Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 16, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 16, 1842 Page 3
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msdm Sonth Carolina, to succnoil Mr- Preston, I having rcitivnl 1 11 mil of UG votes. Mr. McDulTbu wtn flccltiil holh for tlio unexpir ed limo of.Mr. IV-slon's term, nml for six years from llm'lih oCiMtirrh next. On the 0.1 in"'- 'IU I'ri'sldfiit of tlio Sen nto of Sooili C.irulini I I li I ht'fiiro tint hoily a conunuiiiciitioii from tho lion. Julin C. Cullioiin, resigning t lis scut sis .Senator of tliu United States, to tuko cfluct on tlio 'ltli of March next. The following is Mr.. Calhoun's letter of resignation: Pout Ttit.t, Nov. 2G, IS 12. "Tothe Sctiatcanil Ilouscnf Representatives! "It is my intention to rclire from tho Senate, nt tlio close of the present Congress) nnd, ns it is llin policy of tlio Stole to 1111 1 lie place of S tutor in advance, to fiiard against thecontinuency ofn vnenncy, in order that tho Lcrislature may hive tlio opportunity of ilo Ingso intnycasj, 1 lnrowith re'wn tny placcof Sen tor in Congress, to lake effect after tin 4th of March next. '1 avail mvsclf of llio nccaion to cxnres mv pro found ur Jtilu'de lo tlio Lcsislnturp nnd tho people of the Stue, for the in my mirks or c-inti lencu 1 hive received from them, nndfor llt-ir flrui, uiwnverin; anppert in the mmy tryrvr Meties ilirou-jli winch it hn been my jut to pass in tin' lornr period of thirty ana vearain the service of tin' Union. "That the Stnte miv loncrctnin tier lii Ii snndin!? ia the Union; and ihat the Union itself, wiihourfice and hippy ml trliriiti inlitution, nny be trans muted to the istcM penernt on, Elian, to my last breath, ever he mv anient ptnrrr. "Wild the hurliest respect, I am, Arc, "J. C. CALHOUN." Tnrae day after the above letter was wt it tin M. Prtuton of tho same Stnte resigned tiis seat in tho United Suites Senate, so tno new Senators must represent the Chival ry lierenftrr. Tlio following is JJr. Pon ton's letter. It is sufficiently conciso cer tainly. Cou-msia, Nov. ID, 1312. To the House of Rrnrrsentntlresi OtvTLCMGsi 1 hereby repccifilly rei?n to lite Legislature nfS uit'i i'ni'hi my unexpired term in the Senile of ihe Un. led Stairs. With the highest rtfrird, ' I am youro' client s-rvant, WILLIAM PHESTON. SELF CO.Ml'LACENCV. Governor Richardson, in li is recent mes sage t the Legislature of South Carolina, rarely asserts that the main reason, which induced Congress to repent the Law disliih uting among the States the proceeds of the public lands, was that South Carolina refu sed to receive her share of those proceeds ! What a sagacious nnti this Governor Rich ardson must be. Wo don't believe there is another man in the Union who could have made this discovery ! Monr.sTV. Tlio IJostou iMmiiing Posi, with a delicacy and propriety peculiar to that fap,-r, demands that Jiiiiv Davik slued. I not permit his ininii lo he presented In the Legislature of Massachusetts as a caiulid.ite for (inventor, because the Whim w ere divi ded, at tin1 lnt election, between Davis, AiMMs.mid Si:vr iu. ; and Moitro.v ilieiefoie recnived a few more voles than the highest of the three Whi candidates. This is what we call decidedlv Grctnr. MR. EVERETT. Our Minister to Engl.ind Ins henn obli ged to deny, through the newspapers, that hu had made a statement lo tins effect in one of lliilate agricultural speeches, to vil : that " not the slightest comparison existed be tween American !nnlK..l'isti Uecf mid pork" and that " in America it was impossible lo "grow cither turnips or mangel wnrzel, in " consequence of the great drought. " The cenllnmair who impuled tlies.ii remarks In Mr. E., is himstlf an English baronet, Sir John Tvrell. Out these were not tho least of Sir John's blunders nor half so queer as sumo others ho fell into in llio course of a speech at an agricultural dinner, no is re ported in the Examiner to have sui.l (hear, hear) : " Un InJ all aloniMt thccriinns'ilion w? sho ild bo exposed to in poilt and salt lief j hutuith tls- pt-ci lo ine iio;i.)i lea ioik u w is a m uier oi iioiorh ly thit il viasiol cry eritcri illy in boiling, i veil lo ilu extent of une-hilf. (lluar, bear.) Tnc reason of ibis creil waste h id been I mm iled lo Iii.n by those who hid lately been in Amen?!, and he would state il ns n fact, because, in distress it wis always arrea'do lo listen to allf.viauiii eireiiiiislauees. In Aiueriea, Ilu liftp M'crvsi worthless thai, except ill n f.-vviul iu ccs, the skin on v was useil, uh.le the, circles thro vn away. The reason ofMm wis, n ha I ben stated by the American inim.'ier, nlioe abililv an I knowledce as an :i2iieiilluriilit he need not il ile up on, that Ihey could not grow tin nips nor mangel wiir zel on aci: unt uf tin h 'alio nun -r ti I ihe cold in winter. The way, then, in which tbepoik nasfal- ted ws'thij the pi;.s ate til ; s'luep- (Lou lliaglitcr.) it. j: i . -. .!.:... ,i f.... ! . llC II 1J IIUl Pi IIIIllllSlMl IIOl .1UIIIOIMV, 10 iMUll (U fact the piijs in America eat the s'letp. ( niti:iui'il laughter.) If this were ihu case the poor in m who bought American pmk mvd nut at all wonder at lis waste in hcilmir. t'eraom had been accused of sniie.' 3'al tnpi;s in this country, mid ihe Americans uerc only carrying out the samo principle. ?Ir. Jonas Wefib would nodoubl be naloni-lird lo fiml his fiirni yard assaulted some day by nn army of pins ; they would like bis excellent million, no doubt, but it would be a marvellous sujht, nevertheless. " (Laugt ler.) To this speech, ludicrous nod laughable as it is, Mn.srEvcnr.TT thought proper to make the following reply. It seems he had said nothing about our pork and beef, and as to " turnips and mangel wurzel " his remarks were us fulluus ; A turnips and mangel wurzel are crown in crcat quantities in the Uiii iil il'ilcs, I r oul I nut, of c.iutse, have made ihe reunik h"ie aMributtd to me Mnn jel wurzel was n at n eueil liv he', neither wis drouuhl. The climate of theU.i led Males i h ss luuiu.l than that of Knjjhnd j bin a ilroa.'lr all" c in- naiieullui" isasrare an occurrence, I litlieve, in that co mirv in this. What I sai I wis, in suhlan"n, lint ihe c! male of a considerable portion id the United S:.itisi colder in winter and warmr in summer llrin ihe English climate, an l this fliiprrnre (I "bsprnd) led to correspnndinsr diflVrenco in the iiiieiiltural pro duels of tho twu couniries. Oniiu; lo the irt iter length and warmth of ihe siunuiers, Indian mm, which (I believed) was not known ns a crop in Km;, land, was largely cidliialid in America i while, mi ccniiutnf ihe length an I severity ofihe winier", tho turnip culture, soessen'ialn part of Kimiisli husband ry, had been much lesa extensively introduced inlo the United States. Tho reply of Sir John is very civil, also, nd wo quote tho material parts of il, for lite sake of tho fact relative lo Indian com, and dsn In show llio pertinacity with which he still misinterprets Mr. E.'s statement res pecting turnips. I never pave your reithori'v as the rrnund for a pre sumed superiority of oyer American l eef or pork. Hot, I reuret I was induced bv n renoii of y ur speech, which it is clyir must Iiivp hi en ine.uieei, to consider ihM ih'rnlinrenf unmet I wur7el Inidly ex ited in the United Smies, jt docs seui, howiver, thai by reason of iIip hfai,nn(l rolil". turnip culture has not been pxtrmiwly inim,hi(cd ibcie. Koine' ten vears ninee, irie, cnliivaiion of ihe Indian corn here, which complH,.v f ,;ed, iillhoii"'! It was th union of Ihe Inm M'. 