30 bass old Java, Gran Java, Rio, and Laguira CofTec, ' (6 do Penner and Pimento. Also. Rtarcll. Cm. namon, Nutmegs, Cloves. Pipes, Bur Lamp, Sperm Candles, Ginger, Cod Fish, Mackerel, Salmon, &c. With the above, and many other, Goods, we wish to buy money, end offer more for it than is usuall paid infthie vicinity. Purchasers are respectfully iny vited to call. - STRONGS. nor. 17, 1842. " it isVijf'ifMriSI Sol LARGE AUCTION SALES Wednesdays, Wednesday Evenings, and Saturday Evinings,i BY II. THOMAS. STOVKS and PIPE, KITCIIUN FURNITURE, Farminrr Utansils. Slelrrhs nnd Wnircrnnfi. Goons, nnd India Rubber Clothing. Also, A largt Ibt of Fur and Cloth mriter Cans.1 Sales continued in tho evening. Noy. 18,1842, H nssia Iron. ASSORTED NUMBLR3, from 8 to 14, by Nov. 14 VILAS, LOOMIS if Co. Copartnership. THE' subscribers havlfir formed n copartnership' under the firm of make Hlrhnionds, would inform their friends and the nublioeenernllv that thev may be found at the old stand of Johnson ft Blako ready to c.tccuto all orders in the' Tanning & Shoe Business. -They will keep on hand n good asort mcntof Ladies Kid Shoes, Gatcrs, nalfGaiers, if-c.ic. CALEB IlLAKE. AU'M. B. BLAKE, 25w3 Williston, Nov. I, 1842. REVOLVING CASTORS. , Good assortment pf Revolving Castors with Kiur, nve ami six bottles eacn, tor saie cneap, at the hew Crockery Store, corner of Church and College sirecis, ny nAii, uutnngton, Nov. IB, 1SB. as A STHAIi IAMl'S, ,of very rich and medium ii. qualities, for said very cheap at tho Crockery store of JOSEPH WAIT. ' Burlington, Nov. 10, 1S43i 25- Cheap Crockery. JOSEPH WAIT will fnrhih families with any kind of Crockery, China or Olfs WareCiir.ArEn than can lefounil thqslnte. Ho.has a vcrv full as-ortment to which ho invites the alien tion of families, al the Crockery store, corner of Uhiircli and college streets, lor no will rtauy sen cheap. 25 Burlington, Nov. 10, 1812. GEORGE II. MOORE, HAS just relumed fiom New York with a new and fre.h Mipply of GOODS consisting of Dry Goods nnd Groceries, Crockery & Hardware, Codllsli. Mackerel, Kalnion, Lamp Oil, Flour, &c. iiiC. Which he i ifciermlned to sell n's low for Cash as can be ntirrhascil elsewhere, nnd he invites his friends anu t lie ptiDiio rcnerallv tocivc nun a call. Pearl si',, llurlinmon, I 23w3 inov. 17, Letter Paper. QACfl IlKAMS, did'erent qualities, for sale or in --w exchange loritags, hy aftlt Nov. 11, 18)2, Vilas, Loo.mis & Co. Sheetings, &c. A II "ales 4-4 Brown Sheetings, 'JbVf 2 Cases U'carhcd do. B do York nnd Delaware Pickings, 2 Bales Brriwn Drilling, 1 0 Ps. Canvas", , Padding, for sale by I5tf Nov. 14, '42. ilas, Looms d Co. Tliread, &c. QCn Lb. While and Colored Cotton Thread, 00J 50do Linen Tlirjad, 2 Cases Spool do. SO Gro. Round Latet'for sate hy 25tf Nov. 14, 1842. 'Vilas, Loomis & Co. THE NEW GERMAN STORE. rpHE undersicned resnrclfiillv inform the inhahi- Jl tants of Hurlinclon and vicinity, that they have jut returneil from New York with nn extensive stock of the most superior Groceries, Choicest Fruits, &c. ever o.ieru i in mc inn imiaiu ui mis state, consist' ing in part of the following viz : SUGAItS, Double nnd Single Helmed, Crushed and Brown. TEAS, , Imperial, IIyon, Gunpowder, Young Hyson, Hy son Skin, Sjeliong and Po-iehbng, COl'FEE, Old Government Java, l.nguira. cVe, 1' It U I T S , Now Malaga and -S nllana Rai-ins, Currants, choice French Prunes in glass jars, Bordeaux soft shelled and shelled Almond", Figs, Cjiron, New Tamarinds, Olive, Capers, Cocoa nnd -Madeira Nuts. Filberts. &.c Sardines in Olive Oil, Anchovies anil Dutch Hcrings Italian Maccnroni and Vermkelii French Pickels, IjOikIoii Walnut Kelcluip and JnjuLui'aile, Nutmegs, Maze n nd other spice, French sweet Chocolatennii -uperior Cocoa, French preparedand Knirli-li Mu-.tnrd, Olive O.I, sjperui Oil and Cauitle-, llct colore.! Sierm Can'lles, for pnrlie, CaMi'e, Variegated and Family Soap. Also, The Punc Holland (Schiedam) Oin. French Coinac and Coinae Chamiiatcn. ior mcJicine. the real HeiJuVl; Champaign, Orange Curr.icoa Liqueur, Spani-ii, Faneh ainl German Wines, Vintages of 1822 un.1 ItSil, ior ineuicine. .Their stuck ofimnortcJ Ciaars iunsurpasseil, con si-tins of the followins choice llrands : La Union. Itejalia, Jaqucz, Britannia, Manilla Chernois,Prince-s .Minna ; ui-n tne ucrmau smoking I otacco Kanas- ler ana lone Dnlcli Tines. The suhst-nl cr-expect notlo honrdun treasures in times'likc the pre-ent, nor would thev bo disposed so lo do the citizens ol a place where they have I ecu welcomed with such cordial liberality, but they do hope lliat'iliepi e.iliar earn and attention they have lie-towedin tlicse'ection cf iheir various goiids should be reward hv lindinc; purcha-er-i for them, that they may hcreaf cr be encu-irared tol ring again into the market the choicest novel urticl's with which they are now supplied and which they Offer to the public on terms which they eonvciencio islydeclaroas cov ering a most reasonable advance on ibe co-t prices. OSTIU:i.M & MICHOLLS. College St. next to Mr. Waits extensive Crockery Store, O. & M. also licg leave to menlion that they have rcuiiiveu tnciri ury hoojs, to imunn isireei, next ury uooos storcio .nr. nownrir. 