Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 3, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 3, 1843 Page 3
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THE WOKKINGS OF LOCO FOCO ISM. 'I'lio Stato of Illinois oxliiuitHfec pics nt sponking n most sutisfiirtormtialioii of the peculiar bcnutips hihI bmu'fits of Lo co Foco logisl.ttion. Illinois has always en joyed tliu advantages nf Lnro Foco mlu. Tlio Whigs Imvo had iiritlirr lot nor pail in tho administration of licr nfTairs. Tho Banks, (ho Internal improvements, the Pub lic Debt, and tho heavy taxes nro nil tho creations of her Loco Foco rulers. Tho seed sown in ton years of Loco Foco niis governmont is now yielding its legitimate fruits. The I'ublic Debt is in effect repu diated; the Banks arc till broken; tho Treas ury is entirely empty ; tho currency is an nihilated ; tho I'eoplo nro borne down by taxes which they have not the means of pay ing ; gloom nnd distress overspread thu vrhole State. Yet in tho midst of all this difficulty and disaster, tho work of their own hands, tho Loco Foco legislators of Illinois arc wasting their tinio in quarrelling about tho division of the spoils and in discussing unmeaning resolutions against repudiation. While thus engaged n few days since, n communication was received from the Gov ernor, calling their attention, in tho most earnest terms, to the deplorable condition of the Stale Finances. The Governor in formed them that the utmost difficulty was experienced in procuring tho necessary sup plies for the daily use of the Legislature. Wood which could be obtained for rash at at SI 75 per cord, cost tho State S3 50; candles which were worth 37 l-2cenls per pound cost one dollar ; even tho postage on letters addressed to the Executive Depart ment was with difficulty paid, there being nothing in tho Treasuty but auditor's war rants, and these hardly saleable at fifty cents on the doll ir I Who does not envy Illinois Iter tan years uninterrupted enjoyment of Loco Fuco rule ? Alb. Eve. Journal. POIITIIA IT I'A 1 NT 1 NG. Wo do not redollect to have sen, Jafolv n more perfect likeness of a modem demo crat " than is presented in thu following ex- . . . .1 It.' 1 r r-. . . tract irom ino uuen, i. r. uazelte. it is the work of a true artist and deserves to be in the Apollo saloon : Gnoncn McDuftie. The denmenaev nf .9nntli Carolina have elected to th" Scnnio, in the place of Will. It. Proelnn lnr.m T ,, 11,, (V, n l n P.. choice for the Democrat of a State, whore there are more slaves than freemen. George jlcDufficisnfrcc trade nullilier, of the fiercest character. He has tlis tlriaiiishcd himself, like scores of other southern poli ticians, not by logical, sound iirgununi, bin by his abusive, tempest in a lea pot declamation. In thu year 1S34, coon after lhe memorable abolition excite ments, -soon after the robbing of the mail in Charles ton, soon after sundry haiifimgs and shootings, and burnings, so characteristic of cl! the chivalry, ho ven tured, like Saul, to make his appearance among the prophets. And his piedicliou was as follows, lo wit . that in less than a qnarirr of a century, tht Xurth' would have to ado ' Slavery, "the rotiiei slouo uf tho republican edifice," as a patt of her system, nr universal su Irage would lay her liberties in tho dust, and a despat would trnmpl her down. In his opin ion, the laboiing classes areunfitto be entrusted with power, and the son of industry must ' e slaves, wear ing the collar and chain. What do you think of such sentiments, woiking men. democrats i.f the North? How like you such "a definition of p isition," on the part of your fellow-soldier, in the loco foco warfare 1 This wonderfully wise prophet tins 'largest liberty' democrat will make a capital legislator for the inter ests of our farmers nnd mechanics, lie wjiild reJucc them to the condition of a citadel. lie would confer upon them the inestimable blessings of .South Caroli na slavery. McDuffio is but a shadow of Calhoun. He echoes but tho words of the treat arch mil 1 1 lie r, the defender, par excellence, of slavery in the abstract. He is his humble follower, the most obedient soldier in his camp, nnd all the weight of his influence. wiM be emplot I'd in procuring his nomination for the Pres idency. The locofoco laborers will yet be called up on to snnctionby-their votes, theeemecrocy of George McDufUe, and John C. Calhoun. " The institution of slavery supersedes ihenrcrs sityot an order of nobility. It will be fortunate for the non-slaveholuuiL' States if they are not driven to a similar institution in less than a quarter of a ci ntury." Message of (lor. AkDiiflic, of South Carolina. The Jesuits. It seems that tho order of Jesuits is re-established on tins continanl in British America under tho crown of the Protestant Queen Victoria in tho city of Montreal. Of a surety wonders will never cease. Tho fact is thus announced in the Melan ges Ilcligicux, a periodical published at Mon treal by tho Catholic Bishop's chaplain: ''On Sunday last, nt the festival of St. Noin do Jc bus, there vvnschaunted in tho Cathedral, dm inn mass, at whieh the Rev. Mr. Martin nfliciiled, the IViii Creator, to inaugurate the establishment of the sert of the Jesuits in this tit) . ThcUev, Mr. Luisct deli vered an excellent sermon on the peered mmo of Je sus, our light, our strength, our cons'ihtion during our earthly pilgrimage. These two Jesuit pii"ts will havo the superintendence of the noviciit - nt Montreal, and cammence, from this date, their religious resi dence in that capocily, but the noviciate will not be regularly npcneu tut next sprm. "The reverend gentlemen will cranio themselves 1 5urinS the winter in the exerews ol heir sacred mm- I ;., ,i. .i... i r .1... n: in. , Lord.hio int'onni.Tl on n,rU . .,, il . m. ! n. A,,, ., i.i,i''' i city. The duties of the cure of I.ipiaiiprnniinuo to be discharged by the superior, and tho Fathers Tel lierand Ilanipaux. Il is said tint the Rev. Mr. Du ranqnel is studying the Indian language! til the Lake of T-wo Mountains, to enable him to become n mis eionary." Tho Montreal Herald, from which wc copy lhe Already have about twenty of the fathers of this order arrived in Canada : ' has nn application been made to lhe CJnveri.i it for n rrnnt of land for the erection nfa college, alreaily in the neighbouring state, has an earnest been ffiven' ihnt the intolerant rule nnd presumptuous arrogance which mnrke'd the' eociety in firmer agis, will soon lie exerted here, ns i when in olden time its maclunaiioas shook the civili- ! red world, nnd turned ibn nowrrs of empires to in in n. nns nn pnmefci Horn rrii'f,, itiht tint 111 n nr,n! own nggrndizement. No man neruiainted with the i hiatoryof this too celebrated order can fotm an opin-' urgent necessity thnt exists for its immediate nnd ut- icr exiinruun. As faithful fentiml , who watch when the pevip'c. i .. - ., ..A ..,nJ l.n n..r.n. 