Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 17, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 17, 1843 Page 3
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MONEY DIGGING. Tho Exoter News Letter describes an cn terpriio which has produced a scene of ex citement in the town of Poplin, in New Hampshire. It seems that tradition has been handed down among tho people of that vicinity, that many years ago a man was murdered and buried somcwhero in thai town; and also that m largo stun of monoy lies buri ed somewhere beneath the soil of that unfre quented town, but whether tho monoy belong ed to tho murdered man, nnd was buried with him, or whether it was buried at some other time, is not positively known, nnd there are of course various opinions upon tho matter. Recently some person had n dream, which was supposed to indicate tho place where tho money might bo found, nnd consequently a number of persons resolved to dig for it ; but after digging for n time without success, they bogan to doubt whether they had began their labors in tho right spot. At tho suggestion of one of tho wisest men among them, it was resolved to call in tho aid of Mesmerism, which it was conceedod had entirely super ceded the witch-hazle, and tho efficacy of which has been of lato so abundantly tested. A lady whs accordingly brought there, from a distant town, who, after being mesmerised by her Ittiibnml, informr-d them that, sure enough, they had been digging in a wrong spot, but to tho surprise of some, nnd in ac cordance with the confident expectation of Others, sho pointed out another spot where they might dig for tho eagerly sought treasure. The News Letter says : " It is now about n fortnight since operations have been commenced, and earned on in the Poplin Swamp. From a dozen to twenty men, have been pretty con stantly at work there, nnd sometimes two or three hundred visit them, in the course of the day, to wit ness their activity, perseverance and zeal. They are tout, resolute, anil athletic men resolved that if mon ey is to be found there, to get money. And that mon is there, they entertain no doubt." Wo learn from the narative, which is too long to bo copied in full, that the labors of the party are impeded by a great flow of wa ter, which requires several pumps to be kept in constant operation, nnd to increase their embarrassment, the ground is so situated that the water when pumped out, runs directly back into tho pit which they are digging. They had however advanced so far, accord ing to the latest accounts, that an iron bar when forced into the ground to tho greatest debth practicable, is ascertained to strike something solid, which is conjectured to be cither a chest of money, or a rock. It is im possible to tell at present which of the two, but it is said tho circumstance) has greatly encouraged tho hopes of the adventurers. Tho narrative adds : "On Siturilnv bi.t n gentleman from this town vis ited the spot. il informs us that the laborers cm ployed a'e apparently honest, faithful, pains taking men, working us earnestly as if engaged by the job. and that ever and anqn they strike down the bar, and listen and look wise, nnd smile knowingly, and go to work again up to their knees in watrr. The good la dy who goes to sleep, and directs their labors, was in the swamp, nnd required hut very htile of her hus band's pawing to put her into n sta'e to see wonders. The people were gathering about them in a high slate ofoxcitemcnt, and waiting with great anxiety for the result the digging up the chest and distri' uting the money." The delusion, surprising as it may be, in a community reputed to bo intelligent nnil well informed, is far less ridiculous titan that which effects to put faith in predictions of the ap proaching end of titc world. These money diggers believo in what thoy ardently desire, and are excited to an effort from which they hopo immense riches. The Millerites, with out the excuse of any powerful emotion, ap parently not oven that of fear, to unsettle their judgments, make themselves tho dupes of an ignorant pretender, without any con ceivable motive. If it were fear that had unscth'd their understandings, it might be ex pected to produce a different effect upon their conduct. In tho former case, the effect pro duced by tho passion for acquisition, opera ting upon cxtremo ignorance and iis natural companion, credulity is not entirely incom prehensilln; in the latter it is difficult to im agine how any one, not frightened out of Ids tcuses by tho terrors of u future state, and possessing the degree of education almost universal among us, can use his understand ing to so little purpose, as to put faith in these itupid predictions. The most plausiblo way of accounting for tho existence of so many of these pretended converts, is to supposo that none of tlirm believo what thoy pretend, but that they are merely engaged in the pitiful iport of attempting to hoax one another. In tho mean time they are doinc great mischief independently of thu imputation which they bring upon thu character of our community. Boston Daily Ado. New Yokk Sr.Nvron. Tho New York Legislature, on Tuesday, re-elected the Hon. Silas Wright, Jr. to be a Senator in Congress for that State. Mr. Wright received 17 votes in the Senate, and 77 in the House. The Whig members voted for Mr. Fillmore. The next Senate is now full, with tho excop tion of two Senators for Tcnncseo and one for Maryland. The Senators now elected aro 20 Whigs and 23 Democrats. Tho va cancy for Maryland will doubtless bo filled by a Democratic member. Tho political character o( tho two members to bo elected from Tennessee will depend upon tho result of the next popular election in that State. Postmaster's Pay. Tho N. Y. Trib une says : We are rather surprised tolcarn that of 75 Postmas ters in the Union whose compensation exceeds $300, jueniy-Jico aro in Mns-snrhusctts. The Postmasters of the eizht chief towns in that .Stale receive asfollows: , Bnston,S2000New Hedford,81.57U9jNorihampton i S1.870 14 1 Sn'em, 31,702 95 1 Springfield, 81,499 11 i Worcester, ll.Wl 29 ; Lowell, 4 1,227 79. The abovo facts only show how much more industrious and stirring are the northern manufacturing and commercial communities than tho southern nnd agricultural districts. Ildced, the post-offico establishment could noibe supported, hut for tho middle and nortiern status, Albany, Daily, Adv. Dnunrot. Accident Camphene Explo sion. A noi her explosion of this dangerous 'article ok place in one of tho stores on thn Ibridge ri Thursday night and burnt Mr. Jiames Cddwell in tho most dreadful man ner. lit appear) that Mr. Caldwell had closed sue y.nuie, aim was nnuiit f miring iu ueu, wnen he attempted to fill a lamp which was sitting Clear another, whan tho whole of it caught m i m art . re ana.txpioaeo. tvntn me acciueni nrit occurred, it was thought he would not livo 1 through tho night ; but yesterday hopes were entertained ofliis recovery. Rochester Dai. Adv. . Pins. The factory for tho manufacture of pins nt Stafford, Conn, is said to be the only ono of the