Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 2, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 2, 1842 Page 3
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A From tin National iutttliirciicvr. 'I'll I J NF.W TAW IT. IV hit is ilia proper ctiirnci -r of th'u measure in reference to ruvi'uua ami protection 1 It 'was framed with a vicvmo raison suUieiunt rev-inn.-, and at the aiiic time to nlTard incidental!;;, lull intentionally .111 adeeiuato protection tu Ain-m"m industry. It ha bean ass idcd with n pooil ileal of violence by cirtnm pariuan presses, nnd by interested individuals. The obje i of the present coiiimuuic.iti in is im examina tion luto thu justice of tliess attach:, and nil inquiry hovvfar they are well founded. It is true the bill passed both It macs of Congress by the smallest possiblo majorities, and afjer long discussion. But we should search in vnin in those debates for many objections to its details. It was opposed in pencral terms as highly protective, instead of being horizontal, in conformity with the cotnpio. tniso bill t ns giving a bounty to Iho manufacturers at the cxpenso of other interests 1 ns Interfering unit tlie distribution of the public lands and as being too high for the purpose of revenue. It is truo tint this lull supersedes the compromiso act. It reestablishes the principle tof incidental pro tection in the mode of levying duties on merchandise imported. Much discussion has been hnd whether protection should boirtcieiitaor intentional 1 li.t to niy apprehension it is mciely a dispute about words. All tho positive prelection which thoreasombte advo cates of tbo protective system have claimed is that Import duties for the support of the Government should bo laid with discrimination, in a manner to favor and protect our own productions. This pro tection is incidental to this system or revenue, at the same tuno it is positive and intentional. Tho object lias been to apply this principle so as to protect all the great branches of industry; and the question i, whether this hill docs not fairly accom plish this object 1 It may here bo observed that this is not introduced ns a now principle. It is the policy which was introduced in 191G, nd has been pursued by all our subsequent legislation. The highest duty is upon tho article ofiro)ij this beirs hardest upon tho interest of navigation and upon manufacturers generally ; but it has always been considered a matter of national interest that we should ourselves furnish a supply of tlnsarticlc, so csscnhal in war as well as neace. tho raw material of which exists in so great abundance in almost every .part of our country, uesiflc., a preat amount nl cnpuai lias been invested in this branch of buincs, which would be sacrificed by the abandonment of iho piiucipto of protection. At tnc samo lime, men improvements re making in the application of nmlir-icito coal ns quite eerlain that, under the inducements to further application of capital and skill, tho priccwill bo gradually hut greatly reduced under a. full domes tic competition. "After all, a great reduction has been made in the duties on thi article. Rolled bar iron, which pays tho hisbest duty, having been reduced from $30 in 1810, S37 in 1S2J, S30 in "1S23 and 1832, to S25 per ton. rThe articlo next in general importance is wool, on which a high duty has been laid for many years, with view to the protection of a great agricultural interest common to nearly all the States. This duty has been reducedfrom 40 per cent and 4 cents a pound, in 1832 to 40 per cent, an I 4 cents a pound Tho protection of this article is interesting to nearly all the State, and to few more than to Virginia, which, by the last census, stands fifth in tho wool-growing department. The duty on salt has been reduced from 30 cents the bushel, in 1816, to 8 cents in the present bill -, and yet, for want of better grounds of objection, this re duced duty has been the object of particular attack, especially by ilr. Woounury, 111 tnc senate, who ar gued, with bis peculiar logic, that this duty, combin ed with the existing reduction in price, was peculiarly and csaeciallv onnressive to the eroat farming interest. Another nrticle on which the rate of duty is the high est is coal, hut of which domestic competition is fur nishing us an ample supply at low prices. The foregoing enumeration shows how utterly roundless is tho charsre. so easily made, and so fie- cjuentlv repeated, that this bill has been framed with an e.special and exclusive regard to the benefit of the manufacturing interests meaning, it-is presumed, those of catton and wool. Tho highest of these is that on manufactures of wool 10 per cent, in the place of 30 per cent, under tho act of 1932. Tho high duty on wool makes a high duty on its manufactures indispensable; and it is tho opinion of practical men that under this bill we shall sell more importations of manufactured woollens than of tho raw material. We now come In the minufactmnof cottons, more important by far, in amount of capital invested mid number of persons employed, than any other in the country. Tho duty on nnniifaclures of cotton is 30 percent., being the general rateofduty fied .by the Committee of Ways and Mean? on objects" smted to revpnue nione. 1 111s is an advance 01 a per rent, ovir tho rate of duty in IS32. At this samo lime n re duction has b?cn undo in the ininimums, from 30 cetits the i-quare yard to 20 rents on plain cottons, and from 31 to 30 on printedcalicocs. The success lithe cotton minufacturo is llirtriiimph of the pro teiivenrinciDle. In all nrtielesin eininion and iren erjJi use the supply is more than suffiei "it for nur own consumpirin, 111 prices iiiiiin.ieniiy iiic cneapcsi 01 yiioss supplied to any nation under the sun. This be ing notoriously the case, iho uuestiun i asked, why fix so huh a minimum 1 This ivcrv fully cxnhincd in the memorial from Hoton annexed M the lepnit of the Committee on Manufacture". Tha object nf the minimum is to secure a tntdi'. duly on the liner branches of the mmnfuctur". opecallv on the rich printed eoids. T hose arnutj-i nrfiwy and luxury nd for the mem mirnosaiif revenue, tho most nppro"- nriiteand w'ell suited to the application of high rales 1 - 1 . . ml - I ' II..1....1 1... ! OluUiy. . 