Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 20, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 20, 1843 Page 3
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llumer, unariosj. ingcrsoii, vvm. 'm. Cos Mnson.Cnvo Johnson, . D. King, Lewis, Litllefield, Lowe , A. ay, Marrlmml, Alfred Marshall, '. irw id, jack, H ?n, n, Keim, A F. Marshall, Mathews, Mcdill, Meriwether, Miller, Mjorc, Nowhard, Owsley, Payne, Pickens, Plumer, Poictll, Rayner, Reding, Rtncher, Reynolds, Rhett, Turney, Word. Wathinston, Watlerson, Wcller, Westbrook, Edward D. Wliite, C. G. Williams, J, h. Williams, Wise, Wood-Ill. Loco yeas and Whig nays in italics. EVERY WHIG FROM THE FREE STATES VOTED IN FAVOR OF MR. BLADE'S RESOLUTION, while tho Northcn Loco Focos, tho " natural allies " of the Slaveholding Democracy,wenl against it with great unanimity. On this subject tho last Watchman very justly remarks : Wo put it to the Whig abolitionists of Vermont: is this a time to weaken tho band of tho friends of liberty by a distinct political party on slavery 1 Again : behold tho motion of Mr. Mor gan, ono of the best Whigs as well as ono of the best of statesman in Congress from New York J it is put down by tho coalition of Northern locofocos and the slavo power, and the high priest who presided over the unhal lowed marriage rites was a locofoco from Ohio. Let tlicso things be noted ayo, and remembered, too. WHAT SHALL BE DONE. Our language has no terms of reprobation Strong enough to express the feelings with which well imformed men must view the conduct of those selfish politicians, whose experiments upon our currency, have bro't tuch wide spread ruin and distress upon the nation. With what emotions must the man of business reflect on the events of the lust fourteen years 1 Foil', infatuation, mad ness, are feeble words when applied to the projects which havo produced tho appaling results we now see. Never in the history of tho world has such a spectacle been wit nessed. It is unnecessary to recapitulate. We need not remind our reader of a curren cy (as near perfectfon as any thing human can be) destroyed of speculation stimulated to madness by wild expansion of the crea tion of innumerable banks without a substan tial basis of the new expedient, when all others had failed, of a specie sub-treasury and finally, of tho confusodand terror strick en disgrace, in which tho Van Burren Ad mimstratinn came to an end. All these tilings aro fresh in the minds of every reader and when duly reflected on, who can won der that a spirit is aroused in the breasts of our business men, far deeper and stronger than any that has yet been exhibited. Is it nothing that business has been tramclledand mado a profitless toil that industry lias been rendered unavailing that labor seeks in vain its accustomed reward that thous ands have been reduced to absolute suffering and want? Ara all those, slight evils, which moil should look upon tamely and endure without an effort to remove them 1 Aro they evils without cause or tho cause of which is unknown 7 Every man who is capable of tracing the connection between cause and effect and whose mental vision is not blind ed by party prejudice, knows to what they are to be attributed. Every Whig under stands it, and in tho present state of things, ho finds the strongest confirmation of the correctness of his political opinions. All that the wise and patriotic leaders of our party long since predicted, has come to pass. And now are the hcaits of tho business com munity so tame are their spirits so crushed and broken as to submit in craven despon doncy, to all that party wickedness has in flicted ? Is there a drop of blood, worthy of their ancestors, still flowing in their veins, or does tho sluggish stream curdle like a stag nant pool, with listless indifference? Nine-tenths of our business men think with us on this subject. To them wo speak. Wo ask them to look at their busiucss, as it now appears and to reflect on their pros pects for the future. Wo ask them once moro, to consider tho causo of tho existing condition of the country to reflect on what they have heard and read for years past the predictions of Whig statesmen the Cassan-dra-liko warnings of Clay and Webster, war nings too true, yet not believed till they were fulfilled. We ask them to consider these things and then to say what shall be done. Let us look at what the Van Burenites propose. Hear their weak and miserable attempts tocscapo the responsibility ! "The Whigs," say they,' have been in power two years, and we arc no better off than before. Let us now return to the sub-treasury." But who brought us to tho condition in vt liicli we were placed two years agol The prcscn t state of the country is only a continuation of what we then experienced. Need we repeat the insurmountable obstacles which have been in the way of the Whigs tho death of our Leader the failure of our measures 'through the defection of his successor. Is there a whig in the Union so blind as not to tee and understand it all 1 What then shall bo donoi Wo answer, renew the eonjlict I Another battle must be fought, and every man who loves his country who loves himself, his family, his fireside, bis home, must enlist durinq the wah! Politics at Washington. The Washing. ton correspondent of the U. S. (Phil.) Gazette, who signs himself "Oliver Oldscliool" make the following remarks on some of tho aspects of the times at the federal city. Mr. Calhoun looks cheerful, as if buoyant with hope : let him take caro of the northern fox, with southern propensities. Tho contest U now narrowed down to these two aspirants in that party. Gov. Cass is here, but has made no new impression; there is no room for him. Tho Madisonian you will ob;erve, has taken ground against Mr. Van Huron, and in doing so, turns his battery from tho Whigs against that section of the Locos and is covertly aided by the Cal. hnun section. Meantime, Mr. Tyler indulges a 'hope that he can yet get tho nomination of ttiat party, in conseiiuent ot uivisiuii cxieuug between the friends of Calhoun and tho friends f Van Duron, by the help of tho Executivo rename, ll IS ttmueiii:; i ecu mc uamu n among these tnreo aspirants, piayeu nv - . ". 