'i.l..eit, from his experience in theUniied Smie, tlint it was bl.rly lo succeed. I rrerrl that I had not the honor of meciiiig you at Audlcy-nil, upon the occasion whui ihe ob servations to which you lifer, wrr made. If il would be nny sntisfact'en lo vmi, I thnll be happy to fsrwar.l your letter to tlio' I xaminer. " If Sir John could have seen tho crops of turnips annually raised by somo of our stur dy Vermont Farmers, ho would havo been abb to appreciate a little hotter llio capari- ty of American soil in tlio lino of turnip ruis "15- Till". 'I'liKATV. Tlio Courier and l.iir-uircr publishes a Ictlnr of ivhic'i Ihe following In tlio main pu t, prolog 1 (J'0 11,1 insight into the secret hisleryof the Treaty lately concluded with Great Uritan: When Iiird Ashhiirlnti arrived at Washing ton, he took nn early day to open tno subject of his mission ; ami wiih that frankness which mar hod his whole course llirougliuut ivgocia. tion, he mlvised Mr Webster that the nature of his instruction forbade his yealdingany portion of tlio disputed territory nnrlli f tlio lino of highland, clalm.'d by the British Government to be the true boundary. This of course presented Ihe question ina very serious light; and Mr. very jiromptiy informed his Lordship that he must cither rr cede from this thmiitd or terminate his mission. As Ins instructions; were pciomptory, ho was nbout to close h'u mission of peace, and war bo. tucen the two countries appeared inevitable; when Mr. weiwrnr. persuaded him to enter in to a fil'l examination of tlio whole question with a view to make liimoif acquainted with its real merits. This lie did in obedience to Mr. W.'e urgent solicitations ; and such was the chirac tor of Mr. Weiisik'h representation of tho facts so perfectly simple did he render this in tricalo subject liy'bringing lo bear upon it the force of Ins mighty intellect that lyiru Asit- burton arlinowlcdgod Ins conviction ot tno in justice of the claim of his Government to the extent insisted upon, and actually ngrecu to re in tin at Washington until ho could receive ad ditional instruction from his Government, in stead of promptly clusiug his mission as ho was authorised to do. A dulay of six weeks followed, during which time untiling was heard in relation to this ue;,'o. cintion. but ut the expiration of that period the anxiously looht d for instructions Arrived, ami the treaty was actually made according to the line if bound try fixed by Mr. W'F.nsTr.n after Lord AsitnKr.ToN's mission under his first in structions hud it;lunliu closed. Un those facts you" tiny rely : and they are not only highly creditable to L'ird Asliburton, v- y .early prove tint Mr. Webster is en. t it luil In the jjrutitiulo of his countrymen lor the Hi.nhlo ndju-tiiiont of this very troublesome I . .-' to an extent which is known to only a tow ol Ins friends. North Carolina. Tho Legislature of North Carolina has balloted three times for a Senator in Congress, without making any near approach lo a choice. There are three candidates, viz. Mr. Graham, Whig, who received on each ballot, C7 to 70 votes ; Mr. Broun llio Van Omen candidate, who had ."i7 tooS, and Mr Kautideis 37 to 33. The result is doubtful, as it is said there is not only n strong opposition between tho fi iends nf drown and those of Saunders, but an allei c.iliuti between those two gentleman personally. COLT. Dn. A. IIoack rniiiisout in a lone leltet in the L'oiiiiueiiial a.-l cuiMi". anil wiuilus lor the ilealh of (Jul ,a v ) chcr w'li di ho appeirs;to think called for ny tlie it. iiIiImiii Hie mnje t tn t havo iieen crualeil in l!n.' nil 1 sol' some by llio (w addle of somo of ihe ch'ic.ucm! letle pntilicati ins of (lie day, dependent for their eVisteueit fiom diy to day upon the lempo re yeseiieiuents Willi wtui:li it I true cuveier abounds. rii-i ll.ielor tier s t tin the ilea. I lijiiyfoimil in Coil's cellwu-i leu nl Cult, iuiJ ro one t Ke; that the body (.'.viiiiimit ai the l oronei' impuM was (Joli3 body, an d clio, bolyj and licit I fie bean pierced bv the I t.ii iliwt was Coll'- heart, and belonged to no oilier individual. We hope all the nid 'ndies of the city, w'u'ilier in liri-eelies or petlieoais, will lake the ver.vcitv of ll.ielor llofsick as s fTicient surety tint John U, Colt has aeiu. illy "died the denlb," without any equivoeiiion, diss'miilntijii, prevarication, defal c.ilion, or discount. X. Y. Hun, A correspondent of one of tho New York city p ipers intimates that the District At torney of Now Vin k possesses nvideiico dial Coll bad been guilty of the crime of uiiiidei before he killed Adams. Tlio following is and extract from the communication : 'The slorv is, that a p-uson resident in Detroit led his I'oino sime two jiars alio, mid FtarteO for New Vurk, and has mice never been beard of; that the last he wa seen was nt tho llowerv theatie in com. panv Willi (Jolt. About lli"tnncof (us dijappearance a vessel ariived at New Orleius Iruni New York bavin" nn board a tunc a huniaii hndv. nd- drets.'il to a lieiitions mine el' a pl.yiei in in ilu; inte- mr. liieliox was lian, leu over to me authority rs'iivv Oi L'liri, vvli-i, preiimioii it tube a subj-etfor inTo.m, iluusht no morsof tlio manor and hurried the bj ly. Arrival nior.i .Mr..ico. The U. S. steam frigate- Missnnii, dpt. Newton, arrived ;il the 15 i!ize(Now Orleans) on the night of the 22.1 ult., Amonr'i!io passengers who landed ;it the O.ili.e, and proceeded to New Orleans, worn I'runlzM iver, Esq., I.'. S. Secretary of Le gation at Mexico, and 1'. A. Soutli.ill, Esq., bearer of despatches from Cen. Thompson lo Washington, whither they proceeded on llio 2.3,h from New Orleans. Also, 0. J. I'ierce, Esq., Purser of the Missouri ; Mr. Iticlnr Is, an American Missionary at the Hondwich Islands, accompanied by T. Ilul lilo, a native prince of those islands, who oc cupied at homo tho station of private secre tary lo the king, and is represented to ho an exceedingly iutellient, well educated ami fine looking individual, gentlemanly in his manners, and spunking English fluently. Oy llio Missouri also came passengers, six of the S.uil.t I'V prisoners. Whit were the contents of tlio despatches brought by Mr. Southall, did not transpire at N. Oileuis, hut Iruni private letters received there, theie, is every reason to believe thai all the difficulties between tho two govern ments havo been amicably and fully settled. The D' i" del Cohierim of the 5ih says as much, deliniioly, ntid highly lauds Gen. Tlii.iopson for his conciliatory and urbane couise in producing this desired resell. On Mm arrival of tho news at tho city ol Mexico of tho Inking of San Antonio, mid the capluro of Van Ness, Filzgerald, and others belonging to the Santa Fu Expedition, it is said that an order was sent on to shoot all such rc-cupiured prisoners on tho spot. Though ihu iillerfetence of General Tornel, however, this order was countermanded, and Van Ness, Filzgerald, and such others as weto known lo h ivo been in tho expedition above mentioned, have lial their sentence commuted lo ton uurs imprisonment in the caslli! of I'erole, one of tho coldest and most disagreeable places in llio country. mom: of thi: duel. Thrmas l Marshall indicted The Dele, ware Stale Journal of Tuesday latt, says: " Wo ui derHaiul ihat Ihu Giund Jury ol New Cuttle County have found true bills a'.iint tail. Webb, Mr. Marshall, and their associates, for a violation of the JavvBof Dclowaro in rela. lion lo duelling." 