Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 6, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 6, 1843 Page 3
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earn M2VU01Z:TIE&ZZttZZ3l2 HUllt'H GOING. I Would respectfully Mil llic alien ,'iicn, having sleigh, In the pioprk'iy or Ki wmling, on the Sabbath, tn'l the net 7,y endod. Ths service in alt ttioOliur 'about twelve o'clock, in ill ' i rmng, nnd t of them, about half p"' ''iron m il. af. Pno minutes will bring tho firtlroitof i sny of iho Cltiirclis", nml it would bin el'ef tn Pastor and I'ople, mil t? hpnr tho us of bells, from Hi" I" Mtvico begins, nil jndsd. 1 havo no doiiln uv ry one will wo tho jerlT of it. when once brought beforo them. ' ' THE VOICE OF MANV. January Id, 1S43. Wo fully concur in tlio propriety of tho above suggestions; nnd wc cannot doubt (hat tho owners of teams will pity the requis ite attention to the subject. Thore is another abuse, however, which calls still moro loudly for correction. Wo alludo to furious driving, nnd the practice of compelling every ono to loavo the trodden path for teams to pass. Thcro is no limo in this villago but what a team can safely, and without difficulty, turn out ; nnd wc hold it to bo the established law of the road, on the Sabbath at least, that pedestrians arc .... !.I-J . 1! f.l.l,i. jVlllllll'U IU UIIUISJUlUU JUS3i:33IUM Ul HIV UOi.l- n track. And yet, not n Sunday passes, but scores of people old and young, women ltd children aro compelled to flee tho road to escape the living chariot of somo thoughtless Jehu, intent only upon display ing the superior mettle or his master's team. 'This should not be so. It is inconvenient to to bo pour to dispense with tho luxury of a good team in winter ; hut it is ul war with all propriety that decrepitude and hum ble lifo should be compelled to forego the services of tho sanctuary, to csccqicthcir ntigkbor's blessings! To say nothing of what ordinary civility would dictate, or what il due to the occasion, common, justice re quires a radical reform in this respect ; and we mako an earnest appeal to the owner of very church-going team, to mako it a mat ter of special and imperative instruction to drivers, invariably to turn out for persons on foot, and never to drive faster than a slow irot, in (he village. But there is an ever lasting fitness in things, which can not be disregarded. To see a man hurrying to church at full gallop, under whip and spur, looks very much as though he thought moro of his punctuality in getting there, than of the solemnities of the occasion; while his ri ding over half tho congregation in his haste to get home, is quits as conclusive that he thinks less of the sermon than his pudding. So, view it i:l whatever light you will, thu common decencies of life should bo observ ed on tho Sabbath. COMMUXIC.VTIOX. H. liiron-.-Many falsa impressions Inyo enc ; abroad respecting the extent of mortality, by thocpt- dtmicwhich has prevailed nmougus during the last year. I have kept a recard of ths deaths m town during the year 1912, and taken considerable pains to secure correctness. I have also submitted the list to tha inipection of one of the principal Physicians in ihia place, and hive had tho benefit of his corrections. It la possible there may havo been one or two other. dalhi, among foreigners, not included m tl n list but I think the staien.sni oe.ow ...a,,uU,.Ja ( correct. By the Epidemiu l'rysipelas, II y Coniumpliou, .Cauaed, or hastened, by inlempernnco, Of, old age, or of persons fiom 70 lu DO, Instantaneous deilh, Found dead in the street, Suicide by poison (supposed) .Various oilier diseases. 9 5 10 1 1 I 21 The whole number of deaths in town during the year 19,2, is It is remarkable that most ol inc ueaius uy i.rv t In il... ii, net "tru HU n"ft uf ipeiw, e . - -.- - .i.., .u,.,..Ua . s. ...... - - rnVdiaeoVrseon Sabbath eveniuI stated .he nun. - berof dcatha at G9,-bui tho revision of the list, by Dr. Hatch, suggtMcd five othcr-principnlly for- isner, of which I had previously no Kno.euge.-, , f , j ;f , , d ItwillbaaecninthcBbovo slateinent lhat the deaths 1 . , , ,., , , n Burlington, including those by the Kpidcmic, are ( ajainst It they would, like those that prccc or about one nnd a half ;ur. cenl. In the nb?ence j ,cd them, bo dashed to pieces. Ho remark ofepulcmica, they arc supposed to bo only about one lJ(i ,)mt ,lcru wcro sevcrai candidates before r.r.t,m. in..i.pcaK.wci. .or iue iimi,, ul ours, se. j. i:. coNvr.R?" FROM WASHINGTON Dec. 27. Tlio question bufore'ho llousu was the motion of Mr. Cavu Jol"s0 ' com- nut tho bill to thu Commute' on tne jumei-; . . . . cfikn nnl nil nfti.c I ary m-iin instruct. u. .a iuui" - s. the enacting clauso and report " hill to-mor- iow repealing the Banlru)t law. ti Mr Saltonslall occupied tho hour iu presenting his views to the House. Ho was and always liud been in favor of a bankrupt - . . ii . .. ., . i la, and ho in . jnt u mo u.ity oi Congress to pass such a If as should establish a uni- form system oi ua.m.upicy. i ms was de - manaeo ,or me security oi tne creu.tor class tvnll as for thu rcliuf of llin iinfnriMLnto debtor. Tho evils of the diversity of ieeis lation of the different States upon the rights f...J.i 1 .t. C.. .!...! mands, were fell by tho whole community and with particular lorce by tlio commercial ,intercsts." In States where the law of us - tignmcnt existed, it gave rise to irauciuient e - n llin ltiiiirif ( I i in im-fimn ri-nif iiieiui wm" - o- . mlinrn in iv fit nttarltnipiit vine . ' . . t-l...J I! . .jj -4...H..D 1m nliln tn crirnrn Inc rlmtinml while the foreign creditor would receive noth- (.., ilm ilnlnnr's assnts. Thn rnn.ilrv If II Ull. . .... -inH fi innkr m mi v i lot ivn n m n n . n n.ntnl1. 1 1 1 m c.l C i I e . ilm CrOUIlUt iuiiu'i.11 uuinai I1IU and which would cumpell an c.pial stribution of tho assets of the deblorumong f his creditors. Tho reasons that induced iho Convention to givo to Congress the pow er to regulate commerce were equally appli cable to this grant of power, and the sauiu necessity fur both existed. Hu viewed this as one of thn most important and beneficent laws that Congress had ever passed; if it . 1 vas defective let its defects ho ronicdied, hut i .... ........ i.. .... :. i. ..I r r ., let ils principle he established. Ono of iho crying wants of the nation has been a uniform l...tV.i.l I:nv llin! chilli trivn cocnrilv t. t.,. ; i... f i. -f .1.- i i . . " realtor iieanm ixoiuious u. tnuuenior, anu '.election to iho debtor against tho opppies of tho creditor. IIu went into a histo- Vr.i i .1.:- -..i.!