Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 10, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 10, 1843 Page 3
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TO THE BURLINGTON TOTAL ABSTINENCE SOCIETY. The Committee of your society I'og lcavo to call attention to the fact that tho legisla ture at their Inst session, by nn net of that body, have loft it to tho discretion of tho County Courts whether nny licenses shall he ranted to retailors of ardent spirits, wine, Stc. The Courts, in exercise of this discre tion, will probably ho influenced by tho opin ions of sound practical mon. It would seem then to be highly proper that tho opinion of tho community should bo fully and freely expressed. It appears by an examination of the ro cords of tho County Court, that in 1S42 thirty six persons woro licensed to keep tavern, and thirty six licenses for rctaling were erantcd in tho county, and that of these thirteen taverns and twenty threo retail hops are in tho singlo town of Burlington. In addition to this it is understood that otic largo establishment sells by wholesale, and that thcro arc besides somo twolvo or thir teen cellars, as they are called, where tho keepers are licensed to sell beer, cider, fcc. to that it may bo said wc have in this town fifty places where tho gay, tho thoughtless, and the young can get intoxicated, and where too many avail themselves of tho opportunity. It is obvious that tho great mass of thoso who'purchaso liquor aro of tho poorest class, and that they got nothing in return. It is upparont then that tho natural effect of tho traffic is to make the'poor poorer, and tho rich richer. No one would in terms advo calc a principle which would tako tho cam ings of the poor and give them to tho more wealthy without an equivalent, and yet whenever examined, the subject will show that tho liquor traffic has this effect. It is tho appropriation of tho wages of labor to support tho idle. It is in fact tho slavery of tho many for tho gain of a few. It is des tructive of all practical equality ; and let tho traffic bo continued for half a century, and republicanism, if it exist, will bo but an empty name. It is one of tho plainest principles of po litical economy that the prosperity of a coun try consists in the inci caso of the products of its industry. It requires no argument to show that tho traffic in liquor has no such tendency; but its obvious tendency is lo di minish and destroy tho products of indus try. Htnce the prosperity of a country will bo diminished in exact proportion to tho in crease of liquor traffic. Incrcaso the traffic indefinitely, and want, sorrow, wretchedness, and degradation will scttlo down upon the land forever. This is neither the time nor the place to de tail the evils resulting from the use of intoxi cating drinks. Unfortunately they aro loo apparent, and ho who has a heart to feel will bo deeply sensible of the woes that follow in its train. Were tho consequences visited solely on thoso who drink, then wc should mourn for their weakness, we should have tho poor consolation of feeling that they were merited; but tlio man of strong drink, by injuring himself, abuses his children and is faithless to his wife, pnd when at last he finds his homo in the ditch, they aro cast upon tho cold charities of tho world, or seek a refugo from moro bitter woes in a pauper's home. Thcso evils can novcr bo effectually checked, so long as tho traffic of death is licensed by public authority. So long as the accursed thing is sold, so long somo will bo found lo drink. Enlighten public opin ion as you may, elevate tho standard of moral excellence) to the highest point to which humanity can go, and yet some will gratify the cravings of a depraved appetite. oven at the expense of honor and feeling. The temperance reformation has done won ders, but its final triumph must bo postponed to tho day when no man can plead tho li censo of tho law for that which without it would he a cheat. If traffic has any laws, they must bo foun ded on this plain proposition, that it is an exchange of equivalents, and being so, the exchange of a noxious article for money or other valuable, is a cheat. The man who should sell tainted meat or frozen potatoos, would soon find his levol in society. Tha dealer in liquor is in the samo condemnation unless liquor has a fixed intrinsic value. It is too lato even for the dealers to contend that liquor has any value as a beverage. It lias long since been condemned by all intel ligent disinterested mon as worso than useless as a most griovous poison, and tho voice of wailing that is continually going up to heaven, is bringing down curses deep and strong upon tho abominable traffic. If tho traffic shall continuo to be licensed, tho consequences cannot remain doubtful. The best exertions of total abstindnco can not prevail against the flood of intoxicating liquor. It will bring sorrow into every fami ly, it will strike down tho hopes of tho land, it will bring wretchedness into our streets and disgrace upon our good name. Wlionco thcso complicated ills, and why re we doomed to suffer them! That sel fish men may hoard up wealth in pandering to appetites of which tho beasts would be ashamed, Time has been whon liquor was used by all as they had occasion. It was thon con liderod necessary as a means of social in tercourse, and tho intelligent, the honorable, and tho virtuous, gavo it to their friends in the exercise of an enlarged bonovolonco. But tho effects flowing from this practico luvo led to a thorough examination, and tho principal on which it was used has been found to bo falso and injurious, and tho same good leeling wlucli lou to its use is now exerted to counteract it, and the effect of their exertions fas demonstrated the mighty power of truth. Your Committee bclievo the favorable Jimo has arrived to striko a decisive blow. ffbo legislature have confidod to each coun ty tha power of determining what they will kiT done in relation to tho traffic in liquor The courts in tho exercise of the powers delegated to thorn, have a right to expect tho fullest expression of public opinion. Let ovory man, woman, ami child, who lias a heart to feel, respond to tho question, shall the traffic of death be longer tolerated? and tho voice of congregated thousands shall rend tho heavens in, joyous shouts for our emancipation. Your Commltteo rocommend that a res pectful memorial ho circulated for signature by tho great body of tho inhabitants of this town requesting tho County Court, as tho guardians of our rights and tho protoctors of our prosperity to uso all proper influence to to abolish tho traffic in intoxicating