7'lie Philadelphia Inquirer of Thursday says : 'Tim Grand Jury of Dshtwaro county ycier. day prconled tho Hon. Tliiums 1 Alarsball, for lighting ,i dud. Col. Webb cbcaped llio like notice, by ic.hoii of his having occupied a position on tho other bide of the line of the htate, during the fight," On Monday, tho 5:h Inst. 105 members of the lliiuso of Representatives appeared In tho Hall, huitiz a oiiorum. All the Vermont mem bers were present. In the Senate, 21 numbers not a quorum incliuliiir Mr, Crafts but not Mr. Phelps, atiswoicd lotlieir names. In Ihe llo iso, Mr. Everett gave notice that ho should ask Icavo to introduco a Bill to re peal the Bankrupt law. Mr. J. Q. Adams gave notice nf a motion to repeal the '21st rule. Mr. Wise objected ; but the speaker decided Ihat an objection to a notice of n motion was not in order. The President's Message was sent in on Wednesday at noon; and was received here on Friday evening. On Tuesday, tho Senate was still without a quorum. In the House, Mr. W. C. Johnron pave no tice that he should ask leave tn introduce a Rill embracing his project for rreatinif govern ment stock to tho amount of 800,000,000, to bo based on the proceeds of the public lands to bo distributed among the States, a project that seems to he (raining friends, as combining a distribution of the public land fund with the immediate relief of the indebted States. Mr. Adams offered Ihe resolution of which he gave notice on .Monday, for repealing the " Gag" rule. After some objections by Messrs Wise, Pickens, and others, Mr. Everett moved the previous question, which was seconded, 81 to 7-1. Out nn ordering the main question the vote was ol to "J'J so the subject lies over. Correspondence or the Bilttmare Patriot Washington, Dec. 7, 1842. A quorum of the Senalo appeared to.d iv, and the President having railed the body to order, the new Senators from Vermont and New Jer sey Mr. Crafts, of the former, and Mr. Day. ton, of the latter had the oaths administered to them, and took their seats. Tho u.unil nrnlmiioary orders for informlni? the House oi uepresentatives that a quorum was present, for supplying the Senators with newspapers, and appointing a committee to wait-nn the President wero adopted. Bankrupt Lau: Mr. Denton gave notice of u:s imemi m to ormg in a bill to repeal the act eaiiiisumu a nmtorm system of bankruptcy. Exchequer. Mr. TaUuiadi'e pave notice of Ins intention to introduce a bill embracinj the Cvcbcqiicr system be has heretofore proposed. Ihe. M-ssage was received in tho Sitiate about one o'clock, by the bauds of the l'resi dent's Private Secretary, Robert Tyler. Messrs Woodbury, Benton, and Allen had a hearty laugh among themselves over that pirt which recommends a remission of the fine on Gen. Jackson ; and this was the onlv express ion nt' hoiitiin.'iit which the message called forth, so far as I could learn. The Senate ordered -1500 copies of it to be priiueu, one iiiousami Willi the documents and three thousand five hundred without them. HOUSn OF RCPUESENTATIVES, The first business in order, was a reso lutiuu oli'ercd by Mr. Adams, fur rescinding the iwcniy.iirst ruie. The House hid decided yesterday that the queMion run me adoption ot the resolu lion) Khould not then be put : and, after some conversation, this morning, upon points of order, it was settieo ny the utnir, that tho first ones Hon lo bo considered was "Shall the mam question be now put 1" Mr. Wm. Cost Johnson moved to lay the whole subject on Ihe table ; and the yeas and a no navH naving ocen orucrcu. .Mr. liidluck.of Pennsylvania, rnso and asked to bo eACUjOd Iroui voting, .inJ requested leave to state his reasons. He did mi at some Jcnrrtli. hut in so low a lone of voice that he was heard very indistinctly. They were, in substance, uimevcr, mat no iiau heretofore always voted with the South on this subject, but regretted that Southern gentlemen themselves were no: united in regard to to important a question. .Mr. Uidlack afterwards withdrew this motion lor being o.icuFcd, and voted to lay the resolu (ion on the table. 'I he motion of Mr. Johnson was negatived ayes 00, nays 01. So the IIuusb refused lo lay nn tne tame me resolution nt Mr. AU.ims. I ho quusMoti then recurred, "Shall the nr.sin question (on tie adoption of the resolution) be now put!" winch was negatived aves 01: nays O.'l. So the subject was removed from the pi.vor oi tne lloii-o lor this day. Messages from tin Senate wero received, in Inriiiuijr the House that a otiorum uf that hndv was assembled, and ready to proceed lo the des". oi uusiiieas, ana uui they had appointed a Committee to wait on the President conjoint ly with the Committee appointed by the -V.iii'e,. vr.i.' .... ,y inwiwu Ur various Dills, were given ey uiiiureiii metriDcrsi winch it is not ne cessary to mention particalary until ihe meat ure.s indicated are brouirht before th II,n 77ie Message was received about one o'clock anu tno re.iumg was listened lo very attentive ly. J en thousand copies were ordered In bp printed, and the House immediately adjourned. Correspondence of the New York Tribune. Washington, Thuuday, Dec. 8. In Senatc, tn-day, Mr. Huiiiiiigtun movcdlh? appointment of the usual Standing Committees. Agreed to. A message was received from tho House, in relation to the elections of Chaplains. On motion of Mr. Dates, tliu Senate proceeded to this business. Twenty nine votes were cast, of which Kov. Septimus Tuston, of the Pres. hvicrian Church, (who has filled the office o! Chaplain for several prior sessions,) having re ceivod 21 votes, Was declared elected. " Mr. IJeuton, in pursuance of previous notice, abked mid obtained leave to bring in a bill for he repeal of tho lhnkrupt I.iw." At the re. quest of Mr. Demon, it was read. It repeals die law with reference to new cases, and de signatCR its modo of operation with reference to pending applications. The bill was ordered lo bo printed. Mr. Wright presented a po ilion from the su reties of Samuel Swarlwout and .Ur. (luacken. ooss of New Vork, asking leave to compromise A-ilh the Treasury department. He expressed .limsolf favorably to the request of tho peti tioners, an J li.g hope that it would soon bo L'ran cd. Mr.Tallnndgo