--. . . I , e?r " r ' ' aU proposition. A fo-.v yeara since the ner? sm. detail oftho great practical injustice, 1 picion of a coalition between the thin l-.-.icru-V vthu creditor and tho debtor, nroducfil 1J0 ""ft a venerable member of this i louse, and il "Wo vent aws of l ie d .Teiem Si.,., VL-n-d to il!i grtat attcii'li-n, Hj1!j nil his remarks gave groal evidence of his practical ncipinintnnco wiih this evils atten ding the rel.ition of thu debtor nnd creditor, when established by 12G slates, and ol'lho im mense benefit resulting to both by h iving this relation fixed by n uniform law. ".Mr. Uiwfuu, of Oj. made an eloquent nppual in behalf of tho tiiiforUiiiiito debtor. Ho would hold the person o( every man sa cred, and "palsy the arm of tho Shylock that would seize upon (he body of his victim lifter ho had surrendered tho whole of his property." lie was a good pally man, and differed with his democratic friends on this subject with regret. " Mr. dishing deprecated this sudden and unexplained change in legislation, which, he was confident, would not stand tho tost of tho public judgment. If tho people demanded thu repeal of this law, it was moic fitting that it should be done by their immediate repre sentatives, ut the next Congress than that they themselves should destroy the work of their own hands. Ho was in the first place in favor of retaining tho law nnd modifying it by striking out the voluntary provision, and extending tho involuntary, so us to include corporations, issuing notes for circulation. If this should fail he would then, for reasons which ho gave, mako its repeal prospective, lie could in no event go for tho proviso in tho bill, as introduced, to limit its operations to the otli inst. Such a provision would givo the bill a most unjust nnd oppressive retro active operation, thereby increasing the very evil which formed the obnoxious feature in the present bankrupt law. lie introduced a memorial from citizens of Philadelphia, against the repeal of tho law, and praying for its modification, which he sent to tho Chair, and which, at his request was read as a part of his remarks. " lie then proceeded to reply to the gen tleman from Tennessee, (Air. Arnold) who in his remarks, when this subject was last before the House, had mado some allusions to IVIr. Webster and to tho controling influ ence of the lovo of power, nnd tho lust for office upon him and those oilier Whigs who had sacrificed their piinciplcs to their desire of place. He regarded this as a charge ea sily made, und might at any time bo urged against the best men in the country, when they were called to administer the high offices of thu government. He held thai the desire to attain to tho hij;h honors of the country , ... IT ... ,1 I was nn linnni -sihlu ambition. Ho asserted , ,. . . thai Sir. ub,ir' pocsonnl condition would have been bettor il ho had accepted no ot- J ftice, even thu highest, that it now is. As to this fact there cci liiiulv can he no difference 0f opinion. " Hu tlien ruierred to tlio nrocecdings at the Extra session, when the majority of tlio Housu had tho temerity to modify a hank hill as it was furnished them bv the Executive. , . ,i c am. iu .us,. ..f;.,,... ,., ! - .uo. ... the Veto, lie asserted that tho Executive )(,we. , ,nvhlahlc roek , ollr fl,-imo 'of L'uvornment, and that tho whi'' miijonty, nolwilhsundiug his entreaties, had rushed upon it and was broken in fragments iUe J ,, , . i.l.icc. I m nowor nl Inn irnvprnmpnt wns ir. b 1 a rosistable, and any party that opposed it ' would moot with certain destruction. One of thu parties had already broken itself down i lw arroviii.. Itself against inn (innornl (3,iv. I .'. i .,,. ... ' unilllL'Il.. .iinJine. j.ill l V tv.o ijuuiii iu LUlliU !.,... finil tn. en... 1 ...I . .. 1 i.. i. ll.nt ,mu ,,s., .. o..., ......s.....u !"' ntliat naity was auoui to nun usell ajainst 1 the same immoveable rod: of the administra- i tion. Ho would call on the democrats to be- j wiU, i The power of was . , . , . , '. ' ., . . . , pro.iiiueni mai uieir strongest menus could venture to predict who would be the nominee - of the respective conventions; nnd ho would suggest to them that it might not be for their interest to carry on a very fierce war against t0 government. 11 'Pl. I i. , n ii.o.u whs ui.u i. . ut no was iiunu. in say, which perhaps hud better not bo said (cries of say it, say it from all parts of tho House). Ho would tell thu gentlemen, that in the coming struggle for tho Presidency, Iho power of tho government would be fell ; that not only the Government but its high functionaries and supporters would havo 1 something to say, and ho would ncam warn g,,ntcmcn that in detenu mini! the succession .i . . .. OV- ernment. Ills the only power that can act upon ovonts with controling force Thcie was great laughter during this speech mingled with other and stranpo e.v , prcssions oi leeling. Cries or-'Pntronage,' 1 "Executive Power," "tho Spoils," &c. were heard, and as Mr. dishing took his seat, several members rose to reply. Tho floor was given lo Mr. Thompson of Intl., who yielded to u motion to adjourn. The discus sion will ho continued to-moirow. In iho abovu sketch of the remaiks of Mr. Gushing I havo done him no injustice, and I wish, if on havo space, that you would pub lish his speech entire, when it is reported in the Intelligencer. Cor. Con. i$ Enq. Dec. 23. Mr. Thomnron, of Indiana, addressed tho House nniiily in reply to the remarks made, yes Mr. Cushion;. Ho animadverted with gieat severity on the shameless avowal mado .... .i ., - ..f ..... ....I,. uv tij'H euueiuai. una tlio power ui u.u s-m, and the influonco of the pal'rouago of the Oov. i.iniiii-111 ti,uil uu OAOrCI&eU m iwwm ricm., and influence thu election of the next President, and the open auction made on the floor of tho , ....m.-v,u. .in., j..,,..