Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 13, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 13, 1843 Page 3
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mocracy in tlio state, tliout J have put in nom ination, fur the Itigcst dignities of tlio Com mon wealth, ono of tin: most thorough Aris tocrats in New England it nvtn who would i toon think of jumping into tlio crater of Yisuvius, as ho would of soiling his kid glovci.tiy touching tho "hrgc pairs" of tho Democracy. I havo not titno now to am plify upon tills point, hut with your pel mis sion, I will drop a few hints to your renders n tho subject hereafter. It is n fruitful thonie, and ought to bo "kept before the Peo ple." ETHAN. P. S. Daniel Baldwin of Montpclicr h tho candidate, for Treasurer. POSTAGE UEFORiM. We have high gratification in stating that the consultations at Washington between the Postmaster General and tlio Postmasters of the principal cities has resulted in tho follow ing conclusions : 1. Tho Rates of Letter Postago are to bo greatly reduced. 7n cents is to bo tho highest rate charged for conveying a letter from any point to any point within tho Uni ted Slates. Wo bclievo tho only minor rate is to bo fire cents for distances short of 200 or 1250 miles, but on this point our infor mation is not definite. 2. The Franling Privilege is to be great ly reduced. Pcstmastcrs may Irank letters atrictly confined to tho biitimss of th'.'ir res pective offices, and none othcM ; while tho letters sent without payment by and to the Executive Derailments, Members of Con gress, $'c. arc to be charged to tho Govern ment. Tribune. The Hon. John Mattocks, Rcpresenta "tire in Congress from tho Fifth Congression al District, has published a letter, in the Watchman, to bis constituents, declining to be a candidate nt tho nnit election. In clos ing his latter, Mr. Mattocks says , "Finally, may the all-wise Being, who controls the destiny of nations, protect and perpetuate our free institutions : and may thu God of Heaven hasten the time when Slavery shall exist only in the infernal regions, where it originated, and where it is inflicted for crime, and not for color." ScrrosEU Piocnnnr and Murder. On Monday night Joseph Abel!, a resident about a milo and a half southeast of Cam den, N. J., was found in his barn nearly dead, and unable to specie, lie was bruised about the head and breast, and his pocket book and money taken from his person. His family missed him on Sunday evening, and upon making search the next day, he was found in a dying condition, and soon af ter a corpse. ' Important Libel Case. Tho Circuit 'Court now in session at Washington, are ex pected to he engaged in an important libel case, N. P. Tsllmadgn vs. Blair Hives, for a libel published in the Globe during tho canvais, upon the Seiutor from New York Messrs. Kov and Marshall (tlio member of ; the House from Kentucky) aro tho counsel j for Blair Jc Rives, and Mr. Cox the counsel : for Mr. Tallmadge. Ths cast, it is did, will excite a good deal of interest. Goods ronn:iTi:n. Six hundred and fifty-nine pieces of cloths and cassimercs have been decreed forfeited, by the U. S. District Court, at Philadelphia, for fraudu- , . . . i , , . , , t lent nnportatioiis and an cider directed to the U. S. Marshall to sell them, according ; to law. These goods havo been recently j the subject of trials by jury, and are the last ! of the cloth cases, except in one or two in- ! , .-ii i .i I atanccs where new trials havo been granted, i Fire in Bennington. On Thursday, th& 29th ult. the tannery of Daniel Conl; lin, in Bennington, Vt., was destroyed by fire. Loss, SG000 partially covered by insurance. Important decision. Wo understand, says the Baltimore Patriot, that the Circuit Court of the United States, Chief Justice Taney and Judge Heath on tho bench, havo decided that the insolvent laws of the state of Maryland havo been entirely repealed and annulled by the passage of the bankrupt law, and that a discharge under them, grant ed under applications made since tho bank rupt law wont into effect, will not avail to ex empt tho person of a defendant in whose fa vor it iias been granted, from arrest upon a capias ail satisfaciendum issued out of tho Circuit Court. Death or Ex-Govr.rtNnn Mason. At the opening of the New York courtof ses si Jn on lhursilay morning, ly'Teii7."ii. il.epluni, Esn.. rose, and in a feelim; and elomtenl m!.nr .,,..! ll- of Sl.ivnns T. ', ; e ... . . , Mason, former Governor of Michigan, and late a distinguished member of tho Now lork tar. EXTENSION OF BRITISH POWER. The New York Evening Post makes the following judicious icmarks upon thu lain news informing us of tho successes of the British arms in China nnd Afghanistan : Tho tidings which havo reached us from Asia, are tidings of the increase of the pow er of Britain and the extension of the British empire. Afghanistan with its fierce and warlike tribes, a nation of narlizan warriors, , f ti I aii tuaiblll ilUIIIUI IHU Will IJIIItl3KU III tun has felt tho vengrnncu of Britain ; aim Lin- , , , r , . , , . . na with a population large enough, oven if( ous stocks, tho .luo of which have shrunk unarmed, to overwhelm and smother in a , to about ono half of their par value, and dur living muss the largest army that any singla j ing tho year yielded but 822,011. Tlio European power could send ngainst her, ' $10,000 appropriated by the testator for the has submitted to the superior civilization of all strancers from her soil, will, much I LIU 1.14 jealousy as a Tuik excludes them from his harem, has yielded up ler c,rjs,tl policv, ,as opened to l.t.tish coiamorcu ports that wero never before oper,,-( to auv iritiiui in 1 the world, nnd ceded to iUUuin ono of ll.o islands of tlm con. Tim rocky stron-' hold of Hong Kong H XQ Vlott(ii tfitirm-l icr of eastern Asia, nnd writ. n new station tor her Heels v.litclt u,w pro-1 tect her new commerce, and to command 1 rii.r. Pnrifir. Not unlu tin V V obtiin d a rot aration for her alleged injuriu street, N. Y., nt tho remarkable ege ofWa V ODIBliiuu b iw, ..,. .lv..n.1rA anil tliirtncn Veari. tion makes war upon a weaker, she has ex torted from China, tin addition to her riches, her possessions and her power. Tho ron sequences of this now connection between thu two nation", it is not, perhaps, difficult to foresee. What Britain has done, nml is doing-, in India, situ will probably do in China. Tho inuiu iiumeioiis tho transactions be tween them, tho more frequent will be tho occasions of dilferenca ; nnd, in tho adjust ment of differences, the advantage will al ways bu on the side of the moro warlike and powerful nation ; which will thus, step by step, strengthen itself nt the c.vpenso of tho other. Impatient