Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 18, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 18, 1842 Page 4
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He touched his harp,and nations heard, rntrnnccd." From Altxantlcr't Mtsstngtr. AUTUMN THOUGHTS. To J IK D . How glorious ire the forest trees, Clad in their Autumn dress, Waring with the cool western breeze In light and loveliness : What limner's art their lines mar trace, As 'neath October's sun The flitting colors, colon chase, S till changing at ihcy run. Gorgeous are they bright, floeting things For, ah t as all of earth, Death with it, still their beauty brings, They perish with their birthi Another moon, and they are past With Summer's (lowers they lire, Scattered around as by the blast, They glow thus hut to die I They bring me melancholy thoughts, Mingled with memories sweet, Of Autumn days, when thero came nought My apirit could not greet. I think with more of myrth than grief At morn's early dawn, Of our garnered nuts, when fell the leaf A score of years agonc. Thou d6st remember well, I ween, The stolen march at morn The sleepy dog the watchman keen The tattered breech forlorn. Ah! thosowere merry days, my friend, As days might merry be; Alas t that all fair thinga must end, As leaves fall from the tree, Since then, have rolled between us twsin, Thousanda of leagues of sea, And many an hour fraught with pain, Hath passed orer thee and me : Vet well I've proved thy friendship true True deem I still my own, What good betide, what ill ensue, That youth joy hath not flown. THE GLEN OF SAINT KYLAS By the Author of "Letters from tho East," if-c. In a rcmoto and narrow vale in tho West, that runs down into the sea, stands a very minuto church and tower. The latter is so concealed from the view of tho passenger by the sloping banks, that he finds his fuel al most about to plant themselves on the pinna cles ere ho has gained a sight of tho body of the turret. And when he has descended to the walls beneath, he perceives his head to be nearly on a level with the roof of the church, and stoops low in order to gaze through its narrow windows. All grey and lonely tho edifice stands ; not tlio stone that marks the grave of Ossian's heroes, on tho hill of mists, is more mournful and solitary than tho aspect of the venerable house of 'prayer. And the man who desires lo seek far and religious retirement need not go to the solitudes of the Thebais, or the mon astic retreats of Italy ;' he will find hero all that his soul can wish for the absence of all disturbing human sounds ; the voice or foot of man is hardly heard around, there be ing only two lowly and neat cottages, seated on two green knolls, and tenanted by peace fuljpeoplc ; and these stand at some distanco from tho church. The low gate that opens into the little garden before the door, tho few cows and scattered shcrp that graze be side, and the patches of cultivated ground on the neighboring slopes, prove that tho dwel lers do not eat the bread of idleness. In this glun, and in one ot those cottages, dwelt the curato of the church ; he was not tho owner of the dwelling, or the flock j happy indeed would he have felt had this been the easo ; ho was only a lodger with the petty and industrious farmer, and was not a native of the place, but a stranger from a distant scene. Ilis former rank in life could not havo been considerable, nor his prospects flattering, dsn he would hardly have jour neyed the distance of two hundred miles, to enjoy this romote euro of fifty pounds a jcar. If acquirements and knowledge can give happiness, independent of wealth, he ought to havo been happy, for his mind was well stored with a competent classical knowledge ; and the other studies, that tho poor man seeks at the University with more ardor than the rich, becauso they are his only por tion, had not been neglected by tho curate. 'Tho long disputed, and perhaps still undeci ded question, that wisdom fills the soul with moro delight than fleeting riches can do, was never more faiilv nut to tho test. he been a man stricken in years, the former had probably obtained the victory, and on Ilis tomb in the solitary valley the departed pastor might have had inscribed, as has been done before, that he slept full of years and xperiencc. But tho curato was a young man, only in his twenty-third year; and tho passions as well as tho ambitions of youth will sometimes utter their voico in the ob scure and silent glen as well as in tho streets of cities. Had the rrassv sides of tlm vnl. ley been the theatre and tho confines of his imagination, his fifty pounds a year had been positive affluence How could ho possibly expend more, was a question ho often asked himself duringthe first twelve months. Tho sloping beach close by, at