-, uiiu Jia. I.MIUS. . ...w I 'y that would bo iu the majority in the ne.t House, ol that power and patronage to tlio par ioi"resF. ii rc nainnii in .Otoe 1 i tuuru uuin t-'ongresF. Il remained tohoteen if there would be any bidders. Tor himself, he thought the irontleinan from Massachusetts over rated both ll.o nnivpr of ll.H i(lat." n fTelltleinaU dCS- ... .. .1 . . ...l.iiM .nnihinml i ii.i.iei. me veto power ctou " j with the pationage of tho Covcrimienl, and the i iiirealenctl inlluenceof nicmuerioiiiijauuiiiiio- tration. Ho was astonished al Iho holdneta oi mm " "V" AmfeSM coaht.on.wasIufiic.Cl.tto . , rinnr( m-U a defeat the ru.eleclien of that gentleman not v.itlntanditijf lie was in possession of all those oworo which tlio gentleman deems so potent, hat loop)n.o I hem is destructive. Ho ir.rJ a portion nf a speech mncV in the Massachusetts l.igislaliue in 1611 1 by Mr. Gush ing, in which the exercise of the veto power by (Jon. Jackson was f-trun;;ly condemned, and thu inliucnco of the Government pronounced dan genius to Iho liberties of the people. In illustration f tho very gicat potency, in tho tho mind of Mr. Gushing, of tho President and his friend?, ho related an anecdote of a consta bloin M.issacliUEetts, who, when about to serve a legal process upon some delinquent, was seiz ed by him and severely shaken. As aonn an tho otlicer of tho law hail freed himself from tho rude grasp of tho prisoner, ho dioiv himself up with olilcial importance and demanded " how he dared to shako tho Commonwealth 1 " There was sufficient identity in tho present position of Mr. Gushing and that of tho constable to justify tho inference that ho is the eamo man. Ho con tinued his remarks, till tho expiration of tho hour, in a tone of just indignation and severe re buke upon the monstrous avowals of the gentle man of Massachusetts. Mr. Hvcrolt rose to inovo the previous ques tion, ho was unwilling that this measure should bo mado to bear all the political speeches, which gentlemen might see lit to indulge in, to the de triment of tho business of tho country. Mr. Gushing disclaimed having originated that discussion, and charged it upon Mr. Arnold of Tennessee. Mr. llverett replied that Mr. Gushing's re marks were no reply to Mr. Arnold, none vvhat sooicr, that his remarks were not incidental, that he had prepared himself and undo a set political speech. Tlio pvovious question was not seconded. Mr. Kennedy, from Indiana, next addressed the House. Mr. Kennedy belongs to tho Dem ocratic party, and Ins principal object was to sat isfy the " cab," as ho called the administration party, that liiero was no probability of there boinj any bids made for the Government, which tho gentleman from Massachusetts had, by au thority, put up at auction. The Democratic party would approve of the acts of tho adininis tration when they coincided with its principles, but it could not take John Tyler so long as he was associated with Daniel Webster and John G. Spencer. He would go for tho nominee of the Convention, whomsoever he might be, and if John Tyler can answer all tho questions of tho demociatie catechism correctly, and if he can get the nomination of the convention, he and his democratic friends will support him, but not without. He considered the veto power as tho palladium of our liberties, and ho believed its exercite was popular with the people. They like a man who will " take tho responsibility," and ho would advise the majority in tho next Congress neit to butt their heads pgainst a veto! On motion of Mr. Wise, the House adjourned without taking any question on the bill. Suu-.AIaiuni: Tuli-.scoi-i:. This is a con trivance for lightiug up the dominions of the deep, invented by a lady Mrs Mather, of lirooklyn, obtained a patent lor her inven tion last Jills. It consists simply of a 3799, lUililllUII Itllllll, UllllOSI.'U J ! ii v,us , . , . 1 ' fciuss globe iiuout eigntecn inches in limine , , t,u5 proU.clutj yom ,,B 11U. suliiitcruutJ. tippliuil with air by means of tubes which rise above, tho top of tho water. There is also u largo tuba between these two, ! for ll,CJ U!,C'II"J u.riilu smoke and gas from the j 'us istn,lcnt wo saw in operation last , evenine, at the American Museum, in a ves- , sel of water about four and a half feet deep, I A ! ' the bottom could bo as distinolly , seen as thou"h theio had been no water in le ni,ss(j1i illvomol. obj(,cs . i, i,,,,.,, ,,. ,i,t,i,.,i., c i,., .;,,, ,Wt, .1M) ; om. wrljorj UvIJnty.lwo feel i beluw the surface, at a distance ol from fif- , to twenty feet from the light. When iim lamu is smiK lower than ll.ts a telescope i is needed. Obiects may thus bu discovered I . I at almost any depth. iippilrals it js thnuht will ho vcrv , useful in the discovery ol sunken wrecks, in j Iho construction ol lortilicaiions, nnd works extendiiii' to tho wator. No vessel ! is predicted, will, ere lonu, uo to sea without 1 . . , .- r ,. ,, , 1 . . J .. . (iiC bottom and ki'ul ol a siiip may be exam ined when under lull sail. This instrument , has been seen and approved by several en i gmeersand naval geiiliemeii. It is othilutei ! "!'.'" lll(J 1 . Commercial Ad LI a. v a o d . On Jlond y evening the 2uth ult. by the llcv. J. K C'oinctse, Mr. IticiiAim I'eiicvIo MissM.miv An: Ti.Ani.t:, both of Ibis town. Also, on I'lid.y evening, by llie same, Mr. Lewis llni'sm.. to li. Ilosv Piriirr. A NK'.V M1LCII COW, fuo years old, mi sale by -CA. HAJIUI L, II. IIAKS. Charlotte, Jan .", 1SI3., 2 3vv " music IJobidf. "lAltMI.V.V Sacra, and lloston Acadcmv, just rc I w rrierilliv . w ccivruuv u. UUUUlilUIl Jan.u'th, 1S13. Fire Notice. r!',IIK inctnbcrs of the IIchU.ngton I'iri: Companv -1 nio hertby uuiificd, llial the nnuual meeting of saiu company win uc iiuukii.'ii join, uonaru s no Ici.oniiia louriti tdncilav, tne .iin .lav ul ..anna rv.t. 1). IRI3. al7 o'clock in iho ufitrnoou, forllu choice of 10 Vardcns, u Clerk nnd Treasurer ; nnd for tho transaction o( ull othci business rt quired by lliu Uliarlcrand by-laws o! s.uu uoiupany. 5VA vunrlual nttendancc of all llic members Isde sired, as busiuiss of importance is expected 10 be laicUjcforellioinecliuo,: among other thugs the Com I ri ..n... n II.Mil. I'nnin.i v.illi KiiPlmti linen nm I pany need n llrcnl; Knaiue, will. Suction Hose, nnd , uuu ur mum i.liiiiiii iiiviii., u hi, ii'vuitii ui ouiiic centra nomts. the exnensca of ulncli in list be def.av. cd, either by voluntary subscriptions, or by nsscss nienl upon the inembeis. The prompt payment of entrance ices mm asesincnts aro all ery neceatary, but tho cheerful pciformanco of nil the personal dunes rcipiired ol iho members is ol'lho utmost importance reijderbul a Mckinmumo' T,lL" C'nn"y llic Ilouse-holdcrsof ibis tillage who arc, ns yet noi members arc respectfully requester! toaitcnii to' join tins Company and contribute their proportion of pecuniary means nnd personal exertions, in sustain. tne uomnany, in their wor t of nniif.1-1,.,1, Dy order. I.VMAN CUJIJIINGS 2 13H. flurlington, Jan. Clerk. hum W. IIIOKOK, ATTOJIN2V AT LAW. OrncK west sido of iho Court House Squaro, l'eo. Vi,m. 23-lf Hurling, Vt. LAW HOOKS. Ciou.MoN law m.-poins, ' Condemtsl Enjrli-I, Cliati''ery Hcporls " United Slaten 33 vols. 13 " e " 25 " tl " Wemlcll1 Itt'ports C'uvcn's do Hill's do Paiffe'-. Chancery Report New York do 8 calf 2 liep I uurtM, , L . AJ'C& d3 v, no . new linon. Cowcu p I liillmns' CO .1 vets I... v nl diu Uniml .State, by Siory. i'ui.i' r',.iuiniii,i.