of tho recuiieuco of these controversies, Britain will probably demand, as often as they happen, new securities, as she will call them, lur her rights, and tho rights of her subjects. Tho Into events in that quarter, show that shu will not scruple to back an unjust quaricl with her fleets and armies, which China has now learned to fear, nor is it an idle dieam that, before this con- Jury closes, the policy of that populous coun try will no controlled by tlio samo power which controls India, unless indeed tho Chinese government should sen tho necessity of protecting itself from British tutelage by immediately granting tho samo commercial advantage.! to other nations ns aro granted to Britain. It is the nature ofpowcr and suc cess to niako nations, as well as individuals, haughty nnd ovei beating. A nation which has gained thu victory in u righteous quart el , may bear itself meekly and jingnaninioiisly ; but it is not so when it has enforced an unjust-claim by triumphant violence. Wu have grave controversy with Britain in regard to the territory of On-con, which slto will not be apt to conduct witb morn fmbearanco nmv that she has received thu submission and the tribute of the celestial empire. By tho ar rangements of the treaty she has lust conclu ded with China, she has provided herself with a new station in tlio ocean which re ceives the waters of the Oregon, and may find it convenient to occupy the northwest ern coast of the American continent, for the sake of strengthening herself in thu Pacific, and supporting her designs upon Asia. ArroiiANisTAN. The enquiry has been often made, " What business had English in this country ?" Nobody could tell, pre cisely ; but the Governor General has now explained all. The British army crossed the Indus to expel a (the) Chief, "believed to bo hostile to British interests, and to ret place upon U throne a sovereign represent ed to be friendly to thoso interests"! Very like their marching an army to put down a tanll I resident, and put up such a man ns Mr.. Calhoun. Hero is tho whole truth. Tho Eimlish succeeded, but when they had done so they could place littlo or no depen dence upon him. "lies fell by the hands of an assassin. 1 iic Anglian duels and peo ple rallied against the English and last year the inwding army met with terrible disasters losing one whole and larjio detachment, their slriing- hold tho Capital, and some prisoners of high rank. It now appears the Afl'L'Intis havo been defeated, Cabtil retaken, and the prisoners rescued tho country is to ho evacuated, and tho people left to do as ihev please. What a sorry account this in justification of lliu AlTghan war, which cost the Uritbli nation so much blood and treasure. Execution or inn Flanagans. Gov. Porter has signed a death warrant fur the cx- ni-llltnii I'uli t.'l' .....I P.,...,.,,.! 1,-1... ., vuuyii wi . luttvn .mi. uuiii'ili. x t.iii,ic.iiii , two brothers, who wcro convicted ajew months ago, in Cambria county, of the mur- "rr "god woman named Mrs. Holder, to obtain her money. They will bo execu ted on the 3d of .March next, at Cdensburg. Tun Cu NArti) Line. The Boston Trans cript gives a table of tho passages of the Cunard Sleatneis between Liverpool and Boston, not deducting tlio stops at Halifax, r..- ,..!.., i.. .: ... i I" mi; "linn; iiuiu aim u iue- t um iue:jttl.'U , Juy t .f h ,,1VC ,.,. ,,,, ,0 ,,is ,im(1) fmIy-i,in(. V(1V;1. pes, and the averaco time occupied In these passages is 14 days and IS hours. Thu shortest passage was made in 12 days and -2 minutes; the lmiiu-sl in IS days and 12 . ' V," . . , miiiiiii-.s. i uu nieamers nave, iitirmtr tin year 1842, made 20 passages bringing S15 pawcnceis fmm Liverpool, nnd !() fioni Halifax, to Boston; nnd cm nine -lo!) to Liverpool, and 138 to Halifax, from Boston. Awfi'i. Ermoiic Wc regret to learn that the town of Day, in this country, is af flicted with a terrible cpideiuic,(llio black tongue,) which had at the last accounts, de ceased sumo tw only or thirty of tho inhabi tants, and was still raging with fearful f.italiiy. Eliphas M. Day, Supervisor of that town, together with llneo or four members of his family, repoit says, are among the victims of this dreadful malady, l'uither than this wo havo not learned. Saratoga Sentinel. Dickens's Notes. Blackwood's Mag azine says this book is a very flimsy peifor mance, and Us aulhorsliould have either writ ten no account at all of his visit to America or a vastly different one. Tm: Ex(,i,isii Tahiit. Tho British Bo-ird of Trade has decided that hams smok- I I 1 . I r. . f .. u aiiu ui ii'd hi Guiana, n imii salted pull; imperii o inim tlio l-niled rstates, aio ail On mal'le at tlio duty nl .is. (id. per cu t. I 1 " ' u "om "lu u"wu I. ........ : .i - t? . i f. . H duty is Ms. per cwt. Tun OiRAitn Fu.vd. In complianco will tho will of Stephen Girard, tlio Treasurer of tlio Trust bctpioathed to tho city bus just made his usual annual exhibit. Of tho two millions appropriated to the construction and maintenance, of tho Giraid College, says tho Noilh American, SG31,8DS havo been expended the unexpended balanco of this fund, S1,2GS,00G, is in United Bank shares, and statu nnd city stock, thu market value of which does not exceed SG"5,000. So much for tho collego fund. Tho $500,000 appropriated for the improvement of the f, r,i,:, :c :.,,i : : .,urc,as0 0f fuel for poor housekeepers, is in. ! . . . . . ... nr ! loan, and is wortli but atiotit fcj.OUl), tliougli it yielded during tho year S 153. Tho stocks and loans comprising tho residuary fund, the ,iar of which amounts to W25,G55, would 1 . r r "0l ',0W coll,maml ,n 11,0 ',,nrl:ct M l)er cc,,, of lhi" sl""' and tll,ri"S 1,10 yc!lT ,,aiJ nothing. Tho amount of receipts into litis tr(1IlS,llv , f u h 5045 75.jjfe,.. InKOEVtTV. A woman latm A nt.AiiK lawveii. A colored man was re cently called to tho bar of tho Middlo Tom plo, London. His father is ono of the Sen alms of Jamaica, nnd possessed of a very largo fortune, tho bulk of which ho entailed on his sou. Facility or petition. Tho following is an excellent hit upon tho abuses of petition ing : " A wag in Albany made a bet that ho could get five hundred signatures to hang a vcnerablo Episcopal clergyman in that city. IIu wroto in a fair hand a long petition, too long for ony body to tako tho troublo to road, nnd succeeded in getting tho requisito num ber in a single morning." It isnimorcil tint Mr. Wise, of Concrces, is Steele intt to tie (iprointcJ tho succccior of (Jen. Cits, cs minuter to Trance. CAi-runnri. A t'ortunuct 5 BeWner Triih nbout D00 flavoon honrd wis curried into Sierra Leone, Kov. 3rd, by a L'ritiih cruizer. TcNDRRNCSS, V3. SEVERITY. Oh tliodsy will come, wherein ono act of tenderness, about matters of