'tis r,,,, ",,u """"" theirs to ohc lh suunnons; nnd be-nu- 'liat the daneer is fur off, let not nnathv nrevenl immefliate n- fion i now is lhe nppainicd lime; lhe hand of n child ennssiuck up s seedlingby lhe mots, yet had it gro-n for a few lirief years, the sirongest man couhl nol bavoilinkfi it. THE MAGICIAN" AT HIS OLD TRICKS. Tho Wajninglon correspondent of tho N. Y. Courier nnd Entpiirer, states that in tho recent election of a Senator in North Caro lina, Mr. Van Buron worn two faces. Bedford Brown, who was notoriously tho favorite of the Van Buron Loco Focos, it is said, showed sundry letters from Mr. V. B., Jn which lie expressed bis utter want of con fidence in Judgo Saunders and bis earnest hopo that Brown would bo elected, Judgo Saunders learning of this, produced letters from Mr. V. B. to him, in which, tho " sweet little fellow," soft soaped him in tho most approved style, expressed tho most unbound ed eonfidcnco in his democracy, nnd tho most earnest desiro for his success. 1 Ins reminds us of tho six genllcmon who court ed a lady, nnd who on comparing notes, f 1 . 1 . I ll .... lOUuU lUtM IIU WUb Ullilguei IU Utl 5IX. Titount.r. among tim; Wf.stehn Indians. Tl ; said that Wild Cat, ono of tho Semi nole chiefs recontly font west of tho Missis sippi has declared war against the Chero-kecs. COAL MeKENZlE. Wo find tho following paragraph in tho hst IW.itlisonian. Its stuteineuts uio un doubtedly leliabh'. Tun "Cofr.r Mahhai.." Tho prtraprnpti KoUvj tho rounds: of the tiewspiper.s, in rolr.'ion to the "Cotnt Martial," is utterly devoid of all foundation. It is behoved to Itavo originated Willi tlio Courier and nmiuircr, and has found its way into the Intelligencer, New York Stan dard, and other pipers. Tho paragraph states that the President of the United States, without waiting to loam tho decision of tho recent Court of Inquiry, has ordered a Court Martial In rnltvnnn for tlm trial nf (Vintnin Mnrl:inzin and others in tho rise of the alleged mutiny on board the Homers ; and the Sjlr.mlartl adds . that this lias bcuii dono to save Mackenzie and others front suits' at law. Now, wo nro author, ized to say that there is not ono word of truth in tho above. No court was ordered till the 2."tb instant, four days after the adjournment of the Court of Inquiry, and more than twel tl.iys alter the receipt of the record at tho Department. Tito President has dono nothing in the matter, and tho Secretary of tlio Navy lias treated it exact, ly as lie has dono every oilier case. lie or. doted a Com t Martnl as soon ast ho made up his mind that it was proper to do so, neither waiting for the civil authority to act, nor hurry ing in nrdcr lo prevent its action. If the civil authority has de.-ired In take tho case fioui the Navy Department, it has had ample lime to tin so. At least one week w ill have elapsed, be tween tho adjournment of tlio Court nf Inquiry and tho an cut of Com, Mackenzie for trial bo .oro a Court Martial. The IdeiKliat a Court Martial has been or dered, or that tho panics ties' red one, "us the only means of r ,ng themselves from suits at law" is merely i i.culous. The sentence of a Court .1artial might, indeed, he a bar to a pro secution for the tame nu"cnccin Iho civil com p, but that it can prevent "suits at law," is a new idea. The simple truth is, that the Secretary of the Navy has not made the least distinction, in any respect, between this am! any other rase; and the President has not interfered with him in any manner v, hatevor. The whole responsibility rests on tho Secre tary of tho Navy alone, and lie is perfectly iv il- lug mat ins wnoio proceedings in the matter shall he la. d before thu country. A Court II, il is nci'e.-.-ary, under every possible view of the case. If Mackenzie ho guilty, it is neces sity in order to try him; if lie be ium-rcnt, it is necessary in order to try the iiiiit.ncers. It was not weessnry, therclorc, lo postpone it even till the riMiig ul the ciuiit of inquiry. Tlio fact that it lias been )o-tnne.l till several days alter that event, is pionl enough that it is not now called with any view to take tho case from the civil authority. Natal Court Martial. We learn that the Secretary of the Navy Ins appointed William II. Norn?, l'j?q. of this rity, Judge Advocate of the Court Martial which has been ordered in the case of Commander Mackenzie. It will consist uf ton Captains and three Commanders. Balti more Patriot. A CHALLENGE. The lit. Rev. Francis Patrick Kpnrick, Roman Bishop of Arath, ami Coadjutor of the Roman IJislmp of Philadelphia, bus ad dressed a letter to the Bishops of the Protest- nut Episcopal Church, inviting their return to , r: ,, V.i i ! i Tr i ft- I Important ritnM Mexico. I lto New tho Roman Church. Bishop Hopkins, of this 0rl,;ms Tropic savs : Wo learn from let town, has addressed a letter to tho Human tors which appear in late Mexican pipers, Prelate, in which lie "denies utterly that that tho rerunt proceedings .of Commodore there is any disposition on tho part of tho 1 Episcopal Church or her Bishops logo back . , , . . ' a. in one single feature to Rome." As evidence of this, he cives tho whole Roman Hierarchy the following chal lenge : "I hereby invite you, togethor with as many of your episcopal brethren as you may think fit, lo a et-BLtc tusci-EsioN ol I no wliulo controversy between 1 .. r.snectivo Churches, ill which it tnav be shewn I whether wc have, in a sintdenrliele. sliilled nnr ilien. luileal position fioui the ground which our forefath ers defended ; and in what respects, if in nnv, Ihc rel ative aspects of our several communions have been changed." PASTORAL VISIT. The Vermont Chronicle l.a a touching communication from the Rev. Samuel God- dard, of Norwich, Vt., giving an account of i a visit to him from his people, wilh many j goud things of a worldly nature, lo cheer his , heart, and show that in his old ago ho was neither foi gotten, nor less respected. Ho has been iheir nastor lorn.,,- than v ml,.,, ! 1 ' , , J . present ucting pastor of his denomination in tho Stale. "I recollected (ho says) that 1 havo passed mv three score veais nnd lent that for some time past I have lost the sight of mine eyes, nnd ant otherwise 60 ficblc as to perforin hut lillle ministerial Inbor c cepl on tlio .-aliti-illi, I wns deeply nITecled with tho sympathy nnd the kiudncbs of the young people of my chnrgc. Although I could not see iheir smiling faces, I eould hear their rheirful voices, iheir niulinl coograiui.inous, mu iici iniir warm nam s, ant near i llui? expressions of kindness lo their beloved imlor , nnd his lamily, nnd their songs of praise. Itnli'uded mean oppnr uniiy in give some n.lvtce and eniimel, lo commend litem m the service of my Divine .Mas tcr, anu to unite wuu tiicm in piajcranu thanksgiv ing. "I return mv sincere thanks lo those dear vounrr "u ."')M lien us, an t to m ,e,s ot ke elnraeier "'"!" weir ti. ainrtl t,y Hie seventy of tho siorm, Hie distance, or other mil void ihle hindrances. MlV he I. nd gram them a better minister when I havedone." Gr.oniii.v I'i.iu:tio.v. The National In telligencer of Fiitl.iy, says : " Official re turns from 89 counties give to Mr. Ciawfoid, thu Whig candid, tr, 5 t.fHij, siud lo Mr. Mc- Doiigald, the ciiididale ol I lie opposite party. l,'JbJ giving tlio Whig candidate. a nia- lorilV of o.UuU voles. The election nnneon ... 1.."...,. I . r..n -t i ; . . .. . 