-ir;,..- ' " 1 v(.. 4 ' 3 " roinlmso'i!, Diciionarv OlarkeV am! Praciicc. Jil l ed by Dee. 23. 30 C UOOOHICH NOTICE. A 'V '"I" cult.incr nnd nil who my S f t .-.. .-ed to patroui-o him, ihai be hn. re Iron, his stand on Church .irrrel lo Water licit v l..-.. be may be found iu .,i with Mr. Uv.m l'l, at his oldund v . '1 l.m,yn iUnd. ue.e. v am 11 ion 10, mvl puiuiu ility ,,, t,mfn, ,r pt's Ihey 11 v recene their shaui of nalronniti-1 ml adi's.'il, , all d, lu.uds Iue m u st lo v., ' ' i.nicdii. . !y meet deman Is against Inni A iniuicil Bnrliigtrii.Iie,- 12, IX 12. 23n-3 Ittto History of Vcr- mon- for'hv J aIUmU, HARDWARE. fllHE subscrilcr having icoontly replenish! his - nook or Hardware, tutors lor saw Ukt loiiovvmg Goods, at tlic'fov.-c.-i prices. Cutlery. Tableau I Duct rCntvui nnd Forks, IVn nnd l'ocli ol Cnivc, Il.izor-, Seisor, Sheep Shear.", Batcher Ivliive-i, Blioo do., Steel", &o. i;c. Carpenters.' nml .Jolliers' Tools, Cast nnd Spring .S'.oul Pjnnel, Hand and Ripping Saw Oire liar do. from 8 to 21 inulics i Cru-s-i-ut nnd Mill do J Slater's Unices nml Bills ; Firtuir nml morllco Chi-cli. Uouges, Piano Iron-, Aimers, Sim mon ' Hand Axe", Adze-, lluiiiinersipr.; l'nlis' and Baldwin' Planes i Taper, I'llnw, Mill-taw, Ba lard, Equalising, Warding and Cabinet Files; Shop, Wood nnd Hor-e Hasp; J a general nsvori'ncut of Saddltnj tltxrdxtart. I''ai-mliig T,Jtcnill. Cradle", Scythe, Manure nml liny Fork ', Hoe j Ames' Shovel ; Spado, Ditching SI. ovel, Ac. tor l'ttrtithfng and liulldcrs' Hardware. Trays, Urilnunia Tea nnd Colleo Pots ; Lamp"! Spittoon" Hand and Ten Hells ('Castors ; Hritnniun; Herman silversnd plated Ti n nnd Table Spoons j Metal an I enameled Sou Pans) Frying Pans, Bake Pans PoU nnd ICctllo", tlrns K'Mlles Flic Iron-, &e. Looks i flult Hinges J.ime-' .Screws! Norfolk and Knoli Latches j Tilake'.s l.-citheon do.j Window fas tening J Sash I'ullie j Had .Screws ; Hod Screw J Mnhogony und Glass Furniture Knob; Cilue, ifco. ive. ' w.m. j. uuft i . June St. Strongs' lliiildmg. NOTICE. GHATF.FPL. fur favor already received Irom nn inlellc'cnt tiiihlie. the undersigned would Milieil the continuance nf the fame from their old uii"tom- er, who have furnished in W ool to manufacture, to their own ndvantage (a theycau tu-lify), nnd would ul-o be lianiu' that other who have' wool should con e nnd do likewise; We nsiiru them we can inn. nunc lure II into llroadelnllis that will coinnare with any in tlio Stale, either for homo u-e, or In style for nny'inartet. Weure nlalltiuiestolofuur.dat the llurlinzton Mill. N. II. We will exchange cloth for good hard body wood, on reasonable term. ICUI'.lAjr su. & KATllUUr. Winoo3lil Kails, Dee. 29, 1812. 31 tf ten uinrvn ONE ihou-nnd rvau.s, assorleil sizes, for n!o bv Deo. 23. 31 C. GOODRICH. " STOCK OF IIAItmVAKE FOIt SALE. rpilKSUIISCHIUnii, having determined to leave X llurlinuiou in llic snrmi. Oder for i-nle. fnr cash, hi eiftirc stool; of UAllDWAUK, nllheinvone cost in New York, nddinirlheieuuto two her cent. fur expense of transportation. As Ins stock is entirely new. nnu iccu seucica. nor nrooi oi u-nu-ii he inn refer to any Hardware merchant) and wa purchased previous to mo passage ol the new I anil Hill, he thinks it wou'd bo impossible lor any person who wihed to cngnge in tho l.u-inca", to do sounder more favorable circumstance. WJI. J, I1U.NT. Slrong's lluiiiling, Dec. 30, IS 12. 31 AMJAXV AMU HOSTON HAIL JtOAD. J'arc through to lioston 80. Mnrmn.' train llirouih to Hoston leaves (ireeubiisli al 1 before 7 u' clock, daily, Sunday's cxecptcd-arrivcs at Doslon bt. lirtaulasl al imntnam, Tin; afternoon Irani lo .Siirinnficld onlv. leaves Urccnbush al i lielore 1 o ciook. l'a-seui-'er.- can leave f-pringiiem ut t A. .u ami itrrne in llosto.i al Uj a.-". .... l'nsen!rersinii!tkao.Mi.any nioj or rt o'o.ock, and uoi later to insure a passnije. IV. Nr.w-Yo.iK via lUriTfonu and .r.w-HAE!. I'asseugc leaving Greenbush 1 Lcfore 7 A. M. ta!.e stage a. SprmglieUI at 12J 31. rcael. llartlord at -1 I. M. and .New. 11a venal 7 I. .. lougo leave .New Haven by steamloat at 81 A. M.,and nrmoin Ni--York at 2 V. M. i'aS'Cinrerp ...v uUo leave Ureeni-ush at i Lelore 1 J!., n... I, t-;. ,n..ii;.i.i .:; ,i. ,,,. i. ., u, ci , H.irlford liK'gi kvo Harilord at li next morning in cars lur .ew uatin, nn l IhenceliV MeauiLoal. ar- in my iu new or., n 2 I'. Al. Kiie ihrough to riw Vor!; SO. l'Vll New YciUC, b- thu ilcusaton.'e nail.rnml Kare SO. i tram of cars will leave CireiMil.nsli ilnlln. s..n. day- excepted) at SIP. M., reach Rndgrport nl 2J A. .11., take boat at reaeli York al 11 J a.m. ras.-eusers uiu-i t.cai omti. ferry m AlLnnvat 5 P. M. ' I-'ieighltranporteJdilyby lhi line let ween Alba ny and ew torn ut ties Irom SUtoKIU per ion. ri.,..- ... ,.f Kim l..ln ... i I 1 r. i iuui iii mi. ui own ijilis uiauu, uurrvi,ui.u lur inv less iuamity ouc. pr Lnrrci. Passenger.-must iiroi re ticket before taking Carn. Tickets c an bcoLtaikl iu Alhanv at G. K. Pavne's ollice, 2J llroadway, oat Ticket Oilko in IJeput "I Greeubusli. KliF.IGIIT iKfAimi I-NT. A Pro's hi Train willcnc Gicenbusl. daily (Sun day's excepted) for Holm al 5 A. M, '.very information fU be gncu at tin: office in the Penot at Uieculus. Deceml er II.. I ti 12. W.I I. tow: I.SD. .dasier cfl in.sportaticn. RISPRIiSWIENT 1 DOM, BY S.i. MEM A . 3 doors East ojthe Free P :ss Office. Where he will le lupy to wait upo.. all who may wi-h lor Oisteus, Hr Corrti:, etc. etc. served up iu goo I style. l'ec. 2U, IS 12. RENTS! IVNTS.'JAN'Y 18 IU. rilllll lirst payuil lor ltenl of Slips in tho Sew 1 Uriel; Cburehtill I e due cm I he first day of January. Puiu luiiaynie..t . nee-ary in onwi fur iho Treasurer to n l expeiie nfihe society alrendy incurreil, and oits coiistuutly accruing. Items liLreatter wnl ler'.irred Sem.-auiiually, v'z: First of Jiny and Jani.s. WM. IIUItLIILT, Treasurer. Iliirlington, De2S, 1812. wTlEAT. AI'F.W buslnuood I riglil Sl'IUNf! WIIKAT, nnd also, a f. bushels best l'IXK-KYK POTA TOES aro w ami n exchange for Goods. Apply at iho corner of Chili and College street, to Dec. SO. ' 31 JOSEPH WAIT. UNITED .S'lTKS HISTIUCT COURT, Veaont Iistriit. IN fAKRUPTCY. Xotlcc to iff cause asalnst I'etlou of ASA SNOW, orncho, for hi Dixhurse nnl Cer tificjte, a 11 li!;rupt,Hithi'CoiirtHo i.c, m Wind sor, in said Oi.t, on Wednesday, Ihe 21lh day of May, A.lUJat 10A..M. ' JOSKPII lX)0 of B.irlinstou, fur hi- Discharge and Certlluaas a Haul.rupl, at the Court lloiise, in Wind-or,', the 21th day of .May. A.l). 