1 Ills can Ulliv ouaouuintnisiieu uy urtci' fic duty in the form of a minimum. Nothing can be more disingenuous than Hie pre trnei thai this duly bears at all on the Uboriucr clas aa's, when it is pcrfeetly notorious that in all branches of the cotton manufacture used forronimon purposes, we are sunnlied lv our own manufacture better and intrinsically cheaper than we could beby any foreign imnortation ; anithit ihe domestic I'oninclition has reduced the profits of this branch of business below the average in oilier pursuits, in fact, at the present moment to nothingat all. Thesami obj -ct. of mind im tho revenue against fraudulent invoices, led to r chane in the form of the duty on silks to :i specific duty, by weight, of two dollars fifty cents the poun I, equal on the nvcrago to a duty nf2) per rent on ihe Wbjit cnenlts mnst in it favor b the facl that value. .What speaks most in its favor r-the facl that the change is appioveo uy Hie importers, wh.lst the foreign houses aro full of denunciation and romnlflint. . hutliavirvv which seems to bo most frequently oresented al iuo' generally ire. ivad U, thai this larhTisloo high far revenue by its tendency lo checli imnorltiion. This idea has been nut forward with : good deal ofassiduily, but is wholly false in point of fact, as can easily ue snown. r ue ucst giuue is our own experience, and we can appeal to that, w hich is nerfecilv conclusive. Ourhi;hcs rates of duty were under the tariff of Idia. nwcniinio opcr.uuu in ino coiiiiiieiiecineiii of period of cMremo depression, which terminated with tho year 1S30. The year 1S31 is, therefore, a fair criterion of the operation of Ihe high tariff of I S3?, t o far as revenue is concerned a tariff much higher than the present. Tho imnortation. of that year amounted, according to tho Treasury report, to SI0J.19I.12-I. The duties which accurred thereon fsco Doe. No. 3, 22 d Cong. to 835,30-1,3)2 gross, or deducting drawbacks and sinenses of col cction. In S30,22,29a net revenue The import of one hundred anil three millions was consioereu avcrymuuiiu ai iii.u nine, uui is un doubtedly much below what may now bo expected in luturc. The committee of Ways nnd Means based their cal culations on theimporlsof 1310 S101000.COO. This was a year of light imports the lightest of tho last ten. The everaiio of tho next five years is more like ly lo exceed thin to f ill short of 6120,000,000 ; ihe duties on which will exceed Sij,UUU,000, without in cluding leand cofiee, on which a duly will probably bo laid nt the next session of Congress a measure which the actual state of tho Treasury renders highly expedient. It is true that the revenue accruing during ihe year 1842 will be small, and that importation rendered small by other causes, is in some degrco Mill further cnecKt-u oy ihq cm. nug nirni ; anu uiai ine.c cnecK? will continue to oncra'o during n pan n I Dr. yenr tola. But nothing could bo more salutary than this check; thecounlry was snOVing under a plethora ol goods of both foreig'n and domestic production. Kvery article of merchandise, with few if any exceptions, has been and is still selling at a Joss to tho importer or manu facturer. In this stato of things n ihcck upon impor tation is the only remedy, the only road to a state of propcr'ty and freo consumption the only basis of a prosperous revenue. There are some who appear lo be disappointed that tho revival of Irnde has not been greater since the passage of the tariff, Such com plaints are unreasonable. I.illlo more than two months have passed i a large portion of 'the' country are hsrdly out of iho last agony of the wretched sus pension system; some Stalesaroyetdcbaling wheth er they will not still prolong it by ruinous miscalled relief laws. Hut the end has corne. After a long and severe depression, in which confidence nbuscci has been changed to general distrust, nnd courage has given place to timidity, the reaciion Ij cautious and laW, but it is sure. It is ns certain is ihelaw'sof na ture that the present check upon tltof importation of merchandise and the influx of specie are the immedi ate harbingers of returning confidence, prosperity, and increased consumption. So far, then, from the present theck upon importation being unfavorable to the revenue, it is wholly the reverse. Hnd a' largo importation been allowed to come in under the temp tation pf low ilutiP in tho actual slate of the country, It would have produced a stato of things which it is frightful to conleinpaie paralysis of industry which would still further hay0 checked consumption for a long period, and for a small present modicum of reve nue would have eacrifiLedihot of future years to an amount infinitely greater. There is no greater mis take than thatlnvv prices of furcisjn produets are in themse ve s favorablo to revenuo derWedfrdnrlmporls. The only legitimate and cortoin source of revcnvlo is active and well paid industry, the parent of full con sumption. I'or moro than twenty five vent, a direc tion has been given lo ibis industry which Im, r,,r. niihcd thecounlry with all ihe nisnufacluresforcom. mon use in wodl cotton, glass, leather, paper, and iron, pur import! are in tho finer brnnclicsof tlicse manufactures, mns'ly consimed by the rich. Now, nothing can be more evident than lhat a change in our tariff, winch would paralyze this indue- ndiipon ihegencrsl eonminplion. The truth is we M B..i, ... i.ii,-ui . n.-t ..jiioi.iii. i,r. jviii (iiiiijumi oftur snrphis proT, cnstituting our erportf and these will bear 0 ptoportioti to cur industry. Wo shall run into fotciguluxuilrt ns far nswe have tho mentis, and llies.!' uru lit and proper subjects fur high dut.M. I deny al'octhcr that theprrunt duties aro so hiidi as to ohcc'f tint rully Ihi consumption, or to encourngn smuggling 10 any extent. There is nothing motif expi'iicm" to warrant audi a conclu sion. iV, her is there in tho experience of other na tions. Wh it Is there in nur tariff w hich Wars any propotion to iho duties in 1'ecl's bil' tin tea, roflee, en gnr, wines, spirits, A.e.1 On Iho whole, it ii 11U easy to perceive how a lull rnuldliavoht n framed for rev enue nlono which would have been mnrcrHcedvo for that object. At the mno lime, it gives security toall the great branches of industry which have grown tip under n policy which has more than realised till tho prcdiclions ofitsfoundirs. No doubt some charges may be icqiiircdin an net comprising en many details. A modified warehousing system made n part of tho original bill, and should nccompany n system of cash dunes. Any radical chango in the character or prut riploof tho bill would ho tho picatest inadncss. All that is wanted is that it should be submitted to llioteat. Koslon, November, 1812. KXl'IC lllDNCl.. RHODE ISLAND. TI10 lst!Jiovitlencc Journul gives full rc Itirns of tliu voles on the adoption of the new constitution from nil tho towns in the state except five. TI10 result is ns follows: For the Constitution G,53o,ngaint it 33 1 On this result the Journal remarks as follows. We publish below, complete returns from 22 towns and partial returns from four others, leaving five towns from which wo have not hcaid. 'Ihe vote is considerably larger than weontieipaled, and what is particularly (ratifyinci Iho vote foi this constitution lias increased over that for the other, in thoo parts of the Stnto where thowholo Dorrito strength he'. Providence, North l'rovidcnce, Cumberland, Smiih ficld and Johnston, have given mbro votes for this constitution than they did for that which was rejected in March. 