1 liev re-necthillv iiiviio the Ladies to call who will fiud the Prices of bilks, Shawls, Moiisclinc du Lames, Callicccs,&c. s:ar ciir.AP. MAHOGANY & ROSEWOOD rilHE subscriber has received a large lot of Ma JL hogany and Iiosewood, on Consignment, which ho is authorised to sell at New York prices ; consist ing ol Crotch Shade and Mottlo Veneers of all quali ties ami prices, Boards of l-,68,T-8aiid 1 luch thick, Hoards suitable fur Tables and Coffins, Mahogany Plank of 1 1-1, and 3 1-2 Inch thick. I.IVE GEESE FEATHERS. A large supply on hand of Live Geee Feaiher country collection, for 50 cents per pound, Cash, CHAIRS AT WIIOIiESAIiB Si RETAIL, of all kinJsanJ as low as eanl e bought in Vermont, may 1 c found nt the old stand of Nebon and Gate-, oppOfiielhe old Hank on Church street, or two doors north of the Catholic Church, St. Paul street. C. L. NKLSON. Burlington, Nov. 10, 1812. 24lf HAGAR & ARTHUR ARE now receiving new new supplies of SADLERY, COACH AND SHELF , HARDWARE, inallitsvanties. DRUGS & MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, VAR NISHES. &c. &c. Burlin lurlington, Vt. ) lib Nov. 1812.$ O.v doard Steamf.r Rcri.ington, at Fid- lbr'8 fc-tnow, Sunrise 'I uesday Morn ino, 8 Nov., 1842. H) THE PEOPLE :-The noble vessel is just now tinhl and lefiinir around the 'musirnl noint above denoted preparatory to arriving at the head of reiaouDougu or tne ngure Known as l.nKe Uham plain; from which may be taken the road to Boston across the Green Mountains of Verd Moat, or nasi on down the fertile Valley of the Hudsen, via canal, or inner wine to tne great commercial emporium ot New York, to which Istter place I am now bound for the many desirable articles designed for the fair pat ronsof the People's Cheap Cash Store, where in a fewdaysaceotding to Ihe common courso of events they will be taken to that Establishment in Burling ton, Vt. by tho People's own agent, HOWARD. .'s.-wldlnr v Hni-fliviirn. Ani'ERAL assortment of Harness Makers' and Saddler Hardware, Wm. J. HUNT. Nov. II, 1812. .. TI1E suhscfilier contm-c to have on hand a gen eral nnd well selected assorlinent 'of Hanlwure. in lis various branches, all of which he will sell very hwfor Cash, and would respectfidly solicit attention lo Ibe tame, Irom those wishing to purcnase. WM. J ItUiVf , Stong's building, College St., Nov. II, 1643. TO TAVERN KBKPEItflANB GROCERS In the State of Vermont. THE .SUBSCRIBERS beg to Inform them that they havo on hand a largo and choice assort ment of GROCERIES, WINES AND LIQUORS, consisting of Scoahs, Teas, Corrti, Fouits, and Cioassi AIadsira, Malaoa, and Port Wines t Ja maica ana St. uuoix hum uoonao Hbandt and Holland Gin. (Scafaim.) with which thev esn bo supplied at wholesale prices at their , New German Store, on Collegd St., next door to Mr. Wait's axtensivo urocucry atoro. Tho Subscribers would invite the Tavern keener and Grocers of tho vicinity to call and judge for themselves, and thoso who may please to send their orders will bs faithfully attended to. OSTI1EIM fc MICHOLLS. Burlin eton, VI., Nov. 9, 1S42. 24-tf TO COUNTRY OTHER MER CHANTS. Sr DOZEN Pen and Pocket Knives, on cards of Wl) one dozen each! 30 'doz. Scissors, do. 13 doz. Razors in slng'ecaso, which wero bought low and will be sold by the card or packaire at such ,t,n, lU..n ami melt, fn,t ,n-UV- it. .nl.ll.. from 75 to 100 per cent, advanto. Strong's building, college st. wfll. J, HUNT. Nov. 11, 1812. I jfimns lor Sttitlnnls. SHADE .LAMPS FOR STUDENTS, for sale by WM. J. HUNT. Nov. 11, 1842. CARPENTER'S JOINER'S TOOLS. SLATER'S celebrated Sheffield Braces and Bills, trying Squares, mortice Gouges, and Devils, Plows and Planes of every description ) Augurs, Augur Bills, Framing Firmers, and turning Chi-els anlGougcs j Plane lron, n !argcnsorimentof Hand, Paniicl, and Back Saws, Taper Files, Steel Squares, Hammers, Broad Axes, &c &c. Strong's building, College si. WM. J. HUNT. Nov. II, 1842. ALBANY AND BOSTON RAIL ROAD. Fare through to Boston BS, Morning train throush to Uoston. leaves ihe Denot at GreeiiKush at i before 7 o'clock precisely every morning, (Sundays. excepted.) arrives at Chatham 8, at Pittsfield 93, at Springfield 12J M. at Worcester 3 j P. M. and at Boston G. lirraMast al Chatham. Passengers must leave Albany, by tho south ferry, not la(er than Gi o'clock. Tho nflcrnoon train leaves the Depot in Grcenbush at i before 1 o'clock, arrives at Chatham at 2 o'clock, at Pittsfield 3J, nt Springfield 61. Passengers can leave Springfield at G A., M. and ar rive in Boston at 11 A. M. Passengers leave Albany as above at 12 o'clock, and not later to insure a passage. The cars of the Hudson and Berkshire road will run between Chatham and Hudson in connexion with both train- FOR HARTFORD AND NEW HA VEN. Pa-sengcrs leaving Allany in Ihe morning from Grcenbush, arrive in Springfield at 12 m. may leave rpringficld at 1 o'clock for Hartford thence by cars arrive in New-Haven by 7 p. m. ; or leave Grcenbush in the before 1 p. m. train, arrive in Springfield at 6 p. m. thence at 8a. ill. by Steam Boat to Hartford, arrivinsr thero at 11 ihcnce bv Steam Boat at 2 p.