1S13.1UA. M. " ALi'AH JOI1JON, of Hurlinsjon, for his llis.diarpe and tlcrliiit'i as a, al Ihs House, iu Windsur'i aid dislniLou Vt edncsJay, the 2 lib day ptnv, A. D. 18 13, at 10 A. M. JOHN .MI'IYEIA ofllu.lin-ion.lor his Discharge and Cer.illf, as a, al llie Courl House, in Winds' 111 said Dislrict, on Wednoduy, the 2llh day,May, A. D. 1SI3, at 10 A. M. JOHN OAK of North Hero, for his Discharge nnd Ccniticarua Uanltrupl, at tho Court House, 111 Windsor, said District, on Wednesday, tho 24th day of M, A. D. 1B43, ut 10 A M. GUV hPSJKH, of Unrlington, for hi Dischnrn-e and Cer.ctle, as a llankrupt, at the Court House in Windr, in said District, on Wedmsday, the 2111. da'.l May. A. D. 1813, at 10 A. M. GKOKGByitRiliT, of Colchc.-ter, for Ins Dis-harge and CeuVate, as a Haul. nipt, al the (.'curt House, in Wirur, in mid Di-trici, en Wedncday, the 2 III. J) ol May, A. D. 1813, at 10 A. M. V DAVID TI.'CKKH, cf Jluminston, for hhUi. eharind Ccrtilicnte, ns a DanUrupl, al the Court Hun H Windsor, in said di.irict, 011 Wedmiday, the2 djy of .May , A. D. 1813, nl 10A. .M LEVI (OWN, of U.irluijiun, for his Di.chare and Cerlilui', a a Hankriip', ailhe Co.irl Hou-e, 111 Wind r, 111 said District, on Welnmlay, the V III. dayoday, A. D. 1813, al 10 A. M. TV. d A ITT ntT. II ESKCTFULI.V inform iho inlmbiunts ol Itur V lirton and vicinity, that they hayuopenod a x;:jiGiioct:it f- I'HOVJSIOS STOIU. .11 Coflie it., next door east of H. 1 honia's Miction Kiioiiilvlierethey mtindto keen constantly i).nnd, a 1 kind of Family uruccrics and other arucles of lie- csuy-viz : leas and Coffee, I'ep)'r, Nrici,Castia, ('infer, Jfulmegt, Chits i Hie-, Cocoa, (IrutuJ Mustard, Cod Fish, f l'epjiar Sauce, Candles, ll'ir'Saap, lU'k ifr Scotch Snuff, Day if- Martin's hiqud Mucking, V. niaek Hall, Ink, Lemons Tamarinds, Dates, Jlerrinas, Indigo llrairn i- Loaf Sugar, .1lWM, Keg Raisins, l wucco, Lamp Oil, ic. tc. rhev Vivo al-o, a small osscrtmcnt AM) fiLAsis WAKE, which ihey will sell nl it una . - pnnit. Al.o, llo-lon holt anil uoi i muiit wmrw and Pilot Hread, a pure article. Tlioatnve nrtic,"6 Iliev will mil ireielv aBkiug u small advance from . r. r V a" ns'm.rnl of ConteMnvy andNui.. Please (!itu u H call. Ib.rliugtoii, Dee.23, 1S43. 30 f n'!fr'i; frrnCa " 'sAlffi'l.Yv1 .t '' ... Hantielsl-y Table AT Ut.'ItLI.NOTON, Vl., sIiko the stcjilung hn teen o good, thu O00I1 IihvjsIiI o.t Iron, the Peoplu'j Cheap CuhS;oi eat a wonderful raptd rate nn I tho Aijeiit is -o busily engage I lit nelUicf cheap that ho has not iniiofcll dear. Tliosloik Is on', of Ihe in -l Rei.eral turl extenlve ufany llnl he ha? had lnriii!rlholat2Qvvur, nnd was probiibly never c cellel al hiiMuruin any former, llierefuiu per sons from a distance m.iy roinu with n conlidciRe of bein supplied with Dry Ooods of nearly every do, criiliou lliat may bu witheil and ot tin: lowe-l prices or ca-h. nt HOWAHDVS. Dee. 21. IS 12. 30 CL O CKS ! t CL O CKS ! ! ! A FEW doul le nnd single O. (I. Rood Clocks, which will 1 0 exchanged for Oia.n or Wood on the mosl roA-onnlile lermi by D. DAVIS. Water st., Dee. 20, 1312. Cl'FI'' PINS', S'lUUS, HECKLES, r. GOLD nnd (idt Culi; Ilnir und Kearl Pius, Stud., I'ucklci, hen 1 and i.e' k ornameivs, Topaz Amc lhs nnd oilier Uroache, some goods 111 the Jewelry line very pretty and durable pattern, ofsiieh quality and workmanship us the mu-t particular need nut be ashamed to wear or give ns pie.-ciit. Dec. 20, 1812. 1'ANOiionN it llnlNSMAin. Tho United fcjlittos I'salmody. IT KING n collection of Psalms and Hymn tunes, J selected from tho best European masters to which is added a largo number of original com positions front tho pens of moro than iliirly dif ferent authors, who havo written rxprcsily for the work, nndespechlly adopted lor tho services of the Sanctuary. For salo at ihu Hook Store of Dec. 22. 39 1J. A. Ml MAX. CLOCKS. EIGHT day nnl 30 hour Clock-, !irat or Wood lor sale its low us can be bought any where, for cash, wood or produce. I'sS'onor.s lp IlnlN'SMAID. Clocks not delivered until paid for. Dec. If!, 1312. 30u3 NOTICE. T IIEIiEIJV RELINQUISH to my son, IIariscs JL I'F.nmuo, n minor, the remainder of his time, and will claim none ol his caruinii nor pay ntiv of his debts nftcr this dale. SALMON Pl.liHIOO. Jericho, Dec. 17, IS 12. 30iv3 JUST HeccivoJ by Hun. den's Express a now lot of Svperior Ottcii Caw, uncolored lltas, Silk Warp, Alpacca Cloths, Coal Cord-, if-c. which can le found very low at II. W. CATLI.V.1. Dee. 22, 1812. 30 NOTICE. THE Lcseesnnd Debtors of the town of Hurlinc ton, will please take notice, that their rent arid interest will become due and payablo on the first day of January next: nnd lint punctual pavincnl is ex pected by A. FOOTE, Town Treasurer. Dec. 23, 1312. SO Cash paid tor Poll;. THE Subscribers will pay cash on delivery fur WELL FATTENED PORK. FOI.I.ETT &. DHADLEV. Uurhngton, Dec. 22, 1812. 30 BROWN SHEETING. fi Ihks Brown Sheeting, just received and fur sale low by LOVELY st SEYMOUR. Den. 15, 1812. Cash .mid for O.'iti'. o N delivery at their Slorc, Old Doc',.-. I-OLI.ETT it HtADt.KV. ttrlington, Doc.22. 1812. 30 130IIK, Sheep's Pelts, nnd Wool wanted bv Dec. 22, 1812. 30 H. W. CAT LIN. ANNUALS FOR 1343. CONSISTING of the Gift, Christian Souvlnlr, li'rlcndslilp's (lITcrius, Affections Gift, 'flic Hose. Fcr sale at ihe liook Sioroof Dec. 1. IS 12. D, .4. mtAMAN. NOTICE, WE would inform our customers that wo arc in great warn of our pay far work for the two last years that wc must have it by the 15th of January next, and those who expeel lo pav in wood or grain, must ha punctual for if not pifd at the stipulated time, their accounts nnd notes will be found iu a third man's hands for collection and no misla'te. A. &. R. d. DUNCAN. Burlington, Dec. 22, 18 12. 30 3w A Classical Spelling Hook, CONTAINING rules nnd reasons lor English Or thography and Pronunciation i dented from a complete nnnlysis of llie language, by Rev. A. Ii. Ciiahs, M. A., for sale al the Burlington Hook Store. Dec. 22 30 D. A. BRA.MAN. TEMPERANCE r?OR sale by L1 Dec. 22. ALMANACS, D. A. UKAMAN. 30 Biifl'alo li olios. "jyOHTHWENTIRN BUFFALO ROBF.S, of 1 prune quality, for sab: by LOVELY &. SEYMOUR. Dec. 22, IS 12. 30 Uarlylo's lleros in History. Ijiuit saie oy Dec. 22. D. A. liUAM.liV. Carlvlii's French Kevnlntimi. JN 2 Vol. for salo by D. A. IIRAMAX Dec. 22. 30 C ARM IN A SACRA. BY LOWELL MASON, for sale ni the Book Store of D. A. BIIAMAN. eeK. S() A LPINES, AI.PACCAS, ( RAPE DE LAINES A1US1.1.N UK LA.M-.S plain and fiimrid, for sale low by LOVELY & SEYMOUR. Dec. 15, 1SI2. PA V UP. EC. I.OOMIS, mu-t I u paid by ihe 1-1. of January 1313, unless -nine pioviou's arrangement has 1 ecu nude 011 all notes and Bool, aci-oiiiiis that are i nee, tr Lecon.etiue al that lime. 1 In is i-.ela-t end, OWINri to mv bravv losses I si, -ill l,n nl IU. .1 1.. yJ call on all indebted to me 10 make paymem, nnd , to sti i.iv.