Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 24, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 24, 1843 Page 3
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And air wild Mr. T., I stand hero lo confess that lima mid ctpt-iirncn havo convinced nieof my error, ind lo acknowledge that Mr. ('LAY was right. Could such an institution bo now established, he would most cheerfully vote for it i hJ believed ic would give moto relief to the country than any older measure. There is so much pood sense ami justness of sentiment, us it strikes us, in llio positions further advanced by Air T. that now llio sub ject is before us, wo will make some further extracts from tho same surce. Referring to a national bank, ho said : But is there any prospect of establishing such nn in titution? No. Suppose it could he established in 1815, it would he at lcat seven years before its influ ence could he felt by tho country. Mr. T. spoke of the Stale Bank system adopted by General Jackson, which we were promised should do such wonders, lie was oneoflhe party who adopted that system; but when it was, soon niter denounced ho could not go with the party in their denunciation anil action Tho Sub-Treasury v as tho next measure or plan proposed by Mr Van Huron it was urged upon Con gress over and over. In Ibis measure ho was compell ed to ditfjr with Van II ; hut it was Finally pissed, and was in forco till repealed at tho Extra Session in 1941 He now referred lo tho plan sent to Congress ly the President nt llichsl session, and rccapi uhlcd the objections raised against il, and the manner in which the select committee to whom lint plan h id been re ferred, hid endivrorcd to obviate those ubjcctbns. lie stated hricrly the plan proposed by the committee, and what would, ns he believed, be its opurntian. He did not think it niccssary that Congress should furnish a general currency for the country, but to equalize tint which was now furnished be the local hanks. There were variius spheres of local curicncy now, and what wo wintel was soiio that should con nect thess and enable merchants and travellers, ns it were, to pass from one to another. Merchants want d a in.-insnf re.iiiitmc, an I p-rvi traveling, a currency light nnd of uniform v.ihiin all puis of the country. This hi thought his plan would proud". The Bink ol'iln Unite I Slat 's furui-bcl this, and ilid IntU !. The nv.'ra' of h-r circulation was only ten millions of dollars, and her specie on hvi I. wis fenerilly neirlv pq'iil to her circulation. He lh night this pin w rild 'irin r out millions of dollirs from their hiding places, and id I si much to our circulation. N ATIONAL I- IS NCCS. An siutt-nit'iit from thu Sucrnt iry of the Treasury, Injuring d Hi- on tint 9th inst. estimates thu rrreiils for 1S-13 ns follows: Customs $13,000,000; Itmtls, S2,500,000 ; Miscellaneous, 8100,000; loans and treasu ry notes, S4,883,35S 3G. The expendi tures aro estim tied at $22,932,773. Tho treasury notes redeemable in tho courso of tho year are S2,402,390. If these Holes nro redeemed, there will ho n deficiency of of S2,011,8G3, provided tho estimates are appropriate, which so fir is not the fact, and there is no expectation that llio expenditures will bo much over $20,000, or nearly three millions under thu estimates. If tho esti mates shall nil bo appropriated, tho surplus in lint Treasury in January 18-14, the Sec retary says will he neaily S-100,000. Tue Philadelphia TnAocnv. Tho Philadelphia papers continue full of the Hcbcrton and Mercer tragedy. Many improbable reports are in circuhiion. and it is likely that thereat facts of the case will not be made public, tin lit ihey shall lo elicited at the trial of young Mercer. The Inquirer states llint Mercer is quite ca'm, and anxious indeed for a legal investiga tion iut) tho whole affair. He has been called upon iince his confinemet by a number of friends, ns well as by several members of his family. Miss Mercer has I een q.ttlo ill for some days, while young Hrher ion's mother is naturally enough in a most painful condition nf i:.,n 1, The S ntmii st iles that there can no longer be a doubt in the mind of any poison who has examined the question, thu ihe r.ise will be nicd in Gloucester, county, New Jersey, and there is nothing substantial in the djttbts, which were at first thrown out in the newspapers on that point. The point nt issue was settled in 1733, when Com cnistiuners agreed thru in nil cap ul and other ofR-il-ees committed nn the river, lbs juridical investigation and determination iherenf, shall be cv clusivelr vested in '.'is SUte icherciit Ihenjcnder, or pcrscn charged with such ojl'aice, shall If first appre hended, arrested or prosecuted. Til s agreement was subsequently in ificd by the respective States. Tho Judge will mast probably he Chief Jusice Ilornblo wcr, of Newark, or J dgc r.lmer.of Bridge ton, New Jersey, both gentlemen of undoubted in tegrity, and with ample experience in the legal pro fession. The North American siys: In reviewing more carefully all the circnmtanecs of this alTur, while we are willing to givo lo llcberton the benefit of any circumstances established in his favor, we.find no reason to recede fiom the opinion we expressed ie.s ptcting Mercer's conduct. Ilo was manifestly, by a deep nnd overwhelming sense of wrong to his sister, nil parents, himself and all I firing his name, goaded to very madness. There was a dcarly-lovcl girl ru ined, disgrace,, ren h-rcd oulci-t fiom her social world. There was a Inppv home made desolate. There was an honest mine counted with infamy. All these Ihoughls acting upon n proud and excitab'c nature were loo much for endurnneo. 'I ho nhliga tions of religion, the dictates of ab-tract moralitv, the letter of the civil hw, were utterly forgotten in the tempest of passi in, winch the conviciinn of n tremendous injurv, leyond the reach of reparation or redress, had aroused. Any father, am brother, any man who merits tho mme of man. will confess that if human nature might in any i.ase nek nn excuso for the wilful shedding blood, this case must come Within Ihe rule. Commuuic.-ithu. "SHORT SIGHTED RUINOUS POLICV." No. 3. Im to speak of the saying, that "our mechanics do not make fine articles." For tho sako of consider ing the subject, ginntthat they do not generally make as fine finished articles as ihcy do in the commercial cities, where polish and exterior finish stllsthcgoods. wnatis Ihe reason 7 One reason is lhat we in tho country generally prefer lo have a plain substantial art'ele made, one thit will last, nnd we loo!; more to durability than finish. As a conscqiienre our mechanics get in the habit ol making such finished articles ns iheir cusin mera demand. Another reason is that we too often go or send abroad when wo wish nfine finished nrti ele, instead of trying to have our neighbor inakcit for ua. Create a demand for finer finished articles here by applying for ihfm herennd ihev will bo made lu re, I heard a friend say, when speaking of an article made ta town which lie wished lo buy, "III cannot buy it here in town and pay in Barter I wil buy it when I go to New York. If I have to pay CASH, I will buy in New vnk." This is a casein point iner chants, mschanics. gentlemen of forlune, fellow townmens, nil, look ni it, consider il in nil its bearings, most of you are far bctlei nblo to sro it elenrly than the writer. Where would it end if many, or nil of us, ahould act on ibis principle? Would life and activi ty prevail in business here, would the business of the place increase or decrease, would the pnihs nronnd ur atorcs, shops and business marts, ho will worn and gray, or would the green sward shew lo paesers by lhat our "g'oryhad