kind in this country, or in Europe. Tho machino takes the wire, cuts it off the right length, puts on the head, points it, &c. completely finished before it leaves the machine : one machino makes about 36, 000 a day : there is also 'a machino connect ed with it for sticking them into the papers the pins aro put into a hopper, that drops them down to the paper, which is carried around tho cylinder; it sticks on four dozen at a Inch, nnd makes about fifty Inches a min ute. It was invented by Mr. H. Waters, of Stafford. Boston Transcript. fl""""' I am tho victim of an unrequited at tachment," as ttio fellow said when the sher iff culled upon him. BURLINGTON TEMPERANCE SOCIETV. Tho following resolutions and memorial were offer ed at the last meeting of the society, end will come up for consideration to-night. Rtsohtd, That the use of intoxicating drinks is destructive of individual happiness, and national pros perity i degradinz to us as men and bringing reproach upon us ns a nalion. lUiohed, That the licensing of the traffic in liquor nan evil of fearful magnitudc,withnut justification and iwiuui excuse, unu as sucn ougnt no longer to us tolerated, llesolvca, That n memorial bo presented to the louhly Court, praying Honorable tn ilia. continue tho traffic, and that the committee of this society cause the s-itue to be circulated throughout me uiwh jnr si;iiniurcii. llesolred. That a copy of these resolutions and of the memorial be published and forwarder! tnrarh tnwn in this County, and that thevbe respectfully request ed to co-operalo with us in endeavoring to remove irom us ine reproacn ot tne liquor tranic. TO THE HON. THE COUNTY COURT. The undersigned inhabitants of the town of Burling ton, deeply impressed with the evils resulting from the use of intoxicating drinks, and persuaded that these evils will continue so long is the traffic in them is licensed by public authority t do hcrchv exnresa our earnest desire that you will so exercise the powers confided to you by the last legislature, that an effectual stop may be put to a fearful business which is bringing sorrow into every family, covering the land with poverty, want, and wretchedness, and degrading our fellow men to the condition of practical slavery. vve are not called on to detail the evils of intempe rance to your Hon. body, you have long seen them and known ihcir cause, but havo been powerless to afford relief. You are now authorized to exert the strong aim of public authority to remove one of the efficient causes. We call on you as guardians of the public prosperity to exert that power, and by rcfus ing to grant licences to retail a noxious article you will lay a permanent foundation for the prosperity of thousands wlnJiro now cxcoxlinsly. oppressed. So far forth as we can, wo desire to give energy to your resolves, and favor to your delcrtninnions,hereby pledging ourselves to do whatever we can to aid in rescuing the land from a withering curse, not doubting that the blow drives out the unhallowed traffic will bo hailed by the generous and tho true ns the harbinger of a brighter day, and will be blest by that Being who wills the prosperity of his children. Communications. "Iln who Makes two blades ofobass obow wiieie CT ONE GREW BErORE IS ENTITLED TO THE NAME OF A PVBLIC BESEFACTOn." The above elegant sentiment of Mr. Jefferson, is founded on tho principle that the prosperity of a coun try depends on the increase of the products of its in dustry, and so far as national prosperity consists of national wealih, nothing can be moro true. In like manner, whatever diminishes the industrial efforts of of a nalion is a public injury which should be depre cated by all who have any agency in controlling or iliroclinK pnUio opinion, nd iiH.i ttla stern re buke of legnl authority. The leading object of republicanism is to promote the greatest good of tho greatest numbers. When this is effectually done it will be found that the parts har monize perfectly together. The interest of the whole is the interest of each, and no individual ncr class can rightfully build up prosperity on the ruin of the re mainder. This seems to be self evident, and no argu ment can make it plainer. The interest of the mpr. chant can never be in opposition to that of the manu facturer, and the true interest of both is founded on mo principle thai secures prosperity to every mem- uer ui utc community. Let this plain principle be applied to the linunr trniTic nnd it will be readily seen that its tendency is nnii. republican. The manufacturer consumes one half of an tnocorn anu rye of a given district. Themerchant sells the liquor to the consumers and gels cash for it. But what does the consumer get! absolutely noth ing nay, the rnoro he buys the poorer he becomes, until at last he is supported I y the public at the poor house. So far as national prosperity is concerned, the public would de gainers if the corn and rye had bven thrown into the lake. It would then simnlv have been the loss of so much rye and corn, but the community would yet havo the un;mpaired aticn-lh or tne consumers nnd the I est of all wealth, the free and unbroken energies of the bono and muscle of the country When will man see tho effect of this accursed traffic as it is that it not only is making us poor, but abject ana miserable, crushing the spirit of the country and binding us to a servitude as ignoble as it is cruel. No man can appreciate this national injury until he give it his undivided attention. Dtunkcnness has I tcome 3 common that it ceases to arouse. Wo see troons of squalid children, but heed not tho cause, and the wailings or broken hearted wives aro seldom heird except by their father in heaven. It is fur tho interest ofihe merchant that the liquor trames should be discontinued. The profit of the merchant u in propor'ion to the amount of his busi ness and Ibis depends on the amount of the products of industry in the country. All that is not consumol by the grower bi comes marketable, and henco the more ihere isin any given dUtrict, the more mere is to be sold, and the number of merchants con tinning the same, the greater will be their profits.