1 S(' . , - ... wt. ,.,... .., ..w buii, iu -iu.uuu twn.'a. In several of the Whig counties, whole that nir.v I....I verv larrtn niiinritii.s tln.ri. ",,u ,, ,ry p ni.ijor lies, tliero was "Ut Small lUm Olll. A lull VOtl) WOII (1 111 all nrobabilitv have iiicrensprl ilm U'liiir mo. j0,.;ty. " CTVun Ness, Fitzgerald, nnd Iluncnrk, who belonged lo the Santa Fo expedition, ' ami atier neing leieasetl Itv tlio A exienns, . " , . ... ' ' ." o again captured liy Gen. Wall during Ins recent invasion ol Texas, havo been sen i t,,Mcej , . v,,.ir, j,prjsmilPn( jn ,,0 Cast i imprisonment in the Cast- lo of San Juan du Ulloa, at Vera Cruz: a period longer than they will bo likely to live in that unhealthy place. ffTMossrs Adams, Webster, Cushing, and W. S. Wotmoro nro among the gentle men whoso names have been mentioned as Ministers to China. Il is said thu Commit tee on Foreign Relations will report in favor of allowing him o salary of $10,000. Stay Laws Both tlio Ohio and tho Illinois Legislature liavei passed 'stay Iuwb providing that all properly nnercd for sale under execu tion, shall soli for two. thirds of its appraised value, and thatvaluo is to bo regulated by what property was worth in "ordinary times." Tlio laws extend to all sales undordecrees in Chan cery, Deeds of Trust, Mortgages, &c, and oblige the plaintifl'to buy tho property in ono year from tho dato of his execution, at two thirds its np. praised value, or loso his lion, as to other judg ment creditors. Mackenzie. It affords us much pleasure to he enabled to stnto that Capt. Mackenzie has been unanimously and triumphantly justified from all blame, by tho Court of Inquiry. This result must havo boon anticipated by every one who has given a candid attention to th testimony. Phila delphia Gaztiti, "MIL BOZE." Tho following is an extract from nn " in tcrcrptcd litter" mldressod to CtiArar.s Dickens, Esquire, and published in a Into number of Graham's Magazine. Tho Edi tor, (the Rev. 11. V. Griswold), says tho au thor, who lives somen hero out west and was probably ignorant of tho law in tho case, failed to pay tho inland postage, and tho let ter was, therefore, Hot forwarded by the Steamer. It ought lo havo a " general cir culation," for it contains several capital hits, though they may not, perhaps, bo exactly accentablo to tho " friends of Mr. Dickens." To teturn to the strictures t your " notes," it is said, Show a deficit cither of heart or of head ; qunr (Some tta say of buth) nnd that loo much strong li lias muddled your brains, 'stead of making them qnii Iter j And they hint that the fact of your seeing the door Ureal, loosn hum its mommgsnnd yawn un Ihc floor. (Aboard ship) was not ono of old Neptune's famed marvels, Hut just thu "muU'd claret" that glows through your travels. lens, There nrc Ihosc to your faco were as supple as kit Now handle yourself and your hooks withot mittens. "Six mouths" lor a circuit of thousands of tnilea, lias called upn leuion of ill-mturcd smiles. 'Twas a cockney idea, tho knowing ones say, And scarce honest, to give sueh "poor preach" for poor pays Na' v en your dcf.'ndors (I grieve while I'm writing) Own your s.ilire is si le, nnd your praise not imiiiug. Your spit ling nnd s liters, wc think "the fair thing," And wc wish evi ry tourit would eivcthrnt n fling, (Though even here, truth is a jiiwell, you'll own, And the case did not need that ought ilsc should Le shown j) Put wo can't, for our lives, 'spite of warm admiration, Discover the rtnson for one exclamaiion (It occurs nt page fortieth, line twenty-one ) "Dchghtfd io find ourselves once more nlonc I" Now to sc ' n an acquaintance with dear Mrs. D., S'cni el y ne. ck d the ri-k of the treacherous sea j her, And as lo the " maid "why, to say notliin? cross of She was smely no s' :dy for such n philosopher. I'leasc explain in uur next, 'there are further ob jections Called up by the tone of your mornf reflections. Our fortfithers thoiiMht that Hehgion had sense in't, At least they felt sure llicto could ho no offence ' 't j Hut we Icatn front the "notes" tiiat the theatre' s'i er l'o make saints than the church, since its motals arc purer j And 'us pi nn that you'd ralher the exquisite fanny .Should tram up your voiinghng, than " II l'urnnti." Hut ihisgivingcm rtits -you ale mil an archbishop Vet I own I dislike such opinions to fish up j Ami as to advice, it is really n tml, Vet you urge nnd inssl, and will (It must be for tho future j w hat's done, can't be un done, don.) Though 1 wish vou'd been safe in thepurlieus ol I.on- As the "notes " have accomplished the main poiul the ;ctffr I searcelv daret w hip.'r a caution tie sutor ; Vet truth, which I've praised, prompts this humble suggestion question, Since you've powers, fti oncicale, thai no mortal will llcltcr ttl Kill alone! husband close your lcsources; Make no soaring attempts; try no venturesome cour ses j Tall back on your conquests; sit under your laurels j Don't he greedy of money ; don't meddle with morals ; Hut let nlonc tcmp'tnncc, and Iloosiers, nnd hoiu'iiy. And s ick to your cockneys, ct id fronts omne ; The tavern, the jilay-housc, the prison, the circus, The Tiig"scsnl Kinisgate, the boysm the "work us ;" Am while you hnv Sam and sweet Nilly to rally by, When accused of these ' notes," I would just "prove an alleybi." Hill my paper is out ere my tale ishnlf finished ; I'll w rile' you again when the buz is diminifhed : lileinain your devoted An I hoping we'll snon havu the pleasure of hearing, A Jll lT.niUNG. Jones, at Monterey, are not the only grounds ul ' l" cpvonin oni nave against this country, hi Sight Dicz Aii- eve publishes three letters from the now Gov ernor of California, stating the particulars of what ho terms nn outrage on his government at the port of San Diego. From tho state monl given, it appears thai during tho month of November, a party of men entered that ,,r, .1,,,! ,.,l ,..,,,,,,, I.l, , I. '. . ! sl'"'ul ' ri,nn'm belonging to the fortification. Thu officers of the brie A- lert, bearing the U. S. flag, are charged with the perpetration of this offence, as she was seen ofl ilic uort some days before, and sev eral boatYilled wilh men were passing be tween the vessel and shore, about the time of the alleged offence. In his own peculiar style, the Governor invokes the action of the Supremo Government in this business, H,:vi:.un or Mr.xico. By tho annexed statement it will bo seen that there has been !l great falling off in the amount of duties on i"ll,l'''! !" 'I'" lrl "f Vera Cruz within the Iml '0!,r- Wu 8ivo '" statement for the three past vcars : In 1110 thodiilics wcro S3,!l.".c0n00 1R 1 1 " ' 3,Sil,:30 00 ,1842 " " 1.930,513,0s This shows a falling off, within tho past year, of Sl,9 l-,C83, and this at tlm lime when the government, under the rule of San la Ann, has been tit far greater expense than formei ly. Nearly every cent that Simla Ana can rake nnd scrape, us n matter of course. I . ..: iv.i , C",!S '"""'I" l'il ""- "Il iho immense military establishment ho has raised and organized lo cnri'V out his ambitious projects. lie will soon bu unable to keep the people, who des pise him, under subjection, and then for n- nollier revolution. II is certain to come, sooner or later, for the people cannot submit lo their present oppressions long. N. O. Picayune. A Bomd Siici.l or 177.") Found ! The Port land Argua nys: "As tlio two sons of Messrs. Daniel Woodman anil Diifol Gould, were dig. ging for cinms, on Monday, in Iho Back Cove. near the channel, .they ditcovcred the rim of unit they thought was a large iron jug. After digging iMiind nnd tugging at it for (-onto time, ""- wurL' "ul,p,l !'' some lacKIc bolore II couin ne taiieii iinm us ucu. It proved to bo a bomb i shell, with powder yet in it, which vv thrown fro.n Mowatt'd lleul, on tho meinorali'e Ifi'li of October Ii7 years ago the day when this town was burned by the British ! It meas- urns .13 inches m cirrumfcrenre, and we 'lis !"