departed 1" In my next I will speak n word lo mechanics, shew ing that Ihey nro to some extern tho cause why the "ihorl sighted ruinous policy" is growing so cxten- lively amongst its, but still that this does not excuse at for practising it. A Citiiem, Noses. Tho last number of tho Vermont Asylum (Insane) Journal, contains some hu morous remarks on noses. Tho mad writer fays, " that tho nose has been placed by Providence, directly over tho mouth, to pass judgment on the food a sort of sanitary sen tinel a kind of quarantine officer, lo prevent the entrance into port of nil things that aro unsafe, or unfitting." Very true. Orricixi. Wit. Governor Morton is a tall, rparo :nan, and Ieut. Governor Cl ' Is is below tho ortli r.nry atatur. On ihe day nfth i inauguration, ihe El-Secretary, lligclow, remarked that in his opinion, lh Commonwealth hid now got "llio on and short tt ihe Democracy of Massachusetts." This stilly caus ed tt'il Jaurhtt-r, anud ntncli the Sriretary grice fully mad, ally If JOHN CAREY. Tho Washington correspondent of the Evening Journal gives tho following account ofn visit to this venerable old servant uf Geo. Washington. Tho spirit of patriotism within me has teen refresh ed this morning by communion with a tnnti whose existence constitutes a link probably the only link which connects the present with tho long, lung past. Haviug noticed lhat a bill passed the House ofReprc senlalivcs granting a Pension to John Cabcv, who was the servant ot Col. Washington nl llr.iddock's defeat, and who was also his Army servant tluringa part of the Revolutionary War, I inquired him out, nnd to-day the lion. Mr llnioosof Massachusetts and tho Hon. Mr Moroan ofourowtl Slate, accompanied tnc to the old Veternn's c.ibiu, which is upon n branch of the Potomac, about b mihifroui thu Navy Yard. We found him in good health nnd with a strong feeling of gratitude to Ciud and his Country nt the ptospect ofn Pension. Ilesavstliat thepuoploof VirWnin, thir-ly-yearsngo, told him thai if lie came to Washington he would bo sure to get a Pension, and though he has suffered many years of disappointment, instead of complaining, lie has been thankful for the mercies and blessings ho has enjoyed. When we commenced conversation with I im his voice was tremulous nnd his utterance difficult. Hut this, ns his feelings rose, was overcome, nnd he talked for tin hour nnd a half with much, animation, evincing remarkablo intelli gence, a strict regard fur tltilh mid n just sense of pro iriety. He did not know how old he wns, hut from information derived from persons whoknew him best, fixes his birth in 129, He says that ho was several vears older than thn"Colonil" nl llraddocks's defeat. Washington look him ns n servant when In: entered the Army in 1713, telling him ho must give nvvny his fiddle, stop playing with dice, and he would take care of him, nnd that he found him n kind good master. He gave us n I rief but inlcthgcnt nernttnt of the disas trous battle in which the English fell. This living chronicle f a battle which occurred almost one HCNOREn vcAnsngo, from 'ho hps ofnne of Ihe nelor in Ihe Flint', was deeply inleres'ing. Mr I'moo showed llio old negro n swoid belonging to (ten Washington, which by many iv-a- suppn-cd ro be the oim worn nt ihe linieol Brnddnck's defeat. After ix um. ling it, III" old man -aid thai it wi-i not so; thil ih.i "Colonel" hid two swords with him in lint eitn piign, both of winch he Slid bo had theeate of, and wliii1'1 tlc-cnled. Mr II. informed him lhat the swot-' .line fiom Washington's grand-nephew, ' lit Im pics'sled in staying lint it was not tied in tint ciuiii i i- 1 1. as is llio fact, for upon ihe bell buckle "O. W. 1m"" is engraven, showing tint il was made live yens niter thai battle. lie then gave som-necoiinl of seems on llio brandywine, in thu Revolutionary wir, nnd of the surrender of Corn walli, when lie n again Washington's servant, but with less distinct liiss showing lhat iIil carlie-l -ernes w.cre best re membered. When he heat d of Washington's illness, ho came fiom his residence to Mounl-Vernnn, arriv ing llio day niter llio General died. At first he found nolody that knew him, or who would ntlow him to see the remain, but his importunities finally brought some of the family out, by whom ho was reeogni-ed. t At I bo close of the war, Genrial Washington- lmvc him ons of his military coil, which ho lias carefully preserved, nnd values it as a relic nbovo any price the world can offer. This was shown to u. ' It is bine. with vellow facings, nnd large melal buttons, six of ...'.'-I. I I n , . 'i nii-ii iiiivu nei'ii luiiiiiiuiisiy cui on uy ii-nors in looking at nnd tnlluna of ibis precious garment, ihe old man brightened up and becanie.cnthiisiastiu. Mr Unices asked him whai he would lake for tho coat. He saw the question was not in earnest, and baielv replkd, '''i ask me such n question, nni." Mr MonoAN, with apparent cirticstness, repealed, "How much money shall I give vou for it, John?" At ibis hedrcw up, an I replied with spirit, that ifhehad noth ing lint Mgs to wear and nothing to cit, nil the mon ey in the world could not buy that coat. Hut he mi lled, "you may pulit on, nsa heap of Lidiesand Gen iiemcn nave none uetore." Having neeti Willi nun more than nn hour, I ?!nke of itoini;, but be nrt-eil u socimesily to stay tint we remained much longer. Itsleninz Willi constantly increasing .nlerest to one who has lived more than JIcc seore nnd ten yeats! Hi mental faculties nre yet unimpaired. His isim and speech i nre afiected, but In heiring is good, Hi Wife, wdio is some stventy vears his junior, i In on ly companion and nurse. They live in a cabin w hich nc nun! neiore lite me war. I lie tun wineti tin pics ed Ihe House, under the auspices of Col. TAHArrano and Mr. HntGGs, L'ives him a pensiin of !J30 per an num, commencing in IS 12. It passage was nbti natcly opposed by n Mr Mitniwr; .THEn, of Georaii, who objected 10 the policy of pen-inning net-roe, lint I rejoice to say that it was the only vote against the bill! CO.MMODORR HULL. Thn lamtsnted diath of thinfli-er neenrred at Piiila lolphi i on Mouthy. Ho d.ed full of year and full of honors. His service aro chronicled in the history of his country tinning lhno of her most clistin7ii!slierl honcf.irtor!-. The first net el" gallantry by which ho distinguished himself, was the culling nut of the French letler of nnr tin Sandwich, lying in thn Inrbor nf Port mi 1'latte, on tho Spani-li side of the tl ind of St. Domingo. This look place in llio 180!). at the limn when our government wjs prosecut ing the quasi war fort'od upon her ny the Fronrli, presuming nn mo assistance atlorilrd to hp iv their nation dti riuir tho war nf independence. not only raptured English voxels in our waters, hut actually took similar liberties wilh our own commercial marine. The capture of the Sand wich tva an illegal art, and unfortunate in this respect that il cost all the prize mnnov of the cruise to pay damages. Hut the noaUics with which Mr Hull, then first Lieutenant of the Con- htitutioii, oxeculed his orders, and tho stcatline.