- m. arrive in New York next morning by 5 o'clock, or they may leavo Hartford for New Haven by Rail Rooi at 5 p. m. and arrive mere ni 1 1 p. m. Steamboat leaves New Haven for N. York daily. TO GREENFIELD, HANOVER AND HA VERIULL. Stages will leave Springfield, daily, at 9 P. M. for Haverhill, via Northampton, Greenfield, Brattlcboro' and Hanover. Stages also tun daily from West Brookfield to Ware and Enfield from Palmer to Thico Rivers, Belchertown, Amherst nnd Monson From Witbra ham to South Hadlcy and Northampton. Fare to Sprinafield S3. Passenccrs are particularly requested to procure tickets beforo taking seats in the cars. Tickets can he obtained in Albany ntG. R. Payne's office, 2 liroadway, or at ticket oilicc in Depot, at Grcenbush. FREIGHT DEPARTMENT A Freight Tram will leavo Grcenbush daily, (Sundays excepted) for Boston, at 5 A. M. Charges for Flour to alt stations east of Springfield, 37 cts. per bsrrel. First clas freight, such as imported Dry Goods, Teas, Bonnets, Boots and Shoes, &c., 89 per 2000 lbs. 2d class, such as Hides, Leather, Hemp, Grass seed, Fresh meat nnd Fish, at G CO per 2000 lbs. 3d class, such as Cotton, Dve Woods. Molasses. Sunnr. &c. at 85 per 2000 lbs. 4th class, Buch as Coal, Grain, Pig Iron, Lumber, Wood, &c., at SI per 2000 lbs. t Parcels less than 1,000 lbs. at first cluss rates. I Every informmtm, wilt Lo e'vn thA office in the Depot at urecnousn. S. WITT. Freight Agent. W. H.T0WN3KND. Mas'cr Transportation. fepoiurecnnusii, iov. o, ion. October 20lh, 1842, LOVELY & SEYMOUR ARE now opening nnd oner fur sale a heavy stock of sea-onable DRY GOODS, to which the at tention of purchasers i re-pcclfully invited. The siuciv comprise a large variety ot BROAD CLOTHS, BEAVER CLOTHS, Casimere.. 'Alpaccas. Bombazines, in short. aru'cle ncceary to constitute a full assortment of ran anu inter uooas. ALSO- a good assortment of ."CROCKERY and a large quantity of DRY GROCERIES. The public are assured that the above are for sale ow. Josenh Wait. GIVES notice that he has purchased Iho stock of GOOn.SlnrhietalA .-.., : .. ,u POnm'niMr - , ya, iiicib III l lit, IWOIVCIVl business, and that he will continue to pack crates of crocknrv nnrl nines war. In nlfl. n. 7V... - 1. I - j . .u u.ui,, ui -.CW I UIK UIIU Boston prices. He has now his fall supply for the fall trade, and respectfully solicits merchants in this, and adjoining Counties, to examine his stock and prices before they purchase in market. BurIingion,Oct. 10, 1S42. GoodThingsWanted in Exchange for good Goods, A Few cords of GOOD SEASONED HARD WOOD, GOOD GREY CLOTH, GOOD PLAIN FLANNFL, GOOD TABLE BUTTER, by Oct. 27, "42. WM. HURLRUT. Also A Good Cook Stove, for sale as above. I.nhnr Snvnrl N Cleaning nnd Scrubbing by using some bing Brushes which we shall be hnppy to ose who wishj the price saved in hard work ecrtib- furnieh llineo day s use. Pascborn & Brinsmaid. VARIETY OF GOODS o UR friend ami cnMomers from town or county Silver, Iron or Pewter Spoons Tea Pots, Tumblers. Lamps, Mollases Oup, Cream Ciip. Snittoons vu.m., viums-', sjiiuucfTs i rays, tannic st If'tR null nil kiih vrrwlt am am 1o it.t n.uiln.l . r. .. s ui - i.uny uvtutl III jaiill li w, arereiipettmlly and cordially invited 10 look nt fcorne wliiL'h ivn Itnutrht in II fni in (. ce; wewilltry to mjU all, with pooil goods at low 20 PANCBORN & BRINSMAID. Copartnership Notice. NOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership wait 'X: nooT ' . .fit." 'T'' r.'" .''""."t COnspnt. Jnnpnh Wnit i.vinn rrt..nBr,A .1 and debts of E. L. Farrar and H. F. Root, Joseph mm is uuiy aumoijieo to seine an the atlairs of the late firm. EBEN L. FARRAR. JOSEPH WAIT, ,. . , HIRAM F. ROOT. Burlington, Oct. 10th, 1S42. AH Persons havinc unnitlid laio nrm aro rcquestea to call and adjust them with, out delay, at the store of the subscriber, corner Church and College St. JOSEPH WAIT. WINOOSKI IRON FOUNDRY AND MACHINE SHOP. THE Public are hereby notified that this establish ment is thoroughly repaired, and in readiness to receive orders for CASTINGS OF ALL KINDS, such as Potash, Farmer's snd Chaldron Kettles of all sizes) Plows, Wacom Axles and Boxes) Slxioh Shoes, &c All kinds of Mill Castings, Steam and Water Pipos, will be mado of the verv beat materials and sold on reasonable terms. .Abo. will be made to order, Engine and Hand I.athcs of all sixes, finished in a workmanlike manner. Also, Iron Turning and Boring done on short notice, MILLWRIOIIT WORK and Patterns of all kinds, made to order. , SfAII orders addressed to the subscriber! at Bar, lington will be punctually attended to. Old Io, Waktsd. ,. BROWN 4 CROSSMAN. Burlington, Oct. 18, 184t. Jl-Jw PETITION TO SELL LANDS. STATE OF VERMONT, I A T a probate court held District of Chittenden, ss. 1 X. al Burlington, with in and for Iho district of Chittenden on Iho ninth day of November, A. D. 1842, present the Hon. Charles Russell, Judgo Elms Lymnn, of Burlington aforesaid having plied in said court his petition in writing, set ling forth that ho is guardian of Win. C. Harrington of said Burlington, nnd Gcorgo E. Harrington now of Boston, in the State of Massachusetts, minor sons of George Y. Harrington, Into of said Burling. Ion, deceased) that said wards are seized, ss tenants in common, in their own right in fee of tho following described lots of land, situated in St. Albans In the county of Franklin, vizi IoIb