whoso foot tho sea, in general, slept calmly, afforded him at any timo a meal of excellent fish, and this ho loved to catch with his own hand ; tho cotta gers kept a dairy, whence canto his daily supply of delicious milk and cream ; there was always an abundance of excellent salt pork, o thoir own feeding, ranged tempt ingly on the rafters of tho kitchen j always -on Sundays, and sometimes during tho week, a fat fowl was killed by way of accompani ment. This luxury the cottagers would not so often have allowed, but for tho sake of ( their lodger, whoso iramo and habits wcro ' rthe reverse of robust and strong. Tlio an nual sum which ho paid for these comforts . made no fatal invasion on his stipend ; his i chamber was exquisitely neat and clean, per fumed in the season with thymn and rose mary ; it was small, but so healthfully situ ated, for one window looked out on llie rich ind smiliog banks, and the other far to aeaward. And hero it was sweet to sit and read, and then pause amidst his reading, and pensively gaze on tho hushed or the troubled deep ana what object is so boundlessly and beautifully inspiring t Or, ho might sit at the window that looked inland, over tho stream that rattled through its stony channel, making that ceaseless low disturbanco that the fancy loves. There wero other enjoy ments of a more elevated character, lo he attainment of which this deen rctirempnt vm higly favorable. Earth offered few fas-1 cinations to tempt tho curato from tho lowlv yet delightful feelings and duties of his charge ; to stand besido tho bed ol sickness and death, and pour consolation there ; to visit tho rcmotast dwellings of his parish, on tho wild hill side, or on tho sea-beat coast, and to deal sincerely and faithfully with tho scattered people, umong whoso thin popula tion might bo found overy shade of vico and virtue these wcro his daily cares his dai ly pleasures. A career such ns this was cer tain to bring peace and comfort to the mind ; and the solitary man felt this deeply and dearly ; and often, in his chamber, tho tear streamed from his oyo, and a look of ex quisite pleasuro lightened his features, when he thought how Providence blest him, and how securo and happy was his condition. Dy his caro and prudence, ho found, at tho closo of tho year, that lie had sufficient money remaining to purchase a valuablo ad dition to his scanty stock of books, ns well as a now suit of black, which ho much wan ted. It was on n fino niornintr when ho first put it on, and walked up tho narrow glen to Ins grey church ; ho had returned tho eve ning before from tho market town at ten miles distance, whera ho had eono to pur chase some favorite volumes; and still he found a surplus of his last vcar s income He had never before known such conscious and glowing independence; abundance seem od to open on his future years, and he smil cd as he saw hisparishoncrs, wailing around tho porch, fix their looks with surpiso, on his altered and gentlemanly appearance. A few days after he received an invitation to dine with a rich farmer in tho admining par ish. Ho was somewhat surprised at this, as tho invitcr lived on bad terms with his own minister, and had studiously ovoidcil show ing him the least hospitality. He went, how ever : tho house stood in a valley, at about three miles distanoc from his own, and was a substantial and excellent dwelling, for the r A -! .. I.! i. . j i. miuic ui iiju uuuiuiii uii wiiicii it sioou Be longed to tho latter. The visiter was struck with the appear ance of wealth in every apartment j it was tho first dwelling of tho kind he had entered since his arrival ; and he was greatly pleas ed, as well as fluttered, with the pointedly kind and friendly reception of tho family. A numerous party was invited, among whom were a few of his p.nislioner, but tho greater number were strangers ; and when he sat at the profusely covered table, surrounded by well dressed guests, ho could not help think ing of tho contrast his own humble peasant's board presented, at which ho sat with the family every day. Tho glass circulated briskly, tho conversation became gay and freo, and he was surprised at himself; for his voice rose as clear, and was listened to as attentively as that of the richest farmer present ; for his spirits wero elevated, and liis imagination roused. Even the daughters of some of the guests, who certamly did not want their share of pride, gave kind and ap proving glances. Tho young and obscure pastor had an eloquent eye, and a voico of a silver tone things that go far with tho fe male heart. It was late ere the party sepa rated ; and tho curate traced his way home with a slow step, for tho night was beauti ful, and his mind and fancy wero strung to tho highest excitement. It was a fatal hour for his nrarn tvlmnlin