-s and discipline which marked the enterprise, re fleeted great credit on that officer. We next hear of him ruminant in? tho sclionn- cr r.iitcrprise, of 12 guns, attached lo the squadron under Com. Morris, then nfTtlin liar- lor ol 1 ripoli. Here, with rliiiarteritic bra very, he kept his vessel between tho port and one nf the Bey's largest rnrsairr, innudting 'J2 guns, and full of people, thus preventing the I ripolitan's retreat. To tins manoeuvre Cant. Honors, of the John Adam, owed the opportu nity, which he eagerly seized, of destroying his enemv. i lie corsair was treble the forco of the enterprise, and lull mun hive been re solved to sacrifice his vessel, if attacked, in or der lo prevent his enemy from gelting into port ucloretlie John Adams could ho brought opto engage her. To the close of the war with Trip oli, tin! activity and enterprise of Mr Hull were unremitted, and contributed in no small degree lo our ultimate success But it was not his good fortune lo enjoy opportunities for iirqiiiring extraordinary distinction, and the brilliant e. ploils or homers and Decatur have ocrupiml tho public mind to the exclusion of less conspicuous merit. Oaring the Tripolitan war, Lieut. Hull was promoted to the rank of Master Command ml, anil Fiib-oqiiontly, in 1801, was mide a Captain. In 131-', iapt. Hull was sent to L.'troL.r, m command of the Co istilution, wilh specie to pay lite internet on the debt due to Holland, ami tie- spalcli"sto our legation at L mdoti. On her re turn, after slipping a crow al Ann.ipolii--, die lofi the Uir.-'jponUo on u crtite, ami on llio 17ihday of July, one month after Congrew had I'nrmillv derJ.ired war against Groat Britain, inst out of sight of land, the fell in with llio British squad, run under Commodore Broke. The chase which ensued, so bkilfully h.iflled by Hull, is fami iarlo all who aro acquainted with American Naval History, 'i'his afTiir gained a high reputation, as well for tho ship, as for llio-o who worked lier. A low iI-ivh alter tho chase, the Con.-tttu-tion arrived at Boston, whence t.ho s.iiletl agiin on 2d of August. On Ihe l9ih, hhe overhauled and engaged Ihe Gucrriere, and within half nn hour after the action commenced, effected her capture. This brilliant victory produced an of feet on llio public mind, which words are inade quate to describe. It at onco dispelled tho con victiou nf llio English invincibility on the Ocean, and, by the emulation it excited, aud llio degree of ciiiilidcnro it inspired amongall who were con nectod with the Navy, largely contributed to the Bllbsi-quent successes nf the war. Com. Isaac Hull was the third on tho list of captains i tho lime of his death Com. James Barron being nt tho head of tlie service, and Com. diaries aiewart second on tho list- A7. Y. Jour Com. THE FUNERAL. The coffin was in itio of rod cedar, ono nnd a quarter inches thick, put together with copper, covered with American black cloth, lined with satin, with no inscription, ngreca bly to tho directions of the deceased. Tho following abstract of thu descriplion of tho funeral services is from an account published in tho Philadelphia Inquirer uf Saturday : "Tho ceremonies connected wilh tho scene wero solemn and imposing in no or I itiary degree Tho whole community seemed nfl'ttc ted, ami Ihe demonstration of respect was nearly universal. Many stores and private dwellings warn closed a portion of the day, while the street through which tho procession paised were crowded with eager lookers on. Homu tune alter Vi o'clock, llio arranr;omonii fur tho last sad rites being completed, tho coffin was borne from its temporary resting place, and placed in charge of a number of seamen, who acted as carriers. The procession then moved forward. Tho tnillitary was under the coin maud of Gen, Catlvvalla'dcr, who with bis aids, mounted, appeared nt the head of the cortege. The military display throughout was most cred itable. Immediately after the Volunteers, came) tho coffin, enclosed in a pall, and containing tho body of the dcrcased. It was borne on the shoulders ofn number of seamen, and the top of the coffin was occttpictl bvthe coat and dress sword of the gallant dead, also a hoarding. p'kc, around which was the American flag. Tho pall was of black velvet, and this point in the procession naturally enough, attracted all eyes. Captain Wi'cidhonse, Com. Diddle, Com. Huron, Colonel Millar, Col. Staunton, and Mai. Gen. Patterson, officiated as pall-bearers. J lie rloriiy, mostly of the Episcopal church, headed by llishop Ontlordonlr, walked in proces. ton, and occupied tho altar, on arriving at the church. The funeral ecrvico was read by tho Rev. Mr. Morton, Rector of St. James's, of which church tho deceased was a member. At the closo of tho services in tho church, the marines, with 23 muskets, fired threo volleys over the grate. Good order characterized all Ihe pinrerditigF, and the tribute fiom tho first to the last was worthy of the memory of Ihe gal lant Commodore, and worthy of Philadelphia." DEATH OF BISHOP GMSWOLD. III. Kev. Al.LXANDKii V. Gmswoi.ii, the venerable Bishop of llio Episcopal Church, I'iiuio suddenly to his death on the 15lh inst. nt Boston. Ilo was on his way to tho house of Ins colleague, Bishop Easlbttrn, mid had nearly reached the door when he was ob served id fuller, and fell. He wns immedi ately taken into the house, but expired in a few liniments. His disease wns tin iifleciion of the heart, with which ho had previously been affected. Bishop Gristvold was con secrated in this city on the29ih of May, 1811, by Bishop White, and was 77 years of ago at the limo of his death. He was an able, pious and most exemplary Christian, ardent ly beloved by all with whom he had ever come in contact. By his death, Rt. Rev. Philander Chase succeeds lo the Seniority of llio Episcopal See. Inoculation with the Rvttlesnake vinus. Tho following statement would have appeared to our apprehension us a mere riz, hut for the really high source from which il comes, namely, the author of "Life in Mexi co," one of thu most agreeable works recent ly published, aud undoubtedly ono of the most reliable. Thoro is, however, on reflec tion, some analogy to siiblniii tho testimony of this witness. From tho experience of small-pox inoculation especially, il is certain that tho virulence of thai poUoi) is diminish ed and more manageable, when it is introdu ced into lite ciiciihiiiou of lite animal system by inoculation than when it is casually taken ! Possibly the reason may bo that, in case of inocul ition, ess of thu virus is, in point of fact, iiilroduci'd, than when taken in the "natural way," though still enough for tho perfect medication, as il were, of the system. Generally, too, the system is prepared for receiving the virus, before it is introduced. rite statement, tit any rate, is as follows: .'16. Dai. Ada. "Wo have just been hearintra curious circumstance connected with poisonous reptiles, which I have heard !br the fust time. Hero and all n'ong the coasts, lite people nre in the habit of inoculating themselves wilh the po son nftlmratllcsnakc, which renders them safe Iroui the bile of all venomous animals. "Ihe person lo bo inoculated is pric'-cd with tho looth of ihe serpent, on ihe tongue, in both arms, nutl on various parts of the hotly, nnd the venom Intro- diiccdinio the wounds. An eruption comes out which lists a few tb v. I'.ver t fter, theo persons can han dle ihe most venomous snakts with imnunitv: can make them come by calhnu them; and the bite of these persons is noNnnons ! Vou will not bclietc this: but wo have tho testimony of seven or eight respecta ble merchants to the fact. A gentleman who break fisted here this morning, says he has been tainly en dcavoiitiL' In make up bi mind to submit in ibe'ope- ration, ns lie is very much expiseu where he lives, and is obliged to travel a treat deal on tho coast: nnd when be cocs on thes-e expeditions, be isalwnvs ac companied by his servant, an inoculated tieero, who) has the power nf curing him, should hobo bit, by suck ing thonois' n from the woun I. Ilenln saw ibis ne gro cure the I ile tmcn by nn inoculated Indian boy to n white boy, with whom he was fiahting, nnd who was the stronscstnf iho two. The stories of (he east ern jugglers, and their power oyer these reptiles, may Pv-iirip-- oe acruiiiiieii mr in mis way. i cannot say that I should like to have so much snaky nature irnna Icrrcd into my composition, nor to live amongst peo ple whose bite is venomous." Translated for the Free Press. From the lleiman of Schiller. DGAT1I. On man, wilh hasty step, comet Death, And not n moment's respite spares him ; It sirikcs.hiin down in his mid path, And forth from Life's full ti !e it leara bin) Pteparcd or not, no lime is lent him, llcfjre his Judge he must present him. ERYSIPELAS. Sr. JonsDCHv, Feb. 21. This disc-is, which we have noiiced several times before, is still prevailing, an I mow general than ever, in a pari uf Orleans and Caledonia Counties. Il (list appeared, ibis season, in a lew towns near inn lane, nnd Has since hrcn t'radu ally Hearing us from llio .Vorlh. till now. in ihonorih em part of Ibis town il isueneral. nnd a'so nl ihn F.