3 1 and tne party, gooo, easy souis, gospel. Won, Hubard, Hunier, Chartos J. Ingcrsoll, Wm. W. tuggs, icoancy, Ko"cra, ssaunucrB, omiw, anraus, Sprigg, Stanly, Slccnrod, A. f. ll- Stuart, J. T. Stuart, Summers, Swciiey, Taliaferro,J. B. Tltomp mnn. If. it' ''j,n,n,i. Jacob Thomnson. Trwlttt, ANIMAL MAGNETISM. Mn. Richardson of Mohtpelier lias giv en two experimental lectures, beforo tho cit izens of this town, during tho present wcok, on tho subject of Animal Magnetism. His xpcrinicnts wero witnessed by a very res pectable audience, nnd wcrcquito successful. On a subject where thero is so much of theo ry, and so littlo of positivo knowledge, wo confess wo arc unwilling to advanco an opin ion, not because wo desire to gain credit for superior wisdom by practising a cautious non-committalism, butbocausowo can hard ly form an opinion in which we havo much confidence ourself. Wo will howovcr say that if Mr. R. is nn imposter, ho is so dexte rous and adroit in his legerdemain that ho has eluded tho detection of our most sagacious and intelligent citizens. His lectures were mainly experimental. Ho docs not under take to explain, or account for, the phenom ena he produces. And in our opinion, if other locturers, on this subject, would follow his example, they would meet with belter success. CTlio Constitutional Convention ad journed on Thursday morning of last week without adopting any of the proposed amend ments. Tho voto on the proposition to sub mit fututo amendments of tho Constitution directly to the people themselves stood ayes 39, nays 183 1 1 Messrs. Kellogg, of Rock ingham, and Lyman, of this town, tho two candidates of tho " Democracy " for Gov ernor and Lieut. Governor, voted with tho nays I Governor Jen.mso.v voted aye, Query : Had n't tho " Democracy" better send for Governor Dorr, and declare war against the " Algcrincs," a la Rhodo Island ? The Weekly United States Gazette. We received last week the first number of tho weekly issue of tha United Stale Ca zetto, and beyond the assertion that it is a large nnd fine looking hebdomadal, we do not mean to say any thing not much, at any rate ; for tho weekly paper is of course made up principally of tho matter which pre viously uppoars in the Daily Gazette. What that is, most newspaper readers in the Uni ted States know already. In point of sterl ing politics, good feeling, good sense, scho lastic acquirement, wit and sprighlliness of style, it has no superior in the country. Nor is there a public journal which pursues a milder or moro Catholic course towards those with whom it differs ; while there is no want of firmness in maintaining its own po sitions, and no lack of pungency in repelling attacks. Tho weekly paper will contain much miscellaneous matter, over and above the diurnal lucubrations of tho editor. Communication. FIRE, FIRE! Don't bo alarmed, gentle reader, your house is not on fire, neither am I crying firo from the house top?, or echoing it in the streets to sum mon you to aid in extinguishing firo on jour neighbor's house, I wish to call your attention to the meeting of the Burlington Fire Company on the 23th January, instant. I perceive the at tention of the public is called to tho necessity of procuring a Break Engine, Suction Hose, and Cisterns, in the notice of said meeting. I am pleased to sco this subject engrossing tho atten tion of the company. 1 have been a member some time, and have long seen the necessity of more efficient means being provided for exting uishing tires. Our Engines are good of their kind, hut they have not sufficient power to bo of much service, particularly in our two and three story buildings. The Boxer Engine located on tho Square is about worn out and a now and larger one is absolutely necessary to cflbct any thing in this district. Wilhin the circle of GO rods from tho centre of this district there aro G churches, a Court House and Jail, -i three story Hotels, and Banks, 15 three stnrv Stores, be sides a large number of 2 and 2 1.2 story stores and dwelling-houses and many of them situated so compact and contiguous as to endanger each other by fire. Imagino a fire in tho rnof of one of theso blocks, )ou would sco tho Boxer prompt on the ground, to be sure, but then what, they would try to do something and the firo would burn on and their exertions would be ol little or no avail ; and then think of the conse quences. ISow imagine in such a case that this hngine Company had a large break engine with suction hose, manned by their Ho ambitious nnd young members, supported by sufficient water, and you would soon see the shingles fly, and hear instead of the crackling flames, the sub missive hiss of the fire at the water, and before half the number who usually attend to try to do something had arrived, the cheerful cry of out, out ! would be sounded and echoed thro' the throng' and all would retire in peace and safe ty. The expenso of these things would bo tri fling when properly divided by those directly in interest. Therefore I hope the people of this district will look to their own interests and that of the village enough to shell out the needful and procure the necessaries. JL. a. A BEAUTIFUL SENTIMENT. At a late celebration of the landing of the Pilgrims, by tho New England Society in New Orleans, Judge Alexander Porter responded to a call upon him which is thus notict-d by tho Picayuno : Quite the happiest speech of the evening was that of juugeroKTcn, which kept tne tame in a roar, while it touched deeply tho sensibilities of every Yankee pres ent, lie closed his remarks with the following senti mcnt : "The Rock of Plymouth! Theprophetofold struck the rock, and living water pushed forth. The pilgrim "fathers touched New England, and virtue, learning, 'civilization, and freedom sprung up beneath their feet." A New Knpland man f.avs the Picavtine should hear this sentiment introduced in gracelul eloquence, and in a strange land, to appreciate! the emotions which uexcucu. Loco Foco Legislation. One of the most beautiful samples of this sort of legislation is no. ticcd by a correspondent of the Cloveland Her aid as being under consideration in tho Loco Foco Legislature of Ohio, the hill is stated to provido as follows : "In its present shape it requires thcj'udgment cred itor to select whether he will have his execution against f oods and chattels, inhere be any, or against lands, f he issues against landsihc SherilTto levy on enough, appraised by arbitrator chosen by the parlies and the Sheriff, to pay the debts and costs, and put the cred itor in possession of the same, and the creditor to raise money enough to pay all Iho costs. Thus it compels the creditor to take land at the apnrieal of men m m a cash debt, and still worse, compels him to raise money to ihe amount ot tne costs, anu pay it over and lane lunus ior pay." A Great Race, The great four mile race over tho Louisiana courso, on the 24th ultimo' between Miss Foole. Georee Mar tin, and George W. Kendall, was tho best race overrun in tho world tho two first heals being absolutely two seconds faster than tho celebrated contest between Fashion nnd Boston. George Martin took the first heat, anu JMiss tooto the second and third i George W. Kendall distanco the secsnd heat Time, lit Heat, 7.80 J J 5J1, 7,SJ ; Ui, 7.51 Pennsylvania. Hon. James Buchsnsn was, on Tuesday, re-elected by the Legislature of this State a Senator of tho United Slates, for six years from tho 4th of March next this be ing his third election, l he voto stood : senate. House, jomi. James Buchanan, (Loco) 17 67 74 John Bnnks, (Whig) 15 40 64 Scattering, (Loco) 0 2 2 Buchanan's