Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 9, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 9, 1842 Page 1
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NOT TBI OLOKT OF 8 A K U V C T B W L F A H or BOMB. VOL. XVI. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1842. No. 28. At ihe New Cash Store, TV" NtVES AND FORKS t pocket and pen-knivess XV slstors andshcir9j silver, steel nnd brass thim bles razors and Chnpman's pntcnlstrnps) tobaco niiu sunn iu.e; snaving aim lancy pcriumeu soap I bcstnecdle9 and pin! fancy and glass beads; hair; hum, c om ana loom brushes) ucrmnn silver, lint auia a 11 J Iron lablo and tea spoons t jews harps: " TEA TRAY'S BY TUB SETT OU SINGLE, New beginners in houso, keeping, will find it for their interest toovamine this assortment, which has been recently purchased at very reduced prices and m iju bum in unusual low prices. Oct. 6, IS 13. Wh, HURLnUT. India llubbers. LADIES Patent India Rubbers. " Common plain nnd Fancy do. " Gentlemen's plain nnd Fancy do. Sept. 23., m. HURLBUT. Umbrellas. FIXE Scotch Gingham Umbrellas. " Iniilation do. Common Cambric do. just received bv . Sept 23. ffn, HURLBUT. GEOKGE II. PECK, Attorney and CouiiRcllor at Law, TWO DOORS EAST OF THE TOST OFFICE, IT STAIRS. Refer to Messrs. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Nov. 19. PECK & SPEAR, wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American DRUGS. Also, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WARE, niirllngtnn, Vt. Ocfnher 20tli. lfIS. LOVELY & SEYMOUR AUK now upt'iiinz nnd o'ler fur ale a heavy tuck nf sc.t-onal'le DRY GOODS, to which the at tention of pnrcha-crs is re-pecifnlly invited. The Muck compri-e a;e variety of IIROAD CLOTHS, BEAVER CLOTHS, Ca'siiucre, Alnacea. Bombazine", in short, everv ariicle ncn'ary to lon-titute a full aortnient of rail end WiuicrUood-. ALSO- a good n--ortmcnt nl "CllOCKERV and a lar?u quantity of DRV GROCERIES. The public are a-sircdthut the above are for sale low. Coparint'rship Notice. "VTOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership j-i uerrunorQ existing under tne linn ol l-AllliAH vv,JT flu- lu-ine-s will hercafier Le continued Ly Gcnrsre Botwick, at ih.i ()lil stand. w AGON MATS, lor sale by W.M. J. HUNT. 21. Stron;Vl uiblins, CoI'i'sp si. ) U.iilmjtoii, Nov. 11, 1812. j M. (J. RAT! I BUN, I) R A 1 H It AND TAILOR, HAS lu-t returned from New Yuri;, with a full,-mentofVBSTINGS,TniftOTINGS, &c, of the nio-t fashion iblu and 'pern riiiuiuy, and will vAirule all order- in lot- .most fasiiionaI'I.k stvle. llurlinston, Oct. 23, 1642. 2J'f Earlhnn Milk Pnns. JOSEPH WAIT ha- j.i.t rivcived a unmly of ii r- .-.I..,.. M . n . .... l.. ni .1... ..l. 1 1 uruw I, J..1, iic 1 1 .ii i, k I As, nil ram ill iliu s. i ouii- en -tore, eorner of t'h'ireh and College -is. "NnvemU-r 4, IS12. 23 Earlhen I'Mower Pots. A Supply of Hrown JC.iilbeu Flower Pot-, just recened and fur nile cheap al the CrocLery ore, corner ol uii'irrn anuceiiege -I-., iv S.Nov. 4. 23 JOSEPH WAIT. TO COUNTRY $ OTHER MER CHANTS. Kf DOZEN Pen and Knive-, on cards of u iii uozeii cun; .111 doz. Sei-sor.-, do. 12 doz. in sing eca-e-, which wcie I ouirlit low and wd he -old bv the cud or naeka'.. ai -m-li price- lhai lliev can searoely (ail to auord the retailer lrom la iu mu per icni. aitvante. Strong- buil.ling, College si. W.M. J. HUNT. Nov. 11, IS 12. I.niiiiis lor Students. SHADE LA-Miy F.OU. STUDENTS, for fale by 1 W.I. J. HUNT. Nov. II, 1842. GEO. PETERSON. pvFFERS FOR SALE, on tcrniB adapted to the v times, IS bbls. fresh ground Buckwheat Floub, IO bbls MacinnckTIIOUT;and Kit) Cords Hard WOOp. each a good nrticleof its kind. Oct. 23,1842. 21tf NEW GOODS. s M. POPE is now receivino bis fall stock of ioode. Uu nsisiing in nnrt nf macK anil nine neaverc oths. Black, Hlue. Invisible Green and mixt nroad cloths " " Jlixt and fancy Cassimeres (some of Hiipeiiurquaiuy; Cashmere, plain and.fiVd satin veslings, Alpacca Cloths, Alparca LuHre, Printed Saxonvand Orlrnnfl Olnilta Pjain and figd, Mouslin Detains, lllk.and DlueHlk. oiik tiveiB, i.uuiesvyravnis neu ana wnno fian' nets Canton do. Saxony Wool and Angola Shirt, and Drawers. Merino Scarfs, 4-4, 5-1, and 6-4 brown ai.d Hlearh cd S heelings, ; Cotton Yarn, Wicking,Ulk. and While Wadding, Hailing. Padding, Canvass, silk and worsted. Coat Cords and llindings, Whits and cold Horse uianKets, ccc. etc. ALSO. A good assortment of Groceries such aa Loaf, Lump nnd Powd. Sugar, Porlo Rico and .Aluscavndo do. P. R. and N. Orleans Molasses, Rio and old Java ColTee, .Hyson, Young Hyson nnd Hyson Skin Teas, iigusji .iiusiaru, liaising, isoap, Cavcndi.h and fin cut Tobacco &c. oc. The above with many oilier goods, wcro purchas- Cllt the present low prices, and will be sold as cheap 'he cheapest, ""13, 1BI2. CASH PAID for FLAX SEED. T INsLED OU,ai,j on, MEAL for sale hv -Li STILES &. MeELltOV. n v . Al Ihe Oil Mill attbe Falls. Ilurlinglon, Nov. ), 18t2 23 y FOR CASH' in irAxn D RY GOODS for sale che,,r ,i, known l eforo In Burlington, SIDNEY BARI OW PcarlSt.,Burlinglon,Nov. 4th, 1812. 23""' Furs. NO, I Otter Caps, Lynx, Muffs, Boa.. Buffalo Uolies.rur Collars, Fur Trimniings,Nutria and Mo.krat Caps, etc. &e., all rery cheap, by Oct. 19, 1812. II. W. CATLIN. 