went to that dwelling fin Lnnmn it... dark and troubled hue it would cast over his prospects, hitherto so calm and clear, he had forsworn the company of tho woild lorcvcr. The path that led along tho shore, and it was a sDlendid and sublimn natli. in ml,. of tho wealthy farmer, soon became familiar to his foot : ami (Iih nntnrt:i!nmnt nf day was only the prelude to many a friendly vimi mm nearly welcome, i lie tanner liau two daughters, to whom ho had given an ex pensive cuucation, ana mm omitted, in tact, no means of rendering them suitable match es for any man in the western countrv. whether oinilent farmer, or Innir dprirwl(l souirc with a curtailed renlnl. Hn tnnli- ut times, over a glass, of tho fortune ho in tended to giyu them on his decease, as well as uieir portion on ine wcuuing Uny. And did the lowlv curate nf Saint Kvlna amim to one of these richly dowried damsels 1 He scarcely uanu own it to uimselt, or why his foot wandered sn nfmn In ilm flu-nil inn in justice be it said, that ere ho thought of all I.- ......... .1.,. r i. i i. i . i uiu iiiuiii-y, me iruiiK hiiu Kinu manners una spirit of the girl had created a warm attach ment to her. And the feeling was so new and exciting it broke so beautifully on the monotony of his life in the glen thai belov ed to indulge it. The father, in tho mean time, thought littlo nare of the curate; but was pleased when he saw him enter his house, for ho liked his character and conver sation, and felt that complacency toward him also, with which men of affluence and luxury often regard those who have equal and supe rior talents lo themselves, but are compelled to tako their stand on the side of tho gulf ol poverty, aim took wisttully and vainly be vuiiu. i ins sciuiniciu was near akin 1 pity, perhaps; but thero was real friendl to iiuss diu in uiu i armor s leeungs towards his new acquaintance. Of tho two daughters tho elder was tho object of his regaid ; it was doubtful if she liked tho man as well as she did the companion; for sho was a blooming, tall, and bright-eyed girl, and he w.isa mecK, reureu, tnougti very interesting personage; his dark locks curled short and finely round his brow and temples; his mouth and nose were good ; the former had a peculiarly sweet expression ; and his whole bearing and manners, in spite of his poverty and scanty field of observation, were those of a gentleman. So that sho had to choose be tween tho young and opulent farmers of the adjoining parishes, with rough, free, and heatty manners, and tho gentle curato of Saint Kylas. And she was long in choos ing, and kept him in suspenso, if tho word mav be allowed, for lie never A:irr.A in iIL of lovo, or lo ask for her hand and person, urn his snenr, impassioned, yet ardent look, at times said moro than words could do. But an event happened, soon after, that (ikiluu an nut parties in dillerent relations to each other. The farmer knpt a boat in tho cove below his dwelling, in which, during tho fine evenings of kumuier, ho was fond of rowing out to sea for a few miles, and spend ing part of the night in fishing. On ono of these evenings iu July, thero being no wind, and tho sea perfectly calm, he invited the curate, who had dined that day at his house, to accompany him in tho boat, with his eld est daughter. Thoy rowed from tho shoro to a fishing ground about two miles distant ; and after throwing their lines without much SUCCeSS. and tllU mnun tinning I,, 111'., ...I.. I , , . """6 ",, ijr, i.iujr pusucu uui uuoui a mne ueoper. A here thev had excellent Sfinrf. ntillirirv mi And overy cast, almost, some of tho fine fish .1.. . uri i .i at tlio coast. Wlnlo thoy wero thus occupied. mo ingiii wauuu aimost unpcrccived; and it was very late ero they thought of returning. At last thesmall anchor was reluctantly haul ed on board, and they rowed leisurely in shoro : not a !nln l.-,,i, ....... .!.:. lit p . ?g iiiuii uwu could be seen, and the soft and slow plash of mwir uarswasiuconiy sound that broho on the calm of tho nicht. save that at Intorvnls their own cheerful voices rose. On a sud den tho oar of tho farmer struck nnniiut snmo heavy substance ; and an exclamation of sur prise was uttered, for no rock, cither hlddon or just rising abovo tho surfaco, existed in that quarter. Thoy ceased rowing, and looking earnestly over tho sido of the boat, oi.w vivniij u liUIIIUll UUUJT UUUUItg SUIlUllljr on the wavo. The curato, not without shrinking, caught hold of tho garments, os mo uoai now sirucK tlio lorm, and drew it, all nnnr nrwl rlitttnrllv tviilt!. ilm... v!nm ft was a fearful sight, and tho girl shrieked, and cuvercu nor laco witn her hands; not so the father, whoso oyo grew on tho corpse ; ho bent farther and lower over, tho sido of the boat, and laid us strong a grasp on the mat ted and faded rmrmnnts