( pounds. Capt. Lemuel Mooily. and ll'ui I'l'ukey, well remember seeing it piss over me town, and sink into tho waters of the Cove. It was the only ono that paosed over during tho day. The other lull among the devoted houses, and exploded. It seems as if there could be no doubt of the identity of this curl oMly." A I)F.r.R CAl'TL'JtED FKOH TWO WoLVES. On I hurvbty tatt. as wo learn Irom Col. .S. J Pot-tor, who Ins just returned from up river, Air. Mirk of Lincoln was going up the Penobscot river, above Mattawainkoag Point, with a load of hay, when thuiej came out of the woods upon tho smooth ire, a doer pursued bv two fierce wolves. Upon reaching the ice the deer could make no head. way on account of his constant slipping, and the wolves voraciously seized his iiiuu quarters, le irmg on ino Hair, and then seiz. ing the flcbh and devouring it. Tho deerstrug gled to escape, and rent tho air with its mourn ful bloat. Air. Alick iumned from his load, null cd olThis boots, that ho might not elm unon the ice, seized his hatchet and liastned to tho scene of action. As he approached, tho wolves growl, ed their dissatisfaction but left thoir proy, which, though about six pounds of llesh had been torn irom n, was not yet prostrate. Tho uuor was eized,bl.iin, dressed, suspended to tlio load, and the team started for tho lumbering camp. The late rams have caused such a crust to tho snow that tho wolves, generally, and tlioy are quito numerous, find tho deer an easy prey, and in this way a great many are destroyed in our forest. Bangor Whig. UTRxtract of a letter from IVashington : " The Cabinet had a meeting yesterday (Satur day) afternoon, in which it is understood the Suestion of an extra session of Congress was utt er discussion. It is thought an extra senion will bo tUtsrinined upon." Hall. Pat. "Mjoi Hen Kesmt.," lhe veteran ex-editor of I the t.'obimSinii Pentinel. was nrescnt nt the innugura tionofOjv. Morton t having never failed to nttend on similar occasions for the Inst sixty years. Ho al so called on rx-Oovcrnor Dnvia on llieaitnoday, oud io:i(!ialuhiled him on his promotion from lhe utib'oof a rran( of tho people to lliol of one of Iho sovereigns themselves. Major Hen is now on the vcryo of nine ty. He was a man of mark in Ins rnrlicr days nnd exerted through Ins press o powerful influence The editor of the Id fen Kcnt'iit), himself n veteian,fays, "Wo wcll-teiucinber, when a boy of 15, of often look tnetipto thn Mnj." , on tho sidu-walk, after ho had possessed him dl of the news by that elny's mail from Oongrcss, oi by .innrrivafroin llnrope," wilh some exciting evrnlin the ptfurocs of the French ltcvolu. M-ni I n r... 7.1... V. nn Cl.ntii.n IIOI1 j l I UOU tl) I'll Willi, tiv u;., utlltll MI wiiui.u ho was an oracle, ns tho crowd around him demon strated." ltiionn Isi ano. The fiielids of Law nnd Order in Rhode Island have formed a ticket, made up nbont half ami half of each of iho old Political parties! Jntnes I'cnncr, a Vnn lluren man, for Governor j llyron Dimon, a wing, lor Lieutenant, eve. I no Dorr party hold their Stnto I onvcnlwn on tlio Bill of rebruary, nnd will bring out their strongest tick et. The contest will be the most vehement ever known in the Slate. This is a rrcat denl better than storming the Arsenal or intrenching nt Chcpacliit. Ci.nvr.i.ANt, Ohio, Jan. 8. Orders havo been given here by a ccntlcman who intends to rail for Europe in tho t-pring, for a largo quantity of lard oil. lie will lake it to England as an experiment. Ho fools confident nf his success in getting it into tiso by the man tifacturing cst.tblishmoi.t-, on their nne'hincy and mill gearing, &c. The Cleveland company are building two 700 ton hydraulic presses.---After the oil is extracted, part of thoiesiduo is made into fine hrd, vhir.h will be shipped to tlio West Indies, and the balance made into candies. Ghound rott a capital Lawsuit. The fol owing advertisement appeared in tho hst Lynn 1'iicnian : Particular Xnticc. Whereas Mr. Joseph Jolmsoiijjr. of Nahant, contracted with the sub- senber to convoy mm to Lynn and back again to Nahant for the sum of twenty-five coots ; but 1....1 !! !... . .1 ., n.iviui; unvuu nnu iuu ciusu proximity u ill! a post, whereby the wagon shafts wore severed from the body, thus obliging me to incur the expense of supper and lodgings at the Lynn Ho tel. This is therefore to notify Mr. Johnson that I shall continue to board at the said Hotel at his expense until he shall provide me a con. vovanco tn ianani, in tome convenient vehicle. agree'iio to his contract. Abnhr Hood. Jii'tt, January SJ1, la 13. Hup' vv.'l be a nice question for lawyers. Mr. Ilnod has got into grand quarters, is "feed- ing fat -Ins grudge," and "nursing his wrath to keep it warm." Alter he shall have gained an inch or two on tho rib and shall weigh from !J0 to !j0 pounds inoro than when ho was first taken aboard tho wagon, it will ho a question whether Johnson is bound bv Ins contract to carry suc?t a luatl. If, after all, Hood should bo obliged to pay the tacrn bill, ho will, at least, not be able to say that he never ate or drank for it. Salem (lazctlc. I'ltc BnAUTir.s or Wah An Enidish officer wilting to his friend in England from Ching. keeaug foo, says : "I never saw such kiss of life and property as took place here : we lost officers ' nod ,,,,'n nn,,l, I. I. ;..,L,:i.t ....... ..,.,,.,.. . v. i-itii compute the loss of the Chinese, for, when they touiiu tncy couiu stanu no longer against us, ' tncy cut the throats of Iheir wives and children. I or ilrtno them into wells and nonds. and then lestroyed themselves. In mativ liouscs there were from eight to twelve bodies, and I myself havo seen a dozen women nnd children drown, ing themselves in a small mind the dav after the fight. Tho whole of tho cilv and suburbs are a mass of ruins w hole streets have been burnt down." Mutiny in-Jail. The Kcono Sentinel ttates that an attempt was mado upon tho life of Mr. Wyman, the keeper of thejul in tint plate, on the Ilth instant, by four prisoners, while lie was in the aroa for the purpose of locking up the jail as usual in tho evening. He wasat. tacked by clubs and knocked down. The noiso brought to his assistance imnitna of the house, before tho assailants could find tho key to ac complifh iheir pin poses. His son who was with him, wan also badly hurt. Tlio prisoners were put in irons. P-ociinTr.n. Jan. Ifi. .1 Soble Itouse nop. air. Justus V. tiaV, of Brighton, on lisjng Thursday morning, discovered that his cloihcs line, which hud been covered wilh the previous day's washing, h id been stripped during ihe'iihjln. On tracing the t.acks a short distance, a club and sitois of n si. mil., were found j and nt two or three other places, marks of blood, and filially the clothes covered with blood, wereiouno, as also one or moreotiier ciuhs. it seems thai the faithful old dog saw the thief's oner.aiions.nnd disputed his right to the properly step by step, nnd continued the fi.dit long and vigorously, until he gained full posscssie el lhe field, by flight of lhe thief. Mr. e-a'c oners a re.v.iru ol lor the apprehension of the thief, ami as hu must carry hi. wounds for some time, there is hope of his detection. THMPniANcn mi:i:tin;. Tho rturlington Total Abstinence Society hold Iheir regular meeting this evening. Two or three queilions of some importance will be brought before the meeting. A new impulse seems to Invo been given to the cause. Kihly sin new names vere added at tho List meeting, and in Mr. Conner's elistiict temperance is sweeping nil before it. Heiirs'Eaoily In this village, on Tuesday evening last, by the Itev. John IC. Converse, Mr. ItcssKL IIvtler, son of the lale Governor llntlcr, of nirrburv, lo Mrs. IJt.iz- adltii JI. Cook, daughter of Mrs. Severance, of this town.