1842. Northern Transportation Line. ISAAC V. BAKER "yy'11'1' continue the FORWARDING BUSINESS Lake Champlalti, Northern Canal, and Hudson Itlvcr. Deeming it important to retain the Old Customers of the Line, nnd add new one-, he will me Ins be-t endeavors to satisfy all, and pledget himself o in-crea-e bis exertions to promote the interests ol his employer by doing- all business entrusted to his care with dispatch and snfely. for Freight apply to O. It. Janes,27 Coenlies Slip, Pock Catlin, 33Coenlie Slip, New York. 0. II. llAitNr.T, 101, Pier, Albany. P. CoM-Tour, I J. H. llooKF.n, Troy. L. A. CAnLKTon, ) 1. V. llAKEn, Comstoek'i Landing nnd Whitehall. Fni.LETr & Drudm-t, Burlington. A. I). L.Ann, Plait-burgh. Al.l.r.N CoM-TJlrtf I'oi-t V.'nt J. 0. Pilule & Son, St. Johns, f CPTrov office 135 River-street, up stairs. Wliuchall, April 1842. iNew Cash Store, THE subscriber has just received from New York, a sjiii.Iv of FALL and WINTER GOODS. comprising alpines of every quality ; nlpacca and al pacca lustre merino n variety ol colors; plain and printed mouslin dc laincs; French, English, nnd American nrinls: black anil blue black silks: lirrht colored do.; dress handkerchiefs and cravats; bon net and neck ntinons ; long wluto kid gloves; hosie ry of nil kinds; thread, laces and hecdinc; muslin edgings nnd insertions; colored silk fringes fordtcs- scsi Icnhylc, merino, plaid,and oilier shawls; French work collnis, &c etc. to which Ihe attention of ihc public is respectfully invited. Wm. HURLBUT. Oct. Glh, 1842. BURLING TON BREWER Y IS now in full operation and can furni-h all orders for DEER not -nrpa--ed in quality by anv other -Brewery. 3 GEO. PETERSON. Burlington, Atigi 25, IS42. Thread &c. 200 H's. Wliito nnd collorcd cotton thread, 2 Cases Spool Thread, SO li s. Illack Linen Thread, 50 Gross round Lace:, for sale bv Oct. 5ih, 13)2. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. if OR SALE, at a small ndvnnccfrom cost 50 btls. Logwood, BO " Nicwood, 25 " Camwood, 2"i " Redwood, 2) " Fustic, 10 " Alum, 6 :' Mndder, 10 k'gs No. 1 Emery, 26 " Indigo, 6 ca:C? Refined Borax. r OLLETT & BnADLEVS. h?. 5,1812. ( For Sale. C0 rpHK HOUSE AND LOT, now JL occupied bv the Widow Severance, sliiatedun the mail 10 the Falls, a short distame l.'a-t of Ihe Col'ese. Apply to J. & J. II. PECK & Co. II. 1 GRISWOLD'S BOARDING HOUSE. nnillr? House is now OPEN for the reception of X boarders. All v. ho wili to uoard, arc :invned to call and examine his bouse and Ihe peculiar advan tage- whi'h in construction and location ofler, for commit nnu convenience. Tebms, very moderate. May 10, 1812. N. I?:. Rum. SO Hhd-. N. E. Rum SO per cenl above proof, for sale lit llo.-ton price. and freight, bv KOLLETT&BRADLEV. ' Old Dock, June 3. To Kent. THE HOUSE on Pearl Street opposite the New Church. Enquire of LYMAN & COLE. Oct 21, 1812. JOSEPH WAIT Has received a full supply of CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Which, added to the fount r stock, miKts hi- a-sort-m e n t qmif coinp'ete, and It is o .eied al Tcryhiepricts with the pres-uro of the tunes. Families in Wrfntof Gpoils, in nit line, win uo wen to can ana examine at least, al the corner ol Church and College street. ' Biirliiiglon.Oct. 20.h, 18I2. 20lf Store For Sale, THE snb-criler o lers for sale his New Brick Store, situated in Slielburn Village, together with the good- nnd furniture, such as Fairbanks Platform and Counter Scales, Writinsr Desks, show Can", Stove-, Oil Can-, measure", e-c. I'he i- one of the l e-l Ux-alions fur a country busi ness in Chitlendcii county, and will bo sold low. GEO. D. C0.MST0CK. Shelburn, Xor. I8, 1812. 25if Stray Mare. S I KA VKO lrom the snliscnber, on ihe lsl Nov, tnst., a Idack TfrfFtiPve rrencli MAUI., ninejears old, mivlL?!M with white face, and a little touched Willi the heaves. Any information concerning her, if communicated to John Gradv. Shellmrn, the snl w-nlier at Fairfield, or left at the Free Prrss OflUe, Burlington, will Le suitably' ac knowledged. MICHAEL M'OETTRICK. Fairfield, Nov. 20, 1842. 26 CfUlPENTEWH ? JOINER'S FOOLS. SLATER'S celebrated Sheifield Braces and Bills, trying Squares, mortice Gouges, and I'evils, Plows nnd Planes of every de-criptiou j Augurs, Augur But, Framing Firmer-, and turning Chisels and Gouge; Plane Iron-, a largen-sortinent of Hand, Pannel, and Back Saws, Taper Files, Steel Squares, Hammer.-, Broad Axes, &c, &c. Strong's building, College st. WM. J. HUNT. Nov. 11, 1642. Joseph Wait, G1 IVES notico thai lie has purchased the slock of " GOODS of his lale narlncrs in the CROCKERY business, and that he will continue lo pack crates of crockery nnd glass ware to order, at New York and Boston prices. He has now his fall supply for Ihe fall trade, and respectfully solicits merchants in this, and adjoining Counties, to examine his slock and prices before they purchase in market, Burlington, Oct. 10, 1842. Boston Hrer Co. PALE Ale and Porter, manufactured by this cele brated Company, for sale by J.&J. II. FECK & Co. OCU7.1B42. Agent. r1hc subscriber, wishing to close hit business JL concerns, ofTers to the Public the whole of his large stock of wafe AT COST, FOR CASH; , , Consisting of all kinds of Tin ware, Oil Cans of vari ous siies, from 1 to 120 gallons, and a large' qtliniily of stove pipo. Also a few stoves and trimmings re maining on hand, and other articles too numerous for' on advertisement. Persons wishing 10 purchase will find it for their advantage; to call, as a rare opportunity is olTcred. . - , . . , ., , J. STARR. Church-st., opposite the Jail, ) Oct, 7th, 1812. 5 20 3m 3gP W halonshurgh Cement. fTIIIE above article has been thoroughly te-led and . lounu superior to any oilier now in u-e. For sale by J. & J. II. PECK & C Wrapping Paper. CinfiftEAMSassortcd sizes. For salohy OUU C. GOODRICH. Sept. 7. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf 1 Durlliigton, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HART. THIS c'tablishment, so lavorahly located for the accommodation of the biisncsand travelling community, Ii now Open to the public. Pot Conehe upon the various routes call nt ihe Exchange Hotel for pascnrrcr., and Ihose nrrivincr or departing by Steam Boat, In which cao their baggage n removed without charge, will lind t Ilia house peculiarly to their convenience. The keeper tenders h( service, with the atirance, that in all repects, the hou shall de-erve the favor able consideration of all who may patronise it. liurlinlon, April 1, 1842. 43lf. 51 A f J NETIC ODONTICA. 