n if Ihnv worn tlintn of a drowing man, whoso life he was saving. i ire jmsiur guzeu on ins companion ana tnen on tho dead, in astonishment, and recoiled instinctively ; for tho features were black and swollen ; and what is perhaps the most thrilling to behold they wcro eyeless ; and the mouth was open and liplcss, and tho wa ter gurgled through it distinctly. "-Wo must secure this body, said tho low but earnest voico of tho father. "For God's sake do not take it on board," said tho daughter. "It must bo done," was tho stern and brief re ply ; "it must havo a Christian burial ;" and with tlio great exertions of the two men, and after having moro than onco slipped from their hold, it was at last lifted on board. The hand of the farmer was gra'sped on that of tho corpse and to tho quick eye of the cu rato llin brilliant linllt nf lllf mnnn. fnllinrr nn tlio living and the dead, rovcalcd tho cause of tho farmer's eagerness to redeem their prey Irom tho waves. I he cold and swol len hand was covered with jewels; and this was not all ; for around the breast, closely fastened by a sash, the hand of the captor soon drew forth a very small silken bag, that, on being opened, offered several rare and precious stones to the sinlit. li .. known who tho drowned man was, or to what vessel that had been lost, probably in a storm, or struck nrjainst a sunken mrU lm l.n,l i, longed ; but in the unhappy disclosure that mic.xuiu iras piace, it was discovered that he was a Spaniard, and rnmn frnnt Rmtili America. A man of Slltiorinr rnnrlilinn lm had evidently been by his dress. Had tho party of discoverers been nnnr Aolinrmnn n. smugglers, thero had been some palliationfor .uning uiu uouy ; out it was strange as well ns shameful, that n tvnliir r charucter, should thus, in tho dead of night, seek to rille the kingdom of tlio dead. The boat lay motionless on tlio sea ; tho oars hung idly over the side ; and not a word was spoken, for no ono dared to speak, whilo the father slowly wrung from the clammy fingers their glittering ornaments, with a delibera tion and coolness that nnol.i nnlu m i.-..., i. longed to a practised villain ; and then, de- iiniiig uiu rings in me small hag that con tained thn other stones, lm ly in his bosom. Tho feelings of his child were spared the horror of iliU ;,.l.t rn. ... able to hear the asncctnf tlm cd her look fixedly on the wave; once only uii uruiuiig ii ior an instant, sho caught a glimpie of the heartless work : her father, with a fixed and palo aspect, bending over the fearful and evcless dnad n,i ir.,,r.. ring its possessions to his own bosom ; she uucieu u siiiieo scream, nut was saved the moro miserable fnelintr nf Anen;:., i.. rent, for sho thought he was onlv rescuing .. . ,,,,.;, , ulut.r 10 save tncui for the right owner. But the curate had known human nature better ovon in his con lined sphere ; and when tho farmer raised his head, am fixed liis full fvi iinnn Inn, i.m1i out uttering a word, he read in that clanco .1 i t 1 . . 0 moro 01 1110 aarii ana mysterious history ol tho human heart, than tlm ilnaihlieil rnnrnc of repentance, guilt and fear, of his scanty ".nun iiuu ever given mm. in silence they took their oars, and now nulled mnrn raniil. ly toward the land ; and there they summon- .1 . . 1 1-1 J uu iu urinrco imiermen to convey the bur then they had rescued to a neighboring cot tage ; this being done, they parted for the night. The feelings of the youthful pastor, when he entered again his peaceful dwelling and chamber, wcro of a strange and mingled character ; ho would havo sought reposo, but it fled from him; and harrassed, and wea rier!, tie rose with the early dawn, and open ing his window that looked mil nn ilio nlo. he sat besido it, inhaling the fresh and pure .nr. 11c uau iovcu, hitherto, on rising from Ilis bed. tO Oncn tho southern iiin,t,iw looked out on tho deep; but this morning he iiiiiircwiiom 1110 spoi.anu turned his glance, with a sickening feeling, from tho calm, blue surfaco of the sea : his love for that scene was at this moment cliamwd intn lr.nil.inrr An hour had scarcely elapsed, and the ten ants wero but just risen, when a low knock was heard at tho door helmv nml after tho farmer entered the apartment. His nigiit too, nau ueen sleepless, it was evident, for his features wcro disturbed and li.nmnrd and his cyo quick and restless. He dosed 1110 uoor last, and sat down besido his com panion, and took his hand, and spoke in a broken and hurried lone. Tho latter listen ed painfully and sadlv. fur d.r.,,1,1 .i,; man s words be denrecatmir and lm.,-!,;,,.. . no crime had yet been committed ; it was miii in ins power to restore the rich property to the magistrates, and. udmn ilm l.r,i ,u 1.1 be surveyed, to allow the spoil to bo produc- "" ui me ricn man, who might