- Instead of annihilating the one half of the corn and rye in the manufacture of a poisonous article, let the whole be devoled to feed the mechanic and the manu facturcra, or to increase the amount of our foreign e' ports, and the ellect will be obvious in the incteased prosperity of the country. Tho surplus in any given year beyond the amount necessary to feed the nation, is the true measure of national prosperity. Increase that surplus and our prosperity is increased in the same ratio. With in creased prosperity the ability of a nation is enlarged, ona us eneci win oe apparent in better roads, in ireat er facilities for communication, in the multiplication of school houses, churches, &c. in the improved condi tion of society and in tho onward march of civilization and socul happiness. Tho fair merchants have the deepest interest in this naucr. Suppose a merchant has ona hundred cus tomers, and taking it to be true, as is invariably the case, that they deliver him their aurplut produce in exchange for his goods. In exact proportion te the quantity of liquor he sells them ha diminish.. .1,.;. ability, an I in the end when they have exhausted their means ana occomo paupers, he must look out for I new set of customers or become bankrupt. Thia re . ..,.,., l, , .u.iomeri to rrmsin ine same lor a given lime, out nis customers are chang- i uuny, ns one Qies or goes into toe ditch or the poor house another fool succeeds to be stripped in his turn, and the merchant may and does grow rich, but the community is destroyed. Merchants as a class are honorable men, and are Beginning 10 see tnis matter in its true light. Indeed many are desirous to get rid of the traffic. u-.ll knnm. ing that the increased means of their customers will ensuie them to buy more tea. coffee, Sueur, nails. glass, etc., and thereby do a better business and tare their consciences. There may be a very few who will erv out nersuu Hon, as if they had a moral right to take money for an article that is sending soma of their customers to the grave every year. Upon such, argument ii Ion. mrl we can only unloose their grasp by the strong arm of ruouc minority. "SHORT SIGHTED, RUINOUS POLICY." No. 8. I would like to pursuo this subject a littlo farther, sensible that I cannot do it justice.yet desirous of call ing the attention of some to It, who thoughtlessly ate doing that which if not checked, will injvbe if not dcstiot Mescastilc and Michanical business amongst us. In my former communication, I alluded merely to articles of dress and to the makers of them, as being affected by tha "ahort sighted ruinous policy" of sending abroad for such goods as were made in our own town. I would extend my remarks to other articles and other trades, and enquire how are Carriage and Sleigh makers, and Furniture end Chair manufacturers en couraged to settle amongst us and devote themselves to perfecting the manufacture of their goods, when we send abroad if we wish for a fine article in their line 7 Says an apologist for so doing, (I have been among their number,) you cannot get a "nicejlntjin' ished" article here I I reply, did you ever try 7 D d you ever do ns yon do abroid, offer a good price in Catk, a prico which would warrant your neighbor in spending his time to finish, polith and perfect his workl It is a fset well known to every Mechanic, that it takes more time to polise and finish many pieces of work "nice and fino " than it docs to make them I Do you, when 'you wish to buy at home, go and "higgle" and banter and I eat dawn, and try to pay in that which is of little value to yourself or any body else? Which course do you pursue! The course for those to pursue who wish to make our place what it might be, renoicntd lor the good quality of all our manufactures, goods, wares and merchandise, is to "support our own" in a liberal, public spirited manncr,when a "Nick, Fine" article is wanted, order it from your neioiieob, who makes such things and pay him the cash, instead of sending to New York, Boston, or Cltnra. t ou pay the cash to your neighbor and you send it forth as blood is sent forth from tho heart, diffusing life to the body or system of which you form a component part. Pay the cash to your neighbor and he will be encouraged to give attention to the making of finer work. Do not in future pursue the "short sighted ruinous policy" of paying your neighbor in "yellow eat a or even or dinary babteb pay, and sending your cash to Troy, New York, or Boston. " Encourage your Own." In my next I will consider the objection that "Our Mechanics do not make fine articles." A ClTlZIM. Translated for tho Ftce Press. Prom the German of Klopstoek. PSALM, I. Moons wheel 'round Earths in circuits even, Earths around Suns their courses run, And to the Hosts of Suns are given, Their orbits 'round one greater Sun : " Our Father Who art in Heaven." II. On all these worlds, receiving, giving, light, Dwell Spirits, who, in powers, are not the same, Nor forms ; but all know God, and all unite In loving Him. " Hallowed be Thy Namo." HI. He, the highly exalted One, He, Who, in Himself alone, Of all blessedness, tho sum Can enjoy, the deep plan laid, That all creatures He hath made Should be blessed. "Thy Kingdom come." IV. Well for them, that He, not they, Guides their footsteps in tho way They have begun ; Well, that guidance shall be given In their future pathway thus I Well for them, and well for ust " Thy will be done, "In earth, as it is in Heaven." V. The purple grape Ho ripens, He raises the stalk with ill ear, He ripens the golden apple, The fruits of the bountiful year 1 The lamb on the hills He feeds, He gives the fawn its food But His dread thunder rolls o'trhead, And, by His hail, arc fin I tore d The fruits on the stalks and boughs, The fruits of hill and wood. " Give us this day our daily bread." VI. Are there, on high, above the thunder's path, Sinners found loo, and bound in mortal fellers 1 Doth Friendship, yonder, change itself to Wrath 7 onder, in Death Doth Friendship's sun till " Forgive us our debt, " As we forgive our debtors." VII. 'Tis not a single path, that, to the goal Of bliss, conducts thewand'rer up; Some through the deserts wind, And in these, even, he shall find Joys up-springing, and a cup To refresh tho thirsty soul. Joy's giddy height, the desolation Sorrow brings, meet in r peaceful level. "Lead us not into temptation, " But deliver us from evil." VIII. Worship bo paid to Thee.Who.round the greater Sun, Mado Suns, and Earths, nnd Moons, their ordered courses run; Who spirits on them placed, And mad'st Ihcm all be blessed t Makcst the blade tip-spring, And Death on all dost bring i Through deserts loadest to the goal, and, in the weary nour, The wand'rer dost refresh i to Thee, by angels and I men, Be worship paid: "For Thine's the Kingdom, an the I'owcr, And tho Glory, forever. Amen." For the Burlington Free Press. Mb, Eoitob, I observed in your paper of the 27th ult, an article taken from theN. Y. I'ribune concorn ing an ancient case of mutiny in which Sir Franci: Drake and a gentleman nameJ Doughty were con cerned. According to this account Doughty wa clearly guilty of Mutiny, for which he was hung by Drake. Now I was reading the other day a book of voyages &e., edited by Win. Mavor, L. L. D., pub lished in Philadelphia in 1802, where, in an account o Drake's voyage round the world, I find a sketch of the case, so entirely different from tho one above re ferred to, both in the facta and inferences, lhat I have concluded to send you a fuwextracta from the worl while near tho Island of St. Jago about the 1st February, A. D. 1573, " a misunderstanding broke out "between the Commander and a gentleman of the "name of Doughty, ono of his particular friends, the "occasion and circumstances of which have been dif ferently related t but according to the beat aulhori " lies, it originated from some improper conduct off " I nomas Drake, which his brother the Admiral was "so far from punishingor censuring, lhat, from the "moment he was informed of it, he conceived