1 11 h I EM 11 l u,u ,uinn The Incomparable Tooth Preparation. THE fact i proved, nnd the most incredulous and doubling are lully convinced of it-groat utility, ns we have the evidence from the sale of about 23 000 boxes of the Odontica, within the pa-t year. It is ascertained from experience, that when ued, the tedth will never decay, but remain till the latest age 01 man. Willi Iheir natural wear ; and more in thou sands ofca-cs, nervous toothache, (that climax of pain) hantonee lieen e.tcctualiycnreil Ivy lhi mot popular dentrihec in America. And in conclusion, where, or who i-lhe young lady or gentleman, aye, the individual thai valuc a beautiful set of teeth, sound gum, and n sweet breath more than fifty cents, that will be longer de-tilute of a box of Dr M.Hitch. ock's Magnetic Odontica, hairTTiatr!! BAI.DNESS; Important Discovery the Great Mystery found out at last. DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENERATOR. Dr. Stcrry, after much attention to tho important subject of preserving the hair, has after many experi ments chemical andphysical, been able to discover an article which is now offered with the greatest confi dence for tho toilette, as tho best lhingcer discover ed, for its softening nnd penetrating quality, to pro duce a good head of hair to prevent it from falling ofTwhen baldness is apprehended to restore it when baldness has taken place, and to prevent it from turn ing gray. It is more nourishing than pomatum, an tique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beautiful article for ladies' curls it makes tho hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thousandshavc tested its superior virtues nnd excellence, nnd in eve ry instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible cure in all nllections of the skin on tho head ns dan druff, &c sVc. Every family should bo supplied with n bottle of this oil, that by its application to the head and hair of children, the bcaiilitul nnd ornamental an- pendage of a fine head of hair, with which nature lias suppucu us, may uo preservta. ookat this Have you a Cough t TO OHM DIE OF CONSUMPTION every UjUvJU year in Ihe United Slates, ami mil lions tuner irom irouotcsomo cougns nnu corns, that can be cured by Dr. M. Hitchcock's Vegetable Cream Cough Drop-, a safe medical prescription, contain ing no poisonous drugs, and used in an extensive practice for several years will most postivcly aflbrd relief, nnd save you from that awful disease, pulmon ary consumption, which sweeps into the grave hun dreds of the young, tho old, Incorey nndtho gay. Have you a cough? Bo persuaded to purchase a bottle of tho Cough Drops to-day 1 To-morrow may be too late. Price 50 cents per botlle. WORMS 1 WOP MS I DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalled and unequal led Worm Tea, a sovereign remedy for Worms. Thi invaluable medicine has been tested by the cx neiience of morp than ten t ears use. and administered to more th in 18,000 person- of various ages, nnd notonc solitary complaint ; for in no one of the thou sands ofinstances, where it has been used agreeable to the printed directions, basil ever failed. N. II. Ask fot Dr. M. Hitchcock's Worm Tcatas there are many nostrums abroad for tho destruction ofvtoims. SMUPP-only Twenty-five Cents. DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S newly inventd SNUFF, Ihe best article ever discovered by scientific men, in Euiope or America, for the cureand absolute relief of Cnlarrh, Dizziness of the Head, Weak Eyes, Nervous Headache, Fallen sickness, Fits, and In fants troubled with Snuffles, partial shocks of Pal sey, etc. LOTION, LOTION. Dr. Evans Ileautlfyliig Lotion. HIGHLY esteemed fur curing a'l Eruption, Coarseness, Ridness, nnd Pimples on the Face, Neck or hands.nnd effectually cleaningthccoinplex ion and removing all diseases of the skin. Nothing contributes so much lo our general suc cess in life, as on enuri'Mii!.' firstanncarance. The Lo tion is admired as a most fragrant, mild, safo wa-h, and greatly esteemed for its virtues in cleansing, soil cning, and purifying the ekin of all eruptions, so inju rious to female beauty, and restoring it to a high de cree of Duritv. A beautiful and healthful complexion is the pride of all who possess it, and tne envy ot those wno arc ue prived of it. A cood appearance is the best recommendation: and as the lleautifying Lotion purifies the skin, and removes all Pimples, Blotches, Tan, Sunburn, and Redness, nnd produces a beautiful hue, it is the only cosmetic a lady should use at her toilette. ticntlemen win also tinn this a uclightlul remedy to remove all Rotichncss. Piinnlcs.Rinc'worms. Snots. Redness. Soreness of the face and nose, and everv kind of eruption on the surface of the human body. It is particularly recommended to gentlemen to be used after shaving, ns it will prevent, the otherwise certain effect of all common soap, in turning the ueara prematurely grey. For sale wholesale and retail, by FosTEn & Dick inson, sole Proprietors and Successors to A. Hitch cock & Co., 117 Geneseo Street, Ulica, N. Y.j in Georgia, by L. Janes; Milton palls, by Barrett & awyer; Johnson, by u.L. Warner i&uo.j Burling ton, ana uy PECK & SPEAR, Manufacturing Druggists, and Venders of Oenume I'atent Medicines. ycto (Bootta. GEORGE PETERSON TTAS just returned from New York with a large XX anil lull supply ol Dru Goods, Groceries and Crockery, consisting of almost every article commonly called for, all which have ju-t lieen purcha-ed at very low rnic-, anu win i e soiu muni lower man ne ever nau the plea-ure ol offering them befoiej among them may be found 25 O bbls Fine Salt, SOD bush. Coarse Salt, 200 bags Nova Seotia Plaster. IOO bbls. fresh ground Superfine Flour. WANTED, In exchange for Goods, Flaxseed, Butter, Cheese and White Beans. Burlington, Oct. 20, 1812. 