numbered nintfy nine, twenty one, one hundred seventy eight,6ne hundred seventy nine, two hundred eight, two hundred nine, and one hundred seventy on i that it would be con ducive to the intcreit of said wards to have the wholo of said lots of land sold for tho purposo of putting tho proceeds of such salo nt interest, and praying said court to liccnio him. tho said guardian to sell nil of said lots of land I TiiF.aEfonr., the court aforesaid doth nppoint the twenty eighth day of November, 1812, for honring and deciding on said petition, atlhc office of tho Register of said court in said Burlinpton, and doth order that all persons interested bo notified thereof by publication of this order, containing tho substance of said petition, tlireo weeks successively in the Huiilington Fee Pncss, a newspaper prin ted in said Burlington, tho last cf which publications to be previous to tho day appointed as aforesaid for a hearing. Given under my band at said Burlington this ninth day of November, A. D. 1842. Wit. WESTON, Register. DANCING SCHOOL.. JHr. Ctorrjc Snuntirra, WOULD respectfully return ln thnnl s to the peo ple of II irlington, Shell urn, Richmond, Willis ton, Essex, Jericho, and vicinity, for the liberal pat ronage heretofore extended to him, and would Inform them that lie will rc-open his classes in thoe place-, in Ibecourseof the coming month. The latest styles of Spanish Dances, Waltzes, QuADniLi.s, Contra Dances, cVc. will Lc taught. Balls and parties fur ni'hcd with first rale mu-ic ns il-ual lie may I c found at Howard's Hotel, Burlington. Uurlington, Oct. 28, IS 12. 23lf "yAGON MATS, for sale by Strong's building, Colleee st. ) Biirlinglon, Nov. II, 1812. ( WM. J. HUNT. 24. A Great Race. THE money that has given o great a chae for Cheap Goods may overtake nnd secure them effectually by Inking tho up and doinu, quick and cheap cash road to HOWARD'S. Cold and froty,brJc.lit andcirly Thursday irorninc,, Nov. 4, IS 13. J CAHPETING.3. A few Hundred yards for sale by tho suhserilcr, at tho who'cale N. Y. prices, for Cash. H. W. CATLIN. Nov. 3, 1842 23 Fashionable Millinery. MRS. M. FRASRH, HAS just returned trom New York with the new fashions fur Cloaks, Dresses, Bonnets, and Caps; she has an n-sonment of Fur Neck Tics, Hons. Silk Velvets. Lawns, Gloves, Mltts.IIoimct Silkx, Trlinmlnngs, i.imps, sringC9, aim Flowers; ana many ot icr articles; All of which she will sell ae cheap a? they can be af forded, or work them up tn order. Hurlington, Nor. 1, 1812. 23w3 NOTICE To those who wish to buy Cloths. THE subscriber ha just received and now otTers for sale 500 y'ds of heavy O-1 Ilcavcr, Pilot, and Ilroail Cloths cf nlino-t every colour and style, which he will sell from 25 to 50 per cent, less than have heretofore been sold in this market. II. V. CATLIN. P. S. Anv ono can be sati-fied that the above is no Humbug by calling and examining Ibe prices and qualilie of my cloths. H. W. C. IV ov. 3, is 12. 22 LYMAN COLE. "VXrANT 2,000 lbs C00D DUTI'Elt. do 2,000 v T nusneis oi gooil merchantable OA I a m ex change for goods, to be deliveiedin 30davs. They have on hand a large ns-orlincnt of Double Milled single width Black and Oxford mix Cloths ; ai. uroau anu ueaver Glottis. Burlington, Nor. 3, 1812. MATCH liS. A SUPERIOR ARTICLE In little sa'e boxe, also tho sawed and split Matches; nlso French Lucilers; also eonie in tin boxes for sale by the grus,uucu u, single uu. PAN'cnons &. BntKSMAtD. M. Cm, RATliBUN, DRAFEIt AND TAILOR, TTAS jnt returneil from New XX assortment of VESTINGS,TniMMINas, &C., of Ihe mo-t fashionable nnd Mipenur quality, full n-iu mixuic ail iiruci- 111 ine MUST FASHIONABLE stile. aurlington, Oct. 28, 1342. 23if Earthen Milk Pans. I UbM'U WAIT has ju-t received a supply of al ll.,.iin r...l.n.. II.. ft. f I ' I- J ii ,..ii iuii .UH.K ,-ans, ior aie attiie Lirojk- erv store, corner ol uiiurch and College sis. Novemler 4, 1812. 23 Earthen Flower Pnts. A Supply of Brown Earthen Flower Pot, just receivpil an, I fnr tnl.l l-hnfln nl tl.A ,..nni SuNov. 4. 23 JOSLPII WAIT. CASH PAID lor FLAX SEED. LINSEED OIL and OIL MEAL for sale by STILES & McEI.lf.OV. ,. .. At Ihe Oil Mill at the Falls, liurlington, or. 1, 1812. 23,ly FOR CASH IN HAND. lin (.OOPS for sale cheaper than were ever j Known Lciure in uuningloii. n ,c n , SIDNEY HARLOW. Pearlfct.,BurlinBlon,.Nov. 4ili, 1812. 23-lf Matches. lOO IO Gross just received and for salo by :l. 5th, 1842. VILAS, LOO.MIS & Co. Oct VANG HORN llltlNSMAII), AGENTS FOR SHERMAN'S LOZENGES. imsst.:, "JROWN PEOPLE say iheyare the p'easanlest s and most e.lcenve iiieJicinc iu uai. I?nnrmn,c qiiantiiicsarebolc!, ami every boJyIil,es ihem. Free man Hunt, E-q. editor of the Merchants' Magazine, say they cureo hi, coimh in a few hour. TheR-iV. Mr. Dunbar, of iho McDougal street Church, was cured of a very I ad colJ and cough in oneday. The Rev. Mr. Anthony, of the.MetlioJist church was cureJ of consumption by them. SHERMAN'S WORM LOZENGES have saved the lives of thousand-. Ask W. E. Evans, Esq. G H'alUr st) Iho Hon. lilward J. Porter, Hon. II. B. Beardsley, Dr. G. Hunter, nnd nearly all our physi cians what they think of Sherman's Lozenges, and they will tell you they are excellent the only infalla ble medicines