offered a resolution, calling oi ihe Serro'ury of Slate tn communicate with (ho State auihnrities, to ascertain the number of applications and discharges, voluntary and nyoluutary, under Ihe Bankrupt Law, and other iil'orin ition relative to its eU'eclH, and report at ho commencement of ihe next session of Congress. The resolution lies over. .Mr. Hayard offered a resolution to rescind the celebrated i:tiiingiiig resolutions, and gave nolico that he should Boon call it uu lor ac tion. The Senate adjourned lo Monday. In the House, on motion of Mr. Taliaferro, it was ordered that the several petitions to the House of Representatives, during the present Congress, and not finally acted on; and bills of Ihe House lost in the Senate, and bills referred in committees, but not reported on, on applica lion nf any member to the Clerk, he re-roierred to said coinmitlces when duly organized. The resolution of Mr. Adams to rescind the 21st rue, coming up in order, Mr. J. W. Jones, of Va. moved lo lay it on the table j again neg. atived 02, Nays Oo. The Speaker repealed his decision that the previous question remained in force, and that tho question now recurred on ordering the mam question. ,Vr. Underwood appealed from the decision of the Chair, and argued that un. dcr .1, if the House again refused lo order the mam question, tho subject would be thrown over, and mi from day to day lo the end of the session. The Speaker affirmed his decision, and quoted authorities in jin support. After remarks by Messrs Everett, Uriggs, J. R. In gersoll, and others, a motion by Mr. Waterston in lay on the table tho appeal, was carried, and thus the decision of the Speaker was sustained. The House refused to order the main ques. tion Veas 03, nays 100, and consequently the subject again goes over till to.morrow. Mr. Win. Cost Johnson, in accordance with his notice of yesterday, offered resolution to roKind tho one-hour rule. Mr. Filhaor ob jected tn its reception, as out of order, but wast overruled. Mr. Johnson briefly stated his tea' sons for bringing forirnrd tnis resolution, ii wns not his desire to retard the business of the House and nation: he was at all times ready to vote to fix a day to stop debato on any bill and to veto upon it, but on me great suejecis which were brought up lor tnoir cons mormon, it was alike due lo themselves and to the coun try, that they should have an opportunity for full discussion) This was the third session of the present Congress, and Mr. J. much tj the surprise and merriment of the llottst an nounced that ho had had no opportunity to dis cuss any question, but had been obliged to re main a silent memoer. tit conciuuca oy tnov- ng ihe previous question. Mr. AIn nKinnan. of Pa. with the expression of the opinion that this was one of the best rulos or the House, movea to lay me resolu tion on the table; which was carried (by nearly a party vote) Veas 110, nays 70 and thus the Whig House of Representatives de- lennine not to dispense witn a powenui and noarly indispensable engine for the forcing of all bills to their consumation, in face of the impediments interposed by its loquacious and discordant members. On motion of Mr. We Her, with a view to afford the Speaker an apportunity for tho ap pointment ot committees, it was resoivea mat that when the House adjourn, they adjourn to mett on Monday. Tho House adjourned. ARGUS. fjj Wo find tho following parajrapl going the rounds of the papers : The Troy Whir Hates that a eorpa f sngineera are now in the field, examining a route for a railroad from Concord, N. II., tuMontpttier and Burlington, VI. Our readers will probably be surprised at this information. It is certainly news to us. Perhaps however, our neighbor of the " Troy Whig" will be able lo enlighten us on the subject. " We shall see." O A letter to the New Vork Journal of Com merce from a gentleman inChazy, Clinton coun ty, N. Y., dated 20th Nuvamber, says : " We had a son of auto-da-fe at the Carbo. (a village in the township. of Cha'mplain,) a short time since. I ho Human Catholics bad a pro traeted meeting, and durinf its progrsaa they called in all the I'rntcstan'. Bibles which had been distributed and purchased among them, (except some few who would not give them up) and made a public bonfire of them. It was said by thoae who witnessed it, that the number thus burned was between two and three hun dred. EITbrts was made to purchase them, but to no effect. We have had public meetings both here and in Cbamplain, to give some ex pression of sentiment in regard to the wicked outrage. RsvoLCTioifAir Anscdotss. It will bt remember ed lhai a reward of 500 ws offered f.r tha head of John Hancock. When' ha Signed ths Declaration nf Independence, he did it with a bold hand, in a con spicuous manner, and roae from his aeat, pointing to it, and exclaimed, ''there, John Hull can rud my name without $putaclti, ha may double hia rewarn, and I put him at dt-fiani e. When I visited Mr. Adams in November, 1818, his h.nd trembled similar lo that of Stephen Hopkins, Ihs Quaker patriot from Iluode Island, who had been af. Hided with apatalvtic atroke. Mr. Adanaa aeted as his amannensia, and asked him if he ahould sign hia name lo the Declaration of Indspendance for him. "Nol I will sign it myself if w- ire hung for silo ing it, you shall not be hung for it for me." Mr. Adams, than, in imitation of Hopkins, took hia pen, daaped hia rin withhialefthand, went thrsugh ihe tremulous motion of signing his nam and in tne language of Hopkins, emphatically said, "If my hand trembles, John Ball will find my heart won't 1" which Mr. Adams said Iciirified all Congraaa, and made themoit timid firm in iheir purpose. AN ACT, tAVINO A TAX OS Tll COUNTY OE CIItTTF.XDEH. is hereby enacted by the General Attembly f the State vf Vermont, atfolUnoi: Section 1. There is assessed a tag of six cents on the dollar of the list of the polls and rateable estate of the inhabitants of the county of Chittenden for the year one thousand tight nunarea and tony-two, tar the purpose of re 0Hinn' or building anew tho county jail in skid county, to be expended under the direction of 'ho Assistant Juatiees of the county court; and Truman Chittenden of Williston and Joseph ('lark of Milton, who are hereby authorized, either in term time or vacation, to make all necessary orders concerning the same, audit all accounts and draw all neceatary orders. Sec. 2. The Treasurer of said county it directed, on or before the first dav of January, 1813, to issue his warrant to the first constable d the several towns in said county, for the col Itctionof said tax, who are required ti proceed in all things in the collection of said tax, in the "in' manner ar, by law, Slate laics are re quired to be collected, unless when this act otherwise directs. Sec 3. Tho selectmen of the several towns in said county shall make out and deliver to the first constables of their respective towns in the month of January ld43, a tix bill f..r the cel. lection of aaid lax, in the same manner they are required by law to do in the case of Stale taxes. Sec 4. Tho first Constables of tho several 'owns of said county are required to collect and pay over to the treasurer of said county the amount of said tax by the first day of June next. Sec 0. This act shall take effort frura and alter tbe first day of I)ercrnbr, 1842. Anion; a number of articles necessarily omitted ihis week, wo have an obituary no tice or the late Mr. Cutler, which shall have a place in our next. NOTICE.