conscience, shall find u bet ter reward, than all tho severity by which men uso to propogatn their persuasions in the woild ; mid thero is great reason for it, sinro the ono flows fioni tlio Savior, tho other from thu dostioyer of men. William Venn. Tnun PnosrEitiTV. You talk of tho pros perity of your ritv. I know but of one Iruo prosperity. Dues the human soul grow and piosper here? Is it a low-minded, self-seeking, eld-wuisiiiper, man-despising crowd, which I see lushing through them? Do 1 meet a grasping multitude, seeking to thrive by conci-alment and fraud? An anxious multitude, driven by fear nt want to doubtful means of gain I An unfeeling multitude, caring nothing for others, if they may them selves piosper or enjoy ? Hereby our piosperity is a vain show. Its truo uso is to make a bettor people. Dr. Charming. Becgaus or Society. The idle levy a heavy tax upon tho industrious, when, by frivolous visitations, they roll them of their time. Such persons bog their daily happi ness from door to door, ns beggars their daily bread; and, liko them, sometimes meet with a lebuff. A mere gossip ought not to won der if wo evince signs that wo aro tired of him, seeing that wo mc indebted to tho hon or of his visit solely to the circumstances of his being tired of himself. Ho sits at homo till bu has accumulated an itnsupporlahle load of ennui, and he sallies forth to distrib ute it among all bis acquaintances. Lacon. The Highest. Wh it is there in man so worthy of honor nnd reverence ns this that lit; is capable of contemplating something higher than his own reason more sublime than the whole universe; thu Spirit, which alono is self-subsistent from which all truth proceeds without which is no truth ? Empiricism Mornwnism, Millcrib?n. The true remedy for these evils its contained in tlio ono brio!' gluriotis penluncc a sentence which choti'd bo inscribed in letters of jjold on every portal of the republic educate the rnoi'LE. nniOIITON MAKKI.T Mon.'ay, Jan. 2, 1813. IJcporsH for llicN. II. farmer. At MurVt 75 llitf C.ttdf, IU tilers, STSO Sliocn, an t .to Swnr, 1 ' l'nli r.s.Jjc'f Gii'le. Last wce'.'s prrej were not , i-ia no I. Wv!.iotun fewexrra f t SO. I ir-i ti a'Mr.Sl OUn.t -Jj. .--r i'l iiinliu- 3 25 n 3 50. 'iliT.I rp.-il, v, 3 00 a 3 23. Kirtp. Dull. I n s writ' sold (rem 7., rc., S1,!j. V.V tirr-, finm 61,23, to ,C0. Siall fcl do., Iroin C2.-0-i4.0i. ' Sirine 'IlicM-nt were from ilscimmr-tUtc m-ah' oil)- oil. 'o luN tc.'J to At mail hum 3 1-2 l 3. ANIMAL iMAOiNETISM. Wc cannot better comply with the follow ing request, than by publishing tho nolo it self; simply adding, that ihu writer is a gen tleman whoso opinion is entitled to respect. MoNTrnunn, Jnn. 11, ISI3. Di:An Sin, Jin. IticiMimso.-j. of th:si,in. hn Ins nrq-miil a pient rcpmnt-oii as nn r. eimientcr in Animal M tcnctUm, will ne an experimental lie turn 111 tho Court House, m Ilurhiiston, cm Tuesday cvrnms next. Ilo wishes you to cue nnliec of it in your paper. Tickets 23 cts. 1 Invo allciided ono of his lectures h:rr, and nssuro you ho ii no humbug. 3D fl (3 s AtSliclhurn.on thcOtli iiut., of consumption, Jin. Aca I.von, need 11. Thu islherixhth heal of a family from tho Fame house within a 3hort period, all except oncof consump tion. In thin town, on tho 7th inst., Ciiabies Wais wniour, oged-1 years 4 monthsnnd 7 days. As tho sweot flower whieli scents tho morn. Hut withers in then.-insday, Thus lovely ficuii-d'sdawnl Thus Bwifily lied Ins life away I J '.to sin could blisht, or sorrow fade, Death timily tamo with friendly enre Tlieopenin-jbii'l lo heat en conveyed, And badeil bloom forever there. Vet thesad hour that took theboy IV rlinjis has spared n heavier doom, Snutcheil himfiom sernes of guilty joy, Or from ilu pings of ilia to come. Iledi-dbifdiehis itifuit soul Had hit burned -ti wrong desire s Ila-I rer piiin-'d nt Heaven's control, Or evrr ipi-'m lied Us sacied file. Hedie-1 to mi, Ii" -Li' I tor-ire; I'm for n m .1.1 nl fi Ii ill,, rod, Tin n.i-p-iii' iiiiroii the vichI.'m air, tipread his lujht win-;s, and soared to Gad, Inll idley, JIos., on tho mornin-; of the 21st of Nov., nfscnrlet fever, Mn, Ilr.Nnv t.VM0Ur, agtd -I . Ho was in tho prime of life, active and virorom; a kind hus!iind,ann(Ticliotmlof.ither a generous friend and a public spiritnl cititcn. His life had btcnoneof more than oiilinary iroperity. His death wan sud den nnd unlooked fori and yet ho calmly resigned himseirto tlio "grim messenger,' secure in thr protec tion of that ft'atiour.whom, from his youth, hohad lov ed and trusted. Even upon tho bed of death his chief nnxicty was that thecause of Christ might prosper, 'Oil,' said he to his weeping family, "that my death mijditho tho means of a revital of religion in this place.' I'rom the fust Ui appeared to ftcl that his sickness was unto death, lloconverstd witliliisrhil drcu separately nnd earnestly, and commended them to thecarcof tho Father of thcfalherliES nd then, at an early hour of the moriiinj, sweetly slept in Jesus. To his family, his loss can ncer bo repaired! and yet thould they not rather rejoice, that ono so beloved is rcmotrd from the trials of this lifo lo the bosom of his Henttiilyralhul And thcsocicty,of which lie was a member, will long iiiuurn tho loss of ono who wns ever among the foremost in every work of religion and henevoliiuo. liut let us remember that Uoddoes not triiN'ngy afflict or eriave tho children of men, and hy lo heart this tad dispensation of His Providence ejlliat when our own si-mmons shall come, ' w e may dm the d ath of the rhdit mis nnd our last end Lo liko his.' Sorthampton, (Mass.) paper. NOTICE. rpill'. STOCKHOI.DI RSnf tho Ilurlinglnn Mill I., aro hcrchy nniified to meet nt tho of fici'nfsaid Comranv. in t'oh hi'ster. on Iho lliih dsy of IMiruary next, nt ninn o'clock forenoon, for tho election olH'icn tmeetors lor no current ytor, nnuai 83 to transact such other luifini ss nn may lo found ncrrssary. T. l'Ol-I.r.TT, Secretary. Colchester, Jan. 12, 1813. 3'1 lw M.