an tin "placable and unreasonable resentment against thi "accuser. This afterward led to a very Iragica "event." WhileotT the coast of Brazil, in the month of April, " the quarrel between the Admiral and Doughty "seems to have been exacerbated on some trivial oc "easiom for Drake was determined on his destruc " lion. As a proof of this, when the fly-boat, on board "of which Doughty had contemptuously been put, " separated from the fleet in i etorm, the Admiral "laid the accident to his charge s pretending that he "was a wizard, and whenever there was any bad " weather, he used to say, lhat 1 it came out of Dough "ly's cap-ease.' " And finslly.wefind the consume lion of the deed in the following language. "Here," near Port Julian, "they found the gibbets on which " Magellan had hanged soma of his mutinous crew, " and pcrhape the spectacle stimulated Drake to exe " cute his long preconceived vengeance on Mr. Dough "ty. Of this tragical affair ihere are various ac counts, but none, though they palliate the Admiral's " conduct, that can wipe away the slain ot deliberate "cruelty. With a mockery of the principles of jus " lice, while he observed soma of ile least important " forms, be condemned to death a gentleman who had " followed his fortunes by bis particular solicitations. ''Tfc meek tribuail, which bad been instituted by Drake, and over which he presided himself, confirm ed the sentence, but impartial history mult acquit Doughty of any criminal charge. Sentence being passed, he was allowed a day's respite to settle his affairs, both temporal and eternal : his implicablo enemy, it is even said, received the communion with him, nnd with an hypocritical show of regard, as sured him of his prayers. The consciousnea ofin- nocenco seems to havo supported the ill-fated gen tleman; he broke out into no invectives against his prejudiced judge he preserved a serenity of coun tenance and mind I recommended his friends to the candor of the Admiral) and submitted to death with an heroic constancy and fortitude. Ho suffered de capitation on tho 2d of July, 1578, and he left an eternal stain on the memory of Drake. This execu tion over, the Admiral, by plausible harrangues and excuses, endeavored to justify his conduct! but though his crews, who did not daro to murmur, might acquiesce in his decision, we will not tire our readers with the limsy arguments he used. From an impartial review of the whola business, as far as existing authorities would enable us to judge, wo have delivered our opinion without reserve. Cruel ty we abhor, and not the less so for wearing tho mask of Justice." Such is the account given by this author, which you 'ill perceive places Drake in no very enviable light. And, indeed, throughout the whnlo voyage, ho bears the character of an ignorant, cruel and revengeful man. In tho words of tho author, "Impatient of control, avaracious and despotic, he was rather a great, lhan an amiable man." Between Dr. Mavor and the author referred to in the Tribune, I leave yeu readers to judge, only wishing that both faces of the story may bo seen. W. B. II. BRIGHTON MAHKCT. Monday, Feb. G, 1813. At Market 2S0 Beef Cutlle. 700 SI r- ' - 1 ' Pbices. Uttf Cattle. An advance was rflr!rrl n I we quote to corrcsnond. viz :First inialliv. S.l SO a4 7S. reron J q iality, 81 UU a 4 25. Third quality, S3 50 a 3 75 About six Cattle were sold for fomethiW mim ttmn onr nizne-t quotation, probawy oid Tor abnui 85 00. -Sheep Nearly all nl market were stall fed Welh ers, and were sold from Si SO, to A 75. Mmif ir no 3 , In Milton, on the 12ih inBtant, by Rev. James Dougherty, Mr. W. K. Waiiser. of Georgia, te Miss Cloe Ann, eldest daughter of Ira Witters, Esq., ot Aiuton. In Jcrico, on the 2d inst., by Rev. S. B. Boat wick, Mr. Rcrus Bbown, to Miss Sabaii C. Bost wics. At St. Hilaira Do Prouville, L. C. on the 17th ult., athc residence of Mr. B. Southwiek, Esq, of Small Pox, Wiliiam Z. Reed, son of Timothy Reed, formerly of Jcrico, Vt. Although Ins death was sudden nnd unexpected, the afflicted friends havo this to conaolc them, that he was found ready nnd died in the triumphs of living faith, with a full assurance of a glorious immortality beyond the grave. In esiford, on the morning of January 31st, Mr. John B. Joslix, in the 31st year of his age. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. IN HAKUUPTCY. Notice to show cause against Petition of AI.VAH C. JENNINGS, of Burlington in said dis trict, to ho declared a Bankrupt, at the office of Samuel Prentiss, in Montpelier, in said district, on Tuesday tho "21st day of March, 1313, ten o'clock, forenoon. Notice. rilHE inhabitants ot ihe town of Burlington, ouali X fiediovotein TOWN MEETING, n re hereby notified loonnear AT THE TOWN HOUSE in .mil tnwn, on MONDAY, ihe SIXTH day of MARCH next, at ONE o'clock afternoon, for the purpose ol electing tow-n officers, and to lranacl other business that may come before said meeting. Burlington, Feb. 17, 1S43. 33: ivr Music FEBRUARY 1,11k.-Two heautifultonnl Double lias mi, nan iozen Uas lols. three Me odians. C anJ ATu.iing Forks, nalent beads for ba-s viol.. bass viol tail piece, bridges and lows, string", hair for bows, if-c. Choirs or individuals who wNh good instruments arc invited lo rallar.d see ibis superior assortment. 33 1'ANGBORN & BItlNSMAII). BOOKS, Retailed at Wholesale Prices, THE sub-criber ha taken the extensive and valu able stock of Law. Medical. Thi-nlo-'icnl. Mis. cells neou, Classical, and School Books, lately e- ismo iu sy. vuijricii, coiiipruing tne large-i anu best selected nock in llie Stale, which he oilers at retail for ca-h at wholesale prices. Many valuable books will Ic sold at one hall iheir original price. Call at the old .land ICPUp Sl.iirs. , . II. J. SJIUMWAY, Agent. Feb. 13, 1843. S38if Wanted to Exchange, AflM rate DWELLING HOUSE and prising near half an acre of 'and with out build i"K,ii for a larm in the neighborhood of Bnrlincion. A gcollnr?a!n will be given lo irifiyuyho wi-bes in move into the village of llurlington7mLpwi:irpose ol Leepint; I oan'crs, or for professional seWnes, ns the house is near the square. . . 11. IHOJIAS, Acent. P irlinglon, Feb. 15, 18-13. 39;f In Chancery. Charles F. Stamford, 1 Chittenden Counly, vs I November Term, A.D.1S4J James l.ANGsnnar. nnd f Josehi FAinncLD. J Whcrea, Cba's F. Siani for.l, of Burlinplon, in said eounly, In Charles Ri.s.ell, Solicitor, filed his Bill in ihe Nnt-i-inW Term, 1812, of Ihe Court of Chancery, in said Conn. iv, n?aiiii jiiincs i.iugsnnrp, ii II iriinglon, tn said Coiinty.nnlJoseph Fairfield, of l.ex, m said (Jonn ly, therein statin?, that on the 2sl d.iy ol Octo ber, A. I). 1810, Ihe said Inngshoro Icing indebted lo the snidr-taniford, in the sum ol 8230,00, as speci fied iu Ihnf promi-ory notes ol that dale, payable in oni Iwo a n, I three yc-ir w.lh interest, m ur4or to secure the payment thereof, made and ilcliveietl to the said S.nnifor.1 n inorlgaue deel of ihe following iles crile.l Lin-bin Burlington ufore-aidt viz. A certain par-fl of land, on Ibe w.