majority over Banks, 20) overall, 13. Maine. The committee of tho Legislature appointed to examine tho votes given for Gov ernor, havo reported as follows, viz. Whole number of votes, 71,739 John Knirfield has 40,855 Edward Robinson (Whig) 26,745 James Applelon (Abolitionist) 4,090 Scattering, 103 Canadian Scat op Government. Tho Quebec Mercury says that a despatch rela ting to tho choico of a location for tho seat of government was brought by tho last steam ship, and rumor adds that the choico being left to tho provincial Government, it has fallen upon Montreal. We notice in Pennsylvania the manage of Mr. Wright 1 Miss. Betterway. Mr. Wright had no doubt read Pope's Universal Prayer, particularly the following verso of it: If I am right, thy grace impart Still in the right to stay t If I am wrong, oh I teach my heart To find tho better way. For tho Burlington Freo Press. IjOVE. There i9 a name, which, on my lips, Though seldom breathed, forever dwells Like hidden music, rocked to sleep Within the ocean's painted shells. There is a bright, yet pensive eye, Which ever on my pathway shines. As through tho night the gentle atari Look down and light tho datkest mints. A voice, whose lender accents sound As if it wero the soul which spake) And, of that voice, the lightest tone Qoth in my heart wild echoes wake. And this is Love I the only one Of Eden's torn and trampled flowers, Which, sheltered by some angel'a wing, Slill lives to bless ibis earth of ours. I?. M. T. The Burlington .nechniiics Institute, will meet at tho Court House, this cveninn at half nast C o'clock. A lecture may he expected (if the weathershould not euniavoranic)on I'.lectnc l'henomcna.accompanied hv experiments. Gentlemen who arc not members. feeling an interest in the success of the Inslitute, aro respectfully invited to attend, and will be charged 12 1-2 cents at the door, for the benefit of the Socie- ty. L.acies admitted Ircr. liy order of the directors, J. U. JU11NSUN, Secretary, At a meeting of the Burlington Total Abstinence society, noiuen at tno court uou;e, on tho I3th Jan uary 1813, it was Resolved, That tho thanks of said Society be prcscmea to tne cuampinin Transportation Lompa' ny for the resolution passed at iho late annual meet' ingof that Comnanvrenucstin" their din-nnra m li. continue ihe sale of all intoxicating liquors on board B. F. SIcFARLAND, Secretary. NOTICE. A Lecture is expected, at the Court House, on Monday evenin" next, from Mr Hvde. of Saratorra. accompanied by experiments upon different kinds of niiuAibaiiu; uuursi, &iiuwuig uicir composiiion anu uiu piujjuruuu oi jiiconoi in eacu. 13 f order of Comm. Jan. 20, 1S43. In Shclburn, on tho 15th inst., Mrs. Jclia Louisa wife of Myron Read, and daughter ofE.W. Spear, l.sq. aged 31 years. , In this town, on tho 7th inst., Ciiablks, son of Carlos and Lucy Wainwriglit, aged 4 years 4 months and 7 days. As the sweet flower which scents the morn, But withers in the rising day, Thus lovely seemed the infant's dawn I Thus swiftly fled his life away t Trc sin could blight, or sorrow fade, Death timely came with friendly carei Tne openina duo 10 neav en conveyed, And badoit bloom forever there. Vet the sad hour that took the boy Perhaps has spared a heavier doom, Snatched him from scenes of guilty joy, Or from the pangs of ills to come. Ho died before his infant soul Had ever burned with wrong desires Had ever spumed nt Heaven's control, Or ever quenched its sacred fire. He died to sin, ho died to care j Butfora moment fell the rod, Then, springingon the viewless air, Spread his light wings, and soared to God. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. IN UAKRUPTCY. Notice to show cause against Prtion of SBMUT.L WHIPPLE, of Williston.forhis Discharge and Certificate, asn Bankrupt, nt the Court House. in Windsor, in said District on Wednesday, the 24th dtv of Mav. A. D. 1813. at 10, A. M. ALBllO K. BISHOP, of Burlington, for his Discharge nnd uerlincate, ns a uankrupt, nt tne uourt I i oust-, in Windsor, in said District, on Wednesday, the 24th dav of Mav. A. D. 1813. at 16. A. SI. FRANCIS H. JOYNUt, of Richmond, for his Dis- cUaigo and (Jcrlilicite, as a uankrupt, at the Court House, in vv incisor, in saiu uistnct, on Wednesday, tne Ziin uay oi May, a. u. idu, at iu, a. m. LARGE AUCTION SALES TO-MORltOW, CONSISTING of Nos. 4, 5, and 6 Box,-Nos. 2, 3 ami 4. Parlor, and 2. 3. i and 5 Cook Stores Besides, a largo lot of FURR and CLOTH CAPS j new double and ungie M AKi i.asii, ana o,UUUUi gars some ot tne tirst quality, By Jan. vu. M ii. 'iiiuaiAS. CABINENT FURNITURE. rTtHK SUBSCRIBER would remind the Public, M. that he still continues the CABINENT BUSI NESS at the Old Stand, on Church Street, formerly rvicnois . iierrick, ana over nir. iiurioui s More, wherehe has a eood assortment of Mahozanv. Black Walnut. Cherry and Pine FURNITURE, consistinu ol secretaries: nureaus; aoiast Dining, lea, work. and Toilet, Tames; ueusieaas ana stands, which he will sell for cash unusually low, according to the times. WANTED, In nchamre, Birch and Slaple SCANTLING, suits blefor Hedsteds 2 inch, 1 inch, 5 Sths and 1-2 inch HASSWOOD, WHITE PINE BOARDS, BIRCH BOARDS, and most kinds of Country Produce. ricasecaii anu examine ior yourselves. SA51UEL NICHOLS. Butlington, Jan. 13, 1813. 34lf James II. Maxell's Estate. YIE Ihe mWcril eri-beimr appointed by ihe Hon- nrahlvthe Probile Court for the Di-trict of lirand 1-le, CommMoners lo examine ind adjust all claun and demand of all pennngaiiit the estate . e I . Rf L'o III II irv v .1. iy - r. til J.nur.0 iu., I'l iiurill lieru, in Ham 1JIB- trier. renreented insolvent. nndaUo all claims and d'tnandt exhibited in ntlett thretoi and six monihr from the 20lh day of December last, being allowed by mid court for that pur-note, wo do therefore here. by give nou'ceihat wo will attend to ihe lniMsesj of ours-a hi appointment at ite dwelling House ol the wid ow Jane flaxen in North Hero, on the second Tues day of February next, from nine o'clock, A. SI. until 4 o'clock, P, SI. ofi-mJ day. JOHN KNIGHT, 1 Commission JABKZ LAUD, j ers. North Hero, January 2d, 1843. 34 3w Marclal Rowley's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rTIIIF. Honorable Ihe DUtrict of ChillenJcn, s s. J L Probate Court for the District ot Chittenden : To all persons concern ed in tno elate ofSlAUCIAL ROWLEY, late of Mil ton, in raid District, deceancd, greeting. Whereas, Philena Rowley, administratrivof Ihe estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account ofher administration, and present her account against said estate for examination and allowance at a sec. sionol the Court of Probate, to le holdenatthe Reg ister's office in Burlington in said District, on the second &ineaay oi rebruary next Therefore. 1 on are nen lb lime and You are hereby notified lo appear before faid court at in time anu piacn aiurrsaia, anu snow cause, it any you have, why the account aforesaid should not Le af- Given under my hand at Burlington, this 17th dty oi January, A. D. 1843. 