-iore nnu uooi s 10 avoid 1 heir iicini. s,i , 1 at Shcrill'sale. 1 hope this notice will lu sullicient, lis , mum iu reKrei .0 sue man)- 01 niy customers llml , nine wiut me uvcr iwruiy veiirs. . nav 1 ! rs good assortment of (ioods, and lliey will ho .old. I shall make no accounts alter the 31sl 1'ny of Decem ber, 1S42, nt my Buihugton Store. SIDNEY BARLOW. Burliugton, Nov. 231, 1312. C5-lf A REPORT of iheTrialof tho causoof John Tay lor, vs. Edward C. Dilivnn, prosecuted forana'l-ledg-d libel, nnd .Mr. Dchviin's correspondence vvilh Iho Executive Cumnutlco of the Albany City Tempe rance society, &c, for sale by D. A. BRA.MAN. Dec. 2.'. 30 PORK BARRELS. POItlv It-A Is It I-1 S for sale low by Water st Dee. 20. D. DAVK 50 FLOUR. Ol'PElilOR FAMILY I'LOl'H, f.xini (Eagle O Bran I.) lor -ale by DAN'L DAVIS. Water si., Dec. 20, 1813. TVTEUINOES. French and English Mcrinoos, 1X large assorlnient, for salo low by LOVELY & SEYMOUR. Dsc. 15, 1SI2, I. O VEL Y V SE YMO UR. HAVE very recently received a large nldition lo 1 heir Hock offiotu's, which is now one if the mo-i Extensive in the State, nnd which is oTcn-il to iheir former customers and the public, nl low prices. Il is Impel that tho.c who nre.n want of Goods will improve ihe pre i-nt good sleigbingand fiirni-h ihsm nlves vvilh 11 supply Irom tins establ.-bment. Iliirlinglnn, Dec. 13, 1S12. 20 .flADA.1l HOI VIS'S N TI-SP SM ODICMMNGOGU, i' .ifrmnlc 7Jtrnulatov. For Irregular and Painful M"nstruation, and far the Suppression or Retention if the Menses WHENEVER uny of Ihe organs nf ihe human frame tease or rilu.-e 10 perform iheir i-lhce, the treds ofdiic.-isc are sown, 1 f which llie harvi-'l f death, unless, lyumrdy atieutiou ihu obstruc tions are removed and nature is there! y ii-iord to her wonted u-'ttnn, Throi.i;!. cii.ele ue-s and ne glect iliounn ls uf females in 1 Ins northern i-l-mnte have gonedown 10 an early grave of CorniimpHim, a disease that Willi lemales is mvar.'al ly pr' muted by, and in mos i-.t-cs has its origin m a de-rangenii-nt of lhon e rgans upon whieh the EMMr.v.viioain is e piviaily desigiml to act, 1.10.-1, if not all of whom might have Leen savel by u timilv resort to this nte licini-. VFItBAI. TESTLMONY-ihel est ihalcan l e rider ed in proof cf rt t'llli-aer, may bo found in every neighborhiioil ihere llie I'jiMtNLC.or.un has been employe I in nemr-l nr-e vvilh M i iaut Binvm'- il.rei lions. It is pn parisl in wine, and povvirfiil, isWverlhclessa safeiiiedii-me fi r family use. E'lilt buttle .ruiilains ulmnl 2 1-2 ounce Price 73 il". A Id i-n.ldi-coiint wi 1 1 e made In Phv-ieinns who .po it 111 1 heir pr.n-tii e, nn 1 10 pcrnuis who pur chase bv uuanlily. Sold 111 B irbiiL-p n an I v -unty ly PECIC st SPEAIt, ,1- '.. Dc-. 22, 1812. 30 B ROADCITIIS, CASSi'mEHES, nnd S V T .M-.1TB, for lale low. hv LOVJiL. & liEVMOLR. Yn: tiro subrcribers, having been appointed by j iV the llonoiul.lo tito Probate Court for the district or Unttctidcn, coinmiss.-oners lo recent, ex- nmtneaiid admst the claims and demands of nil per- ''i, i. r cvupinmv u.iU'.i sonaarainst the eitnlo of Si:Cfir2VAnY II AH' SOX, lalonf Jericho, in said District, decenscd,reprc Belli. d msolvenl, und nlso nil claims and demsmds cxhilulcd in tll'sel llicr.lo; and six inonths fiom the day of iln dato hereof, being allowed by said Courl for thai purnoe, wo do therefore hereby givo notice, that wo will attend to the business of our appoint ment, at llic dwclhnp of widow Lucy Unwaon, in Jciicho, itt mid District, on thofecond Saturdays of January, I'cbinary and May next, at 10 o'clock, a.m., on rnch of slid days. iMicn, tins Hiti nay oi oiemuer, A. D. itHZ. SO TRUMAN GA'LUSIIA, ) AARON lU'IlNETT, tommiMtontrs. Hhvnnl li'arrlngloti'M Estate. WE THE SUIlsCRIBER.-J, hating been np tiointed bv the Hunorablo llin Probate Court fur tho District of Chillcnden, commissioners to re ceive examine nnd ndjusl Ihe claims nnd demands of nil pet sons, against tho estate of EDWAi'J FAR- HINu ION, latu of Burlington, in stun District, de ceased, represented insolvent, nn J also all claims nnd demands exhibited In nllsct ihtoto; noil six months from the Uiy of tho date licroofhsing allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do thcrcfoic lierehy give notice, that wu attend to tho busintSH nf our ap pointment, n I the store of J. W. Winter in Colches ter, in said District, on tho tenth davs of January nnd June next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on'cnch of said dnys. Dated, this 9lh day of December, A. D. 1912. J. W. WEAVER, ) Commission. G. V. IIOllTON, i ers. William KllbiiinS Hslatc. STATE OF VERMONT. 1 HMIE Probate Court District of Chittenden, 8s. j JL for tlio District of m ll Cliiltcn-'en. To nil persons concernrd iu the cstalo of WILLIAM KILBI UN, late of llurlington, m said district, deceased, testate, Wiieiieac, Anna Kilcit.s',i1io F.vccutrix of the last will and testament of the said deceased, has madcap phcniioti to said Court to extend the tune limited lor si-tiling said eslato nnd paying the debts and legacies of i he slid deceased, one ycir from the twelfth day of January, 1311; nnd also proposes lo render an nc count of licr administration and picsrnt her account naninstsnid citato for examination and allowance; 1l'!ierciitm. Ihe said court afjrcsiid doth appoint the second Wednesday of January, 1313, for hearing and deciding m llic premises, at the office of the Register of said court in said Burlington, and doth order that all persons concerned bo notified (hereof by publica tion of lliis order three weeks successively in the Bur lington Free Press, a newspaper printed in said Uur hngton, tlio last of which publications lo bo previous to tho said second Wednesday of January, 1S13. Given under my hand nt said Burlington this 21st day of December, A. D. 1812. 