drinks. That a copy of these proceedings be pub lished and that tho several towns in this county bo requested in tho name of this so ciety to co-opcrato with us in tho good work of freeing tho land from practical slavery. At tho meeting of tho Burlington Total Abstinence Society, on tho tho 3d day of February, tho foregoing report was accepted and ordered to bo published, and that tho consideration of tho resolutions and memo rial bo postponed to tho 17th February. Rhode Island. Governor King has issued a proclamation, declaraing tho new Constitu tion to have been adopted and ratified by a ma jority of the qualified voters in the stale, aud that the same will become the supreme law on tho first Tuesday in May next. The Dorrilcs have not yet nominated a can ditlatc for Governor in opposition to Gov. Fen ner. The Providence Journal anticipates the eioction of tho latter by a largo majority. Ho is, or was a democrat, but is zealously support- ted by tho whig?, or so many of them as belong to tho " law and order " party. In short, na' tional politics are lost sight of in tho more ab orbing questions relating to tho internal affairs of tho state. Nat, Int. Tho Whig State Convention held on tho 17lh, in Indianapolis, unanimously nominated Gov crnor Bigoer for re-election, and John II. Brad ley was with like unanimity, nominated for Lieut. Governor. Speaking of tho 17lh, tho Indiana Journal says : " it has been the day-hreak of a great day, full of political glory, and full of political success, not to us as a Commonwealth alone, but to tho Whigs of the Union." At least one thousand delegates wcro in attendance. All was enthusiasm and energy. Tho health of Sir Charles Jtagot ia thus no ticed in tho bulletin of his Medical Attendants on the 23th ultimo. His Excellency the Governor General's health has, during the last few days, undergone im provement which would doubtless have been moro decided had he altogether refrained from public business. WELLKU1SM8. 'You don't pass hero,' us tho counter laid to tho bad shilling. 'You aro a gtcat deal too fast,' as tho slago coach said to the steam engine. 'I don't hang to that, as tho fish said to tho hook. 'You nro too hard upon mo,' as tho corn said to tho boot. 'Ho is too big for his business,1 as tho Indy said of tho sweep who was fast in tho chim ney. 'Como out here and I'll lick you,' as the boy said to tho candy in tho shop window. 'Wo havo to pay for ovory thing,' as tho man said when a musquito, after a voluntary serenade, sent his bill into him. 'Mind your eye,' as tho thread said to the needle. 'I'm holier than trfcu,' as tho siovo said to tho cullender. 'I too como from Grease ! ' as tho dough nut said to tho Elgin Marble. 'I'm dying for you,' as tho girl said to tho bachelor when she colored his pantaloons. Come in out of tho wet,' as tho shark said whon he swallowed tho nigger boy. 'Havo you improved in riding lately V 'No. I havo fallen off a great deal.' 03 The IXoval Family. Ono of the most important articles of news, brought by tho Liverpool steamer, is that which relates to tho Royal Family. Tho latest proceed ing accounts stated that tho Queen would give another prince or princess to the realm in March. It seems by tho accounts whicli came to hand on Wednesday, that this event has been postponed, and will not take place till May. The reasons for tho delay of an event so pregnant with important consc quenecs to tho human raco are not given. In relation to the present and future mem bers of tho royal family, wo find tho follow ing in a London paper : A9 nil tho almanac s, havo given the royal family for tho present year, l'unch determined to outstrip all competition, has used tlicgrealest exertion, and given much attention to the subject with a view of urenar- insr a list of the Family ten vcars hence. The following may bo depended on, as being, if not quite correct, at least as nearly so as circumstances will ad mitof : Queen Victoria born l'rincc Albert - t -Victoria Adelaide, (Princes Royal) Albert l.dwnrd, (1 'nnco or Wales) SIIKIUFF'S SAL.E, On Saturday, Feb. 11, 1843, be (.old at It. THOMAS' Auction Room, n nuanlliv of CliOCKF.RY, DRY GOODS, dee. I will give a Credit ot GO day on nil purchase on noio nn inicrc-i. KRIS, Deputy Sheriff: of 85,00 and over, forn good nolo nn inlcrc-t, ii, i j. L,oai, wimp, SUGARS. iirown ) Cloves, Nutmeg?, umnamon, Also, Lamp Oils of different qualities.' Any of the above article will be old for Ready Cash at prices corresponding with the time. . .mis It... It.... ItlTf. reti. j, lolJ. ui huuijuuii New Establishment. T1IR undersigned having 1 ought nut the entire stock of BAKNF.S & KEICLF.K. bc:r leave lo inform the pudlie that llicv intend to continue the CABINET nnd CHAIlt MAKING BUSINESS, in nil it branches, nt the old stand of Barns nnd Keclcr. The public generally, nnd the citizens of Burlington i parnciunr, nrc requesien iu cm ami exununc. incir ork nnd I heir nrices. Thev will .-ell anv arlicle in their lino cheaper than can lie bought in this market. A .C. 11 I.' 1VI.'C3 Burlington, Feb. 10, 1813. THE Books nnd papers ot th undersigned will bo kept lor the proem at t lie snop tieretoiore occupied bv them . Ihcv rcnuctnll nervous indebted to call and ay immediately, or liiey win no uiuier ine necessity oi I'iiviiiir uicir uciiiitiius wr luiiit-uwii. All ncr.sons having claims against the subscribers are respectfully requested tn present them for adjust ment, ns nicy nre sieiermiiieu io nnn? an tncir Dim nets tonclose nssoon as possible. iituvi.'c. VL'm pn iiwii.i. j-,it Burlinglon, Fib. 10, 1813. 1819 1F19 IS tl 1842 1P13 1641 1RI! Henry Phillip William (Duke of Lambeth) 1BI0 lb 17 1813 Augusta Leopold, (Dukoof llrompton) opma ,;unria - l.connra Jane Marv Alexandria John Charles I'elcr. (Duke of Chtlsca imioiuv'i ncouaiu i nomas, tuuae ot Kensington) 1819 Matilda fecraplnna .... 1630 Richard Stephen, (Duko of Dtplford) 1831 Klhclred Gulhrum. (Duke of llatttrsca) 1837 Scranhina Susan Cecilia ... lSji The abovo are, as nearly as wo can give them, the arrangements for the next ten years, of tho Royal I' ami v. and tho above tab o mav be looked upon as a sort of perpetual calender of information on tho sub ject it embraces. Tho returns aro at present made up only to mo year ifcj.i, nut wo may carry our calcu lations further on a future occasion. Tho above will Nashville. fTcnn.1 Dec. 23, At Air Hnnlnn' Kill; ninnnfiptnrv In tMc ;. Nations flintier on a future occasion. 