Also, by the same, nt tho Hxclnngn Hotel, on Thursday evening, the lOthult., Mr. William Minor to Jliss Sarah Gum vx. In Wcslford, on the niorningof Jan. 1st, IS 13, Mrs. NANCY IIOXIIv, wife of Warren Iloxic, L'sq, and daughter of lhe late Ubenezer Sibley, lUq. -Mrs. Hoxte was of inidlmg slnlurc, of engaging form, and features, endowed wilh n fine intellect, with a lively flow of spirits, and nn uncommonly mild nnd gentle nature ; her affections were strong and ardent, her fiicndships sincere and enduring, her wit, nnd conversation vvero sprightly nnd sensible. Kor 12 years she had been a member of lhe Congregational Church. Her piety during this period was marked, and uniform ; never so high in its flights, and never so low in its fail, as in many others. She was dis criminating in her views of iho doctrines, active in lhe duiics npptopriato lo her sphere, in the choir of singers tho long held a prominent post, in the Sab bath school she wns an efficient teacher, and in the church u eitt'iht and a shining light. Asa compan ion she was ngrceablo nnd confiding, ns a mother lender nnd indulgent. Sho was cut duwn in the midst of her usefulness nt thoageof 33, leaving behind her nn infirm companion, four li 1 1 lo daughters, a num ber of relations and a largo list of ardent friends. Her disease was consumption, undei which she sunk rapidly, and ralher unexpectedly lo the grave. No dark clouds no fearful forebodings gathered around her dying bed all was "tranquil. "Her eyes set ns sets the morning star, That goes not down behind the darkened west Nor hides obscure midst tempests of the skies, Llut melts away into the light of Heaven." Comm. "The chamber whero ihegood man meets hisfato Is privileged beyond lhe common walks of life." Scarcely had tho knelt of mortality nnnounccd tho deparluro of Mrs. Iloxie, when its equally solemn tones gathered us together for iho funeral of Mrs. IIAIIUIP.TIUCK, consort of Mr. Martin P. Ilice, and daughter of Mr. Abner Wilcox, all resident in Wcstford. She died on iho morning uf the 21st of Jan. 1813, aged 20. Mrs. itico was so constituted ns to bo pleasing and agreeable in alt tho relations of life as a daughter, a wife, and n mother, Bhe was unsurpassed in her kind ness, dutifulness, and Direction. She was happily nettled in life, surrounded with competency, and blest wilh a companion worthy of tlio confidenco imposed, when at die marriage alter she became one with him. Ily virtue of this union she came to occupy a respon sible station. She found herself allied to an extensive train of connexions, and her lot cast in the family of her husband parents. Iiithnsiiuauonihegaveper feet t iltiftction, and won to the lilt dtgres thi coil' fldnce, and ulTection of her now nnd numerous re- lativet. Sho had since 1831 been a member of the Congregational Church, and had at all times exhibi ted one nf the brightest lights in the connexion. Sho wns among the foremost in every department of use fulness. Hut, nlns, a sickness of littlo tnoro than five vveiks ended in the extinction of her "nnimnl flame." I'ul she was found in readiness, and even waning for tho coming of her Lord, her work was done, every department of her house seemed in perfect Order. The most she feared wns ihat sho should be unrcsign ed to wnit " Till Ood should bid her spirit fly." "It is," snid she, " a solemn thing to die, lo lenvo my companion, my child, my friends in this world, while I go yonder, hut tho separation will bo short." She knew that the Kins of Glory stood so near ns to dis arm death of all its terrors. When sinking midst bod ily distresses which were quite severe, sho said, "A mortal paleness on my check Hut tjlory in my soul." The last word she attempted lo utter wns, "happy." Who in view of such a dcalh-bcd scene, will not ex claim with Uanlim, "Let medic the death of tho right eous, nnd let my last end bo like his" 7 Comm. TO PRINTERS. rjIIR ADVliUTlSEK is desirous of obtaining a B- eltunlion in it country office, anil from long ex perienco in nil kinds of Countrv Printing, feels con li lent of Ins nbiht.- lo give satisfaction. Letters may be a Idiessed lo this office, anff will receive niompt attention. I'eb. 1, 1313. TIIH umlersignt'l repcvlnflv gives notice to lhe inhabitants of lliirliugton nnd the puhhoat large that his connexion wilh the 1'etnale Seminary in tln place will cea-c at lhe time when Mrs. 1'aIni: fhall take Iho Miperiiilendaiiee ol llut Ili-liluliou. Ilcin desirous of reaching Music, thoroughly nnd scientifi cally, and not in ihc Mipcrlicial manner too fieq lenl ly purs- i-.l, be Iriisis ih u be will icccivo, ultbc hnnds ofthopobliu generally, that e-ncuiiritgcnieiit which is a' out to I e withheld by the Principal of the fe male Seminary. iot ile'sinnj at prc-e-nt to leave ibis place, the suli-cril cr would most n-pcelfu!ly iulorni tbo-c La d es and (lentlemen who are t'eMrous ot availing Ihcm-elvi's of a Tiioiioutnt r.necu iti.v in the rfoicncu of -Music, that ho w ill 1 u happy to in-lriiel Ihcm upon the Piano, Violin, mid Organ, on the most reasonable term.. J. WINPMILM'.R, Professor of. Music. II irlington, I'fb. 1. 18-13. CC.v3 AMERICAN STORE. ' i TJKltSO.Nri in tfiin of groicrits of any kind, or X pure Spirits or II incs for medicine," or lor any other purpose, will do well to e-all on the siib.cri bcr.vihn con-tantly keeps all kind- of lhe al ove nm clos, ns pnru an 1 iiuadultcrale'il, lo say lhe least, as can be- bought at tiny German Siore. He dues p.ol depend on the silly piiili. of Iho lime .serving oditcr ol a litlle weakly newspaper lo iMablisji lhe character or purity t f Iih Illinoi s and wine-, but moretipon hi. bavin?, lor nearly twenty year-, sold lo most of tin Tavern keeper- within tiliy n ib many ofihcm sul continuing to buy of bun'. And even this sapient, who has lately found such obliging neighbors, nun woo, u -rem., prai-es us liquors mo-l w ho gave '"!" tT') '' V a n,-t di an;, of the s ih-cril ci's vcinc-, and called manner, tlinn (bo he.