-,i Vi'lage, and a few cases have occurred in the vicinity oi iiic ruin, i ncre were, n lew it lys since, ns wi were informed bv one of our nhvsieians. over ihim cases in this town, nnd ihcie hns siiuebern no abate ment, lo our knowledge. Tho disease Mill rases in llurKo nnd us vicinity, Init wilh bi violcnco than ii il d nine or 4 weeks since. Al Lyndon, last week wo were told by a gentleman of the town, there wen atonu urn I s line seventy cases. Tho pontiliiion of me town is less mall two lliousand. hero wcrr tlireo deaths there nn Monday morning nf last week. Al North Dtnvilleit has been more fntal. nrnliahlv. than nt any other p'nee, nnd has carried n(T there, ns in other places, several citizens of sreat usefulness tn tliecouiiniinity. In other parts afDanvtllei' has been less prevalent nnd consequently less fatal. Il is also prevailing nt Whcelork, Sutton. Glover, and more or less inineiownnrouni nese. itnnncnrci in I hursr v part of the season nl Derby, nnd raged for several weeks, whenil was hoped thai il was leaving thrphce I ut two or three vvc-ks since it broke out again with greater violence and fatality. It has been remarked 10 its ny uiosa navmg an opportunity lo Judge lhat warm and mild weather tends ereallv to modern!. ,h disras-, nnd then, when cold weather nppears the dis ease is more violent and laiai. II tins he true, we may look to the opening of spring with the hope that the chance in the weather mav exterminate thernirlemin. This was the case, we liehevc lasl so 'son. In places where II raged during tho winter, it gradually left ihem ns Ihe warm weather approached. Thus far it has gnlhcred its hosts to lha grave, and doubtless many now living will never bo farmed bv the zrphur of ihe coming spring. God's ways surely, aro past finding ITho erysipelas, which prevails an generally in this region, is prevailing nl Norwich, this Stale, and within nlout ivvo miles In circumference, including the villsgonf Norwich, there were, B davs since, over 40 cases It hns proved there, aa elsewhere, very fa lal. Caledonian. Plastering nnil Stucco Work. rpIIK S ib.criber begs leave to len ler hi. services 10 L 1 lie p i L.I i,! in the a'ovelinr. Having ervcd a reg d ir ap relink I 1 j to that I tt-incs. exi-l tivt-ly, in 'lie c tv fD I 111 I sonm war- i-x:ieiirncr in ihi-'o'inir 1 he fee's iin'r ronli lent of bi-nlility to siveen'tre inti. faction. For n auiiilcof hi- wurk he would refer 10 llil-Ncu- Urn k Church ill this town. . He may e m'J at the corner of Pearl and Laby. ette sir., near Rustell'- Tavern MICIIAFL rniNDTROAST. nurhngtt n, FeK 10, 1813. 30 3w Brighton Market. Monday, Pcb. 13. At Mark it 350f!caf Cattle, 800 Sheep, cV 13 Swine. Pfltcts. Diet Cattlt Wo noticed one yoke sold for over 8. First qaality, gl 75 5 00. Second uality, 81 25 f SO. Third quality, 3 75 P 4 25. L largo lot was sold for 3 cents live weight. Sheep. We noticed rales from 82 50, lo 6 00. Saint. Not in demand, and no sales at retail. In this town, on Monday, the 12th init. by Rev. J. IC. Converse, Mr. Hiram Newell of Shclburn, to Miss EsTiisa, daughter of Theodora Catlin, of this town. In Jericho, on the ICth inst., by Iter. S. Bicknell, Mr. 1'ooAn LtAtiNCT to Mias Lucinda Uartlitt. In Montreal, on the 16th instant, by the Rcr. Ca leb Strong, BENJAMIN J. TENNEY, Esq., of Bur lington, to Mist EVELINE, youngest daughter of A. WmrrLi, Esq., of Montreal. Blessings on him that invented matrimony! Here we have a wedding loaf, ample in its dimensions, of fair proportions, and unsurpassed in quality. A long life it cannot but be a happy one- to all tuch, say we. B n dl, In this town, Ion the Blh inst., at T. Conncr's.Lao oaA II., youngest daughter of Moody Conner, of YVilhston, aged 1 year and 6 months. Printers in Montpclier aro requested Ac. Inihistown,on the 15th init. Mr. Ltwis Olmstiad, aged 09 years. In this town, on Sunday morning last, Mr. Jon Adams aged 82 years. In this town, on the ICth inst. Mrs Adahhx Patcx, aged 3 2 years) also, on the 21st inst Hcar Paid, agcdC years wife and son of Mr. John Patcc, of this place. In this lown, on the 17th inst., Ellin Janc, daugh ter of Horace and Martha Scribner, aged 1 year and 4 months. " This lotely bud, to voting and fair. Called henci- by early doom, Just citne to show how sweet a flow ar In paradise would bloom." In St. Hilairc do Rouville, L. C. on the 17th ult., at tho residence of M. II. Southwick, Fiq. of small pox, William '.. Reed, aged 22 years, son of Zanthy Reed, formerly of Jericho, Vt. Although his death was sudden nnd unexpected the afllicted friends have ibis to console them, that he was found ready and died in the triumphs of living faith with the full assurance of a glorious immortality t'evond ihe grave. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. IN IJAKUUPTCY. Notice to show cause against Petition of GUSTAVtIS A. DKMINli, ol Milton, in aid di-trict. in I edec'ared a H.iiil-nipt, at the otllce of Samuel Promi, in Montpetier, in mid Pi-tricf, on Tues day, the twenty-lir-lday of March, 1813, alien o' clock, forenoon, UAXIKI, WARD, of Milton, in said Di-trict. to le ileilnredn D.iiiknipt, al the i tThe of Samuel Pre.i ti s, in Monti eh'cr, in -aid District, on Toe-day, the 2l"Ul.iv of March, 1813. ten o'clock, forenoon.' JO ilCPII' SMITH Junior, of Bolton, for hi- Di-charge am I Lcrnti nte, a- a Ilankrnpl, nt the Court Hon c in Windsor, in aid diVric!, on Wednesday, ihe 24th il.iv nl Mac. A. I). ISIS, nl 10 A. St. HAftriYII. 1I1XK, ofllirhiiL'ton, for hi. Di-charge ami fjerlineate, a- a 11 tukrupt, at tlie (.ourt Ho:ie, in Wind-or, in fail Di.'rict, on Wedne-day, the 2 till iUv nf.Mav.A. D. 1813. al 10. A. M. IIAKVF.Y WAKO.ol Fs-ex, lor bi UKchar?e anil icriui aie. a- a iiiiiiLropi, ut i ue uouri nou.-e, in Wind-or, in id Di-trH, on Wednesday, the 24th day of May, A. D. 1813, at 10,-A. .M. REMOVAL. n. n kim.logi;. tailor. BEGS leave lo inform the pu'lio thai he has re-inovi-.l lo the new Brick- 1 nl lin-r onnniie Guv C.i'lin'.- E-n., and tal.e-ilii-opportunity lo thank hi- fnen I-for their -upport since hi-commencing busi-ne-s in t lii vicinity, ami lo a-..ure ihem that he will endeavor to de-crvea continuance of their favors bv co n-tant aiplicati"ti to hi-bii-ine-s. -. is. nulling done lo order. D trlingion, Fell. 20, 1843. 39 if v,nsis. Keep it bejorc the People. The Great Fire Engine. DAYSIeforelhe --.ning ot an iher paper, may t-e decideJ tliucan-e of one of the most fortunate occurrence- in the anna's of our own beloved nnd I eaiitifil Village, in Ihe accompli-btncnt of a full, fair, lioue-t, honural le, juoiciou-i ub-crtptiun aud dom In n lor thu bovin-ran Kncine lonidm Ihe nrofeciinn and pre -rvattiin ol our live-, home- and property ; tin I foi ihe furtherance of ruch ju-i and worthy object, the I', IpAni s nnt .,.,11 . ,, I.... ...l:: . - I.u, ,T ,11,1, , ,1,1 ,ll',- lo act in concert wilh the heraldic printer- and other by -riling Goo I- cheap, which may I e fully learned bv looking atlhe good-, anJ price.