Coxrisfrtcc and Ltcrvacs at Vimmi. Vsa most. Brethren Mlitra and HtMsa will commane a course of Lectures al Vergennts, Vermont, en th evening of Dec. 15th, and will continue asters! days. NOTICE. The mcm'iera of tlio Burlington Volunteer Engine Company are hereby n tiifijd that their annual meat tins, for the purpose ofchooain; OfDcari for the year enauin;, wilt lie holden at tbe Pearl Street HouM.on Tuesday evening next, at half paat aix o'clock. Uy order of the Captain. H. HYDE, Sterstsry. Burlington, Dee. 17, 13(2. B. ni. I. There will 1a meeting of Ibe "BurlinstonMechan ic Institute" at the Court House, on Thursday tbe 22.1 inst. at 6 o'clock P. M. An address may U ex. peutnlfroin iholtt. Rev. I. II. Hopkin. Ladies and Gentlemen feeling an interest in iheobjectaoftbe In blilule, are invited lo attend. By orilet of the director. J. B. JOHNSON, Sec'ry. Temperance Meeting Stan la adj nurned to this evening. A punctual atten dance is requested. Brighton Market, Dee. 8, ' Reported for lbs New England Farmer.) Atmaikot 875 Cattle Daef, 150 Stores, 400 Sheep and 770 Swine. , PRICES. Bssr CATTLC-Lset week's pricts wars fully sustained, vis : A few yoke sxtra 14 60. Frsl quality, tl CO a 4 50. Second quality, 3 15 a 3 73. Third quality, t'2 50 a 3 00. BARRELLING CATTLE, Maas IS It. Ne 1, 2 50. STORES Very low sales effected. SHEEP Lois wars sold from 60c. loll 75. Weth ers from tl 73 to 2 75. MWINK-Lost lo peddle, 2. for Sows, and l for oarrowa. ai roiale from J to 4j. CT It appears that bees, with all thtirindus try, and frujlity, are not strictly temperate. A recent instance is known of iheir havimr in. duhjfed in an extern iv debauch by eojrjtyiiif MairirSoifl, In this town, on Monday morning last, by Rev Bera 0. MccVcr, Bay. Wm. W. Aiwateh, to Micj Elm J. Bahn. In Williston, on tin 13lh inst. by the Rev. Sieunn Pnrmclee, Mr. James W. IIurLdvt, of Charlotte, to Mils T.cnA I.AXDOff, eldest daughter of Alron Lan- diii, IJir. of the former pi ice. In this town, on the 12th mat. by Wm. C.'Vv hue- man, Efij. of Winoosklcity, Mr. KninAi.n II. Gcod mow, of Chatlotte, to Miti. Paimdlia Wabnes, of Burlington. ID) S o fl, In Jericho, on the 2 insi., Mrs. I'stiiia Skimnkr, wife of David Skimmki, in ihe.47ih tear of her te. It is but justice to ihe deceased to ssv, that she was endeared io an cxtensiv c circle nf relation? ontl friends who are deeply afflicted. Mia. S. mado public profession of religion nt the ago of eighteen, and connected herself with ihe Congregational Church, with which fho continued iowlk as n con siatent and useful membst until (lie day of her death. -Csni7Tt. Aho, on ths tOth inst., widow Adria PoaTtt.aged 7G. Printers in Ilu State of New Vork are requeued to notice the above deaths. THE atiWriltcr precnts hi compliment to thoreolbi niMomer-, in tlurlinsrton am) the ad jacent lown, whoT punctuality have mtly mcrneJ li s esteem, and inform, iliem that vish'tcn year, from the 24th day nf Attsn-t hrl pat" ha c'sai-eJ fince be commenced bii.iiirs. nmont them. That there has lieen i-U'di a want of punctuality ainoniM the greater part nftha-e whom lie hj ere lite I, that he i now induced to varv lot modeurdninc hii-ine... Il l a Irutb, that men uf pun'tenbty nre r'Jmcd to the dMmgrcahle neceiiy of pavmi the ilo'.t f rogue, t.very mervhmi who t;iv-e credit, when be rcfrulate, (he privo ol' hi pond-, iloci or o.iirhl to make allowance fir 'ad ,'f' ' t I v which inrain tin- judiuo ii are reduce i. Iiu h.nyii-ca'ile nwe iiy ef Diiving eooiu at a n c O i .v tin-.r real van e. Therefore, 'he til s.-ril cr, Imin thi day I'urward will Kjve nt credit I but will the price-of hi goods a luw an lliey inn I e purchased at any mail tore in Burlington wiih the addition of tran-porta-tion. He will contantly Uecp on ban I a very gen eral avorlment of iJry tiooiN and (iro'.'ene-, and will l.c di-pofe.l to cll cheap a the ihcanct, .Many complam ibal the miV-cfiber i p"ttin them to co l ; thi evil will ly thi meant I e reinelicil, but those who-e demands have I ecome dje w II nut fail of re ceiving a numinous after the lira f Jnn.iary next. "A to inr wi-e n m m ucin. The absolute ne e-xity of nlnainins relief from presinc demand ind iced me lo rmI tn yoifor tne payment oniie iiiics to me. i nave rmicavoreil to perform cm mv pan of tliu contract, and have f. r. borne to urge my friend, ti I 1 have tmuiue mytclf indebted to an extent (hat canncl longer I e en lured, and if my debtor will not pay, ljinu-l all I pot ea, including the roof that shelter me, sooner than let my creditors. tUnl- of me I -hall I e compelled to think of tho-e who have receive I my good with out payim; for them. I have re ently ma 'e a thor ough examination (.( all Look and a.v-o int of my busme, and the result di cloe.4 an euormnu intii lice from which I appeal to I lie ol er thought- of my friends, while I am in Jebte I tivvei-n two ant lliree Ihou.and dollar. In my ere blur-thai can no longer a ford indulgence. I find tlierr- i d ie nir three time the larger nun named: thi uuhl not to te 1 If Ibis suMres produce no adequate eil'ect, if a more energetic system ol collection shall not a loid very early relief, I mm turn to MiinatliiDg ele my dabia muat l paid. The sand ol mylifohave not yet run obi, Ihe spark which a grjciou provide . c originally infu-ed inlo my composition i not yet ex tingiiihea, and my pint i yet unbroken my ener gies are anil buoyatii, I am ilelinej sat ill to earn my bread by I he weat of my 1 row, and I -hall not mur- inol that Mich -h.ul.l tiny lot to Ihe lal day ol'iny life, I have s-pirit and energy enough left me lo devote a portion of tunejto another vocation, ant I have every confidence that with the assistance of oilier-, on who-e co-operation I have a right to draw, I shoult oon be relieved from my diitieulne and I will unhesitatingly resort to it ouner than remain i I am. IUN1KL D.WIS. rturlinsttin, Dee. IS, 1912. 29w3 NOTICE. WIT. MAM II. CURTIS, ANNOUNCES to In cua'.omer- anl all who may le dispose J lo patroni-e him, tint be ha re moved from bis stand on Oh irch irreet lo Water street, where be may be found in connection with Mr. Ut-mi Davis, at In o d an I well known .land, where by attention to, aud pua.-tuality in bu-iness, lie hope they iiuv receive their share oC pttuuuaue: An-t -.1.1, thai q' l-mn I. .luc lion m.. I c paid jtuinediaicly lo meet drman 1 agditis: him. Jim oiiuii, jc. u, su. 29 .v3 ASSIGNE ICS SA IaE IN HAN K- RUI'TCY. BYZlRTOEofanonler i-tiej out of the U. S. District Co irt fur the Di.tru t of V.r , ...,ii fell at Publiu Auction, o' mv i lti 'e, in U irluiiion, on Saturtay, January 11. 1313, at 2 o'clock P. M.. ail the riirlil title an I in'cr.'