20-lf TO MERCHANTS Who wish to purcluisc Crockery, Importer and Packer of Crockery, China Sy Glass Ware, VMrOULD give notice that he is prepared to I .Lit Dllf aillUUHtUI .IDavUFIUIIII,UIIUVI at New York and Boston prices, saying freight and breakage to all who purchase of him. He has a good assortment, and respectfully solicits Merchants to call ana examine ins siuca. ouuru uuywg in Market. Store, corner of Church and College Streets. Burlington, 20th Oct. 1840. New Goods. LOVELY & SEYMOUR ARE now receiving Iheir slock of Full Good, which have lieen purchase. iu New York, and are of fered for sale low. The public are invited to rail and examine good and prices. Church Street, Oct. I lib, 18. MOFFAT'S VEOKTAHLE LICE MEDICINES The-o medicines are indeblej for their name to their manifest and sensible nctiui in purifying the pringand ehannclsof life, nnd enduing them with renewed tone and vigor. In maty hundred certified' cases which have been made pul'ie, and in almost every species of di-eae to which lbs human frame i liable, the happy elects of Moffats Life Pili. and PitrENtx Bitteri knvo been greafullynnd publicly acknowledged by the person. Iciefilted, nnd who were previously unacquainted with ibe beautifully phi losophical princip'eH upon which they are compound ed, nnd upon which I hey consequently act. The LIFE MEDICINES recommend tliem-clveln diseases of every form and de-cription. Their first operation Is lo loosen from the coals ol the stomach nnd bowcl, the various impuritie. nnd crudiiies con stantly sealing around them; and to remove the har dened fnce which collect In Ihe convolutions of the -mnlle-t inteslinc. Oiher medicines only partially cleanclhc-e, and leave such collected ma-cs behind a to produce habitual co-tiveness, with nil it train of evil. or sudden diarrhoea, with it. imminent dngcr.-.n This fact is well known to all regular anatomit, who examine the human bowels afierdcath ; and hence the prejudice of those well informed men ngain-l quack medicine or medicines mmaM JlS!WirQi ol , 1 P'.'i' x, J' J,1ie i to cleanse the kidneys and Ihe bladder', and by this mean., the liver and the lungs, the bealthfiilaclion of which entirely depends upon Ihe re gularity of the urinary organs. The blood, which lakes us red color from the agency ol the liver and the lungs belore it passes into the i heart, being thus purified by them, and nourished by foal coming from a clean stomach, courses freely through the veins, renews every pari of ihe system, and triumphantly mounts the banner ol heal in in Ihe blooming cheek. Moilat's Vegetnble Life Medicines have been thor oughly te-ted, and pronounced a sovereign remedy for Dyspep-ia, Flatulency, Palpttationof the Heart, Lo-s of Appetite, Heart-burn ond Head-ache, Resllc-sne-s, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor and Melancholy, Cos. Iivenes., Diarrhoea, Cholera, Fevers of all kinds, Kheiimati-m, Gom, Dropsies ol all kinds, Gravel, Worm., Asthma and Consumption, Scurvy' Ulcers Inveterate Sores, Scorbutic Eruptions and Had Com plexions, Eruptive complain!-, sallow, Cloudy, and oihcrdi-agreeable Complexions, Salt Rheum, Erysip elas, Common Colds nnd Influenza, ami various other complaints which afflict thehuman frnme. In Fever and Aoue, particularly, the Life Medicines hnvc been most eminently successful ; so much so that in the Fever and Agnedistricts, Physicians almost universally pre-cril e them. All mat Mr. Moffat requires of his patients is lo be particular in taking the Life Medicine stricily accor ding lo the directions. It is not a newspaper notice, or by anything Ihet he him-clfmaysay in their fnvor, that he hopes to gain credit. It is alone by the results of a fair trial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL; de-igned a a dome.iir guide to health. This little pamphlet, ed'tfd by W. II. MoTat, 275 Broadway, New York, ha Icen published for the purpose ofexplaining morefully Mr. Mo lat's theory of disea-es, and will be tound highly interesting lonersons seeking health. It treats ntion prevalent di-ea-es, andlheeauses thereof. Price, 25 cent for -ale by Mr Moffat's Agent-gcnerally. These valuable Medicine are for sale by GEOHEE L. WARNER & Co. Johnson, Vt., General Asrents, bv whom all order from any part of ihe State or Canada, will lie promptly answered. o-t Dec. 17, 1811. HA GAR iV AR TIIUR, General Agents for Moilal's celebrated medicines, lo whom all applications Tor agencies mustle ad dre-scd. Burlington, Jan. 29, 1842. TVT ATIMtK'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. This ll valuable Vegetable Medicine stands unrivalled lor meioiiuw'ini conqnuniis, vi . i'ysjit.-isii, ur mm ccstion.di-ea-ed Liver, biliousdisorders, Dron-v, Asth ma. Cosiivene.s. Worms and lo-s of Appetite, and bv cleansing the stomach and bowels, cure- pnins in Ihe side, stomach nnd breat, colds and courrhs of long standing, Hoarsene-s. shortness of breath, Nervous complaint. etc., which arefreqnently the e:lect ot dis- ' L' V...... 1 . I. ' n mii.l i l ..Liu e.ise. fur itn-ruiiu ii,, 11 i- i milh. ,mv- ventalive a we I a a sovereign remedy. It virtue siirnass anv thinir heretofore known in removinir St. Vitus' Dance, two botlle-have 1 een known to cure this ullh'cting disease, alter having bullied every oxer lion for four years. It has a most powerful influence in removing nervous complaints. It is pleasant 10 lake and -o eay in it- operation, that it may I e administered to the infant with safely. The above Medicine is very liinblv recommended bv many scienlilic eenlleineii. and a larse nutnler ofladie-, who have proved the virtue- ol the Medicine liy personal use and mat 01 ineir families, A lull nouie, with direction-. II may l e had wholesale orrelailol S. Britain, liarre, and J. v. rariiain, r.a-i wiiiiams I nu-n . Vt.Kole nrnnrieior. Prepared from the origin nl recipe; for sale by E.H. Prenti-s, Montpelier, nnd Peck if-SrEAn, Burlington, and in the principal town 111 Ihc s!ale;all u I reel I oils Sl-flieu 111 Iltr imilu 1 unit, ui uic i 1 uM .riui TO THE LADIES.