call tho whole valley his own, whoso barns and storehouses were full, had had a fearful con flict with himself: all nirrlit had ctrior. ,:,i. the demon of rapine, and had at last yielded wiiuny. ue sight 01 tnc rare and precious stones, that he had laid on bU iahl mri cu uii again aim again, was resistless ; it was iir ins uaugiuers sake, no said to himself. What a brilliant dowrv enabled to givo them ; how beautiful would mo smaiicsi portion ol this glittering array become their tall fine forms, and fair skin. And now ho spoke of his daughter; and tho look ol horror passed slowly from tho as pect of tho listener; n burning flush camo there, and ho trembled for he felt tho pow er of tho words tho father was offering him his child ! And wlinn ilm ivnrdo n.i i... IIU made no answer, but felt his hand grasped With a hard, kind and i,i-nlr,r,.l ....' , ,-..w..vv. uiuasuii.-, ofa despcrato, yet confiding, man. The miter rose at last, uauo him good morning, and returned to his own Immn ti, ler felt that he hud rather grapplo with tho ui-ii.ui temporal 111s man with liis own ru uuLuuiis : is inero any ourdon so hoavv to linn " - ....Ml.. 1 J" 1 J "' " Buijf mm lean in secret," was a question ho often put to himself. And then ho thouchl of all that ilm failmr 1.0,1 --m . of tho proposal so dear and delightful, that no imu iievur uopou to near irom those lips ; cratitude for a inomeni filled 1,;. 1, ...... ... ( 1 1,1 iicq,,, a. this generosity 5 tho richly dowried, adinir- t-u tin ui uiu vmioy was to ue ins Undo ; tho poor noriionioss curato. with ly sufficient for his own existence, might now live in enjoyment and plenty, and bo the master ofa dwelling as comfortable and lux urious as that of the owner of the territory. F or some time these flattering visions shrouded the darker part of tho picture j he would not appear that day at tho frugal board of the cottagers; and when evening camo, ho took himself sternly to task, for his crimi nal silenco, and resolved to walk over to tho valloy, and address himself to the better and moregonorous feelings of his friend. Ho found him wulking alono in his garden, ap parently tost in thought ; and then ho spoko to him in a low tone, but firmly and boldly. of the dark treachery ho purposed, and urged him to make redress, cro tho coroner's in quest was hold on tho body, or oven on tho very day. Ero ho ended, ho expressed his deep senso of tho generous offer made him, 01 tho hand ot the woman ho loved. Tho farmer heard him, without tho sligh test interruption, and then replied calmly, ufter a pauso, "You are a minister, Mr. Thomaston, and feel as ono who dares not look on sin with approval, or let tt bo done without a warning word. But never talk to mo thus again ; think you it is a light thing for a man whos name is held in respect and honor, to do what sinks him beneath his men ial servant, if known 1 "But it cannot, it shall not bo known,"ho said, clenching his nana naru, "fanny and yoursell alono saw it." "But God saw it amidst tho stillness of tho night, his eye was upon you 1" said his companion. The hand of tho other was instantly raised, and a sudden blow struck the speaker to tho earth ; it was dono less in anger, however, than in tho anonv of feel ing; for tho words thrilled to tho heart ofl the guilty man. He raised his truest cau tiously, and kindly, and a sudden revulsion of vviiiiiiu uvur ,111111, iiu oursi into tears, and imploredliis forgiveness. Tho young man,' as the effects of tho blow passed away, Idoked earnestly in his assailant's face, and took his hand solemnly In his own. "Ask not forgiveness of mo ; I know that frank and generous nature is changed, and the de mon of avarice rules it at will; But I will not betray you ; let tho earth keep its se cret but if it cover not this deed, let shame come, on my own head, but I will not betray my friend the father of the woman I lovo." And he would not stay to hear the heart-felt reply, or to enter the dwelling, but bent his way again to the clen. Tho next day the coroner's inquest was held, and a verdict of "lound drowned" being returned, tho body was buried in the church yard. Tho woath cr had changed since tho preceding day, and drizzling showers descended without ceasing, on the small and impatient group that stood in tho lonely church yard, witnessing tho in terment. The curate's voice trembled, as he read the service ; thero was one beside him on whom ho dared not look, who trem bled still more. Ilis faco was pale, and the eye restless, that faced the driving blast and rain, rather than tho open grave ; and as the earth fell with a dull and heavy sound every moment on tho half buried coffin, the spoiler ...1.. i 1 ..... uuin iiisiiijiiivi-iv, unu retiitieu agmnsi a tomb that stood near. Each hollow rush that covered for ever the dead, struck on his startled spirit ; and he thouehtof the wretch ed stranger, of his distant Spanish home, of his lainily that vainly sought him, whoso rightful inheritance his own hand had taken away. "If ho had died afar," he asked him self, "and some ruthless hand had despoiled his daughters thus could he rest nuict in the