-l bu ever tastod. - u- s,,cn ,T ,ni notcirrv hi. quor n'.eiut the country, showing and pc"mL- inem. iioiinnks ihc people have l ecu impo-cd upon cuoughoflu'uby ch pedlars, liut ifper-ons want- M.leil ar"d,;' .wl1' 1 ?i lus-lrrc m Ilurlingtcn, directly opposite; Mr. S. II. HowarJV. Sli re, in Chun h street, be will sell them lhe pure-t au.l I us! articles for lhe lowest prices, nnd ihey will always find them uniform in price and quality." ' ISAAO WAI'.Nr.It. Ibirlinslon, Tel.. 1, 1813. CClf THE CAS If SYSTEM IS still progicssing at the Cheap Ca.h S'ore, where il has prevailed for more than 0 vcar-, and never moie udvanlageoii-ly lor the hovers than now. Why the material- for clothe- ntul drcsM's do not co.t u mill h as lhe prices charged for making the same mio garment it i no ficiii-Miu.Vory, but is one tint Iho c only know ceriamly wbo'buv for ca-h, nnil w h. h in iy I e, more fully ascertained by calling and examining the prices for, which there is no eharg nu li- ut the People'. Ca-h Store, kept by thciraeent Thursday mi iiinig, ) IlOWAHl). IVlruaryi, IS 13. J 3C Drills & Modicinos. rpni; subscribers are e'Oniin J- al v supplied with LVl.H oniinu. nnbed with LVl.UV AUTICLL in lhe ul.uve branch. bolh of the 0:liemal anil Patent kind ; Medicinal waters from Sara toga ; do. from Caledonia, Canada; Mevhenl Wines and Lianor. (mtre Leeches; Surgical Imminent!.; Mineral Teeth, iVc. ifVorc-criplions put up at shurlcal tuoiee. tdj-'Shop openct all hoitri. PKCK . SPEAR, Apothecaries. Purlinginn, Teh. 1, 1SU. 1)30 House and Store To Lot. AjrrK A cat and Convenient House, out iCfa-yfcK xjL building., and small garden. A!.-o, iiMjijsJga convenient S-ronr, in as oud stiuaiiou Iyi'rtrSa.s nnv other in CliuHi street. "5i"a II u; li orciihcr of the above tenements to I e let for one or more, and po sessieui given the tii-st dav of May next. ISAAC WArtNKIt. Kel nmrj 2, 1343. 30 THE GERMAN STORE. Till: s ib-crd ers 1 eg le-ave to rene-w to the public eif ill's placo nnd the surrounding e-otmtrv, the' intimation Ibal Ibey continue to keep constantly on band a choice' assornncnt of DllV GOODS AND GHOCLItll'S. all eif which in their pailicnlar kind, are of superior quality anu surpassing cnrapnrsi. I seiviul v would 1 hcv inviic nul. he nitemirn io 'heir inipou'el (ii tt.-tAN, I'liK.sni & r-'fAsi u WINLS, llii ir t'oas'.vc ltl!A.M)V, ami llill.vsu (Sell cdaiiij (JIN, ino.t of which havu already I mi Ibr some ) ears tinJcr their own -uivey anil insets-, lion, and lliCage of w Inch added lo thei'r iiii'iiie'.tinn. nl le p .rity ri'iu'm them pe-eulurly in for n.e li.-iunl u-i'-. 'I bey iii'O rc-pi-etf illy infirm Slore-I.ecpcrs and Tavern-keepers ol" the iid.ueni tow n-, vvli i aro (V- snous ot supplying; Iheir Uo-li incr- wit li genuine arne-le., tin' ihi'y can I e- supplied wilh them nt lhe Herman r- ic, ,n 11' rliugion, where tho ub-cril ers will e-ave r u ibeili-criimmiiion of thei-e who nnv call to lodge how far they have a claim to assert the superiority eif lhe article'- they oiler for sale usiir.i.ii it .vile, iiiji.1,5. College s!., next lo Mr. Wait't. cxicnstve Or.iel.cry lore. ' Jan. 20, Id 13. 35 Clotising, Dying and Repairing. ALL sorts of CLOTII1MJ, nil kinds ol nil.KS and SILK Vl.LVLT.-s, llcnovatcd and liepaired in the neiie-t possible manner. COLOUIM! done on hhort notice. H. RICH jr. Doci. Saxton's Iluilding, Chure'h rtreet. Sin, I'ascv Dvino. " 3) WANTED. A Load or two olOOOD HA V, a few nice Chicle- J. v ens or 1 iirlveys, olne 1 resii r : stl'. .Vl' exeluin PKCK &. spi:ai. 33 January 2C; 13)3, .lust Kece lvcd and For Sale at the Hut llngton I took- I ore. DUFl'IFLD ON PKOPHLCIES, Sicwart's Hints, Hush on, Jack 1 1 in loo, Mirmiall'x l ei'tiirc, Whealcly's Kingeloin of Chrut, Hiirue'ils Itcforination. Jan. 20, 1813. D. A. HIUMAN. PAY UP. WTV- havo somo accounts from a few cents to a " few dollars, of small moment or importance to those who owe us, but of crenl imrorlnnce to us, and we lesiu'ctfully inform those interested that we in lend lo collect them imincihaiely, nnd w ish to do so in tho way lo make as lit tit trouble or cost as pos sible; but ihey must bo setiled very soon. All who have accounts againt our firm, or either ol us mdi vidunlly, aro desired lo present them for payment. PANGIJOUN et HltlNSJIAH). Jan. 2G, 1813. CA U INE NT FURNl 'PURE. THP. SUHSCltllll'.ll would remind tho Public, ihailio soil continues lhe CAHI NI'.NT UPSI. NF.SS at iho Old Stand, on LaitrcA Street, formeily Nichols if- Derrick, nnd over Mr. llurlhui's Store. where he hnsa good assortment of .Mahoeanv. ltlack Walnut, Cherry nnd Pine FUltNITUIli:, ciinsisiing of Secretaries; Hurcausi Sofnsi Dining, Tea, Work and Toilet, Tables; lledslcads and Stands, which ho will sell for cash unusually low, according to the uuice. WANTKD, In exchsngf, nirch and Maple SCANTLING, suits blffor llcdsteds 2 inch, I inch, 5 fiths and 1-2 inch HASSWOOD, WHITE PINK HOARDS, IllRCH itwAUUs, ana most Kinus ol country Produce Please call and examine for yourselves. SAMULL NICHOLS. Ihulington, Jan. 1 3, 1943. Jlif fs m-111:3 UNITCD STATUS DISTRICT COURT, Voi'iiiont IHsttict. in ijakTTui'tcy. Notice to show cause atjalnst I'etlon of CAMPIIL'LL ltHMINOTON, of Iluntinston, in said distticl. to bo declared a Ihnkrupt. nt tlio uffico uf Samuel Prentiss, in Montpehcr, in said dntrict, on Tuesday, tho 21st day of March, 1813, ten o'clock forenoon. LKONAUI) MAHSH of l.'urlington, in said district, lo bo dcclntcd a I'ankrupl, nl tho office of f-'itnucl Prentiss, in Mnntpeber, in said district, on Tucsdny tho 21st!ihy of Jlnrcllfl 13, nt ten o'clock, forenoon. L'LIAS DO'I V, of Huntington, in Enid District, lo be declared a llnnkrupt, at the oiricooffninucl Prentiss in Montpclicr, in said district, on Tucsdny tho 21st day nf March. 1813, ten o'clock, forenoon. SHMUr.L WHIPPLH, ofWillislon.forlus I)icliargc nnd Ccrlificato, nsa llnnkrupt, nt Iho Court House, in Windor,in said District on Wednesday, tlio 21th diy of May, A D. 1813, nt 10, A. M. ALIIItO K. lilSHOl', of llurlinglon, for his Discharge and Certificate, ns a llnnkrupt, nt iho Conn House, in Windsor, in sai I District, on Wednesday, the 21th dav of May, A. I). 1RI3, nl 19, A. M. FRANtH II. JOVN'l II, or Richmond, Sox his Dis chaigonnd Certificate, ns n Il.inktupt, nt the Court House, in Windsor, in said District, on Wcdnesd iy, the 21th day or May, A. D. 1S13, at 10, A.M. ASSIGNEE'S SALE IN UANKKITTCY. NOTICLf here! V given that by virtue of the v i rill orelers tnnl'decree In Mankroplcy in the fob h winsr ra-e-s, i"'0 1 o-il of tl e li-lricl C i.rt id' the fluted Sinii's, fi.r th.' I'lsincl r. i ruioiil, I will seh at Piil''ie Aueiioii nt the-JUncs and piaros b-TciiDf cr ine illumed, sucli tffi-es , f the linn! rupts iiiimed be low, n beanie vcsie in me I y virmo of the clecrets afore-aid. liflectb of Timothy tV. II. Niello's, of Ksscx. A Saw Mill sjinaled in Milinn, Vl. standing on land eivv nod by Philander Mar-, Mihiecltonn uliaeh ment of IvVrn nnd Walker f lliirliiigloii, Also, One half the Mill House in the mill yar I near O. Tyler's in Ks-exj All the interest of 1',' W. If. Nichols" in a contract made Willi Samuel Pa ire of Ls-ex, for the rem of three and half acres of land in K-srx, Also, any lien or interest the said iSichols may have in a contract made wnhSiniucI Pago for I uildner I lie vv ( d work ul tW'nty Sleigh-, Also, Ihc notes nnd ncci unls Mirremlcie 1 by .aid Nii-liuls ainldtte' hint when declar ed n Haul rupl. The abovosa!e at Jra llarnry's ni, in I'ssr.v, on Thuday, I'eLruarv 10, IS 13, ul 2 o' .lock, P.M. Meets nf Leonard SI. Dixon, of TJntierlilil. All lliu right and inlcrc-t of Leonard Jt. Hixon, to one ncre of laud, on winch is creeled n Starch Facto ry. Saw Mill an I li.iru, lying in t'lidei lull; One o'her pie'coof land of at o-.t lony four feet square', on which i- creeled u Store', lying in lonlerlull ; Al out thirty acre, of land situa:i"f part'y in Jericho pud part ly in t.'u 