known. SHERMAN'S CAMPHOR LOZENGES are real antidotes to headache, palpiiation, sea-sicknessdow-ness of spirits and despondency or Iho edict of dis sipation. Capt. Chadwick ol the Wcilinirton, Mr. Ackermad, thegreal sign painter, Mayor Clark, and ahno.t every body knows thcirvalue. POOR MAN'S PLAsSTER-Sliennan's wr inean co,ts 12J rents, and is certain to cure rheumatism,. Iiimlago, pain or weakness in tho breni, side or lack, also piles and they cure worms when applied to the pan. Ask Joe iloxic, or anyone who has used it, and woiill give $5 ior one sooner than five cent lor nil other plasters. SOKE NIPPLp-Poeitivcly nirc'l by Sherman, Papillary Oil, without taking therhild from tho breast. Dr. Sherman desire particularly that purchasers should bo careful that they pet the genuino Sherman's Lozenges and Plasters, as ho cannot bo accountable for the worthlesii aiticle that may otherwise- be palmed upon tlicin. Remeinber you can get the Gencine of 23t'. PAKODOHM it RnivlMiln Cloth Cans. , I IrjMlVtrllPlI George Moore'a Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, I Thd Honorsblo the Pro District of Chittenden, j bale Court for tho of Chittenden, to nil persons concerned in thccslale of George Moore late of Burlington in said District, deceased. Goeetino. WHEREAS, the administrators of the estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of their ad ministration, nnd prccnt their account against said estate forexaminaiioit nnd allowance al a session of the Court of I'robale, to be holden nt tho Register's office, in said di'jtnct, on tho second Wednesday of December next. Therefore, you are hereby notified to nppcar lefore said Court, at tbctlincnnd place afuresaid, nnd shew cause if any you have, why thu account aforesaid should not he allowed. Given under my hand at BurliLgton ibis 1st day of November A. . D. 1812. 23 WmL WESTON, Regiiter, WE tho subscribers, having been appointed by , the llonoroblo tho Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine nnd adjust the claims and demands nf nil per sons against tho cslalo 'of IRA SMITH, Into of ilhston, in said District, deceased, represented in solvent, and nlso all claims and demands exhibited in offset therelnj nnd sic months from the day of tho dnto hereof, being allowed by said Court for that pur pose, wo do thcrcforo hereby givo notice, that we will attend to Iho business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Widow Hannah Smith, in WllliMnn in snid District, on tho fourth Mondays November and March nexl.nt 10 o'clock, a.m., on each of said days. Dated this 12th day of October, a. n. 1842. Alonzo V. Saxton, ) Commis- 22 TnnnoN Winslow. sioncrs. UNITED STATUS DISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. IN BANKRUPTCY. Notice to show cause ngnlnst I'ellon of ALBItO E. BISHOP, of Uurlinirton in snIJ District, lolo declnrel Bankrupt nt the wlico of Samuel Prcnti-s, District Judge, in Montpclier, in said District, on Wednesday, December II, 1812, 10, SAMUEL WHIPPLE of Williston in said District, to leuccinreti u.uil.nipl, at the office of Samue n . fi...i... t..j ' ... ,. , ..... Prenti-s, District Judce, in Moninclier, in said Di trict, on Weilne-ilav, Di CHARLES IIADLLV of i iioceintier 1 1, 1SU, 10, A. M. f Colchester in said district. lo be declared Bankrupt, at the office of Samuel l'rentis, Ui'lrici Jmlic, in Mont,etir, in said Dis'ricl, on Wednesday, DcccmLer 11, 1942, 10, A. M. JOHN MITCHELL, of Burlington in snid ditrict, to be declared Bankrupt, at the office of Sann.ei Prenli-s, District Judce, iu-sMonlpelicr, in snid Di-tricl, on Wednesday, December 14, 1812, al 10 n'clcck, A. M. CALVIN WllI'I E of Milton in said District, to bo declared Bankrupt, nt the office of Samuel Pren tiss, District Judce, in Montpclicr, in said District, on Wednesday, Dfcemher 14, 1312, 10, A. M. GUY SPENCi-.K of Burlington hi said Di-ln-t, to Lo declared liankrupl. nt the oiUcc of Samuel Prcnli', District Judge, in Montpe'icr, in fnid District, on Wediiexlav. December 11. 114-2. 10. A. M. ZlR.ELLIOIT,ofSlarkslorniiisai.ll)i.trict, to l.o wriareu li.inKnipl. nl tne ninccni Samuel I'renliss, District Jndgc, in Moiitpelier, in nid District, on Wtslne.dav, Decern 1 er 1 1, 1812, 10, A. M. DANIEL B.' 'IL'CK'ER of IJumiHgien, in said Dis trict, to I e declared Bankrupt, at the office of Sam uel Prcnti., District Judge, in .Montpclicr, m aid District, on Wednesday, December 14, 1812, 10 oVIocV. a. si. JOSEPH COOK of B.irlinglon, in said District, to i eneciareu nani,rupt, at the otliceol Samuel I'rcn liss. District Judic, in Montpclicr, in said District, on Wednc-dav. Decern! rr 14. 184-2. It), a. si. GEORGE WRIGHT of Colchester, in said District. to le declared Bankrupt, at the office of Samuel Premiss-, DNirict Judge, in Montpclicr, in snid Dis trict, on Wedncsdjy, Decern) er 11, 1 S 12, 10, A. M, JOSEPH SMITH. Junior, of Richmond. In snid f)i.