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Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 23, 1842 Page 3
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blood, their thirst for it becatno Insatiable. Honco tlioy shouted yet tnoro vociferously, Away with Iiitn Crucify him I 1'ilato replies, I fino no fault in hint, anil how can 1 tal.e mi my conscience) the of his execution ! W o nbsnk'n vnu from it. tilOVcrv with united Voice ; tlio (,'iiilt-, if cucli you think it, bo our ! His liloul he on us anil on our children ! The Gov. crnor's conscience, urged to quietness- by his fears, hero finds relief, and ho replies, Heoinj tint you taKo the responsibility, bo it as you will. And washing his hands before thorn, lie lays, See ye, I am innocent of tho blood of this just person yo havo assumed it; and the answered aloud, H'e have 1. Hero innocence, in the person of Christ, was made tha victim of malice, aided by cowardice. The tonilency of the whole transaction was greatly to injure the cause of which ho was the advocate. And the guilt of his enemies was reone the less, bocauso the overruling power of Hum who can cause the wrath of man to praise Him, subverted their designs. The Jews wore taken at their word, and for eighteen ccnturius have been the victims of Jehovah's curse. Nor was Pjlatc innocent in surrendering his respon eibiliUcs to others willing to assume them. Ho was bound to prolect an injured mm, whatever tnWht hair, boon the consequences to himself. Many, in the present dav, read with horror thls'bold assumption of guilt by the Jewish nil crs. and little think how nearly their oivti con duct repcmblcs it. In the person uf Christ's ministers, innocence is often oppressed by the rulers of the sand uarv, and of the people, and those whoso duty it is to be judges in such mit teri, after having prnnouncpd them undeserving of rejection, not unfrequently deliver them into the hands of their persecutors, to be dealt with according to the dictates of their malignity. It is the prerogative of every church, in their col lective capacity, to choose their spiritual cr, and also to decide when the interests of re lirrion call fur Jiia removal. Each member lias in these matters equal rights with all others, anil sustains enual rcsnonsibilities. A few, there fore, whatever may bo their talent and their Handing in the church, cannot, without guilt usurp the pcrogative or tlio many, and thus ex. crcise a forced lordshin over their brethren. Whenever an atlempl of this kind is made, for the purpose of unsettling a minister, the body of the church are bound, by a solemn compact in to which they entered when thoy called h m to the pastoral charce. to resist it. Anu n mo lew will not acquiesce in tho decision of the many they should bo dealt with as vi latnrs of cove nant vows, and troublcrs of Zion. Formerly this was tho case, hut for years it lias been other wise, to the creat detriment of churches, and the injury ol ministerial character and useful ness. J he troubles which now ea olten sever pastors from their flocks, and rend congregations asunder, are frequently result 01 uisalislac. tion on the part of one, or at most of a few indi viuuals, arising in a majority ol instances, .feelings as unhallowed as tlioso which caused the Jews to reject Christ. Envy will sometimes prompt an ofiicer or prominent member of church to oppose his minuter. He becomes of fended, when he thinks his pastor lias more con .fidonce in the judgment of some other member "than of himself, and lie resolves upon his re moval, in the hope of securing the labors of another who will give the preference to his -counsels. Pride is a busy sin in such matters, Some one thinks a man of more popular talent inan ins minister, would give respectability lo "the church by drawing literary men into the congregation, and from no bolter motive tceks a change. Other are actuated by pecuniary con Biucrauons. i ncy mini; mat a diliorent man would enlarge the society, and diminish the burden of supporting the inisistratinns of the gospel. But perhaps hatred of tho truth, more than anything ulse, leads to the rejection of ministers. All arc not Israel that are uf Israel, :and ungodly men in the church hate tho lash of truth no less than those without its pale. There arc usually, also, men of influence in the con gregation, who take ofTenso when touched with the keen edge of the naked sword of tlio Spirit. In such cases, members of the dhurch will es pouse l heir quarrel charge the minister with imprudence, and urge a change with a view to conciliating such ungodly men, and retaining for the society the aid of their influence and proper ty. Whatever may be the reason of an individ ual's desire for the removal of his minister, he sets about the object in full expectation of suc cess. In most churches there are some small minds, that can bo duped by any designing man. Tlio influence is courted at t.uch a time, and pleased with beinj noticed, they lend their scr- vice to the troubles of Zyon. False reports are put in circulation, and dark insinuations made .respecting the minister. His words, and all his .actions, are watched in hope of iiis saying or doing something, which by torture, may be mado to operate against him. Tlio assistance of ungodly men, known to bo his enemies, is sought after. 1 1 is confidence is violated to his detriment, and no efforts are left untried to des troy his influence. Ho hears of the intrigues that are being secretly practised againt him, and demands an investigation. Nothing is proved to his disadvantage, and the body of the church feel unwilling to cast him ofl". IIowcv er, in the hope of conciliating his enemies, thoy admit tlint he is not perfect, that lie has at times poken unadvisedly, or acted imprudently, and promise that ho shall do better in tune to come. But knowing that he is acquainted with their baseness, and never again respect them until he hall see evidence of penitence, Ina oppressors demand mora loudly his dismission. All the while, too, their cry is, The temple nf the Lord ! The temple of tho Lord ! They disavow all personal fceiing in tlio case, and aver lnt they are actuated solely by a desire fur the prosperity of Zion, and the "lory of (1ml. Those who do. fend I j i in are charged with not being friends to the cause of CliriM, and solemnly admonished to beware hmv they malte division in his lamilv ! The case is said to be a plain one the pastor must leave, or the lloclc will uc tlentrovcu Apprehensive that they shall incur injury in their reputation or business by adhering to their minister in this time of trial, a fearful people ad vise him to ask a dismission, and thus virtually condemn hirn though conscious of his innocence, and deliver