'crln'l, on 'he we-t si le of the r md Icailing Irom Arthur lieistwiek's, nnd across I ui'eihill llats, 1so, n Pew, No. 33, in thuo?oii'l Congregatiomil mectiiig-beUsc in L m'crhi'l, the b ret'iing de en! ed properly sold suhiecl to mortgnccs given to llo-ca Spalding nnd to lleul en Marcy, by said D xon, all e,l w Inch will 1 einore parlieii'ariy dt'scr.l ed at tko tune of -ale; Abo, the noies nnd a'counis surrundei-ed I y said Dixon, remaining iiucollceleil at thetimeof -ale. The above sale at Mtrlin C. Harney's Inn. in L'n dcrhUI,ui Friday, Pol ruary 17, 1813, at 10 o'clock, HfTccts of Joseph Coole, of tturlin;ton. All lhe inlerc'st ul'Jo.cph Cook to the House and land ts'i upied by bun nt llmlm Jtou, consi-tmg of 23 73 100 acres of land with thoiippuilencnees, sub je'i'l to a mortgage given for sundry notes executed Iv said Cook lb Carlos Ilaitir ot Il'irlinjiton ; Also, nil lhe in!crc. which the said Cook may bavi'to sun dry article's morlgngcd to Dorolha Utter f Hurling ton, to secure the payment cf one bunilro.1 and lifly dollar-, all of which will 1 e particularly de'cril e'd at the lime iif sa'e. Sulcof iheab'ive property nt my ollice'in lliirbngli n, on Saturday, Fe! Mary 18, IS43, at 11 o'cleck, A. M. ICIIccIs of Daniel II. Tucker, of Huntin;tnn. All the right and intere-t of Daniel II. Tucker, to certain land lying m Ilituting'on, purchased in con nection w nb fedas, 1 cmgll.e residence of 'ind TiU', snbii'i't lo a claim ( 1 three h elol ar-aiidintere-t from July, 1S30; Al-o, sundry article's of farming oicn-ils, one tl.r-u year o'd heifer, one In r-e, 7 sheep, ami lhe eq'iiia'l le in'.cre'-t of said Tucker loprudi.ct' raised on said (arm. The al ove sale nt my oiliee m I!. irlington, Saturday, February IS, 1813, at 2oMocl,,P..M. KH'ccts of Samuel tVhipp'c, of Wllllstnn. All the interest ol Samne. wlrpple to one equal undivided hull" ofthefo'lovving land-in llolton, t. in the nrisuMl charier ofNew Il'iiiiingiou, in the Coun ly ofl hu'euJen. to wu lots No. 233 t.f S-J.75 ncre 23G ol I!) neie.- 237 of I3J acre 23S ed 30 acre Sal ol 30acre 210 ol iUJ ncre 211 e.f 21 sere-, n- de-cnl cd in a deed from William Allen to Sani'iel Whipple, and recorded in Hook l'h. Page llauftown Records in iiollon, Al-o, the notes nnd nccenmts surreneVre'dlo mu bysnd Whipple. The above sale at my oflicc. Saturday, Felruary lS.h, IS 13, at2o'- cioci;, i . .u. l.'trccts of Calvin White, of. Hilton. All the notes, claims and accounts ol Calvin While. of Millon, Miriemle'red by linu under lliu act e.l liank r iptcy which liny icmaiii un 'ollecle-J, and which will 1 e particularly de-cri!e nt the lime of sale. Sale nl inyolliev, in Durlingloii, 6'at irdav, February IS, al 2 o'clock, P. M. - ' iV.vuiA.N li. llAbWliLL, Assignee. Il'irlineton, Jan. 17, IS 13. 31 Slfplicn Halslit's Kstatr. STATF. OF VKHMONT. rnHK l,,i,rrt.l,, .1,.. District of Chittenden, s. JL Prolate Court A r the lli'trici ol I Iii'ieuocn : I o a I personse'i neerned m UieiMatenlvn.l'UhN IIAIOIIT, late olTliirhug ton, in -aid Hi trier, decease.!, greetinc Wnr.BCi. J i-a Meci b, adinmi-tra'i r of thec-tate of -ai I ile'cease'd, proposes io render an aivoiint o! ins luiministrauon, anu pre'sciu his account ngainsj sail iMate fur examination and allowance at a ses sion of iho Co in e.f Probate1, lo leholden at lhe He; isicr'soffiiv in tnd llurlinglon, onihc second Wednes day ol" February next. Therefore'. Yon are hen hv nou'fic I to appear before .-a d coon at the lime ami place aforesaid, and show cn'i-e if any ou have, wny ine utfo jut nu rcsaiu mioiihi noi re allow oil, iJivcn under mv bandat llurlinston, tin- lCih day of January, A. D 13 13. 31 3.v W.M. WLS'ION, Regi-ier. EASS VIOLS. UTrlnnnvo i,.,.. .;i -...i rs..,.t. r it.., M....w,.,.....j, ,,.,3.3 , mi.,, uiiu tuuoiu nass v iois .rcfillP.-,M,S CIMtr,' i-a. inuiviuuais or e noirs nre mviiui lo examine them. PA.NGBOKN & UKIN:,MaID. Jan. IS 13. 31 NOTICE. ritvivn I- mi' imfvt-l,.!.. i i.n i... ,.. U ' ,, ',', f ' s-s.s-, . oi.iiu on ofllgtuio call on all iiiib btid lo mu lo ninket,avincnt,and to sell my Store and Goods to avoid iLcir being fold ul Sheriff sale, 1 hopo this notice will le sufficient, ns I should regret lo sue many of my customers- tint have diall wilh mo ovir twenty jears. I have a good assortment of Goods, nnd they will bo sold. I shall make no nccounts niter lhe 31st day of Decem ber, 1842, at my llutliugtou Store. i;lis'pi- t-.-irrs... ,. 'HO.M',1 ll.ViVl.VJV . Ilurhuglon, Nov. 23 1, IB1.. 25-lf NOTICE. Git VTKFt'L for favor already re.-eiveJ Irom an llitellisent pnblii', the uniVrsisu-'d would solieu the e-ontinuance i f iho same iom tln-ir olden-loin, cr, who have furnisbiil us Wool io in.inufaeiure', to their own advantage (as theyeau te-lify), and would also be happy thai ollnrs who have" wool shenild come and du likewi-e'. We assure llicin we ean maaiifuetiire it into Hroadcloihs il.ui will compare' wilh any in lhe Stale, ciiher for home u-e, e r in style for nny inarkel. We aro ul all tune, to le found' al the 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 M n Mill. N. It. We will exchange edoths for good hard body w ood, on rcasonal le leriiis. IiOFLOFSO.N Jc ItATIIUFN, Winooski Kails, Dec. S3, is 1-2. 31 tf Cash paid for fork. THE Subscribers will pay cash on delivery for WELL POUK. FOLLETT & I1RADLEY. Hurhngton, Dec. 22, 1812. 30 ROWN SHEETING.-G Hales Brown Sheeting, just received and for sile low by LOYKLY & SEY.MOU11. Dec. 13, 1312. Cash -Mid ibr Onts, ON delivery at their Slore. Old Dock. FOLLETT efc URADLEY. Ilurlington, Dec.22. 1612. 30 AUCTION SALES; Wednesdays, Wednesday Evenings, and Saturday Eveninirs, tt Y II. T II O M A S. STOYFS and PIPE, K! I CHEN rURNITURE, I'arming Utensils, Sleighs and Waggons, Dry Goons, nnd India ltiibbcr Clothing. Also, A large lot of I'ur and Cloth Winter Caps. Sales conunued in lhe evening. 2,if CI. O CKS ! ! CL O CKS ! ! 1 A FEW double and singlo O. (J. Hood Clock, which will 1 e exchanged for Giain or Wood on the mosi rea-oiial lo lerms by D DWIS Water it., Dec. 80, IS 12. ltnVOI.VlNfl ANl) CASTtlllh. -I ASS'I lilt .,.,1 ,...,. II.,.. I.. ., " n . .. '' and trays, Candlesiicks, Plaie.1 and German Silver Spoons, Fevvier and Iron Spoons, Pin, Nee dies. Hook, and Lye, Shoe and Pool LaeJs and ili -omiis eve., al very low price,.. Urate call anj tee lefore yon hoy. n. . ,n .... IVSOBCSN A HMl.IM.tD. Tec. 10, ?l", 3m, ALIJANY ARGUS. DAILY, SISMl'WEUXLY, AiS'D U'VKKLY riMIIJ proprietors of the Ai eus t..T leave lo if 1 form their friends throurhvut Hie State, t'i ' Ihty propose to commence the Sew Year cithan en larged sheet, and soon afleru-ardt) vith sueh typo graphical improvements, asicillrender it worthy, ut they hope, of the continued popular tuyptirt and tht confidence of the Democracy. 'Vheir arrangements have been made, at usual, for prom I untl full reports of the Legislative pro ceedings I andfor the carlypublicalionof the intelli gence ly the maihand news of the day They supgest to I'tcirpvl ileal friends in all caste to give their first subscrip'untotheirtocal newspa per. Xe.rt to that, lhe Alices f al their service, ant. will be sent, with a grateful appreciation qf the liber al subscription list and approval that long enjoyed to all who desire a pnperfrom the seat afdovcrnment DAILY Al!