- tricl, to le' declared Bankrupt, at the o.Uce of Samuel Prcnlis, District Judpe, in Moiitpelier, in sa uisjsinci, ivejnesuay, Liccemijer lllli, 1B12, LEVI BROWN, of Burlington, in said District, to be ueciareu mmi-nipi, ai ineruiice oi Samuel l'rentis-, Disinct Judge, in .Moiitpelier, in said District, on Wednc-dav, DivemLcr 14th, IS12, 10, A. M. AI.VAIT .inilNs-nv ri!,,ri,. i'...i n:...:-. to lo declared Bankrupt, at t lie office of t-aniuci Prcnti, Di-tnrt J ud?c, in Moiitpelier, in said Dis trict on 1 llh,1812,10, A. M. JOHN OA ICS, of North Hero, in said Di.irfet, to be ticciarcu iani;rupr, ai uie o nceot ssamuel i'rcntt-, District Judge, m Moiitpelier, m said Ditnct, on Wednesday, Dcecinher 14lh, 1812, 10, A. JL SUMNLR Kot'KWOOD, of Burlington, Ior his Di-eharirc and Ceriiiicnle as Bankrupt, at the oi licc of Samtiel Pientis. District Judire. in Moiit ucl Prentiss, District Judge, in Moiitpelier, in suid District, on Tuesday, tho tenth day of Jauuary, IOIJ, UI IVIL U t-ilV-i,, , .11, BENAJAII S. PHELPS, of Alburch. for his Dis charge and Certiticatc as Uankrupt, at the office cfiaui'iel Prenttss, District Judge, in Montpclier, in saiu i'isirni, uu i iiesuav, ine teulli nay oi Jan narv. 1813. alien ti'i-locL- a. M. JOHN C. JACKSO.N, of Enc'erhill, for his Dis charge and Ccrtifienten llankrup1, at the office oi sain tel t'rcniiss, District Jmlpe, in Montpclicr, in Mm i-i-iru-i, uu i ue-uay. tne lentil cay uary. 1343. nt ten oVIoel.-. A. M. ROSftELLM. SINCLAIR, of Wcstford, for his ....ii,.. uiiu S.I-HIIH.-U1I- n nanKrupi, attheoi ficeofSain.iel PrcntiS, Di-trict Judce, in .Mont pclicr, in said Di-trici, on Tuesday, the tenth dav of January, IS 13, at ton o'clock, A.M. UL..MH IJUAKUJ1AN, Junior, of Essex, far his Discharge and Ccrlilicalcn Binkrniit, at tho of- lice ol bamuul Prentiss-. Di.inet Judre. in Mom. Di-trici, on Tuesday, the tenth day of January. 1S13. at ten o'clock. A. M. ' " TIMOTHY W. Ii. NICHOLS, of Essex, fW his Discharge and Ceriificatcas Kankr ipt, nt the cf lice ()fS.mi .el Prentiss, District Judce, tu Mont pclicr, in s.i.u Di-trici, on Ti e-day, the lenih dav ofJan iarv, IS 13, at ten o'clock, A. M. "i"i". ALM ii, oi Aihurgh, lor his Discharge util Ceriiii.-ate as Hinkrupt, at the office of Sam iicl Prcntl-s, Di-inct Judre, in Montpclicr, in mud District, on Trc-dav, tho tenth day of January, , ..... r.. I 1 4 r ' 31 ,k',u,.lllll .... ILVN, lt . MAIM IN C. BOSTWICK. of Underbill, for his Dis charge and Certificate na liankrupl, nt the office of Samuel Prentiss District Judge, in Mou'pclicr, in sum i,i-irici, on l uc-oay, I lie tenth uny ol Janua ry, 1843, nt ten o'clock, A. M. DANIEL II. LAKH, of Stove, for his Disclnrgcanl Certificate as Bankrupt, at the office cf Samuel Premiss, District Judge, in Montpclicr, in said District, on Tuesday, the tenth day of January, 1843, nl ten o'clock, A. M. SAMUEL BARTLU'lT, of Jericho, for hi Di chargoandCerlilicntea Bankrupt, at ihe office ol Samuel Prentiss, Di-triet Judge, in Montpclicr, in said Distri-I, on Tuesday, the "tenth day of Janua ry, 1813, at leu o'clock, A.M. ALBERT ti. BLAKE, of Milton, for hi. Discharge an l Certlfiea'o as Bankrupt, at the oilico of Sam. uel Prenlis, District Judge, in Montpclier, ins.i.d District, on Tuesday, the tenth day of January. 1813. ill inn oVInnk. . M. JOHN SI.NCLEAIt, of Essex, for hi Discharge and vi.-riiiii.-aie ns iianicrupi, at ine ouice ol s.tmuc,' Picntiss, Disir ct Judse, in Monlpelicr, in said Dis-tri.-l, on Tuesday, the tenth dav ot January. 1&13. al leu o'clock. A. M. TABOR I. SEWEI-U ofAlbursh, lor hi Discharge .iiiu teriincate ns uankrupt, at ihe oihee ot Sam uel Prentiss, Di-tnct Judge, in Moiitpelier, m ,aid District, on Tue-day, the tenth day of January, 1843. nt ten o'clock. A.M. NATHANIEL BROWN, of Richmond, for hi Di- cn.irgo anu erlilicatea liankrupl, al the office of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpclier, in s.I-d Disiriel, on Tuc-dav. the tenth dav of Jinua- ry. i is. at ten u'cloclt, A. M. AHNKK POLLARD, of BuiluiKton, for hi. Discharge uuu v.criiuca;cas liankrupl, at mo cilice ol Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in Monlpelier, in taiJ Ki-inci, on i ue-uay, ino tenth nay ot Jhuuary, 1613, at ten o'clock, A. M. JOSHUA REMMINCiTON, Junior, of Hinesburgh, for his Discluirge and Cerlilicato as Bankrupt, at the oilico of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpclicr, in tiud District, on Tuetd.iv, the tenth davol January, 1813, at ten o'clock, A". M. VERNON HARRINGTON of Burlington, for his Discharge and Ceriificatcas Bankrupi,'ai theofficc of Samuel Proniiss, District Judge, in ilontpclier, in said District, on Tuesday, thetcnih day of Janu ary, 1343, ut ten o'clock A. M, LYMAN POLLARD, of Burlington, for his Dis cliargcand Certificate a Bankrupt, at the office of Samuel Prenii.s, District Judge, in Monlpelier, in said District, on Tuesday, the tenth day of January, I6l3,at ten o' -lock, A. M. MARK NOltKIS, of Colchester, for hi Discharge and Certificate a Bankrupt, at the office cf Sam uel Prentiss, District Judge, m Monlpelier, in said District, on Tupsdiiv, ibe tenth day of January, 1843, al leu oYlotk, A. St. SIMEON COVILL,ol Burlington, for hi Discharge and Certificate us liankrupl, at the office of Samuel Prrnliss, District Judge, iu Monlpelier, in laid Dis trict, on Tuesday, ihe lenth day of January, 1843, nt leu o'clock, A. SI. NATHANIEL T. STILES, el Underbill, for his Dis rhargoand Cenificnie ns Bankrupt, at ibe orticc of Samuel Premiss, District Judge, in Montpclier, in said District, on