34" Sw WM. M'6TON, Rejitt.r, ASSIGNEE'S SALE IN BANKRUPTCY. NOTICE is hereby Riven that by virtui of the sev cral orden and decrees in Bankruptcy in thcfol lowing cases, issued out of tbe District Court of the United Slates., for the District of Vermont, 1 will tell at Public Auction nt thctimes and places hereinafter mentioned, such effects of the Bankrupts named be low, as ucamc vesieuin meoy vinuo oi tno octrees aforesaid. Effects of Timothy W. It. Nlcko!s, of Essex. A Saw Mill situated in Milton. Vt. standing: on land owned by Philander Mars', subject to nn attach ment of Kern and Walker of Burlington, Alto, One nan ine Aim House in ine mm yard near u. i yier a in Esvexi All Ihe Interest ofT. W. H. Nichols in a contract made with Samuel Page of, for the rent of three and half acres of land in Ejsei, Also, any lien or interest the said Nichols may have in a contract made wilh Samuel Pagefor buildinglhewood work oflwentySleighsv A7o, the notes and accounts siirrcndeied by f aid Nichols anil due him when declar ed a Bankrupt. The above sale at Ira Barney's Inn, in Essex, on Thursday, February 16, 1813, at 2 o' clock, P. M. Edicts of Leonard M, Dixon, of Undcrhlll. All ihe rich! and interest of Leonard M. Dixon, to ono acre of land, on which i erected a Starch Facto ry, saw nun ami nam, lying in unacrniuj une other piece of land of about (ortv four feet square, on which irccted a Store, lying in Undcrhlll i About thirty acres of land situalcdpartly in Jericho and part ly in Underbill, on tho west sido of the road leading irum Annul uusiwith. ttuu ucruss uuucnuii uui?, Alto, a Pew, No, 38, in the fecond Congregational meet mr-houcin unuerin . ine lorraoinir cicfcntcu Sroperty sold subject to mortgages given to Hosca paldingandto Kcuben Marcy, by said Dixon, nil of wnicnwili uemore particularly uescrncuai ine iiiuu of sale j Also, the notes and accounts surrenderedby laid Dixon, remainina uncollected at thetuneof sale. The above sale nt Martin C. Barney's Inn, in Un- aermu,oa irway, February 17, 181 J, at 10 o'clock, .1. Al. Effects of Joseph Cook, of nurllncton. All tho interest ofJo.-coh Cook to the House and land occupied bv him in Burlington. conMinc of a yiuu acres oi lanu wnn tneannurtenenccs. sub ject to a mortgage given for sundry notes executed dv saiauook to Carlos tsaxier oi mining ton J Also, an ine microti wnicn i ne saiu uook mav nave to sun dry articles mortuased to Dorotha Utltr of Burlinir ton, to secure the payment of one hundred and fifty dollar', all of which will be particularly described at the time of sale. Sale of the above properly at my omcein Muriington, onsaturuay, feuuary is, H, at 11 o'clock, A. M. Effects of Daniel II. Tucker, of nuntlngton. All the rieht and interest of Daniel B. Tucker, to certain land Iving in Huntington, purchased in con nection wilh 3ilas Tucker, Lcingthe residence of said Tucker, subject to n claim of three hundred dollars anJinlerel Irom July, IS3U; Alo, sundry articles of farming uleniils, one thrte year old heifer, one horse, 7 sheep, and the equitable interet of said Tucker to produce raised on said larm. The above sale nt my oihce in liurlington, Saturday, rekruary 18, 1813, at 2 o'clock, P.M. Effects of Samuel Whipple, of Wltllston. All the intcre-t ot Samuel Whipple to one equal undivided half of the following lands in Bolton, Vt. in the oriainal charter of New Huntington, in the Coun ty of Chittenden, to wit lots No. 235 of 82,75 acres 23G of 19 nrrc 237 of 13J acre. 238 of 30 acres 239 of 30 acres 210 of29i acres 241 of 21i acre.-. a dcscril ed in a deed from William Allen to Samuel Whipple, and recorded in Book 4lh, Page 445oftown Records in Bolton, Also, the notes and accounts surrendered to me bysaid Whipple. The above sale at my oliii e. Saturday, February 18:h, 1813, at 2 o' clock, P. 31- Fflects of Calvin White, of Milton. All the notes, claims and accounts of Calvin White, of Milton, iirrendcred by lum under tbe act ol Bank ruptcy which may icmam uncollected, and which will be particularly de-criLed at the time of sale. Sale at my office, in Burlington, Sal.irday, February 18, at 2 o'clock, P. M. NATHAN B.HASWELL, Assignee. Burlington, Jan. 17, 1843. 31 Stephen Halgbl's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) T"MIE Honorable the District of Chittenden, ss. I X Probate Court for the District of Chittenden : To all persons concerned in the estate olSTfctTlI-.IN HAIUHT, late otUurling ton. in said District, deceased, -rrcetinir. Whf.kea". Ezra Slecch. administrator of the estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, and present nis account against said estate for examination and allowance at a ses sion of tho Court of Probate, to beholden at the Reg ister's office in said Burlinslon,onlhe second Wednes day of February next. Therefore. You are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time and place aforesaid, and show cause, if any vou have, why the account afcrcsaid should not le allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 10th day Ol January, A. U. 1HJ. 31 3w WJI. WESTON, Register, BASS VIOLS. MELODIANS, Bass Viols, and Double Bass Viols; very fine ones, suitable for small or larae Church es. Individuals or Choirs arc invited to examine them. PANG BORN Sc BRINS5IAID Jan. 1913. 31 CURE FOR 7f O R HE IS . Fahuestock'g Vcrmlfuee. Prepared by the subscriber, and sold Wholesale and Retail at the Drug Warehouse of B. A. Fahnestock & Co., Pittsburgh, Penn-vlvania. THIS prenara'ion ha now Mood the test of several years' trial, and i confidently recommended as u sale and ellectual medicine for expelling worms from the system. The unexampled success which has attend ed its admini-iralion in every case where the patient was really afflicted wilh worms, certainly renders it worthy the attention of phyician. The propneior has made it a point lo asserlain the result of it use in such cases as came within his knowledge and observation and he invariably found it to produce the most salutary eHect not (infrequent ly after nearly all the ordinary prepavations recom mended for worms had teen previou-ly re-oned to without any permanent advantage. The fact is at-te-ted by the certificates and statements of hundreds of respectable per-ons in different narts ofthe country. and should induce families always to keep a phial of lliu Jll (.JIUIUIIUII lllllicil IU3-CSSIUII, II IS IIIUU 111 119 operation, and may be administered with perfect safe ty to the mot delicate infant. The Genuine Vermifune is now nut in one ounce phiaN, with this impression upon tne glass, "FAH-Nr-SIOCK'S VERMIFUGE," and ihe directions accompanying eacn vial nave tne signature ot the proprietor; any medicine put up in plain ounce vials and the signature of which does not correspond with the above de-cription, is not my Genuine Vermifuge. Th subscriber deems it his duly to use the above precautions in order to guard the public azainst mis taking other worm preparations fcr his deservedly popular Vermifuge. This medicine lias teen known but a short lime in Burlington, but through the wester States it has been the mol popular und efficient worm remedy for a pe riod of nearly 15 years being used in the practice of regular puysicians. In the Canada s where it has been known but about two years tho sales have been very creat. Leinsr about 500 gross. The Surgeons of Her Slajesly's troops and local physicians make constant Use of it in their practice. CAUTION. There is an article called "Kolm- stwk's Vermifuge" lately put in circulation by the house of Comstoek & Co., of New York, which is re presented as 11115 tne "same as r ahnestock." 