(ilSi3 per annum. Ttnpercent deduction for payments in advance. SILVI-m'llKLY AltC, VS-M per annum. Containing all the matter of the daily paper. W'HEKL Y AllUUShlper annum, payallein variably iv advance. A publication of eight large quarto pages, containing nearly all the matter of tht six daily papers, wilh a copious index. This paper, which icill be found valuable ana reading and politi cal sheet, and useful for reference, will also be mmh enlarged. Any peuon procuring fire tubtcrilsrs, shall be entitlctlto an additional copv. CIIOSU'LLL. IMiV ifVCA'ef. CO. Albany, December 0, 1912. BOOTS SHOES. MRN3 Sewed nnd I'ee'd Tbi-k IJoo!, e!o do (1 i Calf K p and Seal ! Itnys Jo do do and Th e!; do Voutli3 do do do do -Mens Sewd and Pegd. Calf Powninfi, t'o do Kip tlrogaiu do Morrorco nnd Ca'f Pi.mpj Hoys nnd Youth Kip llrognns Women's Gaiter Hoots Farewell') elo Moiroeco Sbtes nnJ Slip do do Call Hootees do do Shoe', do cheap Leaiher Slips, Mi se cheap do du anJ Slices', do morocco do do Children t'aeks and do For sale cheaper than the chvansst 1 v 33 DANIKL DAVIS. BESSCKLUTIQN". rtMIL Copartnership hi'ie'loforu cxi-ting 1 elvvcen II It W.N tt CItOS MAN, i Ibis day by mutual evitiscnt dissolved, nil lhe concerns of said Company will I e adjusted by K. It. CnosNUV. OSCAIt M.OWN. Winooski, Jan. Dili. 1343. K. K. CKOSMAN. N. II. Thu Uusiiie.s will be continued as beretofors all lhoe th tt wish for Castings of any description can I o supplied on low terms. n33vv3 H. It. CliOSMAN. MltAI'I'IXtJ IAPIJt. ONF thousand reams, aborted si2i-, for 'a'e by Dee. 23. 31 C. tJOQl)ltR)l. WHEAT. A I'F.W bushels good I right SPRING WHEAT, -TV and also, a few bushels best P1NK-F.YE POTA TOF.S aro wanted in exchange for Goods. Applyat lhe corner of Church and Collcgo street, to Fec.30. 31 JOSr.PH WAIT. M. (i, RATH BUN, I) It A I n It AND TAILOR, (Nearly oppesile the Bank,) Council St. 32 if HcnLiNCToy, Vt. TO LET. A Commodious STONE HOUSHat present occu pied by Dit. Hinederq. For terms apply al tli premises. Ilurltngton, Sept. 15, 1S12. 13 tf White Load. 1TON White Lead in Oil, !i do dry do. warranted C'loal in nualiiv to onv maiinf ctnred in tha L'ni'ed State price unusually low. STItONOS. Nov. 10, 1S.J2. Oft BOXES SL'PFRIOP. FAMILY SOAP. 5 U IO do do Siarcb. do do Figbluc, J do Scaled Herrings will be sold very cheap for cash, I y O-STIILLM & MICHOLLS. C.illege St. next toMr. Wait's extensive Crockery Store. Marclal Itovvlcy's Estate. -TATE OF VLKMONT, ) rpilE Honorable tan D'.tr c! ofChiiicnJen, .. J 1 Probate Court for the District ol Chittenden : To nil persons coneera. ed in tne estate ofMAUCIAL ltOWLLV, lateofMil lon, in sa d D'-triet, de'ea-cd, greeting. Wiicncis, Plulena Kowley, adu.inisiratrix of iho estate of said elecease'J, proptises to render an account ofher iilminisirilion, and pre-cnt her nccouni against a'd csiate for examination and allowance at a ses sion ol the-Court of Prol ale, to le hohVnatthe Reg ister's oiliee in HtirlfiizKiii in said District, on tl.e siTOnd Wedne-diy of Fel ruary next. T herufore, You are hereby notified te Appear 1 efore said court al thetimeand pfaev aforesaid, amkshovy caiee, if auv ye u have', whv lhe account aforc.-aiJ should not be af lovyed. Given under my hand at llurlinston, thi Klhday olUamiarv, A.D. IS 13. 31 3vv WM. WKSTON, Hea'sler. .Tames 3f, Ilazen's Ustate. WE the stibscril er I ems nppointeel by lhe Hon- rablc the Proline Court for the District of Grand I -It', Commissioners l-' examine and adjus a claim an 1 demands of all -ens agamt the estaio of JAMF.S M. 1IAZF.N, of .Norih Hero, in said Dis tr. t, rcprc'ented in-o'venl, and al-o all claims and deman 1 exhib'icd in o:l'-ett llirctn j and sx months, from the2Glh day of December last, 1 eing nllovveJ by said court for puipo-e, we do therefore here, by give nonce that we will attend io the business of .uraid appointment al the- dwelling hou.-e of the wid ow Jane Haen in North Hero, on lhe second Tues dayol l ei rnary next, from nine o'clock, A. M. until lo'ekck, P.M. ofsnSl day. ' JOHN KNIGHT, ) Commision JAUKZ LAUD. I ers. -Will Hero, .lamiarv Sd, 1S-I3. 3-1 3vv WE lhe subscribers, having been appointed by the Honorable the Probate Court for tha District of Clmttnden, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adjust the claims nnd demmi's of nil per sons against the oslalo of SLCL'iyi'.MlY ItA II-s-'O.Y, lite of Jericho, in sud Disiuct, deceased, repre s in 1 insolvent, and also all claim and dunands i xl.ii'iteil in offset therein t nnd i months from tho d'i," iflbeilato hereof, bring ct.iv.ved by said Court nu i' T purpose, wo do therclorc hereby give notice, ihv we will attend to the business of our appoint in. I. al the dwelling of widow Lucy Ilawson, in io, in M.d District, on the M-cond S it rday. of la i a v, Kebiuary and JIi.y next, at 10 o'clock, a.m., on en. h of saiddavs. Vx. I. this l-iih'dnyofNovembcr.A.D. ISS2. 3a TRUMAN GALUSHA, ) r- . . A RON BIKM'.TT, ' Commissioners. t'.ihvaid Farringlnn's Kstatr. U'l: THE!, having been ap. ' pointed bv the Honorable lhe Probate Com! f'r the District of Chitlenden, cominissionere to re- .ive exinune nmi aiiiust uio claims nnd demands of !t Mci w, against the citato of EDWARD KAR n! v'OTON, late cf llurlinglon, in said District, de l is,.,! represented insolvent, and also all claims and ib minds exhibited in offset thereto ; and six months from ihe nay of lhe date hcroof.'being allowed by ami Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby givo notitv, llut we will attend to the business of our ap pointment, nl lhe store of J. W. Weaver in Colches ter, in Slid District, on lhe tenth davs of Jamtcrv nnrl June next, nt 10 o'clock, A. JL, on each of slid "davt. i...l .i.: n.i. a .in t . Irs,.. ia,i.u, nils tfio uj (O L'ecenuieT, .V. II. 1-1.:. J. W. WEAYEH, J Commission. G. W. HORTON, ers. imULINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY Till! Trustee, nf tbi insiioifini. .,.,, 1,1 Iho public, tint, nt the expiration of iho current quarter, in February next, us management wjllde- lu iowui ..ii-.i.iusi,E i aine, ns irincipai, who vv ill take the n ace of iKu - . 1 ,.v.illl IIILUIU bent. The Trustees, rcl)ing on the high nnd acinowl. edged qualifications ol Mrs. Painu for lhe govern. i icn.yi mi lusimiiion, invue puiiiic ailcntion lo the lollowing lerms and regulations: The Spnivn IVoti ttill .iimmdn.. le..j i .i ; . r i ; s.w unvuu it t'uiiesii-ir, the 1st of March next, and continue, as Usual, twenty--two weeks. 1 ' TBnMSi Hoard, lneludinc wnsbin.. r..ot ... t. , reduced to S25.C0 ,.r quaVteMlleek. S ? . J n. ... tiiniiiijn. , , ,- - ,iiv tv,uv s. uuiiitvi, nnu pavablem advance. inawing, including sketching from nsture, and painting m walcrcolors, ..... fB.Oi) r rencn, iiauan or German, racn ... 5,fO Latin, 300 Piano, Organ or Guitar, p" quarter 10,00 Use of Instrument for practice .... 2,00 The French nml Imlmn classes are under lhe csr. of Jlonsieur HoecntTir- . Pupils are not received for a less period than ona quarter, but deduction will bt rntdo fiom Ihe aboy. : ..rnmtriicicd li nes. 1 1 isdl..;rsi,l ihsi oupil should board in lbs Sn-,' nary where Ihev will stall ",mts. be Vai? 'he special charge ol iho Principal, who, bemng in mind th. imnottanre of health in i the I mf uij of their .iurlic. wi constantly aim """;:',;" tlmr moral and inltlleclual improrenifnt. Inhilfofih.Truti. njtlmglon,:0iliPc-.13."