Dr. Hull's Utcro Abdominal Supporter. THIS new In-tniment for the radical cure of Prolapsii- Uteri, or falling of the Womb, by external nppliealion, .iiper-euing tne u-e 01 me oojecuon able Pe. arv, i conlidenllv recom mended to the articled as the mean of perfect re-torn 1 1011 to hcallh, itnev er having failed of ptrforming a cure, even under the mo-t aggravated t'ireiim-iaiice-. The Supporter has attained a very high character in Europe n-well a-in thi-country. It is adopted to llieeHiiredi-ti-e of pe arie, and all other painful sur gical expedient-, in the Lying-in Hospitnl-of London nnd Pari-, and is univer-ally recommended in Europe by medical men of ihe highe-l rank. In thi-country t i sii-tained by the leading meml ers ol thefaculties f Colleges and'Hospiials, and by all ihe eminent pn ale practitioners, Er For Sale, singly or hy the dozen, by PECK & SPEAR, Dealers in Surgical Instruments. NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. E.WOODS WS OULD respectfully inform the Ladies and Gen tlemen of Burliuzton and vicmilv thai lie hn- recently opened an estal lishmenl where he will man. ufactnre, (whole-ale nnd retail) all kind of work in the Shoe line. He has just received from New York the present style of La-ts. together with a choice se lection of Stock. He will keep constantly on hand and manufacture to order nil kinds of work " got up" in tin country; among which may be found Gent's Calf, Goal, Seal and Gailer Boots Ladie.' Gaiters, Biikins, WalkingSboes, Slips, &c. &c. Also, coar-e and kip Boots, both for men and boys and children's Shoes of all kinds. .Please give him a call, two doors West of the Pearl Street Ilnu-e, at Ihe signof the "Big Boot." B irlington, May, 18 12. 50if. Trusses ! Trusses ! SmaUS. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. Til E Undersigned are constantly supplied with the above articles of the invention and manufac ture of Hull, Marsh, nnd Twiehell, nil of which are in hiirhest repute) also, Hull's and Marsh's Q7- FEMALE SUPPOHTERS. Q PECK & SPEAK, Afanuocurinr Druzgitts and Venders of alt gen utm Patent Medicines, and Dealers in Surgical Instrument, Fresh Tens. SUPERIOR TEAS of all kinds, fresh from market. ALSO, ava and Common Coll'ee ; Loaf, Lump, and Brown Sugar; Ginger, Saleratus, Cassia, Cloves, Pepper mid Spice, Speiin Candles, Indiiro, Soap, tte., for inle,rryoir, by II. W. CATLIN. Ocl. Ill, 1842. Hardware THE subscriber continues to have on hand a gen eral and well selected asoriment of Hardware, in its various branches, all of which he will sell very low for Cash, and would respectfully solicit attention to the same, from those wishing to purchase. Wm. J. HUNT. Stone's budding, College St,, Nov, II . WINDOW SASH. The subscribers have purcha-ed the Machinery for Ihe manufacture of Window Sah formerly owned nnd inert by Sidney Smiih, at Winooski City,nnd are now manufacturing every des cription, and keep constant ly on hand an assortment of 7 by 9 Sash, at the lollowing prices. I'i uighted unsemcnts -n els. per Light. 8 do 3i do 9 do 3 do C do 3$ do 4 do 5 For sale at Iheir Shop at the Falls, and bv George Peterson. All orders in Ihe above line nddre ed lo '...1:- a. f.L..n ...III 1.. .i.i.i..n.. 1 n.l promptly attended to. muni.- ivA 1 Liiti,-.'!. EDWIN W. CHASE. Burlington, April 9, 1812. RURLIiMGTQN COMB FACTORY. 'Pl-'l'.-Yu.r.J' '." giving taken the well known X Establishment, formeflv ,, mr-ri iv viri. EoOMis. & t"o.. arc now rnnnufnctitrinrr. nnd will Upon constantly on hand, n general assortment of COMBS, of superior qualities, which will be.affordcd at Ihe lowest prices. Merchants, and others, wishing for n superior article for retail, will find it to their ndan tago to call and examine our stock. CROFUT f- TIMANUS. Burlington, Sept. 8 1812. 14 tf New Fall Goods. THE subscriber has just received ftom New York a Inrtre and extensive assortment of Fall and Winter Goods, which be offers for sale at the lowest possible prices for cash, viz: Super hluoblk wool dyed waived beaver cloths, " Indigo blue, bhic blk and invis. green plain do. Supcrhne and common broad cloths, all colors and prices, " " " pilot do do " " blue blk, gold mixed, and fancy colored Cassimere, " " steel mixed sattinctts, " 3-1, 4-4 nnd 5-4 white flannels, " 3-4 twilled nnd plain colored do. Velvet, satin, and dark worsted vestinrrs. Eight and dark figured and plain silks. unalleys, aiousim lie i.aines, Alpacca Cloths, French, English and German Merinos Shawls, Lnccs, Ribbons, Gloves, suspenders, &c. UCI. II, 11. tt .liil l l.1,11, Life! Life!! Life ! ! ! DR. Jonathan Moore'. ESSENCE OF LIFE. The mot highly esteemed Medicine that has ever been di-covered for curing Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, and CONSUMPTIONS. It will nl-o remove Ihe Whooping-Coiich in one week. Prepared by Hem rt SETMoun, from the original receipt, by the dircc tion of -aid Moore. For sale wholc-ale, by PECKS SPEAK, Hurlin Ion, and at retail, by the principal Druggists in United States. Order directed to Henrv Sevmonr. Haillev, Mas will receive prompt nttcmion, nnd any quantity Medicine immediately fiirni-hed. Caution. A there is much of the spurious am clefor -ale, ICPbe particular lo enquire for that pre pared hy Henry r-eymour, iiauiey, .via acniisetis. X. VIVIAN i COLE. TTAVE reed, a very extensive assortment of Fall IJL and Winter Good-, which they o Icr at prices to meet tlietimes. A variety 01 Hrnad now, ua ximere.. Satinclt-. Beaver Cllilh tVc. Merino.-. Canib let, Alpacca, M. De Lames, striped and plain, very ncii new patterns. SHAWLS. I.,., It- II t. I. I .1 ..I . ..u...v. ivicii iteiivy tttuiey V.U111U unu .iiiii.iiiwjmii sintw,-, a new nrticle, very comfortable for wilder, Plaid Shawls 8-4 very low priced, t-lialley, Merino, Al DeLaine, Wnolen do. St arts, Fancy Hkf-.nnd Cravats. Mitt and tllnvt-9, &irt-at variety, Chine woolen Mitts, verv warm lor winter. Chine Silk do. Cotton do. fur Mi--es& Children Mis-es worsted Mitt.-, Grecian Cull'-, &c, Zephvr wor-led, Pattern- for working worsted, Silk f rinse, Cord-, Cloak Tns.