-nt IIUWAUU'S. P. S.-r-The Fire mcetintr stands adi'd. 10 WiJne davevenin2, 1 March, I li--r.-d.ay miirm,iir,23 1 reh., 43. SAVE COST. ALL person- indebted lo the late firm- of Farrar and Wail, and Farsar Wait and Root, are noti fied that lo tnve cost and trouble there m-i-t bean immediate settlement with the stib-cril er at thu Crock- try Store. JOSEPH WAIT. Feb. 23, 1813. 3D While Washing. T COUG1ILIN would re-oecil tllv inform ihenuh- 1J. he that he will an-vver a 1 ca'IU in ihe above line in a neat and workmanlike style. Ail application-for hi erv:co- will be prcinptly attended lo ano sati.iaciioti vv-arrantcii. Reference lo Mr. John Myers. Burlitifton, Feb. 22, 1843. 39 w3 lixiracls from n' letlor. Saxton's River, (near Iltlloxcs Falls,) ) Jan. 3lst, 1843. Aiessr-. i-Ascno (v urimsmaid, I am in great want of the genuine Morrison'.- Pill, vr Hygeian Medicine, which I Mippotecun be had in this Slate on Iv of von. My health, which has been exceedingly poor for several year- pai, I ecntne last Angitt very alarm ing. Fiirlhrcc month- my friend-expected ma to live t"H a -borl time. Mv ili-ea-e w orono meed the WORST POSSIRLE form ol DYSPEPSIA In L'eiemler l-pmoirel from yn-ir aji-nt at Hellowc rail-, .'ir. .ii. a. il ici land, a dollar package or.Molt Rtso.s'a Pills, nuilu nl ihe Ur li-h Coliece of Halth It was Ihe last be ha). I i-omineni el the u-c of ihem when I eo ild hardly hold my head from my pillow ; I co Id lake no iin-iri-hmen!. 'extent it tnizhi healn,,i half a tea-cup of gruel or sago, or some light ibing of iniiuin", my ne n iiit-j ictt ine so mat my inttma'e friend, could start ely m-ogni-eme) my bowel-were i shrunk- up, so constipate I. th.,1 it was with great diTici-l-y I ci ul'l Rt ordinary medicine to opera'e, coiitci.ccf -nyoacKQons oyptactng my nana upon my abdomen. Your Medicine acted like a charm. My bowel- have mil been in so regular and good a s'mr for some vear-. 1 wl-h v-o i lo tend me a lane (831 iiasA-asr- mime liately. Mr. Jame-1. Cutler of your place mav 'e nbleio tell yoiof n priya'e npporlunitv- lo send, if noi, enu mem oy mait, 0001-10,1 to mc, care 01 itrcnt, M. S. I) ickUnd, licllcws Fall, Vt. Do not tail to tend them. If ours, tr ilv, LUCIUS A. SMITH. The letter from which the al ovc extracts aretal en ran I e seen I y any person at the variety Store. T .Me liuino spo.en ol, is eslnl lislnns il- mutation even again-t the almost unconoieral le prejudices of the pill lie, ngniiist ihe almo-i uniled oppo-ition of ine .'icuieu! , roid'siiiii, nun in mc uiiasi oj a pertect ilelucu nf new me hcine-. an I unai le I bvnutlins. or even ordinary advrrll-ine,1 a-we have not advertise.) il in anv ex'eut wince 1810 ihronghmit ihe State and welind in ihe rouniie- where we have not adv-ertoed for live year.-,ibe sale- are doubling every year. The ritll-for Ihe medicine Ihn winter, (iatise.1. nrobal lv by unusual -ickness,) shows quite an increase com pared wilh last year. We wi-h no person lo lake medicine needle-sly. If you need medicine, we know mis in tc a coon one. P.VNCnOltN . nnlNSMAID Sia'e Airent for Me-srs. Morri-on ofthellriiirh College of Health, London. We ho'd our annointtnent directlv from ihem, and sisn our names upon every package and dux soui in ine oiate, Feb. 23. 33 PANGDORN tt I3RINSMAID, Pronch prcpnretl rtlustard and Fresh Citron, (new fruit) inst received hv Jacob's Eiprees, and which is nflerrd for sale al the German store. uaiHi'.i.n at MiunuLL,a. Asa Ii. L.von'a Estate "T.T7F. ihe subscribeia. htvinir been acnolnted bv VV the Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners lo receive, ei amine and atliusl Ihe claims and demands of all ner sons against the ejiate of ASA It. tYOX, lata nf aueiuurn, in said District, deceared, represented insol vent, and also all clnims nnd demands eihibited in offji-t ihereiniand sit months fiom the day of Ihe date hereof, beino- nllawed hv said Court for thai purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice,lhat wo win oiiritu 10 inn nusiness 01 our appointment, al Ihe dwelling nf lha late Asa L. Lynn, in Shclburn in said District, on thr6thdv of Mnv. and lTih 01 JOly, nez), at 10 o'clock, A.M., on each of taid days, tiled, 1011 io n aa 01 January, a. u, ioij. G." PUWUTrT1 j cnml,tb'- ZERO. THERMOMETERS graduated la 40 below O. Black Snaps, Clarinet Heeds cVe., juit received. Feb. 22. PANOUOKN 6c, UKIINSMAlD. I.uthcr Carpenter's K state. STATE OF VERMONT, TTHEltKA3 John F. District of Chittenden, t. ) VV Tirrell, adminis trator of Ihe e-tate of Luther Carpenter late ol Hunt ington, in said district, dccca-cJ, mic-tale, hath ap plied to nid Court to extend llio time fur the pay ment of the debit nnd rettlcmcnt of said estate one year from the 15th day of March, A. 13. 1943. WiicREuroM the court ofore-aid doth order and n signthe'JJ Monday of March, the Kaglcllnll Tavern, in Willi-ton, in raid di-irict, nl 10 o'clock, A. M., for hearing fn ihe premi-cs, And doth further order that notice be given lo all person in'ere'ted in failu-tatc to appear at the tune nnd place aforesaid, andshuwcaiue ifnny thev have ngnin-t atd applica tion, and for that purpo-clhat the Mibtancc of .-aid ap plication together with Ibi" order b! ptibli-hed three wtek siKieM.ively prcvio is to the lime of hearing, in tho i ree Pre, nnntcd nt Burlington, in said di.-tnct. Dated at Burlinelon, in the County of Chittenden, .!..(. ..I fLVI.'.. . ,1 .O.l lue VIM uuy ul rcu y, 41, is, lO'ij, 39 w3 U. RUSSELL, Judge. lllram Clark's Instate. STATE OF V Ell MONT, 1 rpn F.Hon. theProbatf District nf Chittenden, is. ( X Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden t To all persons concerned in the estate orillllAAl UL.AIIK, late ol Milton in said uis tricl. deceased, Gbeltiso. Wheseas, Elijah Hcrrick and Linus flascom, Ex editors of the Inst will nnd testament of the said de ceased, nronoso to render an account of their admin istration and present their account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holdcn at the Register's office tn llurltngton, in said district, on the second Weil ncs dnv nf March next. Therefore. Vou aro hereby noli' fi'!ij lo appear before said court at the time ami place ioresaio.anu wuew cnuscn any vuu nave, wny itieui; r.nnnt nfnrpsaid should not be al owed. Oivcn under my hand at Uurlinglon this 14th day ol ! euiuary A, u. . J-t wfli. nKstu.Ti, uegisier. BOOKS, Retailed at Wholesale Prices. THE Mib-criber batakeu the extensive and vslu able flock of Law, Me.hcnl, Theological, Mi rellancoua. Clasicnl. and School Hook-, lately le longing to C. Ooodrich, coinpruinz ihe large-t and Le-t ciected lock In Ihe State, which he oilers at retail for ca-h nt whole-nle nriecs. ManvvJlualile Looks will le sold at one halt their original price. Call al Hie old -mnd itZPUp Stair ii. 1. aiiu.aiw Al, Agent. Feb. 13, 1843. 38if LA W BOOKS. ENGLISH Common Law Report-. 3U Vn'timc", J " Con Jen.e.l Chancery R.'purl,(call.J I3vl. iin-oir- Mew l on; ucnorts. 1 1 no New York Digct, 4 do tto oo z io American ("hanccrv Digest. 2 do SlarkiV-' Evjdcncc,'(iiew edition) 3 do ul' Cummeiitar.e.-. (newgjiliou. calf.) 4 do Chilly nn IlilN, Conivn on Contracts, Archil, aid'" Criminal Plcadmr. Gould'- Plcailiii". R i ell on Crimes t vols. lomlin's Law Dictionart. 3 do Uouv-'er's do do 2 do wen'a Juttce. 