'Ibo above will ... , l , , r, .? manutactory, in tins ci- bo , , b rcasouaUo person enoujh for the ty a loom for tho production of the various fab- r.. ' ' " II..3UI ouu io uuw 111 uuumuuii v u cancu a fow days since and witnessed tho process of LooorocoisM in Missocni. A division is weaving handkerchiefs. Two other looms will tnkinrr iilacc in tho nartv linre. Somo of soon bo erected. I hero are also in operation a tlmm think- thn i,,L-n .nhnni Imrrl mnnnv ha variety of fixtures for roolina twisting .pooling, far flnouX Tho St. Loilis ilcpubli. velvets. &c, manufactured at the establishment Pan s of the opinion, and is advocating tho of Mr Gill, in Ohio, where a fair proportion of issue ot small bills. It thus defines and rul- Tenncssco cocoons is sola and manufactured : "iuun ui us pn mai wuuiu tho production being at tins time more than niako "small bills" the best of Democracy. felUU Ueniocracy, Jam-up SoO Douhle-Itclincd Democracy, WU singlo-nclmed Democracy, IU i ull-lslooil Uemocrocy, Ss Hall-lsloou Democracy, t-J Quartoon Democracy, N. Diddle: Tail ofa Dead Coon, with the order ol nationality. A. I . Eipress equal to the wauls of tho establishment here. iMr (j. pays lour dollars a bushel for rood mer chantable cocoons., one half in cash, and the other in manufactured silk?, of which he is making one thousand dollars worth per month, at a profit, ho t-ays, of ten per cent, over all cost, fltay wo not boon export lo see other es iabliscmonts erected in Tcnncsice 3 It is be lieved lo be certainly profitable, and possesses tho decided advantage of requiring the labor only of females and small children who cannot bo lital)ly employed otherwise. liunner. Horrible Things, iSrc- At Malay, on board of the ship St. Lawrence, from Ma nilla, tried to kill himself two or three times during the passage, hut was prevented ; but on rrnlny last, while the ship was going into Philadelphia, he slipped into the round house anil inflicted upon Ins poison several horn hie gashes with a knife, that terminated his existence. When discovered, his throat was severely cut, nnd his stomach so dreadfully lacerated, that ho had actually drawn a por tion of Ins entrails tucretrom ! A butcher named stanhoge, was stopped near Wilmington, Delaware, to mend the shaft of his wagon which he had just broken, was approached by a colored man with a gun in Ins hand, who affected to assist him. From the German of KlopBtock. TI1F. LAST PARTING. " Wherefore so sad when they Tho corpse boro by 1 Fcarcdst thou DcatliT' Dealhl Nay. " What feardst thou thtn 1 To dio 1" Not even that. Thou soraeihingfearcdsl : didst notT Ahnio7 I feared I fiarcd "Prythec fcarsd what? To bid farewell to friends so dear, And also their farewell to hear. For this wa I more sad than thou, And deeper gloom sat on my brow, At the time when 1 Saw tho corpse borne by. FIKB. Tho annual meeting of the Iturlington Fire Company stands adjourned to Monday evening next, at seven o'clock. The subject for consid After tho shaft was mended, tho said oration will bo, "the expediency of raising mon to Mr Stanhope, " You might as well dio y tax on lho 2ralld orotherwisc, to pur. now ns at at-y time," deliberately raised his chase a suitable ongino and equipments." It gun, fired, end tho load entered Mr Stan- to be hoped that ovary member will he present, hope s lace, producing a dangerous and ghastly wound in tho lower portion thereof, Tl T and fracturing Ins jaw. 1 ho shot took a Tho Mechanic's Institute meets this evening direction from behind torward in consc- half-past G o'clock. A lecture from a member is cx quenco of Mr S s position, nnd it is to this pected. Terms of admitance as usual. circumstance lie owes Ins lile. 1 lie negro uyoroeroi Directors. then struck him several times with tho butt of his gun, but persons approaching, he fled and has not yet been detected. Best Fnmily Groceries at the NEW CASH STORE. Old Hyson, ) Y. Hyson, TEAS I'ouclioiif, Supeiior Young Hyson, in caddies of 13 lbs each. , HusielPs Grow' Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, ( rplIF, Honorable the District of Chittenden, r. I X Probatu Court fur the District of Chittenden l To nll.rH-'ruons concerned in llicctntoof IWSSHLIj GROW, Into of Wex ford in unld District, deceased, OnecTINa., Almon Griflin,adim'nlstratorofihccstalc of snld deceased, proposes to render nn nccount of hi ndmlnltration,nnd present hi1" nccount ngainst aid clatefor examination and allowance nt a ses sion of tho Court of Probate, to beholden at Ilia Reg ister's office In llurllnglon, In said district, tho sec ond Wednesday of March next. Therefore, You nrc hereby notified to appear before said court nt thetimc andplaco aforesaid, nnd show cause, if any you havo, why tho account aforesaid should not Vc allowed. (liven under my hand at Burlington, this SGlh day ofJnnunry, A. D. 1813. 37 3W VViM, WtSlUiN, iiegistcr. Java, ! Mnckn, Green ! COFFEE. Alsplcc, Ginger' Molnsses, uoniisli, John Mncomlier's Estate. STATU OF VERMONT, ) rnjIE Honorable tho m.-trict oiuiiiticniicn, s. j jl l'rouaio v;ourt lor the District ol Chittenden ! To nil nerson concern ed in Ine estate of JOHN MACOMIIEIl, lato of Wcstford, In said District, deceased, GntXTlNO. WitF.nEAS, Daniel Jackson, adminislrnlor of tho estate of said deceased, proposes to render nn account oi ins auininisiration, nnu present m nccount ngainst said estate1 for examination nnd allowance nl a ses sion ol lliu Court nf Probate, to le hohlennttho Reg ister's office in llurllnglon In said District, cm the second Wednesday of March' next. Therefore, . iiu tin: iiiTunv uuu hit., iu uiivu r usimu puili ihuii . the lime and placu aforesaid, and show cau.c, if any ,'oii nave, why the account nlorcsaui snouiu not Leni-owed. Given under mv hand nt Ilur hnston. this 8ih day o( February, A. D. 18-13. 37 3w wjl. wi,siui, uegisier. ASSIGNEE'S SALE IN BANKRUPTCY. BY Virtue of an order fsuvUoiit of thell. S. Dis trict Court for lho District of Vermont, I will sell nt Public Auction, nt the Inn of Thomnx D. Fletcher, ... i. i' ... t,'...l ... tl... i,l rl, u 111 ill I II 11 II, . I' I IIIUIII , SI 11 1 HUH), HIV J'UIUJ Lfl 111,11 I. 11, 1813. at 10 o'clock. A. M all the interest which Ta bor I.Scell had on thelirst day of Augiisi, 1812. in and to certain real estate lying in Allmrgh, and all the inlerc-t said Sowcll had in 3000 brick, and all I he interest ue liail in n (ortain r.ngine aim .Machine- rv nml nil llm inlrrnst he has in a certain itul?mcnl ill favor ol said Scwcll against Lester D. Moore, of I roy, IV. l ., anil nil Hie notes, nccounts, judgments niiiiexccuui.ns incniionen us unu sain few.'ii in ins schedule on lile in the oinco of the Clerk of the Dis trict Court nlore-aid, together wilh about (twenty thousand feel of in'n and hemlock lumber, and a sil ver watch. The sltiialiou of the above real estate will be more narticularlv described on tho dav of talc. icrrns, UAsii. 