-stwnnlly side ol 1 lie new road, so calhd, leading fro.ii Pearl siri-rt to Norlh ttreel, I eginningnt he norlh eat corner of n piece nt Inn 1 by said ritnnilord conteyed lo one Roswi-ll G. SpauMiug by deed, the 10lu!.iyr,( June, A. D. 1840, Ibence northerly on the west line ol said road, lour rod-, thence we-iwardly on a line parallel with Ihe norlh line ofibe land so conveyed to said Spauldmg, 16 rods to the east line of the burying ground jut. thence southwardly, on the cast line ol the burying ground lot, 4 rods lo the north wei corner ol said land conveyed to said Spaulding, thence eastwardly on Ihe r.orlh line ol said land, so conveyed lo said Spaulding, 1C rods lo Ihe place of leginning, And further staling, that on Ihe 23th day of May, A. 1). ISII,the said Laiig-hnre, by mortgage deed, convey. eJ ihe said preuii-es to the said Joseph Fairfield lo secure the payment to aid Fairfield of his, Ihe taid Langshore'noietn said Fairfield of that dale, for Ihe sum ol 8145,00, payable in three years from ihe dale wilh interest annually, whereby ihe said Fairfield Claims liile toilie said premises) and further slating

lhat Ihe said notes had not in any pari l.crn paid, and praying a decree of foreclosure on Ihe said premiers against the said Langshore and Fairfield, and all other persons claiming nailer ihem. And it not being made lo appcartosaid Court lhat the said defendants have had personal notice of the service nnd pendency ef said Bill, ibe cause is contin ued to the next staled term of said court, and it is further ordered by said court that the said Staniiorrl cause notice thereof to 1 given to the said Langshore miiu ruirniu, oy pijiuisiiing ine stiusinnceni said liill and lhi order three weeks successively, in the "Bur lington Free Press," a newspaper priniwl in Burling ton, in said counly, Ihe last of which publications to be at least 20 days before ihe next Hated lenn of this court, lo lie holden on the 2d Tuesday of May nexi, winuii nuu te nccniei, suincieni notice to ine said Langshore and Fa rfield to appear and mate answer IU SUIU Uill. W. NOBLE, Clerk. 33w3 Burlington, Feh'y 14, 1843. Illrara Clark's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 T'HF.Hon.theProbale District of Chittenden, ss. I X Court for tha nis. Iricl of Chittenden i To all persons concerned in the sine oi ULiAKK, laie ol Milton in taid dis. trict, deceased, Gassimo. Whexeas, F.lijsh Herriekand Linus Bascom, Ex ecutors of the last will and testament of tha said de ceased, propose lo render an account nnhoir sHmin. itiratton and present their account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session af the Court of Probate, lo be holden at tha Register's office tn Burlington, in said district, on the second Wednes- oay oi marcn nesi. i neremre. you are hereby not! 61 lo appear before aaid court at Ibe linieand plan aforcsaid.and shew cause,if any you have, why iheac count aforesaid should not be allowed. Given onder my hand al Burlington tbii 144 da efFebrtiarr A, D. 1843. n Now is tho time. HOWARD IS AT llOME.-Con,IJer!nirthc irooJ sleighing, Goods are amazing cheap at How ard", and net cr, never, novcr, was there before such a goodllinc as now for thotc having money to pay with. Why the people's agent ha no charging at hn store all he gets is just what lhaypay, and surely trials cheap enough. ihuri.iy Morning. 38 lCili Fe).. 1813. J Clover Seed. A GOOD ARTICLL, for sale cheap, by Feb. 15. 30 II.W.'CATLIN. Look nt This! GREAT inducements are oTered by the uberibcr to lhoc who wish to pay Cah for Dry Gorxli or Dry Groceries, a the change Is wanled and must bo hal, if selling goods very cheap wi I piocurc it. I-. a. rieasegive me a can ami ynn win unci it no humbug. II. W. CATUN. I-eh. 15111, ISiZ. 33 Wanted, IN exchange for Good-, Wool, Sheep' Pelt", Wheal, Rye. Corn, Oats, &c. if. W. CATUN. Feb. a n, is 13. 33 HOIliNS tnken in rwclianao for COMBS by CROFUT Si TI.MANUS. l ull. j,iy43. 33 ASSIGNEE'S SALE IN BANKRUPTCY. Effects of TJcnoJah S. I'licltis. BY Virtue c fan order isucd out of the U. S. Dis trict Court, for the ililricl ot Vermin!. I will sell nt Public Aui'tion, at the Inn of Tliomni 1). Fletcher, iu Albiirsh, Vermont, on Friday, the 3 Iday of March, lou, atone o wuc;, i . ni., an tne nuiu, account., imluincnt-i nnd other claim specified a due Bennial: S. Phelps, in his tchedulu on tile in throtlice of Ihe Llerk ol the DMrict Court of the u. S., tor the (lis net ol crrr.on'. Also, sundry articles ot liuiueho.'a fur niture. Terms ca-ii. 38 II. B.SOWLKS, Special Assignee. ! Effects of Tabor I. Scwelt. BY Virtue of an order ii-uisl out of the U. S. Dis trict Court for the Di-lrict of Vermont, I will veil at Public Auction, nt Ihe Inn of Thomas I). Flrtcber, in Albiirgb, Vermont, on Frid.iv, the 3 lilay of Marih, 1813. at 10 o'clock, A. M., all ilie iuterc.t which Ta bor I. Sew. ell had on the first day of August, 1842, in andtocerlain realc-late lying in Alburgh, and all Ihe interest said Sewell had in 3000 brie).,-nnd all Ihe interest he had in a certain Kngine and Machine ry, and all the interet beba In a curtain judgment in favor oNaid Sewell against IaMit D. Aloorc, of Troy, N. Y., and all the nnie, account", judgments and executions munlionc l as due said Sewell iu his schediihjon file in the othVeof the Clerk of tho Dis trict Court nloreraid, togeibcr with about twenty thousand fan of pint and litmlocl; lnml cr, and a sil ver watch. The situation of thu above real estate will be more particularly de.-enbed on tho day of sale. Terms, Cash. 37 H. It. SOWI.ES, Special Assignee. DISSOLUTION. THE Copartnership heretofore existing 1 etween Ine subscril vr-, in the Ci-tern business, is tins day by mutual con-cnt ili-soli-rd. The business of the firm may Le settled with either of the partner. JOSEPH I.ANDON. ORLANDO OWEN. Burlington, Feb. 6, 1813. 37 3w t NOTICE, TS hereby sriven lo all concerned that I have tin's day iriven my sons, Mitchell Bombard, Jr., and Francis Bombard, their lime, during their minority; and I will not payanyilebts of ihcir contrai-tinu, nor claim nny of ihcir wages, but they aro al libirly to transact nil business for themselves. Attest, Lewis Suivlcs, Jr. bis MITCHELL X BOMBARD. Alburgh, May 81, 1812. mnik t 37 3w New Establishment. THE uniler-tgiied bavins 1 otislit out the entire stock of BARNES ec KELLER, beg leave lo inform the pudlic lhat ihey intend to comiinw the CABINET and CHAIR MAKING BUSINESS, in nil it- branchy, al the old stand of Harn and Kccler. The public generally, nnd ihe citizens of Burlington in particular, nie requested lo call and examine their work and their prices. They will sell nny article in their line cheaper than can be bought in ibis market. A. &'U. F. BARNES. Burlington, Feb. 10, 1813. Tim Books anJ papers ol the undersigned will be kept for the present at the shop heretofore occupied ttV them . itl-,' rni).l all Mur.n. 1...I..I . 