1'iovidencc county has given n handsome inercarc. The falling oll'haS been in Iho strongest holds of law and order; the portions of the Stole which niralmostjiinanimous for the supremacy nf Ihe law. and where also ihe strenclh of (he old charter parly resides. Tho men in these parts of the State did 1101 conic to tiicpollf, liccaiisc the adoption m tnc eollMllutlon wo corlmti, niul Ijcrnusii llioy ilul not care to indicate any desire for a change ouhe lorm 01 government. In their view, the isue was between the old 1 baiter and tho new constitution, (silence was Iho most that could be expected of them. MASSACHUSETTS ELECTION. "Tiir. sonun shcond thought." The Old Bav Stato is redeemm;; herself most cloiiouslv. Those towns which mado 110 choice ol representatives at tho first trial held a second election last Monday. Tho result as fur ns heard from indicates that the Whigs have succeeded in a large majority of the towns. Tho Boston papers of Tuesday morning givo returns of thirty members twenty of whom arc Whigs. Tho follow ing lullor which wo cut from tho Atlas shows that Lowuu. is herself ajrain : Correspondence of the Atlas I.owr.LLCocRinrtOrrrcn, Nov. 23, 13 12. Tlirt Wli!fj nf Lowell tmvp rrrli.nmm I till!!, wl v-a and covcrci? their city witli glory seven Wh'gs are clecled, with Samuel I. Awnnxcn at the head. Hon est John need not fear for tho "sober second thought." Give us tho election over again, and we'll drive Mar cus down to low water mark, among his Iricnds the clams. The following gentlemen arc chosen : Kam'l. Lawrence, 1). S. Hiehardson, Henry Smith, Juna. Tyhr, James Tower, Abraham Howe, ltosvvcll Douglas, GOOD CULTIVATION. Mr. Baustow, tho keeper of the Poor House in this town, has raised a crop of po tatoes lite past season, which, although not the largest on record, U yet worth recording, us evidence of what is attainable within the range of ordinary, gnod cultivation. It is GOO bushels, largo measurement, from one aero of ground. The laud has been under cultivation for the past four or fivn years alternately in corn and potatoes, with a mod- crate implication uf muiiuiu rucli yenr. riio crop wns cultivated in the ordinary way, and no extra labor bestowed upon it. The seed was of the variety known in this rejiion as the Irish Sprout, a very superior pota- toe, neatly or quite equal, as Mr. Bdrstow thinks, to the Pink-Eye. 1 THE NEW TAUirF. every fanuar re id tha communication of " Esrr.r.irci;," in regard to tho now Tariff, which will be found in our columns to day. It originally appeared in tiio National Intelligen cer, and is said to have teen written by Aiiuott Lawiiuncc, of Boston, AT .Ssveral articles, intended for our paper this week, havo been excluded by the publica iion of the laws. AlVOJNTMENTS J1V '1'IIE GOVEHNOIt Ilun. Andrew Tracy, of Woodstock, Jud;;c Advocate (ionoral, under tho new militia act. D. V. C. Ulirke, of Brandon, Quarter .Master General, in place of Gen. Davis Ilicli, resigned. INFORMATION WANTFD. Left ihq employ of 1'; Howard, Wespcrt, N. V., the latter part of Augu't last, IIAUANDA 1111. LINUS, aged 15 yrart. She may lu known ly her right-hand econd fingernail having Kern -plit open and grown irregularly together, llcrdepailuru Icing unaccountably ttrangr, any person by giving information ns to her wherral cuts, will greatly allevi ate tho anxiilyula solely tried jiaient. PLTLR BILLINGS, St.Albnn-, Nov. 30, 1812. TheHev. Ih.i IUllou, ol -Monlpelier, will preach in the White Heeling IIoum-, m Stcibiirn, on Sunday, the Ulh in-l. Tho ndjourncd liiccling of the mechanics, it will bo recollected, is on Saturday evening, Dec. 3, at C o'clock, nltbo Court House j at which lime ihe re portof the coinmitieooii iho constitution may be ex. peeled. It is hoped that all 'mechanics and others interested will attend. B fits c31a In Iticlnnond, on tho 28ih inst., Tiiaddics Cbane, J-'eq. Deputy Collector, in tho 43th year of fits age. Mr, Crane has I cen long known in this county ns ii valuable bu-iii e man. Ho was formerly, lor n number of year, a Deputy Slierbi; in which nation his rapncily and integrity won for him universal res- peei nnu csirrin. Aline nine ol Ins ileal Ii lie liuM tho (iflieo of Drnulv Colle-ctor and Inriurlor at Al- burgh, and nil w ho have bee-u calleJ upon to trans act biiHiic with him in that rupacily will I ear wit-ne-stotbo urlaiiilyand kiiKlncjs with winch hu dis charged hlMlliir, As a publjo officer hn has won the regard ofall, hut it is n a man, a,a eilizrn anil Irien.1, thai his incniory will bo mojt nnre.l uuJ en during. Tbo wide circle of friends lo whom a I lit- r f imblemiOied rectitude', and ne,ve.'r Tailing l;indnc.i of heart had endeared him, will look in vain lor tine; lo fill the void which hi. elefith ha left. Through ihe duadvanlagcs of liimte-d cire'um.tancei and fee-Wr health ho hasftrugglcd, nijiporling not only arnnM I erable lainilyofhibown, but a molhernnd helpless us ter, the last of whgin prrci'ded him a few thort luonlhs to Ihe laiidofhpiritr. Hohas gonedown to iho gravo in the meridian of his year?, in the peaceful poes ion of thejc hopes which reneh beyond it, in'lhe midt of the consoling preM-nce e.f hU family and friend, and in calm mlunission to ihe will which bade him pre pare tu meet lusOod, Green be the turf above thee Friend of my belter days I None knew thee but tolovotlire None named thee but tnpraire. S. LOS T , BKTWKF.N C. IIaynrsMioiifeandWlnoosl.iFnl!s, a I1LACIC I10A. I'lie findvr rhall be suitably rewarded by leaving it at this ollicc. linrlingion, Nov.30, 1812. 27lf j,i i 77. TZ i 77" 3iiiits uireat v mirmici wiui st'P. DuekUs, &c., for 0, 71 cents, 51 1,50 1,78 I I - . r.Ti1vULU;v CV lllVljll B.n.lU. ''c ' 27w3 IJi lti'i'i'M Miii'lct, Monday Nov. titcporicd fur the Daily Adverllsi r and Patriot. At imrlit L 1400 lloif Cattle. E01 Stores, 3000 Sheep and 1700 SHinci l'ltlCKS. Catilh Wonuoto to correspond v-iiii nt vvuk. A yulidortwoaisinu. i irstquai W 2i'a 03 75, third II, V II I H.1 fLVUIIU lllfll.J iinaiiiy. du a ;). U.UU!KMMi,0.' CO. .CATTLE Mess S3 125 ! No 1, 82- ., STORKS Two yoar old at S7n312; three year old, 81 1 a tjiO. sniJUP Lots were sold from "Gc to SI "3. Weth ers from 31 75 to 'Z 75. 3WINIJ t.ois to peddle from 2J to 3c for Sows, miilS J n la forlhrrows. At retail, from i to Be. anlv of Btii'liniitoii. TVTJtTK1.!; i hrrMiv iriven ibat a nicotine of (he riicirkfioider nf the llanlt of Hiirliugton, will be . olden ut ibeir linnhing Heme 011 HioiueondTue-d.iy I January next, al 11 o'eloel,, A. .11. lor tno p'lr fose of chou-ing ven Directors for the car next eusuing. llyorder ol the 1'rcsidcnt and Director). n. a. cou:, casMtr. Uiirlingtnnjjlee. J,J8I3. TO BIS SOLD "AT AUCTION", On Saturday, Dccimhcr. 17, AT II. THOMXS' AUCTION 1100JT. A IIIIICK IIOUSI': with small clap-boarded Cot. a. tagoattached, at the back, on tho new road. n few rods south of tho lliidge, which con bo rented in three apartments, ns three doors all optin at different points, or it can as well boused ns ono house, flood stuue cellar under the wholes llifcbcst of water con veyed in pipi s, about 20 del, into tho cellar; Good Stablo and ''hrd, t,inall yard, if-e. Also, a building lot about M by Cj feet, on Pc.irl Ptrcct, oppotite lliOiSloic formeily occupied by Dau Uay, al tho lop of the first bill' fiom tlie bridge, on the level part of Iho street most convuiicnt for any busincts on Ibis side of the biidge. , Annilirr Binnll lot. 32 fi et from, on the new road, next south of my houo. Also, Ilalancc of n small lot through which the road ran, leaving about S3 feet fionton the new toad and very narrow at one end, and nbout lfi to 20 feet at the other, next north of my l,r,i.. ntul rut nil' from tho new Road. Lots now owner! bv Mi ssrs. Vilas. I.oomis & Co. and one bought by Mr. Shad Place, which makes ihem nf value to thoc persons. YVnrrantcO uceus nom.vir. .TnlinK. Uinyund Mi. II. W. Catlui. Also, mort gage Deeds and nil tho notes given for about 110 acres ol lend in Kirston, t. All tho above deeds can bo seen at Ciiarlcs Mess's shop, 1'enrl, .SV. IN'ow and Valuable Hooks. AMO.NO tho new niforinieiu of HOOKS, which tho uli.