57 11. 1). SOWL.KS, Special Assignee, Stephen Hal;ht's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, JATj Probato Court District of Chittenden, si. S XX held nt Ilnrlintrton in said District, on the 9th day of February, 1813 1 i non application oi nnau iiaigiu, as uuaruiau oi Marv L. Ilaicht, of said Ilurlinnlou. a female infant, one of tho heirs to tho estate of Stephen llaight. lato of Burlington aforesaid, deceased, requesting a divis ion of said estate among lho heirs (hereof: Where upon, the Court aforesaid doth appoint tho 2d Wed nesday oi jiarcii next lor hearing in tlio premises, at tho oflico of the Register of this Court, in Hurling (on aforesaid, at 10 o'clock. A. M. And said Court doth further order that the said applicant cause tho several persona interested in lho said estate, or their attornics, if living within this State, to be notified to appear ueiore saiu uourt at tno timo ana piaco aioro said, to make objection to such division, if they seo cause, and that for that purpose tho Eubstnnco of said application, together with this order, bo published in the Freo Press, printed at Burlington, threo weeks successively previous to lho timeof hearing. in wuncs3 wiicrcoi, i uavo nsrcuuis. nflixed the seal of said Court, and suh l. s. scribed my name at Burlington, in said District, this 9th day of February, A. 1)., 1813. 37 C. RUSSELL, Judge. UNITED STATES Dl STRICT COURT, Vermont District. IN BAKRUPTCY. Notice to show cause against Petition of ASUS L. MORTON, of Mi'ton, in snid Di-trict lo ho declared a Bankrupt, nl the office of S.imue Prcntis'-, in;.Monlpclicr, in saiil Dislrict, on Tue-v day lhu21st day of March, IS 13, ten o'clock, A. M. EXCITEMENT. TIIE stromr feclina beini wrought amonc our cil- X izclis for tlio nrounrincr a Fire Engine lor llm nre-crvntion nnd protection olour dwcllina. shoos. cnaueis, goons ami ciioeis irom ine uestrucuve consc iMiences ol one ol our nio-t useiiil c ement", it I thought will le allayed in nn early nccomplMiinent of the wishes of the most ardently desirous, and that the People's Agent may be ready to act in concert with his fellow citizens, on Monday evening next, his npplication to die business of his profession ol selling goods cheap lo the People themselves-, will ho prosecuted to the extent of his ability and thul'iibliu rciiuircincnts, which comes strictlv in accordance wilh his cheerful, Up nnd Doing, Q nck nnd Cheap for susuaiui .iu Iiiipnsuinui-IH iur i.eui aysiem, which was commenced in April, iBi2, anu yet tnus contin ued, and for a portion of the credit of fii'iiic s,o, is wil ling (o allow a co-working of the Boxer Engine company, wnose ever waiciiiiilness and exertions nave i ecu a nincid to ine continuance oi the opera tions, and that Ihcv mav receive u partial ootiivalent for Iheirzeal and assiduity in the cause, a portion of in.' avail 01 doings will 1 1 appropriated lor ji contin uance of theirexlslcnce ol nt iea.t the pro(it?on sales that mav I e made previous to the adioiirned ineetimr wnen every citizen is expected to meet Ins neighbour and greet and congratulate on the hoped happy result of having accomplished by voluntary sii scriplion thai which they could have no heart in doing by cold and unceremonious Taxation, nil of which is duly submitted for ihc bcnelit nf the buyers nl good-, and the cause of Protection from the ravazes ol Fire. l lie plan of which will Lo fully made known by n: piying at iiuwAUU's. in naste, iiuirsuay morning, Litn i eii.,'-lJ. 37 THE undersigned rcspcctufly gives notice to the inhabitants of Bur incton nnd the nubliont large mat ins connexion Willi the i cmatu seminary in tins place will cease at the time when Mrs. Paine shall take the Miperinlendancc ol that Institution. Being desirous of reaching Music, thoroughly nnd scientifi cally, nnd not m tno jmperliciai manner too tropical ly pursued, he trust that he will receive, at the hands of the piibliu generally, that encouragement which is nbout to be withheld by the Principal of the Fe male Seminary. iot desiring nt present to leave tins place, tne .subscriber would most respcctfblly inlorm those La ches and Gentlemen who nre desirous ol availing themselves of a TliOROUdii education in the Science of Music, that he will he happy to instruct lliem upon me riaiio, t loiin, aim urgan,on tne most reasonable terms. J. WINDM1LLEH, Professor of Musk. Burlington, Feb. 1. 1813. 3Cw3 ASSIGNEE'S SALE IN BANKRUPTCY. NOTICEis hereby given thai by Virtue of lho sev- cral orders and decrees In Bankruptcy in tlicfol lowingcnscs, issued oulof (he Dislricl Court nflhc United Slates, for lbs District of Vnrmonl. I will sell nt Publio Auction nt lluiiincs and places hereinafter mentioned, such cffcclsof lho Bankrupls iinincd be low, as beanie vested In me by virtue of tho decites nforr'nid. Effects of Timothy W. ft. Nlcho's, or Essex. A Saw Mill situated in Millon, Vi, standing on land owned by Philander Mars, suh.icctlonn attach ment of Kern nnd Walker of Burlington, Also, One half (he Mill House in the mill yard near O. Tyler's in Essex j All the interest ofT. W. It. Nichols in a conlrnct made wilh Samuel Page of Essex, for the rent of three and half acres of land In E'.ex, Ijo, any lien or inlerest the said Nichols may have In n conlrnct made with Samuel Pago for building tho woo. work ofiwentySlciirhs, Also, I he notes nnd nccounts surrendered by said Nichols and due him when declar ed n Bankrupt. The above. ale nt Ira Harney's Inn, in 'se.r, on Thursday, February 10, 1813, at 2 o' clock, P. M. nilccts of Leonard SI. Dixon, or Underbill. All the right and interest of Leonard M. Dixon, to one acre of land, on which Is creeled a Starch Facto ry, Saw Mill and Barn, lying in Underbill J One other piece of land of nl out forty four feet sipiare, on whicli is creeled a Store, lying l u Underbill i About thirty acres of land situalcdpartly In Jericho and part ly in Underbill, on the west side of Ihe road leading Irom Arthur Ilosiwick's, nnd across Underbill flat', Also, n Pew, No, 33, in iWi second Congreffntionnl inceting-hou'ein Underbill, the foregoing decrilcd nronertv sold suluecl to mortgnocs iiivhii to Spalding and In Reul en Marcy, by said Dixon, nil of which will be more particularly itcscril cual the tune ofsalo j A ho, the. notes nnd nccounts surrendered by snid Dixon, remaining iincollcclcd nt iheliincofsnle. Thcnhovcsnluat Martin C. Uarnti'a Inn, in fif derhill, on Fi May, February 17, 18 1J, at 10 o'clock, A. M, Effects of Joseph Cook, of Iturlington. All lie interest of Jo-cull Cook tn the IIou-u and land occupied bv him iu Burlington, consisting of 25 70-100 acresof