30 3w W.M. WESTON, Register. Tltnmes Hockley's Kstntc. STATE OF VERMONT, ATn Probate Court District of Chittenden, s.s. 1 XV. hold nt Burlington within and for said district of Chittenden, on the fif teenth day of December, A. D. 1812, comos Charles F. Wniner of said Huiiington, administrator of the es lato ofTIIOMAS HOLKLCY, late of said Burling ton, deceased, intcsntc, nnd files iu said court his po lilion in writing, setting forth that the said Hockley, in his lifetime, and at his decease, was in fie of two certain parcels of land in sud Burlington, known as quarter ncro lots numbers one hundred ninety-sit nnd one hundred ninety-seven, which said lots were hold by si:d Hockley iu trust for Jcstcs Bi-bdick, nf ICalaun.zoo, in the Slate of Michigan, nnd that the estate of the said Hockley hath been settled and nil claims proved, or known to exist against the same, have bc-n fully paid; and prnjing said court to li cense tho said n'dministrator lo rehnse tha sud lands lo said llurdii-k, agreeably to the statute in such cate made and provided! I E'li-rcupon, the court aforesaid doth appoint tho second Wednesday of Jnnunry, A. D. 1SI3, for hearing and dfcahng oh said petition, al tlio office oftho Register of said court in said Hurling Ion, and doth ordrr that all persons concerned lw ug lified thirsof, by publication of this order, containing the substance of said petition, three weeks successive ly in thn Darlington ; Vrt, n newspaper print ed in said Burlington, tho last of which publication to bo previous to said second Wednesday of January, A. I). IS 13. Given under my hand at said Burlinjlon this 15th day of December, A. I) 12. SO 3 v WJI. WESTON, Register. Stephen Uoxsic's Estate. STATE OF ERMO.NT, rplIEPi-ol an- Conrt for District of Cli.tieii'lcn, ss. j X Ihu di-tn-t of Chit tender.. To al! .er-ons conierne.l in llie e-late of STni'linX IIOXSW, late ofJIdion in said di-ln'i-t dcce.i'eJ. Wncr.r.vK, Tirzah Iloxsi,-, admiui-lralnx of the c-l.ile ol the said i!erpat-d, has made application lo .aid court lo extend the lime limited for Ihe -cute-nienl ot said i-iaf. one year from the fii'ih il.u- nl January, IS 13, andnl-o pr'opo-i-s lo render an aerouut oi uer aiimini-iratiou inn pic-cnl her account against aid estate for examination and allowance: Thcrc f"re, the court ufore-nid doth appoint the sceond Wi-dnesday of January, A. 1). I S 13, lor hearing and deciding iu the premises, at llie Register's office, in Burlington, auddnth order that nil per-ons ennccrned l.e nuli.'iC'l i hereof by pu! Iiejtn.ii ol this order lliree weeks sue-ce-sin-lj, in tl-e Burlington I'ree Pre.s, a newspaper printed in tltiiljngiou, in said district, the last t f which m.blicatious to Le iiil-viihi. ki tlm day set for hearing. Hiveu iiifler my hand at said Burlington, this 12th day ol Deceml er, IS 12. W.l. WESTON, HepMer. t'.II C(.itr. SPATE OF VERMONT, ( The Hmi. the I'm! ale D s-riet cl Chittenden, s., I Court lor ll.o Disirn-i f , l iiint nivn, 10 n i icr-ou c mccrned 'n tliecstate rfl 1. 1. 1. n.iii.y c.iate 01 .Milton 111 said di-trict, de WUEIIEAS, Elijah Hemek and Samuel Board- man.adni'rsrfihee.luteoi'said d.te,,-e.l, propose to reader an accounl oflheir admmi-tration and pre- sent their actounl aiainst saidcsta'e Ibr examination and allowance at a .e,s,on olll.c Courl ol Prolats, to be holtlen at tho Itegi-ters otlii-eiu Burlmilcn, in said dt-iriet on the second Wcdncs.'ay of January next. ' next. 'I hereforo, You are hertbynoiiticd to appear lelore .aidCoun ailhe tunc and place afore-aid, ami shew. i-.iu-c, if nny yo i have, why ihe account al'oicuid shruMiiul l'e'ailovvel. Liven under my hand ul ll'irlington this ihirteenth u..)- 01 ucccmicr .. i'. I- 1.. WM. WES'ION, Heristcr. Ii lit LIAGTON X liitXxlJLilJ UiJltl III I 'rm: Tuwm. r 1 1, a ,,.ai,i,,i,.-, ,.. ,.,1.. ,..r,... the public, tint, at the expiration of the curicnt qu-irn r, in I-eliruary nt.xl, us inanagcincnl will dc volve upon Mrs. (iconns Paine, ns Prmcinal. will take llic place of Miss Lee, iho presait incum bent. Tho Trustees, relying on iho high nnd acknowl edged qualifications ot Mr. Paim: for Ihe govern ment of such mi Institution, invite public altentiou to Iho following terms nnd regulations: Tub SraiNQ Term will commence on Wednesday the 1st of .darch next, nnd continue, ns usual, ivvcnlj ivvo weeks. T i: It M S . Board, including washinc, ful, lights, etc. has been reduced toS23.C0 perquarlcr.lll weeks) linlfpaynble injadvancc. The Boarding drparlmcnt will continue under ihecaie of Mr. Braman. Tuition in English branches; S3,00 per qnartor, half pliable in advance Drawing, including sketching from natcre", and painting iu water toliirs, 53,00 Ficncli, Italian or Gerniiin, each - - - 5,50 I.ilin, 3 00 Pnno, Organ or Guitar, per quarter 10,00 I'so of Instrument for prartire - - - - 2,00 The F.ench and llah.m classes are under the care of Monsieur Hocciictte. Pupils are not recoiled for a less period than one quarter, but deduction will be made from the above charges, in case of protracted illness. It isilesirible lint pupils should board in Ihe Semi nary w here Ihev will 11 all limes be under the special' charge of iho Prun-ipal, who, bearing in mind the importance, of healll. in tho pursuit nf their studies, -.. . . ...... .. . will constantly aim at their physical ns well as the.r moral nmt inn Itecluni improve mcnt. In bilialf of ihe Trus fes, GEO. II. SHAW, Ss-er.'ary. Burlington, 20lh Dec. 1912. SLE OF BANKRUPT FFECTS, 1 Ullccts of William Stt-ivart, of South Hero. I By virtue of nn order of tho United Stales District ! Court fir tho District of Vermont, tome directed, I . will sell it Public Auction nt the dvvclhng-housu of! Ile-liiu-r Kent in South Hero, on the 2d day of Jauu , ary, 1313, nt 10 o'clock in the forenoon, a promissory ' nolo against George I'lnsc, of Chataugay, N. Y-, for 1 Iho sum of 3240,00, paynblc lo the firm of I G. itV. Slownit. Snid note is 111 ihe hands of Augustus ' Douglass, of Chatnugay aforesaid fir collection. Al ' so, ono fur .? 163 00 against Oliver C, Burroughs nf Whitehall, N. Y., d.ilrd nth of June, IS17. payable! in fiiightnn Lake or I 'ami, thn season of iho dale of, stiil nolc, Willi intfitst, on which has li. cn pud, to 1 apply on said notc.m M uch, 137. 52,10 i eaid note payable 10 ihcfiru. of I. (i. & W. Sicwntt. , OIUIS HARRINGTON, Asjignce, Albur(ih123lhNov.,l?rj. 29 j Elfi rts nf David 1. Walker, of Albiirgh ir.Vll.urgh. S.atcs Disirict Il v virluo ofnn order of the IJuucd Co.irl, for ihoDiiliict of Verinom, to ma directed, I will sell nl IMDlic Aucltun, 111 my ollice in aiourgn, on Saturday, thc7th day of Jnttunry, 1SH, at one o' clock in tho nfteinnon, nnu pronmsorv nolo ngninst Wilhaiti W. Williams, nf Georgia, fur SMOO, dated August liih, 181o, payablo to David I. Wafar, ihs 1st of June, ri'il ; ono note against DmicanTl- Sic Grigar, nf Vlniuch, for 43,22, uateil tk Slinf, lc-11. lso, two Swarm-, of Bees with their "wr-fr fit! ES 11 MtUENGlON .Wifince. All)urchl.,;thN'ov,16l2. V3 .c..,, Ai,HtH,m. i'rn-Yi.-Ytr JTOV CIJUHtman 3110 i!tU3-i CaCR. . T A TPR A I.TsT'S LIBRARY. ir K to.. D itw. iT ATFRALIiT'S LIBRARY, larjc 8 to., 11 Can.ii.igi seieji opeeciiC", bVleet spesihcs of Chailiani, Burke, Krskine al Mmkiiilo-h. Select sp.-n.hcs of Windham and Iluiki'.on, Anieii- ai. Oratory, from Atiiencnns. Manual of Classical Literature, Reminiscences of his own times from 175C lo 1841, ly Col. T. Trumbull. Iluv.