him up to tlio will of his persecutors. They disclaim any participation in the injury done to his feelings, reputation, and future use .fulness, and tell his opposers that they must take tho responsibility. This they are very willing to do, and thus in effect invoke upon .themselves and their children the consequences. Now, those who through cowardice abuse a godly minister in such circumstances, know not .what they da They are bound lo sustain in noennce at all times, but especially when perse cuted and to havo no fellowship with the un fruitful works uf darkness, but rather to reprove them. When, therefore, the mijority of a church deliver up a minister of fair reputation, and generally acceptable, into the hands of a faction resolved at all hazards to reject him, the v place themselves in the attitude ol I'ilate when lie condemned Jesus. They proclaim his in pocence wash tlicir nanus and ray, Wo are free from the injury done to this just man see ye to it And though his persecutors willingly taKe tho responsibility, are ms menus thus an solved in the Mght of Cod ! Tlio bojy of the church are the proper arbiters in the case, and if they surrender their authority into the hands of unreasonable men, clamorous for his rejection, they do then in effect seal his righteous doom. and become partakers of the sin. That sin too i of a caimson dye. God requires that his ciiurcncs esteem very liu'lily in lovo for their work a sake, those whom ,e has constituted their spiritual rulers. Andhti ha. directed hisamlias sadors when rojected contrary to his command. . . . 1 rr,. .1 . . " - ilium, in biiiiho uii iuu iiusi iroin their feet as a testimony against an unworthy people. Christ regards such treatment of his ministers as an in jury inflicted on himself. Hanco be says lie that despiselli you, dospiseth mo ; and ho' that detpiseth me, despisclu him that sent mo. And if a heavy woo bo tho portion ho adjudges to those who offend tlio littleones that believe in him, what must bo tho doom of thoso who thus trifle with the feelings, the temporal comfort, the reputation, and especially tho usefulness of that order of his disciples to whom he has committed in a special sense the caro of souls, and the or dinances of I Ilia house But not only aro min. jstsrs turned suddenly out of employment with darkened prr-pects both of support and useful ness, to gratify tho unhallowed caprices of a fac tion ; they aro in most Instances cast off ponni. less, with dependant families to bo provided for. I l-.i. nitinnrns nromiscd as a remuneration for ministerial labor aro ordinarily so small that the most rigid economy is requisite to iinkn them sullico for the current expanses of a family. If then tho salary lias uoeu promptly p.uu, u uru is usually nothing on hand. Hut a people who are prepared to act unjustly towards a minister in tho greater, aro not apt to bo very scrupulous in regard to the less. Honco tho instances are raro in which tho pittance promised is fully paid. Is it to bo expected that a God to whom justice and judgment aro more acceptablo than sacrifices will let such iniquity go uupunisneu i uui mis in not all. Another nastor must bo procured, and in order to this tlio church must justify her self in tlio rejection of the one lately dismissed. Honco statements in solf-justification, and con domnatory of the injured one, aro often made without a Uuo regard to the goiuen ruic. i ins is tho unkindest cut of all. It is adding defa. imtion to imustico n tho absence of tho sul. i. rcr, for the purpose of deceiving another who with a full knowledge of tho state of affairs would not adventuro himself in such hands. The result of such conduct towards Christ's am haRxnilnrfl. as mifrht he cxnected. is tho creat detriment of tho churches. In many instance tlm p. nnn of boavon tnnv bo seen iincfibed on hem as distinctly as on the jews, tor years ai- Ini-nurli transactions, liod Visits SUCH Cliurcil- es with a just retribution for the assumption of ritsnnnsiiiilitina so fearful, nonce concrcmi- tiona onco flourishing a-j gardens of the Lord, become utter desolations. Godthwaits by his righteous providenco their efforts to secure oilier ministrations, i lien they muuigo incrimina tion and recrimination, lose inoir Fpiruuaiuj, become divided and obstinate, and tho several factions oDoose each other for tho gratification of a revengeful spirit, until they can agree in ..-.i.!. "im. in. r r....-r nfinn withdraw from such scones of Btrltc, and unite with other 1 denominations Skeptics become conlirmed in fidels, and the children of the church grow up in impiety. 7'he writer has before his mind eye at tins moment cnurcnes not a iow, in un fcrent parts of our land, that will, if they rend this article, recognize the nselves as the mod els from which this picture has been drawn Shall it bo said that ministers are often them selves in fault, and deserve to bo rejected ? 1 admit that the best of thorn are but men, and lia. ble to err. Thoy come witllin tho wide range of the declaration, that there is notajustmanon earth tiiat doelii good and sinoth not. They aro men of like passions and frailties witli others. And I would ask, Arc thoy the only class of dis ciplcs lo whom God has said, He ye holy for I am holy ! If only those who arc themselves with out sin should cast stones at ministers, they would not be likely to sufl'er much injury. And can imperfect Chn'stains who expect the mantle of charity to bo spread over their own defects, make no allowance for human imperfection in their pastors? Have they not many excellen ces of character 1 Do they not give evidence of genuine piety 1 Then, might not atTection. ate treatment and gentle admonition have a sal utary effect on them 1 Hut are these employed! Alas", no. In most cases the baitings of Christ's ambassador are eagerly watched for, and they aro mado offenders for a word. Is this magnan imous! Is it Christain ! Even where minis ters err grossly, (which in the judgment of clnrity I think is but seldom,) aro they not en titled to such a course of treatment as that laid down by our Lord in tlio eighteenth chapter of Matthew! Hut in nine cases out of ten it is not denied them, while secret defamation is re sorted to for the purpose of rendering them un popular, and afiecting their removal ! Tho law of Christ forbids that an accuasion be received against an elder, (minister) but boforo two or three witnesses. Is this injunction respected in the present day 1 Formerly, ministerial char- acter was esteemed a sacred thing, which might not bo polluted witli impunity by slanderous lips. Is it so now ! In most instances the very per sons whose railing accusations or secret insiiiua tions result in the removal of ministers, arc rea dy, if thoy will aslt a submission, to give them cpisues ui iiiym.")