land with (heapptirtenciiccs, sub jcrt to n mortgage given for sundry nolcs executed bv snid Cook to Carlos llaxtcr of Burlington j Also, alltheinlciost whicli the said Cook mav hniuloMin drv articles morliasod to JJorolha Utter of llurllng lon, 10 secure tho payment of one hundred and liliy dollars, all of which will be particularly described nt Ibo lime of sale, sale or the nliovo property nt my office hi Burlington, onSalurday, February 18, IS 13, at 11 o'clock, A. M. Effects of Daniel It. Tucker, or Huntington. All (lie right and inlerest of Daniel II. Tucker, to certain land Iving in Huntington, puicha'cd iu con nection wilh Silas Tucker, I eingllie residence of said Tucker, subject to a claim of three hunched dollars nndiutercst from July, 1S30; Also, sundry article of fanning utensils, one ihnu year old heifer, one horse, 7 sheep, and ihe equitable interest of said Tucker toproduce raised on said (arm. The above sale nt my office in Biiilington, Saturday, February 18, 1813, at 2 o'clock, P.M. Ellcctsof Samuel Whipple, or Willlston. All the inlerest ol Samuel Whipple to one equal undivided half of the following lauds in Bolton, Vt. in the original charter ofNcw Hunlinglon, iu ilioCoun- (V ofChillcnilcn, lo wit hits No. 233 of 82,73 acre 230 ol lu ncie 237 ol I.'JJ ncrcs 23j ol UU ncrc 239 of 30ncte 210 of23S nere 211 of 2IJ acre-, ns ilescril cd in n deed fi om William Allen to Samuel Wliinnlo. nnd recorded in Book -ll Ii. Pago 1 1 5of town Rceoids in Bolton, ANo, ihe notes nnd accounts surrendered lo me by said Whipple. The nbove sale nt my oiRcc. Saturday, Fcbruaiy 18:b, 1813, at 2 o' clock, i:m. Fillets or Calvin White, omillton. All 1 he notes, claims and accounts of Calvin White, of Milton, surrendered by him under the act (if Bank ruptcy which may icinain uncollected, nnd which will lpniticiilarly de-crileil nt the lime of sale. Sale nt mv office, in 'Burlington, Saturday, February 18, at 2 o'clock, P. M. imaiiiai i. hash r.iiL, Assignee. Burlington, Jan. 17, 1S13. 31 HOOTS 4 SHOES, 1TF.N'S Sewed and Pcg'd Think BoOlJ, 1VX do do do Calf Kip ninlSs-niiw Boys uo lo uo nnu lintkuo Youths do do do dl Mens S'ewd and I'egd. Calf Downing., ilo do Kip Brogami do Morrocco nnd Calf Puiiipi Boys nnd Youths Kip Brognns Women's Gaiter Boots Furewell't) do Morrocco Shoes and Slips do do Call Bootees do do, do cheap ljalher Slp, Jli-.'us cheap do do and Shoos, do morocco do do Childrens Caeks ami du For sale cheaper than tho cheapest l.y 33 DANIEL DAVIS. DISSOLUTION. THE Copartnership heretofore existing Letwccu WN & CJ(0SMAN,IS this day by inntuV consent di'solvul, nil lliu concern? of (aid Company will be adjusted by E. R. CnosstAsj. OSCAR IIROWN. Winooski, .Inn. 9th. 181.1. E. R. CROSMAN. N. B. The Business will be continued ns hcrctofntii all tho'e that wMi for Castings of any description can 1 c supplied on low terms. n33w3 E. R. CROSMAN. WHAl'I'INT. IMPISH. VN'E thousand reams, assorted sizes, for sale by Dee. 23. 31 C. GOODRICH. WHEAT. A FEW bushels good I riithl SI'RIXO WHEAT, and also, a few bushels best PINK-EYE POT A TOES aro wanted inexchanrofor Goods. Apply at the corner of Church and College street, to Dec. 30. 31 JOSEPH WAIT. M. G, RATIIBUN, DKAI'EK AVI) TAILOR, (Nearly opposite lho Bank,) Cnoncii St. 32 tf BcnLisaTos, Vr. TO LET. A Commodious STONE HOUSEnt prcscntoccu pied by Dn. Hisebeco. For terms apply nl tho 15, 1842. 15 tf premises, uuritngion, sept United State price unusually low. STRONGS, Nov. 10, 1832. 20 BOXES SUPERIOR FAMILY SOAP. 1 0 do do Starch, do do 1'igbluc, do Scaled Herrings will be sold very cheap for ca.h, by USIlll.l.U it illUHULLS. College St. next lo Mr. Wait's extensive Crockciy Store. AMERICAN STORE. ' "pERSO.N'S in want agroceries of any k-ind, or X pure Spirits or Wines for medicine," or for any other purpoe, will do well to call on the siibscri bcr.who constantly keens all kinds of the above arti cles, ns pure and unadulterated, lo say ihe least, as can be bought at any German Slore. He does not depend on the silly pulls of the time-serving editor ol a lillle weakly newspaper to establish Ihe character or purity of his liquors nnd wines, but moreupon his having, lor nearly twenty years, sold tomot of the Tavern keepers within fifty mile. many of them still continuing lo buy of him. And even ibis sapient editor, who has lately found such obliging neighbors, (but who, it seem.-, prai-cs his liquors most who gave io him last,) has often, in a mot obliging manner, drank of the subscriber's wines, and called them the best be ever lasted. The subscrilier docs not carry his liquors about the country, showing nnd pedling them. He thinks ihe people navel ccn imposed upon enough of lalcby such pedlars. But if persons warn ing such articles will call at his store in Burlington, directly opposite Mr. S. E. Howard's Slore, in Chun h street, he will sell lliem ihe purest nnd best articles for the lowest prices, and they will always find them uniform iu price and quality. ISAAC WARNER. Burlington, Feb. 1, 1813. 3Glf February 8th. 1843. VICTM. Hl'HLISUT has on hand a well sclocladas. VV sortment of DRY GOODS nurcha-cd iu New York, in Novemter last, at ihe lowest rate, which bo 1. 1 e ernnncil lo sell nl suen prices ns wil correspond with the low prices of produce. These goods cost made at the People's Cash Store, kept by theirnsc; and must be sold to raie money again. I hursilay morning, IIOVVAIill. THE CASH SYSTEM TS slill nrogressinc at the Cheap Cash Store, where JL it baa prevailed for more than 20 years, and never more advantngeously for the buyers than now. Why the materials for cfoihes and urc.-scs do not cost ns much ns the prices charged for making the same into garments it is no ficticious story, but is one thai tho-e only know certainly wdio buy for cash, nnd which mav be, more fullv ascertained bv calling and examining the prices for, which there is no charge lie reopti-'s uash Store, kept by their agent Just Itccclvcd nml For Sate at the Iiurllngton Hook-Store. DUKF1ELD ON PROPHECIES, Stewart's Hints, Biishon Prophecies, Jack Ilinlon, Shemiall's Lectures, Whcatcly's Kingdom of Christ, Burnetts' Rcfoiinalion. Jan. 2G, 1813. D. A. BRAMAN CAJIINENT FURN1 TURE. mUE would remind tho Public, JL that ho siill continues IhoCAIIlNENT BUSI NESS at the Old Stand, on Lturch Street, formerly Nichols ,f. Hcrrick. and over Mr. Hurlbut's Hiorc, tthcroho has a nood assortment of Mahozunv, Black Walnut, Cherry nnd Pine FURNITURE, consisting of Secretaries; Bureaus) Sofas; Dining Tua, Work nml Tnib't. T.ihles: Bcilsre?ds and Stands, which he will sell for cash unusually low, according to the times. WANTED. In exchange, Birch and Maplo SCANTLING, suita ble for Bcdstcds 2 inch, 1 inch, 5 Sths anil 1-2 inch BASSWOOD. WtlLTK PliK BOARDS. BUlUtl BOARDS, and most kinds of Country Produce. Please call anu examine lor yourselves. SAMUEL NICHOLS. Burlington, Jan. 13, 1S13. 