-ciOR Ill'CK WIIKAT IT.OUH f Eagle ALBANY ARGUS. DAILY, SKMl-Wr.EKI.Y, AND WEEKLY. rp.' prcjirlttor.1 of t'te Araut bti; lane to in JL Jorm tlietr friends ll.reur)ioul the State, that tlity propose to commence the A'ei Yearuit'tun tn larked s'tcct, and (toim terirardt) with such typo Riaphical imprctcments, at icill render it uorthy, at they hope, of the continued popular u; port anti the ctK.Vnrc of the Democracy. l'heir arrangements hart bten made, as usual. for prompt and full report! of the Legislative pro ceedings i and for the early publication of ths intelli gence oy mc maut ana news or incuay They tufgesl to their political friends In all cases to give 1'ieir fint subscription to thlxr local newspa per. Xeit to t'ml, the Avavolsat their terries, and will be sent, vllha grateful appreciation of the liber al subscription list and apprcral it hat lone; enjoyed, to alhc'io desire a paper from the seat of Government. DAllA' AIM! USi3 per annum. Tenpereent dedtution for payments in advance. Si:.VrA'l!r:iU,Y AliaUS-tiper annum. Containing all the matter of the daily paper. WHHKLY AttGUSi'lpcr annum, pnyablein tarially in adeance. A publication of eta'ht large ijuarto pages, contalnint! nearly all the matter of the sii daily papers, with a copious index. This paper, ir'iUhitill bcfuundralwiblcasa reading nndpoliti ctl s'leet. and useful for reference, will aliole viuch enlarged. An'i person procuring Jicc subscribers, shall be entitled to n additional copi. riioswi:i.i., van uyckq- co. Albany, December 20, 1812. HOOTS SHOES. MKN3 ScweJ and IVgM Tl.i-'k Uoof, Jo do d iCalfKip and Sral it I'oys do du do aud Hulk do Youths do do do do Mem Sewd and PegJ. Calf Downlogj, du du KiYKrcxann do tlr rrreco nnd Ca'f I'utupa tlny?and YithXip (tropins Worncn'n r Hi.ct (FurbwellV) do Murror-'n Slmcs and Slips du do Call Ho' lica do do Hire, do clii-np I.callitr Slip, Ml sen (l."a,i do do and Shoe, do ini.roi'-o do do nLilJrcas C'ntlis n 1 do IVr alc draper than tho c!icanet V? 31 DANIEL DAHS. rETlIt: Onrarinrrsli.p li-rctoiore rxi.lini; lftwfrn B IIIIOW'N til'lt().SMA.,istlii!dyby mutual confnt ill-FoUtsI, nl, tho cunrvrnt of tiid Cuuipiiny will l.u aljutcd l y K. II. Ciiusiian. oscAit nrtowN. Wlnoojfci, .Ian. D h. If 13. i:. It. CHOSMAN. N.It.Tlio lljj.iuo-4 will I'econlini.c-las lif retoforr II lhojo iImi wi.-h for Ca'tings of auv drat:ription on I e Mippliud on low U-riiii. n33w3 H. It. cnOSMAN. WHAITING TAI'Iilt. ONK then and ram., assorlrd dizc, for ale by Dre. 23. 31 C. (jOODRK'Il. WUEA T. Arr.W bushels cood I right SPUING WHEAT, nnd also, a few bushels best PINK-PAT. l'OTA TOES aro wanted in cxclinnpo for Goodn. Apply nt tin- corner of Olu'.rtli and Colleen slrrct. to Dec. 30. 31 JOSEPH WAIT. M. (J, RATI I BUN, DUAPBIt AND TAILOR, (Nearly oppm-.e ihe Hank,) Chcfcii St. 32 tf Ki-slinotos, Vt. ANfiW MILCH COW, fic vcar old, for mIc by SAMUlL II. HAUNU. Chailotta, Jon 5, 113. 3w. Iito fXwlicc. rPIin mcmbern of tho HcniiNCTON I'ikc Companv J. aro licriby no'ilicd, that tlio nntiual inretmc ol said cnmpaiiy will be huld-n nl John Ilownid'o Ho let, on llir nurtll Wtiltif fdny, lhr 231lid.iv of Jnlitin ry A. I). 113. at 7 o'cln- k in tin; nfltrnoon, forth, clioir-iof 10 Waidons, n Clerk and 'i rc.Kurer ; nno for the trnngariinn ol nil other Imaincsi retjuircd by th Charter nnd by-laws oftud Comi'any. 21iA;ju ictual attendance of nil the members isdr wicl, ns bujiucri of importance is cxpu'lod lo In hid btfoio the nuctiiR : among other limes, the Com pany need a ttioa.: Engine, with Suction lIoe, and one or more Cement Cisterns, to ho loeutrd at sonu central pumts, thu expanses or v. Inch must be decay ed, ci'.htr by voliinliry subscriptions, or by nssesi menl i-pon the innuberD. Tho prompt payment o: cinraiice fees and assessments are all very neecsiry, but tho cheerful performance of nil the personal duti-.? required ol the inmihers is of the inmost importnnei in promoting tho bent mtcrosts of thii Company and rcnduri-ig it efl'K kiu in tnuo of need. The Ilnusc'hnhlirs nf tins illaj: whonre, nsvet not memlifis nro respecifully rup.tstcd to attend b j'liii th-n Conipnny find rontribute their proportion o' pecuniaty mcati'j and personal I'ictiioiis, in sustain nij; the CiHi.auy, in their work of protection, liy ordir. I.V.MAN CUMMINCS, Clerk. Ilurhnjion, Jan. 2 1SIJ. LAW HOOKS. COMMON LAW Itri'Oltff, 3D volt C"ii'!eu e-H 112I1I1 l'han.ry rtOiiotH 13 " " I'm'ed Stale C " UVmKll's l!e:.orH 25 " C-iwcn'a I) " Mill's do 2 ' I'.uce'- Chancery U'.pcrtJ, 8 " .New Yort Di: e-t, ealf 2 " t'o do jhiep 4 " Ann-n- an Chancery do 2 " Sinrlti-' I'vi-'cntc, 3 vol", new edition.'s I'ln bp; v 'o 4 vch. Law- el the t.'niic.l Sta;e, ly Story, 4 vcP Kfiit Comriieninr:r, ' 4 ' T-iin'msfm- Law Dictionary 3 " Clarl.i;'- - and I'ractiee. Jiit receivisl v l ee. 23. 30 C. OOODIt It'll.' Wll the Fiih.scribers, liawtif; been appointed bt tho llonurablo tho l'rolnlo Court for tin District ofClmten-len, commissiuncr.s to recrne, e.x ammo and ndpist the claims mid drmmds of all pir sons a-jun.-t tho isiato of Si:CKi:'J'M Y flAll SOX, hitoof Jrrieho, in said D.stncl, deceattd.repri'' fentid inolu ill, nn-l also allrlaims nnd demand exhibitid in oflVet therclnj and nt inouths ftom tin day oflhcdaM hereof, beinj allowrd by s i.d Cour. fur that puttvisc, wo do therefore hereby give nonce that we will atn nd to tlio busmess of our nppoitii mint, at 1 -so dw- l'in' of widow I.uey Haws.m, 11 Je-n lio, n Mid District, on the -econd Snb rihy- 1 ' January, IVbunryand Slay next, at 10 o'clock, a.m. on each of said davs. Dated, tins I iili day nf Nocmber, A. D. 1SI2. 3r TUUMAN CAI.USIIA, ) vmm;..,-ra AAUON liril.NKTT, J Commissioners. KIw.ird l-'arrliislou'M i:tatr. Wi: 1'IIK SUll-l lUniUl-s, having been ap pomteJ by the Honorable the I'robato I'uutt for the District of Chilt-"n-len, commissiaucrs to re reive examine and adjust the claims and demands n all per.m, against the estate of KI'WAItl) l'AH H1NOTON, Into of Ilurhmrton, in Fii-1 District, de ceased, represented insolvent, an J nlso all chillis atut demands exhibited in u!!'-ct therein; ands-x month' from ihe niv of tho date licr-nf, being allowed by san Court for that purpose, no do theriforo hereby giv notice, that we will alien I to tlio business nf oiirep I'O.ntnv'nt, nl tho storoof J. V. Weaver in Colches ter, in sa-d D striet, on tho tjmtli days of Ji.i.uary an-' Juno next, at lOo'eloe1., A JI., on each of middays. DjtoJ.lltisBili diy of nerpiiitwr, A. D IF12. J. W. WHAVi:it, ! Commission. Ci. W. IIOK I ON, f erj. HRUhl.N(.T()N FEMALE SEMINARY TIIIC Trustees of this institution would inform the public, thut, nt tho expiration of the enrren' fiu-irtcr. in I'lbriiary neM, its iiiaiiae- ment will de- MiUo upon Mrs. finonir. Paine, us 1'rincipal, who will tauu tac ptacc 01 miss, too present incum bent. Tho Tni"iees, relying on the high and acUnowl cd'-ed nualifieatiuns ot Mrs. 1'aise for tlm o-ivern 1 liu'lll 01 suen nil iiciiuuiou, iiivuu puuue aueuiiuu 10 lll-i lull' ' 11114 itlllia .111-1 1 irui.iiiuiia . The SpniNO Term will commence on Wednesday the 1st or .March next, and continue, as usual, twenty two wecUs. T H It M S . Hoard, including wiishinc, fur I, lights, etc. has been teduced to 323,00 per quarter,!) I weeks) half pnynb'i in advance Tho Hoarding department will coulinui under tho cam nf Mr. ISrauiau, Tuition in Kuglisli branches $3,00 per quarter, hall payable in nut mice. I)-awing, including sketching from nature, and immune in watir colors. ..... f.i.Of I'rcnch, Itnhan or German, each ... r,5P I.alin, 3 00 l'liino. Organ or fiiiuar. per quarter 10.0C I'se of lustiiiincnt for praciieo - - - - 2,00 The Trench and Indian classes arc under the can