.l whi h Silie ter 0. Wr. den badonthe23,h of .Muv 1312, to a lot of Ian I of a'ou; eighty acres, in n aahnizinn, Lieu y, Ohio, and the same land de-cnbeJ in bis S dieJ lie, luleJ in. said Coun. NATHAN T,. HASWELL, .Ueignte. Burlinston, Dec. 14. IS 12. II AIM AJfl SNOW AT HOWARD'S. K AIN generally nuke, rather wet vveidicr, miilly road, deep travelling, u,i- procrc s, inni-lx lit trade andaurlcit llie hisy in their avoc.uoii, vvlu'e ilsexli'liraling iniliemo rc- i-iia'tis all of ii.ii 're'. mot b'autiful works, revive the verdant h I " 1 -, cheers (ne plain, rcire.-nc llie vailie anu u've die hu Landman I. nzht proi)ect(.fan ah niJuii" harve.l, and an abilily 10 b ly more zon N cheap at Howard's. While il i parnallv so with Snow, il conic m d imp cloudy Weather, Ill's up ihe roal, make it w idy aeuiiiiral out, l'iojk.up ihe - isard and give. him a chance to nay a" home ; but not so with llie up and Doing, he hrave-the siorm, I race to i', di nut, breaks ihr roa '.-an I soon make ii grind ' ithinr. get a Sleigh load ufriihl bearlvirood trir'iiandciin.e to I he up and doinv, Q lie'; an ICheapforCa-h Store, where they buy jut what I hey waul, pay for il and go independently back an.l enjoy iliem elve in llie goml ol lrepul l can slvle in ihe Coimrv, shuwin" their Lnii.l I.Hrvniiw t., PInrt'-. n,. " c. .. li . , , w . . , un-.., n.ric r, SilU,Uil.bon i, Laeei. Calvoe . Itoa.. Mo Ik. Olnv. Ilkf.. &.i-,cic., to iheir neiphl or-, who wi'l a sucoine iu irnue lu-nurrow wniie me guuj leuhuiir lal and buy of the Peop'e' Acenl at lIOtV.VR'i'-j Uurlinginn, Dec. 16. 1312. 29 NOTICE. I Wish to remind those ofniy customer who are indebtel lo me, thai I have .,r ,eEe, ,hr0 lhe ii.,. iiuivi'iuauiy letai compelled lo con tract somedeM in r.'er to Ic enablnJ to meet order-, which in every initaii" ha Urn promptly dose Now which I have made o keen your feel warm aud drv in i.t nn I .li.ill I .. i I. would give me pain to I e compelled iomip any ofmv eiiftomars but gi-illenien wba'ever may le thi- iiiuiiiii tn your i m , weriit-iiirr litiy ceni or lifiv dollars, if not paid l.y henr-i of January next, I -hall nave no oiner arena ive. Don'i talk a'nn.t hard lime, Ihat c.irreiicy i- not bankable ; whv ifvo.i knew half o much hard ii.,ie, a I do,u' would make ,uur iivau swim. u , JAMES II. l'LATT. B irlington, De-. II, 1812. 23-3 TIhj Yiiiiii Oruiur. DESIGNED especially for and iVlaina. liooof scIhidI. For sale l y Dec. 8,,( 181-3. 29 C. GOODRICH. Copie given for examination. Th A al ura list's laibrarv, CONTAINING Scientifiu anl Popular de.rri'p. lion- of.Man, Q ladr iped-, Bird,, Ki he., Rep lies, and Insects, with 100 engraving, 83.1 p,-e, For sale l.y Q. tiUUIililCH. Dec 9 h, 1342. 29 HANGING PAPER. A LARGE assort men 1 jiul received, nnd for sale al maniifaemrer'a price.-, Irausporla'ion nlded, hv Dev. 9.h. 1942. 29 C. GOODItlCH. EMIJKSON'S outllucs e Geography and History. Teachers are rercole I 10 cvn'nine lhi valuable lok- fnr primary School., for which copies will be furnished, C. GOODRICH. W. 14. IS42. 29 MUSIC BOOKS. BOSTON Acs'lemysCullet'iion, aln ('armma Sa cra, for ale I y C. GOODRICH. Dec. 14. LO VML Y SfSE YEOUR. HAVE very recently received a lan;e addition to their ilo-k nfcioxls, which i no-a one of Ihe most r.xtensive mllieniaie, ami winch n nlrml to iheir former customers and ihe pub' Coie price. 11 it noneti mat ino-e wnu nre in want 01 noon win improve ine pre-ent gnni sieignin; anu iurni.ii ins.n wives with a supply Irnmiliia establishment. Burlington, Dec. 15, 1842. 23 DRY GROCERIES. OLD HVSON, Yinimt Hvson, Hyson Siin anl Pii'ichnngTea, t', !., Siewa.V do ills ratined Suxar-Hni-ge Syrup, Mo!aes, Loaf Siar, Brown Suyara 4c, for sals very low by Dw.ltl8l. ' WVaV&aWMOOJt JAMES W. HICKOK, AT "OR.'IB? AT IiAW. 0fnc2 west side of the Court Houio S.-pinre, IV". 12,1812. 23-tf flurllnithn, Vt. Sninl Nicliolits, On "!ANTCI.Ai;S." In. nlbmed u. nptrp Into hi- I n'r mid n ihni 1 1 ir!vcluin Iri'u hi nut nn I I caiili! il lot of I). .IN, Toy-, mid fancy Ario'c. Those pnrenl no I friend vvbn rcuicnil cr the pica: ure fi bildliou I nml vnotb, mil who wi-b lo ma' c irlad the I, can of children I y makitij; ihem iinall pre-ent the comins: Cliri-liu i. or New Years, may perhaps hod toincihlni in our asoriiueiil prolit able. Oar Toys and Fancy Article will all I rial; and wear out, and we have no "utiful" t"y, farlhcr than we con-ider ttery toy iriven a child U'efil) if net jfiven ton often we consider toy in their pla'c a u-cfuln book, often better than many h.n'. iriven In children. Hea l', Honk-hose-, Jumping Toy, Work lloxe, Jumping Hope, Mitu-al Toy, a greai variety of drced and uudretcd Dill, nil to le o'd a cheap n we can possibly ailord tbcio, at as small profit a lea, sugar or coilnn cloth t -old. 23 I'ANnnonv h IhitytvtAtD. Pin, Needle, Boot Lncel;, Hooks nn I Dvcs ctu'.ipcr then ever. Dec. '15, 1812. CALL before you purchase, and vou will find a Inrceassnrlment of superior, llulTilo Hobc, Otter f-NOT Otter, Seal, ScaletteanJ Cloth Trim'd Caps, lloss, Mull's, etc. very cheap. Dec. 13. 2D II. W. CATt.IN. PAY UP. If C. I.OOMIS, must I e paid by the 1st. r,f January Jt 1913, funic suine previnu nrranscinent In I cen made on all note nnd llotik acco nil that arc ilue, rr lii-'onieiiue at that tune. I his H the last call. Dec. lllh .18 12. WOOD. TIIOSEwhohave pri.iiu'siil the ubcrper wood on Acco in', or wish b okb ft-r it, are requested to improve the pie;cill good cleigbinz lo deliver il. Dec. 1 1. C. CUODHICH. STRAYED COW. COM E into ihe enclosure of the sub scriber, a I out sit week ftiuec. n 'short hum, DltOWN COW, about six or seven years old. The owner i is ucaireu to take her nwnv. C. GOODRICH. Burlington, 5, Dec. 1312. 29 IH1 Ha mum' Iljtale. STATE OF VkltMONT. t The Hon. the Probate Disinetif L'hitienden, . I Court tor the District of t;liitten''en, m n I per-on concerned m ihee tale of F.l.l, .l.Vl.UIate ol .Milion in and di-tric, t't-ceo-el. CiiEniNB. WHKP.EAS, Flnnli Hemck and Samuel Hoard man.aJni'r (,f .hce-la'c of ai 1 decease I, propo.e to render an acco'ini of their n lini'iit-traliou anl pre sen: iheir avio ml against -.aid c a'e for and allowance at a scsion oltbe Court ol I'ro'au, to oe iioijen at m nrsste.-s naieein o irunirton, in 3,v id itistncl on the scco.u we.lncsJay ol Janoury next. Therefore, Vou are hereby notified to appear ! efore aiuinori aniie time anu tiiaceaiore.aM, au-i shew cau'e, if any yo I have, whv the acco.inl aloie.-aid ehoiitu not le allowel. (liven under my hand at ll irliaton this thirteeulb eay oi ueeeimrr A. u. tsi:. WM. WES10.V, Register, Steohen lloxlr' tr: state. STATE OF VtRMONT, 'iHIK Prol ae C'onrt for District of Ch iten.len, J. lb district of Chu ten Vn. To nl! per-on concerned in Ihe e.tase of STEPIIKS 1IOXS1E, late of Mdion in mid dt-trict deceased. Whereas, Tirzah Hnxsie, administratrix of the etaie nf the said deceased, ha made application lo said court t extend the tune limited lor Ihe teti'e ment ot said r.ia'e, one year from ihe hfih day ol January, 1313, aud al-o pr'opo esto render an account of her administration and pie-ent her annum .nam! said enate for examination and allowance: There fore, llie court a lure-aid doth aiipuinl the second Vedneday nf January, A. I). 