-els &.C Worsted Fiinrre, nnd ilinhng., PRINTS. A rich assortment of Dark low Priced Prints, Monrninir tlo, vciynit-c. DOMESTIC GOODS. Heavy Sheeting, Shining-, Ticking, Gingham, Battinir, Wadding tf-e. Col'd Cambric-, Be-l Gtnt'liam Umbrella'-. Superior Knitting Wor-ted, and Wool yarn, Thread 1-. ... f t- 1 .1 rt. m IVIIIIIHI syuui'ii, iitiivii nuihing vumuii, .uai- shair Linen Thread k: SHOES. Ladie Kid Slips aad Ties, Bron70 Ties. Childieu'sShoe-, Col'd Gal er.-, Bootees &c, India Uiihlers, Figu". and Plain, BulMlo It.. I e-, Fur nnd olberCoat Collars, Purchaser nnd others are invited to call aad exam nielhi'ir New Good B irlington, 12th Octoler, 1542. TA(1CT. SIAltSII Al.lS Aronutic, Catarrh und IV ttea-lache .M ft, 1 In M1111I is superior to any thing vci hfiown, lor removing that iroul.le-oiiie di ea-e. Ihc Catarrh, and nl-o a cold 111 the bead, nnd the healaehe. It opens and purge out all oh-truc-iion-, ticngi lien Ihe piaini-,anu gives a iieaiiny action to tne nan aiieeted. It I rfectlv free from any tlunidelc- tenon in it composition ha- a plea-ant flavor, and', after I eing used, is abgreeablc Price 3 T cents per bottle. Doei. Mar-hall's Veactab'elndinn Illack PLASTER. Thi-Pla-ier i unrivalled for curing -crof ilou- swel lings, S ,-urvy Sure, Lame Back, ami Kre-h Wound- j pain- in the side-. Hip- and Limbs; and seldom fails to give relief iu local Ithe imnti-m-. If applied lo Ihe n.le,u will cure many ol ihe common Liver Complaints; and i equal, if not superior, to any thine in u-e for corns on the feel ; ihe virtue of tin Pla-ter have 1 een witnes-ed by thousand of individual in the United Slates, who have le-ted its eificai-y. Sold by I he pro prietor J Cha. Bowen, Middlebufy, Vl., and Peck it si'EAR, uun.oningt t. BEWARE OF DECEPTION. It has free, leutly come to the knowledge of Ihe sub scriber, that cinptv Snuff Jars, with his Label on them, have been bought up for the purpose of selling in them an inferior quality Snuff) and also, that his anuu-iaucis nave, 111 some nisiitneea, uecn counter feited, or tlie general design of the same so imitated as to easily deceive the unwary. He deems it, there fore, hi- duty to inform pun hasers of the manner in which thev are often imposed upon : and he would hereby request them to tear ofTor deface tho L'ibcis on Ihe outside of the Jars, after having disposed of the contents, so ns to prevent luriner list ot the entne. A suitable reward will bo paid for such evidence as will lead to the detection and conviclion of the im postors. The subscrider continues lo Manufacture, and of. fers for sale the following articlest Fine Hrown Hnufi". Genuine Maccoboy, ro-o American Rappee, Imitation do. ) flavored, Holland do. Sicily, do. Tuberose. Maltese, do. St.Omer. Curacoa, do. Strasburg. Coarse Brown Snulf. Dcmigros. Natchitoches. Pure Virginia. French llnppee. Bourbon. American Gentleman St. Domingo. Pure Spar.itli. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. Mixture. Yellow Stiufl, Scotch and) Pin Irish Blackguard or ) r HighToastJ Fmc" Irish Hiah Toast, Cosr,e" Sweet Scented Fne Cut Chewing Tobacco. Spanish, Kilefort, Canaster. Common and Stems. rt-A liberal discount made to wholesale dealers. PEl'Ell LORILLARD, Jr., 42 Chatnam-St., New York. BURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY f 1 u. nr.Lauw, continues 1 lie vy. business of uunufactuiing Chairs at the old stand, of the fol lowing descriptions! Curl Maple Grecian, Cane Seat, Common Cane and Flag Scat, Large and Small Raised Seat Rockinir. do do Com mon do, Common Dining, Ac. 4c. All of which aro warranted a first rate article and will bo sold at prices 10 corrcspomi witu iub times. FEATHFRS, AND FEATHER BEDS, READY MADE. Constantly on hand, a supply of warranted Live Greese Feathers, which will be sold low for cash. WANTED, by the subscriber, Curl and Birds Eye Maple, delivered at his shop in Church street, opposite the old Bank. C. L. NELSON 1 PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. XIIIS articleis too well known to needcommcn- dalion nnd lh pvrtpnrnpn nf spvni vfnlfl has demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are uiinvaiiea uoai yard scales 10 wcign irom . to u tons. Doimant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to 5000 lbs., Portable do. lo weigh from 12 oz. to 200 lbs. Portable Counter do a new article to weigh irom i-i oz. to W His. J. & J. H. Peck & Co. Agents. Burlington, April 8 1841. Furnitui u. LiorroraTirtui of Cano seat Chairs, common 'Fnncv Chairs, t arpets, Dining Tnble, Bed- slomla L-ill, L- ...I.l. .,.! C,.l,i Stove nnd trimmings, nnd nn elevated oven. The ahovo furniture is nearly new, having been used on- I. - r l 1 II .1 1 .:-l ...III ij u icw mjuits j unu uu V ur till lllu ftouvu tit ueiea v 111 lie sold to suit purchasers very low for cash for fur ther particulars enquire of S. HUNTINGTON. Sept. 15, 1842. 17-lf Valuable Estate For Sale. .fjpssJL TM1E Sub-cril er ofler fur sale the dwel X ling hou-c ami lot, con-i-ting of j:?rsH anoiit one nnu a quarter ncrc ot latiu, ifAHL. situaled on College Strict, belomring to Ihe estate of the lale Dr. Hubert Moody. The hou-c is of brick, thnroiiahlv built, and verv conveniently nrrauced. The garden is well supplied with fruit, nnd in a high stale of cultivation. A credit will be given, for a portion of the pureha-e money, ol two years from 1-t Octoler, 1842. vrr.U. U. illlllir. Burlington, Sept. 24, 1812. 17-11 PATENT nnd Common Ladie's and Gentleman's. Indian Rubber Shoes, Double and Single soled Buskins nnd Slips, just reed, by Oct. 12, 18 12. H. W. CATLIN. IO.OOO 2.I!rV,"rnShce,inj , Shirtings 5000 Yards dark Eng. and American P'ints, tuuu lbs cotton Hatting, wicKnnd i am, just recu' and for sale nl very low prices by uct. u, mn. n. vv. w.viiji. TO LET. A Commodious STONE HOUSE at present occu pied by Dn. Hinedero. For terms apply at the premises. uurungion, r-cpi. 10, idi. ia tt Geese Feathers. -vV LBS. Live Gee-e Feathers, msl received OlJL and for saleor cash lower than ever before old in town. u. n uov..'. May 13. 