of Monsieur I!oi'iiietii:. I'up'lsato not rccoued for a less period than one quarter, tmt deduction will no mane irom tne uuore ehirL'Cs incase of titotractrd illness. It isd-.sirablc that pupils should board in I he Semi nnrv where Ihev will at all limes lie under Ilia special charge of the I'rm'ipiil, who, bearing 111 mind the imnirlaneo of health 111 the puisuit of their sludirs, w llrnnstnnlly aim nt Iheir physical as will as their moralaiiil inlillretunl iinprotemenl. In behalf of the Tius'ees, Ri:o. II. SHAW, Scretaiy, nurlinglnu, 20lh Dec.. 1B42. STAGE for PLATTSBUItGII. A KTA(i; willeomnienco rmiiimp, daily, (Sun- J. v. c; dav excepted. l etweeu Hiirungton and Platts- lairijli, i. i, via uranuine, as foon a. 1 no ico is conn.lmit safe. Leaves each place at lialf-pt 8, A, M. AZKO U.UISHOP. Die. 9 1942. HARDWARE. TItr ml -i-nlcr luving re ently teplunMi! his stock of Hardware, r. or for sale tlio following Goods, at tlm lowcit pr- es. C'utlcryi Tnl.leand De crtKimeiuu ! Korls, IVn andPoek et Calve, Il.inr, t?cisor, Klieej, S,t.arjj Uatclirr Knie, Itlicu do., StceN, Cat -pcnti'tV and .lolncr-i' TooId, Cist and aptim; S eel I'.inuel, Hand ami Ripping Saws ; Circular do, from 8 lo 21 in- hi s ! Cross-cut and Mill do J Slatcr'.s Hrnirs nn-l Huts ; Kiriuer nnd iiiortient'hl.els Gouges, I'lnnu Iron-, Auctr-, Him rnon' Han-I Axe-, Adze-, llaiiiincrsil-i-.; Hangs' nnd Hnldwlti Pl.uif -1 Ti-pi r, 1'it-i.nw, Mill saw, Has tnrd, i: pialising, Warding and Cnbuitt I'ile Sbt e, Wciolnnd Hor-u I'.i-ps J a a.sonuit'iil ol Saddlery Hardware. t-'at mint; Utensils, Cradle, Sevthcs, Manure nn-l Hay Korks ; Ilcej Anit-' Shovels ; Sp.T'e, llirliinc yhuvel.s, itc, 0V0' fitrtitsliltit; nml Huililns' Hniduarr. Triiy, ttril-innin Tin nn-l t'o lee Pots i Lamps! Spitluoiis j Hund nnd Tea Hi ll-. j'Cuors ; llritunnuil tieriuan mImtuiiiI plntid 'tin nnd 'table S-pctm t Metiilanluiiaim lnl Hj-i-.- I'un j IVyinc Pans, I'ans, Puts and IC':it!e-,l?ra-- Kettles I'lrn Iri-n-, &o, Lik-hs J It tit IIuu-' j J.inie 'Screws; Norft-lk on I Kho'i Lat- he, III.iLk's K c ittn-rtii do.; Wm-lnw- I'u "meg i Sajb I'nlhei: lia.l Sir"vsj Hi-1 K.rcw-s j Mshi-goni and OliUi 1'i.riiiture Knt-1; fil-e, An. W.M.J. HI'NT. June2I. Stinntr,' Ilmlduig. NOTICE. GRsTrFt'I fur favors nlfa-lv rc:tiTJ Irom nn - in-ellitent public-, the undersigned would solieii the rrutjni.uw c i.f the tame fioin lhu (-Id cutein crs, who have firm-bed ns Wool to manufacture, tn their own "i-lvauinge (as tl.'oyem le-tify), and woul l il-obo luppy that oilnrs who have" wool hhouM rorre and du likewi.c. tc assure them we can iruaufaeture I! into llroadelnlhs 1 hut will cdnpair with nv I'l the S;a-e, cither for hemic 11-e, 1 r m style for any mar'-et. We aro ut all timen to Le found' ut the Hurlinrlon M II. N. IS, Wu will ex- hinge clmhs fi-r gooj hard body woo I, on rea.fmn1 le irrin-u ItOI I.Ol'.SON & RATHtlUN. Winoos'-l Pall-, Dev. 23, 1SI2. 31 tf STOCK OK IIAHDWAlii: t-'(llt SAn. rPIII.s.pi)SCl!IHt:it, b.iviug .'e'crmm-.J ti- leavi X I'liirl.'ngioii 111 ih- ,prm;r. ntli r- fur sale,-lur cah, Ins uniiri'Mo-l. of llAUI-WAltl', nt the invi-ne eo-t in Kow Vor!,, adding ihereniilo twoper 'en1,f-u ?xii'iisc of transncrtation. As Ins slock is onlirelv new, nn I w ell sclented, (fur preuf 1 f whi- h he would refer toanj Hardware iiii r- bnnt) an-l waspurrha-r-1 iiri vu-us lo !hu lias ace of the new Tnn III I. he tlnnss it wn'i d bo, lu for nay pcrsun who tu enrage 111 the I Usinty, todu sounder mi re favorable-cir um. lam es. W.M. J. Ilt'N'l'. blrong', HiiiKliug, I Ve. 30, IS 12. 31 AU1ASV AN I) r.OSTO.V ItAlh ItOAD. Tare tliiotigh to IJoston C. Jloriung tram , liru .gh tu Hii t-iu leave liieei.b h it I lefuH'7 o'elocnailyj-jutidny'siiieptcd-arrivcs .it Uuilun C'. l)rtafasl at Chatham. The afiernorn tram 10 Snrinrlield onlv. leave Greenb ih at befure 1 ui lmk. l'a-teiiei-r.s cm taw SnnncfulJ at G A. W.. an arrive in llu-ion at 111 A.M. l'as-eiigersnvi-t li-ave Alt anv atO or 124 o olocl;, an I not later tu m-iire a passage. rur. M'.'.vo oni: nn iiAr.Tfi.nD asd Isr.w-HAVrN Pas-cugers having Gn'tubu-li lefore7 A. M. ake stase at sipnii(j"ehl at 12 M.-rea.h Hartford it 4 I'. .M. and .Sew Haven .11 7 P. M. Iinle lsave Sew Haven bv -teamloat at 81 A. M..anJ arrive 111 New-York at 2 P. M. I'aa eiircrs may al-o eavn Green! u- h at 1 ! ef-ire 1 P. M., Ii S.iriii'-'lii l-l C, tl.t-nvu hy t'age nt p In llarlfonl l-s'c-' leavt- al C ni'Jit inurnilig 11 rar lor iew Haven, an I Hii-iiLuby sleaniboa'., ar- rung in rsiw 1 - ru ai 'i I'. .-1. 1 1110 llin.u'.-li 111 Xi'W V or!. CC. I'i n New Ycnn, l y tl.c IIkuatcnic Itait-rcsd. Pare S3. A train of ears will leave Greenb-.ish daily, (nn. lays i-xivp'ed) at Z P. M., reaih Iln Igepi-rt at 2 A.'.M., takubi-iit at 7, and reach New York .11 11 A.M. Pas rngers must Le at South I'trrV in AlLuny nt 51 P. M. I rt-ig'it transpnrte-l itaily ly tin-linol cl'.veen Alia iv an-l Now ra'os Irom SJioStO per tun. Klu r in lot-1 f 500 1 arrds at 50.-. nor t arre!, aii.l lur .inv ie- q uniry uu.-. per 1 iirrei. i' nriK'iiri-iis'.ets 1 s,ar. Ti-'kets ran I i-o! tauit-l in All any at G. It. Payne' like, 2 ll.-cudvvay. or at Ticket Oiliee in Depot at v-rirn Lucii. rrcr.ioiiT dlpautmpnt. A Kr-.-'ght t'r.i u w dl leave Greenl iish daily (Sun lav's vx o.ilc.11 for l!u-ln.'i ut 5s A. ,M. .very infi-rumtion will be given al ll.e ofii.-e in ,hu Dij.ot at Gret-uLush. Ili-reml rr lis 1512. s . 11. row.- 1 .i'. Mas-er ol 'I in-purtsticn. REFHiOi-illMENT 1 )03J, by s. o. mi:hia". 3 rfoors East of the Free V 'ss OJfier Where he will I c lnp,iy to wait upo., all whu may .vi-h tor UlilERS, Hot Ci.rn:r, etc, re. -riviM u; yle. i ce, aa, ibis. i:ents! hunts' jan'Y is-iu. r n 1) I ! lir-t invnieni fur l'out of Mips m the rsc.v I. Ilri-'k Chur-'b, v ill le due on I lie hr-t day ol laanary. P in t al payment is ne- e -ary in ur lei lur lie I rei-tuer io nice; i xpen c- ol Ui- i e-eiy airr-i-iv nc irn-.l. and uth-'rs c-un-iaiulv aii-rmnir. lb'iits im itu-r w-'l le repiine! h'emi-anniiaily, v i : l ir-l I July a ii J jan..arv. "WM. lICItl.HUT, rrraurrr P. irl ng nn. Dev. 23, ls12. UNITJCI) H'I'ATK.S DISPUICT CUUlfi1, VcrzrcotU Uisirlrt. IN liAKilui'TCY. Notice to bhovv cause against l' Hon of l.'I.KA'OU II. HROWN, f nar'tn.-lon in -aid Di-tr'-'t, to I e dc-'Ltrvl ,1 linn r i j . ' , at the uiitce ot SinuiH Piciit.s-, lb Ir -'t J I'lje, in M-'iitpe.u'r, in ft Di tri-'l,i'ii 'IJiiir.-l.iy the iiinth djyi-f Iibru ai v la 13, n n --'-1-!-, , fureiii . n. IT U)l-r II llll' ..I' I! . .in- r.n ... .nMrk....M. ........ ..i....... .,..,i,c ,.,, nun (1v liiii'de t.i ri-sl ii II.inl.r.ip', ill the u'i'co ut Siui'ti I reiris , ui trii t J nt -v, .n .Uon-pel 1'r, In iiiJDi -tri'-t, rn 'Ili-ir day, the iiinth daj cl Kel ruary, ISIj, ten iVlis-1,, i teuo'-n. HARiKY WAI.'D, i f l-'s-ex, in sai l Di-tnt, lole B inkrupl, nt the o.lkv cf Sam u-l Pk-i 11, Dt-lriei Judge, in Monl el in -aid Di-iriel, im Tlri.lay, ilisr 11111.I1 d.iy i,l l ibiu iry, 1813, ten o't'livk, I" reiiuun. AA S.MJW, iil'JiTii'ho, for hi- Pisihargo an I Cer. l.iiea I-. a- a'bi-C-xitl Ili ue, in Win I- mr, in --ii'l I'i tri'l, un Wednesday, the 2 lib day of iav, .1. 1 13 iJ, hi iu .1. .11. JOSl'l'll LUUK, of Ii iriinglon, for hi- Discharge an I t er! ut. a c, a- a 1j.1111.r1p1, at 'lit L.u rl IIu 1 v, ill Wn -l-i-r, iu Wtvtneday, the 2 lib day (f.May, A. II. lfc-13, at 10 A. M. VIA Alt JOil.NbU.., ut Hurlinitrm.forhis!'!' barge .m l iVritliia'e, as .1 Han .rn,it, "i tlu Ci uri II. in ui'lsor, in -aid u st i I, on v ims. ay, tne 2 lib -lav ol Mav, A. D. ISii, ut 1U A. Jl. lOIIN MfTCIIt.t'.L, ul I inliiii' h s Di ibarpe uii.l Cemlic.ile. as .1 t.ii.,r in. 1.1 il... t uurl IIu ,:e. in uid-or, 111 si'd Di-ti e., t,n e.'ne day, the ,'llii-i.iv .1 .u:i , .1. u. imj, ai 111 , .vi. JOHN O VKS.ur'N -r h Hu--', for h,s Discharge nnd Certificate, aia Itinkrupi, at tho Court House, 111 Windsor, 111 said District, on Wednesday, the 21th riav of Mav. A. D. 1313. nt 10 A M. JL'Y M'l.NCIdr, ef Itiilmfetun, tor his iVclurso and lVrli'i-'.i'-,iis a Hau'rrupl, at the Co-irl lloi-se in Win-i-ir. -u ud liuirnl, on ,,'islinstlay, the 2lthdayu'M , A. D. IbIJ, at 10 A. M. iLOKMK Willi. II C, t.l Colil.e-ier, for l.i.s lbs lmrgu and (.'tr 1:. .He, a- 11 l)ankriiil,ut the l ou.t Hoiim', 111 Win.'-ur, 111 mid I'l triel, 111 Wc-iiie-ibiv, ihe "l b i!av of May, A. 1. 1 c 13, al 10 A. M. HANIHI. II. Tl'Ckt It, f iliiii-iiijjiuii, for his Di.- i'l,.ir"e and I Vrulie i',1-, .1- a linn' r ip', al II e I .1,111 ll'-ii e.i.l Wiiidsi-', 111 a lib ui't, 1111 dav, tli. 21 i d.-v of Mav, A. D. ISI3,at 10 A. M. " 1.1. VI IlltuVi'N, of ILirluijiiiii, lui I i. Di-rbar ean.l CVrliinati-, us a li.insr pi, at tlm Cn.rl lluu-e, in Wiii ltur, insai-l Distr,.'l, on Welne-djy, the 2 1 Hi 1 ,'t.... . l l n tu . l ' u.iy ui .-iu) , .iii', ioui ui iu .it .'.. S. N. ftAUT & CO. T" r.SPi:Crrt'I.l.Y inform ll.e inlial itanuiil II ir LV iiLgion .ml vn'inity, that they have opiiitsl a .7:tl' GllOCEIlY I'llOVJSlOX STOllE, on College st.. next doer east of II. 'I'lmnia's Auciiuu lioom, w lirre ility mttn I lo t.ei p ennnaiuly on hand, n lkiii lai-l I'liinilyOroecnes and other articles if lie- ll-SUl) V Teat, (tint Coffee, Coil Fish, l'tppar Sauet, CumVes, 7ir Soap, l'rprer, Spicr,Casshi, (Urger, .Yutmegs, Cbnes; Mice, Coeon, Crowul Mustard, Jlreivn i- Loaf Sugar, ,Vo!issrs, Ihx i- Keg Raisint, TUacci), nri; (j- scotch .sin; Jjy i- Martin's Li-pul Hitching, ltlach It ill, InU, ' I jf marts 'I 'a ma rinds, Daks, Ihrrimjs, liuligo Lump Oil, i-. ij-c. 'I hev have al'0, 1 small Assortment of CliOl'hTll AM) Gl-AS WliP, wli .'h ibey wdl -i hat a Mna uroiii. Al-o, llii-nni tjuli nnd C-'ld Water C'ra. ' e and Pi'- tHread, n piuoniiii le. Tlm alovu hi'.- .e they will toll irerely mining n .null a hum o liuni cu'- . , . They havo al-o, an nssortmrnt of Confccttoiiaty ond.Nuts. I'learopiveusn call. llurluigtou, Deo, 3, 18tt. 30lf JAMES W. lilGKOK, ATTOUMEV AT LAW. OrncE west side of tho Court Ilotiso Square, Dee. 12, 1812. 23-tf Jlurlinglon, Vt. NOTICE. W If, M AM It. OUKTIH. ANNOUNCES lulus etisioniers and all who may lu di.poiJ lo painuii-e Inm, that I10 has re moved from his staii'l on Church streeet to Water .-liri't, where he may be found in connection with Mr. Daniel Davis, at ht uul nud well known stand, w here Ly attention tn, nnd punctuality in business, ho may reieiiu their hate of iialrunauu : An-l', that all dt Is due Inm muit Lu paid unuu-dintely to tneit deinun I, against linn. iiuriiiigton, Vi, iJ.vj AT III UI.IMJ'I ON, Vt., ui'-! the ileighing has lien o iron I. the Goods have slid o.l Iri.m the Peii'de's Cheip t-.ish S.oreat a won'eif-d rapid rate .111 1 ilie Agent is o I iuily encafel in si lung 1 leap flint he Ii isiiotliiuelii-i'li' d-'.ir. The stuck Is one t.f hu tno-t gnnenl ;in I e 1 11 ive of any lhat he has h.i.1 Inringlliel i.i2ilveirs, an 1 wis pro1 a1 ly never c el'el ut Ins stutu iu nay I'i r hit 5 ears, tr.en.fuie .er urisfruiu a-l-tm euiiy euinewiih a enntiJetiii- of Mipjilii-1 wi h Dry (inn Is of netrlv every des- npii',11 urn may uj wi -lieu unu at ti.'.' luwi- 1 nr . e or cash, at llOWAltD's. Die. 21, ) 12. 30 CL O CKS ! CL O C KS ! ! ! , I'l'.W doillu and single U. G. Ituod Clueks, whieli wilt I es -Inn-rt-l fur Gism or Wood un the tnost re i-oiial le 11 nils I y L). DAVIS. ..uier su, iiu, 1311. CLOCKS. TJ,'f'"T day and 30 hour Clue'., Orast or Wo ml tj tor naln n Inw 114 l,t' h..itcht ntiv u Imru fur c.i-h, wi wi tr produce. P.wniMttr .C II o , 1. ...its Clocks net delivered until aid for. I'll', in, lU. JU.llJ NOTICE. T IIF.UIinY Rt:i.lNUl.'ISII tu my .on, Harsos i a mini r. the r-'in lin !er i f his time, and wi I riaiiii none ul Ins earnings nor i ny any 1 f'lu- : .is nl-er 'tin live. -JALiSlUN Pl.HKIGO. Jcrwhe, Dec. 17, 1815. 3'J.i3 JUST Receive I by Ham-ten' Express, a new lot of Superior Dirm Cap, uni-olnred Huns, S.Ik Warp, Alpiuca Cioths, CestCLrd-, it-e. wh eh eaiite lotiiul very lu-v at II. W . CAT1.I.V.S. IW. 22, IB 12. 30 NOTICE. rpiin Debtors of the town of Burling--L ton, will plisse lake notice, that their rnt and interval will become due and nnvnbln on the first dav of January next! nnd tint punctual psvinimt is ex- pence L-y A. l- uui 1:, Town Treasurer. ui-c. J, lSli. M Cash rati! tor rork. rpiir Sub-rri'iers will pav ensh on delivery for j- i ii..i. i-.i 1 11 . 1. 1 ri.-itiv. . roi.i.nrr &. phadley. riiirhngion, Dec. 22, 19 12. SO pUOWN Slinr.TINC-C IhlcsllrownSheetmt, i-J just received and for sale low by LOVELY &. SEYMOUR. r. 15, IS 12. Cash raid fur Oatn. o N delivery nt their --tore, Old Duck. I' nriinr.F.T. urlingtnn, Dcc.22. 1312. 30 "POllIC Fheip's Pdts, nnd Wool wsntcd bv X Dec. 22, ld!2. 30 H. W. CATI.IN. ANNUA I iS FOIt CONSISTING i ibe Ctft, Clirlsttan Miuvli.'.r, rrlemMiip's (Hllrlcr. Air.'Clioti's (.lift. The ttosr. for SS.V a1 the I! ji.U Store of Un: 1. 1512. D. A, DMAMAJf. NO TICE, VXTV' w-oiild inform our customers that we ere in r great want of our pay for work for the two Isst years mat we must invoit tiy the lath or January next, and thosa who expect to pay in wood or grain, must bo punctual: fir if not i-ai'J al the s'liiulnii-d time, their ni'ivnuitsand Holes will be found 1:1 a third man s hnius lor collection aim no mistake. A. &. R. C. DUNCAN. Burlington, Dec. 22, 1SI2. 