gravet - l nese thoughts, that swept wildly 1. I.:, r. ij l.. .1 1 1 imuugu ins laui) , veru mucu uy 1110 sau aim lonely scene, over which tho skv Fathered dark and threatening; and as tho curato road, with a faint voice, tho solemn words, "the wages of sin is death," he clasped his I J M II I II . 1 . nanus wnuiy, ana uticrca a low and piercing moan. The few who stood around looked earnestly at tlm man : it was not a sound of sorrow or sympainy, but the wail ofa woun ded mind; and ere their surprise had subsi ded, the grave was closed, and they depar- tcd.apacli, along tho wild glen, to his own lioiuej The glen was no longer tho same to the curate, and his walks through its narrow do mains lost their charm ; in place of tran quility and a peaceful conscience, came a .'lowing and resistless excitement ; tho lovo of tho eldest daughter. It seemed as if the late event had broken down the barriers of restraint, doubt and inequality of lot; they alono were privy lo the dark secret, and thoy could not avoid often conversing on it, and mingling their tears and apprehensions together; and a warm attachment soon be came mutual. Tho day was appointed for uieir marriage ; a uwoiinig was sought, and handsomely furnished, by tho father; it had n garden and a glebo of land, on which craz ed several cows for the dairy, and a horso for his own use. And now his glowing vis ions were soon to be fulfilled ; and the poor pastor of Saint Kylas, with fifty pounds a year, was to become the master of a fair house and estate, tho husband of tho finest and best dowried girl in the west. Tho day camo at last, and tho bridal party was joy ous and happy ; in all the assembly the bridegroom alone was palo and thoughtful, amidst tho congratulations of friends, and tho smiles and embraces of his wife, and the blissful certainty that the woman ho loved was his own for ever. Whatever tho parent felt, no eyo could discern the slightest change in his countenance ; if any terrors were in tho heart, it seemed that the treasure of the dead was a rich atonement : to his widowed chamber ho often went, and drew them forth, and gazed on them long and intently. In his dealing and intercourse with his neigh bors, ns well as with tho nearest market town, he supported tho same high character lor honesty, lairness and respectability ; it had been a solitary temptation, and had wrecked in a moment tho gathered blessings and golden opinion of years. And he loved often to go and seo his iavorito child and her husband ; their dwelling was not far ; and Fanny placed the armchair for her father, and the curato pressed his hand warmly and in silence ; and tiien sat down and conversed freely. Ho saw they were happy ; and Iho husband felt proud of his lot, of his fair glebo and cattle, and tho comlorts of his dwelling ; but ho gloried most wlieu tho tall and com manding form of his wife moved around him, when her dark eye and soft word anticipated his wishes. Was not this cup far sweeter than he had ever thirsted to drink onearthi And could ho hate tho father whilo ho loved the child I Ho did not halo him : yet there wore moments when tho feelings wore differeut, even when a fuw companions sat round his hearth, and ho raised to his lips tho full glass of rich wine, that gleamed fiercely in the glaro of the firo, a sudden qualm camo over him, and his lip quivered for ho thought of tho hushed and still night, whep the boat lay beside tho floating form, and tho light of the moon fell on tho forbid den and glitteringspoil. Tho doom of the living, howovcr, was at hand ; and the fate of the shiprccked man might be envied bv him who had taken what the waves had spared. It happened in an evil hour, that the farmer, one evening in 1110 neighboring market town, to which he went every week, fell into a warm dis pute with another landholder about their mutual poverty. One boast led to another, for excess of liquor had made both unguard ed : and the farmer, who seldom indulgod n urmK, irom ino conviction mat tt over came him, uttered words which no human ear should havo heard, for it was a boast of the value of what tho sea had cast up. Ilis rival paused, and fixed his oyo full on the changing countenance ol Iho other, who foil his fatal error, and then exchanged signifi cant glances with tho rest of tho company for a confused and slight rumor had gono abroad at tho timo of tho event, but had died away again. Tho company quickly after broke up. The curato was