-cri! or h;i l.ri ly purelia'od, uud now l),lTftir fair, may I o I'mnd the fo'lowing Walrlv' Kincdoili of Christ, i)lli''i'iiriniil,ary, Iongfullow's Vuircs of the night, do Ilallad, Coleridge's C!oiifuioii (irnis of Ainciiean Kemale I'oeli, Carlylr-Charti-in, 11 p'ei in n, ' Henry nf Ofieiidingcr, Pamirr's Ouidr, DunglisonV Physiology, , Downing'.- Cottage (larilening', Hav'.- Trrali-e on Ualhin, ' ; Shiineall'! Lrrture-, , It irnett On Ileformatio'n, ' Cnrlylu'sJ'Vrnch KcoIuIod, . '' Tcnuyion''. Pi wri- lhinglioiiV Practice, KdvvnrilVPIiyMoloiy, Crmdnion nnd f.r,e ol' Kjgland, Rold.-imlli'klI'nysl Joliu(m'- Ita-ela--, Hook ol'Pi'rasure-i. ' My olV book, Hi'Lte and Clo ct, Sir". Sigotirntj'. Poems, Wardworth's Plciiis,, Coleridge'.- PoeiiVa! Works, II.irI.cV While Poem, llridal Clil'l, S.-:ciu-e ol'cohunon Tlung, r'lora' Lrxieon, Claim of Hiu Country in American Female., Ora'- lioianualTrxt lioo!.-, D'Aiihijno's itelbnnution in G;nnany&. Svvitz rrl.iii.', Animal OhcmMry, Auri-'iillmal ''einrnt., Clar'.V Seiiiruiu PicinisCf, D. A. UIIAMA.V. Ilnrlinglon, I)el, IS 12. 27w3 ANNUALS FOR 2.83. CONSISTING of ihe Hiri, Christian Muiviiilr, I''ilciidslilp'-i oniring, Aflt'Ctloii's C'.lft, 'i'lie Hose. For sale in tho Hook Sloro of Dee. 1.1813. ,t D. A. DltAMAN. HTATIONUIIY. rcat vuricly cf Stauonerv, new nnd ol the r-i q mliiv, lur alc 1-y 1). A. 11KA.MAN. a;. ov. o0, If Ii. 27 PIANO FORTH MUSIC. AN unusually I irye assnrlminl nl .MI 'SIC, adapt ed in the- 1'i.inei, list ju.-l 1 ecu rre-civc I an 1 t.ovv ofii-ic I for Mile-, al wiio'e- n i- or rmnil, by ,. I. A. J1KA.MAN. Il.irlingtcui, Dec. 1, 1312. 27 VERMONT J EG ISTlll IrOI! let now for sal.-at the Hook Sunv ol . "v- 3": l. A. HltA M AN. American Almanac lor IM'Cfor sn!o 1 y 1). A. HHAMAX. 27 Kovcirber 30. 1312. Cretal Mvis Pencils, lor sale by ov. 3d. I). A. I111A JIAN. STRAY 11 El FEU. riA.Mh.uiln the e-nelo-nro of ihe- snb-rril . KJ ihufir-l nfO toberla-t. !1 rtrl V 1 ri iDi-T II It" I PPT I with n small wirl on tho left eye-. Tin; owner i. ie ijaesteJ lo payL-hare.nnd la'.e'her away. J. S. PLAIT. Colehe-ter, N'ny. 23, 1S)3. OPTICIAN." For a few tl'iys only." rniin above appended ton long advcrlisment often ineets tho eyes nf our citizens, who arc rcspec fully informed that wo have a very decent assortment of Concave, !nnvec and Con avo Convex or Peris copio SP1 OTAfLIW, nnd that we can fit most nel sons with good Glasfts in n fjvv minutes if they wish to buy a pur. wo nivo Inn u ld mounted Spectn clcs at SD nndSlO per pair; Silver, of various pat terns, nt hi, 2,2'), 2,50, and 3 per pair -, Finest beau tiful steel Hows, beautiful Glass. 62 ner nnir. Tim Glaeefs in our best spectacles aro ns good aslhuse tl ..I. -1 1 : r. , ittrui uiiu- i y.iiKuiai tiling uiir en zens per pair for, and which wonften have to exchange in a " few days only" nfltr they leave. Wo have every number of Glass fiom 1.2'inch focus lo 40 which numbers will fit nbnost everyone from two years old to over 100, nud wo ran fit ihoso who b ivo l 'a Is raels partially formed in tho I'.ye. Wo liavpul'u blue steel Mowed Spectsat 50rts. T.'cls. and $109 1 firrman silver good ones at 81. Plated, sirelnnd Ilrassni 50 els. Sleelaud Metal ones at 23 and 37 eta. per pair, vve nave ijoggies, protectorsj nice German ilvci and Jlorroeo r'peei.icles cases cases given gratis when wo sell spectacles. Thosti who buy spectacles of rs can d lend upon tbo articles provingof the quality vyo tell them it is. We invito nllenlion lo our proienl assortment of Goods in our lino, wo never nan oetier. PANGHOrtN &. nniNSMAID. Not Opticians. Dee. 1. 1SI2. ;27w3 lilliY SIRUP! T5I1IS known unJ unnarallelul rcniolv fur Cauirht. X Injtntma, Colds, Asthma, Spittinx nf lllood, ifTtooping Ctugh, Irritation and dit scaled stats cj tft sjungs, auu isumumpiwn. rcrsaio oy PF.UK & SIMUH, Druiit. 27ll Agonufoe Builiustop unJ, us vicinity. NOTICE. 0 IN O to my heov y losses, I shall bo o! ligrd lo call on all indebted In me 19 iiisku payment, nnd lo sell my Store and Hcoiis did their bi "ng sold at Slicrifl sale. 1 hupo this notice will io ciillicirm, as I should regret tu me many of my customers that have dealt with 1110 over iwcniv yiars. I hove a good assoilmeut ol Oue-Js, nr.d they will bo old. shall malto no accounts niter ihealst day of Decern ber, 1842, at my ilurlingiwi .no re. SID.NKV IUHLOW. Ilgrliugton, Nov. ?3l, IS. tf Soll-F rutuulors, to Travellers niid Uousc-Kcepcr?. Tht gtttittii modtvi Impmtcmtnl in 'ire .Irmr. Setl'-i oelilnt; iSt Hcli'-vcvolvli.i; 1'ocl.ol Vlslols, TTnilt'II inn beihs, liuimd six limes in n fuw sec- W ondsi Ihet'istol rucks, tho barrel revolVcs and diicbargesby mdre.y puliing the ttiggeri Iho cham ber and liilic is in ono piece, nnd thfriforo cannot blow apart like a una lepeating pistols. The con stiiitiion iivery simple they c.inbedrawn from Iho poClUl nnd nsedlwitli ono baud without Iholosi of n moment ! si-: shots can be fired a3 fast ns a man can crook his linger. They arc no larger than the ordi nary pitol. ! or travelhrs, Imiise-keepcrs, captains, planters, public olHeers and others, they aro an indispcnsablo atticle, ns persons both mala anil female, can with ihe pistol, protect Ihiir lives and property if attacked by many persons, ns ono of them is equal to nenr n Uoieii ot thciommoii l.ind. Tho public ismvind to rail and examine lliesamo ns iheirwinplicily hein? war ran led not to get oat of urder, and llieir perfect safety will certainly recom mend Ihem over nil others. Aim. for teilAitntildd nnd smtrlo barrel Pistols, flno ones made by llollis & lirothcrs, Hirminnh im, from Cj to (uracil. Also, n lew cneap ones miuir siino w here. Wo h ive iierc'ussion Caps and Pills, I'lnsk, S-hoi llas, l)nk-, Howie Knives Steels j pocket Tiio lightcif, Willi Hint nud punk. Knives, Ha7ors, acissois, ic. iMftuuuun "I m.wva.UiViw. Dee. I. 2w3 sr,t i-ni-fiitt! r-rii n q rtiM ... nirrmc. 1 10, CONSU'lPTIOiV,' WIlOlilMNG COl'till, and ull P dinonary AfiaUmns an I Di-e-ao. of Ihe Lungs, tin is I i.'.cvc I 'o I : i In- lur, t pe.pular e clli ranoiK Jledieun- ovi r I nowti in America, fi r proof ol winch, we- wind I refe-rto thou- who have iw I it, and to Iho nutiiero.'s rrriiheato of Phy-irian. nu I others ,1'iaclie-1 to I lit? nisi 'o wrai;'r ol e-aeli I utile Dr. Ainnry H'ililni2,of ernnl.lin, Mas., wriic allrr liavni'' nru-cribitl tin- ii-nal re'innln.-. wilhoni lelii-fj uud havinl i;niiMilii-d with tuveral eminviil liiiy-K i.iu, no na- inini i iuo e:ure;aiiL' l'uiiuotiary lluls.nn lo have h id ihode-irede !e-ct, and reeouiinend, it n. n afr, runvrine'iit nu 1 o h'-aeioiH luedicne-. Dr. Thtliia. Ilri'wn. ofConei rel, PC. II., wrilclhat to hi-l.nowlri'ir, it ha.nevrr eh-appoinlcJ ibc rca leexpi.Miatlon. of tho-e w ho havoit..e'd it. 1 ho p'iblii' nre partus il.uly rautioned again-t the many Counttrfeils or imitations wlneli have- ly or wholly n.-mined the name of ihe prnuuie urliole. iC"J" He'i-Mired that it i. lint genuine iinlr-. one or loth of Iho written signature, of SAMPSON HF.F.I) or WJI.JON'X Cfl'LFR, arc round utlaeli.d toa yellow lalel on a Uui- mvelnpi-. (All label, of and allrr Ihe ilatucfDcc. 