1813, lor bevriniT and ueci uns in ine preun. e, at llie KeiMer- o:n e, in i iriincion, uiiili'olli or.'er tbat nil peron eoncertieil tenuiilielllieietil l y poblnaliou ol tins order three week successively, in Ihe liurlinsfion Kieu Pre., ane.vpaper printed in Burlinsion, in said district, llie last of which pi.bhca'.iun to Le previous to the day et for lir.trmr. inven un 'er mv hanl at aid Burlinston, this 12:h day ol Decemler, IS 12. WM. WKSTON, Keei'ler. KII01U SvV AIM'S TsTATF. STATE OF VERMONT, i ATA Hru' ate Court Diatricl ol" Grand Lie, . XA. hohlen at my Dwrl lioit h i-i.e 111 North Hero in aid district on the Si'.h ilav ol N'ovein'cr A. D. 1312. Pre-ent the Hon. Jcel Allen Ju Ige, an instrument p irportiuijlo I e ih la.t will anil te-taniem RhoJa o-iiin lute ttl Iki oh llcru in sat 1 district tlecea-el, leins pre en'el 10 lie Court here I y David fori in llie exrs-nlor therein named f..r Prolate, it i- ordrml by sin I Cuur, thu all per-on - concernril therein le 11 iiSed to lel'ure s.ud court at 11 sf-ion there il to le holdt-n at the D.vellin; hou-e 1 1' Davi I i r' in 111 Soicli Hero in .ai, ,,.irK.) Waturdav n-x titer llie third I "tsilav in January A. 11. 1813, at one o'clock P. M. and shew riuceif aav iney uny invea.iin.t the rioliHte of sai I wil . lor which 1 puruo.e It i l, or teir I Ihat a copy of l,e ....... s i"os,if 1 mice wee.s .mir.. ivelv m the tl'irlinslon h ice Pie--, rroiie.l nt llnr liugien in the County ifCiiitteuJen as suunuj may A trie copr of Record, Aitt'-i JOKI.AI.I.KN, Jmlze, Jodedlali l-'leU Imitate. MI'ATi; Or VI R.VIONT, ; AT a Prolate Court ol Chii'cn 'eii, J f. In Vn at lliirlinaiuii wiihin anil lur lhe Di.inci alcre.i il on the fifih day of Decern I er, A. I). 1912, an Instrument nnrrnrlinir 01 le thela-l mil mil Testament of JI'.DKDI Ml FIELD, lale of Jericho, in sail 1I13 net de -eved, mj. nre-enieil to the Cert hen' fir Prolate, by Cbar'e-H'd-'eil, oneof ibedevi-ces Iberein nameil. Therefore, it crdtreil ly -aid court, ihat p-il.lic nonce ie riven to an per.-nns concerne.1 thcr.-in ti appear 1 eft re -anl court. at a e-smn thereof to I c hob den at llie Register's o-lice, in said It trliucion, on 'be eeond We bie.i!.iy nf Fe1 nary, A. D. ISI3, and con-te-i lhe pro' ate nl aid Will, nnd it i- f rrlher or.'cre I that ibis orJer 1 e pnbd-he.! three weeks stin-c-sively in the Hcrlinginu Free Press, a newspupar printed a't i irini,'l-n, 111 mis .Mire, iiieia.i oi winch -n.tll I e pre vio is to tbediv as-inl, a- aforo-aul for lic.iriuj. Given under my h ind at the ltci.-u.-'s Office, this S.h dav 01 uecem'sr, A. U, IP4Z. 23 WILLIAM WESTON, Roister. Samuel C. Alexander's Jislatr. TITE THE Un.SL'HinERS.hivincbeen appoint. 1 ed by the Honur.iblu lhe Probale Court for liit District of (uiitteiiurn, coiiiiniioncrs tuTecene, et amine and adjust lhe claims nnd demands of all per anu, tiiini ihe estate of SAMUEL C. ALEXAN DER, lale of said District, decrnmd, icp rcs-uled insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in uli',;t thereto; and !x monlhs from iht day of the date hereof, hems allownl hy said louri for ihat purpose, wu do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the buinef our appoiniiueni, at the d Bellini; o! widow Mary Aletiucr, in vvuhs Ion, in .osiid D.stricl. on the third Mon bivsif Janus ryan l May next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said I'm. Dated ihi l.lihv ofNovemhc- .. D., 1PI2. CHAUNCEV IIROWNELL, Commis HERALD STEVEN-. ! rioners, STAGE lor PLATTSUUKGJI. A S I'AGC will commence r inmiie, d.illy, (ui- vV. d.iv-exjep'ej.! Itetween H irlimion an 1 PiatN- bursb, N. V. i, N. 1.. n'a Grand Isle, a soon 11 the lie I- considered safe. Leave each place nl ha'f-pa-l 8, .1, .u. Ice.9 1812. A7.RO U. BISHOP. ('!iiiiiiil.'nii 'iVatispoilatitiit (.'o. THESrOfKHOLDERSnl'theClmniphin Trans- A- partaiinn Company, are heredy notified, tint lhe innual meeliuz for llieeleclion of Directors of laid Company, for lhe ensuing yenr, will ho holden al Ihe Hotel of John Howard m Uuiliiictou, on ihe first I hursday ol January next, at one o clock, P. M. By order, if-c. PHIIO DOOLITTLE. Clerk Chaniplain Tranrpoitalion Company. Burlinglon,Dec.3J, 1342. STRAY HEIFER. 1 AMI't into tho enclosure of lhe subcril er, about V-r the hrst orO tuber Ia.1, n rel vejrlms IIKIFhR, with a small wart on ihe left eye. ' Tho owuer la re--piesleJ 10 pay charges aud take her away. J. S. PLAIT. Colchester, Nov. 29, 1812. NOTICE. OWINC. ta my heavy leases, I shall be o'liged to call on til indebted 10 me 10 nuke payment, and to sell mv Store and Goods 10 avoid their heinc eold al Sheriff a!e. I hope this notice will If sufficient, aa I ahould regret 10 aue many of my customers ihat have dealt wiih me over twenty years. I have a (oud assortment nf Goods, and they will ha mid. I 11s.11 m.iKe no accounia alter (be 31st day of Decern ber, 1342, at my Burlington Store. ,. SIDNEV BARLOW. Burlington, Nov. 83J, 1812. 23-if Dissolution. THE Copartner-h:p heretofore exhuing Vetween lhe sub crilers underllie firm ol A. iV It, HOS- I vv iviV is, uy iii'itual concut, Un Ony dis-nlvel. Th" h-i-iuesa of the concern maybe .ellled wiihciih. cr of tbe nirlner . al the old stmiil nm-inn. 10 ih. I lirt of January next .it which time a'l un-eilK-d ftrtcounls willle led wilii nn niutm. lr. . .w 1'.... I ANSOX HOSTWICK I UDOROB UCKSTWll'ls: BaHIngtos. Nor. 1, 1542. S j. LARGE AUCT0U SMES. , Wednesdays, Wrtliicultit l.ceningt, and Saturday F.vutings, n Y II. f 11 O M A S . CTOVKS snd IMI'H, KI'ICHRN ruit.VlTIJnn, O Farnunif Ulen--' ., Wciihs and Wnggotn. Dav fiooriv, nnd India Kul.hrr C'loih'mf. Alvo, A large lot nf I ur ami Uutn H inter Lcpt. .Snlcs eoniiaucd m tho ivcnini. TO 13 li SOLO AT AUCTION, On Saturday, Oectm'jer, 17, AT II. THOMAS' AUCTION UOOM. A IlllICK HOUSi: with small clap-bosrded Cot . lace attached, al the back, on the new road.n few rods south of the Bridge, which can be rented i ihrce apartments, ns three doors nil open at different points, or il can as well housed as one home. Good none cellar uinler llio whole: the best ol water con veyed in pipe, about 20 feet, into the cellar ; Good Stnhlo and Shed, small yard, tf-n. Also, a huildmi' lot nbout 42 bv 65 fft. on Peart Street, opposite the Store formerly occupied bv Dsn I ny; at llic top ot tlio first tun trorn tun oriure, oa the level part of the street most convenient for any Bioiness on this side of the bridge. Another small lot, 32 feet front, on the new road next south of mv house. Also, Balance of a small lot through which the ruad ran. leavinir nbout S3 feet fronton the new road nnd very narrow at one end. and nbout lGto 20 feet nl th- other, next north of my house, nnd cut oil' from the new Road. Lots now owned bv Missr. Vilas, Loomis &. Co. nnd one bought bv Mr. Shad l'lace, which makes them of value to thoe person. Warrantee deeds from Mr. John K. Gray nnd Mr. H. W. Catlin. Also, mott- L'a:e Deed and all llio notes givenfor ubout 110 acres of lend in t'avstcn, Vl. All the nonvc decrli can bo icon at CMAaita Bess's shop, l'earl, St. WALTOXS VERMO.N'I'RIOGISTER. 