3-Itf BASS VIOLS. "T ELODIANS, Bass Viols, and Double Bas Viols; J.x very line ones, suitable tor small or large unurcti cs. Individuals or Choirs nrc invited to examine, them. PANG BORN & BUINSMAID Jan. 1SI3. 31 White Lead. 1TON White Lead in Oil, 2 do dry do. warranto! equal in quality in any mniinf ctured in tho REVOLVING AND OTIII3U CASTORS. CtASTORSnnd Castor Bottle-, Tea Pots, Snullers nnd trnvs, Candlesticks, Plated nnd German SilverSpoons, Pewter nnd Iron Spoons, pins, Nee- lles, lloous nnd i.ycs, Mice and Hoot Laces and Buckles, Brushes Combs o;c., nt verv low prices. Please call anl see before you buy. i-ANononx it ur.tssM.un. Dec. 20, 1813, 30m3 .Tames M. Ilazcn's Estate. WE the snbscril crs I ting appointed by ihe Hon orable the I'robale Court for the Dislrict of Grand Isle, Commissioners to examine and adjust nil clnnns nnd demands of all persons against theesiale of JAMES M. HAZEN, of North Hero, in said Dis lrict, rcnre-enlcd insolvent, nndnl-o nil claims and demand exhibited in otl'-eit ihrclo; and six months rrom the2Gih day of December last, Icing nllowed by said court for that puiposc, wo do therefore here by give noiice that we will atlend to the business of citrsnid appointment at the dwelling hou-e of Ihe wid ow Jnne Hasten in North Hero, on the second Tues day of February next, from nine o'clock, A. M. until 1 u'clock, P, M. of sail day. juii. KsMiuii, i commission JABEZ LAUD. crs. North Hero, January 2d, IS 13. 3-1 3w WE the subscribers, having been appointed by the Ilonornble tho Probate Court for tha District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adjust the claims and demands of all per sons against the estate of SIlCltHTAKY 11 A H'- SOA, latcof Jericho, in said District, deceased, repre sented insolvent, and also all cloims and demands exhibited in oll'sct thereto ; and six months from tho day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court tor mat purpose, wo uo tncrcioro nerctiy give notice, that we will a Html to the business of our appoint ment, al the dwelling or widow bucy Hawson, in Jericho, in said District, on the second Saturdays of January, February and May next, at 10 o'clock, a.m., on each of said days. uatcu, tins i4in uayoi ioemucr, A. L. itiii. 1 11U.UA.VLAI.USHA, AARON BURNETT, Commissioners. money Cheap good- mav be obtained nt " The New Cheap I Cash sjiore." Asthcri-isnowa little sleisluni we invite all those persons who visit Builinsrton lor trade, tocall and ex amine our goods. 37 WM. 1IURLBUT. February 2, 1813. 30 ENGLISH WATCHES. AVARI ETY of low priced do iMe nnd single cased English Wniihcs. Ju.-t received, some lino En ohsh Leu'rs of our own importation. Those think ing of buying a good Lever, aro desired to look at them. 37 PANGBORN if. UHINSMAID. J. U. JOHNSON, Sccbetaby. STOCKS. TITHITE Satin Stocks suitable for wedding and VV other parlies; black satin nnd bombazine stocks, nl.lin and with bows: scar! slocks: nletcd and plain slocks; we have reccicd a variely of ui'iiiiiuiii cuy mane sidciss, collars, nosoius, scans, itc. ftlocUsoi ime-t qualities and munulaclutc sch ling at Irom 23 lo 50 cents lower than former prucs Wo are receiving by llarndeii's and Jacob's Ex sressps, every ten day., new goods to keep our as, sOrtmcnt crv complete, and wu invite an examina tion bv all lefora purchasinn ; goods of the same quality cannot l e purchased on inure favorable terms. j, i-.inuiiuii.'. iv iiuii'SJiAiM, DRUGS & MEDICINES The subscribers are continu allv supplied with EVEltV ARTICLE in the above branch, boih of theO.lii'inal and Patent kind; Medicinal waters from Saraloga; do. Irom Caledonia, Canada; Alcdical Wines nnd Liiiuor-. (nure) Lmhes; Sursical Inlrutnents.: Min eral Teeth, oce. ij'iirescriptions put up at shortest notice. C3Shop openat all liours. PECK & SPEAR, Apothecaries. Di.riiugiiuii, r c u, j i ioij. lyju NOTICE. "VWING to my heavy losses, I shall bo ol ligcd to V call on all indented to mo to malic payment, and to sell mvStoro and Goods to avoid their bcimr sold at Shcrifl sale. 1 hope this notice will 1 o sufficient, as I should regret to sue many of my customers that have dealt wilh me over twenty years. 1 have a good assortment of Goods, and Incy will be sold. I shall mako no accounts ultir the 31st day of Decem ber, 1812, at my Burlington Sioro. SIDNEY BARLOW. Burliugton, Nov. 23d, 1S42. 23-tf House and Store To Let. A Neat 'and Convenient House, out -CJL. bni NOTICE. GRATEFUL for favors already received Irom an intelligent public, the undersigned would solicit the continuance of lho same from their old custom ers, who have furnished us Wool to manufacture, to their own advantage ins ttiey can lo-iuyj, anu wouui also be happy that ollnrs who have wool should con e and do "likewise. Wo assure them we can manufacture it into Broadcloths that will compare with any in the Slate, cither for home u-c, rr in style for any'murU't. We aro nl all limes to le found at the iiurlimricn iiiui. N. B. We will exchnnce cloths for good hard body wood, on reasonable terms. liui.uurnu. s. jiii i iinu... Winooski Falls, Deo. 23, 1812. 31 tf BRIGHTON MARKET. Monday, Jan. 30, 1813. At Market C20 Beef Catllc, 1200 Sheep, and 70 Swine. 100 Beef Cattle unsold. Pniccs. llctf Cattle. Lust wcik'a nriccs wcro not sustained, and wo reduce our quotations, viz : a joctcda proposition to nullify tlio act of ;cxlr rn1',r?,t lal;; "' ',.bcH;- U, 1 '.. , .. ' T ond quality, 53 50 a J 75. Third qualily, S3 2j a 3 I nunrncc rnmiiNnn llm n nplmn r, I Kntirncnn. I .n ... .v. Wclbers, from A fow were Nulmi'icatio.v Itr.nuKr.ii. On tlio 23d ultimo tho Ilouso ol Delegates of tlio State ol Michigan very promptly nnu uecsively rc- SOLTD HEAD PINS. THE head. cannot come'o Tor slip. Pins, needles, I est plateJ hooks and eyes, Victoria diaper pin.. knitting necdls, nclling pins, milliner's and saddler's needles ; LusKa wlialehone, eiastic.,conii)s, and LrusU- es at reduced price.-, lower than ever 1 cforo offered. 37 r.LMiuiCN .) IIKliNa.llAll'. Congress requiring tho election of Reprcscn- en tatives to bo made by singlo districts. Tho Sheep. Sales from SI 00 to j 50. :.:. rr....i : .i. i r 82 50. 1O3E0. p.upuxuuu u.iiums, e o. ui, .,- lSV'inl.