153!), will hat ' tile- wiitte-n ieiialuiu- rf Win. .Inn'n Cutler. Preparetl iv IU'I D, WINl'. &, (late Low it liec.l,') Vhule-.ali! Druggist-', 51 Chatham st., lio tnn, and Mild I y Dr iggi-I-, Apclhe".nrie and country mer rhanl?, ccnerallv. Price- .,0 ri h'm. I'ECK et Sl'EAK, Agents. n irl-ngton, Dee. I, IS 12. y. PliCK & SI 'EAR, AGKNTS FOI! SHLl'MAN'S LOZFNGKS. 'X S'iS.Sa-K.ii 1!" CHILDREN CRY FOR TtWM! rtiion?, Pl.OPhi: av iheynru Ihe , iM-aiitc. JI an 1 1110 t o levlivo ine b.'ine in use. Kiiornious iMi.TintH'-.iiro-old nnd every hniyli ,'-.ilie'U. f re-e III 111 11 int. I ' r tili'i- ol' ll.u .M,..i.iniil -azine. ays lliey e-m-.i hi. ewnrh in n lew Imur-. I'lie lt.-v, .-ir. w tin nr, 111 1 ills .ui-i o'lL'in nirel e Inirelj. ev.i. r.ire I nl 11 very I ad nil I an ! e. vim nne.-.t.i.-. 'I'lie l!uy. .Mr. A nil, any, ol''ho.Me:lioJi-l eluTeh was cured OI i'"ii-iihi ti i 1 y 1 I.e. 11. s i. , .inn woiim i,oi:vnrs In,- .r,,-! tiio 11. e- ot iho an !- ll' .-ti the Hon. I. Iw 1! Hear ev. e-y, Dr. G. Iliiu'cr, ami nearly a'l our pby-i ri ins win tln-y tli'ii'. .d .-lie-finair- Lozt-nge-, and the-y vvilllrli y.i i they .are e ihuun.y inf'alla-b!u- nu-Ih-iiui. t.iu.wii. SHF.HMAN'S CWIPHOK l.OXLNGI'S are- real aniiMi.ii-. in iieidu-lir, palpuation, sea,liiv-ne.h oj' "junl- and do-iiiiiile-ui'V or lime ivt- e 1'ili iinti.m. Cnpt. t'liailwii-i. of the We- lunrion, Mr, Ac.rriniil, tliegrra: -igti paiuier, .Mayor Clark, uud almo 1 ryi-ry I ndy- kmn . their vah r. I'UOIl .MAN'S PLASTI-li-yiiermanVwi-incan-co-l- ICJ rent-, and i curtain le e-iire rheiini iiism, land ilea, pain or wea'.ne. in the bicai, n'do 01 in-, 1 ,.i.,.. ., uney cure worm, when niiplin in 1 Ins part. Ail; .Ii r. Ilnxie- or any one- who hi 11-e-i 11, nu 1 wo d 1 give- (or one sooner than five- rein-- inrni' oiner i,ii-ier-. SOIil", NIPPLLS Piiiivelyctrl by Sherman' Papillary Oi', without taking the child from iho I re-.ift Dr. .slicrmm de-nu- pariieiilarly that pureha-rre -i.w 11. 1 1 . uui 11 111.11 jury mi genuine Slirruiaii'-Lozea,'i-.e nun 1'i'u.tcr., u he e-aimot I e- aee-nuniable lor 11,0 vvoftirr.s nriicloi iiiat may otherwise te Jl.l Hill.- I (IjJUll HILMI, Lkei'-i r ull tlnsi'ivc P THT MCniG'INL'S trjumcrtcs, &;ap$, Jnl.s, Ularktne; if-c. if-e. For -.-lie I y. 1'JXJC & SI'LAIt. I'riigJi-t!-, liuiliiiglon, I. 27if LARGE AU0TJ0N SALES. Wednesdays, Wcrlncs'lay Evenings, and (Saturday J.vemngs, H Y II. T U O I , S . QTOVF.S and PIPF,, KIITIir.N FIIRNITUIJi: ij li'arinms UteusiU. Sle slii an I W llll-'llllli. DlVV Goons, pud India Hubber Cluilnn;. Also, .1 large lot nf l'ur anil Clalh Winter Caps. Sales cnniiiiued in ihe evening. Dee-. 2, IS 12. Al Thomas' Auction, Tomorrow, I CSooJ Voting COW, , I Siienor S.e-cl Sr'nug WAGON, rovere'l for 'a lld'chci'swago i, or i. ii;ev.l toe-onvey a family We.-t. 1 Gonil one boi-r Hpiaie; Nix SI.F.lGH. GREA T 1SARGA INS IS SJIOX:i, IJOtlTUHS, Ac. Ar. WM. IIUftLHUT, now ofi'ers to ell, Shoes, nt prices far below what has been done hereto fore. Such ns Kid Husking, 2 or 3 qualities, Walking Shoes, vanous kinds, Ladies' Slips, Misses' Kid Slips nnd Lace Boots, Misses', Slrnpud Shoes, Lace Hoots, Gaiters and half Gaitsrs. Children's' Thick ."-hoes. Do. Calf Skin .-hoes, Ladies' Thick Shoes, coarse and fla, AUo.-KUHIIUltS. Men's patent and common, Ladies do. do, Nov. 22. 1612. 25 ' NEW BOOKS. 'ItHl; HAND HOOK OK FANCY NF.EDLIi X VOmi, by Mi.s Lambert i illuatraicJ with en gravings anil e'xlra gilt bitulmg. . Hairnw'kGvpMes ol" Spain, Lindle-y's Ilorliciil(ure-, Hsjory qfleiai, toil nd climate, Chupti-r oii liliureh Yunl... ' Public lnlruelion in, LiebigV Orgaiuo Chcinktry, applied to Physiology and Palbo'ogy,' " TriunbiillV llei;iinitrcncts ol his own tunes from I75G to 1541. Civil llnginrcring, byD. II. Mahon, " Companion lo IhcllooU ofGenej., by SamuolH. Turner, D. D. ' llui'.'jry'Siories about InHinel, Talcs of the King, of L'ngland, NaturaliM'i. KaiiiMc.. Praeiiral Trcali-oim the Din-ate ol Children, by Janie-i Sietvail, M.D. ' 'I'riatito oh Shi-ep, with' tlirertions fur their man agement and Ircniineul of DiM-ase, by Ainbrojc Hbieljuan. Tliel'o dlry Ynrd, ihe best method of tele ling, rrnring.nn I breej.J.nq the vnr ouMK-Clrn.f DnmrMie Fowl, bv P. IJertVH-ll, fur tale I y C. UpOOKIt II, Nov. 25. 20 tflrayetJ Yearliiif,'. CA,MK l'mo ll.e encloMireofiho hulwcrilrr, ahnit tie f.r-1 eifN'oyciiiber, a red yearling SI 11 It Tl o ovvner4s irij :i-ted io prove propel ty, pay ' liar Uti and lube him ewuy. J03HPH n, SA.NllOnN. Drrluiitten, Dec 1 ni, 27w3 I '.Mr I, 1- 'T g i'"'is i.-t W.VWW. vttVyk-; W 1 . "1, 1 x' . - 1. i.?n rr s t -.1 . .j Now rocelvinp, u Fresh bloek of Sinpto mid Taney (ioiiol?, which must bu told CiicaI' nf cri'ir r. S ithai 1-Vinry Velvet Kill on-, ncwcft l)lo, Rntey I'rcneb do dd Alpacias, (.I'cwry variciy, Vtlvcl Dres IlandU'rehicf?, Silk do do I'riniei and Uinipc, lloiiiiot Silk', Aha, I.livanl hawU, Silk Uroeha, Dainak Wor-'t.-l, f.-r by Wil. IIUHI.BW. iNov. '22, 181J. 20 Celebrated Speeches, AMr.UIC a Oiaioi,or Select Speeches of cm! nr' Vimr a nI'utrtrlt ITchnj, Amtn, llan tlolh, Calhoun, I Atingston, Alorrh, M'thiltr, J'ink tiey, Hrerrtt, ij-c, tS'C. Seloi t Specebrs of Winib haul mid Iliifkiusnii ! rdilcd by llobert U'aleh, 1 vol, Celebrand Speeches of C'batbadi, llurke, Mrsl inu and .Mneinlosh, 1 vol. Ciiintnings' Stlect Speeches, Willi a Iliogiaphical Sketch, and an Appendix of V.x tracts from bis writings, nud piciliL?, editid by Robert Walsh, 1 vol, 8 o., just nnd for sale I y C. GOODRICH. Nov. 23. 25 CAPS. O'nT.n, Seal, Nutria nnd Mu.l.rat, Fur Tnm'd and t'lojh t 'npi, a largo u-ortiur'it - lnt ree'd cheaper limn ever, by II. W. CATLIN. .Nov. 21. 1SS2. 2d tit ray INIare. C'l IM VF.D frimihe'sti' s-riber, V ) on lb'- 1-1 Nov. m.., u I hie' Firnch .1L1.'.', mac ve! ir. o!d, w Hi win r I Hi-, 1111 i 11 lillle to It1 with the beavis. Aev itilcrin.i'ioti conirruiiiy la-r, if nt-v.,..m,,,in,.,,,,i j,, Jnhn tirade'. Shnlbrrn, ibi- t-i' fiil er ut l'nii Pr' I, or left at iiic Fiee Prr.s Ofli.v, Uurlingtou, will le suiul ly ae Luowledged. MICIlAl'.L M'Or.TTRlCh. Fairfield, Not 20, 1812. SO Cvius K. ISh'ge's I'.slalc. Wl'lliuS ll sent ers hav nr.' I rur. nppoin'.i'l I y tin-llonorn'le- the Pro1 atu Conn lor ll.e- l)i.tri--t ol t'luiten leu, e-()iniiii-u.ner- lo re-rrivu, rxaniitiuutid ndi't thr-claiiii- and de-nan I., ofall pcr-on. njauis the r-tntr ol (!j ru. 1C. 1! r-.r, la'c of I'li lrrhtil m .ni l Di-lrirl, elrer.i.rd, le-prr-eiucd m-olvcir, nudalau :tl . rl.iiin. nii.lVciunnd- exhilu-u I in n hot Ihercio ; an I .ix liiniith- fiom Ihe'djyof tbudn'i.- hereof, Ir,' ir nl lowel by midCoirt f r pun o-r, wt-dolhe-rrfurc hereby givo uoliee, lhat we-will ntlru I lothe l-ii-mt- iifieir ni iointiiu..i, at the-dwcllingof l.lijnli Hir.-r in unueriiiii 'n fai l IM-tru-l on llio e"nn 1 VVednesd iv of Di-reinl e-r nud Murch next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on i-aeh of .-a id day-. Dated, this 2Jel.iy ofN'nvrm'rr A. P. IS 12, LLI.IOT ITtINK" I t'.muii 20 OLIVDItOOODIIUI-:. siouerv. Ilcl.i ChUtcnilcn'H restate. WF. the snl cril rr-, having I ecu appoint? I by the llriinraUu the Prol a r Comt l'i,r the Dis trict of t'bit'.cn !en, e-oiiinii-.ioiirr. to receive-, exam ine and adjuslll.u elaiin-niid e'en-nnds ofall pe-r-oilf auaiiislihee-.tntoof II1-.LA CIinTKIlfJLN, late ol Shelbiiru, in anl Di-trn-l, dceoa'e-l, ri-prcu'iiled in-el- vent, and nl-oall i bum. and ix-niand. pxhil.itL.