!. commendations to other churches, in this do they not make minift the fact that their rejected pastors aro rihteoiib while they themselves aro wicked 1 fjither their accuasations or the testimonials thoy give aro false. If the former, tliov impiously oppress innocence, and injure real worth. If Iho latter, they are guilty of the double crime of lying- for the purpose ol sheltering wickedness from its jubt desert, and imposing on other churches pas tors unworthy of the office, For all these tiling's God visits with Ins judgments ins guilty cnurcn es and their children. Let him that rnadotli understand. Ocsnr.vrjR. for a cruiso, they would rise, tako poMCJsion of tier, nnil kill every officer except tlio sur geon, who might bo necessary for them ; that they would then proceed olTlho Hook of Now York liaibornnu capturo tlioliomoword bound packets, which tlicy expected would contain large sums of specie. Of the peo ple on board tlio captured vessels, they swore that no otio should bo left to toll tho talc. ftcr thoso horriblo disclosures, a Court Martial was held upon Sponcor and those most prominently connected with him. It was impossiblo to know Iiowfar tlio contamin ation had spread, though It had evidently spread to a most dangerous extent. To crush it, at all hazards, was indispensable. Tho Court Martial determined that nothing short of tho prompt execution of the ringlead ers would ensuro tho safety of tho ship. Spencer and two petty officers wero there upon ordered to bo iiuko on tue yaiid arm, which teas done forthwith, and such other measures taken as entirely frustrated the dia bolical plan. Tho brig now lies at the Navy Ynrd.with nil hands on board, nil intercourse with tho shore being forbidden. Tho full details it is impossiblo to obtain, at present ; they will bo fraught with terrible interest. Lieut. Macknnzio is noted for his kind and christian character, but great firmness in tlio duties of his office. Such an occurence, wo am happy to say, is new in our Navy, and not likely to bo soon icpenleil. Wo shudder nl tho thought of the scenes which would havo been enacted in our waters if tho conspiracy had accomplished its design. Spencer was about 19 years of age, and re ceived his warrant as midshipman on the 20th November, 1841. Most sincerely do we sympathise with the afflicted family of which ho was a member. Jour. Com. MASSACHUSETTS. Ilineation in tho present instance. Ho would The official returns of the votes given for only add that Hi. not common to witnoHS a . , .. , i t r.V . it more happy combination of tho christian graces State Senators in tlio "out uay oiaio are m tt(lrnnccd lhan we slw . C sul,jcot of published in tho Atlas ol luonuny morning, this notice. There was meekness and gentle and show a result nioro favorable to tho whigs ness combined witli decision ; conscientiousness than wo had anticipated. Tlio Senate is without superstition s peculiar modesty and hu composed of forty members only twenty four havo been elected by tho people. Of these, ten aro whigs and fourteen Loco Fo cos, instead of ton and fifteen ns was goner- .. n. .1 I. .1 k a IV sutmoseu. Ult mis resuu ino auhs re marks as follows : The political character amp1o as a christian was in accordance with hit of tho Senate depends upon tho question of principles, uniformly consistent and attracti ve.- , i i Hut he is gone. May his mantle fall upon those nscendancy in joint ballot-as does, also, the , ,,, bcllndi ,Iis c ,0 n9 n cir;9lian I f- - ,!ll ..,1 ,t,n. ..... .. ..." election ui vjuvcruur, uuuuuuun, mm uuiu nnij ,,, instructions as a lather will be ariclianu Stato officers, for the ensuing political year. If every whig member of tlio Legislature is nt his post, and faithfully performs Ins duty at the organization, wo shall havo a majority of ono or two in joint ballot and our party will be saved tho mortification of seeing the IjUHI.INr.TON rPHK Trustees of this Institution would inform X the public, that, at tho expiration of the current Quarter, in February next, its manai incnt will do- , ,n.f,.n-Ail tn MnrriK Mnrinn. vohc upon Mrs. OconcE Paint, ns Principal, who o . . will take tho place of Miss. Lee, the present incum nnri nor nnniic concerns iiiisumniipeu uv mc t hpnt. r r rr.i ,,. Tlio Tnntscs, rclyins nn the high nnd acknowl Locofocos. Tho crisis is so momentous, I . . n,lanncaiio,13 of .Mrs. l'AixSfor the novcrn that wo shall expect to SCO every Whig ment of such an Institution, invito public attention to on liana, ana prepaicu resuii.ic.jr aim iirmiy THE FEMALE SEMINARY. Dy referring to an advertisement in an other column our readers will perceive that, at tho expiration of tho present term, this Institution is to bo placed under the care and supreintendiincc of Mrs. Gnortci: P.unk, a lady admirably qualified, as nil who havo the pleasure of her acquaintance know, to bo placed at the head of such a Seminary. Under the charge of Mrs. Paine nnd the accomplished gentlemen who havo been eu- gaged to assist her, this Seminary will afford advantages, in every department of educa tion, unsurpassed by those of any similar in stilution in New England, whether we regard the qualification of the teachers, the location of tho Seminary buildings nnd their coinnio dious character, or the beauty of the natural scenery by which they aro surrounded. We regret that tho crowded slato of our columns will not permit us to enter into a more de tailed nolico of this flourishing Institution this week. rniDAV MOIIM.NG, DDCnMBr.Il 23, 1842. MUTINY. Tho New York papers of last Saturday morning came to us filled with accounts of a moM daring mutiny on board tho United States Brig Somcrs, Lieut. Commander Ai.i:x.M)i:i: Smijei.i. Mackenzie, and the execution of the leading mutineers. A more nefarious plot can scarcely bo found in the annals of history, and if it had not been promptly suppressed, by the energetic con duct of tho commander, no ono can tell what deeds of horror might have been perpetrated. Tlio Somcrs is represented as one of tlio ve ry best sailing vessels in our Navy. And as a pirate, under a skillful commander, tlio imagination can hardly depict the scenes of bloodshed which might havo marked her course. Most sincerely do wo grieve fur tho unhappy father of the wretched young man who is represented as the master spirit among the mutineers, and who has met with so inglo rious, but so well merited a fate. Lieuten ant Mackenzio is well known ns a very in telligent, accomplished, and humano officer, and his character and reputation arc such as to justify tho belief that ho would not havo proceeded to such extremities, had not tho circumstances of tho case imperiously de manded it of him. Tho following aro