1 1 ..I "7 , "''j u tsil ,1,111 pay immediately, or ihev will I under the uisx;s,iiv of Irsnvtn" it.msn.l. ....H.u..;r. ' All persons having claims strain .1 the subscribers are respectfully repiestcj to present them fur adjust ment, as they are do.erniine.t lo bring all their bui ness to acto-u as soon, BARNES if. KEELER. Burlington, Feb. 10, 18)3. Uest Family Groceries at the NEW CASH STORE. Old Hyson, ) I Java, 3 Y. Hyson, TEAS Mneka, COFFEE. Pouchong, ) Gruen 3 S ipei ior Young Hyon, in caddies of 13 lbs each. f r i ...... , & Brown SUGAR S, Cloves, Nutmegs, Alspice, i eppcr, Gincer, Cinnamon, Lodlish, AIo, Lamp Oils of diurent nnaluies Any of Ihe above articles will I e sold for Ready Cash at price corresponding wilh the limes. reo. o, ID-U. W). HURLUUT, EXCITEMENT. Tilt: strong feeling leing uroushl among our cit izeiis for Ihe procuring a Fire F.ngine lor the pre-ervaiion nnd protection olinr dwelling, sbons. . . '.us c,itvi i rum i ue ncsTllciive COIle niicnces of one of onr inn.l nsiif d iliiiint. il .. thought will le allayed iii nn early nrvunipli-hnient oflliewi-be? ol the most ardently I'e-iroiis, and Ibal the I eoiile's Asenl nine l,p rcnlv in nr-i h, suius.ri with his fellow citizens, on Monday evening next, hi application to ihe I le-s ol" Ins profession ol selling goisls cheap lo Ibe People themselves, Willi prosecuted lo llieexleiit of hi. al ilily and ihe Public requirement', which comes strictly in ara-orJance wiiii in., ctirerlnl, Up and Doing, Q.iick nnd Cheap for C.i. hand No Imprisonment fur Debt System, which was commenced in April, 1822, and yet ihu conlin iie.1, nnd for n portion of Ibe credit of leing; so, is wj ...ii, i anow a. ro-woruing oi tie uoxer r.ngine oinpnny, whose ever watchhilncss and exeriiuns have I een n shield lo ihe continuance ol the opera tions, and lhat Ihev mill' rersi'ivi .i nrim.,! .ml.-nlMt for their zeal and ass il.nly in ihe cau-e, a portion of ii- .hum ,n iiuinzs win i e appropriated lor a contin uance ol Ibetrcxistenceolai least ilie profit., on sales that may 1 e made previous to the adjournel meeiim, when every citizen is eipecled lo meet his neighbour and greet and congratulate onthc Impel haiipy re.ult ol having accomplished by vo'uniary subscription that wliii-h Ihey could have no heart iu doing byoold and unceremonious Tixniion, ull of which is duly submitted for llie benrfil of iln, I.,, vrs. or .i,.l- the cause of Protection from the ravages ol Fire. 1 he plan of which will le lully made Known by ap- P'Vingat HOWARD'S. In haste, Thursday morning, 9lh Feb., '43. 37 February 8th. 1843. WM. Hl'ltLBUT bason hand a well selecltlas. sonment ol DRY GOODS purchased in New I ork, in November last, at ihe lowest rale, which ho i determined lo sell at such prices ns will corre-pond wilh Ihe low prices of produce, The-e good, cost money and mut Isssold to raise money again. Cheap good, may be obtained al " The New Cheap Cash Store." 1 As there is now a litlle sleighing we invite nil those persons who vi.ilflutlinilon for trade, loi-all and ex amine our goods. 37 WM. HURLBUT. ENGLISH WATCHES. A VARIETY of low priced doul le and singleeased Ensli-h Watches. Ju.t received, soiih- fins En. gbsh Levers of cur own imporiation. Those lliink ing of Luyin; a good Lever, aro desired to look at them. il r.UUUllX if- UKIiNSMAID. STOCKS. WHITE Satin Stocks, suitable for welding and other parlies. I.lack, satin and boml aziiie stocks, plain and wilh bows; scarl stocks; pletel and plain stocks; we have rrceited a variety of beautiful city made nocks, collar-, bosoms, scarf", dec. Slocks of fin'! qualities and manufacture set. line at from 25 In SO cents lower lhan former pri-e. We are reoeivini by llaniden's and Jacob's Ex sresses, every ten days, new goals to keep our as. sonment very complelo, and we invite an examina tion by all lefore purchasing! good of ihe same quality cannot I e purchased on mure favorable Irrms. 37 PANGBORN & BRIN5.MAID. SOLID HEAD PINS. THE heads cannot come o for slip. Pin, needles, test platel honks and eyes, Victoria diaper pins, knitting neo-lls, netting pin, milliner's and saddler's needles busks whalebone, elatics,c ombs, and brush es at reduced prices, lower lhan ever I efore oflereil, 37 PAN BORN ,f- IIRlNslMAlD. Dissolution of Copartnership. THE Copartnership heretofore existing under the firm of PEARL it STREETF.R, is this d.iy dis solved by mutual consent. The business will heron tinged and all demand settled I v A.S. Pcaxo. A. S. PEARL, OSOAE 8TRftTl. Miltes, Vt , Jan 1st, 1M. ST tv Rostvoll Grow. Estate, STATE OF VKRMONT, 1 rplIE Honcrable the District of Chittenden, ts. ( X Probato Court for toe ui.-irici oi uniiicniicn I roan persons conecrneu in the cstnteolOS OHO W, late ol West- IbM in raid l)ilncl,, Ghr.ETlNO. Wllr.BF.A'. Almon Gritnn.adminlslratoroftht.-eslnte of said deceased, proposes in render an account of nis nutniniiration,nnu prcenlhls account against raid estate for examination nnd allowance at a ses sion of the Court of Probate, to beholden atthelteg- tft' nfTitf. in Hiirliitnlnn . In .nf.l li. ,.!( (tin .iv-a ond Wednesday ofAtnrch next. Therefore, You are nercoy noiiinsn to appear oeiorc taw eoiin at tne tune mm jini-; murcMiiu, unu pnuw chum?, ii uny you navr, why the account aforesaid clionM not 1-oalfowcJ. Given under my hand at Burlington, ihlsSCth day of January, A. D. IS 13. 37 3W WM. Wl'.HTUXM, HCglftCr. John Mncombcr's Estates STATE OF VKRMONT, 'TtllM Honorable thn ut-iriRi ot unitienuen, ss. ) a. rroi.ntc uonrt lr the District ol Chittenden : To nil ncrson" concer.i- url in tm; estate of JOHX MACOMDMt, lato of yvooiium, in sa.ii uitnct, cuven-ei, unrxTiNa. VVhrheas. Ditnlel Jack. on. administrator of 1 lie f'tatc of ,uid deceased, propose to render an account of bis atlniiiiUiMlion, nnd prc-cnt his account ngain.t said estate for examination nnd allowance nl n e siouol the Court of l'rol ntr, lo ! c hobtcnat lliu Rcir iter' ollicc in Burlington in raid District, on ibe sertiiid We'ne-day of March next. 'therefore, You are hereby notified In appear 1 efore nnl court al the time and place aforesaid, an 1 show cau-e, if any you have, whj the account aforesaid should not Le al lowed, s Given under my hand nt Burlington, this 8 h day of February, A. D. 1S43. 37 3w VM. WESTON, Register. Stephen HalglilN Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) AT a Probate Court District of Chittenden, ss. ) XJ- held nt Burlinuton in said District, on Ihe 9th chy of February. 1843: I pon application of Anah Haight, as Guardian of Mary L. Haight, of said Durhnaton, a female infant, one of the heirs to tho cstato of Stephen Haight. hlo y. ijui iiiiuiuii .J1UII.