--l in o i-el thereto-, au.l s. mouth. Iiean thcehu- i.fllir date hereof, being allo-vc I by -.aiJ e-o irt lor that puri'Osv, we do ilicreliuu lieiL-'ij- give lioliee-, mat wu win at trnd to the b i-iiiu-- ofo ir appointincni nl the dv-r!l- el t'nrti Chittciifleil, in Shell-urn, in t-md Da niel on the- 23:b day uf April next, at 10 oV'nrk, A. M. Dated, tin- 23ih i'nv ol O.-toLi-r, A. D. IS 12. 20 IIKNItV S. -MOUSL, mnnssioncrs. Wcrco Slatnll-Ii's Kstatr. WF. the siibscribcis, having been uppointed by the Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to reerive. ex amine nnd .adjust the claim, an I de'iian I" of nil per- tuns ag-unst the estate iU'Jj;itVK SV'.l.Yjy.V, latent' II uitui .'Ion. in said Distnct. deceased. ri i.resnt- el insolvent.anil also nllclaims and demnnda exhibited in oil. el therein j nnd mi mouths fiom I lie if j y nl t lie: late liereot, Ii. utg allowed hv "i-d Uouri Inr I nil tmr tio.c, we do therefore h-rebv give naiiee. that we wil intend tj the business of our annointnnnt, at the .1 o r 1 t. ... , li i ...... .. ii.' ninii 111 .'ii ii u.i ii i,. i- e, 111 1 1 nit 1 1 ii j o hi, in a im Di.tiicl, on the lir-t Monday-o' .linmrynnl -May next, nt j0 o'cliitk, a.m.. on raeh of s ml dnvs. Dated this 7lhday of N'ore-aiber. . r. 1812. FZIfA II. tl.NLI'.N, ) C'ommis- 2(5 DANIKI.GOKIIAM. 5 sioners. SALE OF BANMT EFFECTS, nfl'ccts of HcuvyZottinaii of Albm-;I). N OTIC 11 i heri'l'V given ilul I j- v rtue of .-in or der, lo mi elire-eie I l y the-lhn'e-l SI3-.S Di-lriol Court, I' r tin' Di-in -I i f erun u'.of h,' 7 h day of November I S 12, I will fell at l'L' Acitm.v, al llir St-aie- Slnrr ot,pn-rr ilir dw-rinir llou-i' rf Naiiey Ad.iin., in So ith Hero, in the Co iuty of Gran I Lie-, on Monday li e 21 day i f J inmrv 1S11, e-iiiuir.eii'-iiigiil I oVli ''. P. .M. the f tl'me -ng nruVte of ier-onnl properly, nu I chew, in ai-lion, w hieli nre ye-re-l m me I y tins orders nu Idu.-re.e4 of mi id Conn, Vi. 1 Ta1 Ir, 1 s and, C faiu-v c!ia:ry', I p.ulor ..'ovr, an 1, fhnvel mid irmr-. 1 -ajd e-. 2 old Ur.l He., 1 pur baud enrt wheel-, 10 lli.xi-i, 173 i ,s iron, 0 1' . i-te rl, 2 b g eliain-, -, .'.I nf Wagon I oe, 2 tet-ra-t ii il-, 1 Fowliitij I'lt-ir, 1 -in do loig'i or Cut er, I l ot li vc- and pipe-, I Grind Snuir, 1 obi any.!, 27C lb- M-rap iron, S horse'. Ir e-, 5 rivrtts,-10 bolt., 1 'ebo-.v-, I mil d, 3 vice--, d.ev plate-., 1 -e-rew ii'alr, 2 -V lie-, 10 Ii iinuirr-, 0 loir.'-, 2 p in he-, 15 tap.-, 13 pair, ol dir., 1 ban Law, .1 rhi--el., 1 de l; an 1 .Inn-, 1 toWe-i'iug iron, 1 .houeivn i- an I p nirh, 0 liea'mg loeiV, .1 un.'hin tool-, 20 puii.die--,2 .We I-w-, 1 fulln'vi-r, Hit -loel.aii.l'l bu-,2 drll , 1 drd' s oel,, II runnier-, I fro -hovel, 0 b irniag Iron-, 1 shaving box a,, tool, l e.yo wo far, 0 files, 1 loci bi-n.'h, 1 u'j! i-houl, 1 fhavc, 1 tyre wheel and elrvy, 2 v.irnehe-, 1 hone-, 1 lyu-ftone nud 2 boo!.., 1 Millie- lool and rv ii oilier Miiall nrtl- edes lebnguig In Ihe-bliie'.-iiiithing bnfii.r..; and the fallow iner dull; in fivor of nid llcurv Zi'ttmnii Irlore lus llanUrnptrv: An :ii-f-oint ngain-t Wil I inni A. ll.irueii e l Jidti n ol S,00 Ava'nl l e-ter Koleiii-on ol'Clialon Co unv(.N". V.) of f-1,23, (.'ha's l!ur' ry e f sa pla c- e f i ,C0. Levi Saiiip-on, of niiii-pi o r, ol -S0,01. Janie- IIid. in., (nand Mo, i 11,33. iiei-e-y itaii-wr.riii, .-iviin jiero, .ll evm Win. Phelp-, Soalh Henof3ai't. AnaiiiM Je-i Laiidou, Suiiib Hero, of 2) ecu!-, ll.db l.nnilun. S.anh Hero, fur 31 i-cnt-. Again-l f-'rih I'lar!., oiili nrro, oi w vi t. Joseph linarduiau, Seiulli Her", of :n e s. P.eiiiainui Huarhnan. S n h lino. ofSl.OO. D.n i.l Corf in. So jh Hern, ol 51,33. Joliu H'Mwii-1'. Grand 1 Ir, Sl,7o. Lyman Mar in, fouili Hero, ol tl,gi. Aa xau 'er rtielp-, Wilion, id 32,31. The l.sta e- of I li-ln lioo', l.rr of South Hero, of 12 10. Pe-cr Hurl rv, of Soalh Horn, SO e"-. Na han Ad nu-, (''rainl Isle-, 31 en. Timothy D. White', So dli Hero, of 50 ct-. A iroiiii-ory niitu ng.nii.i Milo, S,, eh I lero, oi'o3 3, An tii-comt ii.a'nl Job i T. lu'i-U-r, .-"oti'h Ih-ro, el'iJl.OO. An a -eo ml a'.'aiii-1 Lamp -on nnd Pixlry, South Hero, C'f'?j,00. A I tier H. Laiidou. So ilh lli ro, of 1-2,00. Aleo, a bon I e-e"u'e'd liy Daniel Kern of 11 iri.n.'.C'ti, to aid Henry otnmn id 1S3II, bin ling the--ai. I Kern to elee'.l io mid 'unman, on I cm? pud iJHOO.UI) Willi the inle-re-l, iho el'.vee lin boii-i-, I am, Hlaek-uiilli'.. .hop and about 2J a re. e flan I, the -nine pie-mic. by Ihe -ai I ''ittniaii.iu Siinh Hero afore-aul. GILLS HAHKING'ION, dulnitt. Alburgh, Nov. la, 1312. 20.v3 Tin Plato &c, SO Tin I'liite, 25 lldl-. ltu-.ia an I r.ugli-h Sheet Iron', as.orlnl no.-; 10 It II -. Iron Wire n..orli-d, Scent Shrel Cop per, 'linne-l and llae-U rivt-p., Wire Vellum, llras. Kettles Ve. iv. . S I KONGS. Nov. 17. 1312. Dan Day's I'state. STTK OF VLItMON'I'.l '1MIF. Probafo Coun DNlri.-l ori'liilten !cn, . j -L for Ihe Di-triet ol Chilleii 'e-n : To all pernio, i-oinvrne I lu the eMail of DAN DAY, laie of Huriington in said dulricl, deee-a' r I. Whereas, Heman Allen, of said Ilurlinglon, ad of the e-taie of the mid elive.i.el, ha made aupliealioii to said court. to e-xtend linioliniiieel for M'lliug the male' and mating p-iynii-nl of the ile-blol' ihe ald ele-ee-a-e-J, twelve' luoi'ulu from the 24th elay of Jannary A. D. IS J3 ; Thcrel'orr, ihee-bun iiloie aid doth appoint the .se. ond Wwlnfwiay of January, IS 12, lor be-aring and deciding i pon nid application at 1 lie Kcgi-tcr'.- oifiee In fan 'iiirlinglon, nnd iloth orele r lhat the-rre'ehtor-, nnd all other per rons inn ret-tw ) he; notified thereof In publication of thi. order threo weej vnvcsn'vely in the lliiiling Inn Free Pre, a m-w'paper printt-il la tanl Hiirliug lon, iho la t of which publie'alioii. to heprevioui tu heliiic appoiutcd as afure-aid lor hearing. Give-n iniiler my hand nl raid 11 irliugtou, this fd (li day ol'Nuvcinber, A. D. 1312. 25vv3 Wm, WHSTO.V, Register. Clarl.a (Jatrs' lislatr. STATR OF VKIiMONT, 1 rpilH Hon. the Pro Din net of Chittt-ndeii. i X bale court for ihe District of Chntendeu: To nil eclioiu. 'coneciueil in theenre of CLAItlSA GA'I'L-j, late of .Mnntreal, In the' Provinee of Canada, elecda'-eO, who el.ed.po.-ses-rd of e.iate in saideh-lnel. ' GrencTlNfi. Whereat, ('haile Ai'.ims, Adiliini-lralor cf.'thr cstalu of ai I dii ea-rd, propoM) to rv n ayoi nil of hi. a hnliii-iratiun, and pre e nt hw ai .-o mi ipm'n-i tai 1 ivaie for uiaminoiu n sad all) al a 'e'- sion of ilicCoi.rt of Proi.atr, lu ru huleli-n nt ihe HrgisterV oiiu-o in U..rling'oii, m a-an d,.'rie on the tevoiid Weelnr lav if lie-eruiler lu-x'.' 'I bercfrte. You aro beiely noliteltoaiineartefeiri) mil fourt nt Ihe-uiueiaii 1 plain af.u(.'H.J, and hew faun', if any vou have, why the uexo.i.n aore.-Ail should no; Ir albiw eel. (j -en im- mvliand nl U u-linfctnn, tb- I'vclfdi day ei Niv:inlf r, Ai D. 1843. WM, WrSTON, ff3iUtsr. 1ST C. I3WNNS jr. & Co. SSn&SPSES.S St A2E.aSlKf ('2tl Ihnr South of ths Hank, Church strut.) rcvKiiv VAitnvrv oi." & tkimmikus tONSTANTLY O.N HAND. Cutting ilolio In tho ltinsl appiovc-d style ami IVui-raiitcil. Hiirlington, Novciiiher, 1G12. 