1 R4.1. 1 ACfifl JCSTrrcu'iml 1'v.rtale Iv 10UU Dec.9b.lSI2. C. fOODKlCII. C. BKNiNS jr. &. Co. (2u Uuor South of the Dank, Chut eh itrtet) EVERY VARIETY OF CL' TII & TRIMMING CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Cutting douc In the mast approved style nnd Warranted. fiurlington, Novcti.her, 19-12. AMERICAN HOTEL AND GENERAL S TA (IE HO USB, 1IY S. W. TAYI.OK, Coubt Hot.E SqeAta, Hci.lisgtos, Vt. KnT Straycil Vearling. CAME into il.p enclo tireofll.c sulcriler, abuul llio lir-l of November, a red yearling SI Tl e owner 1 reTi.e tut to prove propel ly, pay vhar geanJ take lulu av. ay. JOSEPH B. SANBORN. B rlmirion, Dec. 1, 27m 3 alToFbanjoiupt effects, Eflects of William Stewart, of South Hero. Br virtue of nn order of the United States District Court for the District of Vermont, to tne directed, I will sell at l'utuic Auction nt tnc uualling-house si Heliner Kent in South Hero, on the 2d day of Janu ary. 1313, at 10 o'clock in Ihe forenoon, a promissory nolo against Genrje Chase, of Chntauray, N. Y., for the sum of a.'lu.OO.pnyaule to tnc firm id I li. it w. u-:.l ..... :. .1.- 1 1.. r siettan. saiu iioiu 13 lit uic it. nu,jtivi DoiiL'lass. of Chalaueav nfure-aid lor eullecuon. Al- o, one far S1C5C0 against Oliver C Hurroughs of While Hall, N. V., dalcd olh of June, 1337. payable in freight on Lake or Canal, the season of the dale of said nolo, with interest. 011 which has bfen paid, to apply on said note. 111 March, 1337, 332,10; said not payatue 10 me tirm u 1. ij c tv.Mfwnii. f'.ILES HARRINGTON, Asaignes. Albursh,23lh Nov., 1342. 23 ElTccts of David I. Walker, of Alburgb. Bv virtue of an order of the United States District Court, for the District of Vermont, to me directed, I will sill at Public Auction, nt ill v office in Albureh, on Saturday, tln-'th day of January, 1 643, n: one o' clock: in ihe ntternoon, one prom-s-ory noie against William W. W illiams, ot Ueorcia, ror 3 ill UU, dated Aut-uifiib, 13tfi, payible to David I. Walker, th 11 of June. 1537: one not a"T.nt Duncan II. Mc- lirigor, of Alhurch, hifii, ihtrd 1st June, 1341. rVlJ, iwo s-jwiuiii- 01 nis Mini ine,r uivc-d. fill.E-i II RK1NGT0N, Aojj'gnc. Alburgh, 2Sih Nov., 1S42. 25 r.n'Tti of Henry '.ottman of South Hero. I Ol ll'E i I ere! y siven that I y viro e i l an or 11 dcr, to me dirce'ed t v lhel'ni'c-1 S-a'c Di-lrict Court, I" r lhe Di.iri.-I i.fVirnioni.of ibe T h t'ay of .Soveiuber 1312, 1 will sell at Pui.l.c AcctIcn, at lhe Stone Store uppo-i'e 1 tie duci'inj lloo-e if .N incv Adam., 111 So ith Hero, in lhe Coontv of Grand l'c, i-n Monday il e 2 I day i f Jan iarc IS 13, cointneiicui'4 at I o'ch-c' P. M. the ft Hikviii? ar'iclei of pcr-uiial ircter'y, an-l rlm-e- in action, which arn 1:1 oie 1 y ilieorder-, and dt-.-ree 1 f-anl Court. Viz. 1 Tat lej 1 "-.and, G fancy, 1 parlor slow, and pipe-, sbovil and tun;-, 1 ad.Jc, l' old Uriddle, I pair h.iu'l cat t wlicil-, ID Ilexes-, 17JI1 iron, 10 i'iss:ccl,2 b-j; ch.iin, j set of Wasiui I o.e, 2 seta cat n-it-, 1 l'owi.111; Pieic, 1 sinirleslcijrh or Cutler, 1 box -love nnd pipe , 1 Grind Stone, 1 n'd anvil, 27tt lbs -crap iron, S lioif-cslioes, 5 nuns, 1G holt-, I Ullow, t anvil, 3 v ice., 2 plales, 1 seiuvv plate, 2le lie., lUhainincr, 0 ton;-, 2 p-mcbo, 13 tap, 13 pair ol the., 1 ban l-nvv, 5 eii s-els, I dc;k ami -late, 1 scilderuur iron, 1 shoe cica-c and punch, 6 liea.liii',' loo!-, 4 punching loots, 2A pimcbc-, 2 swcl cv., 1 follower, 1 (ut stock and 9 I it., 2 drill-, 1 drill s ink, 3 runnier-, 1 tire shove!, 2 b irninq iron, 1 Bhav.nq box and tool , 1 eve we be, C nles, 1 100I U-iicI', 1 coal siov; I, 1 shave, 1 lyre wheel and clevy, 2 virencho, 1 bone, 1 lyre stone aiulS books, 1 s,,ke tool and teveu oilier small arti cle lclon?iiu In llie l lauksiiiiilnnsr busire-sj and lhe follow in-: de1 1 111 favor of 1 aid Henry Zi.ltman I c ore In Il.1nkr.1pnv : An ami ml n;.'uni Wil liam A. Il-irni'il if JMioiicf 31,00 Azint Ki-ster Itoleiiison ol'C.'liiton lVintv(N. V.) of S4,'23, Cba's Bu-hcy cf same plnie il"S2,j0. Levi Sampscin. of anu pl-uv, of 40,91. J.iine- Hoi!sl.iu, (irand l-le, 0,39. Wad-worih, Smith Hern, 31 crnis. Win. Phelps, South Hero, of 35cts. Asainsi Jesse LaiiJon. So'ith Hero, of 23 ecu's. Ruth Landon, South Hero, for 31 icnt-. Asain-t Seth Clark, Hero, of 39 ci. Josepli l'oardtiia,i, Souih llrr -, rl 3i CIS. Benjamin lloardman, .Souio Hero, iifSl.UO. DaviiH-'orbin, Souih Hero, nl l,39. John Hostwick, (irand Lie, 1,75. Lvui.iu Martin, Souih Hi ro, ol 81,23. Alexander Phclp-, Mllion, of J'2,31. The l.'s'a-e of Ell In Hoot, lute of Sontli Hero, of f'2.13. I'e er llii-bev, ol South Hero. 50 et.. Nathan vdanis, Grand Isle, 34cii. Timothy D. White, foul h Hero, of 30 els. A promi-ory note airainsi M1I0 d.iiu-, Sii iih Hero, ofiS.UI, An uccounl n?aint Joha T. Keeler. So lib Hero, il'S24,CO. An iiccgunt against l.auipson an I Pivdev, Souih Hero, of 5,00. Alner II. Landon. Soi.ib Hero, id S2.50. Also, a tend iv-ii ed I v Daniel Kern of Hiirhnirtiii, 10 said j Henry Zotiin.111 tit 1533, buiduii: Kern 10 tieel in nml .oilman, on lc,n.r paul fll(iO,on wild be 1 11 '-f e l , the ibt ec lioir bn i-c, I am, lilackmlih'a hop an I about 21 ai re of lau the same premise, occup ed l.y il.e -hi IZ-i'Iui 111, in Sou'h lleruafure-aid. GII.V.-. IIAKRINU'ION, .Ueic-nee. lltnrsh, Nov'. 15, 1812. 26V3 Hank of Bni liiiton. TN1 fNTH'l! i herrbv piven tbnt a mii-ung of the SiuckhoiJer of llie Bank (f R irliniti.n. will b hoi 'en a: llieir Bankmir H -u-e on the-e-tndf 'dajr ot Jan i.iry next, at 11 o'clock, M, for the pur-po-c of ilioosiiif icvcn Directi rs fcr the year uext ein.unr. Ilyorder ot the President anl Direr'or. R. G. COLE, Cai.iirr. B irlint on, De-. I, 1542. ANNUA IaS FOIL 133, CO.NSISI'ING of the Rift, ClirWttnn niiv lull-, t-'rleuilslilp'k tift'criug, Ancrtloti'8 Gift, The Itosr. For '.a'c a' ibc Uook S.orc of lev.l. I3IJ. D. A, PRaMAN. STATIONERY. A Great vaneiy i,f Sta'ionerv, new anl ot iha fir-i n-ialnv, for sale by 1). A. I1R.VMAN. Nov. 30, 1S42. 27 PIANO FOin'E MUSIC. AN unusually fir? atjnrfmtnt ul MUilC, adapt ed to lhe Piano Eone, has just 1 ecu mcivedand now citlered for rale, at who'r,a'e or retail, I v ,. 1. A. BRaMAN. Burlington, pec. 1,1642. 7 AT COST. rTMie subscrihf, vvishin? to close his business J. concerns, offers lo (ho Public the wh'le of Ml larse atoek of ware r ,AT,f:0,s''. '"OH CASH, Connsiinp nfoll kinds of Tin ware, Oil Cant of vtrt ou sixes, from 1 lo 120 gallons, and a large c,.nli' of atuva pipe. Also n few atovas and tri'jtminit re maining un hand, and other articles ton numerous for an advertisement. I'ersmn winning tn purchase will find it tor "W advantage to call, as a rars opportunity hi J.J. STARR- Church-tt., oppoiie the Jail, ) . , Oft. 7'.h. ir42. W' .HiiUes itlrc-atly trminiC' ''Jl Strap., Lti.ktes, 4c. fo, BO, Ti f TilvairirrJ par pair. rANGBORN URlNSVoUC

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