43iC LOOKING GLASSES. A T.ATIGF. nn 1 well selected assortment. COnsi XX ingof friff, Mahogany and Gilt, MohoSanynd Fnnr,i frnnud Lnokinn tilasses. for ssle at trreatly reduced prices at the Hardware Store, Corner of Uliurcii ana u-oncfje sis., y mauak cc ..aiuuiv ROMAN CUMIiNT. 1 BARRELS of this celebrated Cement, Us 1 JJ quality having been tested and found sit pcrior to any in use, for file at reduced prices, bv Sept. 8th. 1812. FOLI.F.TT & BRADLEY. COPAR TNERSIIIP. TTKXIIY II. IIOSTWICK & T. F. & W. L lM-Strong having connittcd their Tin Shops, will do business in that line under the name of II. H. Host wick cc Co. at the shop occupied by said Bostwick, where may be found n full and complete as-ortmcnt of TIN WARE, manufactuted exnrcsslv for the retail trade, together with Copper and Sheet Ironwork, Stove Pipe, S'ovc Trimmings, Ac. All kin 's nf Job woik furnished at short notice. Eave troth and con ductor pipo furnished nnd put tip. Copper pumps and lead pipe furnished and set if required. Those vt ho patroni7e this branch 1 f business shall, at this shop, 1 e nuicKiy ana well served, tor n rosinf 10 compen 11 it nrtfrunr.,. r. SHIIOII. fl- II. I TV ttJk tV. Burlington, Apr. 10, 1S42. JAC'OIIS'S PACKAGE UXl'KI.SS, Between Albany and Montreal, Uivlllj furtner notice, leaving Albany on Wednesday, and .Montreal on Saturday of each week, in connexion with Hnrnden &Co. at Albany to New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Liverpool, Lon don, Ireland, Scotland and Havre, fur the trans portation of Specie, linnk iSotes, vnluab c Papers Packages of Goods, Books, and all other Parcels that may otter. MonTenl Exchange Coffee House. AKanv No. 12, Exchansc Buildings. J,'ew York No. 3, Wall Mrcet. l!osti:P No. 8, Court Strut. Burlington---1. & J. II. Peck, & Co. ;El.l-Elti;.M-tv-. Euas Baker, L. Y. if- J. It. Reed j Albany, N. Y. P. Wells, E. & D. 'H. Pti-a, ( T , j. Keluq 4. Co., ( ir01 1" A. Watrocs, ) VV. 1 Troy, N. Y, A. H. W. Hvden tfeCo.Castleton. Vt. j. it J. H. Peck & Co,, Ilurlinglon, Vt. J. C. PEiRCEtf- Son, St. Johns, L. C, April 23. 4Stf. COFFFE MILLS. INCREASE WILSON'S Coiiee Mills, a very ml pcrior ariicle, for sale by M, J. HUNT. Dye Wood, &,c. TMIE Snbscriler- hnve received and now offer for X ale a large and well selected assortment of Dye Woods of every tle-cription, together with Cream Tartar, Lac. Dye, Coppcra-, Madder, Indigo. Alum, Borax. &c. tVe. Buyers nre re-pectfullv reuiie.tetl lo call nl the Stone Store, head of the Sieanil oat wharf, exanunelhe articles, which nre warranted to vcjresli from ihe New Vork Market, and inireha-ed at the pre-enl extremely low prices, learn the term-, which nre but a small advance from co-t, nnd leave Iheir orders. KOI.IJSTT t tlKAULEY, SloneSiore, Sept. S2, 1842. NnV Hnnrrlinrr lltinsn. VrrARHEN SIBLEY has opcnL-d a BOARDING nui ci. iu uie liiiiitiini; Known ns 'inu t nni? iin.....t i 1 t wu . Uurlington, where un or fifucn rcit'ctaljlc boarders in. 1 t U. uMiniuiia iv u Sept. 15. 1812. 15tf. HEADACHE. 1ERTA1NAJRE FOR SITK HEADACHE, which bHheenused in families, every member 01 which una nau sick, iicaiiactie irom tniancy, as a constitutional laiiiuy compiaiiu, aim nas cureo euec tuallv in everv instance vet known, amountim to ma nvhundreds. It is not untdensant to ihe taste, and does not prevent thodaily avocations of'one using it It must pe persevered in, and trie cure is gradual, put certain and permanent. Instances are constantly niultiplvinzwherethi distressing complaint is com. pletely relieved and cured, although of years standing bv the use of Dr. Snohn s celebrated remedy. One decided preferenceis us pleasantness, having none of the nauseating etlect 01 common drugs. Itis soperfccllysatisfactory, that tho proprietor has given directions fur his agents in refund the price to any one who is not pleased Willi, and even cured ly it. He hones also that this mav secure its erent ben efits to the distressed suflcrers who are lahoriiigundcr Headache. K. SI'UHIN, jti. U., inventor and Pro prietor. Sold by COMSTOCK if- CO., 71 Maiden Lane. New York. PECK fc S P E A It, Wholesale Agents, a few doors cast of tho Post Office, Burling ton. Vt. n9 NOTICE. THE subscriber has filled uphis factory in the best manper, and is prepared to execute all orders in his lino to the satisfaclionof customers. Fulled Cloths mined, an j colored, or c. also, Flannels, manufactured and dressed on shares or by I ho yard, on the best Icrmt, and in the best manner. HORATIO BARNEY. Jericho Centre, July 31, 1BI2. ninth flnns! A NEW assortment jus! ree'd. II. W. CATLIN. I A. Sept. 25th, 1812. PERU IRON COMPANY. HAVE, nnd will constantly keep in deposits with iheir Agents at Uuilington, t., Peru manufao turcd Nails and lion, of the following descriptions, to wit : KAIT.S. 3d. 4d. Bd, GJ, Sri, lOd, 12rl, 20tl, 2 III, 30.1, 40d, B0J,60d. SPIKES -4 inch, 4 1-2, B, 5 1-2. and G. FIS'lSniXa XAir.S. Gd, 8d, 10d, 12d, manufac tured sneciallv for finishiniflico woik. FLOOR XAILS.-m.m, and 2)d. IKON. ROUS!) ?OiV,-3-3, 7-10, 1-2, 9-1C, 5-8, 11-16. 3-4, 7-8. 1 inch, 1 1-8, 1 1-4, 1 3-8, 1 1-2, 1 6-8, 1 3.4. 2 inch. 2 1.4. 2 1.2. 3. nnd 3 1-2. SflUAllF WOX.2S, 7 16, 1-2.9-16,8-8, U-lfi, 3-4, 7-8, 1, 1 1-8, 1 1-4, 1 3-8, 2, 2 1-2 inches. BASH r-OA',-1 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2, 2 1-4, 2 1-2, 2 3-4,3.3 1-2, 4,4 1-2,5111011. Tllli: llOX.l 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2 wide, and froii 3-9 In 5-8 thick. UOtSn Sffon WOK, varion. size. IIAMF. ASD SCHOI.l. O.V. do. do. MARBLE SAV PLATES, cut lo order at short notice. The Peru Iron Co. manufacture their good at Clin InnvillCjN. Y. f'riiin Iron of their own make. They 111 lend to keep in Ihe ban I of their asent a more full and complete as-orltnenl thantnu le funnd in the Slate. It i believe I that the coods from lhi elub-li-lnnent nre better manufactured, than tho:e from anv other in it vicinity. Piirtba-crsare re-peetfully solicitelto inspect the Goods ofthi Co. Price a- low and termi a. favor able, as can Icobia.ned intheSinit. T F. & W. L. STIiONG, Asents. Aur. 25th, 1812. CONWAY MEHICIiNKS. THE Sub-cribcr W. L. KIDDIR, gives noli.e that he ha suececd the lale T. Kitk'tr in lha preparatKin of the well known C'onwat Mldicinei, nnd will hereafter give particular attention to the preparation of Ihe following article., the long es tablished celehtity of which, precludes the nece-.ity ofa re-iiublicatio'n of the numerous certificate, in the ban. Is of the proprietor. Doct. .lebb's IHictimatlc I.iiilmcnt. for liheiiinnti-iii. Brui-e. Sprain-. Niniibns... Chilblain-, Slillnts in the joints, &c., will aiford the mo-t unexpw'eil and immediate rrliefin the mot ob-tuiate case- of RheiimntUm, in a tew hour, j this article i openly recouiniended by Physician. 