2G'f. AMERICAN HOTEL AND GENERAL STAGE HOUSE, HV H. T.VYI.OH, Cocrt Iloysn Sqi-ahe, Hcblinoton, Vt. 2Gtf just deceived and (orSnle, cheap for f.'ah, l'ur L'oas, lllaek and natural color Itiissian Saple Unas a largo nssoi Imetit of New York made Hoys' Clollt Caps; Fared, Plain Cloth Cnpsj Seal ''km do.; Sclct do.) Men's Cans, Fnrrd nnd Plain. W.M. IHHILUUTT. Nov. 23.1., IS12. 23 LOOK HERE. "IARMF.US, who wish to purchase Stoves, for J. wood, or produce of nlinosi any de-icription,wjl please e'al, nt tho "Stove Store," second door west of J. oc J. H.'Pcch, ef- Co. S. W. TAYLOR. 23-lf Burlington, Nov. 21, 1912. Itiia. IIOKTON AI..11,VrfAC. rpill' llosion Almanac for 1913 will bo ready for J. del very nbout the second wixk in December. 'I hu Publisher's linonv to utinoiineu to tho Public thill this numb' r ol the Almanac will contain original tieiuofall tht c'tunhes in Voston. The drawings weru made on tho spot by an cinn-rnt nrtiM of Ibi3 ton, (.Mr. II. Hillings,) and were cut by t imc of our best i:iigravers.4 Kach one is accompanied with a liorl clnonologieal nccouiitfroni iho fnrmaiion ol the Soci'ty to the present time. This inforinalion, an eomnanie I bva correct view of each house of Public Woithipin the t'ny, will give particular inteiest to the Almatiae, nnd especially so, whin it i. consid ered mat the tr'iec vf the Churches in Hoston (ire cmbracid in the account The lem iinder of the book w ill bo occupied wilh Hie usual matt, r found in tho Almanac, nnd whudi ln given ll so much cede! rity in vents past. The covers of the Almanac will be decuratod with highly wrought specimens of ninbiis-ing.nnd elaborate Fjii cy Printing.- 'Ihe volume, as a whole, will exceed any nutiiber that has vet been published. As but n limited iiuiitberwill he'slnick oir.our friends from the country are reqjj.ted to send in their orders n3 sion as pn...l.e to the pill lt her, or to 3Ictrs. Tiiomvs Giioom it Co , State Street. Orders fiisl received will lo first ullinded to. Nov. 13. Trausatlantlc New.paiici- nnd t'.cncral Agency Ollicc, l.lvcriool. ciiAtti.fes .vii,i,jii:i, Nticspapcr, Forwarding, and General A"int, SL'PPLILS to order, wuh gre-a'cr prom.itiliuii! and ic.'iilanti than any other bu i-r, and on llu- mo.t K'a-i tia' Irii-im-, (a London Da !, P.iper f" r J.'fl 10-. Sierlingpernan im,) Ncwsmitx's, Pr.icr. Criitir.NT., SlIIi ri.Mi LiT!, Ji:san I DooksIoh1! pari, ed ill! I'.S-iTCD S TATPS. ( ANADA, N'OVA Sll.TI.V, Ull l.Vr.W Dl'.l'XMV icn, s,i, ',.. on thi- -lib itml 10 h'ole-a 'biiioa li I'r.'iu l.iccrvnoU a- wella. by tho-e from lliislol, an foul'iampton I and to all the Wkst I mn-os, .MrMio, niul Tr.xAS, l y the Royal Ahil Steamers sailint: every Forlnigbl from ldtno'uth. C. W.vvillrcoeiveCoii!iztitnc:itsof6'ao(;or Small Parcels -vat to hi. can.- -ball be punctually Ibrwar.le' I lollii'irile tuiai.on. Any di'-crlption ol'tiuod. pur-eha-ed an.l forwanliil to orler. Ni'AT or Kin, and all oilier elu-criplion of Adu.ii ti ,nMr.NTS, rj i-iveJ for ineertion m all iho European I'ullirnliana. N. 1! Ml orders .hn-iM l.r add.-c"e.l "f'iMnLrs Wii.i Mgr.'1 in f ill, and none.- will 1 e- alien le I to mi le -. a'-eoinpan.u I I y a rriniilan-e, or relerciu e- for p.ivmenl on tome Liverpool or London Hon e. iihli.r. of Newipaper. iii-rrtinglhe ubovu Advcr-tt-eine-nt on c a week will iivcivu u ..iirdyof Hu i h New-paper-, on eiiding a paper IMtrked) eon. taming it, iron, Slccl &.c. Qft'TONS a-,otlel I'n.-li.h Tire Iron, 1 O " do. Swr.V. nndl'er'i tie;, dp. !I " flu.-ia Old Mil le- elo. OO " Per i man dacluiedro in land tnrare Iron rin'-rn -in? all nxe. Imni J in to 2 in. lOion. a. .ore I brand Iron. 1 0 " S roll iron and -hoe -liapu., a " 1! i-.i.i hi r r nail rod-, Anvils, Vi. e., S'e-ljc-., Tra. u Chain., P.orax, Tile andl', Shovel.., Spade-, Cro Ilarj JLe-. Steel. San.'rr.on'. Cast Sieel, Greavt-T Llorinan " laisli-h " Anurirati o 1 ,. O Sett-. Sirel plnled Culler and S'cish Shoe-i:eie-. pi. He eivel by STIiONGS. ?t!nre New Coods. A Nr.vv lot Sil'.aiidCoitonWarp.MpaceaLii-trc., . " iiiii-r ' v-iin.-. e.v-i-i iiofi.iei ant L e.;i liili b'.nr, Mn I , Ilea-, Cap., ' For Ti I'liininss .Mmen- iilovcs and aloea.iii., Clpili-niiil Ca.Miin.ri-, Hor.-e iiian .e:-, eo. ju.-t reuiLy II. v. CATLIN, Nov. 17th. 1312. Flour. 340 BBLS.Siipi'rfino flour of sitprrior urana , i.y K I KONOS Nov, lj. no; Sail. 10f)0 nUSlICLS Courso Western Sail, 5(10 do Tori,-. tlnm! flOO do S', Ule 150 H Is V. c-trni fine du Id S-irk. Liverpool I lown elo CO S.u We-iern fiuei elo 0 Cases Salt in loavci lor table use, hv Xov. 12. SU'tONGS. Siore For .Sale, " jbA milll! .iib-rril er o 'rrs foi- snle- hU rt"rirrti Now Uric',. Store, -ituaied m "'lu'a Sbrt'.om lllaue-, tojetber with the j'yJQ H go1'' and f run ire, a irh a- Fairhaii!.'--2-"i'-i Pl.iifunn nnd Goiiulrr Scale-.-, Wril'ug De-k-, show C.i. e-, rfiovo-, Oil Can., lneaMirj-, iVe Tin. i. oneif ihe-1 e-.-t loeation. I'oru i-evintry bu.i Chittenden county, and will le- cll low. GLO. D. COMn'IOClC. Shilburn, .Yor. 13, IS 12. 23'f But Ions. IBO Oross Horn Coal and Vest Buttons, lOO do ("Hit elo do ,-. 201) 25 O do eh elo do Pram !!a Pan ab mi Pearl Shirt do do do elo Kit) Hone elo do for s in-1 v I LAS, LOOMIS ef- Co. Nov. 1 1, 151 -a Tin i'lale fcc, 250 R'S'-'i Ti" 1lalc !-3 x- I j do do IX Si lure, 50 IS'indlc- Iron W'rr.a. rr.e-d Ni.s, 30 dn laiuli'li Shei'l Irmi, CO llo.-ic Canada elo elo 1 La.!. Zinc, .lfco, A sene-rnl a.-ortnient rf Sheet Copper, Sbeel lxwl, Coiiin-r Uot, l!ivel, .Vie, A.-"., Icr -ale by Nov, l l. I LAS, LOO MLS & Co. Novemher 18. IS-W. NEW FALL .S- WINTER GOODS, I1Y W.U. UCJltl.nUT. 'iVTOW lereitini; n full and eo nplote nnorlmcnt of XX Goods adapte-cl to Hie present sv ison ninny ar liclcs of entire new mU. whieh to pleiie. A new sty lo of Colonial Chraneeahlo Alpaecat, wilh high hi'trr, as well as inanv other fancy i;lple Am-cli-s which were landed at X. Y. by ihe Glrat We'S tern Steamer, only one veil; since. Hut 1 Invo no vvis'i to enumerate; 1 invite all to call nnd I'vatnins for themselves. These Goods arc oflered al very reduced prices. Also, Superior Fanply Groccjies, CodfiU offirsl quality, Lamp Oil. 1 ' 25if lisSDIlCOS. OA Orosi V.-jipcnnlut, !i ounce vliils. 5 elo Wmte-igrei-ii, elo e'ei 15 do I'iniiamou, do iln I O do Leuon, do do .1 elo Hergamot, for sale I y 25 Nov. II. '12. Viia?, Loomis&Co. GROCERIES. A ( Hhds. St, Croix, Porto Hiceand New Orleans i.I Suvars, 10 Ton Lump and Double Htfined Loaf Sugar, 5 bbls. Crushed ami Powderid do do G" hhds Porto It co Molas.'cs, 10 bbls. New Orleans do ' 40 Chests Hyson, Hyson Skin, Young Hyron nnd Pouclioni; Teas. . 2 tons Saleratus, 2o kcis nud boxes Plug, Cavendish nnd Sheep Tobacco.' -1 barrel Lorillard's Maceaboy SnufT. i: bbl Smoking nnd line cut Chowing Tobirco, PO boxes -Hunfh Raisins, ' ' ' ' . 3 ais olJiJavj, Gran Java.niet, and LJgtitra G'aiiIi'erandPimento. "Al?.-S tarcli, Cln riVrlinfi'. Numiccs. CloVrs, P.p(. IJltr I;anip,"S"riii Candles, Ginner. Cod Fish, Jlackerfl, trillion, eVi;. With he nlwve. and many other G90JS, w wish to buy monry, and olfer more for it thin is usually 1 paid in'this vcinil). Pu'ch.f at rpselftilly In- xiiva 10 rv 1 l-US FTHOVGS. 