-No lots weresold topcddlo, mnn, nlnnt tr lltn lull Irtr .1 l v ill , n rr llin Slflln I , , . . n . ts ' iii.iis.iiii,ii . iu mi. win i vji u,i, ,nu Mm m i rtiaueu iroui j i-a iu o. into Concrcssional districts, and obtained but fourteen votes in rho whole House, Though a largo majority of tho Ilonso aro good "Democrats," as tho phrase is, thoy aro not democratic enough to set thomsolves in opposition to tho Constitution ol tlio Unit ed states. iYf. Intel. Mainriica c3 , Dissolution of Copartnership. rTWIE Copartnership heretofore existing under tho I their import! X lirmoll'KAKL ec STKf.hl tiU, is this day dij. solved by mutual consent. Tho business will be con tinned and all demands settled by A. S. Pearl. A. S. PEARL. OSCAR STUEETEIt. Millon, Vt., Jan. 1st, 1843. 37 3r Pnr.MATunr, Interrment. The follow ing instanco of nrcmaturo interment is given by the Paris Debate : "A midwife of the communo of tho I'aullian had apparently di- In this town, on the 2nd iiist. bv John Bates. Esa. Mr. Eleazab ll. BnowN, of Burlington, to Miss Hannah Tait, ol Williston. In Williston, on the Dili inst. by tho Rev. Mr. Pnrmclca, Dcac. Eicon &ANroan, to Hiss Dian Tvleb. Bfio (31, In tlitd tftu-n nn llin Ttli insl. Hcrr.Aii Ann. wife of . 1 1 r. aI. a C I . I t t Ki-ii 'j i i 1.. r n Dlsl.nn uu, utiu iiui iiuuv, uiiur lliu iwuiuj-iuur nuurs i uuy it tviuara, anu uuuitiur ui uenjutum umiui, ...ennmrv flf.lnv. u-nc Su tlto rnlTin OCcJ 26 VCarS Olid 8 mOlltllS. Vll kllU ,Ulll Ull. UI tllU ICniUCIILU UI NIB olH-i-"j in. on St. Albans noint. Air. AA years, formerly of While Creok, benrcis felt something stirring in tho coffin, anil, in alarm, determined on cecing what and tho funeral procession proceeded to tho n.Vcjpen.eKlnll's place of interment. During tho way tho boh Vail, ogcd7-l years, fom felt something stirrinir in lho coffin. N J- could havo occurcd. 1 hoy found tho wo man alive, having been in a lethargy. She ras carried back to her residence, but the agitation sho suffered caused her death a fow days after." Weaving Pantaloons. Pantaloons aro wovo in this city as well as in England. They nro of course rather rough in thoir ap pearances, and not suited for a Chesnut street dandy. They will bo improved how ever, and coats will also be mado in tlio same way. G. Martin Sc. Co. in Second street near Master, aro tlio manufacturers. Phil. N. American. DISSOLUTION. milECoiinrinershin herelolore existinc between M. inn tnlisiTilipra. ill the Cistern business, is this dav bv muiual consent dissolved. Tho business of Uieurin may i,e tcuteu wiui ennrr m ms i.ui.i.s.. ' JOSKPII I.ANDON. OltLANDO UWM, Burlinglon, Feb. C, 1843. 37 3w J NOTICE. TS htreby given to all concerned (hat I have thii 1 i y .f;.i.. .ii nn.s.l....1 1. am X uay tnven iny suns, itiucucn ,iuihiuii, i., Bombard, their time, durins; their minority .n,l I will nu nnvnnvilekls of iheir conlraciins, nor claim any of Ueir wages, but they aro at liberty to transact ail uu.nicss lor inemseivfs. Attest, Lewis bsiwi.ES, Jr. hi ... ' MITCHELL X BOMBARD. Alburgh, MoySd, 16t3. mark t 37 liniUa convenient Srone, iu as good sliuJtiou Has nnv oi her tn U lurch street. Both or cither of the above tenements to be let for one or more years, and possession given the first day of .May next. nsaa'; v.ii;r.u. February 2, IS 13. 30 THE GERMAN STORE. Tilt', subscribers beg leave to renew to the public of ibis placo nnd the surroundin? country, the intimation that tliey continue to keep constantly on hand a choice assortment of DRY GOODS AND (HIOUKHIKS, all of which in their particular kind, nre of superior quality and surpassing cheapness. j'.s icciauy wuuui incv invue iituiic uucnuuii iu , f.'.. ........ .i. s.',. . .. . .. v L't" liicir iiiipiji ii -ii ir.isSiAS,, . m..iiiis,iii3iii ii....o, their Cuoxac BltANDV. and Holland (Schiedam) GIN, most of which have nlic.iuy lnvn lor some years under their own particular survey nnd inspec lion, nnd ihease o( which addml to their unmicstioii. able purity renders them peculiarly fit for medicinal Thev also resnectfullv inform Store-keener nnd lavern-isccpersoi ine nujiiceui towns, wno nro oe- sirous hi supplying ineir LUsiomcrs witti (renuinc nriiclcs, that they can be supjilicil with them at the SallvM. button's Estate. STATE OF Vf:il.MOS'l'. ) The Hon. the Probate District ol Chittenden, ss. i Court lor the Dislrict of Chittenden, to all persons concerned in thecslnto of (liTinim Store, in Burlington, where the subscriliers 5VW.. 1 .11. sun Ui, late oi niitision, in said wit; leave it to iheuiscriiuniiuiou ol tnosu who may hslricl, deceased. Luektino. I call to judge how far they havo n claim to assert the lltui'.AS, Ueboran auuon, auminisuairix oi uio superiority ol me articles incy oner mr sale, state of said deceased, proposes lo render nn ac- 03TIIF.I.M & MICHOLLS. Uollrco St., next to .ur. ail's extensive iroci;ery Biore. Jun. iO, IblJ. lis estate count of her administration and present her account ngainst said estate for examination nnd allowance at session ol the Court ol Probatt, lo be holden at tho Itcgister's otlice in Burlington, on lho second cilnesd.iv ol .Murcli next. Therefore, You nre hereby notified to appear before said Conn utlho lime und place aforesaid, and shew cause, Many you have, why (lie account uioresaul nuouiunoi ne auowco. liivcn under mv hand at Burlington this third day oi f curiiary, .. u. iou. m yn, u r.o i ui , neg tsier. Clcnsing, Dying and Repairing. A Ll. sorts of CLOTHING, all kinds ol SILKS and xl. silk vi'.l.1 r.ls5, nenorateu nnd llepairedm tlio neatest possiuio manner. Ill f)Ktl Ann., is.. sl,. nr.t'.M ' E. RICH jr. Doci. Saxton'a Building. Church rircct. Sign, Kanct Dukg, 3 WANTED. A Load or two ofGOOl) HAY. a few nice Chick Xv ens or Turkeys, noinc Fresh Fgg. &c. &e in exchange. via;. 5t spKAtt. January 2ti, 043, 3) James Marsh's Estate. WF. TIIK SUBoCUlBKRS, havinf been ap nointedbv ihe Honorable tho Probato Court far thn District of Chittenden, commissioners lo re ceivc, cxamino and adjust the claims and demands of all persons, against tne csiaio oi jamais jMAltSlI late oi uurungioii, in uiu I'isirict, ueceascu. renre- .-i :.,i. .?,. i n ,. j' ' j. BUIIIVU iiiauKHiu, uii j uiasi ui. viauua tills, UCIIiailUS I It A V F T It exhibited in olfset thereto: and six montha from the I 1A1 UI , day or tho dato hereof, being allowed by said Court for !' have somo accounts rrom a lew cents to that purpose, wo do thcrcforp hereby give notice, I It few dollars, of small moment or importance siiuv nil ..ill uiisiiii iu urn iiMoiiivo. iiiuui illinium I in iiinHU wiiu nnu nn. lull ui L'liui liiiLiurLaii.e ill lis.. ment, at tho office of Lyman iV Marsh, in llurllnglon, and wo respectfully inform Inoso interested that wo in said District, on tho iliird Monday n March nnd Ihe intend to collect them immediately, nnd wish to do 1st Monday of May next, at 10 o clock, A. M., on Boin tho woy to mako as little trouble or cost as pos. cuui i ii u.v,, i siuio uui iney mu no seiiica very soon. All who llaiesj. mis J i nay oi feornnry, A. u. IHJ7. I lmvn accounts aiainst our hrm. or en har nf n. in,l, mm I'Prt T. . inllir . 