seated that night in his .chamber, when ho hoard the rapid tread of horses' feet coming down tho glen : it was an unsual sound there ; and quickly after tho farmer entered ; his look was wild, and thero was exquisito misery graven on his features. "O that my tonguo had been in the firo that is nover quenched," ho said, "ore thoso words were spoken." To tho wild and earnest entreaties of tho minister he answered not, but continued to talk in loud, mournful and broken tones; and the other ceased to interrupt him, for ho saw that tho agony of his spirit was exceed ing great. Tho burden that he must bear was in truth a fearful one, and ho was crush ed beneath itlikoan infant: for ho was a proud man and with tho passing away of mar mgnt, would pass away like a dream also, the wealth, tho dignity, tho high res pectability of his character, far and wide and he would bo an outlawed man, and his fair and loved daughters--what would they bo ? things for the finger of scorn to be pointed at ! It was never known what pas sed between them ; but the cottagers said, afterward, it was a fearlul night that the wail of agony nnd despair roso louder at times than thn roar of tlio sea beneath ; and that then thero was heard the soft still voice of tho minister, as of an angel pleading for tho rescue of a lost spirit. It should seem that at last it prevailed ; for the sounds sunk into low, deep moans, and voices of pity and mercy and, ere the morning broke, the farmer again rode wildly from the door. The next day passed calmy in the valloy, but on the second evening the feet of ene mies camo on tho soil, and with them were tho officers of justice. Tho rich man was taxed with crime; his words at tho inn wcro quoted against him ; ho denied it firmly ; but jhe house was searched, and the plun der was at last discovered. Thero could be no doubt whence it came or to whom it had belonged. Ere he was conveyed away to bo examined at the town, his friends and ro lati ves gathered round him in wonder and indignation at the chargo ; the rumor ran liko wild fire, and his numerous tenants and dependants camo also, for ho was a popular lanuiora, and tho clamor and gnet were loud and general. Tho trial never came ; for by the active and secret exertions of his friends, he made his escape from prison, and went into a foreign country. On his family the blow fell ruthlessly ; it may bo doubted if the anguish of the daughters for tlio ruin of an indulgent father was moro bitter and rending than that of tho curato of Saint Kylas. Had the spectro of the drowned stood beforo him, and lifted his accusing naiiu, 11 couiu not nave ueen more leanut than the tcmptest of scorn and malice, be fore which his gentle spirit shrank and trembled. Not only his religion, but his honesty was called in question. Tho world said that ho had shared the plunder of the dead ; ho could not deny that he had been privy to it, that ho had seen it dono : but when he spoke of tho horror and hatred of the sin which ho had really felt and that ho would as soon have dyed his hand in blood as touched tho spoil of the lost peo ple were slow of believing him. " A wolf in shcop's clothing, a midnight spoiler on tho wave," were tho terms that were heaped on his head ; it was said the daughter was tho price of secrecy, and part of tlio diamonds wero on her bosom on tho wedding day. Ho could havo borne tho loss of worldly wealth, that now melted fast away ; for all the possessions of tho farmer were seized by the government, becauso ho had plundered what wero tho rightful dues of tho latter, namely, the unclaimed property of the dead or wrecked, cast up by tho'wave. The sweet and luxurious home, and par den, and glebo of land of the pastor wero part of these possessions ; and it was a mor ning of sorrow and humbling, and tears, even to agony, when ho quitted, with his beloved wife, their home, and bent his steps toward tho glon of Saint Kylas, to dwell in the same lowly cottacc that ho had tenanted in his days of peace and obscurity. It was all they could allord ; tho poor fifty pounds a year was now their only dependence, and when they sat besido tho hearth on tho first evening ot their arrival, and thought of the change, tho subdued and stricken man lean ed his head on tho bosom of his sacrificed wife, atid wept bitterly. And now came tho triumph and tho strength of woman 1 From that moment sho concealed her own feclincs. hushed her own complaints, and strove only to comfort and sustain the drooping spirit of tier liusoand. it isan easy task torayoung, endeared, and attractive woman to do this, in a silent glen, in a desolate isle, any where, in fact, on the wide surface of tho earth. And the youthful and contemned pastor soon felt and owned this ; he was invited no more to tho tables of tho rich and