the details of tho dark transaction: A MOST IlOItltllir.t: AFt'AIIt. It turns out (hut events of a most appaling character occunod on board tho U. S. brig Sumers, on her voyage homo from Africa, which wcro not disclosed by tho officers on her arrival, because it was thought best that the publication should bo madu by thu Gov ernment. Such things cannot, however, bo kept secret. Tho' Somcrs is a fino sailor, lus ton guns, and a crow of about twenty ablo men, and forty upprcntico boys, making with tho officers, some seventy-fivo poisons on board. Shortly before tho brig arrived at St. Thomas, whero sho put in to water, it ramo to tho knowledge of Lt. Commandant Mackenzie, that a mutiny was in preparation on board headed by Midshipman Philip Sponcor, n son of the Hon. Secretary of War. Spencer was thereupon arrested, aud papors wcro found upon him, signed by such a number of tho crow as would havo been ablo to carry out their plan by a surprise. Tho obligations they had entered into, wero ofthomostdespcrato kind. Thoy hadsworn that thoy wero not afiaid of blood ; that nftor SOUTH CAROLINA. The "Chivalry" in great tribulation Tho South Carolina Legislature has mado "much ado," not exactly about "nothing," but about its next door neighbor, Mr. Cal lioun's letter of rosienntion, namely. Witli ait tioori,.g pAnlP cirninilnr, important document was first referred to select committee, with instructions to report what was to bo done under the awful dis ponsation. The committee entered upon the solemn duty with all becoming gravity, and while the whole solar system was held painful suspense about the result of their de liberations, the most portentous intimations were thrown out from lime to lime to aggrc vate tlio universal anxiety. At last, and when tho solicitude of tho whole human fam ily had reached such a pitch of intensity that longer delay must have caused a gener al explosion, (he Committee were graciously pleased to make a report. Tho calamity which was about tn befall them, (Mr. C retirement), was, they said, tho severest af fliction that had ever been visited on any na tion, nnd was nioro than any pcoplo could en Jure. And thov only submitted to it from thu consoling reflection that the bereavement was to be. only temporary and partial to themselves, whilo U would work cudurin blessings for tho rest of mankind. They therefore resolved, that, by a mighty exer tion of Roman heroism, they would submit to the dreadful visitation. Rut they gave the world distinctly to understand, that thoy yielded only from the patrioticconsidcration, that iho rest of their countryman might bask in tho radicnt beams of ihcir groat luminary, and sharo tho benign influence of his matchless effulgence. In plain terms, they wero only reconciled to his ceasing to be Senator, on the condition that ho should be mado President ! What a patriotic people ! mility, and yet no shrinking from duty ; an in flexible regard to his own cherished principles, joined with a due respect to tho dilfcring opin ions of others. Whilo his nge and experience entitled him to be heard, he never seemed to to claim any thins nn the score of ni'e. His ex- cherished legacy to his children. Comm. to do his duty. Let this be done, and Mas sachusetts will still bo safe. " fT7"Lot every parent read the report of tho Committee on Education, which will bo found in our paper this week. Wo shall notico it more particularly hereafter. C55 Some of our readers may perhaps be edified and improved by a careful perusal of an article, which we publish by request, from tho New York Evangelist. The annexed correspondence we find in the New York Standard of Monday morning, Vhk SniiNd Term will com men co on Wednesday, the 1st of March next, nnd continue, as usual, twenty two weeks. TERMS Board, including washin;, fuel, lichts, etc. has been reduced to $'2.,C0 per (iiarter,(U nctks) half payable in advance. The Hoarding department will coniinuo under me care ol jur. urnninn. 1 i-iTioN in Lnclish branches Sj.00 per Quarter, half pavable in auranci. llrnwinn, including skctchlncfrom nature, nnd pninline in water colors, ..... S3, 00 1' rench, Italian or licrman, racn ... fi.r.u I.itin, 3.00 1', Oman or Guitar, includinz vocal instruction, per quarter 12,0o Use o Instrument lor nrnctico .... y.uo The Musical department is under the instruction of I rofessor Winomiues. Tho'French nnd Italian classes arc under the care of Monsieur (jocciiette Pom sare not received for a less nenod thin one quarter, but deduction will be made from the above which nnnnr. with an alinnilmt r,tr,rlri9iinn nf 1 chnreeH. in case of protracted illness. . " I Ti iu lltn, nimUa alinnM lm.,1 in fl. Cm!. 07 The Post Master General'b re port lo Congress represents his department of tho public service as being in a very pros perous condition tho receipts of the last year exceeding tho expenditures by about half a million of of dollars. This is a decid ed improvement upon Kendallism. The Post Master General recommends that the Government possess itself of thu privilege of transporting Iho mail by tho railroads. 07s Ry referring to tho proceedings of Longiess in our paper this week, our readers will seo that Mil., of this stale, has introduced a Hill into tho House, for the re peal of iho general Bankrupt Law, in con lurmily to tho instructions of our stato Legis lature, and that appearances indicato its en tiro success. C7 What says our neighbor of tho SentU nel to tho following paragraph which we, cut from a lato number of tho Madisonian? Will our neighbor endorsu tho statement, or will ho prnnounco it n foul slander upon his favorite, and patron saint, tho illustrious Missouri Humbug 1 Tho paragraph was written in answer to Benton's letter declar ing himself for Van Buren for President. Mil. UllNTON 'NEVT.R CHANGES " We assert that Mr. Uenton has written one letter declaring his preference for Mr. Clay and advocating some of bin leading "Federal mei. tivAa ' Wr nrrv Mb Pr-Tflil rn rnttT . J he brig hid besn watered and was prepared ' thu statimeht General Cass, names him ai among tho candi dates of the Locofocos. The more the mer rier. NewYomc, Dee. 10, 1S43. My Dear Sir: You must havo observed lince your arrialin Boston, that vou havo been recommen ded in many of the public papers in different parts of ine uniteu stales as a candidate lor the chief execu tive office of the Republic ond particularv that you were nominated to that office t a Inrye Democratic meeting nt Harrisburon llie'21st ultimo. The manner in which your nomination is mention ed by some of the Whig pipers, ia such as to excite suspicion nmong uioe woo oo not Know you, nut you favor Whi' principles, nnd nomo have cnid that your views on a nationti uanu are indentical with ihoseof tho