2 do Magistrate Criminal Law. Clarke's Rudiments and Practice, i noma. uoke. 2 vol- aw-oflhe United Stales, by Story and Sharwood in i v on me. Oliver's Law Summary, uwen on uanuntptey, Archil olds lilack-tui, 4 volumes. Chilly'-- do 2 volume'. Al-o, A eeniral aeorimcnt of LAW BLANKS, jiiMirc- uocueis, ic. cc. inr alcat the old -land, one dorr cast ol vVail'i Crockery Store, bv 33 H. J. SHUJ1WAY, Agent. PAPER. Ofin REAMS wrapping, assorted eizcsj Best quality ol i.eltcr, Iote, linvclopo and Blul ling Paper, for sale by D. -iil, ii. i) II 1 SHUJIWAY, Agent. Spruce Claiibo'nrds and Sliinelcs, On very reasonable terms by Feb. 23. '43. J. & J. H. PECK & CO. Oft. SIAIISIIAM.'S AROMATIC AND HEADACHE CATARRH SiMJPP. THIS SnulTis superior lo any thing vet known, for removing that Iroul le-ome di-m-e, the Ca tarrh, and al-o a cold in the head, and headache. It open- and purge- out nil nh-iruction-, -trengiiien-the gbiiils and give- a heabhv- action to Ihe nnrt. .','ecteil. It 1- perfectly free from anv thin" deleter,'. ou-tn its compo-ttton ha-a plea-am flavor, and it- imincJiate elect after I elng Uted, i agreeable Price 37i it-, per I ottle. Eath holtle contain-about three time the quantity of ihe several kind- of Catarrh Smiti; now telling a't a lower price, and i- iherefore cheaper, as welf a better than any thing of Ihe kind in irnrket. DOCT. JAHVIS TOMATO BI1LIOUS PILLS. THESE Pills con'nin no Cab niel, but are compos cJenliiely of Wcc'alile ni'islam cs, and have in their romoosiiton a line oortion of ihe nure e. of bighlv medicinal article, the Tomato Plant, constituting Ihem r.-tntinllv. TOMATO PILLS. The proprietor feel- a coniidener in ret nmmen,!,V, them as superior to mol, and inferior to none of the Pills which are ma I; 1 ml- so much nni.e m the nr.,.nt day, as a purilicr of the blood, a corrector of a bilious or iiy.pepltc state and lial it, or .1- a common ca harlic. lie a-sures the public thai iht-v have the cordial and daciled approbation of physicians ol the highest res pectability, who use Ihem in their pract ice. Sold by the Proprietor, CHARLES BOWEN, Mid illebury, Vi. IV'in, C. Stimp-on nnd Heed, Edward itnniy, .vie-r-. Lewis, Uoston t Hoadley Phelps & Co., A. B. & D. SANDS, and others 111 New York ; PECK & SPEAR nnd HAGAR it ARTHUR, Jiur Ungton, IV., and by DrugRi-is generally throughout Ihe United rimes nnd Canada February 23, 1S43. Iy33 Notice. TWIE inhabitants ol the town of Darlington, quali fied to vole in TOWN MEETING, nre herehv- not,ifieJ to appear AT THE TOWN HOUSE in saiil town, nn ,aiu.M)Ay, ihe MI.VI II day of MARCH next, at TEN o lock forenoon, for the nurnose ol electing town officer-, am lo Iran-act other business. mat may come 1 ciore said meeting. 11. .-I .... I.V.I. , .r..- n-. uiiriniKI"", ITU. ,4, IS-IJ. ,33 1 AW Music FEnRUARY 15th. Two Unutifnllonrd Doul le lla-s 1 lol-, halt dozen Ba iol, ihri-e Melodian and A 1 uaing r ork, patent heal-for ba-s viol a viol tail niece-. I n ze an- low-, strinir.. hair for bows, cf-c. Choirs or individual- who wi-h pood instruments are invited 10 ia'la,-.d sretlii- superior a.sortment. 33 rA.M.lullo a: ll(lis.11AII. Wnuiptl lo Exclianio, Aflr. rate DWELLING HOUSE and LOT, com Pri-iug near half anacre of 'and wnh out build ing-', for a farm in Ihe neighborhood of II trltnzmi, A annd 1 argain will bo given 10 any one who wishes lo move into the village nf Burlinglnn for the p-irpo-e ol keeping I oarder-, or for ptofcs-ional services, a Hie bouse is near Hie t qua re. It. iiiu.via, Agent. It-rlington, Feb. IS, IS13. 33 f Now is llio limn. HOWARD IS AT IIOMEConsidcringlhe rood fleiahinj, liooils are amazing ihcati at How. ard and never, never, never, wa- ihere 1 cfore such a gootl itime a- now for Iho.e having money to pay wilh. Whv iheueo.ile's agent ha-nocharginz at his store all h'e gets is ju-t what ttuypay, and surely lhat- enca 1 enouan. I hur-day Mornintr. I 35 10! h Feb. 1813. S Look nt This! GREAT inducements are offered by the subscriber in iho-e who wi-h to pay Ca-h for Dry Good- or Dry Gro-eries, aslhe change i vv-antel and mut be r.a", 11 cuin fii'uiis r-rry cnean vv, i iim-iire i'. f. a, ncarcgive me a cauani von win nnuit no humbug. II. W. CATLIN. l-eti. lo.ti, 1043. 33 Wanted, IN exchange for Goods, Wool, Sheep's Pells, Wheat, Rye, Corn, Oal. 6.C. II, W. CATLIN. Feb. 15 h, 1813. 3S DISSOLUTION. ri .HE Copartnership hcre-.oloro exinint littwn m Ine mb.criler, in Ihe Cistern hn-iness. is this day bv mutual enn-ent di.-solvrii. The btisine vt the Arm may le settled with cither of Ihe partners. JOSEPH I.ANDON, ORLANDO OWEN. Burlington, Feb. 0, 1813. 37 3vv t NOTICE. TS hereby given lo nil concerned lhat I have ihi dav riven my ann', Mitchell Bomlard, Ji., and Francis Bombard. their time, daring their minority I and I will not itav-nnv-duSu of iheir contraciimt. nor claim any nf their wage.-, but they are it Itbtriy te transact an nusiness lor tnemteives. Atretl, Ltwji SowLti, Jr. his MITCHL'LLX BWMARD. Albert, Mtyf, 1641. mark tlTnl III Chancery. CiURLia F. STiNlrono, 1 Chittenden County, vs 1 icrio, a.u. io-i James Lahosiiorc and f Jnscvu F.mnri n. I Wherea. Cha' F. stani' ford, of Burlington, in aid county, by Charle- Ri.-cll, Solicitor, filed his Bill In Chancery, al the November Term, 1812, of the Court of Chancery, In said Ooun. IV, ngain-t jame- iingsnore, i-i u iriingioii, in miu County, nnd Joseph Fairfield, of E-ex, in said Coun ty, therein stating, that on the 21st day of Octo ber, A. D. 1810, the -aid Innu-horo leing indebted to the said Stamford, in the sum nl 8250,00, ns -peei-lied in three proini-ory note-of thai dale, payable in one, two and three year.- w lh interet, in or.ior to secure the payment thereof, made nnd delivered toihe said S'nniforJ a mortgage, dce.l of the following du cril.el land, 111 Burlington afore-titd: viz. A curtain parcel ol land, on llio w.;twnrdiy side 01 ine new road, to called, leading fro. 11 Pearl street lo North Mrrel, leginningnt the north eat corner of n piece ol land bv snid Mtnnilord cnnieyed to one Ko-Well L Spntildiug hy tlcel, Hie lUth d.iyol .lime, A. u. lbiu, thence northerly on the we-t line ot sail road, lour rod-, thence vve-lwardly on a lino parallel with the north lino of the land o conveyed to said Spaolding, 16 rod lo the east line of Ihe burying ground lot, thence so ilhwnrdly, 011 the ra-t line ol the buryuu ground lot, 4 rods to the north vvc.-t corner ol atd land conveyed lo saidSpnulding, thence ea-lwnrdly on the t.orth line ot said bind, so conveyed lo said opaulding, lo rods to the place 01 leginntng. And further staling, that 011 Ihe 2"3:h day of .May, A. I). 1811. the -aid Lantr-horr. bv rnorlsanedee 1. i-ontev- cd the snid premi-es to the said Jo-rtih Fairfii id to secure lue payment 10 -aid curiitiii 01 m, ine sntu Langshore'- note to said FdirlieM of that date, for Ihe siiiii ol SI 15,00, payable in three years from ihe date with intcre-t annually, whereby lie -aid Fairfield Claim- title to the said prcmi-esl nnd firthcr stating thai thesAi'd note- ha 1 not in any pari I crn paid, nnd praying a decree of forei-lo-ure on the said prcmi-r-ii'-'iiin-t the said Lantrsborc nnd I-',tirfic!d. and all other perron claiming tiadcr fliem. And it untieing made lo appear tu-aiu t ourl that the said defendants have had prr-0n.1l nonce of the service and pendency ofsaid Bill, the cause 1- contin ued to the uexl statcil term 0 said court, nnd II i further onlered bv sanlcoirt that the -aid Stanilord cau-c notice thereof lo I e given to tlie-nid l.ang-hore nnd Fairfield, I v p ibli-hing the -iibsl.tnce of -aid Bill aud ihi order Inrce week- -uecc itcly, in the lIlnr. liugton Free Pre," a ncw-pipcr prtn'uj in Uiir ing ton, in said county, ihe I, t-t of whKh piiblu-nliou- lo l-c at lea-t 20 dav-before the next stated term of this court, to lie hidden on the 21 Ttte-d.iy of Mav next, which shall I e deemed sctlicicul notice to tnu -nut Lani-hore and Fa rficlJ to appear and mai.e an-wcr lo taid Bill. W. NOBLE, Clerk. Burlington, Feb'- I I, 1313. 