luxurious ; his dwelling was seldom entered by the step of it.ittercrs or tnonds ; in his church on tho sabbath ho saw that his congrccation did not increase ; that thero was sometimes a sneer 011 tho lips of thoso who had reverenced him before ; and that, when tho service was ovor, tho few who wcro wealthier, ins lead of stopping to givo a kindly greeting, hur ried hastily away. But then, whon ho sat in the small shaded chamber that looked out on tho glun, his wife was by his side ; somo useful work for tho household in her hand, or sho listened whilo ho read ; and then they arose and went forth, and walked amidst tho rocks and verdant banks, or on tho beach beyond. Ono evening, engaged in conversation, they had wandered far, and he sit on tho bank, whilo she stood besido him ; suddenly he felt her tears fall fast on tho hand thai was clasped in iter's and, looking up, ho could not mistako the look of sorrow and upbraiding on Iter fine fea tures ; i( was the very spot where the corpse of the drowned had been landed on the fa tal night; "my father was your ruin," she murmured. He rose and kissed thoso tears away, and said that ruin with her was sweet; and that had ho betrayed his friend, and tho woman he so dearly loved, what would now be his state t And they turned hastily away. A change and a stern one he well knew, had oome over his path. In that same chamber of the cottage he had sat a year before, a lonely but an innocent man, in possession of honor and dignity of char acter, and with a heart at rest; now all these blessings wero torn ruthlessly away, and ho was left only to that piety and sin cerity of spirit, that had bcon clouded for a moment, but had pever forsaken him. The trial to which he had been exposed was sucn as tew couia near; it was a bery ordeal out of which ha camo, not wholly uniuitain- ed but ho had novor forsaken tho " God of his fathers," had nover bowed down to tho 11.1 f a .... . iuois 01 gold and silver. With a sunken check and animated eye ho looked calmy at tho desertion nf tlm world, nnd anid will, n smilo, that was turned on his faithful and ocautilul companion, that though earth had noothor help but hor ho was happy I and that his feet should henceforth bo confined to his own valley ; then peace of conscience and inspiring hopo would como again, and tho voico of treachery, sternnoa nnd mioliu bo heard no more. Tub Flyino Maphimp A Mr Mn.r. mott in Louisiana writes to tho N. 6. Tropic 1 lm fr.llnu:n .!.,.:..: r - a..i r i, . unaviipuuu ui U nying maenme of his invention. Ho arltnmulndnn. l.n l.n finds it difficult to 'embody' this 'conception ui uiu iiunu. I havo n kits nnn hnndrnd snd n A In Ionctll. twenty feet broad, nnd tannrini In oach end like the wings of tho fish-hawk. unucr mo centre 01 me Kilo 1 have a frame eighteen feet hjgh, in which I stand. Under the kito arc four wings which operate hori zontally, liko tho oars of a boat. The blades of tho oars arc each twenty square feet in surfaco. Tlmv urn mnvnrl nv tlm mitalna of the logs. The blades of the oars are mmo m a series 01 valves resembling Veni tian blinds, so thai ilinv nnn udmn ii.. move forward, and close when tho stroko is made. The wood part is of canes, tho bra ces of wire iho kito of cotton cloth, tho tail of tho same material. Tlio bim l.n. nn angle of ten degrees to the horizon. A man in New Orleans has invented another which ho thus describes : "A hollow machine, about twenty feot long, is inado precisely in tho shapo or the body of a bird, and inside this will stand or sit tllO serial naviralor when hn mslm hi .... poriment by light and simple machinery worKing a pair 01 wings modelled precisely after those ofa bird." Caveat Emptor The .following article is from a Calais, (Me.) paper : "TAKE NOTICE, "That I, Margaret Warnock, forbids tho Bonds of Marriage to marry Ralph Scott and Hannah Siemit, as I have got a claim on him." There seems to be a lerral Dronrintv in tlm course which Margaret pursues in the premi ses. In that State, it is customary to publish the banns between those who intend to commit matrimony ; and this, we suppose is tho res ponse to tho "first time of asking." STUB SoottB. GEORGE l'ETERSOJf HAS jnt returned from Sew York with a large and full supply of Dry Goods, Groceries and Crockery, consisting of almost every article commonly called for, all which have jut been purcha-cd at very low " ...v ...u. .1 iu.i lliuil I1C VVCr 1IHII the plea-iire ot oWetmg them befoie ; among them 250 Mils Fine Sail, BOO liii'h. Coar.-c Salt, SOO liagi Nova Scotia Plaster. lOO Ibis. freh ground Superfine Flour. IVAXTP.n In exchange for Good, Flaxtced, Butter, Cheese "l.u III.IID Walls. Uurlington, Oct. 20, 1842. 20-tf FOR SALE, at a small advance from cost 50 brls. 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