Whijs. I know that there is no cround for such suspicions. and that you arc entirely wiUinr; that your viewsupon those subjects should on Known lo all parties. From the Ion?, and friendly relations which have existed between us, before ns well as durme the timo we were fellow mcmbeis of the Cabinent of President Jackson, and ever since, I take the liberty of asking from you such explanation of your views upon these siil;ccis as mail ue entirely sausiaciory to your pom icnl friends. With Iho Inchest respect and esteem, I am your friend and humble servant. MAHLON DICKERSON To General Lewis Casj. New YonK. December 10th. 1842. Mv'Dear Sir I hove received vour letter of this day, and have no difficulty in giving you a prompt and unequivocal answer lo tne questions you present to me. I am a member of the Democratic party, and hive been so from my youth. I was first called into public life by Mr. Jefferson, thirty-six years ago, and am a nrni ueuever in me principles lata nown uy mm. From the faith ns taucht nnd received in his day, I nave never awcrvcu, n single instant. :o much for my general sentiments. Willi respect to a National linnlt. I think the (etl ings nnd experience of the country have derided azaiuat it, mid thru no such institution should be chartered by the Gcii',rni.Gorr.". - w.n ml., irtflt inv ramdenre in r rnnce. and a Mr.. ful observation of thoatnte of that nation, have satis fied ma thai, while a due degree of credit is highly usenu in me uusmcsi concerns 01 a country, A sound specie oa6tS is essential 10 ns permanent prosperity. it:.i. . 1 I I ' ' Miiu gicai ivjaru, i am ucar. air, iruiy yours, I.L.VV. UASa. II on. Mahlon Dic'terson. While tho returned Ambassador thus takes the flold, the illustrious Missouri Humbug thus declines it : From the Globe of Saturday. Washist.tov Pit rw. 0. 1319. Messrs fllair cV Uives : A movement of some of my iriends in Missouri, which was intended ns a merej compliment to me, nnd a mere expression of their individual opinions, hns brought upon me a great deal of trouble, in the thane of a cloud of lit- tcrs, from all parts of tho Union, calling upon me 'to define my position in relation to the next Presi dency." Tho number of these letters puts it out of my power to answer menu and not to answer might srem to admit the conclusions which they imply: and, to make n dcfinnlion of my position is a tiling that I cannot do, I never change my position and therefore never have to find it, or define it. I leave It to my conduct to telfwhat I ami nnd if that is

not sufficient, I do not think the use of phrases will help the matter. I am no political enigma, and need no solutions on ine presidential question, or nny oth er. Mv conduct has bhown mn tn lia for Mr. Huren for the presidency, and acnirmt mvfitrrnr nnw place whatever, exceot the one 1 hnvr! and wiih this declaration, I hope my correspondents in all parts of me uuinn win oe aaiisnea, and will consider their uiquincsfully answered. Yours respeclfullv. THOMAS II. UENTON, Ba o (31, In this village, on Monday morning the Otb inst., at the residence of U. G. Cole Esqr. Mr. Samukl, in the 77th year of his ace. In this death God has removed another of our aged mid venerable Fathers. Mr. Cutler had re sided among us but a few years, yet such" was the simplicity and excellence of his character, that these few .years were sufficient to win for him the love of all who knew him, A beautiful humility rested on him like n garment, and he never put it off. The gentleness of his spirit, and the suavity of his manners, interwoven ns they were, with a warmth of feeling, and illus tralcd by kind words and acts, always and in all places secured for him the most fervid feelings of attachment. The disease which terminated his life, was Erysipelas. Only eight days before his death, we saw him in the sanctuary, nn interested hearer " worshipping God leaning on the top of his staff." Ileb. 11 : SI. Mis illness was short, and tho Lord dealt gently with him, nnd spared him from severe and long continued suffering. He was aide to converse but little, on account of itiflnmation in the throat ; but he appeared to have a distinct view of bis approaching dissolu tion from the first, and with cheerful and unfal tering trust in his Saviour, he waited his change, sustained by that holy religion which he had so long professed. In sickness, as in health, lie uniformly appeared in a state of mind peculiar)' sercno and heavenly. lie falked of death with composure ; of what was beyond death, with a placid smile. His whole hope was in Christ's atoning blood. His reason was spared to him, apparently until the last, nnd when his hour had come, he 'fell asleep' in Jesus, and 'was gather, rd to his fathers' in so gentle a manner that the family and friends attending upon him scarcely knew the moment of his transition. It was a peaceful end of a peaceful, happy life. A careful delineation of tho character of a good man, whose example deserves and invites imitation, is a public benefit ; for the actions and feelings of such a man are a source of instruc tion to the world and a living commentary on the excellence of .that religion from which he drew his principles of action. Such ' character proves the reality and power of "relia ion. The writer of this selch had too brief o quin tance.and is therefor too distrustful of hit own j-iwers of dirnnine.tkm V attempt ruch t de nary where thev will ai all limes be under the special charge of tho Principal, who, bearing in mind the importance of health in the pursuit of their studies. will constnntly nun nt their ns well as ihcir moral nnd intellectual improvement. in betinlt of the 1 rusiees, GEO. II. SHAW, Secretary. Burlington, 20th Dec, 1812. S. N. GAUT & CO. RESPECTFULLY inform the inhabitant ol Dar lington and viciiuiv, that they have -opened a NEW GROCERY .f- PROVISION STORE on College t., next door cat of H. Tlioina' Auction ttooin, wlieretliey tn'tnu to I.ep conMnntly on hand. n'l kind-ol h . unity (jrojtries anj.oilier ariiclei ci ue ieMU viz '. Teas, and Offee, Pepper, Spice.Cassia, dinger, Julmegs, Clares ; lliee, Cncna, Ground Mustard, Uroivn cj- Loaf Sugar, .'Volasses, llox tj- heg Raisins, 1 vbacco, Thev have aUo. a s.nall ojnrtment nf CIIOL'KEIt AND GLASS WAKE, which they will sell at a finall profit. Al-o, fto-ton Sofi and CoM Wn:r Cracker nnd IMot Dread, a pure anule. Ti e above article they will tell ti'ereiy asuuiij a tuun auvanee iroin iot. They have al-o, an a.orimrnt of Confectionary and Nut. Piece pAe ti n call. Uurhiiglon, Dee. 23, 1S43. 