33w3 ASSIOXEE'S SALE IN BANKRUPTCY. Eflect-i of Ilciinjnlt S. l'liclps. 1) Y Virtue t fan order is-t cd in t of the U. S. Dt J Incl Court, for the ih-trict ol Vcimcnt. I will sell at Public Aie-tion, al llio Inn of Thonia- I). Fletcher, 111 ,in ir.'ti, v crinont, on i- ri lay, the J may 01 aiarcti, IS43, ntotieoVlor',-, P.M., till'lhc no'e ,' account-, ludtrineiit and ither claim- spct-ificd a- due Bcnajah S. Pheli in hi- schedule on lilu in the o lice of tnc Clerk ofihe District Co-trl of the II, S., for llicibsnct ol Vcrmon'. Also, sundry article, of household nilurc. Tern s ca-ii. 33 H. II. SOWLI-S, Special Assignee. Unlets of Tabor I. Sewcll. BY Virtue of an order i-siied out of the IT. S. Di triei Court for the Di-triel cf Vermont, I wilt .-til at Public: Auction, al llie Inn of Tlioma- I). Fletcher, in Al burgh, Vermont, on Frulav, the 31 day of March, 1313, at 10 o'clock, A. M., all the mlcrc-t which Ta bor I. Sevtell had 011 the fir-tday of August, 1812, in anJ to certain real e-tate lying in Alhuruh, and all the intere-l -aid Sewell had in 3000 brick, - and all the interest hr had in a tcrtnm Engine and Machine ry, and nil the intertl he ha- in n certain iitdirincnt in I'.ivor ol -aid Sewell agntn-l Lester D. Moore, of 1 roy, . 1 ., and nil the note-, account-, judsmunts and rxecilion- incntionud a- due said Sewell in hi--ihed ile on lile in the wliceof ihe t'lerk of the Di irici Court alorr-aid, together with about twenty thou-and feet of pino and hcuilock luml er, and a sil ver watch. The situation of the above real e-tate will I emorc particularly described 0:1 the dayoftale. Term?, Cash. 37 H. U. S0W1.ES, Special Assignee. New Establishment. THE under-lined having lourht out the entire stock- of BARNES At KEKL1.R, leg leave to inform the pu'lltc t lint thev intend to continue Ihe CABINET and CHAIR MAKING BUSINESS, in all it- branche-, at ihe old -land of Barn- and Keeler. The public generally, and the citizens of Burlincti n in particular, are rcqi;e..tedtoc,ill and examine iht-tr work and their price-. They will -ell nuv article in their line cheaper than can be houtrht in tin'- market. A. & U. F. BARNES, Burlington, Feb, 10, 1313. THE Books and paper- ol th un -ler-lgncd will 1 e kept for the pre-ent at the shop heretofore occupied by litem , thev retiue-i all m-r-on- iiulebte I to call and nay inline liately, ur thev will I e under the neceiiy of leaving their demands fur collection. All per-oiis hnvni claims ngatn-l the -ub-ertber-i are rr-pectf.illy ri'i ie-te lo pre-ent them for adpi.l- uieni, a- nicy are ue ermine I to bring all tlieir busi ness to aclo.-c as soon as poit le. HAK.M-.S if- KhliLtR. Burlington, Feb. 10, 18)3. 13cst I'amily Groceries at the NEW CASH STOllE. Old Hy.on. J Y. Ilv-cn, JTEAS Java, ) Mackn,?C'OrFEE. Green S 1 oucliong, 1 S ipeiiur Young Hyon, 111 cadd.c, of 13 lbs oech. W'b" I SUGAR S Al-ptcc, lV,iper, Cloves, Nutinezs. Ginser, Mola..cs, Cinnamon, Codll-h, Al-o, Lamp Oils of diiTcrenl n"nlnie. An,. ,.f ,1,. 1... ,,,,11 i.nt.i n.i.. ...u ui.u.v .. a. ...... .1. .li, .wai. C.tsliat price-corresponding with Ihe lime-. rcil. J, 1013. V, .VI. llLltl.HU 1 . EXCITEMENT. TMIE sirnns f-elins leing wrooehl anions our cit A izen- for ihe procuring a Fire Engine lor the pre-ervaiion and nroiecttoii olour ilvvcllint:-. shon chattel-, goods and e lects from the destructive con-c qnenccs of one of our ino-t useful element-, it 1 thought will Ic allayed in an early nccouipli-hiuenl of ihewi-he- ol the 'most nrdeuily de-iron-, nntl that the People'- Aacnt may be ready 10 .ici in concert with hi- fellow citizens, on Mon lay evening next, hi-application 10 ihe l.u-ine..-of hi- profe-sion ol telling good- cheap lo the People theni.-elve-, will be prosecuted 10 the extent of hi-ability and Ihe Public rc'l'i.iciut-nis, vvuicu ciimc- strieiiv in ac-oruance with hischeerlul, Up and Doing, Q u'el: and Cheap for Cali and No Imprisonment f r Debt Sy-letii, which was commenced in April, 1823, and yci th is contin ued, and for a portion of the credit of i ring -o, i- wil ling 10 allow a co-working of the Boxer Engine Company, whose ever waichl.ilne an I exertion, have I een a shield lo Ihe contin-iani-e ol the opera-lion-, and lhat Ihey may receive a partial equivalent for their zeal and as-'il'uly in the catnr, a portioned the avail of doinzs will I e appropriated lor a contin uance of ihetrexi-irnce ol al ica-i the prolii- on sales thai may le made previous to llieadjo irned mee'ing, when every citizen 1- expected 10 ntcel hi- neighbo ir and greet nnd congratulate on I he hoped happy re-nlt of having nt-cnmpli-he I by vo'untary su'scription that vvhi' h ihey could have no heart in doing by cold and unceremonious Tixatton, all of which i t'lilv submitied for ihe I enclit i f the buyer- of good-, and. lhecaue of Protection from the ravages ol Firf.- The plan of which will le Inilv nude "known Iv ap plying at HOWARIi'S. In h.vle, Thnr-day morning, 9. h I'cb.,M3. 37--k TVhriinry 8ih. 184: WM. IH'IILBt:T ha-on Inn 1 n vv-.;l select. las soruncnt ol DRY GOODS pjnhvel in New York, in Novemlerla-t, nl ihelowesl rate, which he i-deiernuncl to ,el nt such pro es n-will rorre-pond with the low prices of pro.1 ice. The-e goisl- ci s: money end m i-t I c sold in raise inonrv again. Cheap good- may le obtained al " The New Cheap Cash Store." , A- (here is now a Utile sleighing we invite all tho-e persons who viviiB.ulinrion for trade, mcall andex- anune our goods. 37 w.M, IIUKLULT. ENGLISH WATCHES. AVARI ETY nf low priced double and single caed English Watche-. J'it received, some fine En-cll-h Lever- of our own importation. Iho-e think ing of luvinza good Lever, aro de-lreil tn look al them. 37 PANG BORN f- BRINSMAID. STOCKS. WHITE Satin Stocks notable for wedding and oiher parlies j black talin and lomlaztne slocks, plain and with bows; scarf stocks; pletcJ ana pisin iioci,s;-wo nave received 11 vaneiy ui Ifaullfid city made nocks, collars, bosom-, n-arf, 4c. Siorku of finS'l qualities and manufacture sel linsr at Irom 25 lo 50 cents lower than former prices. We are receiving by llamden's and Jacob's Ex- sreises, every ten day-, new good 10 keep our s sortment very complete, and we invile an exaemm,. tion by all refore purchasing! good- of ll-e -ame quality cannot be purcha-ed on more favorsile terms. 37 PANGBORN it BP1NSMAID. liASS VIOLS. MELODIANS, Bass Viols, and Double Bars Viols; very fine ones, suitable for small or large Church es. Individuals or Choirs are invitri) 10 examine thsm. PAN O BORN & UR1NSMA1D. Jan. 1813. 34 Catlt paid tor Fork. THE Subscriber will hsy cash 03 delivery for WELL FATTEN ED PORK. rOI.IXTT 4. DRADLET Bnrritifton, D. ?, l&t. SO AUCTION SALES; Wednesdays, Wednesday Eoeningt, anJ Saturday Evenings, n Y U. t IIOM AS. STOVES and PIPE, KM CHEN FURNITURE. Fnrming Utenil, Slciolis and Waggons, Dr.. Goons, nnd India Rubber Clothing. Also, A fare lot of Fur and Cloth t'intcr Caps. Sales continued in the evening. 21. tf ltoswcll Rrou'p Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, rpllE Honcralle tl District ofUliittenden, s-. j X Probate Court fi. the Di-lncl of Cbillenden t Toall iicr-nnscoiirerne' fn Hie estate of IIOSWUU, I! HO W, late cf We,', fur I in -aid District, dccia-cd, Gnr.KTiNO. Wiir.nKA", Alinoii Griirui,adminftralorol iheesta' of sntd deccu-cil, propo-e- lo render tin account t hi- ndintni-lralion,aud pru-cnlhi- account aeain.. ,aiJ e-tate for t.'xttmination and allowance at a se.--sicn of thu Court of Probate, 10 lehoMcn allbelio)-i-ter'- office fn Burlinglnn, in mid district, the so und Wednesday of .March next. Therefore, You ai hereby notified to nppear before -aid court at the t.ri- andpface nfure-nid, and show cnu-c, if any you bav-, vt-hv the w 011 n t should not l-e allowed. Given under tin handat 1! jrlill'Iun, tht SCth doj of January, A. D". 