8lieclini.;s, &.C. A ( Hale 4-4 llrowif S'liecii.js, rM' 2 ( use. Ilea be I do. . do York a i 1 He awaroTieliinjs, it llalcllr aviiDrd nip, 10 P-. Canvu", I Oilo Pa l.hng, for f alj by Nov, I I. '42. VILAS, I.OUMIS ef' ia'f Unck Wheni Ilotir. AIT.W half RbU very S S'l ONU. Nov. 10. Thread, tfce. Q rn l,t.. Whiie and Colored Cotton Thread, OtlUiOdu Line-n Thr-a I, 2 Ca-u. Spool do. r.O Gro. rt'iuud LaceN, fi r nle l.y 2j!l, 1112. Vilas, L-'iomm A Co. Cod Iifth niid JVliicktjtel. O 'IONS Cod Fi-h, and n fcvvhalfHb1. Not M io': O erel just recd. STRONGS. Nov jO. n'.'j Lntnp ( 'ii. 1 fWi0Al'l-0''N'sl,,", Wittier H FaMSlrain 1 ))KJ I -i.c-riii Od, by r-l'KONGS. Nov. 10. 1112. ii23 opitr! iH'i'.ship. s'ib'eriberJ Ii lying form-In ro'nrtncrlii' riMII! 1 unde the linn of Itlal.i! iv Simonds. woul I infi rin their Irieud. nnd ll.e p il lirgeue-iuHyihat ibiy uiuy l.e fo n I a the o'd .'and ol .lului-on fi Ilia' rea ly to rxevu-r all order- i I ihe Taniilllg & SliO'; .tlliliii'ss. 'Iln-y vvih l,ce-i on tmnel n gui d a-ort-inviilol Ladies' KiJShiVS,(i-i er-, naif lialer-, ef-e'.eVi. CALI H hlaki:, All'-M. 11. SI.MONlli?. Willi-mn, Nov. 1, 1312. 2jw3 REVOLVING CASTORS. A Ooid n-soituieut of llevolving Ca-tn. wiih ' a fo ir, five an I ix I ott'i's each, for ..lib; cheap, a', the nevvCroe'.i-ry S oir, corner of Chun h and (.'n'l-jgu slH'ri', ly JOSLPII WAIT. Hiirliugton, Nov. 10, 1612. 25 A KTStAr, I.AJIl, of very neb nnd mi-hii . eV ij"iilii.o-, lor .-u'ci very Lhenpn'tbe (Jroe'.iry -toic 1 1 JOdLPII WAIT. H ilinarlon, Nov. IC, IS 12. (.'heap Crockery. JOSrVK WAIT wdiriirni.hramdiesu-'l',i any I in I i fio" c-rv, China i r fi .i Wari-Cur.ArEii ihan can lefo-niln any -lore in 'he -tati. He hu avrrv lid as e.iiineiii tei-.hi'di 1 c invite Ibu atlc i- lion 1 1' laiiulte-, at Ihe- Cro"! cry -tore, i-ortier of nirii -h and College .ieet-, lir be will rtally sill cheap. 25 li iiiur.'ton, ov. IU, 1S1.J. Knssia Iron. 0(1 PACKSHF-llA SHFLT HION,a.ortirtNo). fr,. oiu G lo 11, Ly VILAS, LOOMIS ef. Co. Nov. 11, 1S12. Dissolution. fPHH Copartnership bere' e.i. ling under ll.a X linn of Johnson it Illahc, i. thi. day duolvul I y nnt'-al ' oiiiint : all bavin" nii-cllled ae'-eounl. ar reiuc'lcdtu call and settle immcliale'v. NATIIAN'JOIINSO.N', CALKU HLAKI!. Nov. 1 IS 12. 25w3 While J-ead. 1 TON While l.e ad in Oil, !i do dry do. warrante I . I'lual in q laluy in nny maunfaetu q rainy red in tba Lured .Ta e- pnre iiiiu-ually low. S THONGS. Nov. 10, 1522. FLOUR- QAXrS V.'HOl.F. an I H)0 i libit frch ro;md i- UJ nerliiie eene e-e-1 loar, m-i rev rived and lor -ale bv til.O. PLTLHSON. TO'fitVUHN Kill. PEI1S AND CItOCEKS Ell tho Slatoof Vei'imiut. ryWY. .SUIIS'lilHICIlS hes to inform them thai J- they have on band a lare and choice assort ment of cr.ocr.tuns, winks and luiuous, r.insiMinn of Si-cabs, Teas, CorrEE, Fucits, and Ciovns; Madciba, JI.vl.-.oa and Pokt Wis'es; Ja maica and s-t. Cnoi-: Ku.-t ; CooN'Ar Uhandy and IIouvNn Gix, (Srhiidam.) with which lliey can be supplied et v.holesilepncesal their Now fici-maii Store, on College St., next door to y.x. Wait's extcnslr Crockery Store. The Sabicr.hirs would invito the Tavern keepers and Grocers of th? vicinity to cnll and judso for tbeiiiM-lve?, and tlu.e who may pleaso to send their oidcrs will be faithfully nltendcd lo. OSTflF.lM .t MICHOLLS. Hiiiliiif4toii, Vl., Nov. i, j; pj. 21-if GEORGE II. MOORE, HAS ,ri-t remrnel fiom New Ye ri. Willi a nevy an 1 fre-liMipply e.l HOODS -cn-htin; of Pry tSools nod Orocrrtrs, Ci-oii:cry et llardivnre,, tliicLctcl, rialmin, Lamp Oil, l-'Iuur, s;c. etc. Wliti h he i. i'i "eri.iaie-l to sell a. low lor Cah as can 1 1-n ireha ed ol-ewl.ere-, nu 1 bo nivuc-s hi. friends and the- p.d !e: erene-ril'v togne him a call, Pearl it., 1) .rfiiiiilon,) 25a 3 Nov. 17, IS 13. j Lead Pipeifec. A TONS Lead n,, c to 1 in. I ton Sheel Lead, 30 H.i'.'. Snot a-vorte', 1 ton Sin el Zinc. STUONG-'. Nov. 1G. 0-25 Letter Paper Or,f Stf" A'Sct, ,h 'i-n-ni ii'iali'ie-., for inlr c,r tJ'jyy ex. Sanffi' forH.ii:, ly 85- c,r in t Nov. 11, 181-2 H.AS, I.OOMIS & Co. THE NEW GERMAN STOHE. rjUB iinder-yneil ro reifdly inform the iuh.ibi JL, tan . of ll ''on in I v- n ty, 'h it they have) t'li.t reliur.evl fremi New- Yr!. will, nu r-e'en-ive slu-k of the most mprrior Groi-e-rie., c'lio'ee-st Fruilr, etc. ever eii'erel t-i 1 lie; inhr i.aut. nfihi ila e-, e'en.iat avt m part if the- fol'ow uu v-z: h ir c. a 1: . Don! le and Single lie-lined, Cra-br.l and Drown. V HAri, Imperial, Hy-rn, GiniiiuwiVr, Young Ily.on, Hy on .S.iin, S icliu.i j an I Pa n-hnn . CO!'' V K 11 . Old Government Java, Lisuira. ft?. V It U ITS, New M.ilae'a and -t uliain llai-iu., li rrant.-, eh ire F, i-n.-h Pr ne. in ln jarn, Ifor !e-a i. -ol'i -he.le I an1 -hel'iil Almond-, Fi.'s,t'iT"n, N'-m- T-iiiinnii Olive-, Caper., . C.R'..a and Ma l.iru Nui-, Fill ens, &-. .in- in Olive- O.i, Auehov.'o- au.l I) it -h I'erinss La'i ui .Mai-ear' ni and crniuil 1 Frenih 1'ie-l.e'i, .', 11 Walnut Ke;rhi) andJ ijulePa-tr, . , N Mi'irs, M izu uud either spiic-, I'u-m h .vve-e-1 Ciiexn'n'eaud -uperiiir Cocoa, Fre-nrh prcr.aietan.l Fnirbh Mu.lard, O'ivV Oii,S-e-rm.l a id Candle-, l!e-.i r()li rel Sie'r iiCandV--, f..r partic, Ch.-i'o, Vane-ga e.l and Family , Km, The Pent II. .Hand (S.-hie-dam) Gi-i. French i 11 - and O irna.- Chuum.ii-r'ii, fur malie w, th-j eh-. l-ii-! Chinmaian, OraneC nf !' I-"I eur, ',! i n, l- r ne-h and German Wine-, tnla;e t f 1:22 01 1 1!'". I, for ine-di'-ui T- -t -loi-lc of im;iorli-d Ciean. i.iin.urpas-e.1, imii si 1 k l)f tb3 foilowiu rlKiie-e Uraiid ; La I'nion, l( -. 1 a, Ja Uez, Hruair-.ia, ."Inn 11. 1 C.'herooi.,Prini i-j Niruia; al-o iheGeiniaii Sinokm,'To! no Kliiai ter and O re h Pi,u-.. The mh-eril e-r-expee-i nrt to h 'nrd up irra.ure. fa lime-like the prie-nl, nnr woul I they le- ebsjio.ftl ,-o todo auiems the-ritizeJl n a pho e wheie lliej have le-cn weleeuncJ wuh Mieh d rdial li'rialnv, but 1 lie y ein hope' Ihul theMie--ilnr rareau I noe-iilion lUey have I e'.loveel in the' se-'re-tion of 1 heir vartoo. eroiil. honld I erevvar.!el by finding pinclu-er. I' ribpin, thai hey mav lieii-.afiTlr e-ue.i iraae I 10 1 nut: niram into the m 1rl.1l the 1 lion e-t novel nrtlel'. with which they nre now flippl rd and w (ikh lliey idler lo the pal lie on terms which lhe-y coii-i- rn loi-ly'lii-bireu. cov i rins a 1110.1 reasons! Ir a.'v iiu r e n ihe -1 prie-e. OSIIlLIJI it JIICUOLLS College St. next to Mr. Wait cx'.en.ivc Croci.iy Store-. O. et M. also 1-e; leave to me-nion thai lliey have re-move-d theiri Dry Gool. toChinh S:rii-f, next I)ry G00.U Stoie 10 Mr, How ard1'. 'I hey re-pcrtf l niviie- the La. lie to rail' vybi wil' ilnd ihe Price, of Sdio-, Shawl. , Misue.ine ele Lame', CaHiccri&e. ctinir. , MAUOGANY&IU SliWOOU riMlK nibscrilie-r has leecivesl lorolot of Ma. JL hugany and Rtscurajd, on Ooa-innienl, w hieb he is a. dhoriscel 10 nd .11 New York prirc; i uim,i. ig ol Crotch Shade rend Mottle- Vcncors ofall qnnlt tics auel prices, Iloaielsof 1-1. .V-!?, 7-Sanil 1 Inch thick, Hoards Mil. able for Tables ami CoiOus, Jlahosauy l'lanli or 1 1-1, 3 anil 2 1-3 Inch tilted:. ' 1,1 Vu isRKaiTVcATnnKS. A larxe mpply en hand of Lne G.v Fca-htr', of coutiy iliM-tion, ftr i0 run j.e'r pji nil, Cah, CH.liri AT WU()T7!SAI.K A RKTAIIi. if all linJan I a-liw as e'an'.lo bo ehiln Vermont, may I e fiwn 1 at ll.o old ,iand nt Nel'O.i nud Ga't -, oppo-i.e 'hei old Hank 01 1 h-ir.-h Mree', or iwo docru II a u. of ll. - CVln'r C . r :. F- P., d ,tre-e'. 11. If'i? :tf

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