30.f Cod Fish, 1'eppar Sauce, Candles, liar Snap, lil'U t- Scotch Snuff, Day tf- Martin's Liqud ISta'Aw", lllack Uftll, Ink, itmons Tamarinds, Dates, Herrings, Indigo Lamp uu, i)-c. yc. Secretary Itavftou'n Estate. I -ITTP. enWrihar. bavinf b'ell ODnOint'd 07 I W the llotiornbla tho Probate Court f'-r U'o'-rpaL GIlUtSttHiiO HlltJ 3SlUTcarn.. ".''Vn"', .;. , vrATtiruLi-vs Linnvrty, nmnto, vt... CfA.'r.e nt,'J t .iniiuijf bcit-i Sjiiv -..(! n:,i.t....rru.t.n.Ln . . . a L.OII1UL UI .llIV.UI.UCi, LI - " . T ammo and Btliist the .ni'iis mid il.rrn-,' , ; ' V sous ngnm.,t th" u ,t ie ol .M'.om.J.un fwl i,.wi , of Chaibai t, Burke, SOiV, lateofjerici.J.uiMid Diitncl.tle. -.-.v d.i.iptfl- "t ' sonic, insolvent, nnd I olio j s,,..;,' he. of Wiirllnm and M day of thedato hereof, being allowed ysaid Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby pivti notice, mat wo will attend to me imsines 01 our r.pi,in. msnt. nt tho dwelling of widow Lucy Ilauson, in Jc.icho, m s.aid District, on Iho focond Sat'.tilay ol January, February and May next, at 10 o'clock, A. m., on each' of said days. luted, tins nth day 01 .November, a. u. iw. 03 TRUMAN UAI.USUA, j r, aaron bfrm:tt, J "" immissicncn. 101 Maid lA-irrliiRlun's Instate. WE THK SunsniUUnRS, hoving been op pointed bv the Honorable Iho Probate Court for tho District of Chittenden, commissioners to re ce'no, cinuiinoand adjust tho claitui and demands. if nil persons, against tho estate of F.DWARD FAR KINGTON", Into of llurlinL'ton, in said District, de ceased, rr presented insolvent, nn-1 also nil claims and demands exhibited 111 onset thereto j una sit monins from the day of the dito horjor, being allowed by laid Court for that mirnoso. uodo therefore hercbv Live notice, that we will attend to tlio buine39 of our np pointtnent, nt the store of J. W. Weaver in Colchc? te.r, in said District, on the tenth days nf January nnd Juno next, tit 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of sn.d days. Uated, tins Uth diy oruecemher, A. u. isu. J. W. WKAVRR, ) Commission G. W. HOUTON, ( ers. William Klluurn's Ktnte. STATF.OF VERMONT. ) rpHB Probate Court District of Chittenden, ss. ( X for iho District of Chitt'e'nden. To all persons conci-rnrd in the estate of WILLIAM KILlil'RN, lato of Ilurlington, in said district, deceased, testate. Wiicnr.As, Ansa ICarieaS'.tlio Executrix of the last will and tcsicment of the said deceased, has inadcop plication to snid Courl to extend the time limited for settling raid estate nnd paying the debts and legacies of the said deecascd, ono year from tho twelfth day 01 January, laujnn niso proposes lorenucran nc count of tier administration nnd present her account npninstsaid estate for examination nnd allowance; II hereutwn. the said court afurccnrJ doln npnoint the second Wednesday of January. 1913. for hearing ond deciding 111 tho premises nt the office uf the Register of rniil court in said Ilurlington, nnd iloth order that nil persons concerned be notified thercnt by publica tion of tins otdcr three weeks successively in Iho Ilur lington Free Press, a newspaper printed in said Rur lingtcn, the last of which publications to be previous to tec tnid second Wednesday of January, IS 13. Gikii under mv hand nt sud Uurhnnton tins 21st day of December, A. D. 1SI'2. ju jw vv.11. i..viu, uegister. Tliomcs Hockley's Kstafc. STATE OF VERMONT, ) A T a Probate Court uistrtctoi L,niltnili'n, ss. ) ii lielii nt ilurlington within nnd for said district uf t.'hittrndeti, on the fif teenth day of December, A. D. 13)2, comes Charles F. Warner of said I'lirhnL'ton, ndmiinstraturof the es tate of THOMAS HOLKLEV, I no of said liutling ion, deccised, nurstnc, and files iu said court his pe tition in writing, setting forth that the taid Hoc!. ley, in his lifetime, nnd at lies decease, was seized in fee nf two certain parrels of hind 111 said liurhncton, known ns quarter ncro lots numbers one hundred ninety-six nnd one hundred ninetv-seven, which said lots cto held by said Hockley in trii9t fur Ji 'res lk'Rotck-, nf Knlnn.v.uo, in the Mate of .Michigan, nnd that Ih'j estite of the said Hockley hath been settled nnd all claims proved, or known to exist ngninst the same, hue been fully pnid ; and praying said court to li cense the snid administrator to release the said lands to Mid llurdiek, agreeably to the statute in such cae made and provided; II Hereupon, the courl tiforcstul uotii appoint me second v eunesuny 01 .laninry, A. D. 1S13, for bearing and on slid pelilion, at tho office of the Register of said court 111 aid ton, and doth order that nil persons concerned be no tified thereof, by pul.licition of llii order, containing the substance of said petition, three weeks successive ly in the ttitrlington Free Press, n newspaper pii.i'. I'd in said liurhuglnii, the last of which piibltention to bo previous lo sail second Wednesday of January, A. D. IS 13. Given under my hand at said Burlington this 15th day of December, A. D 1SI 2. 30 3.v VM. WESTON, Register. inoa, ieri nn Or.vorv. fr m i Aruenvani. Mitin.V cf Cla -1 -al Litervnre, mil., I!i hup 'enceft l h,s own limes from l7iQto Idll. 1 I'ol.T. TMtn'el . . . . Ho vl.lVViMf. to Remarl.-a'le Places, lUt 2icern. (..n:.-.r- oMi.'Od Wr.rM, 2 vui . 6 yo. 'I he Percy Anecdu'e-, to which is added a vatunt .1 eol'eetion of Ali.irn.nn AneCi'oie, Seats IViorial illustrations of the li.Ueaud Oriental Customs, 3 vols. Diek'sSiiiiriel llinvcn, 1 vol. " Vuks, 8 vols. American Poetry, K Dramatic Lit rary, Love anl madness tf Porquato Pat", Jiilni'oniana, Sterling'!' l'oetlrnl Works, Mrs. SL'iinint-v's Sole-! Prrins, gilt. rioor'.s l'Xieo.V colored pUtcs, Wirt' Life nf P.i'ncl; Henry, Cooper' N.ivV Hi-tcry, Lfu: r.fihu I're'i. 'nil'.-, Liw'sof Eminent Briti-h Lawyers, !vo. Lives ofEuiiiit'iil Mvuhan cs, Mechanics Own Hi.ok, t barters on Clmreli VarJj I. "nil. ley's Horticulture, liilon r.f'IVxJs, Soil nnd climate. II. II00U uf S'euJlr Work, eira gill. John Sin. il.'s Luiicr", picturs lu match, Letters of Eliza Wilkinson, Phanhi.n.iun, '1 lie American Iloiewi!i-. Illoeklo. l.'v Treat f e r,u sheep, nov.-ell' P.. illry Yard, iiitign-v ' 1 ales h' o 11 1 ravuio.v, Win. Tc I nudllofer, Talcs of the h'in cf England, l!ing!i.'v' nor c aboui, Naturalisi's Ramble.-, Enoi'.-Fahle, Ward-worth'-. Poem, extra gilt. Coliridce's Puelaal Work", extra gilt, Eny of llnnnah Mcore, do (ie.nsof American Pc-eis, L'mver.-nl Gazetteer, cuutaiuing cea-us of 1243, Roy al O-tnvo, C.l'-'ri.J2e' Work', 8 vo, 1 vol. Science ol Ci.inini.ri Tb.n j, Hazon'.s Panorama, The Dahlia, ex'ra cilt. Ea!ern Alts nnd Antiquities, extra dt, lid le do Album, Itol. iii-oii's. Hi-tory cf England, School Ilioffrapay, Di-trlci School n's it wa, Public Iti-triii tion in P.-u-s.', Parlour Lil rary, 0 vols, '-lath, .My So'i' Own Hook, i!t. S. S. Teacher's Companion, Life nnd Ucuutics of John V csley, El.uHl's l's-ays, Walker on Paibolorv, (f's Church History, Wadding'.on's.- do lii'lingbroU's Works. 