-iu'i Visits toReu.arka' lu Places, Ittot 3J icrits. Gln.iii-e of lire Old World, 2 vols. 8 vo. The Percy Anecdotes, to which n added yImMii t-silleeiion of American Amc Jo v, Sea.s Pictorial illustralions ol tho ll.Monn Orients Customs, 3 vrA'. Dick1- Sidericl Heaven, 1 vol, " Worl s, 8 vols. American Poelry, " Dramatic Library, Love mi l inadue of I'orquato I'a'm, Juliifomoiia, .Sterling's Poelicnl Work", firs. Siico.lmcj's Ecleet Poem., gHI. Floor's Lexicon, culored plulet, Win'.s Life of Patrick Henry, I Cooper'.- Natal History, Live (if 'he President's, Lives of Eminem I'ritM. Lawyer., ? vo. Lives of Eminent Meihsnics, Mechanic- 11- ok, C barters on Church' Yard-, LhiJsley'i Horticulture, History of Texas, Soil and climate. fljndy Book of NceJIe Work, extra Ritt. John Smith's Letters, pictures to match, I Phantn-niion, Lrf.-ueis ui Lines i.tiuin-on, I'l.e American llou-ewife. Blocl.loi-k'.s TreaU'.e tin sheep, Boswell'.s Poultry Yard, Hinglev's Talcs about Traveller.-, Win. Te l and Hufcr, Tales of the Kings of England, Hmglev's stores aboil! liulmcl, Naturalist's Run. Lies, Easop's I'.il !e-. W.iiu-wonb's Poems, exira pilt. Colt ridge'-Poet icul Wurki, eslra jlll, Es.uys of Hannah Mcore, du Ccnis cf Atnericnn Poets, Universal Guzetteer, eontamms census of 18-tl, Roy al Octavo, Coleridge's Wcrk, 8 vo, 1 vol. .Science ol Common Thing.-, Ilazeu's Panorama, The Dnlili.i. extra gilt. Eastern Arts and AuliijUiti, utrs gKt, Ull le l!c:ca d Albums, llobm-ou's History tf England, School Biograp.iy, District Sthool as it was, Public Instruction in Prus-ii, Parlour Library, C vols, cloth, My Son's Own Boo'., gilt. S. Teacher's Companion, Life nnd Beauties of John Vtwloy, Elliott's I.'s-nys, Walker on Pathology, Itoudrich'n Church History, Waddiugton's do Boluigl roles Works, -lvol. .Marry.tlt'a do 2 vol. Scon's do 7 vels. Fielding?, do 2 vol. Burn's do 1 vol. Byron's do 1 vol, Ji-hn-i-n's do 2 vols. Jo-i-pli is' do 2 vo.'. For sale by C. GOODRIGTf. Dec. 23, 1312. At the old staud, Up Stairi NOTICE. JWi.h tn remind those of my customers whs sr . indebted tome, thai I have struggled through th year, but have unavoidably I een compelled toeva tract some debts in order ui Le enabled to meet vouf order-, whit h in every instance has I ten promptly done. .Now ibe-e debts which I havo made I a keen your feel warm and dry must nnd shall l.e paid. It would giveine pain to Le compelled losue auy ofmy customers, but gentlemen whatever may l.e tha amount of your I ill-, whelhelher fitly cents or fifty dollars, 11 not paid by ihelirst of January next, 1 shall have no other alternative. Don'i talk nbout hsrJ times, currency isiiot bankable; why ifvou knw half so 111 icli about hard limes us 1 do,u would tniku your hea 1 swim. JAMES II. PLATT. Burlington, Dee. 14,18-12. 29wJ Hank of Burlington. ATOTICE is hereby given that a meeting of tho .1 S.uckhoiJcra of the Bank of Burlington, will ho holi'en at their Banking Hnue 0.1 lliesecondTuesday ol January next, al 11 o'clock, A. M. for the pac po.-e of ihoosing seven Diroctors for the year imI ensuing. Byorder ol the President and D.'reeiors. , , H. G. COLE, CaAIir, Burlington, Dec. I, 1812. STAGE for PLATTSBURGH. A STAGE will commence running, daily. (Sim davsejceptel. Letween Burlington and Platu lurgh, N. Y., r.'o Grand lIe, as soon a, iho ic (a ei u-ideied safe. Leaves each place al half-past gL A. M. A2RO B. BISHOP. Di-c.O IS 12. AUCTION SALES; I edtiesdays, Wednesday Evenings, and Saturday Evenings, 15 Y II. T 11 O .M A S . QTOVES and PIPE, KITCHEN FURNITURE, arll,n' u'-"5is. Stehs and Waggons, Da , ?', ?s- nnd l',U' iul,' Sr Clo'1"ne' A'. Atvp I "'",' ur C'ola llinlrr Cop. continued in the evening. 1 WUVtllsVINC AXI) OTIintt CASTORS, , ( ' AS'IOHS and C.i-,or Buttle-, Ten Pols, Snt.fiirs i ' ,M'V Caiulle-neks, I'U'el and Germaa silverSpotins, Pewter andiron Spoons, Pins. Neo- cuverr-poons, re "ooli! and Buckle-, Br. P-ea.-e call and se :ie, Hooks and hye-, Mm- ,tnd Boot Laces and es t omtis Oic, at very low pnc,.- see Lcfore vou buy. I Paxoborn & BuIxsmaID. ':e,l"0jA5l! 30ml Transatlantic Nev.'spnpcr ami Ccnsral Agency Ollice, Liverpool. CllAIt l.i:s WII.T.MER, O r.-g,ilarit, lhananyoihcr hou-e, and on lh mosl i-ea-o.Ktlileterin-, (a London D.tilv Paper fur 6 10s, S'er.iuipernunii.i.,) XnwspArr.u, I'nicc Ccbiiknts. Sniri iNr. L:;ts,.Maazis'Is.ii.i HuokSloall pans ol the I N'Trn S r.v rss, Canada, Nova Se otia, and Nkv LIkcnsivick, I ylhoMail Steaineis sailing 011 the 4lh uu 1 I'J bole 1 hinoirlifriiin Liverpool, as wellas by ih.-efriiii. Urislol.nniSout'tnmpton ; and to all tho l.i.ANns, .Mevico, ami Texas, y th Uoyal Mail Steamers sailing every Fortnight fross ',."! nuth. C. W. will receive Consignments of Goods ;or SsuU t'jrevlt -cut to lu'scnre -hall be puiieionllvforwardeJ ,1, heir de-iuinnoii. Any description of Goods pur- ii t-eel and lorwardisl tn onlcr. Next or Kin, and all other .'e-rr.ption ol Adtm i isEMgsn, revived for insertion in all ihe i."uri7Mt Publications. N. B All or-Vrs should l-e nddre-.e.! "CnARtrs Wim.meu" in lull, and none will le attended in us le s .ii-i-onipan til by a remittance, or reference lor li .vmeiil on some Liverpool or London House. (Editors of Newi papers in-erlingthe above AJvi- I'liieul oiue a week will receive a supply ol Brie ..Ii Ni-w--piipcr-, on sending a paper (Marked) coo. 11. Store For Sale, rgVIE subscrder o.lers for sal bis New Brick Store, situatttl ia Phelburn Village, irgether with ths goods and furnimre, such as Fairbana't , . Plailorm snu counter IV.'j h,'vx' L ? Ti' 'r, I hn 1. oncof the I e.- lo.-ai.ons f nttn flhiltnrin nnnnli'. snil t-l I Platform and Counter Scate, ritiag , mra-nres, out, rora eoantrv lwsi ncssin Chittenden oountv. nnd will le srld loir. GF.O. I). COMSTOCK-. Shelburn, .Vcr. 18, IS42. 5'f PEC Iv fc SPEAR, wholrsale dealers in English, French, India and American DRUGS. Aiso.-DUUGGIST'S OLASS WARP., nurllugtnn, Vt. C. UICNNS jr. &. Co. (id Poor SjuI.i of the Dnnk, Church itreel.) EVERY VARIETY OF CL' 'TII it TRIMMJNQ3 I ONSTANTLY OX HAND. Cutting done In the most uppiovrnt style aistt Wnvranteel. Burlington, Noreii.ber, 1S42. K'f. INI. (1, RATIIBUN, nn a ii: it anu tailor. TTAS tn-t repinuil from rw York, with a foil Ii ii'smimcni tf VESTINGSCBIMiaiNOB &C-, ol llie n.osi lasliionnl le aim super. '-r quality, nud will execute ad unlets mine most rASUCKAKLR TVI.C. IlarlinSton, Oct.2, 1B12.I 2J-f AMERICAN HOTEL AND CRNERAL STAGE HOUSE, nV S. W. TAYI OR, CoiaT Hoi'sE S,i.r.c ntntiMiioy, Vt, 26(

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