30 3w A Cliti-sictil Sticllinrr lion!:. CONTAINING rules nnd reasons for English Or thography nnd Pronunciation; derma from a complete analysis u the Imquagr, Ly Rev. A. II CiiAns, M. A , f ir saleat the Burlington Ii ink Store Dec. 22 30 D. A. 13 RAMAN. TEMPERANCE ALMANA CS, r?0!l sale by D. A. ISKAMAN. 1 Dec. 22. 30 Dtiflitlo Kobes. 7V0I!TIIWr.--TlRN nCPPALO RODES, of i. s prime quality, lor rale nv LOVI'.t.Y &. SEYMOUR. Dec. 22, 19 !2. SO Carlvlo'-j Ileros in Ilislorv. JTtOR File, by ' Dec. 2'. A. RRAMAV. 3J (Jttriylc's T'lciicli J.cvoltilion. 7 N 2 Vol. fur sale by 1 I Dir. 2.'. 30 D. A. URtJIAN. CAIIMINA SACRA, TYY LOWELL MAaON, for sale at ihe Haoktore 1 of D. A. HRAMAN. De-. 22. 31) A I.P1NES, AI.PACCAS, ( RAPE DE LAINES, V Ml'-.I.IN DI. LAN' S pla n and figured, for sale low bv LOVELY ii. SP.YMOUR. Dee I'i 1: 12. I' A Y Ul'. "? C. I.OOMI-, tnu-t January 1j. 113 iii.e-i. snine prev.i-is a.-ranen.f.ii Im. 1 1 1-11 iiia.k un a'l nu 1 and Itui.k a.-iO'in's that are d e, 1 r e. i n,e..ui. a' that time. Tina 1- ibi la.t md NOTICE. CvAYINO to my heavy I- s-t s, I shall be 0' ligi d to call on all indihlei! to me 10 mnk.' paymi nl,niid to si II m Moic nnd G.-ods to a-md ll eir bimi; "old at -Siiei ill's lie. 1 hope ilus nutue will le cull-runt, as I sh mid 11 -.-ret to sueiinny of 111 customer- :nt Inn- limit w 1111 inr mi l twetin years. 1 imen goo-l ass.iriiiiint ol Giuds. and ilu v wdl bo -old. I slnll make no arrouuts tiller the 31st day of Decem ber, IS 12, at my Huihngton ."tore. SIDNEY UARI.OW. Ilurliuglnn, Nov. 23 ', 1812. 23-tf REPOItTof tlieTmluf the cvtseofj.viin Ta -fi. lor. vs. Edward C. D-lnan, prosecuted for an til ledg...l libel, and .tlr. Dilitan's eorrispondrnrr with the I 'tee-tttye Committee nf the Albany City Tempo rsnre fo-icty, i.e., lorsaloby D. A. HRAMAN. Dee. 2.'. SO PORK BARRELS. rrf POlilv IIAltlil.l S for tale lowly U air ft., Dee. 20. I). DA VII FLOUR. Cil'l'l'ltlon PA.MII.V I'LOl'H, T-sxriA (Pagle Itranl,) f.rfali- I v DA.N'L DAVIS. W.ver-I., Di r. 20, 1812. " I EIIINOES. I'rcnch an t Enchah Mennoes, III. large a-soriiiunt, for sate I. iw ln- LOVELY it SEYMOUR. Dec. IB, 111! LO VELY sV SEYMOUR. nAVLvrry re. rnily ruciie I a large addition to . tber 'lu"''k ufliiH-ds, w'lu-'h is now one ef the m. -I I xli-ii-ive n the S-ute, and which is o rt-l to -In' r 1. run - - ti'ers and ihe p ib ir,a' loir price 1 1 1- h.s e I lb i-' Ii -i' w Ii. 1 are 111 w ant 1 1' G uU will nn 'r..v-' .1 e pre r it . I sir b n" an I f irm.di liiem--elie- wi h a ui;.' v In 111 In-f-:ai li.l'ineiit. H ' 11, Dei'.'lj psi. 2J M I)I UDIVIV'S ANTI-SPASriODIC EMiVlENAGOGUE Ov 7.lrali.ior. For Irreguhr and Painful Menstruation, and for the Suppression or attention of the Menw VVIIPNEVl It any of Ihe organs of li e human fiaine rr.i-e or refer lo prif-'rin their i-ilirr, tbr trt-N of di ca'c are town, ci which the hnrvr-l is death, un'cs., byninely nttention the obstruc tions are rei.iote-l nud 11.1t 110 is thereby restored it. her wuntrl aetin. Tliro-igh raie!rne-B an-l ne jlrrt iiiu!is.iu,l rf females m ilus noriheru rlimale have giinr-lown to an nrly crave uf Consumption, a -he.i-e lint wiih leinaless invariably prt.motiil by, an-l in most ra e. has its origin in a derangement of 1 Im-r organs iipt n wlnrh tho I'MMCNAGoai't; it rs pisrial'y drsjgiirl to art, mo-t, if not all of whom ni ght have ler.t tavil by a timtly resort to tlu moil'-"iir. V I' ItliAI. TrSTIMONY-'1irlrtthatcanleci,rr-rlin nruofof i's eillr.u'v, may he found 111 ever) un .lib-.rhtHj.l where the I MMi'.NEoncur. has been -illiloyl in nr 'or I live With Jl.11 nn lluivin's dirrr. ti.-ii..' 1 1 is prrpair I in wine, nrd lbnugti powerful, iirvi r Le e so ale inrdiri n- f r fawny I S". Eaih ' '"'o rina.n- nhu u 2 1-2 v 111-rs Price 71 t . A lil.rr d di I'-aimt w i I I e ma 'e to Phy iriair ivho ui-oil in tin tr practice, an I to penons whi pur I'hatcl.y quantity. Sol 1 ia Hniluiglon and vicinity by PECK & SPEAK, Aetnts. Deo, 22, 184!. W AUCTION SALES; Wtdneidays, Wednesday Evviingt, and Saturday Evenings, IJ Y II. T HOMAS. s TOVES and PIPE, KITCHEN PURNITURB, 1 KarimnL' Utcnsiiii. Slcizhs and Wicgont, DkT Doom, nnd India Rubber Clothing. Also, Alart-s lot of fur and Cloth Winter Caps. sates conunueu m tno evening. i.u STATE OK VERMONT, ) HpHE Probate Courl District ofClntttnden, ss. j X for tho District of Chittenden. To all persons concerntd in the estate of WILLIAM KILIURN.lateofRutlington, in said district, iliK'tasid, testate. Wheseas, Anna KiLBUBV,the Excculri.T of the last will and tcstnuynt of the said deceased, has madcap plication to said Court to extend the time limited for stilling said istnto nnd paying the debts and legacies uf tho said deceased, one voir from the twelfth day nfJanuarv, 13-13 ; nnd also proposes to render an ac count of lur administration and present her account n"ninst sa.d estate for examination and allowance i(7irnri)n. the said court aforesaid dotn arnomiiho second Wednesday of January, 131.?, for Inuring and tleeidim in the premiss, at the office uf the Register of said court in sa d ll.irhnctnii, and doth order thst alt rersoiis enncernid bu iiutifieel Iboriorby publica tion nf lb s order three weiks sncci ssiwlv in the liur titaton r'nc Prist, a newspapir printed in said Hur hngton, the last of winch publications to he previou t to the seconJ t eunesit.iy ol .taninry, IMi, Given tinder mv hand nt -a.d Hurhturtoii this 21st d.tyof l)embir, A. D, H12. jj jw vv.ii. ui.stu.s., tiegister. NOTICE. IWi h to remind th ,o of my rustomcr whoern indel 'i-l to tne, tin! I have struggled through the year, but hive, unarm lubly le-'n iTiniu'lled to con-trae-l -omr debts 111 ui Vr tu I e enablnl to meet vot-r .rder-, whii h In every instanr e has I era prcmpt'r Jim i'. Now these debts w lin'h I lute made to keep yo'ir feet warm and dry must nnd hail I u paid. It would give trie pain to I e compelled to si.e any of uit eitstoiiier, but gi'inli'incn whatever may le the amount of your 1 1.1, wbelhether filly tents or fifty do'lnrs, jl not paid by the first of January next, 1 sha ! have no other nlU'rnatne. Don't ts.k al-oi t Lar-I iime-, thjt rurrrney 1- not bank jl le; why ifyou knew half so in wh about hard tunes as 1 du,it would maKo your bead sw .in. JAMES II. PLAIT. Hirlington, Pee.'U, IS12. 23w3 Hank of Burlington. K'OTICK is hereby given that a meeting of tLe Sio.khoiders of the Hank cf l' irlinslon, will ho holden at their Hanking Ilcuse on ihefrcondTnesdsy ol January next, at 11 o'clock, A. JL forthepiu--po-ei f ehousmj seven Dirsor.fir tho ycr cut ensuing, Uj order tt the President and Direc-ors. It. O. COLE, CaMr. Durling'.on, Dee. 1, 1S42. REVOLVING AJfI OTIIKK CASTOHS. CASiOHjanl Cas-or Bottle-, 'I ca Pots. Snut'era and triy. Catid.t-t'ek-, Plate I and German si.verripoon., Pewter and Iron S'-uuns, Pint, Neo !Ic", Hoi -h and Lie, ?lu.u and Hjot l.aees and l!uc'..le-, Iln t',.e) Coml j i.c., at very low price,. l'.ea-e etill uud see Lefere e 1 buy. PaNOIlOltN et Ctlt!IJlIArD. Per. 20, 1342, 30m MUSIC HOOKS. CARMINA Sacra, and Boston Acndemv, just r chived by C. C.OODRICH. Jan.6lh, H43. 