Tuesday, the tenth dayif January, , 1813, mien o'clock, A.M. FRANCIS JOYNER, of Richmond, for his Dis. charge and Certificate as Bankrupt at lhofftcoof Samuel Premiss, District Judge, in Monlpelier, in said District, on Tuesday, the tenth day of January, 1813, at ten o'cl.ick, A. M. SIMEON II. BLISS.of Essex, for his Discharge and Certificate ns Bankrupt, at the odlce of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in Slonipelier, in said District, on Tuesday, the tenth dsy of January, 1813, at ten o'clock, A. M. pelier, in said District, on Tuesday, Ihe tenth day of January, 1S43, at leu o'clock, A. M. ABEL CROOKER, ofBurlinglon.forhi. Discharce and l.ernficateas Bankrupt, nl ihe oifice ofSain- pcncr, in saiu District, on l ucsday, the tenth day of January, 1813, nt ten o'clock, A. M. FlSHLRTlIA YEK, of Uurlingtoii, for his Discharge and Certificate as Bankrupt, at the office ot Sam uel Prentiss. District Juikrc. in M imllirf i'pr. in iitil Gilbert nrto'a Esiale. WE the iiiliscrlVc, having been appointed (y the Honorable Ihe Probata Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden, commissioner to receive, exam ine nnd adjust tho claims and demands of all pernn ngafnstthecstaleofGlLIlERT UAKTOJale online -Lurch, in said District. deccaseJ. represeulcd insol vent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in oil'sct thereto) and six month from tliedayoflhcda'o hereof, being allowed by said court for that purpo.c, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will at tend to the busine of our appointment at the dwell in? i f John S. Patrick, in Hinoshiiieh. in said Ditrii t on the first Mondays of November and Slay next, at I O'clock, i'. w., on each olsaiu nays. Dated, this 12lh day (TO, A. D. 1842. JOHN S. PATRICK, ; DANIEL PATHICK.jr. Commutum: GEO. PETERSON. OFFERS FOR SALE, on terms adapted to tin times, 1 bbls. fresh ground Buckwheat Flovs, I bbls Slncinnck THOUT ) and lOO Coids Hard WOOD, each a good article of its kind; Oct. 23, 1812. SI If Dissolution. THE Copartner. hip heretofore existing letween the subscrilcrs under thn firm nf A. At O. BOS- TW1CK, fs',' by mutual eon, cut, this day d?solvrd. i ne oiKinc-a oi tne concern may no settled wnn enn er of Ihe partner-, at the old stand, previous lo tho fir'l of January nexl at which time all invented accounts will Lc left with an attorney Ior collection. ANSON HOSTWICK, GEORGE BOSTWICK. Burlington, Nov. 1, 18-12. 23l1jan. N. B. The l,uinc-s will herenflcr Le contioued Ly George Bostwick, at tho old stand. SALE OF BANKRUPT EFFECTS, jVTOTICE is hereby given that by virtue of th 1 i several orders and decrees of Bankruptcy in thu following eases, issued out of the District Court of the United States, for the District of Vermont, 1 ill sell at PUBLIC AUCTION, nt the time an I plant- hereinafter mentioned, such effects of Ihe Bankrupts named below ns lecamo vested in me by vittueof the decrees aforesaid. Kffetts of Gory Mungcr of Colchester. All the right, title, nnd interest of Gary JIunger ta a house and ono ncrc of land, situate in Colchester, described in bis schedule ns the dwelling house, oc cupied bv him, and on which Lyman and Marsh have a claim of about five hundred dollars. Also, sundry Judgement, Notes nnd Accounts ngninst the follow ing persons, viz : Ephrnim Pike $'22,00, A. L. Hnth ewaySD.00, Casius Cooley 823,00, IraTubbs 83,00. i-.oenczcr Allen 8l,bl, Kenedy of Colchester S1,ii, Albert Duncan SI CO. Edmund Wellington 59 cents. James McCain 83,00, Alphonzo Collins 82,20, John n. KinupsMJ.yo, Joiin smilh S2,tfd, John llerrm of Colchester for three cords wood, R. B. Kellog 83,11 payable in Taih ring, R. B. Kellog 81,61. The a1 ova safe al my office in Burlington, Saturday Nor. 19, Effects of Chester Parker of Underhlll. A farm situate in the town of Undcthill, rontaiuing fifty acrt-s, being pan of hundred acre lot No. 44, in the first division of lots in said town) also, seventy five acre-, being part of lol No. B0 in tho second di vision of lots in said town. The above picccs.of land will be sold subject to mortgage of iho Bank of Bur lington, n morlgaao to tfpaulding, and a mort gago lo Thomas Hockley's estate, to secure the pay ment of the several liabilities therein named. Also, a farm situate in said Underbill, containing one hun dred nnd seventy acre, being land conveyed by Cur tis Parker to Chester Parker, and which issulject to a mortgage to the Bank of St. Albans to securs the payment c f sundry notes amounting in the whole to fourteen. hundred dollars exclusive of interest. A promisory note for sixty-two dollars, dated Mrchi7, 1812, signed by Leonard M. Dixon A Co. paysbl to Curtis Parker or bearer.. Also, Ten cows, one two year old heifer, one horse, six hogs, one single waggon nnd one single sleigh, on which sundry attachments were mode previous to the decree of Bankruptcy of the said Chester Pnrkrr, and said properly sold j the whole will now I o sold subject to the several claims or attachments, will be particularly described at the time of sale. Also, 5 Tons of hay, 75 bushels of potatoes, G bushels of wheat, 150 sap tubs. 1 chal dron Kettle, 2 sap holders, I gun, 1 cow, 1 buffalo skin, 1 saddle, 1 simile harness. Sale of tho nboVa articles at