1 his is not Ihe case, for Kolmstock's Is a base imitation preserving none ofthe virtues of our excellent medi cine. The only security 10 the nubile is lo enquire .:...l-l.. r ' r. . "l-f.L . mr . parutuiariy ior u. n. r aancsiocK I rermijugt, and avoid all other articles bearing similar names, For sale, singly or per dozen, bv PECK & SPEAR. Manufacturing Druggists, and vendors of all Gen uine Patent Medicines. Burlington, Vt., Jan 18, 1842. 4m34 NOTICE. THE STOCKHOLDERS of the Burlington Slill Company, are hereby notified to meet at tha of fice of said ComDanv. in Colchester, on the 13th dav of February next, at nine o'clock forenoon, for the ncciiuu ot seven Directors ior ine current year, sndai so 10 transact such other business as may be found necessary. T. FOLLETT, Secretary. Colchester, Jan. 12, 1813. 33 lw S. jV. GAUT & CO'. RESPECTFULLY inform the inhabitants ol Bur lington and vicinity, that they have opened a NEW GROCERY if- PROVISION STORE, on College tt., next door east of II. Thomas' Auction Room, where they intend lo keep constantly on hand, all kinds of Family Groceries and other articles of ne cessity vix ; Teas, and Coffee, Cod Fish, Peppar Sauce, Candles, Bar Soap, Bl'k if Scotch Snuf, Day dr Slarlin't Liqud Blacking, Black Ball, Ink, Lemons Tamarinds, Dates, Herrings, Indigo Pepper, Spice,Casiia, Ginger, JYutmegs, Cloves ; Rice, Cocoa, Ground Mustard, Brown cf- Loaf Sugar, Jllolassts, Box cf- Keg Raisins, I obacco, Liatnp uu, tfc. rj-c, . Thev have alo, a small ossortmenl of CROCKER f. AND GLASS WARE, which they wilt H t a e ma 11 profit. Al.o, Boston Soft and Cold Water Cracker and Pilot Bread, a pure article. Tbe above article they will sill merely asking a small advance from cost. They bava also, an assortmrnt of Coolitctioaary and Nun. Pleas give us a call. Burlington, pee, 23, 1143. Xfcf ALBANY ARGUS. DAILY, SEMI-WEEKLY, AND WEEKLY. THE proprietors of the Argus leg tare to in form their friends throughout the Stale, that they provost to commence the New Ycaruithan en larged sheet, and soon afterwards) with such typo graphical improvements, aswillrender It worthy, as they hope, of the continued popular support and the confidence of the Democracy. Their arrangements hate been made, as usual, for prompt and full reports of the Legislative pro- ceeaingsi anajor inc eariypuoucaiwnqj me iniciu- gence uy liic 7f,ui(9 unit ncu'a vj titzuwj They suggest to their political friends In all cases to gire their first subscription to their local nctcspa- per. next to that, the fttGvsis at their scrcice, ana mil be sent, ttiri a eraiciui annreciaiion or ine noer- at subscription list and approxal it has long enjoyed, to all who desire a paperfrom the seat of Ooternmenl. DAILY AHOUS iiper annum. Ttnpcrccnt dcduition for payments in adtance. SEMI-WEEKLY ARGUS-Slper annum. Containing all the matter of the daily paper. wisuixu Y Aiiuuaatncrannum, navaoiein- variably in advance. A publication of eight large quarto pages, containing nearly an me mauer oj me six daily papers, with acopious index. This paper, whichwill be found valuable asa reading and politi cal sheet, and useful for reference, will also be much enlarged. Any 'person procuring five subscribers, shallot entitled to an additional copy. CtlOSWELL, VAN DYCK f- CO. Albany, December 20, IS 12. BOOTS $ SHOES. 1TENS Sewed and Pcg'd Thick Boots, J.TX do do do CalfKip and Seal do Boys do do do and Thick do Youths do do do do Slens Sewd and Pegd. Calf Downing?, do do Kip Brogans do Storrocco and Calf Pumps Boys and Youths Kip Brogans Women's Gaiter Boots (Farewell's) do Slorrocco Shoes and Slips do do Call Bootees do do Shoc, do cheap Leather Slips, Misses cheap do do and Shoes, do morocco do do Children Cncks and do For sale cheaper than the cheapest by S3 DANIEL DAVIS. DISSOLUTION. THE Copartnership hprelolore exi-ting between BROWN fc CROSMAN.n this dav bv mutual consent dissolved, all the concerns of said Company will be adjusted l.y J K. Iiiosman. OSCAR BROWN. Winooski. Jan. 9ih. 1813. E. R. CROSMAN. N. B. The Uusine-s will be continued as heretofore all those that wish for Castings of anv description can l e supplied on low terms. n33w3 E. R. CROSMAN. WltAPPINO PAPER. "VNE thousand rams, assorted sizes, for sale by Dec. 23. 31 C. GOODItirH. WHEAT. A FEW bushels good I right SPRING WHEAT, and also, a few bushels best PINK-EYE POTA TOES are wanted in exchange for Goods. Apply at tne corner 01 unurcn anu college street, 10 Dec. 30. 31 JOSEPH WAIT. M. C, RATIIBUN, DRAPER AND TAILOR, (Nearly opposito tho Bank,) Church St. 32 tf Bcbuxotosj, Vt. ANEW MILCH COW, five years old, for sale by SAS1UEL H. BARNS. Charlotte, Jan. E, 1813 3w. Fire Notice. T'HB members of tho Bublinoton Fine Comi-ant JL aro hereby notified, lliat the annual inectin; of saio company win uc noiden at Jonn Howard s 110 tel. on tho fourth Wednesday, the 23th dav of Jnnun ry A. D. 1843, at 7 o'clock in the afternoon, for the choice of 10 Wardens, a Clerk and Treasurer: and for the transaction of all other business required by tho Charier and by-laws of said Company. j A punctual attendance of all the members is de sired, as business of importance is expected to be laid beforo the meeting : among other Ihngs, the Com pany need a Break Engine, with Suction Hose, and one or more Cement Cisterns, to be located at some central points, the expenses of which must be deftay cd, either by voluntary subscriptions, or bv assess ment upon the members. The prompt payment of entrance ices ami assessments are an very necessary, but the cheerful performance of all the personal duties required of the members is ofthe utmost importance in promoting the best interests of this Company and rendering it emcient 111 time ot need. The House-holders of this village who arc. as vet. not members are respectfully rcnuestcd to attend to join this Company and contribute their proportion of pecuniary means and personal evcrlions, in sustain iug me vunipuny, in uieir worn 01 protection. By order. LYMAN CUMMINGS, Clerk. Burlington, Jan. 2 1643. LAW BOOKS. COMMON law: reports. 