4vc.l. .M.u.y.itt a ilo SeotiS do FicUings, do J.irn's do Myron's dj Jolni-on's do Jo-ephus' do For sale by Dec. S3, 15 12. 2 vol.. 7 vcl. 2 vo'. 1 vol. 1 vol, 2 vol. 2 vol. C. GOODRICH. At the old stand, Up Stairt. TVTEKINOES.-French and English lrj. 1 Mcrinoe. a large assortment, for ' low by LOVELY & SEYMOUR. Dec. 15, 1912, ) llOADCT.OTII.'J, CASSIMERKS, and SATI J NETTS, for salelo. by LOVELY & SEYMOUR. Dec. 13, laii. LAW BOOKS. COMMON LAW lif'POliiy, 3D vols, ConJen-el Knzli-h Chancery Reports 13 " Uniled Stales Reports do do 0 II 8 fplf 2 ffceep 4 Wendell': Co vi en's II ill's P.nie' Chancery Rencrts. do do American Chancery do Starkies Evidence, 3 vols, new edition, Coweu's Philhpps' do 4 vols. 01 tne umiicJ aia'.e.-, l.y ctory, 4 vols, Keni's Oomineiilaiies. 4 ' Tomlinson'i L.uv Dictionary 3 " uiarkc s iiudiinents and 1'raciicc. Jil-t received by Dec. 23. 30 C. GOODRICH. A T llUItl.l.NGTON, Vt., unco ihe slo.ghing has x . iiecn -o goo.i, iuu wood Iijvj SIM o'l Iroin Hit Peon u's Clicun C.ih S:ore ill n wonderful ramd rale and the Agenl i so liiiMy encasoJ 111 tclhiig i hcai that I.eliasuntiiiiiclO'ell dear. The sloe': 1-0111: of tlioino.t ceuer.ilandetenive ofanv that he ha had during ll.elat 20 vear-, and wa pro'.a! ly never v ccllcl at hustoieiu any firiner years, thvieforc per sousiroin a oi-iJnce 1n.1v come a eonlnteiKC ol Leingsupplicdwith Dry l.ooJs of ne.irh- every i!e- enption that may be wished and at the lowe-l prices lor caMi, ai llUvvAltU s. Dec. 21, 16 12. 30 CLOCKS!! CLOCKS!!! i FEW doil.le anl single O. G. Rood Cloe av winch will 1 u exi'lianseJ for Grain r Wood on the most rea-onal'lii terms l.y JJ, DAMS. Water st.,Dcc. 20, 1812. CUFF PENS, STUDS, RUCKLIS, in: fiOW and Gill ("mi; Hair and Searl I'm-, Stud., uiickic, nea 1 and t.c-ji; orn.ime.f-, lo.iaz Ati.c-llu-t and other llroaclies oinc goods in the. Jewelry line very pretty and Jural le pattern-, of such quality and uorkir.Tin-hip as the tiio-i particular r.eeJ not be asliame.1 10 wear or give as prejcuts. Dec. 20, 1S1J. Pascbors it HalsSMAtD. HEVt)l,VIX; AM) OTIIUH CASTORS. OASTOHSanJ t' lloiile-.TV.i Pot, Snullcr -J and trays, t'anJkMieks, Plated and Gerinaii Silver.poon--, l'ewler anl Iron Spoons, Pin-, Nee tilt--, 11001.S and r.jc, mu nnd Hoot l.aees nnd liiicltle-, liriislies i.oiiil' cce., ut very lew prices. ricasccau nun see lcioic yon nuy. J-ANCDCllN- it liKIXSStAIP. Dee. 20,1912, 3um3 Tito Unitod dilates V salinotly. TJEING n cnll;clion of Psalms nnd Hymn tunes. U selected from Iho best European masters to which is added n hrire number of orurinn com. positions from Ihe pens nf mote than llnrlv dif- lereni nuuiors, w oo nnvo wriiien ruprcssty ur ine work, and especially adapted for the services of the bsnctuary. I-or sale at tlio Hook bloreor Vec.Mi. 3J U. A. UlUHArf. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. IN HAKIUJPTCY. Xotlcc to show cause against I'etlon of LVMAN D. CHURCH, nt Jericho, in said iliMrict, to I e declared a Uiiinrupt, at I In; mine of Simi.el Prentiss, li-lru t Judcc, in Monti 1 er, iu saiJ Dt Iriet, on Thursday the ninth day ol February, 1613, ten o'cloik tt.renoon. BENJAMIN F. Jkl'A fiLANU. cf Rinlington. in Mild th-tnet, to le represented a Hankrupt, nl the olliee of San uel Prcnti-s, 1'i-tri.-1 J ilge, in Mont pchcr, in yaid district, on TI1 ' ; , tl.i- 1 intl tiv of Fe1 rnary, 15!3,tei. ' , , . n DEXTER M. FAY, -a ' a e1 .1 is.iul.rup-, " the i.-M.":1 r.en 1"- '. Judge, 111 He . 1 , .a sa.d !.Ni,i , r 11 I'liirliiv Jededlali Klelil's IJtate. STATE OF VI RMO.NT, AT a Prelate Court Di-lrict ol CliilU'iu'en, J JX hoklcii nt llurlinglon within and for ilie Di-tnct anaesaid on the lifih day of Dercnilvr, A. 11, )rjf.', nn Instrument purporting In l tliela-t Will and Testament of JEHFfUAtl FIELD, late of Jericho, lit said district deceased, was prc-emed tu the Court here for Pn.l ate, by Charles llubl ell, one if ihe i'eviee therein named. 'J'hcreforc, it 1. ordircd I y said court, that publir notice I u irivcn to all persons concerned therein tu appear I clre said coer',at a es-ion tlicreoflu 1 u l,tl dcu at the e?itei' oiucc, in said li.irlinzion, cm I ho second We hie-ilay n Fel rnary, A. D. 1S43, and con-tc-t the iiol ale ut snid Will, anJ it i furilier i.rdere I that ihi- 1 roer 1 e pub'i-l.eJ ti.ree ytel-- - 1 3 s,v.-!y 111 the l'erhu;;lon I'nu Pres-, a i.ew i r;- -cl ol U.irlinrt.-n, in lhi-Sia!e, :l-.o 1 nl ,1. 4, ii. 1 t ,ir. vio.'S lo tl.c day as-: e.l, a n uro-a .1 ( ,,enipn I Given or " nvl ud .t.liePe "tcr'tOSi c, in, 9 .V.h dav ol Dteeii. . A. 1), ISL" M...,i.tu Wj.-TON, He.'- 11 .1.1 of i'cLruary, IS 13, leu the ninth noon. DAVID WARD, ol Milion dcclareJ a liankrupi, al Hie ct Sa.i.M-i Preti-ti--, Di-lrict Judge, in Moot poller, in a d DMnc, on Thur-dny, tho ninth day of Fel r..ary, 1S13, tin o'clock, fitcuooii. SIADAM IIOIVIN'S HnxsiiN t-'htatc. STATE OF Lu ...JNT, '( 'HL IV ate t o 'rl for Di-lri'-t v.f Chnien'len, -s. i -i. i .e d'-'rict of Chit , t.'in'.'ii. M'o nil i n tiucen.? a the e-;ve of aid Divir.ct. to 1c .VVV.W.V m.V.v'VI, : 1 ,1 ili-i re tdo ei ed. Wiir.nris-, T.izah Ilrx-'e, nJiiiim-tr.'' r ' f l! :!e ii.l v'e. rate has made np, . in . o a.d c, rl cud ll.e lime limited I n i v. t'i men' it ' 'n'e, one year frmn ': iii'h ,lv 1 1' jiiihi y. I--1 ., anii al o,'.-";o i-siu.en eraua vivtnt in I p e-eut b'T .u ci i.ii. a j.iin-t ate n an ! al.ovan. i-i T here- (DC JpCmalC lUfltlliitOV. '!'", c,mr' ''"'e-aid d.,il, , a -point the second defiling in Iheptcnii i, nt li.e !!ii.hi'.. ofiV e, in HurlinuKai, and doth or 'er that all cr.-(ui eeucerne I be untitle! I hei co!' I y puLiiialion ol lliN order three wee!;, in ll.e IJuriiiiL'lon Free Pre-, anew-paper prune I in Hurlingiiui," in ii-trM, the In-t 'f which peblKnnons to I e previoa- to tl.o day set ft r hearing. G ven under my hand at said Uurhngion. thlj lQ'.h dav or Decern! er, IS1J. ' W.l. VVI STON, Ilesifter. ANTI-SPASMODIC EMMENAGOGUE, ! n.'uiefi fDv 4?rilt.llr 3trnlll.itnts. ,t ' ; ihu ecmri nioie.-: For Irregulor and Painful Menstruation, and for the Suppression or Retention if the Menses WHENEVER nny cf the orzan- nf the human frame tra.-c er refuse to perform their cilice. the 'CeU of th ca-o are sown, ni which th- hnrvrM I it death, tm'es-, liyunioly attention the ob-truc-non, ate removed and ii.itii.-u I- thereby re-io.-el to I l er wonted iictinn. Thro tirh careie-spe-s and ne- ! s!e.-t ll.o.i-nn.U of female- in this northern climate i 1...-..,. In... ..-.