-9UIU. uiteascu, rcipieaung a uivis ion ot aaiu estate among tne Heirs thercor: Where unon. the Court aforesaid doth anooint the 2d Wed nesday of March next for hearing in the premises, m uiu uiiiuu ui uir ii.t-;isier ui mis vvouri, ill mining Ion aforesaid, nt 10 o'clock. A. M. And said Court doth further order thu tho said applicant cause the several persona interested in the said estate, or their attnrnies, if 'iving wiihin this Slate, tobe notified to appear before said Court at tho lime and place afore said, to mako objection to such division, if thoy see cause, anu mat tor lint purposo Ihe substance of said application, tocethcr with Ibis order, bo nublishcd in the Free Press, piinted at Burlington, three weeks successively previous to the time of hearing. In witness whereof, I have hereunto oilixcd ilie seal or sai I Coutt, and sub L.I. scribed my name at Burlinutnn, in said district, uus am day of February, X D. 1813 37 '' ' C. RUSSELI,, Judge. Sally .11. Siittnn's Ksl.iin. STATE OF VERMONT. ) The Hon. Ihe Probate District ol Chittenden, v. J Court lor the District of Liiiiienuen, lo nil iier-ous concerned 'ntlioo-tuto if S&1.L Y 31. SUTTOPi, late ol Willnon, in said di'tricl. c'ecea.ed. Gnrrnsn. W HEl'EAS, Deborah Sutton, adininisimtrix f the csiuicui s.iki ctvcaseo, nropoes lo rentier an ac co'int of her administration an. I present bnr ni io mi against said estate for examination and allowance at a se-sion ot the Court ol Prol at,., to be holden at Iho licii'-ler'a office in Burlington, on the second Wedneitay of March next. Therefore, You a re hereby notified to appear 1 efore s.l ,i l vl.i l l UUIIU Uim- Ullll t!!lL-l',!lurCsllU, UUU SUCW c.nw, if any yo i, why the account aforesaid should not lo allowed. Given under my ban I .it Burlington this third day ol February, A. D. lr?13. 37 WM. WESTON, ResUter. James Marsh's listntc. THE SUI! '(.'HIRERS, havmr. been nn, pointed by the Honorable the Prohatn Conn for Ihe District of Chittenden, commissioners tn re. ccive, examine and adjust tho claims nnd demands tif an persons, against Hie estate of JAMES MARSH late ol liurlintxton, in said District, deceased, repre sented insolvent, nnd also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto ; and six months from the my of the date hereof, being allowed bv said Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our appoint ment, at thoeffi eof Lyinau tV Mar.h, in Burlington, in said Distiict, nn the! bird Monday ol March and the 1st Monday ol .'lay next, at 10 0 clock, A. M., on eacu oi saiu nays. Dated, this 3 1 day of February, A. D. 1542. 37 OI.U, I-. M All-ill, 1 IIEMAN AI.LEN, Commissioners. L. LOOM1S. ) THE undersigned reipectuflv inhabitant, of Burlington am gives notice to thi .11:1 f h," nnl.liV a, Inri-.. thai Ills connexion with the Female Seminars in lilts puce will cea.e al Ihe lime when Mrs. I'aIse -h.ill tnke Ihe siipcrintendancu ol lhat Institution. Bern? uesiro'i. ol leaching Miisir,IAonjurAiy and scientific callv, nnd not in the sunerlieial manner ton ly pursued, he tru-is that be will receive, al the hand of Ihe public generally, that encouragement which is anoui io le withheld t,y the rrincipal of the r male Seminary. Not de-irini: at pre-ent to leave' this place, the subscril cr would most respectfully inform those Lt and Gentlemen who nre desirous of nvailinir lliein.elyes ol n thorough f.dccation in the Science of Music, that hi: will 1 e happy lo instruct them upon the Piano, i lolin, and Orgn,on Ibe uio.-t reasonable terms. J. WIN'DMll.LER, Professor of Music. B irlington, Feb. I. g3. 3C3 AMERICAN STORE. "PERSONS in want or groceries of nny kind, X pure Anns or Wines for medicine," or for any oiner purpose, will do well to call on ihe siihscri ler.whn consinnlly keeps nil kind, of the alove am' ele-, a. pure nn I unadulterated, to sny the lea-t. a can le mu'hi at unv Ofrm:iii ftmr tr.. .1. Bn, depen I on the silly pu'ii's of the time serving editor ol n nine veaKiy new-paper loclafili.h Hie character or purity 1 1 ins inpior. and wine, lint more upon bis baying, lor nearly twenty years, sold tomo-i of ibe I aern keepers within liny mile many ofihcm Mill continuing 'o buy of htm'. And even this sapient editor, who has lately found such obliging netghl ors, (but who, it seem., prai-e.nt lirpiors mot who gave lo him lat,) lia. often, in a most obliging manner, oranii oi iiie.suiiscritiers wine-, and called them the best he ever ta.tcd. The subscriber doe. not iarrj his liquors about the country, showine and oeillinL them. Hethink.thepeoplehaveleen imposed upon t-uuju oi iaie oy .iicn peiiiar.. nut n persons want ing such article, wilt rail at his store in Biirlinglop, directly opposite Mr. S. H. Howard's St re. in Chun li street, ho will sell them the niire.1 nnl I e.i uriie'es forlho lowest prices, and they will always find them uniform iu price and quality. 15AAU WAKNKK. Burlington, Feb. I, IS 13. 3C:f DRUGS & MEDICINES The sub.eril'ers are continu ally sunnbed with EVERY AIM 1CLE in the above branch, boih of iheOihcinal unu rim-ut sin'i; .noucinai waters irom Saratoga do. from Caledonia, Canada j Medical Wines am Liquor-, (pure) Leeches) Surgical Instruments j'Min eral Teeth, &c. JrPrcscnplions put up at sborles notice. VZyShop open at all hours. PECK it SPEAR, Apothecaries. Burlington, Feb. 1,1843. 1)30 House and Store To Lot. A Neat nnd Convenient House, out buildings-, and small garden. Also, a convenient Stobf, iu as good atiuation ns any other in Church street. Both or either of the above irnemenls tol e let for one or more years, and possession given iiic ur.-i cay oi .nay next. ISAAC WARNER, february 2, 1843. 38 THE GERMAN STORE. rXlHE a ibscril ers I eg leave lo renew to the public I- of this place and tho surrounding country, the intimation ttiat tney continue to Keep constantly on nanu a rnoice assortment oi DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES. all of which in their particular kind, are of superior quality and surpassing cheapness. Especially would ihev inviie public attention lo their nnpnrte.iiiEaMArt, r RtticnotsrANi hwi.m.s, their Cognac BRANDY, and Holland (Sch'edami GIN, most of which" have already I een for some years under their own particular survey and inspec-:.- i .i i,.u -.1.1.1 .u; .!.. lion, nim iiicosc s.i sviiivii auuvi ,11 iiicir lillipic-liun- able parity renders ihem peculiarly fit for moJicinal I1SS. They also respectfully Inform Store-keepers and Tavern-keepers of the adjacent towns, who are d sirous of ninnlvine their Customers wilh eenume articles, that they ran ) e supplied with them at tho Herman oiore, in uMriingiun, wnere ine tunseriter will .'eave il to the discrimination of lho.e whn mm. rail to judge how far they have a clnim tootssrIIAe lunerlonry oi tne article- tney oner lor sale. OSTIIKIM & MICHOl.t.S. College St., next to Mr, Wait's extensive Crjckerv fls. ' I ... ' oiurc. mn. o, losa. 3D Cash paid for Oats, QN dalinry at tbair Store, Old Doalr. FOJLLETT & BRjLDtfT. Buillaf ten, Da. M. I Ml X 11 AUCTION SALES; Wednndays, Wednesday Evenings, ami Saturday Evenings, B Y II. THOMAS . STOVES and PIPE, KM CHEN FURS'ITURI Farming Utensils, Sleieha arid Waggons, Dm Goons, and Indin Rubber Clothing. Also, Atar, lot of Fur and Cloth Winter Caps. Shies continued in the evening. ASSIGNEE'S SALE IN BANKRUPTCY. NOTICE Is hereby gin that by virtue of llie ev eritl orders nnd decrees in Bankruptcy in theft, IsMie I out of the District Court cfll Uuiieil Status, for lb District of Vermont, 1 will s; nl Public Auction nt tbeitiinus and place., hereiuaf . ircntioned, siicu tllvets 1 1 the Knnl.riipt' naireui". low, as beame vested in me by virtue of the deurvi. afuresnid. RfTects of Joseph CsoV, of nurlltigton. All the intere.i of Ju enh Cook to Ihe House an' laud occupied by him in Burlington, consting i 25 73 109 acre, of Ian I with ihesntniriuncnccs, su'-- ject ion mortgage given for sundry notes exeeit'.j iiv samcooKtii Onres nailer ot miriinpion I Alii , all the inlcrct which the said Cook may have to si. t- dry articles mortgaged lo Porotha Utter tf Burlier: Ion, to secure llie payment ol one hundred anu in r dollar-, nil of which will be particularly describe'1 a the tune oi sate, saieoi tne auove property at n ollicein Burlington, on Saturday, Fel ruary 18, at 11 o'clcck, A. M. KfTccls of IJanlcl It. Tucker, of Htiiitlnstot . All lheri''!it and Intrnist of Daniel B. Tucker. certain land lying in Huntington, pnrch.tied in co llection with Sila. Tucker, leing the rcldcntodfui. ! Tucker, subject to n clnim of three hundred doli.o. nnd interest Irom July, laiu; Alo, .unury articles of farming utensils, one tlirte year old heifer, ol horse. 