39 vols, Conden-rd English Chancery Reports 13 " United States C Wendell's Reports 25 Cowen's do 9 Hill's do 2 Paige's Chancery Reports, 8 New York Dizcsl, calf 2 do do sheen 4 American Chancery do 2 otarkies hvidence, 3 3 vols, new edition. Cowen's Phillinns do 4 vols. Laws ol the United Stales, by Story, Kent's Commentaries, Tomlinson's Law Dictionary v&lb Clarke's Rudiments and Practice. Just received ys iiea. ij. 1-juj u. uuuukiv.ii. "ITE the subscribers, having been appointed bv VV tho Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adjust tho claims and demands of all per sons against the estate of SECRETARY RA W SON. lateof Jericho, in said District, deceased. rrnre. sentcd insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in oflsct thereto; and six months from tho uay 01 tuo uate nereoi, octng allowed uy saiu uourt ior inai purpose, we oo tncreiore ncreuy guo nonce, that we will attend to the business of our appoint ment, at the dwelling of widow Lucy Raw son. in Jeiicho, in said District, on the second Saturdays of January, rcDiuary and way next, at tu 0 clock, a.m., on each of said days. Dated, this Mill day of November, A. D. 1S42. 3q iUjiii,,iMl,usil.l, -:. .:. AARON BURNETT, ' Commissioner!. Rdwartl Farrlngtou's Kstate. "17"E THE SUBSCRIBERS, havine been bp pointed by the Honorable Iho Probate Court for tho District of Chillcnden. commissioners to re ceive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of an persons, against the cstato ol t-im ,i(U Mil KINGTON, lato of liurlington, in said District, de ceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in olUel thereto; and six months Irom the day ot tne uate hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our ap pointment, at the store of J. W. Weaver in Colches ter, in said District, on the tenth days of January and June next, at 10 o'clock, A. SI., on each of said days. Dated, this 9th day of December, A. D. 1842. J. W. WEAVER, ) Commission G. W. HORTON, 1 ers. RRULIiN'GTON FEMALE SEMINARY Tim Trustees of this institution would inform the public, that, at the expiration of tho current quarter, in February next, its management will de volve upon Mrs. Geosoe Paine, as Principal, who will take ihe place of Sliss Lee, the present mcuin bent. The Trustees, relying on the high and acknowl edsed aualifications of Sirs. Paine for the cavern ment of such an Institution, invite public attention to Ihe roliowing terms and regulations: The Sruisa Tem will commence en Wednesday the 1st of Starch next, and continue, as usual, twenty two weeks. TERMS. Board, including washing, fuel, lights, etc. has been reduced lo so.uu per quarter,! 11 weeKsj nan payable in advance. Tho Boarding department will continue under the care of Mr. Braman. Tuition in English branches 5,00 per quarter, half payauie in uuvuucr. Drawintr. including sketching from nature. and painting in water colors, ..... 85,00 French, Italian or German, each ... 5,50 Latin, 3 00 Piano, Organ or Guitar, per quarter 10,00 Use of Instrument for practice .... 00 The French and Italian classes are under the care of Slonsieur Bocchetie. Pupils are not received for a less period than one quarter, but deduction will bs made from the above charges, in case of protracted illness. It is desirable that pupils should board in Iho Semi nary where thev will at all limes be under the special charge of the Principal, who, bearing in mind the importance of health in the pursuit of their studies, will constantly aim at their physical as well as their moral and intellectual improvement. In behalf of the Trustees, GEO. 11. SHAW, Sterdary. Burlington, 20th Dec, 1842. STAGE for PLATTS BURGH. A STAGE will commence running, daily, (Sun days excepted. between Burlington and Plaits burgb, N. Y., eio Grand Isle, as soon as the ice is ccntilered safe. Leaves each place at half-past 8, A, If. AZRO B. BISHOP. Dec.lMMt. JAMS W. HICK0K, ATTORNEY AT XsJLVT. Orncc west side of tho Conrt House Square, Dec. 12, 1812. 29-lf Burlington, Vt. NOTICE. WIIiTiIAM II. CURTIS, ANNOUNCES to his customers and all who may l,o disposed to patronl-t him, that ho has re moved from his stand on Church strccet to Water street, where he may be found In connection wilh Sir. Daniel Davis, at his old nnd well known stand, where by attention to, nnd punctualily in business, ho hopes they may receive their share of patronage) And :dd, that alb demands due him must Le paid Immediately to meet demands against him. Burlington, Dec. 12, 812. 23,v3 AT BURLINGTON", Vt., since the sleighing has been "O good, ihu Goods have slid oil from tho I'copie's lylicap umh&toreal a wonuenni rapid rate nndlheAsrent is so busily ensairod in selling cheap that he hasnottlmetoseif dear. The stock isoneof the mot general and extenive ofany that he has had dnnng the last 20 years, and was probably never cx- ce el nt ni4 store in any lormcr vcars. tncreiore per sons from a distance may come with a confidence of I..: t:...i.;.t. n. I. . r i.. . .1 ouiii suj'i'iiuu wnn iry uuuus ui many vvuijr criptiun that may be wished and at the lowe-t prices or casii, nt nu haku o. Dec. 21, IS 12. 311 CLOCKS II CLOCKS II I A FEW double and singlo O. G. Rood Clocks, whichwill Le exchanged fur Grain or Wood on tlit" most rea-onablo terms by D. DAVIS. water si., uec. xu, lavs. CLOCKS. EIGHT day and 30 hour Clock", Brass or Wood lor sale as low as can be bought any where, for cash, wood or produce. Pangborh d BrUciuid. Clocks not delivered until paid for. uec. iu, evi. -soma NOTICE. HEREBY RELINQUISH to my son, Hahison Pcrinioo. a minor, the remainder of his time, and I wi'l claim none ol Ins carnimrs nor pay any of his debts after this dale. SALMON PERRIGO. Jericho, Dec. 17, IS 42. 30w3 JUST Received by Hurndcn's Express, a new lot of Stttterior Otter CAf. uncolored Boa1, Silk Warn, Alpacca Cloths, Coal Cord', it-c. which ran Le louiid very low at 11. . ua 1 L.11VS. vec.u,ltiYZ. M NOTICE. TMIE Lessees and Debtots of the town of Burlinz, X ton. will please take notice, that their rent and interest will becomo due and payable on the first day 01 January next: and mat punctual payment is ex. pectcd oy A. i uui k. Town Treasurer. uec. is, isi.'. iu Cash nnld for Pork. rTIIE Subscribers will pay cash on delivery for JL lYULL.rAHi.lM'.lll'Ulllt. FOLLETT & BRADLEY Burlington, Dec. 22, 1812. 30 BROWN SHEETING. 6 Bales BrownSheeting, just received and for sale low by LOVELY & SEYSIOUR. . 16,1812. Cash paid for Oats, "N delivery at their Store, Old Dock. FULLIiTT urlinten, Dec.22. 1812. & BRADLEY. 30 ANNUALS FOR 1843. CONSISTING of tho CJIft, Christian Souvlnlr, V r i c n d j h I pN ) fieri n s, Allccuoirs liiit, The Rose. For sale at the Book Store of Dec. 1. 1842. D. A. BllAMAN. NOTICE, WE would inform our customers that we aro in great want of our pay for work for the two last years that we must have it by the 15th of January next, and thoso who expect lo pay in wood or grain, must be punctual; for if not pafd at tho stipulated tune, their accounts and notes will be found in a third man's hands for collection and no piistnke. A. & It. G. DUNCAN. Burlington, Dec.22, 1842. 