1 h uiniiiieni is done up in enlarged bottles. l'nc 37 cents. Dumfries' Itch Ointment. The exten-ive snle and established reputation nl Du.mfrie' Itch Ointment, ent-oiirarre. the uro- nneior to reeommend it 10 ihe public with renewwJ confidence, a the nio-l innocent and pnucrful rem edy lor this annoying di-eaej it contniiis no mer cury, or any other dangerous inrrredient, and can be applied at all times With perfect safely. Price 25 cents a Box. Itcmcdy for the I'ilcs. The cnncurriii!r testimony of relieved nation!.. lrom nil quarter-, te-tifymg to the cure eilecled by the molirine afler all others had failed, together with tho lucrcaing demand forthe article from all parts of the country, prove it to I e one of ihe mo-t valuable specinc- i.nown lor tin trout. le-omc complaint, 5CPA Clergyman write Bo-ion, February 13, 1841. I have made trial of Dumfries' Pile Electuary and found it produced a -alutary influence almost imme diately, mid confidently I elieve it an e.lectual remedy fur that uncomfortable and debilitating complaint. Humanity ha. induced me to recommend It to persons Ihus allhctcd, nnd so 1 shall continue to do. Your respectmlly, J. S. The remedy ccn-i-t- of an Ointment and Electuary. Price for both 75 1 enlo, or 37J cent- when but one 1. wanted, accompanied with p'am and ample direc tions with a de-cnption of ihe complain!. Dumfries' Kyc Water. For sore or injlamtd eyes, nothins known gives such immidiatc and comfortable iclief, nnd in some exceedingly bad cases ll'ie most iiuex'i.teied and de sirable relief ha- U-en found in the u-e 01 tin- Eve water, after other remedies had failed. Person- who have ii-t.i it, pronounce it without he-iianon ihe le-l preparation li.r sorf, iceak, cr inflamed eyes, they have ever met with. Price 25 cent- a Lottie. CUKE FOR CORNS. Albion Corn I las tor. The mo-t safe and speedy cure for Turns yet die covered; the relief 1- iiuuiediaie. 11 di--oive- jnd remove the corn I'i'.iii the f0U with case and expedi tion and ,-icilhoul the least pain. Price 25 tents Box. Full and ample directions accompany each of the al ovc articles. N. 11. None of the above article will I e jrentiine, inles--ignt-J W. L. Kidder on the o i:-it!e wrapper, rorsa'eni In To lining lloom, SG Siatt Slreei, up Stair-, corner of Meri hant- Ruw, Bo-ion. Ai-o by Messrs. PI CK & SPEAK, Burlington, Vt. . A lileral di-count allowed 10 dealers. iNew EslablislinTciili THE subscribers having opened a Paint Shrp m theb ildmg one door South of Bishop's Hotel, would respectfully inform their fronds and the pub lic that they nre prepared to execute all kinds of House, Carriage ami Sign Painting, Gilding, Glazing, and I'apir Hanging, in the neatest pos-ili'o luaiintr, and hope by s'riol personal attention lo business to receive a sfiaro of the public patronage. R. G.SPAULD1NG, S. II. RUSSELL. Burlingtrn, April 29, ISd2. 47if. DilUGS & MED1C1AKS. rp Tf F- subscribers are continually supplied wilh i etery arl'.-ln in tne alove btnnih, both of the Otlicmnl and Patent kinds. Medicinal wants from Satatoga; do. from Caledonin, Canada j .Medical Wines and Spirits; Lccchis; Surgical Instruments i Mineral Teeth, sVc. Ac. Prescriptions put up at the shore st noiice. S'lop open at all hours. PECK & SPEAR, Apothecaries. Burling!' n. Vt. Crt HHDS. Gardner Brewer's N. England Hum 30 Pipes and Half Pipes American Brandy , 40 do do Baltimore Gin, 10 do do 'I'ellevoism' Brandy, 5 do do 1 Swan' Gin, 10 Hhds. St. Croix R un, 30 Bbls. Sherry and Madeira Wines, 35 do Malaga do 5 do Port do 31 Dec. 1SI1 by J. & J. H. PECK Sc. Co. Cheap ! ( -heap ! ! A newlot of Broad Cloths, just received, nnd for -1. sale at very reduced prices for cash or wool by II. W CATLIN. P. S. Prices to compare whh tho mistake. Sept 7th, 1SJ2. For Sale. FTIIIE Subscriber w ill sell at tho lov.ost rnsh A pneethe dwelling house, bnrn and oul buildings and about four acres of land plensanilv situated t Milton Falls, and the tan yard, shop nnd loots lately owned and occupied bf Warren Sibley. The Houss and Barn arc well finished, convenient nnd new 1 and there is not, probably, in thecounty a belter situatio for the investment ofa small capital in the Tanning and Currying business. A short credit wi I be giea for a part of the purchase money w it h gootl'pnpcr For further particulars inquire of Mr. Milton Watson on the premises or of the subscribers in Wrstford. JOHN SIBLEY. DANFORTH WALES. Westford.Oct. 12, 1812. CASH! CASH!.' )AIDfor BUCKWHEAT-delivered al 51ielbnrn -Mills. HORACE WHEELER. Sept. 25, 1842. 17-lf Lymun & Cole, HAVING made arrangements with Messrs Roe. lofson & Ralhhiirn. to manufxnnrp tints into Cloihs, ihey will keen constantly on hand a large assortment of Broad Cloths and 1te.vrr-lns.. and also an assortment of 1I10 Ilurlinglon Mill Co Cloth-, and an extensive assortment of other Dry Goods, Which tllBV Til., chants and others will hava a TavorshU for exchanging iheir wool. Nept. 23, 1842. Tov Tea Sols. TKr". WA,.'r)!!,, ",e Ivamiful sprig'd J J0??,? C7 fl'ildren.coniaininR 30 p ecc, each. Go d China Mini-. nainteJ do.. a,i.l ...1 gilt China Vases, Cigar ami Match Stands, Chin Nurte Lamp. fee. 4c, al Ihe Crixkerv-Storc, corner of Church and College ,ts, ' ' t I, 5?. ICS.. .Tj