Martin C. Barney's Inn, in Underhlll, on Tuesday Nov. 22, 1812, at 2 o'clock P. SI. Effeots of Lucius Woodard, of Essex. All the interest of Lucius WOodard to lot No. 101 containing fifty acres, one equal undivided half of lot No. 161 containing eighteen acres and three fourths, nnd five acres of lot No. 1 13, all lying in Essex, and which were mortgaged to Orvill Sinclair, and Decree in Chancery passed thereon. Also, all claim to lol No. 13 supposed to ho forty fo ir acres, together with the building erected thereon in said Essex. One Lumber Shed built oti Jesse Thompson's land in Jericho, a note against Slerrill Fellows for smith work for 862,02, subject to an offset of Slerrill Fel lows, account against said note. A j'udgment against Rol ert SlcDaniels of Underhill of 87,63, an account acainst Ferris Doyle of Essex lor S10, payable in shingles. All claims which may be due Lucius Wood nrd arrising out of a pirtnpr-hip heretofore existing between him and Merrill .Fellows for Blacksmith work. One span of bay horses, fno tons of hay, ono sinsle waggon and harness, one double and one single sleigh, loucthcr with sundry farming tools. Also 4 guns. The above sale at Henry B. Stanlons Inn, in Essex, on Monday, Nov. 21, 1342, at 10 o'clock, A. JL Effects of llcnry Ilaardman, jr. of Essex. About one hundred nnd eighteen acres of land In the villare of Henrysville. District of Slontreal, Cana da, subject to Senior Slorlcage nnd rents, lo the amount of about S 123. and also a mortgage to Henry Boardman of about S630. Also, Lot No. 2 of Block No. 12, lot No. 7 of Block No. 47 in the village of South Purl, Racine County, Territory of Wisconsin. Lot No. 571 1 and 15 in 2d block north from seuth-cast corner of the soulh-we-t quarlerof fractional section No. 19 in Township No. 2 north, range No. 23 east. Also, lots No. 7 block No. CO in the village of Keno sia in Racine County. Also, lot No. 6. 7. and 8 of block -15, lot No. I of block 41, lol No. 7 and 9 of block No. 1 in the villngcof Burlington, Racine Coun ty aforesaid. The above sale nt my office in Burling ton, on Saturday, Nov. 19, 1642, al 2 o'clock, P. JI. EiTecti of Koswell 31. Sinclair, of Wcstford. All the interest of Rosuell SI. Sinclair to such por tion of produce raised on the hired farm on which he now lives , consi'ting of pea, liny, oats, Ac. Saleet iho house of Roswcll SI. Sinclair, on Wednesday, Nov. 23, 134-', al2 o'clock, P. SI. Kflrctt ofJolin Sinclair, of F.sscx. About fifty acres of land on which John Sinclair resides, in Essex, subject to a mortgage of J. Nichols, of s-it hundred dollars. A portion of the produce raised on said farm, consisting of hay, corn, potatoes, Ac. Al-o, 100 lbs pork, one plough, oncdrag, one ox sled, and one horse slcdi The above sale at John Sinclair's bo ise, Wednesday, Nov. 23, 1842, at 11 o' clock, A. M. Effects of Simeon Covill, of Burlington. One ox cart, one horse cart, one harness. All", c Tiler's .hop situate on land owned by Solomon Miller in Williston. Also, one pew No. 45 in the Brick meeting house in Williston. The above sale at the Eagle Hotel, Williston, on Friday, Nov. 2J 1312, at 2, o'clock, P. SI. riTccts of .Mark Norrls, of Colchester. The interest of Slark Norris to bis portion of pota toes, corn, oats, and Indian wheat, growing on the tirni hired by him of Amos Brown of Colchester. VUo a note against Jacob R. Eddv for 89.40 payable in maple sugar, no'e aiainst Jacob R. Eddy for 89,39 payable m sap tubs. The above sale at Slsrk Norris' house, in Colchester, on Slonday Nov. 23, 1S42, at 2 o'clock P. SI. NATHAN B. HASWELL, Assignss. Burlington, October 25, 1312. MOTHER'S RELIEF, warranted cenuine, l0!d by 23 i'AN(i80RM it BaiNSMAID. To Families and Invalids. D ALLEY'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR, 10 cure brui-es, scald-, nnd all sore, pains, eV llalm of Columbia for llie hair. Hay's Liniment to cure Pile-. Somhing Synp, for children and nil kind of Sher man's Lozenge-, Poor SlanV Plaster", Tooth Pastes ifcc, sold by Pancborn & llnivsuip. TO THE LADIES. Dr. Hull's Utcio Abdominal Supporter THIS new Instrument for thu radieat cure of Prolapsus Uteri, or falling ,cf U k. si . ....i..r?. itiv uuu-, r, vAivnini a,.ut niuin, uper.-rdinsr llie use of ihe objection. nble Pe.-sarv, i ronlidenlly recom mended to the afflicted n, the mcaae of perfect restoration to health. It nev er havinc failed ct turiorminc a cure, even under thm 'most aggravated iurciintaiice. i ne supporter na attniueu a very mgn character in Europe a well a In thi country. It i adopted o the entire disuse of pessaries, ami all other painful sur gical expedients, in ihfLying-m Hospitals of Londoa and Pan-, and is universally recommended in Europe hymedicnf men of the highest rank. In this rouninr il K sustained hvihe Icadine memlers cl thefscnliiM of Collcgeiand'Hospitals, and by all the eminent pri- IT For Salf, singly or hy the doren, ij PECK &. SPEAR, Dialers in Surgical Instruments. ' Hair Brushes. 1 n Dozen line ROSEWOOD HAIR BRUSHES X ' ar.d nianydozvu other fine Brushes, some of iH best Blacking and other Bri.Le to le found in town, prices wall ruitand trrushe will suit too. e . Pancbimn (StBaixiUArr.

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