30 3w A Classical Spelling Uook, CONTAINING rules and reasons for English Or thography and Pronunciation! demed from a complete analysis oi tno language, Dy uev. A. u, CiiAri.v, SI. A., for sale at the Burlington Book Store. Dec. 22 30 D. A. BRAMAN. TEMPERANCE ALMANACS, J70H sale by D. A. BllAMAN. A. Dec. 22. 30 Buffalo Robes. "iVTORTHWESTFRN BUFFALO ROBES, of ll prime quality, for 6alc by LOVELY & SEYSIOUR. Dec. 22, 1842. 30 Carlyle's lleros in History. FOR sale by D. A. BRAMAN. Dec. 22. 30 Carlyle's French Revolution. TN 2 Vol. for sale by D. A. BRA SI AN. Dec. 22. 30 CARMINA SACRA. TVY LOWELL SIASON.forsaloatihc Bookstore -u ol U. A. JJKAS1AN. Dec. 22. 30 A LPINES, ALPACCAS, CRAPE DE LAINES, l SIUSL1N DE LANES plain and figured, for sale low by LOVELY Sc. SEYSIOUR. Dec. 15, 1S12. PAY UP. EC. I.OOMIP, miil Le paid by the 1st. of January 1813, unle-s souio previous arrangement has I ecu made on all noics and Book accounts that are due, or lecomcdue at that time. This is the last call. NOTICE. OWING to my heavy losses, I shall be olligrdto call on all indebted to mo lo inakepaymcnt,and to sell my Store and Goods to aoid their being sold at ShcriiTsale. I hopo this notice will le sufficient, as I should regret to sue many of my customers that hao dealt with me over twenty years. 1 have a good assortment ofGoods, and they will bo sold. I shall make no accounts alter the 31st day of Decem ber, 1S42, at my Burlington Store. SIDNEY BARLOW. Burliugton, Nov. 23J, 1812. 23-tf HARDWARE. THEsuhnriliT haying rcvriilly replenished his stock of Hardware, oilers for sale tbe following Goods, at the lowest prices. Cutlery. TaMe and De-ert Knives ami Forks, Pen andPock cl Cnive-, Razors, S.'isors, Sheep Shears, Batcher Knives, Rhoe do.. Steel., ifco. tc. Carpenters' and Joiners' Tools, Cast and Spring S.cel Pannel, Hand and Ripping Saws; Circular do. from 8 to 21 inches: Cross-cut and SI ill do j Slaier's Braces and Bills ; Firmer and mortice Chisels ; Gouges, Plane Irons, Aimers, Sim mons' Hand Axes, Adze-, Hammers if-e.; Bangs' and Baldwin's Planes ! Taper, Pit-saw, Mill-saw, Bas tard, Equalising, Warding and Cabinet Files; Shoe, Wool nnd Horse Rasps i a general assortment of Saddlery Hardware. inarming Utensils. Cradles, Scythes, Manure and Hay Forks , Hoes; Ames' Shovels Spade-, Ditching Shovels, Ac. &c Furnishing anil Builders' Hardware. Trays, Britannia Tea and Colfi-e Pots ; Lamps: Spittoons! Hand nnd Tea Bells -.'Castors: Britannia; German nlverand plated Tea and Table Spoons; Metal an 1 enameled Sauce Pans; Frying Pans, Bale Pans, Pot and Kettle-, Brass. ICrttles, Fire !ror., ir. Locks ; B.itt Hinges ; James' Screws: Norfolk and Knob Latches ; Blake's E-culhcon do.j Window Fa s iruing ; Sash Ptilliea : Rail Screws! Bed Screws .Mahogony and Ulaas turaiture Knoiis ; uiue, cSe, Ac. W.M.J. HUNT. June 2 1. Strongs' Building. NOTICE. GRATEFUL for favors already received from an intelligent public, tbe undersigned would solicit the continuance ofthe same from their old custom er, who have furnished us Wool lo manufacture, to I heir own advantage (as they can testify), and would nso be happy thai others who have wool should coireand tlo likewise, ne assure mem we can manufacture it into Ilroadcloths thai will compare wiihanyiulhe Siale, either for home use, or in style for any'market. We are at all times to te found at the Burlincloii Slill. N. It. We will exchance cloths for eood hard body wood, on reasonable terms. ' Iml'l n L' c n - j. Tt iTitntiu Hui.Mrau,i ix naiuuu.. Winooski Falls, Deo. 20, 1842. 31 If stock op hardware: FOR SALE. THE SUBSCRIBER, having determined lo leave Burlincton in the snrinir. offers for sale, for cash, his enure stock of HARDWARE, Rt the invoice cost in New York, nddingthereuuto two per cent, for expense of transportation. As his stock is entirely new, anu weu seicciea, tior prom ot wnicn ne would refer to any Hardware merchant) ami wa purchased previous lo the pas-age of the new TarnI' Bill, he thinks it wou'd be impossible for any person who wished to engage in the business, to do so under more favorable circumstances. WM. J. HUNT. Blrong'i BuUdinr, Dec. SO, 1843. 31 AUCTION SALES; Wednudays, Wednesday Evening; Saturday Evenings, BY H. THOMAS- CTOVES and PIPE, KITCHEN FURNITUR O Farming Utensils, Sleighs and Waggons, Dar Goons, and India Rubber Clothing. Also, A larg lot of Fur and Cloth Winter Caps. Sales continued in tho evening. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rpHE Probate Court District of Chittenden, ss.) J- for the District of Chillcnden. To all persons concerned in lbs estaw of WILLIAM KILBURN, late of Burlington, in said district, deceased, testate. , WiitaiAs, Anna KtLsuaN.the Executrix ofthe last will and lestatnentof the said deceased, has madeap plication to said Court to extend the time limited for settling said estalo and paying tho debts and legacies of the said deceased, ono year from the twelfth day of January, 1813) and slso proposes to render an ac count of her administration and present her account arainst said estate for examination and allowance mtreupon, the said court aforesaid doth appoint Ihe second Wednesday of January, 1843, for hearing and deciding in tho premises, at the office of the Register of said court in said liurlington, anu ooin orucr tn.i all persons concerned be notihed thereol of puouca lion oflhis order three weeks successively in tho Bur lington Freo Press, a newspaper printed in said Bur lington, tne last 01 wnicn puoucauons to oe preTiuu lo tho said second Wednesday 01 January, ioij. Given under mv hind at said Burlington this 21st day of December, A. D. 1842. 3U iv W31. nbaiun, tiegisier. NOTICE. IWi-h to remind those ofiny customers who are indebted tome, that I have struggled through the year, but havo unavoidably been compelled to con tract some debts in order to Le enabled to meet your order-, which in every instance has Lecn promptly dooc. Now these debts which I have made to keep your feet warm and dry must and shall Le paid, it would give me pnui to he compelled to sue any of my customers, but gentlemen whatever may le Ihe amount of your bi!l, whethether fifly tents or fifty dollars, If not paid by thehrst of January next, 1 shaft have no other alternative, uon t lain anout nam lime, that currency is not bankable j why if you knw nan so mucn aooul nam times as i uo,u wouia uiax.a your head swim. JAMES H. PLATT. Burlington, Dee14, 1842. 