32 THE unlisrriler pre-ents his compliments t tho-c ot his eiistomeT', in fl irlingtou and the ad isrent towns, whci-e punctuality h u e justly merited Irs r.term, nnJ infuruu them that eighteen years from ihe 24th day of A icu-t List pa .t h.i- elap.eJ s.n' c be commenced bn-inrss amongst them. That 11 ut; t I'liiiuriii i:u uii-u.-ss uuiiiiisi iitt'iu. 1 oat -re has I een such a want of punrt.ialiiy amongst e gres'er.nrtofihii.---' . ii nuw in i.i-tJ tu varv bis mode ul doing business. tli-i the; i.t. i Il is a truth, that men of punctuality are reduced to Ihe disagrees) le necessity of paying the debts of rogue-. Every merrlunt who gives credit, when ha rrc. dales the priiesof his 20(d-, dot's or ought to make nltovvaiire for lad debts ; by which mean-, ihe j are red ieed to the disagreeable necessity of having go at u price aluve their real value. 'lhrrefjrc, the sul s -riler, from this day forward vdl give no credit I but will reduce the prices ol his rfoevN a low a. they can le pur -based at any retail t'.re in n.irliiigton with the addition of transporta tion. He will constantly teep on hand a very gen eral as-nrtment of Dry Gcods and Groceries, anJ will I e di.po?ed to tell cheap as ihe cheapest. Many complain lhat the -obst-ril er is putting them 10 co-i j this evil will ly this means be reme hex1, but thoso whote demands have leeome due wdl not fail of r. ceiving a summens af:er the tir-t of January next. "'A worJ to the wise is MiftVienl." The absolute ne eity of obtaining relief from rsr...ini r!mnNit. U..I,.ro.l tntn aminl Ir. xrr... Tn. tr.e pavmni 01 u.e unt-s i me. 1 nave enueavorc 10 peifurmoii iny parlol tlie eontract, and have tor borne to "rge my iritnd-, 11 1 1 hate lceouie my.ejf 111 let ted to an extent that eannct longer l e endured, and if my debtors will not pay, Ibim-l tell all I po3-e-s, including the roof lhat shelters me, sooner thai lei my creditors tkmk of me a I sball be compelled to think of tho-e w ho have re. eitej my goods with out paying fur them. 1 have recently tua.'e a thor O'igli examination of all too'.s and accounts of my I uvne-s, and the result di-clo-ei an enormous injus tice Irom which I appeal to the .-ol er thoughts ol my fnenls, whdu I ainindebtel between two and threo tlioi aiid dollars to iny frel.tura lhat tan no lonser ailord m l ilgenir. I find ihere i- due ine three time the hrger sum name 1; this ought not to 1 e 1 If th s produce, nn adequate elect, if a more energetic sys'em ol collection th.ill not ailord very early relief, I m it turn to souivthing el-e my del is must I e paid. The sands nl mv Ht have not yet r m out, the tpirk which a craru'.us provide;.co origin i'l j iul'tisr I into my composition is not yetex ling .i-l.ed? and my -runt is et unbroken my ener resare still b-oyan!,l am'de:ineJ sl.l! to earn my bread I y the sw J l of my brow, and I shall not mur 111 11 thst such -h uld lemv lot to the last day of my Iili', I have s,i ri' an I enrrgy eno igh left tne to devoto a pur'icn of litney" amtiier vtvauoii, and I have rt- ry runliJence that with the assistance of others. 011 whu-c eiut-pHrauon I have a right lo draw, I th-'iil I toon be re.ievrj from my dnh. 'nines and 1 will uubi'siiatingly roorl to it sooner linn remain a I am. DAM EL DAVIS. H-r! ngtnn. De-. 15, 1312. 29w3 Cl I'K PIS, blU.'S, HU'Ki.lS, o. iO!.!i and Gilt Cu I, Ilairand Scarl Pint, Studj, .Jt Bj, hea I an I r.e--l. ori.anien's, Toaz Anie tlust and o' I'rt'a. lie-, tome iroi ds in .he Jewelry line tt-ry pre tv an I d -r.i le pattern , cf such quality a- t r ri'in-h.p .is ihemt -i par'ieular need not bo a-b r " 1 to wear or give a pre-int-. I" CO, IS 12. Pancui hv & HntSsMAtD. Thoirinson'ri hue ilislorv ol Vr- mcnt. sale hy D. RA2lAjsL M'TE OP i RMONT, i The II in. the Probate s'.riri 1 1 Chit'enden, ss. j Co irt lor the District of 'I -cn-'tn. iu a l per-ons I'l-nrcrnrd ui thre-tate of VIA. liAUXVAtM ol Miltuiim said dbtrict, de- i-i t-l. GnrETiNG. -MI'-'HEAP. I h nh Hernck and Samuel Hoard-q-sn Tlui'r.stfthct-tateofaid deceased, propose 10 rin'ir nn a'co int cf tleir a lnimMration and pre - i ?ir a"tO int against raid rs'a'e fur examination ,, ,d ill i-wance at a .es-ion cllhe I'uurt ol, u lie bo! 'ei at the Kegi-lers mlirrin Hiirlington, in , ldi-iricttn the WednesJay of January " n'-'efrrc, You are hereby notified 10 appear heforo ta IC u i at lie t n.e an I place a'brctaid, nnd 6hew e.i i r, ifunv yuu Laic, why the account aforejaid sbr-ldnot be'alluwcl. Given iin-'er mv ban I at Hurltagton this thirteenth dayelDecemltr-A. wf. STATE. OP VERMONT, ) A T Probate Court District of Chittenden, ps. ( I held at Hurlingtoii within and for si id district of Chittenden, on the fif twnihdayof Decrmbrr, A. D. 1312, comes Charle r Warner of said Hurhngton, administrator of the es- ' i.i.ti.i.i , s? itru LT I'V lirvi.r .Rut late 01 I iiiMKw iiw '; 1 : , ton, deceased, intestate, and files 111 said court his pin ntidn in writing. ttmg forth that the said Hoc.ley. 111 IllSlllelliite, nun ' ' - , two c.-rlain pncels of land 111 said ll'iilington, known ss mistier acre tots mmibeis one himdrtd ninelysix and one htmdred which (aid lots w,r h-ld hy -md Ilitklev in trust f.irJftTCs HcsnicK, of ICtlnmsiLio, in the Mntr nf Michunn, and tint lh estate of lliosnid Hockley hath been settled and all rla ms proved, or known to exist ngninst the time, haie been fu'ly P'll ")" praying sni-l court to l. cens'lhessidsdminntrstor tn'nUsto Ihe said landi to said Iturdiek, sgret nhly to the statute in such esse made and proidcdt-ir.i;r'"'c."i the courl aforesaid doth appoint the second W cdnesda) of January, A. D 1PI3 fur hearing and deciding on ssid petition, it lh'c otrtce of tho Register ofsnd court in sttd Burling, ton and doth order that nil persons concerned beno t finl thereof, by publication of llus order, containmjf the substance of Mid pe lilion. three weeks mecesnve Iv in ths llurlington Free Vrets, a newrpapcr print sd in seid Hiirlington, tho Isst of which publication t be rrevinnsto said socond Wednesday of January, fSive'n inider my html at said Burlington tliia IStk Jay f December, A. ,.ESTOrV TO LET. A Commodious SIONR presenloeen pied by Da. Hikeiikbg. For terms apply at lh '''Sm.on.rsenl.lS. 1912. IB tf Wliitn liPad. I TON White Lead in Oil, S do dry do. warranted enual in quality to nv inanuf rture.1 lnt ITnitrd Stalt" pris unu-sralrj- low. STKOJWa Nov. Itt, J9W. ; 91 is alway tno cuu mini 1 "" -