-I.. . r t, rqT.Tr- nl' VI l.'JtVivr . i.I"iMU'' x. i and in mo-t ea-e. has in origin m a at ?.TATL ,01. ., V LRMO.s I , ( The Hon. lb- Prol ate lhn.e urgaiK ui-on vvliuh ihe I'mmlxaboouc i- e- I 'A',-r"'1 L,"l!'",iC"i Co irt lor the Di-intl tf penally t'eiened lo a.t, n.o-i, .1 .u.i all of whom I li)'0"- ,!'V"C"' "'ee-tnle if might have teen savel bv'a tumlv resort lo ihi L-l''' "V-ilm!ui inlton in s? id di trie, t'e-ivedicini- ' jceacl. Greeting. VITillAL TE3TI JtON Y-tlie 1 est that can le oler- W "P."' A1.' P' ah ! Samuel Hi nrd- r I in proof of rs cihcacy, may be found in every "V1"1 r 'f ''eelfe of slid de.ea-el, pro,.o-e to nuori.oo i wnere tne I MMr.Nt oenvt: has been , . ' " " "" uu i pre- cui.i ovel in ae 'or. tn with Mi la n lloivin'. d.r,... tuui-. It is prepared in wine, and ilioutih powerful, !. never! Iiele a safe lucd-cine f. r lamily use. 'S'Eai.h bottle ctntain- nboitS 1-2 ounce Price 75 el. A liberal di-eouni wi I I e made lo Pliy-iciau-who ii-e It m ihcir practice, and In per-on- who pur chase by iiuanlily. Sold in Ibirlmalou and vieinitv by PECK & tPEAll, ASents. ' Dee.2',lS12. 30 CLOCKS. EIGHT day anil 3G hour Clock-, flras or Wood for sale as low 113 (an be bought any where, for ca.-n, weouor prouuie. Pavgboru if' nniMsMAiD. Clocks not delivered until paid for. fee. 10, IB. jumj NOTICE. HEREBY RELINQUISH to my son, Habison . Prnnino. a minor, the remainder of his tinif, and will claim none ol hit earnings nor pay any of his debt9 this date. SALMON FLKKIdO. Jericho, Dec. 17, 1 342. 30vv3 TL'ST Iteceivclby Harnden's Expre-, a new lot tl of Superior CAr', uncnloreil Ilea-, Silk Warp, Alpaccn CIOlh", Coal Cord', if-e. which i nn I e found very low nt U. W. CAT LIN'S. Dec. 22, 1 3 H. 3U fable bv CaTLI.V. 1"?Olt snle Chenn for Ca-h. Dntsl X; Duller, Grey Cloth, Doinetie Flannels, &t De-. 22. II. W, NOTICE. THE Lessees nnd Debtors of the town of llurlinir inn will nlease take notice, that their rem and interest will become due and paynble on the first day of January nexls and that payment is ex peeled by A. FOOl'K, Town Treasurer. Uec. a, iok. "J Cash raid tor l'oik. rHF. Subsrribcrs will pay rash on delivery for WELL FATTENED POUK. FOI.LETT tt nitADLEY. Butlineton, Dee. 22, 1642. 30 BH.OWN SHEETINO. 6 llales Krownbheeling, just received and for sale low by ' i nvrr v srvuorm Dec. IB, 181?. Cash paid for Oats, ON del very at their Store, Old Duett. FOLLFfT & UIUDLEY. Eurlington, Dec. 23. IB-ti ill POilK, Sheep'iPBltf,Bd Wool wanted by Pfi. ?!, f?42. W H. W, OATLIN. NOTICE, WE would inform our customers that we are in great vvnnt of our pay for work for the two last years that vvomtist haicit by the 13th of Januarv nvxl.nnj thoie who c.xpeel to pay in wood or giain. must be punctual; for if not pai l nl the stipulated nine, their accounts nnd notes will bo found inn third man's hands for collection and no mistike. ,. A. tt H. n. DUNCAN, flurhngton, Dec. 22, 1S12. 30 3w A Classical Spcllni" Hook. CONTAINING rules nnd reasons for English Or thogrnphy nnd Pronunciation! derived from n complete nnaljsis of the language, by .lev. A. 11. Chatim, Dec, 51. A for sale at the Ilurlington Hon!; Store. su U. ., IIIIAUAN. TEMPERANCE ALMANACS, FOR'atehy D. A. HltAMAN. Dec. 22. 30 of HiiH'alo Kohcs. TT OflTHWE5.TI BN IIL'FFALO KOflES, XI pnnic quality, lor snle ny LOVF.f.Y ct SEYMOUR. Dec. 22, 1842. 30 ten' i ucir acto nt a-ainsi kni,t .s'.t.' , r evnint,, and allowance at n .e-sion ottlie Court ol Prulau, tn be bol.n at the Kegi-iers mficcii- Burlington, in .ui dittrieton ihe Wtdmslay if January ncM. T hercfere, You aro hereby no'ificd lo appear 1 efore n.,1 Co in dttlio t,ne an. 1 1 'aea.oic-ai l, and shew ca ue, if any yo i l.nvc, why the account nfoic-aid -h. old not lo ailowel. tiiven nn ler my ban I al Hurlingtoii this thirteenth day ol Dcieiuler A. D. IS12. W.M. WESTON. Register. PtflODA SW. IMS liTATE. S TATE OF VERMONT, J A T A Probate Court 1 D.stri 'l of Grnud Isle, s,. ) XX holden at my Dwrl- ni; h'Ti-e in Noiih Hern in sauldntrici on the 25lh dav ol Nuveinlt r A. D. 1?42. I P.-e-eni thu Hun. Joel Allen Jalge, an instrument purporting lo le the lai will and tc-taiPeni f lthola I Swaim late ol Sojth Hero in a.J district i'e.ea-etl, , I eing pre-ented to ihe Courl here I y David Cor! in the executor therein named tor Prol ate, it 1 - orJem) by said Court, ihat all person concerned therein Is) notiiicd lo appear lefuie said court at a seinn ihereof lo le hultlrii at the Dwelling houe t f Davit! Ct.rbin in Somh Heroin said disiriel tuitlie Pan rtlay next alter the third Ti,tdny m January A. D. IS 13, at one o'clock P.M. and shew i nine if any Ihey may have air.iin-t the Probate of said will, for vv hich it i ordered thai a copy of ilia record ofilncrderlc published ihrce eeks iuve. sively in ihe tlurhnclou Fife Vti: , printetl at Bur lington in the County of Chittenden as soonasmay I e. A true ropy of Itccord, Attest JOEL ALLEN, uoVir. F Ctirlylu's LltTos in llisiory Oil sale by Dec. ,. 11RAMA.V. 3d Curlylu's l'Veiich JJovolutioi). TN 2 Vol. for sale by D. A. IIRAMAN. Dee. '. 30 CARMINA SACRA, BY LOWELL MASON, for sale ai the Hook Ftoro of D. A. IIRAMAN. Dee. 22. SO A REPORT of theTrialof the causeof John Tay .V lor, vs. Edward C. Dehinn, prosecuted fornnsl ledged libel, and Mr. Dehvan'a correspondence with Ihe Executive Committee of the Albany City Tempo rancn society, be, for sale by D, A. URA51AN. Dec. 22. SO PORK BARRELS. trt PORK UARKELS formic low bv Water St., Dee. 20. D. DAVIS. FLOUR. rjUPntToR FAMILY FLOW, Est nt (Eagle O llrand,) (or sale by DAN'L DAVIS. Water st., Dec. 20, 1842. A I.PINRS. ALPACCAS, UlAl'K DE I. VINES, iX MUSLIN DE MNES plnin and fiirured. for ilia low br Dee. 15, let:. LOVELY 4 SEYMOUR- PA Y UP. EC. I.OOMIS, mustlepaiulyttiot-t. of January s 1913, un'e.s some previo i's nrrangemriil has I yen inadej on nil notes and Hook account' thai aro due, crleeomedue nttbat time. This is ll.e la-t ca'I. NOTICE. OWING to my heavy losses, I shnll be o! Ilg. d tn call on oft indthted to tne to mike payment, rn I to sell mv Store nnd Goods u avoid tlicir being sohi at .Sherifl'sale. I hope this notice will I o sufficient, as I should regret to sue many nl my customers Ihat have dealt with ine over twenty yryrs. I have a pond assortment ofGTods, and they will be sold. I shall make no accounts niter the 31st t'ay nf Decem ber, 1312, at my Ilurlington Store. .. . SIDNEY BARLOW. Uurbugton, Nov. 23', 18t2. 23-lf LO VEL Y ff SE YMOUR. H A VE very iciinily receive I a large adlition tn their -teek of GoikIs, which i. now one of the, iniMl xtensiveinlheSiaif, nnd which is n'lcred to Iheir former ruMornrrs nnd the p' lou rrtect. Il is hopel ihat tho.c who nreiii wont of Coals wt( improve the pre-eni gotv.1 sleighmg and foiniah ibeoi. a' Ivos with a supply from this establishment. Hurlingtoii, Dee. 15, 23 DRY GROCERIES. OLD HYSON, Yiuni Hyson, Hy,on Skin nn) Poiehong T ea, Ct.rtVe, Spices, Slewirt'.- eon' (o reined Sujar-HoLst! Syrup, Molartes, loaf tSusar. Brown Sugars do, fr.r rale verv low Iv L-V. IVs.IS,!?!?. is LOVl'JwY ei'SBYMOCiV.