1S-13. 37 3w W.M. WESTON, Regi.ter. John .'.tn comber's Dstntc. STATE OF VERMONT, ryMIE Honcra'.lu tl.7 Di-trtci ofChittenden, s-. ) X Prubnlu Court ! i the District ol Cluitcnden : To all pt-rs.ui- coticcr,. cd in Ine e-tate cf .OfA' MACOMllEIl, late 1 : We-tford, in Mt.d Distrit, ilecea-cl, lr.EETil.'G., Daniel Jackson, adtninis'r.ttor of il.u e-tate ol -aid deceased, propose-lo render an account of his admintsir itiuu, nnd pre-ent his account n,'aiti-v said estate for examination and allowance at a sc -1011 ot llio Court of Pro! ulr, to I c hobtcti HI the Rcir-i-ter's olncr 111 Uurlinglon in sntd District, 0:1 lbs -coon J We 'no-day of March next. Therefore, V0.1 are here! v notified lo appear I cfore -aid court a. the time nnd place aforesaid, and show cau-e, if any you have, whv the acvount .tf,rcsaid should not Lea. lowed. Given tinder m v handat IJur!in?ton, this Sh day of Fcbr.arv, A. D. IS 13. ' 37 3w WM. WESTON, Regis-cr. Stephen llAlghl's Hstatc. STATE OF VERMONT, I T a Probata Court District of Chittenden, so. ) V held at Burlinuton in said District, on the Dili day of February, 1343! I 'poll application of Anah Ilaight, ns Guardian of Alary I,. Ilaight, cf Eaid Burlintilnn, n female infant, ono of ihe hcin to the estate of Stephen Ilaight. late of Burlington aforesaid deceased, requesting' a divis ion of said estnte among ihe heirs thereof : Whcru upon, the Cotttl aforesaid doth appoint Ihe 2d Wed nesday nf March ncM for hearing in the premises, at the office of the Uegisier of this Court, in Burling ton nforcsaid, at 10 o'clock, A. M. And Baid Court doth further order that the said applicant cause the several persons intcrclcd in the said estate, or their attnrnics, if living vv-iihin this State, lobe notified to appear before said Court at the lime and place cfore stud, to make objection to such division, if they see cause, and that for that purpose the substance of said application, together wilh this order, be published la the Free Press, piinled al Burlington, three weeks successively previous to the limeof heating. In witness whereof, I have hereunto aflixcd the seal of eai I Court, and sub 1. . scribed my name nt Burlington, in said District, this Sth day of February, A. D., 1S13. 37 C. RUSSELL, Judgi. Sally. II. Sutton's Kstatc. STATE OF VERMONT, Tho Hon. the Probata District ot Chittenden, , J Court for the District cf Chittenden, lo all ner-on- concerned In thee. tats r.f SAU.Y M. SUVTOX, late cf Willi-ton, in said di-trict, I'vcea-vd, Cpxctihs. W HEKEAS, Deborah S-f.ton, ndmim-tiatrix of th e-tate of -aid decca-td, propo-es 10 render an et count of her ndmuii-tration nn I present her account against said cs-nle for cxamir.ation and allowance at a -e 1011 ol ihe Court of, to be bolden at llio Register's otlice in Burlington, on tho ccoad WcdncsJay 1 f March next. Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear before said Conn at the tune nnd place aforesaid, and shew cau-r, if any yo 1 have, why the account a fore.-a id should not 1 o'allowed. Given under my ban I .it Burlington this third day ol February, A. D. 1S43. 37 WM. WESTON, Register. James .alarsh's Kstatc. WE THE SUBSCRIBER, having been tp pointed by ihe Honorable the Probate Court fir the District of Chittenden, commissioners to re ceive examine nnd adjust the clnims ami demands of all persons, against ihe estate of JAMES JTAflSJf late of Burlington, in said District, deceased, repre sented insolvent, and also nli claims and demands exhibited in offset therein; and six months from tha nay of the date hereof, being allowed bv said Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business olour appoint ment, nt the 1 fli eof Lymnii Sc Mar-h, in B irltngton, in said District, on llic 'liird Monday "I March and tha l-t Monday of May next, al 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, this 3 1 day of Fe! r-arv, A. D. 1942. 37 GEO. P. MAIwr, ) HEMAN ALLEN, Commissionsrt. L. LOOM IS. S AMERICAN STORE. ("Ol'RON-- in iranf of groceries of any kind, or JL pure Spirits or II i.-irt for medicine," or for any other purpo-e, will do well lo call on ihe siib.-cri-btr.vvho constantly keep- all kind- of the al ove article-, a pure an I unadulterated, to say ihe lea-t, ta can le bought ul any German Store. He doe- aot depend on the silly puis of ihe lime serving editor ol a little weakly new-paper to e-iablirh 1 lie character or purity t f hi- liquor- and wine-, but moreupon lift having, lornearlv twenty year-, -old loino-t of the Tavern keeper., within tilty iinle many nf them still continuing 'o buy of him. And even thi- sapient editor, who ha- lately found such obliging neighbors, (bul who, il seem-, prai-e-Ait liquors mo-t who nave 10 him la-l,) ha- often, in a ino-t obliging manner, drank of the subscriber'- wine-, an I called them lh best he ever to-led. The subscriber doe- not carry In- liquors about the country, showing and pcllinj Ihem. He think- the people have 1 een imposed upon eno tghofla'eby such pedlar-. But ifper-on wnni ing -och article- will call nt hi-store in Burlirgion, dire -lly oppo-ite Mr. S. E. Howard's So re, in Chun h strict, he will sell them ihe pure-land lostarticlm fi.r'be lovve-t prices, and thev will always find thea iin.form in prtie and quality.' ISAAC WARNER. B rlincton, Feb. , 1313. 2Z DaUGS&MEDICINES ft? vL Tho sub-crilers are continu- nl'v sunnlied with EVERY Alt Ilv l.E in the above branch, both of ihe O.hctnal and Patent kind; water- from Saratoga 1 do. Irom Calclonia, Canada ; Medical Wine- and Liq icr-, (pure) Lrn-hes ; Surgical Instruments ;Mtn erai Ttcth, etc. J3"Precriplion put up at shortoM notice. ZZ"Shop eptnni all hours. PECK & SPEAK, Apothscariu. Birlinginn, Feb. 1,1813. lyM House and Store To Let. A NcM nnl Convenient House, ortt b lildiug--, and rmall garden. Also, a convenient Stori-, in a- guod suuatioa a- anv other in Ch irch tlrcct. Both or either of ihe al ove if nementa lol e lei for one or more years, and possession gives Ihe first day of May next. ISAAC WARNER. 1'el ruary2, ISI3. THE GERMAN STORE. TJ1IIE s ib-crd ers 1 rg leave 10 renew to the puMhf I of ibis place and the surrounding country, Ihe intl"aiisn inc. hit) .wi,,,tt. iv nvv. t.ii,:ia,wy VI tianu a onntce as-or-tneni 01 DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES, all of which in iheir nartio ilar kind, are of msmaf. cuoify and urro(iig cAeorn'. L'... 11.. ...... 1.1 .1.....;-..... ...II). ... -5irv) .., i',i, '!, I'UUllC "iieniicn i iheir 1mpor1e.K1r.BHiN, Fre-ichSe Snjit 11 WINES iheir Coosic BltANDYi and Hollikp (Sch-'edami OIN, most ofwhicn have already I een for .cm yea under their own particular survey anj jnspee. lion, and Ihe ape of which added m tina-ie-tion-al le p irity renders ibem peculiarly hi for rccdicintl use-. ThtyaUo respectfully ir.form Store-keepers and Tavcrn-ktepersof ihe aijacent town-, who are de sirous of mpplying l'rteir Customer, with genuine articles, thai they cn l e supplied with them at tho Gereian Siore, ln B -riingion, where ihe iub.crihr .cave it to the discrimination cf tho.-e who may van iijii"t now rariney nave n claim 10 asssrt ss luptrforify of the artiole ihev nTer for sale. OSTHEIM & MICHOI.LS. College St., nejtt lo Mr. Wail's extensive Crockery store., lou. s Dissolution of Copartnership. TllECoparlnerhip herelofore existing under lb firm r.fl'EAltL ei STRELTER, is thi. day dit solved ty mutual consent. The Imnne-s wtlllecoa tinucdand all demand, Hltle-I ly A. S. Puto. A.S'. PEARL. OSCAR STRCETER Millon.Vt., Joa, M,.l&i3. 37 3w H()ltfe taken in nxclmnpo for combs bv CFortrr it ti nt Tt 1,'13. 55

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