29w3 Hank of Burlington. NOTICE is hereby given that a meeting of to Stockholders of the Bank of Burlington, will a holden at their Banking Hcuse ontheseeondTuesday ot January next, at 11 o'clock, A. SI. forthe pur pose of choosing tcven Directors for tho year next ensuing. By order of the President and Directors. R. G. COLE, Cashier. Burlington, Deo. 1, 1842. REVOLVING AND OTIIER CASTORS. CASTORS and Castor Bottles, Tea Pols. Snuffers and trays, Candlesticks, Plated and German Silver Spoons, Pewter andiron Spoons, Pint, Nw (!e?. Hooks and Eye', f-bec and Boot Laces and Buckles, Brushes Combs &c., at very lew pricei. Please call and see before you buy. Pancborn St Brikshaid. Dec. 20, 1842, 30ml MUSIC BOOKS. CARMINA Sacra, and Boston Academy, just re ceived by C. GOODRICH. Jan.Cth. 1343. 32 H0TIOZ3. THE subscriber presents his compliments to thoe ol hi- customers, in Burlington and tbe ad jacent towns, whose punctuality have justly meriteJ his esteem, and informs them that eighteen years from the 21lh day of August last past has elapsed since he commenced business amongst them. Thai there has Leen such a want of punctuality amongst the greater part of tho-e whom he has credited, that he is now induced to vary his mode of doing; business. It is a truth, that men of punctuality are reduced to the disagreeaLle necessity of paying the debts of rogues. Every merchant who gives credit, when he regulates the prices of his goods, does or ought to make allowance for bad debts ; by which means tba judicious are reduced to the disagreeable necessity of buying goods at a price above their real value. Therefore, the subscnLer, from this day forward will give no credit I but will reduce the prices of hi goods as low as they can re purchased at any retail store in Burlington wilh the addition of transporta tion. He will constantly keep on hand a very gen eral as-orlinent of Dry Goods and Groceries, and will le di-poted to sell cheap as the cheapest. Many complain that the subscriber is putting them lo eol i -this evil will bv this means be remedied, but those whou demands have Lecome due will not fail of re ceiving a summons after the first of January next. "A word to the wise issifficicnl." Tbe absolute necessity of obtaining relief from pressing demands induced me to appeal to you for the payment of the dues to me. 1 have endeavored lo perform on my pari ofthe contract, and have for borne to urge my friends, till 1 have leeome myself indebted lo an extent that cannot longer be endured, and if my debtors will not pay, IJmust sell all I pos. sers, including the roof that shelters me, sooner than let my crediiors tkink of me as I shall be compelled lo think of iho.e who have received my goods with out paying for them. I have recently mace a thor ough examination of all books and accounts of my business, and the re-ult di-closes nn enormous injus tice from which 1 appeal lo the sol er thoughts of my friends, while I am indebted between two and lhre thousand dollars to my creditors that can no lonjer a ilord indulgence. I find there is due me three time the larger sum named! this'ought not to Let If this address produces no adequate effect, if . more energetic system ot collection shall not afford very early relief, I must turn to something else mjr debts must Le paid. The sands ol my life have not yet run out, the spark which a gracious provide:.c originally infused into my composition is not yet ex tinguished, and my spirit is yet unbroken myener giesare still buoyant, I am destined still to earn ray bread by the swjjt of my brow, audi shall not mur mur that such should bem'v lot to the last day of ray life, I havespiritand energy enough left me todevota a portion of tunelto another vocation, and I hay every confidence that wilh the assistance of others, on who-e co-operalion I have a right to draw, I should soon be relieved from my difficulties and 1 will unhesitatingly resort to it sooner than remain as I am. DANIEL DAVIS. Burlington, Dee. 15, 1842. 29w3 CUFF PINS, STUDS, BUCKl.tS, He. GOLD and Gilt Cud; Hair and Scarf Pins, Studs, Buckle-, head and r.cck ornaments, Topaz Ame-thi-t and olher Broache-, some goods in the Jewelry line very pretty and durable pattern-, of such quality and workmanship as the mo-l particular need not b a hauled towearorgiveas presents. Dec. 20, 1642. Pancborn & BmnshxID. Thompson's late liistory of Ver mont, for aalo by P., A. BRAMAN. STATE OF VERMONT, t The Hon. the Probata District ol Chittenden, ss. ) Court for the District of Chillenden, li all per-ons concerned in the estate of ELL BARNUMlMoC Milton iu said district, dv cca e.l, WHEREAS, Elijah Hernck and Samuel Board man, adui'rs of ihee-tate of said deceased, propose to render nn account of their administration and pre sent their account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session ol the Court ol Pro! ait, lo be holden tu tbe Registers office in Burlington, in said district on tbe second Wednesday of January next. Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear beforsr said Conn at the time and place aforesaid, and shew cau-e, if any yon have, why the account sforaiaid bliouiu not ne auoweu. (men under mv hand at Burlington this thirteenth day ot December A. D. 1812. win. ntoiun, Kigtsler. STATE OF VERMONT, A T a Probate Conn District of Chittenden, ss. -Li. held at Burlington within and for said district of Chillcnden, on Ihs fif teenth day of December, A. D," 1841, comes Cruris F.Warner of said Bnrlington. administrator of lh es tate of THOMAS HOLKLEY. lateof said Burlinr- ton, deceased, intestate, and files in said court his pe tition in writing, selling forth that the said Hocklsy, in his lifetime, and at his decease, was seized in fee of two certain parcels of land in said Barling ton, known as quarter acre lots numbers one hundred ninety-six and one hundred ninety-seven, which sVrd lots wtra held by said Hockley in trust for Jcstcs Bdsdick, of Kalamazoo, in tne state ot jincmgan, and that tha estate of the said Hockley hath been settled and all claims proved, or known to exist against the same, have been fully paid I and praying said court to li cense the said administrator to release the said land to said llurdick, agreeably to the statute in soch cass made nnd provided; Whereupon, the court aforesaid doth appoint tho second Wednesday of Jannary, A. D. 1843, far hearing nnd deciding on said petition, at the office of the Register of said court in said Burling ton, and doth order that all persons concerned be no tified thereof, by publication of this order, containing the substance of said petition, three weeks successive ly in the liurlington Fret Press, a newspaper piint ed in said Burlington, the last of which publication to be previous to said second Wednesday of January, A. D. 1S43. Given under my hand at said Burlington this IStti day of December, A. D 1842. 30 3w WM. WESTON, Rsgisur. TO LET. A Commodious STONE HOUSG alpressnt oeeo- J.M. piedoy DS. HiNisias. For tsrms apply at tha Drenuses. Burlington, Sept. 15, 1842. 15 tf Whito Lend. 1TON White Lead in Oil, 9 do dry Jo. warraataii Mil In aualitv to anv manof cturad in tba United Hiateo-rprica unusually low. 8TRONCS. Nor. to, St.'

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