1.. .. .r.. .. . ' y.'l": M: i'ii-s3ii, 1 vidusllr, tro desired to present mem lor navment. Cnmn, ....-. 1 " 111 rsTfinrvnisT A., """...-v.isn p. HEMAN ALLEN, L. I.OOMI9, t'asli iiald lor l'orl;. TIIH Subscribers will pay cash on delivery for WELL I'ATTKNF.H POHK. FOI.LKTT & IIIIADLKY. Burlington, Dec. 32, 1812. 30 BUOWN SHFKTING. G Bales Drown Sheeting, just received and lor sale low by st 5i;y.uuuh. Dec. 15, 1812. BRULINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY THIS Trustees of this institution would inform tho public, that, at tho expiration of the current quarter, in February next, its management will de volve upon Mrs. CEOnan Paine, as Principal, who will take the place of 3Iis3 Lee, the present incum bent. Tho Trustees, rclyinc on tho high and acknowl edged qualifications ol Mrs. Paixe for tho govern ment of such an Institution, invito public attention to lho following terms and regulations: Tun Srni.NG Term will commence on Wednesday, the 1st of -March next, and continue, as usual, twenty- two WCCKS. T n It M s . Board, including washing, fuel, lights, etc. has been reduced to $23,00 per quarter,(ll weeks) half payable in advance. The Boarding department will continuo under the care of Mr. Braman. Tuition- in English branches $3,00 per quarter, half payable m advance. Drawing, including sketching from nature, and painting in water colors, ..... 5,00 French, Italian or German, each ... b,bo Latin, 3.00 Piano, Organ or Guitar, per quarter 10,00 Uso of Instrument for praclice - - - - 2,00 The French and Italian classes arc under the care of Monsieur Bocchette. Puni saro not rcceued for a less ncnod than one quarter, but deduction will bo made from the above charges, in case of protracted illness. liisitcsirauic mat pupils snouta uoarn in tne semi nary where ihcv will nt all limes be under the special charge of the Principal, who, bearing in mind tha imrortancc of lirallh in the pursuit of their studies, will constantly aim at their physical as well as then moral and intellectual iinprocment. in bchall ol tne Trustees, GEO. II. SHAW, Secretary. Burlington, 20th Dec. IS 12. Cash paid lor Oats, fN delivery at their Store, Old Dock vy lui.i.i.ri' Burhnglon, Dec. 22. 1812. BRADLEY. 30 AUCTION SALES; Wednesdays, Wednesday Evenings, aitd Saturday luvcmngs, B Y II. T 11 O M A S . OTOVES and PIPE. KITCHEN FtlHISITURE O Farmimr Utensils. Sleiahs and Waggons, Dav Goons, nnd India Rubber Clothing. Also, .1 large lot of lir and Cloth 11 inter Caps. sales conunucu m ine evening. -i." CLOCKS ! ! CLOCKS ! ! ! A FEW double nnd sinirlo O. U. Hood Cloc A. which will be exchanged for Drain or Wood on the most reasonable terms ,y D. is, Water si., uee. au, isia. Transatlantic Newspaper and General Agency (Mire. Liverpool. Jan. 10, 1943. rANODORN & URINSMAID. ALBANY ARC.US. daily, si:mi-wi:i:kiy, a.d weekly. rTWZV proprietors oi mc iir ucg icurc iu n JL form their friends throughout the Stale, that they propose to commence the .ir .caririmnn en- largea sneci, ana soun ujicricuru) uun mm graphical improvements, as trill render it worthy, at they hope, of the continued popular support ami the continence oj ine iinnocracy. rhrlr arrangements hare been made, as usual, for prompt and full reports of the Legislative pro- ceeamgs ; anujur w.(uiiy;muiuuii.'i ' hti th mails ami news of the dav. They surges! to their political friends in all cases i ), ,v Aral culisrrlvlion to their local newspa per. Next to that, the Ancvs is at their service, and will be sent, with a grateful appreciation of the liber al subscription list and approral it has long enjoyed, to all who desire a paperfrom the scat of Government. DAILY All(WS$3 per annum. Tenpercent ilnhirtinn for vavments in adrance. SEMI-) Vlill'KL Y Aliai'S-Slper annum. Containing all the matter ni the aauy paper. VKI:ki.Y AHGUSSlverannum. vavablein ....,',M, ... nilrnntA. A mihliratinn nf eiphi larce ouarto pages, containing nearly all the matter nf the sir daily papers, with a copious index. This paper, whichwill be found valuable as a reading ana paint cat sheet, anil Useful for reference. Will also be much sntargea. Any person procuring ju9f9uui,iuKi shall bi entitled loan atUHltonai rony. CIOSWELL, VANDYCKjf' CO. AHmv, DsKtmbsr 80, 1612. CIlAUIiKS WIliTiMKK. Xtisnaner. hr,rardlntr. and General Atrent. Qri'Pl.ll.t5 io order, Willi greater promptitude and ksj re-ninriu tnan any oilier nou-e, anu on ine inosi rej.oml leie'rms, (:t London Daily Paper for jEO 10s. S'crliugper jiiniim,) Nr.wsrAri'.r,'s, Price CrnnENTs, Sun I'iNG LtSTS.MACAZlxKsand llcoKstonll pans ol ihe t'.MTi.n Statks, Canada, Nova Scotia, and Nr.w IIkcnshick, liythe.Mail Steamers sailing on the 4th and llllhole.uhmoinhfrom Liverpool, a- well an by those from Uristol, and Southampton and lo nil the lsniAN 1-t.ANps, AIkxico, and Texas, by tho lloyal Mail Stcamcis sailing every ForlniRht from J'almoulh. C. W. will receive Consignments of Goods ;or Small I'arccls'i'nlla hiscare shallbe piinetnally fonvanUsl toilieirde-iinaiion. Any description of Ooods pur-cha-ed and forwarded to order. Next or Kis, und all other description o( AnvEn tisements, received for insertion in all ihe European Publications, N. 11 All orders should be addressed "Ciiacles Wii.i.mek" in lull, and none will le attended to un less accompanied by n rcmitlniu'e, or relerenee lor pavuienl on some Liverpool or uonuon House, fljluors of New.naners inserting the nbove Adver tisement once a week will receive a supply of Brit ish Newspapers, on sending a paper Marked) coo. laining il.J MAHOGANY & ROSEWOOD riMIE snbscril or has recciveil a largo lot of Afa. Jl hogany and Ilosewood, on Consignment, which lie is niitiioriscu to sen at new i orK prices; consist ing ol Crotrli Shade nml Mottle Veneers of all quali ties, anu prices. Hoards nt'l-1. 3-R,T-Hniul 1 inch thick. Hoards suitable fur Tables and Collins, Mahogany flank of 1 1-1,2 and 2 t-2 Inch tnicK. 1,1 V 13 CKESlFlfnATIIF.nS. A large sunnlv on hand of Lite Gco.-e Fcaihem. of country collection, for 50 cents per pound, Cash. C1IAIHS AT IIOIiKSATiK & IIF.TAITi. of all kinds and as low as canl o bought in Vermont, may i c loiinu ni uiu om sianu oi ieison nnd Uaies, oppositetho old Bs.nk nn Church street, or two doon norm oi uio t-aiiiouo unurcn,M. ram street. ... O. U NELSON. Burlinglon, Nov. 10, 1S12. H( Lamp Oil. 1 nfVI ALL0NS. pure Winter and Kail Strain- x oi sperm uu. oy Nov. 16. 161S. STRONGS r

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