7 sheen, nnd ihe cnuilable interest of sa.-J Tucker to produce raised on said larm. The aLt. snte at my ollice in IJitrfmgton, aaiuruay, reiruarr 19, 1813, at 2 o'clock, P.M. Ellectsof Samuel Whipple, Of WlllUton. All the interest ot Sninuel Whipple lo ono eq it undivided half of ihe following land, in Bolton, Vt. ij thu nrijiinal cliarlcr cfNew Hiinlington, in the Coot.' IV of Chittenden, tn wit lots No. 235 of 82,75 acre 230 of 13 acre 237 of 13 acre 233 of 30 aere.- 239 of 30 acre 210 of 2UJ acre.- 211 of 2li acre . a. ile-cnl el in n deed from William Allen tn Sam 1. 1 Whipple, and rccon'ed in Bool; -lib, Page .lt5oflon Records in Bollon, Also, the no'cs and hccoiKi . surrendered to mc by sraiil Whipple. Tlrs nlovesrs nt my nirietf. Saturday, February lfi.b, 1S13, at 2 (.' cluck, P.M. Fillets of Calvin lVhllc, of Milton. All the note", claim, nnd accounts ofCnlvtn Whrt, of Milfoil, .urrendcred by him under ihu art rl BnnV mptcy winch may icinaiu invollecleil, nnd win' h wt.i leparlicnlarly de-tril ed at the lime of sale. Salo at my office, in 'Burlington,, February 18, at 2 o'clock, P.M. NATHAN 11. IIASWF.LL, Assis-tioe. Burlington, Jan. 17, 1815. 31 CA BINE NT FURNITURE. rpiIE SUBSCRIBER would remind the Pub!t. M. thai be snll continues tl e CABINF.NT BUfcl. NESS at the Old Stand, on Cm-ci .S';rei, formeily Nichol- ,f. Hcrritk, and over .Mr. Ilmlbui's Stor, where he has a good assortment of .Mnlmgnnv, Black. Walnut, Cherry and Pino FURNITURE, consiptin of Secretatksi liurcausj Sofas; Dining, Tea, Wot k and Toilet, Tables; Bedsteads and Stands, wh! he will sell lor cash unusually low, according to tl.-i times. WANTED, In exchange, Birch nnd Maple SCANTLING, suit;' blefor BedstciU 2 inch, 1 inch, 5 Sths nnd 1-2 tnca BASSWOOD, WHITE PINK BOARDS. BIRCH BOARDS, and most kinds of Country Product - Please call and examine for yourselves. SAMUEL, NICHOLS. Butlington, Jan. 13. 1343. 34tf BASS VIOLS. MELODIANS, Bass Viol?, and Double Bass Viol very fine ones, suitable for small or large Church es Individuals nr Choirs are invited to examinj them. PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. Jan. 1S13. 31 NOTICE. OWING to my heavy lcsses, I shall bo olligi-d r call on all indebted to me lo makcpaymcnt,ani to sell my Store and Goods to avoid their being sol.', at Sheriffs-ale. 1 hope this notice will le sufii-cient, as I should regret to sue many of my customers ths! have dealt with mc over twenty years. 1 havo a good assortment of Goods, and tney will bo .old. I shall moke no accounts niter the 31st day of Decem ber, 1642, attiiy Burlington Store. SIDNEY BARLOW. Burliugton, Nov. 231, 1542. 23-tf NOTICE. GRATEFUL fur ftvor. already received from an intelligent public, the uiii'ersigned would solicit the continuance of the same fioiil.tbeir old custom er.., who hive furnished iii Wool to manufacture, to their own advantage (as they can testify), and woul I also be happy lhat o'.tur.'whu have wool shouU coire and do likewise. We assure them we can manufacture it into Broadcloths that will compare wilh any iu the Slate, either for home u-e, or in slyi for any'market. We are ri all times lo le found at the Burlington Mill. N. 11. We will exchange cloths for good hard body uood, on reasona1 le Terms. ROELOKSON ic RATH BUN. Winooskt Fall., Dec. 29, 1312. 31 if Cash paid fur Pork. THE Subscribers will pay cash on delivery for WELL FATTI.NEI' PORK. FOI.LETT & BRADLEY. Burlington, Dec. 22, 1342. 30 DROWN SHEETING -6 Bales BrownSheetinft jus rcccitcu anu ior s-nie low oy i.nver.v x s LOVELY & SEYMOUR. Dec. 13, 1312. ,,DSSSC-iLUTIOr7. ""nil Copartnership bi-rcofore txi-lin? I ctween 1 WN & L'ROSMAN.I. this day by mutual consent dissolved, nli ihe concern" of ruid Company will le adjusted by E. lt. CrosMAS. OSCAR BROWN., Jan. 9:h. IS43. E. lt. CROSMAN. N B. The Business wrl beconlini:eda hcrelofnrej all those that wish for Castings of any description can I e supplied on low terms. n33w3 E. R. CROSMAN. M. Gf RATH BUN, D II A 1 K R AND TAILOR, (Nearly tpposite .he Bank,) Citcncii St. 32 tf BeniiNGTCM, Vt. TO LET. A Commodious STONE HOUSEat prcsentoccni pied by Da. Himiiocko. For terms apply altbe premises. Burlington, Sept. 15, 1S42. IJ tf While Lead. I TON White Lead in Oil, S do dry do. warranted e-iual in quality to any mannf ctnred in the Uni'el State.. price unusually low. STRONGS. Nov. 10, 1332. imULlMiTON FEMALE SEMINARY TIIK Trustees of this institution would inform the public, lhat, at the expiration of Iho turrrnl H'mter, in February nexl, us mannccmcnl will de tulve upon Mrs. Geosoe Paine, ns Principal, vtho will take the place of Miss Lee, Ihe present incum bent. The Trustees, relying nn tho high and acknow. edged qualifications ol Mrs. l'Atvit for ihe govern ment of such an Institution, invite public atlention to ihe following terms and regulations! The SrnlMs Tesm will commence on Wednesday, the 1st of March next, tnd toutinue, as usual, twenty two weeks. TRR MS. Board, including washing, fuel, lights, etc. has been reduced to$.'C0 per quarter.dl weeks) half payable in advance. 1 ho Boarding department will continual under the care of Mr. Braman. TtlTio.s- in English branches So,C0 per quarter, half pavable in advance. I awing, including sketching from nature, and painting in water colors, ..... 8S.0O French, Italian or German, each ... B W) Latin, 3 CO Piano, Organ or Guitar, jer quarter 10,00 Use of Instrument for praciice ,-. .,00 The French and Italian classes are'nnBer the ear of Monsieur Bocchetie. Pupils are not received for a less period lhan ona quarter, but deduction will be mkde from the above charges, in ease of protracted illness. It ii desirable that pupils should boaiM ih tha Semi nary where thevwilat all limes be under the epstlal charge ol the Principal, who, bearing in mind ,lh importance of health in the pursuit of their ttijdiw, will constantly aim at their physical as well aa their moral and intellectual improvement. In behalf of the Trus'ees, t, l i , SHAW, Secretary Burlington. IlJih Dee.. 1942. - WHEAT A FEW bushela good I right SPRING WHEAT and also, a fsw bushels heat PINK-EYE POTA TOES are wanted in exobangafur Oooda. Apply at the ear nr ef Church art 0V iireei. to Dte.19. ai JOSEPH "TAW